2 months ago - Kafka - Direct link

Different stores have different fees and use different exchange rates. I can bring this up with the team though just in case but these are the 2 reasons for different prices 99% of the time.

I would have to confirm but I would think the value for Weapon Flash Offers would adjust automatically based on price and rounding and not be something a human enters into the offer data.

2 months ago - Kafka - Direct link

I’ve contacted the team responsible for the in app purchases in the stores to see what’s up.

Again though, the exchange rate as far as I know is set and changed by the store itself for all games at the same time when the store wants to update it. There will sometimes be slight variations in prices based on this and also based on where they’re getting their exchange rate information etc.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on the details on this, I have never been part of a team responsible for setting the prices or needing to understand the exact details of how every store sets their exchange rates etc.

I just know it’s related to the exchange rates and prices do vary across stores/regions based on that.