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08 Nov


Originally posted by NKLhaxor

Do I have to have some sort of "Send me emails and newsletters" thing checked? Edit: Found the resubscription thing Didn't get it yet, guess I'll die

If we have your email on file and you haven't opted out, you should get one. If you opted out of emails when you made your account, you probably wouldn't get one. I'm 95% sure :) The company we use to send the emails handles that for us.


Originally posted by K_en

If i just verified my email, will I still get one?

Probably not this round, we generated all the lists and data last week. But we plan one continuing this and getting more interesting stats in! So there will be more in the future!


Originally posted by pikwel

only for solo games or the squads and the duos are also counted ?

All games are counted


Originally posted by 5onic

Did everyone get this?

If you played at least 10 games you should get one. There were a lot to send, so they may still be going out :)

04 Nov


Originally posted by Cheechers23

is this a hot fix or a client update?

This is a backend services update, so there will be nothing to download on your end.

03 Nov


Thanks for the patience here folks. Sorry for the interruption.

Fix for the issue here has been deployed and we are watching for full recovery. Initial signs are positive. Our login queue isn't too large atm, so we should have you all back in the Battle Bus real soon!

02 Nov


Originally posted by MikeFromSuburbia

Solid update but why no sniper rifle sensitivity change? Still unbearably slow on PS4 controllers.

We're going to have improvements for this live with 1.9.

We're changing the defaults to something we find acceptable and that solves the issues that players are seeing now.

We also have console aim assist improvements coming soon as well.

30 Oct

    /u/ on News - Thread - Direct
Performance matters, and while we’ve been steadily chipping away at improving things, we’ve taken a few steps back here and there and generally aren’t where we want to be long term.

From a player’s point of view, the manifestation of performance-related issues are:

  • Low framerate -> increased input latency, large delta between frames
  • Display latency -> increased input latency
  • Hitches (abnormally long frame time) -> frozen display followed by fast-forward
  • Inconsistent framerate -> hard to aim

  • Low player connection update rate / framerate -> increased ping
  • Hitches (abnormally long frame time) -> “rubber banding”

  • Packet loss -> “rubber banding”
  • Connection bandwidth saturation -> “rubber banding”
  • High ping  -> “rubber banding”
  • Packet bursting (especially on wifi) -> “rubber banding”

... Read more

29 Oct


For a little additional context here:

  • The impact on the main backend service that got thrashed today is basically 0/12/72 ratio for Solo/Duos/Squads respectively.
  • If we disabled Duos instead of Squads, we most likely would have increased the problem, due to people hopping over to Squads mode and we would have knocked things back over.
  • We are hoping to have Squads re-enabled in the next few hours.
  • We are going to swap back to Solos and Squads only in OCE/Asia/Brazil for now. This allows the most play flexibility and we are constantly evaluating for when we can have all 3 modes enabled in each region as these regions continue to grow.

Originally posted by Ur0sPwn

Will squads be up

We need to get this patch rolled out across our platforms, measure the gains in terms of lowering the impact to the backend/database, then we'll figure out when to get Squads turned back on.

We want squads back on ASAP, but we don't want the whole game to fall over.


Originally posted by Kenworths

Me and a friend on Xbox can't connect to duo servers (USA). Keep getting the "unknown error". Yet neither of us have problems with solos Or squads when it was available. Help?

That is super strange and unexpected. Can you please use the in-game bug report tool? (this sends us logs, which you can't do manually on Xbox)


This mission should work now.



TL;DR: thank you devs for being open with the players even though we probably don’t deserve it.

Of course you deserve it. Without you, we don't have a successful game to be worried about in the first place. Thanks for hanging in there with us while we grow!


Originally posted by kulvard

Sorry - more recent updates are a bit further down.

We basically had services fall back over around 3:41 EDT and login queue is extremely long atm while we work to get everything running again. Hope to be letting folks in at a faster rate very shortly.

We seem to be healthy at this point, except for the fact that Squads is disabled of course. We are working to get a client patch out ASAP that should reduce load to our backend/database, then we'll measure performance gains, and hopefully re-enable Squads at some point tomorrow.

Sorry for the wild Saturday - thanks for hanging in there with us.

Also sorry if I totally threaded all of these replies wrong here - lots of juggling going on :)

28 Oct


Originally posted by kulvard

Login Queues are almost totally drained again. If you have an obscenely long wait time atm, please try re-launching your client. (Edit - they are on their way to being totally drained. May still take 15-30 minutes to be totally drained, sorry for jumping the gun)

Today is the day of endless Fortnitemares for sure.

We are digging into a new issue with our login service - which is what folks are reporting as basically failing entirely to log in. Retrying may help. We are actively trying to resolve this atm.

We believe this may be secondary fallout from the flux of repeated logins due to the ongoing problems today and issues with sessions cleaning up as a result. We are working on this, sorry for the shenanigans one after the other.


Originally posted by kulvard

Same pattern that has been bludgeoning us today is starting to play out again, so folks are definitely seeing long waiting room times atm.

We have a "not wonderful but should keep the game alive" mitigation. We disabled Squads mode globally. We enabled Duos in regions where Duos was disabled.

Basically there is a 0/12/72 ratio of strain on one of our databases from Solo/Duo/Squads respectively.

This is a temporary mitigation to keep things alive. We know it's a hard tradeoff, but we ultimately want to keep people able to play the game at all. In parallel with all of this we are aggressively working toward client-side optimizations we can roll out ASAP.

Login Queues are almost totally drained again. If you have an obscenely long wait time atm, please try re-launching your client. (Edit - they are on their way to being totally drained. May still take 15-30 minutes to be totally drained, sorry for jumping the gun)

26 Oct

Heya folks,

In our v1.8 patch we introduce customizations, that means you can adjust your banner, harvest tool (pickaxe etc.), character or glider and choose the way you load in! The patch will also include our initial step into progression and what it looks like in Fortnite Battle Royale, as well as adding an in-game item shop.

Please let me earn rewards from playing!

Our first stab at progression will become in the form of daily challenges you can complete to raise your Season account level and earn rewards. You will also receive a banner flair to customize your banner at each level up until 49, at which point you can prestige your Season level. Daily-Challenges.png
You’ll be able to earn two specific rewards simply by completing challenges and leveling up, a banner (Level 10) and a glider... Read more

25 Oct

Jump to Save the World: Notes. - Jump to Battle Royale Notes.

Welcome Fortnite fans to our biggest (and eeriest) patch yet with creepy new content for both Save the World and Battle Royale players. Plus big new customization features for Battle Royale!

Fortnitemares Update

Celebrated by all Fortnite players, the Fortnitemares update introduces all kinds of new terrifically terrifying Halloween content on Oct 26th.


Read more

23 Oct


Originally posted by alexandrefp

If you have the stats why not backfill it now? Im afraid I will lose the wins that never showed up T_T. Please give me an answer so I dont feel afraid to never get those wins

We can only backfill during downtime, so we will get them in with the next patch