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Transcript (by Youtube)

0s The best player at invitational, in my opinion, is Jannis because he's an underrated IGO.
4s I think the best player at the invitational is probably either Veno
9s or Peterbot.
10s I’d say the best player at the invitational is both of us, equally.
14s We’re the best. I'd say it's Veno.
16s Oh, come on.
19s Probably like Veno no?
20s They’re probably the favorites to win the tournament with Queasy.
23s Ooh... Vadeal.
25s I'm going to have to go with my duo partner, Edgey.
27s It's got to be you bro.
29s I mean, we're probably both just, like, the best to be honest.
31s Yeah, sounds about right.
32s Bugha. Myself.
34s I think the best player in the invitational is Bugha
36s because he won the World Cup and I think he can do it again here.
39s Myself and Bugha.
40s Me and him. Definitely just me.
42s Yeah.
42s We're the best players in this whole --
43s Just me.
45s Well yeah, just him.
46s I'm kind of the backpack, you know, like, even though I'm six foot
48s He holds the loot for me, I kinda do everything.
51s I'm basically just in his backpack.
52s The best player is Mackwood right here, that's why I chose him to play with me.
57s I would, unfortunately, have to give it up for Bugha.
59s Okay. Okay. I just have to let that slide.