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10s foreign
100s foreign
172s thank you
204s foreign
248s foreign
254s and welcome into the drop spot it's
257s great to have you back here with us it's
258s me Adam Savage here bringing you all
260s things fortnite competitive we've got a
262s great show planned for you and that's
264s because we have a lineup like no other
266s I'm so excited they're here we are
268s joined by the almighty reddish and zika
271s vs Prime two of my favorite people it's
274s great to see you
275s um this is a this is amazing like
276s Legends here on the show this week
279s um for anybody at home who who doesn't
281s know who relishions e car I mean where
284s have you been where have you been I mean
286s honestly
287s um let me just ask you both very quickly
289s uh relish I'll start with you like tell
290s us about your kind of a brief history of
292s yourself in fortnite uh and uh and and
295s how involved you are in this amazing
297s game
298s first of all hi everyone thank you for
299s watching or listening we're happy to
301s have you and uh
304s started five years ago back in chapter
306s one season four I'll always remember
308s that first time trying fortnite and then
311s never ever ever
313s um living it I have been playing every
315s single day uh since then and now I'm a
317s full-time streamer full-time content
318s creator for a Galaxy eraser and fortnite
321s is my life um it's number one film so
323s I'm surprised you guys haven't heard
324s about me but it's fine not now you know
326s number one fan second to me of course
330s huh obviously Zeke obviously but still
332s you know I think I think um reddish
334s right I mean you've grown you you've
335s grown in such a massive Creator and
337s players so you're doing brilliant big
339s things as a player as well and in
341s greeting you're getting great victories
342s wins you're doing brilliant stuff so
345s glad to say it Zeke you are you are a
348s king in my eyes my friend a king i i i i
351s i The Chosen One um you've been part of
354s the the Fortnight you know the Epic and
356s the fortnite kind of uh competitive
357s genetic makeup ever since day dot we're
360s talking well from World Cup's way
362s through to fncs's I mean you name it you
363s you've been there baby
365s um tell us about your kind of story
366s buddy yeah so uh first off thank you for
369s the warm intro Adam it's great to see
370s you look fantastic as always
372s um yeah I've been that epic for a long
374s time uh I actually just recently
376s celebrated 10 years so uh you know it's
379s been it's been a minute
380s um I actually did not know that I I was
382s at Epic for 10 years because like I had
384s a bunch of co-workers like slacking and
385s they're like you've been here for 10
387s years I was like what are you talking
388s about they're like yeah this email just
389s went out and like apparently everyone
391s knows and I didn't I didn't know though
392s but apparently time flies when you're
394s having a great time uh in the fortnite
395s space I've been around for about five
397s years myself
399s um we did the first thing I ever did was
401s PlayStation experience way back in the
403s day
403s um I went out with Golden Boy with myth
405s uh with monster D face and we put on
407s like an amazing show then that's when I
409s we also demonstrated uh the first 50 50
412s which was just crazy
414s um and then yeah after that I was like
415s dude uh fortnite like I have to keep
417s doing this like I love this I have to
419s keep going uh week two of Summer
421s Skirmish I flew out and then that's it
424s I've been here this whole time uh a lot
427s of different events worked a lot of
428s fortnite and fun had but yeah here we
431s are here we are I I couldn't think of
433s two better people to share in this this
435s week's episode with as well so I'm
436s excited for this and I know you guys
437s listening and watching uh definitely are
439s as well uh let's break it down for
440s what's coming your way here on the show
441s we're going to talk all things uh first
443s tournaments of chapter four season four
445s almost been happening uh in comp this
447s season we've got ourselves a Builder Pro
449s as well talking about the the build oh
451s yeah what makes a pro as successful as
453s some of them are uh in this in this
455s space we've also got our quiz I mean the
457s almighty quiz guys the quiz I can see
460s you both excited about this Zeke you're
461s making a face like a lemon this is like
463s a like a really like a squeezed lemon
465s there
467s I'm gonna get owned but I will try my
471s best
471s you would be amazing Global
474s championships as well four weeks away
475s can't believe that we're gonna break
477s that all down as well because that's
478s really exciting uh and Collegiate
480s Fortnight too big things happening
481s Collegiate fortnite this will come in
482s your way
483s um let's jump straight in with first
485s tournaments of chapter four season four
488s I mean we've already seen some great
490s stuff we've seen PlayStation Cup
491s qualifiers Duo cash cup solo Victory
494s cash cups Duo zero build Victory cash
495s cups that's a mouthful um but um what if
498s we what have we seen so far like uh Zeke
500s was what's jumped out to you off the
502s page uh for what you've seen so far in
504s competitive this season
505s so of course obviously new season means
507s new things uh we've got three brand new
510s pois in case you haven't had a chance to
512s jump into fortnite in a while uh you've
513s got Relentless Retreat which is super
515s awesome sanguine Suites and eclipsed
518s estate uh and some of these places are
520s actually taking over old spots on the
522s map eclipses state was formerly The
524s Citadel sanguine Suites was formerly
526s lonely labs and then the Relentless
528s Retreat is actually a nice little new
530s spot down there next to frenzy Fields
532s um and you know with each of these pois
535s you've got a bunch of new vaults which
537s are really great my favorite part has
539s got to be the fact that all these vaults
540s are randomized right so you go in and
542s you never know what you're gonna get and
545s I want to talk about this more in a
546s second but first I want to talk I want
547s to highlight my most favoritest thing
549s the rocket Ram it's exactly what it
551s sounds like there's a ram on the front
552s there's a rocket on the back you hold on
554s for dear life and you go flying and you
556s just devastate anything that you hit uh
559s it reminds me a lot of like the junk
561s Rift from way back when right you drop a
563s grenade suddenly a portal opens up
565s you've got cars anchors builds all
567s falling down destroying everything well
569s that's what the rocket RAM does but
571s because we've just come from like a no
572s Mobility meta where remember you've had
574s to rotate you've had to be really
575s careful about how you're navigating
577s rocker Ram it does you just bypass that
579s you're like oh there's a spot over there
580s I want to fly to let me just hold this
582s down let me charge it up and now I'm
584s going to fly all the way over there and
585s land it
587s I I agree honestly with the rocket Ram
590s it can either come in clutch where you
593s can get to eliminate it if you don't pay
594s attention I've seen that in the ready
596s Rumble cup where we had end games where
598s for us personally the rocket rhyme again
600s came in clutch and we claimed High
602s ground and eliminated the team on high
603s ground with it but then we also had
605s games where we tried to go up and then
606s we got eliminated in the sky so I think
609s this season's gonna be so fun to watch
611s from a viewer POV that's gonna be so fun
615s because we have those and then we also
617s have items like C4s that have made their
620s way into this season a little bit of
623s nostalgia there I think uh I think this
625s is gonna be such a fun season to watch
627s for sure I love that uh red is called
629s out the fact that you know people get
631s eliminated with the rocker Ram she
632s didn't say my name specifically Adam but
635s that's who she's talking about she
637s implied there was a glance at you and I
639s thought okay I know exactly what's going
640s on here
642s I'm just here
644s I mean I mean but it can also come in
646s clutch it can come in clutch it helps
648s speed rotate if you're not the best the
649s 200 IQ player coming uh yeah speaking of
653s rotates then the rocket can help a bit
655s for sure oh yeah definitely faster
656s really yeah 100 I think that's
658s essentially with fun there that has been
660s this season for me just just every
662s season's fun but it's super fun this
664s like I'm enjoying this loads
666s um playing my pals as well here we need
668s to Squad up is he you and I together we
669s could we can be a force you wreck we can
671s take on British
673s get taken out pretty quickly I'm sure
675s that's it um
676s trios yeah relish yeah we need you to
679s lead us to victory for once for me
683s um what else have we seen in the first
685s uh I love that what else we've seen the
687s first few tournaments as well here let's
688s talk pois Towers like um what's What's
691s um what's been kind of special for you Z
692s yeah I'm glad we're bringing this back
694s up so uh obviously with the brand new
696s pois there's a lot of new and
697s interesting things you can do I kind of
699s touched on the fact that the vaults are
700s a little bit randomized right so you
701s might go in you might get something like
703s the the mk7 right foundations mk7
707s awesome you might get something like
709s oceans bottomless chug jug and you're
712s like I don't know how to what to do with
713s this but I've got this so let's make
715s this work there's a lot of like fun in
717s the season uh one thing that's really
719s big for me specifically is I love like
721s players like self-expression right in a
723s video game you go in and you're just
724s like here's all these tools what do you
727s want to do what is it that you find is
728s like your Niche or the thing that you
730s want to like highlight is that gun play
732s is that Mobility is that this or that
735s right right now it feels like there's so
737s much of that in the game there's a lot
738s of ways to express like I want to be in
741s your face I want to be up close I want
742s to be mad long distance I want you to
744s not know where you're getting hit from
746s there's so many ways to play right now
748s especially when you're looking at the
750s pois
751s they're kind of scary and maybe reddish
753s I don't know if you agree for me
755s personally like when I'm landing
756s somewhere like Relentless Retreat I
759s don't know where someone's going to be
761s dude that's right thank you reddish
766s messy you can get lost for sure
770s it's wild I go there and like it's funny
772s because I'm this I'm this guy every
774s single game and I know Vivid can attest
776s I will pick a POI and I will like you
778s know you're like over in on the bus path
781s you're gliding down and the moment you
782s deploy your glider
784s um it's always the same for me I'm like
786s what do I do when I land oh no you know
791s and then it's it it's like in that
793s moment it's too late I've already lost
794s vivid's like I'm coming you're doing the
797s fastest
800s [Music]
805s to other tournaments as well uh Duo cash
807s caps mentioned there
808s um first up EU okay Deca and Huck
810s surprising everyone with with the with
812s the dub they're both controller players
814s we haven't seen that for a few years
815s double controller winning a tournament
817s at EU I mean reddish this is this is
818s it's it's it's exciting to see that
820s double controller players are coming
821s together I'm managing to get to get the
823s wins across a different different
825s competition format
827s I agree I I love that I think it gets
830s boring when you have the same one team
831s winning every tournament right so it's
833s nice every now and then to see uh up and
836s comers or underdogs uh on the top for
839s sure yeah I mean do you think do you
840s think there's anything in the meta there
842s that would would it make it better for a
844s controller player necessarily or do you
845s think it's just like there were Rising
847s Stars always ascending I mean this is
850s one of those moments
851s so I think it is about the meta right
856s um I think every season of fortnite
858s there's a lot of room to adapt to what
861s the new meta is right just because you
862s there's a new season doesn't mean that
863s everyone has figured out what works and
866s what doesn't right and we're still kind
867s of in those preliminary stages of the
870s brand new season right so for this Duo
872s I'd probably I'd wager they're probably
875s focusing a lot on the forecast Towers
877s right so there's six of these all the
879s map and every game of the six three will
882s randomly spawn right and when you're on
884s the bus you can actually look down as
885s you're lying down you can say okay
886s that's one that's one that's spawned and
888s there's the third right uh what's crazy
890s about this is when you land you have to
892s fight off some guards right already kind
895s of uh Scrappy already kind of
897s questionable but if you can actually
898s manage to eliminate them they give you a
900s key they give you four legendary slurps
902s on top of weapons on top of Shields and
906s if you actually take that Keen you take
907s the forecast Tower it almost looks like
909s a storm Scout from way back when you
911s suddenly get to see where the next zone
913s is going to be right so at that point
914s you're just like okay we literally have
917s information at all times we know where
919s we have to go we know where we need to
920s be rotating and what's safe and what
922s isn't right so a lot of Rocket wins too
924s yes right so you can just go straight
927s and Zone
929s that's the thing is especially when you
932s paired up with the rocket Ram right if
933s you know what's safe and what isn't you
935s can say okay we're going to take this
937s kind of questionable fight that on paper
939s looks really questionable but because we
942s have the knowledge we know where this
943s next zone is going to be we can get in
945s we can find the eliminations we can make
947s that team scramble and then we just come
948s back to where we know is safe right
951s um I think as players are developing The
953s Meta and shaping them at a now the
956s forecast towers are like pivotal right
958s they're they're going to be what make or
960s break certain Duos
961s but we've even seen it kind of recently
964s Adam and like some of the cash cups like
965s duels are landing on the on the on the
967s tower they're fighting off the guards of
969s Spawn there and then there's literally
971s teams waiting to vulture these guys at
973s the towers because they're like you did
974s the hard work great now you give us your
977s stuff you give us the key and the four
978s serves and now we have downloaded the
981s storm surge and all of the things here
983s it's crazy so I think for these guys
985s they just figured out the meta they were
987s just ready to go what do you think
988s reddish
989s I agree and this makes the mid game
991s super exciting to watch I love it
993s because before we had the offspawn
995s action and then in games and mid game
997s everyone was just trying to get surge
999s now you have the caches you have the
1001s tower so it's exciting to watch from
1003s beginning to end
1005s it is it is it is and I'm I'm glad you
1007s can have yeah we talked about kind of
1009s like the meta and how you know players
1011s managing to you know utilize what is
1012s available this season but a couple of
1014s players in na you want to touch on
1015s quickly as well who seems to utilize
1017s everything in their Arsenal season on
1019s season Acorn and Canada
1022s um you know a 14 14 elimination game in
1025s there in the last ones jump from fifth
1027s to First this is a team here that aren't
1029s playing together at globals but
1031s consistently do are consistently
1034s considered to be two of the best there
1036s is it regardless of the Season
1038s regardless what the meta is I mean how
1040s uh relish what is it about this these
1042s particular players that is just so so
1044s darn good
1046s I think they just like putting on a good
1049s show for us they're they're also content
1052s creators right like they both stream and
1054s they have communities and they just want
1056s to make their communities proud I think
1058s and it just everything just
1060s yeah it works for them it seems does it
1062s means he might see what you interviewing
1064s Canada at the end of last season's fnc
1067s it's one of my favorite moments I think
1068s in in fncs history that was just
1070s fantastic to watch it was so good so
1073s good yeah I love Kanata uh I will always
1076s love Canada I think he's just a
1077s fantastic dude and and I love that you
1079s point this out right it's because I
1080s think um when when you kind of care
1084s about something a lot right and you're
1086s really passionate about something your
1088s ceiling of of what you're capable of
1090s goes up right because you're trying to
1092s always be better than you were and I
1094s feel like for acorn and for Kanata these
1097s guys they are very passionate about what
1100s they're doing right on the Canada end
1101s you've got someone that's like he loves
1103s to be that personality he loves to show
1105s off he loves to I don't want to say like
1107s be the center of a spot uh center of
1109s attention in a bad way like he likes to
1110s show off and and express himself via the
1113s gameplay right and it speaks for itself
1115s Acorn you've got a guy that's like I
1117s want to be mechanical I want to be
1118s respected for my skill set in the game
1120s he does that right
1122s so I feel like for these guys they they
1125s just are successful because they're so
1127s passionate right they're able to go in
1129s there saying what if if I want to you
1132s know if I'm Canada and I want to make
1133s someone laugh I want to make a great
1134s clip what do I need to do his his
1137s ceiling is so high that it really
1139s doesn't matter what he has access to
1141s right he's always going to be hitting
1143s the very peak of what he's capable of
1145s because he's having a great time he's
1147s passionate he has so much experience now
1149s that you know you could just put like a
1151s gray weapon in his hand he's like okay
1153s I'll let me just one V4 real quick and
1155s I'm gonna post that to socials and go
1156s absolutely crazy jump on my my chair and
1159s just yell like that's just Kanata that's
1160s just what he does yeah it's gonna 1v4
1162s real quick let's get this done grab a
1164s sandwich get back into me yeah the guy
1165s is just yeah just ridiculous
1167s um moving on to the next thing relish
1169s very quickly um zero build Victory cash
1171s cup reddish you won a game you won a
1174s game I mean you always go over the
1176s season yet that's right that's right
1179s that's right let's go
1181s um
1182s yeah
1182s [Music]
1185s talk to us about that how was that for
1187s you
1188s amazing super hype
1191s um we were getting quite a few kills in
1193s open so yeah we qualified easily and
1195s then in finals we won the first game
1198s um I'm really liking the meta I think
1199s meta with bunkers
1202s um it is really cool we've gotten used
1203s to the bunkers already I'm happy they
1205s stayed and we have shock waves we have
1207s bushes
1208s um it's it's a pretty nice meta and I
1211s think
1212s um
1213s it's not that hard if you're very
1215s passionate about your ability to earn
1217s this season so if you guys play a lot of
1218s zero build get that friend try and who
1221s knows maybe you're gonna earn
1223s as well right you heard it right there
1225s it's a possibility it could happen for
1227s you but they're out there right now
1228s you're ready to earned you guys can earn
1230s too oh
1232s you you are a very very seasoned player
1236s ready mind you but it's a little humble
1238s you know yeah exactly chill out British
1241s chill out
1242s um let's talk about the um I mean we
1243s talked about some of the pros a second
1244s ago here some of the kind of the players
1245s that are that are utilizing everything
1247s around them to become the best of the
1249s best let's talk about the makeup of a
1251s pro what build build a pro if you will
1253s um I'll ask you both it attributes that
1255s kind of really stick out for you that
1256s kind of like this particular season are
1258s really imperative to have it seems that
1260s our players are managing to kind of um
1262s to Showcase week on week here um see
1265s what particular attribute do you think
1267s is really important for different
1267s players right now
1269s sure uh I think and this is just my
1272s opinion all right I think game sense is
1275s probably what I would consider to be the
1278s most important thing this season uh for
1280s people that maybe don't know game sense
1282s just means like at any stage of the game
1284s you need to know what you can and can't
1286s do what you have available to you right
1287s if the game starts things go really
1290s awesome okay what can I do with this
1292s league the game starts things go
1293s horribly okay how do I get myself back
1295s into this right game sense for me play
1298s such a factor in
1300s um how far a duel will go but also how
1302s they'll adapt to the situations right
1304s and I think a mark of a good Duo is it
1307s doesn't matter what happens if it's a
1308s good or bad landing good or bad mid or
1310s end game right as long as they're
1311s adapting they will always find
1313s themselves in that top or even top 10 at
1315s the end of a game with a ton of
1316s eliminations because they're adapting
1318s because at every moment they're going
1320s okay this has happened we can do this
1322s this has happened we have to pull back
1324s we cannot engage in the situation
1326s because we don't have what we need so in
1329s my opinion I would say right now game
1330s sense is really big especially with all
1333s these towers with the rocket Rams with
1335s so much almost like chaos in the game
1337s right now you have to have that calm
1340s that Focus to be like this is what is
1343s going to lead us to Victory In This
1344s Moment
1346s yep I 100 agree I think that's almost
1351s that's a very very important thing for
1353s an iGo to have right but then uh for me
1356s an attribute that both of players need
1358s is aim because in finals like this you
1361s need so much search and you need to hit
1363s your shots in here with the AI or close
1366s range with the shotgun or the combat SMG
1368s when it comes to fighting for caches or
1371s Towers or of Spawn or in the end game if
1374s you need a refresh I think aim is very
1376s very important but honestly at this
1378s point I feel like all of the players who
1379s make it to the top have have good Aim so
1382s I think game sense is a bit harder to
1383s acquire but aim is also just as
1385s important I think
1387s yeah it's a good point I mean do you
1389s think I mean do you think play style
1390s adaptability as well Zeke is that a big
1392s thing you know kind of like whether you
1393s go go hard go aggressive go passive you
1395s know you can you can change up you know
1397s height as well where you go low higher
1399s do you think that's a big part of it you
1400s know what what would you find someone to
1402s be able to considered um you know
1404s excelling themselves in in this
1406s particular kind of season
1407s yeah I think play style uh kind of lends
1410s itself a bit to kind of what reddish was
1413s talking about as well as like the aim
1415s um because for some Duos right they just
1417s want to go in they want to create a
1419s situation
1421s um where the enemy team is kind of like
1422s forced into a bad spot right whether
1425s that be you're gonna rock it Ram into
1426s their box and you're gonna try and fight
1428s them or you're gonna just try and get
1430s the lobby to turn on these players and
1432s shoot their boxes and make them burn
1433s their resources right playstyle
1436s um is kind of like setting the tempo of
1438s people around you right if you're
1440s passive people can just do whatever they
1441s want and that's fine maybe you and your
1443s Duo you love to pass if you like to be
1444s reactive you want to see what everyone
1446s else is going to do and then you pick
1447s your moment and you strike while people
1449s like
1450s queasy Veno right they will not give you
1453s that Tempo they will set the tempo they
1455s will directly tell you where you can and
1457s can't go where you can build where
1459s you're allowed to even just look right
1461s uh so I think it's a playstyle
1463s definitely is is a very big factor again
1466s especially with the fact that like for
1468s example back to the vaults they're a bit
1469s random right you never know what you're
1471s going to get out of those you might walk
1472s away with an MK and you're like okay
1474s sweet I can just take these mad long
1476s beams and like while it Duos like
1479s frantically scrambling like is this
1481s someone close like where are they at
1483s what's happening you're just like haha
1485s more storms storm surge haha you know
1487s what I'm saying so I think playstyle uh
1490s is again really flexible this season
1492s there's a lot more of that
1493s self-expression like to talk about
1495s I was about to say what's important is
1497s adapting your playstyle because if
1499s you're a team that normally w kids you
1501s still have to know in which moments
1503s you're okay with search it's fine if
1504s you're just kill in a box so you don't
1506s get yourself eliminated so I think
1508s adapting your play style is important
1510s too
1511s yeah absolutely I mean consider this
1514s attributes we just talked about for a
1515s second here before we move on to that to
1517s to the quiz which I'm very excited about
1518s in a second
1519s um let me ask you for a player that you
1521s think this I can see you're excited too
1523s I get to you know this this season maybe
1526s excited it's not the word this season
1529s um which player do you think you know
1530s and any region here kind of like the
1532s attributes you've mentioned which player
1533s do you think you've seen it most are
1535s those kind of particular that skill set
1537s that you you think has been championed
1538s by a particular player this in in this
1540s season chapter four season four what um
1542s I'll ask you first um reddish which
1544s player really has jumped out for you
1547s hmm
1549s I'm thinking because the season just
1552s started right and we haven't gotten the
1555s chance to see much of like their
1556s practice and their strategies so I keep
1558s thinking about the previous events here
1561s in general in general yeah
1565s I'm queasy and Malika's biggest fan
1566s right I'm not biased because Galaxy
1568s eraser but I have to mention their names
1571s right I think both Malibu and quizia are
1573s very very smart players um speaking of
1576s game since uh they know how to adapt
1578s very well queasy played some insane
1581s games in uh the last defenses he
1584s computed in in Grand finals right when
1586s when he played High Ground like like The
1588s High Ground Kings right that was
1590s incredible to watch and they knew
1591s exactly like just play by the book they
1594s knew how to get in that was so
1595s fascinating to watch and then malibuca
1597s he was contested all of the games in
1599s that same fncs and he still managed to
1601s get a third place with only half of the
1603s games played so his game sense there was
1606s absolutely crazy from a viewer povs him
1609s seeing him clutch a third place from six
1611s games was insane because you have to
1613s adapt you have to count how many how
1615s many eliminations do we need do we go
1617s for Island this game so I think I think
1619s both of them are gonna be super fun to
1621s watch this season as well for sure
1624s yeah I love that I love to
1626s um you know I think
1628s one thing I talk about a lot on the fncs
1631s is that like they the players are so
1635s good that they make everything we see
1638s visually very easy to understand right
1642s and a lot of times I will watch a play
1645s and I'll be like I could totally dude
1647s that's eat you place a while you edit
1649s the while you shotgun them that's so
1651s it's way more complicated right and as a
1654s player you're always running around
1656s thinking okay
1657s like writer said you come around a
1659s corner and you think this is game three
1660s we need to get in the top five we need
1662s three eliminations and like a top ten in
1664s this game and at every beat you're
1666s thinking is this a Duo is this the duel
1669s we strike on we can't this this is not
1671s the opportunity we have to kind of keep
1672s going
1673s um so I like that was a really cool
1675s Point uh as far as like the players to
1677s stand out okay
1678s uh
1680s I'm the host of n a okay
1682s um and as much as I'd love to believe
1684s that n a can hang and dude we're just
1686s the best
1688s EU you still have it okay at least for
1691s now EU okay we're we're still gonna
1693s we're gonna still shake it away till
1694s globals
1695s um if I had to kind of put like let's we
1698s talked about three uh game sends play
1700s style and aim
1702s game sense
1704s if it was EU I'd have to give it to
1706s someone like Kenny right Cami just is
1709s one of the best players that has ever
1711s played the game coming looking back at
1713s Invitational right they had this massive
1715s final game win the kind of shook the
1719s world of fortnite right uh but Cami as
1721s well is just such a talented player he's
1724s just so calculated everything is he like
1727s he's like a super computer at every
1729s moment he's running numbers and he's
1731s like okay this is the best solution I've
1734s seen the data this is what we're doing
1736s and that's it right uh so I think game
1739s sense wise it had to be him on EU if I
1741s had to pick an n a player because I'm
1743s still n a favored it's got to be someone
1745s like Booga right Booga left unchecked
1747s and a lot of times will just end the
1751s game and like either a top three or a
1753s victory Royale from nothing you'll have
1755s literally nothing you'll look at his
1756s inventory like okay I'm gonna write you
1759s off you've got like 50 HP you've got two
1762s bullets you're done you know and then
1764s suddenly he's just got like eight
1766s eliminations and you're like I don't
1768s know what you did but you did it
1773s he always finds a way
1775s I also want to mention a team did
1777s because I was trying to remember wait
1779s who stood out for me in this First Cash
1781s cup guys have you seen Rip's guide in
1783s Rhys Hub
1785s can we talk a bit about it how how did
1788s these players let that happen well that
1790s was fascinating honestly and rev Sky
1792s streamed everything in opens and the
1794s fact that Rhys had to play finals as a
1797s solo just I know did they win anything
1799s because they win four games in round one
1801s yes I mean I mean yes do you think do
1804s you think I mean Rhys is an analyst as
1806s well that I mean that the knowledge
1807s there that must help in some capacity
1810s yeah I mean you know Reese's is one of
1813s the bigger Minds in the community right
1815s this guy again is a super computer right
1817s but where is like a player yeah he's a
1820s Mainframe where like a player might be
1822s in the moment looking at like these
1824s things Rhys is looking at data from all
1827s across fortnite's history right this guy
1830s is looking at okay well in these seasons
1833s in this matter with these things what
1835s was successful what did they do how did
1837s they do it what do they have in their
1838s inventory right so when he has all of
1841s this information ready to go and then he
1843s jumps into a game when you pair him with
1845s someone like refs guard who is still
1847s like a top-tier uh veteran player in
1850s this scene refs guard's been around
1851s forever like since the beginning of
1854s fortnite competitive uh you just have so
1858s much available to you right like refs
1859s guard at that point resub could take
1861s over is that like igl role because he
1862s could just look at the numbers and go
1864s okay you know based on what we have dude
1866s we can absolutely jump on the team refs
1868s guard's like oh you want me a
1870s professional player to jump in this box
1872s in 1v2 hold on one moment like it's easy
1876s right I think you're underestimating
1878s those right for interrupting he's making
1880s rhetop has been working on his
1882s accounting so much and and yeah that
1885s came in the clutch scene yeah yeah we I
1888s mean Reese and I recently I played a few
1890s games together I mean I I am no rest
1893s guard by the way
1895s I still have he's uh very very solid
1898s there as well but um yeah massive shout
1899s all players are doing fantastic this uh
1901s this season and they'll continue to do
1902s so no doubt at all two players I'm
1904s looking forward to seeing compete right
1906s now are you Almighty Zeke and reddish um
1909s it's quiz time do you know what it is
1911s I'm still I'm still hoping for a drink
1914s we need a jingle we need a jingle to
1916s really make this feel official
1919s um okay but it's about as efficient as
1920s it can be uh right you guys are playing
1922s this at home as well whether you're
1923s watching or listening uh play along with
1925s us it's fun here just to recap the rules
1926s we have uh three questions for each of
1929s our guests here the multi choice at the
1932s end of which if it's a tie after three
1934s questions per per player here we have a
1936s tiebreaker question that tiebreaker is
1938s basically the person who's closest to
1939s the answer is the winner okay now it
1942s gets it can get animated we've had the
1944s likes of mini Miner on here who gets
1945s very he gets very gets very funny about
1948s it it's like a cat that wants to mark
1949s his territory he doesn't like the idea
1951s of being beaten okay
1953s um so we're gonna we're gonna we're
1954s gonna start okay I wanna start this week
1956s Zeke you're gonna be question number one
1958s okay
1961s are you both ready for this
1964s no but let's go I'm excited I know I'm
1967s gonna do bad but I'm hyped okay I I'm
1970s gonna do bad I'm not excited okay
1976s okay you're right Never Back Down never
1979s what
1980s Never Back Down Never Back Down never
1982s give up this okay uh Zeke question
1985s number one okay
1988s this season is known as chapter four
1991s season four about how many total seasons
1995s of fortnite have we had in total is it
1999s 24 25 or 26.
2008s Adam you were supposed to give me an
2010s easy question and then you were supposed
2011s to give raise the hard question wait at
2014s least you have easy answers like it's
2016s not like it's 10 or 30 or 70 and anyways
2019s if you get it wrong it's by one okay you
2023s can't look that silly it's close okay
2024s all right so once again it was what what
2026s and what give me the 24 25 or 26 how
2030s many seasons I'm gonna say
2033s oh man I'm gonna say 26.
2036s okay reddish what would you have gone
2038s for
2039s 25.
2041s okay she's gonna get a bike I can
2043s confirm that the correct answer was
2048s 26. yes see my boy he's done it he's got
2053s one I love it when you include this one
2056s as well oh I forgot about it
2058s that's what it was hey British that was
2061s the first thing he said
2064s hey it happens it happens hey hey
2067s you've got a chance here to equal things
2069s up this is your question relish question
2071s one for you which chapter had the most
2074s seasons chapter 1 chapter 2 or chapter
2078s three Which chapter had the most seasons
2083s think
2085s okay I think wait wait
2089s I think I know um I think
2091s hmm I think it's chapter two
2095s no say something else say something else
2097s I want to say something else
2099s what would you what would you no it's
2100s chapter two I'm gonna go I'm also
2103s choosing chapter two
2104s okay
2106s it wasn't chapter three
2108s but also it also was not chapter two it
2113s was chapter one chapter one ten Seasons
2116s ten oh
2118s ten seasons in chapter one chapter two
2122s I thought it was eight right I think
2124s yeah I think eight
2126s don't quote me on that but I think
2128s season X was in chapter I I I'm wrong I
2131s don't know see that's where I get
2132s confused right those yeah
2135s you know yeah yeah
2138s it's it's a riddle wrapped in a mystery
2140s in a conundrum it's it's it's all
2142s happens here on the drop spot okay uh
2144s Zeke question two So currently one zero
2146s up Zeke is in the lead right now
2147s question number two physique how many
2149s different mythics are there this season
2151s is it eight nine or ten
2156s dude uh
2159s uh eight nine or ten how many myths is
2162s it nine this season
2164s you go for nine nine
2167s British what would you have said if
2171s it no British is really counting
2174s I think it's eight I think it's it yeah
2177s well had this been reddish's question
2181s she would have got it correct it was
2183s indeed eight Zeke it was not nine I am
2186s sorry
2187s the point instead
2189s I can't do that I'll be breaking the
2190s rules but but I I appreciate you asking
2192s thank you being so polite okay okay
2195s that's that's currently it's still one
2197s zero reddish this can tie things up
2199s going to the last question this is
2201s massive could you give me the hard
2202s questions
2203s no no we'll see what's using okay
2206s question two
2208s which character owns two of the mythics
2212s which character owns two of the mythics
2214s is it Gunner kit or Midas kit oh sorry
2218s is it kit Gunner or Midas
2224s which do you think it is which of those
2226s three
2227s which character owns two of the mythics
2229s I think it's mindless
2232s you think it's Midas okay yeah what is
2236s would you have said to Zeke
2238s is he
2241s is it kit
2244s I can confirm that the person the
2248s character with two mythies is indeed kit
2251s it was kit the Shockwave launcher and
2253s the charge
2256s hey
2265s reddish so bad reddish these things
2267s happen okay these things happen yeah
2269s there's still time
2272s radish is so cool she's just letting me
2274s win dude thank you that's so nice I'm a
2277s content creator I've been streaming
2278s every day for five years like like of
2280s course I know everything all right
2283s um
2286s okay okay question three for Z Now bear
2288s in mind you see if you get this correct
2290s here you've got a two zero you've got a
2292s two zero this is a this is a win of
2293s physique
2294s this is a way okay this is this is
2295s massive now
2297s I seek question three
2299s in next week's mix up Monday tournament
2302s how many points is the loot Island worth
2305s okay in next week's mix-up Monday
2308s tournament how many points is the loot
2310s Island worth
2311s 50 75 or 100. see radish this is this is
2316s where he got me right because like
2318s you're saying it's like is it 24 25 26
2320s I'm like oh uh okay I don't think anyone
2324s in chat knows
2330s that that would that's a lot right I
2333s feel like
2335s 75 or 100.
2338s okay we have to play the azik you want
2340s to play that with me
2342s let's play I guess uh we're going for
2344s loot Island because I'm gonna guess that
2346s it's a hundred points
2348s okay
2350s locking in 100 okay there's gonna be so
2352s many players on the island that's a good
2354s way way can I change mine
2356s you you can until you say lock it in
2360s I'll accept anything
2361s that's a good point you know what no no
2363s I'm gonna go in my instinct I don't want
2364s to change it I said 100 I'm a man of my
2367s word a hundred
2382s I can confirm that the answer is in fact
2384s a hundred seek it is a hundred it is
2388s no one thought this possible no one
2391s thought the Z could get 1.2 points there
2392s in this at best I mean this is but the
2394s question is hey question is in a minute
2396s if he's willing to sacrifice it to
2398s really prove a point in the tiebreaker
2399s I'm just saying I'm just saying but
2400s first things first your question three
2401s here reddish okay in next week's mix up
2404s Monday tournament how many points is the
2407s tower worth
2408s okay
2410s 20 25 or 30. see why did you okay all
2415s right never mind
2417s but this is harder to guess a hundred
2419s was so easy that's what I'm saying
2421s that's what I'm saying he did this to
2422s you reddish
2425s uh can I call my dad and see what
2428s happens there is no phone a friend in
2431s this quiz no there's another thing
2433s I think
2435s for the tower you get wait
2440s that was very that was a strong weight
2442s yeah what is it
2443s 30.
2447s what you've said
2449s she said 25 30 or 35 or 20 25 or 30.
2457s come on
2459s 25.
2461s well it's lucky it was reddish's
2463s question because it was 30. and it's two
2466s one okay it's two one okay okay now it's
2469s two one okay it's two one fair enough Z
2471s great three questions two one you know
2473s but are you willing to put it on the
2475s line
2476s to tie things up for a tiebreaker
2478s question just to give it have some fun
2480s just for funsies uh dude if there's one
2484s thing people need to know about me it's
2485s I I am all about the win so I'm gonna
2488s take my no of course we're gonna go for
2489s it we have to we're fun we're a fun zone
2492s here let's do it this is a fun time okay
2494s okay right okay so tiebreaker question
2496s we all know the rules here the person
2498s with the closest answer wins
2501s question is okay how many chests are
2504s there
2504s on the map not including buried ones how
2508s many chests are there on the map not
2511s including there it wants
2513s I'm looking at reddish's eyes and she is
2515s absolutely against it she's like an
2517s abacus yeah she's pulled up the map in
2519s her mind she's like I know I know each
2522s POI kind of how many chests
2525s okay I don't know
2527s because now because reddish um uh Zeke
2530s went into this with the 2-1 lead I'm
2531s gonna ask for your answer first there's
2535s no multiple choice I just have to say a
2537s random number yeah because we have to
2538s get closer whoever which one of us is
2539s closer no no you have to get him to say
2542s first because I prove that I'm the worst
2544s right so why why are you changing my
2547s quiz on me I don't understand why you're
2548s trying to change the rules
2550s British like if I say a thousand he's
2552s gonna see a thousand five or something
2553s but maybe you're closer maybe I went
2555s over
2556s true okay okay let me quickly
2559s I will tell you I will tell you what
2560s reddish I will tell you what I will not
2562s pull the like your number plus or minus
2565s one I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna try
2567s and give I'll do two though
2570s don't break don't ruin it at all
2575s uh okay what do you think what do you
2576s think reddish take it take it take a
2578s wild guess here
2579s yeah I'll just say a super random number
2581s okay I will say
2585s wait
2588s I'm trying to think my number's too
2589s small
2590s are you counting every chest on the map
2592s that that's obscene okay go ahead go
2594s ahead
2596s I would say
2601s 1280.
2604s 1280 okay okay that's that reddish is
2607s locking in 1280.
2610s um Zeke let me ask you for your
2614s he's
2615s he's making a face like a surprise
2617s chicken I don't understand why that's
2618s happening but I just that was such a
2621s number you know yeah
2623s um
2623s so dude I don't know man every POI is
2627s like it's got to be around 80 per ply
2630s right
2631s okay give or take
2633s if you say so
2637s uh
2641s pricey for an answer you said what 1280
2644s okay I'm I'm gonna say
2650s yes
2653s dang it
2656s there's gotta there's gotta be tons
2657s there's gotta be tons bro there's gotta
2659s be so many chests on this island
2661s then there's there's got to be right I'm
2663s Gonna Save money for your mouth is bro
2665s I'm gonna say 1500 1500 1500 wait wait
2669s wait wait wait wait and he wins he wins
2671s I think it's like is there that many
2673s chests on the island though 1500 I'm
2676s gonna say 1500. okay 1500 and 1280. yeah
2680s this is this is kind of nuts one of you
2683s is only six away
2686s is so good wait wait wait wait wait wait
2689s so it's you it's you it's you why would
2692s it be 1506. the correct answer the
2696s correct answer
2697s is one thousand
2702s 494. Zeke was six away dude ggs that's
2706s awesome that's so close
2709s sorry
2717s dude I was just like all I could think
2720s was like there's got to be 80 chests for
2721s like POI that's all I had that's all I
2724s had honestly honestly that was that was
2725s I mean 1280 was an amazing guess I was
2728s like that's pretty that's pretty I
2730s thought I thought she knew I thought
2731s that was like the number and I was like
2733s ah it's impossible to know I just know
2735s racetracked his like 38 or something
2737s like that and it's kind of hard to
2739s figure out like all the pois wow
2742s was I overestimated no the new py no
2745s because then
2746s Mega series like more than 100 so it's
2748s hard yeah okay
2752s um guys whatever whatever the whatever
2754s the the situation here I'm pleased to
2756s say you both did fantastically well well
2758s done to both of you that was a great
2759s good job
2761s at home
2763s we tied it all
2766s Farm handshakes uh the reddish good job
2768s uh good job my friend we are both
2771s Victorious congratulations we're not
2773s okay that wasn't no that was that was
2776s fantastic hold on guys because it's uh
2777s it's a lot of pressure it's a lot of
2779s pressure in those situations yeah that's
2780s why I got it wrong so much um let's
2783s let's Fast Track because we're talking
2784s about pressure we're talking about how
2786s uh you know when you have the weight of
2788s the world and your shoulders things can
2789s get kind of crazy and we know that
2791s Global championships four weeks from now
2793s is coming thick it's coming fast players
2796s are ready and waiting the best from all
2798s over the world who've qualified to be
2800s there and it's going to be incredible
2802s Zeke uh you're gonna front row seat my
2804s friend you're gonna be you're gonna be
2805s there bring us all the action um how
2807s excited are you for Global championships
2809s baby
2810s man Adam I I think about it every day I
2814s I start my day with a bowl of cereal and
2816s I have the little like uh the the cereal
2818s with the letters in it and I just eat
2820s every letter until I'm only left with
2823s global championships and I just leave
2824s the bowl there I don't pick it up I
2826s don't put it away it's just it's so
2828s there's like a thousand bowls uh out
2830s here
2831s um I am so excited uh you know obviously
2834s the close thing we've had uh in recent
2836s times is like Invitational last year
2838s um and that was an amazing time you know
2840s and I think uh this year it is going to
2844s be like that but amped up to like 11 you
2847s know
2848s um I think what I'm looking forward to
2849s so much is just seeing the passion of
2851s the players The Passion of the fans you
2852s know being there and Invitational was
2854s obviously amazing you know you see uh
2857s the highs and the lows right you see uh
2859s a player a fan pick a player that player
2862s gets elimination they go crazy right
2863s they're just yelling they're streaming
2864s that player gets eliminated it's like
2866s that's it their best friend in the world
2868s has just been eliminated it's over you
2870s know like they they feel that emotion
2873s they feel that with the players
2875s um and I think this being the global
2878s championships being a journey we've
2879s we've had over this whole year right
2882s like
2883s at invitation obviously we had seven
2884s regions uh with this we'll have six
2886s because n a combined uh that's right I
2889s I'm just looking forward to seeing how
2891s all of these Duos how all of these fans
2894s come together to just celebrate what
2897s this is right this is the biggest moment
2900s of the year for these players they've
2902s worked the whole year to try and and
2905s kind of showcase why they are the best
2909s um and one thing I love is now we'll get
2911s to see all these regions come together
2913s and all of these regions are looking at
2915s each other and they're all thinking the
2917s same thing
2917s let me tell you why we are better than
2920s you right all of these Regents want the
2923s same thing they want to walk away with a
2925s win
2925s so you know as much as I'd love to be
2928s like yeah and a we've got this you can't
2931s forget there's so many different Duos
2933s that on the day could just put the
2934s pieces of the meta together to find that
2936s meta within the meta of the competition
2938s and they could win it all I mean it's
2941s going to be truly an amazing time and
2944s just like an incredible three days of
2946s fortnite where like weird but I'm
2948s convinced by the end of it I'm gonna
2949s have lost my voice I'm gonna have cried
2952s like 10 times uh you know we're gonna
2955s see just some of the most amazing play
2957s we've seen so far
2961s I love hearing all of that and you
2963s mentioned Invitational I had so many
2965s friends like Creator friends who went to
2967s watch from an audience and I regretted
2969s not being there so this time I would be
2971s in Copenhagen guys I didn't tell you but
2973s I I will be there I want to be there
2976s um it's not even that far I'm in Romania
2978s that's in Denmark very close right so I
2981s will be there
2982s um of course to support my crazy but
2985s also just to see that incredible show
2987s and to to see a bunch of friends it's
2989s gonna be like a little reunion guys like
2991s we have creators from North America
2993s traveling just to watch and to
2995s experience what you were talking about
2997s so it's gonna be so cool I can't wait uh
3000s it's gonna be I mean you're right it's a
3002s family coming together everyone the
3003s culmination of what's been an amazing
3005s year and everyone's desperate just to be
3006s there in the same place the energy is
3008s going to be we were Invitational yeah it
3010s was just absolutely incredible wasn't it
3011s that the buzz in the air was just
3013s fantastic but you know Dare I ask you
3015s know this year I mean are there any
3017s particular favorites you think right now
3019s who's likely to win I mean who do you I
3022s mean who do you think Zeke who could do
3024s this
3024s okay
3026s there there's a lot of names remember
3028s there's so many players there was an
3031s upper bracket there's a lower bracket
3032s right
3034s um
3035s I think it's hard to know exactly what's
3038s going to happen I think there are some
3040s very clear standout fan favorites or or
3043s players at least we'd expect could walk
3045s away at the win right
3046s you look at steady Cami uh again they
3049s won Invitational right uh they are just
3052s insanely consistent and if they're
3054s allowed to do that again at Invitational
3057s there's a high likelihood they could
3059s walk away winners or a minimum top three
3061s right
3062s but when you again when you put six
3065s regions into a single Lobby you just
3068s don't know you could just have queasy
3071s Veno Saidi Cami uh you know the guys uh
3075s uh phaser and king from BR all decide
3077s we're just gonna land in the same spot
3079s and you know the cards fall where they
3081s may you know I I would love to see that
3083s I have no idea it's gonna happen but I'm
3085s down for it
3086s um but I feel like there are some crowd
3087s favorites you've got City cam you've got
3089s queasy Veno right I mean who would not
3091s love to see queasy metal come out uh and
3093s win it all right
3095s and then kind of to backtrack their King
3097s uh and phaser right from Brazil and
3099s Invitational the Brazilian fans were
3101s going wild okay I want to see more of
3104s that a global championship and I will be
3106s looking for it I will track all of the
3108s Brazilian fans down myself
3110s at all times while they're celebrating
3113s these wins because there's just yeah
3115s there's just so much like raw talent
3118s that have worked so hard to make it to
3121s globals it is going to come down to
3124s who is going where are they contested or
3127s uncontested and then the final factor is
3129s how do they adapt if they adapt they can
3132s make these these changes on the Fly and
3135s do what they need to do to succeed they
3137s will make it far if they crumble it is
3139s going to be very difficult they can find
3140s themselves in that lower bracket it's
3142s not impossible right you win up the
3144s lower bracket you're back up in day
3145s number three and you can look to fight
3147s for that title but I think ultimately
3150s there there is so many names that we
3153s could have some favorites but I think
3155s it's hard to know who yeah could walk
3158s away the winner
3160s 20 degree
3162s 100 it was a very open question it was a
3165s very open question I mean anyone
3167s basically yeah yeah anyone I also don't
3170s want to jinx my favorite so I'm not
3171s gonna mention who I think is winning
3173s because then they're gonna say I'm
3174s jinxing them on the here a drop spot so
3177s I'm not gonna do that but you could
3179s guess maybe
3180s um did you missions it's pretty easy to
3183s guess but we're not gonna see it I don't
3185s wanna yeah of course but you did mention
3188s something super interesting when it
3190s comes to being contested right because
3191s you have so many different regions and
3193s then you have teams that they may in a
3197s POI they're the kings of that POI but in
3199s their region and then other regions same
3202s POI also qualified also insane and now
3205s it's like who's gonna leave their ego
3207s behind and you know just move so some
3211s teams probably will do that right like
3213s some teams are gonna learn somewhere
3215s where they have not landed in fscs but
3218s you're gonna have teams contesting each
3220s other and that's gonna be super cool to
3222s watch I think it's just presenting and
3224s even think right in this last fncs we
3227s saw one Duo have like what was it like
3229s six or or seven different drop spots
3232s like they literally landed a different
3233s spot every single game and for them it
3237s was successful they actually placed well
3239s because of that strategy right so I
3242s think absolutely and so I think when we
3244s get to globals again it's like remember
3247s there's like there's an overall meta to
3249s like the season and stuff but then when
3250s the players start to play they
3252s themselves Define that meta within the
3254s meta and so I think at globals it will
3258s be the duo the Duos that will rise to
3260s the top quicker
3262s will be Duos that are looking to kind of
3264s push the boundaries they're not going to
3266s want to come in and just say like yeah
3267s we do the usual we land here we loot
3270s this path we get these storm surge shags
3271s they're gonna look they're gonna look to
3273s catch other duels off guard they're
3274s gonna look to try and get to these
3275s important spots like these towers
3277s earlier than other people they're gonna
3279s try and set themselves up for these kind
3281s of one-off like we enter a room and no
3285s one's here just kidding there's two
3287s people here and now we are at a
3288s disadvantage because we got the the
3290s surprise Factor dropped in our laps
3291s right yeah um I think there's just so
3293s much again room for self-expression I
3295s think with these six regions all of them
3297s are thinking the same thing we want to
3299s represent our region we want our region
3301s to win
3302s how far are we willing to go to get that
3305s win especially if we think about that
3308s iconic moment with second place landing
3311s on first place
3315s that's like an iconic moment in the
3317s history of company fortnite so I'm sure
3319s a lot of players will think about that
3321s factor like I want to be known for
3322s something I want to I want to stand out
3324s like that so maybe people have seen some
3326s some crazy place like that not gonna lie
3328s don't forget we're all here for it and
3331s you can be there for it as well in
3333s person do not forget it is coming very
3335s soon only four weeks away you can grab
3337s tickets and be there with the players
3339s with the talenting with everybody uh in
3341s the house all you need to do with
3343s British as well with reddish all you're
3345s going to do is go to antique gonna go to
3348s fn.gg forward slash tickets that's FN
3350s dot GG forward slash tickets grab yours
3353s be in Copenhagen come celebrate part of
3356s the family it's gonna be one weekend you
3358s do not want to forget you won't forget
3360s for as long as you live Global
3361s championships coming up very soon here
3363s um before we can um bring this uh show
3365s to a close very quickly yeah guys I'll
3366s just wait Collegiate fortnite really
3368s fast
3369s um yeah touching it at the beginning of
3370s the show here
3371s um but lots of things have been
3373s happening open qualifiers really took
3374s place
3375s um and uh we've got ourselves campus
3377s corner now as well which everyone seems
3379s to be thrilled about the Collegiate
3381s Esports Hub is he
3382s yeah man uh again it's just like another
3385s Avenue to compete in fortnite right I
3387s love that there's so many kind of like
3388s different ways that uh people have
3391s different kind of skill levels can look
3392s to kind of get their foot in the door
3394s right you've got players who may have
3396s just beginning their fortnite Journey
3397s they're like I want to compete you know
3399s just like now if you were trying to
3401s develop a skill from zero there has to
3404s be some kind of build up before you get
3405s to like a comfortable place and then
3407s ultimately Master whatever that skill is
3409s you know this is a great place to do
3411s that maybe you're just looking to think
3412s like well maybe I just don't have time
3413s and maybe this is what I can compete in
3415s that's great right like the kind of
3418s flexibility to allow people to say this
3421s is what I want to do this is how I want
3423s to find my success or this is what I
3424s have time for whatever that may be this
3426s is how I want to kind of refine my skill
3428s set there are options and that's cool
3431s right because you know there's not many
3433s ways or other games where you could just
3434s say like oh I as anyone can just walk up
3437s and play in this like that's nuts
3440s yeah I agree so many opportunities for
3443s all skill levels that's super nice to
3445s see and I love that zero build is
3447s getting some attention as well right
3449s because at first when it came out people
3450s were like oh this is not a competitive
3452s mode but then we start getting
3454s tournaments and everyone is loving them
3457s the pro players love them but also
3458s people who cannot really compete in
3460s builds can give their all in zero build
3462s so we see the rise of zero build pro pro
3465s players who are not playing builds at
3467s all for example or even just casual
3469s players giving competitive a chance just
3471s by playing zero build tournament so
3473s that's really cool to see it's great
3475s it's great to see I love seeing you know
3477s fortnite creative and and tournaments
3479s you know we had twitch Rivals sponsored
3480s Zone Wars booger late game scrims tons
3482s of different things
3483s um have been coming out of that kind of
3484s area and you can find that loads more as
3486s well um as you can head over to Twitter
3488s and go to at CCA feature ring FM that's
3491s f-e-a-t-f Enzo's at CCA feat f-n on
3495s Twitter loads more about what's
3497s happening uh in the in the Collegiate um
3499s area right now fortnite but um as the
3501s reddish and Zeke said amazing things to
3503s see there and it's great to see there's
3504s so many different ways you can get
3505s involved in fortnite in some capacity
3507s now as well that's what it's been such a
3509s great time to be involved I've loved
3511s having you two on the show this week
3512s I've loved it it's been it's been it's
3514s been it's been a dream a dream come true
3516s of mine
3519s um thank you both so much for being here
3520s I mean um for you both as well where can
3523s we find you online uh relish where can
3524s we find you on on the wonderful world of
3526s the incident
3528s there's radish on Twitch and I'm ready
3531s from Twitter you don't have to follow me
3533s though only if you want
3535s it's fine if not I'm gonna unfollow them
3537s re-follow you just to be one of these
3539s people I'm following ready no take my
3541s notifications
3543s when the show airs Zeke where you at
3545s some short with obviously with uh
3546s globals coming up to loads will probably
3548s touch base with you where can we find
3549s you online yeah I'm at zigmas Prime on
3552s Twitter but honestly just go follow
3554s these two guys they're way cooler than
3555s me uh you could just go follow them
3558s he's he's he's he's all right his tweets
3561s are the best yeah he's the best
3564s he's the best you're both the best um
3565s thank you all so much you guys are the
3566s best for listening for watching the show
3568s and uh we look forward to seeing you
3569s very very soon here again on the drop so
3572s then take care and goodbye for now
3575s bye probably
3697s foreign
3753s bro
3758s Oke

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