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2s It's game time.
4s This is the FNCS Invitational 2022.
9s The battle bus is ready.
10s Let's go Jacob. Setty is fighting back.
13s Kami is fighting back.
14s They're looking to get inside
16s There goes the elim
16s they were looking for, just one player separates them.
20s But Acorn will not survive.
22s And Setty and Kami take game number one.
25s And all of a sudden now it is looking so dicey.
28s Queasy is just waiting.
31s Waiting for that perfect op. Do they have the high ground?
33s They drop down low, the game is theirs after they take down Bevvys.
37s It is game six of the FNCS Invitational.
40s What can he do here to take home the big prize and end with back to back
45s Victory Royales to end the day but a team looking to take first place back
49s Kami and Setty and they try to steal it away
52s by getting that VR to end game six. eu is on top right now.
57s This is day number two.
59s Queasy and Veno have come in after day
62s number one and they are sitting in that first place spot. The second
65s Most eliminations yesterday, Veno second
68s Most damage dealt yesterday, Veno.
70s This man is on fire. First place, queasy
73s and Veno holding on high to the high ground in the sky.
77s This is basically Queasy
78s and Veno's game, Veno goes down, he takes a shot, Vadeal blocks.
81s Beautifully done.
82s Jannisz snuck up from behind. Queasy with a great follow up, then...
85s Oh my gosh.
86s It was so close but Queasy clutches out.
89s In the end EU. Veno, Queasy. from first to another first.
94s Game number nine is about to start. 1v2 situation
98s NA-East, the world on Cented's shoulders but Kami and Setty
102s going for their third victory royale at the FNCS Invitational
106s this is how you cement a legacy, all they have to do is close out
111s this game and Cented, trying to take control,
113s trying to fight for the high ground. But it's not enough.
115s EU strikes again with Setty and Kami taking their third victory royale.
120s This is huge for Duke and Clix.
121s They have the high ground right now. Duke isn't afraid.
123s He ends up on top, Clix and Duke could take the game with Vortexer going down
128s Bevvys outside of zone, He has the only chance right now
131s but he get the down on the Duke Clix versus Bevvys.
134s He's trying to get him but Clix takes the game.
138s Here we have it.
139s Game 11 Jacob, it's here. Setty,
141s now starting to run out of material on the high ground.
143s That's huge. It's not looking good for EU right now.
146s Into the zone they go. Smite and Larson are down.
150s Larson is by himself.
151s And no! He turns and gets burned.
155s Kami and Setty take their fourth
158s Victory Royale. 12 points separate
161s Queasy and Veno from Setty and Kami.
165s This is what it all comes down to.
167s The final game, the final moments.
171s Here we go. One last ride.
174s What is this?
175s What is this?
176s Queasy, Veno
177s Are trying to take it by force.
179s You only win it one way
182s and that's taking that crown.
185s Veno is here.
186s Queasy is here.
188s Down goes Setty. It's a big trade.
191s It's a 1 on 1.
192s This has to be one of the most
194s explosive head to heads we have ever seen.
197s He's trying to bait the revive, That way, Kami might peak.
201s Breaks through the wall, jumps and he fires
204s Become Legends are on
206s top. Become Legends
209s Has officially managed to win the biggest fight of their careers.
214s Kami and Setty are your FNCS Invitational champions.
220s We have never seen anything like this before.