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3s what's up fortnite fam the new season
5s means new loadouts for fncs let's break
8s down some of the most common loadouts
10s based on your role in your duo starting
12s with the igo
15s the in-game leader or igl is responsible
17s for calling and mapping out your
19s rotations guiding your teammate and
21s often tarping the igl holds a vital role
24s in guiding the team to victory a proper
27s loadout is a huge key to that success
29s this season we have seen them focus on
31s having one close range weapon and one
33s distance weapon for surge tags then the
35s remainder of the items will be healed
37s the most common loadout is the drum
39s shotgun first assault rifle and then a
41s variation of heels to fill the remainder
43s of the slots this combo however doesn't
46s cover everything but that's why you have
48s a fragger on your team as well
51s the prager is responsible for getting
52s crucial tags and eliminations throughout
54s your game
57s now the loadout of the fragger is all
58s about fighting and ending fights quickly
61s this is why we often see that the first
63s assault rifle is swapped out for the
64s combat smg
66s meaning that in this role you'll hold
68s two weapons designed exclusively for
69s close range engagements while the rest
71s of the slots are dedicated to heal
74s the fragger loadout often includes the
76s striker pump shotgun the combat smg and
79s then a variation of heals the ability to
81s clean up fights quickly and effectively
83s leads to this loadout being its hot pick
85s among the more aggressive players
88s after hearing the different loadouts and
90s roles which ones are you choosing in
93s your next game until next time we'll see
95s you on the battle bus beep
100s [Music]
106s you