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0s FNCS Major one is all wrapped up, and seven duos claimed the axe of champions.
5s How did they do that?
7s Let's find out.
10s In NA East, We saw a duo fight from moment one to take home the axe of champions
15s Acorn and Cold have been playing consistently
17s from the beginning of the chapter,
18s bringing in incredible placements, getting third and first in chapter
21s four league cups.
22s But with all eyes on Bugha and Peterbot challenging them,
25s in the first major of 2023, they knew they had a lot to prove,
29s especially after losing the off-spawn battle in week one of FNCS.
33s With the weight of the world on their shoulders, they defied the odds
36s and took home the NA East’s Grand Finals FNCS win
39s in the first global championship spot for the region.
43s Over on NA West, we saw the young team of Boltz
46s in Thorik enter their first FNCS challenge of 2023.
50s They started off hot day one where the duo averaged 55
54s points per game and finished the day in first place.
57s Day two, however, they face more of a challenge, While other teams
60s really stepped up the pace to fight for the title.
63s The duo were able to consistently find important
65s eliminations while struggling to place well in some games.
69s Because of these essential eliminations,
71s Boltz and Thorik were able to come out on top at a photo
74s finish by four points, to call themselves the FNCS Major One Champions
79s and booked their ticket to the global championship later this year.
84s Now it's
84s time to talk about the sensational duo taking over EU Tayson and Merstach.
88s Wow, what an incredible performance in day two.
91s Placing Top ten in all six games, Tayson truly showed out with his undeniable
96s clutch factor getting them the last point they needed to place first
99s with Thomas HD and Malibuca being only one point behind,
103s this is the closest gap in any region for major one.
106s As a duo Tayson and Merstach, got a total of 21 eliminations in day one,
110s but in day two, they secured 21 in just the first three games.
113s Absolutely crazy.
115s The improvements they made by honing in their playstyle
118s mid-game made for a powerful performance, staying consistent and playing
121s extremely effectively together has planted them in a global championship.
126s They really deserve it because of the immense amount of effort
128s they put in this season. Congrats, guys.
131s Next up, it's OCE.
133s Suns and Anon came out flying in day one, finishing in first place
137s with a 39 point lead.
139s Their day two was slightly more awkward, however, as they struggled
142s to replicate the consistency that we saw from them in day one.
146s This put them in third place overall and a whole 65 points behind the top spot
151s going into the final game.
152s This meant they needed a huge game 12 in order to catch up
155s and they certainly delivered an eight elimination.
159s Second place was enough to overtake Volx and Looter
162s in first and also enough to claim that Axe of champions
165s and to guarantee their spot in the FNCS global championships.
170s It's no surprise that grand finals weekend for the Middle East
173s delivered a treasure trove of nail biting drama.
177s Earlier in the competition, both Asia and OCE concluded with its Day One leaders
182s capitalizing on their advantage and securing the axe of champions.
186s But this region had a different ending up its sleeve.
189s QNDX and Rapit were 186
192s points behind the top spot going into day two.
195s But it didn't stop them turning the Chapter four major one finals on its head.
200s They sent shockwaves rippling throughout the lobby across games ten through 12,
205s with 19 eliminations, two Victory Royals and a third place finish.
209s Combined with their second place in the first game of the day,
213s it marked the biggest comeback from behind across finals weekend
217s and catapulted them over the finish line to claim the illustrious title.
221s Giving Rapit it back to back championship wins and presenting in QNDX
225s with his first ever FNCS victory.
228s Go on, Lads!
230s For Major 1, the reigning Asian regional champion was the duo of Zagou and Pepo.
235s On day 1 of the Grand Finals, they finished in 5th place in the average ranking with 32 eliminations
240s The team showed their overwhelming strength with a 108-point lead over the second-place finisher.
244s Despite a hard-fought battle on Day 2, the strength of the team is evident.
248s Match 8 was the deciding factor.
250s Zagou and Pepo took over the high ground,
252s With 11 eliminations, they tied for the most in the Asian region overwhelming other opponents.
257s They demonstrated a strength that kept other teams at bay
260s By the end of the final 12 matches,
262s They had increased their score to 50 eliminations and 685 points!
265s They have won the ticket to the Global Championship
270s The FNCS grand finals were unpredictable at every stage.
275s Players utilized the hammer creatively to get wins
280s and eliminations in several matches, both on the first day and on the second.
284s But it was on the second day that the duo Phzin and Kitoz
288s went from a discreet 9th place, to the top of the ranking.
293s And as incredible as it sounds, without any Victory Royales,
298s but with absurd consistency,
300s reaching the top 5 in 4 of the 6 matches
304s on the second day.
305s After disturbances of the storm having the power to decide matches,
310s thousands of hammer strokes to rotate
313s and exciting finals of matches, the duo ended the championship
317s with 538 points, 19 points above the vice champions
323s Redlee and Scarpa.
326s And so we crown PHzin,
328s and Kitoz as the FNCS Major 1 champions
331s and the first representatives for FNCS Major Global in Denmark.
337s See you at the next FNCS! Until then.