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16 Oct

10 Oct


Take my upvote.

Cheers, Michael Noland

Hey there TwitchCon Attendees,

The Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon in San Jose, California is just around the corner! There will be two Fortnite competitions held at the the show: a Duos competition open to players that register online, and a Stream-vitational event for 50 Fortnite Creators and 50 randomly selected TwitchCon attendees. 

If you’re interested in competing in the open event and have a TwitchCon badge, fill out our survey ... Read more

09 Oct

Fortnite x Nvidia Sweepstakes

Official Rules

The Fortnite x Nvidia Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) is subject to these Official Rules, which are binding and final on matters relating to the Sweepstakes, except as expressly stated otherwise.  No purchase necessary to enter or win. The Sweepstakes is sponsored by Epic Games, Inc. (the “Sponsor”).
  1. How to Enter:  Entrants can enter the Sweepstakes by posting a Fortnite gameplay screenshot or clip based on the applicable call to action announced by Epic on January 18, 23, and 28, 2019 with the hashtag #FortniteNvidia on Twitter (“Submission”) during the Sweepstakes Period.
  2. Eligibility:  The Sweepstakes is open to anyone aged 16 years or older residing in North America, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, or Turkey (“Entrant”).  One Submission per person.
  Employees of Epic Game... Read more

08 Oct


Originally posted by GameSpirit94

Thanks !

I believe we've fixed it in the 6.10 build, let me know if it's still a problem in that version.


Originally posted by GameSpirit94

Any news :( ?

Yes, I believe we found and fixed the cause. Going to try to get it into the next client patch.

05 Oct


Yeah sorry everyone! Was just a mess up with our in-game message system. Carts are still on.


Ah! Not disabled. There was just a bit of a mess up with our in-game messaging system. They are still active.

04 Oct


Originally posted by Rondeau04

The colorblind options are there. But they used to have the rarity right there when picking up the weapons. That helped very much on top of the settings

We removed the text when you're looking at it on the ground, but the items still have the stars at the bottom, 1 Star = Common (Gray) 5 Stars = Legendary (Orange)

03 Oct


Originally posted by Steamfist

Why not just add a pick up button with the same functionality as the e key on pc instead of using the touch the item to pick it up system? I already have 200 buttons on screen one more that makes the game 10x less frustrating wouldn't hurt

I'll pass this feedback along to the dev team!


Originally posted by XPL0S1V3

Will the interaction glitch ever be resolved? Or is it a feature to prevent people using external triggers?

We are working to resolve the interaction glitch for players. :)


Originally posted by nowthebannedman

Thank you. All I wanted was a response or statement from Epic addressing recent issues. I’m happy that you responded and I understand what the issue is now. Thank you again for finally reaching out.

Thank you for voicing your concerns and being so passionate about Fortnite!


Originally posted by NyLovesYou

Any clue on the interaction bug? The biggest connection I see as to how it’s caused is setting up your hud to play with 3 or more fingers

The connection between 3+ finger play style and the interaction bug is something we're focusing on right now. Hopefully we'll have some answers to it soon!

01 Oct

29 Sep


Originally posted by Nightsfear

I love this idea

Me too. :)

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