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0s I'm Miss Master Wong and I'm fortnite's
2s fresh face for September I'm a full-time
4s content creator for fortnite and I
6s stream primarily on Twitch and Tick Tock
8s I stream every day on Twitch and I do
9s everything from random Duos attorneys
11s and playing with viewers my content on
13s Tick Tock is tips and tricks come check
15s them out
17s aside from great gameplay and teaching
18s fortnite my mission is to inspire and
20s encourage people daily because I believe
22s you matter regardless if you're trying
24s to see what's new in an update or maybe
26s you're trying to learn how to phase a
27s ramp in the Box everyone is welcome are
29s you interested in becoming fortnite's
31s next fresh face keep uploading your
32s unique content and it could be you in
34s the meantime if you're trying to find a
36s place to just be yourself come hang out
37s with us welcome to the wontons we're
39s glad you're here