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20s so
35s [Music]
46s uh
78s so
102s um
126s this
134s [Music]
149s so
174s [Music]
183s [Music]
198s you
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251s um
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297s uh
329s so
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352s you
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470s um
484s [Music]
492s foreign
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794s my
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860s so
912s you
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938s hmm
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1093s um
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1124s [Music]
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1165s [Music]
1171s [Music]
1197s so
1259s what's up fortnite fam the new season
1261s means new loadouts for fncs let's break
1264s down some of the most common loadouts
1266s based on your role in your duo starting
1268s with the igo
1270s the in-game leader or igl is responsible
1273s for calling and mapping out your
1274s rotations guiding your teammate and
1277s often tarping the igl holds a vital role
1280s in guiding the team to victory a proper
1282s loadout is a huge key to that success
1285s this season we have seen them focus on
1286s having one close range weapon and one
1289s distance weapon for surge tags then the
1291s remainder of the items will be healed
1293s the most common loadout is the drum
1294s shotgun first assault rifle and then a
1297s variation of heels to feel the remainder
1299s of the slots this combo however doesn't
1302s cover everything but that's why you have
1303s a fragger on your team as well
1306s the prager is responsible for getting
1308s crucial tags and eliminations throughout
1310s your game
1312s now the loadout of the fragger is all
1314s about fighting and ending fights quickly
1317s this is why we often see that the first
1318s assault rifle is swapped out for the
1320s combat smg
1322s meaning that in this role you'll hold
1323s two weapons designed exclusively for
1325s close range engagements while the rest
1327s of the slots are dedicated to heal
1330s the fragart loadout often includes the
1332s striker pump shotgun the combat smg and
1335s then a variation of heals the ability to
1337s clean up fights quickly and effectively
1339s leads to this loadout being a top pick
1340s among the more aggressive players
1344s after hearing the different loadouts and
1346s rolls which ones are you choosing in
1348s your next game until next time we'll see
1351s you on the battle bus
1353s [Music]
1359s what's up fortnite fam chapter 3 season
1362s 2 is here and the island is changing
1364s let's talk about some of the most
1366s notable changes starting with the
1368s addition of the blimps
1369s [Music]
1372s in the start of the season we saw the
1374s island's skyline get swarmed with an
1376s array of i o blimps across the map these
1378s floating ships bring additional loot on
1380s board to each of the areas they exist in
1382s they also allow for the ability to fly
1384s and redeploy from the wings these blimps
1387s can be found in command cavern coney
1389s crossroad tilted towers and rocky reels
1392s there's another blimp on the south coast
1394s however you'll have a hard time rotating
1396s from this one
1398s also we can't forget to talk about the
1400s addition of the siege cannons in these
1402s areas while they don't solely exist on
1404s the blimps you are guaranteed to find
1406s them there these siege cannons allow you
1407s to propel cannonballs towards your
1409s enemies though that's not all you can do
1412s you can also use them to propel across
1414s the map or into enemy builds this
1416s providing another great rotational tool
1418s for competitive play however the blimps
1421s weren't the only addition this season we
1424s also saw the addition of an entirely new
1425s poi in the fortress as well as some new
1428s i o bases
1432s the giant drilling machine known as the
1434s fortress is located in the central part
1436s of the map although the fortress isn't
1438s the biggest poi it still packs a punch
1442s both inside and outside the fortress you
1444s can find several io guards along with dr
1447s sloan if you can find and take down dr
1450s sloan you can grab her mythic striker
1453s burst rifle be careful sloane won't go
1456s down without fight
1458s then step inside to find three i o
1460s chests along with plenty of other loot
1462s scattered throughout the poi
1464s when you're ready to rotate out simply
1467s jump into the siege cannon up top or hit
1470s the launch pad that spawns on the
1471s outside of the fortress
1474s multiple other outposts popped up across
1476s the map you can find io buildings
1479s scattered across the island they vary in
1482s size and utility but all of them include
1484s more loot you can add these locations to
1487s your drop or drop here to start your
1490s games
1492s [Music]
1494s over on the south side of the island
1496s another new addition in the form of
1497s synapse station has emerged on the
1500s island there are several chest spawns
1501s throughout the poi and ample ammo boxes
1504s giving enough loot for multiple duos to
1506s land here the best part of synapsation
1509s is not the loot though it's the mobility
1511s that comes with the poi three different
1514s riffs have the chance of opening which
1516s gives you easy movement into the zone
1519s another addition you should be sure to
1520s add your rotations are the many craters
1522s that have formed across the map inside
1524s these craters is usually a handful of
1526s chests and shield barrels which is just
1528s enough to provide one person with the
1530s full loadout although not every crater
1532s is the same with some having a slurp
1534s truck and reboot vane inside that crater
1536s is located just southeast of broadcast
1538s bunker and is home to both
1541s with craters seemingly on every side of
1543s the map it also offers a saving grace to
1545s those who either prefer the scavenger
1546s routes or got pushed out early because
1549s they had to retreat
1551s all of these map changes will surely
1553s keep you on your toes make sure to dive
1555s in and explore the map until next time
1558s we'll see you on the battle bus
1560s [Music]
1563s yo what's going on fortnite fam it's
1564s your boy zeke we're here we got reese we
1566s got levin and we're gonna talk about
1568s chapter three season two preview let's
1570s jump into it guys what are your initial
1572s expectations coming into the competition
1574s i'll tell you what end games are a lot
1576s of fun with the new mechanics in terms
1578s of just seeing how things felt last
1580s season everyone's always trying to get
1581s some sort of pepper right you know you
1583s want to be able to move a bit faster in
1585s the end game get to your destination
1586s that bit quicker now what we've been
1588s starting to see in the dual cash cups
1589s and the start of the season is players
1591s are able to use the mantling when
1592s they've got like low materials sneak up
1594s into players boxes from behind tax print
1596s behind them just like pick up easy
1597s eliminations from players that wouldn't
1598s expect it so like now you have way more
1601s options when you just have no materials
1602s have nothing let's talk about that for a
1604s second right we have these py's last
1605s season felt really chaotic right we had
1607s these duals landing there these
1609s head-to-heads that we just were like why
1610s are you still going back there what is
1611s the point of this and now you put a
1612s blimp on top of that so we've taken
1614s chaos from like a 10 to an 11. we all
1616s know the struggles that people have in
1618s terms of trying to get surge trying to
1619s get a good position on the map being
1621s able to sit up on a blimp and just sort
1623s of ping people from far away it works
1625s wonders you know i mean so that that is
1627s going to probably be one of the biggest
1628s factors in how these new competitive
1630s games play out think of the amount of
1632s vision you have across the whole map
1633s then when you're on top of a blimp it's
1635s like it makes rotating so much more
1637s difficult we're talking about the the
1638s nerdy lines of sight in terms of the
1640s blimps there's just more loot on the map
1642s now that's right and so we have pois
1644s that were already very attractive pois
1646s to land at but even more attractive now
1649s right and there's sort of an extra
1650s incentive an extra spot a lot of these
1652s pois for a new team to get involved is
1654s there any duals in particular you guys
1656s are kind of like looking forward to i
1657s know right now we're kind of this state
1659s of shake-ups right people still trying
1661s to lock in who they think is the right
1662s duo for them i'm a simple man i see
1664s tayson
1666s you know
1669s looking back at last season of course
1670s they did well in terms of placement but
1672s looking at the circumstances they had
1674s the best poi on the map and i think a
1676s lot of people would have expected the
1678s two best players in the region two of
1680s the greatest fortnite players ever to do
1682s better so i'm really looking forward to
1684s say at the end of the day right um seti
1686s is just so so good he's one of the
1687s hardest workers in the scene hands down
1690s now he's teamed up with kami they won
1692s fncs throughout chapter two season eight
1694s they look super strong they're like
1695s they've got this incredible dynamism
1697s that they saw back then last season they
1699s weren't playing together it didn't work
1700s out that well for both teams now kami
1702s and say back on it together looking good
1705s in the cash cops they could be that
1706s winner again it'd be criminal to not
1708s talk about the rise of queasy and hen uh
1711s in terms of just how great they've been
1714s you know last season and this season ken
1716s is someone who gets slept on in the goat
1718s conversations and when you're talking
1720s about who's the best fortnite player
1722s ever hen will be thinking i'm only one
1723s away from catching up to tayson in
1726s fncs's right like i'm there i've done it
1728s with multiple different people as well
1730s put some respect to my name guys i love
1732s uh talking with you both the insight and
1734s unreal but we have to it's okay we have
1737s to get ready the battle bus is all
1739s warmed up which means we're jumping in
1740s all the action right here right now eu
1743s let's get this popping beep
1750s [Music]
1760s i'm so happy to be back
1762s yes i'm really excited and i can't wait
1765s to win it
1766s i'm so hyped to be back
1768s i'm pumped up i'm ready to go i've put
1770s in all the preparation and i got this
1773s i'll put in a lot of hours to make sure
1775s that i'm at the top well i've got so
1776s much experience that it's just gonna
1778s make me unstoppable my geo is off the
1780s shots this season they don't know what's
1782s coming my dude and i are both excellent
1783s fighters we have great synergy i know
1786s i'm one of the best ideas i've got the
1788s best aim of anybody here i planned for
1791s everything and i was coming i am so sick
1793s of getting second place and i finally
1795s want to win nothing cheers this year i
1796s know i got what it takes to win don't do
1798s it fncs was over for everyone the moment
1800s i qualified
1802s i've won events twice but i looked in
1804s number three
1805s watch out we're coming fncs let's go
1808s baby let's go
1813s [Music]
1829s ladies and gentlemen fortnite fans
1831s around the world welcome to the fortnite
1834s champion series if this is your first
1836s time tuning in welcome to possibly the
1839s greatest fortnight competition you'll
1840s ever see for the rest of your life it's
1842s just today but it's not just today it'll
1845s be for the next few weeks that's right
1848s it's a fncs my name is zeke i'll be your
1851s host here for europe and it's a pleasure
1853s to have you here if it is your first
1854s time first time here for real i'm
1856s excited that you're here and you're
1857s gonna be watching some crazy fortnite
1859s action like you've never seen before now
1861s you probably think yourself zeke that's
1862s crazy you're just gonna run a whole show
1864s by yourself yes there is no one else
1867s here with me don't worry about it no we
1868s actually have two members here that will
1870s be joining us on the analyst desk first
1872s off let me introduce you guys to the
1873s legend himself it's boop and of course
1876s rhys right there
1879s i didn't know he was gonna do that yeah
1880s yeah no you said that you know i wasn't
1882s gonna be here you can't do it by
1883s yourself so i just wanted to give that
1884s feeling that you earned by yourself you
1886s know
1886s um yeah this is what happens so this is
1889s the european broadcast uh i'm going to
1891s do a lot of laughing the whole time
1892s because i can't contend myself around
1893s these two incredible human beings but
1895s we're here to talk about fortnite so
1896s let's get this popping first off legends
1899s landing what's up baby it's great to see
1901s you if you've never uh hop by you need
1903s to check it out there's some cool box
1904s fighting elements there's a holla
1906s champions and you can hang out and watch
1908s this broadcast with your friends in
1909s fortnite do it check it out all right
1911s let's talk about the broadcast schedule
1914s so what does it look like if you're like
1916s man zeke i've really enjoyed this
1917s fortnite action when you guys doing this
1918s next here it is for you right here today
1921s is qualifier number one now do keep in
1924s mind we actually have three regions
1925s going on today so this first one is
1927s europe later on the day we'll have any
1929s east and then we'll have n a west so
1931s come back at different times in your own
1933s time zone you might be able to catch
1934s more fortnite action qualifier two may
1937s 8th qualifier three may 15th semifinals
1940s and then mark your calendars for the
1941s finals come back then i'm telling you
1943s you won't want to miss out on the action
1945s but reese how do we make it to the
1948s finals i mean there's only i'm gonna say
1950s only one way that's a complete lie and
1952s only one way today and that is getting
1954s to the top five so we've got 50 teams
1956s out of those 50 teams of teams who make
1958s it into the top five we'll advance
1960s straight through to the finals where all
1961s of that juicy juicy prize money is every
1963s other player will get serious points and
1965s then guess what we're gonna do that
1967s again on sunday and again the sunday
1968s after that
1969s yep but who really cares about those
1970s qualifiers it is all about today the
1973s actual format of this finals
1977s and with the format we know that this is
1979s a very heavy placement format with 32
1983s points per placement points
1985s there we go 30 points for your victory
1987s royale and your first placement points
1989s coming in at top 35 but remember it is
1992s one sorry it is three points per
1994s elimination so it is going to be a lot
1996s of variety a lot of different types of
1998s gameplays a lot of different game styles
2000s and it should make this finals very very
2002s exciting
2003s that's right man a lot of different ways
2006s here to kind of make it into that top
2007s five right can your duo pop off get
2009s these eliminations can they place well
2012s make it to those end games or do both
2014s that's what we're looking to achieve now
2016s this is a list of our qualified players
2018s so these will be the players we're
2019s actually watching compete here and now
2022s uh reese anybody stand out to you right
2023s away i'm gonna bunch you've got some of
2025s the biggest names in the region an ass
2026s pink in the top left and like sweet top
2028s middle tasting oogway which is chappix
2031s no jerky i drop we have the who's who of
2033s x f and cs champions and current in
2035s there as well with any queasy as we see
2037s there too a lot of names that i'm
2039s looking forward to mustache malabooka
2040s one that didn't have a amazing season in
2042s terms of fncs last time but hey this
2045s time it's them to prove why they're some
2046s of the best duos in this region yeah you
2049s can name all the pro players these but i
2050s want to shout out some of the underrated
2052s players naka and dan coming all the way
2054s from spain jackson and vico the german
2056s players had an incredible season so far
2058s i'm expecting it to do really really
2060s well as well today
2061s absolutely move over to that next page
2062s you'll see the other half of the players
2064s that we have here indeed and similarly a
2066s lot these are the players who've just
2067s been putting in tons and tons and tons
2069s of work this season who have popped up
2072s and i've done super good one right in
2073s the middle who i'm looking at right now
2075s vortex and janus played extremely well
2077s last season from the memory four i don't
2079s know if that's correct it's probably not
2081s off the top of the dome but again
2082s they're looking super super good they
2084s are contested off spawning greasy grove
2085s today so i'll have to see how they end
2087s up actually playing that out through the
2089s games but again a team i definitely want
2090s to keep my eyes on
2092s i like it i like it very quick there and
2094s to the point i mean one duel you did not
2096s mention there reece was mr savage and
2100s benji fishy the crowd favorites of
2102s course uh i know how could you forget uh
2105s you know fun fact in case you didn't see
2106s it all over social media we just had a
2108s media day we brought some players in had
2109s some time with them they played some
2111s games we had some interviews and check
2112s this out levin got to sit down with mr
2115s savage and conduct an interview so let's
2117s take a look at in the lobby with mr
2119s savage
2126s what's up everyone my name is 112k and
2128s i'm in the lobby with the one and only
2130s mr savage it was always clear to people
2132s you were a bit of a prodigy rat do you
2134s think yourself i could be like the best
2136s pro player in the world like what was
2137s your mentality all the way back then i
2138s started watching these top streamers
2140s right like ninja and tv at the time yeah
2142s and then i was watching them and i was
2143s like i feel like i could do the same
2146s that they're doing so i started
2147s streaming and then it kind of just took
2149s off from there one of my earliest sort
2151s of stories that i had with you was you
2153s said like we got a grind every single
2154s day we've got to keep pushing even if we
2156s can't compete now eventually we'll
2158s always be able to like have you always
2159s just had that mentality of like just we
2161s got a grind no matter what
2163s i've always had fun playing the game so
2164s it's been really easy you know i've kind
2166s of just been grinding since the start if
2168s you're grinding non-stop right do you
2170s make much time to do things outside of
2171s fortnite it's been kind of hard
2172s balancing it but
2174s i feel like i've done quite well with
2176s like social life and when you're playing
2178s for like 10 hours a day then
2180s it's it's kind of hard yeah
2182s understandably it can be quite hard well
2184s somebody whose career i definitely think
2186s you helped jumpstart benji fishy right
2188s you know you obviously started playing
2189s with him back then and you've become one
2191s of the most famous jurors you've ever
2192s had in the game
2194s when you first met benji and your
2196s opponent of him did you feel like you
2197s two could be the dominant do what you
2199s went on to do i was like
2200s bro i gotta i gotta do it to do with
2202s this guy yeah and then we started
2204s playing and then you know
2206s it just
2207s went well constantly a couple world cup
2209s qualifiers later and uh you know things
2211s you know sort of paid off obviously you
2213s know speaking of world cup qualifiers
2215s you're one of the few fortnight players
2216s that's played on land do you just sort
2218s of have no nerves in that sense like are
2220s you just stone cold you can just go out
2222s there and and really just dominate
2223s wherever you are i think there's just
2225s something with lance that makes me like
2227s more in the zone because it's like
2228s you're there you know so i think it's
2230s something with the atmosphere that just
2232s makes me really like focus
2234s you live for the atmosphere i can tell
2235s man the way you carry yourself you look
2237s for the atmosphere who's the one player
2239s who you sort of look and you go yeah
2241s he's a serious player like that guy is
2243s top top probably tayson we haven't seen
2245s orlando but i think tayson's going to be
2247s good online as well if you had to retire
2250s tomorrow what would be the one thing you
2251s want to do in your career before you
2253s retire of course
2255s i'm not an fcs champion also the world
2258s cup i want to give another shot at the
2259s world cup fair play man so it will be
2261s real for you this season this could be
2262s the season where you finally do pick up
2264s that vinci's title where can people find
2266s you man where can they catch you watch
2268s some of your you know game play if they
2270s want to check you out
2271s it's uh mr savage on all platforms tick
2274s tock youtube twitter insta twitch
2276s everything we've got the brandon
2278s everywhere yeah of course i love that
2279s man honestly bro it's been a pleasure
2281s it's been living to uk and mrs savage in
2283s the lobby thank you for hanging out with
2285s me man thanks for having me
2290s um i don't know if you guys knew this
2293s because i actually discovered this on
2295s media day
2296s rhys and levin have bodies
2302s give him that
2303s you said and i couldn't not uh wow thank
2306s you though levitt for hanging out with
2307s mr savage that was in the lobby and if
2309s you like those kind of player pieces
2310s trust me there's a ton that'll be coming
2312s out over the course of the fncs and all
2314s the regions so make sure you check them
2315s all out they're super super great so
2318s guys let's talk about duels that we will
2319s be seeing compete where they'll be
2321s landing potential just things maybe if
2323s someone's never seen fortnite let's just
2325s give a few duos kind of keep eyes on
2327s let's start things off with pink and
2328s anas we know they just ended round three
2331s which is one yesterday in first place
2333s with 190 points they're landing over
2336s there to command cavern and they were
2338s eighth last fncs so i mean rhys what do
2341s you have to say about this duo these
2343s guys are really experienced now this
2345s season right they're very comfortable
2346s they put in the work to practice they
2348s understand the meta and because of that
2350s like they are game winners look at this
2353s yesterday out of the seven matches they
2355s played four victory royales with an
2358s average placement of three like i think
2359s they had a second as uh a fourth and
2361s another game that was a bit of a throw
2363s on in comparison unbelievable
2365s performance from them what i want to
2366s know is with a lot of the obviously
2368s caliber in this round is a lot higher
2370s we've got a lot of top level teams you
2372s know cuisine hey and the running
2373s champions are also a height team so
2375s they're in the end game they play up
2376s high ground very similar to pinker and
2377s ass so it's like we'll be able to keep
2379s that performance today i hope so fingers
2381s crossed yeah it's a battle for them to
2383s survive against the aggression right so
2384s many good teams in this lobby but you
2386s know they also had a really slow start
2388s to the season but they sort of picked it
2389s up obviously now moving away from their
2391s draws part of the llama split over to a
2393s command cavern a lot more different
2394s situation to get aggressive on and a lot
2397s more things to go wrong but you know
2398s they're the team to be the most prepared
2400s so i'm expecting a lot from them
2402s maybe they know something we don't right
2404s maybe they've done their homework
2405s they're ready to kind of have several
2406s plans of attack if something does fall
2409s through i'm curious to see how they kind
2410s of develop coming especially from that
2412s last season right let's give you guys
2414s another duel to talk about you actually
2415s touched on them queasy and hen right
2418s this other high ground team that we just
2421s every time we look up we feel like it's
2423s just them up there they're landing north
2425s side of sleepy talk to me about this duo
2427s so you know cuisine hen won last
2430s season's fncs duos but most importantly
2432s they also qualified through qualifier
2434s number one right so you know if trends
2437s are anything to go off of today it's
2439s going to be a really really good day for
2441s these guys now i've looked at the stats
2442s from them from yesterday obviously
2444s similarly one victoria but they are game
2446s winners this is not exactly very
2448s replicant of the way that they play but
2450s what this does show is the fact that
2451s these guys can play other styles that
2453s aren't just high ground right like i
2455s just said pinker and ass they're game
2456s winners they take height and end game
2458s and they usually win from height but if
2459s they don't get it their games aren't
2461s usually as good as guys that queasy in
2463s hand where if they're on the mid ground
2465s they can absolutely still frag out yeah
2467s and they went into the season with a
2468s bang two back to back do a cash cup wins
2471s however the last cash that they placed
2473s only 12th right and that was after the
2475s removal of cars after this after this
2477s last patch sorry and you know that's a
2479s little bit worrying for them but you
2481s know these guys are champions they're
2482s fncs winners and they have no problems
2484s adapting when it comes to the pressure
2486s let's pray for north zones for them you
2487s know hopefully
2489s others will get some tweets we'll see
2490s we'll see uh let's talk about this last
2492s duo at least for this moment it's tayson
2495s and chappix they're also landing at the
2496s command cavern but they're landing more
2498s on like that slurp truck side uh i mean
2501s they kind of i'm pretty sure they're
2502s newly formed right yes yes yes so that
2506s little area we saw we saw there's the
2508s split of taste and thomas hd if you've
2509s watched previously from a solo cash cup
2511s amazing clip by tayson by the way
2514s out there to get it done and right now
2516s it's like last minute change so tasting
2518s champions we haven't really seen them
2519s play as a duo for very long at all but
2521s they won the grand royale right they won
2523s with hane last season so we know that
2525s these guys can play well together
2527s yeah i mean these guys the uncon on that
2529s southern side of command cavern so
2531s consistency is just gonna be the name of
2532s game for them can they sort of get away
2534s from all of the players in there can
2536s they avoid players trying to go for that
2537s vault card as well and if they can do
2539s that i mean these guys are two multi
2541s fncs champions they should have no issue
2543s today just running the map
2545s absolutely
2546s um and you know what i like this command
2548s cavern talk we got to keep talking about
2550s it
2551s because there's another duo that lies
2554s in wait in the shadows in the demon of
2557s the cavern it's malabuca so really we
2560s kind of have three duos sort of landing
2563s on top of each other but it's a very
2566s vertical poi right so there's a lot of
2568s opportunities to kind of say like okay
2570s look look look we just want this half
2571s you guys stay over there we'll do our
2573s own thing right rhys well here we go
2576s firstly i'm gonna put a little little
2577s correction in there because right now it
2579s seems like we may have five teams
2580s landing in caverns right
2582s uh my boy maxine montoya always does all
2585s these drop map shows where people are
2586s landing right now and just hot off the
2589s press we may also have raisin and peanut
2591s in here as well so as you can see right
2593s now there's four teams there we're that
2594s last minute potentially a fifth team
2596s also landing here so the dynamic of this
2597s drop spot is going to be knox right this
2599s is obviously what the majority of the
2600s loot is overall but having five teams
2603s going here like this is going to be
2604s questionable yeah let me drop you a
2606s little bit of history on these guys
2607s contesting each other started the cash
2609s cup first cash coup of the season malibu
2611s mustache i have to say dominated them
2613s right they had a different strategy one
2615s of them landed at the bottom side
2617s picking a nice landing towards the top
2618s side of command cavern and you know it
2620s wasn't at 50 50. now fast forward to the
2622s last cash cup that they played and
2623s contested each other now anderson pink
2626s decided to change up the strategy 50 50
2628s malibu mustache and all of a sudden it
2630s was a 6-0 for pinkerton us so you know
2633s they're very used to that 50 50
2634s playstyle from the llama split of last
2636s season so you know if they continue that
2638s today i'm gonna see some sparks flying
2641s either way like this is a show this is a
2643s drop spot that's gonna be a mess you
2645s know if the teams in here could do
2647s either amazingly you know if they
2648s 5-1-6-0
2650s or you know this could just go downhill
2651s for all the teams involved
2653s another poi man another hot spot right
2656s now we can't forget about tilted towers
2659s we just saw mr savage they're in the
2661s interview but benji fishy will be there
2663s alongside him going up against dks and
2667s bad
2668s sniper gentlemen did we not just see
2670s this play out last season
2672s we did and realistically we didn't see
2675s that i just want to see we saw dks and
2677s bats never do well like i know the
2678s community everyone out there wants benji
2680s and sandwich to do super well and
2682s through the qualifiers that's what it
2683s looked like but the second day in
2684s particular last season's finals like
2686s benj and savage were being really run
2688s over by dks and bad snipers so dks bad
2690s sniper clearly have this drop saw
2692s practice they have it down so far now
2694s with the changes just coming this season
2696s with obviously there's less loot there
2697s we've got three whole teams there this
2699s is a whole new battlefield a whole new
2700s way to fight with the blimp is still
2702s involved as well so it's like i'm not
2704s sure how this is actually going to play
2705s out today but i'm the one to see let's
2707s be real yeah you mentioned the
2708s battlefield right this prop spot now has
2710s been completely altered a lot of the
2712s loot has been taken out and what used to
2713s be able to be split by three teams is
2715s probably going to be a battle at the
2717s blimp and honestly i don't know who's
2719s really going to be taking it all in
2720s those benji and savage they sort of
2722s struggled in the first open qualifier
2724s almost didn't qualify to this finals and
2726s then also didn't qualify past opens
2728s almost so you know they're coming in
2730s with a little bit of that um that chip
2732s on the shoulder but you know this this
2734s this rivalry has been continuing on for
2736s multiple seasons in a row now and they
2737s definitely want to prove themselves to
2738s be the better team i want us to be
2740s honest my main focus here what i want to
2742s see is like are these teams going to
2744s play or they're just going to play for
2745s the draw spot right i think win qualify
2747s yeah are they gonna be like we got two
2748s more qualifiers left we can go to
2749s serious points let's make sure we own
2751s this drop spot as much as possible and i
2753s think it can go either way let's be real
2756s yeah i mean if they don't have that
2757s confidence going into finals right and
2758s then it's just kind of like well yeah
2760s we're just also competing for this poi
2761s but it's your poi we're just kind of
2763s here stopping through that's not in the
2765s spot you want to be you know um guys we
2768s watched that mr savage content piece now
2770s let me throw a fun one at you this is
2772s really fun okay we basically showed our
2774s players a picture very small a snippet
2777s of an area in the map and then said
2778s where is that go track it down hop into
2780s whiplash see if you can find it this is
2783s where in the world
2788s [Music]
2790s all right guys let's play a game
2792s basically we get showed a picture and we
2794s have to drive there whoever gets there
2795s first gets one point whoever gets the
2797s most points wins okay okay
2808s wait i hope it's this way i have no idea
2810s it would have been smart to take the
2812s road no gg
2814s it's wraps i have no fear as well yeah
2817s wait i'm not even sure if it's over here
2818s because i can see the blue thing
2820s how are you not out of fuel
2822s because i'm crazy
2824s okay i'm here i found
2826s it too easy
2835s bro where is that bro oh do you know
2838s that
2839s it's impossible to know no it's not bro
2842s i know where that is remember i don't
2844s know where to find this thing there's
2846s five million buildings it's impossible i
2849s don't even remember what i had to find
2851s oh i know i don't know bro looked at my
2854s screen and then said i know
2856s no no no no it's impossible
2859s i find it i got a first i got it first
2861s it's coming up where is that right where
2863s should it go
2864s 10 1 1.
2867s [Music]
2872s but i know where it is but i know i know
2875s don't crash guys drive safe no i'm full
2878s speeding
2880s i might be through again
2882s we're in the wrong poi no way bro
2885s yes what else could it be
2890s like really goodness i know where it is
2892s but i have no fuel though
2894s no no it's not here
2897s there is nowhere i'm gonna see it
2901s it's not here yep i got it right there
2903s rocky of the rails drive in theater look
2907s at this
2908s i think let me triple check yep yep
2918s oh i know where that is isn't that holly
2920s had just me oh wait how can i do that
2923s bro that one is the easiest one that's
2925s been
2925s i'm already here stop looking at my
2927s screen bro bro i'm already here
2930s i'm here i think it's fully over for you
2932s yeah bro you don't know where it is
2933s though
2935s i'm pretty much know like i'm bending
2937s here
2942s okay i'm here
2944s from time to butts
2947s but i was here
2948s [Music]
2955s so far yeah that is very far
2958s it's actually crazy that we all know
2959s this one
2961s yeah and then he does not just know this
2962s one then we know it's easy maybe i can
2964s do a little bit of this
2968s oh and there's bots yep
2971s grab a little jet pack if someone's
2973s faster than me then they have full
2975s cycles
2976s they suit us how much
2980s i'm gonna
2983s win my car's blocking it's over it's
2986s over there's no way you guys have enough
2988s fuel bro
2989s no tan is winning dan is winning this is
2991s you're throwing no
2993s is this this is this i wanna wanna one i
2995s wonder what i want
2998s i won
2999s i won
3000s i won i when i won i was here first
3006s [Music]
3020s i i very much enjoy wearing the world
3022s that was a really fun one yeah once
3024s again thank you for all the players who
3025s came out the media day super super fun
3028s time okay
3029s we gotta focus in now we only have a
3031s little bit longer before we get ready to
3033s jump on that battle bus and kick off the
3035s first game of qualifier number one
3038s so let's do this let's talk about
3040s predictions everyone's favorite moment
3043s of the whole show now fortnite fam i
3045s will say make sure you guys stay on top
3047s of the casters and analysts in every
3048s region
3050s because one of them will be receiving a
3052s crazy award depending on where they play
3054s so the first place winner in each region
3057s will get an award that's right that's
3059s right so there's that much more pressure
3061s all right i was right for a second here
3063s we'd be like going up against any west
3065s guys they're just going oh it's epic
3066s whale and arkham they're just
3068s like i'm going to compete they can get
3070s it right every week okay okay you know
3072s what uh yeah yeah all right we'll have
3073s more talks about this but yeah that's a
3075s good point that's not they have an easy
3076s road that's okay we'll just we'll just
3078s make sure that that everyone knows that
3079s our job is more difficult because you
3081s know
3083s just kidding any west we love you guys
3084s so much okay let's start this off
3087s uh i went with floki and clemens uh
3090s listen i think these guys could make it
3092s into that top five right historically we
3093s know they are this kind of pop-off team
3095s they can find themselves in the right
3097s spots but you know sometimes rhys if
3100s they don't get kind of the their feet
3101s under them
3103s they may struggle but i'm hoping that
3104s doesn't happen yeah they're uncontested
3106s at trunks today from what it seems like
3108s and they've had a history of being
3109s fighting against teams and teams every
3111s single basically weekly qualifier last
3113s time so they're in a good position me
3115s and boo hey
3117s reigning champions we're eye to eye with
3119s this one right now look they're looking
3121s super strong i think you made a really
3122s good point earlier though with no cars
3124s like if they get a bunch of south zones
3126s it could be really difficult for them
3127s yeah but obviously the no coil is going
3129s to affect them a little bit but these
3130s guys you know first day of the last fncs
3132s as well you know they struggled a little
3133s bit came back in the second day so these
3135s guys you know the name of the game is
3136s adaptability and that's what champions
3138s do so hen and queasy very easy i mean
3140s that's why they pay us the big bucks
3143s you're going with a nice and pink
3145s changing his prediction left right and
3147s center finally sticking to that because
3149s we talked about how good these guys are
3151s but yeah again they're kind of going up
3152s against our predictions the height teams
3154s battling out head to head up on the top
3156s of the high ground so i'm very very
3157s interested to see how these two teams go
3159s both could get in the top five and then
3160s eleven with tayson and champix who could
3162s have predicted that
3164s eleven yeah
3167s i mean levin's is a very simple man
3169s right he sees chasing that's who he just
3171s goes head on the side with i mean
3175s um well fortnite fam we're getting ready
3178s here not that much longer we're gonna
3180s have a lot of things to talk about over
3181s the course of these six games ahead of
3183s us right the new mechanics in the game
3185s as well manchelin combat sprinting and
3187s of course i'm sorry tactical sprinting
3189s and still paired up with sliding that we
3191s feel like people still haven't mastered
3193s so we'll have to see how all of this
3194s kind of place into today's games but for
3197s now we got two casters who are standing
3198s by they're ready to say hello so give a
3200s big warm welcome to shywager 11 2k let's
3203s go
3205s thanks so much zeke boop and reece
3207s another season of the fncs the stakes
3208s are higher the action is faster and the
3210s casters look even better levin how are
3212s you doing my friend oh wow thank you man
3214s i you know people don't compliment me
3216s that often but i appreciate that man
3218s look i'm looking forward to it right a
3219s new season new beginnings for a lot of
3221s these players right we have a lot of new
3223s teams as well of course like the
3225s analysts said i see chase and i like
3226s yeah yeah but even even removing the
3228s emotional aspect of it right you know in
3230s a world where there are a couple doors
3232s that we're not too sure about tasting
3234s traffic's when you pair that with the
3235s circumstances they have at command cabin
3237s you would expect them to do incredibly
3238s well today right so you know of course
3240s first days sometimes people don't
3243s necessarily perform as best as you could
3245s but i am very optimistic about some of
3247s our more experienced teams today
3249s absolutely week one always has that
3250s switch up getting into the quals round
3252s one and two after three we have the
3253s mishmash the mosh pit even at half these
3255s poi as you mentioned command cavern
3257s tilted towers as well i feel like it's
3259s gonna be a complete jumbo show sign up
3260s station daily bugle there's so many
3262s three multiple team contested poi 11 i
3265s don't even know where to begin
3266s honestly it's gonna be hectic for us as
3268s well right and of course as always it is
3271s gonna be fun because we have the first
3273s game of qualifier one just around the
3275s corner
3282s all right game one for qual one another
3284s season
3285s same kind of map the new poise but the
3288s action i just feel like is gonna be so
3290s fresh already that bus makes command
3292s caverns start the game earliest that's
3294s an awesome pink that we're in line with
3295s the highest point of drop as well near
3297s the blimp they're gonna have control and
3299s this is gonna be one of the more
3300s interesting fights to watch today
3302s you can see they're literally right on
3304s top of each other and so the amount of
3306s moments you'd expect to fight to break
3307s out mustache and malabu could have
3309s realizing that pink and us have access
3311s to the barrels and so they're going to
3312s have that shield advantage option to
3314s head over to the blimp and get their
3316s loot up as well ready to make sure that
3318s engagement is somewhat fair between them
3324s and don't get it confused i know you're
3325s looking at the mini map and even
3327s this top view right now this is not a
3328s creative map we're not just remaking the
3330s cavern and watching a few teams join in
3332s and play that is pretty much and
3333s straight up five teams rocking that poi
3336s in different layers completely so we'll
3338s see what goes down already said he put a
3339s snazzy and potassium out benji fishing
3341s savage i believe also fell and are gone
3344s and mxr getting completely totaled as
3346s well bad sniper versus savage i feel
3348s like uh 11 has been a story we've seen
3350s season after season at almost so many
3352s different pois it seems like i think on
3354s the side of bad sniper they've just been
3356s leveling up being a little bit more
3357s composed overall and are getting the the
3360s better half of that equation
3361s yeah they obviously got the better half
3363s last season right maybe that's a bit of
3365s an understatement even obviously i got a
3367s chance to speak to savage and you know
3368s they were hopeful about their chances
3370s this season turning the tide a bit but
3373s of course with the changes that have
3374s been made to it at what point maybe they
3376s think actually maybe you don't even want
3377s to end it at all anyways right so
3381s plenty of changes to be
3384s adjusted to
3385s i think we're going to actually check
3386s out how those guys went down
3388s mrs savage and benji going for that
3391s oh no oh dude
3393s it's like that they even had such a cool
3395s job i was like there's no way this goes
3397s bad but yeah unfortunately even with
3399s benji just being a powerhouse and
3401s getting one of the knocks down you can't
3403s really stop vico from pushing that box
3405s that was also you know reese mentioned
3407s the wishy-washy predictions back and
3409s forth i had a feeling in my heart that
3410s if benji and savage are given enough
3412s time maybe just a game or two they can
3414s get so many points but having these
3416s types of players and teams around them
3417s it's tough yeah full 50 50s are
3419s difficult this fight here that's
3421s actually just wrapped up isn't a full 50
3423s 50 but hard find an adn
3426s versus janice and vortex over greasy
3428s this is also a really interesting fight
3430s because
3431s again if you know me i'm a big fan of
3432s janice and vortex they're obviously very
3434s much impressed last season
3436s but this time around alien and hard fine
3437s getting the best of them yeah you would
3439s think that on the side of genesis vortex
3441s specifically a little bit more patient
3443s and greasy fights favor kind of the
3445s teams that take it a bit slower and are
3446s a little bit more methodical overall but
3448s it seems like horrified indian got the
3449s drop on them i was seeing that fight
3451s going the other way but clearly these
3453s guys have a plan
3454s yeah hard found at adn
3457s continued to improve i think last season
3460s hard fan really
3461s started to sort of get back into the
3462s swing of things right there were a
3463s couple seasons where maybe you weren't
3465s seeing these guys performing at the top
3466s level
3467s and a hard fine
3469s reached out to my guy coach harry
3471s started getting a bit of help in that
3473s regard and now we're seeing them back
3475s into the important games right fmcs
3478s round four of the qualifiers is where
3480s you want to be
3482s by the end of the six games there's an
3483s even more important place you want to be
3484s right in that top five
3486s absolutely some of these teams are
3487s watching i mean head and queasy and
3489s absolute shoeing to rocket
3491s and get all the way up there towards
3493s that top five sleepy sound they're just
3494s investigating for now
3496s we just had an election like squeeze on
3497s screen 11. talk to me about them because
3499s namesake wise fueling wise if you look
3502s at the history they should be assuming
3503s for top five but a lot of the times
3505s analysts players fans don't have them
3507s there
3508s yeah i think as a whole that they're
3510s doing that's very representative of a
3511s lot of what's happening with you know
3513s the french scene in fortnite right at
3514s the top level where a lot of these
3516s players are very established you expect
3518s them to do well they have the potential
3519s to come out and pop off i wouldn't be
3521s surprised if ander lex finished in the
3523s top five today but again
3526s have they been putting in the hard yards
3528s throughout the season
3530s i think a lot of people question that
3532s and therefore question how well they can
3533s do
3534s in these more difficult lobbies
3537s but they did well in the lead up right
3539s of course they have made it here and so
3540s we'll give them that much credit and
3543s they deserve to prove themselves
3545s and this is something that will be a
3547s sight to the whole taser and traffic
3550s have the vote in game one
3552s i don't think that's gonna change much
3554s over the next couple games
3555s i love how you're just like walking down
3557s the street type vibe in your voice you
3559s know keeping it nice and nonchalant you
3561s see taste on the screen i've never seen
3562s this man smile mid-sentence this this
3565s hard this wide and just be sound just
3568s this happy over one pov man they're not
3570s even doing anything why is
3572s you want to know the truth bro it's
3574s because we're getting a prize for
3575s predictions so i just want to do really
3577s well and get the prize you know i could
3579s have predicted you know jack and harry
3581s it wouldn't matter who i predicted as
3583s long as they do well you will see me
3584s smiling so
3586s hey if you're watching two you're
3587s wondering hey what's going on i might
3589s have just started playing fortnite again
3590s because of zero build or i haven't
3592s watched competitive before i want to
3593s predict some teams i want to be a fan
3595s welcome to competitive basically you
3597s watch the early game portion of
3599s fortnite drop down and it's pretty much
3601s just fighting for your poi it's the same
3603s in many modes after that those where
3605s things get a little bit more interesting
3606s mid game it's all about trying to get
3608s some tags trying to get some damage up
3609s storm surge is the thing that's kind of
3611s exclusive to these competitive modes i
3613s mean it's active in a lot of places but
3614s this is where you see it a lot of the
3615s time and
3616s all you have to do is more damage than
3618s most other players in the lobby there's
3620s a cut off i believe it's 70 players for
3621s the first
3622s kind of threshold overall so you'll see
3624s teams facing up a little bit going for
3626s that damage being strategic that's the
3627s name of the game and then we'll see that
3629s classic end game mumbo jumbo that's so
3632s much fun to watch
3633s yeah as a whole right you're almost
3635s playing your whole game with that end
3637s game in mind can we get to that stage of
3639s the game with the most resources with
3641s the best possible chance
3643s of being able to win out the game
3645s resources will be a big part of that
3646s you're seeing hen farming up right now
3647s making sure he can get himself up in
3649s that regard
3652s and players will break out into
3654s different fights all around the map
3656s with that same goal in mind
3658s control is basically the name of the
3659s game and one of the duals i kind of want
3661s to talk about in that aspect the one
3663s that did the best in the previous round
3664s first place overall pink and anas and
3666s they have cavern mountain basically to
3669s themselves they have a chunker car as
3670s well to be able to move around those
3672s tires make you basically stick to any
3674s surfaces you're driving up
3677s i feel like if they are allowed to play
3678s i think that was the biggest thing right
3679s being super contested off spawn or
3681s they're going to be allowed to have a
3682s say in every single game damn
3684s comfortable in game one is gonna be a
3686s scary sight for everyone else even
3688s tasting the traffic's on the right
3691s yeah well this is actually a scary site
3692s for the rest of the lobby right because
3694s they have
3695s a vehicle for people don't know right
3698s a lot of vehicles that were in the game
3699s before were taken out except for these
3701s ones here the io ones the black vehicles
3703s and uh if you're a team that has one
3706s let's just say
3708s you have a decent leg up from the rest
3709s of the lobby a lot of people would like
3711s to to share the same fortune as you
3713s right and so
3715s that will be a huge factor into how
3717s they're actually able to traverse the
3719s map right because
3720s what we're gonna see in a lot of these
3721s games is people crowded on the edge of
3723s these zones right you know the storm
3725s circle you're just going to have a whole
3727s line of teams
3729s and if you're if you're a team of a
3730s vehicle
3731s you have that ability to get around
3733s you're just that bit more mobile than
3735s the rest and
3736s it works wonders that's why you'll see
3738s queasy and hen as much as they'll be
3740s confident about their chances qualifying
3742s queasy will tell you guys look
3744s we're good but we ain't got a vehicle so
3746s don't have your hopes up right
3748s everybody knows how strong they can be
3754s most definitely even with that central
3755s zone a little bit
3757s it's going towards that south side a lot
3758s of people will be playing that edge and
3760s have access to
3762s moving in and actually playing the game
3763s it's nothing too crazy like the
3765s mountains up top north
3767s michael on astro
3770s seeing exactly what they can do but it's
3771s split bases for a lot of players and
3773s then the opposite side of that are just
3775s combined ones
3776s maybe a spot that has a bit more of a
3778s vantage point overall
3781s rolling in lois este as well second
3783s place overall from round three this team
3786s i feel like has been pretty 50 50
3788s throughout history sd specifically
3790s always kind of toughed out on spawn
3792s always kind of in the middle of the pack
3794s when it comes to placements as well can
3796s i have some momentum riding in you
3798s already mentioned tasting the chatpix
3799s eyedropping jerky playing here today as
3801s well
3802s everyone here kind of has that potential
3803s for the pop off
3805s um but i think consistency is something
3806s that everyone's gonna be striving for
3808s trying to get towards that top five
3810s yeah most definitely right i think
3812s you know coming into this game as much
3814s as these guys have all done a great job
3815s to get here there will be nerves talking
3817s about
3818s if you can sort of get a really good
3819s early start that momentum can do wonders
3822s that's my biggest hope for this doer
3823s here on our screens right
3825s take some chat pics both great players
3827s both fmcs winners they've actually won
3828s an f interest playing together but if
3830s you don't know much about these two uh
3832s i'll tell you this they argue quite a
3834s bit right
3836s both both great minds in terms of
3838s fortnite right two of the smartest
3839s players in the game and they can clash
3841s sometimes right and so things don't go
3843s their way early on
3845s right that momentum not going in their
3846s favor can be huge right when the
3848s arguments start breaking out can they
3850s actually keep things together
3851s and stay on the same page when it
3853s matters the most
3854s [Music]
3856s you got to see a bunch of these players
3857s living at media day recently talk to me
3859s about the vibes of them on site finally
3861s you know meeting some of their
3862s competitors for the first time like was
3864s everything hunky-dory or was it kind of
3866s like you know as intense as things get
3868s in game or maybe even in solo catch cups
3871s you know what everyone's lovely man
3872s that's that's the one thing all these
3874s players are are very lovely people
3876s uh of course things did get quite
3879s intense right during the cash cup i know
3881s we will talk about a bunch but
3883s queasy
3884s if you are watching queasy in person
3886s player cash cup you wouldn't think he's
3887s doing well
3890s he gets so angry he gets so fired up
3891s that you just would not think he's
3893s actually doing well but you know you
3894s look at the leaderboard and he's way up
3896s there right so
3897s sometimes players allow their emotions
3898s to get in there but for the most part
3900s everyone's quite cool so i'm sure as we
3902s go player to player i'll have some more
3903s anecdotes for for each one
3906s but um now it was it was a great
3908s experience these guys their passion for
3910s fortnite is brilliant they all work
3912s incredibly hard
3914s and i'm sure that'll pay off for a lot
3915s of them today
3917s stakes wise i mean just every game every
3920s player is obviously looking to win we're
3922s talking about cash cups you're trying to
3923s come you know towards the top first
3924s overall for this week this qualifier
3926s these six games by the time they're over
3928s every duo here is gonna be looking
3929s towards getting towards that top five
3932s if so they're going straight towards the
3933s finals
3934s towards the end of the season so
3937s um there are a few shoe-ins
3938s on your screen right now as well
3940s but anything can happen
3943s especially with the way some of these
3944s pois are set up in terms of fights it's
3946s just getting insane and crazy this might
3948s be one of the slowest in terms of action
3950s games we've seen
3952s so far across both seasons everyone
3954s playing super slow i feel like a little
3956s bit of that loot pool as well gives you
3957s access to
3959s take a few more passive fights go for
3961s tags overall the introduction of the
3962s shield kick just having that 100 shield
3964s for free after taking a few engagements
3966s people are looking just to base up a bit
3967s more than the goal all in 50 50 these
3970s box likes
3971s yeah i think being able to actually find
3973s a team you can get tags on can be
3974s difficult a lot of people in these
3976s lobbies will be playing just a bit safer
3977s than they usually would
3980s and so you always have to pick your
3982s timings and your openings wisely
3985s you see bad sniper and dks they think
3986s they found an opening
3989s i'm not able to connect with much just
3991s there they will have to find something
3993s lower 222 below
3996s you can see on the right your screen
4000s so that means
4001s that desperate times are among them they
4003s have an i o vehicle as well so
4005s they'll really want to stay in this game
4008s always have great potential to go far
4009s into the moving zones of that
4012s but you have to do damage if you don't
4014s do damage to serve up
4015s who will claim it's damage from you
4018s and this is what
4020s yeah
4021s this is just top dks bad sniper 86 below
4024s focus on that number on the right side
4025s of the screen it's already gone though
4026s as are both these players yikes is there
4029s with vico they started off the game
4030s taking out benji and savage and now
4032s they're here just raining and leading
4034s the lobby in eliminations yeah those are
4036s obviously two tilted tower teams
4039s not actually fighting out at tilted but
4041s later on in the game they meet
4043s and it's only one that comes out on top
4046s but that is gonna be an interesting sort
4047s of theme to watch for right will that
4049s team continue to struggle with search
4051s throughout the games
4052s if the top team struggles in for surge
4054s in one game you can forgive that right
4056s things happen
4057s but again a game
4059s being able to adjust yeah
4064s the tree being knocked down
4066s such an interesting mechanic that sort
4068s of almost goes unspoken about but it is
4070s huge right you need to knock a tree down
4073s and you can see the effect now though
4074s this isn't gonna be able to pick sdr and
4076s he's not gonna have to fend for himself
4078s the combat smg is providing endless
4080s amounts of pressure he tries to get up
4082s and over
4083s with such low hp things are gonna be so
4085s difficult it's a nice shot i believe
4087s that's the crack as well and so he's
4089s even things up a tad bit
4091s but can he do the finishing blow before
4093s the teammate comes to help it doesn't
4095s seem like it you can hear them scurrying
4097s around all over him but you can't
4099s actually find the shot he's actually
4100s getting shot from the team in the
4102s distance as well
4104s this is not looking great for loners
4106s whatsoever
4107s completely out of heels too so you can't
4109s really come back by any means but these
4111s siphons right now
4112s these are just all into this fight but
4114s more time this bot the bigger the health
4116s bars get below him
4118s this man is trapped in a reverse dungeon
4119s this is just so tough for him there's no
4121s way out
4126s oh man on the left side as well you can
4127s see
4128s blue
4129s and then away i mean they're doing the
4131s opposite of fighting trying to heal out
4134s surge i mean i saw our entire shield
4137s can't get used
4138s loosely so many heals available that
4140s must be
4141s some of the
4142s things that nano had in his inventory as
4144s well but they're getting focused now a
4146s little bit above as a few teams go down
4149s we'll see only one player needing to go
4151s down before
4152s serge will stop ticking for the meantime
4154s and so he'll hope he can just weigh it
4155s out obviously 163 above now
4158s works in his favor
4160s and now that we've hit 78
4162s serge will be switched off
4164s for now at least
4167s he's going to be back but this is not
4168s good whatsoever pink and then that's in
4171s a bit of trouble and that's actually
4172s being taken down ain't gonna be many
4174s places to get a review off
4179s how is this even possible two pads
4181s rolling in with
4182s this type of inventory
4185s it was a surge that kind of put them
4186s into this position i'm not even sure
4187s they had a few tags and had control of
4190s cavern as well as a vehicle so
4192s this is i feel like
4193s first of all i'm worried second of all
4195s this i feel like is how every single
4196s fncs starts for this duo it's usually
4198s pink is the one that's going down
4200s somewhere near this time or in the next
4202s zone and then a nice clutching up but
4203s with two pads those heels i feel like
4205s you can still clutch maybe even a top
4207s ten
4208s yeah that's going to be really tough but
4209s of course like you said the two pads
4211s will be huge in terms of being able to
4212s get him zone to zone is luke was
4214s brilliant like obviously if he had a
4216s we'd be talking about them in the
4217s context of you know they're going to go
4219s on to have a really strong game
4220s that's really unfortunate i guess but
4223s we'll see how pink fares tasting on the
4225s other hand another team from command
4228s he has two launch pads as well and
4229s that's gonna be phenomenal i wonder if
4231s chappix has some himself yet he does has
4234s the one as well three launch pads in the
4236s hands of this team
4238s i don't wanna jinx anything but that's
4240s almost unfair you know
4243s yeah just allows them to save so many
4246s maps right in these moving zones right a
4249s lot of teams right if they don't have
4250s any sort of mobility item like a pad or
4252s a vehicle they're gonna have to just
4253s burn through materials to keep
4255s themselves protected and safe these guys
4256s can just glide their way into the next
4258s zone
4259s almost free of charge at times
4261s over and over again and then have those
4262s mats when they're most important
4264s that being said that the zones aren't
4265s really switching over to one complete
4267s side it's kind of squishing all the way
4268s in the middle
4269s everyone's gonna be forced to just move
4271s in pattern notepad the pressure's kind
4273s of on for every single team hopefully
4276s they have the damage dealt as well
4277s because might be a bit too late to go
4279s for force fights at this moment pink is
4281s still up top
4283s acting like he he owns the lobby i mean
4285s tayson's right beside him somewhere i
4286s think i just saw his name maybe a little
4288s below
4290s still confident with the teammate down
4293s yeah and
4294s i think that's going to be key to sort
4296s of how he has to play the rest of this
4297s game out you can't make yourself look
4299s vulnerable you can't yourself look weak
4302s a scuff solo is the dream of many of
4304s these teams right that will be what they
4306s want
4307s and so he has to move forward as strong
4309s as he possibly can be that one shot
4311s not huge but it will at least tick him
4313s over in terms of search keeping 161
4315s above
4316s in his pursuit of getting into zoe
4322s he's sneaking around a little bit 303
4324s should be good
4325s in terms of damage and yeah one thing we
4327s didn't really get to talk about yet is
4328s the new mechanics in terms of movement
4330s mantling sprinting as a duo sometimes
4332s it's tough to keep those stamina bars in
4335s check the movement and check overall
4336s when you're solo and you have these
4339s tools available to you in terms of just
4340s being that more agile when you're on the
4342s ground you can do great things and
4344s really are able to hide away from
4346s pressure
4347s so much more so you don't really need to
4349s focus on that teammate that being said
4350s half the mats available half the
4352s pressure available there are obviously
4353s some really big downsides but
4355s i think still has a chance right here
4357s chappix and tayson up top getting forced
4359s off
4360s their base there's gonna be a push here
4361s double armored wall to make sure there
4363s is no funny business they're taking no
4364s risk especially
4366s three pads in tow
4368s taser should be the power man to watch
4369s right now he's gonna be the one
4370s dictating who moves where with this team
4373s yeah you can see how awkward things got
4374s for them right where traffic's over
4376s peaks of it takes some damage and so now
4378s they're on the back foot but they'll be
4380s all right i don't know about this dude
4383s you're able
4386s doesn't have a teammate and he doesn't
4388s have an ehp left right back to the lobby
4391s in just a matter of a flash
4393s was that a base or a blender i'm not
4394s sure because those hp bars they went
4396s down so fast and they're still falling
4399s yeah man a bit of the chunks left over
4402s just dripping through
4404s that is real tough swaps and edison
4406s though they will not complain they
4408s needed that damage and they needed the
4410s loot as well captive got a pad and
4412s they're sitting in zone as well this is
4414s set enough to be a real nice first game
4416s for these guys
4418s swaps on this and let's see what they
4420s can do ada hard find although winning
4421s the fight off of spawn
4422s blow on damage for surge as a result
4425s that lightning strikes them down
4427s sue goes down the map unfortunately as
4429s well hard fine going for his last few
4431s shots but doesn't really the end of
4432s these guys are now in the hair can't
4434s really heal off the damage that will
4435s strike so
4436s they have to land quick get some good
4438s shots and hopefully stay alive four more
4440s people need to go down 80 end though
4441s lands into disaster it's just hard fine
4443s for the 360 beam but he gets deleted too
4447s yeah that was real tough wasn't able to
4449s stay behind abn quick enough to back him
4451s up in the box and they both fall because
4453s of it and now holding players in they do
4456s this incredibly well always set up in
4458s great positions to take out players who
4460s are wandering in the back of the zone
4462s trying to get to safety
4465s and that's going to be a continued theme
4466s in the rest of this law but you can see
4468s everything shaping up now
4470s everybody finally started to get into
4472s that position but this is where things
4473s really get hectic shy up as the moving
4475s zones are upon us
4477s yeah right now exactly where head and
4479s queezy are above them is satan and
4480s trafficks beside them floki and clement
4483s three teams were expecting to do so well
4484s all in one of the best spots for this
4486s zone they pull it as well so they have
4488s advantage for now for sasha malabuca
4491s also here a strong duo who the further
4493s they get the stronger they are they'll
4494s see what they can do excuse me picking
4496s up andy in the feed everyone quiets down
4498s only one
4500s burst they are kind of railing a few
4502s shots in sight everyone's getting ready
4503s for that move it's gonna be tough here
4505s lemon in this first game
4506s yeah i don't know how tough it'll be for
4508s these guys right you saw their maxim
4509s materials they've got a pad as well i'm
4511s sure they'll look to scout high ground
4513s see if that's an option for them
4515s they've got to be careful because
4516s there's a bunch of other teams a little
4517s bit i want to do some floating clemento
4520s oh my goodness are they in the blue
4522s they're picking up another elimination
4524s first of the game
4525s and loki
4527s was so unsuspecting just got completely
4529s caught out from behind and
4532s that's going to be huge for these guys
4533s moving forward that refresh is nice
4535s big arc up top everyone basically using
4536s the same launch pad to get to where they
4538s need to go fury landing first and up in
4540s the sky we see vanya still waiting to
4542s see what he can do chadpix re-hits it
4544s with tayson they'll dictate exactly how
4546s height looks it feels like all the way
4548s up top here but they see a few people
4549s already building up super fast they're
4550s gonna keep the low key for now and maybe
4552s take height later yeah you see they have
4554s the eyes on it the double dip he wanted
4555s to be the highest in the sky make sure
4557s he could scout it well and see what
4559s their options were they chose to leave
4561s in the meantime but we'll see how that
4562s pays off for them pink is doing this one
4564s in the bottom right of your screen and
4566s you'll see how he can do he's going to
4567s be running lower maps eventually but a
4569s refresh in the back of the zone will be
4571s the way to solve that and you can see
4572s him attacking the wall those guys
4574s pulling their pants down they don't even
4575s know where they're getting shot from
4576s this is crazy think about it sometimes
4578s this man has a teammate and he can do
4580s even more right now he's doing more than
4582s half the teams we've seen already as a
4583s solo player on second high ground no
4586s one's even focusing him just yet and
4587s he's ahead of surge it's jerky and i
4589s drop that have control for now every
4590s time i see jerky on high ground 11 he
4593s does not lose it easy yeah these guys
4595s gotta be careful though they need to
4596s reinforce height you can see already
4598s jerky getting chopped down down to just
4600s wood and it's gonna be really hard to
4601s hold this when you have the likes of
4603s tayson and traffic's looking up for it
4604s they would have spotted that wood they
4605s would have known what these guys are
4607s doing we're taking it like ourselves you
4609s can see the build fight pulling out the
4611s cone from jerky isn't going to come
4613s through and so he's forced to knock it
4614s down but as he does that he forces a
4616s fight and yeah winning a fight against
4618s these guys jason and traffic they're up
4620s there on height and they're up there for
4622s the win you can see they've got it now
4624s dry drop the big drop will be forced all
4626s the way down and tayson and traffic they
4629s hold height in game one but for how long
4631s you can see they themselves are down to
4633s it and that could be a problem as they
4635s move forward big cost to get it pink
4637s still alive though somehow still
4638s surviving 300 mats for wood still left
4641s now he's finally getting focused taste
4642s and desperate for a pickup for anything
4644s at all down low there's even more
4645s pressure pink now sandwiched from all
4647s sizes to give it all up down the low
4649s ground where it's catacombs it's a
4651s graveyard there's no one here it's empty
4653s and he finds some reprieve one player
4654s slides in but pink sees it coming denies
4657s access towards his builds this man a
4659s legend the solo from the fourth zone is
4662s still somehow alive yeah you can see
4664s going up against jackson jackson will be
4665s taken out and so pink will be able to
4667s stay on low for just that bit longer but
4668s he wants a fight with edison he needs to
4670s be careful he wanted to try and get that
4672s and he will do it but it's not going to
4673s be enough right to flop up we're keeping
4675s it again
4677s the trunk splashes as well but can you
4678s get over this hill it doesn't quite look
4680s like it one build comes out can you so
4682s fast his way around it's gonna be so
4683s difficult but it's fine because so many
4685s players are going down at this stage you
4686s can see malibu and mustache are
4688s responsible for that as well and now
4690s down to just bare bows pink will
4692s eventually fall but a brilliant fight
4694s nonetheless a valiant effort
4697s but you can see malibu mustache they
4699s want it oh they're clearing out their
4701s layer they will not give anybody space
4703s to breathe you can see as well the
4705s floppers will be huge if it comes to a
4708s heal off they're sitting up real nice
4710s going out into this closing moments of
4712s the game unbreakable wall down low made
4714s of wood and a strong duo meanwhile
4716s traffic's up top is trying anything to
4718s have a sane elimination another one for
4720s mustache malabu they're up to seven
4722s trying to wrap this one all out and all
4723s the sniping mats come in prefecture is
4725s still raining up from above armored wall
4726s to maybe just silence them for just a
4728s second look at the distance between both
4730s teams right now it's first versus fourth
4731s overall and one more player down below
4734s shizo and krusty two separate no duos to
4737s be able to help them out in this
4738s circumstance men miss actually for
4740s crusty to be able to mantle around and
4741s get straight up into the zone big shot
4743s over and shazo goes down afterwards
4745s though mr malabuca yeah the sonar on
4747s they hear everything they pick him apart
4749s and now things are getting dark this is
4751s where they were born and molded one
4752s player down mustache this is popping off
4755s for the moment six for him but there's a
4757s trade now 1v1 malibu floppers and chuck
4759s splashes didn't play the zones not fully
4760s closed yet he's going to be able to heal
4762s for just a second look at jason's hp
4763s pool he might just be able to do this
4765s krabs had to start off this game
4766s afterwards has time to work with to
4768s maybe even make this 1v1 something
4769s special for us to witness final jump
4772s down malbuka might be running out of
4773s matt syria just on the back side but he
4774s gets 150 pod off he's looking good for
4776s now it's going to be an even clash on
4777s both sides first build block now taste
4779s is going up from the right he doesn't
4780s know exactly where malibu is look up my
4782s friend he's got the high ground
4784s has a hard food option as well 170 max
4786s no almost 200 to use and tayson's force
4788s to the ground has nothing for protection
4790s he has to go for the spray malibu low on
4792s hp as well this one we won't dictate how
4794s today goes it completely takes a look at
4796s the shot he gets rattled up a little bit
4798s he still has the hp advantage
4799s looking for it jason almost tries to
4801s shot down one more shot it's coming down
4803s jason with a big one going off to the
4804s right but it's valid
4806s it was just too good and can't be
4808s stopped with the first victory royale a
4810s close 1v1 in our first game between two
4814s exciting teams who will continue to
4816s battle it out on the leaderboards all
4818s day long my rebuking mustache was set up
4820s so well they cleared out everybody on
4823s the middling low ground layers and then
4824s they went up in the final moments as
4826s well some keyshot look at that down to
4829s just a lick of hp he couldn't even
4832s afford to take just a tiny bit but the
4835s stone cold ice in his veins to hit the
4838s final shot malibu mustache win game one
4841s and in emphatic fashion shia that's a
4844s mali shot i'm calling to that right now
4845s because it was a millisecond more he's
4847s out and the angle was just way too good
4849s i mean that is how we start off the fncs
4852s in eu i want to see the analysts
4854s reactions because that was just insane
4858s yo what this is what i live for man it's
4861s fortnite moments like this when it comes
4863s down to the 1v1 and for a moment rhys i
4865s thought it was actually going to go
4866s tayson's way right he gets the trade
4868s over he has 200 hp but no materials man
4873s oh
4874s i mean that's interesting to me because
4876s it's like two of the best solo players
4878s on the region going head to head 1v1 at
4880s the end obviously they had their
4881s teammates before that but it all came
4882s down to that final shot who is it gonna
4885s be in this is just a clip from a little
4887s bit early on from the absolute
4888s decimation like malibu mustache one of
4890s the best things about them is they're
4891s just so good at fragging out an end game
4893s right it's like if you get them next to
4895s each other they just run at you look at
4896s this like how you went to stop against
4898s that to the best aimers in the region
4899s charging you with smgs yeah unrelenting
4902s aggression is probably just the name of
4903s the game for malibu and mustache right
4905s those double smg's those pre-edits
4907s coming out we've seen them do that even
4908s from a high ground as well and here's a
4910s little replay of the taste in malibu i'm
4911s going it gave me a little bit of
4912s flashback some solo all-stars you know i
4914s thought this was gonna get there but you
4916s know malibu a little bit shaky there in
4918s the high ground maybe those first game
4919s nerves coming out it was a little bit
4921s too close honestly for my heart to
4922s handle but wow that makes it very
4924s exciting for game number one yeah i was
4926s thinking exactly the same thing you're
4927s trying to remember which tournament was
4928s i was like oh tasting clutches there's
4930s no problem at all yeah look malibu yeah
4932s maybe a little bit of nerfs again a
4933s little bit shaky but at the end of the
4935s day like he's one of the best players on
4936s the region for the last two seasons and
4938s now finally it seems to be able to be
4940s shortened in an fncs
4942s dude so sick i can't believe i just
4945s think again we have five more games out
4947s ahead of us this is very much set the
4949s tone of the the five games that remain
4952s right and honestly i feel like in a lot
4954s of ways rhys this may have set the tone
4955s for qualifiers to come let's take a look
4958s at our standings together as we see kind
4960s of how this is all transpired remember
4962s this is just game one don't get too
4964s crazy all right just look at the points
4966s just think okay we have five more games
4967s things will continue to develop right
4969s now though with that victory royale and
4972s nine eliminations reese
4975s murstash malabuka they're sitting
4977s comfortably at the top i mean here's the
4979s thing like nine elims for them is huge
4981s but like that's not their cat by any
4983s means like they're a team who can get 10
4985s 12 15 in the game maybe not today but i
4988s hope so hope we'll see it but like
4989s that's off to a great great start it's
4991s only game number one some other teams
4993s obviously see floss and mappy down in
4994s fifth we didn't get to see too much of
4996s but i've done really well throughout
4997s some of the earlier rounds and in
4998s seventh the team they definitely want to
5000s point out vico and jikes or jackson as
5002s well a player who did super super good
5004s in that early remember they're going
5005s into the towers one of the poise we
5007s highlighted earlier white both the teams
5009s out from there yeah and a big shout out
5011s to pink there for making it from all the
5012s way from first moving all the way to
5014s zone number eight in that game you know
5015s clutching up those placement points for
5017s himself and anas over there other
5019s players on this lead but of course kathy
5020s and milady the only polish team i think
5023s we've seen lania kami spit no kami and
5024s seti this week unfortunately for them
5026s and uh yeah we're seeing a lot of these
5028s teams being a lot more consistent but
5029s with five more games to go you just
5031s never know what the leaderboard's gonna
5032s look like
5034s yep and again it's just the first game
5036s right like okay everybody take take that
5038s deep breath just work those jitters out
5040s it's okay we have five more to kind of
5042s come back through and look to try to say
5044s like all right whatever happened in game
5045s number one that's just my warm-up game
5047s okay everything's fine uh guys what are
5050s we hoping to see starting in game number
5052s two was there anything you guys felt
5053s like in game number one was maybe like a
5055s little lacking
5057s yeah i mean let's be real till the
5058s towers always has action a little bit
5060s lacking but it's just a place that i
5061s want to revisit again it always happens
5064s action going on you know we saw the 50
5066s 50 right off the spawn here when it came
5068s up into the blimp and right now it
5070s didn't go mr savage's way alongside
5071s benji bishop right vico our kind of
5073s highlighted them earlier had them on the
5075s drop you can see exactly where it went
5077s wrong here for mr savage of course
5078s benjamin she left then has the 1v2
5081s situation then with barely any materials
5083s left he's just trying to do what he can
5084s here this is what i want to see how it
5086s plays out again in game number two
5087s because dks and bad sniper land to the
5088s south down in obviously tilted down
5091s below and this is going to be 50 50
5092s we're going to see overall you know it
5093s seems like you know on the game number
5094s one but vikko and jackson are doing
5096s significantly better but can they keep
5098s that train up or can benji and savage
5100s turn around yeah that's about a
5101s preparation right beacon jackson i know
5103s them the absolute grinders of practice
5105s every single day i see them in the
5107s discord grinding out tournaments in
5108s practice they have a coach as well so if
5110s it comes down to a 50 50 it's all about
5112s preparation and it's a little bit
5113s worried for benji savage then
5115s yeah and i just got to say that landing
5117s for mr savage just hitting that right
5118s angle to just land right into the blimp
5120s that's so sick dude i got to try that
5122s i'm not going to achieve that something
5125s every
5126s 100 of the shots that i take i'll tell
5128s you what
5130s guys we are enjoying all of the action
5132s here so far i'm sure reece i'm sorry uh
5135s levin and of course shywagen got more to
5138s say they want to get us all warmed up as
5140s we prepare for game number two here from
5141s qualifier number one so let's kick it on
5143s over to them to take us in this battle
5144s bus
5147s hey thank you so much guys zeke doesn't
5148s matter how you land in blimps you land
5150s in my heart the right way every time and
5152s these plays levin are etched into my
5154s mind they're perma landing i mean
5156s goribuka basically right off of that
5157s first game this guy's just insane
5160s yeah
5160s so much happened in that game we already
5162s saw one of our first intense battles for
5164s height that we're gonna see of course we
5166s know how many dominant high ground teams
5167s are in that eye drop of course wanted to
5169s get it jerky as well with him was trying
5171s but they couldn't handle tasting
5173s traffics in that moment too low on mats
5175s i can't wait to see the rest of these
5177s end games but even then some of the
5178s osborne battles we have right can greasy
5181s grove go the other way what's going to
5182s happen at till it again there's just so
5184s much happening right now shia to be
5186s excited about
5187s cavern there's so much to explore no pun
5189s intended it always is and so is game
5191s number two we're getting right into it
5194s [Music]
5199s let's go we got game two on our hands
5202s game one did not disappoint one bit and
5205s as we head into some of these off sport
5207s and battle scio
5208s any any sort of early predictions right
5211s who do you think's taking it home at
5212s tilted this game
5214s for tilted i still feel like vico has
5216s the bag locked down especially if their
5218s drops are just that good on game number
5219s one if the jitters aren't even there to
5221s begin with looks like savage is slightly
5223s lower on this time as well doesn't even
5225s make it all the way no he's going for
5226s the bottom side it's going to be him
5227s with the burst they are vehicle going
5228s straight all the way down and savage
5230s actually doesn't even grab the rope but
5231s no he does for a second it's going back
5232s and forth how does he not find vico
5234s already too much of a distraction dks
5237s get some down 11. it doesn't matter who
5239s wins because whatever team does nothing
5241s it feels like they're the ones who get
5243s the reward what just happened on our
5245s screens
5247s oh my goodness
5249s that is literally how all my arena games
5251s go by the way i just land i get out drop
5254s i lose the weapon i jump off the blimp
5256s the guy chases me down
5258s and i get not oh boy benji has a tough
5260s task on his hand but nothing he's not
5262s dealt with before
5264s jackson you can see very much the scene
5266s for him as well vico is obviously not
5268s and laying waste blow
5270s and dks and bats are both just licking
5272s their lips right there they'll be very
5274s chuffed about that
5276s benji getting a third partied by ai as
5278s well
5279s and he's gonna be very low losing all
5280s his shield man what's going on
5283s that is tough that is very very tough
5286s you can see now as well
5288s jackson trying to take the fight to
5290s benji and he wins it
5292s for the revive as well wow
5295s benjamin
5296s again
5298s that's tough and like for me honestly
5301s it's not even what benji
5302s and jackson we're gonna do in that
5304s instance for me it's dks and bad sniper
5306s knowing that you have two players solos
5308s right now choosing to play it safe and
5310s maybe just go for loot i think might be
5313s a bit too safe of an option right now
5314s malibu mustache caught off the press off
5316s that first vr drop against picking and
5318s also have a lot more control on their
5319s side of the bump here in command cavern
5321s or stash already down once again this is
5323s a scaling team in my opinion in terms of
5325s their strength in the game in the early
5327s game it feels like where you can stop
5328s them super fast and right now you can
5330s see that mustache already down yeah this
5332s is huge right this is a team that
5333s literally just won that first game and
5335s we knew this fight could happen over
5336s here at command cabin we've seen it
5338s happen in cash cups in the previous
5340s weeks leading up to fncs
5343s but malabuca all on his own right now in
5345s this moment the nature of command kevin
5347s if you've not really seen things play
5349s out here
5350s is such that he can get away right come
5352s back a bit later he's not gonna actually
5354s observe from the entrance you're right
5355s there son you're at night
5358s is he just trying to beat the sound
5360s he's definitely
5362s it's just funny seeing
5370s they're not going to take the bait right
5372s but look he'll be able to get mustache
5374s up at some point but that is really huge
5377s in terms of them just being able to get
5379s that elimination early on
5381s and of course
5382s the points in the search that comes with
5384s that is huge as well
5387s i mean just look at how fast mustache
5388s malbuka as well got to play that first
5390s game they were out of command cavern
5392s they were on their loot path so so
5394s quickly picking the knots kind of had
5395s their own stuff to deal with different
5397s duo that was landing there i just feel
5399s like they don't get to have the steps
5401s the first steps taken in their game to
5403s start off with go perfect that's where
5404s we just don't see mustache ever just
5407s show up i think that's what's uh what
5408s was happening previous seasons ago it's
5410s thingy stacks that's just what's been
5411s happening for them majority of the time
5413s if they don't have that fast win or if
5415s things just aren't even
5417s they disappear for the game
5419s yeah and and this is going to be one of
5421s those games where they'll have to sort
5422s of overcome that right with the early
5424s setback trying to get themselves loads
5426s out back the bid
5428s it sounds like i'm trying to make this
5430s way too positive right but in terms of
5431s just like being in this area of the map
5433s you saw the vault that jason and
5435s chadwick just opened there was like
5437s four teams worth of loot that they just
5439s didn't collect right so
5441s if you're mad if you can massage you
5442s know that at any point you can just head
5444s back into command and sort of loot up
5446s get any spare loot from the vault and in
5447s the surrounding areas you can get your
5449s metal up as well in this area and
5451s there's some god brick in the area as
5452s well that you can get so
5454s overall right you know it's not doom and
5456s gloom for them at this stage right but
5459s like you said sort of that the mental
5461s implications of that for them are going
5463s to be massive
5465s okay let's see the physical implications
5468s first
5469s [Laughter]
5472s i think that was like 90 seconds of you
5474s breaking down something perfect for
5475s jason to just be like 11 men you talk
5477s too much look he got he got way too big
5479s for his boots right he you know you he
5481s went in there
5483s and tased him in traffic's like hold on
5484s a minute big man we're not done yet
5486s do you know where you are you know we
5488s don't mind you coming out we're coming
5490s back when we're gone and we're finished
5491s but you can't roll in here trying to
5492s sleep sneak something you think you are
5495s big man look facing the traffic it's
5498s really nice for them they'll be
5499s chuckling that elimination
5501s and uh oh sorry what's going on all
5504s right so von trex and jason i would say
5506s the elephant in the pond or in the lake
5508s the flopper in the room okay these guys
5511s rolled in zero eliminations round number
5513s three kill strat uh majority are you
5516s sure they've seen an arena
5521s i'm not even sure but they've got a
5522s scratch locked down we'll tune in with
5524s them that's just like just in case we're
5526s watching and we see two teams left and
5527s there's only one in the zone you know
5529s where the other one is healing off so
5532s yeah well
5533s good luck to those guys
5535s you know
5537s i'm sure everybody in the lobby will be
5538s happy about them
5540s all this fishing crazies doing you might
5542s be thinking he's about to go join them
5545s four floppers gonna be super nice one
5547s thing that's really key this season
5549s right you'll see all these top teams
5551s always wanting to make sure that they
5552s can
5553s have some sort of you know white hp in
5555s terms of floppers chug splashes being
5557s the most popular one right because the
5559s ability to dip back into the zone and
5561s the storm plays in end game is so vital
5564s right and so
5566s a lot of these top teams will always
5567s make sure they have some form of flopper
5569s or chug splash
5572s it's so huge
5573s and that's why traffic's right now we'll
5576s be looking to try and get
5577s two more chunk splashes from cap up on
5580s six
5581s i mean talk about the effect of even
5584s three truck slashes in one flopper pink
5586s the difference between 12th and what
5588s eighth place overall was him finding
5590s just that right a little bit of loot one
5593s or two chuck splashes so definitely
5595s prowling that in your inventory looking
5596s forward in the end game as well it's
5598s huge
5601s i got some sneaky info right you know
5603s and that was only not in that game due
5605s to some technical errors right and so
5606s hopefully this time around
5608s they'll actually be able to play
5610s together as a duo
5613s because when them when they are up
5614s together they are forced to be reckoned
5616s with it'll be interesting to see how
5617s they play into the height dynamic of
5619s course we know they're a high ground
5621s team but there have been times when you
5623s know we've seen them in bigger games and
5624s bigger lobbies tried to go for high
5626s ground against some of the other big
5627s dogs and it just maybe doesn't quite
5629s work out how they would like it to hope
5631s and so maybe you know they sort of
5633s cower away in that sense
5635s yeah i think like for not specifically
5637s especially the church he's been under
5638s the past as well i think he's been the
5640s one to give things up and play that
5641s clutch mode first or the defensive side
5644s of when a tick happens so actually
5646s that's one of the reasons i wanted to go
5648s with them today is just i feel like if
5649s things do go crazy on height without
5651s queasy in the business with what we just
5652s saw would take some traffic they would
5653s be the ones not to hold on
5657s yeah nasa's one of those players right
5659s who when we got to see him play in
5661s person at media day he is the most
5664s chilled out guy like if you saw this guy
5666s playing the catch up you'd have no idea
5667s you'd think he's just chilling right
5668s like
5669s this guy was just
5670s he plays like leaned back in his chair
5672s for one so like he just looks ultra
5675s casual and then you know if you watch
5677s the differences last season i caught
5679s this guy a robot because he just doesn't
5680s really make mistakes he's
5682s like he's almost as close to perfect as
5684s you can be a lot of the time right and
5686s so
5688s very much one of the the top players in
5691s the region regardless of what people
5692s tell you he is uh in that upper echelon
5695s the tier one as they say sometimes
5698s well the s plus if your boop s plus as
5701s well if you want to name it differently
5703s yeah
5705s we'll look at girls and scheizer were
5707s just on screen a moment ago
5709s i mean the solo performances we've saw
5711s so far just in terms of clutches in game
5712s one
5713s definitely up there but now it's about
5714s staying consistent i think that's the
5715s toughest part about things is having an
5717s even better or equal game too
5722s you can see your video and hard found
5723s right they don't actually have any
5724s elimination so i wonder what happened to
5726s spawn that greasy if they even went
5727s there of course
5729s there's always a possibility that they
5730s decided they didn't want to take that
5732s fight or maybe they disengaged
5735s sort of try get some update on that and
5737s see where janice and cortex are they are
5739s definitely another top team to watch out
5740s for
5744s siren osv
5746s and if i for the moment with the third
5747s party also flying across the lake this
5749s is about to get really hairy i don't
5751s even think they see it coming siren
5754s head off on the back side
5755s team in there to help down
5757s and go for a floor chop they're gonna
5759s stimulate a little bit of damage up
5760s inside the box
5761s that's one big healing but now comes the
5763s pressure from the other side
5765s gravy might be down but they have an
5766s entire new beast to fight
5768s yeah
5769s art's going to chips
5772s definitely a team you want to be dealing
5773s with at this stage
5775s they've moved over this season right not
5777s sort of landing in the northwest like
5779s they were last season
5781s they haven't back quinn they haven't
5783s quite been the same sort of beast that
5785s they were last season in these lobbies
5787s but still
5788s a very similar animal
5789s and we'll see if that can be unleashed
5791s in this lobby today
5794s just got to break more records and when
5796s it comes to
5797s their record so far it's been 50 50 off
5799s spawn on that northwest side that's what
5800s you're talking about
5802s right now uncontested for the day uh
5804s this is one of the teams i feel like
5805s that have that
5806s prowess the talent the potential to be
5809s one of those top teams if they get a
5811s history a little bit a legacy built up i
5814s think this might be one of their first
5815s squall rounds where they have a chance
5817s to actually you know have a footprint in
5818s the lobby and not have their shoes
5820s stomped out right off spawn
5824s yeah we're
5825s actually gonna get a peek into one of
5828s the many sort of storm surge battles
5830s we'll see in the mid game a box fight
5831s between alien and hard find bad snap in
5833s dks
5837s why why does this team choose to play
5839s fncs on insanity difficulty dks and bad
5842s sniper i'm so confused like
5845s lazy lake just just you know going for
5847s some of those
5849s i'm throwing it way back man it started
5851s there like going for some of the hardest
5852s off spawn contestants never switching
5854s right and just roughing through it now
5857s just you know pervert contested that
5858s tilted against benji savage every single
5860s season
5861s and then every time you see them dealing
5863s with their surge 11 it's a difficult box
5865s fight against like you know the most
5867s cracked 13 year old player you can find
5868s that that's landing pixel shots like why
5872s some people like to rush
5875s they go through the two that's the most
5876s surprising part they survive
5878s sometimes top five like it's it's crazy
5880s yeah man some people like the thrills
5882s you know what i mean so
5884s i can't knock it so you try it yourself
5886s true
5889s easy and hen
5890s 449 above playing edge
5894s nothing unfamiliar right in terms of how
5895s they like to play they surge they like
5896s to sort of especially with now not
5898s having vehicles they like to sort of
5900s car around the outskirts sneak up on
5902s teams that's one of their
5904s their sort of uh
5905s staples right they like to just sneak
5907s around and see if they can get a little
5909s beam on the team it often works quite
5911s well
5913s i feel like vortex and janice end up
5915s doing that a lot too but now you're
5917s wondering what was happening off of swan
5918s and greasy they were taking that in 48
5920s right so that's that's definitely all
5922s small without aggressive e was today and
5924s then alien heart fine not having
5926s eliminations
5927s was was it vortex and genus that might
5929s have switched and then it got wrong
5931s possibly right there there were people
5933s talking about whether they would
5934s disengage if they lose or spawn and so
5937s that is always a possibility right
5939s players aren't bound to the poison that
5941s they can switch things up
5945s this is one of the awkward parts right
5947s you see queasy and hen they're trying to
5950s run towards zone but you see there's
5951s players around them right and these are
5953s the things that are just so awkward
5955s right without that
5958s traffic he's chilling 490 above uh he's
5960s comfy ain't no problems
5962s uh difference in power in the lobby too
5964s i mean no car that's what you and reese
5966s are talking about specifically right
5967s like no car on cuisine hen and they end
5970s up having so much more of a struggle
5972s getting towards these south side zones
5975s yeah it's it's one of those things man
5978s it is one of those things where it will
5980s take time for people to adjust
5982s i think in these lobbies with these
5984s players you'd expect adjustments
5985s happening a bit sooner right if you're
5986s playing a solo cash cup anytime soon
5990s it might take a bit longer for players
5991s to adjust players again oh wow i
5993s actually have to rotate maybe i
5994s shouldn't just fight everyone i see you
5996s know
5998s in these lobbies it won't be as bad i'll
6000s tell you that
6007s all right let's see exactly what the
6009s difference is between
6011s and queasy and the rest of
6013s leaders of the lobby it's another tough
6014s rotate for them look at how far they
6016s have to get to zone
6017s it's actually really rough like you can
6019s see they're watching their backs is all
6021s they notice players around
6022s this is so difficult hey chat look spam
6025s this
6026s cheesy to you help queasy am i right
6028s sorry i'm alright
6030s i don't know
6032s spam something i mean
6034s i i don't know what they need
6036s i'm at a loss for words i wish that
6038s airdrops came with vehicles or something
6040s help these guys out like
6041s can chat manifest wheels and
6044s axles gasoline and metal
6046s to uh
6048s i don't know what composition cars are
6049s making
6051s chat can do every anything
6052s without chat chat can do anything
6054s sometimes they do too much
6056s yeah that is true
6059s but it's nice that they can actually
6060s have the ability now you know what i
6061s mean
6062s well actually right the actual secret
6064s story i'm not supposed to tell you this
6065s but the secret story behind that is that
6067s like um zeke just accidentally turned on
6069s and like
6071s yeah yeah yeah so classic zeke bro we
6074s actually have we actually have to keep
6075s it low key otherwise someone might
6076s notice and and fix it so no more every
6079s time you talk about it i have a mute
6080s button on his headset so he's not going
6082s to hear you yeah
6083s yeah
6084s perfect perfect we like chat i hope each
6087s other likes us hopefully
6089s would it would have been on it
6099s all right
6100s you have to play the positive for this
6102s team because for me when i look at them
6104s i see great potential but a lot of the
6106s time them stumbling falling why does
6108s that happen is there potential actually
6110s there is my hater mindset correct i
6113s would say no but why
6114s um i think your mindset is not correct i
6117s i actually think they are sort of like a
6118s dark team to call today um of course i
6121s know they have problems of spawn in
6122s terms of being contested or whatnot but
6124s like i actually really like them as a
6125s duo great
6126s great fundamentals i think
6128s especially when it comes to firepower
6129s end game they definitely have the
6130s ability to go out there get a bunch of
6132s refreshes if needed so
6133s we'll see how they fare in these games
6135s yeah i would not be surprised by them
6136s calling whatsoever
6138s it's top five though it's gonna be so
6140s tough just looking at some of these
6141s teams who can zest in there too fury
6143s bubak on the left side definite
6145s potential we always know there's two
6147s upsides there's always those five teams
6148s that are the greats that everyone
6149s expects to roll in but yes these dark
6152s horses the underdogs they do end up
6153s coming in
6154s i'm wondering like if hen and queezy
6156s have auto regen mats on i have no idea
6159s how they still have any materials after
6160s all these long rotates and defensive
6162s positions and pressure relieving moments
6165s they still have time to make a metal
6166s base like where did we change them to
6168s have more mats in total eleven like are
6170s we helping is the cha actually doing
6172s something that's that's the supreme you
6174s know the map awareness right you know
6176s queasy knows that one like little thing
6178s sticking out the ground that he can hit
6180s for like a thousand brick you know yeah
6183s they get their matters up they get the
6185s max of all nice
6186s you can see he is down a bit right they
6188s have had to burn some but i'm sure
6190s they'll look to try and get that back
6191s you can see they've knocked down that
6193s structure there nobody was in it though
6197s things aren't looking too bad for them
6199s i'd say in this moment
6202s they'll have an easy sort of way to get
6203s to the next zone
6205s oh okay
6207s so these guys
6211s it's just this i've actually never like
6212s seen this in action you know what i mean
6214s like i've seen it happen and like cast
6216s it over there especially zero build i
6218s think it's a big strat but yeah
6220s they've made a whole base just like save
6222s the world so for context right for
6224s people who maybe are a bit confused
6225s these guys are gonna just out heal the
6226s zone um they actually have like a mad
6229s heel strap where like they can like heal
6231s off for like almost 30 minutes on a good
6233s day you're like on a good game if they
6234s get lucky and whatnot against search
6236s like yeah against serge they're vibing
6238s they're fine most of the time they've
6240s been practicing i'll give them credit
6242s i'll give them they've been practicing a
6244s bunch like they will grind this out for
6246s hours and hours every single day they
6247s actually play in pro scrims and practice
6249s this in the pro games as well so like
6251s they have been practicing and they've
6253s got to around four of an f and
6254s disqualifier with it
6256s we'll see whether they can actually you
6258s know get a win or anything i highly
6260s doubt that but never say never it is
6262s fortnite at the end of the day
6265s we shall have to see across map hewlock
6267s potentially in one of these games i'm
6270s thinking about all the eliminations i've
6271s been watching so far levin in these
6273s zones and my mind blanks because there
6275s barely been any i feel like this surge
6277s is about to go crazy 64 players
6280s some team 700 damage above others 100
6282s below lolis once again caught off on the
6285s backside
6286s and in 13 seconds it's gonna be disaster
6289s for him as that surge lightning will
6291s strike already caught up in the backs on
6293s his own he's down that scene's gone as
6294s well
6295s they've already been removed eliminated
6297s so many bases here in this barren desert
6299s there's nowhere to hide once you start
6300s getting focused down your mats will
6302s bleed
6303s and right now it's making an awesome
6306s hitting all the cuts on these bases
6308s again you can see here
6310s for xerox synthetic
6312s they're down on surgeon so they need to
6314s hit something ensued
6316s they've got a pad which would be nice
6317s once movement's gonna start but you know
6319s they gotta get their template still need
6321s to go down before the threshold
6324s will stop and they're getting pre-edited
6325s on oh that is rough that is so so rough
6329s rising and pain up no
6331s ryzen wasn't even able to get out of it
6333s alive painter now as a solo but they
6335s prayed it on those guys and absolutely
6338s you cleaned them out taste was actually
6340s the one now to pick up painter as well
6342s so he doesn't even stay in the game
6344s and they went for a power play that they
6346s thought was going perfectly
6349s and just like that they get taken out
6351s tough tough times
6353s sups and edison
6355s waiting out to see
6357s some this is really rough come on guys
6359s no way
6360s that was so crucial for them 100 damage
6363s below unfortunately big misses and now
6366s you'll see the cost of it they need to
6367s jump back into creative maybe hit some
6369s of the aim training maps in there i know
6371s a couple codes lads i can sort you out
6373s the pad will come through
6377s only a tiny bit now below but gliding
6379s through they gotta be careful
6381s oh boy very lucky nobody had their eyes
6384s sit on them
6385s but now people do even though they've
6387s landed
6388s and that's actually going to be hen
6389s running past
6390s swaps just there's just not much he can
6392s do in this moment
6393s but he needs to go down he's so low his
6396s team is now done they are above but
6399s this is just going to be such a mountain
6401s to climb shire
6403s i mean look at what's left you might
6404s have max max but utility wise just that
6406s harpoon i mean it's the best option
6409s maybe if the goals were allowed right
6410s now that could be nicer but what's
6412s happening here same situation as swaps
6415s head and queasy there definitely is a
6416s cost to moving towards the opposite side
6418s of the map from the poi you drop at he's
6421s gonna be a solo and so is pink once
6423s again anas is down in this zone the
6426s fifth to six movie
6428s i mean i i don't even understand in this
6430s section that's where picking an
6431s announcer the strongest but pink has to
6433s be able to just like hand solo this one
6435s again and you can see he's looking about
6437s hey i'm sorry you know he's upset he
6438s would have wished he could actually do
6440s something about it there but you can see
6442s a mac zone he's gonna have to try and
6444s recycle this pad at some point he's got
6445s four floppers which will allow him to
6447s stay in the zone a bit wait for those
6448s players to use it as he goes for himself
6451s but this is really tough the pad is an
6454s absolute life saver does have time but
6456s even then you'll get in but even then
6458s he's such low hp
6459s needs to get landed
6461s in the future
6464s you can't just hold it as a solo here
6466s he's gonna have to try and make a play
6468s at some point even then it's not enough
6470s he goes down in pink as well
6472s another game another solo
6474s clutch for the young one 23rd at the
6477s moment
6479s well 23 teams in the game at the moment
6481s was able to get eighth last time will it
6483s be able to match that or even do a bit
6484s better and mass will certainly hope so
6489s some of the mantle's all about making
6490s sure that whenever you knock on a box
6491s you're not going to be doing it on the
6493s front side of it big shot and close to
6495s the piece unfortunately needed to spray
6497s pink is down and out of the way at 20
6499s seconds yeah snapping dks now i've made
6501s a play for height they're sitting up
6502s above
6503s chasing the traffic's a team that went
6505s for a last game
6506s they do still have a pattern so maybe
6508s that'll be an option i'm sure they'll
6509s look to scout it once they use it
6511s but zone is pulling
6513s up towards that northeast and so they've
6515s got nick they're moving quickly you can
6516s see taken looking for an opportunity to
6517s place that head and he sees height and
6519s he's scouting that he's looking at he
6520s knows he can block it down it's only on
6521s one wall what are they doing why do they
6523s only use one wall to hold up high
6525s they've knocked it down can you take it
6527s or can you claim it it doesn't seem like
6529s it they weren't able to take any big
6530s shots and so now it's just gonna be
6531s about being on the move trying to stay
6532s ahead of the zone get into that front
6534s side building up and now they realize
6535s that their height is truly there's
6537s another game where chasing traffic have
6539s just been almost seemingly allowed to
6541s have height for not much whatsoever and
6543s you can see i dropped in the back of the
6545s zone he's got such low hp it doesn't
6547s really feel like he's gonna have a say
6549s or whether or not they keep it but dk
6551s some bad stuff if you weren't on it i
6553s don't know how they weren't able to
6554s reinforce it better but at least they're
6555s still in the game at least they still
6557s have a fighting chance and that's what
6559s they have to do here now that they've
6560s dropped down to the midfield layers
6562s they're trying to on the other side
6563s there's axe force he was going for the
6564s height for a second when the zones first
6566s started moving so these are all the
6567s residual duos who failed to achieve the
6570s trophy of the maximum spot at the top
6572s that challenge it takes to have right
6573s now potassium snazzy went down early in
6575s that first game
6576s finally thriving now potassium getting a
6578s few eliminations way more than a viewed
6579s six for the big man and the big shot two
6582s denied with the window that was clean
6584s from him seven rolling nine for the team
6586s three for tayson and traffic's up top
6588s they're ready to make it all the way to
6590s that last spot and get this vr yeah and
6592s zone pulling towards the north back over
6594s towards rocky means all these teams are
6596s going to have to keep on burning through
6597s the materials they'll give tasting
6599s champions a chance to get some
6600s eliminations
6601s who barely snuck in i believe they
6603s qualified through to this in 50 if they
6606s will go down
6607s not much they can do you can see who's
6608s running on bare bones and kiro in the
6610s back of the zone with a med mister
6611s slowly slowly running out eventually
6613s he's gonna have to force his way in and
6615s hit a big shot as well to match it
6617s he's gonna be right on the sidelines of
6618s that high ground team a long winding
6621s road with no cover down below as soon as
6622s you touch dirt that's where the pressure
6624s starts to ramp up meanwhile the sunny
6626s heat from up top the beams are just
6628s going down over and over again travis
6630s and tayson are not stopping any of the
6632s pressure
6633s as a result everyone down low no
6634s materials at all
6636s satan darkest looking for their shot to
6638s have a little bit of low guard control
6640s but they're not finding much at all but
6641s you can see how long it took all these
6642s teams to get any form of control right
6644s all these teams left the low ground they
6645s are just in such difficult positions i'm
6647s sure tasting the traffics are laughing
6649s up above right they saw nobody even
6650s trying to build out to claim it they
6652s know they know it's only a matter of
6654s time until the moment they have to just
6655s stay connected they can't afford to
6657s fumble it now but if they can just stay
6659s up and really capitalize on just how
6660s weak the rest of these teams are they
6662s really have a chance of getting their
6664s revenge getting a victory royale satan
6666s they'll have to do their best to
6668s stop it no materials here will say and
6669s the reinforcers will come through but at
6671s what point is that going to be enough
6672s this one's going to continue to pull and
6674s you guys have to leave those boxes and
6675s swiftly if they just leave going into
6677s the open season isn't going to miss
6679s these shots you know they're going to
6680s hit them jason does oh no he gets
6682s knocked himself champion's now in the
6684s zone he gets some finishes and that's
6686s going to be good in terms of refreshes
6687s but what do we have here what do we have
6690s here he's off team
6692s team against champions he still has a
6694s flopping left traffic so in the zone he
6697s doesn't seem like he's going to be in
6697s much trouble but i believe von tripps
6699s might have some more heels left you can
6701s see him running towards the power
6704s he drops it all down he understands
6707s there wasn't enough time there was one
6708s team left but von tricks does exactly
6711s what he's thought out to do got that
6712s second place meanwhile chappix i guess
6714s the zone is the name of the game it
6716s melts the team that he was facing and
6718s they get the victory royale i was so
6720s worried there for a second that to taser
6722s would have been robbed of the victory
6723s all right von trex almost did everything
6726s he could in order to stay out by that
6728s point you saw him chuck away the
6729s floppers traffics would have known who
6731s he was up against and he would have been
6733s swim sailing tasing in traffic after
6736s coming second in game one they pick up
6738s game two what a start we talked about
6740s how they needed good momentum shia and
6743s there probably isn't a better start they
6745s could have asked for than this
6746s yeah you're talking about pick up game
6748s two i think they grab both game one and
6749s two by the throat and forcefully got
6751s their placement and eliminations because
6753s that was high ground retakes eleven are
6754s just insane yeah they are so aware you
6757s could see tayson had that ie soul right
6759s when he went for the ipad he slaughtered
6761s a minute there's just one warning what
6762s are these guys playing at not that wall
6764s down the aksum bad sniper would force
6766s down as well and they just claimed it
6768s for themselves right if the lobby is
6770s going to keep giving them height so
6771s easily they will keep taking it and they
6773s will keep winning i want to see what the
6775s desks have to say about that one a very
6777s well executed win from those boys but
6779s plenty more happened below them as well
6781s guys what do you think
6785s okay
6786s i
6787s have a lot of questions okay uh reese
6790s and
6791s uh
6804s yeah all right so let me start off this
6805s way i volunteered this team you know von
6807s trex and jason
6809s they are basically just utilizing the
6811s game's mechanics of having all these
6813s white heel items in the game and just
6815s making themselves to lake him so they
6816s land over towards the left side of
6818s sleepy they get the boat they did the
6820s little dead side voted all the way
6822s towards sundown's favorite spot of the
6824s flopper places fish over there they go
6826s to camp cuddle pick up the med mists buy
6829s it from there go all the way to command
6831s cavern get themselves low launchers set
6833s up so they can perfectly execute the
6835s movement and then they use the med mist
6837s on the zip lines to move around the map
6838s and then they go from campfire to
6840s campfire it's a whole bunch of math it's
6842s kind of ridiculous but honestly i i have
6844s to praise them it's so much work and so
6846s much thought out dedication to get into
6848s this sort of position that's honestly
6850s just impressive you can't fault them for
6851s it yeah there's a lot of planning a lot
6853s of preparation but at the end of the day
6854s we see that he knew after practicing it
6857s so much that they didn't have the time
6858s right they didn't have the time to win
6859s the game so he just said no i'm chucking
6861s those extra floppers out just end this
6862s game quicker give us on the desk a
6864s little bit more time to talk about it
6865s because the game ends faster and
6867s obviously then the win went through
6868s champions
6870s i mean i'm not surprised right we just
6871s saw them come in second place in that
6873s last game and like shy wager was saying
6875s right this duos in particular they're
6877s they're kind of one of these duels that
6878s i would put in like a class of their own
6880s they're like they just kind of because
6882s their their names exist in the
6884s leaderboard or within the 100 playing
6886s the game
6887s everyone else is just gonna kind of be
6888s aware of them at all times right reese
6890s yeah i mean one of the things you're
6891s going to be really concerned about
6893s straight up when these guys that's good
6895s is like they are going to play like a
6898s jewel who's been together for the
6899s longest time right remember we just sit
6900s at the top of the show that these guys
6901s have been together only for like a small
6903s amount of time right before this
6904s qualifiers when they started to play
6905s together as a jewel yes they played
6907s together as a trio in the last season
6908s but again that was kind of a last-minute
6909s team as well but they play like a team
6911s who has that amazing synergy who's
6913s practiced for months and months and
6914s months and months together yeah they
6916s haven't really right they've just such
6918s good individual players clearly the
6919s chemistry works between them and a first
6921s and the second so far yeah it's also
6923s because of the lack of the high ground
6925s teams in this lobby right we have henna
6926s queasy far zone pool this game and
6929s obviously we're also missing pink and
6930s nasty keep going down very very long on
6932s the leaderboard as you can take a look
6933s at the standings here chapex and tayson
6935s first place only eight points of
6937s difference actually well for krusty
6938s coming up there is
6940s yeah massively up by four placements on
6942s the leaderboard overall up to 73 points
6944s another game team that had a really good
6945s game is kept melody right they're
6947s capitalizing on the fact that kami and
6948s city have not qualified through so that
6950s cami's puddle pond is free for the
6952s taking for another polish duo to land
6954s that and now that after a huge game have
6956s pushed them up till fourth so that is a
6958s massive massive for them snazzy and poe
6961s design eight notice that up 23
6963s placements i'm just excited about this
6965s new graphic by the way
6966s and then
6967s kovacs and zrox they were last they were
6970s 50th
6971s the dead last just before that game
6973s there and they've moved all the way up
6974s into top ten so huge huge match from
6976s them
6977s yeah that's a quick math coming out
6980s i was going to be able to do it in my
6982s head i 11 38 that's a i think there were
6985s 49 last game mr satan and darkest also
6988s having a really good game funnily enough
6989s they do land near-hand and queasy but
6991s had a much better game this time so
6992s maybe a little bit of different strategy
6994s coming out of these guys a little bit
6995s more experience with the uh the scuffed
6996s rotation
6998s absolutely you know 16 dks and bats
6999s never again moving up 32 placements
7001s which is huge huge for them because
7003s again we've seen the off spawn mess that
7005s they've had right yeah we've seen them
7006s going up against savage bench we've seen
7008s them again also going up against ecos
7010s and packs in it as well so it's like the
7012s mess that they're having in early game
7013s that game they were able to capitalize
7015s which was fantastic but to get into the
7016s top five where all of the qualification
7019s is it's gonna be a big ask for them
7020s still
7021s man they sell four games right it's yeah
7024s it's doable
7026s many things in life are achievable
7028s you just have to make sure you're
7029s playing your cards right i mean we've
7031s already seen the difference sort of like
7034s just kind of going back to we've talked
7035s about with mr savage right benji fish
7038s that initial land it it looked like this
7040s early game in game number two is going
7042s to go well for the maurice um but
7045s uh it didn't quite go that way yeah it
7048s didn't we saw basically a really nice
7049s maneuver there from uh from vico even
7051s though he didn't manage to get the
7052s weapon mr savage didn't pick it up first
7054s you saw him kind of swoop over to the
7055s right and get in front of mr savage to
7057s block him off from picking up the weapon
7058s now it didn't work but it was still cool
7060s at the same time
7062s i appreciate the aggression right just
7064s trying to get in there and secure like
7065s okay look last time we you got the one
7068s out but we would like the one up let me
7069s just make sure i track this target down
7071s full confirmed them and we keep going
7073s but this is this game three right it's
7075s time to kind of change things up but
7077s instead time fortnite fam let's send it
7079s back over to shy wager and 112k for game
7081s number three
7085s welcome to the midpoint thank you so
7086s much zeke poop and rhys a lot happening
7088s that game definitely the helop
7089s explanation was also just awesome to
7091s kind of see that side of the game and
7092s that's a threat now 11 for all the
7094s players in the lobby that's one place
7095s and they might have to get rid of early
7097s yeah honestly i i think a lot of people
7099s would expect those guys to maybe be
7101s targeted almost right you know if
7103s they're not going to fight us back if
7104s they're just going to try to sit there
7105s and heal can we deal with them early on
7107s but hasn't gone that way the first two
7109s games and we'll see if it goes that way
7110s in the third
7112s [Music]
7117s all right let's see exactly what change
7119s is up because these players have a few
7120s games under their belts now they
7121s understand what the off spawn drop looks
7123s like they know exactly how stressful the
7125s end game can be can't taste in the
7127s chappix he's stopped on height will von
7130s trex continue to heal find out in game
7132s number three
7133s spoiler alert one checks will continue
7135s to heal
7137s what's up
7145s this is very interesting you can see
7147s they've not even landed yet and they're
7148s getting shot
7150s from the hill that's because of the
7152s where the bus powerful enemies at the
7154s team over that side landed before them
7155s were able to pick up a weapon and that's
7157s made this fight
7159s so what a mantle there
7161s that was just so clean for me the end of
7163s putting down the pressure that's only
7165s available this season as well yep the
7166s whole combination with the duo just not
7169s being targeted on the side of 80 in
7170s their heart find make vortex and janus
7172s have a very rough start to their day
7179s yeah unfortunately for janice and
7180s voltaic's one of my favorite duos
7183s but again alien and hard find
7186s putting in the hard yards and winning
7188s off that fight
7189s it'll be interesting to see whether or
7190s not an adjustment's made
7192s as we head into the next couple games
7194s because
7195s after going down my spawn a couple times
7197s right that can really affect your
7198s momentum your morale
7201s makes you question certain things maybe
7202s you shouldn't question
7204s we're going to part two here at command
7206s kevin this time at the beach is the one
7207s that's down and mustache is having to
7209s fend for himself but
7211s for how much longer because he actually
7213s gets taken down as well so anderson pink
7217s winning that fight off spawn
7219s without the help from tasting in
7221s traffic's time round
7224s and a really nice start to what has been
7226s uh
7227s an unfortunate day for them with some of
7229s the issues they've had in the previous
7230s games
7232s yeah i'm more concerned about anastas
7233s making one of these end games than them
7235s really winning off spot personally so
7238s let's see if it's a possibility in this
7240s game
7241s and then queasy though sleepy sound some
7243s trouble here so far low hp totals on
7246s both
7247s we'll see if they can really rock in
7255s unfortunately it doesn't look like these
7256s guys have got a zone and
7258s very unfortunately we talked about uh on
7260s the desk right they talked about how
7262s that's actually impacted them right i
7263s believe
7264s it was maybe it was rhys man there's a
7266s reboot same guy you know just same guy
7268s just different kind of you know root
7271s beasts are we shipping them together
7275s isn't that also just someone
7277s that in the community i swear someone
7279s could root that's hard yeah i
7292s are these guys the goats right now
7296s know you hate that term
7299s look after those two eliminations they
7300s may be the goats right now bro
7303s yeah it may just be look chunkers
7304s they're used to fighting more teams at
7306s chunkers
7307s they used to having like three or four
7308s guys in this area it's not been as bad
7311s today
7312s only having to do with one there so
7314s we'll see what they can actually do with
7315s that because i think that's always like
7316s you always get that sort of leeway where
7318s it's like oh yeah man you would have
7319s done so well but you had like 17's
7321s contesting you man it's like
7323s really got anyone there today what can
7325s you guys do
7327s now cause then the excuses now we're
7328s used to having you know four teams
7330s there's no surge like yeah yeah you
7332s can't do much beyond classic you're
7334s classic we'll see that i'm back in the
7336s french ways another another duo that i
7338s actually got the pleasure of meeting um
7340s floki doesn't speak great english but he
7343s agreed to teach me french if i teach him
7345s english
7346s and now we have a bond that can never be
7348s broken
7351s sure i was trying to find a way to break
7352s it but that's a pretty solid bond yeah
7355s bro
7358s good trade deal good agreement yeah yeah
7361s so i'm going to be uh rocking up next
7363s next time around speaking
7365s as french
7368s very nice
7369s i learned it too then um nah i stopped
7371s stuff stop copying my flow bro
7373s be unique
7377s but you have such a nice flow man it's i
7378s just i just got it you know sorry bro
7382s i understand
7384s we've just hopped around to like every
7385s french duo
7387s and electricity
7393s am i watching trios we just work for
7395s analytics lazy straight up i got some
7397s nice flashbacks
7399s that's a good third fight they also had
7400s a very rocky day starting off so far
7403s put aside though that last game i mean
7404s we saw the eliminations he had the big
7406s edit open as well that window 54 points
7409s total they brought it back in that last
7411s end game and now they're still rocking
7413s yeah seventh place ain't too bad
7414s considering you know in round three they
7416s actually came 50th right so they were
7417s like the last team to qualify for it
7420s very easily couldn't have been it could
7421s have not been in this lobbyist i should
7423s say
7424s but to be here now
7426s and to be impressing
7428s actually does match the trend right
7429s polar size this season's been really
7430s impressive
7432s uh very much surprising people in terms
7433s of he's obviously been someone that's
7434s been around the scene for a while
7437s his performance has started to dip for a
7438s bit but this season
7440s just brought it back a bit we'll see if
7441s that continues today
7446s check out the andy and joe's well under
7449s pressure i feel like is where these two
7450s just perform but also the fight for high
7453s ground i feel like in terms of end game
7454s is where they see a majority of their
7456s points actually roll through
7458s against tayson and chadpix again some of
7460s these teams that are just there even eye
7461s drop and jerky i feel like it's so hard
7463s to be able to just passively take it
7465s never really see zen angel fighting for
7467s they can just start with it and hold on
7468s defensively the entire time
7470s it's just there's too many tough teams
7472s that are so good at that high ground
7474s fight i i don't know if they can adjust
7476s their gameplay to go for any other type
7477s of game you know strat
7479s yeah i guess it's one of those tough
7481s ones where right like a lot of the teams
7483s you know who are sort of better in that
7485s regard sort of uh understand the racks
7487s or triggers to go for it and the timings
7491s where teams will be vulnerable
7492s especially those zone transitions right
7494s is where you want to be looking for high
7495s ground or whether you could any any
7497s actual layer you're on right zone
7499s transitions are when you want to track
7501s dessert control because things are sort
7503s of hectic everyone's sort of adjusting
7504s to where the new zone pulls
7506s for these guys crazy in hen it's
7509s obviously been tough
7510s the nature of the way the zones have
7512s played have meant that they can't maybe
7513s exert that control the way they'd like
7515s to in these games having to sort of
7516s traverse throughout the whole map
7518s to get there
7521s and now in a standoff
7523s still over towards sleepy
7525s not looking ideal for them
7528s that sound is yeah
7530s as you mentioned towards that south side
7532s a little bit as well so it's going to be
7534s tough once again
7536s for the duo shia zone grows
7538s one good game followed by another
7540s consistent one
7542s gonna be seeing if
7544s they can actually just hold on to the
7545s top five i feel like some of these
7546s qualifications do come up some nice
7549s game one game twos into playing
7551s consistently and that is what the team
7553s is going for lola's and este
7555s being bullied game after game
7557s are in that same spot right now
7559s yeah the size on girls have done a good
7561s job
7562s of getting to those end games
7564s consistently we'll see if that trend
7565s continues
7567s obviously against lolis and st they've
7568s not had the best day and so if they're
7570s going to win a fight it probably would
7571s be this one
7572s let's not speak too soon
7574s you can see now the end of zone zone is
7576s ticking it won't be doing too much
7577s damage so they won't be worried about
7579s how much time left they have to fight
7580s especially considering they have a
7581s madness and some truck splashes but i
7584s can't afford to allow someone to run at
7586s you with a drum gun
7587s with a drum shot then i should say sorry
7590s i was about to say yeah yeah just
7593s jumping over different seasons
7596s it's all good though i mean it has kind
7598s of the same effect as that jungle when
7599s it comes to the pressure shaizo grows
7602s just one little second of air one little
7605s second of shots in the body and that
7607s fight is wrapped up
7613s you can see the boys tasting and
7615s traffics over towards greasy they've
7617s come down from command
7620s they wanted to stay on this side
7629s how is it when it comes to tasting and
7631s chopping specifically in in this round
7633s of qualifiers
7634s they just make the height take look easy
7637s like i didn't find that one wall you
7639s just saw in that first game or the game
7640s we just watched and the first game i
7642s take as well was just it was so fluid
7644s honestly uh you know i i don't underplay
7647s the the nature of these lobbies right
7648s but it has been easy for them in the
7650s sense of
7651s you know the other teams that know how
7653s to secure hype properly are having to
7656s travel the whole
7657s you know map and are spending so much
7659s right like
7661s the the honest you know with cuisine and
7663s they're traveling all the way across the
7664s map they're solo materials they can't
7666s really play the high ground the way they
7667s want to same with eye drop and jerky or
7669s should i say you know the big drop and
7671s jerky
7673s you specifically wants to only be called
7674s the big drop so you know i'll do them as
7677s following this
7678s so you know these guys obviously landed
7679s towards the north side and of course
7681s tasting tropics are landing north side
7683s as well right but they have an io car
7685s right so you know they don't have to
7687s spend the sort of materials that the
7688s other guys have to spend when traveling
7690s all the way south um so
7693s that's going to be the biggest thing of
7694s course maybe as the zones start to favor
7696s them the other teams if they do in the
7699s later games maybe that could be
7700s something you see but look this is just
7702s so rough for cuisine and like
7705s i know queasy queasy will not be happy
7707s crazy will be complaining why can't we
7709s get a song why can't we get a zone
7711s that's not my greatest queasy impression
7713s but something along the lines of that
7715s right you know you won't be happy
7716s honestly and it's unfortunate but
7718s they're just gonna have to sort of roll
7720s with the punches for now
7723s yeah the most impressive thing for them
7725s is like even if they do well today
7726s they've essentially played 12 games
7728s whereas everyone's played six in terms
7730s of pressure in terms of a journey yeah
7733s like
7733s that is so rough honestly we do get like
7736s uh some stats i'd love to see distance
7738s traveled right
7741s yeah a distant travelled stat would be
7744s great i'm sure they'd be high up there
7746s in the distance traveled
7749s because they have just had to travel so
7752s far
7756s we'll
7757s see surge as well specifically
7761s in this qualifier has been
7763s a very patient one a lot of the times
7764s you see some teams maybe even lose
7766s composure in that game number two and
7767s start going for quick rushes
7769s but
7770s we're seeing upwards of you know 60 plus
7772s players surviving towards that
7775s half and half search
7778s and a lot of passiveness
7780s just passed off spawn for a bunch of
7782s teams
7783s tasting traffic's boxed up the entire
7785s time
7786s similarly about 20 other teams are doing
7788s the same thing it's tough for any of
7789s these free walkers to find any tags on
7791s anyone else
7794s never seen
7796s and not simply one job
7798s there's one job just
7800s no car shenanigans no no nothing just to
7803s survive towards them fingers crossed
7808s does anas have a chance guys check can
7809s we can we come up with a chance for anas
7812s i don't know what we can spam for an ass
7814s but we need to give him a something
7816s because
7817s is there a grass emoji he needs
7822s spam this grass to help hanas ah you're
7825s so american for north america you guys
7827s don't have grass in the uk well okay i'm
7829s british so well i'm
7832s southern british so i say grass so it
7834s doesn't really work you know
7835s an arse grass
7837s if i was maybe like uh from up north in
7840s in the uk maybe i'd say grass so it'd
7842s work
7843s yeah yeah scramming this grass to help
7845s them ass but just from where i'm from
7847s bro in london it don't really work i'll
7849s be real
7852s conceal a page from boobs journal just
7854s go spam the sink to help an arson pink
7856s yeah that's true
7858s that works
7859s guys
7860s it works
7870s brazen and pain are going to be rocking
7871s in as well i think this is one of the
7872s most fun teams to watch
7873s deal with search
7875s that was it hyperactive go for those box
7877s fights
7878s yeah they love that creative place don't
7880s they
7882s actually gonna mention something about
7883s it if they end up running out for this
7885s one while using up yep there it is the
7886s first one because there's gonna be a
7887s fourth read it doesn't even matter auto
7889s shotgun is rolling
7891s who is down rising is just chomping
7893s chomping stomping in
7895s he finds both
7897s oh rain is down or penis down as a
7899s result
7900s that's gonna be tough
7902s the last time when those free edits were
7904s active to get these guys into boxes the
7906s reason that ryzen actually went down is
7908s painted picked up his knocked body threw
7911s him at a wall that he needed to build
7912s but it was his pre-edited wall and he
7914s went right through and then taste and
7915s pick up the elimination so
7917s you have to make sure to reset those
7919s credits as you rock in
7921s using the head next to a reboot van that
7922s just sounded somewhere hand is down
7924s queasy still walking around was that 200
7927s hp and got beamed and has to spend
7929s all his medal to try to get in this is
7932s so
7932s sad for our previous fscs winners it's
7935s painful man it's honestly painful like
7938s there's just not much they can do that
7940s they just get help right they are so
7941s deep they have to travel so far that
7943s they literally just get held in by the
7945s teams that are ahead of them
7947s um
7948s it's just
7951s it's so tough for those guys man i
7953s really feel for them they're just
7954s getting unlucky zones you know what
7955s happens
7957s maybe leave early leave some loot behind
7959s but you always have that process the
7960s embedded way to loot your poi it's gonna
7962s be so tough to even try to make a call
7964s to rotate early i have no idea how the
7966s map even moves
7967s there's always you know those chat
7968s analysts that roll in why didn't they
7970s just you know leave earlier there's so
7973s many different
7974s things that are taken into account
7976s and are so different when you mess up
7978s with the timings meanwhile though let's
7979s look at some of the bases some of the
7980s people who are
7981s up at this portion of the game floating
7983s clement have a very good spot towards
7984s center zone
7985s and austin pink
7987s both players am i looking at this
7988s correctly
7990s i think they'll probably ditch the
7991s vehicle from this point
7993s no particular reason but uh no reason
7996s enough i think they'll just stay on foot
7998s from this point probably the wiser
8000s option for them at this stage
8002s did i just see mrs savage i was about to
8005s say the same thing oh don't you see
8007s here
8008s oh my goodness
8010s that go down so they're active i think
8013s the one main thing about benji mr savage
8014s especially in fncs qualifier rounds
8016s around force
8017s they might not make four of the games
8020s right towards end game the two they make
8022s are the most banger games from a duo you
8025s you see right like and they have so many
8027s points it feels like they've played
8028s eight like it's nuts yeah it's weird man
8031s of course like uh you know as anybody
8034s does i've watched quite a bit of benji
8035s this evening and and you know it's
8037s technical levels are still just so high
8039s in terms of what he can do
8041s in game right mechanically it's it's
8044s almost unfair still
8046s um
8047s but can he get that grip can he have
8049s savage there to really lead him
8051s the way he needs to go
8054s of course if they get to end game
8055s there's always that possibility
8058s we know what savage's intuition is like
8060s in those moments
8063s and so yeah i think i'll be spamming my
8064s cabbages in the chat for savage as well
8068s so we like to hear that the air's going
8070s down so they should have like a morale
8072s booster right now
8076s they're gonna be looking good this team
8078s though i feel like we're just not paying
8080s enough attention to in some of these end
8081s games
8082s chazo gross it's been consistent maybe
8084s that's why it's been invisible almost
8086s the way they've been playing
8087s if this is another good game for them it
8089s might solidify their top five
8092s yeah that's going to be really huge
8093s they've done brilliantly of course
8097s four eliminations already at this point
8098s in the game is huge
8101s don't have to worry about surge
8102s just a matter of how they use their
8104s resources i don't know if they had a pad
8105s i can't remember i don't think they did
8109s and so their rotations
8111s will have to be pinpoint perfect
8116s same can be said for these guys in terms
8117s of the fact that
8120s you know
8121s or spawn like greasy means that
8124s they don't know technically even though
8126s they've done really well and they've
8127s basically been bossing it there next
8129s game they might not get to play it out
8130s right if they go down on sport so you
8132s really have to make use of your games
8134s when you get contested they actually do
8135s have a vehicle and so i'm sure some
8136s people don't know wait i thought you
8138s said vehicles were taken out of the game
8139s how did these guys have a vehicle um at
8142s greasy there is a lambo that's actually
8144s just sort of like broken down right it
8146s looks broken down but if you chuck some
8147s trunks tires on it you can actually use
8149s it and so that's why those guys have a
8151s vehicle yeah
8153s and the whiplash in effect being used
8156s the weightless
8158s yeah with the chunkers you like to see
8160s it
8161s hopefully he gets to survive and speed
8164s around ralph isn't crusty gonna be a
8166s very different type of situation as
8167s they're down on surge same thing with
8169s tayson and chappix maybe he's staying a
8171s bit too low-key maybe being a bit too
8173s observant for the moment but
8175s i mean
8176s one player is editing the other one
8177s doing damage they should be good to go
8179s in just a second 125 is a lot harder to
8181s catch up on than just 48 krusty and
8183s ralphus are basically perma box fighting
8185s get this damage down
8187s yeah they've got to be careful about how
8188s they play the angles they don't want to
8190s expose themselves too much to the rest
8191s of the lobby
8192s that could be cause for
8194s parties michael and astrodo they've
8196s gotta be aware because
8198s what was that that was very very nice
8201s from krusty and elvis
8203s completely caught them unawares the
8205s trump splashes are huge you need to take
8207s those melting
8210s they're still in the zone yeah they
8211s gotta get in to the safe zone there is a
8214s pathway to the heads
8216s so they'll build in but really nice
8218s stuff from those guys
8221s now watching exactly where we are in
8223s terms of the zone as well very similar
8225s to last game baron wasteland
8227s it's the south side desert and when
8229s you're on low ground it gets really
8230s tough you have no reprieve you have no
8232s you know easy cop out of the ground
8235s falling like it's a mountain and getting
8236s a little bit of breathing room
8238s to be able to work everyone falling down
8240s is going to be desperate very close to
8242s you it's going to be tough to operate on
8244s low
8245s meanwhile vico jackson i mean jackson
8247s down these are the remnants of the
8248s tilted teams it seems like every time
8250s benji and savage survive no one else is
8252s allowed to play from tilted mentioning
8254s their names right beside the big drop
8256s and jerky we've gotten an airdrop as
8258s well this is going to be huge for them
8259s to open up possibilities of a pad
8261s many other goodies
8263s the heels they desperately need right
8264s now i think
8265s drop has a 50 pot to pop yep it's right
8267s there and it's good
8268s everyone moving in now though you can
8269s hear the cars rub up you can see the
8271s pads fly from the top side eyedrop wants
8273s an even better spot they're not all the
8275s way in just yet but they really build
8277s high
8278s and they're almost into the zone
8280s yeah i think they realized that they had
8281s to ramp that team in order to actually
8283s have a stamp of controller they weren't
8285s going to be able to go through
8286s underneath them ramping them was the
8287s right play
8289s but of course hijab has that pad
8290s obviously you have to burn quite a bit
8292s of materials to secure that position but
8294s it'll be worth it in the long run
8296s very scary setup for the zone
8298s specifically as well eye drop and jerky
8301s on one side that's a high ground team
8302s that really wants it all the way towards
8304s the top the bottom chatpix and tayson
8306s are there you know they're going to be
8308s going for height as well in the middle
8310s is andy and joe they have a chance too
8312s so we just have like obelisks or totems
8314s all around the circle all these height
8316s teams
8318s up in skyscrapers wherever the zone
8320s poses who gets control first and that is
8322s going to be the top side so jerky and i
8325s drop have reign of height first then
8327s we'll be padding what seems like all the
8328s way last and
8331s they already
8332s straight there they're in with the game
8334s plan too
8335s they might have not been the first
8336s visitors but they're ready to play and
8337s join the party yeah i think the big
8339s thing here is that we're gonna see these
8340s guys stagger their rotation right
8342s they're gonna wait for other teams to
8343s sort of glide their way in
8345s try and pick up some tags maybe even
8347s some eliminations on the way and then
8348s wait for the last possible moment to pad
8350s up make sure that they are the highest
8351s in the sky in order to claim that high
8354s ground once they can get close to their
8356s zone we saw how they did in the game two
8358s when everyone padded they took some
8359s extra damage and went for a repeat pad
8362s that's how they just had that free
8363s height
8364s yeah we're seeing that come through now
8366s all these teams moving away and you can
8368s see traffic's in the top of your screen
8369s right he's looking backwards making sure
8371s he's pressurizing teams
8373s and then clearing the pathway before
8375s that launch had to come through the team
8376s was actually running over their box so
8378s they will be a bit careful right but the
8380s pad will come out a high padding you'll
8381s see again they'll be looking at it
8383s they'll be figuring out whether or not
8384s they can take it
8386s it looks relatively well enforced it'll
8388s be interesting to see who it was up
8389s there and it is a nice and pink and
8391s that's why it's harder to take they
8393s enforced it much better we saw in the
8394s last game it's not just on the one wall
8396s and from this point onwards can these
8398s guys continue to hold it out pink
8399s reinforcing it making sure it's
8401s connected
8402s but they have to make sure that they
8403s pressure the teams on second height
8405s don't allow any of them to actually get
8408s a chance to even look up to try and take
8410s it from your eye drop and juror key will
8411s pad in the back of the zone and they're
8413s looking to land on high they want to get
8415s it they're landing up there and the
8416s fight's breaking now i'm sure floppy all
8419s by himself on low ground as you can see
8421s i drop and jerky have taken it the big
8423s drop has high ground in this game and we
8426s saw them in this position before can
8427s they hold on to it round two is a big
8432s he's going for it screwy takes it and
8434s maybe even drops them off teachers is
8436s now also going straight for height and
8438s austin's back round number three we're
8439s going for the third instance of this
8440s fight thinking about to give it up just
8442s slightly for the moment still very
8444s strong on mats entirely too it's a break
8446s and eye drop and jerky still have
8448s control
8449s yeah we're seeing i jump in jerky
8451s but how much longer you can see a nast
8453s he's trying to break it out they're not
8455s pressuring him enough they're allowing
8456s him to just drop it and if they continue
8458s they might have it for themselves oh
8459s we're going to see a bit of a last piece
8461s right now
8462s right now someone doing the big damage
8464s and then us can actually take it down to
8466s wood but i'll be all right because i
8467s drop and jerky
8468s have not happened to be able to keep it
8470s again she will go down i don't know if
8472s jericho will follow him but pink and
8474s that's take it for themselves
8476s that's the fusion while all this
8477s commotion's going up top with builds the
8479s bullets are flying down below snazy six
8482s eliminations we saw floki for the moment
8483s before as well he had six these solo
8485s pop-offs are insane on the low ground
8487s i'm looking at where tayson and chappix
8489s are but i don't see a second orange
8490s light so he might have gone down at some
8492s point it's just tasting so there is no
8494s quick high ground retake victor and us
8496s have it for now but we've seen tayson
8498s have solo clutches before one of the
8500s best solo players to ever grace this
8502s game
8503s and so this will be his chance to show
8504s why everyone crowns him with that title
8507s so he's still alive and still getting a
8509s few eliminations all the way on lower
8511s ground shaizo finally going down but his
8513s teammate also still up so so many high
8515s point performances are still active
8517s inside this game girls rolling in second
8519s place overall looking to take the lead
8521s from tayson who's alive right now two
8523s solo players have the lead kind of the
8525s first place spot the podium on their
8527s hands for the midpoint of the tournament
8529s seeing exactly what he can do art school
8531s right below taste in his words have to
8532s go through a duo he's pinched on both
8534s sides before he's allowed to play this
8536s game he has to get rid of one seven
8537s teams all in an impasse taser with a big
8539s 117 but there's way too many avenues to
8542s look at he gets caught in the crossroads
8544s yeah no potential to play in the zone
8545s and outlast teams of any heels he just
8547s had to get right into the thick of it
8549s but he couldn't handle it way too many
8550s people down there girls was one of them
8552s but how long will it be till gross
8554s actually follows tayson back to the
8555s lobby you can see he's trying to stay up
8557s 52 hp
8558s doesn't have any potential to play in
8559s the zone so he has to just stay in here
8561s and hope that nobody manages to find
8562s anything onto him but right now and
8564s that's in pink they've got easy pickings
8566s down below but do they know it they need
8568s to get involved
8569s from
8574s but you can see pink will follow him
8575s down as he drops down trying to pick up
8577s these final eliminations it's been such
8579s a clean game for them round off the
8581s round they went for height and they have
8584s the endurance they go the distance they
8586s win the game pink and an ass after two
8589s games but it didn't quite go their way
8591s they finally roll through the game
8593s winners of the lobby
8595s and do it in emphatic fashion shia a
8598s brilliant display from these boys a walk
8601s in the park a stroll in the sand for
8603s that five different high ground retakes
8605s happening and they're the ones to kind
8607s of hold on and start it over in round
8609s number one and now they're here winning
8611s that same game it's just nuts to see
8614s pink with a big shot as well to wrap it
8616s all down that was just a master class on
8619s how to play defense and really take back
8621s what belongs to you the victory royale
8623s yeah brilliant brilliant stuff pink and
8625s an that's picking up a six elimination
8628s victory out five more than they usually
8629s get with a victory as i'm just playing
8631s i'm just playing these guys had a
8633s brilliant game guys on the desk hit us
8635s up what went down we saw so many battles
8638s for high ground can this keep happening
8643s dude love it's over here dude he's just
8645s kidding me dude he's i'm just kidding
8647s i'm just kidding uh yeah man game number
8649s three was uh definitely a turning point
8652s here in qualifier number one in the
8654s european region reese i feel like
8657s everyone's awake now they're like no no
8659s no we're not gonna hand away high ground
8662s if you're gonna do anything in this game
8663s you're gonna work for everything low
8664s ground high ground doesn't matter you're
8666s working for it yeah exactly and thinking
8668s and asked for the team who's managed to
8669s capitalize on that right that's the
8670s first game they've managed to get to
8671s endgame as a full duo and they're on
8673s high and they're winning like this is
8675s what this team does this is the reason
8678s they got four victory royales at the
8679s seven in that previous round this is why
8681s they always in set lobbies managed to
8683s pick up tons of victoria's usually two
8685s so i'm just saying right now this is one
8687s and potentially maybe a second one in
8689s the second half but up in the
8691s leaderboard be interesting to see
8692s exactly where they are now because it
8693s definitely started creeping higher
8694s towards that top five yeah and game
8696s three seems to be that magic number
8698s right that's the third victory out in
8699s the game three during the fncs set
8701s lobbies which is kind of a ridiculous
8703s statistic there to think about it but
8704s like you said you know it's always them
8706s winning a game in these set lobbies and
8708s the question is where was the other high
8710s teams well this time tasting chappix
8712s weren't here and also we're missing
8713s henna and queasy these four zombies are
8715s definitely struggling with the lack of
8717s the car meta and you know when anas and
8719s pink finally make it to the late game
8722s guess what they win the game so you know
8724s that's going to be the battlefield who
8725s wins his game taste in traffic's anna's
8727s pink and hen and queasy just depending
8729s on whether zone goes though
8730s also you said earlier to me they're
8732s gonna win game four now they've just won
8734s game three so maybe it's gonna be three
8736s and four hopefully
8739s let's take a look at the standings here
8741s as we wrap things up in game number
8742s three still three more ahead of us but
8744s we can kind of start to see some things
8746s develop here right tasting and traffic
8748s that's oogway there at the top they're
8750s currently sitting in first place and
8751s remember we're looking to to land in
8753s that top five here at the end of the six
8756s games that'll auto qualify a duo right
8758s into the next stage of the competition
8760s um i mean i'm looking right now and and
8763s okay first and second place sure they're
8765s kind of pulled far away but you know
8767s boop
8768s third to like tenth it's not that split
8771s yeah exactly well it's basically it's a
8773s game of one games if that makes sense
8776s okay right all you need is one decent
8778s game as you see a float can come out
8779s moving 12 places up the leaderboard
8782s similarly also i want to mention uh
8785s potassai and snazi right fifth five
8787s places up on the leaderboard but the
8788s osha being contested so if they can make
8790s those games count that's all you need to
8792s do just one crucial game get yourself
8794s those eliminations and put yourself up
8796s the leaderboard yes i want to mention
8798s there would be gross and shizuo up in
8799s second now obviously they saw so far
8801s ahead
8802s massive 10 eliminations in the final
8803s game 10 eliminations only fourth place
8805s so if they keep up that fragging
8807s potential like that should be i mean
8809s realistically since they're on 122
8810s they're so far ahead of the second or
8812s the third place team right now almost 40
8814s points looks like it could be an easy
8816s qualification for them
8818s i mean we can't forget it was as well
8820s annas and pink after that game now
8822s they're online right they're ready to go
8824s they do have a pretty good average
8826s placement overall here we can see them
8828s on your screen now these are the stats
8830s from round number three so yesterday but
8833s we can use this as a pretty good metric
8834s to kind of measure against today
8837s yeah i mean exactly exactly what we
8838s mentioned right the victory our
8840s potential coming up picking an ass the
8841s high ground play style that they have is
8844s just so strong and i i am so interested
8846s to see given the fact that this was the
8847s first time that they had a successful
8849s mid game where they managed to get
8850s themselves both into in-game and that
8852s was a victoria it's like you know 100
8854s success rate from fifth zone onwards so
8856s far i mean i i want to mention that we
8858s do mean them slightly right about the
8860s amount of eliminations that they get in
8862s endgame but it just shows you how good
8864s they are if you can make it to those
8865s final moving zones with one or two
8867s eliminations it means you're the most
8868s efficient team in the lobby you're using
8870s very little builds using very little
8872s shield and you're just making that
8873s consistently so their game plan is far
8875s above and superior to everyone else and
8877s on top of that like they've been getting
8879s better at elims like usually my note
8881s specifically from last season is this is
8883s a finals team and this is this is a team
8885s that basically performs in st lobbies
8887s but now we've seen them in kind of open
8889s lobbies in earlier rounds of fss and
8891s opens of cash cups do really well too
8893s pick up high elimination games they even
8895s had a 19 elimination game in one of the
8897s earlier rounds of fnc which is unheard
8899s of unheard of for this team in
8901s particular so they've got their weakness
8903s of getting eliminations and it's clearly
8905s improving as time's going on which i
8907s think is one of the reasons why this
8908s team's gonna be unstoppable this season
8909s yeah you saw them drop down that game
8911s right you never see pink ever drop down
8913s from high ground this time he was down
8915s there fragging he was getting involved
8916s with that smg while anas was just
8918s chilling trying to get the piece going
8920s but yeah they're making something happen
8922s and i'm excited for it yeah another
8924s another team owner talk about ralphus
8925s and krusty right oh yeah a team who we
8928s us two or us three sorry don't leave
8930s yours zizzi
8932s haven't really mentioned so far but they
8934s are like fragging out so bad there was a
8936s particular clip let's see look at this
8938s look at production hooking up for me
8939s that that beautiful two-piece from
8941s krusty here where obviously jumps
8943s straight outside the box and goes back
8944s like these guys have such a good
8946s fragging potential so far in each
8948s individual clip right you're seeing
8950s these clips are almost like highlights
8951s but when you look at the average
8953s eliminations they're getting it's like
8954s three per game so it's like you know
8956s each individual dealing they get is
8958s really nice but they're not really
8960s getting that whole load of them they're
8961s just being super consistent always
8962s getting through the end game
8964s we'll have to see man three more games
8966s they could really surprise us make it in
8967s that top five i i'm down for that okay
8970s you guys make that happen i'll be here
8972s for it but it's time for game number
8974s four so we're going back on board that
8975s battle bus we got 112k we got shywager
8978s this is game number four
8982s calling it this is gonna be the best
8983s game we watched so far 11 i think game
8985s number four is the the banger game you
8987s know it's right after the midpoint some
8988s people frustrated everyone got their
8990s stuff sorted out we're just ready to go
8992s yeah i think people finally sort of hit
8993s their rhythm hit their momentum some
8995s teams momentum just been completely sort
8997s of shut down right so it does work both
8999s ways but i'm looking forward to it right
9001s we're already seeing the development of
9002s some of these places of spawn that we
9004s were very excited about of course now
9006s some of the big teams big high ground
9008s boys getting back involved in lobbying
9010s pink and ass
9011s all things considered i'm pretty excited
9013s i'm happy
9014s they are here and hopefully here for
9016s this game as well and just seeing the
9018s difference in how a game is when tayson
9020s and chadpix have height versus pink and
9022s us i mean if both of them are finally
9024s allowed to coexist i don't even want to
9026s think about how that looks
9027s can we get a north zone though
9029s maybe for the one time
9033s let me talk to my people in the back
9034s let's just get in the game first all
9035s right cool
9036s [Music]
9041s all right so uh north zone activated
9044s spoiler
9053s it depends on who goes down and tilt the
9054s towers is what i've been told if it's
9056s dick has some bad sniper that don't make
9058s it out spawn it'll be a north zone if
9060s benji and savage go down it'll be south
9062s same thing here actually uh i'm just
9064s getting word if ayden and hard find go
9066s down first
9067s uh south zone if they win north zone
9069s simple okay well then it's definitely a
9071s soft zone then
9072s because these guys aren't going down
9074s these guys have been bossing it over to
9076s us
9077s and we're seeing it again janice goes
9079s down
9080s oh dear
9082s it's too free there's just no way
9083s they're making it look effortless and
9086s vortex as well
9088s i mean i understand the big you know
9090s bath shop the fishing shop in the middle
9092s is just so much power so much control a
9094s lot of loot you have nano landing here
9096s too
9097s third team rocking it they've kind of
9098s given up
9100s their side of the map this is going to
9101s be tough for anyone honestly to find any
9103s room to play off of from greasy grove
9106s unfortunately vortex and janus are the
9108s first focus and gonna be an easy find
9110s for this duo
9111s yeah so tough man i i do i feel you know
9114s i'm split between the middle here right
9116s you know
9117s big fan of hardband and alien one of the
9119s few uk duos left still kicking it
9122s and uh janice and versus janice is quite
9124s literally my teammate you know that's my
9126s yeah yeah
9128s that's my duo partner do you know what i
9129s mean so
9131s to see him not doing well is rough but
9133s those guys
9134s will go down again
9136s and the british boys will uh
9139s will be bouncing right now they have
9141s just been rolling off spawn so far
9144s i got nano and luna still work with
9147s pink taking a little bit of damage but i
9148s see no elims that's what i was looking
9149s for for this team so far mustache
9151s malabuka looks like they have the
9153s advantage this time and will be on the
9154s offense and they're not going to stop
9156s now
9156s bill's available for us to have a little
9158s bit of a prolonged fight but this is the
9160s scariest position we've seen so far for
9162s picking an awesome early game pink down
9164s to one hp as well off of a big shot they
9166s can get out with this cannon at any
9168s moment but i don't think pink has the hp
9170s just yet to make that escape yeah it's
9172s down to the big and that's really to
9173s sort of put the team on the shoulders
9175s right now
9177s because mustache and malibu are no easy
9180s team to battle against especially when
9182s they have simulated the advantage they
9183s just have so much control right now and
9186s you can see and that's his build just
9188s continually being burned
9192s and he's trying to get up trying to
9193s force the issue a bit understandably can
9195s we see a bit of an ass piece right now
9198s mustache keeping his distance not giving
9200s him a chance hitting a 41.
9203s she's gonna force him that's back down
9204s as well this is really awkward for the
9206s team that just won
9208s hold up
9209s stole a chance on this side and also a
9211s few angles still buying a little bit of
9212s time for pink
9214s not much going down though maybe they're
9216s waiting for taste in the chappies to do
9217s something i'm not sure what the angle is
9218s here from this duo there's no way you're
9220s going to be able to survive and do much
9221s down below saying maybe close range is a
9223s good option because versa has no smg
9225s ammo but that's there now pink trade in
9227s a few damage shots and now two teammates
9229s on both sides are down on low hp pink
9231s finally knocked moustache super low the
9234s siphon coming in for malabuca so okay
9236s there's the big trade now it's a 1v1
9238s announce with a quick finish too they're
9240s going for it siphon materials not really
9242s picked up by not so he's one for the all
9243s in straight inside the box goes for a
9245s little bit of control taste in the
9246s chopsticks are here from the back
9249s and no they get taken down an awesome
9251s pink they're gone malibu too there might
9254s be no winners off of this fight when
9256s there's three teams in the poi
9259s that is so painful man like shia said
9264s nobody wins
9266s taser and chappie just put in an enter
9269s that shenanigan
9271s wow they did not even give them an inch
9273s of a chance man and that's just starts
9276s taking shots in the back
9278s and it's just wraps up oh wow well
9281s that's just man like it's the same thing
9284s that was happening at tilted right like
9285s deacon has mass sniper looting up mr
9287s savage fighting over and over again they
9289s they finish their fight dks cleans up
9291s over here this is such an isolated fight
9293s on the side of the mountain tayson and
9295s trafix went out of their way to come
9297s here and go for those elims i mean
9300s it's just it's just too much it's always
9303s painful when you see a team who does so
9304s well in the previous game go down so
9306s early
9311s that just is what happens sometimes man
9315s i had some slight confusion a little bit
9316s because i saw malibu pick up the
9318s elimination onto anas
9319s um but that's just because you got the
9321s last shot as a result though that
9323s two-point difference
9324s makes gross the one effectively in the
9326s lead and we're going to watch that
9328s early game fight
9330s look at the difference in
9333s skillability and narrative for this one
9335s they just landed
9337s these landing diff
9338s landmarks
9339s i mean the fight just looks so much
9341s easier compared to what some of the top
9343s pros are fighting over at cavern yeah
9345s big big props to girls and shizuo they
9348s have been very impressive not a team
9351s that's vying for height right and so you
9353s know we don't see them necessarily in
9354s that battle but
9356s at the end of the day they don't mind
9358s not being in that battle if they can
9359s just continue to
9361s push themselves in these standings above
9363s everybody else
9366s and grows
9367s trying to make his journey to his second
9370s left ncs made his first one last season
9372s finishing in sixth
9375s and maybe he's gone under the radar but
9377s definitely part of this newer generation
9379s of top fortnite players that are going
9382s to be cementing themselves
9384s in the region
9385s flick seat and kidduo
9387s will be wiped out by my guy
9390s the andy
9397s they'll rock in and rock out clement and
9399s floki a little bit of familiarity with
9401s them fighting a few people
9403s off of spawn
9405s it looks like that's
9406s might be why you know they're even
9407s ramping up in the placements and the
9409s elims they see every single game floki
9411s with a nice cohen to stop the spider
9414s from being able to escape the fight or
9416s have his own rain they swap out and tag
9418s team clement in but it might not be the
9420s best oh my goodness maxie what was that
9425s what a play honestly what a play
9429s that is really something and it's gonna
9432s be so heartbreaking if you fall so
9434s shortly after it
9437s some nice damage by
9439s skydoom
9441s and he's looking for the piece
9445s max she's not making it easy though he
9447s is just scurrying away as much as he can
9450s little destro coming in it just becomes
9453s impossible for him ah dude he did so
9455s well there shayo
9457s yeah
9458s but it takes a lot of fuel to be able to
9460s do that right in terms of
9462s personal prowess and shots that was a
9465s nutty pre-fire onto clement on the back
9467s and then i don't know why they just
9468s didn't both take the fight 2v1 i mean
9470s maybe just a little bit of
9471s overconfidence and the damage done maybe
9474s weapons weren't loaded completely on the
9475s side of floating clement but
9477s i mean backstreet just gives us a nice
9478s little highlight reel in the early game
9483s also
9484s sanctuary fights
9486s thoughts on them
9490s you see i prefer not to speak if i speak
9492s i am
9503s it's so tough being able to actually
9505s find anything useful in terms of an
9507s advantage in this poi it seems like it
9509s takes so long usually the fights we see
9511s here never go well for either player but
9513s for hype
9514s and jjt they're rolling in
9517s and quickly actually find a drop
9519s one quick pick up this is where things
9521s can get super delayed though the setups
9523s the roundabouts the mazes
9526s can be tough to decipher
9528s sometimes you can just brute force the
9529s password though that's exactly what hype
9531s does rolling in they pick up their
9533s opponents really fast yeah i like that
9535s approach a bit more you know just get
9537s right stuck in
9538s it's my cup of tea
9540s this isn't my cup of tea though astro
9543s what are you doing there buddy
9544s you're uh you're in zone buddy
9548s be back in fury
9550s we'll uh deal with him
9552s it's a shame
9554s the most interesting thing i've seen
9555s from fury and blue back so far is that
9557s they've been in very similar positions
9558s in multiple games like tasting the
9560s chappix have in terms of the half and
9562s half zone where they are but i think
9564s their approach to mid and low ground
9566s right now with the way the zones have
9567s been going
9568s not actually working out the best for
9569s them so
9571s maybe you have to adjust that this game
9572s take a few more risks
9574s that being said the consistency will be
9576s rocking in and it looks like squeeze
9578s getting a few eliminations before that
9579s end game really starts but maybe it's
9581s surge maybe it's their overall position
9583s the lack of pads even to have them you
9586s know in trouble converting uh their
9589s their positions and the placements
9590s overall
9594s not necessarily had the best of days so
9596s far but definitely a team that people
9599s will be expecting to rise up
9601s of course one of the typical tropes that
9603s is discussed when andelex is mentioned
9605s is his ability to come back right
9608s always the back half of events the back
9610s half of tournament days
9612s where he starts to rise
9615s and we've reached that point right so
9617s hopefully now we'll see these guys have
9618s a
9619s couple bad games
9621s speaking of bad games
9624s tasting traffic's ain't been too bad
9626s yeah and they've created kind of a power
9628s vacuum for analytics and experience to
9629s step into right
9631s like mustache malibu cup really powerful
9633s low ground team not there this game
9635s making the nas the tempered high ground
9638s not going to be a possibility either so
9640s a lot of these teams looking to have a
9642s bit more room
9643s should be able to play scheizer should
9645s be good to go
9646s and this might be the turn for analytics
9648s well you know you're talking about your
9649s power vacuum right clown not clowning
9652s girls that's the former duo grows him
9655s see i'm in autopilot you know
9659s he's not with clown anymore but gross
9661s and
9662s they have been very powerful playing on
9664s those mid and low layers right
9666s yeah you know the the key to sort of how
9668s they've been able to just get so many
9670s eliminations is just the control that
9671s they garner right in those zone
9673s transitions
9674s just absolutely wiping people out a bit
9676s of peace control
9679s that's the kind of stuff that gets
9680s really excited you know this is that's
9682s the thing you know yeah
9684s peace control race control
9687s i can't see the difference between two
9688s of those at all
9690s main things too for schizo specifically
9692s and photo science nazi floki clement not
9694s being in this game they just like soak
9697s up so many points and the best slogan
9699s positions the fastest i feel like
9701s towards the end game and they're not
9703s gonna be here so a lot of these front
9704s runners for
9706s the this qualifier that we've seen so
9707s far in the first three games
9709s unavailable
9710s show up to this media day
9712s this game for
9716s as a result the gaps must be filled
9719s and we asked for a little bit of that
9720s north zone
9721s didn't really happen
9723s it's better than the complete desert
9725s right but it can still pull down
9727s yeah i don't know man i used to have all
9730s the connections back
9733s used to say something it used to just
9734s happen like on the spot but
9737s he's lost his juice a little bit clearly
9740s hey just wait for it man it's i've
9742s figured out the tech you don't want to
9744s waste the juice on the qualifiers you
9745s know oh yeah yeah the zone pulling juice
9750s the finals just trust i have the
9752s easy pulls easy pulls left and right
9757s recent hoop also talking about christine
9759s velvets that last game their pinches
9762s the dynamic duo
9764s not even being inside boxes just
9765s rattling on walls
9767s looked very good when you know
9769s things are out of control
9771s they're very good at sorting out the
9772s chaos when they have a little bit of
9774s peace and quiet though
9775s they crumble under the thought process
9778s of what to do is my question
9788s still seeing how loud tayson and chappix
9790s want to be at this point as well
9793s i think this zone poll will dictate
9794s exactly how fast they're going to be
9795s able to play this end game
9797s and right now yeah they get to just slow
9801s things down dictate exactly who goes
9804s where
9804s this is this is marketability right i
9807s mean
9808s this
9809s this is just
9810s this is unfair is chasing the new benji
9813s jason
9814s i mean benji's in this lobby man
9819s oh goodness
9821s wow
9827s this is interesting
9829s because obviously as much as they've
9831s been
9832s pretty solid and they've not had many
9833s issues right
9835s we did see last game when they went
9836s towards greece they weren't able to get
9838s enough search tags and they were sort of
9840s teetering along that line of being above
9842s search and so
9843s this time around they may need to just
9845s get a bit more aggressive
9847s in that regard and trying to make sure
9848s that they have no concerns
9851s when it comes to surge
9853s of course the zone very much favors them
9855s and so i do expect to see them making
9857s some sort of paper height as long as
9859s the zones continue to pay for them i
9861s guess but
9863s in the meantime we got
9865s strokes
9866s in kovacs
9868s who's sitting in ninth place
9870s i've actually forced in the in an arena
9872s game this season
9875s wouldn't call it much of a fight though
9876s he landed in a siege cannon and took me
9878s out instantly basically so
9881s ggs i'll get him back though
9883s i would i'll always get him back you
9885s know mean
9886s no one invests 11 at all yeah
9889s no one wins
9890s he he's the
9892s human embodiment of a third party
9898s i'm sorry that just i'm trying to like
9900s imagine what that actually looks like
9902s but i guess it's just me right like yes
9904s i am the human embodiment
9909s always have the last laugh and right now
9912s i'm not hearing that much joy and
9913s excitement from
9914s a lot of these players for the zone
9917s trees water low ground in the way
9919s can't really see much in terms of
9920s visibility too
9922s article t chips has been a while since
9924s the zone threat or the damage threshold
9926s has popped up for many players i'm not
9927s even sure if they know how far up they
9929s are
9930s how much work they need to do to stay
9931s ahead
9934s i like that position though from art
9936s school and teachers in terms of where
9937s they were situated
9939s center in the zone
9941s very likely to pull that neck zone as
9942s well
9945s off that hill they can operate at a very
9947s wide range of angles right 360 degree
9949s radius they have players sort of in and
9951s around them in order to get surge tags
9955s really nice stuff then this is actually
9957s something that we see quite a bit
9960s because there's not many vehicles in the
9961s game people know how valuable the
9963s vehicles are right and so if you see a
9964s vehicle when you don't have one you're
9966s gonna take shots you need to do
9968s everything you can to immobilize that
9970s team that has the vehicle and in that
9972s case there we saw snakes was actually
9974s able to blow it up use it as a person
9977s was a weapon against the team that was
9979s driving it and the knock is really
9981s really clean for them as well so
9983s they won't be able to actually pronounce
9984s on that loot i don't believe chris if
9986s it's still up there as well as a solo
9989s i'm sure they'll think about if there's
9990s a pathway to get there but
9992s it does seem like it might be a bit too
9994s risky so
9995s we'll just have to watch from afar but
9997s really nice stuff from these guys
10000s just looking at some queasy shia
10004s they've invested man they've
10006s really invested to get to this point and
10009s they still don't have the zone
10011s so
10013s i'll have to move in just a second being
10014s beside eye dropping jerky though
10016s apologies the big drop the jerky though
10018s yes
10021s they're in the right place
10022s let's hope the timing is good on when
10024s they actually end up moving in it's
10025s going to be very difficult to find a
10027s foothold once again some of the late
10028s movers in these zones end up being
10030s beside the bottom of a rock cliff or
10033s maybe somewhere else
10035s can't really see one side or one half of
10038s your position of where you are i drop
10040s actually chooses to move up and across
10043s not being a troubling position is very
10044s nice girls in schizo once again lots of
10047s these dominant low ground teams not here
10049s this time and this game will be able to
10051s have a lot more space
10053s faster much quicker than before
10056s and have possibly the biggest possible
10058s to get points or pedestal to get points
10060s at this moment
10065s everyone also rocking in undisturbed to
10067s greasy right now i'm not seeing many
10068s people fall in the feed moving into this
10070s circle but the north side will have to
10071s be the focus
10073s i'm guessing desperate box fights will
10074s be had in the south if there are maybe
10076s one or two teams we're in trouble but up
10078s north there's still a few teams we're
10079s not in
10080s slow way screaming moving through and
10082s he's gonna be induced on the backside of
10084s some of these players who are really
10085s late and getting into the zone
10089s a few picks and that's bubok down
10092s that's one and a lot of crucial match
10095s for the man as well still below on surge
10096s though and this is all about getting as
10098s many points as possible before you go
10100s down you have to be super screwy in this
10102s moment as a solo player making this much
10105s noise his chuck slash his opponent okay
10107s talk about disrespect he rocks it in
10110s could be a crucial one he needed though
10111s this is gonna be so unfortunate for the
10113s man ten
10114s five and he's gone
10117s did a lot to actually slow down the
10118s backside though let's see who's holding
10120s some of these players towards the north
10122s it's not gonna be znd and joe they're a
10123s little bit more
10124s towards the south and middle of the map
10127s so far
10128s it is still such
10130s uh you know
10132s just
10133s a cluster a traffic jam all the way up
10135s top
10136s for the zone so far now everyone's gonna
10138s have to move once again barely any team
10140s pulls that next zone
10142s yeah in terms of the teams who have been
10143s able to pull it ryzen and payne up
10145s within 50 50 will be huge for them
10149s i'm trying to see if there's any other
10150s teams who really can make use of it
10152s right obviously last game pink and ass
10154s they pulled 50 50 and
10156s we saw how far that was able to take
10158s them in their pursuit of a win obviously
10160s this time around they're not here but
10162s other teams will be looking to emulate
10164s that kind of performance
10166s i really want to see where taylor and
10167s chad picks are in this moment right now
10169s they're going to be up against schreizer
10170s and girls both teams will be playing two
10172s very different games this should be one
10174s of the most exciting dual perspectives
10175s to watch for a team one focused on being
10178s completely the center of attention on
10180s high ground
10181s the other focused on being as silent as
10183s possible just racking in consistent
10185s placement and a few eliminations on the
10186s low
10199s will also be rocking in
10200s a very specific or a very similar spot
10203s to where
10204s we just saw shaizo they're all about
10206s just moving between the lines and going
10209s for a bit of damage
10210s and picking up as many points as
10211s possible
10213s while working off of the pressure other
10214s people create
10216s talking about the ones that create that
10217s pressure queasy
10218s active right now he's the one to pick up
10221s lola's in the feed st down
10223s i'll have a little bit of a say on what
10224s to do but look who the right side on the
10226s left side of your screen we have jerky
10227s and i drop tasted in chatpix kind of the
10230s high ground apartment complex ready to
10232s go and play the game
10235s meanwhile everyone else is just sitting
10237s silent they don't want to be the focus
10238s of anything who are some of the
10239s challengers here right now as well too
10240s nanoway and lou on the other side
10244s battling for a spot both
10247s in separate built towers seeing exactly
10249s what
10250s the zone will say it'll give pen and
10252s queasy the first chance to drop some
10254s pressure
10255s and the last leg to actually jump yeah
10257s we talked about how earlier in terms of
10259s materials and resources they weren't
10260s looking in the best position but other
10262s people has ken has a harpoon right and
10264s that's going to be so key for them to
10265s actually stay in this game because even
10267s though they're low on resources if he
10269s can find lou in the storm they'll be
10271s able to keep height and the smallest
10273s opportunity they have to get height and
10275s they're taking it they want to hold on
10276s to it all the way up top but they built
10278s a little bit of a ramp for anyone
10280s who's daring enough to kind of come up
10281s and take it i called it a little bit but
10283s everyone has their own focus on making
10285s that to the front portion of the zone
10287s tasting the choppers too or just making
10289s sure
10290s it's taking off anyone down below they
10291s finally look up and see this monstrosity
10293s of the build this is like okay they find
10296s another pad that's even closer how do
10298s they even think and hear or see it this
10300s man is just i don't know how it has
10301s eight eyes in 17 years jason finds a
10304s perfect path all the way in this is all
10306s impromptu
10307s met up with traffic as well who fought
10308s his own way into the zone from this side
10310s insane the way these guys just see the
10312s way the builds move in the zone
10314s we talked about how creepy the hen would
10316s take the opportunity but they've
10317s actually been forced down i jump in
10320s cherokee the big drop taking another
10322s shot at a high ground can this finally
10324s be the game when they're able to hold on
10326s to it i don't want to speak to you soon
10328s but you'll see scheizer and girls the
10330s first place team at the moment we know
10332s how dominant they've been able to be on
10333s mid and low ground but can they continue
10335s up that pay scrolls actually will go
10336s down they're below on surge and so
10338s things are looking really difficult for
10339s these guys in their attempt to keep that
10341s hot first base spot
10343s not even in a good clutch spot right now
10344s whenever you're a solo player you want
10345s to take your teammates mass the utility
10347s they have every option you have is at
10349s your disposal as a team but
10351s unfortunately
10352s rules was full piece
10354s no chance for charizard to get back into
10355s that box because i have to work with
10357s just what he's got which is half the
10358s power of the duo completely so going for
10361s a little bit of rattling damage on the
10362s walls but doesn't find any connections
10364s from this layer so far has to drop down
10365s soon as soon as he does his mats will
10367s melt he only has about five boxes to
10369s make this is your first place positions
10371s pov on the top right of your screen
10373s meanwhile jerky and i drop on the left
10375s side still didn't take everything all
10376s the way from height crazy and pull the
10377s side ready to ramp up down bottom
10379s they're one of the most powerful duels
10380s we see so far on the bottom right
10381s they're now moving free getting ahead of
10383s the zone looking for their positions
10384s trying to stuck in the back side has a
10386s chance for a few floppers left and right
10387s and blowing for a sidewinder pump shot
10389s that's going to be huge for him but
10391s drops down with the improper timing one
10392s more flopping to take his desperation
10394s but he goes down and now it's a chance
10396s possibly for traffic to rap back and
10398s take that first place spot as i say that
10400s though heading queasy so alive this man
10403s is in a world of hurt he's feeling that
10405s pain still moving right past it and
10407s surviving so far in the zone yeah there
10409s was a med miss down there that's going
10410s to be huge right he really had one in
10412s his inventory but if he has any hope of
10413s making some sort of so crazy solo clutch
10416s the madness will be huge i've seen
10417s sneezy realizing that for himself as
10418s well he needs that to stay in this game
10420s the zone's actually going to pull back
10421s towards him and that's going to be huge
10423s right for snazzy and pro decide can they
10425s claim and take control of low ground as
10427s it pulls down this little hill here as
10429s well this is going to be a crucial
10431s moment for them in their pursuit of a
10433s win traffic still alive though getting a
10435s few picks inside that feed eyedropping
10436s cherokee also taking apart duo after
10438s duel all the way up top it's a duo
10440s that's also alive in that first place
10442s spot tayson and traffic's meeting hand
10444s in hand inside their builds ralphus was
10446s down at chappix before and krusty gets
10448s found out by tayson galore it's huge for
10450s this duel right now and they pick up the
10452s mats as well they're ready to go look at
10454s the space they have levin this must be
10455s their game yeah this is easy as pie for
10458s tayson and chappix they run this layer
10461s but how many more can they dominate they
10463s want it all right now easiest fight with
10465s their crunch like a pastry inside the
10466s mid ground as well it'll be tough for
10468s them to move through the sauce meanwhile
10470s both sides sneezy 360 degrees of
10473s pressure and somehow they're making
10474s sense of it move past on their own layer
10477s jerky and eye drop actually start to
10478s tighten things down from high ground
10480s looking down below they have the
10481s meadmits opportunity as well as the
10483s harpoon it's all wood builds and big
10485s piece takes it's on the traffic's too
10487s he's a half hp tasting desperate to move
10489s inside these boxes with jerkys moving
10490s forward to have even more pressure all
10492s walls controlled but tayson finds a
10494s little bit of reprieve some escape this
10496s man is just too fast he has a permanent
10498s sprint mode on and jerky loses him yeah
10500s turkey had to be careful there needs to
10502s reload his weapons right you can go down
10503s to take fights but you need to make sure
10505s you're wearing equip chasing will go
10507s down that's our first place team and so
10509s the battle is not done sneezy we'll go
10511s at it hold the sight now left alone
10513s snazzy gets knocked in so a clutch
10515s potential here for bonus site can he
10517s drop down in the right amount of time
10518s jericky is still up right he's playing
10520s it looks like he's a solo but no i drop
10522s his teammate is still there the
10524s elimination finally comes through and so
10526s it's a 2v2 well actually no there's more
10528s teams in this one might be
10538s now not done with the battle himself he
10540s needs to be careful because paul decide
10542s hits hard and hits heavy eye drop now
10545s trying to clean up for what his teammate
10546s couldn't do can he take podesta out in
10548s this moment you can see how difficult it
10550s is a zone he's closing put his side away
10552s he's tanking that damage and eye drop is
10555s able to just stay up and away as the
10557s zone continues to take zesting all the
10558s way down below he needs to make use of
10560s his madness he needs to get his hp up
10562s while he can before it's too late pola
10564s decide we're just an inch of hp
10566s it might be too late for him as well if
10568s he's not careful
10569s he's found corn and bandages as well
10571s this man is ready to go while i drop has
10573s his 120 hp of that med miss to use
10575s someone's about to clock and lock in
10577s zestin's already started to take a
10578s little bit of the damage on the back
10579s side does i drop have enough heels can
10581s he find zestin as well now he
10583s understands what's going down if this
10585s gets shot a little bit he might take
10586s that fall damage too all the way towards
10588s the floor but they're both gonna go for
10590s the heels who has it his eye drop this
10593s man is too healthy this man is too
10595s powerful he overheats in that eight zone
10597s gets so many eliminations and the
10599s victory royale it's the big drop with a
10602s victory royale appeal off no that's not
10605s the type of heal off we've been
10607s accustomed to seeing today but
10609s definitely one he will be proud of the
10611s med miss came in clutch and the big drop
10614s was able to close it out for eye drop
10617s and juroki and you can see what it means
10619s to them
10620s cherokee ecstatic brilliant brilliant
10623s stuff for that duo game four goes to
10626s them
10627s i really like the split they had too
10629s sending jerky down to do as much damage
10631s as possible interrupt aside maybe put
10633s some pressure on the zestin down too
10635s that was a lot of trust in eye drop or
10637s the pig drop once again by sorry all the
10639s way up top but let's see exactly what
10641s the analyst does have to say about that
10642s one because that was a very thick game
10646s thank you so much shia wager and levin
10648s my goodness you love to see those
10650s moments we can like tune in with the
10652s players have those player cam moments
10654s just see them get excited that's what
10656s this is all about baby game number four
10660s i believe that was if i'm not mistaken
10662s reese you know me i never learned how to
10663s count or read so don't hold anything
10665s against me thank you so much for that
10666s confirmation rhys ah wow one for the
10669s books a lot of chaos now in this last
10672s game but i kind of really just want to
10674s go back and touch on like potassi there
10677s and snazzy their awareness on those mid
10679s game tarps we're kind of next level man
10681s they were they looked so clean for a
10683s long time to make it into the top three
10685s that's pretty good
10686s yeah i mean for them that's kind of like
10688s a classic playstyle that we've seen
10689s sneezy do way way back when they're in
10691s trios right a long long time ago that
10694s mid to low grand play styles where he's
10695s always been super good and podesta like
10697s is a player that it's so funny because i
10699s don't know that much about him right
10701s when i when i was looking back i feel
10702s like every tournament i hear about
10704s podesia i see podesia and when i looked
10706s him up i was like he's only made one f
10708s in cs finals back in chapter two season
10710s six and it was assumed that he'd made
10712s way way more than that but this could be
10713s the time for him now
10715s yeah and i want to talk about eye drop
10716s and jerky right idop and jerky from that
10719s high ground they got a little bit of
10720s lucky zombo zone pulled back slightly
10722s into that seventh and eighth moving zone
10724s but you know you can always rely on eye
10726s drop you know this guy is the absolute
10728s solo demon the big big drop sorry about
10730s that he's the absolute solo guard right
10733s qualified multiple solo cash cups and
10735s when you want someone in a 1v1 v1 in
10737s those final situation he's the guy with
10739s the nerves of steel and he's going to be
10741s able to do it i like by the way how
10742s jerky dropped down there really trying
10743s to play the format trying to get those
10745s extra eliminations and at the end of
10747s course seeing his face cam there's
10748s always lovely to see
10750s absolutely and you know what in three of
10752s the four games so far they've been on
10754s height at some point right they've been
10756s always repeatedly trying to trying to
10757s get it this time it finally paid off for
10759s them they were able to hold that out
10761s because none of the other height teams
10763s were really left in the game we saw
10764s cuisine hen on very early in the fifth
10766s zone however they took it with minimal
10767s materials then we saw a huge material
10769s investment in that first moving because
10771s they didn't have a launch pad so it's
10772s like out after that pinker and ass
10774s weren't in the game either so a lot of
10776s the big height teams were gone which
10777s allowed jerky and i dropped to
10778s capitalize on that yeah and i thought it
10780s was going to be the return of hen and
10781s queasy right you know they're finally an
10782s end game that they made it into but as
10784s you saw in 5050 the mac count not
10787s looking too hard about 50 builds per
10788s person there and uh you know
10790s unfortunately they're not going to be
10791s one of those teams that are going to do
10792s it today i feel like
10794s man that's a tough pill to swallow but
10796s again a few more qualifiers we're still
10798s playing for series points
10800s much can still happen let's take a look
10801s at our standings and see how we can
10804s prepare ourselves for games five and six
10806s remember once again
10808s top five is the off that's what we're
10810s trying to make it if we can get in that
10811s top five we can ought to qualify the
10813s finals and just take a deep breath
10816s take a look at our top five right now
10818s reese
10819s i mean one of the interesting things
10820s here is that between second to third was
10823s like 40 points between before that last
10825s game now that margin has definitely
10827s narrowed up a little bit with a lot of
10828s the other team's potential so it seems
10830s like chasing the champions in first look
10832s they've probably qualified in the next
10833s two games sneezy and boris are kind of
10835s the same maybe not you know they could
10836s go down on swan whatever you want to
10838s look at is relevance krusty and fourth
10840s yeah kovacs and drock's popping off who
10841s are now all the way up and then from
10843s that win the big drop and
10846s now up in sixth alongside uh satan and
10848s as well so these guys are all super
10850s super close to that ability to qualify
10852s here so i want to see there's two more
10854s games left can any of these teams manage
10856s to keep that consistency up through the
10857s next two games i don't like the curse
10859s there that you did visa on taste and
10861s traffic you never know two games that
10863s you saw fourteen places above fired up
10864s and jerky anyone can do that and take
10867s some chapters could fall out of the top
10868s five so i'm gonna i'm gonna keep my
10870s fingers crossed because the reese's
10871s curse is kind of crazy
10872s definitely
10874s with just two more games to go we're
10876s gearing up right now this qualifier one
10878s is coming to a very quick conclusion
10880s so let's find our seats on the bus let's
10882s find some popcorn let's get ready for
10883s this next game shy wage 112k
10886s over your beautiful faces
10890s i don't have popcorn here zeke what i do
10891s have is an appetite for more amazing
10893s games 11 i mean some of the top names
10895s not in the last one are you liking the
10897s way it's going with these up-and-comers
10899s jumping up spots or do we want to see
10900s that big hot tough action no that's what
10903s it's all about right i think even when
10904s you look at round four the teams that
10906s qualified through right after round
10908s three yesterday people were sort of
10910s saying well there's a lot of teams who
10911s would have expected to call that didn't
10913s right and so if you sleep and you miss
10915s out on your opportunity people will be
10916s there to take it right and that's what
10918s it's all about of course some of these
10919s newer names have been impressing over
10921s the past couple seasons and at some
10923s point right people will have to start
10925s taking over and i think we're starting
10926s to see that today
10928s yeah and even if you aren't asleep even
10930s if you're awake or ready to go on your
10931s pois there's some people who are ready
10933s to put you to bed right we're seeing
10934s these third-party things happen game
10935s after game it was tayson and chadwick's
10937s in the last one dks and bat sniper
10939s sometimes what can we expect in this one
10941s look if it's the case of greasy grove
10943s that's a deep deep sleep right hey
10945s waking up from that anytime soon and
10947s that pains me to say but you know we've
10949s seen some domination we're going to
10950s probably see some more domination but
10952s let me not speak to you soon we've got
10954s game five coming up right now
10957s [Music]
10961s all right two more to go
10963s one more chance to kind of fix mistakes
10964s and after that it's a lock in game where
10966s it's kind of the last chance to do
10968s whatever you can
10969s this might be a slight switch up for
10970s some teams but
10972s everyone should be
10973s in trouble right off spawn three teams
10975s over here so far and cuddle one flying
10977s across that's low-less doesn't want
10979s anything to do with this fight so far
10981s and girls is already down yeah that's
10983s real tough you're seeing scheisse was
10985s able to
10987s get to pick me up there
10990s oh okay reverse sleep happening over at
10993s greasy adn finally going down for the
10995s first time that's tannano a new team
10996s that's landing there
10998s well that's what i was actually gonna
10999s say right in terms of before we saw the
11001s fight happening here come cuddle the
11002s nature of the bus path meant that the
11004s team that was third party in the greasy
11005s fight would have landed first right and
11008s they would have been able to get a third
11009s party again and that's what actually
11010s happened i believe vortex went down to
11013s leon flares right which obviously isn't
11015s one of the teams you'd expect it to be
11018s in the nature of those fights janice
11019s actually just going down there in the
11021s feed so
11022s we didn't get to see greasy but a lot
11024s went down there and the bus path played
11026s a big big factor into what actually
11028s happened
11030s look at tilton right now savage benji
11032s and jackson all going for it
11034s i think benji gets knocked but that's
11036s just a after the fact factor of what
11038s actually happened inside the drop and
11039s it's gonna be benji and savage that
11042s end up winning that off spawn fight and
11043s are chilling still this one a very
11045s important one
11046s dictates if one of the top three teams
11048s gets to keep playing
11050s other charity in hand
11051s shazo needs to find the ceiling fast
11055s you can see
11057s he's hunting he's running
11060s come on bacon oh he's getting first
11062s let's give him two off
11063s he was getting shot from camcorder i
11065s believe as well
11068s but lucian hydro not seen much of these
11070s guys but
11071s they came in clutch in that moment
11073s four so at least but
11075s now he'll have to get away make sure he
11077s can pick rolls up
11080s oh they're running
11082s my man's farming chests and roofs and
11085s lucy and hydro are running
11087s not sure about this one we'll keep an
11088s eye on that feed to see exactly what
11090s breaks down analyzing squeeze
11092s up against who consistent condo canyon
11094s looks like that's already taken down
11096s and someone else as well knows analytics
11098s just picking up one of the
11100s eliminations so far they're gonna just
11102s wrap up hookah and that's how you finish
11103s a fight fast
11105s yeah that's a team that was really deep
11107s into last game right so to go off or
11109s spawn like this is rather unfortunate
11112s but
11112s i'm sure the french shoots won't mind
11116s that squeeze still yet to have the sort
11118s of game that
11122s i think many people will want them to
11124s see andy and joe in a fight again off
11126s sport something we've seen a bunch
11128s i think he actually saw the andy
11130s complaining on twitter about being
11131s contested and having to fight off spawn
11133s but
11135s look just win your fights mate and maybe
11137s they'll stop contesting i wouldn't
11139s contest if i was them if that helps but
11142s i don't know what that does
11144s or would i handy taking
11153s every time you say something level the
11154s opposite just kind of happens like in an
11157s instant
11158s love to see it
11159s this is why i don't want taste into an
11161s fncs you know
11163s okay
11164s i like you covering your bases man
11168s okay you say that it takes us down
11172s what are you doing this is your fault
11174s this is your fault and chad has seen it
11176s too i'm throwing i'm actually throwing
11179s right now that was crazy
11182s how did razor pick that one up i don't
11184s know there's just no way we just have to
11185s hurt well i'm hoping tropics can do a
11187s little clutch i don't know why would you
11189s say that why why would you say that now
11191s he's gonna go down too
11193s oh dear well the andy's on a brilliant
11195s job while we were walking about curses
11197s and whatnot
11199s picked up two eliminations
11201s here and they've just been really
11203s dominant at sign up station so i don't
11206s know why anyone would want to contest
11207s him
11208s this is what happened over at command
11210s kevin traffic's actually was already
11212s down so they're actually out
11214s that's a first place team and so this
11217s isn't even this is no no no i'm not
11219s letting you guys do this this is not
11220s eleven jinx what who are the guys on the
11223s desk waffling about
11224s oh hopefully they keep their first place
11227s who was it
11228s that scottish guy
11231s i don't know what he was saying
11232s some drinks he might do it just they
11234s dare upset right that i'm on court to
11237s win the prediction prize so they're
11239s doing everything they can i am then
11242s first i don't know man anastas is still
11244s in the lobby somewhere yeah yeah yeah
11246s yeah you know how it goes
11248s right last new game of nos is uh kind of
11251s a different warrior but the same beast
11253s as a wise man once said
11255s um
11257s but i will see we need more wreaths i
11259s guess
11260s to make some nice calls because
11263s yeah
11263s it makes it interesting when that first
11265s place team goes down sometimes
11267s yep it definitely uh creates a power
11270s struggle right a battle for that first
11272s place that we've seen play out so many
11274s times
11277s and snazzy and podesta will be vying for
11278s it
11280s could talk about you know something that
11281s i feel like boop and reese have been
11282s keeping under the rug which is uh
11285s their hot spot pick of cuisine hen i
11287s mean eleven let's let's talk about it
11290s with them you know what i'm saying it's
11291s a sensitive point you know that i'm sure
11293s they want me to talk about psych
11295s they're gonna talk about it crazy in hen
11298s it's not been great i'll be honest i
11300s feel better i'll be i feel bad because
11302s of my guys
11305s i wasn't i didn't want to go in but i
11307s was i was in the cool with queasy before
11308s offensive started like and he knew
11310s himself that if they didn't get zones it
11311s was always going to be rough right like
11313s and they have genuine like i don't like
11315s to be the guys to like put things down
11316s to luck because at the highest level the
11319s whole goal is to mitigate luck right in
11321s your favor and and and go that way but
11323s genuinely with the changes them not
11325s having vehicles and playing at the
11328s northernmost part of the map when you
11330s get so many south zones it does just
11332s become so difficult to really do
11333s anything in these lobbies and that's
11335s been a very big hindrance in their
11337s momentum
11338s again all we can do is hope that these
11340s last couple games sort of go much better
11341s for them because they are a top doer
11343s right they've been top top this whole
11344s season they obviously one fncf they're
11346s accustomed to winning games in the
11349s qualifying stages rather early on as
11351s well so
11353s uncharacteristic performance from them
11354s but
11356s they'll rise soon i believe
11359s i think the best thing for them too is
11360s that this is just the first qual where
11361s they're getting all these qualms out of
11362s the way as well right like how it feels
11364s to rotate in the zone how it feels to be
11365s with some of the best teams i mean five
11367s of the best ones here we're watching
11368s right now i won't be here in the next
11370s squall you have to assume that any
11371s queasy will because it's heading queasy
11373s so
11374s guarantee they call for finals at some
11375s point until then though they have a few
11377s weeks to figure out what to do when they
11379s don't have zone because yes it is very
11381s difficult
11382s there has to be something because you're
11383s not always going to get it and we've
11385s seen how this season is with south zones
11387s it feels like that desert is very much
11390s more so preferred
11391s in this chapter than any other
11394s yeah it's it's kind of crazy how many
11396s houses
11398s you got to talk to your guy in the back
11400s asking what's going on
11402s i think he's on vacation somewhere in
11403s the desert right now so it actually
11404s makes a lot of sense
11405s you know what you're just making it
11406s easier for himself
11410s oh man robert's crusty versus decor and
11413s company
11415s them fights where you know you or either
11418s you or your opponent is using
11420s a shield keg are always hilarious
11421s because like i just stand there and like
11423s my opponent is just healing me while i'm
11424s fighting it you know
11427s and fair play he's being healed as well
11429s but like he's just trapped healing me
11431s who's weird
11433s so
11435s a liquid time you know you just want to
11438s want to get healed
11439s i'm trying to find some type of joker
11441s pun but
11442s it is you literally just
11444s said the most literal thing possible
11446s there was there's no yeah
11447s i didn't leave any room for like
11449s interpretation any fun or anything no
11452s that's fine that's fine happens
11454s sometimes
11456s [Music]
11458s you mentioned these guys slightly before
11459s we started talking about shield kegs uh
11461s snazzy and bloody side
11463s i think are the most
11465s graduated team coming into this
11468s disqualifier let me explain how that
11470s works like i'm guessing you know z andy
11472s podusai maybe even floaty cloud you
11474s could toss them in here as well um
11477s kind of coming in massaging my book as
11479s well as so will they do well will they
11481s find a footing i feel like potassium and
11483s sneezing have found the best one out of
11485s all teams so far
11486s yeah obviously rhys talked a lot about
11487s per decide there on the desk in terms of
11489s just sort of um
11491s you know how he's very much an
11492s established name in competitive eu4 now
11494s right like if you're in the streets for
11496s you for now you know birdish eye
11498s but you know he's almost not
11499s accomplished as much as you'd expect for
11501s someone of his namesake
11503s um
11505s but these guys have impressed man
11507s and so from going to 50th in round three
11509s maybe a cheeky first place for them
11511s today
11512s that would be quite the something
11514s something we've seen on the e before
11516s right way back in the day and
11519s the old competition we saw this is
11520s actually really nice for them i don't
11522s think we've seen much of this in terms
11523s of them taking out the south sleepy team
11526s so that's huge
11528s right obviously vettel and lotics the
11530s team lending south sleepy and con
11533s mahan and queezy
11535s having a bit of a word with them
11537s and an aggressive word with them
11541s how about a shout
11543s i mean well
11544s it's kind of different on the other side
11545s of the map no conversation being had no
11548s person a talks on person b it's silence
11551s as people are just kind of
11552s setting up in their bases what does that
11554s say one of them
11556s i guess this has to be the game for head
11557s and queasy though
11558s to really move forward and
11561s just be able to win off this game or
11563s maybe even get in that top five get some
11564s control some essence of it but it feels
11566s like that zone will just keep pulling
11567s down down and down astro with a quick
11569s boost up okay maximum accuracy
11573s he picks that one apart and down
11575s so we saw that fight last game and it
11577s was the reverse where they were just in
11579s storm but astro lost so congratulations
11583s that's my guy
11585s just shouting at all my friends today on
11586s a pretty unprofessional by me actually
11588s you were talking about what was it the
11590s duo tree explain that explain that to me
11593s what is so
11594s okay so everybody right
11596s yeah we all have duo trees right and a
11598s dual tree is just like the link of your
11601s doers so like if you have once played
11603s with
11604s shire wager and shia ajar played with
11607s mongrel then mongrel is on your duo tree
11610s via shia agent do you get it okay yeah
11613s i'm following and and
11615s i was just making the point that my duo
11617s tree is not i'm like my like my duel
11620s tree i might be the greatest fortnight
11622s player of all time when it comes down to
11623s oh okay that's not a pro that's not a
11625s pro yeah yeah explain to me your dual
11628s training so so my do a treat we got we
11630s could be here for a long time right
11631s obviously i played with a big tripping
11632s right tripping's obviously playing with
11635s thomas hd this season so thomas is on my
11637s my dirt tree uh trip thomas hd's played
11640s with tayson so tasty is on my dirty um
11643s you know i've got you know the likes of
11645s i got so many people in my dirt tree at
11646s this point man i can't even keep check i
11648s got
11649s all of them all of them are my duty
11651s somehow from people i've played with um
11654s so like i honestly if you were to add up
11656s my door tree i think i have like every
11658s single fncs
11659s victory
11661s plus some from like n a as well
11663s i i go i go across the region with my
11665s dear friends
11671s it's a forest
11673s forest yeah
11674s that's insane i can't even i'm not gonna
11677s pretend to even try to match that
11679s uh
11680s you know i don't have the benefit of
11681s starting with tripperin i mean you have
11682s a pretty big leg up so yeah he kind of
11684s carried me too
11686s he's carried me a long way i'll tell you
11689s that
11691s oh man
11693s all right now duo's taking turns
11695s carrying each other in terms of
11697s total elimination points per game
11698s sometimes sneezy as the edge today i
11701s feel like politicize just been popping
11703s off though they're struggling a little
11705s bit on the back foot
11706s it sounds like this level where do you
11708s like to be in in general are you a
11710s center man are you a line man who's
11711s trying to always be on the move what is
11713s the 2k lifestyle well for me
11716s before the changes were made i had i'd
11718s been grinding the scrims right because
11720s i'm a grinder you know i'm on my grind
11722s set and i i was landing rocky
11724s and i had an i o car there ripped my car
11727s i also used to always have a launch pad
11728s so i used to just like play centers up
11730s right center zone yeah yeah ping people
11732s off get my search
11734s that's the sort of guy i am right and um
11736s also my straps are
11738s not really as functional now sadly but
11741s for the site sneezy that i'm not the
11743s greatest of sports
11745s they're being forced into taking this
11746s fight and it doesn't actually go that
11748s way so second place goes down that's
11749s going to be huge as well first and
11751s second place no longer in this game
11754s and that just means everybody else below
11756s again has a leg up grows
11758s and tries it
11760s come on
11771s went down so unlucky shia yeah we did
11773s that thing with roles in scheisse where
11775s like the screen went full yellow sepia
11777s and then it was said to be continued
11779s okay
11780s he was farming a chest and hydro and
11782s pelosi were crushing the hill yeah yeah
11784s yeah you're doing it for what you will
11786s grows just went down in the feed so okay
11789s there we go there's the update you guys
11790s were looking for and i was looking for
11792s um that team's gone
11796s so a lot of teams in the top five are
11798s basically down is what we're getting at
11800s if you didn't figure that out before
11801s yeah did we see chappix fall completely
11803s or no champix was knocked when tayson
11806s fell so okay so it was a full full
11809s yeah yeah
11811s they're fully gone an awesome pink i
11814s hope this is not a complete
11816s elimination is this from the cannon
11817s damage dude this is a complete
11819s elimination there oh okay
11822s i saw a player icon like an arrow going
11825s straight for that build yeah ballping
11827s was going for the res so
11829s i don't think they made it either
11833s well another game where we can see a
11835s shake up at the end of the day we're
11836s getting closer and closer to that final
11837s game
11838s and at the end of it you want to be
11840s sitting in top five that is
11842s the ticket the golden ticket to the fncs
11845s finals in a couple weeks time
11848s you don't want to miss that one i
11849s promise you that
11852s oh wait okay so did you mention that
11854s rules went down completely or that he
11856s was just in the feed so so scrolls just
11858s went down those went down in the feed
11860s well on the bottom left you were
11862s watching different games yeah yeah you
11863s got you got no you got red you got red
11866s yeah yeah
11867s he went down to the stop i think he uh
11869s either was a storm or something or
11871s something he went down to him so maybe
11873s full damage actually i don't think it
11874s was full damage either way girls is back
11876s up in the game so they're not completely
11878s out
11879s if i did say that they were completely
11880s out apologies my bad
11882s i'm not going to say my understanding is
11884s my ears are the ones that are often
11886s that's probably not for sure
11890s let's not apologize for andy and joe's
11892s position right now look at this we
11894s talked about them needing control they
11896s finally have it it's just in the fourth
11898s zone
11899s on the edge
11900s i was waiting for you to realize that
11902s zone was about to pop in so everything
11904s you're setting up right now could just
11905s be like
11906s absolutely tragic hey instead of us just
11909s waffling they can just put updates to
11911s the top and let us know who's been
11912s eliminated
11913s i'm not going to speak anymore you guys
11915s can see that
11917s for how this was the game bob man all
11920s these like you know runner up so if
11922s someone falls they have a chance to fill
11924s the spot
11925s it's just so
11926s i don't know surprising to me when they
11927s go down i feel like they should have
11929s that one game unlocked but who knows
11930s what happened on the south side we're
11932s locking in to the fortress for now and
11934s this is where i think this is one of the
11936s most difficult zones to traverse in this
11938s game no eleven it could literally be
11939s mountainous
11940s we could go straight up you know chapter
11942s two vibes in the ocean
11944s there's so many opportunities yeah the
11946s fortress is a an interesting area
11950s we all do play the game i'm sure many
11952s people share the same sentiment as me
11953s when uh
11955s i say i try to avoid the fortress
11958s ai just constantly
11960s hounding you down
11962s can get uh tiring
11964s what the pros can do with it they're
11965s fine
11967s you don't know why they're hounding you
11968s specifically
11970s they're just jealous of the duo tree man
11972s there's not much else to say
11974s i'm gonna start getting mean for this
11976s dude
11977s people are gonna really think i like
11979s hold that close to my heart but
11982s oh okay let's see what the big drops got
11984s heading queasy also in here two of the
11986s biggest dudes to follow right now inside
11987s this game shots are looking to take that
11988s lead away from chadwicks and tasting as
11990s well a ten point differential for him so
11992s travis and girls or not choppers girls
11994s scheizer and girls
11995s need to make sure they survive for at
11997s least what is it
11998s five more minutes past that fifth zone
12004s and then to the sixth and moving eye
12005s drop trying to look for anything right
12007s now this is gonna be enough damage to
12008s beat
12009s up and above that some people falling
12010s inside that feed though x squeeze down
12012s the map beat shy is on a tough spot
12014s before 20 damage above they are
12016s completely fine
12018s you saw either they hit that guy for
12019s white hp usually that's a trigger to
12021s just sort of relentlessly continue to
12023s hand them down he was
12026s nice in the fact that he stopped to heal
12028s up but i would expect him to start
12029s focusing him again you can see he sort
12031s of
12032s aim down his sight looking at it
12035s and this is going to be huge now
12037s as that fifth zone pops who would it
12040s favor who can use that momentum size and
12042s growls have done a great job using that
12044s momentum thus far we saw they pulled it
12046s last game but this time they won't have
12048s that same benefit
12050s a very tough distance for them to travel
12052s i don't believe gross has a launch pad
12055s in his inventory
12060s might be if you drop towards that south
12061s side there's a
12063s few air drops towards
12065s where the safe zone is some team is
12067s possibly battling over it
12068s in just a little bit of a second jackson
12071s boa
12072s they'll be constricted right now barely
12074s any room to breathe this is gonna be
12075s tough for this duo but they're gonna
12077s make the most of it
12078s only white hp available for boa so if
12080s you can't even top off with that shield
12082s jack's also getting into his flopper
12083s pool this is this is so bad in terms of
12086s even finding a fight you're not gonna be
12087s that strong either
12089s basically just operating at 50 hp at all
12091s times bo is gonna hopefully wait out in
12093s the zone
12094s one person needs to go down and
12096s apparently it's just him
12098s yeah you saw
12099s shaizo and growls
12101s capitalized on his tm8 jacks
12104s and they got that loot and they sort of
12105s tax printed out nobody was able to sort
12107s of be in that area to recycle powder by
12109s any means and so
12111s they're just gonna have to sprint away
12112s and you can see they're trying to make
12113s their way onto the pad that's actually
12115s there by default at
12117s the fortress but with such low hp you'd
12119s expect sizes to go down boa wasn't able
12121s to take the shot you can use the pad
12123s though and make his way in but with such
12125s one hp oh my goodness
12130s one hp you've got to be kidding me
12133s they've stayed in this game and what a
12135s way to do it as well
12136s there's a reality where that spray
12138s fabula hits and this game goes so
12141s different you see the match that we're
12143s put down we're all from groves
12144s beforehand as well scheizer has the
12146s majority of them
12148s then the white hp shy so has the
12149s utilities all on shaizo the elims the
12152s momentum from this game are riding on
12153s this man who got in with a sliver and
12156s right now we look at who else is not
12157s allowed to play edison down and i'm
12159s seeing mapping pick up another
12160s elimination this man is really rolling
12163s with the pressure and the momentum in
12164s this game i want to see exactly what
12166s their duel is about belusine hydro up
12168s against malibu and mustache who've made
12170s it here too a team where once again i
12173s feel like
12174s they just hyper scale when they get into
12175s these games the later it goes the
12177s stronger they get though we talked about
12179s it right being able to make the most of
12180s your opportunities in the game so you
12182s have them especially when you can just
12183s in the sport
12184s and we'll see how they play you can see
12186s the zone pulling back towards the
12188s fortress to that west side going over
12190s some elevation as well and we'll see how
12192s these teams deal with that
12194s jericky and i drop up on height they'll
12195s be uber aware of what they have to do
12199s and if they can sort of climb up
12201s and beat that battle shy zone grows
12205s have their eyes on some pads and you'll
12206s see they wait one out and it finally
12208s does
12209s get to them so now they can make their
12211s way towards that first zone
12214s and this is going to be a huge game for
12216s them if they want to secure that spot in
12219s the top five they're in second and they
12221s can take first eye dropping jerky in the
12223s back of the zone finally taking their
12225s pad the recycling one making sure that
12227s the highest up in the sky and they can
12229s land back on high ground where they most
12231s are comfortable
12233s and robertson crusty another team that's
12234s done very brilliantly
12236s but on lower layers and maybe this is
12238s why sneaking in the back of the top
12240s doing some damage there elvis we're not
12242s getting too greedy
12243s not over extending just staying in this
12245s game with his teammate by him
12247s now the way they're moving on the top
12248s right right now elvis and cross who are
12250s on your screen i mean this was like a
12252s secret spy mission box the box mantling
12255s over different layers and as the
12257s pressure escalates so does the low
12258s ground in the zone we're kind of moving
12260s up mountains and then jumping across
12261s right and left it is belusi and hijo
12263s that have height for now jerky is ready
12265s with eye drop to maybe go for that big
12267s jump they have the potential on the mat
12268s to be able to do it but the space might
12270s be running out there's so many different
12271s types of mountains in the way now we're
12272s even moving even more north in this zone
12274s jerking down with so much damage needed
12277s to be gone and eye drop actually falls
12279s this is gonna be huge for the potential
12281s for this duo they get fragmented in half
12283s jerky still has the power to take down
12285s everyone in his lair it's his space and
12288s you cannot invade juricki hitting some
12290s big shots there this is his time to solo
12293s clutch he won't be able to do it from a
12295s height just yet but if he can stay in
12297s this game that will be huge they are
12299s just outside of that top five shot
12301s oh my goodness
12303s hitting some huge shots in that moment
12306s keeping this team in the game gross
12308s isn't there but he certainly is for
12310s elimination he has all of his team's
12312s eliminations up to this point
12314s and he might not be done yet if he can
12316s keep hitting shots like that
12318s everyone now fragmented there's a huge
12319s cost in moving that zone height has lost
12322s their partner all the way down towards
12323s the low ground it's just solo games
12325s meanwhile mustache malabuca they stay
12328s just together unsegmented ready to go up
12330s towards that second height layer and
12332s mustache there it is here's the pov
12334s they're just rattling down it's the
12336s effects of a minigun almost the way
12338s these guys are utilizing the pressure
12339s they're so good and they have so much
12341s space to work with pre-edit plays in the
12343s end game these guys have unlimited
12346s confidence they are reaching ultimate
12348s levels of comfortability in this lobby
12351s right now and that's going to be a big
12353s problem for anybody that gets in their
12354s way potential with the six truck
12356s splashes available as well they have so
12358s much to work with all towards the end oh
12360s my goodness it's 12 13 in mustache's
12364s inventory he has the loadout of gods
12367s right now for this position the best
12368s possible place he can be in with the
12370s best loot as well no one else really
12373s realizes that jerky now out of fuel out
12375s of ammo out of everything in terms of a
12376s position and he's lost in the low ground
12379s too everything's starting to move up
12380s mustache malabu basically on the perfect
12382s player everyone else squeezed can't
12384s breathe all the way here in low ground
12386s relevance and krusty have a little bit
12388s of a pocket of hair to kind of work with
12390s darker going down but this is where
12392s pressure really starts to ride up yeah
12393s this is going to be tough right they
12394s didn't have enough maps to be able to
12396s close teams off as it went up the hill
12397s and so they're just gonna have to go
12398s back into the zone use all those chug
12400s flashes they have and this might be huge
12402s they might actually build
12403s this rising and painter though they're
12405s suspicious they know that there's a team
12406s in the zone and so they need to be uber
12408s aware of anybody trying to take it
12410s mustache they've actually had it they're
12412s paddling back into the zone they've got
12414s a bit of that so don't you but they're
12415s now trying to fight for height they need
12416s to be careful is it going to be too
12418s early can they actually hold on the
12420s trunk splashes of dwindling but their
12421s shots are hitting they now have height
12423s they forced them off and this is their
12425s game for the taking they want to do
12426s another one
12428s what a way to get that high ground big
12430s shots on the back side from verstash
12432s malibu is there with the wrap down it's
12433s like watching an arm and a hand work
12435s together at the same time they're
12437s reading each other's minds on these
12439s takes as a result though max three
12441s pushed down towards the low he always
12442s hits those big shots restocks and
12444s melabuca are there they want to win this
12446s game single-handedly by themselves
12448s malibu now low for the moment there'll
12451s be a cost of this fight krusty melts in
12453s the zone what a way to own a vr mustache
12456s and malabuca are just on fire today they
12459s don't get many chances to do this
12461s fighting off spawn but the games that
12463s you give them they take them wisely a
12466s brilliant performance showing us what
12468s they can do pre-edit that's not going to
12471s get over the fact that they were going
12471s to play this out here the 13 splashes
12475s these guys were set up for victory they
12477s took a pit stop they literally took a
12479s timeout mid-end game peeled up padded
12482s back in and said oh yeah we gotta win i
12485s mean i've not seen the likes of that
12487s before from a duo it's always a solo
12489s type of play that might be one of the
12490s most interesting vrs we've seen so far
12492s in europe yeah very very impressive
12495s stuff and we cannot forget about krusty
12497s and relvis who did so so well second
12500s place is huge for a team that's already
12502s in the top five they have etched their
12503s way potentially into the fncs finals
12506s guys on the desk you guys need to hit us
12508s up with what's going on in the standings
12510s because that game was huge for everybody
12514s in that lobby
12516s but but lovin where did they get 13
12519s splashes from where
12521s was this they just they they stopped by
12523s the store on the way to this game
12524s they're like hey let's just stock up on
12526s splashes let's make sure we just
12527s eliminate a bunch of players 13 splashes
12534s yeah with 13 splashes i mean you just
12536s have look at me
12538s good stuff sorry i totally dropped a
12540s little technical
12542s i was about to say it was it was
12543s dropping fire trust me one of the best
12545s things is that they had 13 splashes but
12546s that was only on mustache malabuca
12549s himself also had more and we saw that
12551s when they went back into the zone you
12552s started to see them using them in the
12553s heels they were one layer apart and they
12554s were just splashing themselves at like
12557s different times or double wasting and i
12558s thought this seems a little bit off but
12560s the retake from them was absolutely
12563s phenomenal
12565s yeah and i was thinking after last game
12566s they were a little bit invisible you
12567s know malibu mustache not in an end game
12570s and all of a sudden they come out with
12572s an explosiveness i i don't even know
12574s what i just witnessed in this game they
12575s were just jumping in and as i mentioned
12577s at the start of this broadcast they love
12579s their pre-edits off on the high ground
12581s dropping down pre-editing just jumping
12582s into boxes and you know with that type
12584s of game they must be somewhere in the
12586s top five yeah and honestly when i saw
12588s them in game i saw them go for the
12590s pre-edit play at that moment you know i
12592s think it was what 20 players are left
12594s alive i was like these guys won this
12595s game just from that moment it was like
12598s you could tell they had that confidence
12600s you could tell that they were on a roll
12601s and that that was just going to keep
12602s going uphill
12604s it was either them rhys or was going to
12605s be whoever eliminated them right you
12607s just find the elimination like 13
12609s splashes three floppers what
12613s you love to see it i cannot believe uh
12615s guys super quick this is the first time
12617s we've actually seen storm surge
12620s be prominent in qualifier number one all
12623s these other games you know you're
12625s looking it was right around 70 people
12626s and everyone's just like no
12627s no storm surge necessary i guess that
12629s three points per elimination really
12631s showing up baboo
12633s yeah i mean we did see it in game number
12635s one and i believe after that we didn't
12637s see it at all and obviously the three
12639s points per elimination really making a
12640s difference but i think it just has to do
12642s a little bit with the meta as well lack
12643s of course people just don't really know
12645s how to rotate and we saw what happened
12646s to podocy and sneezy this game
12649s unfortunately they were top of the lead
12650s but they're second place before this
12651s game and nobody expected it right you
12654s don't oh these games are those games are
12655s really unstacked we can play it out we
12657s can sort of have different positioning
12658s but when storm surge creeps up as it
12660s always does things can sort of explode
12662s in that way yeah i think also we're just
12663s seeing like so many fights all spawn
12665s like there's so many different guys that
12667s we've seen that just have like five well
12669s no no not that many of five one of them
12671s has five teams on it and there's just
12672s fights every single place around the map
12674s left right and center and it's like the
12676s numbers just drops but after it hits
12678s like that 70 it stays you know and when
12680s it gets that third and fourth zone like
12682s then we're seeing surge come into the
12683s moving zones at that point
12685s yeah and i'm talking about those five
12686s responses right this and going down
12688s early reese i don't know what kind of
12690s magic you have you didn't mention them
12691s top level they're so easily qualified
12693s but there you go first game down to
12695s reason
12696s i mean what what's gonna happen the
12698s leaderboard then i don't know uh i mean
12700s they were first i can't remember if
12702s anyone went higher than 157 i didn't see
12703s that this was up to the clip of them
12705s going down at that moment you know what
12707s i did curse them so you know what i'm
12709s gonna avoid doing is i'm gonna avoid
12710s making any predictions on this team
12712s right now because they were in first
12713s place now that's what happened after i
12715s made a prediction the first time that
12716s they asked around try not to cast
12718s recursive too much more and here we go
12719s this is what the actual leaderboards
12721s look like right now they are down to
12722s third so absolutely there is potential
12725s that if tayden and thomas i was going to
12726s say thomas hd old habits from last
12728s season who are now in third place with
12730s 157. if they go down off spawn again
12732s then sneezy potassium alabuka who will
12735s maybe be the team who would eliminate
12736s them could overtake them and hit that
12738s qualification as well
12739s yeah and eliminations are running
12741s rampant right as you take a look at it
12742s 25 17 18 and then 28 and 24 for malibu
12746s mustache these guys that are fragging
12748s out not even making it fully to end game
12749s they're the ones on top you know what's
12751s interesting also is those mustache
12752s malibu elims are basically just from two
12754s games
12757s that's wild yeah how i mean especially
12760s to jump up from 12 and now being top
12762s five boop that's where i want to be as
12764s like being my duo
12766s yeah we all wish we could be in that
12767s position but not everyone is malibu and
12769s mustache so
12771s that is absolutely fair indeed we only
12774s have one more game left here
12777s remember we're trying to get in the top
12780s five if you're just tuning in you've
12781s missed five incredible games of fortnite
12784s but don't worry stick around this is the
12785s last one here in qualifier number one if
12787s you want to catch more action na east
12789s nas will be back later in the day we
12791s also have the next qualifier two days
12793s from now if you want to enjoy more
12795s fortnite action at the highest
12796s competitive level but this is it this is
12798s game number six buckle up everybody
12800s we're doing this one last time in eu for
12802s the day 11 2k shia wager over to you
12806s here we go
12808s thanks so much zeke boop and reese one
12810s more game indeed two players per team
12813s three to four decisions 11 that kind of
12815s dictate what happens here top five make
12817s it in because it's game number six
12819s yeah this is huge right of course we've
12821s been setting everything up all day long
12823s and now we finally have that final
12825s opportunity
12827s for teams to get their spot in the fncs
12830s finals the first round of teams to get
12833s that opportunity and definitely a worthy
12835s bunch right these guys have been so
12837s impressive over the course of the five
12839s games but it almost doesn't matter if
12842s you can't deliver now and it matters the
12844s most when you need to have a big game to
12846s secure your sport in that top five yeah
12848s and it's been see-saw it's been
12849s flip-flopped before these teams a lot of
12850s the time sometimes they're not in the
12852s game they're off of spawn sometimes it's
12854s a solo kind of clutch that's bringing
12856s them all the way here towards the top
12857s five so
12859s they have to make sure it lands on their
12860s side of the court here 11 because if not
12862s i mean this is the last chance it's the
12864s last hope
12865s yeah and with last chance his last hose
12867s comes you know last opportunities for
12869s teams to have any bit of joy of spawn
12871s and we're gonna have to see who will
12874s have the last laugh of today of spawn as
12876s we head into the final game of qualifier
12879s one round four
12886s here we go
12889s had a top five so far that's been
12891s looking pretty solid the entire day a
12892s few people are jumping in
12894s 12 spots jumped fire winning team last
12897s gamer stash and malibu they're in fifth
12900s place 136 is what everyone's trying to
12902s catch up to that point total will start
12904s to rise one focus is that feed for now
12907s mustache taking down anas it happens
12910s almost immediately
12911s i command cavern
12913s looks like this duel is here to stay
12917s that is huge
12919s that is absolutely massive the desk
12921s talks about how they've not even had
12922s many games to actually even be able to
12924s play out and when they have had them
12926s they've done so well if this can be
12928s another one that would be massive shizuo
12930s and girls
12932s nothing special here you can see they're
12933s celebrating
12936s because they have had no issues
12937s whatsoever
12941s cuddle area look vortex and janice
12946s finally some uh some good news for them
12950s even if they can't get towards that top
12951s five i mean it could be a crazy you know
12954s 30 bomb that happens who knows
12956s um even then i'm not sure if there's
12958s enough but it's about the experience
12960s about understanding how some of these
12962s end games even play and getting your
12964s dynamics down getting a leg up on the
12966s competition both on your poi your
12968s rotations
12969s and how things might look next week for
12971s your duo if you hopefully do make it in
12974s that being said this is exactly what i
12975s wanted to be this is what i wanted to
12976s watch is pink down answer is no just
12980s anas taken away off the top blimp
12982s meanwhile malibu mustache they just
12984s gobble up all the loot this is the
12986s tropics also probably waiting to see who
12988s they can target next
12991s yeah you talked about whether or not it
12993s would be possible for those guys
12994s yesterday on any east peterbot did drop
12997s a 24 bomb on his own as a team that had
12999s 30 so
13001s i was in round three and it was her name
13003s that's okay that's the opportunity
13004s to say he knows he's joking i'll just
13007s play around
13019s alternatively though so there is a you
13021s know i feel like he's also one of the
13023s only players that can do that
13028s xerox and kovacs rolling through saw
13030s their name somewhere to the top
13031s beforehand i think they were
13033s near that top five now ninth overall at
13035s 118 points
13038s pay attention to that golden number
13039s beside the shield and health bar total
13041s it is top five that rolls in you can
13043s also pay attention to the bottom left
13045s where you can see the dual mate's name
13046s right above him it says team number nine
13048s it's on a random tag that is their
13049s position on the leaderboard so far if
13051s you see anyone
13053s with the number and letters of team
13055s number five or above
13057s then they are qualifying
13059s for the finals right now four places is
13061s what kovacs and xerox have to climb
13068s pump spray confidence it was really well
13070s there to hit that shot i thought moment
13072s he was going down
13075s drops wasn't able to stay up though so
13078s unfortunate times snazzy and polar sigh
13081s that is tragic it was all going so well
13084s for them in their games leading up to
13086s the final two but another game where
13087s they just go down way too early that was
13090s the fourth place team
13091s and so we'll see if their spot holds but
13093s they won't have much of a say in whether
13095s that is the case or not they go down
13097s over that kony
13099s and that could be heartbreaking for a
13101s team that's done so well today
13104s when it comes to flows to mapping
13105s overall today they have just been
13106s menaces in these last two games four and
13108s five so far
13110s taking apart so many top teams
13111s especially towards that fourth and fifth
13112s zone looks like their battle actually
13114s their hunt
13115s starts
13116s now in the early game
13121s flowers and nappy
13123s haven't had the best today's obviously
13124s flowers and mappy did very well in some
13127s of the earlier rounds of qualifier one
13129s but
13131s just haven't quite been able to piece it
13132s together
13135s cherokee and i dropped though
13137s i really hope they have a good game man
13140s i was talking to idrop earlier today he
13143s talked about how he has sort of no
13145s expectations almost right
13147s coming into this round
13149s no expectations just wanting to keep
13151s things chill
13153s jerky was a bit more excited again
13155s in terms of their chances but you know
13157s he wanted to make sure that they keep a
13158s level ahead and i really do believe
13160s they've done that today right they've
13162s been very composed a team that's very
13163s much impressed me in this first
13164s qualifier and i'd love to see them call
13166s through
13168s but of course they have to earn it and
13170s they are
13171s a couple points just outside of that top
13173s five and so we'll see
13174s where they can deliver in this final
13176s game now what do i drop and jerky need
13178s for the moment they obviously want some
13180s of these height teams gone an austin
13182s pink might be down for the count in this
13184s one possibility of that revive coming in
13186s or the reboot
13188s in just a little bit on the side of pink
13191s meanwhile i think jason and chappix
13193s aren't supposed to be allowed to play
13194s the game either you know joe and andy
13197s uh ken and queasy a lot of these teams
13199s that like to prefer high ground
13201s need to be gone for
13203s jerky night
13204s solid or they just give up their height
13206s takes and plays second height but that's
13207s been tough for them so far today 11
13211s yeah it's been very difficult in terms
13213s of how the high ground battles have gone
13214s out
13215s to me for eye dropping jerky i've always
13217s had a say in them every single game
13218s right and so that alone
13220s you know deserves its own credit
13223s but i would love to see this duo get
13225s back involved
13226s the high ticks we saw in
13228s the first two games was so cerebral so
13231s clean so well executed
13233s by them
13235s as well as these guys have done i
13237s wouldn't be surprised if there's been a
13238s couple arguments today
13240s knowing these two guys
13242s i mentioned at the start of the show but
13243s you know
13244s they do clash heads at times and i'm
13246s sure some of the more unfortunate games
13248s they've had of late maybe have sparked
13250s some but in this final game they have to
13252s be united
13255s well at least they have home turf in
13257s this game right i think for
13259s finally four out of five games yeah
13260s we've been in the desert we got one pull
13262s up near the top which was the last one
13264s but now we're all the way on that north
13266s side
13267s well to be fair like we sort of
13269s mentioned earlier right of all the north
13270s teams they're the team that probably
13272s won't mind as much just because they
13273s have a means of transport unlike some of
13276s the other ones right so
13281s it makes a lot more sense and they don't
13282s even move that much either
13284s dark isn't satan as well eighth overall
13286s i think they've kind of been our poster
13289s child for mid game positioning
13290s and uh just a safe spot to tune in with
13293s the entire day but also pretty quiet so
13295s far
13295s very close to being inside the top five
13298s don't have like the pizzazz some tag we
13300s can put onto them like we are on a bunch
13301s of these teams today
13303s but maybe they can finally find that
13304s definition the personality they need the
13307s one big play
13308s in this final game to get top five
13316s let's take a look at some of the things
13318s that have been happening
13319s in and around the map
13321s karmi here over at rocky rails
13325s forcing his way
13327s into rox's box and
13329s dealing with him appropriately
13331s mustaching out
13333s getting some shots of his own on pink
13335s pink was looking a bit lost there
13337s unfortunately he goes down
13341s oh wow the clean shot from axe force
13346s these are some
13347s chunky striker pumps coming in just
13349s taking away
13350s hp pulls over and over again
13352s and this is going to be very good for
13354s ruffles and crusty on some of the teams
13355s that we saw fault in that replay package
13357s a lot of opponents that have been
13358s picking them apart the entire day they
13360s get to live breathe and they're in
13361s second place looking really good right
13363s beside girls and shiazo
13367s you think these guys hold on to their
13368s fifth place slot
13369s see
13370s let's actually answer it from the
13373s perspective of casters and analysts
13375s let's do our store chopper once what do
13377s they need to say in fifth place
13380s in this game
13382s well
13383s to start off with
13384s max materials is nice on mustache
13387s yeah they've obviously got
13390s decent positioning i'm assuming they'll
13392s be found on surge in terms of the
13393s osborne fight that they had with pink
13395s and an ass yep
13396s obviously i've had would help i'm sure
13398s but i'm not sure if there was one in the
13400s other infantry he didn't have one when
13402s we were just watching there
13406s what i'm thinking from them right is
13408s they need to get to a point where they
13409s can start playing their game i feel like
13411s the one big buff and the one aspect of
13414s mustache malabuca that no one can touch
13416s as soon as they hit that six zone
13418s seventh zone
13419s they're not playing on anyone else's
13421s lair anymore right no one's kind of
13423s coming to them in a sense they get to
13425s dictate every fight they get to see
13427s every rotation make pre-edit plays
13430s they get to dictate the pace of the game
13433s yeah one of the keys to why they're so
13434s successful in that
13437s particular sort of field is the fact
13439s that they are so incisive with their
13441s decisions right
13443s doubt is one of the biggest
13445s you know sort of problems you can have
13447s at the highest level fortnight right
13449s that is is huge and they have none right
13451s they make all their decisions with such
13453s conviction in those moments and so if
13455s they get there
13457s they're always going to be a big threat
13460s we've seen why and hopefully we can
13461s continue to see why as they push to keep
13463s fifth place and even higher
13466s floating clement
13468s not looking too comfortable right now
13473s trying their best to make something out
13475s of this game but you have to understand
13476s everyone that's kind of like in this
13478s position 16th to 22nd place they not
13481s only need this vr they need so many more
13482s eliminations so as a result you've
13484s already seen this lobby second zone only
13486s 62 players alive
13488s all these fights bringing out all these
13489s small bases everyone's trying to get
13491s their games ramped up fast now to go
13493s back to mustache malibu one place where
13495s they don't have control is when the game
13497s does get very slow when there's so many
13499s people alive and they don't get to
13500s choose where to go where now they're
13502s indecisive rather than the decisive like
13504s 11 saying where some of the hesitation
13506s comes in it's really good for them and a
13508s lot of these teams that are good for
13509s late game like floating comment that you
13510s just saw with so many people going down
13512s there's more room to actually play
13514s there's more room to be passive you
13515s don't have to actually stick your neck
13517s out and get that much surge
13518s it's so much better for these late-game
13521s mid-low ground teams and that's exactly
13523s the game that mustachio malabuca and
13525s cloaking
13527s yeah this is nice you can see how every
13529s position they're taking
13531s they're sort of trying to optimize to
13532s make sure that they can keep a high
13534s level materials refarming on the wood
13535s there as well
13537s a metal box just for some added layer of
13539s security at this stage in the game
13543s but all round things are looking really
13545s nice for them
13548s it's really good for krusty and elvis as
13550s well i think the only times they've
13552s ever gone down is when someone actually
13553s shoots at them
13555s when it comes to defending against
13556s pressure i feel like this is one of the
13557s teams that gets bullied and tossed
13559s around a lot with less teams in the mix
13562s with people not really going for surge
13563s as much but more quiet on the map they
13566s get to skip a bunch of these problem
13568s zones
13569s meanwhile jerky i drop people who like
13571s to bully who like to play that slow form
13573s kind of game go for the big mountainous
13574s positions get tags
13576s without box fighting this would be a
13578s different change of pace overall in game
13579s number six
13581s that being said though who do they have
13582s to take out i mean mustache and malibu
13584s have to go down
13585s joins the andy have to be removed from
13587s the equation as well snazzy and potassi
13589s are already gone but everyone ahead of
13592s them are just so sticky in terms of duos
13595s they don't like to go down early even in
13597s late game they end up solo clutching all
13598s the way towards that top ten i'm worried
13601s for eye dropping jerky
13603s yeah they're gonna have to have a really
13604s strong game and especially with how well
13606s tayson and traffics are setting up right
13609s we've seen how they've struggled in some
13611s other games in terms of being able to
13612s continue to fight for height right we've
13614s described it as the rounds off the
13616s rounds like do they have that endurance
13618s to go all the way
13620s in these fights
13622s i'm just like it feels like as we watch
13624s these replays by the way come in and
13625s float
13626s doing a really good job of waiting on
13627s the third party that was analects and
13629s then turning around this entire fight
13631s going back to eyedropping jerky they
13632s only have like one move which is played
13634s for high ground we haven't seen anything
13636s else in their deck of cards we haven't
13637s seen much inside their arsenal other
13639s than doing that fine or surviving off of
13641s that
13642s can they make the last minute switch the
13644s play
13647s i don't think they just can and i don't
13649s think they should
13650s okay
13651s i think i think they they have their
13653s philosophy set they have their gay
13654s models set they understand it well and i
13656s think they should stick to that right
13658s because it can be effective it can work
13660s you know we literally just saw it work
13662s right
13664s true
13665s but at the same time
13668s you have to have that belief if you
13670s don't if they don't again like as it all
13672s goes back to us before about doubt right
13673s if they don't have that belief in
13674s themselves as they go into that final
13676s game into those final moments
13679s you know what what are you here for at
13681s the end of the day so
13686s some key decisions to be had and to be
13688s made look
13690s grovers and krusty they've had a very
13692s consistent mid and uh and mid and early
13694s game
13695s very very consistent very secure
13700s i mean look at their placements on the
13702s day so far third third and second in the
13704s business
13705s middle of the day 19th and 9th still not
13708s the worst but yeah these guys scream
13710s consistency they don't get too active on
13712s the eliminations though but they are
13713s here to stick and play
13716s they've just been super efficient
13717s they've just been super super efficient
13721s and a lot of the more a lot of the teams
13723s that were optimized for efficiency in
13724s these lobbies do you look to try to play
13726s height they haven't necessarily done
13728s that but it's still been just as
13729s successful as anyone else right so
13732s props to them
13734s i don't expect that to change in this
13735s game
13736s jason and chappix
13739s making use of the io vehicle that we've
13741s been raving on about all day and
13744s they're gonna just be able to pick that
13746s spot need to be careful right it is sort
13747s of uh getting towards that side of
13749s hp where you consider it low
13754s they only really need it for like the
13755s next zone i think they're fine after
13757s that
13759s but this is i think the hot seat i mean
13762s i've already talked about it so much
13765s this is the only team in trouble i feel
13766s like i think everyone else's game plan
13767s works
13769s it's them against the lobby right now
13772s this isn't good
13774s i'm gonna be
13775s forced to stop that
13778s they are so nice they've got a bunch of
13779s shields oh my god some white hp
13782s of course your key takes some damage
13783s there which
13784s may be bad and so that's gonna chunk
13786s into their shield total a bit but
13790s the big thing here is that the team
13791s that's actually holding them it seems
13795s is mustache malabuca right a team that
13797s will very much be wanting them to not do
13798s well so
13801s we'll see manabuka looking for an angle
13804s sport versus sex
13807s stinger from that range
13810s this isn't amazing but it can be
13811s annoying to deal with
13816s but you can see that jerky and agile
13817s they just decided we're just gonna
13818s invest in materials to guarantee our
13821s safety into the zone
13822s to tunnel their way in not taking any
13824s risks and i think
13826s that very much will
13828s be a theme to watch out for if somebody
13830s does try to take height from them and
13832s things get a bit too hot in the kitchen
13834s or they just drop down and leave
13837s maybe that will be the play
13841s brazilian game yeah yeah
13844s the longer they can stay in the game
13847s the better their hopes are right at the
13848s end of the day and i think that will
13850s also play into their thought process
13852s process sorry
13854s just don't want to overthink that's all
13856s it is
13856s because against six like that's where
13858s the pressure really comes in so you're
13860s right just
13861s have good uh beliefs and your values and
13864s the philosophy you have in the game and
13866s keep rolling some of these philosophies
13867s are tougher though to execute than
13869s others what's happening the darkest two
13871s different edits
13872s two sides and you have to assume now
13876s there's going to be some communication
13877s going back and forth
13879s i've been in this position i'm saying
13881s too i'm definitely
13883s getting yelled at right now that's
13884s that's too much
13887s i know what those com sound like
13892s talking about this team real quick
13894s up in this base really raining shots on
13895s every single duo
13897s across the world
13899s their secrets the indian joe so far
13901s today has been consistency but
13903s consistency with elims to get towards
13905s the top five
13906s they're kind of just sitting at top ten
13908s they sometimes come 20th but they're
13910s getting close to almost 10 heliums in
13912s some of these games seven five eights
13915s an elim heavy play style to get into the
13917s top five is really scary to walk in with
13920s in the game six
13922s cause a lot of the time the lobby is
13923s smaller and the pressure is really
13925s really high
13927s yeah and it's all about your own
13929s convictions right you're playing in your
13930s own hands
13933s can i drop
13936s go be careful guys 182 above
13939s so hopefully they'll be satisfied with
13941s that engagement and leave it be
13945s when tons was the andy and joe like he
13948s said they're relying on just being able
13949s to hit their shots and so going into the
13951s last game there's more pressure on them
13952s than
13953s almost anybody else right because
13955s they're not making it that deep into
13956s these games
13959s and then look who's sitting right behind
13961s them like trying to take over right it's
13962s jerky
13963s it's hydra
13965s they want to take down z andy
13967s and joe and right after them is malibu
13969s mustache in front of them tayson and
13971s tropics on the bottom left and then we
13973s have relevance in paradise girls and
13975s shizuo
13976s two of the stickiest duels so far making
13978s so many
13979s top spots seconds and thirds places
13982s jerky the low eye drop
13984s desperate for what is the question some
13986s type of control positioning and defense
13989s but they're going straight through so
13991s many different heels there are people
13993s under surge around their base trying to
13995s find a way in
13996s and eye drops down two inventory slots
13998s already the end game hasn't even started
14001s yeah they were looking so healthy around
14003s third zone and now
14005s it's all down it's it's really tough
14007s there is some loot here and so i think
14009s some minis would they'll be able to grab
14011s back that's huge materials
14013s the materials of dwindled their shields
14016s are also a lot lower and so
14020s are they even going to be able to play
14021s for height in the way that they want to
14022s with what they're working with
14024s eyedropper was at 100 metal before and
14027s low brick he just got fully refreshed
14028s right there and swapped out the green
14030s burst for a mythic that might be a big
14032s change
14033s you can see mustache he's waiting for
14035s someone to pad and it's just not coming
14038s he has his own but he just wants to use
14039s somebody else's eventually making that
14041s decision to drop the pad themselves
14044s it's trapping
14045s risks yes trafficking
14048s i said i wanted to see them back up here
14051s and look
14052s they might look comfy in terms of
14053s qualification but they won't be
14054s satisfied with that they want first
14055s place and i want it for them as well
14058s chopper is finding a few knocks already
14060s off on that high ground
14062s jerky eyedrop moving in but the finish
14063s line for them is getting further and
14064s further away the andy who's ahead of
14066s them has found one knock already inside
14069s the feed so that pressure rise hit your
14071s shot play style already going good for
14073s the duo in fifth place on that bubble
14075s jerky fall from sixth to seventh
14078s that's gonna be tough for them a mental
14079s hit that they can't really see but we
14081s can't from our side of the feed look at
14082s how high chappies and tasting are as
14084s well
14085s that's insane do they even pull the zone
14087s that's a big question
14089s yeah that's going to be huge zones
14090s pulling towards tilted right
14093s and so things are going to start really
14094s getting interesting
14096s in terms of traversing through some of
14098s those builds over there you see the
14099s blimp 11 i see the blimp and i feel like
14101s it's gonna be in play look at how high
14103s ground or look at how high high ground
14104s is like i just feel like with the way
14107s pads work as well i this is gonna get
14109s really really unique
14111s yeah i'm sure tayson traffic they'll be
14114s thinking about that
14115s doing as much damage as they can i'm
14116s sure they'll be looking to try to
14117s recycle that pad they've got the track
14118s flashes to re-up on the hp when that
14120s time comes directly
14122s though on this side of your screen
14124s let's be forced to play low ground
14127s and try and make their rotation if they
14128s haven't got that luxury of a launch pad
14131s you can see someone's just trying to get
14133s into their box this is really awkward
14134s now
14135s i drop jericky needs your help you need
14138s to get in there helping out he's such
14139s low hp hard fine doing so much to stop
14142s him and address able to stay up for just
14144s a moment hard find eventually go down i
14146s just ruined the fight
14148s but that's cost them so much in terms of
14150s timing
14151s and in terms of hp as well they still do
14154s need to move on just that bit but it's
14156s not going to be an easy path on this
14157s layer schizo is down in first place
14161s he's going to be taken out not sure if
14162s his teammate is still up and alive but
14165s still providing that pressure and yes i
14168s drop who's just looking so good as a
14169s solo jerky shake it up inside that box
14171s look at mustache malabuka though it just
14173s seems like they're playing in their own
14174s pocket dimension so much space it's
14177s peaceful meanwhile jason and tropics at
14180s war
14181s their entire home up top broken down and
14183s they're up inside second height now so
14185s much invested no metal for the moment
14187s but the beams are still there jason's
14188s going for it they're under in terms of
14190s surge is it no not even it's just the
14192s pressure on the other team they're
14193s getting their shields completely wiped
14195s and removed have to find some time to
14197s back off play on the defensive and heal
14199s of all the teams you wouldn't have
14200s expected tayson and traffic to get
14202s awareness checked but that's what
14203s happened and so now they can't play hype
14205s for the meantime it's gonna have to stay
14207s below the hp is so low but we know
14209s they're comfortable regardless of delay
14210s we'll see how that develops i dropped on
14212s the bottom right of your screen only has
14214s himself to fight in this game and
14217s eventually he will fall
14219s it won't be enough
14221s they tried so valiantly but
14223s they fell just before the finishing line
14225s and so now tayson and i drop will take
14228s their places up on low ground
14231s and as the zone continues to move back
14233s away from till it
14235s people are going to be fighting through
14236s their old builds as well as the andy and
14238s joe just on that fifth place slot they
14240s need to stay in this one as much as they
14242s can
14243s the longer they stay in
14245s the better for their chances of going to
14246s the finals that's krusty and elvis in
14248s front of them can they knock out some
14250s rivals
14252s everyone does not want to go down so
14255s many people still alive 22 inside this
14257s zone we moved way past city limits
14260s we're going
14260s way passed out to the suburbs there's
14262s barely even any buildings to be able to
14263s hide behind all the way on low ground
14264s chasing the traffic's still moving in
14266s second place i really want to see the
14267s andy's perspective they're the ones in
14269s fifth they're the ones right on the line
14270s malibu and fourth are gonna be in that
14272s position as well eighth place for max
14273s three and ax force they've done some
14275s crazy things
14276s in terms of just individual fights and
14278s they're looking to just wrap things up
14279s still on the top side krusty and
14281s relevance have taken over that first
14283s place slot coming up huge cost as well
14285s though as they're low on materials down
14286s on low ground
14288s the asphalt
14289s all blown up
14290s it's a nuclear war zone for the moment
14293s right now and unfortunately they're
14294s gonna go down to the radiation they are
14296s gone max result up top tasting taken out
14300s is he gonna have enough to stay in it
14301s looks like it's yandy in fourth place
14303s currently they're looking so good
14305s they've survived up until this point the
14307s andy taking a little bit of that mist
14309s and landing a few shots as well will
14311s this be enough for 161 hold is the
14313s question he's still making it all the
14314s way in the zone he finds his way in a
14316s little bit more time to delay but how
14318s much is left for him just five hp on
14320s that met miss 30 on the shields overall
14322s this squeeze also being taken out malibu
14325s in third sixth place for axe force and
14328s max three they need this win they need
14330s the elims as well let's see what they
14332s can do i saw a little bit of a point
14333s total there 140 for them they're so far
14336s back behind right now i don't think it's
14338s even possible but what a ride they had
14340s up until this point
14341s they're gonna have to try their best
14343s these last two eliminations won't be
14345s easy to get malabu mustache doing their
14347s victory lap 12 eliminations on the game
14350s already this has been such a performance
14352s for them such a climb
14354s we knew all the struggles they had all
14356s the battles they had to face but they've
14358s taken it on the chin and they've moved
14360s through
14361s and now as the final fight breaks out
14363s max 3 will hit a huge shot it's not the
14365s first time we've seen him do that today
14368s but isn't going to be enough like shia
14369s said
14370s now
14371s in the 2v1 malibu we've seen him with
14373s situations like this before with vax
14376s force and mexican hit the kind of shots
14377s we've seen them hit
14379s it'll be easy work they're knocking him
14381s down they're trying to force him to
14382s fight and you can tell he doesn't want
14384s to
14385s doing some
14387s love taps here just forcing them back
14388s down
14389s trying his best to stay alive in this
14391s one as much as he can
14393s forcing a mistake if possible but i'm
14395s actually in axles they just got to stay
14397s composed cool calm and collected and
14400s keep trying to chop him out
14402s two shotguns are better one
14405s and you can see they're just gonna keep
14406s it going spraying relentlessly
14410s another connect for malabuca i mean this
14412s dual top has been so good at just
14414s keeping control this entire game he is
14415s 1v2 with this pressure they have to fall
14418s at some point just having no materials
14420s whatsoever max street has a chance for
14422s some type of build off one player
14424s already down no way malibu does this
14426s again there's just no way he does it 1v2
14430s in the sixth game
14434s the goat this man is just too much to
14436s handle
14438s malabuca is an absolute animal what a
14443s player
14444s to close it out with the victory out two
14447s versus one
14450s oh deary me yes it was a healer but he
14453s never wavered the relentless pressure
14455s they applied to him in those final
14458s moments we were highlighted they just
14459s kept spraying they just wouldn't stop
14461s and he never wilted one bit and game six
14465s is theirs we wanted to know whether or
14467s not they'd be able to handle it compete
14470s in contesting over at command cavern and
14474s they did more than just handle it they
14476s thrive they soared and they are heading
14478s to the fncs finals just absolutely a
14481s blowout in terms of the way they've
14482s handled every single portion of the
14484s competition today and as recent boobs
14486s said they basically only played like
14488s half the games level i mean if that all
14489s six we'd be breaking records
14491s it is actually unfair what we've been
14494s able to see from these guys and i can't
14496s wait to see them competing in the finals
14498s but i want to know who the other teams
14500s are that will be competing in the finals
14501s so we're going to kick it to the left
14503s side it's been an absolute pleasure
14504s casting of you today i can't wait to see
14507s you on the next qualifier as well to
14509s everybody in chat thank you very much
14511s and we'll see you very soon desk hit us
14513s up who's going to the final
14517s you know we'll get there in just a
14518s second levin first off i gotta say thank
14520s you to you both of course levin and shy
14523s wager super awesome games great next
14526s level casting abilities y'all brought
14528s the heat and so did europe i mean reece
14531s this last game those final few moments
14533s it just looked like a shark playing with
14535s their food you know just kind of like i
14538s feel like for malibu he was never even
14540s worried right he's just running around
14541s like okay yeah there's to you like i
14543s have everything and i needed my loadout
14545s i'm just gonna hold you up because like
14546s you could think for a moment he could
14548s have been a good guy right like oh well
14549s we probably qualified let's just let
14551s them get the win you know maybe that'll
14553s push him into fifth he's like no no no
14555s no i'm just gonna make you happiness
14557s it's gonna seem like you have a chance
14558s and then i'm just gonna rip it away yeah
14560s i mean i think we always give malabuka
14562s the the props that he deserves i think
14564s on the broadcast and let's be real last
14566s season right i put him as the best
14568s player coming into fncs and then you
14570s know overall fncs didn't have that
14572s bigger performance i was slightly
14574s concerned about them coming into this
14575s day because like they're good in cash
14577s cops they have the potential to do so
14579s well but in essence they haven't proved
14581s themselves right now this is just a
14582s dominant sweep they're just showing why
14585s they are probably will i say it the best
14587s team on the region right now
14589s oh here you go again
14592s it's a little bit scary though
14594s do you disagree i mean you know you're
14596s not wrong they're definitely the most
14597s exciting team to watch right and you
14599s know like you mentioned they came into
14600s this tournament with a little bit of a
14602s you know a a lack of
14604s uh let's say momentum obviously they got
14607s six old by pink and that's in the last
14608s cash cup now all of a sudden you know
14610s they did sort of tie with pinker than us
14612s and then you know in three games they
14614s just did this absolute master class of
14616s fortnite who can even compete with them
14618s at this point
14619s this is both good and bad right like
14621s they secure themselves the spot in
14623s finals that's the good the bad this
14625s means that they are now in finals which
14627s means we won't get to see them until
14629s that
14630s point here
14632s i'm gonna get there don't worry this
14633s means that now other duos can look to
14635s compete at the cavern as well right so
14638s wow we'll see but here's your top five
14640s that have qualified and be going on
14642s through to finals and i just wanna just
14644s like if you're tuning in and you're just
14645s like what does that mean zeke like
14646s what's happening so we're trying to
14648s compete for top five and everyone else
14650s who does not make it in the top five are
14651s playing for series points right so the
14654s game is not over for any of these duels
14656s by any means we still have two more
14658s qualifiers either make it into the top
14659s five or make it high on the series point
14662s leaderboard but congratulations to to
14664s joe and zn excuse me they made it into
14667s that top five followed by girls and
14669s shush oh my god shizzo i i went to i
14672s confused myself reese just save me
14673s please don't worry dory i got you in
14675s third we've got relves and crusty a team
14676s who popped off and i was gonna say no
14678s games to be honest with you but they
14680s were just super consistent through every
14681s single one of them a team who just had
14683s pretty low eliminations really oh 3.17 i
14685s think the lowest in the top 10 of any of
14687s the teams today but just we're really
14689s consistent all the way through in second
14691s you know him tyson and champix and then
14693s of course in first mustache malibu so
14695s that means the first top two teams are
14697s both command cavern teams so that's them
14699s now out so when we see the next
14701s qualifier come what sunday yeah we're
14703s going to probably see a little bit
14705s difference going on here different teams
14706s you know and that always makes finals a
14708s little bit more spicy because if the top
14710s teams for command cavan are making the
14712s two it probably means that we're going
14713s to have a few more going into the finals
14715s as well and that's always going to be
14716s really scary i want to touch really
14718s quickly though and ziandi and joe you
14719s know that was a duo made out of the big
14721s snake that happened in eu we mentioned
14723s at the start of the show thomas hd and
14725s trip uh thomas h and taste and sorry
14727s splitting up from each other now one or
14729s two of them are qualified the andy who
14731s used to play with chad picks qualified
14733s chad picks user play was the andy now
14734s qualified with tayson and now the
14736s question is would there be more of this
14738s command cabin teams coming through
14739s yeah i mean let's be real yes it's i
14742s think
14746s as well at some point they've you know
14748s both players performed really well last
14749s days and seem to be doing well this
14750s scene so the command camera teams
14751s definitely i think like the andy picking
14754s on him right now from what we just saw
14755s this is like a perfect solo clutch you
14757s know the andy is known as the clutcher
14759s for a good reason and that was it right
14762s there the solo clutch to take him up
14764s till fifth up ahead of the 6.2 much you
14767s know we'll see how many points they're
14768s on in a second when that whole graphic
14770s comes up from that point but great
14771s qualification through good clutch from
14773s ziandi
14774s yeah definitely uh especially in the
14776s qualifier one right to kind of hit hit
14778s the ground running is where you want to
14779s be because remember we are playing for
14781s those series points right so if you
14782s can't make it in the top five that's
14784s okay let's still fire as hard as we can
14786s get as high up those standings as we can
14788s because we're still accruing series
14790s points here's our look at our overall
14792s standings how are you guys feeling about
14793s that sixth place through 10th place
14795s people want to start with you yeah i'm
14797s not sure about the math like we
14798s mentioned my math isn't my best suit but
14800s i'm pretty sure malibu merchants just
14801s took away axe voices and max who's
14803s qualification unless i'm wrong i think
14806s that is probably the worst way to go
14807s about it but yeah the top 10 here
14809s definitely names you would expect polar
14810s signs daisy eyedrop and jerky you know
14812s they had their games they were in height
14814s a lot of the times but couldn't really
14816s battle it with some of the big boys on
14817s top so maybe come next week we'll see
14819s them qualifying just just to confirm if
14821s they won that game they would not have
14824s managed to qualify one more elimination
14826s point so another three and then fourth
14828s of the virtual so no but regardless i
14830s actually want to give huge props out to
14831s max ray who has usually on on twitter i
14833s made to look for his proper name i think
14835s max who just make sure he's hitting the
14836s maximums and he absolutely has been
14838s there is a fantastic 1v2 moment that we
14840s saw earlier on against clement
14842s which clutched them massive points and
14844s then even in that end game we saw
14846s maximum after maximum so that ain't
14848s looking real real crisp right now
14850s oh also we didn't see the we didn't see
14851s the floss from jericho you know it's out
14853s there
14854s it is i'm ready
14856s i'm ready to see it
14858s somewhere out there let's take a look at
14859s the the next page over here to see where
14861s players placed in that 11th through 20th
14865s um and i think here it's not that far
14867s apart right we're talking top to bottom
14869s right around 40 points give her take a
14871s few points forgive my math i never
14873s learned how to read write or add i'm
14875s just gonna keep adding to this list by
14876s the way uh but still once again players
14879s that i just wouldn't expect to see on
14881s this second page right i'm looking at
14883s floating clement my prediction and
14885s elects an ex-squeeze right pink and anas
14888s just to throw three names out there
14891s what can we do to prepare for next week
14892s reese
14893s i mean firstly you got two days to do it
14896s right so you gotta start tomorrow so i'm
14898s sorry next time yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14899s yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
14901s next week you already think some of
14902s these teams might qualify through on
14903s sunday right so qualifier two starts
14905s tomorrow they've got like the first two
14907s rounds there so they don't have much
14909s time to start to answer prep right so
14910s it's like tonight these guys don't go to
14913s bed at 10 o'clock right so we know that
14914s they've got a couple hours today to just
14916s figure out what were the mistakes that
14918s we made today what actually went wrong
14919s was an early med late game where were we
14921s making the full errors so figure that
14923s out today and then just
14925s stop thinking about it move on and start
14926s focusing on the next qualifier
14928s yeah they already made it to finals once
14930s right so you don't have to change it up
14931s too much but when it comes to finals you
14933s know they're going to have a little bit
14934s of different situation and just a smico
14936s micro adjustment could make the
14938s difference between making the finals
14939s this season
14940s i love it guys thank you so much for
14942s hanging out with me and breaking down
14943s all the action recent boop you
14945s incredible humans make sure you guys at
14946s home give them a follow and give shout
14947s out 112k a follow that wraps up the eu
14951s region once again if you like what
14953s you're seeing you're like dude i
14954s absolutely want to see more don't worry
14956s we have any east and any west later on
14958s in the day so come back for that before
14960s we say goodbye let's take a look at our
14961s predictions let's see how we did i'm
14962s going to tell you right now i didn't do
14964s great you know classic zeke i don't get
14966s my predictions right i'm so sorry but it
14968s happens okay uh reese boop um explain
14972s please no comment
14975s yeah go next go next let's not talk
14977s about it uh really no no no no no let's
14981s be right
14982s yeah so so they had the first three
14984s zones full south and i know
14986s firstly right we know queasy we know hen
14988s mentality can be thrown off pretty
14990s substantially so for them if they had a
14992s kind of a rocky first couple games it's
14995s gonna be really hard for them to get the
14996s mentality back on role so you know i
14998s think either on sunday or the next
14999s qualifier depends how they play if they
15000s have a good first couple games it's like
15002s that that's a qualification for them
15004s because they're going to keep that
15004s momentum up
15006s yeah and we did mention it right the
15007s last tournament that they played the duo
15008s cash club they got 12th place so they
15010s still got a micro adjust to the lack of
15012s cars in their draw spot different kind
15013s of meta but you know they'll come back
15015s stronger they're one of those teams that
15016s are not going to give up and they'll be
15018s here again next week oh sorry not extra
15019s sunday i know i did the same thing right
15022s so we added an additional qualifier
15024s that's what we're so used to saying next
15026s week but it's really just in two days so
15027s hey more fortnite more face time with us
15030s really it's more face time with reese
15031s and boop because who cares about me
15033s fortnite fan i do that is it thank you i
15035s don't know if boob does but i do yeah
15037s depends on the day
15039s you'd love to see it for that fam that's
15041s it from us today remember two days week
15043s from now we come back for the next
15044s qualifier next week we come back for the
15046s last one we're here for semi-finals and
15048s finals we love you all so very dearly
15050s legends landing if you're watching from
15052s there we love you all too thanks for
15053s hanging out we appreciate that until
15055s next time we'll see you
15057s on that battle bus
15067s [Music]
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19280s um
19290s [Music]
19308s what's up fortnite fam the new season
19311s means new loadouts for fncs let's break
19314s down some of the most common loadouts
19315s based on your role in your duo starting
19318s with the igo
19320s the in-game leader or igl is responsible
19323s for calling and mapping out your
19324s rotations guiding your teammate and
19327s often tarping the igl holds a vital role
19329s in guiding the team to victory a proper
19332s loadout is a huge key to that success
19334s this season we have seen them focus on
19336s having one close range weapon and one
19338s distance weapon for surge tags then the
19340s remainder of the items will be healed
19342s the most common loadout is the drum
19344s shotgun first assault rifle and then a
19347s variation of heels to fill the remainder
19348s of the slots this combo however doesn't
19351s cover everything but that's why you have
19353s a fragger on your team as well
19356s the prager is responsible for getting
19358s crucial tags and eliminations throughout
19360s your game
19362s now the loadout of the fragger is all
19364s about fighting and ending fights quickly
19367s this is why we often see that the first
19368s assault rifle is swapped out for the
19370s combat smg
19372s meaning that in this role you'll hold
19373s two weapons designed exclusively for
19375s close range engagements while the rest
19377s of the slots are dedicated to heal
19380s the fragger loadout often includes the
19382s striker pump shotgun the combat smg and
19385s then a variation of heels the ability to
19387s clean up fights quickly and effectively
19388s leads to this loadout being its hot pick
19390s among the more aggressive players
19394s after hearing the different loadouts and
19396s roles which ones are you choosing in
19398s your next game until next time we'll see
19401s you on the battle bus beep
19405s [Music]
19408s what's up fortnite fam chapter three
19411s season two is here and the island is
19413s changing let's talk about some of the
19415s most notable changes starting with the
19417s addition of the blimps
19422s in the start of the season we saw the
19423s island's skyline get swarmed with an
19425s array of i o blimps across the map these
19428s floating ships bring additional loot on
19430s board to each of the areas they exist in
19432s they also allow for the ability to fly
19434s and redeploy from the wings these blimps
19436s can be found in command cavern tony
19439s crossroad tilted towers and rocky reels
19442s there's another blimp on the south coast
19444s however you'll have a hard time rotating
19446s from this one
19448s also we can't forget to talk about the
19450s addition of the siege cannons in these
19451s areas while they don't solely exist on
19454s the blimps you are guaranteed to find
19455s them there these siege cannons allow you
19457s to propel cannonballs towards your
19459s enemies though that's not all you can do
19461s you can also use them to propel across
19463s the map or into enemy builds this
19466s providing another great rotational tool
19468s for competitive play however the blimps
19471s weren't the only addition this season we
19473s also saw the addition of an entirely new
19475s poi in the fortress as well as some new
19477s i o bases
19482s the giant drilling machine known as the
19484s fortress is located in the central part
19486s of the map although the fortress isn't
19488s the biggest poi it still packs a punch
19491s both inside and outside the fortress you
19494s can find several io guards along with dr
19497s sloan if you can find and take down dr
19500s sloan you can grab her mythic striker
19503s burst rifle be careful sloane won't go
19506s down without fight
19507s then step inside to find three i o
19510s chests along with plenty of other loot
19512s scattered throughout the poi
19514s when you're ready to rotate out simply
19516s jump into the siege cannon up top or hit
19519s the launch pad that spawns on the
19521s outside of the fortress
19524s multiple other outposts popped up across
19526s the map you can find io buildings
19529s scattered across the island they vary in
19531s size and utility but all of them include
19534s more loot you can add these locations to
19537s your drop or drop here to start your
19540s games
19541s [Music]
19544s over on the south side of the island
19545s another new addition in the form of
19547s synapse station has emerged on the
19549s island there are several chest spawns
19551s throughout the poi and ample ammo boxes
19553s giving enough flute for multiple duos to
19556s land here the best part of sanap station
19558s is not the loot though it's the mobility
19561s that comes with the poi three different
19564s riffs have the chance of opening which
19565s gives you easy movement into the zone
19568s another addition you should be sure to
19570s add your rotations are the many craters
19572s that have formed across the map inside
19574s these craters is usually a handful of
19576s chests and shield barrels which is just
19578s enough to provide one person with a full
19580s loadout although not every crater is the
19582s same with some having a slurp truck and
19584s reboot van inside that crater is located
19587s just southeast of broadcast bunker and
19589s is home to both
19591s with craters seemingly on every side of
19592s the map it also offers a saving grace to
19594s those who either prefer the scavenger
19596s routes or got pushed out early because
19599s they had to retreat
19601s all of these map changes will surely
19603s keep you on your toes make sure to dive
19605s in and explore the map until next time
19608s we'll see you on the battle bus
19610s [Music]
19612s what's going on fortnite fam it's time
19615s once again anna east i've missed you and
19617s now i get to hang out for just a little
19618s bit with spg and sundown guys what are
19620s we kind of expecting here coming into
19623s season two the tactical sprinting i
19625s think is going to play a huge part in
19628s how end game is played we saw sliding
19630s slightly change it but i don't think
19632s that's going to be as big of a change i
19635s think the biggest thing we've talked
19636s about across the other regions is the
19638s change in movement across the game
19639s whether it is the blimps and the actual
19641s movement how you get around the map or
19643s the movement of your character itself we
19645s don't have those movement inventory
19648s items anymore so last season we had the
19649s peppers we had the chili chug splashes i
19652s think the harpoon is gonna come back
19653s into a strong piece so how can we expect
19656s to see loadout shift in this season we
19659s saw the change to coolers as well so
19661s they're now dropping floppers which is
19663s going to come back into meta because
19665s players are now going to understand the
19667s value of playing in storm because with
19669s all of the movement we had last season
19671s getting ahead was so important n a east
19674s in particular is notorious for having
19676s these monstrously high storm surge
19678s numbers we saw the recent changes right
19680s you have to be able to make it to end
19680s game it's so much harder to actually
19682s survive there so you're relying on
19684s impacts as well like there's just so
19685s many layers to this i'd predict an nae
19688s east as we normally see a monstrous
19690s roster change even the weak if not
19692s sometimes in the middle of the fncs as
19694s players try and get their last chance to
19696s make it i think this season the duos who
19698s end up staying together are going to
19700s have a
19701s better run than previously at enemies
19704s looking at the bug in the mirrors
19705s looking at the faction the pam styles
19706s the ones who were able to put together a
19708s consistent game plan played a ton last
19711s season and are able to take the game
19712s plan that worked there and then add the
19714s new components i think as you pick up a
19716s new duo particularly this season trying
19719s to put all the pieces together it's
19721s going to be really hard i want to sit
19723s here and talk more but the battle bus is
19725s ready okay it's warming up for us na
19728s east it is always a pleasure hanging out
19729s with all before we go do you guys want
19731s to work we find you if you want to give
19732s you guys a follow uh pretty consistent
19734s branding for me x sundown 0.0 on pretty
19736s much everything
19738s same i'm somebody's gun on everything as
19740s well thank you guys so much for hanging
19742s out uh super fun to do this and at least
19745s let's get this started
19750s [Music]
19761s i like full confidence this season we've
19763s been working on the last few seasons i'm
19765s really excited the new season the new
19766s map changes i know me and my duo djing
19768s could do very well in place at the top i
19771s practice every day with my duos and i
19772s really think we're gonna make it there's
19774s no way people can do better than us this
19776s season people should be worried about my
19778s duo 14 years old this kid's crazy at
19780s fortnight i have really really good
19782s mechanics there's no way we don't win
19783s this my biggest strength in my game is
19786s probably my iglings we just both are
19788s super smart and like no one can really
19790s like outsmart us my mechanics are just
19791s so good i know you think you're winning
19793s but i'm winning when you see us on high
19795s ground the game's already over
19802s [Music]
19816s this is it a new dawn has broken over
19819s the island where duos will be met with
19821s resistance as the greatest in the region
19823s battle out for supremacy who will be
19825s this season's champions chapter three
19827s season two fncs nae here we go my name
19832s is adam savage i am so excited to be
19835s your host bringing you all the action
19838s here from the region it is good to have
19840s you guys here massive shout out to chat
19841s as well good to see you guys we want you
19843s guys to be interacting with us as much
19844s as possible at the course of the show of
19846s course it's not just me though i have
19848s the ultimate trio with me here on the
19849s desk i am joined as well by spg and
19852s vivid boys it is great to see you here i
19854s can't vivid we're here again it feels
19856s like yesterday we wrapped up the last
19857s season we're starting again we're ready
19859s to go we're energized how are you
19861s feeling going into this season
19863s energized indeed we've had a little bit
19865s of a break in between season the players
19867s have had a little bit of a break as well
19869s but as adam mentioned we are back and
19872s listen shout out to eu for kicking off
19874s this season with a bang awesome watching
19877s them over there spg how you feeling i'm
19880s feeling awesome like you said eu is just
19882s a little teaser we got ni east about to
19884s come up and man i'm super excited for
19887s this season yeah me too there's so much
19888s to get excited i'm gonna give you guys
19890s all the info as well discuss a bit of
19891s intel with you as well as we said get
19893s get in the chat you know share your
19895s themes your thoughts on who you think's
19897s gonna go all the way and win each of our
19898s qualifiers and onwards and upwards in
19900s the semi-finals and finals later as well
19902s but first things first let's talk about
19903s the broadcast schedule today and
19904s qualifier one on what is coming your way
19907s on this show which is going to be
19909s amazing trust us uh of course you can
19911s see qualifier one may sick that is of
19913s course today but we're gonna have six
19914s games coming your way we have five
19917s qualifying duos going through all the
19919s finals straight from today
19921s first two fifth position will qualify
19923s today and go through two finals remember
19925s as well guys you can watch all of this
19926s from legends landing it's a great place
19928s to hang out and watch things with the
19929s community and you get the same drops
19931s there as you would do on twitch as well
19932s so make sure to link your epic account
19934s and enjoy but that's today may 6th of
19937s course we also have our schedule what's
19939s coming your way how our players actually
19941s got here uh being part of this
19943s competition um it's all coming your way
19945s i think david you should give us the
19946s rundown of what you how you see this
19948s competition and uh why is such an
19950s exciting thing for our players and our
19951s viewers as well yeah so today we find
19953s ourselves in qualifier one there are
19955s gonna be three total each of these
19956s qualifiers having four rounds and we are
19958s going to be spectating over the fourth
19960s round 50 teams have made it here and
19962s we're gonna be paying attention to those
19964s top five at the end of these six games
19966s because they're going directly to the
19968s finals and the other ones are competing
19970s for a serious point so that way they can
19972s get into the semifinals and eventually
19974s we will have our finals in just a couple
19976s weeks
19977s all right now let's talk about what
19979s these guys are playing for today the
19981s point format we have the victory royale
19983s that's what everyone's trying to get
19985s that's 32 points for the victory royale
19987s you start getting points for placement
19990s at 35th and you accumulate them where
19992s you really get a lot of the points is in
19994s that top ten and then especially that
19996s top five is where you want to be in
19998s order to secure a ton of placement
20001s points outside of that you're getting
20002s three points per elimination as well so
20004s we've seen some teams put up big games
20006s and scoring a lot of those elimination
20008s points yeah it's all about the
20010s combination fellas that is key in a
20012s format like this on fncs but let's talk
20014s about nae of course as well the three
20016s previous rounds this is technically
20017s round four of qualifier one and these 50
20019s duos have qualified let's go through
20020s some of the players we're looking
20021s forward to seeing compete here vivid who
20023s sticks out for you
20024s i mean we see ibuga and mira making an
20026s appearance we know that they did just
20028s come off of that fncs win just last
20030s season so we're going to see what they
20032s can do today we got the likes of day and
20034s clicks at the top there dj and yamza
20036s with a powerful performance yesterday
20038s spg who stacks out for you though man
20041s i've been seeing aviva and gold doing
20043s really well they're a newly formed duo
20045s only been playing together a couple of
20046s weeks but aviv is one of the more
20048s underrated igls and gold is an
20050s up-and-comer reminds me a lot about cam
20052s last season playing with bucky i think
20054s those guys will be playing super well
20056s today yeah what's interesting for me as
20058s well fellas of course is every season
20061s qualifier one so many teams because
20062s there are so many great viewers in the
20064s region have haven't qualified to this
20066s part as well so we'll see them later
20068s down the line but the ones that have
20069s today this is a this is a big shock for
20071s the vivid as well as you can see at the
20072s second page here to get into finals off
20074s the back qualify one is huge for these
20076s duos
20077s oh yeah it would be a big swing in
20079s momentum for any of these right a lot of
20081s confidence because honestly looking at
20083s the player list here there are a lot of
20085s suspected teams that didn't actually
20087s make it into this fourth round so a lot
20089s of opportunities for a lot of these new
20091s guns to kind of show up and show out in
20093s this first qualifier it's going to be
20095s really important for them to take
20097s advantage of that because i i highly
20099s doubt a lot of our veterans don't make
20101s it again in this next qualifier so like
20103s you said they have to take advantage of
20105s their opportunity here they absolutely
20107s do now of course you've seen some fun
20108s content pieces that we we've done here
20110s this season already but we have another
20112s one for you now uh let's talk about
20114s rituals in nae here are some fun stuff
20116s from the players competing tonight for
20117s your viewing pleasure here you go
20120s [Music]
20127s like turn is usually around six so i
20128s warm up about three hours so i'll warm
20130s up with an aim trainer and then it's
20132s loading into you know fortnite creative
20134s course peace control maps mechanics maps
20136s 1v1 maps and stuff like that and then
20138s more importantly just playing against
20139s top tier players because if you're not
20141s practicing against them before you're
20142s not gonna be ready for them in the game
20143s top and creative and free build they're
20145s like pg a friend or two stretch my ends
20147s a bit to not get injured on my wrist
20148s just listen to music get myself in the
20150s zone for my aim and practice and create
20152s it for like 30 minutes aim train for the
20154s first 30 30 minutes and then for the
20157s next 30 minutes i just play with a
20158s friend try to just get my mechanics on
20160s before big tournaments i like getting a
20162s big breakfast
20166s i do like a 200 pump map for about 30
20168s minutes to warm up i usually just go on
20170s my own maps just kind of free build and
20172s aim training a little bit just one of
20174s these ones and pg another player my best
20176s recommendation for any creative mouse
20178s would probably be raiders a map raiders
20180s mechanics maps or peace control maps i
20182s think he probably makes the best
20183s creative maps for warming up
20185s [Music]
20188s i'll try to like focus more on my sleep
20190s and just make sure i'm on like a
20191s specific pattern so it's easier to fall
20192s asleep and everything so i think sleep's
20194s a very important part of any anyone's
20196s routine if not the most important thing
20198s if you don't get enough you'll just end
20200s up being just tired and really bad
20205s i throw my phone behind me i don't like
20207s open twitter really i don't tweet
20209s honestly just like walk away from my
20210s setup look at my dogs if i need to i
20212s always go take a quick walk sometimes
20215s every day see outside and
20218s get some sun it's always good to go
20220s outside and you know get some fresh air
20224s [Music]
20225s the mental preparation and the pressure
20227s it just calms itself when you've played
20228s a lot of tournaments i got like super
20230s nervous especially i was like younger
20232s now i'm just used to like all the
20233s pressure it doesn't really get to me
20234s anymore i just like don't have pressure
20236s or anything to be honest i just go into
20238s it like trying to do the best i can i
20240s thrive in the competition side i think i
20243s play better when there's a lot of money
20245s in the line or if we're on finals i want
20247s to get to that top 100 no matter what
20254s i love i love hearing from the players
20256s there are about things like you know
20257s sleep is really important of course but
20259s it's the pressure element as well being
20260s in competitions like this and experience
20262s goes a long way vivid you you've been in
20263s the hot seat you've been in these
20264s situations before how did you deal with
20267s pressure personally
20268s you know you really do just got to get
20270s as much practice in the game as you
20272s possibly can kind of get used to being
20274s in these situations that puts your back
20276s up against the wall and the more
20277s experience you have the less pressure
20279s you will feel thus you can be better in
20281s those type of moments it was really
20283s interesting to hear you had bizzle and
20285s edgy were like i don't really feel
20287s pressure i enjoy that moment and then
20289s there's iamzo who's a new player on the
20292s scenes like i love it i just want to
20294s dive in i feel no pressure i'm the best
20296s it's a great it's a great balance isn't
20298s some of the veteran players who have
20299s been there done it they got a t-shirt
20301s they know how to deal with the pressure
20302s but the new players have just they they
20304s just feel so confident as well and the
20305s combination is is amazing let's talk
20307s about some of those combinations as well
20308s some of the duos we're going to be
20309s seeing compete tonight uh there are so
20311s many to talk about we're going to
20312s highlight a few of them for you guys
20314s at home the first ones of course dejan
20316s and eomsa we just mentioned yomzo there
20318s but these guys i mean they i think round
20320s three they they they top deletable with
20322s four victory hours over ten games so
20324s they are at a good place right now why
20326s are they so exhilarating to watch vivid
20329s got to be the end games listen you said
20331s it for victor royales in round three is
20335s very very impressive and we can see that
20337s they are actually going to be laying in
20338s over at command cavern and we know
20341s there's just so much loot to gather over
20343s there but there's also a lot of teams
20345s laning over there as well as you can see
20346s here their performance yesterday was
20348s astounding they did top that leaderboard
20350s like adam mentioned
20351s it was kind of crazy to see them play
20353s yesterday they qualified at almost the
20355s first four or five matches and had other
20358s players coming for them they were doing
20360s this challenge it was so interesting and
20362s some of the best content i've seen in a
20363s while so these guys are feeling
20365s confident they're talking to other
20366s players that are at the top of their
20368s region so they're understanding the game
20370s very very well
20372s uh in addition to just you know playing
20373s at a super high level yeah they they're
20375s for all those teams is what we mentioned
20377s who have got a combination two players
20378s there you have younger been around yeah
20380s dj's been there for a long time as well
20382s and they're doing amazing things so
20383s we'll have to wait and see what happens
20385s this evening uh let's talk about of
20386s course clicks and day as well we have to
20388s talk about this duo um there's a lot of
20390s fans in the chat i'm sure um but the
20392s joneses looks like they're gonna be
20393s landing at the joneses i mean vivid uh
20395s again a duo that we can say so much
20398s about here um and they are just just
20400s they're just brilliant and the fans love
20401s them
20403s i mean the one thing about this duo is
20405s for sure their mechanical prowess you
20407s give them an inch they will take a mile
20409s in any of these situations which why you
20411s can see their average eliminations 7.67
20415s the crazy thing is when this duo gets
20417s rolling in these end game situations
20418s they do not stop so if you see a refresh
20420s come out of them in the end game expect
20423s a lot more
20424s and this team keeps getting better we've
20426s seen clicks kind of take over that igl
20428s role with day continuing to frag like he
20430s does and clix is only getting smarter
20433s better understanding of the game he's
20434s always kind of been that support or
20436s fragger role in the past now we get the
20439s opportunity to see him lead a duo and
20441s the more he plays the more he
20443s understands and this team is only
20446s beginning to see how good they could
20448s actually be
20449s yeah it's purely the origin what it
20451s could be something very very special um
20454s of course peterbot another thing we know
20456s very well and bylaw as well are
20458s combining forces they're a duo now as
20460s well um i hear there's been quite a few
20463s eliminations coming from peterbot within
20465s the last couple of days
20467s yeah absolutely incredible performance
20469s yesterday from this duo fourth place is
20472s where they finished you can see they are
20473s going to be landing just south east of
20476s our clicks and they are going to be
20477s laying into a little bit of a split drop
20478s they will have to be careful because
20480s clicks and they do like to wander around
20482s and try to see if they can get a quick
20483s pick but you know i mentioned clicks and
20485s day high average eliminations for them
20486s but no peterbot and violet impressing me
20488s even more
20490s 9.11 and that is going to be on the back
20492s of a 30 elimination fifth place game
20496s yesterday oh that's kind of kind of
20498s crazy from these two and we've seen
20500s peterbot put up some incredible games i
20503s mean he stole the show last fncs with
20505s that solo clutch that was honestly one
20508s of the best clips that i've seen in a
20509s really long time so we know these two
20511s have it and him playing with bile i
20513s think this dude is going to work out
20514s very well
20515s yeah i think you're right i think you're
20516s right i think you know we you know
20518s eliminations last year but they come for
20519s three points a piece as well they are a
20521s massive impact when it comes to overall
20523s score we saw it last year booger mirror
20525s obviously who won last season and
20527s previous season before that as well i
20528s think eliminations were such a big
20530s factor which made such a difference so
20532s if you're if you're coming into this on
20533s fire like peterborough is i mean this
20535s could be a big night for that duo um
20537s let's talk about this the map in general
20539s as well and in a second we'll go through
20540s kind of some contested areas we're
20541s excited about but pois in general now
20544s obviously this season the likes of
20545s airship's been introduced so more
20546s players can kind of like start you know
20548s in the same kind of poi region but up
20549s above uh you know rather than down below
20552s with the uh the the actual poi they used
20554s to vivid how does that differ differ the
20556s game play this time around how does it
20557s change things up for our duos knowing
20559s that they have multiple areas uh in the
20561s same space they're used to dropping um
20563s that they can they can they can attack
20564s from the get-go
20566s yeah it's all about adapting adam and
20568s yeah the blimps they really do add an
20570s interesting dynamic you know you have
20572s those zip lines that kind of lead down
20573s to these pois you can kind of use those
20575s siege cannons to instantly rotate away
20577s so you know if you are contesting a team
20579s at a poi and you want some of that loot
20582s from that blimp it's going to be very
20583s very hard if a team it does land up
20585s there so the blimps do add this
20587s interesting dynamic to these pois and
20590s also rotations
20591s and the crazy thing about it it's almost
20593s like a whole nother poi sitting on top
20596s of the poi we see teams that
20597s specifically land there and take all
20599s that loot so it adds that much more
20602s flexibility when you're trying to drop
20604s at a specific spot yeah the island has
20606s got layers a lot of layers to it now
20609s which is really exciting um let's talk
20610s about some of these kind of main areas
20612s we think that there's going to be some
20613s you know contestations if you will um
20616s one of them is indeed command cavern we
20618s know that there could be up to i think
20620s five duos in the region uh that are
20622s gonna be all competing for supremacy in
20624s that particular poi i mean dj the orbs
20627s are being one of them we've talked about
20628s already and highlighted them but so many
20630s big things even muslim avery a previous
20631s uh one of the you know fncs with mars i
20633s mean now indians these are big teams i
20636s mean is it going to affect the way that
20638s our teams rotate is it gonna fit the way
20640s that they kind of progress now there are
20641s so many top duos going into the same
20644s space there
20645s yeah so command cavern is an interesting
20647s poi because you know you just mentioned
20649s how the island itself has layers put
20651s command cavern in itself just has so
20654s many of its very own layers you can go
20656s inside the cavern itself you can kind of
20658s stay up by all of those events or you
20660s can go all the way up to the blimp and
20662s we saw over actually in the eu region
20664s where a lot of these flights that took
20665s place on the outside of cavern instantly
20667s got third party because there are just
20668s so many people landing around you so you
20670s really do have to be careful when a poi
20672s like this is so contested and there are
20674s so many layers to it it's gonna be tough
20676s too because it has so much loot there
20679s and i also want to see who's able to get
20680s the vault because that's a huge piece of
20682s the poi but ultimately i think either
20685s people are gonna have to leave or it's
20687s just gonna be all these teams are
20688s struggling to get enough loot and get
20690s off spawn because of how much is going
20692s on
20693s i mean it is it can be a bit of a
20694s blessing in the curse we've seen this
20696s obviously in previous seasons as well
20697s but you know if you do have such a
20699s congested poi with a lot of teams in the
20702s vicinity you know you get those tags
20703s early on like some storm surge when it
20705s comes around if it does come round you
20707s know you've got those early tanks so
20708s it's not as much of a factor i mean does
20710s that players think that do they want
20712s those engagements earlier or they do you
20714s think they're going to try to avoid them
20715s that they're going to loot up and get
20717s out and start their rotation and kind of
20718s avoid players until later in the
20720s competition today there are many
20723s different shadows you can go with one
20724s for sure is going ahead and taking those
20726s early engagements so that way you don't
20728s have to worry about storm surge later
20729s but even sometimes taking those early
20731s engagements since players aren't usually
20733s full
20733s effective hp then you don't actually get
20736s a lot of storm surge right because if
20737s you just take somebody down it's only
20738s 100 hp that's only 100 damage so you
20741s know or players can choose to kind of
20742s just make rotations and set up on a hill
20744s and get tags from a distance
20746s yeah i'm not sure either way we'll have
20748s to see because like we mentioned there's
20750s so many players there those early
20752s engagements are almost a no win scenario
20754s unless they're quick like that and like
20756s vivid said then you're not really
20758s getting too much damage off of it so
20760s i'll be interested to see how much we do
20762s see the fights off spawn i command yeah
20764s me too i mean game one so close guys i'm
20766s so excited uh let's have a look at
20767s another poi as well there's gonna be
20769s undoubtedly contested uh greasy grove as
20771s well vivid um who can we expect to see
20773s there what do we think is gonna happen
20775s and unfold for the viewers at home
20777s you know greasy grove is a scary one we
20780s are going to see a big name due in
20782s canada and ages land here and we saw
20784s plenty of flights go down last season
20787s actually here and it's all about that
20788s main building because they do have those
20790s coolers and in those coolers you can get
20792s so many heals with the introduction of
20795s the floppers and stuff that you can get
20796s though it is less likely to get all
20797s those chuck splashes but still it is
20800s possible and here we're going to put up
20802s some stats here where you can see canada
20804s with a way higher average elimination
20807s than a baller's duo which could
20809s necessarily mean that they are better at
20811s fighting which could be a scary factor
20813s for ballers to consider when they are
20814s going to be fighting them off spawn
20816s really interested to see how this plays
20817s out because like you just mentioned it's
20820s one team that plays aggressive one team
20821s that seems to be more passive and then
20823s it's also the veterans versus the
20825s newcomers off spawn last season we saw
20827s this it was 50 50 every time you're all
20830s going for like one weapon one chest and
20832s it's decided very quickly this season it
20835s could honestly be split there's a lot of
20837s loot here at greasy and i'm interested
20839s to see how exactly this play is off
20841s spawn if i'm cannot in agers i'm not
20842s letting these new guys try and take my
20844s loot but also ballers and co they have
20847s to make their name and not get bullied
20849s off spawn if they want to continue to
20851s land here so we'll see exactly how this
20853s plays out between these two teams
20866s yeah so
20869s i guess um we are going to be going in
20872s to the game here shortly but before we
20875s do that spg we do actually have a
20878s do don't say it n a east content piece
20882s for you guys to check out
20887s [Music]
20889s um i'm gonna say a word
20891s i'm not i'm gonna describe something
20892s without saying words it's gonna be
20895s describing a specific item in fortnite
20897s without you know using it like that
20900s exact word all right there's three man
20901s words that i cannot use all right
20904s i think we're going to be the best just
20906s like fortnite
20909s infinite metal glitch
20910s uh reporters yup
20912s uh the little emote that shows how many
20914s things you got
20915s crown emote
20917s uh greasy
20919s building in the middle taco or
20922s i don't know no where rise lands where
20924s you fishing
20926s what's in there
20927s chugs yep
20929s i'm swinging smacking on the wall with
20930s what pig pickaxe
20932s i'm dropping out of the way
20934s battle bus
20935s where og og
20941s all right
20942s bad shotgun shouldn't be in the game oh
20944s i messed that up
20947s on height i'm throwing down something
20950s oh wait a pad lunch man not in the game
20952s right now used to be season x
20954s bouncer shockwave
20956s booga
20958s with with the specific type of oral club
20961s no no no recently with marrow at that
20963s poi what do they have for
20965s chugs four only four of them
20967s [Music]
20970s that was that was fun that was fun yeah
20972s it was it
20985s um
20986s i might do good if we can get past the
20987s first one
20990s it's about to get off
20993s all right it's in pubs and you can it
20995s marks people when you shoot it
20998s that's the best i can do the mythic
21001s revolver no no no no
21004s no go next go next go next
21006s no shot all right
21008s when you break it you get madrid
21013s a llama yeah
21016s um
21017s you get pads
21019s drops
21021s mythic um mystic mk oh
21024s mythic mk where where is it oh sanctuary
21028s uh booga wonderful cs at that spot
21030s shockers
21032s um the gun you hold for search every
21034s time
21036s oh thermal thermal thermal
21038s um you put items in it
21041s it's in pubs the the little the tents
21043s the tents
21045s you get fish when you shoot it harp
21047s [Music]
21049s um
21050s we get we always use it together
21053s i was locked in man i was locked
21057s that was a lot better um it was good it
21059s was good after the first one it was it
21060s was good
21062s [Music]
21069s i love those games we should do that
21071s ourselves on on on the desk at some
21073s point they're great they're really fun i
21075s love these this is great um right of
21077s course we are we are moments away from
21079s the very first game here on uh on the
21082s very very first game of the very first
21084s qualifier this is massive i'm so hyped
21086s for this um before we do that of course
21087s predictions this is very important to us
21089s you may have seen the eu broadcast
21091s earlier on there's more at stake this
21092s season for us here on the broadcast as
21094s well for who we choose as well like down
21096s the line we'll see more about it but
21097s it's it's all to play for amongst the
21099s desk here in the broadcast calendar i've
21100s gone for booga and miro i had to i want
21102s to know in the chat let me know if you
21104s agree okay last season's fncs champions
21107s you know you one of us had to they're
21109s they're you're amazing team they're both
21110s incredibly good in any situation i had
21113s to go for mirror i think they could do
21114s it again the legacy could continue vivid
21116s tell me who you've chosen
21118s yeah i am believing a little bit more in
21121s day and clicks if you can see some
21123s clicks fans arise in the chat come on
21126s this duo is just too good not to pick
21128s them and also mdf picking dubs and mega
21132s i also you know we were talking a little
21133s bit backstage we both kind of agree this
21136s is a solid pick because they do just
21137s they're gonna be landing uncontested
21139s over at shifty staff they have so much
21140s space there it's a really good solid
21143s pick for mdf
21144s great picks guys but ultimately it's
21146s going to be djen and yamzo taking home
21149s today we know that they are playing
21151s really well they're riding the hot hand
21153s and dj yamzo gonna win command cavern
21156s and just win the entire tournament we
21158s also have sundown going with spade and
21160s chimp they finished really well in
21162s second place in last fncs so another duo
21166s that has been continuing to play well
21168s throughout the cash cups earlier this
21170s season i would expect sundown to pick to
21172s do well
21173s in addition to mine probably not as good
21175s as dj
21176s though yeah right i mean let's go by
21178s last season spg i think you got zero
21181s points last season but we were that's
21183s fine
21183s hey it was the first season these things
21185s happen but i tell you what with the
21187s whole with the team here is what every
21188s one of us picking a different viewer
21190s makes things really exciting for you
21191s guys at home for us as well so let us
21193s know in the chat who you think is gonna
21194s go the way who who do you think is gonna
21196s become you know first place here in
21197s qualifier one we can't wait to hear all
21199s about it but um we are moments away from
21201s game one it all starts right here this
21203s is the beginning of what is going to be
21204s an amazing season of fncs nae uh we of
21208s course have the ultimate duo the
21210s ultimate duo waiting in the wings here
21212s bringing you all the action uh the
21214s almighty sundown and monster d face guys
21216s take it away over to you it all starts
21219s here
21221s thank you so much adam spg and vivid and
21225s what's up fortnite fam and for the first
21228s time in a while what's good twitch chat
21230s how you guys been my name sundown joined
21232s by monster d face here to call all the
21234s action we got six games going down to
21236s monster you looking forward to it
21238s oh man i'm absolutely looking forward to
21240s it today's like a new day for fortnight
21242s competitive you know we got the chat
21243s going we got the vibes rolling here on
21245s the desk of course and you saw the picks
21247s man it was so hard to boil you down to a
21250s top five picker for today everyone's got
21252s some great options up on the board but
21254s of course it's going to come down to the
21255s players ultimately right who has the
21257s confidence who has the drop spot who has
21259s that little bit of lady luck in their
21260s corner sundown because you know we all
21262s know you're going to need everything to
21264s come together if you want a big spot
21266s yeah who's going to be able to put it
21268s all together over the course of the six
21269s games we're gonna find out match number
21271s one is underway
21280s alright ladies and gentlemen n a east
21282s game number one for the qualifier is
21285s here and it's about to begin as the
21287s battle bus starts to take the world put
21288s yourself in the player's shoes now
21291s how are you going to step up to this
21293s plate and smack this ball home and over
21296s that fence because getting a top five is
21297s not going to be easy you saw the player
21299s list you saw who is being contested here
21302s on the drop some of our favorites have
21304s big battles to overcome right now one of
21306s them of course kannada and age are
21307s sundown this is a very interesting drop
21310s spot it does seem like their reputation
21311s alone though has won them the greasy
21313s grove yeah it's about to say looks like
21315s suscript gave just like a nice little
21317s 180 but gave them plenty of space so
21320s we're gonna check out the utter clown
21322s fiesta that is command cavern i mean
21324s we've seen upwards of four or five
21326s different duos leave here and none of
21328s them even have to fight off the start
21329s you do have the options if you do want
21331s to go down and contest one of these
21332s others but there is so much loot and so
21335s much space available so centrally on the
21337s map as well as great dividing lines
21340s based on just how much different
21341s verticality there are where
21343s comfortably you can see tragics and seas
21345s they're finding a little bit of room you
21347s know i'm zoned they have room as well
21348s and so far another single shot has been
21351s fired now listen i mean i challenge you
21354s i challenge the twitch chat was the last
21356s time you've seen in a final setting this
21359s many teams contesting a single draw spot
21361s sundown you and i have been casting for
21363s years i don't think we've seen upwards
21365s of four teams housing around one
21368s singular drop spot and this time around
21369s for whatever reason command cavin has
21372s drawn in the bulk of the competitors now
21374s jumping over to of course buga and mero
21376s right they have a completely uncontested
21379s draw spot and a little bit of a
21380s challenge for themselves right that
21382s they're facing this season because
21383s there's some adjustments that have gone
21385s through competitive and now they don't
21386s have those big rotations but hold up we
21388s have our first fight
21390s let's see first one we're going to be
21391s able to catch on over here let's trap
21393s kills and flow trying to dive on in
21395s using that drum shotgun to try and get
21396s wall to wall we'll swap him immediately
21398s over the stinger get some good tags but
21399s flow bites off a little bit more than
21401s control he's going to get taken down
21402s however dropkill is going to be able to
21404s bail him out a little bit there well
21406s done picking that one up
21408s that's going to be nasty who's going to
21409s fall there a player who's had quite a
21411s successful track in recent times on the
21413s other side though easy 2k is also going
21416s to fall to the hands of bucky and kim
21419s the veterans the kings of the daily
21421s bugle i mean you saw what they did the
21423s last time they were here on the fncs
21425s stage they qualified first week they
21427s came out strong and they brought it all
21429s the way home it looks like they're
21430s trying to repeat that performance here
21432s today now of course it's about of course
21434s qualifying now and bringing that same
21436s energy to finals that's still gonna be a
21438s big ass for any player but hey they're
21440s off to the right start cam and bucky now
21442s have a solid two elimination lead over
21445s the lobby yeah don't forget it was
21446s effectively after four games in the last
21449s first qualifier they were able to go
21450s through us we're going to take a replay
21452s some of the other early fights that went
21453s down specifically the one we're just
21455s taking a look at him bucky finding some
21456s big shots from range and safely
21458s resetting this is what we've seen a lot
21460s of whereas bucky's really kind of
21461s supporting cam letting him run around
21463s and i also would be remiss if i didn't
21465s call out that psg tna tag yes that is
21467s paris saint-germain and team new age
21470s hopping into the fortnightly nice little
21472s deal that went down between the past
21474s fortnight season so cool to see them
21476s getting involved also with a nice little
21478s transition there as we hop on board here
21480s with cloud9's avery and psg tna muzz the
21484s oc transplant who's found a lot of
21486s success over in nau so far
21488s yeah definitely has found his hand at
21490s success i mean here on this stage and
21493s then of course on the uh the rival stage
21495s with the creator series uh pairing up
21497s alongside somerset and others to go
21499s ahead and you know just compete
21500s alongside any competitions he can get
21502s his hand on but for clicks and day i'm
21504s sure there's plenty of you all in the
21505s chat that want to see this duo succeed
21507s here today and they're doing just that
21509s right they're at their drop spot players
21511s right now most professional players are
21512s going to be looking to max out their
21514s loadouts really optimize their entire
21517s kits here before they go ahead and take
21518s on a position there shouldn't be too
21520s many teams battling it out like this but
21522s we're of course going to have these
21524s early game rivalries right now this is
21526s the first time we're looking at druzzo
21527s and carrie here take a fight and again
21530s they're gonna find a couple tags they're
21532s gonna back off now comfortably because
21534s they want some storm surge tags right
21536s looking at how many players are up right
21537s now sundown i mean i think it'd be safe
21540s to say we're gonna be seeing a very big
21542s surge tick coming soon yeah and
21544s additionally too as if a team is used to
21546s landing on that small little boat you
21548s don't want to get stuck in a dragged out
21550s fight against them because if you don't
21551s have experience taking a fight on that
21553s boat there's so many awkward little
21554s angles and ways that they can disengage
21556s and they're used to being pinned on the
21557s coast in that circumstance because no
21559s matter what you're in a disadvantageous
21562s position when you're on the outside the
21564s map however the boat has so much initial
21566s early loot that you can trade out
21568s forever against people and if they get
21569s stalled on the interior eventually
21572s you're going to be able to chip away at
21573s them and have more resources so good
21575s decision from kerry and co to disengage
21577s us we're gonna swing on over to chewie
21579s pog trying to line up a shot here with
21581s that snipe nope instead just scouting it
21583s out because it looks like monster wants
21584s to go back to the reboot card there's
21586s down duo
21589s yeah and i absolutely agree with you
21590s with the whole story about hey you know
21592s you stick around for too long you can
21593s actually stall out like right there you
21595s know for instance you saw that team's
21597s really waiting it out you're losing time
21599s on the clock dj yams are not wasting any
21601s time to get their loot go but also
21603s looking around for some tags here this
21605s is the scout method that you can
21606s actually use from this this high ground
21608s position of this drop ship but hold up
21610s back on over to chewie's trying to
21611s clutch up now it looks like he's made a
21613s mad dash for the reboot card and it
21614s might just be backfiring here he's
21616s putting it all on the line as he's
21618s already burned through all the heavy
21619s material to try and really fortify
21620s himself here inside this base but in a
21622s 2v1 situation we all know it is
21625s really not looking good and the odds are
21627s stacked against you here's no shotgun
21629s dude the only way he's able to make a
21631s play here is a close-range snipe onto
21633s acro because even if he hits it onto
21635s xenophobia it's going to require an smg
21637s swap and immediately he gets back down
21639s by that striker they know he has a crack
21641s shield chewie is in such a tough
21642s position and a really good job playing
21644s this 1v2 closed out and there they are
21646s they're going to take it away
21649s nice quick elimination there and that's
21651s going to bring two for cinephobia now
21653s very nicely done and just look at the
21656s loadout legendary smg to work with
21658s that's a very powerful loadout as we all
21660s know on over to rhythm though who's
21662s looking at the team that was of course
21664s just challenging them on that waters
21666s front
21667s this is of course carrie and flu drizzle
21669s they're going to be backing off now this
21671s takes a lot of damage so they're going
21672s to actually have to ditch the vehicle
21674s here and it's going to kind of stand off
21675s now look notice the positioning they
21677s have that slight advantage so rhythm has
21679s to be careful here it has to be careful
21681s about approaching but don't forget
21682s there's so many limited numbers of
21684s vehicles on the map now which is just
21686s really the i o cars and a couple other
21688s very select taxi spawns across the map
21690s which means once that does get chunked
21691s out players are going to pay attention
21693s they're going to be shooting your wheels
21694s they're going to be getting whatever
21695s attacks because if they can force you to
21697s not have that resource it ends up
21699s becoming massive as now drizzle and
21701s carry are forced to basically box up
21703s defensively with not a lot of excess
21704s resources
21706s clean tags being traded back and forth
21708s now and over to day and clicks who are
21709s also looking to do the same exact thing
21712s can they find tags unfortunately that
21714s vehicle is gonna slip right on out of
21716s their reach these are some weak walls
21718s and nicely done for a day he finds a few
21720s there these are crucial they can start
21723s to add up these tags are really gonna be
21725s important later into the game but before
21726s we get there it's peterbot and bilo
21728s let's take a look at the highlight here
21729s peterbot man the kid's electric he jumps
21732s inside the box and shuts down beef there
21735s to go ahead and wrap up that duo that
21736s was an instant elimination and just like
21739s that another team is sent back to the
21741s lobby yeah and that's the position where
21742s peterbot really thrives just being able
21744s to know he can go into 1v2 kind of trade
21746s attrition lead with that smg and even if
21748s the opponent gets off a huge striker
21750s kind of swap right there he's not going
21753s to be under pressure and i just realized
21754s that car's not completely broken yet so
21756s if somebody's able to get a repair torch
21758s to it they could get that all the way
21759s back up wheels and all but
21762s would end up being a risky maneuver and
21764s at this point you're not seeing as many
21766s repair torches really be carried
21769s yeah and it's probably not by choice
21771s ladies and gentlemen the repair torch is
21773s very very powerful it can come and play
21776s its usage in the game even a team like
21778s booga and mirror of course we expected
21780s them to be you know in a different type
21782s of situation this tournament come around
21784s and take a look here they did manage to
21786s find themselves elimination that might
21787s have been a stolen elim on some of the
21789s teams rotating by either way it's gonna
21791s be big points to kick things off you can
21793s see they're hovering right at that three
21794s mark and of course the minimal you want
21797s to get to is of those top 35 points or
21799s so right and placement so you can start
21801s actually earning those points here in
21803s the game this rotates important there's
21805s a couple of teams in front of them so
21806s it's not going to be completely free
21808s here as they start to enter in they will
21810s have to be just a bit cautious
21813s now this is the name of the game right
21814s now you're just kind of going to get a
21816s tick over on this side not too many
21817s players have dropped you can see in the
21819s top left-hand corner there's only one
21821s player who doesn't necessarily have
21823s their duo up right now and also just a
21825s slight correction to my earlier analysis
21827s repair torches aren't in when it comes
21828s to competitive playlists and tournament
21830s stuff so ignore me in that regard i
21832s apologize i was looking at all the min
21834s maxing and sometimes i get too excited
21836s thinking wait somebody might be able to
21837s save that but no there's no saving that
21839s i think it's chunked in a single burst
21842s by anyone and then it goes uh up in
21844s flames and unlike the song you're not
21846s quite gonna enjoy that
21848s yeah you know what that that's fair
21849s enough right we see what happens when
21851s repair torch had its play and
21852s competitive a lot of vehicles stay alive
21854s and it can make for some chaos in the
21855s end game so of course competitive is
21857s always going to see its checks and
21859s balances if you will for peterbot and
21861s bilo though their rotation right now is
21863s looking beautiful here they just skate
21865s across this water's edge no worries in
21867s sight
21868s went over to the other side though duke
21869s and jeffers putting some pressure on
21871s players all nearby they've already found
21873s themselves a bit of a power position and
21874s talk about min maxing farming the chest
21877s there for any little bit of extra wood i
21879s mean hey you never know if it comes down
21881s to a one bill difference yeah that's
21883s seven extra wood but i mean
21884s sometimes you just gotta break and you
21886s gotta deal with what you gotta deal with
21887s especially when you look in the bottom
21888s right hand corner i was gonna say
21889s there's not a ton of wood nearby but
21891s there's plenty of trees he could have
21892s gone and swung out with no one near him
21893s so you know what it is what it is is
21896s we're gonna swing on over to my
21897s prediction spay tb chimp tb up just
21900s outside the bugle that posted up on that
21902s high ground now this was the duo that
21905s got second in the previous fncs chapter
21908s three is season one doing it roughly
21910s right out of the same spot as well so
21913s with the same rotations kind of having
21914s the same pattern a lot of faith in them
21916s you know i talked about in the preview
21918s piece how those duo's sticking together
21920s it's going to end up being more
21922s beneficial for them and you kind of see
21923s a little bit of the strategy coming out
21925s from bucky and cam as well as chimp and
21926s speed it's just like hey get the high
21928s ground and know that pretty much
21929s everybody on the southern part of the
21930s map has to rotate past this sight line
21934s you saw the distance there vehicles
21935s exploding and
21937s chaos ensuing on the map for and
21940s subscript though this
21942s aspect now
21943s and players are going to
21945s honestly decide what does they want to
21947s engage with other players it's just safe
21950s now only succeed
21962s yeah as you can see now though with 20
21964s players in the top left-hand corner
21966s we'll need to get down to 70 players
21968s left here
21969s when it comes to the storm surge turning
21971s off and that's going to turn on in the
21973s next minute so actually with the reboot
21975s coming up we don't even have a solo
21977s rider everybody will have a partner
21979s there's going to be a ton of action
21981s coming down within the next minute or so
21983s as everybody tries to jockey for
21984s position around the storm surge so what
21986s we're going to do is going to take a
21988s peek at some of the duos who are
21989s underneath now as a viewer the two
21991s things you're going to want to pay
21992s attention to is the number on the right
21994s hand side above the map that shows the
21996s storm's threshold through the number in
21997s the top left hand corner on the right
21999s hand side you want to see above that
22001s means you're not going to be taking that
22003s storm surge damage 25 damage every five
22006s seconds with the number in the top left
22007s the players want to see 70. that's when
22009s it will turn off now when will all that
22012s action go down in the next 35 seconds so
22014s everyone's trying to get into zone in
22016s their about face and make sure they're
22018s somewhere near the threshold because
22019s right now eden and ave they're much
22022s underneath and they're going to need a
22023s little bit of breathing room as the feed
22025s is lighting up in the top left-hand
22026s corner you can see muzz picking an up
22028s picking up a knock for himself you will
22030s end up trying to get the confirmation as
22032s players are going to beginning to over
22034s peek and look for a little bit of room
22035s we'll have a split of two of our bigger
22037s duos here with ab on the left and
22038s skittles on the right looking to get the
22040s shots down as storm surge turns on in
22042s just five seconds
22045s and immediately you can see the pressure
22046s coming through on aven e dan they're
22048s going to get taken down immediately will
22050s swing on over skittles and users who
22053s have a great position but not too many
22055s lines of sight as everyone has already
22057s invested some hard mats underneath them
22059s somebody else who doesn't necessarily
22061s have a great position you can see swirl
22062s on the right hand side starting to get
22064s hit by that damage and separated from
22066s his duo so not able to utilize those
22068s chug splashes to his full effectiveness
22070s until they're together and boxed up and
22072s every second they spend shielding it up
22074s means they aren't shooting as we see
22075s users go down on the left hand side of
22077s the screen
22079s yeah it's looking really good right now
22081s things are continuing to spice up here
22083s for of course swirl in the oxy it's not
22086s looking too hot here they are down 200
22088s damage below this surge there's plenty
22090s of targets nearby though right we have
22091s jake here inside the box fresh edit
22093s comes out this is exactly what they're
22094s looking for but no time to capitalize
22096s those shots were amiss and you can see
22098s these bolts of lightning are coming down
22100s they're out of heels they're out of time
22101s it's up to you a oxy now as this
22103s teammate's going to fall here look at
22104s finds one in the feed that's huge but
22106s the time is ticking and the oxy gets
22108s tagged swirl gets tagged as well and
22110s down they go those elims fall into the
22113s hands of cash and jake there for
22115s peterbot and bayla it seems like they've
22117s managed to weather the storm quite
22118s literally here they find themselves
22120s above the surge sitting on tons of loot
22122s that's the of course refresher now from
22125s those two elims that really just
22127s barreled into their box right looking
22129s for their storm surge tags
22131s yeah and that's what if you were above
22132s storm surge in that first circumstance
22134s particularly when there's so many
22135s players who really need to press you can
22137s kind of put yourself in a position to
22140s take advantage of the fact that that
22142s your opponents are going to be taking
22143s constant damage we saw it with jason
22145s cass basically getting a couple rifle
22147s shots and then just running away knowing
22149s that their opponents were actively
22150s getting ticked they'd run from the
22151s outside the zone and as long as they're
22153s able to stall it out hey it turned into
22155s six free points for them now monster
22157s we're also closing in on that first
22159s placement threshold so everybody will
22161s get a point here once one more duo does
22163s fall and we currently have a duo who's
22166s still getting hit by storm surge as we
22167s jumped back above but just as i talked
22169s about that kerry ends up getting the
22171s confirmation on to muslin he goes down
22174s outside the top 35. what a huge
22176s elimination there in another falls just
22178s nearby as well to the hands of the storm
22181s surge
22182s man you know i was just gonna bring up
22183s that was a very long storm surge fight
22185s right there it took it all the way past
22188s the next warning zone and then into that
22190s moving zone well into about a minute or
22192s so that that's a very very long and
22195s taxing storm surge right there that's
22197s going to truly dig into the lobby um
22199s remember that number starts to trade
22201s back and forth really pinging between
22203s multiple teams so you know
22206s it's only a matter of time we'll find
22207s out who is really affected this time
22208s around but for iamzo and dj it seems
22211s like they've managed to maintain their
22213s position in this lobby so far and
22214s honestly with the amount of heals
22216s they've had you can tell that they
22217s didn't have too much of a problem that
22218s time around bucky and cam have
22220s themselves a nice wide fortified base
22222s here but they are on the outer edge it
22224s doesn't look like they're gonna pull
22225s this zone and talk about an interesting
22228s zone it's all the way up here north it's
22230s going way deep into the sleepy sound i
22232s was just about to say i don't think
22234s we've seen a zone quite like this the
22236s one other time we came out north we were
22238s a little bit farther east and much more
22241s over these vertical mountain ports this
22242s zone is so interesting because the
22244s moving zones here well there's a ton of
22246s verticality around the outside the
22248s players who have the advantage right now
22250s are the ones who are already boxed up in
22251s the center of sleepy the thing is there
22253s that doesn't really exist at this point
22256s right there's one two maybe three or
22258s four duos who put themselves in there
22260s everyone else was banking on it pulling
22262s back in towards the interior these
22264s moving zones are going to be utter chaos
22266s because one there's a ton of stuff to be
22268s refarmed here but two the sight lines
22270s are going to be so chaotic just look at
22272s these slight little changes in elevation
22274s the grid space here is very awkward if
22277s you're not used to playing late game
22278s zones in this area
22280s i agree with you
22283s i mean i've seen a lot of
22289s you can foreign spade actually going
22291s down in the feed there you can right now
22292s we have a three box with clicks yamzo
22295s and boga boga in the bottom right hand
22296s corner clicks and day in your top and
22299s then the bottom left hand we got iamzo
22301s indigen everybody looking good on space
22303s right now but the next storm surge
22304s warning is about to pop as soon as this
22306s fourth zone closes so we'll see who's
22309s able to get a little bit of real estate
22310s and we can expect a decent amount of
22312s action to be occurring on the southeast
22314s side as we're going to take a peek at
22316s djinn finding some fantastic shots there
22319s with that burst rifle going to be able
22321s to sneak through as threats is going to
22323s get the confirmation on to cam so cam
22325s and bucky not repeating the qualifier
22328s one take from last season as ellison
22330s jock the g2 player looking for a little
22332s bit of space they found it on the
22334s southwest side of the map no one really
22336s remotely near them clicks and day also
22338s have a ton of real estate on the
22340s northern part but their issue is in
22342s space their issue is numbers and time as
22344s you see on the right hand side 32 damage
22347s below
22348s keeping an eye on the top left hand
22350s corner the number we're going to be
22351s looking for is 50 so right now seven
22354s different duos are going to be pressed
22356s put under pressure from that 25 damage
22358s every five second two of them are on
22360s your screen right now with the roller
22362s and end pen on the right as we switch
22363s back on over clicks and day they're
22365s getting into it wall to wall and i can
22367s see why clicks rocking that legendary
22369s drum shotgun just got a
22371s pretty significant buff when it comes to
22374s player versus player combat a little bit
22376s of a nerf when it comes to the actual
22377s wall pressure so it's not quite as
22379s effective when you're actually the one
22381s doing the pressure but in duo's you can
22382s see how day is the one trying to clear
22384s space as clix is the one trying to find
22386s the shots but they need to start going
22388s because that damage is going to start
22390s ticking they're going to be forced to go
22392s in their chug splashes as we keep an eye
22393s on the top left-hand corner as well
22395s chimp ends up getting confirmed and my
22397s prediction is down just outside that
22400s second round of placement points we've
22401s had our next race placement point end up
22403s going through that's why you see the
22405s plus two next to clicks his name on the
22407s left hand side as threats picks up yet
22409s another knock in paper is gonna get the
22411s confirmation of the jamming take a look
22413s over at the roller and m pen who are
22415s just five below surges clicks and day
22417s are just barely able to get themselves
22419s above thanks to the air shots coming out
22421s from clips
22425s i can see chug splash is going through
22426s making sure they're topped off 49
22428s players left they're gonna get a little
22429s bit more room here as we're also going
22431s to close in on those cascading placement
22433s points now look at where the moving zone
22436s pulled we're going straight to north so
22439s everyone who is in that power position i
22440s talked about has to rotate into clicks
22443s and day right now and it's just such a
22444s great position to be in i'm with you i'm
22447s with you on this i mean it's looking
22448s really difficult right now players are
22450s starting to house up on this northern
22451s side it's looking very congested but hey
22454s at least we can think that there is some
22455s land in play here this could have easily
22457s landed on top of the water so let's take
22459s a look for djinni amazon they're putting
22460s this pressure on its shadow is going to
22462s fall inside the box and of course
22463s they're going to be able to finish that
22464s elimination there big pick up here for
22467s djing in the option it just seems like
22468s they continue to find loot after loot
22471s when they need it most and this is where
22473s you know most importantly send down the
22474s points they're going to start adding up
22477s yeah the points now with that
22478s elimination coming through or no there's
22480s another dual going through because they
22481s get a knock there so omg me too still on
22483s his feet somewhere but we're into the
22484s cascading poison points now so each duo
22487s that drops is plus one additional point
22490s until we're into the top three then it's
22492s plus two plus two and an additional plus
22494s three for that victory royale so those
22496s points are going to go up and oh boy
22498s we're going straight up a hill old man
22501s mountain is called in early the first
22503s small moving zone is going up to one of
22505s the higher points in this area of the
22507s map and i mean we're going to be forced
22509s to burn a lot of utility expect to hear
22511s a bunch of launch pads you put out on
22513s this rotation but for dj and yams i mean
22515s they have a launch pad right they
22516s definitely have one booga and miro they
22518s have two i mean that's even better you
22520s get to use one to cut all the way across
22522s the field now and then another to get up
22524s and over this elevation let's see it
22525s here though look at make sure the sky is
22527s clear it does look like it they're one
22528s of the last teams on the back side of
22530s the zone here comes the wave of launch
22532s pads a lot of course of recycling
22534s happening here as players start flying
22536s across but they're touching down they're
22538s looking good the surge is active if your
22540s clicks in day you need to get inside a
22541s box and you need to do an asap a day
22543s needs to heal first before you can
22544s actually think about taking a fight for
22546s clicks though he wastes no time he finds
22548s someone there it's a down body it's
22549s perfect for him too and that's a full
22551s finish on tsunami
22553s yeah that was his knock too which is
22556s monstrous the points coming through you
22557s see clicks starting to go to work we
22559s talked about that drum shock and the
22560s head shots bring so much additional
22562s damage and these players don't tend to
22564s miss when given the opportunity clicks
22565s finding great room and giving his team
22568s an opportunity to breathe which is what
22570s you need in these end games
22572s yeah for sure slacks though by himself
22575s playing as a solo right now player up
22576s above him it's of course clicks and day
22578s there that's not a fight you want to
22579s take clips in day edging their way onto
22581s high ground they might actually be
22582s playing for the top position here but
22584s kanada doesn't want to give it up for
22585s free he's also based up all way up top
22588s here he's going to take a peek outside
22589s does he realize he's free no instead he
22591s gives it up this is starting to change
22593s elevation here everyone gives it up dj
22595s and the arms are going to be the team
22596s that ends up cranking up to the side
22597s here and it's theirs that is what we
22600s talk about that's that loot and that
22601s material count threshold that we saw was
22603s so heavily favoring into their uh their
22606s inventory right and remember they're
22608s coming off the hot streak of yesterday's
22610s multi victory royale streak as well in
22613s the previous qualifying round so i mean
22616s talk about a team that's on fire right
22617s now they might just line up their first
22619s win today yeah fantastic positioning
22621s there to be able to ramp up on the front
22622s side of the zone but it will take them
22624s out of the relevant action for now
22626s they'll just be raining shots down so
22627s the eliminations will be picked up the
22628s lower part why i love picking up one
22630s dubs picking up one mega picking up one
22632s as well looking for a little bit of room
22633s as n pen and d roller will also get full
22636s confirmed but look at the slight change
22637s on elevation there is no ultimate low in
22639s play because if you drop down the
22641s mountain is right there so dj and yamaza
22643s are just going to continue to run it
22644s down lars in the bottom right hand
22646s corner he gets cleaned up just outside
22648s the top ten we're gonna hop on board
22649s kanado tries to hop into a little bit of
22651s space but instead the straight line jump
22654s gets him ripped apart just to shield and
22656s 87 hp to his name
22657s i see miro find ryze in the feed but
22659s threats claps back and takes him out
22661s there too booga is left by himself
22663s edging his way around the outside
22664s threats manages to pick up nine
22667s eliminations this is so massive talk
22669s about eight
22670s and of course it does not stop here
22673s in the fight as he has to stop slapping
22675s he's working his way up
22680s what a shot on the mega there but
22682s somebody get pep on the line might as
22684s well sub in threats because man said he
22685s could use everyone right now and he's
22687s putting on a show a clinic one might say
22690s as he also has the med miss finding some
22691s space on the backside of the zone he has
22693s plenty of builds so old man mountain
22695s isn't going to end up being a problem
22697s here and he finally gets a little bit of
22699s space towards the side you can see 15 hp
22701s still has the men miss finds a little
22702s bit of room with 107 builds into the top
22705s six clicks and day find another one
22706s that's marzo w going down peterbot also
22708s going down they finding yet another one
22711s so nrg fans rise and rise you will as
22715s bilat tries to find his way through the
22717s catacombs of the player built buildings
22719s there looks like he's going to go down
22721s in just a second we should have a 2 v 1
22724s v 2 here to close out the game no bila
22727s just hitting the med miss finding some
22728s room and then he gets caught out so 2 v
22731s 1 v 2 ianto and dj up on the high ground
22734s threats the one man army the 10 he limbs
22736s himself drops down and that's in the
22738s clicks and days trying to take the 1v2
22740s still has plenty of builds isolates the
22741s 113 hp it gets taken down
22744s huge slowness right here
22752s trying to be able to find it they have
22754s plenty of resources going to top off
22755s with the truck splash and they're
22756s looking for the 2v2 day tries to find
22758s some room but immediately gets blocked
22760s off what great defensive building from
22762s dj
22767s still looking for room here today trying
22769s to find an angle over on the side five e
22771s limbs combined between the two of them
22772s three on this side you can see the
22774s additional plus one from yamaza so five
22776s verse four the victory real here will
22778s make a monstrous difference for whoever
22781s is able to run it through
22782s and they end up trying to get hit to hit
22784s they're trying to find some space trying
22785s to knock the tree but out of builds they
22787s are in the high ground could end up
22789s being it dj going to be forced to drop
22791s down putting the spray in only one build
22793s needs to try and parkour his way down
22795s but they're going to close it out
22798s and game number one here in qualifier
22801s one of chapter three season two goes to
22804s djinn and yamzo but clicks and day
22807s putting on a show as well as threats
22810s what a game indeed you got to see eons
22813s on dj and of course walk home with that
22815s victor royale up against the one and
22817s only day and clicks there big game for
22819s both duos but jin yamsel the confidence
22822s is on top
22823s yeah i mean four victor reals in round
22825s number three yesterday looked like it
22827s translated over and they had no problem
22830s putting on the makeup in the shoes over
22833s at command cavern and they walked away
22835s completely fine monster yeah we saw such
22838s a great performance out of them there
22840s what a big game and again contested at
22842s their drop spot that is of course an
22844s uphill battle in its own but of course
22846s we have the desk as well who is waiting
22848s in the wings to go ahead and break down
22850s the scoring here for us and give us some
22852s highlights guys
22855s thank you so much boys want to start the
22857s proceedings there i mean i mean we we
22858s have to take into account the teams we
22860s mentioned in the pre-show did manage to
22862s get into the end game but threats
22863s they're coming through with the insane
22865s double eliminations off the bat they
22866s vivid incredible stuff from the get-go
22869s man threats showing up and showing out
22872s amazing butt not to take any credit away
22875s from the dj and yamaza and listen me and
22877s svg man we got the biggest smiles on our
22878s face right now his pick getting first
22880s mind getting second let's go
22884s oh man enjoy this spg
22886s hey they did exactly what we expected
22888s them to do take height in game one they
22891s typically play really well off the start
22893s and i want to see them continue this
22895s because often times we've seen them do
22897s well in the first game or two and then
22899s struggle to continue that strength but
22902s we've seen in round three they they're
22904s just winning games they know what's
22905s going on right now and we're going to
22906s continue to see them play beautiful high
22909s ground take to take height on the front
22911s side of zone and and it's been so nice
22914s to watch these guys all season and i'm
22915s hoping it continues here yeah and i mean
22918s the thing about dj iamzo as well is
22919s they've managed to you know we said
22921s yesterday the amazing round three
22922s they've come into round four
22924s still
22925s feeling hot they're feeling good they're
22926s straight in i mean i mean this is a
22928s great start for these guys obviously
22930s last season
22931s it was brand new it was duos we had
22933s trios for a very long period of time now
22934s we have duos and of course there's some
22936s teething stuff at the very beginning
22938s with the yeah the first fncs but now
22940s this is like a chance now they've had to
22941s adapt to work together
22943s this is looking i'm gonna say it spg
22945s your pick is looking pretty good right
22947s now but
22948s as you mentioned vivid yours are too
22951s yeah we'd love to see you know spg
22953s praising them for taking that high
22954s ground but dan clicks really shown me
22956s how good they are in that mid ground i
22959s saw clicks at one point get a refresh
22961s give us max max and i was telling this
22962s video i was like listen this is it he's
22964s gonna run with it
22966s it was really impressive to see these
22968s guys play this mid ground and then
22970s ultimately take low here and this is one
22972s of the things that i think is that next
22974s step for them understanding that they
22976s can play together how to navigate
22979s different layers and end game and we
22980s know they're crazy good braggers they'll
22982s just clean up but it's the understanding
22985s of the layering the tarping that is
22987s going to push them to the next level
22989s here
22989s yeah it really is if you can understand
22991s that it used to be
23002s yeah so threats and rise all the way up
23005s at the top there 56 points on the back
23008s of that 10 elimination game there from
23011s threat so really putting his team up on
23014s the board they're in first place
23015s nonetheless indeed no surprise up there
23018s as well second place with 50 total
23020s points but look at this spg mega and
23022s dubs creeping in there you know i was
23023s expecting clicks and and day to be a
23025s little bit higher but no megan dubs
23027s actually third place eight eliminations
23029s going to be doing it for them
23030s that's a big game and we were watching
23032s behind the scenes i saw him get a little
23034s three piece and they just they're
23036s playing really well right now it might
23037s be time for the old school duo to come
23040s back and reign supreme we see a lot of
23042s the top teams up on that leaderboard man
23046s we can't talk enough about what threats
23047s did in that end game 10 elims by himself
23050s putting his team into first place it is
23053s so incredible but we also see crumbler
23056s and marzo w two names that i haven't
23058s seen on the leaderboard in a little bit
23060s they had a solid game one even though
23061s they're not getting the elims they made
23063s it through navigated that end game and
23066s hopefully they found the right formula
23067s here vivid
23068s yeah it's really great to see a lot of
23070s these names that we
23072s you know haven't seen in a long time
23073s like mega and dubs you know we know that
23075s they're always very very consistent but
23076s at the top you know maybe not so much so
23078s it's great to see them all the way up
23080s there hopefully they can continue
23081s throughout the rest of these games but
23082s another name that we kind of see a lot
23084s but haven't seen in a while is jack and
23086s ellis so it's nice to see them in 11th
23088s place kind of setting themselves up
23090s you know to be able to push themselves
23092s into that top five not a bad game 22
23094s points is definitely a safe number to be
23097s at but a trio that's actually sticking
23099s out for me on this page is bucky and cam
23101s we saw them dominate off spawn but they
23102s only got one placement point so if they
23104s can kind of figure out their mid game
23106s rotation i think that they do have the
23108s edge over at the daily bugle so i think
23109s they do very very well out of that but
23111s the rotation is clearly a little bit
23114s troublesome for them yeah that's a
23116s really great point and you mentioned
23117s that bucky and cam that could be a good
23119s off spawn fight for them while we were
23121s just sitting watching them if they can
23123s continue to win that now they just got
23125s to figure out the next half of the game
23126s it gets really difficult to navigate
23129s these mid games especially when they're
23131s as stacked as they are here on na east
23133s absolutely right game two is right
23134s around the corner is back to sundown mdf
23136s to bring us all the action over to you
23138s boys
23141s thank you so much adam vivid and spgm
23143s with one game down we have five more to
23146s go monster and so far the tale of the
23148s tape seems to be the eliminations yeah
23152s it really is and you know the the stage
23154s has really been set for us right big
23155s eliminations big games and most
23157s importantly it's coming from the vets
23158s the players that you really expect to
23160s punch that huge ticket in and go
23162s straight to finals well it seems like
23164s and we talked about it on kind of the
23166s intro show how there's a little bit more
23168s room for the experienced players a lot
23170s of the big name duos who in the practice
23172s in the second round the cash cups they
23174s aren't there they aren't in their spots
23176s and that means the ones who are get a
23178s little bit more room to operate a little
23180s bit more wiggle room and you can see
23182s that in that translating to these high
23184s elimination plays and then being able to
23186s pick up on these opportunities
23189s not only that our picks are pretty spot
23190s on but it does sound like that battle
23192s bus is ready so let's go ahead and gear
23194s on up to jump into game number two
23203s two of
23204s six
23205s closing in on a third of the way through
23208s hopefully a refresher if you're on the
23209s bottom half of the ladder if you're on
23211s the top half of the ladder you're
23213s looking to just keep the ball rolling
23215s right now top right hand corner we got
23218s psg tna muzz but in the bottom right
23221s hand corner we got our match one winners
23224s 50 points on the board but still quite
23226s not quite enough to contest
23229s with threats as 10 eliminations it's
23230s djinn ionzo heading up the top of
23233s command cabin
23234s crazy to think that it seemed like
23235s threats and rise pick up a full 10 piece
23238s and just break away with the lead there
23240s it is definitely impressive but not to
23242s shy away from an eight elimination uh
23244s elimination victor royale here from moz
23245s and avery though pressure is on huge
23247s tags come in and they're sending running
23249s right now very early it's sprite sprite
23251s checks on in muzzles got that right
23252s camera peak but this is not the greatest
23254s close quarter weapon yeah so i don't i
23258s don't know if i missed that right off of
23259s the start i think he might have clipped
23261s something and gone down to fall damage
23264s because i didn't see him actually
23265s getting knocked in the feed i was trying
23267s to keep an eye on that top left-hand
23268s corner but uh
23270s i think there might have been a little
23271s bit of a little bit of shenanigans
23273s happening earlier on there to avery we'd
23275s love to get a look back at that
23277s at some point off of the star saw
23278s something out of the corner of my eye
23279s but see what else happened i mean we
23282s talked about a command cavern might as
23284s well just cl cue the circus music
23286s because we got a lot of people nearby
23289s just look at the bottom right hand
23290s corner
23291s yeah we knew we knew it was going to
23292s continue to be contested here we knew
23294s it's going to be a difficult draw spot
23296s for anyone to play
23297s but on over to another spot that's not
23299s looking too high it's the chewy team
23301s here
23302s of course chewy pog sitting on top right
23304s now of the two teams down low why's
23306s teammate is farming off in the distance
23308s now he's the only player with shield
23310s currently so he kind of does have to be
23312s that tank of the squad if you will he's
23314s gonna have to be the guy who's on the
23315s front line here to take that initial
23317s battle
23319s should they get tagged first it's not
23320s gonna be looking too hot but they're
23321s looking for any angle possible right now
23323s yeah trying to get the first drop on him
23325s he does and we have to shock him but
23326s he's doing a whole lot of jumping and
23328s moving around for the person who's doing
23329s the ambushing like
23331s xenophobia is gonna know the players
23333s here but it doesn't matter if you get
23334s back to back tags like that 43 and 43
23338s that's 86 i can do math and completely
23341s breaks the shield so you talked about
23342s kind of that cumulative hp advantage and
23344s xenophobia is having to go straight into
23347s the utility and he's going to top back
23349s off so
23350s to me they should be happy with that
23352s honestly this mansion isn't a spot where
23354s you really want to contest if you can
23356s get 83 damage right away and get out
23358s before your opponent can lock you down
23360s like that's better than a worst case
23362s scenario now
23363s you're in a really bad spot because that
23365s damage has come through and if they want
23367s to chase they can make a problem out of
23369s it
23370s yeah
23387s and right now hopping in you can see
23389s rhythm and milks two e limbs on the
23391s board already so they were able to pick
23393s that up but you can see jamper already
23395s trying to get out of dodge as we're
23397s gonna get a replay of what went down
23399s here you can see
23400s milk able to section him off and a nice
23403s little piece control there jump shotgun
23404s comes out and he puts it to work drizzle
23407s and carry just get sat down almost
23410s immediately that was fantastic they're
23412s really good aim coming out from that
23414s drum shotgun of flu milks
23417s now looking for a little bit of room
23419s going to check the western side of the
23420s map one of my favorite areas of the map
23422s there's actually a surprising amount of
23424s loot in that area particularly if you
23426s want to take the time to fish but it
23428s gets a little bit more difficult in
23429s games quite like this when you have to
23431s deal with the storm surge however
23433s picking up those early e-limps means you
23435s get a little bit more options and the
23436s ability to kind of adapt your gameplay
23438s so we're gonna swing on over currently
23440s in fourth place second
23442s finisher in that game number one match
23444s energy duo clicks and day looking for a
23447s little room over in the joneses and our
23449s current leaders
23450s basically in the backpack of man city
23453s threats on his 10 eliminations we got
23455s threats and rise they got plenty of
23456s space
23457s over in rocky wheels just trying to hang
23459s out get a little bit of loot make sure
23461s they top off on as many materials as
23463s possible hit up the coolers and max that
23465s out a little bit and you can see them
23467s also making sure they store the floppers
23468s there
23472s it's going to take a little bit of a
23474s break a little bit of time here and
23475s actually right as i say that subscript
23477s going to go wall to wall that's inquest
23479s and aimred on the other side of it and
23481s they're going to actually slam down a
23483s shield keg here in the 1v2 situation and
23486s if i'm suspect i don't really want to
23487s try and take a drone out engaging
23489s against that but might not have a lot of
23490s opportunity you can see there's yet
23492s another team trying to move in he's
23494s actually heading straight towards them
23497s jack and ellis they're just lurking in
23498s the bush playing some bush bookies and
23500s they're going to be able to jump right
23501s on top of this looking good right now
23503s for jack and ellis they're initiating
23505s this fight on in they go this player has
23507s no shield they're going to swing around
23508s the sides here but of course break it
23510s open right give themselves a little bit
23512s more space it's a solo player in front
23514s of them it should be easy pickings here
23516s but suscript putting up in a fantastic
23518s fight here as he starts to tag back
23520s swings around the side there before
23522s getting fully taken out and just like
23524s that they get to honestly capitalize on
23526s the find here for young and uh team moon
23529s aim red there you see they manage just
23531s back up they don't want to rest
23533s or risk this game here
23535s there seems like there's another team
23536s that does want to it's a oxy and swirl
23540s as you can see now too everyone needing
23542s to head over towards this north and
23544s eastern part of the map so we're a
23545s little bit north again but pulling
23547s pretty far to the east with dan clicks
23549s being very firmly inside the zone which
23552s for them monster every time i vote
23554s review this seems to be the times when
23556s they have the toughest job of storm
23558s surge where nobody is being forced to
23560s rotate past them they can't kind of take
23561s advantage of it and they have to go
23563s looking for tags put something kind of
23565s an awkward position in some
23566s circumstances so currently have dj in
23568s the amsoil now rotating way over from
23571s the western side of the map so they got
23572s to hike as well
23575s i agree with you
23577s here
23592s right now you can see tahyun paper 33
23595s duo trying to find a little bit of room
23597s a little bit of space here
23599s sleepy sounds
23601s just outside to the eastern part here
23604s hide and seek over on the other side
23605s that's looking to try and take advantage
23607s of the paper doing a good job making
23608s sure he's owning those very awkward
23610s walls over the side you don't want to
23611s get caught trying to throw up a wall
23613s there being unable to
23615s see the other side of this fight in the
23616s bottom right hand corner but paper going
23618s to about face on the other team who's
23620s trying to get some tags on him saying
23621s hey leave us alone this is our fight
23624s and you can tell they kinda wanna you
23626s can tell they're looking to get a little
23627s bit aggressive you can tell there's some
23628s points available here and right as i say
23630s that
23631s paper gets backed
23633s down immediately
23639s disengaging looking for a little bit of
23641s room
23642s as you can see the shots are just just
23644s obnoxious enough they do have a shield
23646s keg they're willing to burn one of them
23648s papers going to want to make sure he's
23649s actually getting the tags from him and
23651s they're doing a good job of trading the
23653s tags out but because they're central to
23654s so many different teams and there's so
23656s many different sight lines eventually
23658s they're gonna get chipped away
23660s fortunately they do have plenty of
23662s excess shields that can go over the top
23664s here but right now it's a little bit
23667s tough it's a little bit tough as you can
23669s see everyone has pretty much a view on
23672s them in some way shape or form with
23674s clicks and day
23676s trying to execute a little nick merc's
23677s high ground take here on the steam
23679s monster
23681s yeah i agree with you i mean they're
23682s just looking up to try to get this
23684s ambush going right here
23685s it will just come down to a matter of
23687s timing though right they can go ahead
23689s and slip on in and be huge but dave's by
23691s himself he doesn't have the backup not
23693s just yet he's gonna go in anyways
23695s this is it he's committing to it he gets
23697s up on top and what a madman to start
23700s this fight off as a solo here
23702s i mean this is pretty much how clicks
23704s and day usually fight they let day run
23705s up and if clicks isn't there close
23707s enough it's basically click's fault in
23708s that regard because today he gets a
23710s little bit of a leash but sometimes when
23713s when he smells the opportunity to go he
23714s is going and he's picked up some points
23716s but it's also gotten him in trouble
23718s occasionally
23719s yeah definitely has in the past here
23722s for a team that's sitting on six points
23724s right now two eliminations this is
23725s pretty good for them but they're deep
23727s inside the storm right now trying to
23728s play for some deep tags now if they
23730s start a fight with a team that's on the
23732s edge there that could also backfire so
23734s that's a big decision you have to make
23736s for peterbot and bayla big fight for
23737s them here as well so much time on the
23739s clock to really finesse this battle but
23742s it's against veterans it's mars it's
23743s crumbler teams that have again been
23746s contested since the dawn of time we're
23747s talking way back to the stealthy
23749s stronghold
23751s and mars is no stranger to taking fights
23753s at every stage in the game one of the og
23756s arena grinders and crumbler on the
23757s opposite side these two have played
23758s together forever we're on the flip side
23761s of that peterbot has pretty much flipped
23763s duo's flip trios nearly every single
23765s season somebody is known as just a
23767s fantastic solo player but struggling to
23769s find consistency when it comes to
23771s teamwork aspen could bayla end up being
23773s that missing piece so far sitting in
23775s third place is looking pretty good
23778s peterbot sitting on the box right now
23780s again deciding hey do we take this fight
23782s do we jump in where's the angle where's
23784s the opener this team sitting very
23786s passively down below
23788s again controlling some of the pieces
23790s here nicely done there trying to play
23792s this real textbook very slow i like the
23795s edit hold right now you have a lot of
23797s visual
23798s awareness there but nothing comes of it
23801s finds a great angle it's a crumbler and
23803s no hesitation to find that shot there as
23805s well these are wood builds there's a
23806s perfect opener here and a weak wall but
23808s no doesn't want to fully commit and it's
23809s just mind games it's back and forth here
23812s peterbot though he's such a good player
23814s in the distance of teams to
23816s sneaks on in those are some great tags
23818s for them here it's gonna break up the
23820s pace right now so
23822s i don't see this fight progressing any
23824s further for now
23825s you're talking he's such a good
23827s individual player but you see there how
23828s the initial shot under crumbler i think
23830s he barely got a 30 tag you could tell
23832s he's like oh i can still press my
23833s advantage but just a little not quite
23836s having the experience and the discipline
23837s there when it comes to the team game
23838s mode knowing that hey if you're putting
23840s shots out there and you're pressing
23841s somebody's going to be looking for the
23843s looking the distance so when he did get
23845s cracked and backed up in that
23846s circumstance it didn't fully box himself
23849s up in that regard so a little bit tough
23851s in that regard because now we're going
23852s to swing over to ripa here chewie
23855s sliding right on into the box getting in
23857s on to the flu duo that was gross oh my
23860s god chewie
23862s man talk about you know playing to the
23864s game's mechanics in the state of the the
23866s season right there nicely done he's
23868s gonna just edge his way right on in
23869s there and they make that fight
23871s very quick they end it so quickly i mean
23874s that's the ideal version of taking a
23876s battle right there but now we see why
23878s bayla and peterbot have been fighting
23880s why they have really been pressing the
23882s issue here sundown they need surge tags
23885s and they need them now yeah they gotta
23887s go 13 below you can see just a minute
23889s left on the timer but with nobody else
23891s near them what are you gonna do rotates
23893s the center zone and hope to trade no you
23895s take this fight and you're going to dog
23897s it down but on the opposite side of this
23899s mars and crumble mars smart enough to
23901s know it's like hey are they just flying
23903s at us unnecessarily they're probably
23905s underneath surge immediately that means
23907s hey defense on hip to hip make sure
23910s we're looking at the same wall and
23912s peterbot is putting on a fantastic
23914s display of how to kind of micro utilize
23916s the sprinting to just move around these
23917s box by a little bit more efficient but
23920s it's not generating into anything
23922s monster and time is ticking
23924s what they are doing well though is
23925s pushing this team back little by little
23927s finding tags without getting hit back
23929s very much and this might be it this
23931s might be the opener he's been waiting
23932s for bob's going in he's not wasting any
23934s time here comes the setback though they
23936s wait hey listen these are enemy builds
23938s we shouldn't really do this
23939s this is the this is top tier play and in
23943s action right now and i love to watch
23945s viola and peterbot you know kind of take
23946s this as a master class right now look at
23948s how far they've managed to push this
23950s team back into fresh builds making them
23952s commit even more and now now they have
23954s the advantage and they have this storm
23956s line in front of them as well these are
23957s great tags here but day and clicks are
23959s also in a fight on the other side for
23961s storm surge as well it's important
23962s battle after an important battle right
23964s now yeah keeping an eye right on the
23966s outside of zone there but one thing
23967s peterborough they don't have to fight
23969s they did everything they needed to do
23971s they got their storm surge and they
23973s could just get away from this team so i
23974s don't understand why they're spending
23976s the extra time to kind of push these
23978s guys out they can still just get people
23979s from inside the zone which is exactly
23981s what they're going to do now so a little
23983s bit of extra pressure now now on the
23984s right hand side you can see clicks today
23986s they're able to get back above search
23988s but monster the difference between game
23989s one search and game two search game one
23991s we had ninety duos up right now now only
23994s or not ninety dollars ninety players now
23996s 76 so only three duos being hit instead
23999s of 10 by the storm surge
24001s and we've seen this right this is the
24002s type of pacing that normally does happen
24005s you have these big game ones the nerves
24007s are high everyone takes their time but
24008s then you reassess you re-evaluate your
24010s position in this in the tournament but
24012s hold up though it's a mirror zone too
24015s and some sense of the way it's going
24016s north again here so a lot of the western
24018s teams battling with that uphill kind of
24020s fight here and this is why we see it
24022s seems like eonzo and positioned up so
24024s greatly here already cuz the first two
24026s games could we be seeing a repeat
24029s performance as of right now if i had to
24031s throw a dart i think my odds are pretty
24033s high at hitting somewhere in the center
24035s because they are in such a key position
24037s right now
24038s yeah but right now on the right hand
24039s side somebody's in a key position but on
24041s the wrong side of the wall there you can
24044s see the bugle while providing fantastic
24046s sight lines look in the bottom right
24047s hand corner monster uh there's one duo
24050s these guys can kind of look like other
24052s look at otherwise they're aiming across
24053s the way and just 24 damage above they
24056s are hoping and praying that the other
24057s duos who are below stay below right now
24060s because they are out of any of their
24062s excess shields now only nine above chimp
24064s and spade
24066s reigning second place duo from the
24067s previous fncs has struggled so far today
24072s so far on the bubble here coming out of
24074s game number one right in the middle of
24075s the pack of the tournament and another
24077s surge issue is just chewing away at
24079s their hp pool here and it seems like
24081s they are starting to run out of fuel
24083s honestly right this vehicle is going to
24084s come to a screeching halt here shortly
24087s if they can't get out and find some of
24088s these tags they'll be stuck at the light
24090s sundown they won't make it to the show
24093s yeah but fortunately for them the light
24095s it held yellow for just an extra second
24098s the copper was hanging at the crosswords
24100s was like yeah you're okay you'll get
24102s through there but i
24104s very well timed revive coming out there
24107s from clicks trying to close out on the
24109s cooper trying to find an angle but
24111s almost goes for the pickaxe they're a
24112s little bit greedy as cooper's able to
24114s slip out the side and clicks now very
24117s much so on the back foot what extra
24119s utility do they have we already saw the
24121s daggone knock down they're on the edge
24123s of the zone they don't have any extra
24124s white heels that's a two tick zone they
24126s need to get back on the inside they're
24127s 16 hp 14 hp ticking down on clicks this
24131s is not a good position to be in
24133s not at all and if it touches it's gonna
24135s go to five tickets all over it doesn't
24137s matter he gets face checked by a team
24139s there omg me too elite and aviva the
24142s team down below there and unfortunately
24145s they are gonna fall just a little bit
24147s early and that's the hands of of course
24148s a mistimed battle there you saw that
24151s other team just slip on in and all of a
24153s sudden put their two cents into it and
24155s he gets punished for rising threats
24157s though they have managed to safely
24159s secure themselves a position here on the
24160s zone and it does favor them as well as
24162s it starts to edge its way down south
24164s things are looking to stabilize for this
24166s team right now and again they're placed
24168s pretty decently coming out of game one
24171s what a ridiculous zone for this game
24174s just just appreciating the fact that
24176s laird like everyone is boxed up it's
24178s just it's going to be so difficult this
24180s fifth zone and where the half in half
24182s out is going to dictate so much in this
24184s regard particularly because of where the
24186s high ground is and just the
24189s like the
24191s absurdity when it comes to
24194s bugle and these moving zones and trying
24196s to navigate them when you use your
24198s launch pads and what other rotation you
24200s have available to you like it's this is
24202s going to be a fun one
24203s if you could pick a difficulty before
24205s you lob you know jumped onto the battle
24207s bus this would be like max difficulty
24209s we're gonna put you in a beautiful end
24211s game it's gonna be very very uh tough to
24214s navigate this as you can see it's some
24215s of the highest verticality you can ask
24217s for but more importantly yeah you know
24220s webb still around the area there's all
24222s types of things that can play against
24223s you or play for you in these matters but
24225s for bila and peterbot
24227s surge is now starting to get active here
24229s they are well above it pretty
24230s comfortably they're going to be able to
24231s make their rotation free of charge for
24233s now of course the biggest threats here
24235s are the teams that have already
24237s positioned themselves up on the outer
24238s edge it doesn't seem like anyone's
24239s actually looking in their general
24241s direction so peterbot gets to slip all
24243s the way on in through and honestly they
24245s save a lot of material for what it's
24246s worth that could cost so much more yeah
24248s that's a great sight line and angle from
24250s them and because of the first one you
24252s generally expect
24254s other teams to try and trickle in but
24256s they're going to be able to about face
24257s and pretty much cut off that rotation so
24259s you can see everyone kind of packing in
24261s towards the outside of this circle
24263s because the next zone will be that half
24265s in half out so it will no longer be
24267s concentric to the previous circle it
24269s will intersect it and honestly if i was
24272s a betting man monster i'd put it on the
24274s eastern side of the zone i don't think
24276s it's going to end up pulling back inside
24277s the bugle and if that ends up being the
24279s case everyone who is on that interior
24282s has such a tough pull here in two
24283s seconds
24284s all right ladies and gentlemen if you
24286s were on sundown side you
24289s were not right it goes east here wait
24291s somebody
24296s it's gonna be even more difficult for
24297s players that are inside the daily bugle
24299s here they're gonna have to climb up and
24300s over the divots or funnel their way down
24303s south into a team like threats and rise
24306s acro and cinephobia here though nice
24309s usage of that armored wall that are
24311s completely shut out bucky and cam they
24313s were winning the trade there but they
24315s felt like there's a lot of pressure
24316s coming back at us let's go ahead and
24318s fall down for a second but hey they have
24320s bigger fish to fry bigger issues to
24322s worry about now right it's getting over
24324s this volcano essentially this crater
24326s that they found themselves stuck in
24328s and right now you can see
24329s zeus and jamie trying to find some
24331s angles some good shots coming out from
24332s jamie he's just gonna get him 30 above
24333s and he's also going to slam down an
24335s armored wall saying nope no entry from
24337s there no entry from there it looks like
24340s they're trying to get an angle here
24341s maybe set up a low pad but instead
24343s just going to ipad and go all the way a
24345s little bit dangerous considering the
24347s sight lines across there but everyone
24349s else is too busy rotating to bother
24351s spraying some shots over as we're
24352s basically going to have a full reset on
24355s the high ground the positioning as
24356s everyone is forced to rotate through but
24358s the storm surge will take back over
24359s there one of two duo's being hit jamie
24362s does have plenty of choke swatches to be
24363s able to offset this initially and
24365s because of the rotation they will just
24367s barely be able to tick back above so
24369s they'll relieve that pressure for now as
24371s they about face and start spraying shots
24373s away
24381s you can see
24383s mura looking for a little bit of room
24385s here looking for a little bit of space
24388s trying to find
24389s what they're able to do here you can see
24391s jamper dukes up on the high ground cam
24393s and bucky four eliminations to their
24394s name
24395s much better than what we had previously
24397s seen in game number one don't forget
24399s qualifier number one
24402s last season they were able to just run
24403s away with it in the first four games
24405s largely on the back of bucky's igling
24407s and cam's ability to just slay
24409s absolutely everyone who came in their
24411s path and oh my good golly gosh we are
24415s going right back over to where we just
24417s were this full move is one of the
24420s hardest because everyone has already
24422s invested their pads and we're going up
24424s and over and it sounds like i got
24426s another guest with me hello can you hear
24428s me
24429s how's it going sundown shire wager here
24430s ready to go and see exactly how this
24433s zone acts with and you're talking about
24435s it right it's so tough to maneuver
24436s already and by the state of this game
24437s everyone's already used half their mass
24438s to get to this spot they've got a
24440s quarter of the tank left to keep going
24443s and keep going they have to because
24445s they're going all the way up over the
24447s hill through the river and it's not to
24449s grandmother's house it's the sixth zone
24451s and hopefully the fncs finals a ticket
24454s is what awaits them and if you're able
24456s to chain together two good games like
24458s you've seen previously you're in a
24460s pretty good spot as crumble's able to
24462s pick up jaith in the feet acro ends up
24463s getting by the dj now has a great angle
24466s taking over on the side but is going to
24468s need to cut in shortly as canada agers
24471s up on the high ground miro takes to the
24472s sky yet again looking for some more
24475s space and only 25 above the surge make
24477s that 19 below shia and it turns on
24479s too many layers active for too many
24481s different duels right now and cap right
24483s now booze will be rolling in the same
24484s time with his teammate he's gonna be
24485s tough to see exactly what they can do
24486s from their spot because the ground is
24488s also falling d-roll is the one all the
24489s way down low meanwhile though sundown no
24491s one up top is stopping cannot end agers
24494s on having this hype
24495s yeah they're just gonna be able to rain
24496s shots down everybody too busy worrying
24498s about rotations we're gonna pull south
24500s and west so out from where everybody
24502s else rotated there should be a little
24504s bit of space and some old bills to be
24506s recycled as we hop back on board our
24508s match one winners here dj and yamzo four
24510s victory reals yesterday in round number
24512s three can they keep it
24515s exactly rolling
24516s they'll try to do right now
24518s buy some threats
24520s the captain's position still looking to
24521s see what they can find completely out of
24523s options another time between every
24525s single possible threat kind of denied as
24527s long as the rights try to just pick this
24529s one up from the ground
24531s threats you put 10 eliminations down by
24533s yourself last game rise it's your turn
24536s to step up to the plate what can you do
24539s where will the solo clutch be and will
24541s you be able to ride it out top 15 duo's
24543s remaining been in the cascading
24545s placement points for a while every duo
24546s that goes down is plus one and the enzo
24549s and djin trying to find some more here
24550s they'll get the knock onto one great
24552s confirmation coming through yonzo
24554s looking for a much needed refresh he'll
24556s only get the 15 base mats from it and
24558s then he'll be able to about face he gets
24560s hit to him but you can see kind of down
24562s agers almost completely out of matt
24564s schaio and we're still pulling away
24566s they'll have to abandon high ground
24568s we need to do something for one of these
24569s low ground teams if we get a refresh
24571s completely in there but who can
24572s accompany already down here doing as
24573s much damage as possible this is just
24575s crazy in terms of just dominating that
24577s mid-ground there are complete refresh of
24579s mats as well for boogie they cost them a
24580s little bit a lot of hp for the total
24582s team as well topper in this blow ground
24584s there but look at this
24586s oh no complete edit open and booga's
24588s down
24589s okay gets blasted koni owner right
24591s around the corner he takes the right
24593s hand de roller goes down the right side
24594s but him and n pen another good placement
24596s game as miro gets picked up that's ninth
24598s place agers and kanata still looking to
24601s hold on to that high ground but
24602s absolutely no bills they're just walking
24604s alongside the second tarpon i think they
24607s were able to realize that it gets ripped
24608s away he's trying to find the shots but
24610s instead just throws down some chug
24612s splashes might have caught a teammate
24613s there but it doesn't matter because he's
24614s able to get hip to hip gets edited down
24617s and cleans out bank that's a much needed
24619s elim as mars finds one of his own he's
24621s up to three by himself and pushes into
24623s the top four
24625s duke is the one kind of in the middle of
24626s everything watching
24627s just the world collapse around them
24629s somehow still surviving with just a
24630s little bit of hp finally he goes down
24632s all to mars now to maybe do that solo
24634s dream make it possible but it's a dual
24636s below the dual above that he has to deal
24637s with kana's got all his mats back as
24639s well all the options available for this
24641s spectacular individual this is beamed
24643s down and never miss a single spray
24645s owner goes away coney's gone and with
24647s another shot that's death down two
24649s kanada makes it look too easy
24652s canada agers just riding out the high
24654s ground barely ever shot at and even then
24657s when they didn't have max they said no
24659s problem we'll just walk on the opponents
24661s he gets edited down and he finds a much
24664s needed refresh and then really good
24666s awareness over here on the side just
24668s making sure he's spraying down putting
24670s the pressure for his teammate and look
24671s at the tracking shield
24673s it's almost perfect this is the pressure
24675s that they had it was almost permanent
24677s pressure from the start of that fifth
24678s zone all the way to the end of the game
24679s is just unstoppable like how do you deal
24681s with that as any player in the lobby i
24683s mean being able to grab the high ground
24685s there in those moving zones i mean
24687s basically whoever claimed it first it
24689s was yours nobody had the ability to both
24691s rotate and fight off heights so good
24694s timing by them and good execution to
24696s close it out
24697s absolutely we'll see exactly what the
24698s desk has to say about that one because
24700s it should shake the standings up towards
24701s the top ten
24705s yo what's going on and it's your boy
24706s ziggler's prime i know i've returned but
24708s don't worry adam we'll be back in just a
24710s little while for now my goodness kanata
24712s and agers i feel like now that i'm
24714s jumping back into na east vivid it's
24716s almost just like oh yeah those guys are
24719s really good of course they're going to
24720s win the game right
24722s of course they are zeke and yes of
24724s course zeke welcome back of course you
24727s know it's great to see you and uh it's
24729s great to see canada and agers taking the
24731s higher ground there and as sundown
24733s mentioned kind of towards the end here
24735s they were practicing their zero build
24738s mechs there at the end because they did
24739s run out of mats but bank kind of edited
24741s them in there gave them that quick
24743s refresh and they went ahead and cleaned
24745s up the rest of that game with ease
24748s it was a really solid game by them we
24750s know they can play high ground and
24752s they're gonna consistently do it kanada
24754s picking up several elims towards the end
24757s of that game and that should shoot them
24758s right up the leaderboard we've only
24760s played a couple of games so these two i
24762s was a little worried to see how they did
24765s especially when we thought they would be
24767s contested off spawn but clearly cannot
24769s agers you're not contesting those guys
24771s they now have greasy all by themselves
24773s and they're running away
24774s i think the only thing i could ask more
24777s of this duo right guys is maybe just
24779s like more eliminations right they're
24780s probably kicking themselves thinking
24782s like and those those three points per
24784s eliminations is really juicy five listen
24786s five eliminations and a victory out
24788s super awesome right but now it's about
24790s making sure we can get all the points as
24792s quickly and as efficiently as possible
24794s right because we want to make that top
24796s five we'll take a look at our standings
24797s in just a little bit to see how things
24800s are actually going here remember in case
24802s you've forgotten in case you're tuning
24804s in for the first time welcome to the na
24806s east region this is the fncs and at the
24808s end of six games whichever duos fall in
24810s the top five they will automatically
24811s qualify to finals two or three weeks
24815s from now and that's worth fighting for
24817s right now after that game we got agers
24819s we got kanada jumping up from fourth
24821s place or excuse me four places
24824s up now and now in their top three that's
24827s okay vivid that seems pretty good
24829s yeah yeah yeah getting all the way up to
24831s that third place is very very good you
24833s mentioned that top five as we see our
24835s top five kind of shaping up a little bit
24837s here just after two games though the top
24839s three standing out from the rest of the
24841s pack dj and the amazon have another
24843s great game putting themselves at 81
24844s points threats and rise up there at 79
24846s points but as you can see they only have
24848s 12 eliminations which means they only
24849s actually got two eliminations that came
24852s so a little bit of a slow down for them
24854s what do you think spg
24856s yeah it's been a little bit of a
24857s slowdown but it's only one game and just
24859s so you guys are aware you see those
24861s little numbers next to the placements
24863s that's how much they rose or fell so we
24866s see
24866s 13 places up for death and coney owner
24870s they just shot up the leaderboard with
24872s that massive second place a ton of elims
24875s and we see 13 places for qua and tabs g
24877s down there as well a lot of movement
24880s going on and i'm gonna just keep rolling
24882s with it 25 there by redux and play as we
24885s look at 11th place and that's just
24887s another big game everyone shooting and
24889s mixing up the leaderboards right here
24892s a lot can change right you know this is
24894s this is the kind of beauty of the new
24896s format the new kind of juicy number and
24899s i actually like behind the scenes in eu
24902s had this question
24903s for our analyst is three points really
24906s that much crazier than two points like
24908s it's just it's just one more point
24910s sundown was like no zeke you're dumb and
24911s 50 is good and i was like oh actually
24913s okay and now we see it right the the
24916s points are just off one incredible game
24919s vivid you could just be like hey i'm not
24921s even in contention just kidding hello
24923s top ten it is i and my duo
24927s yes sing i think that your problem here
24929s is you're quantifying them as just one
24930s elimination right but if we can threats
24932s is ten elimination game from that first
24935s game right we do 10 times 2 that's only
24937s 20 points but then if we do 10 times 3
24939s that's 30 points so that's an additional
24941s 10 points with the three points per
24943s elimination right so we know these
24945s players do get more than one elimination
24947s here zeke so that one point difference
24950s does make all of the difference when it
24952s comes down to these leaderboards
24954s that's a great point there vivid
24955s especially as we expand it out over the
24957s six games i mean 30 points just talking
24959s about that one one game by threats
24962s that's the difference between let's say
24963s first and eleventh right now and that is
24966s huge and you know as we continue to roll
24968s here the geniums are looking really
24971s strong death and tabnay starting to move
24973s up the leaderboards and then obviously
24975s kanada and agers making their mark with
24977s this last game but they've been all over
24979s the place and we see a little djenniamzo
24982s unfortunately not able to make that top
24985s five here but a solid game by them
24987s picking up enough e limbs to secure that
24989s first at least for the time being
24991s i think that there's a strong start
24993s right i mean currently right around 81
24996s points you know not terrible right vivid
24999s they're hanging on and if they drop like
25001s one game i think they're still fine
25003s right as long as they can look to make
25004s up those points in a subsequent game
25007s listen your words are very comforting to
25009s me because dropping one game is kind of
25011s what clicks and day did there they did
25014s fall down seven
25015s spots there they are now hanging out at
25017s 12th place so not ideal for my
25020s prediction but hey listen i am still
25022s confident in those boys
25025s i think it'll work out well
25027s oh yeah yeah i mean look if anything can
25029s still happen right again that was just
25032s game two everything's fine no one bust
25034s out pitchforks listen four games
25036s anything can happen and anything will
25039s happen this is the fncs it's time to
25041s jump into our next game on the day so
25043s let's get over to the casters to take us
25045s in
25047s thank you so much zeke vivid and spg
25051s sorry i had to put my uh pitchfork away
25053s real quick i said that we weren't
25054s calling for him yet two games down
25056s closing it on the halfway point i got
25058s shia wager with me to call the rest of
25060s the action absolutely i've been watching
25062s so far and i'm just seeing that it's
25064s elim heavy towards the top five of a
25065s bunch of these teams if you're making it
25066s towards the end sundown you're not only
25068s surviving you're mega thriving yeah
25070s you're making plays and we've seen some
25072s individual solo efforts really be able
25074s to beat the difference and as the deaths
25076s noted that plus three per eliminations
25078s you think oh wow it's only one
25080s additional point what does that really
25082s mean but you have to look it in the
25083s context of total overall points right
25085s plus one when it was only two points
25087s before is a fifty percent increase in
25090s the value when it comes to eliminations
25092s that's pretty significant
25093s yeah i mean that's a whole basically
25095s halfway point for some of these teams
25096s you look at these games for some of the
25098s bottom players as well when you look at
25099s you know maybe thinking about the future
25101s in finals they only get a few
25102s eliminations overall per game so you
25104s have that extra little tidbit you're
25105s boosting more than just miles of the
25107s port
25108s and sometimes you're able to just take
25109s advantage but who will take advantage of
25112s match number three we're about to find
25113s out
25121s right
25122s batch number three up on board this is
25125s where sometimes the strats ends up
25127s changing the people in the lead start to
25129s solidify their game styles but there's
25131s always those underdogs ready to take
25133s that new crown
25135s yeah basically match number three is
25136s where we really start to get a good look
25138s at what the top five is if you're able
25140s to put together three consistent games
25142s it puts you in a circumstance where one
25144s more even solid kind of top 10 a couple
25147s elimination games almost guarantees you
25149s a spot for the final and that's a huge
25152s alleviation when it comes to stress when
25154s it comes to thinking about the rest of
25155s season when it comes to prep you can
25156s really just focus on hey what is the map
25158s looks like we don't have to worry about
25159s the other qualifiers we don't have to
25160s worry about the open rounds as we've
25162s seen here in nae's have been a little
25164s bit tricky for some duos as we have dj
25167s nyamzo our current leader sitting at 81
25169s points and
25170s man djinn has that drop under that
25172s balcony you're perfected
25175s almost pixels of a difference between
25178s him just not making it falling that is
25181s basically perfect in terms of the
25183s landing and having control up here so
25185s nice at the same time having inhuman
25186s reaction speeds can also suffice for it
25189s if you're not getting the best spot on
25190s drop and avery right there just shut
25192s sprites dreams down it was avery last
25194s time who was knocked almost immediately
25197s this time getting the revenge and you
25198s can see the cooldown of the 25 minutes
25200s there didn't impact him at all and still
25203s feel real good about that especially
25204s considering he had the big pot there was
25206s almost trying to pop and he's like hey
25207s 350 shield thanks sprite
25211s and then just how canada and ages also
25213s end off that last game with the win they
25215s start this one off with the same type of
25216s momentum a big bang they're just getting
25218s greasy completely almost to themselves
25220s virtually basically uncontested because
25222s this fight just looks effortless from
25224s the side of kanada
25225s and i mean it's going to take a whole
25227s lot less effort when you roll a
25229s legendary burst pretty much off of the
25232s rip i mean we talked about just how good
25234s of a player canada really can be but
25236s when you give him a weapon disparity
25238s particularly like that at the start that
25240s thing rips
25244s all about where you go from there as
25245s well and although he'll be good on surge
25247s overall too you're talking about the
25248s differences
25249s in you know points overall from two to
25251s three when you have that legendary burst
25253s in station as well you're hitting shot
25255s after shot at the shot that adds up for
25256s your damage totals as well it's not
25259s going to be the easiest for jack and
25261s ellis to get out of so the towers have a
25263s few teams overall to deal with and
25265s they're making things look really sticky
25267s game red
25268s i think this are here and
25270s it's going to be such a weird fight
25271s happening all around somehow illest is
25273s down jack's landing more than 300 damage
25275s per second it looks like but still isn't
25277s finding all the eliminations to go with
25279s them he's got one someone else just
25280s escapes in the vehicle completely i
25282s think the number one thing is he's saved
25284s illest for now and he's just gonna be
25285s able to pick that res up and go on as
25287s mary
25289s yeah now the people into the stairs
25291s trying to get him back up on his feet
25292s before slacks and clarity come crashing
25294s down knocking on the door saying who's
25297s in there but
25298s was a little bit of an awkward fight
25299s honestly really well played from jock to
25302s just deal with everything that went on
25304s there getting knocked up in the air from
25305s the car hopping in real quick the player
25307s hopping out he hit pretty much every
25308s shot he could he's been able to get his
25310s teammate up and slack says well nobody's
25312s getting that car and he just drives it
25314s right on into the gap
25318s it's fun to see you know just throughout
25320s the seasons
25321s slax and jack go back and forth between
25323s different poi sometimes just together as
25325s well on different
25326s sides of teams and we're not told that
25329s it seems like even if you do make it off
25330s of spawn you somehow find the duo that
25333s landed there in the mid game in those
25335s storm surge situations and your destiny
25337s never really ends
25340s does your destiny really ever end shia
25343s does it really ever end
25344s like when you get to the final of it
25346s it's like oh you completed your destiny
25348s then what do you just like kind of hang
25349s out your life purpose is over with it's
25351s like you destiny plus
25353s imagine like if you're
25355s like you have to continue in the same
25356s pathway so like you know
25358s if your destiny ends sundown and they're
25359s like they give you an option it comes
25360s like a zeke are you taking the new
25362s destiny plus
25364s do i have like the option of like
25366s prestige is that basically what that is
25367s do i just like going
25369s do it
25377s are you sure i can't be literally
25379s anything or anyone else
25381s could i be like a pet rock is that an
25382s object
25388s um i mean
25390s is the other option to just kind of like
25392s hang around just like um you could shut
25393s around just kind of chill you can wait
25395s till the next patch yeah um
25397s do you know i might i might have to just
25399s hang around in that circumstance if
25401s that's the parameters of the option just
25403s like uh you know i'm so in djing right
25405s now just kind of hanging around looking
25406s for some shots that anybody might be
25407s rotating away from command cavern uh you
25409s know unlikely just hang around as you
25411s can see cam doing right now bouncing
25413s around using the webs to try and rotate
25415s through efficiently using them much
25416s better than i do i feel like any time i
25418s touch those things i just go in the
25419s opposite direction from what i want
25421s i was about to say i was trying to teach
25422s someone to use those webs a little bit
25424s and grab the zipline all the way up top
25425s yeah okay
25427s let's just say we never made it out of
25428s the first zone so
25430s that's a tough one yeah
25432s it's like okay you just hit this one
25433s then you hit this one okay no i swear i
25435s did this just a couple seconds ago okay
25436s so you hit this one at like this angle
25438s no you have to run and jump and sprint
25440s okay well the zone's coming let's just
25442s hop in the car that's how that
25443s conversation went
25445s yeah pretty much word for word verbatim
25447s maybe you were listening in or i was
25448s playing with you who knows but
25451s yeah that's
25452s how it really broke down and released
25454s clicks and day i think just seasons
25455s across they find these eliminations
25457s where they just shouldn't be allowed
25458s like on rotation by the sanctuary
25461s they're picking up a body i just never
25462s see that really happen in any region for
25464s any players
25465s i
25466s i don't i'm not positive that was their
25468s knock they were able to secure an elim
25470s point going through early on there but i
25471s think the shots came out from the side
25473s there you see one player over in the
25475s boat just kind of just ripping away the
25477s rockets now those are unlimited it's a
25478s good little bit of her ass but
25480s didn't see the other confirmation come
25482s through but again better start here from
25484s clicks and day we've talked about them
25486s generally struggling when it comes to
25488s consistency in these lobbies they have
25489s those really really high points but they
25492s tend to struggle to kind of chain them
25493s together and sometimes get a little bit
25495s caught in the mid game they're able to
25497s clean that up though they're one of the
25498s scariest duos in niece but speaking of
25501s scariest duos and naes bogan miro still
25504s just moving around
25505s occupying tons of space right now
25508s you think there should be like uh i mean
25510s it doesn't make sense in this context
25511s like a salary cap for teams and what
25514s in duo's like the skill cap basically
25516s because there's there's no like salary
25518s equivalent right but it to balance like
25520s like duo's in a sense like booga and
25522s miro does not just seem unfair for the
25524s rest of any east
25526s i mean if that was unfair they'd win
25528s absolutely everything right they don't
25529s win everything i feel like na east and
25532s arguably eu as well i think they have
25534s probably like 10 or so players who are
25536s kind of in that upper echelon but it
25539s really always feels like there's a
25541s little bit of a shake-up in nause you
25543s know what i mean out of any of the
25544s regions i would say are arguably like
25546s you look down in brazil and whoever has
25547s magazine that's where i'm just like okay
25550s this is like he wins everything 50 of
25552s the games go to him might as well just
25553s like give him the crown right now
25555s we have we haven't really seen that in
25557s any eastern europe even n a west had uh
25559s arkham rex an epic whale for a while but
25562s that kind of petered out towards the end
25563s and it always seems like nauseo and eu
25565s have just had a constant changing of the
25567s guards at the top
25569s this is actually very true i would
25570s always equate it to like maybe if it's
25572s not wins this like top three top five
25574s guarantee for some of these teams that's
25576s just still so nice to have under the
25577s belt right like the comfortability of
25578s that obviously they're still working
25580s hard right there's this opening of the
25582s hours that's
25583s absolutely crazy the amount of work that
25585s goes into it but it just seems like you
25586s know there's guaranteed to this top five
25588s every single time
25590s but we're also not seeing that across
25591s like all the tournaments right like
25592s we're not seeing one of these duos just
25594s win absolutely everything when it comes
25596s to cash cups and third-party tournaments
25599s and fncs right there's always just a
25601s little bit of disparity when it's coming
25602s through particularly in n.a east and eu
25606s we just have so many of these players
25607s who are able to if they have everything
25609s going for them really press their
25611s opponents
25613s this is very true there's always chances
25615s for an opening to rise for another
25617s player to come through
25619s and i think that's what's good for the
25620s top teams as well it means you always
25621s have to be innovating you always have
25622s been putting in a different style of
25624s work it's not just about being good but
25626s being different enough every single time
25628s to where no one can really catch up to
25629s your level two and right now
25631s chip and spade have a chance to do that
25632s as well
25634s a lot of these
25635s teams might be used to being overall all
25637s the way close to
25638s top five of a chance this season to kind
25640s of rewrite their own history and do just
25642s that i think with this blue pool the
25644s amount of damage that's on the board as
25646s well and the balancing with the shield
25647s the other side is uh just in general
25649s across the map with the vehicles being
25650s taken out there's a chance for just raw
25652s gameplay to show through and i think we
25654s saw it earlier on the day as well just
25656s the way end games are playing out now it
25658s is just completely insane and with the
25660s duels format as well solo clutch has
25662s become that much more so possible and
25664s are a lot of fun to watch
25666s yeah you get a little bit more room to
25667s operate it's
25669s a little
25670s less unfeasible when you open up into a
25672s duo that you might be able to win that
25674s fight if you play a couple things well
25676s they do a couple things wrong and you're
25677s able to take advantage of it it's a lot
25679s harder to do in trios when you're facing
25681s down just the one extra member you can
25682s dedicate somebody to just perma holding
25684s a wall they're slapping a pre-edit in
25686s your face when you might have the
25687s opportunity to make a play and we've
25690s seen people take advantage of that hen
25691s over in europe last season able to
25693s basically win the fncs on one of the
25695s more ridiculous solo clutches that we've
25698s seen over on the right side of your
25700s screen you can see lancers picking up a
25702s key elimination much needed there on to
25704s susscript over in the zone and he's
25707s gonna be able to about face it looks
25708s like he has fusion's card as well so
25710s he's gonna be happy about that
25713s so might be one person needs to go right
25715s through and yeah that's
25717s tracking him as well what a perfect time
25719s to drop down on layers diagonally to
25721s perfect waterfalls as well to get all
25723s the way down to the ground and it always
25725s seems like the people with the best loot
25726s are way back in the zone as well so he's
25729s gonna have a lot of ground to cover to
25730s get back into this game yeah plenty of
25732s madness though this we're gonna hop on
25733s over to the first elim here from lancers
25736s and nice little mantle move to actually
25738s get up one extra box into the 175. it's
25741s going to about face a 140 onto and
25745s then he puts them in the blender that's
25746s a fantastic opportunity to work around
25749s the side we saw the reset after the fact
25751s but hey man take a bow that was great
25754s clinical and just
25756s wasn't even a pre-fire by any means it
25758s was just well tracked well-timed and
25761s just great i hope we get to see that all
25762s the way to ungame and then get that
25764s reboot rolling in as well becca picking
25766s up chewy in the feed that is one big
25768s just male stroma before stopped by
25770s another one as well i mean megan and
25772s dubs i feel like at the start of this
25774s game or the start of the tournament game
25775s one uh apologies they they just popped
25777s off as well some really really good
25778s fourth overall seven elims that's huge
25780s to start off the day yeah and we talked
25782s about them a little bit on the pre-show
25784s and even in the green room before the
25786s show when we were looking at the drop
25787s map looking at where players might land
25789s we were like wow something mega got a
25792s lot of room
25793s there was no one near them at shifty
25795s shafts and well sometimes people will
25797s talk down on shifty shafts and kind of
25799s the sight lines the advantage and the
25800s amount of available loot there um if
25802s there's no one within like a couple of
25804s grid spaces of you right it doesn't
25807s really matter the quality of the drop
25809s spot because you're just able to do
25811s whatever you want and so far they're
25813s finding the eliminations and this is the
25815s type type of dubs and mega i like to see
25817s play i like to see a little bit of early
25819s admit aggression because they do have
25821s more chemistry and just overall better
25824s skill than a lot of these other duos in
25827s the circumstance because they've been in
25828s these situations how many hundreds of
25830s times
25831s absolutely in all those situations the
25833s hundreds of them that you're mentioning
25834s it's always kind of also been a little
25836s bit of a comeback story for them i think
25837s the last three games are always their
25839s strongest so to have such a good one to
25841s start off today to have that in the
25842s roster already and that's a seventh with
25844s eight elements by the way not a fourth
25846s seven my apologies uh it's still really
25849s good and it's like a buff overall to
25850s what their you know total standings
25852s should be at the end
25855s shia look at the bottom left-hand corner
25857s right now
25860s love this so this is this is actually
25862s something that is fantastic and he got a
25864s hit he just hit someone oh my god that's
25866s so good so boxing up on top of one of
25868s these cannons in any other type of
25871s fortnight gameplay even just in a cash
25873s cup that's not a round two in the
25875s circumstance you will never ever ever be
25878s able to do this effectively because
25879s people will just move away from it you
25881s don't know where people are boxed up
25882s those are very slow moving however in
25884s this circumstance where players are
25886s boxing up with excess materials they're
25888s showing you exactly where they are you
25890s can start lobbing some of the shots over
25892s there granted it is much more efficient
25894s to just take out your scope burst rifle
25897s and start spraying ar shots however it
25899s is much more hilarious when you direct
25901s somebody with one of those rockets right
25903s as they're fighting
25905s yeah i mean
25906s this is just
25908s unfortunate for the people who are
25909s basing up there's not much else they can
25911s really do
25912s but at the same time yeah i mean it's
25914s just complete bullying this is easy
25916s damage to people to get for surge
25918s overall as well and it's just a nice
25920s strategy good control to be there first
25922s before everyone else
25925s chamberlain more shots after the fact as
25927s well
25927s while the cannon keeps raining
25930s skittles on the right side is in a very
25932s different world of her users
25935s not going to be the last one going down
25936s there still needs to be one player that
25937s leaves before that surge is gone but
25939s they're really feeling the hurts and
25941s he's gone yeah and unfortunate for him
25944s another player drops almost immediately
25945s after that and while the cannon might be
25948s hilarious from duke it seems like jamper
25950s is the one who is putting in almost all
25952s of their storm surge work just finding
25954s some great angles and some great tags
25956s particularly on these players trying to
25958s rotate around the northern side of the
25959s zone so honestly really good positioning
25962s and teamwork out of the two of them
25965s split blaze two from miro and buga
25968s this is just to be able to get as much
25970s mats under the belt as possible might
25972s cost you a few tags here and there but
25973s that's fine
25975s but look at all the control they have
25977s basically stopping certain rotates
25979s being a little bit more elusive overall
25981s and not the focus of you know possible
25983s cannon fire and at the same time many
25986s other different
25987s random box dives as well especially the
25989s surge line i like the fact that they
25990s actually split up a little bit and stay
25992s far away a little bit more incognito and
25994s spread apart
25995s yeah i i don't necessarily know how i
25998s feel about the loadout from klux and him
25999s being the one in the lead because if
26001s somebody opens up on him he's not going
26003s to be able to really effectively return
26005s fire so now he's kind of just stuck here
26008s looking down and looking up at the
26009s supply crate without something to shoot
26011s it but day luckily is able to catch up
26013s and see here flow trying to find a
26015s little bit of space here towards the
26017s side great peace control into the
26019s harpoon and that was fantastic by flow
26022s and trap
26023s the fact that an elimination like that
26025s can come so fast as well it's very tough
26028s especially people who are desperate of
26030s the back lines mirror and broken though
26032s they don't need that many strategies
26034s when it says hey beam at wall hopefully
26035s we get one elimination they get two yeah
26038s this is what i say i wonder where they
26039s picked up their elim because it didn't
26040s seem like they were getting bogged down
26041s in any kind of fight well just throwing
26043s shots towards somebody fighting for
26045s storm surge and hey sometimes the dice
26047s comes up seven and they're able to take
26049s that one away as adrius has a fantastic
26051s beat on to spade and chimp here looking
26054s to make their lives a little bit
26055s difficult but might just be scouting for
26057s info
26060s all right for this zone adria's position
26061s sundown what are you doing to get in
26063s what is the what does the rotation look
26065s like um honestly i would have about
26067s faced and started walking right now like
26069s you already know there's other duos on
26070s the outside if they turned around they
26072s should see the fact there's only one
26073s other duo there and as long as they're
26075s able to go before all of the other trios
26077s who are on that western side can kind of
26079s establish themselves just on the edge of
26081s the zone they should be fine but ignore
26083s me they have a whiplash so they're going
26085s to hop in the whip skirt right to the
26088s edge of the zone no problem for them
26089s they're going to box that thing on up as
26091s well because that is a very full hp
26093s whiplash for this late in the game
26096s like a couple weeks ago you would have
26097s seen that all the time i don't think
26099s we've seen that at all so far today
26101s yeah i think there was one instance of
26103s one that got fully bullied it's so tough
26105s to get it out of greasy and specific i
26107s mean with certain zones it's so easy to
26109s first of all hear it you have to have
26110s chunkers to use it so it's a little bit
26112s high profile as well but having it in
26114s that spot specifically with old builds
26116s on the right side any of these low
26117s ground teams are going to be unable to
26118s park right beside that base and even
26120s bully the builds that are around the car
26122s they're looking really good in that
26123s makeshift garage meanwhile dj picks up
26126s jack on the way to his next zone move
26129s dejin his rifling has been fantastic so
26132s far today i don't just want to say today
26133s because his rifling is almost always
26135s fantastic while iamzo is very good close
26138s range not saying that either is bad at
26140s the other right but it's just every time
26142s you tune in to djing it seems like he
26143s just has a perfect feed has a scope has
26145s a line on players it's never just one
26148s shot right like that's the difference
26150s between players at the highest level
26151s here everybody can sneak a rifle shot a
26153s first shot accuracy shot in every now
26155s and then it's about getting the angles
26157s where you're able to sneak in multiple
26158s particularly when you have that burst
26160s you chain all of a sudden a body shot
26162s into a headshot or two headshots
26164s together and you have a window to go or
26166s you force utility out of the other
26167s players for right now plague and
26169s radiographs they're going to be forced
26170s to either go or use utility as they are
26172s 61 below and that storm surge is turning
26175s off
26176s well you told us they really have to use
26178s striker pump was in hand when redux had
26180s a free shot over maybe a beam could have
26182s been a little bit better but no other
26183s options available with that look he'll
26185s put a little bit of damage on the board
26186s but 51 below still
26188s they're looking pretty nonchalant right
26190s now still just kind of eyeing out what
26191s they need to do instead of actually
26193s moving and doing something in 15 seconds
26195s that relationship between surge and them
26197s is not going to be so peaceful
26199s six duos will all be pressured by surge
26201s three of them on the screen right now
26202s top of the page plague and redux 22
26205s below bottom left edan and ab 35 below
26208s they're immediately into a fight there
26210s edam loses almost the entirety of his hp
26212s but av is able to just barely get them
26214s back above we can see in the right
26215s bottom right hand corner peterbot by the
26218s 52 above they do have a shield kick that
26220s the drop down and try and offset the
26222s initial bit of surgeon redux and plague
26224s off of that first dive they're able to
26226s stay above same story for bogo and miro
26229s they're able to keep themselves just
26230s above with 109 as players are beginning
26233s to drop but still five underneath the
26235s pressure
26237s 10 total players kind of need to go down
26239s before this pressure ceases i think for
26241s peterbot he's been sitting looking at
26243s that number 60 for a long time now no
26245s one is falling that's trouble some
26247s armored walls put out so there's no
26249s chance for him to have any safe edits
26251s forward to be able to deal much damage
26253s they're playing the full defensive four
26254s people now gone down six more need to
26256s leave and that zone is starting to move
26258s soon too so they have multiple
26260s dimensions of pressure on them a lot to
26262s be able to use but there's nothing to
26263s really stop them now they do have a
26265s little bit of damage above some of those
26267s teams have gone down some room to work
26269s and breathe with
26270s but let's see where they go from here
26271s rise and threats down shadow and me too
26274s down room to operate at the top of the
26276s table and so far after the first 10 elim
26279s game out of threats they've started to
26281s stall first place after match number one
26283s but so far only really adding a couple
26286s of points on to their total here but
26288s yonzo and dj looking to pull away
26290s looking to maybe secure a top five here
26293s with still three games left to play they
26295s could do it with a solid enough
26296s advantage 40 above the search they need
26298s to be wary as only one duo will be under
26301s pressure here we're also closing in on
26303s our cascading placement points two have
26304s been given away the next round start we
26307s get to our top 25 duo of some three more
26310s we'll need to go down as we're going to
26311s hop back on board here bureau bogo
26314s looking for a little bit of room 72
26316s above for them as kanata picks up one
26318s somebody else picks up another that's
26320s agers picking up a double on the larson
26322s and kowanti and that's going to turn off
26324s serge and shia we're going back to the
26326s north over to the crossroads
26328s this is so bad for every team they kind
26330s of just moved in and kind of left the
26332s west and east open for themselves
26334s overall if the zone does pull north or
26336s south that is north right now everyone's
26338s gonna have to move through all builds
26339s they just have to basically jump over
26341s and on top of each other it's gonna be a
26343s stampede look at the way things are
26344s basically sectioned out here so you
26346s can't go left and right you have to just
26347s go move through all of these builds
26350s move through all the builds or straight
26353s up the middle there is a little bit of a
26354s window there and we're seeing now if you
26356s peek towards the bottom right hand
26357s corner most of those triangles are going
26359s to hit that middle gap as fast as you
26361s can because going around the outside
26362s it's going to cause a lot of damage
26363s redux picking up the confirmation on to
26365s accept one more duo needs to fall and
26368s we're into those cascading placement
26369s points but right now dj's also very low
26372s on maps they're looking for a little bit
26374s of room here
26375s that wall on the left could be a nice
26377s box time for the harpoon
26379s on the tragics that might be the angle
26381s i'm so patient on this shot not really
26383s doing much damage yet but he's going to
26384s be the one to take away a hundred shield
26385s of his own hp bars dj also going down to
26389s the same fate he is gone wiped out iamzo
26392s it's all up to you now to hold on to the
26393s lead one build just barely above 100
26396s combined hp trying to find the back side
26399s of that box instead finds a little space
26401s on the grid just gonna take a knee right
26403s there you know trying to buy a little
26405s bit of time 40 seconds on the clock
26407s sorry wrong sport there will use his
26409s last build and then gets chewed up
26411s ripped apart that's the drama shotgun
26413s from above taking advantage and he will
26416s go down 21st there that was bila who's
26419s able to pick him up and close that one
26421s out as redux in the top right corner
26422s feet trying to find some real plague
26424s just barely holding on with a sliver of
26426s hp bulga goes down the bottom right hand
26428s corner as mira finds some room but look
26430s who's up on the high ground yet again
26433s agers canada just raining shots down
26435s from above and shia i feel like i read
26438s this book already
26439s i think i see the roller on low as well
26441s with the tabnay and dashu
26443s moving around it's the same thing
26445s entirely i think this is the biggest
26446s difference dubs and vega or dubs and
26448s mega having a little bit of control down
26450s low that will actually make things so
26452s much harder for all these low ground
26453s teams and you can see day ends up
26455s picking up rhythm but then mega ends up
26457s getting clicks and mega gets the
26458s confirmation there to roller then picks
26460s up dubs it is just utter chaos on this
26462s mid-ground tarp but through all of that
26464s mira was able to pick up booga and while
26466s he doesn't have a ton of hp he's back up
26468s on his feet and the solo world cup
26470s champion is as dangerous as ever looking
26472s for a little bit of room but somebody
26474s who knows something about danger that's
26476s day he's looking for a little bit of
26477s space 17 builds not a ton of white hp
26479s doesn't want to take these storm ticks
26481s but facing off against the metal wall he
26483s takes two there that could end up
26484s playing a difference with only 70
26486s effective hp trying to close it on top
26488s 15. he gets the line there will he be
26489s able to get the confirmation he gets the
26491s knock but it was a duo so no extra
26494s points and he will fall in 15th that's b
26496s picking up back to back ones there
26499s and meanwhile we watch all this low
26501s ground commotion go down bala is here
26503s locking away even more pressure down try
26505s just can't even move but now he's gonna
26507s be forced to actually move over top of
26509s these builds c is gonna be taken apart
26511s and needs to go for a few of these mats
26512s possibly even but with 500 wood what
26514s more do you even need there's not much
26515s even left over this isn't the cost of a
26517s lot of hp too something he can't really
26519s afford down to what 30 20. one tick
26521s almost yeah 20 down from going for those
26523s builds and it was just 50 that he picked
26525s up canada still raining shots from above
26527s jamper picks up a two-piece for himself
26530s is he trying to add more nuggets to that
26532s veal looks like he might get picked up
26533s right after that mega ends up going down
26536s nani goes down to the hands of beef as
26537s the roller still up on his feet coney
26540s ends up taking out beef but belief
26541s picked up three or four for himself so
26543s good individual effort there as flo
26545s tries to catch it back on up he's
26546s popping flops over in the back of the
26548s zone hoping to get another point and yet
26550s chayo i'm telling you man this is just a
26552s bad remake as on the high ground ages of
26555s conor not getting shot at but no builds
26557s in miro alone yet again boog it down but
26560s he dives on in and he finds the solo
26562s bailout gets picked up and he's into the
26564s top five
26565s a spinning top that can't be stopped
26567s miro is just sliding over these belts
26569s and doing crazy damage d rollers still
26571s just popping off and ages is finally
26573s down so kanata might be able to get
26574s taken out but he takes out duke and
26576s jamper in the matter of an instant now
26577s we're down to four teams miro with a
26580s humongous shot on the canada now he
26582s rules the skies with 11 hp how far can
26585s he really go he's trying to pop the car
26587s to get the explosion to expose somebody
26589s there get one shot he will have an
26591s opportunity but he has no more builds he
26594s has 11 hp he could drop down onto the
26596s cone but any damage he's going to get
26597s shot out and de-roller will not miss the
26599s tags through there the original fncs
26602s invitational champion tries to clean it
26604s out but coney drops in and cleans the
26607s fight out at the end everyone was
26609s looking up and instead midground just
26612s plows through cleared it up three four
26615s eliminations and the victory royale
26618s i mean you give them a little bit of a
26620s chance that the damnit gonna roll in and
26622s take apart everyone around them coney
26624s owner is just there at the very end of
26627s the game ready to just look inside this
26628s box and pick people apart it's just too
26631s much deja vu started off sundown but a
26633s very different game at the end very
26635s different but i mean when we talk about
26637s leaderboard implications i feel like it
26639s might end up being roughly the same
26640s they've gained 14 places in the last
26642s game and with that victory royale
26644s they're gonna rocket their way up into
26646s the top five as we close in on our back
26648s half of games
26654s dude sundown is just so intelligent you
26656s guys ever just think like i could listen
26658s to sundown tell me about like paint
26660s drying what the process looks like and
26662s i'd be like yeah this guy's really smart
26665s i could do that you know what i'm saying
26666s anyway back to this last game that is
26667s not a diss by the way this is 100
26669s serious sundown so don't clap back later
26671s uh wow cody under owner and death shoe
26674s they get themselves the victory royale
26676s boys and i do want to celebrate this
26678s moment for them right for this duel
26680s however
26681s i have to still think about like kanada
26683s and agers right still making it into
26686s that top three with what we saw at the
26688s time was six eliminations and as well
26690s buga and miro so it's a huge win for
26693s coney owner and his dual mate but
26695s there's still so much else going on
26696s around them vivid
26698s yeah huge game for death and i love the
26700s fact that you point out you know even
26702s though they did get the victory out so
26703s many other teams just put in so much
26706s work towards that end game as well we'd
26708s love to see the uh agers and kanada up
26711s on the high ground again looks like they
26712s had full control but they did run out of
26714s builds no refreshes came through so
26716s eventually they'd have the drop down and
26718s even when he did go for a refresh mirror
26719s was like no let me just stop you right
26721s there so a lot going on and that game
26723s was definitely chaotic in the end game
26726s super chaotic and one of the people that
26728s took advantage of that was miro and we
26730s know this is how they won last f and cs
26732s it was booga clutching solos miro
26734s clutching solo hey they're back on their
26736s same horse they're riding it once again
26738s he's somehow able to pick up buga right
26741s here like okay and then now he just goes
26743s on pikachu rocking taking down multiple
26746s players on his way and securing a ton of
26749s placement points that honestly they
26750s should not have gotten
26752s yeah i think for me miro has always been
26754s that player right it's just like he he
26757s can
26758s look at a game and be like what micro
26760s advantage can i acquire here and what do
26763s i need to do to achieve that and then he
26765s just like disappears into the shadows
26767s and then he comes back and it's like yes
26769s booga is still up hello we are now
26772s jumping in your box good luck everybody
26774s like they're just such great players
26776s what else uh excited you guys about this
26778s last game was there anything else that
26779s stood out to you
26780s uh definitely peterbot and byla coming
26783s through i know that they put up a large
26785s number of points and that is because
26787s another solo clutch came through but
26790s before we get there you know peterbot
26792s and viola have already had two
26793s eliminations and this is impressive in
26795s its own right seeing that they are 25
26797s below right there and then getting a
26798s quick amount of tags in to make sure
26801s that they are good for the end game and
26804s you know we've talked about a little bit
26805s spg but not too much these launch pads
26807s playing a big part in the season them
26809s actually opting to use it there to get
26811s to that half zone
26812s oh yeah the launch pads are so key
26814s especially as one of the big movement
26816s items we see peterbot go down and then
26818s violet's just able to take the rest of
26821s this game into his hands just like miro
26823s solidifying a ton of placement points
26826s picking up a couple limbs and putting
26828s his team in a much better position i'm
26830s interested to see where they find
26831s themselves on the leaderboard because
26833s now this is i believe their second or
26835s third solid game that they've had and
26838s they're a team that we talked about at
26840s the top of show they're going to be
26842s fighting for one of those top spots
26844s i like that spg let's take a look at
26845s these standings together and see how
26847s things are going looking at our top five
26849s peterbot jumps on in and exactly like
26853s you're saying i love spg let's go baby
26855s keeping up with them story lines right
26857s because of that game
26859s now they're looking at d jen and yamco
26862s and they're saying oh hello are you guys
26864s in top five we'd like to knock you out
26866s of top five a vivid
26868s yeah not the best game from dj m so they
26870s are going to be dropping down with 92
26872s total points there but you know we
26873s mentioned agers and kanata they were on
26874s the higher gun didn't actually end up
26876s getting that victory out but they got
26877s plenty of points to keep themselves in
26880s that first place position with 120 but
26883s following closely is death and tapping
26886s 125 points only one point separates
26890s these top two teams but look at this spg
26893s buga and miro showing up they are in
26896s third
26897s yeah they were hanging out in six the
26898s past two games and you know they're
26900s about a half game everyone's in that 90
26902s to 70 behind death agers kanata and
26906s tabnay and they're all going to be
26908s fighting for it one team that we've seen
26910s put a couple of solid performances
26912s together as d-roller and m-pen we
26913s mentioned them during or the casters
26916s mentioned them during the last game but
26918s that is a team that seems to be hot
26919s right now and playing very consistent
26921s the elims aren't there like everyone
26923s else but nonetheless they're
26925s consistently getting themselves to the
26926s end game and putting themselves in the
26928s arena
26930s this is page two vivid you got mega you
26932s got dubs are sitting in 11th place i
26934s mean look because of the format i'm not
26936s super worried at least right now
26939s i think with the next game leaving only
26941s two left i will be more worried but with
26943s one big game vivid any of these guys
26945s could just show up in the top five right
26948s yeah exactly and you know we saw right
26950s there i think it was all the way down to
26951s like the 15 position we had 67 points
26953s but then like in 10th we had 71 points
26955s so there is not a lot of points
26958s separating those duos right now and i'd
26960s love to see clicks and they actually
26961s make themselves back up to that top 10
26963s position of my prediction of course that
26966s first played spot looks very very good
26968s on them
26970s it's that top five what everyone wants
26972s it's gonna be a close one as we go into
26973s the second half here's he
26975s oh sbg got me hyped up boy let's get
26978s ready to jump back into more fortnite
26979s action we've got monster d face who's
26981s back in the house and sundown standing
26983s right next to him so gentlemen over to
26985s you
26988s thank you so much zeke vivid and spg my
26990s name's sun down joined by monster d face
26993s here to close out the back half of the
26994s game some monster i know you've been
26996s keeping a close eye on things what are
26998s your thoughts so far
27000s dude miro miro is just popping off that
27002s ridiculous clutch right there in the
27004s very end and then of course d roller
27006s popping off as well just really getting
27008s on his uh his own little steam train
27009s there was super impressive to see how he
27012s continued to take out big names like
27013s d-roller was truly the upset of that
27015s last game yeah and with just three games
27018s left particularly here in match number
27020s four we're going to see a lot of very
27022s much leaderboard informing matches we're
27024s going to see kind of what it takes to
27026s place in that top five so far it's
27028s averaging just above 31 points but
27031s enough from us let's get into the game
27040s all right ladies and gentlemen the
27041s qualifier won round four and game number
27045s four is here this is the back half of
27048s the tournament you guys watched game one
27049s game two game three unfold but now how
27052s well have the players been doing how
27054s well can they continue to stay in the
27056s running right now if you're a team like
27058s kanata and angels you want to upkeep
27060s that momentum that they've managed to
27061s pick up they're currently sitting at 126
27064s points just a single digit single point
27067s away from the teams trailing behind them
27069s but it hasn't been easy right they've
27071s been fighting for it and after that
27072s victory they picked up in game two i
27074s mean it was looking like they might have
27075s secured the game three win too
27077s and sprite first the weapon here on the
27079s drop gets great tags on the muzz but not
27082s quite able to finish him trying to get
27083s the angle slides in but gets blocked off
27086s by the wall so now he's gonna need to
27088s regroup up with his duo and we've seen
27090s just the madness that is command cavern
27092s how quickly these fights can resolve and
27095s maz is gonna need to get with this duo
27097s asap
27098s what's crazy about this is you can see
27101s what placement the teams are currently
27103s in this general area of the command
27105s cavern for the most part if you've been
27107s landing inside the cavern it's been a
27109s pretty rough day for you that at least
27110s for the first three games because there
27112s are players everywhere right they're
27113s really fighting that fight right here
27115s and it hasn't been easy for anyone in
27117s the feed big names getting taken out
27119s there though bucky finally does lose the
27121s daily bugle battle and i saw dubs pick
27123s up at early elimination as well so it
27125s does seem like maybe a team might have
27127s gone in his general direction on over to
27129s the shifty chefs or he picks someone up
27131s out the sky which is also possible
27133s because of the elevation and the loot
27135s that's there um either way book is going
27137s to find some early game tags here and it
27138s does seem like a bit of a skirmish going
27140s down for our third place team uh so
27142s that's a nice little feel good moment
27144s there you're able to pick up a beat on
27145s an opponent just kind of on the opposite
27147s plateau headshot body shot with that
27149s burst rifle and that's gonna get those
27151s storm surge tags ticking away as you can
27154s see right hand side we'll transition
27155s over kurt fourth place team
27157s d-gen and e amso sitting on those 92
27160s points and also don't forget we say
27162s fourth place we're looking kind of at
27163s the number team number four that's where
27165s they currently sit on the leaderboard
27166s but that number does not account for
27169s tiebreakers so keeping that in mind as
27171s muzz will keep in mind his early game as
27174s he'll get sent back to the lobby they're
27175s gonna have to clean that one up but a
27177s brilliant job making sure they resolve
27179s that fight those sprite and nouns that
27180s we talked about sprite putting the early
27182s damage down but they took a little bit
27184s too long to resolve that unfortunately
27186s as nowzy gets pushed back and some huge
27188s shots from him but not enough but the
27190s huge shots end up basically being a nice
27192s little parting present this is the
27194s madness the clown fiesta we talked about
27196s in the cavern cue the circus music as
27198s just duo after duo filters in
27201s yeah for every blow given another one of
27203s equal if not more powerful returns right
27205s back at him because there are so many
27207s duos here looking to continue to jump
27209s into the mess here jump into the fight
27211s and create some noise themselves and you
27213s can see that it has really come at the
27215s detriment of multiple duos now the
27218s command cavern uh just really being the
27221s place of uh the home of elimination if
27223s you will in
27225s in other words
27226s this is a place i don't think anyone
27228s should be trying to dip their toes into
27230s you right the water's a little too cold
27231s on this side of the pond
27234s yeah
27235s like you can see the appeal it's roughly
27238s centered it's on the west side of the
27239s map which shout out catch analytics if
27241s you've looked at a zone breakdown you
27242s have a higher percentage of pulling
27243s towards that side and there is just an
27246s absolute i mean just metric a ton
27250s and i mean ton of resources and
27252s consumables in this area and you can see
27254s why like you can happily foster six plus
27256s people here but the loot pass once
27258s you're committed to inside it just makes
27260s it so easy for everybody to trickle into
27262s these fights to just get chipped from
27263s different angles you're not covering
27265s every single sidewall and it's really
27268s difficult on top of the fact that you're
27269s just getting scanned out constantly by
27271s somebody above
27272s yeah that's the thing too right that
27273s information drive that download that dj
27276s nyamzo would be getting from up top i
27277s mean if you start rotating out at that
27279s moment it's over you're gonna get picked
27281s off and they know when it's time to come
27283s on down because they can just see how
27285s many players are how much threat is
27286s lingering nearby when it's too much you
27288s know what it's not worth their time they
27290s just get on out of here and they
27291s actually end up being the guys holding
27293s players inside the zone so if you're in
27295s the command cavern it just never really
27297s seems like it's gonna work out um not at
27300s a surface glance at liso seeing a team
27302s like season
27309s the bronze you can see he is going to
27311s decide to go ahead and rotate on out the
27313s side there and continue to get his pace
27315s on here but for sonetto for 7w i mean
27318s they've already found a little bit of
27320s success here three elims better than
27321s most
27323s three elims largely just being able to
27325s trickle into that fight a little bit
27326s later but you can see jason cash just on
27328s the outside trying to get some shots in
27330s immediately onto the wall that sees it
27331s gets taken and they're gonna back up try
27333s and find another angle and they're gonna
27334s be able to catch it cash gets caught but
27336s then sanetto returns fire jace ends up
27339s going down and they're now trying to
27341s push through cash is running like he
27343s just got stolen from a bank and he's in
27345s a robbers bag he wants nothing to do
27347s with that fight esenetto 7w pick up
27350s their fourth elimination here in the
27352s cavern and they're putting some points
27353s on the board i mean before this they had
27355s nine now they're adding 12 to the tally
27357s here 21 total and if you're gonna get
27359s the ball rolling here's a good way kick
27361s it down a hill
27362s yeah what's wild about this cash and
27364s jath are doing pretty okay in the
27365s tournament right they're in that upper
27367s bubble almost inside the top 15 there so
27370s that's a big elimination the big team to
27372s take out it just seems like 7w and
27374s sennetto have really figured this out
27376s and started connecting the dots here but
27378s the replays roll on the music continues
27381s to play take a look at some of the other
27382s perspectives of the fights going down
27384s the command cavern cash and j for also
27386s finding a bit of success here this is
27387s why they wanted to stay around but of
27390s course you saw like we just broadcasted
27392s over
27392s ch7w
27394s they're doing just that as well so it's
27396s like you know vehicle versus brick wall
27399s you know there's no tension it's back
27401s and forth it's a big collide there
27404s right now we see some other shots being
27405s sprayed out for bugger does have that
27407s legendary scope burst rifle going to be
27409s able to just right click or left trigger
27412s whatever your button is for that aim
27413s down sights pull up that nice little red
27415s dot in when you're as good and accurate
27418s as the solo world cup champ he's gonna
27419s be able to find those shots but somebody
27422s who knows a little bit about being
27423s accurate and again we talked about how
27426s generally we don't see better games from
27429s mega and dubs till we're in the back
27430s half of the games guess what monster
27431s we're on game number four three elims
27434s all in the back pocket of dubs 79 points
27436s and they've all sudden push themselves
27438s up from 11th to 7th in just this early
27442s game
27443s huge that's how close the standings are
27445s as well it really gives us an idea of
27446s what those points are looking like right
27448s if you wanted to see what dubs is doing
27450s well take a look here it's the shotgun
27452s coming into play here he's gonna find
27454s mentality there we're talking about how
27456s some of these newer folk some of these
27458s newer players making it to this final
27459s stage might just be up for grabs against
27462s the vets and that's what dubs is really
27463s doing right now he's finding some of the
27465s new blood out there right and claiming
27466s those elimination points and think about
27468s it as the stages develop on as we get
27471s later into the tournament phase right
27472s the points change the format right now
27475s and the way the points work out
27476s eliminations are weighted so much more
27479s and that's why we're seeing teams like
27480s dubs now three elims mean so much it
27483s jumped him up four full placement points
27485s uh i was about to say man is yamzo
27487s driving that car because uh oh actually
27490s yeah
27491s was driving that car because he's 14 he
27494s definitely does not have his permit
27495s maybe 15 now but either way don't want
27498s him on the road because uh that was that
27500s was a little sideways there make sure
27501s you uh do all of your driving lessons if
27504s you're out there and
27505s if you already have your license then be
27507s responsible and signal even if nobody's
27508s there if you're making a turn come on we
27510s want everybody to get home safely there
27512s are limited cars now on the island you
27514s got to take good care of them nobody
27515s wants to be calling no sweat insurance
27517s and dealing with that right as we hop
27519s back on board here current leaders still
27521s holding on to their spot by just the
27523s point canada and agers plenty of space
27526s yeah i haven't really earned anything
27528s but neither has the team right behind
27529s them right because otherwise they would
27531s have been overthrown so a single
27533s elimination separating the two uh big
27535s wolves the alpha dogs in the pack here
27538s but for ages and kanada they're they're
27539s keeping a low profile they're really
27540s taking their time and trying to decide
27543s how they can find their storm surge tags
27545s they found themselves in i think a very
27546s peculiar situation they're kind of
27548s isolated you saw there for a brief
27550s moment the drone shot revealing there
27552s wasn't really anyone nearby them and
27554s that's something you have to weigh in
27555s when you start picking your spots if
27557s you're not very high up in a high
27559s position to look outwards i mean that's
27561s the kind of stuff that's going to
27562s backfire but looking at the zone now it
27564s is going to just edge out all the
27565s players from
27567s that are coming just out of that chunker
27568s speedway and it does seem like it's
27570s gonna play into a favorable position for
27572s them rising threats though they have
27574s kind of fallen down a couple of places
27576s the last two games they have a ways to
27578s go after dropping that first 10
27581s elimination first game and having that
27583s first place spot i mean they've tasted
27585s success in the tournament so far they're
27587s looking to recreate that magic
27589s i mean they had 56 points after the
27591s first game and since then stalled out to
27593s 80 so it just really goes to show one of
27596s those really solid games you pick up a
27597s lot of eliminations can make such a big
27600s difference yes they've had some two
27602s really rough games since then however
27604s because of the performance of that one
27606s game they are still very much so in
27608s touching distance of that top five so
27610s they know hey doesn't matter what
27612s happened to game number two game number
27613s three buckle down here get a couple
27615s points let's get into that top 25 and
27618s let's have a go at it and we've seen
27620s there in plenty of times where if you
27621s don't look at the entire qualifying
27624s process in the round as your individual
27626s game but instead you look at it as kind
27627s of the tournament management book and we
27629s i've talked about this into oblivion
27631s where if you're death and tabnay or
27633s you're counted on agers right now or you
27636s want to chill you're taking no access
27638s fights because you know you get into one
27640s more end game here and get in some solid
27642s points you're basically guaranteed a top
27645s five you create you created a 30-point
27648s gap to the rest of the field you don't
27650s need to stretch that out from here on
27651s out you just need to hold on to it and
27654s as i say that actually you see kanata
27656s picking up a knock on to bila in the
27658s feed that is monster oh not by the
27660s excuse me pick up a knock onto av in the
27662s feed as we're watching bilo right now
27664s that's huge for them
27666s yeah i was going to highlight that as
27667s well kanata with the knock there we
27668s didn't see the finish though so it does
27670s seem like the exchange the revive might
27672s be happening inside that box there in
27674s the distance
27675s unfortunate unfortunately yes exactly
27678s very fortunate that he did find the
27679s surge now when this zone ends up closing
27682s i mean as of right now six players have
27684s to go down we've been about around this
27687s area after the last couple games that
27688s first one being the most staggering of
27690s course up at the top let's take a look
27692s where ages and kanada are right now if
27693s you bring your attention to that map
27695s right there you see there are about 150
27698s damage above the search it's not too
27699s much but it's not too bad right now it
27702s could be much worse obviously there's a
27704s couple teams on the map right now that
27705s are sweating
27707s yeah but tabnay aka kony owner letting
27711s everybody know that he is the one who
27713s owns the cones aka coney crossroads
27716s that's how spaka and trash they're 198
27719s below so uh they need to get tagging 224
27722s below that basically means hey rifle
27725s shots aren't gonna do it we gotta jump
27727s right in somebody's box especially when
27729s you see that glace is sitting on that
27733s epic drum shotgun they're just gonna try
27735s and drive right on in but n pen is
27737s having none of that tries to rip that
27738s aisle cards to i'll cart to shreds glace
27741s immediately tries to go over the top one
27743s but now just gonna try and get an angle
27745s 166 below isn't too ridiculous to
27748s potentially try and rifle out but it's
27750s gonna be hard
27752s no but this is the way you do it you
27753s don't wait until the final moments to go
27755s and get on up you gotta go early and
27757s that's at least what they did so i can
27758s respect that that's an admirable push
27760s right there unfortunately they didn't
27762s find the exact tags or really get to
27764s initiate the fight the way they would
27765s have wanted but they have put themselves
27766s in a much better position now notice
27768s what's happening there glace is up top
27770s kind of by himself trashy has decided he
27772s wants to take the water wall exchange we
27774s are watching such a good fncs right now
27777s high level play high level mechanics in
27779s action literally the best the region has
27781s to offer and you're watching the players
27783s make these decisions that are honestly
27785s gonna make or break their tournament run
27787s right now this is a fifth place team on
27789s the other side of the barrel right now
27790s this means everything not only for them
27792s but of course for trashy and glace who
27794s want to stay alive right now it's the
27796s box they go beautiful exchanges happen
27798s they have someone on that back side of
27799s the wall can glace actually finish the
27801s job it's going to be the question here
27803s on the other side day and crew are doing
27805s just that as well right sundown there's
27806s a lot of action on your screen right now
27809s yeah and de roller got picked up there
27811s and it was actually agers who got the
27812s confirmation looks like glace was the
27814s one who got the knock though as they
27815s were able to get the elim over and it
27817s got them just barely above 23 above but
27820s 560 above and still fighting is day and
27824s click so it looks like they feel they
27826s have a good enough advantage to take
27827s that but clicks takes a ton of damage
27829s he's desperately trying to disengage
27831s dave tries to get over to him and he
27832s gets ripped apart the drum shock and
27834s able to take him down cooper ends up
27835s getting picked up but now clicks which
27837s is 57 hp and his teammate is knocked not
27840s confirmed yet just not
27842s yeah it does look like there's a team in
27844s the distance sending in that incoming
27846s additional fire that in that additional
27849s shot from the side there and that's
27850s going to be why click's elimination
27852s actually gets finished there but day
27854s isn't fully finished because that extra
27856s pressure pushed that team off of them
27858s you can see they actually backed up they
27859s didn't even secure it this might be one
27861s of those stories that just end up
27862s piecing together so nicely for day and
27865s clicks here very very fortunate for them
27867s to be able to actually even play for the
27869s safe even entertain the fact that they
27871s can get the pickup right now you don't
27872s see that very often more often than not
27874s this is done and wraps for a team that
27877s gets dropped in a fight like this i mean
27879s clicks even left clicks left like he
27881s just straight up he left and then
27882s realized day is probably just screaming
27884s at him be like hey no one's near me hey
27886s revive hey they left teammate clicks
27889s help
27890s but they're able to double back down and
27892s i think it's super beneficial that it
27894s wasn't the people they were actively
27896s fighting who ended up getting the knock
27898s right i'm pretty sure it was a teammate
27899s on the side but they didn't want to
27900s commit to it because it seemed like they
27901s weren't necessarily tracking what was
27903s going on or because that team ended up
27905s getting knocked immediately it could
27906s have ended up being them right and then
27908s they got cleaned up so the other team
27910s didn't have the info because they
27911s weren't tracking luckily due to all the
27914s other action going on but now we're
27915s gonna swing on over peterbot and bila
27917s still just holding on right around that
27919s fourth and fifth line
27921s yeah they're doing a great job here
27923s holding and maintaining position here
27925s and they have i mean trap and flow in
27926s their sights
27928s and the replay though take a look here
27929s as nanny and cooper this is that fight
27931s that we saw unfold and how day
27933s did get knocked there and then fully
27935s finished by the other team so that's
27937s that limited little bit of information
27939s that was missing as to why clicks
27941s managed to survive and get away and day
27943s wasn't fully finished so the story does
27945s end up piecing together you were spot on
27947s information is key in fortnite we all
27949s know it pros know it i know when they
27951s review the vod later on they're gonna
27954s see oh man we could have gotten an extra
27956s one there that could have been a
27957s difference and we'll see how much that
27959s actually weighs in right how that
27960s factors in as the day goes on
27963s as day will keep going on here
27967s both in this game and in terms of the
27968s number the match is playing we are in
27970s match number four and some great lineup
27973s coming from trashes there opens up
27975s headshot body shot duke picks up another
27977s confirmation there on
27979s to mars it looks like crumble was able
27981s to just trade out a little bit of damage
27982s here but we're moving
27985s pretty this is i honestly like we've
27986s talked about these awkward zones and
27988s this isn't one that would normally kind
27990s of come up on the list you're like oh
27991s this is a pretty mild area but there's
27993s so many little hills that have that just
27996s concave entrance you're not able to
27998s really build on as you fall off of them
28000s that when players really start to invest
28003s their builds ahead of time they're able
28005s to just make it a nightmare to rotate
28007s through the area but speaking of a
28009s nightmare rotation right now glace with
28011s a great bead on the nets trying to deny
28013s him re-entry to the zone
28015s yeah you know what that's a team that
28016s absolutely needed i mean you saw why
28018s glace even found themselves in that
28020s position they took their vehicle they
28021s threw it all on the line they barreled
28023s into the team that was in fifth place
28025s just to secure some storm surge tags so
28027s these little exchanges you're seeing
28029s them pick up right now that's how that's
28030s how important it is to have a key
28032s position on the map but more importantly
28033s how much it means to a team like that
28035s that absolutely needed it for coney and
28037s elite death they've managed to find
28039s their way up to second place just off of
28042s their raw eliminations and consistency
28044s replacement thus far and they are still
28046s trying to do just that there this
28048s rotation though stopped very short it's
28050s going to cost him a lot of material here
28052s take a look as tahi tries to skate his
28054s way around the sides there taking
28055s advantage of the additional battle and
28058s chaos the distraction there if you will
28060s for threats and rise though we know
28062s what's on the line for them right it's
28063s kind of coming up to that glory point
28065s that there were in game number one this
28067s game looked a little bit better for them
28068s let's take a look at this highlight
28069s though
28070s that click's able to find the tag we saw
28073s in the zone with the angle going through
28074s there clicks actually being the
28076s benefactor of the player being held so
28078s from a position where dave was knocked
28080s they're gonna get a nice little refresh
28081s there and that's going to put them in a
28083s good spot if they're able to just kind
28084s of pinch around into this fourth zone
28086s don't forget we will have our half and
28088s half out after this storm surge will
28090s also be turning on in 40 seconds that's
28092s 25 damage every 10 seconds coming out
28095s and pressuring on to the opponent so
28097s they're going to be able to get plenty
28099s of damage down but with 412 above
28102s they're not worried about it check the
28103s bottom left 467 above check the bottom
28106s right 186 above so none of these duos
28109s are going to be pressured however eight
28111s duo's will and that's common in just 15
28114s seconds
28115s these are some of our our more important
28117s standing teams right now you can see dj
28119s and nyamzo still rocking that fourth
28122s place position now take out your notepad
28124s here and pay attention to how the
28125s rotates gonna have to work out this
28127s lobby is very evenly dispersed across
28129s the map there is not going to be a
28131s single location that's going to get it
28132s for free by any means and look tons of
28135s the lobby is going to have to move here
28136s now the ops and dj have managed to save
28139s the vehicle but not only that it is 100
28142s health it is fully fully in the business
28144s right now for this rotate they're not
28145s going to have a single problem that's
28147s honestly the most ideal position to be
28149s in so i'm not worried about them who i
28151s am worried about is peterbock it's bylaw
28153s who are in fourth place right now storm
28155s surge has already done its work it's
28157s done its course onto them and they are
28158s feeling the the pressure of having zone
28161s land on top of them they can actually
28163s move to battle they need to wait until
28165s people actually expose themselves to
28166s them and luckily that is happening and
28168s peterbot has some fantastic rifling you
28170s can see them just barely right hand
28172s peeking just kind of jiggle peeking that
28173s corner on the left hand side and pen
28176s just out healed the storm surge knowing
28178s that players would have to make a
28179s tougher rotate but monster we talk about
28181s players having to make a tough rotate
28182s nobody's moved everybody's looking to go
28185s late and that just means it's this
28186s awkward zone i talked about if you go
28188s early in this zone you're just going to
28190s be completely covered so everybody
28192s well almost everybody resorting to pads
28195s on the rotation as ages of kanada they
28197s find the straightaway straight down the
28199s autobahn they're good right into the
28200s fifth zone and honestly they could box
28203s up that whip if they really wanted to
28204s but it looks like it might have taken a
28206s little bit too much damage instead
28207s they're gonna leave it top right hand
28209s corner of that wide on your left hand
28210s side you can see tabnay and death take
28212s to the sky right now they're going to
28214s get their rotation off
28215s yeah canada agers riding in
28217s style there that rusty whiplash coming
28220s in you know coming into effect it's had
28222s its ears on the field and it ends up
28224s working out for them byla and peterball
28225s are still on the move right there you
28227s can see them in third place now starting
28228s to slide and edge their way on up to the
28230s top here but agers and konada have
28232s managed to continue to maintain their
28234s number one spot here with their two
28235s eliminations they're really starting to
28237s break open this gap where are the
28239s opponents that are on their trails you
28240s can see that peter bottom byler are just
28242s up above looking down one of the only
28244s teams deciding to actually position up
28247s top and go for a vision play go for a
28249s potential high ground we saw who was it
28251s in the past kanada in asia is trying to
28253s play for high ground really taking it
28255s back to the old trusty style of high
28257s ground play but you have a team like the
28259s uh dj and nyams as well who are no
28261s strangers to playing for these dominant
28263s positions and it does seem like they're
28265s gonna go for just that but it can cost
28267s them they don't have that many materials
28269s right
28270s i want to see how many in djinn's
28272s loadout before i end up agreeing with
28274s that because the amazon's pretty healthy
28275s in that regard however djent is the one
28277s who generally will do a lot of the early
28279s building down to 85 builds so not awful
28282s but not great more worried about that
28284s storm surge number given at their
28286s position on the map they're going to
28287s have to take to the zone and take to the
28288s sky a little bit early they don't have
28291s the opportunity to shoot as they're
28292s rotating now we're going to swing on
28294s over agers canada looking for a little
28296s bit of space good job by canada to make
28298s sure he held that wall agers didn't
28300s necessarily believe it but it came out
28302s in time so no damage leaking through
28304s here the real question is who ends up on
28306s height when all is said and done and can
28309s and pen make it any farther right now
28310s with just 56 hp three builds and not a
28314s whole lot else
28315s there's no shot 400 below the surge
28317s right now it's not looking good for him
28319s a team that i did see leading this
28320s rotate right there was dubs and mega and
28322s in the in the corner of my eye i just
28324s spotted them as well right below to the
28326s left-hand side of n pen and pen looking
28328s for anyone that's a day knocked body
28330s there and fully finished too so that
28331s means klix is by himself now in this end
28333s game taking a look at the feed av is
28335s gonna fall what can av do nothing much
28338s for ed penn he gets fully finished there
28340s dubs and mega are still alive right now
28342s three eliminations haven't found
28343s anything since the last time we uh took
28345s a little temperature check with them but
28347s they are back and they're in the
28348s business now the shots are coming in on
28350s high ground peterbot and violet managed
28352s to edge their way out building all the
28354s way across so you know they have
28355s invested so much material to maintain
28357s this position it's really going to come
28359s down to whether or not they have enough
28361s in the tank enough fuel to continue to
28363s push through here i mean we all know
28365s prices are high right now so this could
28367s be the end for peanut butter and bylaws
28369s run on height but we'll see as dj and
28371s the arms are starting to size up the
28372s players in the area clix has picked up a
28375s third elimination so far as a solo on
28377s that low ground we see death back in the
28379s zone trying to hit the med miss running
28381s around in circle trying to wait time
28383s ends up going down make sure he gets the
28384s recycled bills now he has to take a
28386s straight line he goes through trying to
28388s catch off clicks knows that's the solo
28389s but the spirit ends up going through
28391s currently our second place duo still
28393s trying to occupy a little bit of space
28395s but you can see adrius canada just below
28398s him death picks up the elim on the
28400s clicks that's the full confirm and the
28402s placement point coming through that's a
28403s nice little plus four as tragics also
28405s gets me too we hop on board back here
28407s with death with only eight fields left
28410s he's managed to slide his way into first
28411s place by pure resilience staying alive
28414s finding eliminations and now he's doing
28415s it by himself down to six builds this is
28417s where it's make or break for a player
28419s like him but he does have this zone
28421s favoring back up onto this little bit of
28423s elevation now the lower it goes though
28425s it's the harder it's gonna be for him
28426s because he does not have materials to
28427s climb back up for a player like booga
28429s though he has just a little bit to work
28431s with and he's got a wing condition right
28432s he can actually sit out a little bit
28434s into the storm more so than some of the
28435s other players that we've currently
28437s touched base with just like what death
28438s is doing right now just trying to wait
28440s by his time his player starts to fall
28442s he's racking up points little by little
28444s that's a solo in front of him he saw he
28446s did to clicks can he find another that's
28447s it he's out of material now it's all or
28449s nothing here six he lives for him so far
28451s but doing what he does individually mega
28453s picks up another one yamazo gets jock on
28455s the other side but ellis returns the
28457s favor and he knocks dj and everything is
28459s coming up death shoe right now 126 in a
28461s brilliant swap that is why you run the
28464s striker in that circumstance a huge
28466s first shot and he got a med miss out of
28469s it that was brilliant but peterbot and
28470s byla still working down the right hand
28472s side don't forget in the backside of the
28474s zone you still have boga up on his feet
28476s lots of solos running around but one's
28478s going to get dropped and that's booga
28479s actually taking out illus death trying
28480s to find a little room but he gets taken
28483s down not before a top seven and this is
28485s a chaotic end game resolving here in
28487s match number four as kanada picks up
28489s another pair
28490s and look at the yamzo here trying to
28491s play for a little bit of high ground as
28493s well but he's pinched between all kinds
28494s of players right now the shots are going
28496s through the bills because he wants to
28497s escape but he cannot he gets shut down
28499s peterbot and byla managed to find
28500s themselves a little bit of a refresher
28502s to keep them in the game and i can't
28504s believe agers is still alive down low
28506s remember they are so up they're in
28508s second place because the shots that have
28509s been exchanged here comes kanata's
28511s perspective can he find a big one it's
28513s against the vets dubs and mega it's the
28515s best the best on any east in kanada and
28517s agers get shut down dubs and mega find a
28519s little bit more of a peterbot and violet
28521s close out strong and they snatch up the
28523s second position
28525s everyone was just fish in a barrel for
28528s peterbot and bylaw while everyone was
28530s thinking they were the big fish in the
28532s pond the great white shark swimming
28535s around the cape cod beaches instead it
28537s was the rangers from above just raining
28540s down shot after shot look at peterbot
28542s dropping down and these are just gimmies
28545s gimme gimme gimme two free eliminations
28547s give me the victory royale and give me a
28550s top five placement spock from bayla and
28553s peterbot they're gonna feel good about
28555s that with just two games remaining
28558s yeah you just gotta roll out the royal
28560s carpet right give the man a crown they
28562s come out on top they end up doing it in
28564s clean fashion as well from zone six
28566s holding a high ground and honestly
28568s looking the lions dead in the eye right
28570s cannot and ages are right across from
28571s them and they managed to make that
28572s happen so very impressive across the
28574s board yeah we're going to kick it back
28576s on over the desk because that
28577s leaderboard is going to look real
28579s interesting zeke vivid spg or excuse me
28581s adam vivid svg break it down
28586s thank you son yeah so i've morphed back
28588s into myself uh the prettier version of
28590s me zeke though massive shout out to you
28592s for covering me the last kind of past
28593s buddy um guys everything's been
28594s happening in my absence it's been
28596s amazing uh again we talked about
28597s peterborough and by like the beginning
28598s of the show here and uh we saw yesterday
28600s eliminations left right and center and
28602s vivid it's happened again they've got
28604s the victory royale they utilize the high
28606s ground and just played it with aplomb
28608s superb work from this duo
28610s yeah and honestly the difference here
28612s for peterbot and bila versus what we've
28614s kind of seen out of the previous high
28616s ground games is that they had got so
28618s many eliminations because of their
28619s position right we saw asians and kanada
28621s kind of struggled they didn't
28622s necessarily have the builds to get those
28624s victory royales when they were on the
28626s high ground but no peter bought and
28627s buyer were like listen we have plenty of
28628s builds we found these refreshes and they
28630s actually end that game with eight
28632s eliminations so that in its own right is
28634s impressive
28636s it was perfectly played by them on the
28638s high ground no one really even contested
28640s them and then that last little refresh
28642s onto yamzo trying to scoot through on
28644s that mid ground and we see byla able to
28647s pick him up get that little refresh and
28649s enough mats from that point there on out
28652s in order to win that game it was
28654s beautifully played and they got to be
28655s feeling good about themselves yeah dj
28657s yomza have just been again they're
28659s putting themselves right there and it's
28661s two games to go as a sundown mdf said as
28663s well so they're very very close but you
28665s look at canada and ages as well now
28667s canada we know and ages to an extent of
28669s course but canada one of the top players
28671s qualifying for so many fncs's in the
28673s past and continues you know two games
28676s these guys managed to turn things around
28678s and they are right up there on top of
28679s the leaderboard here what is it that
28680s makes them so special david
28683s i mean it's got to be the experience but
28685s even more so impressive kanada does this
28687s with so many different duos right like
28688s just the previous season he actually got
28690s six with a different duo while ages got
28692s 16th and now they are teaming up here
28694s and it's been so good you know we kind
28696s of tuned in with them during that middle
28698s game and they were just set up in such a
28699s good position i literally told spj i was
28701s like how are these guys consistently
28703s finding themselves in a good position
28705s every single game like it is truly
28706s impressive yeah they're playing so well
28709s and everything is clicking right we see
28711s them there on the low ground being able
28713s to take the second place we've obviously
28715s seen them on the high ground already
28716s they're getting whatever they want and
28718s just playing through everybody it
28720s doesn't matter they're on a train track
28723s going straight to the finals
28725s i would highly highly expect them to be
28728s at the top of the leaderboard oh my
28729s goodness they are not oh there we go we
28732s got tied first and second place right
28734s now with deaths and ages as duo's 167
28738s points here with peterborough on violet
28739s in 148 just behind there but the top
28742s five or six now is looking very very
28744s very tidy here vivid with booger and i
28747s see pikachu or miro they're in fifth
28749s place as well
28750s yeah and the gap is ever so increasing
28753s between the top here death and tabnay
28755s showing up and showing out as well as
28757s agers and canada there's actually a 44
28760s point difference between that first and
28761s second place and fifth place right now
28763s so the top
28765s people here are really looking to secure
28766s themselves that top five but we still
28768s have a bunch of fighting chances in the
28770s likes of mega and dubs who now have 130
28773s points only 10 points behind that fifth
28775s place position in buga and miro spg
28778s so four games in look at the top of the
28780s leaderboard every team that has won a
28782s game is currently in our top four i feel
28784s like we never see this so there's always
28786s one team that you know wins one match
28788s and then falls everyone is playing so so
28791s well at the top it is going to be a
28793s fight for these last few games just to
28795s see who's able to grab that top five but
28798s like like you mentioned vivid there is
28800s some room there's some gaps especially
28802s that top five the fifth spot there's
28804s room if someone falls or makes a mistake
28806s and stumbles we see threats and rise
28809s right there and 11 jumper dukes there in
28812s 12th there's a lot of teams trying to
28814s make their way up the leaderboard and
28815s just because you don't make top five
28817s doesn't mean it's not important where
28819s you place here those series points that
28821s you earn if you're outside of the top
28822s five are also important to find a way to
28825s advance the semi-finals yeah we can see
28827s in 11th position right now actually you
28829s know threats and rise 11 eliminations i
28831s think threats had in the very first game
28832s only two cents and after three more
28834s games that's that's not that consistency
28836s you're looking for really in qualifier
28838s one but on the previous page as well
28840s obviously i picked mira and booga
28842s earlier in this uh earlier today as a
28843s qualifying duo but interestingly as well
28846s sync eliminations they only had 12
28847s eliminations after four games which
28850s is not what you're used to seeing with
28851s this duo and is it a case vivid do you
28853s think because of the way that you know
28854s rotations what obviously might change
28856s obviously they're coming out of chunkers
28857s there's vehicles on the map their
28858s rotations are different are they now
28860s being a lot more smart with their
28861s placement positions their placement
28862s points seem a lot higher than usual
28865s honestly their ems usually come from
28868s those solo clutches that they usually
28870s find just these random eliminations in
28872s the end game where they're kind of
28873s creeping around so i feel like you know
28874s we've already seen multiple times today
28876s where these solo clutches have come into
28877s play that we see so often out of booga
28879s and mira and i feel like just the
28881s eliminations aren't necessarily finding
28882s themselves for them in those scenarios
28884s and we always know that they're usually
28886s not a duo in those end games anyway so
28888s they can never really fight for those
28890s eliminations but i feel like the
28891s placement points that they find because
28892s of those consistent solo clutches is
28894s actually where a lot of their points
28895s usually come from
28896s yeah beautifully said and i they're not
28899s normally a team that just unbelievably
28900s frags out the placement is where they
28903s make it and that's where we're seeing
28905s them strong today indeed yeah they
28907s qualified in the qualifier one last
28909s season with by one point i think in the
28911s very first one so we'll see if it
28913s happens again let's head over to sundown
28914s and mdf to set things up a penultimate
28916s game now we're going into it uh let's
28918s hand over to the fellas take it away
28921s thank you so much adam vivid and spg two
28924s more games to go and what's effectively
28926s turned into the battle of fourth and
28929s fifth will be decided in games number
28931s five and six my name's sundown joined by
28934s monster d face to close out the action
28936s here on nae's but don't forget we got
28938s n.a.s right after this a lot of action
28941s happening here today and that was a
28942s ridiculous game number four i can't
28944s believe we're already leaning into game
28946s five the day is flying by but that's
28948s what they say when you're having fun it
28950s does sound like battle bus is ready to
28952s take us into the world so let's go
28960s on to the island we go two more times
28964s and looking at the board the top three
28966s they're pretty secure they're tucked
28968s into bed right now all they got to do is
28969s read the story drink the warm glass of
28972s milk and then we'll be seeing them in
28974s the final or yes straight to the finals
28976s there
28977s the question is
28979s who will be joining them as we keep an
28982s eye on the feed you already see avery
28985s lighting it up right off the bat now nz
28987s and sprite go down
28989s yeah but after this it's not bedtime
28992s it's celebration for five because
28994s players will be punching their tickets
28996s into the finals of course for bucky and
28999s cam i mean what a story we've had here
29002s today right the daily bugle a great drop
29005s spot for teams it can definitely house
29007s up multiple players but what we're
29008s seeing is a back and forth exchange for
29010s players that want to essentially alpha
29013s up this main drop in buckingham i mean
29016s they found success at least in game one
29018s game two things turned around and it
29020s just seems like it's been an equal
29022s exchange if you will between the teams
29024s here
29025s and bucky looks to take a beat on a
29027s player there but it almost felt like he
29029s should have had out that legendary burst
29032s rifle in that circumstance would have
29033s been able to chain a couple shots trying
29034s to pick off noxi knowing he's already
29036s had a couple in there good reposition
29038s coming out from cam to just kind of
29040s change the angle a little bit bucky does
29042s something i would never do just got a
29043s little bit of vertigo there actually uh
29045s i would have just straight up missed
29048s that spiderweb 100 times out of 100.
29051s yeah definitely you start looking down
29053s and you think to yourself hey man can i
29054s really make this but bucky kim i mean
29057s listen they're professional players
29059s they'll leave the decision making up to
29060s them inside the fortnite world uh but
29062s look at the look at the standoff here
29064s right they get a couple tags this is
29065s honestly
29066s more so an okay position to begin you
29069s get some trades here and do you have to
29072s finish it not exactly if you can get
29073s enough loot to go ahead and rotate out
29075s you should do just that but it has
29077s seemed like you know maybe pride maybe
29079s ego has decided that they wanted to stay
29081s here round after round and finish it up
29084s for avery musdo command cavan you can
29085s see how the action's been unfolding here
29087s it has been quite the day at command
29090s cavern every round you don't really know
29093s he's gonna be walking away successful
29094s there because it's been such a
29096s fast-paced game here and look at avery
29099s he's got three elimination muzz doesn't
29100s have any but they're still working with
29102s each other also we talked about kind of
29104s that drum shock and last season being so
29106s effective in the early game well you add
29108s in that plus the additional buffs it
29110s just received and avery going to work
29112s there and using the siphon very
29114s effectively as well making sure he's
29115s aiming at the right opponents here you
29118s can see them adding on nice little 12
29120s points to the total nine points to their
29122s total so i feel good about that coming
29124s in the match with only 33 and really
29127s just looking for some confidence
29128s building the top five pretty much out of
29130s range for them unless they were able to
29131s win back-to-back games with some big
29133s eliminations which muslim avery are very
29135s capable of but don't forget just because
29137s you don't get top five doesn't mean you
29139s aren't playing for anything plenty of
29141s series points on the line and some teams
29143s will still be able to go through from
29144s that semi-finals route so still plenty
29147s to play for
29148s that is absolutely true there is so much
29150s to play for you want to get as many
29151s serious points as possible i mean you're
29153s not guaranteed to make it week to week
29155s right so you really do have to take
29157s advantage of these moments that you get
29158s here in the fncs finals stages as you
29161s start to make your way through week to
29163s week for bila and peterbot they have
29165s done such an exceptional job i mean
29167s tying up for that top spot there is
29170s something impressive they are just so
29172s close to the finish line
29174s they've managed to pick up such a lead
29176s too right like over like third and
29178s fourth and fifth they've really started
29179s to distance them uh themselves from the
29181s rest of the pack for trapped and flow
29183s they're trying to catch up to those
29184s players up at the top right now you got
29186s to be around that 100 point threshold in
29188s order to get into that conversation but
29190s they're going against the nut dubs and
29192s mega players who have made every end
29194s game that we've tuned in with so far
29196s only missing one out of the five games
29198s so far so i mean we're talking about a
29200s team that's consistent right now they're
29202s on it
29202s and chop coming out from dubs they're
29204s trying to make a push towards the very
29206s top of this table we talked about it
29208s just chaining together good games
29210s getting aggressive working together but
29212s trap killed honestly i am very impressed
29215s he's had the movement not just the
29217s movement tossing sh in front of it
29218s because he is making people miss he is
29221s hitting shots he's playing this 1v2 like
29224s he's a part of the two and he's chasing
29225s down a one right now he's got mega and
29228s dubs backed into a box on top of a
29229s shield keg even with noxie in ezk trying
29233s to
29234s rotate out from that bugle fight they
29236s were the ones who were buckled down by
29238s bucky and cam they're trying to get a
29239s part of this and all of a sudden which
29241s should have been an easy cleanup
29242s elimination for dubs and mega trap kill
29244s fights his way out of defensively
29246s fantastically but monster they're still
29248s going and so is the other team
29249s everyone's closing in on this this could
29251s be a huge fight
29252s yeah players are starting to look at
29253s this fight and say hey how can we get a
29255s piece of this action but one thing we
29256s know about dubs and mega is they they
29258s will not give up their communication
29260s lines are very much precise this
29262s honestly probably came down to a bit of
29264s a misplay and not necessarily connecting
29266s with the tags and the shots here you
29267s give them this third chance and
29270s this should be enough you know we're
29271s talking about hitters that don't miss
29273s and they're up within the fifth place
29275s spot right now so they really have been
29277s consistent today
29278s at this point it's a matter of time but
29280s trap has done an exceptional job staying
29282s alive thus far another beautiful tag
29284s from trap there dubs should know better
29286s taking that left camera peak it's almost
29288s textbook at this moment right now him
29290s and megan need to get hit the hip if
29291s they want to keep pushing this 2v1 they
29294s need to actually go as too because trap
29295s killed has shown that hey 1v1 he can
29298s back off any of these players he did it
29300s to mega at the start he did it to dubs
29302s again now they've invested two shield
29305s kegs into trying to clean up this single
29307s player this is very well played from
29309s trap kill
29310s it really is a lot two shield kegs are
29313s so much this late into the early game
29315s and i say late because guys as this zone
29318s starts to close i mean
29320s we're looking at a a map that's going to
29322s get looted so fast we're really going to
29324s begin running out of opportunities to
29326s find looting yeah they just decide hey
29328s man you know what hats off to him this
29330s is a respectful disengage they have too
29332s much on the line for clicks and dado
29334s they are on a much different pace and
29335s it's the same story though it's a 2v2
29338s fight instead here they're trying to
29339s find their first elimination into the
29341s box they go clicks with a beautiful
29342s piece control oh my he bad
29345s just straight boxed up goldie right
29347s there easily done for him and day
29350s looking to do the same to vive right now
29352s into his box he goes
29353s from a respectful disengage to a
29355s disrespectful engage day and clicks are
29358s just going forward and they got it
29360s different jumped the water and click
29362s says give me those pick it up i don't
29365s want to be on the outside looking in i
29366s want to book that ticket right here
29369s right now
29371s i mean when you see how quickly things
29374s can change for players it really does
29376s put it all in perspective for you right
29378s when you don't miss your tags when you
29380s don't miss those shots the momentum you
29382s just you have a team like clicks in day
29384s that they're playing off that momentum
29386s and they're doing a great job here
29387s they've really rocketed their way right
29389s back into this conversation here they're
29391s sitting currently at six right now in
29393s the overall standings i mean we've seen
29395s clicks and day pull up on these clutch
29397s type positions here it's always at the
29399s end of the tournaments as well where day
29401s will just come online right well quick
29402s will come online and all of a sudden
29405s they're up there and they make their way
29406s through trying to make this first week
29408s qualify um is is a huge feat for a team
29411s like clifton day
29413s as we see what i believe is the
29415s conclusion of the circus over at the
29416s command cavern with cease cleaning out
29419s the vault over there
29421s and turn off the benny hill music as
29422s he's able to get that one done and it's