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60s uh
110s my
119s so
133s so
151s two
152s [Music]
163s so
177s so
268s uh
283s [Music]
356s [Music]
382s [Music]
388s [Music]
400s so
429s so
443s so
530s [Music]
564s um
577s [Music]
589s bye
610s so
619s [Music]
639s [Music]
659s uh
751s so
786s [Music]
791s so
821s club
850s so
910s um
927s [Music]
933s [Music]
942s [Music]
992s [Music]
1015s so
1041s [Music]
1043s so
1053s um
1079s [Music]
1104s [Music]
1178s [Music]
1190s [Music]
1196s so
1207s uh
1221s my
1237s [Music]
1306s um
1323s [Music]
1356s thank you
1406s um
1426s hello guys my name is jason i'm
1427s competing in the regional rambo
1434s i haven't played this map since so long
1436s i mean it's really good for aim practice
1439s because it's really like
1441s realistic i would say
1448s okay 71 hit
1450s 44 missed
1455s [Music]
1458s i know epic has like really good
1460s tracking so might be hard to beat him in
1463s this
1469s [Music]
1474s five
1478s [Music]
1483s there's too many targets i don't know to
1485s focus on
1488s [Music]
1496s i think i could have done way better it
1498s just
1499s if i had more time i think to practice
1501s on this
1502s uh but i think the any guys will do
1504s better than me maybe with the
1507s zombie mk tracking i might have done
1509s better i'm sorry i disappointed you guys
1523s [Music]
1526s my name is bizil i'm representing na
1528s east in the regional rumble i'm going
1530s against tasting an epic whale personally
1532s i think i'm going to win i am ready and
1535s if anything tastes him i give me a
1536s little bit of a challenge all right
1538s let's go 50 meters time trail
1541s i never played this before
1546s this is the one thing i'm supposed to be
1547s good at
1549s [Music]
1553s oh lord 61.
1556s that's bad right that's definitely bad
1557s went awful i felt so bad 61 there's no
1561s way i won if i won i'll be very
1562s surprised
1564s let's go 50 meters horizontal i should
1566s win
1568s [Music]
1570s i'm missing too many shots
1573s i need more headshots
1575s [Music]
1581s six is that right that should be fine
1583s i'm feeling confident with that maybe
1585s not really all right
1588s all right we got skeet let's go
1589s [Music]
1592s why is the background black i can't see
1593s anything
1599s [Music]
1602s spawn
1603s [Music]
1606s all right 66 that's okay there's no way
1609s that'll we'll win i should win i think
1612s probably not
1624s [Music]
1627s this mousepad is tiny really
1630s oh good
1631s all right
1632s hey what's up guys my name is epic whale
1634s and today i'm going to be representing
1635s na west in the regional rumble
1638s first one is 50 meter ranger
1643s more like a flicking map
1650s [Music]
1656s all right
1658s hit 64. not bad
1660s i don't really know hopefully that's a
1661s good score it's uh not used to this
1663s setup so we'll see
1679s oh we got three eliminations all right
1680s that's solid
1682s ran out of mouse mouse space a few times
1684s but we did
1700s all right 62. it's all out i feel like
1705s that was that might have been my best
1706s one either this one or the first one i
1708s don't know that second one was pretty
1709s tough
1711s the first one was
1712s a more flick map like
1714s almost like shotgun name kind of the
1716s second one was mostly just a hard
1718s tracking and then the third one was like
1720s a combination of the two
1722s where you're kind of flicking at moving
1724s targets and tracking a little bit
1726s personally i'm pretty like even i don't
1728s have like one one's not weight my
1731s tracking isn't way better than my
1732s flicking and my flicking isn't way
1733s better than my tracking so
1748s [Music]
1756s yo what's going on fortnite fam
1759s what's that sound
1763s [Applause]
1765s that's right fortnite fam
1768s this is the new set for the fn cs adam
1774s ah how you feeling i mean it's not bad
1776s is it it's okay it's fine it's fine but
1778s you know what this is actually
1779s ridiculous so good to be here kelly i'm
1782s ready i know my team's ready chat are
1784s you ready they're always ready kelly
1786s they're never not ready the question is
1788s are you ready to watch all the action
1789s unfold here in eu
1792s well also also nie is coming your way as
1794s well 6 p.m e.t the boys are ready to go
1797s isn't that right let's go boys it's
1799s coming your way and of course we've
1801s saved the west for last that's right
1803s guys 6 pm pt do not miss it
1807s it's time to get this all started the
1809s battle bus is warmed up so let's get
1812s this popping baby
1814s [Music]
1815s last time on fncs europe scram and
1818s hellfire need a big performance just to
1820s make it through to semi-finals
1822s but what about skipping semis and
1824s hopping right into the finals that's
1826s what they did last week securing the top
1828s spot in qualifier 3. vino and aqua
1831s showed that they are better droppers and
1833s came second besting thomas and trippren
1835s at command cavern
1837s will thomas and triprin come back with
1839s revenge in the finals
1840s 15 duos already took their places in the
1843s finals now it's time to find the
1845s remaining teams
1846s everything counts both victory royale
1849s and consistency who do you think will
1851s qualify
1853s find out now on fncs europe semi-final
1855s one
1860s [Music]
1874s oh man i'm glad the camera's cut away
1876s from just a moment because i had to get
1877s emotional i know for a lot of us this is
1879s a very emotional moment right the return
1881s to the set and for you long time
1882s followers i mean we're back baby we're
1884s doing this taking it to a new level but
1887s of course
1888s i can't do this alone i need some help
1889s from my friends let me introduce reese
1891s hub and mini miner they'll be our
1894s analysts here for all things eu oh my
1897s goodness i can't believe it i'm seeing
1898s you guys in person you're real you're
1900s clean you know real you guys are both
1902s real i just we're both real honest this
1904s is the set right it's unbelievable this
1906s is the real deal isn't it we are on set
1908s we are in person and i still can't get
1910s over you guys aren't pixels on a screen
1911s i mean what is this and we're not
1912s trapped in a box anymore you know we're
1915s e we're free at this point it's a bit
1916s better than my bedroom yeah that's
1918s amazing
1918s just a bit uh guys well there's a lot of
1920s things we have to talk about so let's
1922s get ahead and start the show why don't
1924s you come with me we'll talk about the
1925s broadcast schedule so long time viewers
1927s you already know what this looks like
1928s right we've come from three qualifiers
1930s now we're here semi-final action but
1933s next weekend we're gonna be looking at
1935s the finals okay we're talking prize
1937s money and the new acts of champions all
1939s on the line but
1941s how do we get there let's toss it on
1943s over to reese look like we said we're in
1944s the semi-finals right now which means
1947s we've got a graphic to explain here
1948s we've already gone through the
1949s qualifiers we've got 15 teams already
1952s through the finals which this is where
1953s all the money is right so that's where
1954s all our teams here are trying to get to
1956s we are currently in session number one
1958s there's five matches you can see under
1960s there and the top six i can do that all
1962s right one with my hands the top six will
1964s qualify through but not only that every
1967s single victoria out of those five games
1969s will also all qualify you through the
1970s finals so there's gonna be if you can do
1972s the math 11 teams qualifying today
1974s through the finals and guess what we're
1976s gonna do it again tomorrow and again on
1978s sunday as well but if you want to get
1979s into those kind of top six on the
1981s leaderboards mini what are the points
1983s like you're gonna need some points and
1985s of course things are a little bit
1986s different for the semifinals you might
1987s notice 1 000 points for a victory royale
1989s yes that is right of course that
1990s automatically qualifies you right the
1992s way through to the finals next weekend
1994s but for the teams are looking to be a
1996s little bit more consistent and go for
1997s the placements we see 28 points for
1999s second place all the way down to 35th
2001s where you get one point the cascading
2003s placement points of course starting at
2005s that 25th spot and if you divert your
2007s attention down to the bottom left we are
2008s seeing that each elimination is being
2010s worth three points so some of the higher
2012s elimination teams today zeke they can
2013s pop off i mean they can but why don't we
2015s talk about some more of those teams like
2016s you just mentioned let's take a look at
2017s our qualified player list now here we go
2019s this is the top 50 players the top 25
2022s teams we'll get to the other ones after
2024s tons that stand out some of the best
2025s names in the region somehow haven't made
2027s it through to the finals yet we'll come
2028s back to that guys like floki clement i
2031s drop at the top with jerky but the one
2032s i'm gonna point out right here right the
2034s bottom conveniently placed right next to
2036s me look at that pink and and ass at the
2038s same time guys who are honestly a team
2041s that i thought should have been through
2042s in the finals like let's be real like
2044s these guys have placed eight last season
2046s they look really really good throughout
2048s kind of last season generally basically
2049s winning two of six games and whatever
2051s six game format they had but this
2053s season's been a little bit more rough it
2054s has been a little bit more rough but
2055s what i really like about these guys is
2056s the way that they play command cabin of
2058s course they land there they have so many
2059s of those coolers 25 in fact and we see
2062s them carrying those chalk splashes all
2063s the way to end game allowing them to
2065s play uh sort of the storm in the first
2066s moving and then take the high ground and
2067s get the the dub but we are seeing floki
2070s and clement reese you touched on them a
2071s little bit before a very very og one of
2073s my personal favorites actually they've
2074s been playing together since chapter two
2076s season two recently they're definitely a
2078s different sort of team though aren't
2079s they they play a little bit low ground
2081s and go for those eliminations
2082s absolutely like realistically i call
2084s these guys the opportunists right
2085s because they're always trying to take
2086s whatever opportunity they have right now
2088s you can see they're playing low ground
2089s right no team really i would say an eu
2091s plays low ground that well you know and
2093s i think they're taking that opportunity
2094s because it's kind of relatively free in
2095s comparison and they do play it so good
2097s but obviously the problem is they're
2098s dropped ball are they gonna be able to
2099s qualify through while being contested
2101s it's going to be tough it is going to be
2102s very tough but we're going to move on to
2104s the next pages yeah we are indeed a host
2106s of other names the other 50 players that
2108s we have here the one that i'm looking at
2110s the one that's standing out to me right
2112s here again convenient right dts and bad
2115s sniper now they're a team that if you
2117s watched last season at all it's all
2119s about tilted right it's all about tilted
2121s bad sniper obviously one half of this
2123s joe has been landing in tilted towers
2125s since 2019 world cup so basically
2129s this is his drop spot and obviously
2130s we've seen it change a bunch throughout
2132s this season it's a little bit less loot
2133s on it but i think that's going to
2135s benefit them i think it will of course
2137s being uncontested at the north side as
2138s well it'll definitely benefit them even
2139s though there's less loot there they have
2141s all of that loots themselves
2143s so it's going to be interesting to see
2144s how they develop throughout today but
2145s from one french team to another we're
2147s going to be talking about sneezy and
2148s podesia a little bit as well to the
2150s vicente boys there they know how to play
2152s and of course this duo is definitely an
2154s interesting one because we saw podesta
2155s playing a little bit this season he has
2157s won a solo catch cup as well so
2159s definitely two very good players and
2160s with a combined with the sort of
2162s experience of snazy i think they have a
2164s sort of recipe for success today reese i
2166s would say i would agree with that 100
2167s and they're two players that in all
2168s honesty haven't been at their best since
2170s i think chapter two season six in my
2172s eyes when you look at the placements you
2173s know portugal is like a staple name on
2175s the region yeah he's only made one f in
2177s cs finals and it was back there similar
2179s to sneezy like at that time for a couple
2181s kind of seasons before then he was
2182s popping off repeatedly in kind of the
2184s final situations and it's slowed down a
2186s bit but now this season's looking really
2187s good so this could be the one it really
2189s is i'm particularly excited to see how
2191s that geo do but we've got to throw it
2192s over to zeke because what's up next well
2194s thank you so much mini miner and of
2195s course reese we're breaking down all the
2197s games and the duos of course but why
2199s don't we take a little bit of beat here
2201s and hang out with some of the players
2202s this content piece is called where in
2205s the world
2208s [Music]
2211s all right guys let's play a game
2213s basically we get showed a picture and we
2215s have to drive there whoever gets there
2216s first gets one point whoever gets the
2217s most points wins okay okay
2224s yep yep yep yep
2226s move man
2229s wait i hope it's this way i have no idea
2231s it would have been smart to take the
2232s road nah gigi
2235s it's wraps i have no fear as well yeah
2237s wait i'm not even sure if it's over here
2239s because i can see the blue thing
2241s how you know i'll feel
2242s because i'm crazy
2245s okay i'm here i found it
2248s this is too easy
2256s bro where is that bro oh do you know
2258s that
2260s it's impossible to know no it's not bro
2263s i know where that is no bro i don't know
2265s where to find this thing there's five
2267s million buildings it's impossible i
2270s don't even remember what i had to find
2272s oh i know i don't know bro looked at my
2274s screen and then said i know
2276s no no i know i know it's impossible
2280s i find it i'll go to first i got it
2281s first it's coming out where is that wait
2288s [Music]
2293s but i know where it is but i know i know
2296s don't crash guys drive safe no i'm full
2298s speeding
2301s i might be through again
2303s we're in the wrong poi no way bro yes
2307s what else could it be
2311s i think you know really goodness i know
2313s where it is but i have no fuel bro
2315s no no it's nothing
2318s there is no way i i'm gonna see it
2320s [Music]
2322s it's not here yep i got it right there
2324s rocky of the rails drive in theater look
2327s at this
2329s i think let me triple check yep yep yeah
2331s [Music]
2339s oh i don't know where that is isn't that
2341s holly had just me oh wait how can i do
2343s that bro it's so that one is the easiest
2345s one that's been
2346s i'm already here stop looking at my
2348s screen bro bro i'm already here
2350s i'm here i think it's fully over for you
2353s yeah bro you don't know where it is
2354s though
2356s i'm pretty much know like i'm standing
2358s here
2362s okay i'm here
2364s from time to pots
2368s what i was here
2369s [Music]
2376s so far yeah that is very far
2379s it's actually crazy that we all know
2380s this one
2382s yeah and then you just stop just know
2383s this one then we know it's easy maybe i
2385s can do a little bit of this
2388s oh and there's bots yep
2392s grab a little jet pack if someone's
2394s faster than me then they have full
2395s cycles
2397s they suit us
2401s i'm going to win
2404s but yeah my car's blocking it's over
2406s it's over there's no way you guys have
2408s enough fuel bro
2410s no talent's winning time is winning this
2412s is what you're throwing no
2414s if this is this is this i wanna wanna
2415s win i wanna win
2419s i won
2420s i won
2421s i won i when i won i was here first
2426s [Music]
2432s boys
2440s there you have it that is where in the
2441s world now let's shift gears right back
2443s into duels these are some duels we have
2445s eyes on as we prepare for semi-finals
2447s day number one let's talk about thomas
2449s hd and triprint please i will indeed
2451s i'll fill you in on all the juicy gossip
2453s that you need to know about this team
2455s now if you watched last season you might
2456s be thinking thomas hd where's tayson
2459s right well at the start of this season
2461s they ended up splitting right and yep
2463s let's be real i think trippens proved
2464s himself in this duo so far i mean he
2465s definitely has we saw a great solo
2467s clutch in qualified three wasn't quite
2469s enough to qualify them too not the
2470s finals but they are still landing at
2472s command cavern reece but it's a slight
2474s change to this side of the map isn't
2475s that yeah i mean the slur truck's gone
2476s yeah right so the slurp truck was kind
2477s of the usual play to kind of 50 50 on
2479s that side with a bunch of other teams
2481s who are there grab the loot try and win
2483s off spawn instantly but firstly the
2485s teams who are contesting them have all
2486s qualified through at this point so right
2488s now it seems like thomas hd and tripp
2490s are uncontested but similarly you know
2492s that slurp truck not being there takes
2494s away a couple of reasons you'd actually
2495s want to land on the side yeah that's
2496s very true but this is of course a very
2498s top top team we know how good these are
2500s these guys are at solo clutches they're
2502s very very good individual players but i
2504s think reese if they bring it all
2505s together today if they can make the the
2507s sort of chemistry and the recipe work
2509s today i think they're on for a winner i
2510s mean
2511s i was gonna say we've not seen it yet
2512s but we've not seen it in fncs yet we've
2515s seen it in the cash cup this week they
2517s won the cash cup with this kind of
2518s altered drop spot this week so it's like
2520s i hope they can put it together now
2522s because let's be real this weekend's
2523s when it matters for these guys if
2524s they're not able to do it
2526s i'll be very worried i'm not gonna i'm
2528s not that worried about that let's be
2529s real
2530s very good yeah they are very good but
2531s another geo that is of course very good
2533s is hen and queasy now it's a bit of a
2535s surprise race that these guys aren't
2536s already qualified into the finals it's
2538s like what are they doing here should
2539s they already be in finals what's gone
2541s wrong they should
2542s they should they are the reigning f and
2544s cis champions from last season you would
2546s think realistically that they would have
2547s gone through and qualified one similar
2549s to the last season because they are just
2550s one of the best teams but unfortunately
2553s they just haven't and you know predicted
2555s them twice you have yeah and i think you
2557s got it wrong if i'm yes yes
2559s thank you for the reminder no problem
2562s but they've struggled right let's be
2563s honest and it's very common for teams
2565s who win f and cs the next season to have
2567s a relatively i don't say sub-par season
2570s but not equal to what you've just had
2572s yeah not at all they sort of started the
2573s season really really well i think
2574s vehicles is the big talking point for
2575s this year we know all about the vehicles
2577s being removed they're sort of gone in
2578s different stages as well so at the
2580s beginning of the season they were on
2581s fire winning two cash cups i believe in
2583s a row which is incredible then they sort
2585s of took out the vehicles or half of the
2586s vehicles and they ended up getting two
2588s twelfths in a row which is not too great
2589s for this team but now all the vehicles
2591s have gone their playing field is even
2594s they came on on wednesday they came
2595s second on na east and third on eu so i
2598s think when they're when the playing
2599s feels a little bit more level release i
2601s think they're on for a win yeah
2602s absolutely and lisbon real they're game
2603s winners as well and i think this is the
2605s situation if you win a game you go
2606s straight through to the finals yeah so
2608s fantastic for them speaking of game
2610s winners juroki and i drop a team again
2614s that is statistically we'll see
2616s statistically the best team in the lobby
2617s right they have the most serious points
2620s 1730. that is number one on top of the
2622s leaderboard right now and they play
2624s sixth and they've placed seventh so just
2627s out of the qualification slot so far so
2629s they're going to be a little bit i don't
2630s want to say upset but they're just
2632s probably doing it for extra practice i
2633s think they are you know they're getting
2634s that little bit of extra practicing oh
2635s we just missed out oh no it's okay we're
2637s gonna practice in the semi-finals and
2638s that's exactly what they are doing but
2640s of course you mentioned they came sixth
2642s and seventh that would qualify them
2643s today it's not just about getting the
2644s victory royale if they can get those
2646s consistency points that will of course
2647s qualify them into the uh into the finals
2649s which is a great point but this duo are
2652s very very exciting and i'm excited to
2653s see what drop spots we're gonna be
2654s talking about yeah i mean we'll see the
2656s log jam right yeah start we'll see them
2657s in log jam initially but after that i'm
2659s kind of wondering right like when other
2661s teams start to qualify through is there
2662s a team who'll come through even if they
2664s don't make it through today like
2664s tomorrow that's going to contest them
2666s through realistically i think these guys
2669s are qualifying through in probably the
2670s first three games will i curse that
2673s maybe
2674s i mean i hope not but let's toss it over
2676s to zeke who has some torts on the drop
2678s spot today thank you so much you guys
2680s are just absolutely crushing right now
2681s why don't we shift gears once again and
2683s talk about drop spots so we just saw the
2685s collider hit the game now we've got mr
2689s savage up against janus now how can we
2692s expect these do us a fair because i know
2693s this this py's kind of brand new to the
2695s game have these guys had enough time to
2697s properly prepare for this new drop spot
2700s no
2701s oh maybe or maybe another one it's going
2703s to be my full full claim right so
2705s there's two little differences you can
2706s see from the map straight up that janis
2707s and vortex and benji savage are both
2709s landing here i think they're both going
2710s to be kind of going to that northwest
2712s side because there's actually two other
2713s teams still going to the southeast side
2715s but with it only coming out this week
2716s it's like you have limited time to
2717s figure out the strategies for this
2719s that's very interesting that's very true
2720s but of course you mentioned that janice
2722s and vortex have been screwing they've
2723s been practicing they've been moving
2725s 2v2s off spawn at this new drop spot
2727s that's probably the best way that these
2728s teams can practice right absolutely
2729s getting that practice in all spawn games
2730s probably similarly ranked teams yeah and
2732s to go up against mr savage and benji
2734s it's not going to be an easy task today
2735s it's not but we're not seeing peak
2737s savage and venturing that's true you
2738s know we've watched this through the
2739s entire fncs so far they're they're not
2741s putting in as much work as some of the
2743s other teams right now which is a shame
2744s to see because they're some of the most
2744s talented players out there and janice
2747s right now like i said
2748s like kind of pranking off spawn grinding
2750s those two v2s we're seeing effort in the
2753s way of janus's team right now when it
2754s comes to this off spawn fight but hey
2756s maybe savage and benji have been doing
2758s it at the same time off stream not kind
2760s of flexing about it let's be real maybe
2762s this is one of their last weekends right
2764s to try and make it to the finals so they
2765s kind of have to do it this is their last
2766s weekend well yeah that's true that's
2767s right let's hop on over to the grove
2770s greasy grove happening right here right
2772s now we got floss versus nano so let's
2774s kind of talk about this this i think is
2777s going to go a little bit differently
2778s like we had a chance to talk about this
2779s rhys yeah so what information do you
2780s have all the juicy bits right so when it
2783s comes to both these teams off spawn here
2785s like we've seen not great success rates
2787s for both teams so far right in different
2789s drops so far so far flows this team has
2791s basically only won 33 or one third
2794s essentially of their games off spawn so
2796s that's not great however at the same
2798s time and i think it was qualifier number
2800s one those two games they got off spawn
2802s second and second tiny limbs twelve
2804s villains like if they get off spawn they
2806s have momentum to go super deep in the
2808s game and get tons of points yeah and in
2809s a similar way nano and lou maybe you
2811s guys haven't already heard of them
2812s before maybe it's an unknown viewer in
2813s the scene but a little step from king's
2815s analytics so shout out to him was uh
2816s that when these guys do make it off
2818s spawn they actually make it to endgame
2819s in 93
2820s of their games so we're seeing two duos
2823s that if they make it off spawn today
2824s they can go on to do great things yeah
2826s i'm still off spawn i'm still getting
2828s rid of this team i think so straight up
2829s they're the more experienced team just
2831s in every way basically at this moment
2833s but maybe nano's team's going to come in
2834s with something that will surprise us i
2836s mean there's three days right anything
2837s can happen and again we just need to
2838s victory aisle and then we can move on
2840s through to finals right uh what thank
2842s you guys so much why don't we shift
2843s gears i like to do this a lot just
2844s change it all up uh let's take a look at
2846s this content piece you know and you've
2848s seen these before this is in the lobby
2849s but this time we're in the lobby with
2851s thomas
2857s what's up everyone my name's 112k and
2858s i'm in the lobby with the one and only
2860s thomas hd yo it's a pleasure to have you
2863s with me thomas how you doing man i'm
2864s doing great there is nobody in the
2867s history of fortnite that is better with
2869s a sniper rifle in their hands how are
2871s you so good i don't know that
2873s i can't explain it i'm just too good i
2875s guess you've genuinely been one of the
2878s best players in the region for such a
2880s long time you've achieved so much so
2882s many people queer and they can't
2884s maintain that high level but you've done
2885s it for seasons and seasons and seasons
2888s so have you done it when i enjoy playing
2890s the game i'm like grinding every day and
2892s sometimes you need brakes as well so you
2894s have to like take breaks like when when
2896s you know it's time the brakes are like
2898s so important you don't actually switch
2900s up your teammates much right you always
2901s stick with people you're quite loyal is
2903s that because you know you pick players
2905s who you want to have fun with and you
2906s can have fun with it's like important to
2908s have fun with
2910s your duo or trio
2912s like that that's 100 like the best part
2914s obviously you're playing with chase and
2915s now and you guys are doing you know
2917s really well together do you guys sort of
2919s realize that we are two of the best
2920s fortnite players ever do you use that
2922s sort of when you go into games yeah i
2924s think but the matter is like we have to
2926s get off spawn and then like mid game
2927s fights and stuff we don't lose that it's
2930s like just we just have to get to late
2931s game yeah like the the main problem is
2933s like old phone because it just moves
2935s like 50 50. yeah you guys obviously did
2938s really well last season you've always
2940s come very close but you know you're
2942s still yet to get that
2944s victory royale in the fncs why have you
2946s not won an fncs yet i feel like i've
2948s been unlucky in the last like games in
2951s the big tournaments and it's always like
2953s so close
2954s was there one fncs where you really just
2956s thought you had it with ernest and fleek
2958s we were like second last game and we
2961s died like pretty early in the edge soon
2963s and janice and then won the game thomas
2965s where can people find you if they want
2967s to you know check you out check out some
2968s of your gameplay where can the people
2969s find you online
2970s thomas hc everywhere
2972s everywhere
2974s you guys know where to find him uh
2975s thomas it's been a pleasure it's been in
2977s the lobby with levin uk and thomas hd
2983s once again just a huge thank you to all
2985s the players who participated in media
2987s day we're getting awfully close to
2989s launching that battle bus so we got to
2991s talk about predictions next but we're
2993s kind of here together for the first time
2995s so i'll tell you what why don't we
2996s introduce our fellow casters that's
2998s right it's shia wager it's 11 2k come on
3000s now fellas
3002s [Music]
3007s it feels good it feels good
3010s we're so excited
3011s it's nice shiny sleek a lot of uh good
3014s s-words yeah it's beautiful it's been a
3017s long time coming right here yeah yeah
3018s yeah i think uh the first time we
3020s finally got to meet levin in person he
3022s was like zeke zeke
3025s all right little buddy there you go
3027s it's fine i'm not even worried about it
3029s uh guys why don't we take a moment to
3030s talk about predictions it's gonna be
3032s crazy one because we're gonna do this in
3033s person and together so let's go ahead
3035s and put these up on screen and we will
3036s talk through it so if i'm correct it
3039s looks like me and mini miner we're going
3041s with eye drop energy uh i'm sorry jerky
3043s there we go i got it out yep um i don't
3045s know about who are you yeah yeah yeah
3046s yeah
3047s um
3048s yeah i think so we're we're doing it
3049s we're working through it eye drop and
3051s jury key i mean look they've won two
3052s games in qualifier right yeah they're
3054s they've known the success of winning
3056s already right so i think you just have
3057s to do okay you have three days to get a
3059s win okay that's not a problem right yeah
3061s these guys are winners they know how to
3062s get victorias and in fact the last time
3064s that we saw them in fncs let me just
3066s remind you guys they actually ended with
3068s a 16 elimination victory royale that was
3070s qualified three for those wondering and
3072s they are just brilliant and i think
3073s we've made the correct decision they did
3075s it when it was too late and didn't mean
3076s anything fair play yeah
3079s they wanted to practice i want to create
3080s you that's the big drop to you once
3082s again right now
3083s look these guys are obviously a great
3084s duo but you know are they on the same
3086s page they're uber aggressive in that
3087s final game are they going to come with
3088s that same approach now are they going to
3090s switch things up percy a duo that i know
3092s we're both very confident about thomas
3094s tripping i don't have any doubts i know
3096s i'm getting all these guys right it's
3097s not an even playing field because these
3098s guys have command kevin they have two
3101s launch pads every single game yeah they
3103s are going to win that game
3104s don't be tripping on trippers oh
3107s straight off and then they're not done
3109s as well i mean if you saw it in qual
3110s three the clutch plays do you think of
3112s the word clutch they could just rename
3113s themselves to that word i mean they'd
3115s have to win one game it could be done on
3117s the first day in game one i'm kind of
3118s reading the script right now okay okay
3120s all right reese we stayed the best for
3121s last we did of course
3123s yeah know i wonder who it could be i
3124s wonder who it is
3126s the reigning fnc is champions come on
3128s okay
3129s and queasy and look we've been talking
3131s about game winners you're talking about
3132s eye drop okay sorry the big draw my bad
3134s the big trouble yeah
3136s we want to get that wrong my bad the big
3138s drop in buricky you're looking at thomas
3140s but we're talking about the real game
3142s winners here hen and queasy
3144s they're winning they've let you down a
3145s couple times though bro they have but
3146s they're still in the game okay i'm not
3148s i'm not counting on these guys for a top
3149s five they're they're winning a game what
3150s i like is you mention reigning fss
3152s champions i see the rain in different
3153s ways right just on the cheeks the tears
3155s when it's a south zone rotate so you
3157s know cars
3159s one of their wins was a safe zone okay
3161s yeah yeah one of many levels
3166s this is incredible this is a lot of fun
3168s but it's about that time to get the
3170s battle bus ready and prepped for us so
3172s as we prepare don't forget find
3174s yourselves a nice little seal on the bus
3175s grab some popcorn we'll be here for five
3178s games let's get ready to running casters
3181s over to you
3186s thank you so much zeke mini rhys i mean
3188s 11 nice to see them but for you my
3190s friend
3190s i mean we need a little bit of this yeah
3193s it's nice to see your face i mean
3195s average cs semifinals europe big region
3197s big players big games it's the moment
3199s we've all been waiting for right quite
3200s literally for us
3202s but very much for the players they've
3203s had free qualifiers some of these guys
3205s haven't been able to make it through
3206s this is their final chance to do
3207s something yup and we're starting it off
3209s five games today lots more over on the
3210s weekend as well i mean 11 for them this
3213s is just do or be done this is the time
3214s to really put everything they learned
3216s into this day yeah and if you're fair
3218s you want to get that out of the way in
3219s that first day right you don't want to
3221s be going today to day free it's already
3222s been nerve-wracking enough you want to
3224s get out of the door as soon as possible
3226s yeah big stakes changes i'm not talking
3227s meat i'm talking the actual pie of the
3229s game so far if you win one you're going
3231s straight over to the finals that'll
3232s change the way these guys play too it'll
3234s change search straps entirely might be a
3236s bit more passive might be angry right
3237s off the rip yeah i think that sort of
3239s mess of the different sort of ideologies
3241s behind the game are you gonna go for an
3242s efficiency style where you are just
3244s thinking about the long game or are you
3246s thinking no we're in we're out soon as
3247s possible let's get the win and get out
3249s of here right yeah what that thought
3250s process is it's gonna be so fun to see
3252s across all the different teams yeah lots
3254s of thinking to do but there's also an
3255s elephant in the room with cavern in the
3256s business i mean we're fanboying on some
3258s favorites in there as well we've been
3259s tuning in qual after quality of this poi
3261s and even with the collider taking away a
3263s few teams it's still kind of hustling
3265s and bustly overall yeah and i guess
3266s we're gonna jump right into that hustle
3268s and bustle game one of the semi-finals
3270s right around the corner
3277s game number one one more step towards
3279s those finals in the fncs it's europe
3281s welcome if you're just tuning in
3283s if you win games you'll be moving on if
3285s you get top six as well by the end of
3286s the day you will also have a ticket
3287s straight towards those premiums seats
3289s eleven and right now mr savage benji
3291s they're back they're ready to go but
3292s their story also ending right before it
3294s starts yeah we haven't spoken much about
3296s mr savage and benji but a team that
3298s people definitely had as an outsider
3300s pick to possibly qualify but if they
3302s can't make off spawning those hopes are
3304s right out the window benji has a tough
3306s task in his hands trying his best to
3308s maybe just survive for a little bit it's
3310s janice and vortex who have been in i
3312s think many different pois i want to see
3314s a stat possibly here they're the most
3315s moved team on this eu map i'm not sure
3318s what it is but they're at the collider
3319s now it's set and ready to go they can
3321s fly out as well huge rotations but many
3323s teams to take down before they can
3324s really play the game yeah i think that's
3326s one of the biggest concerns right a lot
3327s of the teams who are at the collider are
3329s teams who just haven't really had a home
3331s this season right it's the reason why
3332s they've all been so attached to the
3334s collider they see it as a new
3335s opportunity to gain new land and we've
3337s seen already things aren't that easy
3339s right you have to fight for it benji
3342s having to do that so he gets out just by
3343s the nick of his teeth and uh he'll be
3346s able to sort of maybe wrap around and
3347s try to see if you can pick up savage
3348s layouts yeah benji on screen dks
3351s backslapper in the feed it feels like
3352s another day in eu they're picking up a
3354s few picks it's like all the way in
3356s tilted towers looks like no one can
3358s really stop dks and bass piper as
3359s they're moving around this map over and
3361s over and over eleven but why haven't
3362s they just really made it to finals yet
3364s like what's going on with this to be
3365s these two i think another case of a team
3368s that very much has you know almost
3370s unfinished business at a poi that that
3372s really has just almost been hindering
3374s them of course tower has had its changes
3377s but but that's definitely a team that
3378s very much people expect to be on it
3380s absolutely greasy grove also activating
3382s we talked about it a bit
3383s in the segments on the pre-show lou and
3386s nano
3387s up against mappy and flows to see
3389s exactly what they can get done it's
3391s about momentum i feel like in these
3392s fights whoever gets that first shot land
3394s that they get to dictate how things go
3395s right now close and be completely taken
3397s over boss all the way down towards the
3399s bottom as this fight also breaks down
3400s over at the cavern tripper and actually
3402s active and picking up a few people off
3404s the truck looking good for them and flo
3406s slanzo very crucial shot not maximum
3408s damage so far but he'll run it through
3410s and after a sidewinder pump a big shot
3412s past that map he's with him too now they
3413s have the pressure on all sides but
3415s haven't really left this fight down just
3416s yet yeah getting really creative with
3419s the angles right finding any opportunity
3421s to find the shot they pick up the knock
3422s on tonight is not finished and now they
3425s have that win off porn reese gave it to
3426s them he said they have more experience
3428s and that experience coming through
3431s and a brilliant start to the game flo is
3433s picking up both of those eliminations
3434s but as you saw in the distance the job
3436s isn't necessarily finished right there
3438s are still players in this general greasy
3439s area now i'm wondering if flores is on
3441s the set with us right now this man looks
3442s like he's in a different setting overall
3444s aware of everything gets one pick
3446s immediately next player finishes the
3448s fight immediately sniping the third
3450s party before they shoot this fast today
3452s yeah he's on it i think
3454s it's gonna be a big deal for them how
3455s they sort of start off because we talked
3457s about players moving and changing
3458s sittings this is another team right
3460s we've not just seen them here i agree so
3462s you you know we saw them at coney a
3463s couple of times right today it's greasy
3465s how can they do at this poi i think the
3467s big thing will be that composure when
3469s you're going up against someone off
3470s spawn can you almost get into your
3472s opponent's head right can you rattle
3474s them a bit yeah get them second guessing
3476s we've seen teams will leave right if you
3478s force them
3479s they will leave so we'll see how that
3481s fight develops that greasy or sport
3485s a little less time today because it is
3486s just five games if you're going to be
3488s all letting off spawn over and over got
3491s to make sure everything is efficient and
3493s efficiency wise hand and queasy i feel
3494s like that is the name of their game they
3496s have to keep timing proper they have to
3497s keep rotations proper need one game
3499s today but now everyone's on their
3501s wavelength on trying to win yeah i think
3503s they are very happy about the fact that
3504s vehicles are sort of completely removed
3507s right it gives them a level playing
3509s field one that they feel will very much
3511s put them back into contention for
3513s winning it all and right that's what
3514s that names deserve to be you have queasy
3516s who's one of the biggest brains in all
3518s of fortnite hen a phenomenal player he
3521s can pull out something at any moment
3523s that will just surprise even the best of
3525s the best players and that combination of
3527s players definitely is one you expect to
3529s see in the finals and the same could be
3530s said for the team you see on our screens
3531s here thomas and tripping you already
3533s mentioned tripping picking up an
3534s elimination in the field oh again
3536s actually on benji and he's gone
3539s benji's back but for how long he goes
3541s down vortex is the one to take him out
3543s as well so already we're seeing you know
3545s that fight at the collider how that's
3547s sort of playing out all these different
3548s spoon fights really setting the tone for
3550s how these games go
3553s thompson trippers still have a lot more
3554s to do waffle art
3556s up in the business still
3557s will they find them as they move through
3559s these builds
3560s will spring a trap looks like different
3562s scenes something
3563s thomas is still chilling
3565s cavern still the strongest then
3568s it depends on who you are i think a lot
3569s of people feel like the collider is
3571s something to really behold in regards to
3574s just how teams are actually able to get
3577s so much loot so much materials from it
3579s right uh you know watching the cash cup
3581s earlier this week i saw uh tayson and
3583s chappix who aren't playing today but
3584s they were landing there and they were
3586s stacked right and being a mid-map poi
3588s we've always known how strong those can
3590s be asked kami and seti about mid map poi
3593s so i don't tell you how much they love
3594s them so you know the fact that you get
3596s two guaranteed pads there similar to
3598s what you get command all the great
3600s materials to lose it it's very strong
3602s some would argue maybe it's even better
3604s than what we have at command right now
3606s yeah i mean it might be the wave to
3608s switch over but for some reason the big
3610s teams just want to reign for command
3612s cavern they want to spot in those finals
3614s that is you know completely free an
3615s awesome pink rocky relationship with
3617s spawn so far up in the quals they're
3620s still here in the semis though confident
3621s in them winning a game or is it more so
3623s a top six i i'm very confident in them
3625s winning a game because i think given the
3627s right circumstances given that
3628s opportunity we will see them at height
3630s at some stage um when you talk about
3632s efficiency in terms of play style they
3634s are probably the epitome of it right
3636s that is their goal you know they're the
3638s kind of team where you'll see them in
3639s the final moments of the game and
3640s they've only got one elimination and
3642s it's not because they're not capable of
3643s getting eliminations but their game plan
3646s is is one that very much mitigates the
3648s need for refreshes and eliminations
3650s right which is very different from what
3651s we see from other teams so a very
3653s efficient team the problem with that is
3655s that when there is maybe a bit of a
3657s hitch along the way that's where we get
3659s the game so we don't see them for quite
3660s too long uh and you could probably argue
3662s the same for this team we have on our
3663s screens right here right yeah
3665s the big drop
3667s up on this hill towards shifty where
3669s they want to be
3671s very much a strong sort of a position
3673s when it comes to storm surge tags of
3675s course you can see right now in the
3676s general area there aren't necessarily
3678s many people rotating in this way i
3679s believe that is partly in terms of sort
3681s of the zombie north a lot of the teams
3682s in this general area know if we walk
3684s past that hill there's going to be a
3686s team up there taking shots right so can
3688s we get as far away from it as possible
3690s and and that's a concern for them shia
3692s because if there aren't teams rotating
3693s through here how did they get their tags
3695s right how did they get their stun storm
3697s such damage up something that remains to
3699s be seen as we move throughout this game
3701s absolutely for cuisine hand surge also
3703s never really an issue it's just the
3704s timing on dipping in to get it we
3706s mentioned this word a lot as well storm
3708s research sometimes people skip up on the
3709s quals they come through on the semi's
3711s eleven explain to me in basic terms what
3713s is storm search well there's a lot of
3715s players in the lobby yeah right and the
3716s lobby
3717s grumpy grumpy grumpy lobby right it
3719s doesn't like too many players being in
3721s the lobby and so everybody is forced to
3723s sort of do a certain damage threshold
3726s right you have to try to get as much
3727s damage as you can
3729s by a certain timing and the timing sort
3730s of will accumulate and we'll notify you
3733s of those right but if you haven't done
3735s as much damage if the server isn't at
3736s that player threshold once the timer
3738s hits the
3740s lobby gets angry and it starts to do a
3741s lot of damage right yeah and so if you
3743s find yourself below that threshold
3746s the lobby's going to be doing damage at
3747s you if you find yourself above that
3749s threshold you've done a good job
3750s absolutely you want to see the players
3751s active
3752s as something says deal damage or get
3754s damaged done to you you'll you'll see it
3755s in a second we'll pop up right above the
3757s mini map we'll see lightning striking
3759s from the skies
3760s uh past that though in the sanctuary not
3763s much always ends up going on it's it's
3765s kind of chill towards that side true
3766s like chicho or
3773s yeah my eyes were opened and his name is
3776s cheecho yeah i haven't seen them in a
3778s half minute yeah what's been going on
3780s i i think the big thing with them is
3782s that of course they were very impressive
3784s last season they showed themselves to
3785s have a very consistent game plan in the
3787s early and mid game and this season
3789s things have sort of gone awry as my
3791s friend shia wager would say and uh it's
3794s weird because truex is just very
3795s experienced player someone who i think
3796s very much is trying to prove to the
3798s world that you know he is a great mind
3801s similar to his former teammate queasy um
3804s of course they've you know played
3805s competition together did very well but
3806s queasy is often seen as a genius you
3808s know in that tandem and he's trying to
3810s show look i'm the guy as well right like
3811s you know trust me um and chicho very
3813s much an up and coming player somebody
3815s that uh has shown a tendency to be very
3818s electric in certain moments but in some
3820s of the bigger moments can maybe shy away
3821s and so overcoming that barrier is uh is
3824s a big thing for him
3825s so right now we'll tune in with
3827s milo as well
3828s let's see the game sir tyson who's
3830s playing we have to uh
3832s it's gamix yeah okay cool good nice
3834s making sure it's nice for you to be able
3835s to mouth that to me yeah face to face
3837s you know what i mean nice change of face
3839s see
3841s put a bus through the doors but not
3842s really much going on here this is once
3844s again for just having damage under your
3846s belt
3848s at the same time this can be done from
3849s range
3850s maybe you guys are trying to upgrade
3851s their loadouts entirely but i see a pad
3853s and ceases inventory so big risks will
3855s keep on taking this fight they do have a
3856s knock though rolling in onto schmecki
3858s maybe time to go really aggressive
3861s fight for this pinch they're giving this
3862s man too much space to work yeah i think
3864s the big thing right is that where they
3866s are on the map the far northeast they're
3868s gonna know look if we don't do damage to
3870s this team there's not gonna be many
3871s teams in our general area to do damage
3873s to we need to get ahead of that on that
3875s threshold
3876s things are sort of going on now all
3877s right gabix is down
3879s and they'll try and fish that loo in
3882s i think the ultimate priority is maybe
3884s seeing if they can pick up schmecki as
3886s well
3887s as a solo there's not gonna be much he
3888s can do
3890s but he'll try his best for sure
3892s i feel like i'm watching like eight zone
3894s uh
3894s what's going on here this is this is an
3896s easy box if i turn around and like get
3899s in you you know what sometimes it
3901s happens in movies sometimes oh no like
3903s i'm drowning it's like ah i can't swim
3905s it's a shallow water you know just stand
3906s up like
3912s maybe i should just get out of here 200
3914s below search though isn't going to be
3916s great
3917s we got away we got it we're excited
3918s we're excited that's my cooler yeah you
3920s gotta wait for a top day but he's 169
3922s above and
3923s as a solo i don't think you'll even be
3924s too bothered about that right now i
3925s think the big thing for him is how do i
3927s get my teammate back into this game what
3928s is the pathway to making it to anger and
3931s trying to get some points up um
3933s the reboot will be the the best option
3935s for that but ultimately
3937s 186 above you know it's not a
3939s comfortable
3940s you know damage threshold to be at right
3942s you know you want to be pushing a bit
3944s higher than that so once he does get
3945s gavin's back into the game you know
3947s they're gonna have to start thinking
3948s about how they do some damage and get
3950s their loadouts back to a suitable place
3953s just keep working meanwhile across the
3955s map
3957s people still just setting up these bases
3958s not just to pass by some time and wait
3960s till the end game it's more so to
3962s dictate how people move around the map
3964s is to stop certain rotations to get your
3966s tags all the way up and
3967s cosmo and j they're here in the right
3970s spot they're just not really doing
3972s the full work so far 52 below so jay's
3975s landing a few shots up and right
3977s eight people need to go down right now
3979s for search to stop we're looking at that
3981s lobby count going down to 70 almost
3984s see exactly what these guys can do
3986s you'll see how they deal with that sort
3987s of pressure right one of the biggest
3989s things to look at when you're almost
3991s analyzing teams and watching players is
3993s who are those players who show up in the
3995s big moments right who can deal damage
3997s when it matters the most you see diox
3998s trying to oh no be that guy right now
4000s he's got to be careful not many builds
4002s not much hp
4004s very much below on surge and the armored
4006s walls are just slowing them down
4008s diox one of the first people to go down
4009s this game in caverns so already him and
4012s waffle are so behind the pack in time
4014s they have to be forcing these fights
4015s meanwhile though as they try to waffles
4017s being picked apart left and right he's
4019s losing arms legs and everything without
4021s even wanting to fight diox to edit it
4023s down taken out
4026s they're trying to be the aggressors here
4027s but they've just fallen pitfalling into
4029s a trap this is so unfortunate for them
4031s very good defense on the side of this
4033s team three-month screen yeah they got
4034s way too big for their boots there you
4036s saw how well those guys dealt with
4037s aggression they just let them walk into
4039s them right they said you guys can keep
4040s losing your heads right we will just
4042s allow you to walk into our crosshairs
4044s and take you out
4046s rather simply right they made that look
4047s very very smooth
4050s there's gonna be a huge difference today
4051s as well just in the way the game is
4053s fight we're talking about picking off
4055s thomas tripper and hen queasy jerky eye
4057s drop these these big players are looking
4059s for the win right let me give you a mini
4061s analogy right here okay suppose there's
4063s one door and that door is high ground a
4065s lot of the times just in quals a few
4067s people will run for that door maybe two
4069s people can fit in there right there's
4070s some respect
4071s the other four teams they might just let
4073s everyone walk through the door it's fine
4075s we'll we'll let two people fight today
4077s when you're going for the win when it's
4078s not just consistency top five that door
4081s is gonna be shouldered up my friend
4082s eleven it's gonna be like ten teams not
4084s stopping going straight for the win it's
4087s a very different mindset towards the end
4088s game i don't think a bunch of these
4089s players are ready for that yeah i think
4091s that's very interesting in terms of that
4093s dynamic because like you said a lot of
4094s these players will be aware of the other
4096s ones who are great high ground teams and
4098s so does that element of respect go there
4100s because if your top high ground team
4101s likes a nice and pink on our screens
4103s here if crazy and henry on height you
4105s can guarantee it's going to be very well
4106s enforced it's going to be a very strong
4108s higher holding so they see that they see
4110s that and go we're not going to be able
4111s to take this it's not going to be worth
4112s our time let's try go down low or do
4114s they go no heights out we're going for
4116s it no matter what they're pushing their
4117s shoulders through that doorway man this
4118s is no way like it happens every time
4120s especially in game one it's a decision
4122s that they're gonna have to make and it
4123s could be a decision that is very costly
4125s right you know especially in the case of
4127s thinking and actually you never know how
4128s many games you're actually gonna get
4129s right maybe someone decides to rock up
4131s to uh come on kevin and give you some
4133s problems maybe not in this lobby but for
4136s sure that's the decision that these
4137s teams will be forced to make one big
4139s thing too we talk about the winning
4141s checklist the win conditions for some
4142s teams we started to have a little bit of
4144s a joke with hen and queasy it was always
4146s uh what is it get zone or get an i o
4148s vehicle what was it get zone get packed
4151s get a pad that's what i always think
4152s it's a vehicle but those obviously not
4154s here right now anymore guys i'm going to
4155s pad i'm going to patch so far in their
4157s inventory but
4158s zone sleepy sound they have a chance
4161s yeah well look we'll find out whether or
4163s not they can actually get that going but
4165s we've got a quick update from our boy
4166s resub so we'll throw am i in it
4170s here we go
4172s here we are here we go this is one of
4174s the things we want to talk about earlier
4175s these guys did a great job setting up
4176s the win condition but so is hen right
4179s these guys managed to get here so so
4180s early in fact after four minutes in the
4183s game they were already in the winning
4184s position which has now led them to be
4186s center of third zone we also can see a
4188s drop in jerky attempting to do the exact
4190s same thing but unfortunately the zone
4192s rng necessarily wasn't the same
4196s that's huge right that's huge in terms
4198s of understanding now how the trajectory
4201s of the game goes for those two teams
4203s in the case of queasy and hen right
4205s things are very much looking good you
4206s can see zone now isn't a
4209s far distance whatsoever they've already
4210s sort of marked their positions of where
4212s they want to maybe look to get to
4214s in the case of eye drop and jericho
4215s we've seen in the previous qualifying
4217s weeks where if they don't get you know
4219s that sort of optimal zone and that
4221s better positioning things do start to
4223s look a bit dicey for them absolutely i
4225s feel like sometimes too
4226s they know what we know right
4228s they need that zone they need the pad
4230s they have both as we mentioned when
4232s they're in that position they feel a bit
4233s too comfortable right you mentioned that
4235s they're in here they got a little bit
4237s dicey in the spots anyways they
4238s sometimes seem way too happy i kind of
4240s like them when they're in rocky real
4241s sometimes really struggling because i
4243s feel like they care more the more in
4245s tune what's going on sleepy's drive seem
4246s to mess up the most
4248s i think
4249s that is in regards to like you said not
4252s being able to get enough surge damage
4254s right so that puts them in uncomfortable
4255s positions for sure
4257s i think there's a happy balance there's
4259s a mid place right and i'm sure
4262s i'm sure any fan of them watching at
4263s home will be hoping that this game they
4265s are in that sort of middle place for the
4267s science snazy
4269s definitely a team to watch out for
4271s in the blue i always have to say
4272s whenever i see a few always always
4275s absolutely we'll be rooting for them
4278s all right all about the phone clocking
4280s in as well you can kind of sense the
4282s slower pace of this game overall a lot
4284s of the times it is a little bit more
4286s itchy a lot more action and a bunch
4289s are just clusters of players falling
4291s over and over again right right now the
4293s lobby seems like it's bleeding a little
4294s bit they're just going for the damage
4296s everyone's just itching for that first
4298s win they're really trying to make it all
4300s the way towards the end yeah look in the
4301s case of janice and vortex how do they
4303s make it to the end 16 above isn't great
4306s but forget that look at janus or
4308s vortex's bills right 39 builds at this
4311s stage in the game
4312s that's not great
4313s that is not great whatsoever and so
4316s definitely gonna be looking to settle
4318s for a refresh at some point but
4319s fortunately
4321s vortex is the kind of player that very
4322s much can do that
4324s a big powerhouse but can they get to
4326s zone you can see it
4327s being forced again to use bills to
4328s actually get into zone so
4330s the bills in the hp dwindling there's
4332s now a team in his face and so vortex
4333s goes down janice having to look
4335s backwards and see if he can avenge his
4337s teammate but
4338s he might need to just focus on himself
4340s right now you can see trying to do
4341s everything again to keep him after
4343s there's no way ultimately the aggression
4345s from the other teams coming in is just
4347s going to be too much and he's eventually
4349s going to be forced to switch to wood and
4350s at that point they're going to really
4352s start to rain in on the pressure he's in
4353s their top what can he do he's trying
4355s everything he can dancing around but
4357s eventually
4358s the zone damage is going to keep ticking
4360s away at him it's so difficult for janice
4363s but he's doing so well he picks up a
4365s knock as well vania caught asleep and if
4368s you can get the finish that alone would
4370s be brilliant but you know janice wants a
4371s bit more than that
4372s it's going to be so hard though the time
4374s is ticking 2 hp and down doesn't get the
4377s finish either
4378s but you saw how things just went from
4381s good to bad so quickly in the case of
4382s janice and vortex that's how
4384s fast things can turn in these games not
4387s even just for him everyone around him
4388s too and i'm looking at things going bad
4390s possibly for the lobby an ominous
4392s villain on the high ground thomas
4394s tripper looking down at their food
4396s basically spilling mats getting ready
4398s for maybe even that game one win yeah
4400s definitely setting up to do that right
4402s we talk about how these guys will have
4403s the launch pads as well those will
4405s always be great for securing good
4407s positioning once the moving zones kick
4409s off and we're starting to see us get to
4410s that point vessel and low ticks now
4413s trying to find their way they wanted a
4414s recycled pad but i didn't come through
4416s and so now they're just gonna have to do
4417s a dash all the way across the zone max
4420s pool teams looking at them all across
4422s the board search burning down on their
4424s skin as well it is not looking good
4426s fighting the terrain fighting players
4428s fighting lightning this is going to be
4429s tough and shocking almost for battle and
4432s lotex kind of just moving all the way in
4434s not much right now this is depressing
4436s almost too they have to make sure
4438s they're on their feet keeping up with
4439s speed but then also stop and take these
4441s minis lotics falls right beside him i'm
4444s looking at a black and white you know
4446s war reenactment from the way back 1800s
4448s this is so sad too the music
4451s man is down in the zone
4452s that is just a tough way to go yeah you
4455s just walked right into the building
4460s crazy looking a bit better right than
4463s what we just saw
4464s across the board
4465s much more healthy on the material side
4467s of things especially
4469s with that pad he's going to be the one
4470s to kind of dictate where these guys go
4472s and then set head loose yeah and that's
4474s the big part you saw there queasy just
4476s opening up the edit looking at what the
4478s situation up on high ground is
4481s ten seconds two till people all the way
4482s towards the north who has the advantage
4484s and tested and hooked all the way up
4485s towards that side thomas from tripper
4487s trying to see exactly where they are for
4488s the moment kind of more central overall
4490s towards the back to dictate who's going
4491s to be in the air nice key spray from
4493s freezing as well these guys look like
4495s they're both in tandem actually synced
4497s for now that has to be the key for them
4498s in endgame don't let hen just go
4500s absolutely too crazy yeah getting a
4502s refresh at this stage in the game is
4504s typically one of the signs of a team
4505s that is ready to go out and win the game
4508s and you can see now already the pads
4509s coming through thomas and tripping we
4511s know they have pads but they're looking
4512s to recycle them and that's exactly what
4514s they will try and do as they pick out
4516s their position in the zone they have to
4518s pick wisely because ultimately as you
4520s can see on the screen they are below
4521s they need to do some damage but i won't
4523s doubt thomas to be able to rekindle that
4525s as soon as possible yeah i thought we
4527s were just gonna wait on an update and
4528s all the way towards the top but also
4529s thomas left me for that sniper right but
4531s he's gonna have one portion of his
4532s inventory also down now the back ball
4534s falls through and tripp is gonna be
4535s distracting the back not in the most
4536s comforting massaging way he's going to
4537s be not happy about that one there's a
4539s lot of metal bills a lot of investment
4540s here but he still needs to move not in
4542s zone just get thomas what a shot from
4544s long range this man's aware of
4545s everywhere
4546s around him he finds a few more people
4548s passing right by and the timing is
4549s perfect and they find two how's that
4551s even allowed this man has a mini map in
4553s his brain it's just too easy for this
4555s duo things were looking absolutely dire
4557s for them but ultimately they've been
4559s able to fight their way back in the game
4561s but it might not be a fight for much
4562s longer right on high ground and that's
4564s synthetic looking up against eye drop
4566s and jerky the fight for hype continues
4569s and we knew this would eventually happen
4570s queasy and hen looking to get involved
4572s in the front side as well it's getting
4574s shocked from below they need to secure
4576s high gun as soon as they cannot run
4578s they're all number
4581s up there trying to fight for his life he
4582s needs to hit a crucial shot and it seems
4584s like he has queasy and hen trying to
4587s fight for an eye drop you need to get
4588s down you can't last this fight against
4590s queasy and he ultimately will be fought
4593s to scurry away cuisine hen take out for
4596s themselves in game one huge castle look
4598s at their maps they have to possibly just
4600s chase one of these elements straight
4601s down below them find one of the bodies
4602s and looking for a side hop jump it's not
4604s going to be possible easy lanes a shot
4605s but at the same time big defense from
4607s this person one second height down below
4608s i drop now down true lex is also taking
4610s away the feed this is gonna be so
4612s unfortunate for some of these second
4613s heightened teams squeezing hindo just
4615s have to stay alive up here three bills
4616s for queezy two now down to one almost
4618s none has to maybe find hen get a little
4621s bit of a refresh look at all these just
4623s jungles like the builds all around they
4624s have found each other on wood both at
4626s the same time it's going to be top four
4627s then they pick it up a few as well
4628s inside the face of six shady down all
4630s the way around low ground pull the side
4631s now taking out flowers is popping off
4632s look at the beams from stacy too they
4634s have a little bit of a inkling of height
4636s they have control snazzy has control all
4639s by himself but how much longer can you
4641s do this for when will somebody realize
4643s that he is just a solo up there pinker
4644s than that relegate it down to low ground
4647s but it will remain relatively comfy
4648s there flames flowers cannot say the same
4651s though he is trying to find some sort of
4653s space but they're not going to let him
4655s have it snazzy just applying constant
4657s pressure he's scared of his height being
4658s taken seven teams eleven players were
4660s almost going towards solos all over the
4662s clutch right now some of the teams that
4663s are actually surviving and have their
4664s teammates driving we're in the middle in
4666s the low ground snazzy once again he's
4667s pushing straight towards the sky he's
4668s looking for more beams and angles can't
4670s find much doesn't really have a teammate
4672s to put the pressure down is now even out
4673s of builds his time might be over needs a
4675s fight elimination and needs to jump down
4677s for those mats as well gets a few how
4679s many just enough to keep breathing for
4681s us now down samuel taken out pink and
4684s and off are still alive and they turned
4685s the world on its head just reversed it
4688s sometimes i have height this time it's
4690s all on low the mats also swinging away
4692s but they're one of the only teams that
4693s still have both players alive they're
4696s ready for the next shot it's coming
4697s through straight quick still have
4699s control looking at this game you can see
4701s how they're closing out low ground
4704s markings or anybody on that layer has
4706s some issues but you can see marco and
4707s kimberly
4708s are on a fight on a race course into a
4711s very sticky situation marco doesn't even
4713s make it to pink's crosshairs but he will
4715s get the refresh nonetheless and now you
4718s can see things ultimately breaking out
4720s into just all our wars lazy dropping
4723s down and he actually is able to take
4725s pinkerton and that's out how's he done
4726s that all by himself snakey with eight
4729s eliminations none on the side of both
4730s sides he can win this game as a solo now
4733s it's a phenomenal start for sneezy and
4736s start to finish things didn't look
4738s possible but he made them possible and
4740s he's qualified for the fncs finals
4743s that's how you do it by yourself
4745s podicide taking them like a rocket to
4747s the skies detaches the engine and he
4749s gets that wind insane from stage he ran
4751s into the match like three or four times
4753s i still can't fathom what happened i
4755s cannot believe my eye shadow wager how
4758s has he managed to hold height as a solo
4760s put aside watching
4766s puts the team on his back and qualifies
4768s them through what a performance from him
4770s absolutely i mean there's so much to
4772s break down for that game specifically we
4774s need zeke minnie and rhys to really show
4776s us what we miss on that one
4778s oh
4779s my goodness game one of semi-finals was
4784s absolutely crazy minnie it was
4787s unbelievable we saw so many teams going
4789s for high ground all at once they all
4790s wanted it they were all battling over it
4792s and it was the high teams that we saw do
4793s that wasn't it it was a lot of the hype
4795s teams and then just a snazzy you know
4797s sneaking up the back he thought you know
4798s what i'll take high ground and win it
4800s all on my i mean that's the point right
4801s we we mentioned all of the height teams
4803s we have here and all of them were on
4804s height at some point right you know we
4806s had queasy's team we had pink and an ass
4809s all of these different teams going for
4810s high ground and it created like a
4812s complete mess up there we can see
4813s obviously at the start of moving zones
4816s this is where they took advantage of
4817s that right no one's claiming at the
4818s front side they've managed to tarpon
4820s create a huge area for them up and
4821s that's claimed in my ground at the start
4823s but obviously you know we saw this game
4824s ended for them we saw it go pretty
4826s pretty crazy i mean we saw heading crazy
4827s of course rotating to the front side of
4828s zone and then going for a little high
4830s grand thing on the front and that was a
4831s spectacle to behold it was unbelievable
4833s we saw a team going up on the front side
4835s taking off on the south on the uh the
4836s back side as well but pink and anna's we
4838s saw them playing low ground towards the
4839s end here because they sort of run out of
4840s steam i mean they definitely have the
4841s capabilities to play all of these
4842s different places now like yeah that's
4843s one thing i've been really impressed
4845s with these guys where they took height
4846s early and they were attempting to
4848s obviously try and win from there now but
4849s they understood when there were so many
4851s different teams just being messy going
4852s up for it right okay it's a lost cause
4854s at this point we need to go down we need
4855s to play low we need to stick together we
4857s need to start fragging out and that they
4858s did again not picking up the victory
4860s royale of course on lakes needed it
4863s that's very true and of course they're
4864s going to be playing for those placement
4865s points as well to maybe just get them
4866s through through the sort of consistency
4868s you know it's not just about the victory
4869s royale today if you can play consistent
4871s if you can keep your games consistent
4872s into that top three's top fours it's uh
4874s it's really where the points start to
4875s stack up and for these teams it's just
4877s the starting point for those who didn't
4878s get the victory yeah and i think too we
4880s cannot forget that now because this dual
4883s wins that means that they don't have to
4884s play anymore right they're completely
4886s out of semifinals going right into
4888s finals so they could be now if they're
4890s contested that means that this other duo
4892s now has freedom to operate right there's
4894s so much other uh avenues that now opens
4897s up because they've qualified it does
4898s right so there's a drop spot free at the
4900s same time for another team probably to
4901s go for height let's be real but you know
4903s one thing i actually want to look at
4904s again and we're talking about height a
4905s lot and i'm going to stick with a lot
4906s right thomas and tripper i was looking
4908s and usually in jewels pinker and us were
4910s doing luke solid going for it at the end
4912s of that first movie they saw an
4913s opportunity but again another
4915s opportunistic team right here was thomas
4916s hd and tripper this was significantly
4919s early they were up on height in the
4920s fourth zone managing to claim it from
4921s then and obviously we saw them get a
4923s complete max distance pool which meant
4925s they had to drop down which gave
4926s pinkerton asked the opportunity that we
4927s just saw there and you know it ended up
4929s in kind of a classic thomas eastwood and
4931s different players yeah it did and they
4932s just sort of used all their mats way too
4934s early on didn't they they didn't get
4935s enough of that refresh to keep
4936s themselves afloat to keep themselves
4938s going into the end game and
4939s unfortunately for them it just resulted
4940s in them going down a little bit earlier
4942s than they would have liked here of
4943s course 18th most 17th place for them so
4945s really not ideal for this year which we
4947s really expected big things of in the
4948s free ship i'm curious to see how many
4950s duels will play for the victor royale
4952s versus how many will say like well i
4953s don't need the victory out if i can just
4955s get teams out my time will come then i
4958s mean realistically you've got three main
4960s high teams and then towards the end of
4962s the the tournament everyone else becomes
4963s a high team
4965s okay i i like that i like that uh well
4967s let's take a look at our standings so
4968s remember it is the top six that will go
4970s through at the end of the day so that's
4972s what we're fighting for right now i mean
4974s currently flo is after that game holding
4976s down six at least for now right rhys
4978s yeah i mean this is the position that i
4980s don't want to see him in though i want
4981s to see floris go all the way up into
4982s fifth and above where they're in that
4984s qualification is game number one so you
4985s know i'm i'm not concerned i think i say
4987s this every single week at the same time
4989s but they obviously managed to win off
4990s spawn we said that up at the top of the
4992s show they managed to win the battle of
4993s greasy grove so far but again five well
4996s four more games i was gonna say five i'm
4997s too comfortable with six games only five
4999s games today you know if they lose one
5001s off and they kind of that similar
5002s performance again they may drop further
5003s down the leaderboard yeah it's very true
5004s and of course the mental booster that'll
5006s give to these teams as well when when
5007s you when i spawn in game number one it
5008s really sets a standard it's that's a
5009s statement for those teams that are
5011s around you you know it's like okay we're
5012s dominating this one off spawn of course
5013s coached by hellfire as well for flowers
5015s and then mappy so they know exactly how
5017s to navigate that off spawn situation and
5019s it's something that we uh we're
5020s expecting to see them do a little bit
5021s better maybe in game one but plenty
5022s games to go exactly but off spawn
5024s situations one we're talking about there
5026s was another one we talked about earlier
5027s there was i mean there's one that's
5028s always messy at every fncs we talk about
5030s it floki and clement going up in
5032s chunker's speedway right they managed to
5035s win off spawn which is what they did
5036s right so they actually managed to get
5038s self at this point but then as you can
5039s see right here getting a little bit over
5041s aggressive at this moment they obviously
5043s saw an opportunity to get to the team
5044s who has ended up pushing them
5046s and look how this ended up working out
5047s for them yeah just got a little bit
5048s greedy i felt like you know three
5050s eliminations at this stage pretty good
5051s they got two off spawn but then of
5052s course they wanted a push for that extra
5054s fight maybe they wanted to try and get
5055s those early eliminations to sort of set
5056s on themselves going into the end game
5058s thinking okay we're in a good position
5059s game number one i think they want to
5061s take a few more risks because we know
5062s there's plenty more games to come
5063s yeah
5065s uh let's take a look here i mean
5068s again i like what you kind of said
5069s reese's is just this is game one of day
5072s one right nothing too crazy at all
5075s because we still have another six games
5077s tomorrow six games on sunday but this is
5080s a good kind of like way to set the stage
5082s it's chaotic people are going to fight
5083s for the high ground because they know
5084s they can't win from there which means
5086s everyone's fighting for high ground
5087s trying to win from there so we'll have
5089s to see how kind of teams like hold on
5091s right they just say like we want the
5092s high ground yeah but maybe now it's not
5094s the right time i'll tell you i'll tell
5095s you when the right time is right as late
5097s as possible it's like as late as
5099s possible everyone hear that in the
5100s lobbies because as we saw how many
5102s height exchanges do you see five six so
5104s many so many obviously sneezy ended up
5106s winning because he took advantage of the
5107s fact that it was a mess right and the
5109s teams who do that even as a solo if
5111s you're in a solo and you're up there and
5112s you go for that you can still win at
5114s this point so timing is everything with
5115s your high retakes yeah that's definitely
5116s right we saw snazzy just be ready
5117s opportunistic you talked about it
5118s earlier how opportunistic these teams
5120s are and snazzy did just that he's one of
5122s the more experienced players maybe not
5123s performed too well recently but he's
5126s showing what he's made of that and
5127s coming out with a vic for a while in
5128s game number one i mean he can go and
5129s have his dinner he can have a cup of tea
5131s you know he can relax now he's he's
5133s vibing that's right man thank you guys
5135s so much for that but we have more games
5136s on deck so let's send it back on over to
5138s the casters to get us started
5143s all right we have game number two fresh
5146s on the way shia i'm looking forward to
5148s it because game one did not disappoint
5150s not at all i mean the hype fights too
5152s that we're just talking about it seems
5153s like so much gas expended towards the
5155s skies they had nothing left in the tank
5156s for the rest of the game yeah we
5158s questioned whether or not teams were all
5159s in for it it definitely seemed that way
5161s right teams are going all in for high
5163s gun and sneezy being the one to take at
5165s the right moment right who's gonna be
5167s that one to do that in game two yeah it
5169s was incognito the entire time my man was
5171s not seen by anyone working in the
5173s shadows near the sun kind of oxymoronic
5175s but i like it he's out now one less team
5177s levin but the intensity is rising yeah
5179s and i think him being out definitely is
5181s a good thing for the rest of the lobby
5183s because he was going off as a solo
5185s getting elimination of the elimination
5187s one man army we're heading into game two
5190s don't want to miss it
5197s all right a second chance for some of
5198s these teams to maybe just run it
5200s straight back
5202s it's all about making sure you fix some
5204s of those mistakes in game one you see
5205s what the entire scope of the land is
5207s looking like we kind of hinted at it how
5209s will height look how will the end game
5210s look will there be respect there was a
5212s lack of some so to speak right now
5215s inside the semi-finals everyone is
5217s jumping towards the skies the more teams
5219s hype fighting what maps you have to
5220s maintain control after the fact i'm
5222s talking about the end game the game is
5224s just starting benji savage taking off of
5226s rip last time genius vortex acted fast
5228s savage once again being picked apart
5229s janice though taking a few clicks of
5231s damage towards the backside they looked
5233s good for a second and now they combine
5235s they have about 60 hp
5237s yeah i think reece was saying that the
5239s vortex and janice has basically spent
5240s like the whole week practicing their
5242s drops right making sure that they will
5243s be in the best possible position to land
5246s every single game this game didn't quite
5248s go that way fortunately for them it's
5249s not cost them their game but they're
5251s gonna have to get up on the resources in
5252s the hp as quickly as possible i spoke to
5254s you soon vortex is already down now
5257s let's try for something to stay alive
5260s this is like a 7 10 split for him for
5262s the moment
5263s can mine this rock to get bills but if
5264s he does gives away his position
5267s we'll take the chest
5268s we'll take some of the sight from as
5269s well lots of maps to work with now
5271s and can't mind that rock
5273s but he's savage whoever that wants to
5275s really come out ahead it looks like or
5277s maybe just passively sneak away as well
5280s how are they getting bullied is my
5281s question looks like jackson is the one
5283s to rock in and rock out on everyone we
5286s talked about delaying a little bit of
5287s the pressure that you have that's
5288s exactly what benjamin savage has done
5290s taken a bit of a breather to get a few
5292s items then rack the damage down bend you
5294s with a nice snipe but past that he has
5296s nothing to really follow up with now
5297s he's just switches off that sniper rifle
5300s for
5301s the ranger assault and janice who just
5303s got back into the game is sent straight
5305s to bed
5306s yeah it's not looking good right we
5307s talked about how powerful this poi is
5311s and therefore right
5312s there will be two fights but we were
5314s only expecting the two but
5316s you can see there are a couple more
5318s teams you want to get involved and
5320s understandably so this poi is so strong
5322s and it is so fresh and new everybody
5324s wants that shiny new toy right you can't
5326s you can't blame them in that sense
5329s and the ways to just jump across the
5331s entire map
5332s that was gone now just about controlling
5334s a new space
5335s going for
5337s a few of these chests making sure you
5339s have your stamp
5340s what seems to be a really big powerful
5342s spot cannon also here as well
5345s savage missing a few trees
5347s landing the tree oh okay he's good
5349s it's the worst feeling man blending in a
5351s tree dropped down a couple hp lost for
5353s no
5354s reason whatsoever what do we have here
5357s though
5358s a replay that's always a bad sign when i
5359s see pink and that's on the replay
5362s they have control there's no way this
5363s goes bad they're fine famous last words
5370s 2v1 they split apart
5372s oh my goodness oh no that that is like
5376s that
5377s i
5378s i'm i'm a loss for words that the 2v1
5381s pink had the drop down from the top as
5382s well and they're they're gone this game
5384s didn't we literally joke about somebody
5386s pretend she's contesting them next game
5388s so they're not having a game to play out
5390s yeah
5391s i uh yeah yo one less on the day as well
5394s now they're what down to three games
5396s just kind of left yeah like yeah we only
5398s got five today right so
5402s hey one good thing
5403s stacy buddhist i'm not gonna be here to
5404s steal hype for them after the fact right
5407s i'm trying to the silver lining
5409s yeah and maybe one of these hype fighty
5411s teams hadn't queasy uh i dropped jerky
5414s thomas tripper and they won't be there
5415s either but i doubt that i feel like the
5417s eagles today are going to be just at a
5418s maximum so i guess about game five well
5421s yeah especially in regards to them right
5423s we you know you can sort of understand
5424s how much they put into that high ground
5426s fight when before the moving zone
5428s started they were set right they had so
5431s much materials literally max materials
5432s they looked comfortable they had a pad
5434s and everything and then all of a sudden
5435s they have height they are completely
5437s drained of anything right that just
5438s shows how much that they've sort of put
5440s into that
5441s we'll see if they go with that same
5442s approach this game flowing to map you
5444s might be thinking hold on i was watching
5445s game one these guys are on the other
5446s side of the map what are they doing over
5448s here coney well flowers and mapping who
5450s won their osborne fire greasy grove have
5453s just decided no we're coming back to
5454s coney we don't really like greasy so
5457s this will be a fight torch out for all
5459s day long let's see if that was the right
5460s decision though because
5462s they won over there at greasy right now
5464s at coney things are looking very very
5466s dicey for them
5469s up against benji and savage as well
5473s who weren't supposed to be here
5475s so their entire like you know mega plan
5477s b game plan is like just completely
5480s tossed in the trash
5484s yeah yeah
5485s there's not much to say
5488s we're pacing ourselves waiting to see
5489s exactly what happened i'm sure he'll
5491s feel vindicated about coming back to
5493s kony because he has got a launch pad in
5494s his inventory that is often like uh the
5498s the the language player speaking yeah
5500s that tournament went bad i only had like
5501s one pad to
5503s you had hold
5504s pads to hold it then how didn't you win
5506s you know
5507s that's that's typically how people speak
5508s so he'll be happy he's going to pad this
5510s game but will he be able to even do
5512s anything with it they've got to win out
5514s this fight with not win out this fight
5516s they need to get out of this fight
5517s because benjamin savage given the
5519s opportunity will pounce
5522s that's never a good thing for their
5524s opponents
5528s cause for this is just insane this
5530s vortex tries to
5531s run away once again vico will just claim
5534s them both dennis and vortex
5536s yo viggo jackson i feel like you you put
5538s these guys on you poi you put them on
5540s tilted
5541s you can't you can't ignore them anymore
5543s they're not just you know that new duo
5544s rolling in the lobby or the repeats over
5546s and over again now they're like i don't
5548s know the business yeah they are sort of
5550s like um
5552s that sort of mid-tier boss that you have
5554s to do and it's like you eventually like
5556s beat the level but you do have to like
5557s redo the level
5560s and that's the sort of vibe i get from
5562s them because they will roll through some
5564s games and just take out your favorite
5565s team
5566s casually like nothing you know like yeah
5568s it's that boss that's so you know it
5570s doesn't have the biggest health pool but
5571s like the moment you make a mistake
5573s max damage car makers backstage yeah
5575s start of the game cannot make a single
5577s mistake so if you claim you have the
5578s best glide in you claim you have the
5579s best drop this that you know best
5581s teammate ah semi's easy whatever
5584s where are you at i see all these uh
5587s all these clatter teams are not in the
5588s colliders
5590s clearly they don't want that smirk at
5592s the collider it's uh not been the
5593s easiest of fights it's uh it's appear
5596s with a lot it feel when i landed there
5598s it felt kind of small yeah then it's
5599s like it's very deceiving in that sense
5601s like it it looks more felt small but
5603s there's a lot to it and i think it makes
5605s those fights sort of very uh close
5607s quarters which players aren't often
5609s comfortable with right they want to sort
5610s of keep things at their own pace they
5612s want to keep their distance at times and
5613s so for a lot of these things the best
5614s option is let's just get out of there
5616s right
5617s i wish uh leche and swillium had uh
5619s words like get out of there and
5621s disengage switch things up in their
5623s inventory eleven because uh
5625s i look at them i see chongky's speedway
5627s i'm not sure if you're watching live
5628s broadcast or qual one uh game play right
5630s now honestly i think suleiman let's see
5634s here at chunkers is one of the few like
5636s consistents that we've had in like fncs
5639s from like this season to last season
5641s yeah obviously it's not against clement
5642s and floki this time it's against
5644s arguably an even scarier duo to fight at
5646s times right u3 and axe force the swedes
5649s who have been on fire of late hit and
5651s shot after shot can never really be
5653s stopped at times
5655s not an easy fight yeah not even stop on
5656s the boards i think they're one of the
5658s teams that came six i believe in fall
5660s one see andy beating them out to one of
5662s those way later runs i think it was him
5664s as a solo all the way towards the back
5666s and
5666s yeah look at their types of damage right
5668s now getting the first
5670s call answer in terms of the fight but
5673s then solium responds right after that
5676s we're very close to qualifying so far
5677s and the siamese'll have to try to run it
5679s back
5680s yeah we'll see what sulim can do
5681s definitely a player who feels like he
5684s has a lot to prove in the region right
5686s obviously wasn't originally an eu player
5688s moved over from asia right and so
5691s it's still yet to maybe make his mark in
5693s the region yet show everybody why it was
5695s so worth it for him to move over but
5697s this is his opportunity to do so
5700s a clutch here would propel them into a
5702s much better position
5704s and an opportunity of course the zone
5706s pulling all the way up towards that
5708s north east now oh my goodness this is so
5710s bad for
5711s axe force and sway i mean go all the way
5713s up to the bugle with the zone a fight
5715s that might have seemed worth it because
5716s things were close by is now just in
5718s absolute trouble they've got the k again
5720s the men missed as well on the bottom
5720s side of william's inventory to maybe
5722s last things out but he has to be on heal
5724s mode right now axe force can just break
5725s things and get in he can just play with
5727s the time but he's not really structuring
5728s too much for the moment this storm fight
5731s i mean they have so much to get past
5732s after this moment four more teams in the
5735s way all the way towards bugles william
5737s is just looking up towards the skies for
5739s some help and also to keep track of axe
5742s force at this point he's literally just
5743s going to the out hill but both of these
5745s guys
5746s have some stuff to work with and the
5748s zone doesn't take much so you know
5749s they'll be here for
5752s a minute or so extra
5755s i'm better than 12 even maybe yeah maybe
5757s way longer than that axe force is trying
5759s his best man chunkers as well you have a
5760s lot of metal to be able to be farmed
5762s here 166
5764s bop down on the head
5765s shooting william like a goomba and he
5767s also falls down that's the fall damage
5769s that's done his best was certainly
5771s enough in that moment hit a max pump it
5774s seemed i thought about how they hit
5775s their max
5777s axe force calling max force instead yeah
5780s yeah rolling in way more than even you
5782s know the 95 when it comes to max force
5784s he's only looking way good up at 166.
5788s thomas as well tripping they'll roll
5790s let's see what mini's got for us so far
5800s thank you now yes we did talk about it
5802s going into this game we saw these two
5805s duos of course rotating in to coney
5807s crossover we talked about it snazzy and
5808s podesta of course winning game number
5810s one it freed up a drop spot cody
5811s crossroads is now free for any to enter
5814s now flowers and mapping saw that
5815s opportunity and they took it we talked
5817s about opportunistic duos as well but
5819s another team that thought the same was
5820s benji and savage they both rotated into
5822s here and we saw a little bit of a fight
5824s go a little bit of a scuffle but it did
5825s of course fizzle out and this is what we
5827s could be seeing today when teams go
5828s through to the finals we could be seeing
5830s other teams rotating into their drop
5831s spots and potentially scuffing out like
5833s this
5836s yeah that's gonna be one of the more
5837s interesting
5838s angles to follow throughout the days
5840s right
5841s when someone qualifies through who will
5843s be the ones to jump insta right we
5846s talked about how there were a lot of
5848s teams especially the collider teams
5849s right those are the the makings of teams
5851s you maybe don't feel comfortable
5853s somewhere on the map right and so
5854s instantly you go hmm you qualify that
5856s colony you qualify that come on maybe we
5858s roll through there right let's try copy
5860s the game plan the strategy right yeah no
5862s it's definitely
5864s a wave to be able to roll in with to
5866s take over but yeah if multiple teams do
5868s it it's like rock paper scissors but you
5870s never know what your opponent throws uh
5872s at the same time now we'll see a little
5874s bit more of a clash
5876s skies will open the business as well
5878s they got close the top 10 kind of finish
5880s uh or usually i i think the last quality
5883s was like towards the 20 25ths
5885s they're trying their best on the north
5886s side of the map but not really locking
5888s it in so far in the calls
5890s yeah we'll see how they deal with this
5892s situation because of course just a tiny
5894s bit below surge but it's not
5897s necessarily an easy avenue to get that
5900s damage right the way up there's a team
5902s below them but i'm telling you skyzoo
5904s and drock's i was gonna say might want
5906s to keep that distance for there below as
5907s well so they actually won the fight and
5909s this might be great for both parties but
5910s it doesn't seem like the other guys are
5912s ready for it whatsoever
5914s because jocks and skies were rolling
5916s through
5917s like a battering ram take them out
5920s swiftly wow that was literally in out
5924s shake it will about
5925s right
5926s two healings at the same time
5928s synchronized swimmers that's what i like
5929s to see i mean that was literally at the
5931s same micro seconds love to watch that
5933s happen talk about a fizzling fight taco
5935s bell savage
5937s in kind of flight mode right now
5939s it's going to be tough for him maybe
5940s trying to rap back because this is not
5942s even against not being flowish this is
5945s for towa
5946s he's just rocking it
5947s yeah he's giving them a real issue right
5949s he's got four flops and so he can
5951s literally just wake savage out savage is
5953s low like you don't need to fight this i
5955s don't know if he realizes that
5956s he doesn't need to fight this he'll want
5958s to do the damage for the surge and
5959s whatnot but savage is about to go down
5961s at any moment now you can just keep
5963s building is this man the fish
5965s connoisseur he's got the jellyfish and
5967s the floppers ready to go he's really
5969s rocking it all types of fish man all
5972s types of fish
5973s yeah the savage goes down he hears the
5975s cue
5976s and so now he can uh
5978s maybe put his fish to use as he walks
5980s towards that
5981s yeah always go for one of those in right
5983s yeah hey last one for me the this entire
5986s thing fishy business
5989s that might be a little bit too on the
5990s cheek you know but i'll i'll leave it at
5992s that more fish too that's crazy
5995s like he's stacked up in the fish man
5997s okay so for road to harpoon and get to
5999s work
6001s this is the other side of kony uh the
6004s good side the surviving side
6008s yeah this becomes interesting right
6009s because you see that they got
6011s a bit of a ways to go to get to zone but
6013s there's a lot of teams in between them
6015s and the zone
6016s they're gonna have to move eventually of
6018s course as well
6019s over to the left or a bit further north
6021s there will be a team sitting up on the
6023s bugle volcano as well
6025s that may have a line of sight so
6027s they're probably gonna have to commit
6028s some materials there which they'll look
6030s to get back via refreshers later on
6034s but that's the start of this is a point
6035s in the game right where you really just
6036s have to think about your resources and
6038s how you sort of map that journey out for
6039s yourself absolutely and talk about a map
6042s that's been charted for us already lou
6044s and nano uh the what the 93 percenters
6046s the the 83 percenters in terms of making
6048s end game yeah will the stats check
6051s well
6053s it remains to be seen i believe
6055s mainly because i don't you know ever not
6057s listen to research but if researched
6059s something like i trusted oh no it wasn't
6060s even resource it was many yeah mini via
6064s yeah look at this
6068s i just hear something smart just to see
6069s this reason
6072s we have we have to get used to two smart
6073s man now minnie's in the business too
6075s yeah yeah
6076s man
6077s look cuisine hen
6079s back again
6081s will this be a different story for them
6083s moving forward bat snapping dks on your
6086s screens there a moment ago they didn't
6088s have the best of game ones definitely a
6090s sleeper pick maybe a dark horse pick for
6094s a potential team to make it through
6095s maybe not even by a win but you know
6097s through the consistency as well
6099s of course missing out that first game
6102s in terms of a deep run will hurt but
6104s still plenty more in the way i feel like
6107s for a bunch of these teams like that win
6109s the the format being like if you win you
6111s go to the finals it's like a dark force
6113s that kind of moves above them but the
6115s entire engine thomas tripper probably
6117s chilling for majority of the time that
6118s one kind of calls to them they have to
6120s stay true to themselves i feel like
6122s these guys just play consistent i think
6124s ball the only thing that stops them i
6126s don't even think it's off spawn it's
6127s some of these end games where they try
6128s too much see a moment to take too much
6131s control and fall short yeah and and we
6134s talked about this right where you know
6136s as a player what ideology do you come
6138s into it because obviously us has the
6139s casters
6140s go for the win you want to see the win
6142s right the wins all that matters go for
6144s the win you get to win you qualify but
6145s ultimately right if you don't allow that
6147s to sort of rattle you and shake up your
6149s mentality you play you know five
6151s relatively consistent games you're
6152s probably gonna sneak your way into that
6154s top six and qualify anyway no i'm just
6157s it's just being able to stay on that
6159s mindset this is the trickiest part
6160s because you know heights seems good
6162s height if you win the game it seems very
6165s very good but like everyone is trying to
6167s win the game so you just you can't trip
6169s that's the only thing and the medium
6171s drop right now i only say it because i
6172s see 18 points
6174s respect to the situation it's not even
6177s on high ground bro wow when can you call
6179s him the medium job
6181s ever i straight this is it is it if you
6183s don't quote you can call him the medium
6186s okay okay i'm just trying to set the
6187s rules okay i feel like you know when
6189s you're in these situations you you make
6191s the mistake first and then you ask for
6192s forgiveness that's the most efficient
6194s way to get there to get to the school
6196s being set so apologies the big drop i
6198s don't know how forgiving i drop is
6201s we'll have to see that
6203s listen he forgives me i'll give him a
6205s zone no that's the best that's a fair
6207s trade that's a fair trade certainly a
6208s fair trade
6210s we'll see though right because we talked
6212s about whether or not they'd be back on
6214s them aggressive w key vibes i spoke to
6216s jerky he wanted to do that he wants a
6218s view back on the w key let's go for a 30
6220s bomb in this game
6221s i dropped was in the same vibe he was
6223s like nope we're going to play consistent
6225s play our game no funny business
6228s so
6228s maybe there'll be a clash there in terms
6230s of personalities but
6233s you know what this game seems to me like
6234s right now
6236s were you a troublemaker in school yes or
6237s no um yes i was at times a little bit my
6240s younger years nice okay marco and
6242s clenbery still popping doing the best of
6245s everyone my bad for getting off tangent
6246s real quick um
6248s did you have like
6250s that one class strict teacher or like
6252s nice teacher you you trouble make a
6254s little bit too much and they snap they
6256s bang the desk and the vibe changes yeah
6259s did you ever make a joke after that
6260s though or did you kind of stay in line
6263s if my if i was with a certain group of
6265s friends
6266s so i think that game one the triple hype
6268s fight and everyone losing mats is the
6270s teacher getting mad
6271s right like why did you do this everyone
6273s you're out yeah so now we're in that
6275s position again the class is silent
6277s our hand and queens are gonna make the
6278s joke again will they go for hide again
6280s will they do they try to get a little
6281s bit of a laugh or are they consistent
6283s now that's what i'm looking for you know
6284s anything about hen's personality he's
6286s definitely the kind of guy to make the
6289s joke again so i expect to see them right
6291s back up in the battle for height
6293s once again trust me on that one i'll see
6296s if
6297s heights aka the teacher
6299s will be kind
6301s honestly just yeah i i don't think
6303s pen's gonna be learning much
6305s so far game of the game i think it'll be
6307s queasy kind of dictating how things
6309s primarily go
6311s i we need and i feel like in that in
6313s that boat and that aggressive side
6314s maximum confidence being being tempered
6317s from the side of greece
6318s yeah and in terms of temperate
6319s aggression there's not much of that when
6322s surge comes calling bucca loses
6325s yesterday might lose
6326s his life as well gets taken out
6330s again
6331s we might just have to start compiling
6333s montages of all the eliminations surge
6335s gets right what surge is partly
6338s responsible for
6339s finals last leaderboard it goes all the
6341s way up to second first storm surge yeah
6345s storm surge would win all these events
6347s i'll tell you that yeah it would queasy
6349s and hendo look this is nice right
6351s setting up already potentially for
6352s height obviously fifth zone is a bit
6354s early i'm sorry sub is shaking right now
6356s thinking that's you can't park there now
6359s you gotta wait a bit
6361s oh look look look behind him look at
6363s that ramp i think that's just the pad
6364s being
6365s ready set gold from banya and karmi
6367s looking at who's below them as well
6368s quidbo
6370s sometimes likes to contest height all
6371s the way from those lower mid ground
6373s positions this is concerning though why
6375s is this so bolstered why do we need this
6377s much of a big spot our tag is really
6379s that much of an issue double ramped up
6381s as well i think the pad actually
6383s gets assisted and helped with that big
6385s ramp there i'm not sure what the move is
6386s here from head and queasy no i think
6387s they're just looking to to make sure
6389s that they have that elevation right that
6391s advantage of the elevation oh man he's
6393s looking for the shots
6394s he's gonna be right the trade
6397s in this instance we'll see whether or
6398s not it's worth it if it deters them for
6400s looking for height but the zone pulls
6402s towards the west and so we'll see if
6403s they'll be able to actually hold out if
6405s that would even be the ultimate goal for
6406s them they've already committed quite a
6408s bit to it and so it certainly seems that
6410s way but there will be teams below
6412s teams by the name of thomas and trippin
6415s in particular who
6416s very much may look to have a saying that
6421s they're not looking to make the joke
6422s again they're looking to stay quiet in
6424s this class
6425s just move all the way on this max zone
6427s it might pull up all the way to bugle so
6429s in terms of map management the team's
6431s using a lot of materials might be in
6433s trouble
6434s hennin queasy not going to be holding on
6435s to height just for right now just
6436s pressuring and finding one of the pads
6438s staying all the way back truck splashing
6440s in the zone and getting all the way up
6442s they launched by then nemo on the low
6443s ground rise and peanuts they're going to
6445s be rocking in very very
6447s just turbulent tides match kind of
6449s running low a little bit thomas hd
6451s finding a huge pad but loses tripper and
6453s that's a very tricky one to take and as
6455s a result that top team once again
6457s fragmented down yeah we talk about
6459s thomas and his solo clutch ability and
6461s now he's gonna have to try to put on a
6462s show for us this is gonna be a very
6464s difficult one to do we've already seen
6466s some crazy ones in previous weeks and
6468s even from snazi last game but thomas
6470s certainly has a top task in his hands
6471s and one that he won't even be able to
6473s handle way too much for him to deal with
6475s he goes down
6476s but hen and queezy they will be looking
6478s to go down now that they're up here they
6480s have height they're gonna be pressuring
6481s everybody that even takes a look at it a
6484s scope at it as they continue to try to
6486s win out the second game the lighting on
6488s the server turns dark and heading queasy
6491s feeling evil all the way on high ground
6493s looking to beam stop any team below by
6496s any means
6497s past that
6499s below this high ground build no one
6500s really trying to take the skies as a
6503s result this might be a complete wrap up
6505s for having queasy we have to look
6506s towards the low ground anyone really
6507s popping off gaining control having a lot
6510s of space it doesn't seem like 11 there's
6511s too much space they've split the control
6514s to have on height this one's held up by
6515s one would ramp no one is looking at the
6518s clouds that any queasy have free range
6520s like you said nobody on second high even
6522s giving them some sort of a challenge at
6523s this point they're just waltzing their
6525s way through to their fmcs finals it
6527s seems but like you said will there be
6528s any dual height that maybe has the power
6530s maybe has the force to really give them
6532s a challenge you can see all the way back
6534s in the zone true like trying everything
6535s you can if he even tries this as a solo
6538s that would be an absolutely crazy
6539s attempt we need to focus on what's going
6541s on in front of him right now he doesn't
6542s play in his box he said like you see the
6544s shot he can't he goes down but they
6546s don't even get the refresh from it
6547s they've had their way into zone and
6548s they're looking for height up against
6550s christian hen they've got to be careful
6552s cuisine and will hold it in the meantime
6554s they don't go down horizon and pain are
6556s on some lower levels need to start
6558s thinking about how they can give those
6559s guys a challenge breathing room gotten
6561s there's a zone bounced back and it's
6562s almost exactly where the everyone just
6564s came from teeter's off a little bit
6566s rising's going to have a little bit of
6567s time and a lot of damage to deal down
6570s both players also surviving blocking
6572s verizon as well this means completely
6573s aware they might be that low ground team
6575s to focus on to really take this
6577s challenge the survival type of situation
6579s all the way towards the end meanwhile
6581s though and queasy kind of running a
6582s little bit low on mats they seem
6584s completely relaxed the composure it's
6586s there and they're still just in control
6588s the zone pulling back through all builds
6589s it makes it so much harder for them to
6590s get those eliminations they'll be able
6591s to stay up on height just that bit
6593s longer and this is very good for them
6595s right payna seems to have gone down
6596s rising now as a solo having to do
6598s everything by himself he spots niko and
6600s dan but that might be the wrong door to
6602s knock on we'll see if he can hit the
6603s shot he's looking for the sort of angle
6604s to hit it when they come down you're
6606s staying in the zone and he's probably
6607s thinking he said where have they gone
6609s they just cost me my game i walked into
6610s another duo's box and he goes down
6613s absolutely tragic stuff there but dk is
6615s a bad sniper they will love that for
6617s them a star wars starting to close in
6618s and reigns also started to form down in
6621s the shape of bullets from ben and queasy
6623s they quieted down for just a little bit
6624s of a second squeezy just i don't know is
6626s this a construction simulator or these
6627s guys playing the fncs there's been
6629s building bolstering reconnecting this
6632s high ground domination since the fifth
6634s zone almost the entire time journey and
6636s kiro slipped a few duels apart all the
6638s way on the low ground five teams now
6640s left eight total players kiro taken down
6642s as dirty tries to hide has a little bit
6644s of heel game available marco quinberry
6646s just doing so good today overall still
6648s have to be that first place consistency
6650s team to focus in on looking to keep
6652s those points all the way up in the
6654s business i see a few more people all the
6656s way down below there's bat sniper jurdy
6658s i was in the same box i don't really see
6660s there he is dks looking for another shot
6663s as well they need to get this refresh in
6664s fast no time for delay there's going to
6665s be hagrid on the way there's the beam
6667s there's the big pump a bat sniper has
6669s gone down a maximum cost to this fight
6672s now this might be an absolute fright for
6674s everyone else there's a very very mean
6677s duo up top dks is absolutely insane but
6680s it's time to face the final boss time to
6681s face the music and the track is just too
6684s loud the bass too high hen will now drop
6686s down low material but he doesn't really
6688s even need him looking for a few shots
6690s left and right the pressure's there
6692s queasy will be waiting and he will take
6694s his ticket straight to the finals
6696s formulaic organized and easy for hannah
6699s and queasy easy as pie shyo asia for
6702s that duo a brilliant brilliant win for
6705s them they didn't seem to have many
6706s struggles whatsoever the zone pulled
6708s back and it sort of looked like they'd
6710s struggle to get some eliminations but
6712s nevertheless they just allowed them to
6714s be more ruthless planned that out very
6716s vicious in their approach and they
6718s closed things out very very cleanly the
6721s reigning fncs champions will be in the
6724s fncs finals once again to defend their
6727s championship and what a way to make it
6729s there as well absolutely it felt like
6730s they already knew it was happening it
6732s was so easy they were planning a lunch
6733s talking about their finals drops in the
6735s sixth zone and i like that i want to see
6737s the vibes from zeke from minnie and rhys
6739s because that game just felt like a nice
6740s little break from the big action
6743s okay all right reece that's your
6745s prediction you did it you pulled it off
6747s well how'd it go i mean you say i pulled
6749s off let's be real heavy queasy pulled up
6751s it's because you the castle curse
6752s finally worked in reverse no it's
6754s because they had to win a game
6756s that was okay like i apologize you know
6757s what levin said earlier he was like i
6759s want to see the win and clearly i mean
6761s so did he queasy at this point
6763s yep and they came out on top i mean we
6765s haven't seen it too much but you know
6766s they do win games that is what we talked
6768s about earlier they are game winners and
6770s they know exactly how to do it they
6772s really bolstered their high ground
6773s really really early on as well they
6774s invested so many materials particularly
6776s in that half and half zone and then they
6778s don't pull first moving for it so for a
6779s lot of teams they'll be thinking okay
6781s maybe we'll just play a little bit lower
6782s but this is henna and uh queasy they
6784s know exactly how to play this and these
6785s eliminations were absolutely crucial in
6787s keeping the flow here this makes this is
6789s what makes me say like these guys worked
6790s the win right yeah they got a max
6791s distance fifth zone as we saw there just
6793s full launch pad on height don't care
6795s easy we're like we're winning this right
6796s they get a max distance six zone first
6798s moving they don't care we're landing on
6800s height we're winning that it's like
6801s these guys aren't playing or actually
6803s weren't playing because now they're done
6805s they've obviously qualified they weren't
6806s playing to do well in the leaderboard
6808s these guys were playing to take height
6809s win the game and look plan perfection
6813s yeah this is why i asked you two at the
6815s start of show right if some duos would
6817s look to play for either the win or for
6819s that consistency factor and for them
6822s they just they're just like hey we just
6823s need to play calm right minnie let
6826s everything else out play out and the
6827s fact even sending hen down or was it
6830s queasy that went down that for those
6832s materials and then just like casually
6833s walks back up to his own builds right
6835s that's crazy they got a huge refresh in
6837s that as well i think they switched up a
6838s few strategies going into game number
6839s two we saw them cranking up to a high
6841s ground and game and on the front side
6842s now they thought we're gonna stay back
6843s play this uh the storm the chugs and
6846s then pad onto front side of zone and
6847s they did it to perfection didn't they
6848s absolutely neil
6850s one height team now out of the game dude
6852s the height team yeah yeah yeah yeah i
6854s was gonna say
6856s the height team now out of the game at
6858s this point which means what happens to
6859s some of the other high teams right yeah
6861s this game we had eye drop and jerky
6863s not necessarily to do so well no my boys
6866s prediction
6867s [Music]
6870s they just didn't have too great of a day
6871s they got held in zone this is a four
6873s zone of course they couldn't quite make
6874s that rotation happen and i think it was
6876s just the timing of the rotary they just
6878s couldn't quite make it happen and this
6880s is the result yeah i mean this is the
6882s kind of problem right obviously so
6883s they're a log jam team right so they're
6885s on that west side this is a fully east
6886s zone and they wrapped around the north
6888s side to get in and again there are so
6890s many teams in that area because bugle's
6892s right there right so they're being held
6893s this entire time and it just comes to
6894s this point where you know they've taken
6896s their time they go so slow at this point
6898s they get stuck behind everyone end up
6900s going down in the engine zone yeah and
6901s that was the thing we saw a lot of teams
6902s basing up on top of the daily bugle that
6904s is the power position but then we saw
6906s the zone not pole there so a lot of
6907s teams had to rotate on and down and
6909s that's unfortunately the uh the downfall
6911s for eye drop and jerky in that time
6913s tough to see i mean as well as bad
6914s sniper and dks taking a look jumping all
6917s the way up there in fourth place i mean
6919s remember we're looking at the top six
6921s they will be the ones that do qualify in
6923s after the five games that we have today
6925s with only three games left to go how was
6928s it for bad sniper and dk oh my it's
6931s looking good
6932s i'm not gonna lie to you right now this
6933s is this is looking pretty good it's
6936s in all honesty we kind of looked it and
6938s said over the top of the show that these
6939s guys are doing so well if swan because
6941s they're not contested anymore right and
6942s that plan seems to be paying out in
6944s perfection right when they're getting
6945s into end game it's just they are
6947s fragging out right now eight
6948s eliminations at this point already yeah
6951s definitely there was a moment here where
6952s i thought dks was about to do i was
6953s thinking this could be the clutch entry
6955s but no it couldn't quite happen i was so
6957s disappointed with that but they'll be
6958s happy they are in the top five they are
6960s in the uh the fourth position and
6961s they'll be happy because if they keep up
6963s this sort of consistency particularly
6964s when they're uncontested off spawn i
6966s think they can do it and that'll qualify
6968s them for finals i definitely think so
6969s another team that's in there paina and
6971s raisin as well right team only four
6973s points away from first right now and you
6975s know
6976s reason in particular last season
6978s impressed me with his just level of
6979s aggression right he actually has the
6980s raisin classic where i mean as i say
6983s that it shows on screen basically just
6985s running the box with smg as it's named
6987s and he owned like this is this is the
6989s highlight reel for raisins right now
6990s this is what we're gonna see for the
6991s rest of it but it's working this guy
6994s frags out with this he has aggression
6996s like no one else in the region right now
6997s yeah that's very true we saw them take
6998s out floating clement as well one of the
7000s low grand teams that we would expect to
7002s be taking out these guys on that sort of
7004s their home in the low ground and it
7005s didn't really quite happen for them in
7007s that current time but looking at the
7009s leaderboard right now it's still all to
7010s playful but remember we only have five
7012s games today which is going to make
7013s things a little bit more difficult for
7015s the teams that are going to try and play
7016s a little bit more placement yeah i mean
7017s there's going to be teams who are down
7018s on the bottom of the leaderboard who are
7019s sitting thinking we've got three games
7021s left we're not doing so hot we just need
7023s a win right so we've just seen like we
7025s mentioned hen and queasy the best high
7027s ground team the best come on let's see
7028s how keep saying that high ground team
7029s now removed from the lobby so there's a
7030s little bit more action of availability
7032s up there on the top of the lobby that's
7034s right man just need the victory royale
7036s right that's all it takes and then you
7037s can find yourself in the finals we're
7039s getting ready to jump back into all the
7040s action so we're going back onto the
7042s casters for our next game
7046s game number three the game for you and
7049s me lebanon i think that's the uh the tag
7050s i'm gonna give this one i know we can
7052s see each other now
7054s oh you know romantic with me hey look
7056s i'm looking forward to it honestly
7057s basically what we saw in that end game
7059s right
7060s whoever takes height early that's a good
7062s height team
7064s sleep
7065s walking walking to the finals easy right
7068s because there didn't seem to be any on
7069s secondhand really giving them a
7070s challenge in that game i think people
7072s were ready to kind of role play being
7074s pros being consistent in game two i
7076s think desperation might seep in some
7077s people being like we're 50 50 i'll spawn
7079s there's no chance let's go hide and win
7081s i think sleepy time might be over yeah i
7084s like that right in terms of like the
7085s idea of role-playing pros right because
7087s that would be my approach if you just
7088s chucked me into like an fncs lobby i i
7091s would just be like look in this game i'm
7092s crazy in hen i'm just going to copy what
7094s they do right yeah and go about that
7095s right we talked about that in terms of
7097s pois being sort of claimed will anybody
7099s go north sleep i know they do well out
7101s of it but would you want to go there
7102s like put yourself to that test in that
7104s game like i don't know in that regard
7105s not at all see exactly what game three
7107s holds we can theorize about it but let's
7109s just watch it instead
7115s game three on the way
7117s we've already had two very fun games
7121s we've seen what people can do once it
7123s gets to those final moments people
7125s really putting their serious caps on
7128s ready to get into the business
7131s and it looks like we're ready to hop
7132s into a fight we've seen
7134s in the previous two games
7136s but this time things looking a bit
7137s different vengeance savage seriously
7139s having a better job janice you're right
7140s mate you want to come down son don't
7142s think you want to stay all the way up at
7143s the top of the collider maybe you do
7145s because somebody else is going to take
7146s out benji and savage for you
7150s grounded though chilling on the boat
7154s he stole the whip and they're going to
7155s have this side i just i don't understand
7158s like once again
7159s yeah i was about to say i understand
7160s that if i don't understand but
7162s i get that it's a new drop things are
7164s you know
7165s many changing here and there but this
7167s seems more stuffed
7169s uh for both these teams and what their
7170s previous drops were less control
7173s more third partying is this even worse
7176s look shia wager we are in the semifinals
7179s of fncs yeah you are thinking logically
7182s oh you need to throw logic
7185s especially when there's a new poi in the
7186s game yeah you're all logic out the door
7188s and you just fight fight fight
7190s regardless of whatever makes sense
7193s understandable understandable have a
7194s nice day yeah yeah
7197s we got one 18 games right overall that's
7200s the thing right because we keep talking
7202s about how like today's short all right
7203s and it is because just five games today
7204s but like there's plenty more games of
7206s this
7208s potentially yeah on the way do you think
7210s though like after like a shocking day at
7212s the collider you you know you go to bed
7215s you know you call up the old duo mate
7217s i'll be honest like it's just not
7219s working out is it you know maybe we do
7221s just go switch off i know it's a new
7223s fancy poi you know there's panzers loot
7225s there's all the shield in the world but
7227s i don't know if it's gonna bang for us
7229s here bro like we gotta just maybe just
7230s get all the way out like that has to be
7232s the conversation you have tonight
7234s especially if things continue like this
7235s where it is so messy savage going down
7238s benji looks like he's gonna follow him
7240s oh wow the knock onto vortex wasn't
7243s enough janice cleaned things up
7248s when is this messy some of the you know
7250s what we were calling them kind of the
7252s mid game
7253s or the medium level bosses
7255s that type of beat those players is what
7257s i kind of straight go to when the py's
7259s that messy off the rip you gotta
7261s remember this is janus fighting bench
7263s you give him a little bit of an inch
7265s he'll go way more than a mile that smg
7268s spray i don't think any of the player
7268s could have been that more focused ready
7270s to deal damage trade those blows and get
7272s that fight won
7274s yeah and and i like that you mentioned
7275s that right because a bit of a side
7277s tension but this is this is a two-time
7279s effort that's what i'm saying i feel
7280s like you don't get the ratings for that
7281s that he deserves you know like this is
7283s the top top guy in the region he's
7285s obviously played the past couple seasons
7287s with vortex somebody who very much has
7289s been seen as like a the new gen of top
7291s german german players like
7294s they are serious dude they show last
7296s season what they could do i think the
7297s hope is that when they do win at the
7299s collider right and they do have access
7301s to a paddle to maybe the elevated loot
7305s better positioning potentially because
7307s of where they are on the map they should
7309s in theory have a really good game yeah
7311s right and so maybe they won't get wins
7312s maybe it's not like straight malibu
7314s mustache you know quality coil vibes but
7317s you'd expect them to have a similar sort
7319s of trajectory and arc in that sense
7322s i think one good thing too about just
7323s staying in that spot is you get a lot
7325s more practice pressure and conditioning
7327s against benji and savage right you get a
7329s lot more just damage overall
7331s psychologically against the team i'll
7333s spawn it might be better for them to
7335s you know not qualify and stay here and
7338s keep fighting and then just get in
7340s towards that last day and change other
7342s people's minds about being there
7344s that sounds great that's a risky game
7347s that's a you know completely risky call
7348s lazin happy i believe about the play
7351s that just rolled in on screen i was
7352s looking at you and talking so i'm making
7354s a completely business call but uh yeah
7356s he's alive
7358s i'm smiling enough to be eliminated
7360s finally we get to go back to the lobby
7362s and wait
7363s good stuff
7367s no but this is nicely obviously when
7368s they're fight or spawn a brilliant
7371s feeling
7371s one that we've all experienced
7373s regardless of what level of fortnight
7375s you play at you could be playing
7377s you know no builds you could be playing
7380s regular solos you can be playing
7382s trios some bill could play some some
7384s bills mobile
7386s wherever you're playing winning your
7388s fight off spawn
7390s it's a good feeling brilliant i would
7392s trade lunch for that feeling
7393s i'm a big man i don't trade lunch for
7395s anything actually i'm gonna take that
7397s back i'm not gonna trade lunch for that
7398s feeling good i'm with you in that one
7400s we're back on the same page tripping
7402s thomas
7404s what needs to change for them sayo i
7405s think uh
7407s it's not been the kind of start you
7408s would have expected i think
7410s you would have hoped that they would
7411s knock it out in the first two games you
7413s know get over and done with
7415s you're the command team there's that big
7416s expectation on you
7418s again if we're talking in terms of the
7420s language of the pad per se the language
7423s of the badge of the pad four pads today
7425s already yeah come on you gotta win a
7427s game with four pads you know that that's
7429s true i feel like for them
7431s they understand that we're here they're
7432s giving us specifically a show okay
7434s they're waiting for that banger game six
7436s or game five for today
7438s um but but realistically i think what
7440s needs to change is just some of these
7442s teams leaving i think just with this
7444s qual format yeah there's just no room
7446s for them
7447s when wins are this valued
7450s for for them to play their mind game for
7451s them to delay to stay in the shadows
7454s there's too many people in all the
7455s spaces they want to beat hen and queezy
7457s gone right
7458s that's done game one winner's gone as
7460s well they'll be able to just chill in
7462s and now fill in one of those clothes
7463s yeah the psychological aspect of how a
7465s lobby plays out is very underrated and i
7467s think that's what you're hitting the
7468s nail on the head on right where as they
7470s start to see some of these names go
7472s through like once you know now creation
7474s henry maybe you know pink and us out the
7476s lobby as these names have started to
7477s continue to pile up and leave the game
7480s you start feeling as a top players that
7483s that tripping and thomas are you start
7484s feeling i'm just going to love you if
7486s you ever maybe yeah i'll just go through
7487s and do what i want to do you know
7488s exactly yeah i think snazzy winning that
7490s first game might actually be bad for
7492s them overall then because they're not
7494s saying that sneezy isn't a top name but
7496s the thing with sneezy is that
7498s him is whoever he's actually just
7500s playing with in general she's in the
7501s season they've never seen on the map
7503s they get these kind of hidden wins it's
7505s always the last zone it's not like
7506s height control completely right
7508s correct me if i'm completely wrong no no
7510s no i get you okay you're snazzying you
7512s ain't the hype top dog yeah for sure so
7514s that's what i think thomas and tripping
7516s want is if they're not winning one of
7517s those height dogs are just taken
7519s and take away a game i'm not sure
7521s exactly if things go good
7523s on day two and day three for them in
7525s semis because media command kaffir i
7527s feel like you know randy andy and uh you
7530s know
7533s i randy andy and thomas like random
7535s names of two different players like yeah
7537s you know the up and comers coming in
7538s might just want to choose cavern like
7540s you know there are seven teams there and
7542s it is going to be fully chaos let's jump
7544s in and see what we can do there and
7545s maybe win a game yeah i think that's
7547s definitely going to be a concern as more
7549s and more teams pile in right of course
7550s the teams who will qualify
7552s throughout today will be replaced by
7555s teams who are further down on the series
7557s point leaderboard and so
7560s that's gonna be something to watch out
7563s for as we move forward
7565s bat sniping dks trying to find a
7567s position now to maybe deal some damage
7569s there is a team sort of
7572s on the rise and so he'll drop the chug
7574s or the shield keg down sorry almost a
7576s chug cannon
7577s not been in the game for a while
7583s let's see exactly
7584s what happened sometimes you know
7586s when it comes to duos calming to each
7588s other the mics are kind of hot you know
7590s what i mean sometimes you're thinking
7591s about a replay as well when it comes to
7593s you and your domain like a play that
7594s just happened
7595s and and that that type of uh
7598s play lives very fresh in your head very
7600s hot in your head it's just open it's
7601s just open for you so you want to close
7603s that sometimes keep things completely
7605s nice and clear between your team make
7607s sure things are good if your dick has
7608s that sniper i don't know what it is for
7610s them they just seem like when i'm
7612s pitching when i'm picturing them playing
7613s they're saying tuxedos full three-piece
7615s suits my man's mentals are fine and they
7618s have to be based on their history of
7620s a few wives and they haven't seen us so
7622s they wouldn't be here i feel like they
7623s would have quit yeah it's interesting
7624s right because where they are in the maps
7625s right now right in terms of just being
7627s that tilted the nature of the way the
7628s zone is closed up means that like
7630s they're like
7631s max distance right like they've got to
7633s go a long long way until they get to
7636s zone so we'll see if that sort of
7638s hampers them in their journey to getting
7640s up it seems like we are going back
7641s towards that sleepy area so we'll see
7644s what i drop and jerky can do this time
7646s round
7650s this is like a game that's kind of put
7651s into their
7652s seats
7653s into into their hands this has to be
7655s them in control we're talking about
7657s these big height dog teams rolling in
7659s they have to be trying to win a bunch of
7660s these guys who are very consistent kind
7662s of lower towards the board i was
7663s expecting a bunch of these hot dogs to
7665s be contested by some teams trying to go
7667s for the win a lot of them now like clint
7669s berry rising they're up in the boards
7671s they're looking good up in first place
7672s their journeys though and a bunch of
7674s journeys for different players let's see
7675s if they've gone so far we got a wreath
7676s with a few updates on the game
7680s look mid game and early game is
7682s everything right now you're just seeing
7683s some people sitting taking shots and you
7685s think what is the real reason why are we
7688s showing you this right now but it's
7689s because again this is a north zone
7691s there's so many teams surrounding annas
7693s and pink we keep talking about north
7694s stones every game because guess what
7695s they keep happening so it's good rng for
7697s these guys that means that these guys
7698s can just like sit up on the elevated
7700s positions that they have right here and
7702s it looks slow but these teams down below
7704s look how much materials have been
7705s invested by this other team because of
7707s this and nas get some easy tags which
7709s hopefully will lead to another win later
7714s nice i mean it's all about dropping
7716s pressure on everyone around you and
7717s after kind of taking those tags that
7719s reese just showed us
7720s they go right back in the cavern you can
7722s spend a lot of time here so many chests
7725s so much utility available on heal
7726s specifically as well
7728s but as we were talking about before a
7729s lot of these hot dogs now being
7732s challenged or not being challenged by
7734s some of the up-and-comers
7735s kind of leaves them to be consistent
7736s completely for people like an awesome
7738s pink thomas and tripper and
7740s it's it's a little bit you know easier
7742s for the day
7745s yeah we'll see if that is uh
7748s the way forward for them you can see
7749s them going through log jam
7750s lumber yard i think the big thing with
7752s zone being towards sleepy being in that
7754s north there's not really going to be
7755s anyone here and that's fine they'll be
7757s okay with that because you can see their
7758s 300 above they'll be comfortable they've
7760s got a very very clean rotation as long
7763s as they continue to go north uh that
7765s would be the case if they get too close
7766s to that massive shifty hill there will
7768s be a team chain up there it's like the
7769s best tool in the game right so they need
7771s to keep going off you can see i think
7772s they're trying to go around this hill
7774s getting some shots on the way so that
7775s extra bit of damage doesn't hurt
7777s whatsoever
7778s so
7779s in the meantime mid game is looking very
7781s nice and and easy sailing for thomas and
7784s tripping which is good news for us too
7785s yeah absolutely we want to see that win
7788s i mean we can't really influence it and
7790s we don't control you know what we see so
7792s the bias is the bias is contained in a
7794s nice little bubble we won't get excited
7796s though when it comes towards the end
7798s game
7799s yeah specifically for clintonberry ryzen
7801s and payna i think it's just a state
7803s business as usual it's really nice that
7804s they're already ahead
7806s just make sure you're up on surge that's
7807s the only thing and this is the most
7809s challenging zone and the biggest check
7810s for both these teams pena and ryzen have
7812s not made the proper check just yet we've
7814s seen so far in games both one and two
7816s when they're rolling in it looks really
7818s good in box fights verizon and pina
7820s specifically when it comes to these tags
7822s might not have the best spot on the map
7824s starting off overall in the poi want to
7826s have the best base built to go for them
7828s yeah they want close quarter engagements
7830s yeah right in terms of their current
7832s positioning
7834s they were never really going to get many
7836s taxi right you can see ryzen looking for
7838s opportunities so they're gonna have to
7839s start thinking about serge
7842s you know relatively soon and it'd be a
7843s shame not to see these guys right they
7845s showcased a brilliant display you know
7847s on sort of mid and lower layers in that
7848s lasting game setting up for refreshes
7851s incredibly well
7853s and so i want to see them get back to
7854s that stage of course very high up in the
7856s leaderboard so even if they aren't
7857s getting a win continuing to just make
7859s their way deep into these games will
7861s entrench them in their journey to making
7864s that finals and four syllables longevity
7867s that's what a bunch of these teams are
7868s looking to stick with
7871s a lot of them on the bottom left side of
7872s the map right now pin and rise are going
7873s to be alongside the majority of the
7875s lobby trying to move in
7877s and they will just go first they don't
7878s even care 132 below this is danger zone
7881s they use truck splashes to keep ahead
7883s but they're looking for that close
7884s quarter engagement it's all about that
7885s fight already on defense is the team
7887s they're pushing right now heine down
7889s bottom pin ass to get into position to
7890s start to take these walls has one of
7892s them big triangle headed in the way
7894s looking to get the crust of these builds
7896s but not gonna find much after that gets
7897s denied rise him now desperate looking
7899s for one pump shot he's gonna get denied
7901s two when you're making all the moves and
7903s you're sending the dm first you get
7905s blocking that ghost is so easy yeah they
7908s need to be careful the way they set up
7909s for that fight wasn't necessarily bad
7911s right they were very conscious of their
7912s angles where teams could maybe see them
7914s from but they just weren't able to do
7916s the damage quick enough right maybe they
7917s make that play faster next time things
7919s go a bit better but you see now where
7921s they're sort of worse for where the zone
7923s is constantly just
7925s hitting away right the storm isn't
7927s giving him that itch to breathe they're
7928s trying to out heal it but eventually
7930s they just have to start doing damage
7932s this is just so sad you have your hotel
7934s booked the destinations there you know
7936s waiters are waiting in your room the
7938s towels are hot but you can't get
7940s possibly the airport paint up though is
7941s trying to get on that flight they've got
7943s pads they had shields madness an entire
7946s inventory to work with
7947s but they just can't get past this check
7949s they can't get past customs the damage
7951s touch hold was just too high to hit and
7953s the board in time is very very soon the
7955s zone's about to start moving and
7957s instantly now time is ticking
7959s four below
7960s a bit better than what they were at
7961s before but ultimately ryzen's gone pain
7964s is down to no shields
7965s and he's only got a couple of use left
7968s in that med myth it's not looking good
7970s at all he needs to start riding with
7971s everyone as well if you lack behind in
7973s this zone everyone will turn around and
7975s just start to bully you that's not even
7977s a full pad either just to have one pain
7979s i can't really touch the ground but has
7980s to force the fight looking for a little
7982s bit of damage it's perfect to have the
7984s drum shotgun in this situation and he
7986s finds another pad and lots of mats
7988s almost max paying us back in this game
7991s but with a sliver of hp still i just saw
7993s a storm surge strike i think that might
7995s just be a visual tangy up 93 damage
7998s above it's fine for him for the moment
8000s he'll keep rolling through but he has a
8002s whole hill to climb in this game when
8004s people talk about having a clutch scene
8005s that's it he needed to hit a shot in
8007s that moment and he did and it was the
8009s perfect opportunity as well
8011s we'll see how much that will actually
8013s matter for because
8014s he's just so low and when people know
8016s you're a solo they usually don't stop
8018s spraying
8019s commits a bit of the bills he does have
8020s some and quite a bit right some good
8022s amount of hard mats and so if he's able
8024s to stay in this game that will be
8025s brilliant that could be tournament
8027s defining for this duo all about
8029s longevity for that duel specifically
8031s they're not even looking for wins
8032s they're staying consistent being in that
8034s top six the win happens it's good blue
8037s back fury another one of the duels on
8039s the left side of the map they're also
8040s kind of landing towards cavern maybe on
8042s that top side next to pink and the knox
8045s not really sure what's happening this
8046s game maybe just
8048s trouble in surge whatever these squeaky
8050s zones roll in the north side has a
8051s little bit of a tough time getting that
8053s damage down fury gone black will be
8056s there on the other side and get a little
8058s bit of a trade that's on eye drop that
8059s really changes the way
8061s this late game looks jerky is going to
8062s be a tough opponent to fight i think
8064s knows that that's why that was a second
8066s of a breather and they're gone and i
8068s drop actually might be able to be picked
8070s up here wow that's brilliant from
8073s jericky the armored wall instantly going
8075s down he didn't lose his head he didn't
8076s get too excited in the moment drop the
8079s armored wall get us to revive and this
8080s game is not over for these boys not at
8082s all i saw that and usually even from a
8085s mental standpoint it's so tough
8087s everything defense on the right after as
8089s well this man has eight eyes on his head
8092s he sees everything
8093s another duel is also rolling in this
8095s might be a huge situation eye drops also
8098s back
8099s remind you who this entire duo is not
8101s just this player on your screen it
8103s should not be messed with and the
8104s angrier eye drop gets the scarier his
8107s shot looks as well the big drop endure
8110s king okay he's been updated now
8114s absolute ice in his veins in that moment
8117s what a way to do that thomas actually
8119s getting picked off by pink and nasty
8121s talk about engagements that change the
8123s outlook of a lobby that certainly is one
8126s of them ah look at both these
8127s engagements though and arsene pink the
8129s momentum of feeling you know thomas and
8131s tripp and we just took them down height
8133s looks nice right and it's just thomas
8135s actually tripper is still in the
8136s business yeah so this will be confident
8138s to maybe be a little bit more aggressive
8139s i think jerky and i drop as well that
8141s specific spot i don't usually see them
8143s they're usually contesting second height
8145s somewhere at some point they just win a
8148s 1v eight almost and survive felt that
8151s way they're probably feeling really
8152s confident they might even start getting
8153s a little bit crazy here too but for this
8155s team it's gonna be tough i had a surge
8157s for everyone but they're the ones
8159s actually who are splintered and down
8161s yeah we'll see whether tripping can uh
8164s regain his form
8166s from previous qualifiers you've seen him
8167s through some crazy clutches before this
8169s would be
8170s an even more difficult hill to climb for
8173s him
8174s or certainly one that isn't impossible
8177s finbury marco
8180s trying their best to stay in this game
8182s the harpoon will come in clutch and
8184s getting them some material but
8187s they'll also want to do a bit of damage
8189s as well
8190s just trying to find their way into the
8191s zone and committing some metal getting
8193s on a bit of a higher elevation would be
8194s the way to do that
8196s doesn't come without a cost though some
8198s shields will have to be burned
8200s but they just need to hope that people
8201s stop spraying at some point because if
8203s this continues there'll be no such thing
8205s to even discuss they fortunate with the
8207s zone
8208s and so hopefully this phrase will stop
8210s now as people realize they have zone
8211s they can chill for a moment that seems
8213s to be the what what happened the shield
8215s came comes through as well to get them
8217s all the way back up in that regard
8219s and all of a sudden things aren't
8220s looking too bad for our first place team
8222s yeah but the costs just have that type
8223s of build
8224s it's tough and looks like trooper will
8226s be put to the same test unfortunately
8228s though doesn't have a dual part of state
8229s beside him as he flies in the skies oh
8232s i'm gonna be rolling in and he is fine
8234s for now down to wood builds though 200
8237s to his name
8238s talk about a top spot
8240s i swear man i hate to make this about me
8242s if that was me i just get shot at this
8244s guy
8245s i swear pros yet obviously he didn't
8247s wiggle around a bit right he made it a
8248s bit more difficult for them but
8251s very fortunate to still be in this game
8255s i mean we saw him in ball three do
8257s something absolutely crazy in terms of
8260s the style of when tripping had the 1v2
8262s towards the end
8263s on low ground
8265s um thing is though
8266s he kind of lost thomas and lost the base
8269s that he had in terms of builds shields
8271s and pressure as a duo a little bit later
8273s into the game this man starting as a
8274s solo in fifth zone not even fully closed
8276s yet so the task at hand the ask for
8279s tripping right now almost unrealistic
8281s with a very low material account yeah
8283s all right so this is shamble city for
8287s him and
8288s we've seen him
8290s be the mayor of this city before
8293s but again
8295s like you said shadow it's just so much
8296s more difficult it's tough
8299s you guys bad sniper it only seemed kind
8301s of away from everyone and on low ground
8304s well it seems like just a menacing
8306s control
8307s they're looking at perfect spots to be
8308s able to pressure a little bit of lobby
8310s focus as well
8311s dks looking for the off build to shoot
8314s down both teammates just spraying right
8316s now hoping that a few of these tags will
8318s land
8319s probably picking up asheville this is
8320s like the third elim i think or at least
8322s knock knock he's gone for him and astro
8324s have been just bullying one side of the
8326s lobby completely astronaut will be
8328s taking down kiro thinking about michael
8329s as well so yeah it's just mid-ground
8331s that's getting a little bit more action
8333s and tripping's right there by his side
8335s neko as well during the fifth zone
8336s closing during surge a lot of elims
8338s given to him so
8340s he was popping off slowly i'm also
8341s getting a few before he went down now
8342s we're looking at tripping though let's
8344s focus on who's really just still alive
8345s launched right up in the sky
8347s for him it's all about getting as many
8349s points on the board the win will be so
8351s difficult to kind of come in how much
8352s place would can he get 180 from
8355s trippfern and it's on the croggy it's on
8357s the kovacs and he will go down another
8359s box not going to be his backside 180
8361s degrees of pressure and he gets cooked
8363s his former duo coming back to avenge
8367s kovacs in that moment
8369s for a moment it really looked like there
8370s was a glimmer of hope for him but
8372s everything shut down still a nice little
8374s shot there for us as well but this is
8376s where the action really ramps up this is
8379s where things get crazy they're pink you
8380s can see the battle for high ground
8382s pinking an ass they're looking over
8383s their shoulders dioxin waffler who are
8385s you guys we don't want you to have it
8387s but they need to wait a moment just
8388s before director wolf plot doing a
8390s brilliant job to hold on to it for now
8392s in the bottom right you can see the
8394s shambles fighting going on vehicle
8395s having to try to hit some big shots he
8397s goes down as well
8399s and now
8400s can dioxide hold it out from here we saw
8402s freezing hen do it in the game before
8404s they just need to make sure they
8405s pressure second height because there's
8407s still some powerful height teams in this
8408s game and this is so important for them
8410s specifically look at their points 20
8411s right now they're basically three games
8413s behind the rest of the lobby going to be
8415s so tough for the moment though on height
8417s going to be a fight pink going forward
8419s an awesome top as well pink has a little
8420s bit of control we'll just just maybe
8422s just melt in the zone the mouse is down
8424s this has gone horribly disastrous for
8426s this team though i have to skip it over
8427s jerky and i dropper here the king and
8430s the big man ready to take over cherokee
8432s and i dropped this is exactly where they
8434s want to be and they're looking a lot
8436s stronger than some of the other teams
8437s you saw on it can they hold on to it now
8439s it seems like pink isn't going to have
8441s the power to do so cheecho and trulex as
8443s well being forced down diox still trying
8445s to take a piece but it won't look like
8447s he can even get an interest base on it
8449s and so it might let you be there for the
8450s taking pink now as a solo what can he do
8454s typically and that is by his side but
8456s now he has to try to hit some big shots
8458s on his own chico and chulex
8461s as a duo below can they be a force to be
8464s reckoned with in this lobby much
8466s stickier game a lot more teams alive
8467s towards the eighth throne pink will hit
8469s one really big shot in the box and go
8471s back and forth edited on that ramp but
8473s where he's fighting just too smart on
8475s defense for the moment i dropped jerky
8477s will be so high up in the sky but
8478s they're chopped down they will fall in a
8480s second no chance to really reconnect
8482s who's really going for it no one
8483s currently there will be a hike fight as
8485s we watch bad sniper ready looking to see
8487s what he can do inside the speed jerky's
8488s match now down to almost zero this is
8490s one of the pumps that now is caught from
8491s both sides jerky and the big drop are
8494s down they get taken out and it's darker
8497s than mr satan who will roll through and
8499s take care we talked about taking it late
8501s and this might be the latest as possible
8503s and it might be the perfect timing bad
8505s sniping dks on low doing what they do
8508s best down here claiming walls malabuca
8511s style it seems and hitting shots like
8513s him as well but can they get to the
8514s front of the zone they're scuffled in
8516s the back right now and they need to try
8518s to find some space the armored war will
8520s stop that from happening dkf walks into
8522s the wrong crosshair and so bad sniper
8524s now in the back of the zone has chug
8525s splashes to stay alive and maybe it is
8527s just about thinking about the place when
8529s you're in second place can you stay in
8530s this game for as long as possible cover
8532s your top and stay in the game the
8533s armored wall will add that extra bit of
8535s protection but there's players behind
8537s him as well cheecho will be the one that
8538s he takes down those extra points are
8540s huge right now bad sniper doing such a
8543s brilliant job can you get a refresh no
8545s he gets taken out he lied shady down
8548s below true looks now left as a solo nor
8550s seen the clips another thing all the way
8552s on height it seems like it's so volatile
8554s so slippery do they have the rubber
8556s boots to just kind of hold on up here
8558s draggy lost froggy so long ago xerox
8561s will be in a position they're just maybe
8563s hold on to this pressure drop down below
8564s but the bills are still blocking shady
8566s enemy lad it's gonna be fine for him to
8567s live for a few more seconds everyone
8569s kind of has their lanes who will clash
8572s for xerox looking for the edits he wants
8574s to be a little bit more proactive watch
8575s his people just go down in front of him
8576s in the feed there's a duel down below
8578s but i'm not sure that he knows that
8578s entirely so why not just wait a little
8580s bit of a second three-way fight right
8582s now in total eclipse and north sea
8584s trying to make it a long distance fight
8586s blood and shady attached clingy they
8589s want to take it close and personal look
8590s at the next dropping shot but the zone
8592s still has a lot of time to keep moving
8594s one minute for these players to make a
8595s decision like this and north sea are not
8597s staying down they're not being quiet
8598s unfortunately xerox gets just wrapped up
8601s a nice third place overall though and
8603s now christ wears the sky in the form of
8605s bullets they're looking for a few tags
8606s or a little bit of space to see exactly
8608s what's happening above them but shady
8610s doesn't seem much just yet who will be
8612s forced to attack who right now because
8614s we're still bouncing back on a lot of
8615s bills there's so much room for this high
8618s ground team to be able to just not even
8619s use any match but stay alive the
8621s advantage right now is to eclipse the
8623s north sea up top in fourth place
8624s entirely they can just clinch a ticket
8627s straight to the final they have the hp
8628s advantage they have the shot advantage
8629s they have the damage advantage the clip
8631s ties the swag advantage as well going
8633s for the final shot it's not going to
8634s land just yet but north sea his teammate
8636s is there and they're straight through
8638s the finals what a win for those guys we
8641s talked about all the height takes they
8643s came through they rolled in at the final
8645s moment and did what they had to do you
8647s talked about how difficult it was in the
8649s end as well going through all those old
8651s builds but they stayed calm they stayed
8653s composed and they went out again that
8655s was just nice from them overall it's all
8656s about taking it later when chaos is
8658s there strength two to just your craft
8660s overall choosing the best option and for
8663s them is just hold on and do as much
8665s damage as possible yeah no see at the
8666s end of the insurance i promo and you
8668s thought maybe eclipse has gotten a bit
8670s too excited at the end but no they win
8673s out the game very securely game three
8675s goes to them and they'll be going to the
8677s fncs final now yeah i mean better
8679s haircut better damage uh better height
8681s take uh ratio for the rest of the lobby
8683s you like to see it
8685s rachel i love you throwing in that bit
8687s i love what you've had to say but i want
8689s to hear what the wonderful analysts have
8691s to chime in with as well so we're going
8693s to kick it to them
8695s thank you guys so much man i'm still not
8697s used to that we're on a set right oh my
8699s gosh the studio looks so nice
8702s oh my goodness game number three so once
8704s again we're just seeing the the calm
8706s within the storm right the storm that is
8708s the chaos happening all around these
8710s duos are just looking for that high
8712s ground right they just play back they
8713s let everything happen and they're like
8714s okay
8715s go time we need to initiate we need to
8717s go for it talk to me about it i mean
8719s exactly nordstrom eclipse took perfect
8720s advantage here these are the guys who
8722s waited they were patient we saw so much
8724s mess on high ground right we saw take
8726s after take after take and it was when
8728s jerky niger went in i said the back i
8730s was like these guys are winning this
8731s game after we saw a little clutch
8732s earlier on but they fumbled because the
8734s clips and narcissism managed to pick
8735s that one up for them yeah they didn't
8737s they picked up eliminations to go along
8738s with it as well maybe not too many to
8739s take the high ground this late on but
8741s what i noticed was noxie was primed and
8743s ready with the chuck splashes on the
8744s high ground if it was to go for a heal
8746s off so what they did was they timed it
8748s perfectly and they didn't really get too
8749s involved with any of the other players
8751s around them because they thought you
8752s know what we'll pick up these refreshes
8753s we'll chill for a bit and we'll wait our
8755s time and they timed it to perfection
8756s yeah a play that i really liked there
8758s was the fact that to win it we saw one
8759s move further back as norxy went ahead of
8761s the zone to distract and get like a full
8763s pinch and end game beautiful another
8765s beautiful play though cherokee and i
8767s dropped oh yeah we saw eye drop go down
8769s early on right we saw him have to pick
8771s up get the res and you know it was
8772s looking rough for them it honestly was
8774s but juricky
8776s man this man is known for his mechanics
8777s right he's known for his mechanics he's
8779s known for his aim and this is absolutely
8780s why yeah this is absolute textbook stuff
8783s from jerky he was able to pick up this
8784s revive onto eye drop and he picks up
8786s elimination
8787s as well look at them so much the feast
8789s control going crazy people coming in
8791s left right and center and he picks up so
8792s many eliminations on his own this is
8793s another one of the reasons why i chose
8795s this duo to do well and they were prime
8797s force successful they had everything
8799s going into this end game but it didn't
8800s quite work out for them no and we can
8802s call these clips right here i'll make it
8804s my own segment reese's pieces oh i like
8805s that this guy is absolutely bragging out
8808s dukie's playing absolutely phenomenal
8809s today obviously so is the big drop he's
8812s he's upgraded from the the med drop the
8813s mid drop wherever he wanted whatever we
8815s called him earlier at that point he's
8816s definitely big but of course he went up
8818s managed to take the high ground but this
8819s was it almost like a little bit of a an
8822s over aggression right you saw the drop
8823s down and that's like number one mistake
8825s obviously because they had low materials
8826s they kind of had to at that moment but
8828s they kind of went for the extra
8829s materials that were down there badly
8831s timed lost height and of course norks
8832s and eclipse were able to take advantage
8834s of that yeah well they were of course
8835s only in wood as well so the team's down
8836s below dks past time they looked up they
8838s thought yes they are not looking too
8840s good up there let's just shoot a few
8841s shots up there and see what happens and
8842s unfortunately for it was my pick let's
8844s be honest they they felt they couldn't
8845s quite make it happen but i think they
8847s can keep keep up this consistency they
8848s can get into that top uh we have two
8850s more games today right still possible
8852s then at the six tomorrow six after that
8854s still plenty of time let's take a look
8855s at our standings remember once again top
8857s six will make it through at the end of
8859s today so that's what we're trying to aim
8861s for if we can't get ourselves to victory
8863s royale crogge zragi they were put
8865s they're popping off right now okay even
8867s the solo clutch from this last game
8868s that's why they're in six right now i
8869s mean you know so tripping and drogy
8872s aka's rocks they used to be teammates
8873s right and we saw in that in game tripper
8875s and as a solo pick up crogge kovacs and
8879s then that left rocks to play as a solo
8881s for like the entire end game i think he
8883s ended up in like the top five somewhere
8884s didn't see the exact placement he was in
8886s but he's just clutched up massively
8888s there yeah he already has and you can
8889s see that's why they're all the way up on
8890s top of the leaderboard here in sixth
8892s place they're looking very very good and
8893s there's these solo clutches that can
8894s really elevate a team you know if your
8895s teammate goes down a little bit early
8897s there is still that potential for the
8898s solo to clutch this is duo you've only
8899s lost 50 percent of your power whereas
8901s you know in other modes you might have
8903s lost some other people you might be left
8904s as a solo versus trios for example it's
8906s just a lot less likely to happen but
8908s we've seen it again solo clutches coming
8910s on top but not quite enough to get the
8912s win not yet not yet no but we're talking
8914s about wins here yeah team i want to see
8915s a win pink in her now yeah true we're
8917s gonna see it i'm called we got two more
8918s games left thank you for the individuals
8920s the individuals yeah i got you i
8922s appreciate it
8923s [Laughter]
8924s like we saw early on right the the kind
8927s of refresh that they got onto thomas hd
8928s which was fantastic now
8930s for these guys i i i don't want to say
8932s they're struggling because they're in
8933s ninth place but at the end of the day
8935s like these guys have to start picking up
8937s a win or picking up the pace
8939s yeah what these guys did is they really
8940s used that sort of positioning really
8942s really well they were able to a little
8944s bit more patient go for the high ground
8945s they use their chug splashes but they of
8946s course get a command cabin plenty of
8948s them as well and able to use that to
8950s their advantage going into the storm you
8952s know using a few chunks passes and then
8953s going for the pad they tried it didn't
8955s quite work out for them though in this
8956s time i didn't you know it was an ass
8958s that ended up landing both at the edge
8959s side there just lost the fight 50 50
8962s lost it can't win them all that's right
8964s once again we should have plenty of time
8965s right things can still happen they can
8967s still go our way but right now it's time
8970s to jump back into more action from the
8972s fncs this is the eu reach we only have a
8974s handful of games so let's get back up to
8976s it shia wager 11 over to you
8980s it's time for another one for now let's
8982s see exactly what eu has rocking so far
8984s 11 it's a bunch of these consistent
8985s teams and the height guards kind of
8987s struggling to maintain control yeah it
8989s was weird right because you go from sort
8990s of the game prior where cuisine hen win
8992s and nobody really seemed interested in
8993s the height whatsoever it turned to that
8996s game every team in the lobby wants high
8998s ground right will we get the same in
9000s this game here or will it be another
9001s dominant height team having it for free
9003s that's the big question right now in
9005s terms of the board as well in terms of
9006s that you know top six one of those teams
9008s win that changes things up for a bunch
9010s of those you know kind of small ballers
9012s trying to get towards up the big leagues
9013s so we'll see exactly what drops down a
9015s few more to go on the day 11 and right
9017s now it's just really nice actually
9018s that's the ultimate hope right if you're
9020s one of the teams he's not quite in that
9021s top six please a top 16 win a game just
9024s give us an extra spot we'll see if that
9026s happens as we roll into game four right
9028s here
9033s all right semi-final number one
9035s game number four
9037s everyone will be rocking in
9039s politics i snazzy and queasy and works
9041s in the clip so far i've just popped off
9043s and gotten these wins
9046s i mean these games are going so fast
9047s today loving i'm surprised we were not
9049s game four that was the end of the day
9050s yeah i'll be real we are rolling through
9052s them thick and fast
9056s and the fight we have seen
9057s be so fast at times mr savage benji
9062s fishy
9063s vortex janice
9066s now someone needs to call reese up
9068s brother are you sure these guys practice
9070s their job
9071s you know what like janice is actually my
9073s guy in it so i hate to say this like i
9075s don't even want to sound like he's a
9076s roast or nothing but
9078s the rav's going to explain today by the
9079s way i just wanted to ask
9081s you
9082s i did not see him at all
9086s oh man
9087s i want to see my boy succeed i need to
9089s see
9090s some top tier ref scored gameplay
9091s unfortunately
9093s off spawn right now having
9095s a bit of issues janice and vortex
9096s looking much better in terms of just
9098s overall
9100s feels available
9101s not sure exactly what the weapons will
9104s be so far for them on the left side of
9105s the collider but yeah tuna now in the
9107s business it just seems like vico and
9109s jackson are the owners of this drop so
9111s far my goodness mr savage
9114s that is not normally someone uh check
9117s his pc that is just that
9120s that was nice yeah
9122s that's what savage does you don't know
9123s about mr savage
9125s i mean not in that sense man that we got
9128s you know fourth zone he wakes up his
9129s third eye opens and that happens but
9132s that was that was too much
9134s well
9135s first time i've ever
9137s seen mr savage be doubted
9140s okay did he just like
9143s like bend behind the bullet
9146s it's not like he raised his arms and he
9148s said that
9149s that was nuts
9151s oh man
9153s now we wait and see what's up past that
9156s on this poi for the collider it's just
9159s a mini mini
9160s slow burn always nice to see exactly
9162s what the map's also
9164s saying you know right now so far there's
9166s a third party team on the south of the
9168s collider so far from benjamin's having
9170s as well hope is not lost in this type of
9172s format right what do they specifically
9173s need there's a nice off spawn win and
9175s then a nice game win not too much to ask
9178s they need
9180s everything that's not too much to ask
9182s that's very easy you just
9183s you bop bop and then you
9185s bop bop bop and then you win the game we
9187s need help from the lord
9190s especially if janice has a line of sight
9192s like that oh as i say that vortex
9195s caught with his pants down
9197s now being forced to heal savage was on
9199s it he was ready to
9201s bounce back
9205s you know what i'm thinking to make off
9207s spawn fights very interesting
9209s go on you can edit anyone's builds
9210s before the second zone hmm what are your
9213s thoughts seems to remind me of
9216s something that's happened before
9218s just before the second zone you know
9220s or friendly fire enabled
9223s i'm just throwing things off
9225s you don't want to be a popular person
9228s because the thing is that people are
9230s just tuning in right because the people
9231s who know i joke
9233s they might think that i'm you so you
9235s basically take all the hate you know so
9237s if you are going to make a hate fred
9240s um it's not 112k who is proposing these
9244s ridiculous ideas it is none other than
9246s shayo asia
9248s so
9249s yeah
9250s the axe force will have to basically
9251s pull us the handy here it feels like get
9254s that
9254s last game win broken right now oh it's a
9257s good call back there yeah yeah yeah
9259s they were in that fall week too
9261s i have limited information but i will
9262s say it many times yep
9265s live from the costa
9269s what's the g.o.t
9271s fair let you stand for
9273s um
9274s [Music]
9275s giver of
9278s tags giver of tags because he just runs
9281s around and
9283s okay just gives
9284s wondering which side are you gonna go
9285s with on that one
9288s i wish you just had chunk in his name
9291s let you chunk yeah i think he'd win off
9293s spawn if that wasn't that was your deal
9295s yeah but like that would be so weird you
9297s know yeah like would you change your
9299s name to scio canada like you you say you
9302s can no i would change my you don't mind
9304s drop
9305s this well no but i'm talking about
9306s because you said you know
9307s what what is your job
9310s child
9311s jam yeah
9314s all right shia raja something thanks
9316s cheers mate appreciate that one
9321s okay
9322s you've got a fight here and tilted
9325s we actually haven't seen much of this
9326s actually feels like a flashback to last
9328s season mr savage and benji fishy
9330s fighting dks and bad sniper at tilted
9332s towers um shia if you weren't somebody
9336s who watched last season do you want to
9337s remind the viewers of what happened when
9339s this fight happened here in the finals
9341s uh this was a
9343s coin flip this was a
9347s no no it wasn't just like this i know
9348s you're saying no to me but in general it
9349s was like i know deacons and bastards do
9351s well overall but veggie and savage had a
9352s few games i got to win off spot and play
9354s though or my trip tripping yeah well
9355s they did yeah yeah but so let me let me
9358s finish that last night from dks for the
9359s winners okay yeah 100 so i was getting
9361s to that right it was a coin flip on
9363s either side oh they're laughing
9366s laughing at me well that's great because
9369s he's calling like he's like you guys are
9370s back at two and a half the last season
9372s you guys really came back here yeah oh
9375s man
9377s i know that i think the biggest thing
9379s for that specific fight maybe i just
9382s should have cut this general but no
9383s matter what happens whoever won if
9385s vengeance savage won they still wouldn't
9386s have a good game yeah do you guys like
9388s number one right i think it was still
9389s kind of even it might have been like
9391s even in the world
9392s yeah they had good games that's a good
9393s game like that that was the craziest
9395s thing but i should have just kept it
9397s entertaining you're right i've learned
9399s it's fine bro that's my bad i've lost
9401s that's my sorry man that would have been
9402s so funny back and forth too we lost that
9404s we lost a good one lost the clip
9407s it was not lost
9408s ain't no ah why why because because he's
9413s found a top six spot on the leaderboard
9416s looking good
9419s how is that accurate that is to be seen
9421s but he was there at some point and it
9423s looked good
9425s yeah obviously last game they had a bit
9427s of a shocker right
9428s which wasn't great but the difference
9430s between shocker and stinker explain um
9433s yeah if i we could i'd have to be here
9435s for a wild experience real even though
9436s you just know you know okay you just
9438s know the difference between a shocker
9440s and a steam cut
9442s what is that same thing what is that
9444s right there verizon this is a stinker
9446s okay actually i think i understand that
9448s yeah yeah yeah this right here is a
9450s stinker shields
9453s being used
9454s unfortunately the med mist
9456s i think there's so many med misses lying
9458s around and
9460s i want us to look into commander there's
9462s actually way too much it's a med cloud
9464s it's no longer a madness in terms of
9465s like the
9467s i'm trying to grow my science bag here
9469s the density of
9471s this area
9472s the viscosity the viscosity
9475s that's definitely the right word
9477s some kids are gonna roll up to school
9478s somewhere like miss the viscosity
9480s of my uh no that's not the right way i'm
9483s looking for um
9484s just there's so much loot in this
9485s general area yeah yeah
9490s okay should be like
9491s blinders in between like you land in you
9494s get to loot you can't pass the spot and
9496s then you can fight once everyone has a
9498s even advantage you know
9500s then my team can come in and your team
9502s everyone's happy wow yeah
9505s it's funny right because um
9507s coming they haven't had the
9509s greatest of days
9510s so far and when i saw them on the
9512s leaderboard a bit lower down i was
9513s wondering have they just been going down
9515s off the phone at chunkers they haven't
9517s that's not where they've been going
9519s but uh finally deciding to get out of uh
9522s that chunker's battle with swillium and
9525s leche
9526s i don't think that the bat i don't think
9527s the battle they've
9529s chosen is
9530s any more of a favorable one here
9532s all the way over to the north side of
9533s the map we finally don't have a sleepy
9535s zone fought something that one shia
9537s wager that's my fault um
9539s i was trying to keep it up top there
9541s especially for head and queasy so now
9542s that they're going you just yeah i uh i
9544s just you know bring it bring it back
9546s down south give it a second here um
9548s we'll just see it lock in boom uh the
9551s south ah i had the page turned upside
9552s down we're going towards the north it's
9553s actually
9554s uh this is the hardest zone of the game
9556s no thoughts um for some teams hmm
9560s actually definitely the hardest game
9561s design hardest game zone the hardest
9563s zone in the game why not mountainous
9565s there's a potential for water hardest
9566s zone in the game struggles with cliffs
9568s hardest zone in the game is full
9570s southeast
9572s like four full southeast like really
9575s yeah yeah certainly life which are true
9577s just getting there right yeah yeah yeah
9579s yeah yeah yeah this is a pain
9581s this zone
9582s follows many ways to get into the
9584s general area
9585s but i feel like this is where people
9586s make the most mistakes though that might
9588s definitely be the hardest zone for the
9590s game entirely
9591s but in terms of like the most punishing
9593s zone in general
9594s i feel like that's the mountains no
9598s i think so maybe now because players
9601s don't have vehicles to rotate for
9602s anymore yeah so it's like with all these
9605s sort of power positions all these people
9607s sort of
9608s stacked up on all these different hills
9610s it just makes it that much more
9611s difficult to rotate through right and i
9613s think one of the big things you actually
9614s need to talk about in terms of this area
9616s and it's a good thing you've drawn me
9618s here is that
9619s uh with the changes made when it comes
9621s to the siege cannons right yeah siege
9622s cannons they had a function or they
9624s still do have a function where you can
9626s uh fire these sort of rockets from them
9628s right and
9629s they've been taken out competitive you
9631s can't do that in competitive anymore and
9633s what that meant before was that all
9634s these hills around the command cabin
9636s area weren't viable you couldn't really
9639s base up there yeah right because if you
9640s base up there
9642s pink and enough are going to sit up on a
9643s cannon top side and they're going to
9645s just rain
9649s with that function being removed you can
9651s chill on some of these hills and you
9652s have more options for your surge right
9654s so
9656s that's a good thing about these owners
9657s now soon actually another fight in the
9659s zone
9661s surprising some people have the options
9663s of cannons of like you know getting up
9665s up on top of hills and and being
9667s strategic other people like slaughtering
9669s that like the chunk um
9672s yeah so that's the wave you're not
9675s letting this
9677s but i think personally they still have a
9679s chance uh just this team specifically
9681s one of these games
9683s they get off of you know spawn it looks
9685s good this this is a winning team like a
9687s game winning team might not be a top six
9689s team entirely but i feel like if they're
9691s in the end game low ground specifically
9693s swollen i think two games ago was just
9695s on top in terms of elimination i think
9696s that's why they're past the 30 point
9698s threshold now is based off of that one
9699s game uh they do have the capabilities of
9702s getting that win
9703s yeah they have a journey to go to get to
9705s zonda right yeah it's going to be
9706s important
9707s all right now the fight for first is
9709s between marco
9711s clintberry and dks that sniper
9714s both teams close to that 100 point mark
9717s and with neither going down
9721s well
9723s no one's going to be editing out of
9724s kubo's box any longer
9727s floki is going to have trouble making it
9730s into the circles so
9732s he's down i was about to bring him up
9733s again i feel like one of the only
9734s reasons you brought it up levin that
9735s they left chunkers is that there's
9737s multiple teams there it's not just
9739s slowing let you they're fighting i think
9741s at the very start of last season as well
9743s they didn't like it when it was not just
9745s a head-on 2v2
9747s so they might come back maybe even
9748s tomorrow uh if both these guys don't win
9751s one of these games well yeah i think
9752s tomorrow is a new day right because yeah
9753s obviously you have all the teams jumping
9755s in from uh the rest of the series
9757s playing leaderboards so it's almost like
9758s a scramble to uh to claim your poi
9761s um if you are deep in the fortnite
9763s community you know you always have
9765s maxime shout out to max teams who always
9767s make some maps right and so i'm sure as
9769s soon as this session's done everyone's
9770s going to be scrambling to mexico like
9773s put me here on the map put me in uh
9774s small sleepy put me you know come on
9777s kevin right so
9778s we'll see how that battle plays out but
9780s yeah
9781s if they can take advantage of that in
9782s today's session that would be great but
9784s of course who knows what happens going
9786s into tomorrow
9789s marco still looking for a few shots so
9791s i'm gonna
9793s give us a nice
9794s yin and yang of snow and grass
9797s going towards that top right
9799s for all the damage that marco's done
9800s these guys are barely even above that
9803s threshold
9804s 10 players need to go down that's
9805s trouble
9806s talk about threshold issues i mean milo
9809s doesn't have them anymore he's straight
9810s back to the lobby
9812s wildflower pop and kira and jordy i
9813s think now have what three or maybe four
9815s elims dealing with them at some point
9817s seeing exactly how much power they've
9819s amassed so far shall be huge
9821s because someone's going to stop marco
9823s and queenberry for basically having a
9824s free quality talk about all these height
9825s teams getting it for free it seems like
9827s they are low effort like it's very smart
9829s still it's very impressive but low
9832s effort just rising through these
9833s rankings and staying in first yeah
9835s they've done a really good job of
9836s getting through
9837s to the end games right in a very sort of
9839s controlled way even when they find
9841s themselves into you know positions that
9843s aren't necessarily optimal yeah you know
9845s they do a very good job of you know
9846s being able to create space for
9847s themselves the right angles to deal
9849s damage get them sold off on surge and
9851s they've just been very clutch right this
9852s isn't the first time we've seen marco
9854s hit a really nice shot just to put them
9856s just a bit higher up in the threshold uh
9858s in terms of being able to try and keep
9859s themselves in the game and mitigate
9861s surge so yeah they've been really
9863s impressive today and and and
9865s as long as they continue on this
9866s trajectory
9868s they're gonna be making it through look
9869s this is the penultimate game right so
9871s arguably another good game here could be
9874s it they could steal the deal for them in
9875s terms of the top six that's seamless and
9877s smooth is what that team is so it's hard
9878s for me to find reasoning about what
9880s they're doing or if they're even doing
9882s anything wrong it's just so tight-knit
9884s gameplay meanwhile
9886s i would say more jaggedy edges so far
9887s for an awesome pink i mean it's been
9890s good sometimes night takes have been a
9891s little bit off as well sixth place
9893s overall this is kind of the hot seat
9895s this is the hot spot looking at one of
9896s the teams they are kind of the threshold
9898s about who calls right now and who
9899s doesn't so far in the lobby yeah i think
9901s up to this point in the game things are
9902s looking really nice for them right maxum
9904s materials dealt with their surge in this
9906s first and second zone i haven't got to
9908s worry about lana moving forward it's
9910s just about avoiding any sort of hiccups
9912s right we see when they get into mid-game
9914s fights and engagements they haven't been
9916s able to do well they're in that right
9917s yeah it's all about staying calm now i
9918s think lu and nano although they're so
9921s far behind it's still just about staying
9922s calm a bunch of these teams with 11
9924s points in 29 30th even lower place
9928s all they're going to be doing right now
9929s is focusing on that when taking big
9931s risks if you're picking or not sixth
9933s place i understand you can jump out all
9934s the way you know let these teams make
9936s those mistakes stay calm rise up
9938s minnie's also staying calm on the side
9939s so what does he have for us so far in
9941s the game
9943s thank you shai yeah i just wanted to
9945s talk about benji and savage of course a
9946s fan favorite duo we saw them rotating
9948s into coney crossroads earlier and it
9950s didn't quite work out for them so this
9952s time savage picking up a few tanks off
9953s spawn they thought they'd rotate over
9955s towards tilted towers but who was
9957s lurking it was of course dks and bad
9959s sniper and unfortunately we saw benji
9961s fishy go down and now they and then
9963s savage rotated all the way back up to
9964s the collider and unfortunately for mr
9966s savage it didn't quite work out so it
9968s sort of didn't quite work out for this
9970s duo and savage went down
9973s the end of the line
9975s for a duo that has many many around the
9978s world
9978s watching and hoping that they can sneak
9981s their way into the fncs finals
9983s it's weird because like for a couple
9985s seasons now i feel like people like
9987s ironically will say oh yeah bingen
9989s savage will win you know they can
9991s qualify or something like that but i
9993s actually saw a bunch of people who
9995s genuinely unironically thought they
9997s would because of the carolina right and
9999s that story hasn't quite played out that
10000s way today
10002s unfortunately
10004s i think for a style of poi we never
10006s really talk about that much or that that
10008s much on the broadcast like collider
10010s being so edge focused kind of more about
10013s the drop specifically
10014s and the long range beams
10016s i don't see that as a benchy savage drop
10019s i feel like you know the classic tales
10020s of retail row kind of being in a pocket
10022s easy landing you have options you have
10024s time those poise is where this duo kind
10028s of thrives the most
10031s if it's not been working out this season
10032s yeah so that's true they feel they need
10034s to change something up because of this
10036s team on screen well
10038s you can certainly say that
10040s we call it a team but
10041s they're down to a solo right now right
10043s it's just dks left in this one yeah
10046s i think the big thing now for for these
10048s guys is just trying to hold on as much
10050s as possible they will be guaranteed
10052s second clint berry tied her now with
10054s them
10055s uh marco alongside of 96 points in total
10058s maybe just get towards that triple digit
10060s threshold
10061s pikanas looking to maybe get towards 100
10063s that's the goal for a bunch of teams
10064s right now inside the top six
10066s it's uh get 100 points that's exactly
10069s what they want to do
10071s for now not going to be that easy for
10074s dks and going to be the goal for
10075s everyone else 238 damage below serge as
10078s well
10079s he has so much ahead of him he can take
10082s about five strikes from that surge
10083s lightning
10084s if he wants to maybe tank it momentarily
10087s a lot more too with the shields in tow
10089s that he has in his inventory uh but past
10091s that this is gonna be very rocky you can
10093s see everyone else around the fortress
10095s around this north side right now they
10097s are locked in with metal bills they're
10099s locked in with one back towards the
10100s mountain impenetrable bases he has no
10103s angle for a shot
10105s shower where fifth zone pulls here is
10107s going to be so key you can see the zone
10110s is sort of orientated around this sort
10112s of mountain right now and so if it pulls
10114s either side of it
10115s you know you've got a lot of teams right
10117s who then are committing a lot of
10118s materials a lot of resources
10121s and of course it's going to pull up the
10123s hill for a lot of these teams some will
10125s look to try and make their way around
10126s but ultimately a lot of the lobby's
10128s gonna have to go up and over i expect to
10130s see so many teams gliding through the
10133s sky as they try and make their way
10135s over the top of it it's actually i
10137s injury that sit at top of this hill
10140s and so they're in the most comfortable
10142s position of anybody right now in terms
10144s of trying to get into the zone other
10145s than the people who are already situated
10147s there as well
10149s and dks
10150s is one of the teams who doesn't quite
10152s have that luxury he will have to try and
10154s recycle a pad as he tries to out heal
10157s the zone and the storm surge
10159s this is a tragic position to be in right
10162s now
10164s this is also one of the most important
10165s games for anyone that's not inside the
10167s top six for the moment this is kind of
10169s the last
10170s time at least in this day for the semis
10173s where things might not seem drastically
10175s desperate for everyone dk is hitting one
10177s of the pads he's on to about just 31 hp
10180s no shield six right now only with builds
10183s available he shall be going down in the
10185s second and there it is maybe just a bit
10187s delayed he's out axe force is still
10189s alive in this game as well flying
10191s straight through the skies pinbury also
10193s going through a few issues they hit that
10194s triple digit mark they have 100 under
10196s the belt they'll be locked kind of in
10197s top six my question is is it gonna be
10200s one of these consistent teams pushing
10203s their maximum limits not the top two
10205s obviously they're down right now
10207s and quality versus the desperation from
10209s the rest of the board knowing there's no
10210s more time to maybe hit that top six it's
10213s time to win
10214s on height right now it's eye drop and
10216s jerky looking down on the rest of the
10218s lobby looking down on people like clint
10219s berry and marco inside these boxes but
10222s who else can take them over
10224s you can see marco there just as hell
10225s it's almost dropped all of his builds
10228s over the most of them at least for the
10229s most part towards pinbary
10231s fortunately for them they have they
10233s haven't got to worry about surge right
10234s now as a zone has hit 50 players
10237s remaining and below that now so they
10239s stay in this game in the meantime
10242s and that's huge for them we've talked
10244s about how consistent they've been and
10245s how that consistency is what's going to
10247s blow them and throw them into that fncs
10249s finals
10250s and if this game can be another game
10252s that keeps them in first that spot
10254s might just be theirs for the taking i
10256s have to just live all the way towards i
10258s believe top 15. that'll be very
10260s difficult
10261s taking the nostalgia a lot of these
10263s height dogs they've been silent and
10265s silence is scary minimal builds minimal
10268s shots and bullets right now wait for
10270s that threshold to update two below for
10272s picking it off they've been very quiet
10274s so far they've been saving things and
10275s both missed a crucial pump nine above
10278s they'll be safe for now but look at what
10279s they have to go over eleven you
10280s mentioned the mountain big could barely
10282s even land what a glide in but he has so
10285s much more to climb yeah brilliant stuff
10286s from then there you can see every single
10289s my new show of the detail going into how
10291s they get into zone and now trying to
10293s continue that journey i jump in jericho
10295s up above though
10297s big jericho he puts in the practice when
10299s it comes to his aim and hitting the
10300s shots
10301s to show for it
10302s 600 above search isn't even an issue for
10306s them but keeping height might just be
10308s you have tripple and thomas now finally
10310s looking to try and roll their way in
10313s style of it and cherokee building his
10315s way up using all those materials but it
10318s might just be worth it if you can hold
10319s on trippin and thomas have created a
10321s divide now i drop is nowhere to be found
10324s he's been knocked and trooper now
10327s trying to take high gun trying to chop
10329s jericky down
10330s it's a bounce back as well so there's a
10331s little time bought for that team down
10333s below look at jerky this man is not
10336s altered by the slightest thomas hd falls
10339s down now it's tripper versus jerky up
10341s top and he's making this personal i
10343s don't even think he cares about that win
10345s anymore he just wants
10346s to go down feel the same pain that he's
10348s feeling they're in a world a hemisphere
10350s of their own triplet will win that fight
10352s and now we'll try to just hold this
10353s waterfall all the way down but it's
10355s belusi and hydro who have hype now
10357s triphern has barely even survived all
10359s the way down below thomas possibly being
10362s able to pick it up i'm not even sure
10363s neither pass right by his teammate as he
10365s goes down new height raiders this entire
10368s zone though is following falling falling
10370s triprun is still up for the moment
10372s though it has a lot of builds he has
10373s that potential for the clutch tripping
10376s another clutch situation for him
10378s different from the one we saw earlier a
10380s bit deeper into the game
10381s and even if he can't get the victory out
10384s if he can't get the win pushing his team
10386s up the standings is huge no he goes down
10389s but lucy is the one to take him out but
10392s lucy and hydro have other fights to
10393s worry about potentially having their
10396s height taken from them they hold on to
10398s it though here and journey the dual
10400s momentum in this game got so many
10401s elements up to this point right now
10402s belusi also has six on your screen for
10404s the moment another bounce back comes in
10406s so many maps will be saved inside the
10407s zone towards the low ground they'll
10408s raisin and pena splinter in half they're
10410s chopped divided they solve the panda now
10412s to keep things alive razon has the
10414s momentum carried for this duel so far
10415s three eliminations all the way in the
10417s side of this fortress but look how just
10418s congested they are down in the basement
10420s of this zone and that congestion might
10422s not be a bad thing for him right with
10424s that drum shotgun in hand he wants to
10426s get into people's faces he wants to be
10428s water war with people and if he can find
10430s that right opportunity we know where he
10432s will strike and fiercely pink and then
10434s that's now not where they want to be in
10436s terms of layer but definitely at the
10438s time in the game that they want to be
10440s and they want to stay in this one and if
10441s they can claim the front side of the low
10443s ground which marco and crimea seem to
10445s have a hold on this might just be their
10447s opportunity to force their way into the
10449s final everyone right now just absolutely
10451s lower matt finn has found one of the
10452s openings to maybe land a shot dirty it
10455s does look a little bit sloppy but he
10456s does find it towards the end too much
10458s time hero doesn't buy she show true lex
10461s now another game where they're here on
10463s mid-ground another game where they're
10465s looking to try sneak their way in and
10467s another game where they have an
10468s opportunity just the one build remaining
10470s and so they're trying to go for a sneaky
10472s geeky play but they might get dropped
10474s down into some bills they don't want to
10475s be in for lucy and hydro sitting in the
10477s dominant chair that we've seen so many
10479s of these winning teams win from before
10482s truenick's doing a brilliant job to take
10484s kimbery down and they might actually
10485s have a grasp on things down below have a
10488s few more mats to work with but now
10489s they're all almost gone three builds
10492s chico passes two legs maybe just one of
10494s them to use not much and the ground
10496s falls below them still two other teams
10498s alive and thriving so far it's just
10500s solos from what it looks like hiro and
10502s marco up in big ground they got to cash
10504s and fight against each other too they
10505s meet
10506s exchange hands and it's marco who stays
10508s alive 143 points for him and glenn berry
10511s coming into this game they're looking so
10513s good all the way in first place over all
10515s for now marco with another fight big
10517s pump big damage but not enough to take
10520s down balloosie lucy doing the hard yards
10523s hijo not only has height but he has the
10525s wing condition the chug splashes will be
10527s huge he needs to remain alive the med
10530s mist as well comes out true lex has one
10532s of his own but he won't be able to out
10533s heal him so they need to keep spraying
10535s they need to do as much as they can they
10537s need to force him down and that's what
10538s they've done chicho hits a huge shot he
10540s has the clutch range now truly now
10543s trying to follow up with it as well
10544s they're mentioning their way up no he
10546s gets taken now that might have been the
10547s wrong play but true lex comes through
10551s oh my goodness i thought for a moment
10553s shayo that chincho had messed it all up
10556s but true next as the insurance to clutch
10559s the veteran coming in and making sure
10562s that they will be playing in the finals
10564s chicho scheiden's right like the sun
10566s takes all that soaked up sunlight
10568s distraction true looks as they're hiding
10570s in the shadows ready to make sure their
10572s duo goes straight towards the finals
10574s that's just amazing to see yeah it's
10576s very good to talk about we saw and
10578s discussed how much it means to true like
10581s to try and prove to people right that he
10583s is not just some fiddle to crease his
10586s greatness right he is that guy as well
10588s and showing that in those final moments
10590s what a way to secure a spot to the fncs
10593s final yeah and the big key right now is
10594s there's no setup for some of these wins
10596s they're happening in the ninth zone
10597s that's where the active ingredients are
10599s starting for this vr's you know jerky
10601s eye drop thomas tripper and all the way
10602s up in the skies they don't even matter
10604s in terms of the grand scheme of things
10605s inside these semi-finals yeah for sure
10607s but when it comes to what matters we are
10609s going into one last game but before we
10612s get there we have the analysts to break
10614s down that last game
10616s thank you guys so much you are
10617s absolutely fantastic and don't you
10619s forget it levin i'm talking to you
10620s specifically yeah that's right you guys
10621s can't say he's really excited about that
10623s uh my goodness chica chicho excuse me
10629s trying so hard to get it that i i almost
10631s i messed it up anyway congratulations
10633s they get themselves the victory royale
10636s how did this end up happening because i
10638s feel like there's a lot to this story i
10639s mean realistically like they just
10641s capitalized on the mess again right one
10642s of the things you want to really point
10644s out is obviously yeah again the higher
10645s ground mess
10647s you know
10648s the playing low ground is kind of a
10650s typical playstyle that i've seen from
10651s these guys you know they they are not
10653s necessarily a super high ground focus
10654s team which is kind of surprising from
10656s true legs because when trulyx won the
10658s fncs he was part of a high ground very
10661s focused team with queasy as obviously
10662s levin mentioned earlier but now they've
10664s kind of adapted this low ground
10665s playstyle which as we know doesn't
10667s usually garner that many victory royales
10669s yeah that's very true and of course it's
10671s always sort of dependent on what the
10672s high ground team do are they going to
10673s drop in and try and go for those
10674s eliminations but of course the low grand
10676s scene that truex and cheetah they did
10677s have the uh the heel condition they did
10679s have the win condition of the med miss
10680s that they picked up during some of those
10682s refreshes that they got as well so
10683s crucial refreshers at crucial times and
10686s picking up heels to even if they don't
10687s get those eliminations they're able to
10689s win the game from them yeah of course
10690s and you know we're looking at game
10691s winners we're trying to yeah figure out
10693s who can pick this up in the next game
10695s because that's the final game
10697s i could pick one of many teams here at
10699s this point but i drop in jerky again is
10700s one of the teams we're going to have to
10701s look at because it looked like it was
10702s theirs they held high ground from i
10704s think what was fifth stone yeah it was
10706s it was yeah they were holding high
10708s ground you can see them up there all the
10709s way up on top sitting high not quite dry
10712s for too much the longer though because
10713s of course thomas and trippin had other
10715s ideas i decided to try and pat on top of
10717s the high ground and i think this is
10718s where we saw the real switch up in high
10720s ground where we saw uh bellusion co of
10722s course going up there and sort of
10724s garnering on that on that uh the
10726s difficulty that they had on high ground
10727s triple and thomas trying to go up and
10728s the fight was just dragged out and out
10730s and out jericho of course trying to pick
10732s up the pieces i dropped by literally
10733s dropping all the way down and this fight
10735s just took a little bit too long for
10737s other teams to sort of capitalize on
10739s yeah i mean look at this chaos look at
10740s this man yeah and because of this
10742s obviously hydro and belusi took
10743s advantage let's be real like we saw them
10745s in one of those wide-angle shots there
10746s they were just tarpon ahead you know you
10748s look up you see all of this mess going
10750s above them they've got a nice little
10751s tunnel and as soon as you can like
10752s recognize that that's going on that's
10754s just your cue you go up you take high
10756s ground at the front side of the zone and
10757s then victory right now well not really
10759s for them
10760s no sort of potential really i mean
10764s yeah yeah yeah let's take a look at our
10765s standings to see how things are going so
10766s if you're just tuning in welcome back
10768s this is the fncs this is our nice and
10770s new shiny set that's right uh taking a
10772s look remember we want to hit that top
10774s six mark okay that means that the top
10776s six at the end of today will go on
10778s through unless your duo gets a victory
10780s out then you're automatically going
10781s right to the finals so for right now
10783s look at this thinking on us
10785s they're here on the edge with one game
10787s left to go yeah i mean they just moved
10788s up right they moved up a small i think
10789s it was two places i think there were
10790s eight before that so that in all honesty
10793s was a kind of changing place out because
10795s we thought from the start these guys can
10796s play in high ground they're going to go
10797s for the victorias i mean that that's
10799s instantly what i predicted but as you
10801s can see right now like this is a low
10802s ground playstyle this is the second time
10804s in a row we've seen these guys play low
10805s which is good though i think it offers
10807s them a little bit of a variety of
10808s variety they're able to you know sort of
10809s showcase their skills in this sort of
10811s department but i saw them going up onto
10813s that high ground building up because it
10814s was a favorable zone of course on that
10816s west side i saw them building up right
10818s at the beginning and i thought these
10819s guys are planning for a high ground sort
10821s of domination this is typical pink and
10823s anna's type play but no they gave it up
10825s of course uh we saw eyedrop and jericky
10827s going up there and they said you know
10828s what you guys can have it for now they
10829s tried to play those mid-ground layers
10831s they weren't able to pick up the
10832s refreshes and ultimately that is what
10834s caused them to go down because they were
10835s trying to go for that refresh and trying
10836s to force it yeah i mean realistically
10839s like i'm looking at picking an ass now
10840s right just because i'm focused top six
10842s like we mentioned qualifies through if
10843s you look at the points on the right-hand
10844s side 90 points everyone who's below that
10847s still absolutely capable of managing to
10849s clutch up here right so for picking an
10851s ass like i said we thought they'd go for
10852s the win we thought they would go for the
10853s victory royale but at this moment it's
10855s like i think these guys play the exact
10857s same place now they've been playing the
10858s rest of them safe off spawn good mid
10860s game and then hey don't take any risks
10862s on height
10863s that's tough man one final game left to
10865s go here now don't worry it's not all
10867s over right we still have tomorrow six
10869s games there another six victory owls and
10871s fuels same thing on sunday right so we
10873s have plenty of time but a lot of these
10876s duos are really looking to claim one of
10878s these spots so i think it's that time
10880s game number five is underway so we're
10883s going back on that battle bus we got 11
10884s 2k we got shy wager one last ride
10891s one last ride indeed and this is gonna
10893s be a fast one love and i feel like maybe
10895s slow burn i'm calling it fast though
10897s cause i think everyone's kind of hyped
10899s up and just ready to get the final look
10901s time flies when you're having fun yeah
10903s and i'm having a lot of fun and i know
10904s i'm gonna have even more fun going into
10906s this final game and never disappoints of
10907s course the format has been orientated
10909s towards the win mattering but especially
10911s in that final game it just means that
10913s much more doesn't it yeah i think for a
10914s lot of the times we watch some of these
10916s qualifiers some of these finals you know
10918s getting towards the the big spots half
10920s the teams in the lobby giving up they're
10921s like you know maybe we get a little bit
10922s of practice there's no chance for us to
10923s get to the next stage that's not the
10925s case now yeah
10927s that's a great point right yeah of
10928s course there will be some players who
10929s maybe do have that aspect of yeah we got
10932s to marry
10933s right but ultimately like we've echoed
10935s so many times today you want to make it
10937s through today right you wanna one secure
10939s chopstick for the axe references finals
10941s but two you don't have to leave it till
10943s tomorrow right that's when the nerves
10944s start kicking in you might have a howler
10945s and all of a sudden you're looking at
10947s the fncs from the outside right so
10950s coming into this final game is gonna get
10952s good but we're hopping in right now so
10954s it's gonna be a good one
10958s [Music]
10960s the last game for the first day of semis
10963s inside europe and so far we've seen four
10965s teams already just blast their way
10967s straight towards
10968s those finals next week
10971s now we'll watch the rest of the lobby
10972s desperately climb towards that vr and
10975s the upper echelon hold on to that top
10977s six
10980s speaking of desperation
10982s this is a desperate attempt
10983s uh final game reps guarding clown ski
10987s it's just not gone well enough for clown
10989s and ref guard
10991s it's not going well enough for people
10992s across the map as well savage actually
10994s getting the drop out of janus up inside
10995s the collider nick will actually taking
10997s it out into the sky doesn't happen a
10998s bunch of times off the spawn either
11001s siren against raps guard big shot back
11004s low ticks taking away vaughn yeah lots
11005s of things different this time savage
11008s claiming the drop fast vortex and janice
11010s are down so benji fishy and mrs savage
11012s have one final hurrah
11014s final attempt
11016s to come into this game and maybe just
11018s maybe shayo a dream
11021s the dream is still alive
11023s are you are you a big gamer eleven like
11024s like single player type games games with
11026s buffs and nerfs in them for for players
11028s okay let me explain this real quick
11030s there's this like kind of trope where
11031s there's some you know bosses mobs
11034s players uh buffs in the game when you
11036s have lots of damage done to you when
11037s you're closer to one hp you can deal
11040s more damage you know i feel like benji
11042s and savage when they've had that mental
11044s anguish they've had four bad games and
11046s they've been put down they're on that
11048s glass cannon mode they're in just a
11050s position to pop off and i feel like i'll
11053s spawn that fast here in game five i'm
11056s reading a script of this fncs after the
11058s finals how did benji and savage fall
11061s this might be it well i hope you're
11063s holding and reading the wrong script
11064s because i'm rooting for thomas and
11066s shipping
11067s because
11068s in the language of the pads
11070s in the language of the pad eight pads
11072s now listen
11074s something might be lost in translation
11075s with this language weapon
11077s it passed now what are these guys saying
11078s in this language
11080s look we're we're actually in denmark now
11082s so i don't want to anger any danes
11085s i'm i'm in a country with daniels right
11086s now so i don't want to wait they're
11088s playing on home
11089s turf great
11092s hold up
11093s look at this asme finally turning it
11095s online up in the gears on the bike and
11097s just pedaling through ref's guard and
11098s klonsky they started off a little bit
11100s slower now but they're looking good
11103s and kimberly
11105s once again
11107s a team who has just been incredibly
11109s consistently held onto first place
11112s for so so long
11116s and at this point
11118s it's almost
11119s fair to say maybe
11122s that they probably will be playing in
11124s the efforts here it's fine
11125s i mean yeah if we can
11127s look into it really quick anas yeah this
11131s on the is him and fury i think haven't
11133s had much of a impact on many other teams
11136s so far they've kind of just been the
11137s dictators of who gets that mid-game
11139s surge yeah that'll be different for
11141s some of the rotators coming in
11143s yeah margaret greenberg 20 points ahead
11144s of kira and dirty so far 143 they're
11146s looking good
11148s pina ryzen belusi hydro and kiro dirty i
11150s think these are the three teams that are
11152s gonna be looking to stay alive at least
11155s until the top 15 the top 20.
11157s dks bat sniper they're part of that
11159s equation as well picking a notch that we
11161s just saw get a few of those picks off
11162s spawn
11164s they're going to be trying to maybe
11165s chase that
11167s top six just glide in with it there was
11169s the bottom of it crawlings rocky aka
11172s kovacs and xerox they're there too at
11174s 87. it's uh it's a little bit of a
11176s differential ten points between some
11178s teams so far in the top six that just
11180s means that whoever really makes it the
11182s top 15 whoever stays alive the longest
11186s will be fine so far so let's look at
11189s another replay that's happening inside
11190s it's naku and dan
11192s 57 points them
11194s getting up in the business is crucial
11195s once again top six is closer to 87 right
11198s now so at 60 they have a lot of work to
11201s do i think for them their option is the
11203s vr it's either vr or top six and they're
11205s a vr team for the win condition yeah and
11207s we've seen them deep in some of these
11208s games and so it's not impossible that
11210s they make it there
11212s right but ultimately
11213s you know all the pressure is on at this
11215s stage
11217s the spaniards two players who obviously
11219s have been playing together for a while
11220s they've had that consistency
11223s in terms of
11224s your actual cohesion of the team
11227s but in terms of actually finding their
11229s footing in these games today only the
11231s one game where they managed to get four
11233s and not much outside of that so
11239s see how it plays out do you see an axe
11241s force
11246s i mean
11247s this time it looks like uh they maybe
11249s have the better end of the stick here
11250s yeah
11252s and once again remember there's still a
11253s chance it's not gonna go super crazy in
11255s terms of you know just making the game
11257s hyper aggressive practicing the fights
11259s cracking the rotation this is about
11260s practicing a win it starts with an off
11262s spot and fights
11263s mma soulium just does not care you edit
11266s he shoots he wins
11269s wow
11271s i was literally just about to call him
11272s maxery
11275s that's a memory it's menry right now
11277s yeah unfunded
11279s you know that thing with uh what is it
11281s 72 hours i'm trying to play chess
11283s and these guys are just
11285s flipping the board like you know the
11286s edits there he's ready for the palm fan
11288s nope
11290s it's done
11291s that's the let's see classic right there
11292s we'll see
11294s if they can close it out that you
11295s definitely would expect them to
11297s axe force
11299s literally just scurrying away
11303s oh my this is not much over here is it
11305s it's pretty desperate scenes and
11308s once again
11310s an emote rolling through as well just to
11313s add extra salt to the wound although wow
11316s and matthew i don't feel like what you
11317s much of them oh my goodness
11320s jackson that better hits hot
11323s is it hard the whole day too this is so
11325s sad to watch him go down towards the end
11327s at the collider
11332s let's check out exactly how anastasia's
11334s day
11335s has gone so far as well so they started
11337s off things
11338s by taking down blue back
11340s start to bully fury and that's a pickup
11342s for pink
11343s that's nice yeah i can't now
11345s you're very limited as well
11348s okay so are they
11351s are they the ghosts
11353s i'll stop i'll stop
11355s are they are they the most powerful
11356s looking you know cavern top side winners
11359s no
11360s in a rocky zone no no
11362s no
11363s hmm
11364s they
11367s i don't know what their issue is right
11368s now to be honest yeah i feel like
11371s we annoyed them as game winners and this
11373s that and the other and rightfully so
11375s because there's been there's just been
11376s too many competitions where we've seen
11378s them literally like
11380s win almost every game they play and if
11382s they don't win they look like they were
11383s gonna win like they get
11385s these sort of incredible runs of form
11387s where we just look at them as if
11389s they are sort of
11390s on that trajectory to maybe being an
11392s fmcs winning duo
11394s yeah
11395s it just hasn't worked out today man i i
11397s really do start to worry about these
11399s guys as a team and the long-term future
11402s of how things play out for them whether
11404s or not this is necessarily the winning
11406s formula per se of all the struggles
11408s they've had
11410s wow
11411s i feel like what they need is
11413s uh a set lobby final stop they need the
11415s 12 games
11417s i think with the six with with the
11418s attitude of qualifiers coming in
11421s um
11422s the way they're still playing the
11423s mythology they're their ideology you're
11424s saying might need to switch i think for
11426s finals it's fine you think it's so rocky
11428s that they don't they don't make it there
11430s especially with the three days you got
11431s to make it i'm sure they will right
11433s ultimately there are more days but
11436s you know
11437s it's still good to be like powerful
11439s they should be top tier this shouldn't
11440s be a problem yeah of course yeah this
11442s shouldn't be the problem it's been for
11444s them but
11446s again
11447s they have this last game at least for
11448s today to shut me up and any other
11451s crickets
11452s i'm sure boop is at home smiling
11454s somewhere
11456s happy as can be
11458s oh
11460s oh watch marco and clember this is
11462s actually a very unique spot right now
11465s for them they are so far ahead of
11467s everyone and this is kind of like a
11468s victory lap game being all the way up
11470s that 143.
11472s yeah and certainly not a victory lap for
11475s this team on our screen bat snap and dk
11477s are sitting in fifth not comfortable
11479s though so this has to be a big game for
11481s them
11483s if they want any sort of hope any sort
11485s of chance oh look at this hydra from
11487s jerky
11488s very far removed from log jam
11490s lumber yard
11492s but that's a good thing in this instance
11496s seventh birth is versus eighth as well
11499s in terms of leaderboard
11501s as they pass by
11503s they wanted to go for like a sneaky
11505s crazy hen like the house about to say
11507s sanctuary type split play
11509s yeah not gonna happen couldn't find the
11512s shots to line it up
11516s what's the zone looking like right now
11517s as well
11518s kind of central what are the states
11520s looking like who is in sixth place
11522s overall we've seen bat sniper in dks in
11524s fifth revisiting marco and queenberry
11526s and out all the way in first
11529s do marco and glenbard just go crazy
11532s do they just let loose for them it just
11534s feels like at the moment it doesn't
11535s matter that 143 can hold on oh yeah we
11539s always talk about you know a team that
11541s seems to be secure
11544s wiggle wiggle nice
11546s literally got around the corner just in
11548s the nick of time wow
11550s but we always talk about how like a team
11552s in first now they just like their job is
11554s just to ruin everybody else's time yeah
11557s just
11558s eliminate the guy in seventh eliminate
11559s the guy in eight eliminate the guy in
11561s sixth even so that he has to sweat as he
11564s watches the end of the game you know
11566s that is their job now
11568s this is i think the the biggest pressure
11570s seat knowing your seventh
11572s coming into a format
11573s that kind of rewards top six what are
11575s the two things you're hoping for you
11577s either pop off
11578s or you consistently stay where you are
11580s and someone ahead of you wins and you
11581s qualify yeah those are the two most
11583s realistic options
11585s um the worst thing though is that yeah
11587s if you go down if you don't do enough if
11590s you don't stay more than consistent
11591s you're gone coming one placement right
11593s below has to be heartbreaking for some
11595s of these teams yeah but i think this is
11597s especially where like the whole ideology
11599s conversation comes into play right
11600s because yeah if you're this team you
11602s might like you're not even playing to
11603s win at that point you're just playing to
11605s stay alive as long as possible
11608s to stay alive eye drop has gone down
11611s jerky as a solo this is not good
11613s whatsoever
11614s for their hopes of qualifying fruit
11618s eighth place jericho is a solo
11622s what can you do in this situation
11626s staying alive
11628s will be good enough but
11630s we'll kill
11631s give him the opportunity to do that the
11633s harpoon comes through
11635s this is relentless this is
11637s superior play flick seat
11640s thank you duo they won't give him an
11642s inch he's trying to create separation
11643s create space and he hit some nice shots
11645s to do that
11646s we know jiriki has that ability
11650s but as long as they don't let him
11651s isolate any more 1v1
11654s there isn't much of a hope for him
11656s this is just so rough too you'd assume
11658s jerky eyedrop especially on this day
11661s they were definitely uncontested so far
11663s coming in too this should have been
11666s their their story at least consistency
11668s wise as well but
11669s they're down 77 points it's not gonna be
11671s enough for the top six we will see them
11674s tomorrow in day two
11677s unfortunate
11679s for the big drop in juror king
11682s but they still definitely elevate in
11684s status the things that we saw today
11687s especially on defense on height we're
11689s seeing new tools in the arsenal ready
11691s for finals when things really hit the
11693s walls remember still two more days after
11694s this for semi-finals a lot more chances
11697s too on the day there will be six games
11698s each instead of just five
11701s so even for people like anas and pink
11702s it's not completely over yet it is nice
11704s to make it in here though right 46 teams
11707s less players overall less pressure
11710s some of the upper echelon gone
11712s a lot of the inconsistent possible
11715s lower teams coming in not giving you the
11716s most
11717s you know annoying time and unpredictable
11719s time rooftopy trying his best with
11721s clothes as well they picked up so many
11722s good eliminations so far towards the end
11724s game picking apart all the stray hairs
11726s the stragglers trying to make it into
11728s zone
11729s but it hasn't really been enough to put
11730s them closer towards the top ten the top
11732s six it only really amassed them 46
11734s points
11735s in total this has to be a victory royale
11738s on their screens at the end of the game
11739s if they want to see finals
11741s yeah has to be a huge game and that will
11742s be
11743s the sentiment for a lot of these teams
11746s as we head into these final moments and
11748s that makes it more fun because we see
11750s more all-out plays i think
11751s if you're trying to predict what's going
11753s to happen spoiler we're going to see a
11754s lot of different height takes in this
11756s game yep
11757s and that might not be good for some of
11759s the teams who we know will still be
11761s trying to
11762s win out everything
11764s especially for the likes of a tripping
11766s and thomas all right i haven't seen them
11768s yet this game is making me a little bit
11770s worried
11771s actually
11773s yeah
11774s fifth batch sniper dks right behind them
11776s is an awesome pink and sixth
11778s and the biggest difference i like the
11780s fact that you're bringing up levin like
11781s you know how this game looks with the
11782s height taken in the game the biggest
11784s difference will be how solos play inside
11786s endgame what we've seen so far the
11789s entire time in the fncs including the
11791s last five games is is or the last four
11794s games today
11795s solos trying to max out placement solos
11797s trying to live not trying to eliminate
11800s not trying to fully win unless of course
11802s you know it's the final two but now
11805s we're put in a position where getting
11806s you know a top six might not be enough
11809s getting a top five might not be enough
11810s in this in the scope of this game
11812s specifically like at the placement
11814s overall right
11815s so
11816s if you're a solo you might just have to
11818s go straight for the vr you're in you
11820s know 30th place
11821s your team doesn't do well on the day
11824s your teammate just went down in 15.
11826s well for most of these teams right
11828s you're not in contention for top six so
11829s you have to play that way right you have
11831s to go like you have to put on your own
11833s your best sneezy impressions it's not
11835s just about the clutch at all i'm saying
11836s you rather do more than just touch and
11839s get good points you'll have to win and
11840s do something more than bricks
11843s you'll see in a team that's been
11844s incredibly great today find themselves
11847s in a bit of trouble building in wood
11849s is encouraging people to take some shots
11852s at them but as you can see in the
11853s inventories they actually haven't got
11854s much to work with anyway
11856s wood was the best bet for them and so
11858s now
11859s crinberry lands
11862s i'm gonna do a special form up but yeah
11864s not enough cover
11866s yeah they're right
11868s 144 points so
11870s take that into account i think
11872s sixth place team right now is rocking in
11874s with about 97 so far yeah no below them
11878s yeah there's like 87 it's dropping by
11879s tens and tens and tons basically long
11882s story short we will see them in the
11883s references
11884s congratulations
11885s okay we'll lock that in i don't want to
11888s live in that world where like every team
11890s from imagine second to eighth
11892s gets top ten
11894s oh my god
11895s nah we'll be all right
11898s gets taken out
11901s let's have a little bit of a replay here
11903s last time there was a replay of thinking
11905s enough to put down thomas so
11907s this time
11909s not that but gavix will be the one to be
11911s taken out so these guys are they've been
11913s putting in some work oh but
11915s as we tune into them and that's
11917s pink down fifth place plucked out put in
11920s work but then clocked out
11926s that is just that is tough overall from
11928s sixth all the way to fifth they they
11930s don't see
11932s they don't see any light update towards
11933s the finals
11934s yeah and it'll be interesting to see
11936s whether they can hold on to that bad
11937s sniper and dks from six with 99. i
11940s wasn't sure how many
11942s pink and that's finished on oh i think
11944s was about a hundred they hit the triple
11945s digits okay right at 100. okay and then
11948s got taken out they're very close by
11949s which is why i'm saying that that that
11951s has to be the end of their run for today
11953s yeah a lot of teams will rise up um and
11956s once again probably like a three percent
11957s chance all these teams from eight to
11960s fifteen fall
11961s in this surge gap like this that's just
11962s not gonna happen
11964s hold on just gliding around
11966s making me a bit scared we've seen a
11968s couple of these eliminations now be
11969s teams sort of trying to glide their way
11971s into zone and it's not going well but
11973s these guys are a bit more secure
11975s only in positioning though not in terms
11977s of surge
11979s 27 above is not comfortable whatsoever
11982s slow froggy
11984s it's rocky i'm always going back and
11986s forth between their names they i just
11988s called him as rock singers
11989s okay you know i'm a visual learner
11992s here's on the desk was like zroggy also
11994s known as rocks crockey also known as
11996s kovacs i'm not better just say one
11999s man it's for the people you know they
12001s understand what just happened in front
12002s of them right
12004s picking an ass now fully down
12006s kovacs overpeaking
12008s he's forced to special yeah but you know
12011s ultimately
12013s drops now goes down
12015s it's weird right because you see those
12017s kind of peaks and those trades be made
12018s usually when teams maybe have like a
12020s shield kick so they'll drop it down and
12021s they'll just look to trade these guys
12023s obviously don't have children i noticed
12024s the desperation kicking in but when
12026s you're in sebum as much as you want to
12028s make sure you get your tags you have to
12029s stay somewhat safe you can't just go all
12031s out right and so maybe a better approach
12033s would have been the ideal situation
12035s kovacs will be able to pick jocks up but
12037s again this is just now another hurdle
12039s for them to climb in their pursuit of
12041s top six
12043s actually it's tough for them overall but
12045s somehow they got up nine above surges
12048s would also have a chance to pop that
12049s medkit to
12051s keep his rocks up in the business
12053s i'm trying to inkling for what the board
12055s looks like right now as well this is
12056s seventh place overall what are what are
12058s uh
12059s kovacs and xerox actually fighting for
12062s here who is in sixth
12064s who's holding that bubble overall
12066s looks like for now right behind them
12068s sise also in trouble i think this is the
12071s operating eighth or yeah ninth place
12073s team
12074s him and milo they were 10th coming in a
12076s few teams in front of them fallen also
12078s in trouble they're right there 11. just
12080s need to survive this four people need to
12082s go down
12083s yeah but they've not got many shoes to
12085s work with at this stage and so
12088s even if
12089s those four players do go down they will
12091s be down to bare bones
12093s and they haven't got the pad to rotate
12095s through so they're just gonna have to
12096s try spencer matt so they're going to be
12097s down on shields down on hp down the
12099s material lord it's a recipe for disaster
12102s shire
12105s absolute opportunity in front of them
12106s but they do not have the fingers
12108s stretched out the grasp
12110s right now they're just searching for
12112s anything any sense of just patience
12115s reprieve a little bit of a time chamber
12117s to just pause in but zone closing in
12119s behind them team shooting beside them
12122s cece and milo this might be the end of
12123s their song for now
12124s somber strides long notes
12127s and arrests for them at the end of this
12128s one 72 above they've found a little bit
12130s of time cece is building in now the zone
12132s starts to clasp in mule will 100 take a
12134s little bit of damage a new sight line
12136s opens up it's the high ground team and
12138s much an example damage for the ones up
12140s top
12141s cesa's down
12143s miele has to go his own way and it looks
12145s like for the ninth place team this is
12146s the big hurdle they just could not
12148s overcome yeah you saw they were
12149s literally one of the last teams to
12151s rotate in
12152s practically the whole lobby had the eyes
12154s on them it was the team on a higher
12156s elevation that had that better view
12158s and so that was wraps right there
12162s but this
12164s is where things start to get crazy bad
12166s sniper
12167s has a tough task in his hands 104 points
12170s the longer he stays alive the better it
12172s is for his team
12181s so bass sniper now
12182s we'll rock in
12185s and we'll see exactly how they start to
12187s roll seventh place so far
12189s for xerox and kovacs finally ready to go
12191s this is exactly what throws down the vr
12193s the movie on the finals the top six
12196s movie on the finals as well
12198s the seventh overall
12200s going straight in
12202s he said this one so much damage under
12204s surge they need to find a duel somewhere
12206s to lock down
12208s yeah it's gonna be typical not much to
12211s work with when it comes to the resources
12213s they found a bit of a decent position
12215s and maybe they can angle themselves
12216s towards somebody who is just as scuffed
12218s as them trying to get their way in
12221s but even that isn't going to be easy to
12222s deal with as well as now zone keeps on
12224s moving you can see up on height tripping
12226s london in the back side of zone another
12228s one
12228s but he's fighting against walks the
12230s swede who hits only max it seems and so
12233s now thomas renegade down tripping
12235s knocked and so thomas all alone what can
12237s you do it's robin and walks the swedes
12240s up above they've been quiet all day long
12243s but maybe just maybe the right time for
12245s them to pipe up
12247s they're gonna start to rock their way
12248s all the way through as well it's gonna
12249s be so tough for thomas the trip for
12251s thomas has dropped down to just about
12253s absolutely low hp probably finally down
12255s two in that seventh place slot picking
12257s another might be able to hold on to this
12258s one so far in sixth overall taken out
12261s but still looking good dks bat snipers
12263s have been taken apart as well cyrus
12265s moving in looking good bro babs now 14th
12268s place whether this is walks actually
12270s apologies zeros then you talked about
12272s eleven they only hit max damage this man
12275s is the machine when it comes to shots
12277s landing and he's looking good so far up
12279s here though he's the sun what is his
12281s feet i thought he had gone down i really
12283s thought he had gone down my ears just
12285s managing to stay in this one it's
12286s actually flawless and mappy chilling up
12289s on a high i didn't expect to see this oh
12291s a brilliant surprise you can see now
12293s mappy applying pressure trying to make
12295s sure nobody can be in contention for
12297s high ground and as we drop down onto the
12299s lower layers loki sitting in seven seams
12303s now 95 points trying to do anything he
12306s can to push his team with no materials
12309s left and a dream
12311s trying to find a way to the final
12314s rise
12315s will be in this position as well
12316s 140 points up and operating second place
12319s for the moment they're just looking so
12321s good for them this is
12323s an even bigger victory lap they can just
12324s hold so many people back but this is the
12326s chaos you'd expect when the wind matters
12328s matthew up top in the sky with flores
12330s have been forced to build all the way up
12332s this far lost all their metal now back
12334s down to wood this is gonna be tough for
12336s the duo to ride about this game it's a
12337s marathon as well to make it to that
12339s night zone and win eighth place for loki
12342s and sangil too they can just almost crap
12344s in they just need a few more points
12346s break that 100 point mark get towards
12348s that top six loki now with no builds
12350s just the shots and one decision to make
12352s to stay alive in this game he's
12354s sprinting he's ducking he's diving but
12356s he needs to make sure he doesn't find
12357s himself in the wrong box ryzen and payne
12359s are now we've seen them in this position
12361s earlier on in the day what damage can
12363s they do to anybody else kaizu being the
12365s one to do big damage now as a solo takes
12367s down loki once and for all and he spots
12369s benji fishy in the back of the zone and
12371s he has something to say about him the
12372s zone will pull back towards benji maybe
12374s that gives him enough time to be able to
12376s find an alternate route to stay in this
12378s game but for sky zoo the pursuit to try
12380s and get a qual continues i see the final
12383s fight almost breaking out as well too
12384s yes climbing and floki on low ground
12387s 18th place so they're gonna be going for
12388s that vr have just chilled so far and
12390s used so many materials to get to this
12392s spot skies are up top gets bopped and
12394s he's down mappy though he's chilling
12396s close up top not even trying to fight
12398s pacifist time game play all the way on
12400s the high ground waiting for the final
12401s 2v2 they understand their win condition
12403s floyd realizes that if it comes down to
12405s it the med miss will prove victorious
12408s but he doesn't have a clue that floki
12409s has his own down there and so eventually
12411s their courses will have to collide but
12413s maybe lou and nana will have something
12414s to say about it
12416s as well other duo to look at who are the
12418s solos in between its walks mr max
12420s damaged himself he's looking for another
12422s shot to land this man has only hit
12424s triple digits every time i see him on
12426s screen
12427s up top kefi goes down walks is trying
12430s for the next one so many minutes in tow
12431s he doesn't care about his inventory at
12432s all though he's finally let loose
12434s looking towards the skies he wants to
12435s maybe even because that's tight he can
12436s do it with a vr he has a lot of match to
12438s be able to use right now he has to
12440s challenge two different duos though this
12442s will be tough and he is taken down we're
12444s going straight to it it's a 2v2v2 lose
12447s lost his teammate now just one solo in
12449s the mid-ground map he has to wrap this
12450s up how much damage can he do is the
12452s question everyone now kind of
12453s uninterrupted on their health bars what
12455s is really left that men missed in tolu
12457s is just stuck in the sandwich there's
12459s nothing for him to do he needs to try
12460s and stay alive but that won't be
12462s possible when this feels like deja vu
12464s floating coming down below trying to win
12467s a big game they've got one not can they
12468s get the other a big shot there from
12470s clement and floki and kevin will do it
12473s they qualify to the fncs finals deja vu
12477s those guys on low ground they never seem
12479s to fail me never at all as soon as i saw
12482s that duo and no one around them just a
12484s bubble of spiritual energy you could
12486s feel it coming all the way towards the
12488s end what a phenomenal win and what a way
12490s to do it i'm going to stop these
12491s guys are so clutch they rolled through
12494s right we talked about how it seemed to
12495s be a quiet day for them but they rolled
12497s through when it mattered the most and
12498s what a way to do it so they didn't even
12500s allow us to sort of pause for a moment
12503s the moment the solo went down they went
12505s for the drop down and they closed out
12506s the game no funny business whatsoever
12509s nicely executed for the frenchies yeah
12511s lou going down was kind of like the
12512s whistle to start the fight as soon as
12514s they saw a little bit of damage there
12515s like edit edit shot shot play play we're
12518s to the final finals that's what i'm
12519s talking about yeah what a win as well
12522s we've seen so many great teams get the
12524s wins to make it to the finals and we're
12525s going to kick it back to the analyst to
12527s break down some of the action we've seen
12528s from today
12530s did we
12532s was did we just see the first was that a
12534s victory out from from the low ground did
12536s that just happen did it second time
12538s second time because okay we got chico
12540s and two legs as well sure you gotta
12541s remember that as well you gotta remember
12542s two little round teams went in a row
12545s my uh my heart stopped there for a
12546s minute wow congratulations once again
12549s clement and floki my goodness i i feel
12553s like we've been watching them qualifiers
12555s and now they finally come in and say oh
12556s uh we you wanted us to go to finals we
12558s just needed a victory out our bad our
12560s battle is coming real fast don't worry
12561s about it i mean there's only one fncs
12563s finals that claimant has ever missed out
12565s of all of them he is the most qualifying
12567s player in eu so far and
12570s like when you see him like he's not
12571s gonna miss there's no way he's gonna
12572s miss the finals right now and again this
12574s has been pretty shaky for them
12575s throughout most of last season and again
12577s through this but with the victoria
12579s potential that this team has like that's
12581s the ticket punch straight through now
12582s it's all about who else is gonna qualify
12584s through in chunkers yeah grand finals
12586s wouldn't be grandfathers without
12586s floating clement would it really they
12588s are the team that we expect to be there
12589s and they have done it in the last game
12591s of the day today in sort of
12593s uncharacteristic fashion for floating
12595s clement we would expect them to be going
12597s for the more placement and low ground
12598s play which we did but we didn't see them
12600s do it consistently enough today and they
12601s picked up the elimination and the
12602s victory royale where it matters mostly
12604s yeah i mean that play that we saw right
12606s there a little bit of a choke from
12607s flores it wasn't mappy let's be real
12609s right at the same time they've already
12610s crawled i'm almost certain through top
12612s through top six when i saw the place on
12614s the leaderboard but you saw how many
12616s materials that flows had up on high
12617s ground right because he picked up the
12619s refresh that got him i think 50 builds
12621s at that time yeah so he was fully
12622s stacked and then they ended up getting
12623s double edited down on he should
12625s obviously be building and protecting
12626s himself up on the high ground at that
12628s moment yeah he had the match to do it he
12630s definitely had the potential to sort of
12632s hold his way on top of that high ground
12633s but this is what we saw the high ground
12635s retake that shot from up top and uh
12637s floyd and matthew they had high ground
12638s originally then they dropped down i
12640s think flowers dropped down a little bit
12641s and we saw a completely different team a
12643s completely different complexion up on
12644s the high ground then they came back for
12646s round two and oh boy did they do it
12648s right they clutched up they made sure to
12650s get those eliminations on the low ground
12652s as well and picked up the refreshes
12654s where it matters most i think we saw
12655s wops who was the one with all the
12656s matches it was picked up yeah right
12658s there that was the one he goes from up
12660s to now 23 builds at that moment ended up
12662s picking up lou as well but because he
12664s jumped down onto those materials that
12665s was it there ended up going on to a
12667s build that was not his so let's be real
12669s we saw in the bottom left if you were
12670s keen eyed he hit the qualification
12672s anyway because that was into the top
12673s five so obviously massive
12674s congratulations for them but they could
12676s have you know played it out in style a
12677s little victoria as well yeah you know
12679s just do what it matters right give it a
12681s growl casual trip to finals oh just
12683s another day in life of fortnite players
12685s it happens like that sometimes let's
12687s take a look at some of the clips coming
12688s out of raisin as well my goodness i just
12691s feel like semi-finals and it's crazy
12693s we're gonna have two more days of this
12694s right like we are this is a nice just
12695s like appetizer if i could quote shy with
12698s you for just a moment
12699s you notice obviously before here they've
12701s been a team who struggled with surge all
12702s day right they've been again right in
12704s this clip 150 under and that's actually
12706s just because of the play style i think
12707s xiao picked up on this earlier like
12708s reason is a controller player and the
12710s majority of their surge comes from
12712s getting in the box and fighting right
12714s and to being aggressive which has led to
12716s them kind of continually struggled until
12718s they as i said earlier
12719s that raising classic jump straight in
12721s the box and get some surges of elims
12723s yeah they did it's great to watch in
12724s that endgame in those final moments
12726s picking up elimination after elimination
12727s and just about getting them above the
12729s storm such but as we can see they are
12731s topping the leaderboard today and looks
12732s as though they're going through on the
12733s consistency points
12735s my goodness the top six dks and bad
12738s sniper they just barely push out pink
12742s and a knot that's gotta feel real
12744s difficult right by seven points that's
12746s three eliminations a handful of
12748s placements but it's a really good way to
12751s kind of set up for the next set of games
12752s right the next two days you kind of
12754s bring that same momentum back and you
12756s could very well see a qualification spot
12758s i mean also we're just surprised they
12760s didn't win a game they should have won a
12762s game at the same time and they switched
12763s to their playstyle we saw them go too
12764s deep in zone in that last match there
12766s and unfortunately didn't work out for
12769s them brought our casters back because we
12772s got to talk about predictions we got to
12773s talk about
12775s the day i don't really want to put right
12777s now
12779s man that's crazy you start the day
12781s talking a lot of stuff over here
12785s we actually wanted floki clement to call
12787s right we didn't say anything about it
12789s because we predicted thomas stripper so
12791s thomas and tripper would overplay a
12792s little bit give mokikuma the space and
12795s then they rolled in that's what it was
12796s that's what it was yes
12799s something like that of course the saving
12801s grace mini unfortunately for us
12803s i dropped the big drop and the jury king
12805s dubbed by levin didn't qualify today but
12809s i feel like they have some pretty good
12810s momentum coming in tomorrow yeah they do
12812s and i think it's not something you can
12813s really say they didn't try hard enough
12814s today they tried their best they went
12815s for those high ground plays they stuck
12817s to their guns they know how to play and
12818s i'm sure they'll be able to take that
12819s momentum going into the next day of
12821s course tomorrow we have another round of
12823s this and another opportunity for them to
12825s qualify i have no doubts that they will
12826s make it through but all it takes is one
12828s game to win and if anyone can do it it's
12830s definitely them this is this proved to
12832s be a little bit different than what
12833s we're expecting you know trivial is not
12834s quite winning a game of course pink and
12835s nana's the same but i think they can do
12837s it day two they're just getting more
12838s practice in yeah you're living in the
12839s theoretical zone
12841s i'm living in the practicals
12844s sorry i'm sorry that's everyone
12846s i'm excited
12848s yeah sorry you were talking yeah i'm the
12850s new guy pass it down
12851s i need to obviously head queasy game
12853s number two victory royale yeah
12855s nothing more what uh what a hard
12857s decision i don't want to talk to my
12858s neighbor's dog and see if he also why
12860s didn't you make that decision you know
12861s what i mean why are you waiting for me i
12862s didn't want to woof today
12865s i like this guy a little bit in the box
12872s uh my goodness game number one kind of
12875s expectations going into day number two
12877s um i'm gonna probably lock the same
12879s thing in terms of thomas tripper some of
12880s these bigger teams i think should have
12881s an easier time a lot of these newer
12883s teams will be coming in not the most
12884s experienced you know not the most same
12886s type of solid strat surge might be a
12887s little bit difficult a lot of people
12889s have practice today should have a five
12890s given advantage almost right i think
12891s statistically but for everyone else
12893s hopefully they played more than five
12894s games though that's true yeah that
12896s shouldn't be that much advantage
12900s i think the big thing with thomas and
12901s trippin which i will be sticking with
12903s again when it comes to tomorrow is the
12904s fact that the mentality aspect of it
12906s right of course a lot of the bigger
12908s names that would have been an issue for
12909s them in some of these games made it
12911s through now so if they go into tomorrow
12914s we always see right when players sort of
12915s go into tournaments with low
12916s expectations or almost that lack of
12918s pressure the confidence comes through we
12921s saw them going for some of these games
12923s losing out the fight up top my hope is
12925s tomorrow they can start hitting some of
12926s their shots
12927s what do you think rhys i mean i think
12929s we're going to see upsets tomorrow
12930s because we think we can all agree we saw
12932s some upsets today yeah yeah the fact
12933s that a lot of the predictions didn't go
12934s through i'm not trying to rub it and i'm
12935s just absolutely saying i'm just
12937s genuinely
12944s yeah so i'll mock you but i'm right no
12946s of course you know what i mean the thing
12947s is i think we'll still see that tomorrow
12949s yeah i think it's a really good call
12950s because like the biggest thing today
12951s usually when we're watching fortnite in
12952s general competitive wise it starts in
12954s the fifth sixth zone that's what we see
12955s can win the game it's not eleven behind
12957s the scenes kind of the eighth and the
12958s ninth zone that's where we kind of find
12959s some of these teams randomly just gain
12961s control and win it's so last minute
12964s what do you think vinnie wrap us up i
12966s mean i'm excited for tomorrow
12967s eyedropping jerky they will quote i'm
12968s gonna keep to stick to my guns here and
12970s of course they're uncontested today
12971s maybe they can test it tomorrow they
12972s have performed under both conditions and
12974s i have no doubt they'll qualify for
12975s something those two will be the end of
12976s minimizing
12978s the beginning you know i we'll stay we
12980s will stick to our guns i'll be there
12981s with you you're going to be there yeah
12982s yeah yeah i'll be there with you in the
12983s last company there we go see you in
12985s round three we'll see you around through
12986s your report that is it for the
12988s competition here from semifinals day
12990s number one in europe but don't forget we
12991s also have any east any west for five
12993s games respectively and don't forget
12995s we're back tomorrow same time same place
12997s same great people same fantastic stage
13000s we love you guys keep yourself safe and
13002s we'll see you
13004s on the battle bus
13006s so to speak
13011s [Music]
13024s [Music]
13125s [Music]
13163s [Music]
13228s [Music]
13280s so
13330s [Music]
13336s so
13365s [Music]
13376s so
13380s [Music]
13404s uh
13411s [Music]
13422s [Music]
13472s [Music]
13479s [Music]
13496s this
13513s [Music]
13531s so
13549s so
13588s so
13601s so
13612s [Music]
13620s [Music]
13636s much
13658s so
13662s [Music]
13727s so
13773s [Music]
13796s so
13811s [Music]
13814s so
13852s [Music]
13863s [Music]
13881s so
13910s [Music]
13918s [Music]
13921s so
13944s this
13994s so
14010s so
14024s [Music]
14040s my
14050s so
14058s [Music]
14066s [Music]
14120s [Music]
14136s so
14162s so
14222s me
14230s so
14245s so
14266s [Music]
14343s so
14363s [Music]
14371s [Music]
14392s um
14405s [Music]
14470s so
14497s so
14504s [Music]
14510s [Music]
14519s [Music]
14544s [Music]
14575s [Music]
14583s [Music]
14595s [Music]
14603s [Music]
14638s so
14659s um
14715s [Music]
14742s [Music]
14752s [Music]
14765s so
14819s so
14888s so
14908s uh
14980s um
14990s [Music]
15079s um
15099s ah
15112s so
15142s so
15156s [Music]
15170s so
15225s so
15248s [Music]
15324s so
15338s so
15352s so
15354s [Music]
15395s so
15429s um
15490s so
15492s [Music]
15524s [Music]
15553s [Music]
15577s next
15591s [Music]
15618s so
15654s it's
15669s me
15701s so
15722s this
15800s [Music]
15808s [Music]
15814s so
15825s um
15898s [Music]
15931s um
15941s wow
15952s uh
15954s [Music]
15966s so
15968s [Music]
15993s so
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16038s so
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16227s [Music]
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16395s uh
16455s [Music]
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16521s my
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17016s uh
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17158s so
17230s [Music]
17236s uh
17279s [Music]
17305s thank um
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17642s foreign
17669s great
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17831s so
17850s um
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17953s so
17978s um
17985s [Music]
18006s um
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18102s this
18108s so
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18452s um
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18567s [Music]
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18724s okay
18746s um
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18955s [Music]
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19139s my
19166s this
19173s so
19195s uh
19197s um
19261s [Music]
19271s do
19341s so
19410s [Music]
19417s [Music]
19423s i'm ready
19424s rumble check one
19426s hello guys my name is stayson i'm
19428s competing in the regional rumble
19435s i haven't played this map since so long
19437s i mean it's really good for aim practice
19440s because it's really like
19442s realistic i would say
19449s okay 71 hit
19451s 44 missed
19456s [Music]
19459s i know epic has like really good
19461s tracking so might be hard to beat him in
19464s this
19465s [Music]
19475s five
19479s [Music]
19484s there's too many targets i don't know to
19486s focus on
19489s [Music]
19497s i think i could have done way better it
19499s just
19500s if i had more time i think to practice
19502s on this
19504s but i think the na guys will do better
19505s than me maybe with the
19508s zombie mk tracking i might have done
19510s better i'm sorry i disappointed you guys
19524s [Music]
19527s my name is bizil i'm representing na
19529s east in the regional rumble i'm going
19531s against tayson and epic whale personally
19533s i think i'm going to win i am ready and
19536s if anything taste him i give me a little
19537s bit of a challenge all right let's go 50
19540s meters time trail
19542s i probably never played this before
19547s this is the one thing i'm supposed to be
19548s good at
19549s [Music]
19554s oh lord 61.
19556s that's bad right that's definitely bad
19558s went awful i felt so bad 61 there's no
19562s way i won if i want i'll be very
19563s surprised
19565s let's go 50 meters horizontal i should
19568s win this
19571s i'm missing too many shots
19574s i need more headshots
19577s [Music]
19582s six is that right that should be fine
19584s i'm feeling confident with that maybe
19586s not really all right
19588s all right we got skeet let's go
19590s [Music]
19593s why is the background black i can't see
19594s anything
19600s [Music]
19603s spawn
19604s [Music]
19607s all right 66 that's okay there's no way
19610s that'll
19611s we'll win i should win i think probably
19613s not
19625s [Music]
19628s this mouse pad is tiny
19630s oh good
19632s all right
19633s hey what's up guys my name is epic whale
19635s and today i'm going to be representing
19636s na west in the regional rumble
19638s first one's 50 meter ranger starting it
19641s up
19644s more like a flicking map
19657s all right
19658s hit 64. not bad
19661s i don't really know hopefully that's a
19662s good score it's uh not used to this
19664s setup so we'll see
19680s oh we got three eliminations all right
19681s that's solid
19683s ran out of mouse mouse space a few times
19685s but we did
19701s all right 62. it's all out i feel like
19706s that was that might have been my best
19707s one either this one was the first one i
19708s don't know that second one was pretty
19710s tough
19712s the first one was
19713s a more flick map like
19715s almost like shotgun name kind of the
19717s second one was mostly just hard tracking
19720s and then the third one was like a
19721s combination of the two
19723s where you're kind of flicking at moving
19725s targets and tracking a little bit
19727s personally i'm pretty like even i don't
19729s have like one one's not weight my
19732s tracking isn't way better than my
19733s flicking and my flicking isn't way
19734s better my tracking so
19749s so
19752s [Music]
19757s fortnite fam you made it right on time
19761s fncs nae semifinals day one let's do
19765s this thing
19767s last time on fncs in the
19769s fan favorites clicks and day finally
19772s make it through to the finals with the
19773s direct qual and a number three spot even
19776s with the highest average eliminations in
19778s the entire session
19780s rokane gave us all a lesson on how you
19782s can solo clutch your way through a
19783s qualifier he took matters into his own
19786s hands making sure he and joji are ready
19788s for the finals
19790s the lobby is filling up with the best
19792s team still to qualify for finals
19794s it's time to claim a victory royale or
19797s get the consistent game plan going
19799s do you have what it takes
19801s fncsna east semi-final one starts now
19809s [Music]
19823s hello and welcome in again to the show
19825s look we did it we're here in the studio
19828s it has been such a long time coming and
19829s we are so delighted to have you guys
19831s here along for the ride because tonight
19833s is all about fncs nae and boy is it
19836s going to be action packed my name is
19838s adam savage i am delighted to be your
19840s host we are here to bring you the very
19843s best from the region now to give you
19844s some context as well obviously
19845s semi-finals okay this is exciting why is
19848s it exciting because 11 teams are going
19850s to qualify today alone and join the 15
19853s already qualified for finals next
19854s weekend and something interesting as
19856s well for you guys that you head around
19858s is collectively the finalists competing
19860s tonight the semi-finalists have been 314
19863s times in finals previously together so
19867s we've got a lot of veterans a lot of
19868s players who are eager to get back into
19870s finals where they belong it's all to
19872s play for it's going to be explosive and
19874s you have a front row seat but of course
19877s it's not just me the entire squad has
19879s assembled the analysts are waiting and i
19882s cannot wait to bring them out give it up
19884s for the one and only vivid and spg
19887s hey
19888s [Music]
19889s look at this come here you're not coming
19891s this is coming
19895s oh you smell just as good as i imagined
19897s uh we honestly for the last year guys we
19899s have been working from home together
19901s finally we're in the same place at the
19902s same time
19904s and we're gonna we're just gonna live
19905s live the dream every second this is
19907s amazing uh sbg obviously semi-finals we
19909s mentioned some big teams some huge
19911s performances are needed because so many
19913s big duos yet to qualify how excited to
19916s be in the studio and to be here at
19918s semifinals i mean look at this it's
19919s beautiful i'm next two beautiful humans
19921s and we have some awesome fortnite headed
19924s up just shortly but vivid you know we
19927s have some awesome games coming how you
19929s feeling we do indeed and listen eu set
19931s us up perfectly right i loved the
19934s highlight moment for me snazzy first
19936s game that solo clutch play especially on
19938s ticket and oz to clutch up that video
19939s ride straight through the finals thank
19941s you so much for giving us that hype i
19943s hope some of our players can also follow
19945s up with their own place i think we can
19947s guarantee that is definitely going to
19948s happen in this region nae we're used to
19950s it by now there are so many clutch plays
19951s so many big moments and it's all coming
19953s your way speaking of which let's talk
19955s about how we actually got here in the
19957s first place the broadcast schedule as
19958s well um i've actually done something
19960s here spg check this out um it's really
19962s easy to miss but i want to show you um
19964s in case you missed it
19966s it's right here oh just here yeah there
19969s it is it's very easy to miss uh
19971s broadcast schedule of course here uh if
19972s you haven't been watching thus far
19974s welcome in i'm sure maybe very seasoned
19976s here but just to catch you up to speed
19978s qualifier one two and three has already
19980s happened those fifteen teams you
19981s mentioned at the beginning of the show
19982s five qualified from each of these
19984s qualifiers and now we are here in
19985s semifinals you can see may 20th that is
19987s right now where tonight 11 more will
19990s join them and obviously next weekend is
19991s finals but that's that's miles away got
19993s a whole weekend with the semifinals
19994s first vivid tell us exactly how our
19996s teams got here in the first place listen
19999s you guys know what's going on we had
20002s three qualifiers go down each comprised
20005s of four rounds each and in those fourth
20007s rounds we had five teams go directly
20009s through to the finals why we have 15
20011s teams gathered already but that is not
20012s enough for a finals which is why we're
20014s here in the semi-finals basically a
20017s series point leaderboard was constructed
20020s and that's how teams got here now
20022s session number one we're going to play
20023s five matches today each match is going
20025s to have a victoria team that goes
20027s straight through to the finals but also
20028s at the end of this session and the end
20030s of each session the cumulative points
20033s for each team qualifying through
20034s consistency will also matter the top six
20036s there will get them through to the
20039s finals but that leaderboard right that
20040s consistency leaderboard they need points
20042s to get up there spg how do they gather
20045s those points i got you vivid like you
20047s mentioned the victory royales that's the
20049s key you see a thousand points that
20051s essentially means you're moving straight
20052s to the next round but what you're trying
20054s to do is get consistency as well if you
20056s don't get that victory royale you need
20058s to get some placement points you need
20060s the elim points they're going to start
20061s at 35th and you start to accumulate them
20064s all the way up to second place and
20065s you're gonna be able to get three points
20067s per elimination we're going to see some
20069s teams rack up some massive elim games
20071s that'll shoot them up the leaderboard
20073s it's gonna be so interesting how it
20074s unfolds as well with some teams who
20076s qualify for victory royale in the point
20077s system who's what's gonna happen we'll
20079s have to find out uh vivid of course the
20081s teams are a big part of this as well who
20083s is competing who are you excited about
20085s this is just a few of the players oh my
20087s goodness there's loads on there big
20088s names yeah big names and that's what
20090s makes this semi-final so exciting
20091s because there are so many players when
20092s you look at this it's like man they
20094s deserve to be in the finals which is
20095s what they are fighting for here today
20097s but a duo that sticks out to me
20099s voyo and except specifically the reason
20102s why is because they were the most
20103s consistent throughout each one of our
20105s qualifiers out of the teams obviously
20106s that didn't make it through to the
20108s finals they got the most serious points
20110s in every single round four they made it
20113s to for each qualifier and then also
20116s yesterday spg they actually got 10th in
20117s the cash cup so they are continuing with
20119s that consistency yeah they're feeling
20121s good we just saw them place well like
20123s you mentioned and you know another team
20125s that i want to highlight here we have
20127s bucky and cam another duo they've shown
20130s us they know how to win games they did
20132s so earlier in the qualifiers they made
20134s it to every single qualifier but unable
20137s to get one of those top spots hey today
20139s it's all about the victory royales we'll
20141s see bucky and cam go head-to-head at
20143s bugle but the key for them is to go and
20146s try and grab that high ground bucky and
20148s cam are a high ground team they're going
20150s to look to play height and grab one of
20152s those games we know they can do it we've
20153s seen them do it before
20155s and
20156s likely going to see it here again today
20158s yeah absolutely listen bucky has been
20159s out been around for quite some time now
20162s definitely knows what he's doing
20163s especially with those higher ground
20164s plays like you mentioned then bringing
20166s in the young gun of cam to kind of back
20168s him up make those plays possible it's
20171s just so awesome when they actually come
20174s together and do very very well and
20176s taking those higher ground plays but
20178s spg these aren't the only players that
20180s we got we got a couple more players as
20181s well to round out this lobby and out of
20184s those players you know we talked about
20186s the higher ground mackwood and donnie
20188s for sure mackwood himself he's been
20190s going for high ground for how long now
20192s like season x all the way back since the
20194s first evidence yes literally and an
20196s important step to note is that mac would
20198s actually individually out of all the
20200s players playing today actually has the
20202s most fncs final visits at 10.
20205s wow all right that's impressive likely
20208s going to see it here again today another
20209s team to watch out for we have so many
20212s veterans like adam said at the top of
20214s the show there's going to be those top
20216s teams so many finals performances and a
20218s team coming off a
20220s hot finals performance last season is
20222s spade and chimp finishing in second
20224s place last season and coming into
20226s semifinals today they're another team
20228s that has consistently qualified to round
20231s for those qualifiers they're a
20232s mid-ground team they play a little bit
20234s different of a style they're gonna look
20235s to cut teams off make plays for
20237s refreshes and then grab those refreshes
20239s and play consistency i don't know that
20241s they're gonna be a team that's gonna
20243s look to play for the win go for the
20244s consistency but if we do see him win a
20246s game i would not be surprised yeah and
20248s actually some of those highlights right
20249s there we saw plenty of times their
20251s inventories were looking very heavy on
20252s like the floppers the chug splashes so
20255s definitely room there to make some plays
20256s in the storm and get those consistent
20258s points that you were talking about yeah
20261s and hey talking about some other players
20263s adam what do you got for us well i was
20264s thinking that's only that's only four
20266s duos you've highlighted there and so
20267s many more names on the board you saw
20269s there as well but you're probably
20270s thinking as well how do our players
20271s actually get ready for competitions like
20274s fnc as well here are some of their
20276s rituals nae style
20280s [Music]
20285s lake turns usually around six so i warm
20287s up about three hours so i'll warm up
20289s with an aim trainer and then it's
20290s loading into you know fortnite creative
20292s course peace control maps mechanics maps
20294s 1v1 maps and stuff like that and then
20296s more importantly just playing against
20298s top tier players because if you're not
20299s practicing against them before you're
20301s not gonna be ready for them in the game
20302s top and creative and free build they're
20303s like pg a friend or two stretch my ends
20305s a bit to not get injured on my wrist
20307s just listen to music get myself in the
20309s zone for my aim and practice and create
20311s it for like 30 minutes aim train for the
20313s first 30 30 minutes and then for the
20315s next 30 minutes i just play with a
20317s friend try to just get my mechanics on
20319s before big tournaments i like getting a
20320s big breakfast
20325s i do like a tuner pump map for about 30
20326s minutes to warm up i usually just go on
20328s my own maps to just kind of free build
20330s and aim training a little bit just 1v1s
20333s and pg another player my best
20335s recommendation for any creative mouse
20336s would probably be raiders a map raiders
20339s mechanics maps or peace control maps i
20341s think he probably makes the best
20342s creative maps for warming up
20347s i'll try to like focus more on my sleep
20348s and just make sure i'm on like a
20349s specific pattern so it's easier to fall
20351s asleep and everything so i think sleep's
20353s a very important part of any anyone's
20355s routine if not the most important thing
20356s if you don't get enough you'll just end
20358s up being just tired and really bad
20364s i throw my phone behind me i don't like
20366s open twitter really i don't tweet
20367s honestly just like walk away from my
20369s setup go put my dogs if i need to i
20371s always go take a quick walk sometimes
20374s every day see outside and
20376s get some sun it's always good to go
20378s outside and get some fresh air
20382s [Music]
20383s the mental preparation and the pressure
20385s it just calms itself when you've played
20387s a lot of tournaments i got like super
20389s nervous especially i was like younger
20390s now i'm just used to like all the
20392s pressure doesn't really get to me
20393s anymore i just like don't have pressure
20395s or anything to be honest i just go into
20397s it like trying to do the best i can i
20399s thrive in the competition side i think i
20402s play better when there's a lot of money
20403s in the line or if we're at finals i want
20405s to get to that top 100 no matter what
20412s it's always good to hear from our
20414s professionals and see exactly how they
20416s do it if you're a budding fncs superstar
20418s as well could be some good tips there
20420s for you at home now of course tonight
20422s let's focus on some jurors in particular
20424s boys who are you really excited to see
20426s compete man it's hard to choose it
20428s really is because like you mentioned
20429s before there are so many teams playing
20431s today that deserve a spot in these
20433s finals but threats and rise
20436s somebody a team that has been on the
20438s quote unquote rise for a long time now
20441s throwing it back all the way to chapter
20443s two season six is when they actually
20445s first first joined together and ever
20447s since they've just been doing so well
20448s together we see they're gonna be laying
20449s in that condo canyon today i think
20451s they're actually gonna be contested so
20453s that could prove to be a little
20454s difficult for them but they have just
20456s done so well actually just yesterday in
20458s the cash cup that we saw they got third
20460s place and as you can see here they've
20461s gotten five duo cash cup finals this
20463s season yeah and the difficulty like you
20465s mentioned is gonna be off spawn if
20467s they're able to get off spawn they're
20469s gonna be in a good spot if not then
20471s we're gonna see them struggle it's going
20473s to matter whether they can make it
20474s through to that mid game the two have so
20476s much experience playing together and the
20479s consistency will be there as long as
20481s they can escape condo canyon exactly yes
20483s that experience definitely matters
20485s especially when we're talking about
20486s these team game modes speaking about
20488s another team who was actually together
20490s last season which is why we're excited
20491s to see them here today jack and ellis
20494s they did make the fncs finals last
20496s season which was duos as well so high
20498s hopes for them which is why they're
20499s looking good for this one today this
20502s team four duo casca finals and spg an
20504s interesting thing about this duo
20506s actually is that combined together
20508s individually they actually have the most
20510s fncs final appearances out of anybody
20513s playing today oh i like that and now
20516s this team they've been fighting for
20517s space off spawn at tilted it's been
20520s three teams two teams four teams now it
20523s looks like they're gonna have that south
20524s side all to themselves they'll have some
20526s space illest he's been showing off that
20528s clutch ability we saw from him a few
20530s seasons ago and jack you know he's got
20532s some plays in his bag the flopper plays
20534s the launch pad plays both of them
20536s together i'm looking forward to those
20538s too yeah definitely looking forward to
20540s those two as well but another team that
20543s i am looking forward to seeing finally
20545s for the first time this season in a set
20547s lobby bizzle and diego now obviously
20550s listen it's been a while since we've
20551s seen bizzle but this is why it's so
20553s exciting to see him back right a very
20555s well vetted player for sure and then
20557s bringing in that young gun in diego
20559s listen i've seen some youtube videos of
20561s this could play and it is fun it is
20563s exciting to watch he is very good now
20566s obviously they had some rough round
20568s threes not necessarily rough but listen
20570s they got 50 first
20572s twice
20573s in two of those around a three so just
20575s so close to making it into that round
20577s four which you know we would have seen
20578s them in a set lobby in that case yeah
20579s and we don't know how this is going to
20581s play out for them yet because we haven't
20583s seen them but with the experience of
20585s bizzle we know he likes to make plays to
20587s win games he's been a pioneer of taking
20589s high ground in previous seasons and with
20592s the skill of diego he's got a nice
20595s player by his side so the combination of
20596s the two is going to be scary today
20599s yes in indeed
20601s listen you know we talked about it
20602s before these contests that happen in
20604s these fncs finals they are oh so
20607s important and i think we're going to be
20608s taking a look at a few of those aren't
20609s we adam yeah i'm all about all about off
20612s spawn off spawn fights that's what
20614s that's how i live my life i love to
20615s watch this stuff unfold because in the
20617s pois that is what's really really
20618s exciting as we know in this particular
20621s format in semifinals when a team does
20622s qualify victor royale style they could
20625s be
20625s in a contested area suddenly they're out
20627s there they're going through to the next
20629s round it opens things up oh yeah there
20631s are a few areas that we're looking
20632s forward to seeing exactly how they
20634s unfold uh one of which sun app station
20636s okay synapse station interesting poi
20639s here we've got voyal versus casca uh
20641s their duo's going head-to-head here two
20643s big teams
20644s spg
20645s what do you think it's gonna unfold here
20647s what are we gonna see so that main
20649s building we're looking at right now that
20651s is what we're going to be playing for
20653s you can play for the north side but it's
20655s going to be scrapping loot whoever winds
20656s up getting that second spot if it winds
20659s up happening like that is going to be
20661s playing second fiddle you want that main
20663s building you want all that loot but
20665s between these two teams how do you
20666s expect this to play out vivid man listen
20668s i think that voil and x have definitely
20671s played better throughout these
20672s qualifiers for sure right but like
20674s oswald's completely different you know
20675s they could have had some off spawns
20677s where they didn't really have to worry
20678s about it they were uncontested in those
20679s situations but here they're going to be
20681s contested and where we found them so
20683s good was actually that consistency
20684s factor not necessarily those victor
20686s royales and we have seen before in these
20688s fncs finals or set lobbies where when
20690s you are consistent contested it is hard
20693s to kind of play to that consistency
20695s because you know half these games you're
20696s just simply going to lose all spawning
20697s you can't really keep that up and keep
20699s getting those points to get into that
20700s top six so it'll be interesting to see
20702s if they kind of come in with a different
20703s strategy you know kind of maybe go for
20705s the victor royale a little bit more than
20707s we're used to seeing out of them and an
20708s interesting point about this spot is you
20710s can see the zone if you can find enough
20713s gold you can speak to the mpc buy where
20715s the next zone is going to be so if we
20717s get some southern poles they're able to
20718s get enough gold they're going to be seen
20720s in the future
20721s interesting i i
20722s totally see a point there as well it
20724s does it really switches things up things
20725s are going to be very exciting obviously
20727s uh another you know poi we've got to
20729s take a look at as well for our spawn
20730s fights as we know is going to be the
20732s collider okay now this is a new poi
20734s exciting we saw a bit in eu earlier on a
20737s lot of teams looking to get excited
20738s about this one i like getting in there
20740s seeing what they can make that get out
20741s of it potentially rotate out of it lots
20742s of opportunities to do so but you can
20744s see here users versus sprite here two
20747s duos and then there's actually three
20748s landing at the poi but how is this gonna
20751s unfold new poi i mean surely anything is
20753s possible spg anything is possible we saw
20756s a lot of craziness go on at this poi
20759s over on eu we were just watching and we
20762s didn't know how that was gonna play out
20764s one game one team won one game one team
20766s ran away we're likely gonna see that
20768s same thing here here's the third team
20769s abram and incan they're going to be
20771s landing on the north side and vivid you
20774s went in you dove in to see how this poi
20776s is potentially going to play out i love
20778s you i love you just dove in i just move
20780s in
20781s dove right in for sure listen this poi
20783s came out i have to go check it out and
20784s listen i had a lot of fun so much so i
20786s ended up you know maybe staying up a
20788s little bit too late playing a little bit
20789s of fortnite but we all talk about that
20791s right yeah um but yeah listen this pi is
20793s just so good like i mentioned it's so
20794s fun and there's just so much i think
20796s there's upwards of like like 15 i o
20798s chests a bunch of regular chests you got
20800s the coolers here there's slurp brows
20801s around but i haven't even talked about
20803s it yet the guaranteed supply drops that
20805s can be found on both the west and the
20808s east side of the map here and that's
20810s what these teams are pretty much going
20812s here for right that guaranteed launch
20813s pad of these supply drops that is worth
20815s so much but we saw over in eu that if a
20818s contest happens and if a fight is
20819s planned on going down then you kind of
20822s have to go for that 50 50 because the py
20824s isn't necessarily set up for these long
20826s flights because mats are hard to get you
20828s know what i mean the the way that the
20830s poi is set up there's a lot of high
20832s ground there's a lot of position that
20833s you can maintain to where it's hard to
20835s make a push feels like a risky play
20837s doesn't it changing up poi and
20838s semi-finals
20840s what teams will do we'll have to find
20841s out very shortly uh first things first
20843s of course we love getting to know our
20844s players uh one of the high ground
20845s masters is of course mackwood here's
20848s what happened when we caught up with him
20855s what's up everyone sundown here and i'm
20857s joined by g2 mackwood and we are in the
20859s lobby so we're going to be learning a
20861s little bit about this veteran player and
20863s how long he's been in the scene so why
20864s don't you tell us a little bit about
20865s yourself uh my name is mackwood i'm from
20868s nebraska i've been competing in fortnite
20870s for
20871s as long as i can remember probably about
20873s three and a half maybe four years now so
20875s i'm definitely an og to the scene what
20877s kind of originally got you into that
20879s wanting to compete in fortnite take that
20880s next step and see like how good you
20882s could be like i never had the full
20883s intent of trying to gopro in this game
20885s it was just when winter royale of the og
20888s whenever i came around
20889s i like came home from school started my
20891s stream and i just i just played it and i
20893s was like i was one point off calling in
20895s the first heat and then there was like
20896s two heats so i actually ended up calling
20898s by one point the next heat and i did
20901s good in that and then complexity found
20902s me and picked me up so i started to take
20904s it pretty serious and like as soon as
20905s you know it like world cup came around
20906s and qualified for that and i moved away
20908s from my my hometown and took it pretty
20910s serious and i mean if you think about it
20912s too being one of 10 people to win a
20915s duo's world cup game when you like
20917s finally look back you saw that you guys
20918s have been able to clutch up you won a
20920s game just the entirety of the arena
20922s roars like relive that moment for a
20924s second i literally
20926s almost can't even remember it it's just
20928s like white to me like it was just pure
20929s adrenaline i remember getting up and
20931s just like i didn't even like high five
20932s cops i started punching him like i was
20934s so excited but that's what you guys were
20936s definitely known for in that time just
20937s being able to have the very precise aim
20939s in punishing people and i feel like
20940s that's something that's kind of
20942s translated into your game plan now so
20944s kind of talk to me about what's going on
20946s now with fortnite uh this season is
20947s definitely going good i'm still trying
20948s to adapt to kind of the new chapter of
20951s fortnite it's more like spray and aim
20953s and not really like peace and pump kind
20955s of uh so it's always just everyday
20958s adapting and just getting used to the
20959s new meta how's the time been with donnie
20961s been so far because i know you guys
20962s played last season as well yeah playing
20964s with donny's been uh super fun it's just
20966s it's so fun to play with the kid who's
20968s like so
20969s explosive like i wouldn't say he's a
20971s common controller it's like he'll just
20973s go quiet and then it's just 200 you know
20974s or like we'll launch pat on height you
20976s know what i'm known for and it's just he
20978s just puts them down every time so i'm
20979s excited to see what we can do this
20981s season and hopefully we're uncontested
20983s okay so looking at this season and you
20984s say hopefully uncontested where are you
20986s looking at going right now you're trying
20987s to keep that secret sauce a little close
20989s to the chest you're trying to like push
20990s everyone away right now i'm just sending
20992s it all the way to the bugle you know
20993s i've never been one to leave a spot so
20995s as long as things are looking good going
20997s into grounds for the big that's where
20998s i'll be
20999s now finally can you let everyone know
21001s where to find you where can they check
21003s you out where are you streaming what
21004s socials do you post on what are your
21005s tags uh so my twitch is just mackwood
21008s and my twitter is at mackwood1x and
21010s that's my main two platforms awesome
21012s thank you so much mackwood thank you
21017s love hearing from backward there we've
21019s talked about him so much over previous
21020s fncs seasons and but
21022s not qualified yet surprising maybe but
21025s interesting talking about higher ground
21026s versus logan we saw an eu earlier as
21027s well two teams qualifying by the victor
21030s royale on the low ground we're so used
21032s to seeing the high ground being the
21033s dominant play here though spg do you
21035s think high ground in this region is
21037s going to be a popular choice when it
21039s comes to winning i think early on we
21041s will see it be high ground is the
21043s dominant spot but then over time we'll
21045s see a few sneaking low ground wins as
21048s teams just continue to go for that
21050s height play yeah yeah and that's what we
21052s saw in eu right a couple of those height
21053s teams getting overzealous maybe drop
21055s down a bit too early end up losing it
21057s yes indeed they did now obviously we are
21058s we are moments away from game number one
21060s but
21061s the squad is not complete without the
21063s final two pieces of the jigsaw okay we
21065s have our incredible
21067s analysts
21071s joining us as well uh we have sundown at
21073s mdf coming out here boys come on we're
21076s here oh my goodness come and get this it
21079s feels so good to be back oh my goodness
21083s this is this is it the energy in the
21086s room it's electric in here uh glad i
21088s gotta come to you first sunday i mean
21089s here we are in the studio md if you guys
21091s have been in the situation before
21093s we're back i mean how does it feel for
21094s you honestly it feels like coming home
21096s like you've talked about at monster
21097s night we've been doing this forever in
21098s fact my first time ever casting a
21100s fortnight event was a tricast back
21101s winner we're out 2018 so nearly four
21104s plus years ago at this point and it's
21106s good man yeah that about wraps it up
21108s just like that it's the nostalgia is
21110s being back on set it's feeling real and
21112s it's really does make you feel alive if
21114s you've ever been in a set like this you
21115s know exactly what it's like it's
21117s adrenaline yeah it really is it is it is
21119s and we've assembled it's official we're
21120s here yeah let's have a look at
21121s predictions as well this is a fun thing
21123s we do each week and i mean i've had an
21125s okay time so far i've done it right here
21128s but uh well here we go coming into this
21129s week i've now gone for cease and tragic
21132s okay they're wondering why that is i
21133s remember last season they didn't even
21135s get a chance to qualify for finals until
21137s the third day of semi's they managed to
21139s do it they know how to see things out
21142s i'm thinking maybe game three of vr i'm
21144s going full-on predicting the game spg
21147s what you're saying all right so i'm not
21149s going to be specific with the game but i
21151s am going to go with illist and jack i do
21153s think that they have the capabilities
21155s like i mentioned earlier jack is known
21157s for high ground plays with floppers
21159s knowing how to use those perfect launch
21160s pads onto height and i expect to see
21162s them go for a play or two and illist has
21164s been in his bag recently with those
21166s clutches okay vivid obviously it's not
21168s been great for a while uh how are you
21170s getting it
21174s probably you copied my channel and so
21175s that's that's the other way who are we
21177s going for this week this week i'm gonna
21178s go for slacks and clarity listen slacks
21180s previous fncs winner they definitely
21182s deserve to be in finals they're
21183s uncontested they got just got seventh in
21185s the cash club yesterday where they got a
21186s victory out i mean the stars are
21188s aligning okay okay i like that i like
21191s that pick i think it's a safe pick i had
21192s to switch mines up and go even safer i'm
21194s on the pam still and fast train oh here
21201s shout out to twitter uh a lot going on
21203s there classic mdf switching things up at
21205s the last minute does this all the time
21206s yeah last five minutes before the
21207s broadcast starts and he's changing
21209s things up uh sundown what are you saying
21210s uh d-roller and m-pen we saw what the
21212s roller was able to do a long time ago
21214s and they had the best average placements
21216s in the three qualifiers during the round
21218s four so go with the math i like that
21219s okay the math we're almost there guys i
21221s can hear the battle buses filling up now
21223s it's getting very very exciting of
21224s course as well on uh the chat let us
21226s know who you think is going to qualify
21228s as well very important that you get
21229s involved as much as possible the
21231s engagement from you guys online is
21233s everything so make sure to do that it's
21234s time to head over to our amazing casters
21237s mdf and sundown it's game one it's
21238s semi-finals let's do this thing baby
21241s thank you so much gentlemen the topper
21244s show was fantastic the stage has been
21248s set five games so the winners will go
21250s through and then the top six advanced
21252s monster d face how you feeling about it
21253s i'm feeling great this is amazing
21255s obviously we are here for any east the
21256s premier region of the scene it's the
21259s best of the best and uh again
21261s everything to fight for here right the
21263s five games is big opportunity and a lot
21265s of teams are contesting one another and
21267s we'll watch those fights go down now
21268s because we're jumping on the battle buff
21276s first game of five we will see 35 duos
21281s join our already 15 qualifier here over
21284s the weekend and right away over in
21285s synapse station we got voyl and xf up
21287s against yaz and casker now monster this
21290s was one of the duos who you were
21291s thinking about picking off of the rip
21293s let's go into kind of why you fought
21295s away from them i mean listen i knew it
21297s was gonna be a contested drop and we
21298s know this is not a drop you can actually
21300s share the loot between one another
21302s unless you both decide that hey we're
21304s gonna walk away with honestly not much
21306s in this type of situation right now
21308s where casker and yes have decided that
21309s they're going to contest the drop it
21311s really comes down to the wire whether or
21313s not they want the battle and you know
21315s what it looks like twitter was right
21318s because i said you know i'm feeling like
21320s voyager x might just have the edge here
21322s and everyone was talking about no
21324s they're going to go back and forth it's
21325s going to be a full-on clash at the gate
21327s and it doesn't even seem like it turned
21329s out to be that sundown that actually
21330s it's going to take a little more of a uh
21332s more time i guess to win this one out
21334s yeah trying to get a little bit of a
21335s space over here one of the things we saw
21337s initially at least last week was these
21338s fights that they were very quick now
21340s might have been the bus path giving
21342s teams a little bit more time to set up
21343s over here kind of cause a cleaner split
21346s as you can see right now we have a very
21348s clean east-west divide and they're just
21350s kind of taking pot shots that show yeah
21352s and i like this the zone is gonna start
21353s to favor up this north eastern side so
21356s things are gonna start to go in that
21358s general direction for our players on the
21359s other side though we have a rise and
21361s threats and we just says condo canyon
21364s more like contested canyon there's two
21366s players up on this side there of course
21368s themselves here howl's down at the
21369s bottom and as we all know week to week
21372s rising threats honestly have been the
21374s king of this general area walking away
21376s successful but we all know early game
21378s engagements don't typically bode well
21380s for our players well and one of the
21382s things in particular we talked about
21383s rise and threats is we saw so much i
21385s don't want to say time wasted but so
21387s much time invested into that initial
21389s greasy grove drop down strap that
21391s they're running on but it could be a
21392s little too much right sometimes taking
21394s those battles into the storm and we know
21396s that's a huge setback sundown yeah and
21398s it's a part of the reason why they're
21399s not there anymore i mean they had enough
21401s drops going on where they're like hey
21403s this isn't working we need to put
21405s something better together and now
21406s they're over in condo with a little bit
21408s more room but checking out rocky reels
21410s there's a pretty solid split going on
21412s here right now between keys and mikey
21413s and another duo who's over on the
21415s eastern side time to pick up the sand
21417s rub it in the hands here and step up to
21418s the plate to swing away because this
21421s team might be just looking to take the
21423s fight here comes the shots and mikey's
21425s going to be the first to get tagged now
21426s it's only going to cost him 25 shields
21429s here nothing major to you know maybe
21432s warrant a fight or a push but we've seen
21434s crazier things before as right now these
21436s teams are beginning to edge up keys has
21438s to get into prime position as tabs g
21440s sitting up top looking down on in and
21443s again he's got he's got the eye in the
21444s sky right now yeah and these little
21446s raised plateaus provides such an initial
21448s advantage early because with just one
21450s ramp thrown up like yes even if that
21452s ramp gets shot out you can just back up
21454s a slight amount and you break line of
21455s sight so now if at any point in time
21457s somebody overreaches they lose something
21459s and don't cover the side i mean tabs has
21461s two weapons to punish with immediately
21462s you can see the burst rifle taking out
21464s the little crow over on the side but
21466s that sniper rifle if you're not full hp
21468s and you're hanging out it can put you
21470s down yeah definitely that is a legendary
21472s fine there so a nice little weapon
21474s upgrade for them quas is going to go
21475s ahead and back off they don't see the
21477s benefits of sticking around here's
21478s bizzle and diego we talked about this
21481s being one of the more exciting teams
21483s because bizzle the veteran himself
21484s carrying up with diego newer blood on
21487s the scene here and again coming in with
21489s a newfound confidence and man if there's
21492s ever an upset it's not making it to the
21494s final stage because you come in 50 first
21497s place so bizzle and diego have a lot to
21499s play for and it looks like they're
21500s coming out the gate explosive here
21502s already i like diego's poise right now i
21504s like his positioning it looks like
21506s they're playing smart and honestly
21508s confidently which is most impressive of
21510s course yeah and you mentioned the 51st
21512s it wasn't just once it was twice in a
21515s row back to back and it's tough because
21518s as our analyst noted right at the start
21519s of this we haven't seen bizel and diego
21521s in an official set lobby format what
21524s does that mean that means when you know
21525s the other 49 duos you're dropping
21527s against they haven't been there they
21529s haven't made a round two of the cash cup
21530s they haven't made a final round of one
21532s of these qualifiers and honestly i think
21535s that's
21536s not allowed us to know how good they are
21538s yeah and the thing is bizzle has been
21540s known to struggle in the open stages
21543s struggling in the stages where you need
21545s tons of eliminations that is not his
21547s strong city strong suit is set lobbies i
21550s think now more than ever they're going
21551s to be in their best shape possible and
21554s right now diego and bizzle are taking
21556s this fight it's drawn out a little bit
21557s here but diego opens up with the first
21559s huge tag and already they have a huge
21561s advantage over the opponents and you are
21563s seeing how good diego can be he's
21565s setting up the phase jump through into
21567s the wall right now this could be ending
21569s here shortly one thing to know too no
21571s excess utility to get them back up above
21573s the shield level they're at right now
21575s you can see basil does have that shield
21577s cake that he's going to throw down as
21578s well and hodgin and subscript are going
21580s to have to disengage one thing to note
21582s though i believe it's in susscript
21583s inventory he's holding on to two gaskets
21586s so that is going to be the big question
21587s mark can they make a play where they
21589s potentially get a wall they shouldn't
21590s they chain the two of those together and
21592s make something happen this is a huge
21593s telling sign here of how uh you know
21596s unexpected and suscript were this
21598s drop is not even fully looted you saw
21600s there uh pretty much an epic smg sitting
21603s off on the side and chug splashes as
21605s well so there's still loot all over the
21607s draw spot and so far the advantage is
21610s definitely going to diego and bizzle we
21613s haven't seen diego take any punishment
21615s so we don't know what he's like under
21616s pressure this is going to be a huge
21617s telling sign and again first time in
21620s these finals setting stages it really
21622s can be a lot for some players but
21624s already he is looking like he's done
21625s this before he's looking cold out here
21628s you see polarized in the feed ends up
21629s getting the confirmation on to avery i'm
21631s just noting that is our first player to
21634s draw since the initial one that went
21636s through we had one duo who's cleaned up
21637s instantly otherwise the story of niece
21640s kind of getting settled in a little bit
21642s not wanting to get knocked out
21643s immediately i feel like it's been taken
21645s to an extreme already monster only three
21647s players have gone down yeah three
21649s players down one team out so a couple
21651s teams already beginning to get
21652s dismantled and taken apart here this
21654s fight of course weighing into the clock
21657s here you can see the loop start to run
21658s out on all sides and once you start to
21661s run out of fuel i mean you have to stop
21663s and refuel or get back into the mix here
21665s in this game we call that a refresher or
21668s something of the like you have to
21669s essentially finish the battle and there
21672s goes an interesting play okay so diego
21675s once again noticing and noting that
21677s bizzy gets punished here he's actually
21678s gonna drop him the additional heels and
21680s of course an ar to work with as well and
21682s all of a sudden now they have stood
21683s around for too long and they're too
21685s central and taking too long this is
21687s something we talked about last week in
21688s particular clicks and day where yes if
21690s you're going to pull off this pincer
21691s maneuver and trap a duo in you have to
21693s resolve the fight eventually if you're
21695s not constantly covering your sides which
21697s is difficult when you only have nine
21699s builds now as you can see diego doing
21700s somebody around the map is going to have
21702s one of those scope burst ars and they're
21704s going to be able to throw shots over
21706s towards you and yes it might not look
21708s like a ton but you already saw diego
21710s dropped over the excess shields they had
21711s to bizzle he's already invested in those
21713s and now all of a sudden he has no truck
21714s splashes he has no slurp fish to get
21716s himself back up and they might just have
21718s to be content with the tags they got
21720s yeah and you know what if there's ever a
21722s time to get out of here it's one of the
21723s airdrop lanes just nearby to the west
21725s here of the coney crossroads there is a
21727s reason now even more tempting to
21729s potentially have them rotate out a
21730s little bit earlier than they would have
21732s liked you can see even there they're
21734s pushing loot out to the side in the feed
21736s does look like moz is going to get taken
21738s out here being our second team
21739s officially removed from the lobby what's
21742s that muzzle avery pairing up with one
21744s another the vets themselves yeah muzz
21745s and avery uh we're the second duo down
21747s first duo down nancy and sprite which
21750s honestly might sound like a little bit
21751s of surprise everybody knows sprite from
21753s the ridiculous 1v3 clutch back in the
21755s reboot round in the trio's fncs but
21757s they've struggled a little bit with
21759s their initial drops off of the uh this
21761s season trying to get in and kind of
21762s support themselves but you see
21764s immediately underneath jock and ellis
21765s you have shadow in me too who are a
21768s little bit far split from each other and
21769s i think jack and ellis recognize this
21771s this is a huge story that kind of all
21772s ties together right now and sprite slide
21774s over to the collider shadow and omg
21776s laying down at their previous drop
21778s around greasy grub where it was
21779s contested before but no longer that and
21781s now we find them centered but let's hop
21782s on over to rise and threats another team
21784s that we are clearly looking out for
21786s again a pick that could have easily been
21789s chosen by any one of us this is one of
21791s the most consistent teams ryze has
21793s really had an upswing in not only
21795s popularity but skill like respect
21798s amongst his peers also the running meme
21801s of him being a single father of uh two
21804s children and being 28 years old it's not
21806s true by the way just none of that is
21807s true just so we can clarify going
21808s through but what is true we talk about
21810s man city threats one fantastic signing
21812s on their end to one of the best
21814s individual performances until rokayne
21816s ended up coming through in the final
21817s game of qualifier 2. that first match
21819s would rise down i believe it was in
21821s qualifier 1. this dude rips off 10
21823s eliminations like it's nothing
21826s just a shattering performance they're
21827s really setting the bar extremely high
21829s carries that momentum over for three
21831s games showing that they can do it but of
21833s course it's about carrying it for six
21835s hamster and batch are one of the ten
21837s duos competing today that have played in
21839s the last season's fncs finals pam's
21841s hamster of course coming off a hot
21843s streak which was uh taking that little
21844s solo ground or yeah we'd love to see it
21846s so a champion in his own right now of
21848s course trying to do it here on the fncs
21850s stage this is again all just setting the
21853s scene up for the finals yeah and i mean
21855s don't forget too i'm a big fan pam so
21857s fast they were my prediction literally
21859s every single week when we were talking
21861s about the last fncs because it seemed
21863s like they're going to be able to put it
21864s all together but a similar story coming
21866s into this season where not necessarily
21869s finding the results in the bigger
21870s tournaments they're always right there
21871s in the conversation but they couldn't
21873s just put it all together now let's talk
21875s about bucky and cam here who are set up
21877s just outside the daily bugle i mean i
21880s don't know where the stats are coming
21882s from but if we had to find one it's
21884s probably what was the last time bucky
21886s and camera uncontested i don't think
21887s ever daily bugle has been such a hot
21889s drop and although they had their success
21892s early on in the last season it just has
21894s not translated as well this time around
21896s continuing this uphill battle finding
21898s themselves in semis yeah but don't
21899s forget too qualifier two probably one of
21901s the more unfortunate circumstances in
21903s that regard where they were like right
21904s there in the top five but then cam's pc
21907s restarts right before the final q and
21908s doesn't end up making it in but right
21911s now we're gonna take a little break
21912s we're gonna catch up with what's been
21914s going on the islands
21917s hey what's going on guys just want to
21919s give you a quick update real quick on
21921s what happened with muzz and ava you can
21924s see here avery goes down very very
21925s quickly to polarize and nico and this is
21928s happening over at command cavern and we
21930s got to keep in touch with what's going
21932s on over here at command cavern because
21933s even though command cavern is like the
21935s most infested it does net the most
21937s victory route in this fncs
21939s that's a really really good point there
21941s vivid thank you so much for getting us
21943s all caught up command cavern being that
21945s point of interest not only for tons of
21948s players landing there but it nets those
21949s wins and what why is that because
21951s there's launch pads there there's launch
21953s pads there's so much excess loot where
21955s normally you talk about these power
21956s positions in previous fncs's go to the
21959s caddy corners or landing at the agency
21961s the spire wherever one of it was
21964s normally it couldn't support more than
21966s one trio or do or whatever the format
21968s was that's not the case so right now
21970s what we're gonna see as we're closing in
21972s we got about 55 seconds before it
21973s happens but you see that warning on the
21975s right hand side it says damage threshold
21977s 43 above this is going to be
21979s particularly important that is storm
21982s surge which is active in every single
21984s fortnight game so if you're a big nobel
21986s or zero build players it's active on
21987s that however you have to have a certain
21990s number of people in the lobby
21993s in order for it to activate currently at
21995s zone number three that number is 70
21997s where it will turn off in monster if you
21999s look in that top left-hand corner what
22000s number does that say a staggering 91
22003s that's a huge number one that we don't
22005s really see very often but if you're
22006s gonna see it you're gonna see it in game
22007s number one i'm gonna put a dollar or
22010s maybe maybe a v-buck or something on it
22012s that
22012s this is gonna start to cut down pretty
22014s quickly now we'll see here shortly look
22016s at the map guys on that western side
22018s sleepy sound has tons of players sliding
22020s in from the outskirts it's not looking
22022s too hot right now for av and eden who
22025s have to take a huge fight right now they
22027s got they pretty much have to commit yeah
22028s and storm surge is turning on they're 3
22031s 37 below which means hey you got to
22033s fight and you see app diving in eden
22034s diving in but this team just fighting
22036s defensively no problem picking that one
22038s up now if you are below storm surge
22040s currently you are taking 25 damage every
22043s five seconds that means you either have
22045s to be healing or shooting at your
22046s opponents jock and ellis they're
22048s chilling 349 above they got nothing to
22050s worry about right now my eyes are peeled
22052s on the top left corner and seeing who is
22054s going down paper and acro get taken out
22056s immediately because that feed is going
22058s to fill up quickly not only that snazz
22060s getting active he is also on this
22062s western portion here outside of the
22064s storm was and susker coming in late
22066s from their contested drop kiez is in a
22068s big fight here alongside mikey it's not
22070s looking good one more tag and basically
22072s mikey's out he's already finished up
22074s he's has another tag in front of him
22075s look at all the heels can you imagine
22077s falling with this much additional deals
22080s that's so unfortunate but it has to
22082s happen right with that many players up
22083s you have to take these clashes you're
22085s basically gonna head bang into these
22087s other teams here and hope for the best
22088s and you know you're gonna get punished
22090s in the process shadow another huge
22092s elimination now donnie falls as well and
22095s the numbers are adding up vert teed down
22098s bucky mackwood down or bucky cam down
22102s maquidoni down
22104s my prediction as well ended up taking
22106s out their n pen and d roller you see
22108s encos and tico going down that feed is
22110s just going to continue lighting up you
22112s talked about all of the utility that
22114s keys has when he's dug all the way in
22116s the backpack with just one more big
22119s potion left however except boyle also
22122s falling storm surge turns off as we get
22124s to the 69 players the keys finds de
22126s quentin he tries to leap in the air and
22128s he slaps him down he had the key for
22130s that one no master walk on the other
22131s side gets the refresher in he's got to
22133s feel good about that one name that i've
22135s seen a ton in the top left-hand corner
22137s and probably somebody who doesn't get
22138s talked about enough over the course
22139s these qualifiers ritual x god has laid
22142s up he's picked up three elins through
22144s that face along that looks like pam
22145s still in fash also fall my pick here
22148s it's not looking good for sundown and i
22150s on the desk right now we've got time
22152s we've got time yeah we got a few more
22154s games in front of us plenty more action
22156s chimp does get however picked up he was
22158s knocked for a second there was spade and
22159s chimp now back in full effect here he's
22161s somehow really wrangling together
22163s himself right now to stay in the game
22165s and that elimination is going to be so
22167s so important just a single elim now puts
22170s him up at least away from making zero
22172s this game after losing his teammate yeah
22174s i'm looking at some of the duo's drop
22175s there we mentioned the roller and pen
22177s pam
22178s both our predictions going down we had
22179s ab and edan who we saw creo invert one
22181s of the few teams who were able to win
22184s one of those round four qualifier
22186s matches muslin avery down a little early
22188s aeoxi and swirl we had dyson encos as
22191s well as sin and acro being taken
22193s all right let's continue to ramp up here
22196s though teams that are looking good
22197s chimpanzee high ground nice little
22199s visual over the lobby opposite side of
22201s the zone the eastern side of side we
22203s haven't seen too much of as you know the
22205s real actions on the south and the west
22207s it does look like rising threats are
22208s poised up for a really decent game here
22210s but running out of material even lower
22212s mats here for threats this is going to
22214s be an important clash here against jason
22215s kasker and don't forget they were one of
22217s the teams who played in all three of the
22218s round fours their best placement was
22220s that seventh in the first qualifier but
22222s largely that seventh was on the back of
22224s threats of that monster game one we
22226s talked about earlier where he dropped
22227s ten elaine uh tenney limps and solo
22229s clutch by himself they were able to put
22230s together a couple games after that but
22232s it wasn't quite enough to get all the
22233s way to the top they're one of the duos
22236s who should be able to take advantage
22237s here as we keep an eye on the top
22238s left-hand corner some more players ryze
22240s finding wentaki finding one on to
22242s narwhal yeah and you saw that's why
22243s rising threats are targeting that wall
22245s rise it just eeked out the little knock
22247s right there can you get the conversion
22248s is the real question mega looks like
22250s he's jumping on a huge loop pile as
22252s jackson mason had taken out of the lobby
22254s here's jack and illus long rotate for
22256s them they're gonna have to wait to work
22257s their way up and over just go ahead and
22259s rewind for a second how did this unfold
22261s jacqueline's walk through someone opens
22263s the window and crumbler gets stomped out
22267s there flames put out for a second that
22268s reaction shot was fantastic he saw the
22270s window was barely open and his cursor
22272s was already boom right there and you can
22274s see as we talked about it ellis and jock
22276s only n8 nae duo to finish in the top 10
22280s in multiple qualifiers so but as we
22282s talked about where shoes and hand
22284s grenades monster close doesn't cut it
22286s here nope not at all as we all know once
22288s again it's down to that victory royale
22290s that's the winning formula here and then
22292s of course consistency so yeah they might
22294s make some top 10s they have some good
22295s odds here but at the end of the day it's
22297s about today's performance that's what
22299s matters here's player five losing tktk
22301s who's been on fire as of late this
22303s player has really been rising ever since
22305s his exit from the console scene and on
22307s over to the pc track to compete with the
22309s big boys in the distance though for play
22311s a fly he's got to find a target he's got
22313s to find it quick there are still you
22315s know a couple lingering issues here he's
22318s just barely above the surge and he
22319s doesn't have a teammate yeah 35 seconds
22321s to let next storm surge threshold turns
22324s on so you're going to be looking for
22325s players taking shots however compared to
22328s last storm surge monster we're only
22329s going to have four duos who are under
22331s pressure now left-hand side of the
22332s screen you can see player 5 41 above
22334s doesn't necessarily have to worry about
22335s it we're going to swing on over to
22337s bizzle and diego we've seen diego pick
22339s up at elim during that first kind of
22341s storm surge practice right now 3 11
22343s above so they don't have to worry about
22344s a top left corner of the screen though
22346s cam gets taken down that was uh i
22348s believe it was glace who ended up
22349s getting the knock there but no
22351s confirmation going through bucky's gonna
22352s try and get his partner back on his feet
22354s it's a trade as well as you can see
22355s other knocks in this general area seven
22358s damage below make that 41 it's gonna
22360s trigger back and forth here he does get
22361s the zone to land right on top of him
22363s though so there's gonna be a little bit
22364s of time to work with but trashy and
22365s glace are not trying to let that happen
22367s they step forwards a little bit more
22368s bucky has to put up a defensive stance
22370s now to start fighting back and he's
22371s already getting tagged
22373s 10 below the storms that's 25 damage
22375s every five seconds it's turned on he
22377s needs to open up and find somebody to
22378s shoot rather than just taking the damage
22380s but it's being patient trying to see
22382s because as of right now there's only two
22384s other duos and nobody is really opening
22386s up you can see him checking the sight
22387s lines there's nothing there granted he
22389s does have enough minutes to offset that
22391s but tam the one who has been doing a lot
22393s of the work for them does open up and
22395s tahi is able to take advantage of it now
22397s sticking a revive is going to cost up
22399s damage the entire time incredibly lucky
22401s as well that the chances that cam peeks
22404s out finds tags gets taken down they get
22406s saved again is so so clutch for bucky it
22409s does look like things might just align
22410s for a little bit but omg me too already
22413s losing shadow once again a team that
22415s lands far southwest this is a really
22417s peculiar situation being you're
22419s underneath the surge you have of course
22421s no teammate and you're inside the zone
22423s right now but you need tags so what do
22425s you do you step up you look for a fight
22427s because the clock is ticking
22429s clock is ticking but honestly so are the
22431s players dropping you see their players
22433s keep going down supply drop falls on top
22435s of them he has to be the difference be
22436s able to offset but it's 25 damage every
22438s five seconds the confirmations come
22440s through
22441s turns off and omg v2 says the nice
22444s little omg
22446s nice he's going to be able to get that
22447s one off we see spades ends up picking up
22449s threats keys goes down to clarity on the
22451s other side me too needs to create just
22452s enough space to be able to get this loot
22454s and get out of dodge he doesn't want to
22456s fight either of these duos who is
22458s looking down he just wants to get the
22460s white hps and the shield notice how he
22462s has no shield in his inventory right now
22463s he wants to be able to pick that up and
22464s drop me down here needs to be very
22466s careful oh my gosh and these are his
22467s walls how did he have this catacomb
22469s ready for defense it's like a little
22471s secret hidden base underneath the base
22473s that he already had and i cannot believe
22475s he is alive right now pay very close
22477s attention to that feed that is a crucial
22480s moment in the tournament the fact that
22481s he just survived because placement
22483s points is right around the horizon
22485s essentially you can draw a land in the
22487s sign right now uh in the sand whoever
22489s jumps over is gonna be happy because the
22492s points are waiting on that other
22494s side now though
22496s taking a step back bucky and kim things
22498s are really starting to look up for them
22499s once again they have something to work
22501s with but it's cost them so much here it
22502s is the full commitment to the rotate now
22504s and oh looks like they blocked the
22506s launch pad
22507s eventually looking to block it off or
22508s find the player and get a drop down but
22510s you get something
22511s oh my god 170 from bucky right in the
22513s face that drop down we've seen it before
22515s but that's going to put them well above
22517s search as it will update 89 above we see
22519s crumbler end up getting a confirmation
22521s danny badbloom who had a fantastic run
22524s and qualifier number three came up just
22525s short picking up another one you have
22527s however in the bottom right hand corner
22528s jockey illest going up to challenge high
22530s ground one thing to note monster they
22531s are below surge so they're going up and
22533s just giving off the damage they could
22535s get in order to get the position in the
22537s process they didn't find tags that they
22538s could have as well but it does look like
22539s ellis is getting active here things are
22541s starting to add up huge tag here from
22543s jack that should give him just enough
22544s time and and again alleviate that storm
22547s surge for a couple of moments but as we
22548s know high ground is king so far ellis
22551s and docker looking the best in the game
22553s and i still can't believe diego and
22555s bizzle have made it this far they're
22557s poised up and looking so good me too
22560s just got to knock on the cam the solo
22562s going through was able to run it out but
22563s one thing we talked about ritual and
22565s neville five they are lighting up the
22567s feed they're up to like five or six
22568s eliminations themselves spade ends up
22570s getting the confirmation on the bucky
22571s him and camera out now we're on board
22573s with omg me too who in the first
22575s qualifier had an amazing back half of
22577s the run now he's trying to beat that
22579s solo story that has so defined nate but
22582s no builds he's got to put the movement
22583s to the work how do you sprint how do you
22585s jump how do you mantel here it is
22587s there's a solo right next door he's very
22589s weak can he wait for this out of here he
22591s has a feeling there's someone nearby but
22593s he doesn't see him he jumped around a
22595s huge 180 and it was so close but no it's
22597s ignore who walks away with that elim
22600s there igola who did of course take a
22602s victory in the last stage just that time
22604s ago diego now starting to turn things
22606s around huge tags here all of a sudden
22608s this layer is looking very comfortable
22610s they're putting enough pressure down on
22612s that low ground and it's looking great
22614s for bizzle and diego here they need to
22616s find space though they're running out of
22617s builds and this is such a congested area
22619s you can see slacks and clarity they pick
22621s up their fourth elim but what matters
22622s here yes the consistency points are king
22625s but if you want to book a chance to the
22626s finals you do it right now if you're a
22628s duel up you want to get
22630s on your vacation you want to get into
22632s the prep for next week not have to worry
22634s about it pull the queasy hop in the pool
22636s where you're done clarity and slacks
22638s that won't be them they're going to get
22639s taken down but right now jock and ellis
22641s they're doing the nad classic they're on
22642s high ground and not a soul is looking up
22645s definitely not too solo still in play
22646s here though kind of mixing into the rest
22648s of the noise here there's a lot going on
22650s but that's not chimp and spade at
22652s six e limbs good material count
22654s something decent to work with and plenty
22656s of heals a win condition if you will
22658s inside the inventory one of those solos
22660s mars here now trying to go toe-to-toe
22662s with again the player we've hyped up
22663s today diego and of course partnered
22666s alongside bizzle this is what we said
22668s they'll do good in these kind of set
22669s lobbies these set settings bizzle
22672s understands this place so well and diego
22674s is explosive but so is chimp so are
22677s spade here it is and they do come out on
22680s top gray staff is so close what a clutch
22682s deal in there but spade is down and
22684s that's going to be huge in terms of the
22686s ring condition you can see him going
22687s back trying to find the correct number
22689s of heals but with the extended knight
22691s zone it might not be enough right now we
22692s have a 2v2 v2 v1 right now trying to
22695s close it out diego and bizzle still
22697s together jack and ellis on the high
22698s ground casket with just barely any hp
22701s and they're hunting so important there's
22702s a refresh right here if they can get it
22704s they get the materials not from homes it
22705s doesn't matter there is a player they
22707s don't know the chaos confuses them it's
22709s chimp we said it he's explosive in the
22711s end games and just like that he
22713s dismantles diego and bizzle with very
22715s clever angling here illust and jock
22718s basically served everything on a platter
22719s right now they're coasting their way
22721s through the players are down low yes
22723s they're gonna have to come down soon
22724s it's a 2v1 situation chimp still can do
22727s something here he's got so much to work
22728s with 10 eliminations between chimp and
22730s spade look at all the med miss he has
22733s the heels if he wants to take it but
22734s it's going to be a 1v2 he doesn't know
22736s he has the advantage but chimp says what
22738s advantage i'm going up and above and all
22740s of a sudden jack and ellis are putting
22742s up
22743s yes says i'm kicking the jungle he wants
22745s to take it right now from a 1v2 to a 1v1
22748s this is crazy what an elimination right
22750s there the body's still down he gets the
22752s finish that's the siphon fully capped
22754s off but mistakes could have been made he
22756s has just effectively given away material
22758s to the low ground player right now and
22760s that is illest illus whom again can see
22762s him toe to toe this is titan v titan
22766s these players are so good at what they
22768s do in some of the best in head-to-head
22770s engagements we're talking again
22772s experience from the beginning of time
22774s can chimp step up right now ellis has
22776s been here much more times than kids but
22779s chimp is on high ground it's a 1v1
22781s situation the clock is ticking it's only
22783s a matter of time before they go ahead
22785s and collide the grid's face is changing
22787s up right now he's going to be forced to
22788s go up he's running out of builds he has
22790s one more build to cover himself if my
22791s count is right he was plastic and he
22793s says i'm done with this he's not gonna
22795s let it happen back to the loot but what
22796s he doesn't know is chimp has just many
22798s and chimp is hawking him chimp says i
22800s have three men missed let's take the
22802s count who's got the better spray ellis
22804s is desperately looking for whatever he
22805s can but if he doesn't get an angle chip
22808s just did it himself this is gonna come
22810s down to of course who can win and so far
22812s it does look like chip and spade have
22814s the lead here illa swings around and
22816s it's not enough just like that chimp and
22819s spade the veterans walk away with it my
22822s qualifier won prediction second place in
22825s last season's fncs and man that high
22828s ground take from chimp at the last
22830s moment was so well executed being aware
22833s of what his win conditions were where
22835s his maps were and knowing that when he
22837s looked to the zone ellis wasn't there he
22839s gets to chill and this is why we love
22841s fortnite just like that chip and spade
22844s punched her away out of the semifinals
22846s in a flight straight to the finals there
22848s you love to see it game one did not have
22850s set at all no i mean that's exactly what
22853s we like to see from these winner take
22855s all formats the amazing plays coming
22857s through it wasn't just high ground
22859s sitting up there we got everything wrong
22861s we did get everything
22863s guys
22864s absolutely extraordinary this is why
22867s this is why the team has played the big
22869s bugs here not only did mdf and sundown
22871s bring that to life it was incredible at
22873s game one here but you guys at the
22874s beginning of the show you talked about
22876s chimp and spade you mentioned how they
22878s were ones to watch out for and you even
22880s picked jack and ellis it didn't quite
22882s happen but it was so close to med missed
22884s at the end what a way to to start this
22886s fnc semi finals but chimp and spade
22888s progress goes straight to finals next
22890s week but jack and ellis what a great
22892s start for your pick as well man jack and
22894s ellis so close but we got to give props
22896s to jim spade they were able to do it and
22899s between those two we're sitting there
22901s watching it's so close we don't know
22903s who's going to be able to take that and
22905s when spade falls here i expected him to
22908s you know maybe find a little bit of
22910s space maybe get that second place then
22912s he goes up for the high ground vivid
22914s he's able to take it we're both like oh
22915s my goodness this is about to happen and
22918s chimp put one on that was incredible i
22920s mean come on
22922s first game of the day listen we saw an
22923s eu first game he's sold a clutch jim
22926s comes out like listen i will one of you
22928s and i love how sundown mentioned the n a
22930s classic right team on higher ground
22932s nobody messes with them but this is why
22934s in this instance jack and ellis they
22936s can't really find any eliminations
22937s because
22938s nobody really wants to fight them right
22940s so jim's just like listen i'm on the low
22942s ground i'm gathering all these mats now
22943s i'm just going to build right up the
22944s height but still that is awesome to see
22947s jack and ella's coming out and putting
22948s on a heck of a performance yeah they did
22950s i mean the thing about jackie in this as
22951s well they got high ground but did they
22953s go too early that in that time round
22955s because they ran out of mats there had
22957s to be a play that was forced by ellis
22959s there and it didn't quite work out but i
22961s mean from them great start going for the
22962s high ground early on though we know it's
22964s so key didn't work out this time around
22966s but it's great to watch them compete
22968s there that was fantastic stuff spg yeah
22970s that's what i this is what i expected
22972s out of them to go for the high ground
22974s hold it we know they know how to do that
22977s and unfortunately unable to get that
22979s like one or two refreshes to keep that
22981s pressure it looked like both of them
22982s were holding a burst rifle too so that
22984s smg pressure is not there to continue
22987s down on the chimp and that's why he's
22988s just able to crank up he was able to get
22990s all that loot down below vivid and then
22992s just make that play it was incredible a
22995s lot of loot on that low ground to grab
22997s for but look at this man this is
22999s skittles and users actually sneaking
23001s into the top spot here didn't even see
23003s that myself i mainly though was watching
23006s bizzle and diego listen we called it
23008s these guys we haven't seen them in the
23009s set lobby mdf was talking about it
23011s bizzle thrives in these set lobbies
23013s maybe not necessarily those open rounds
23015s but when he gets here he puts on a show
23018s yeah they're ready that is clear even
23020s though they haven't been in one of these
23021s set lobbies yet bizzle and diego are
23024s ready to take this main stage they've
23026s proved to us they are here for a reason
23028s and this is going to be another team we
23030s should watch out for that's going for
23032s those victory arounds i was surprised
23033s they didn't even try and make a high
23035s ground play just comfortable in the mid
23037s ground maybe they're going through the
23038s consistency here yeah absolutely it's
23040s interesting is obviously with a form i
23041s mentioned earlier on five games today
23043s every game the victor royale winners go
23046s automatically the finals at the end of
23048s the day six teams of the highest points
23050s will progress as well we look at some of
23052s our teams heroes are on the leaderboard
23053s we can see a lot of eliminations we
23054s didn't really reflect on never fire and
23056s ritual there as well seven eliminations
23058s from that team slacks and clarity your
23059s choice as well here vivid looking good
23062s in seventh position right now four
23063s eliminations 20 placement points good
23065s stuff from them as well yeah i mean
23067s solid start for them you know what i
23068s mean i saw them on the low ground they
23069s just actually picked up elimination i
23070s was like oh they're in a great spot
23071s they're gonna be running for a top three
23072s here went down a little bit earlier than
23074s i kind of would have hoped for but you
23076s know still very very good out of them
23080s for sure and then obviously you know
23082s also crumbler and mars spg you know we
23085s see them right here on this leaderboard
23087s as well yeah you love to see mars coming
23089s back he's been playing with crumbler for
23090s a long time that synergy's there that's
23092s something that we talked about at the
23094s top of show that experience the
23096s chemistry between the two mars has
23098s experience within finals he's looking to
23100s get back there yeah it really is yeah i
23102s mean we saw as well chimp and spade 11
23104s eliminations as well all those points
23106s would account for 33 points but wiped
23108s off the board because they automatically
23110s progress as well so it's really gonna
23111s switch things up how that affect pois as
23114s well it's all coming our way game two is
23117s imminent obviously game one fantastic
23120s it's coming game two over to sundown and
23122s to mdf
23125s thank you so much gentlemen and i could
23128s not be more hype that's exactly what we
23131s wanted out of the semi-finals and
23134s monster we just get more and more of
23135s this i mean we definitely do four more
23137s big games of fortnite in front of us and
23139s i mean it the stage has been set that
23140s was a tough one to overcome i mean ellis
23142s and jack svg has to be slightly let down
23145s i'm sure he was at the edge of his seat
23146s it was so close but hey those points
23149s still matter sundown those points are so
23150s so important to clutching up in the end
23152s yeah don't forget the victors go
23154s straight through but at the end of the
23155s day top six will as well and it doesn't
23158s matter how you do it the prize is the
23160s same it's a ticket to the big dance the
23163s finals all the prize money the clout and
23165s that new axel champion and of course the
23167s cassette over here things are getting
23169s really exciting right now and of course
23170s that battle bus is just about there
23172s ladies and gentlemen give us a second
23173s but again quick takes right now we saw
23176s those early game engagements especially
23178s the one down south except in voya versus
23180s justin casker where you feeling that
23182s one's going to go i particularly that
23184s one i want to see justin casker kind of
23185s elf up a little bit but enough of that
23188s game two is underway you heard the bus
23190s let's go
23194s [Music]
23196s here we have it ladies and gentlemen
23198s these battles they're gonna continue to
23200s happen round after round keep this in
23202s the back of your mind one team will
23204s qualify game after game one drop spot
23207s will open up shortly afterwards this
23209s will leave more room for others to go
23211s ahead and start claiming new positions
23213s we didn't see the early game here at the
23215s collider this bus came directly over it
23217s so everyone's touching down pretty
23219s quickly and already i'm scouting out
23221s several teams in a single knock there in
23223s the feet yeah sprite and nancy getting
23225s on the other end of it they said hey
23227s reciprocal and snazz you got us in the
23229s first game well we'll get you right back
23232s sending them out that's a fast contest
23234s but we'll see when two duos collide over
23237s at the collider who will come out on top
23240s adam's prediction looking uh looking
23242s like it has a little bit more legs there
23243s cease is able to get a quick one on the
23245s polarized as well yep polarize is now
23247s down that's a full finish here let's
23249s take a quick look at the highlight how
23250s did that go down shotgun striker fine
23253s here for the sprite he slides in and
23255s what a huge shot from that far and of
23257s course claims up the big heel here
23258s doesn't want to finish it though doesn't
23260s want to heal the opponent so of course
23262s exercises safety there waits for it gets
23265s the elimination and just like that the
23266s double siphon kicks in huge opportunity
23268s for him now for sprite and now z though
23270s this is going to continue to clash here
23272s ignali and company they made it out of
23274s this drop before um it's important that
23277s you can get situated here one thing
23279s vivid mentioned that was really really
23281s important was of course that hey you
23284s don't get a lot of material here right
23286s so you don't want to draw battles at all
23288s in this general area of the collider
23290s dan you can tell just the tension piling
23292s up for these duos as they're trying to
23294s find a little bit of room sprite talking
23296s that big pot over at least a couple
23298s shots but i believe just from the ai
23300s we're putting over there's going to make
23301s sure he hits the covered half pad he's
23302s actually going to go pick up that big
23304s pot saying ah maybe i need that one
23306s thing to note here you talked about the
23307s lack of materials it makes kind of
23310s getting and securing those big rocks so
23312s important like we just saw with sprite
23314s but now we'll swing on over diego and
23315s bizzle oh what a shot oh diego it's just
23319s a filthy ramp and it as well to follow
23321s up there goes the elimination bizzle is
23323s down it's up to diego here to clutch up
23325s 1v1 situation diego's gonna step and
23328s save his teammate okay he's protected
23329s now pressure's on you what can you
23332s do that's looking like a big shield tag
23334s right there instead he's gonna reset
23336s here probably pick up his teammate yes
23337s and now go for the save and one of the
23339s things to note here is that it was
23341s not the player they were fighting
23343s wasn't the one who got the knock to him
23344s it was a shot over from the sides of
23345s didn't have the information that
23347s bizzle was down unless he was looking in
23349s the feed he didn't have that so he
23350s wasn't able to push up and capitalize on
23352s the fact and now diego knocking out
23354s hashi's uh duo and then being able to
23357s get over and get bizzle back up they're
23358s in position to fight whereas is
23360s going to be forced to burn that shield
23362s kick right away and now take a 1v2 fight
23364s where he has no builds yeah and there is
23367s that player just on the eastern side
23368s that's probably where the uh the
23370s additional shots started coming in from
23372s we saw nozzin just kind of sneaking
23373s around the general area as well right
23375s now so for bizzle and diego i mean
23377s pressure's on they understand hey
23378s there's definitely some players looking
23379s in here what we did last game was
23381s throwing a lot of attention but the
23383s fight's going to continue to break out
23384s now diego unfortunately slips in the
23386s builds up to bizzle bizzle once again
23388s gets punished big time here no shotgun
23390s in hand that's all tracking with the smg
23393s and they go ahead and reset get back
23395s with one another again here hazy is
23397s trying to do his best right now his best
23400s impression of a 2v1 clutch up but it's a
23403s hard and tough task especially when
23405s you're going against these again these
23407s players that are very comfortable
23409s and one thing to note when we talk about
23411s game pacing and nae is kind of settling
23413s in take a look at the top left-hand
23415s corner monster last game we were at 92
23418s up until we hit that first storm surge
23420s in zone three we're already below that
23422s number down to 91 so you can see people
23424s realizing like hey we can't just full
23427s park the bus right we gotta at least get
23429s a little active roll down the windows
23431s kind of look at some of the people
23432s around us as we hop in with our current
23434s leaders g2 jock and illist that's it
23436s listen to the music jump in the pit and
23438s uh get a little pushing and shoving
23440s going on right now so things are going
23441s to be my language
23443s sure sometimes got a good amount of
23445s experience in that setting but on over
23447s to things that are important for jock
23448s and dale's who are of course leading
23450s right now with points off of that
23451s consistent game the last time around
23453s again it's heartbreak but it's still not
23455s looking too shabby for any team that's
23457s gotten big points we've seen if eu is
23459s any indicator all you have to do is play
23462s good and you will be in the finals i
23463s mean again the quality of player is only
23467s going to get more and more interesting
23468s as the the stages continue to you know
23470s develop here and one thing to always
23472s keep in the back of that mind again is
23474s those drop spots they will open up as
23476s teams qualify so you'll see players
23478s start to rotate get more loot and things
23480s will really start to get interesting in
23482s the later stages yeah as we get a nice
23484s little replay of some of the action
23485s across the map there's threats
23487s getting the knock on to limit lawrence
23489s and then cleaning it up going to work
23491s there
23492s with that auto shock and being able to
23494s find that two early elements is going to
23495s feel good for them the duo that we just
23497s saw with lawrence is his partner was one
23499s of the two to go down the other two
23501s reciprocal and snazz that we saw right
23502s off the rip and then also a current top
23505s five duo nico and polarized off of the
23507s drop taken out and that was a that's a
23509s that's a huge elimination right there
23511s that's another one of those contested
23512s draw spots uh for bizzle and diego here
23515s is another again touching base with them
23518s because has backed out subscript
23520s has backed up they slid in out of here
23522s this is finally now gonna alleviate some
23524s time in the kony crossroads for them to
23526s start looting up and getting their gear
23527s together that last game
23530s life came at them fast i mean they
23531s didn't really have that much time moving
23533s on here they left with shambles and they
23534s still managed to pull an end game and
23536s fine points so i mean that in its own
23538s was impressive i really would love to
23540s see how they continue to bounce back
23542s here as the games continue but
23543s we'll see now for fatch and pamsu my
23546s pick personal pick taken out very early
23549s this is a again i feel like a recurring
23551s thing we've seen from pam some patch
23553s they are consistently making these final
23555s stages but these final stages have to
23558s click
23559s well i feel like partially it might be
23561s due to the drop spot they're dropping on
23563s a very minimal amount of gear and just
23565s saying hey let's head center and see how
23566s it plays and in a lot of circumstances
23569s that's really tough to kind of put it
23570s all together in these final lobbies
23572s however we've seen if they're able to
23574s both stay up stay hip to hip and avoid
23576s storm surge they're capable of doing a
23578s lot but you have to have a game plan to
23580s kind of allow you to get through that
23582s initial checklist where it's did i make
23584s it off drop okay did i do enough damage
23586s to my opponents okay do i have enough
23588s utility to safely rotate and right now
23590s the answer's not really look at this
23593s play right here gotta love the throwing
23595s mechanic in the feed bizzle is gonna
23597s find so the elimination is gonna
23599s come through however is now in a world
23601s of trouble they have mars holding them
23603s from that high ground spot the zone is
23605s favoring them here up north and uh you
23607s know one thing that just continue to
23608s reflect on i mean we thought about the
23611s loot situation for pam so in fact you're
23613s right they may have great ammunition but
23615s it's really really uh evident that the
23617s heels are lacking on both of those
23620s inventories from us and avery however it
23622s does look like what was that a llama
23624s finds or maybe some io guards here could
23626s have been elimination hold up things are
23628s all starting to happen so quickly now
23629s that's a player down comes the trees and
23632s uh oh i was gonna say a swat up the sky
23635s to go with it but not just quiet nope
23637s acro got taken out there and then sin
23639s gets cleaned up as well that's avery
23641s finding some good picks from them coming
23643s through quick one right there nicely
23644s done three points on the board gets them
23647s in the business right here
23649s as we start to edge into this game
23650s number two
23651s and ooh more shots coming in from up
23653s above again camp cuddle just around this
23656s command cavern area i mean you really
23658s can't trust this area
23661s there's always going to be someone
23662s nearby danger lurking always now you
23665s mentioned maybe they'd find a llama
23666s don't forget llamas have been removed
23667s from the competitive playlist but in
23669s that regard i mean across loot drop was
23671s basically a llama did you see they
23673s picked up so many chunk splashes so many
23675s big pots they're going to be set and
23677s that's one thing for moz and avery i
23679s feel like they haven't had this entire
23681s qualifier where they haven't just had
23683s one hey we made it off drop hey we got
23685s some extra loot and we got plenty of
23686s damage i think if anything you can go
23688s back and quite be honest this is the
23690s game where they're set up for the most
23691s success that we've seen this season
23693s definitely those tags are important it
23695s gives them the the edge with damage when
23697s it comes down to storm surge which is
23699s inevitable in these set lobbies now like
23702s the collider very very of course the
23705s magnifying glass is on the collider
23707s right we see teams they continue to come
23709s here they're interesting they're kind of
23710s poking about what's happening over here
23712s there's still three teams sitting around
23714s here and a fourth one just north now
23716s again the storm does start to line up on
23719s this general area so it's gonna be a hot
23721s drop to rotate through and as we know
23722s there's air vents and things here as
23724s well so this is just just a funnel of
23727s players more now than ever and you have
23730s to assume hey players are gonna try
23732s yeah those geysers being reminiscent of
23734s the old old chapter one kind of that
23737s like science route like all the way at
23739s the north part of the map they give you
23740s a little bit extra access but enough
23742s about my reminiscing as bucky he's going
23744s straight and normally you see cam being
23745s the one who's on the aggressive asteroid
23747s but bucky's saying no no i want a piece
23749s of the pie instead realizing uh maybe i
23751s bit off a little bit extra where's my
23752s duo it's like take a walk with me cam
23755s says we need to go this way they start
23757s to disengage not something we see very
23758s often from a cam and bucky esque duo
23761s team that has the firepower the know-how
23763s and of course the skill to back it up is
23765s the battle of course just outside the
23767s sanctuary and it looks like inevitably
23769s they're gonna start making their way
23770s back towards the daily bugle so probably
23772s content with a little bit of the clash
23774s that they've gotten themselves into but
23775s you can tell that cam really hasn't
23777s gotten too much loot all right too many
23779s upgrades here plenty more to find so i
23781s don't blame them for wanting to swing
23783s through one of these major drops yeah
23785s trying to find somebody around the side
23786s there as everyone now is just going to
23788s posture up you're going to look for a
23789s little bit of space we've avoided the
23791s initial drops coming off we've seen the
23793s duos who have gone down but otherwise
23795s action should pretty much stall and
23797s immediately as i say that coupe gets a
23798s knock on to nexi in the feed there as
23801s you see chimp and spade had eleven elims
23802s in game one a record in a set lobby for
23805s n a east this season which is a little
23807s bit nuts to think about too because i
23809s know we've talked about it over and over
23810s again the threats of the ten helens in a
23812s single game going back to qualifier one
23813s i feel like if anything knowing he got
23815s one more he'd be tied for that record as
23817s a solo that's little bonkers yeah yeah
23820s it's pretty wild it's not something you
23821s see very often that's definitely the uh
23823s once in a blue moon occurrence if you
23825s will up top sprout and now is he looking
23827s down at what's unfolding here just
23829s jackson mason trying to get comfortable
23831s everyone will be sitting down and now
23833s that the surge is starting to warn
23834s players effectively letting them know
23837s where they are in this game in this
23839s tournament we'll see players starts to
23840s posture up for the fight or begin
23842s opening these edits for other long-range
23845s engagements for taji and paper i mean
23847s they're looking pretty good here 200
23849s damage plus above they want to get a
23850s little bit further to start getting
23851s ahead of what would be the next issue
23854s potentially with the surge continuing
23856s but
23856s right now 13 players are of course
23858s thinking about this maybe a little bit
23860s more because if you're a full duo then
23862s of course you're part of that mix and
23863s again storm surge will punish the
23865s players who have done the least amount
23866s of damage to opponents 25 damage every
23869s five seconds it activates in the third
23871s fifth and seventh zone for this upcoming
23873s zone it will turn off when we get to 70
23875s players but jock just got a shot at a
23878s half that might have been a sniper
23879s bullet to the chest there as he went
23881s from 100 bullshield to down into the
23883s greenhouse so he needs to be a little
23884s bit of aware as illis is out poking his
23886s head back out as well on the right-hand
23888s side of our feet cask and yells we
23889s talked about wanting to see them take
23890s these early fights they're diving right
23892s in why 92 below so they did survive the
23895s drop here but now on over to tilted
23897s towers where jack and ellis this is
23899s their backyard this is their drop spot
23901s you do not want to fight this team here
23903s and now definitely not they're gonna
23904s start rotating now but they still have
23906s to continue to get active break tag
23907s sneak on in that's a shield crack two
23909s behind him though mikey sneaking on up
23912s ever so closely
23913s he knows
23915s he's fully aware right now mikey's above
23916s him he's trying not to make a single
23918s sound here and nope casker's not having
23921s it they're coming on up you poke the
23922s bear you have to answer to it and oh
23924s great shot from mikey and a follow-up in
23926s a knock you didn't expect to see that
23928s there
23929s that was almost so good by mikey but
23932s this is just being a one tick zone yes
23934s and cass is going to be able to do that
23935s but hey sometimes when you're in a 1v2
23937s situation you got to manufacture a
23939s little bit of something unfortunate he's
23940s not able to get the confirmation on the
23942s casker to at least take the points with
23944s them but we'll swing on over e dan and
23946s ab we saw them below storm surge in the
23948s first round so continuing problem from
23951s them but ab trying to put that rifle aim
23953s to work finding the players back in the
23955s zone only 73 below they should be able
23957s to rifle this out as illest and jock get
23960s confirmed so from second place to out
23962s without scoring in placement points
23964s that's super super unfortunate it's
23966s gonna start to open up the standings now
23968s as that placement will be held let's go
23971s out and you can see n pen does find one
23973s there it does look like trap might have
23974s fallen there too yes he does aim right
23977s as well so and pen really getting active
23979s here cam also is going to fall in the
23981s feed that means these players on the
23983s eastern side having a difficult time
23985s rotating in getting clashed on as
23987s they're exiting out of the storm so wide
23989s rotates where traditionally would work
23991s for you not this time yeah a little bit
23994s of tough if you end up all the way
23995s towards the outside we saw a number of
23996s the teams we're trying to just deal with
23998s that one tick storm it's like hey no
24000s problem but if you're also under storm
24002s surge like yeah one tick is going to end
24004s up eating into it plus that 25 damage
24006s every five seconds and right now you're
24008s probably wondering why are we watching
24009s these guys they're one of two duos who
24011s are underneath pressure from that search
24012s though there are still two doers who are
24014s being hit and eaten gets opened up on
24016s immediately so that one tag coming
24018s through and storm surge instantly finish
24020s them off don't forget if storm surge
24021s hits you you don't go down but not out
24023s you get completely cleaned up and now av
24025s is going to try and just hope that the
24028s trades he got in that space will be
24029s enough it keeps him just above for now
24031s yeah but this team pushes in skittles
24033s and users are hungry here they saw the
24036s storm surge they recognized exactly what
24038s happened they found the big tax and
24040s something finished it had to be surged
24042s it only makes sense there and of course
24043s the feed will tell a tale for av though
24046s he's gonna sit back in the storm just a
24047s little bit right now it is a two-tick
24048s when it closes it'll start to do five
24050s there in just a minute so skittles and
24052s users will also feel that pressure they
24054s cannot sit here for very long and
24056s there's no shot you want to wait to
24058s launch that right now and there it is
24060s they start to recognize that yeah we
24061s have to get out of here it's not going
24063s to be worth it later
24064s little shots here from av on the side
24066s but users and skittles they want to stay
24068s up they want to be in this game right
24070s now it's only a matter of time before
24071s they get the pickup there it is skittles
24073s ends up going down and again pressure's
24075s on for the lobby 50 seconds to make the
24077s rotate yes skittles end up picking up
24080s that elimination 69 players 35 duels
24083s left which means everybody in the lobby
24085s one point to you next point will be
24086s granted at 30 then once we get in the
24088s top 25 duels each duel that drops is an
24091s additional point now don't forget as
24093s well as we end up going through it's the
24095s top five or the top five winners and the
24097s top six will advance but right now we're
24099s gonna kick it on over to svg to uh catch
24102s us up a little bit
24106s hey guys i wanted to tell you what
24107s happened with jack and ellis we saw them
24109s go down in the feed but what happened
24111s was they have a tendency to split here
24113s jack will go up on the hill and then
24115s ellis will go back into tilted towers to
24117s try and get more loot to try and get
24118s more mats and them being split is what
24121s caused them to go down when trying to
24123s get back together the poi was way too
24126s infested by other players jack and ellis
24129s tried to get back together had a lot of
24131s damage taken and ultimately do go down
24133s right here
24136s appreciate the expert insight there and
24138s it does make sense they rotated out late
24139s the storm did so much damage and down
24141s they went those points funneled
24143s elsewhere and again our second place
24145s team that was falling there and right
24147s now i talked about it casker and yells i
24148s wanted to see a little bit more right we
24150s saw in qualifier number three when they
24151s were taking those fights early on they
24153s were finding success and right now in
24155s this match sitting on three eliminations
24157s already and we're gonna get a look at
24159s where some of those came in so right now
24160s yes 19 hp on the wall and this is back
24163s to the zone he'll end up going down but
24165s casker says no problem i got you dives
24168s on in doesn't wait for the calls doesn't
24171s wait for the leader to go and he's like
24172s i gotcha that casket just goes barreling
24175s through that wall there and it is all
24177s worth it not only for the points but the
24178s upgrade you can see now it says i forget
24180s that drum shotgun we need the heavy
24182s hitter pick up the striker here take
24183s that to the end game that's a full on
24185s upgrade so it's gonna be worth its
24187s weight in spades here on the side bucky
24189s and cam do manage to bounce back so cam
24191s somehow reboot it brought back into the
24192s game boy you and xf however have
24194s survived that drop so we have kasper and
24196s yaz finding success live in that early
24198s game now boyo and xf as well both of
24200s which have that crazy contested drop
24203s fight down at that bottom area
24207s i was about to say a great short pad but
24209s then when you look at the geometry going
24210s through that's actually really rough
24211s it's going to put them a little bit too
24213s far out of the zone if you can't clear
24215s that initial hill now they're going to
24216s be forced to invest in their heavy
24218s materials and then they're going to
24219s about face but because this is the
24220s fourth zone as long as they're able to
24222s get on the outside they're going to be
24223s content because the fifth zone is the
24225s half in half out we also heard the
24227s warning for storm surge so we're gonna
24229s take a look and see who might
24230s potentially be underneath and who needs
24232s to get active here
24233s some diego starting to look outwards
24235s pretty aggressively they're definitely
24237s not a team that needs more but they want
24239s more they're hungry other teams
24241s scrambling to try to make their way to
24242s that new safe zone of course skating
24245s their way from east to west here on the
24246s other side crumbler and mars have to get
24248s active those early tags on to pam and
24250s fats were not enough they're gonna need
24252s a little bit more options looking pretty
24254s slim right now though there's a team
24256s pretty much way off in the distance
24257s you're not gonna find anything that way
24259s unless an edit opens up a full lobby
24261s focus they miss opportunity to jump in
24262s on and i mean at least mars finds a few
24265s tags so that's gonna dump them up just a
24267s little bit here alleviate some seconds
24269s but three players will have to fall in i
24272s mean they're the next stop
24274s right right now you can see
24276s bricasa ceo nawson 64 below trying to
24279s find shots trying to open up now 64.
24282s plenty rifle trying to see if anybody
24283s opens up they also have a ton of excess
24286s utility so they don't necessarily have
24288s to overpeak also monster notice in the
24289s bottom right hand corner zone again
24291s drops smack on top of their head so
24294s players are gonna be forced to rotate
24295s into them two options here are to
24297s basically eat into your shields knowing
24299s that you're not gonna have that utility
24301s later but you're trading it through the
24303s positioning the other option is poke
24305s your head up start shooting people and
24307s then utilize the shields after the fact
24309s the difficulty though is if you start
24311s shooting you take a couple ticks i mean
24313s bryce is gonna go down yeah and the
24315s crazy part is mars and crumbler are just
24317s right there the team that if this team
24319s gets tags surge will transfer so there's
24321s only one other option fight the guys
24323s next door and they're starting to boys
24325s up for that potential battle right now
24326s so we might just see it go back and
24328s forth here on the other side though
24329s here's the real opportunity can they get
24331s some tags these are so important this is
24333s their tournament game on the line
24335s nothing connects for bryce unfortunately
24337s nothing for nothing as well and it's all
24339s starting to slip away now
24341s yeah i mean just not hitting the skeet
24343s shooting marks the clay pages moving too
24344s fast
24346s hold the phone you left the door open
24348s you can't do that but the trade back
24351s over onto avery could end up being
24353s enough we saw moz get taken down by
24355s creole and unfortunately that will close
24357s them out nawson will get the elimination
24360s he's closing in on that cascading
24362s placement points but at the price of
24364s near all his utility and his duo being
24367s taken out it's only gonna become more
24368s and more difficult now but hey at least
24370s he's coming into this in 10th place
24372s right so he can do his share and earn
24375s some points here that's going to be very
24376s important ignali still up there as well
24378s again that's a team that has picked up a
24381s victor royale you know you might have
24383s thought hey who is this team why are
24385s they here well there's going to be new
24387s teams too that inevitably pop up to the
24389s fncs finals and we're hoping to see new
24391s faces pop on through as well users and
24394s skittles these are no strangers we all
24396s know and love them they're currently in
24397s first place over overall points right
24399s now because of illicit jock falling nice
24401s and early again that's a spot that's
24403s going to open up here and they're
24404s playing for the win right now i'm liking
24407s their situation here zone is going to go
24409s north way up there but they do have
24412s something to work with and they have the
24414s edge stone uh again inevitably pushing
24417s right on top of them they have so much
24418s time to work with and one thing i love
24420s what user's doing right now is he's
24421s evaluating the lobby he's trying to
24423s figure out hey where can we get taxed
24424s where can we go late is there somebody
24426s we can take advantage of or just find
24428s the shots they need because 85 below
24430s that's not just going to happen tragic
24432s gets a quick and clean double never fly
24434s in ritual go down and we're into the
24436s cascading placement points now every duo
24438s that drops is plus an additional one you
24441s can see batch and pamphlet big
24442s separation between the two and pam so
24444s trying to catch back up as everyone
24446s takes to the skies donnie and mack would
24448s abandon the high ground stacky ends up
24449s picking up shadows and we're going to
24451s loop back on over users and skittles in
24453s the top right hand corner diego and
24455s bizzle they're in the bottom right
24456s ignalia molita have been here before
24458s they're starting to jockey up for high
24459s ground on the side they picked up a win
24461s doing it they say hey maybe we can run
24464s this back one more time that's the
24466s confidence that begins to surge
24468s sometimes all it takes is get that win
24470s that first time but on the side big
24472s pressure for users and skittles right
24473s now well below the surge plenty of
24475s players have to fall right now and that
24478s lobby is starting to tick up here can
24479s they find anything the important part
24481s now is of course rotate rotate huge back
24485s of zone clash as cam and bucky end up
24486s going down to boil and exit but it costs
24488s one of them molito ends up picking up
24490s verizon high ground and tragic goes down
24492s you can see boyle ends up getting the
24493s confirm over but stacky basically cleans
24495s out the bugle he says no no we're
24497s putting you all out of business all the
24499s duels who left monster look up top and
24501s steal this melee to an ignite and as
24502s we've seen in enemies nobody is looking
24505s up but dubs and mega they don't look up
24507s to anybody they're looking down trying
24508s to find the elix and it's crazy because
24510s dubs and meg were the first team to
24511s touch down on that mountain they could
24513s have easily played for height but it's
24515s clear it's comfortable here in the low
24517s ground this is where they want to play
24518s their game out and of course they've
24520s been here before for diego however he's
24522s caught himself between a hard place he
24524s gets stuck right there and he starts to
24526s slip on by that was a great pick up
24528s there a little bit of a siphon five but
24529s the punishment from up top and then
24530s crashed out by threats there and again
24533s wiped out the lobby that's gonna fall
24535s into threats hands plenty of loot for
24537s him now
24538s plenty of loot coming through but you
24540s can see nawson trying to find a little
24542s bit of space clarity ends up picking up
24544s the elimination in there and austin he
24546s needs room he needs shields he needs to
24548s be able to find it especially with only
24549s 16 builds here yeah definitely again
24552s milo tai finds another one in the feed
24555s milito is continuing to add up elim at
24558s the elim oh my gosh however clarity and
24561s slacks decide let's take this to the sky
24563s let's see what you got new blood versus
24565s the vets here clarity and slacks go all
24567s the way on up it's their high ground now
24569s this is vivid's pick can they bring this
24571s through no broken down for a second
24573s there it's getting interesting now they
24575s are so high up in the sky though
24577s military definitely recognize that they
24579s bring them down once again the re-clash
24581s engages it's looking good for the young
24583s boys down at the bottom here clarity's
24584s hurt slacks is down one tag he's still
24587s defending nicely done he had it though
24589s just a little bit better from elito here
24591s melito and that is massive because both
24593s of the duos who went up had next to no
24596s builds and you see malito ends up
24597s getting the pick but he only gets the 15
24599s bills from the siphon everybody is near
24601s out of materials just trying to make it
24603s here we have five duos up there solo
24605s riders out there the roller ends up
24607s picking up one and pin goes down on the
24609s other side and pen will get mega as well
24611s so megan does taking out d roller in the
24613s back of the zone as the solo trashy
24615s it's a 1v1 with duels down
24617s malito getting the stick to get ignorant
24618s back up but he needs to find the zone
24620s could malito and igna do it no more mats
24623s though this is it they have to fully
24624s commit here 2v1 situation trashy's down
24627s he's weak here push against the back
24628s wall great floor there he goes down
24630s block him trust he has to go down here
24632s full finish out to eagle eye he was lit
24634s up on v1 he did enough i don't think it
24636s was enough damage trashy has to fully
24638s commit here seven mats 1v1 situation
24640s melito is down low he gets the full
24642s finish off the deep roller that's delay
24644s siphon it's all going to come down to
24646s this big tag here it is the full crank
24648s swings around more mats one more should
24651s do it trash oh trashy hits some huge
24654s shots here pauses to reset and another
24657s one it's trashy the consistency a little
24660s bit better
24662s so good from trashy finding the marks
24664s going through and having faith we've
24667s talked about it the story of na east is
24670s uncontested high ground raining down
24672s shots but here in the semifinals they
24674s say we don't worry about that the
24676s individual efforts will trump all and
24679s even though he was just a shotgun shot
24681s away from going down trashy 33 glace see
24685s in the finals they go all the way
24687s through in game number two of the
24689s semi-finals here what a huge way to
24692s close that one out right there and it
24694s could have really gone either way but
24696s the vet's trashy man just keeping his
24698s cool he's been here before i mean the
24699s individual efforts picking up all the
24701s eliminations and knowing that it was
24703s basically a solo performance to come
24705s down and clutch it up that's going to
24706s feel great you know the call is going
24708s absolutely nuts right now and the surge
24710s of confidence from alito though
24712s as well must be interesting we're going
24713s to toss on over to the boys at the
24715s analyst section though you got to get
24716s caught
24718s yes ignalia milita came so close there
24721s but trashy goes directly through to
24723s finals next weekend his duo proceeding
24725s going up that way my amazing stuff game
24727s two again um we talked about jack and
24729s ellis went down quite early there
24730s clarity and slacks as well so close
24733s didn't quite happen but let's talk about
24735s the likes of mackwood as well we saw
24737s finally getting that high ground there
24738s is fiji looking better with donny there
24740s but
24741s we want to see more of these high ground
24742s plays we saw their trash even the low
24744s making it happen making the play they're
24746s going or going through what do you think
24748s about smart teams going if you like mac
24749s where they're in the high ground and how
24750s is that going to affect things moving
24752s forward as well so we knew at some point
24754s he was gonna go for it it happened here
24756s in game two we were able to see him try
24758s and take high ground but this has been
24760s the craziest high ground we've seen thus
24761s far grand we're only two games in so not
24764s much to go off of nonetheless mackwood
24766s going for plays there as well as igna
24769s and molito they were able to make a
24771s solid play even get the res there moving
24773s zones what a play yeah
24775s you know that takes some serious gut to
24777s kind of go for that res there right you
24778s kind of give up a lot of time and space
24781s to the enemies that you are fighting
24782s when you do go for the res that's
24783s effectively 10 seconds that you were
24785s letting those enemies on that bottom
24787s layer kind of reset and kind of regather
24790s their wit so bold play didn't actually
24792s end up working out but trashy and glaze
24795s trashy at the end they're finding those
24796s low ground shots very very clean yeah
24798s really clean you can see there as well
24800s there they are on the board progressing
24802s forward as have chimpanzees spayed in
24804s the first game as well straight to
24807s finals next weekend i love this format
24808s this is amazing uh let's also talk about
24810s we talked about in the pre-show as well
24812s the collider being one of those kind of
24813s those pois where conflict was going to
24816s happen i want to focus on our duo's
24818s likes of users as well um interesting to
24820s see with the leaderboard you can see on
24822s the screen here as well managing to get
24823s the second place here now as well 10
24825s eliminations
24826s after two games 70 points there very
24829s strong going into game three yeah they
24831s have been super consistent and we are
24833s unsure how that would play out at the
24835s collider we didn't know if it was going
24836s to be a fight but it seems like both
24838s teams are getting a ton of loot and like
24840s you mentioned vivid they're going in the
24842s middle they're grabbing all of those
24844s mats and they're coming out pretty
24845s strong and then the consistency and end
24847s game back to back games you love to see
24849s that yeah we always talk about how these
24851s players do in the end game but listen
24853s skittles and users one thing that
24854s they're very good at is finding those
24856s positions on the edge zone where they
24857s kind of look back towards other players
24859s that are rotating towards them and
24860s that's why they have so much storm surge
24862s and that's why they're in such good
24863s positions to kind of freely go around
24865s and rotate those end games indeed they
24867s do you can see the top four teams
24868s there's all placement points after two
24870s games 42 40 41 41 that's consistent that
24873s consistency we talked about that is
24875s incredible to see there but let's focus
24877s on the fourth place team at the moment
24879s uh slacks and clarity a team that you're
24881s celebrating today vivid who came so
24882s close we're here honestly behind the you
24884s know waiting in the wings here i stand
24886s on the mdf cast the action and we're
24887s going ah so close uh but what makes them
24890s so special and i mean they're looking
24892s good right now yeah i can tell you right
24894s now that both of these zones though they
24895s have gone north and they are landing at
24898s log jam lumber yard which is also in
24900s that north west position so they are you
24902s know getting a little bit of a zone
24904s favoritism right there and that's why
24905s they are doing so good but that's not
24907s the only reason right they know how to
24909s play these games for sure they are
24910s veterans in the scene and right here
24912s this is what i love to see we saw them
24914s go for higher gun and for a hot minute
24916s right there they had it and i was like
24917s yes they're going to get the victory rap
24919s but no the young duo strikes back listen
24923s as long as they're playing for it i'm
24925s happy yeah that's true it's true i chat
24927s i mean his feet literally
24930s didn't quite happen um but yeah the spg
24932s you can see the leaderboard here so
24932s molito and ignite there at the top right
24935s now i mean elimination that game i think
24937s eight in total so looking really good
24938s seven or eight i mean that really puts
24940s them in good stead here now i mean 81
24942s points really starting to separate
24943s themselves from the pack after that game
24944s three to go obviously and they could go
24946s through a victory royale but strong from
24948s this duo oh definitely and that high
24950s ground play able to get the res up there
24953s and you never know how this team is
24955s going to be able to hold it they hold it
24956s just long enough but we have to talk
24958s about it that play by trashy i mean what
24960s i play we see ignai and malito able to
24964s take the high ground this is a really
24965s big game and like you mentioned they're
24966s at the top of the leaderboard and the
24968s top of the leaderboard for all of those
24970s elims unfortunately when it came down to
24972s grabbing that last
24974s helium that they needed it didn't come
24976s through
24977s yeah i mean you really do gotta play it
24980s so so so well and this is what i love to
24982s see right sundown and i talked about it
24984s during that last game and the east
24985s usually kind of developed this meadow
24987s where whoever gets hired and we're like
24988s oh man we can't go for that let's just
24989s leave him there but right here you know
24991s we saw it changing a bunch of times i
24994s love the fact that we're seeing kind of
24995s this aggression come out players willing
24998s to fight for that higher ground finally
25000s right because we have seen it time and
25001s time again high ground is what wins
25003s games usually so the fact that these
25005s players are fighting for it means that
25007s they are kind of adapting to the meta of
25009s the lobby and that's what we love to see
25011s indeed yeah game three is looking very
25012s very spicy indeed quick when they're on
25014s sleepy sound as well i mean this is a
25016s this is an area now we've seen twice now
25017s the storm shift in that direction
25019s it's early in the semi-finals it's day
25021s one but do you think svg there's any
25022s chance would our players ever be
25024s thinking about like are they looking at
25025s the storm seeing where it's moving or is
25027s it all about playing the way they play
25028s and keeping remaining steady and hoping
25031s it's gonna shift in their direction oh
25032s you gotta lock in the only way you're
25033s leaving where you're landing is if
25035s you're getting knocked off spawn you
25037s gotta stick with what you got otherwise
25039s he can't predict zones or maybe he can
25042s who knows who knows exactly right that's
25044s it uh we of course have game three
25046s coming your way here it's all to playful
25048s very exciting stuff indeed and of course
25050s again bringing us all the action the
25051s almighty sundown and mdf is back to you
25054s boys and back to the battle bus
25057s thank you so much adam savage vivid spg
25061s two games down three left to go my
25063s name's sundown joined here by monster d
25066s face to call all the action i mean it's
25067s been action-packed it really has been
25069s action-packed i can't believe glaceon
25071s trashy just walked through with that
25072s huge game talk about a clutch there in
25074s the end something you don't see very
25075s often but if there's gonna be players
25077s that do it it's ones that have the most
25079s experience and they're a finalist
25081s caliber duo i mean trash has been around
25083s forever but glace in particular seems to
25085s always step up whether it was the reboot
25087s rounds back in the day he always found a
25088s way to win one now winner take all
25090s situation match number two he puts that
25092s in the pocket books a ticket to the deal
25094s remember that does open up another drop
25096s spot here on the fortnite map so more
25097s opportunity for players that are feeling
25099s a little bit too much pressure at their
25100s areas like condo canyon maybe down south
25103s where except and voyo are getting
25104s contested by kasker and yes who are up
25106s at the top but here it is game number
25107s three is ready so let's get on the
25109s battle bus
25117s here we go like we said three more
25121s matches
25122s the winners straight through to the
25123s finals then we'll have our top six who
25126s will be joining them and so far we're
25129s seeing if you're able to make it off the
25130s drop you get a little bit of navigating
25132s room but it's one one here over at the
25134s clyde clyder and i'm really interested
25136s to see what sprite and nouns he can get
25138s up to yeah definitely this drop here you
25140s know also has ignoli melito that were
25143s just nearby i didn't even expect him to
25145s be at a contested drop in finding
25147s success often distance though snazzing
25149s on the reciprocal do look like they are
25151s alive right now they've managed to
25153s survive this time around not as much
25154s heat from sprite and mounting landing
25156s directly on top of them in the feed
25158s though polo rises down once again casker
25160s is down this time to the hands of boyle
25162s that friendly uh standoff that we saw
25164s that at the bottom no more there is no
25167s truce there voya will finish them and
25168s remember this casker was up around third
25172s place on the leaderboard that is a
25174s incredibly important elimination there
25177s as the top teams fall it will begin to
25179s open up the standings our most
25181s consistent teams are just as important
25184s right you need to also if you're not
25187s winning at least be consistent to go to
25189s finals right that's what it's all about
25191s when you look at it you talk about
25193s tournament management mode what do you
25195s need to do to keep playing fortnite this
25197s season right and the question is hey we
25200s still got saturday we still got sunday
25202s going through and we're gonna end up
25203s checking out a quick little replay here
25205s of an initial fight in sprite now we saw
25208s him last qualify you're able to shoot
25210s these things uh now you can't do it but
25212s right scent
25214s he found them right in the equipment
25217s snazz was at the drop just moments
25219s before that we almost got that one live
25221s and look at that reciprocal is down as
25223s well that was an incredible
25225s just play right there and a feet of
25228s acrobats from
25229s so clip it ship it this dude did his
25231s trig homework he had no problem going
25234s through again not listening to the raid
25235s leaders calls just straight leroy and he
25238s nailed it yeah that was raps right there
25240s get the clip guys share it amongst your
25241s friends that's what this is all about
25243s here you know fun moments on the fncs
25245s stage as well for diego and bismuth
25247s looks like their problems long gone yeah
25249s and i mean if you're watching that from
25250s legends landing hold up the scorecard
25252s and if it's not a 10 you're doing it
25254s wrong let's hop on board here on the
25256s other side of it danny bad bloom ends up
25258s going down to some not so bad bloom
25260s there from bizzle very accurate shots
25262s coming out
25263s with that ranger ar which hits really
25265s hard especially early that's right there
25267s were a couple adjustments to the uh the
25269s ranger right a little bit more fire rate
25272s big damage um not typically the favorite
25274s choice for pro players but hey when you
25277s have it and hit those shots i mean you
25278s see the punishment come through for
25279s endpin and derola again a fun pick for
25281s us here uh casper pick for us if you
25284s will it's not looking too hot right now
25286s for the team that they're battling they
25287s got him on the run here it's swerve he
25289s is out and in the vehicle loses a couple
25292s tires but he will get right behind that
25294s wall uh moments though before that
25296s vehicle does explode as it had like
25298s maybe five hp or something yeah super
25301s like really good for d rolling and pen
25303s to end up picking up the elimination
25305s really disappointing that the player
25307s ends up getting out with that beaten up
25308s whiplash because yes if you're able to
25311s deny the car it's so huge there's so few
25314s over there but they'll take what they
25316s got as we're going to throw back a
25318s little bit and see how this went down to
25320s roller a great pre-fight that was like a
25322s 79 into a 129 and they almost completely
25326s caps off swirl there too de roller
25328s putting the shots in yeah nicely done
25330s onto aeoxi ayaki who i've seen perform
25332s so well in solo settings definitely one
25334s of those rising players here so fun to
25336s see players like him pop up and make its
25338s appearance into the fncs semifinal stage
25340s here of course these are accolades for
25342s some players this could be their first
25344s and biggest stage that they've made it
25346s to this far so it is still a moment to
25348s celebrate for now flu 24 clue here on
25352s the run trying to work his way around
25353s these builds diego and bisman they've
25355s really been getting active they've
25356s already found danny babloom oh almost
25358s catches him right there with the floor
25360s edit no hesitation from diego i'm
25362s starting to see things really come
25363s together for this player and it gets me
25365s excited to see the skill opportunities
25368s right come through for diego there goes
25369s the cone again mechanically
25372s really really good and smart right there
25374s that's like that defensive small plate
25376s and why take the risk business got him
25378s yeah good job cleaning that one up and
25380s real unfortunate there for danny include
25381s we saw them in qualifier number three
25383s they're in fourth place going in that
25384s final game and they just had a little
25386s bit of a slip up got pushed out in the
25389s last moment and now for somebody who
25391s hasn't been in any of the set lobbies
25393s diego and bizzle are looking really good
25396s and i knew they were gonna do well in
25397s this setting and you know why didn't you
25399s pick writing was on the wall well you
25401s know the thing is apparently the writing
25403s wasn't big enough the thing is like
25405s like pam and fats you know i was kind of
25407s feeling that pick that's such a solid
25409s pick you know we still trust me i know
25411s about it i know all about you you've
25412s been there you know why you'd want to
25414s again lean into that team but a little
25416s update for you guys off spawn scoreboard
25418s spartan now z reciprocal on snazaroo
25419s continues 2-1 here of course as we start
25421s to kind of edge our way out of that
25423s collider fight for threats and rise um
25425s they've been contested here but hasn't
25426s really finished so keep an eye on the
25428s top left-hand corner of the feed
25429s normally we don't call out things that
25431s we generally see a ton dr sloan got a
25433s confirmation there so good on her for
25435s getting involved maybe can we get her
25437s three points on the board get her up
25439s there right now shadow me too trying to
25441s put some pressure down onto swirl who
25444s now we saw eoxy go down early swirl will
25446s get confirmed but i'm also pretty sure
25448s they're able to farm out a couple of
25450s extra of eliminations because we saw oxy
25452s go down he got rebooted back over here
25455s and now omg me too in shadow that's a
25457s bonus three points to them and they're
25459s in eighth place every point can matter i
25461s was gonna say talk about a team that
25462s needs it right slides them on up to
25464s eighth that's six huge points as we
25466s start to get into these later stages
25467s those three elims mean everything like
25469s we said some of the records for the
25471s reasons are literally ten eliminations
25473s so two right here that's a fifth of the
25474s way through uh you know good then good
25477s game up team up we'll take those good
25478s maps here's the roller dead pen in ninth
25480s break not too far off from shadow and
25482s omg so just getting overtaken because of
25485s those sets of elins and show you again
25486s how that can change the dynamic and the
25488s standings of course um in this general
25490s area a couple players north and south of
25493s them the north team does seem to know
25494s that they are definitely there and that
25496s is why they're starting to you know look
25498s backwards just make sure but nothing's
25501s going to confirm from that and pen the
25503s roller playing fortnite playing smart
25505s the way you should here farm up get
25507s comfortable and they got just a little
25508s bit of a hop skip into the jump as we
25510s swing on over to the other side you can
25512s see akron is duo taken to the skies here
25515s in the fight i like this right now for
25516s twitter sin it's a big commitment though
25518s a lot of material here what will you do
25520s with it avery and moz have found success
25522s here time and time again before right
25524s they've been rotating into these battles
25526s and finding these two elims uh pretty
25528s consistently so it does look like the
25529s jig is up and the play has been weighed
25531s eden almost jumps off the side there has
25533s to be careful acro however is hurt he's
25536s back against the wall right now and
25537s don't forget avery muzz we're the ones
25539s who are able to swat acro in his duo out
25541s of the sky early on so they're getting
25543s pushed down here currently sitting on
25545s only six points i believe in three of
25547s them from that early elimination here so
25549s trying to find a little bit of space a
25551s little bit of maneuvering room but
25552s monster bottom right hand corner hey
25554s they got a solo sitting right on top of
25555s them and two duo's just sitting and
25558s hawking the high ground in front he
25559s might have made a big mistake there as
25560s he jumps down he wants to get the reboot
25562s card in the loot of course so you can't
25564s blame him for that but the other team is
25566s here and they're here to fight and they
25568s do end up getting those points who is it
25570s it's scare bear and walkers
25573s oh my edging their way up in 10th place
25575s not bad no that is a fantastic way to
25578s manufacture points they're one of the
25580s teams we talked about who was just
25581s hocking up on the high ground but they
25582s decided hey enough sitting here we know
25584s there's a solar around there somewhere
25586s let's go commit to this fight and they
25588s end up picking up a much needed
25589s elimination it puts us just that much
25592s closer up the board and again 41 points
25594s so far you're very you're on that front
25596s page you're in touching distance of the
25597s top five you just need a solid game and
25599s don't forget normally we're used to
25601s those six round qualifiers that we saw
25603s in the round fours previously this is
25605s only five matches that means having just
25607s that one extra slightly more consistent
25609s game going through is so much value yeah
25612s you know normally we wait since the
25613s game's over to save the halfway mark but
25615s this is about it we're right here time
25617s flies when you're having fun that's what
25619s they say take a look at the wireless
25621s shot
25623s bunch of players the southern congestion
25625s is really going to be where the action
25626s starting to unfold on the west side of
25628s the zone right there that's the pocket
25630s we're currently in focus with tons of
25633s action continuing to happen here and
25635s again there's two more teams over at the
25637s command cavern so plenty really
25639s unfolding here
25641s also got to appreciate walker's
25642s dedication there to the back bling but
25645s we all know how that one's going to go
25646s has clarity finding a little bit of room
25648s reforming the bridge as well to get as
25649s much excess metal here and this is such
25651s a prime power position based on where
25653s the map is because everyone who's on the
25656s north and kind of the west side of the
25657s zone is going to have to rotate past
25659s them however noting that most the action
25661s is more towards the southern part if
25662s they're under storm surge they could be
25664s in a little bit of danger because
25665s there's not really anyone near them
25667s somebody who's not endangered walkers
25668s and scare bears so you should be fine
25671s but one thing walkers did very well
25673s there to touch back on is he made sure
25675s that he used all of the excess masks
25677s they have to tunnel in a little bit
25679s farther and it doesn't give adrian muzz
25682s as much of an angle yes they'll be able
25683s to hit a couple shots
25687s just barely misses there if you don't
25689s know you can shoot those trees and they
25691s will target right on top of opponents
25692s they do good damage as well can really
25694s open things up it'll be an instant
25696s shield pop right there
25697s on over to diego and bizzle though who
25699s are being consistent and i also just
25701s thought about mathematically speaking
25702s someone's gonna be upset on the on the
25704s desk here
25705s there's not enough space for all of us
25707s to win in our picks to go through so hey
25709s guys the cards have been laid out we'll
25710s see what unfolds here that's kind of a
25712s fun fact i guess
25713s fizzling diego though problems for them
25715s right now on all sides yeah so much chip
25718s damage taken there from bizzle i mean it
25720s was just a couple body shots on either
25721s side but adds up uh yeah unable to kind
25723s of make his way to that little shack and
25726s i think they're not fully cover either
25727s side so they will be able to reform but
25730s i don't though they i believe they had a
25732s shield keg on one of them but not having
25733s necessarily shields to be able to go
25735s above that 50 mark is real difficult
25738s yeah definitely using skittles however
25740s not as much of a difficult issue here at
25742s the collider remember they have plenty
25744s to work with for rotates and stuff as
25747s well loadout looking just phenomenal
25749s here and sitting on top of even more 300
25752s damage above the surge so the early
25754s elimination clearly paying its way out
25756s and the extra time as well this is so
25758s good and you we just saw skittles just
25760s basically dumped out the entirety of his
25762s utility and now he's just running around
25764s grabbing exit utility and he's going to
25766s bring them back over and this is such an
25768s intelligent play by a player who is
25770s currently tied for first leading in
25772s eliminations he has nine now one thing
25774s about that stat i do want to give like a
25775s little bit of caveat don't forget the
25777s teams who end up winning they don't get
25778s to add to that elimination total going
25780s through so it's just a little bit
25783s yeah but one of the few times you get to
25784s feel really good like yeah dude first
25786s place leading the tournament it's a
25787s semi-final stage you kind of gloat on
25789s that one and feel good but hey it is
25791s still a huge skill set to do it
25793s nonetheless to stay consistent for
25794s rituals and never fly a team that has
25796s not had a storm surge issue at all this
25799s is a scary team to have to want to need
25801s to fight right because 61 below means
25804s they're gonna have to decide to get in
25805s your box and they've had a pretty good
25807s success rate we've seen them in that
25809s feed all day today i mean i wouldn't
25811s even just necessarily say today rituals
25813s throughout the entirety of the
25814s qualifiers have been probably my upstart
25817s player like if you go back to last fncs
25819s it was really me too he was the one
25821s who's kind of putting his name out there
25822s like putting his brand on things he
25824s hadn't seen him a while ritual x god has
25826s filled that role he's been the one who's
25827s lighting up the feed every time you look
25828s up there you're like was that him again
25830s was that him again and then we tuned
25831s back in and all of a sudden it's five
25833s six evens on the kid but right now
25835s they're in a situation as you said they
25837s haven't necessarily had to be 125 below
25839s time's ticking 22 seconds before that
25842s storm surge turns on granted only five
25844s duels will be underneath but that's 25
25846s damage every five seconds as we do see
25848s in the bottom right hand corner a little
25850s bit of a fight going on the zone that's
25851s tk and playa yeah definitely big
25853s eliminations there but just kind of harp
25855s on
25856s my last season picks more like the smite
25857s and larson but of course they broke up
25858s and paired off with some different teams
25860s finding some success so i have super
25862s curious finals because one of those of
25863s the two are definitely going all the way
25865s through but on over to here again story
25868s is what can you do zone is going to
25870s start moving here shortly i mean the
25871s search is of course active and uh they
25874s need to fight 152 below is
25877s just about worth a full team v limb
25879s right there
25881s nothing just yet
25882s crumbler however on the other side
25884s slightly above right so
25886s clock is ticking here just 66 above but
25888s right now never find ritual one of the
25890s four duo's who are underneath and we're
25892s trying to talk about that 150 line being
25894s the comfortable rifling line they're
25895s right on top of it they do have a bunch
25897s of tug splashes to try and negate it but
25900s at some point you got to pull the
25901s trigger and that means you're going to
25902s sprint through the open shots are
25904s already being thrown over at them and if
25905s they take too much damage it makes this
25907s push that much harder never find now
25909s being backed up in a chug splash being
25911s used only on the soul never fight is the
25913s down the damage from the storms just
25915s being too much it's going to be all on
25916s ritual to live up to his name but he
25918s can't even close the distance without
25920s taking so much chip damage i mean the
25922s other side that while he's pushing into
25923s trap kills he's been fantastic all
25926s season i mean he's going to throw up the
25927s armored walls and say hey nobody else
25929s gets them rough game for him it was
25932s pretty clear to the lobby these guys
25934s need to fight and that was why they got
25936s targeted there crumbling mars however a
25938s team that was just edging their way
25940s above seem to have been battling their
25942s own storm surge issues here as they
25943s teeter totter back and forth and that
25946s just means other teams are also fighting
25947s endpin and the roller fine two in the
25949s feed it could have been them to just
25950s edge their way on over big tax here
25952s though for mars oh w and penderol to get
25954s another set hold up they're just
25956s starting to rack up now that's a quick
25957s four piece uh coming back to back
25960s you see how that ends up working out
25962s it's mars though still at zero here
25965s this is such a tough rotation to make
25967s and you can see especially with the
25968s storm surge that they're pinned right on
25970s the side and there's already two duos
25972s who are up and above them and i mean
25973s they're gonna have to go further
25975s internally here on the next rotate and
25977s it's gonna be really difficult as we see
25979s split left and right hand side 48 above
25981s 47 above however with one more
25982s confirmation it should turn off and with
25984s picking up a pair in the feed
25986s that'll be it 69 players up 35 duos
25989s everybody who's on their feet gets one
25990s point but walkers and cu say hey one
25993s point's not enough give us another six
25995s hey give them more elims give them more
25997s points that means walkers and company
25998s are jumping their way on up closer and
26000s closer edging their way towards top five
26002s muzz however still alive there on the
26004s western side finds smack nicely done
26005s here the zone 30 seconds now until
26008s things start to close out so we have
26010s some time a perfect time however to
26012s catch up with vivid
26016s yeah and as we watch some teams right
26018s there struggle with storm swords i just
26019s wanted to highlight how slack and
26020s clarity are getting it done we actually
26022s see another zone pulled to the north
26024s right so how is this team that doesn't
26026s really have any teams coming all the way
26027s up to them yet get some storm surge look
26029s at this positioning it's so smart with
26031s the new poi coming in you got the launch
26033s pads you got that air vent right in the
26035s middle that means a lot of teams are
26036s going to want to use those to rotate and
26038s that's when they're going to get their
26040s shots in and their storm surge done and
26042s said for the rest of the game
26046s thank you vivid great breakdown on that
26048s fantastic angle also love the denial of
26051s the cannon as we've seen even with the
26053s primary fire removed players are still
26055s getting a bit active but slacks takes a
26058s whole bunch of chip damage there however
26060s just a minion a big pot plenty of excess
26062s will be able to get them right over the
26063s top you can see them debating if they
26065s want to burn the shield keg here but
26067s don't think that's necessarily going to
26068s be worth as clarity was already full hp
26070s we're going to take a little bit of a
26072s look around the lobby i was also
26074s interested where sprout and nowanzi's
26075s mega loot situation ends up playing out
26077s because the collider is like right there
26079s so anything can truly happen but on this
26082s side here diego and bizzle are poised up
26085s on a great mountain which is really
26087s nicely done here because all the teams
26088s from the collider will have to move out
26090s and i had previously said about the
26091s zones how the teams who are on that kind
26093s of northeastern mountain need to move
26095s more internally well zone pretty much
26096s pulled as far northeast as you can get
26099s for a uh concentric circle so if you
26101s look the south side of the zone is going
26103s to be bonkers we have pretty much like
26106s at least 60 percent of the duos who are
26107s still up just packed in along the south
26109s side of the collider i mean users and
26111s skittles are just going to look and
26113s everyone is going to open up and use all
26114s their utility on this rotation look at
26116s the change in verticality up here yeah
26118s little do they know half their mobility
26120s has been literally broken and destroyed
26122s so that'll be that stories here are
26124s going to end though for muzz or for
26126s crumbler and mars they're shot down by
26128s hide and seek and nets there nice little
26130s pickup for them they definitely needed
26131s those points crucial sets of material as
26134s well as we're starting to get to this
26135s end game elims now
26137s weighs so much more can do so much more
26140s for you as well so it is very important
26142s to stay capped off and loaded as users
26145s and skittles have managed to do that
26146s again off of that single elim and that
26148s great drop spot of the collider here
26150s really playing its way out into the
26152s loadout here but the material count
26154s starting to dwindle we know that is one
26156s of the pain points of the drop in an
26158s endgame you need mats threats and rise
26160s here need tags not mats and they're
26163s starting to pressure down it's not
26165s looking good for mason here who was lit
26166s up so was it enough it is and threats
26169s don't get it see bert picking up a
26171s confirmation in the feed creo ends up
26173s going down on the other side that
26174s threats though 65 above just barely able
26177s to get themselves up and i actually
26178s mentioned how i thought walker's scared
26180s bear wouldn't end up being under
26181s pressure from storm such but they are
26182s and they're pushing straight and omg me
26184s too and shadow who is great at taking
26186s defensive fights stackian ends up
26188s getting a knock on the pamstel but not
26190s before fatch is able to avenge him so
26192s action going on all over the place and
26194s it's not gonna stop the storm surge
26195s turns on now this is huge because they
26197s need these tags here this is why they're
26198s getting so active right now and there's
26200s just like a cluster pool of players
26202s right now they have the half and half
26204s out other teams are sitting on all these
26206s fresh builds don't stop now get it
26208s before the bills get finished and
26210s unfortunately those couple of seconds
26212s might be the difference here that will
26213s make these walls impenetrable for a
26215s couple seconds here walkers and scare
26217s bear pressure is on players are lit up
26220s little do they know opportunities in
26222s front of them but again seven players
26225s make that six now make that five now
26227s more still have to go down the roller
26230s picks up a pair yet again the prediction
26233s train is rolling but walker it is
26235s got the players down he's able to get a
26236s wall in the face they get the knock but
26238s they need to find the confirmation and
26239s the max damage eight above 27 above at
26242s the last moment me too gets taken out i
26246s believe shadow was able to just barely
26247s get the disengage off but batch ends up
26249s going down as well confirmation storms
26251s turns off and we're closing in on the
26253s cascading placement so important right
26255s there that elimination there and of
26257s course the loot as well they will be
26258s able to secure it and just like that
26259s walkers and scare bear jump on up to
26262s seven make that six now as more players
26265s start to fall down some important set of
26267s placement points being awarded to them
26269s making the difference here business when
26270s diego starts to house up next to this
26272s very confident young duo just nearby
26274s they have to be careful the vet is good
26277s but how good as the team sneaks up
26278s behind you they control him as well lose
26280s the wall lose the comb it's mackwood
26282s another one that knows how to navigate
26284s these end games and just like that a
26286s team of equal calibers shut them down
26289s for a second here bizzle now houses a
26291s solo here has to make it work the
26293s pressure though coming from all these
26295s different areas
26296s ccu ends up picking up another one in
26298s the feed and one thing you can see
26300s fizzling diego trying to own as much of
26301s the ground but as they move forward into
26303s the next box they weren't ensuring that
26305s they held the wall behind him and a
26306s great job for macwood to get the wall
26308s replaced and then edit into a one-third
26310s wall it opened up everything and you
26312s could see diego panic you can see he
26314s hadn't been put in that situation
26316s mackwood knows exactly what to do and
26318s we're gonna swing on over to molito and
26321s ignore because we know where they're
26323s going with zone prioritizing pulling
26324s right past them they're looking for a
26326s play in a timing to commit to going up
26329s give the kids the vip tickets they're
26331s right in the front they got first dibs
26333s at whatever it is that they want to do
26335s here a little bit of material though so
26337s it does look like they say hey let's
26338s just wait around for a second see if we
26340s can play for a refresher maybe an impact
26342s elimination here cease however watching
26344s them from the cone be careful he's
26346s someone who will definitely jump out
26347s there goes the code i knew it would
26349s happen and that is why you have to be
26350s careful in exchange though it's worth it
26353s they get a knock that's more points
26354s that's one step closer to the finals
26355s right there remember consistency is also
26359s key walkers on the back side of the zone
26360s they're interesting keep an eye on him
26362s but it's used as skittles right now left
26364s to fight bucky ends up picking a knock
26366s on to cam in the feed that's late game
26368s not over at the bugle but users and
26370s skittles looking for a little bit of
26371s space some shots and they're coming in
26373s we have a fantastic splash to hit both
26375s of them right on the edges zone is it
26376s going for the priority and as we're
26378s going over shifty shafts if you can land
26379s on these old builds it's huge you don't
26381s want to get forced all the way to the
26382s bottom as megan sees both also pick up
26385s huge elements of the feed mega gets a
26386s second that sail soul oh again uses with
26389s a 100 tag and a money attack if someone
26391s gets in the box it was all over just
26394s like that you blinked and you missed it
26396s and users goes down skittles is now left
26399s to fend by himself it's rising threats
26402s the vets themselves they come on up to
26403s the top here they are so experienced
26406s with the high ground as well it's gonna
26407s be hard to overtake them here i'm
26409s looking at the loadout i'm looking at
26411s the max they might have just done it
26413s right now threats and rise look for a
26415s little bit of room they have plenty of
26416s time but we got almost an exact pull to
26419s where we were for the half and half out
26421s we're going to go back over old build
26423s molito gets taken out by skittles vert
26424s finds the jock in the feet on the high
26426s ground threats and rise and nobody's
26428s within four tiles of the monster but on
26430s the low ground bottom left hand corner
26432s on the left screen and pen into roller
26434s hip to hip with shadow trying to push
26436s around him definitely playing it well
26437s right now walkers is also alive here
26439s with his teammate too six eliminations
26441s for him plays for the elim right there
26443s breaks the floor i like that play right
26445s there that's gonna alleviate some
26446s pressure from the side here comes the
26447s mass but so walkers is going to start to
26449s lead this one out here it's starting to
26450s get real real interesting now smart
26453s plays as well playing it nice and smooth
26454s here what can they do avery on the other
26456s side here looking on up to height tight
26458s comes down it's all over avery makes a
26460s crank out to the side threats and riser
26462s down that's going to go to mega high
26464s ground is free and avery's up top dubs
26467s picks up another one as well the faze
26469s duo are running it like it's the world
26471s cup days and we bounce back yet again
26474s all through old builds it's going to
26475s allow the players who are on the back
26476s side of the zone now to take it but more
26478s importantly for high ground they don't
26480s have to invest a thing it's free real
26483s estate baby but as i say that clarity
26485s looks up and says excuse me sold out
26487s pretty big tags right there and this is
26489s where it becomes very important do you
26491s have an additional win condition how
26492s many heals do you have when it starts to
26494s bounce back and forth these other
26496s options start to open up otherwise if it
26497s comes impossible mega and dubzo they are
26500s on fire all these elins with no refresh
26502s for themselves they're out of material
26504s this zone is going to work perfectly
26506s them as it bounces back and forth but
26508s clarity looks up slacks is here this is
26511s vivid's pick we want them to do well
26513s he's looking for he's swinging his way
26515s around starting to run out of material
26517s though it's getting closer and closer
26518s here
26519s clarity and stocks look frisban's face
26520s tons of big names dual muzz avery
26522s clarity slacks bucky on the low grinder
26524s as the solo boyle there as well you
26526s still have walkers in cu on eight
26528s eliminations and don't forget m pen and
26530s d roller have just been sitting on the
26532s lower and for the first time monster
26534s we're pulling away from the old builds
26536s the final circle we're going all the way
26538s back west so who still has materials
26540s because hey mega and dubs don't scare me
26542s and walkers definitely do and they have
26544s floppers that is so important keep that
26546s in the back of your mind that will
26548s probably determine who gets the win who
26550s goes through dubs is down clarity
26552s follows up mega's out of here gets them
26554s out of here right back to the lobby
26556s clarity and slacks march their way on
26558s now down to low ground it's their
26559s territory here looking to continue to
26561s claim up d-roll is starting to eyeball
26563s his way on in and enqueues working the
26565s outside big one bucky goes up
26568s there is maps up on high ground though
26569s it's not free and bucky is met with the
26572s resistance
26573s clarity picks up on enco's one solo
26575s rider everyone else has a buddy and on
26578s the high ground avery must say sundown
26580s you're wrong last game wasn't the one
26582s we're set up for success it's right here
26584s but the run belongs to you as he finds
26586s huge shots clarity and walkers take down
26588s empathy roll at fifth place
26590s but scare bear see you is scaring
26592s everyone bucky gets clapped walker's
26594s looking for some space as we have a 2 b2
26596s v2 to close out game number three and
26598s that's crazy because walkers is in a 1v1
26600s fight scarebear in another ten elims for
26602s the young duo here they said let's go on
26604s up we can do this let's close this game
26607s and it's their high ground now and this
26609s could be it for walkers
26611s another finals could be right in front
26613s of them it's a 2v2 situation if you want
26615s to take that one muzz is down he's gonna
26617s start to swing around and i cannot
26619s believe they have managed to make it
26621s this far with nothing both sides have
26623s three mats make that none now here it is
26625s the full commitment it's all or nothing
26627s here muzz dips back into the zone with
26629s some heels how long will it last not
26631s much longer we knew he only had one med
26633s miss can he find another it's three
26636s two couple more seconds he swings to the
26638s zone that's so smart
26640s he gets the two floppers off to use look
26642s and walkers is gonna end up going down
26643s but mud still has priority going through
26645s the hp lead though is on cu and cus6 he
26648s looks he's rolled in and he
26650s claps him
26652s scared
26653s and walkers do something incredible and
26657s again give them the spotlight they
26659s deserve it that was a crazy clean play
26663s retaking the high ground as well let's
26665s talk about execution in the end what a
26668s game that was
26669s and with absolutely no build seven of
26672s eliminations coming through he needed to
26674s find all of it a brilliant effort from
26677s muds but i mean man do we just have to
26679s appreciate how good walkers and cu have
26683s been i mean we talked about walkers last
26685s season he's the young kid who went up
26686s there was even that uh effing
26687s competitive reddit post where his dad
26689s when he was like talking about his
26690s journey hey he's gonna be in the final
26692s second season we we so love that this is
26695s what this stage is all about we've been
26696s doing this for a long time and this
26697s setting makes that possible walkers we
26700s will see you once again in the finals
26701s congratulations that's such a huge win
26703s we never expected these teams to win
26705s right so many new names starting to pop
26707s up let's just get your perspective guys
26709s ggs
26711s yeah gg's indeed what an incredible game
26714s three that was walkers and scared go
26716s through what a finish as well we were
26719s seeing it here behind the scenes again
26720s getting very excited because again
26722s slacks and clarity had an unbelievable
26725s game fragging out right now
26727s we look at the scoreboard very soon but
26728s you can see here on the screen right now
26729s scare bear and walkers go all the way
26731s through uh to the to next weekend's
26734s finals amazing stuff uh but let's talk
26736s about them for a second here vivid we
26737s get we're jumping up and down again for
26739s a second time it's looking good
26741s obviously at the end of the show i was
26742s like oh yeah my pick is going to go all
26743s the way in game three i meant vivid's
26745s pick i meant vivid's pick yeah well done
26747s uh what are they doing so right right
26749s now listen i i love this because i
26751s talked about game number two now game
26752s number three again they're showing that
26753s they want that high ground right the
26756s pressure in them they're like hey listen
26757s you guys want to come down you guys want
26758s to let us have it no
26760s it doesn't work out for them when they
26761s were pressing them so guess what they do
26762s they just drop down to the low ground
26764s two different play styles here that's
26766s what we love to see and they just grab
26769s eliminations and ride it all the way out
26770s into that third place they are
26772s definitely looking good on the
26773s consistency factor here spg yeah and the
26776s variability that they have like you
26778s mentioned to play wherever they want it
26780s doesn't seem like they have any sort of
26783s specificity where they want to be the
26784s comfort level is everywhere and these
26787s two they're on the mid ground they're
26788s all in the high ground they're on the
26789s low ground they're taking it all and
26792s they've likely punched their ticket
26793s through this early with all that
26795s consistency i mean maybe a couple more
26797s points but a hundred plus that is huge
26800s yeah absolutely massive we're going to
26802s talk as well about our victory royales
26804s as well oh we're going all the way
26805s through the finals we can see sir
26806s scarborough there and walkers 11
26808s eliminations okay i think ty's top of
26810s the day so far which equates to 33
26813s points but those are wiped off the board
26815s because these guys progress straight
26817s through and other teams will start to
26818s elevate you through the leaderboard now
26820s um incredible work from these guys and a
26822s square off their mozzarella at the end
26824s and it went in their favor but fantastic
26826s stuff of it yeah absolutely fantastic
26829s scary bro just putting on an absolute
26831s clinic we were watching this sundown and
26833s mdf were casting it and this guy is just
26836s going crazy with the mechanics and i
26838s mean like if you really break it down
26839s like he just kept going it's like are
26842s you in like a creative practicing right
26843s now no you're in an f in cs end game
26846s what are you doing
26847s oh man yeah and not only that but like
26850s they're able to clutch it up we've seen
26852s a lot of solo clutches against the duo
26854s but
26855s reverse that all now it's the duo
26857s closing it in we did see muzz make that
26859s cheeky little play to short pad towards
26861s zone we're both like oh man
26863s but no these two able to take it home it
26866s was such a great game but i mean adam
26867s look at this leaderboard we have a i was
26869s going to lose battle fellas
26871s look at who's the
26873s boy vivid there his prediction thus far
26875s are slacks and clarity obviously have
26877s three games now been really consistent
26879s so chances are a victory royale may be
26881s in their fate so that could actually get
26883s wiped off the board they progress and
26884s the teams elevate here we can start to
26886s see as well we mentioned the likes of
26887s users skittles as well here 50 points
26889s you can see there are 13 eliminations
26891s and we can see molito in in the ignite
26893s as well 99 points there is also very
26895s very tight those top three teams super
26897s super close good to see as well here mus
26899s and avery as well haven't talked about
26901s them that much but matt mentioned a
26902s rotate out of cavan finally getting to
26905s that end game and looking strong as well
26907s listen i really want to just highlight
26909s that end game one more time i want to i
26910s kind of want to walk you through it
26911s because it was so close and i really
26914s don't think a lot of people are going to
26914s give him credit for that play that i
26916s mean me and spg kind of talked about it
26917s a little bit but the insight there the
26919s kind of the hindsight to just use that
26921s short pad go all the way over to his own
26923s because he recognized that both of the
26925s members of that duo were right above him
26926s in the zone they were tanking someone
26928s she's like listen if i can make a quick
26929s play to stop taking the storm damage
26931s kind of make a quick fight for it and it
26933s kind of works out right one of them goes
26934s down in the storm and then he's left in
26936s a 1v1 situation and it gets to the point
26938s where it actually makes the edit but
26940s shotgun shot just doesn't do enough
26941s damage but it was so close i think the
26943s player had like 50 health left so close
26946s so so close indeed it really was uh
26948s obviously we've got two games left now
26950s so we're getting so close to the end of
26952s semifinals day one but there are two
26953s more teams that'll progress
26955s through victor royales and of course
26956s those six as well through the
26958s leaderboard uh who's gonna go through
26959s let us know in the chat keep engaged
26961s with us let us know who you think is
26962s going all the way but for now it is over
26964s to game four it's back to mdf back to
26966s sundown to bring us all the action let's
26968s go
26970s thank you so much gentlemen we've seen
26973s three games down which eight duels will
26976s join
26977s them in the finals yeah we're gonna have
26979s to find out here clearly us as the
26981s analysts and the casters have been wrong
26983s today so many new teams coming through
26985s surprising us great opportunities for
26988s tons of players now but again
26990s not not completely far off right there
26992s we're wrong on the vrs but i mean that's
26994s tough to get every time i mean if you
26996s look at kind of that front page i'm
26997s pretty sure almost all of our
26998s predictions are on it so we're doing
27000s some of our homework right yeah
27001s definitely some good stuff there and
27003s honestly guys don't forget the players
27005s are also celebrating this is explosive
27007s all around we love the vibes here that
27008s the fnc starts to bring especially the
27010s teams that are making it to finals it
27011s gets cut out early so that's always a
27014s some good fun here we're well past the
27016s halfway mark there's only two like i
27017s said two matches down we kind of know
27019s what that leaderboard looks like don't
27020s forget top six will advance and the
27022s ticket is the same as if you got the
27024s victory royale so for the next two games
27026s we'll be talking a lot about numbers and
27027s all that but don't forget the win is
27029s what matters and here we go game four is
27031s underway
27035s [Music]
27038s the stage has been set game number four
27040s is here and we get to take one more big
27044s step towards the sunset here towards the
27046s finals we love to see it let's start
27049s getting onto the fortnite world here
27050s what's going down big fights at the
27052s collider we expect it this time snazz
27054s and crews try to try that game one strat
27057s doesn't quite work out the way they
27058s thought it was before
27060s snap goes down as reciprocal goes down
27062s and
27063s down to here gets crashed on and just
27065s like that it's over
27067s clouded theirs sprites says give me them
27069s toes he ends up finding tons of shots
27072s there onto snazodon nanzi helps him out
27075s a little bit the slurp chalk bottoms
27077s enough time but not all the way through
27079s there but we also see in the top
27080s left-hand corner tragex ends up picking
27082s up nikko and then cease ends up going
27084s down however we saw bizzle and diego
27086s bizzle finding the inner shot no way so
27089s not only they forced them out of the
27091s drop now they're getting them before
27092s they even gets touched down that's just
27094s a compounding effect here for bizzle and
27097s diego thing's really going in their
27098s favor um also not looking too hot for
27101s adam savage's pick as cease did fall
27104s there too so tragic is is in a fight
27106s right now it's still going down between
27108s nico and polarize so we'll keep you guys
27110s up to date there we'll keep the feet
27111s close to that one but for bison diego
27114s man talk about impressive performance
27116s winning this drop spot here has really
27117s played a huge favor into their points i
27120s mean they're effectively just buffering
27122s themselves up but we know as we start to
27124s see clashes like that anything can
27125s happen uh if you just don't have that
27128s fortune favor you but there's tragics we
27130s knew that there was a
27132s standoff going on here he's on the run
27134s and
27135s man he's hurt
27136s he's hurt able to create a little bit of
27138s a line of sight gap we'll get behind
27140s that hill going to immediately get the
27142s minis and the thing is though the teams
27144s aren't really ever going to leave cavern
27146s to chase a solo in this regard they'll
27148s generally hang around where cease is but
27151s let's figure out how we got here monster
27153s yeah i mean listen he has two
27154s eliminations so something happened here
27156s there goes nico adam to the count that's
27158s gonna be the first one right there
27159s nicely done swings back around and box
27162s one player that was so freaking good
27165s because look at his ammunition on the
27167s bottom he had nothing left in the smg
27169s the last bullet was what picked up nico
27171s and then he straight just hurls himself
27173s through the air
27176s picks off that burst scope rifle and
27178s then has some of the best hit fire
27179s tracking i've seen since sex row played
27181s fortnite and now gets to turn all of
27183s that hard work into a reboot here in the
27187s game fun facts
27189s nae's
27189s don't about
27190s happen they have an average of a little
27192s less than a what's that three quarters
27195s of a lobby which is so unfortunate c is
27197s going to get tagged a few times there
27198s from players on the mountain so it's
27199s already looking like a setback for him
27201s macron and donnie however in a fight
27203s that we've seen time and time again
27205s bucky and cam here just starts to get
27207s personal between the two both sides are
27209s so good both sides are also kind of
27212s playing this this hybrid of new player
27214s veteran players that have been here you
27216s know how to do this yeah let's be honest
27218s with makuu though when isn't it personal
27219s he gets so invested in this he wants to
27221s win this so bad and it's part of what
27223s makes him one of the best competitors on
27225s nae east i mean the fact that we saw
27227s just how dominant
27229s cookie and kim could be and macwood and
27231s donnie are giving it just as good as
27233s they get the cool part about this is
27234s we've also seen those content pieces
27236s guys at the start i mean macbook does
27238s this and he did it before even during
27240s those moments against some of these same
27242s players so you love to see it max oh man
27244s there's no pushover player and just like
27247s that he gets the two i mean
27249s there's a reason we hype them up that's
27250s for good reason but again bucky and cam
27253s are as good right and that's why they're
27254s right about that same area equal success
27257s i mean carlos doesn't sign just anybody
27259s there macwood making g2 army proud
27261s closing that dropout and again this is
27263s something where if both of those teams
27265s make it to the final they want to have a
27267s stamp on the bugle over the course of
27269s those 12 games but right now both of
27271s them need to get there
27273s team that's been so impressive today not
27275s just frightening nowsy here you know
27276s winning the drop finding their little
27278s bits of elims but skittles and users
27280s they have just been staying out of that
27282s drama sliding on in and taking advantage
27284s of everything else they're like hey you
27286s know what sprite now you guys you guys
27287s play your tournament life here do what
27289s you want but we're gonna just play to
27290s play foreign
27296s repping the booger skins so showing off
27298s to just one of the best of the best the
27300s reigning fncs champion here in east if
27302s you're wondering where boogie is well
27303s don't forget 15 duos ahead of this and
27305s the early qualifiers are already through
27307s the finals him and dignitas miro are one
27310s of them so we'll be seeing them later
27312s what we're determining now is who the
27314s last eight duos from today are but then
27316s don't forget monster we're back saturday
27318s and sunday even more games that's right
27320s game four this one right here will punch
27322s a winner in game five will as well and
27324s then our next most consistent six will
27326s be sliding on through and we'll
27328s celebrate all of that with you guys in
27330s just a moment but first here these kind
27332s of plays that you like to play right
27334s here very quiet we hunt in mason and
27336s jackson and mason and jackson as we've
27338s seen on the other side of it they are no
27340s strangers to these late ambushes but
27341s look at the trigger discipline
27344s so close they could have opened there
27345s but i think jack was
27346s not necessarily filling the opener he
27348s doesn't have an ar in hand you don't
27350s want to swap too that'll give away your
27351s position double smg though opens up
27353s harpoons a hit there that could be some
27355s good damage of course 75 to start things
27357s off and all of a sudden now jack just
27358s gets up on top unfortunately shots come
27361s in from the distance and pause is their
27363s big push
27364s i love absolutely love the lead with the
27366s harpoon there because if the angle is
27367s slightly different or if i think if
27369s ellis had just jumped he could have
27370s yanked him away luckily i believe his
27373s duo threw a wall down to prevent that
27374s from happening but getting hit by a
27376s harpoon is one of the most jarring
27378s things that could happen what was
27379s speaking about jarring illness where did
27380s your hp go hello jackson must have hit
27383s something so crazy right there ilis just
27385s gets melted way faster than we've seen
27388s anyone before jackson mason managed to
27390s turn what was honestly a bad situation
27393s it's a phenomenal one elim waiting for
27395s them right there in the distance plenty
27397s of loot and now hunting down jackpot
27399s remember this is jock's landing spot
27401s right he is very comfortable in tilted
27403s towers he should be able to keep a low
27404s profile and play for the save but
27406s anything can happen here
27409s anything can happen and as we know in
27412s east man basically anything will happen
27414s we've seen absurd individual efforts
27416s coming through and now we're going to
27417s figure out where this actually came from
27420s was he just able he just got a bead on
27421s him what's that 29 coming through trying
27423s to line it up and
27425s there it is
27426s don't peek that he just drive-heat that
27428s he swung too wide too much to the side
27431s there and just like that jackson finds
27433s all the tags under the sun there mason
27435s goes down and look at that look at look
27437s at all that loot that's the upgrade ar
27439s upgrade there with the uh with the burst
27441s right so he's going to find that he's
27442s going to find some extra heels to sit on
27443s i'm just i'm i'm confused as to why
27446s ellis just didn't keep breaking the line
27447s of sight instead he comes back out full
27449s scope on a left-hand peak and i mean you
27451s you cannot disrespect mason and jackson
27454s like that we've seen their game plan
27455s going through nas they're looking to
27457s ambush these players to go through and
27458s granted they were on the other side of
27460s the ambush initially but they turned it
27461s around it's like hey call an ambulance
27463s but not for me yeah that's the reason
27465s why though they say yeah man come on
27466s they didn't see us sneak up on here
27468s no no no sir that's not how this works
27471s not in fortnite no no no no no slacks
27473s and clarity here boy stuff on the bridge
27475s right now our number one team leading
27477s 103 points right now playing so so well
27480s and
27481s so so close on the victories a few times
27483s here today definitely exciting stuff
27486s you're rooting for any of these teams
27488s like we are
27489s it keeps us on our toes right there
27491s excuse me the stat in the top right hand
27492s corner can everybody read that out loud
27494s right now clarity g has all 13 of his
27496s team eliminations that's uh that's
27499s impressive so here with us guys even the
27501s guys in the back there yup you heard it
27502s loud and clear clarity g is i guess he's
27505s playing a little different here today
27507s i mean one might say he's a g
27509s i i i don't know where you're gonna
27514s hey guys rewind the tape and uh
27517s we'll run this one back back we've been
27519s doing all the way through we hop on
27520s board here we're currently fifth place
27521s but one thing to note the difference
27522s between fifth and first right now is
27524s nearly it's over an entire victory
27526s royale and the benefit too for slacks
27528s and clarity is anybody who's getting the
27530s victory royale and all those elims as
27532s we've seen there's been some big england
27533s games winning out that just pulls those
27537s points out of the pool nobody gets those
27539s anymore those teams are advanced so
27541s realistically at the desk talked about
27542s it
27543s one more good game they're through
27545s exactly that is the most ideal situation
27548s our winning teams have really had
27551s winning performances and that's
27553s honestly all that matters they have had
27555s just such exceptional games games worthy
27558s of going to the finals and we've seen
27559s that time and time again milito and
27561s ignaly though this team right here has
27563s truly surprised us they just hit the
27565s headline for us out of nowhere in the
27567s qualifier number three there just last
27569s weekend right we were just watching over
27571s it they take a win you're like okay not
27573s bad get to close out those last games
27575s there take a dub and that little bit of
27577s confidence i think is the is the
27579s determining factor for them now they've
27581s done it before they see what it's like
27583s it's like getting the the recipe to
27585s success and now they say hey let's try
27588s this again they go for that well time
27589s executed height and i love that because
27591s we're looking at a lobby that doesn't
27593s really have that place now right you saw
27595s how quick dubs and mega were to just
27596s play the low ground like we talked about
27598s one of the four teams returning who's
27599s had a victory round in these moments and
27601s it was in game five qualifier number
27603s three and it put them in a position
27605s where they were so incredibly close the
27607s question is though since they are trying
27608s to make their first ever fncs finals do
27611s they have the discipline to realize hey
27613s we're sitting on 99 points like we yes
27616s we know we can push for the win we did
27618s it in qualifier 3. we have the ability
27619s to but they don't have to right one more
27623s good game puts them right smack dab in
27626s the top five and then they just need to
27628s hold on however
27629s if they drop that last game gets real
27632s weird i mean exactly that right will
27634s they let the pressure pretty much
27637s overtake their uh their their decision
27639s making in this type of situation right
27641s now you have to play very smart there's
27643s different ways to kind of game the game
27645s the format and you got to play to the
27647s benefit of yourself and that is a great
27649s question there's again other teams that
27651s can do just that as well users and
27652s skittles right kind of fallen short of
27654s that victory royale maybe in those end
27655s games but you have such a great point
27657s threshold in the lead right now you have
27659s to keep going but for avery mod they
27660s have to step it up just a little bit and
27661s we're watching them do it just that
27663s right now here this is against cease
27665s both teams are again on the bubble here
27667s two games needed for both sides it's not
27669s looking overseas though no tragic to
27671s help them out here muzz and avery are
27673s looking to take this fight and i mean
27674s they're setting up the pincer here
27676s avery's on the other side
27678s was here pushing on through and they're
27680s gonna hunt cease down now he's just
27681s gonna go inside it's not gonna last long
27684s he gets wrapped up
27685s another set of points now swinging
27687s someone's hands feels like muzz just
27689s started cooking throwing shrimp on the
27690s barbie the oca transplant wants to get
27693s it done he's had not necessarily the
27695s most consistent season coming through we
27697s did see him win the final fncs trio and
27700s trying to put the pressure on him but he
27701s really needs to get rolling out of
27703s cavern it's a tough spot to do it in but
27705s now i feel like somebody who we haven't
27707s seen a ton of today nick and demonics
27709s they're sitting in eighth place with a
27711s decent amount of points i mean demonics
27712s has been putting up some shots recently
27714s yeah it's kind of lurking on by flying
27716s floating right underneath
27718s the the scene right here 37 below this
27721s game though
27722s time to focus on them will be right now
27724s to see exactly how is it they've been
27726s able to kind of overcome these very
27728s difficult situations here comes the
27730s marker i love that we can actually see
27732s this so nick and demonics here get to
27735s start to focus together
27737s 18 below now one tag seeps through
27739s they're gonna need at least a few more
27741s though as other teams are starting to
27742s get active now here's the players they
27744s start to
27745s expose themselves but no nothing starts
27746s to come in from it unfortunately doesn't
27748s look like nick is here to just back him
27750s up
27753s maybe maybe that's the difference right
27754s there that could be the uh the game
27757s thrown there potentially yeah trying to
27759s find an angle and these players rotating
27761s and opting not to push up against
27762s somebody which means like we saw in the
27764s previous game where if you're not box
27765s the box with somebody when the storm
27766s just turns on you can't really push up
27768s and that's exactly what happens to
27769s demonics he just lost the entirety of
27771s his shield so there is no reason for
27773s that other team to stop firing at him he
27775s has 10 seconds to get himself above but
27777s he's drawn the fire of this team they
27778s know they want to get wall to wall they
27779s got tags on nick as well three two one
27782s 25 damage every five seconds to
27785s everybody who is below that storm switch
27787s special what does that mean for nick and
27788s demonics they gotta go and they gotta go
27790s now i mean nick is gonna get hit no but
27792s we'll get it off but demonics finds a
27793s huge opening up to put him just one tag
27796s below can he find another absolutely
27798s clutch tags right there it was not
27799s enough to stop the search from being
27801s active so nick has to fully pause there
27803s and start to get heal so does demonics
27805s here here comes the repeat off to the
27806s side quality won't make that mistake
27809s again molito went down as well as ils
27811s molito gets finished on the first storms
27813s rotation we talked about them
27815s potentially just needing to enter
27816s tournament management mode being in
27818s second here that's not managing your
27820s tournament going taken down there 35
27823s below you can see jack also goes down
27825s that's now on the other side we're going
27827s to see a shift in the top six of the
27829s table regardless and that is huge for
27831s everyone else knowing that like hey one
27833s good game here there's only five that
27834s means one really good game can always be
27837s the difference we're gonna have such a
27838s close standing now if those teams get
27840s fully finished here like you just said
27842s it's gonna start to really open things
27844s up here it goes nick and demonics are
27846s just a tag away and they both go down
27848s together a poetic ending for them and
27851s out in the ninth place that's gonna
27853s start to allow others to start to slide
27855s on up like bryce and austin here who are
27857s currently holding the eighth place spot
27859s stronghold here also underneath the
27860s surge so our top 10 teams i mean they're
27863s not looking good this game before and
27865s one thing to note there too is qua picks
27866s up a free six points because he threw a
27869s couple shots over towards demonics and
27871s nick you can see bryce ends up going
27872s down but that is huge honestly that
27875s might have been the play of the century
27876s there because if bryce going down to the
27879s player rather than the storm church
27880s keeps them from being instantly
27882s eliminated it at least gives them a
27884s chance to try and make a play but they
27885s have to get a choke smash off as soon as
27887s he gets up so that search comes through
27888s you will come back with only the 30 hp
27891s nawsom was ready and honestly you when
27893s you need to do all the small things
27895s right this gives them just that extra
27897s breath the question is will they
27898s capitalize can they get their heads
27900s above water or will storm such drag them
27902s back underneath that's right that's
27904s worth a couple of extra seconds here
27905s which could be the difference we see
27907s that three players do have to fall now
27909s or they need to find 100 points worth of
27912s storm surge and so far it is not looking
27915s good i think fashion pants have realized
27917s nahsan and bryce might just be under
27919s pressure here they're taking some blind
27921s peaks some some dry peaks if you will
27923s often over the the edge here which is
27925s very very risky and there it is that
27927s says okay i'll challenge you yeah give
27929s me that
27930s give me that go ahead and peek on over
27932s we'll take that fight and now bryce gets
27934s knocked there nassen one more tick and
27936s it probably will be enough he's starting
27937s as a book invest all those flashes
27939s threats and rise however on the other
27940s side threats is down that's a big knock
27943s there and storm surge ends up turning
27945s off and they did it again where he
27947s intentionally went down to pam still in
27948s fastest rifle they're going to be able
27950s to get the revive threshing riot under
27952s pressure but don't forget molito and
27954s ignite got cleaned up dubs picked them
27956s up amret ends up getting threats we see
27958s suscript going down too ron just barely
27960s breaks an ankle they're not quite enough
27963s he's hobbling along and he will get
27965s taken out rise and threats will have one
27967s more opportunity and we saw ignite
27969s trying to get back in the zone they get
27971s full cleared out and now the roller and
27974s end pen if you've been keeping an eye on
27975s the top left-hand corner you all of a
27977s sudden got a whole bunch of room to
27979s operate on the leader also a whole bunch
27981s of loot they saw all that just when a
27982s bowl in here they slide up behind
27984s play-of-fighting tk who also saw the
27986s bulk of eliminations here happening on
27988s the side of the zone this is still a
27989s five take so you know a lot of time to
27991s work with it's going to start to dig
27992s into the members here i'm not seeing a
27994s launch pad in the inventory of impin and
27995s d-roller though again one of our picks
27998s right here on the desk
28001s one of our picks this is my pick this is
28002s your pick in fifth place right now and
28005s fifth place largely on the back of what
28007s they were able to do last game just
28009s racking off elim after elon but now
28011s we're going to swing back on over nawson
28014s and bryce had some of the most
28015s ridiculous little storm surge minutiae
28018s mechanics honestly i'm just going to
28019s call it out now i want the analysts to
28021s talk about that because that was just
28023s disgustingly good if they're able to
28025s convert off of us we're going to look
28027s back and say that might have been one of
28028s the better small plays that duo can do
28031s potentially in the history of nades
28032s honestly and one that we can probably
28034s use the stage now to spotlight and teach
28036s others how to replicate and maybe use
28038s hey think about it it buys you about an
28040s extra 50 hp worth of health yeah you get
28042s to take a tag the player comes back with
28044s 30 extra and then they take one while
28045s they're down so it is very very
28047s effective in some capacity here for
28050s clarity and slacks
28051s our number one team players start to
28053s really rush into the zone here it
28055s doesn't look like they have to move
28056s currently as they are just on this
28058s outskirt right now so it might be
28060s right in the perfect spot hey uh slack's
28062s got an elim so the count is now thirteen
28064s to one just throwing that out there so
28066s slacks on the board hey one is better
28068s than zero sucks is on the board here for
28070s the day clarity g has 13 elim slides
28072s speaking of one overarching in the sort
28075s of video
28076s slack's got the igl don't worry it's
28077s fine i said there's the rules that's the
28078s reason we talked about that
28081s i like that you know
28082s credit where credit is due you know what
28084s slacks don't care if you're leading or
28086s not your leader now all right according
28087s to mary here on the test we'll give you
28090s that crown buddy but let's take a look
28092s right so talk about him having to lead
28093s he's got to make important decisions
28094s right teams basing up all around the
28096s sides here taking the risk though to
28098s open up that side wall there as the half
28100s and half i was about to pop here in just
28101s about 10 seconds a team that's also been
28103s flying on the radar inquisition they've
28105s made end games they've been rotating
28107s through they want to go straight forward
28109s they do this early as well which is wild
28111s to even think about they do this before
28113s the zone even revealed and it's not even
28115s safe so they want to play for it they
28117s have the highest position this zone can
28120s offer currently
28121s will they ride this up and they were
28123s just able to push up but keeping on that
28125s top left-hand corner and pen ended up
28126s getting knocked that was nouns we got a
28128s piece of it gekko and encos pushed up
28130s took high ground away four duo's
28132s underneath pressure you can see sprite
28133s gets the confirmation on to environment
28135s but end pen and de roller turn it around
28137s sprite and nowsy get down taken out and
28140s tieco and encos potentially looking to
28142s just barely stay above derolage gets
28144s another one pamps out however picks up
28146s bryce so that little fun story is going
28149s to end up going over and pam style gets
28150s another he's lighting the feet up wait a
28152s second pam so after two three pretty
28154s tough games for them kind of middling in
28156s the tournament bubble position they
28158s might need a win to go all the way in
28160s and they're just starting to rack things
28161s up this could be theirs omg me too on
28163s the other side no teammate shadow is
28165s down 18 damage above the search somehow
28167s doing it as a solo right now and i mean
28169s the pressure is on his shoulders here as
28171s he is waiting inside the zone players
28173s are starting to come in from the sky
28174s though this is so perfect for him no
28176s tags land there and pen completely wiped
28179s up now from the hands of narwhal that's
28181s a full-on knock nexi as well there goes
28184s the finishes so the cleanup crew has
28186s arrived and it's all happening now here
28188s coming into the game or zone six a third
28192s team out of our top five taken down as n
28195s pen and d roller fall when you talk
28197s about it all being up for grabs in the
28199s final game not only does the winner
28201s advance but that top six is looking
28203s spicy not only who's spicy omg me too
28206s looking to put a solo stamp on it as he
28208s finds another one front side of zone
28210s faction pam now starting to edge their
28212s way up no cone above so that's an
28214s aggressive hole there they are looking
28216s to maybe play for that big win keep an
28218s eye on them diego and bizzle consistency
28221s being the key for this team right now
28223s zone six has revealed itself not too far
28225s off from them they do have a bit of a
28227s first dibs if you will here to the next
28229s zone and a launch pad to play with so
28231s looking out for them but we are going
28232s straight up over mountain and then into
28235s the dip notice where that sixth zone in
28236s the bottom right hand corner all the
28238s gray on that part of the map represents
28240s a change of verticality going upward
28242s then there will be a dip down so the key
28243s here is everyone wants to get to the
28245s very edge of that zone and then park
28247s themselves because if it bounces back
28249s and you go to the far side you might as
28251s well just play for game number five
28253s especially if you don't have launch pads
28254s if you can't get back up over that
28256s verticality it's going to cost you so
28257s much material we all know how scarce
28260s that could be in the end here it is the
28261s wide shot's going to reveal a lot to us
28263s tahi pape down in the low ground there
28265s they're going to have to long rotate but
28266s the size that are in front omg me too as
28268s a solo right now just barely clinging on
28270s to sixth place here but he's still alive
28272s as teams fall placement points start to
28275s add up he's right above that surge so
28276s that's pretty solid can he get another
28278s elim we already saw him do it onto edan
28280s that's a huge three-point swing there's
28282s more opportunity now on high ground
28285s thatch and pam stew i'm holding my
28287s breath right now we don't want to call
28288s this too soon but they are going
28290s way on up there they're not leaving no
28292s room for error here no launch pads they
28295s are making sure they're distancing
28296s themselves and we've already seen that
28298s bizzle and diego have climbed up just
28301s one more spot because they're up and
28302s everyone else is in the bottom corner
28304s skittles gets cleaned up it's all going
28305s to be on to users we're into our top 20
28307s and that was tahi we're sitting around
28309s the outside who was able to find users
28310s though for flopper's chest
28314s well the purchase of pear tree he has so
28316s much in his loadout but you can see the
28318s rotation we're pulling up north and away
28321s from where we just were so no fresh
28323s builds this is going to task everyone to
28325s over invest but pimsleur and patch
28327s already did it so they're just looking
28329s way down on the rest of the law they
28331s have something to work with but not a
28332s lot of ammunition you saw right there
28333s that anti-launch pad coming in to play
28335s their mazda avery try to go up but it
28337s was too high for them to even touch it
28338s and just like that they are going to
28340s stay safe just a little bit here users
28341s however wants to stay alive a little bit
28343s longer more points means more chances to
28346s the finals he's so close solo on the
28347s back side here left camera peak though
28349s what are you thinking be careful and he
28351s recognizes there's something down low
28353s more for my time he sneaks on through
28355s through there and he still has master
28356s continue to work with it's starting to
28358s really cook up here
28359s diego picks up me too we can see in the
28361s feed there as vert also gets one over on
28363s the stacky marge finds one as well as
28366s acro ended up picking up another diego
28368s imbizzle in the top four i believe the
28371s highest ranked team who is still oh
28373s backwards goes up as he sees it gets
28374s chopped pam's going faster there mac
28376s would looking for 103 on the back side
28377s of the zone going to ramp up obama still
28379s his 50 builds but he lost donny in order
28382s to do it how much can he do by himself
28384s trying to get to the net knowing that is
28386s just so thin great cones to get the
28388s connection but he's going to be forced
28389s to drop down and he drops right on top
28391s of bissell's head he says 128 hello is
28394s anybody there almost hits the double
28396s edit there bizzle super hurt now now put
28398s some balls and a damper on their fire
28400s that they almost had ignited there
28402s mackwood now gets fully pressured on a
28404s great tag shot there he is not going
28406s down without a fight by any means tahi
28408s is down carrie is down dubs and mega
28411s once again finding consistency here in
28413s the end game but the eyes are on
28414s mackwood behind another team there but
28416s no corruption inside pam and fatch
28419s managed to find the high ground once
28421s again how have they done it they are now
28423s starting to really close their way
28424s towards what could be a win they're
28426s looking for the win but don't forget
28427s dubs and mega still hip to hip and they
28428s push their way up into third pla or
28430s fifth place sitting on five eliminations
28433s and they have all the space in the world
28434s sitting on third right now
28438s diego says put some respect on my name
28440s not just creative doing it on the
28442s biggest stage possible now he's gonna
28444s double back use the med miss try and buy
28446s some room as we're closing in the top
28447s five but this is pam stout and batch's
28450s game to win monster they're your
28451s prediction take it home diego's crazy he
28454s was waiting there for some extra heals
28455s hoping bizarre would drop something mega
28456s on the other side doing just that as
28458s well as he lost dubs to the storm there
28460s and this is it two players on height pam
28464s and fetch they can do this solos however
28467s on the other side so it's all about
28469s coming through and cleaning things up
28471s down low though you see that is the
28473s pressure that is in front of diego right
28475s now that's the hill he has to climb over
28477s it's smacked it's cobalt down
28480s megan dubs are right in between there
28481s megan paper look at them right there
28484s mega plenty of room here five
28485s eliminations he has to do it by himself
28487s has the men missed with 30 as well he is
28489s one other one of three solos running
28491s around right now trying to find someone
28492s he needs to get a refresh if he
28493s challenges oh it's gonna be tough but on
28495s the other side
28496s 121 for mega but he can't find the swap
28499s and paper will cash that check 2 v2 v1
28502s v1 with diego being one of them six
28504s builds 80 hp do his name but smackdown
28507s cobalt they have so much room on the low
28509s ground here room but no mats cobalt's
28511s now down to zero it's not looking good
28512s diego doesn't have none either this is a
28514s perfect storm for a high ground team
28517s teams are starting to come down here
28518s paper now is also beginning to get
28520s better
28521s and faster looking down here they have
28523s to have a little bit to work with
28524s everyone's inching in diego gets crashed
28526s he's out of here coal boat is all that's
28528s left on the load
28529s pam commits this is it couple builds
28531s here 10 more from pam still smacked the
28533s zero cobalt is there as well they
28535s recognize we are together we have just a
28537s little bit to work with but the mountain
28539s that's gonna start sliding but the town
28540s the healthy is all with smackdown cobalt
28543s they have the lead fashion pam still has
28544s to fight they go in big shot there
28547s that's huge follow-up as well fast finds
28549s one 1v1 situation he lets him get away
28552s fast the clock is ticking he follows up
28554s oh
28555s unfortunately my pick will fall there
28557s but an explosive win now for the team on
28560s the other side of the wall it's kobo and
28563s smack to punch it all the way through
28565s cobalt and smacks the just the fact they
28568s were able to recognize that they had the
28570s hp league that they had the excess
28572s utility they're saying hey we might we
28574s don't have to do it he runs around the
28576s corner and he breaks line of sight and
28578s facts just trying to throw shots towards
28580s him can't pick it up in the final
28583s moments g2 smack cobalt four two four
28586s we'll see in the finals and it was such
28588s a risky play right for smackdown cobalt
28589s to do it but it was like a brain play
28591s that forces fascia think he's running
28593s because he can out heal me i have to
28594s take this fight and it wasn't that so
28597s super smart play by smackdown and kobo i
28600s love that and i mean it's the difference
28601s of what weapon do you do have out being
28604s able to about face and having the better
28606s gun for that race exactly we couldn't
28607s have asked for a better finish but we
28610s have seen four of our duos advance we
28612s have seven more who will be joining us
28614s but the most important number one more
28616s game here on nae's we're going to kick
28618s it on over to the analyst and the host
28620s adam vivid spg set us up
28622s one more game one more to go you know we
28625s were all waiting here going powerstep
28628s with a jump in the air
28629s but it's like so close but we did see a
28632s stat as well my pick cesa and tragics
28634s earlier on we sort of stats saying game
28635s three first elimination with a pickaxe
28638s surely that counts towards some
28639s prediction points production
28641s they said no they said okay i said
28643s absolutely uh you can see here our
28644s smackdown will go through in game four
28646s what an unbelievable game for that the
28649s penultimate game of semi-finals day one
28651s i mean it was so exciting to see these
28653s guys i mean we did not think this was
28654s going to happen because pamela had that
28656s high ground we thought it had to be they
28658s had everything going for they had maps
28660s they had the great opportunity to take
28661s it their spg
28663s and they couldn't quite pull it off but
28665s still points wise they're gonna propel
28667s themselves way up there put themselves
28669s in great contention to go through after
28671s game number five oh without a doubt you
28673s see cobalt running away here i'm like
28675s what is this play and it turns out to
28677s actually be the right one he had the
28679s splashes to heal off in the storm and
28682s winds up getting the 1v1 and the player
28684s is just sitting there and they're taking
28686s an aim duel he's like all right i'll
28688s take that winning the game sending
28690s himself to finals what a play vivid oh
28692s man it was a beautiful he is aware that
28694s he had that combat smg in hand he knows
28696s the distance right he just pulls it out
28698s turns around
28699s absolutely beams confident in his aim
28701s for sure and it ends up working out you
28703s know like we were saying we were like
28705s whoa like what are you doing and then
28706s all of a sudden just turns around
28707s instantly victory out straight to finals
28709s wow wow i mean also another team as well
28711s i've actually can spin really
28712s consistently you guys highlighted these
28714s at the top of the show bizzle and diego
28716s have been so consistent today as you
28718s said earlier on like we haven't seen
28720s that much this season do too much but
28721s today has been superb spg it has been
28724s and you know this is what you expect out
28726s of a bizzle-led team he's one of the
28728s greatest igls in the history of nae east
28731s and i'm not saying that lightly he has
28732s done this well and you know his style of
28735s play we were watching they're starting
28736s to spray high ground you're like you
28737s know that's bizzle trying to go for a
28738s high ground play unfortunately macwa
28740s takes a shot but we have to give some
28743s props here to diego too oh yeah he's
28745s making plays vivid oh he's making so
28746s many plays and this is what i love so
28748s much about diego after watching him a
28750s little bit today we know that they're
28751s contested over at cooney crossroads
28753s right and when they get into those
28755s fights it's not like diego is so
28757s confident in his mechanics that he kind
28758s of just jumps in and kind of gets in
28760s those 1v2 situations because he's aware
28762s that bizzle is an igl right not
28764s necessarily as tuned as the mechanics of
28766s diego and he waits patiently and he
28769s waits for a well-constructed 2v2 to
28771s happen rather than you know kind of just
28773s jumping in which is what we see at a lot
28775s of the young guns but no there goes here
28777s to make a statement say hey listen i am
28779s going to be one of the best players
28782s he's proving a point again it's looking
28784s very very good you can see the level
28785s right now as well here
28787s consistency has paid off today for
28789s slacks and clarity still at the top of
28791s the leaderboard right now these are
28792s vivid vivid look how proud he is he's so
28794s proud right now 125 points right now 17
28797s elimination 74 placement points as well
28799s we can see it a few other teams that
28800s have caught up as well on the in the you
28802s know three digits as well there we can
28803s see a few teams on 100 points but this
28805s is 11th through 20th as well uh we can
28807s see pam stone facts have snuck in there
28809s with that amazing performance in game
28810s number four there they're now in 11th
28812s position as well so even though didn't
28814s get the victory royale they're still in
28815s a great place here um what we thinking
28817s about these guys as well do we think of
28819s game five now that was potentially their
28821s chance
28822s spg now that they've got this last game
28825s winning their sales feeling confident i
28827s mean yes they let it slip but
28829s it could happen right it definitely
28831s could happen and it's literally just one
28833s game it's anyone's game going into this
28835s last one yes the top couple of spots may
28838s have locked themselves in but we saw pam
28840s stew and thatch take this high ground
28842s they were looking for they're more of a
28843s mid-ground or low ground team but
28845s they're looking to make plays to win
28847s they want it they want to take this home
28849s and they want that spot hey they have
28851s one more shot at it vivid can they do it
28854s yeah and listen we just saw right there
28856s in that replay you mentioned it they're
28858s not a high ground team right they
28859s usually put that mid ground that low
28860s ground but right there we see them fend
28863s off mackwood and donny we have been
28865s talking up this entire show about how
28868s they are a high ground team so if these
28870s guys are fending off a team that usually
28872s goes for high ground when they aren't
28873s usually a high ground team then maybe
28875s they should be a high ground team right
28877s hey that's absolutely spot on i mean
28879s obviously we've talked about so many
28880s teams today this is the very last game
28882s now of day one of semi-finals now
28885s remember as well those first four teams
28887s have got victory royales they've already
28888s progressed through the finals next
28889s weekend the end of this game and one
28891s more team will join them then there are
28892s six teams the top six left in the
28894s leaderboard will also progress to 11 in
28896s total today so it is all to play for
28899s remember let us know in the chat who you
28901s think is gonna be the team to get the
28904s victory out we wanna hear from you guys
28906s we love the hype we love the energy
28907s let's bring it the last game here of
28910s semifinals day one on fncs nae it's back
28912s over to monster and to sundown let's do
28915s this thing it is time for game number
28917s five
28918s thank you so much adam vivid and sbg one
28923s more game seven more duos but don't
28925s forget right after this we got n a west
28928s and they're gonna bring the heat as well
28930s but right now monster i'm focused on
28932s that top six because it is a bat it's so
28935s close it's so close that spot can open
28936s up at any second now last game we saw
28938s first no actually second in about fifth
28940s fall very very early instant ignoli and
28943s molito did not make it all the way
28944s through to the answer shows that winning
28946s the sales can fall but we'll see what
28948s can happen here we're jumping into game
28949s five guys let's bring it home
28953s [Music]
28957s one
28958s more time
28960s we saw the leaderboard looking at the
28962s points it's around 109 and 110 at the
28965s end
28966s six places averaging just under 22 wins
28969s as we see here sprite announced we've
28971s been going at it over at the collider
28973s trying to own the surf trucks keep an
28974s eye on the top left-hand corner me too
28976s gets a knock on the swirl immediately
28977s nick and demonics who talked about them
28979s being in the competition well a oxy says
28982s no no your conversation is done he shut
28984s the door turned off read receipts says
28986s you get none of that also except in voya
28989s with the quick clean up off to yaz two
28991s games in a row now casker and yaz have
28994s had exceptional performances when
28995s they've managed to make it out here in
28997s this early game what's gonna happen now
28999s is
29000s if casker goes down i mean it's honestly
29003s boyo and xf's last chance here as they
29005s are just outside that conversation for
29007s consistency of a point so they
29009s absolutely have to play for the win
29011s putting it all on on the line now is
29013s really all that matters here for voyo
29015s and except and it's crazy i was gonna
29017s come in with this team as a pick here
29019s because they have that winning proud
29021s west but how can you know if they're
29023s gonna win the draw spot right like
29025s anything can happen so it's been 50 50
29027s today it's the same way i mean all
29029s through the entirety of rehearsals then
29030s this week i mean i was picking bucky and
29032s cam yep and but we saw what happened in
29034s qualifier three ended up looking at it
29035s and i'm like wait macklin and donny are
29037s just gonna be doing the exact same thing
29039s to them over and over again so i mean as
29041s you see having two top duos right on top
29043s of each other is very difficult but i
29045s mean hyped them up the entirety of this
29047s qualifier all day today never find
29048s ritual they'll go again tomorrow as they
29050s get taken down yeah definitely and
29052s tomorrow is going to be more
29053s opportunities more wins more
29055s players basically going to the finals
29057s here six more for that five more for
29059s consistency so every day is a
29061s celebration in lead up to next week yeah
29063s 12 total going through tomorrow 12 total
29066s going through on sunday 35 and don't
29068s forget we already had our 15 teams
29070s qualify through
29072s during the open qualifiers now we can
29073s see mega and duds looking for a little
29075s bit of space there they're currently
29076s sitting in fourth place we talked about
29078s the number of points you need roughly
29080s one time but it always freezes up and
29082s tragic doesn't cover a six polarized
29083s gets in with the clay classic using the
29085s harpoon phases through the wall one aura
29087s down will they get the second and they
29090s close it out cease and traffic to get
29092s set back adam savage you should have
29094s kept copying vivid's homework oh no not
29097s like that shots
29099s straight like that i'll throw all those
29100s shots man hey that it's crazy though
29102s what's really well too some that want to
29104s really set the stage with guys once we
29105s start jumping into these teams in the
29107s later half if you're inside about 12 the
29110s top 12 top 11 you have a chance like
29113s they're those teams are about nine
29114s points off of sixth place it is very
29117s very close that's that's equivalent
29118s about three eliminations guys take a
29121s look right here avery and muzz in what
29122s could be the most important fight of the
29125s evening here everything can go down
29126s right now but a few tags exchange they
29128s back out they want to make sure they
29129s stay up i want to see avery and muzz
29132s play for lake and like every time we
29134s have seen them this season the only
29136s times it has gone wrong is when they
29138s hang out around command cavern and try
29140s and take these just kind of i don't want
29142s to say willy-nilly fights but they're
29144s low percentage fights everyone is good
29146s enough in command cavern to throw a
29148s couple walls around them move around i
29150s mean that's how i play fortnite right
29151s throw up a bunch of metal walls brick
29152s walls just be an annoying little rat
29155s anybody has the ability to do that but
29156s these guys are so good if they can get a
29158s little space they're able to do it
29159s speaking of a little bit of space ignali
29161s militalite have
29163s yours i mean acres of space nobody is
29165s within like five grid space of them on
29168s the map and this is one of my favorite
29170s almost little scavengers there is so
29172s much material in luco this is definitely
29174s a low key spot right here playing this
29176s outskirt right now and you can see it's
29178s it's boating pretty well for them they
29180s have everything that they need metal
29182s brick wood and then of course just
29184s enough material to go ahead and get
29186s their upgrades that they're looking for
29187s d-roll and endpin on the other side just
29189s holding on to that spot there 87 points
29193s our 9th and 10th place teams are 78.
29197s i mean that means they're right on top
29198s of each other we're talking about the
29199s difference of elimination so if you're
29201s on the top end of the belt like we
29202s talked about you're just looking to hold
29204s on for eliminations if you're the roller
29206s and end pen not only is it that you want
29208s the eliminations you want the placement
29209s points but you're looking to see hey
29211s which one the teams around us is going
29212s down who is able to pick up what where
29214s because every single point can matter i
29216s mean we've seen these lines over the
29218s course of the fncs history sometimes
29221s it's not even just a point it's getting
29222s one more elimination your average is
29224s high
29226s like it and of course the placement
29227s right you need to outplace the other
29230s players as well it really is going to be
29232s down to the wire here as we have too
29234s many teams to focus on for polarizing
29236s nico though they're sliding on in
29238s they're getting closer and closer to
29240s avery and muzz our ninth place team
29241s who's sitting right up top
29243s ambush could be in the waiting here
29245s let's see he does have that card yes and
29248s that's why he's getting greedy here he
29249s wants to play for the loot nico trailing
29251s close behind them they get closer and
29252s closer here they'll be the first to make
29254s the entrance
29256s will they get here avery muzz will they
29258s let them walk away with this for free or
29259s are they going to come in and fight this
29261s is exactly what i was talking about how
29262s they just sprint past the opponent they
29265s don't care they throw up whatever hard
29267s bills they can using bricket i believe
29269s they only had a couple of metal but now
29271s they get control of the vault they're
29272s going to be able to top off on all of
29274s those excess shields they're missing it
29276s puts them in a good position i love that
29278s we're getting a look at everyone who's
29280s in the top five what is their situation
29281s or top six excuse me what is their
29283s situation right now what do their
29284s loadouts look like because hey if you're
29286s a viewer you're just tuning in wherever
29288s you're watching twitch youtube at
29291s legends landing watch.fortnite.com
29293s doesn't matter first of all welcome how
29295s you doing thanks for catching the action
29296s this is the final game in na east what
29298s are the stakes after this well whoever
29300s gets the victory rail they get a ticket
29302s to the finals whoever finishes in the
29304s top six they get a ticket to the finals
29306s then right after this no break nothing
29308s we're going straight into the n.a.s
29310s action so don't go anywhere that's right
29312s plenty more of fortnite here for the
29314s evening cause we're starting to again
29317s close out this na east region right here
29320s here's a big fight that might go down
29321s backwards and donna you see what they
29322s can do when they go toe-to-toe it was up
29324s against bucky and cam last game this
29325s time it's up against trap kill
29328s and of course a float 999 here well's
29330s gonna go in and back up here not feeling
29332s too confident about the situation with
29333s those additional shots sliding in from
29335s the side there from tahi and paper
29338s fantastic call out seeing them get
29340s pinched and rotating away but also one
29341s thing to note and we've seen this
29343s throughout the qualifiers trap killed
29345s play some of the best defensive fighting
29348s we've seen out of any player in any east
29350s definitely impressive to see how much
29352s improvement has been made for a player
29353s like trav kildu again he's had a couple
29355s of his appearances right but now
29357s becoming more and more frequent with us
29359s someone that we're going to continue to
29360s talk about week to week but talking
29362s about him he gets caught in a bit of an
29364s interesting situation caught out there
29365s and then chased by the quentin up top
29368s and the fight breaks out flow
29369s unfortunately did not find the tag
29370s they're gonna have to get hit to hip
29372s here very smart plays okay here comes
29374s the reset
29376s he sees gets tagged first hence trying
29378s to come down but as you noted trap
29380s killed and flow can hit the hip
29381s immediately and that's what i'm talking
29383s about being very well versed in
29384s defensive fighting de quentin gets the
29386s entirety of his shield down as finks is
29388s trying to close it out and it's just a
29390s situation where hey if you can't close
29392s them out immediately i don't want to
29394s fight this dude
29395s good trade of tags there though it still
29397s is going to give them a little bit of
29399s surge that can come into play a little
29401s bit later here in the game trap killed
29403s was also punished there
29405s take a look at the zone it's going to be
29406s a quick rotate there and they're going
29408s to go ahead and hit a little bit of a
29409s disengage yeah they ran straight over
29411s the cannon they said nope bye done with
29413s this and i think that's a great call
29415s because if you get backed up immediately
29417s trying to take onto a two-on-two fight
29419s in the final game where you need a
29420s victory out you gotta go but facing off
29422s directly against each other third and
29423s fifth place right on top of each other
29425s that's super scary bizzle and diego here
29428s poised up alongside milito in ignala who
29431s are right across on the other side of
29433s the hill now here's the catch if any of
29436s these teams end up needing to take a box
29438s fight we are going to see one of the
29440s craziest engagements between a third and
29442s fifth place team if these guys go down
29445s here that is definitely a spot on the
29447s top six that's gonna open up and one
29448s thing to note just based on the
29449s positioning for everyone i believe this
29451s is our fourth out of fifth zones where
29453s the first one is dropping pretty much
29455s centered almost right on top of shifty
29457s shafts so a lot of northern zones going
29460s through where if you follow kinch
29461s analytics at all this is pretty much
29463s where the majority of zones isn't going
29465s however that pool all the way to
29467s northwest is one of the farthest
29468s northwest poles you can get so everybody
29471s on the southern and the eastern part of
29473s the map they need to get on their horse
29475s and get
29476s that's right users and skittles here
29479s currently holding down the collider but
29481s also in second with total elims at
29484s around 11 we know who's in first has to
29486s be clarity who's up there alongside his
29489s duo slacks they've been popping off and
29491s they're still in first place here in the
29492s last game and then clarity going into
29494s the last game had more eliminations by
29497s himself than all but two of the other
29500s duos who are still going on so you can
29501s see first at first with the 15 total
29503s elims i mean man is making bank and part
29506s of the reason why they're so far up the
29508s leaderboard but we're going to continue
29510s to look at the teams who are right
29512s around the single digit placement so in
29514s seven mars and crumbler looking for a
29516s little bit of space omg metoo and shadow
29518s who are one of the four teams who are
29519s able to pick up a victory royale in the
29522s qualifying rounds and this is really
29524s cool for shadow and omg me too normally
29526s you think oh north zone they land south
29528s it's not going to work well but no what
29530s what's in common here is the west side
29532s this is a complete just abandoned dead
29535s side of the map here and that's why
29537s they're one of the only teams to get
29538s here so early and now they have a high
29541s ground position so as long as they found
29543s some tags i mean they're going to be
29545s a-okay leaning into this last round and
29547s they now have the absolute highest spot
29549s and it's really important that when you
29550s end up talking about the dead side
29552s what that means is a spot where players
29555s aren't it is more sparsely populated if
29557s you see in the bottom right hand corner
29559s where the map is there's
29561s one duo and one other straggler who is
29563s near them so those tags they just got
29565s are so much more important because
29566s they're not going to get those
29567s opportunities but if the zone keeps
29570s going up there which there's some slight
29571s zone inertia when you pull that far
29573s northwest they're going to have the
29574s priority position we're going to swing
29576s back on over to pamson batch and the
29578s question is can they keep that second
29581s place momentum rolling from the last
29582s game because they need a pretty decent
29584s game here monster hey when we saw them
29585s last time they were just in 11th now
29587s they're intense so slowly edging their
29589s way towards that front page so so
29591s important now guys as the surge is
29593s officially active here 70 damage above
29596s that is not good by any means they're
29598s going to have to uh get active
29600s essentially here behind them
29602s you say that's not good i would much
29603s rather be 70 above than 70 below every
29606s time right no you're not wrong you're
29607s not
29608s nervous because you're not safe you're
29610s not safe
29611s by any means i want to see them up by
29612s like 500. i'm not gonna lie but again
29615s okay reasonable requests first known
29617s just be 500 over with no elims right yes
29619s please mega and dove's here also just
29621s barely above guys these are the teams
29623s huge shots great tags here for mega as
29626s he again finds the mark that he's
29628s looking for
29629s again monster shots cam so fast right
29632s there and that's exactly what you were
29633s talking about with shadow and me too you
29635s get these angles but notice in the
29636s bottom right hand corner they're in a
29638s much better spot because they're on the
29639s eastern side just before they have to
29641s rotate in everybody on the eastern and
29643s some on the southern part of the map
29645s have to rotate by them now we're going
29647s to get a warning 50 seconds until storm
29649s surge turns on is anybody on that front
29651s page underneath if so we're going to
29653s tune in and right away mars and crumbler
29655s were right on the line but crumbler able
29657s to get a couple of key shots jack goes
29659s down to jackson big big knock right
29661s there that's not the full finish just
29662s yet we'll see what ends up coming from
29664s that engagement there but it is
29666s definitely an important one player gets
29668s rebooted and then taken out mason gets
29669s the finish there on to jock so it's a
29671s back and forth straight uh struggle here
29673s that's happening right now kremlin mars
29675s what does this play to dip into the zone
29677s follow behind the trails of pam and fash
29680s they have to they cannot afford to go
29682s straight because they know the team is
29684s looking down and above and if they go
29685s underneath it they're going to take way
29686s too much damage however because they're
29688s going out and around 20 above two above
29691s they don't have a sight line on anyone
29693s so they're hoping that somebody ends up
29696s going down and this turns off they do
29697s have a decent amount of utility but
29698s right now illust is fighting for his
29701s tournament right now yeah definitely
29702s this is it here if he can't win this one
29705s it's all over but no
29706s ends up coning himself off and he
29709s couldn't escape and down goes illison
29711s jock that is it that is wraps and that's
29714s one of our picks over and out marzo w
29716s and crumbler however skating way outside
29718s and now they've been spotted that's it
29720s the jig is up here they're gonna start
29722s committing for the rotate
29726s unless you can find tags burn a pad go
29729s to the north side in short patch because
29730s look at that that's it mars is not going
29732s to be able to get up he is going to get
29733s taken out unless he can get down here
29735s immediately
29736s oh no
29737s him mars and crumbler go down outside of
29741s the top six somebody who is in touching
29743s distance taken out and cues and tieko
29746s are smiling right now as that was their
29749s immediate and i mean immediate
29753s competition
29755s gets a point exactly they push them down
29757s they cancel them out and they jump up
29760s one single point they basically snipe
29762s that right from them so they got the
29764s elim going through but they also pushes
29766s them into the top 35 that's where that
29767s first placement point comes through
29769s we're going to harp on the placement
29770s points at each one of these individual
29772s points as we now get a replay from
29774s anchors perspective and this is why i'm
29775s saying hey you have a launch pad and of
29777s course you're thinking i don't want to
29778s burn this but if they had launched
29779s padded from the crest of the hill before
29781s committing to the bottom they could have
29782s got around but then also as we're going
29784s through a replay keep an eye on the top
29785s left-hand corner donnie got one of those
29787s muzz picked up one and then de roller
29789s and empty also got up on the board and
29791s it's important to note storm surge is
29793s off now 68 players remaining we're in
29795s our top 35
29797s players get a little bit of room to move
29798s around not on that little wear and tear
29800s starting to lean into bizzle and diego's
29802s load out there ignoline molitos as well
29804s that means bizzle and this team of
29807s ignito did in the cluster i knew it
29809s would happen it was inevitable and now
29810s once again they start to clash off this
29812s time it's up against tk and play a fight
29815s off to the side right now we're just
29816s trying to base up here inside the zone
29818s melito's thinking hey i need to do that
29820s as well can i edge my way in here being
29822s on this outskirt you have super slim
29824s odds at pulling zone number four so most
29826s of these players will end up ultimately
29829s fighting one another on their way on in
29831s mega and doves end up jumping on up to
29833s fourth now no longer content with fifth
29835s give them a little more room here but
29837s their position is not completely safe
29839s they are so close to our other top ten
29842s and based off of the top six so the math
29844s coming in the average points we talked
29845s about it 110 was the line however we
29847s know it always kind of creeps up just a
29850s little bit higher so you know that dubs
29852s and mega really want to put it down and
29854s they're over investing right now on this
29856s corner of logjam lumberyard the reason
29858s for doing so is because this is one of
29859s the absolute best spots on the map to
29861s refarm but please for the love of
29864s everything holy and fortnite cover your
29866s sides as you're farming we've seen it as
29868s a trend on nae's where you take just a
29870s little bit too much chip damage and when
29872s you're in the final game when every
29874s little point matters that could be the
29876s difference it's right just like a nouns
29878s the last game left camera peak or
29880s actually illust with the left camera
29881s peak and i was wrapped outside to tilt
29883s the towers
29884s as we've always seen happen up against
29886s mason and jackson but molito finds nasa
29888s there in the feed that is huge slacks
29890s onto nasa as well gets the full finish
29892s there and that's a conversion for an
29893s elim now bison diego however putting
29896s pressure onto tk here in front this is
29899s going to of course
29900s draw the attention of iguala molito once
29902s again they start trading shots back and
29904s forth between one another this is third
29905s verse verse fifth but also look in the
29907s bottom right hand corner monster we're
29908s still pulling up to the northwest part
29910s of this zone so shadowing me too where
29912s they posted up and moved internally
29914s they're fine everyone again on the south
29916s and eastern side this is about as rough
29919s of the zone as you can get cause you're
29920s pushing into this you're pushing into
29922s three and four duos who are in the top
29924s ten posted up on the high ground just
29926s staring at you that's right but listen
29929s omg me too and shadow are playing a low
29930s position i wonder if they're gonna try
29932s to opt in to get a little bit more you
29934s know higher up elevate themselves to
29936s start looking for some extra sight lines
29937s but you're right there are gonna be so
29939s many players clashing into that bottom
29941s section now that's a double-edged sword
29944s though if the zone goes across and you
29945s don't have a crossing way to get there
29948s it's gonna be pretty bad shadow's gonna
29949s find some great tags here but like i
29951s said this can equally work against them
29954s pressure is on and honestly if they're a
29956s little lucky it could be raps and omg me
29959s two is tied for third and total elims
29961s with nine we talked about him just
29963s bursting on the scene last half and says
29964s his real start was at the streamer bowl
29966s where he got just an amazing performance
29968s really put on our show and put his name
29970s on
29971s bizzle please oh there it is okay lost
29973s track comes down it was late diego
29975s almost gets taken out there now
29977s just to make this with 56 hp and he is
29980s going to touch down 2k is right under
29981s him oh my gosh he's going to go ahead
29983s and skate on by luckily no shots come in
29986s it's almost like he is just again in
29988s shadow bomb form or something no one
29990s sees him he slips on through him and
29992s bismuth touchdown safely i don't even
29994s know how that was so so close molito
29997s ends up picking it up and i mean diego's
29998s like are you telling me i can dodge
29999s bullets no you won't have to when you
30002s learn and he got next to bizzle you can
30004s see third and fourth left side of the
30006s screen right side of the screen three of
30008s the phase members representing and mega
30010s and dubs are just looking for a few more
30012s points trying to find the side next
30013s placement point goes through when we hit
30015s 30 duos and each one of those points
30017s huge but ignorant goes down goes look so
30019s goes down fifth place is taken away and
30021s it's cam donnie and dubs who all get a
30023s piece of the action it's official this
30025s spot might just be fully open now for
30027s grabs there is gonna be no more points
30029s that can be earned by molito in eagle
30032s eye they had just around about 110 115
30035s pastor and fats also taken out
30038s tournament opportunity and run over
30040s that's a 10th place team also crossed
30043s out here that leaves us with teams that
30045s are left inside the top eight or so now
30049s we've got a little bit of room keeping
30051s that in the top left but also don't
30052s forget if you're not in the top six and
30054s you're still in the game that's fine
30056s because a win is just as good are you
30058s saying there's a chance well always as
30061s we peek in on my prediction the roller
30063s and pen sitting on 99 points right now
30065s three eliminations so they shouldn't
30067s have to worry about that storm surge
30068s coming through as we will end up getting
30071s the full close here on the 10th zone in
30072s just five seconds so everybody will
30074s breathe a little bit but let's take a
30076s look at the game state where we at 49
30078s players up which means there is one
30080s single solo player out there and running
30082s about we're into the cascading placement
30084s point so right now your only job if
30087s you're in the top six stay on your feet
30090s crazy part is the zone pull south muzzle
30092s half and half out is all the way
30094s southeast moz is officially fully
30096s eliminated there and confirmed as they
30098s pick up and now business starts to inch
30100s his way on up to the top there clue is
30102s going to fall as well bishop and diego
30104s here just punish continuously punish as
30107s they make their rotates zone to zone and
30110s this is really starting to add up they
30111s may have mats but they do not have many
30114s heels to work with it's going to come
30115s off the backs of what could be a
30117s refresher that might be what's going to
30119s keep them in this tournament right now
30120s no they're chilling they just want every
30122s point they're not even going to poke out
30123s they'll take every placement point here
30125s thinking it should be enough for the
30126s question is who one two and three are
30128s literally stacked on top of each other
30130s they are all within the same boxes omg
30132s me two and eight right and cuz we have
30134s one through eight basically sitting on
30136s each other right now so keep an eye on
30137s the bottom right three two one where
30139s this zone pulls is so huge and we're
30141s going to be pulling away from all of
30144s them max pulls for everyone who is still
30147s in that top eight on the board things
30149s are about to get real weird and i mean
30151s that in the best of ways and that's why
30152s thieko immediately pops the big pot here
30154s he recognizes uh oh
30156s problems on the horizon we have no
30158s launch pad and a long long rotate here
30161s immediately
30163s immediately yes it does it goes back off
30164s the mountain as well bizwa and diego go
30166s all the way to low ground omg me too in
30168s shadow eighth place team still in the
30169s game right here taeko and nqs are their
30172s biggest problem here and they are alive
30174s only a single elim though so there is
30176s room to catch up big tacks come in taeco
30178s starts to get punished here he finds a
30180s vehicle no way he's jumping in that he's
30182s coming with the ground rotate diego got
30183s slacks diego just down slacks finding
30186s enough room
30188s you talk about them needing every point
30190s and just staying on their feet well they
30191s just took first place and hooked them
30193s out into the back of zone they said you
30195s could go out with the trash because
30196s we're trying to push our way through
30198s brilliantly played from the veteran
30200s bizzle and the newcomer diego plays
30202s putting a stamp on it here in the final
30204s game what a day for them it has been
30206s consistency through and throughout diego
30209s is going to get the full finish now look
30211s at his name in the feed there as those
30213s start to add up the first two elims of
30215s the game here users and skittles are out
30217s as well they got taken down all of the
30218s big five are going up the question is
30220s who will step up and take advantage of
30222s it diego and enqueues are right there
30224s they fall to seven omg me two and shadow
30227s will we be seeing them do it here today
30229s pressure's on the line for them dubs and
30231s mega just have to stay alive now and the
30233s story is complete but the shots come in
30235s down goes mega pressure's on dubs it's
30238s all or nothing now will he be able to
30240s clutch this up as a solo tieko gets
30242s taken out as well
30244s now bizzle shuts down mega he's taking
30247s it out some phase on face crime saying
30248s i'm sorry but i need those three points
30250s as voila accepts also get cleaned out
30252s and dubs is looking for just a little
30254s bit of space if you're ignaly you want
30256s one of these top five teams essentially
30258s to win you want those other spots to
30260s open up you literally need it at this
30263s point but if you're another team any of
30265s these other teams can still go to finals
30268s they want the victor royale just as much
30270s everyone now hoping here for different
30273s things the stakes are so different for
30275s all of our players but there is still a
30277s chance don't go anywhere top 17 teams in
30281s the game almost top 25 alive for the
30283s players now we're down to the wire lots
30286s of solo riders lots of opportunities to
30288s really put on a highlight reel play and
30290s it's gonna need to be that four doves
30292s which is a single build you see
30294s shadow and me too still hip to hip only
30297s one elimination though on the board
30299s which means they're falling behind in
30301s terms of the pace of the points we'll
30302s swing on over eighteen point difference
30304s right now between fifth and eighth where
30305s empty and d roller are sitting and
30307s largely that difference has been made up
30309s in this game they're currently sitting
30311s on three eliminations pushing him nine
30313s points up as nets and hide and seek go
30314s down the feed we have our top 15. mesa
30316s is going to swing around here player in
30318s front of him obviously b2 oh no he hits
30320s him with a huge shot and that could be
30322s the setback of a lifetime here mason
30326s what have you done is going through the
30328s minds of omg in shadow here but the
30330s problem is not over yet and pen and d
30332s roller still up here continuing to march
30334s their way on in threats is down tabs
30337s down and so is another shadow finds when
30339s they're
30340s bye bye d roller and pen crush out as
30343s well and that is wraps down goes bizzle
30345s i mean it's just all adding up here the
30348s question is will it be enough and we
30349s talk about one hp and a dream well dubs
30352s dreams of making it through he's in
30354s second place and every one of these
30356s points makes a different shadow going
30357s down but you can see duo's dropping and
30360s dubs is just chilling finding some room
30362s as he gets just a couple more points
30364s here one good shot will take him out one
30366s tick from the zone he can't dive back
30369s but the zone pulls back he gets the
30370s saving grace and on the high ground we
30372s talked about their defensive fighting
30374s track killed them flow have just
30375s eliminated like 90 of the lobby it
30378s doesn't seem uh blake right behind that
30380s wall anything can happen here ryze is
30381s still alive right now as well narwhal is
30383s in this game ryze is just gonna slap
30386s dubs out of here back to lobby's goes
30388s that is it but dubs has done enough we
30390s should be seeing him omgb2 still has to
30392s clutch he needs a little bit more it's
30394s over trap killed however still in the
30397s fight right now as a two-man team 2v2 v1
30401s and there's another solo in the mix
30403s there so they do have to be careful now
30405s it's all about the decision here nomads
30407s in the high ground ryze is running out
30409s of gas as well he is just going trying
30411s to hold on to deer life here but he's
30413s going to sneak up behind trap kill huge
30416s shot right there and that could change
30418s the game here forever we'll find out in
30420s a second 41 hp final moments now here
30423s comes the slip through rise looking
30425s through the shots he has the wing
30426s condition he has the high ground he's
30427s spraying down but no shields left will
30429s end up going into the pocket pops the
30431s mini and he pops the entirety of next's
30433s shield looking for the finish
30435s desperately needs to siphon before no
30437s way
30439s he has to get the siphon he does ryze is
30441s doing it for everyone doing it for his
30442s duo doing it for his kids back home he
30445s wants to find it all and it's rise
30447s versus trap kills we talked about
30448s traffic being one of the best defensive
30451s fighters in the season will he live up
30453s to that name as ryze has the hp
30455s advantage he has the win condition will
30458s he push him in threats to the final he
30460s has to think long and hard here what is
30462s it that he wants to do play for the heel
30464s no huge shock he's going through now
30466s slides out to the side that is a scary
30469s scary situation for traveling early he
30471s might be all so early he hasn't even
30473s paused to heal but he had a lot of heels
30475s here and he's gonna dump back this is it
30477s it's all or nothing both teams need the
30479s win here if they want to go to finals
30482s two more ticks can ryze survive he finds
30485s something he's still in good he does he
30488s does enough rising threats will be going
30491s all the way to the finals
30494s i
30495s that's absurd that's nuts i mean it
30497s looked like trap killed and flow had it
30500s we've talked about the story on nae's
30503s for the entire season
30505s i love this the commitment here is so
30508s good and the fact that he's stuck to the
30510s med miss and didn't switch over the fly
30512s for because if he'd swapped to the flop
30514s the consumed time would have dropped him
30516s dt rise man city threats see in the
30519s finals they've done it they've done
30520s enough what an incredible game there
30523s sundown and you know we couldn't have
30525s guessed who was gonna win i'm like
30527s honestly i'm out of breath i was
30529s standing here just the entire time just
30531s being like this seeing all of the major
30533s impacting eliminations the leaderboard
30536s fights people who are right next to each
30538s other taking each other out from like
30539s third zone on it was definitely an
30541s incredible sundown oh i didn't catch my
30544s breath for a second well first
30545s congratulations to rise and threats
30547s we'll have a look to see who our top
30549s five duos advancing will be but also
30552s don't forget we have our top six after
30555s the fact and i mean just so good by
30558s these guys to be able to roll it out
30560s it's so incredibly impressive we saw
30562s chimp and spade right off of the bat and
30564s i mean glace and suey being able to do
30567s it it's so incredibly impressive yeah
30569s absolutely shout outs to of course scare
30571s baron walkers if you didn't see game
30573s three guys the highlights are there go
30575s back and check it out and then smackdown
30577s cobalt come through in the end it was
30579s rise and man city threats though who
30581s caught that last game and i mean looking
30583s through too clutch situation clutch
30585s situation what situation just those
30587s final moments were great we've seen the
30589s five duos go through but monster we got
30592s six more joining him and especially
30593s after that last game i have no clue what
30595s this leaderboard looks like that's right
30597s that's right we do have our consistency
30599s as well wins weren't the only thing that
30600s we're gonna get you to find those guys
30601s if you were able to do enough here on
30603s the points we'll see if you were able to
30606s made it there uh make it through there
30607s as well and again
30609s it's gonna come down to this though in
30611s the final moments rise talk about a
30613s face-off for the ages i mean it's it's
30616s nuts to me too that he had the hp lead
30618s and when the floppers are the safer
30620s option but he's doing this all as they
30622s solo going through we saw threats go
30623s down and i mean the entirety of this
30626s season i want to say ryze has kind of
30627s been living in threats of shadow because
30629s of that qualifier one game one
30632s performance by threats and he just
30633s immediately
30634s kicks that shadow away saying no it's
30637s high noon hits it with the med miss and
30639s i couldn't be happier for that it was
30640s definitely so close rise again such an
30643s important decision it was either pop the
30645s floppers there before the med miss or
30648s just hold that memphis and take it
30649s through these are going to be your next
30650s six i will go all the way through and we
30653s talked about it they needed a team to
30655s win they barely held on yong milito and
30658s young ignali are gonna punch in the
30660s sixth place d-roller and pen do enough
30663s there in the end skittles and users
30665s slacks and clarity g mega and doves and
30668s bizzle and diego hey man face up top of
30670s the board got the three in there they're
30672s gonna be happy about it if you're molito
30674s at igna you're very happy because all
30676s the things fell in here kind of fell in
30678s the right spot i mean let's be honest
30680s i'm really happy too the roller and
30682s pen going through my prediction was good
30684s we talked about the direct leaderboard
30686s implications we saw the fight between
30687s tieco and encos as well and then let's
30690s take a look at those predictions because
30692s hey monster you had an okay day but
30694s reality i mean me and me and vivid feel
30696s pretty good about it live comes at you
30698s fast we all tried but i think in the end
30700s yes you and viver definitely come out of
30701s top shots of slash and clarity g
30703s definitely we'll see you guys in the
30705s finals of course uh you know seeing
30706s there at the end d-roll and n-pen great
30708s job you know it is what it is we got
30710s more days of fortnite in front of us
30712s today was just a start there uh from us
30714s here at the desktop send down we're
30715s gonna go ahead and wrap things up for
30717s nae shout out to of course adam vivid
30719s and somebody's gun let's hear sundown
30721s and monster defense it's been a
30722s fantastic show hope you guys enjoy it's
30724s time to get to any west though
30726s thank you so much monster d face and
30729s sundown i know it's a bittersweet moment
30730s because na east is over but do not fret
30733s everyone because n a west starts now
30736s last time on fncs na west
30739s west is best right and source and wale
30742s were the best of the last qualifier
30744s netting a victory royale second place
30746s with eleven elums and a coveted spot in
30749s the finals
30751s bacon and zooks finished last week with
30753s the best average placement even without
30755s a victory royale showing the value of
30757s making it to the in-game
30759s impressive from the west duo
30762s reigning champions favz and snacky
30764s didn't make the cut for qualifier 3
30766s leaving them to compete in the
30768s semifinals this weekend will they be
30770s able to defend their title
30773s big names are still to make their way to
30775s the finals of na west all eyes are on
30778s duos like epic well and arkra will they
30781s make the cut for fncs finals
30784s find out this weekend
30786s fncs na west semifinal one starts now
30791s [Music]
30807s welcome back everyone to the fncs
30810s chapter three season two 15 of the best
30813s teams in na west have already punched
30815s their ticket into the finals next week
30817s but over the next three days in these
30818s semi finals we're going to find the next
30820s 35 teams that will be joining them
30823s speaking of joining why don't i have two
30825s of the best analysts in the world join
30827s me right now of course it's clay sailing
30829s and life with panda hey what are you
30832s doing hey
30834s hello how you doing oh i'm great i'm
30836s excited to be here i am ready those
30838s games were hyped it got me ready kelly
30840s oh my god and panda i know you're ready
30842s oh i'm so excited obviously a great
30844s performance from na west great
30845s performance from eu but we know we saved
30848s the west for last that's right the best
30850s for the last na west baby but maybe you
30852s guys are just joining us for the first
30854s time and you don't know how the fncs
30856s runs well come over here with me guys
30858s because i'm gonna break down the
30859s schedule for you okay obviously we have
30862s already wrapped up qualifiers one two
30864s and three and that's where the top five
30866s teams have already moved on to the
30868s finals that's next week we're not going
30870s to worry about that right now because
30872s it's all about the semi-finals everyone
30874s 11 teams are going to move forward today
30876s and then after that it's 12 teams but
30878s panda we need to break down that format
30880s even more i mean listen we got you
30883s covered right listen it boils down to
30885s this we're in the semifinals we've
30886s already made it through the qualifiers
30888s now it's about session one here in the
30890s semis now look at this five matches
30892s played today while that is a different
30894s number for the next two days so five
30896s matches played victory royale's get you
30898s qualified
30899s and then another number there six teams
30902s will actually advance through
30903s consistency so it's going to boil down
30905s to how these two sets of teams do here
30908s in the semifinals but clay kelly they
30911s got to earn some points how they gonna
30912s do that they do take a look right here
30914s your points could be worth a thousand
30916s for the victoria that's just that auto
30917s qualification coming through you're
30919s looking at second place all the way down
30920s to 35th and then of course kelly big
30922s news each elim three points it's gonna
30924s be so important not just going for those
30926s vrs but going for the consistency as
30929s well but what teams are even going to be
30931s competing well panda's got you covered i
30934s absolutely do listen we got a ton of
30936s incredibly talented teams here from na
30938s wes competing and uh listen one of those
30940s teams i gotta start with is land jock
30942s and punisher some veterans from the
30944s space i'm so pumped to see them make it
30946s over to the semi-finals obviously making
30948s their their uh competitive return here
30950s in chapter three season one and here it
30953s is they are back at it in full force
30956s eliminations coming through veteran
30958s mindset they know how to win games but
30960s will they be able to do it today clay i
30962s don't know we gotta we gotta watch them
30964s because again they start off a little
30965s bit slow and we only have five games you
30968s really can't afford that slow start
30970s coming out today when you wouldn't rely
30971s on that sixth game but you know who i'm
30973s focused at panda i'm focused right here
30976s bolt and crew yo they are an amazing new
30979s duo here in the scene they have been
30980s playing phenomenally well this past
30982s couple weekends and i'm excited to see
30984s how they do because take a look at this
30985s gameplay they
30987s are really really good at finding
30988s players lacking you're absolutely
30990s correct listen this is a very very uh
30993s talented team that we've seen make it
30994s into the semi-finals actually kind of
30997s surprised that they didn't qualify
30998s through earlier but this is a team that
31000s definitely knows how to handle these
31002s high-pressure lobbies these
31003s high-pressure situations and i have a
31005s feeling we'll see them qualifying today
31007s but listen that's not the only team
31010s right this next team a very special team
31012s to me it's pars and rays this duo man
31016s they are one of those top teams we
31017s always see them at the top of the
31018s leaderboard throughout the seasons right
31020s that's never changed it's never wavered
31022s and this is no different we're in
31024s chapter three season two and they're
31025s still showing up and showing that they
31027s are talented players here on na west and
31029s they're doing it out of command cavern
31030s which is one of the most contested pois
31032s this season
31033s surprisingly coming out on top that is a
31036s big feat and of itself because if you
31038s think about it when you got four other
31039s teams contesting you there and you're
31041s coming out on top that's of note but
31044s gotta focus on one more we've got to
31046s focus on
31047s one of my favorites here notch and his
31049s teammate they have been doing so well
31052s and recently formed as well we've got a
31054s lot of recently formed teammates here
31056s gonna be salty they've been playing
31057s together for you know
31059s just a little bit but still compared to
31060s some of these players recently formed
31062s but look at them they're not afraid to
31063s take these build battles early and
31064s that's what's gonna set them apart
31066s you're absolutely correct i think again
31068s it's one of those teams that they
31069s they've worked very well individually