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5s hey y'all monster d face here and
7s somebody's gone we're in copenhagen
8s denmark and we're here for something
10s special we have indoor skydiving in
13s store for us but it's not just us it's
14s also man city scram so let's not keep
17s him waiting let's go and hop on in let's
18s go
19s [Music]
20s hey what's up scram what's up man we're
22s in denmark we're going indoor skydiving
24s i mean how many times have you jumped
26s off this battle bus too many times we
27s can't i think i mean with all these user
29s practices i'm excited to finally try it
31s in person yeah let's go get suited up
33s look at these things no no no no no no
35s no those are way too big
37s okay okay kids section yes let's go
43s a bit long
44s we got to do the arm test yeah you
46s feeling good you're good i feel a bit
48s tired feeling good you're feeling good
50s can you touch your toes oh no i can't
52s touch my toes anyway i didn't rip so i
54s think we're right you all ready let's go
55s let's get suited up
59s [Music]
67s so guys all of you you're gonna come in
69s here
70s and who's the second one
72s so you just sit in the line
75s hope you're ready
80s [Music]
90s thank you
93s [Music]
114s thank you thank you you're really good
116s thank you that was so sick
118s that was so sick yeah
121s hey boys
122s relax
125s we just did that indoor skydiving are
128s you ready for a real skydiving now i
130s think with this experience i i have a
131s bit more confidence if i was to do a
133s real skydiving but i'm not there yet
134s i'll be honest monster you jumping out
136s of a plane definitely not like i'll do
138s it in the wind tunnel that was tons of
140s fun but like a real plane i mean i don't
143s know about that you still got to pull
144s the power shoe guys oh no shot i'm
146s jumping out and playing that's as far as
147s i go let's talk about you and the
149s organization you've been the recent
151s signing from man city yeah i mean the
152s feeling of joining manchester united is
154s surreal i never expected to be in this
155s position that i am right now i'm very
157s proud to be representing such a
159s big football club as well as a great
161s esports team so
162s i'm very excited for the future with uh
164s working with man city i gotta know how
166s did you get started in gaming tell us a
168s little bit about the early days of scram
170s the other days of scrambling started
172s with uh my big brother used to play
174s video games all the time and i would
175s just watch him ever since i was i mean
176s even four or five i think and then yeah
179s from there i got my own pc
181s that i shared with my sister but of
182s course she didn't get to play a lot it
184s was just me playing games all the time
185s and what made you choose the username
187s you have now
188s i mean
189s it's not the most creative way but it's
191s just my last name say word hey that's a
194s sick last name that's actually cool i'm
195s just solid i can't complain i mean
197s you've been competing since the earlier
199s days of winter royale so you definitely
201s have been around for so long um i mean
203s you have the danish people supporting
204s you now you have man city having your
206s back so let the new folk who might just
208s be watching us for the first time
209s let them know where can they find
212s if you want to find my social media my
214s twitter instagram instagram fan and my
216s youtube and twitch is just scram hope
218s you guys enjoyed that one this is indoor
220s skydiving in copenhagen denmark we'll
223s see you guys on the battle bus
233s [Music]

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