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0s [Music]
5s what's up fournette family it's your boy
6s eleven two cam here with my guy rhys hub
8s and we are here in beautiful copenhagen
10s denmark a little spot called camping
12s what are we here is we are here to play
13s mini golf with one of eu's best players
16s and ask a bunch of super insightful
18s questions so living where are we going
20s to find tripper
23s what's up brother nice to see you nice
25s to see you guys
29s well look let's get all the fancy
30s supplied away let's just get right in
33s all right trevor what color are you i'll
35s take a green one you're a green one
37s eleven i don't think i have extra big
38s ones for you but would you want to go
39s red
40s on red i'll give you that there you go
42s i'm sure there's a golf expert watching
44s this now like yeah there's two right
45s here
46s oh okay
47s oh my god
50s so what was it about fortnite
52s specifically that made you stick to this
53s game over competing in something else i
55s think the building aspect makes made it
57s very fun for me at least because i
59s played it with friends and it was just
60s very new the building i've seen a little
62s bit taken yeah you know what i mean the
64s knees are going
67s oh
68s score update
70s 10
71s 13 13. you're lagging behind a bit but
75s this is a difficult hole so you guys
76s might think you're going to you're going
77s to struggle honestly i think we just
78s changed it to the highest score
80s you'd love that wouldn't you yeah what's
82s the moment for you where you realized
84s hmm i'm actually quite good at this
85s right and then you start pushing into
87s the competitive side i think i started
88s like playing scrims with my friends yeah
90s we like played snipes we like had to
92s queue up at the same time yeah that's
93s very fun i played it with friends and
94s then
95s i know i just started talking with
96s people and got into more scrim servers
98s and then
99s it just happened
102s oh that's actually really taking it
104s that's actually really good come on come
107s on race analyst of the year
111s what about you
112s allows you to sort of stay in the game
114s for this long keep competing keep having
116s that drive
117s i don't know i think i just still enjoy
119s the game i didn't like lose my drive for
121s the game yet and
123s i don't know i just went the game for
124s everyone still and
125s what keeps you pushing tournaments
128s i just i just want to get better and
130s win an fmcs i'm just going to say is
132s that ticket that's the top goal all
133s right
134s coming up to the final hole here final
136s one all to play for all to play for i'll
138s have you guys know i'm winning
142s okay
144s where are we going give me a two give me
145s a two
147s that's a six no oh my god okay no no no
149s no no no let's see
153s what's going in the
155s seven you ain't doing nothing you ain't
157s got this you ain't got the minerals you
159s ain't got the spirit you ain't got the
160s heart
162s you
163s got the heart you're not quite like me
165s bro
166s look
168s good game nice try bro nice shot you
170s tried your best he tried he did it good
171s game
174s you need to stay congratulated you need
175s to stay calm you need to work on the
176s golf but uh
179s you're lucky you're getting lucky it's
181s been an absolute pleasure bro being able
182s to hang out with you play some mini golf
184s beat you guys as well you get lucky
186s wearing my glasses well that's what they
188s all say that is what they all say look
189s trippin where can the people find you
191s online people can find me trippin at
193s twitter youtube instagram and twitch
196s well thank you very much you know where
198s to find us too right we'll see you guys
200s all very very soon fortnite family it's
201s been an absolute pleasure have a nice
203s day
205s [Music]
211s [Music]
215s you