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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome back, friends! If you enjoyed the three Playgrounds from last month, then you definitely won’t want to miss this month’s set of awesome maps made by our talented community. Looking for a challenge or just some good wholesome fun? We got you covered.

Grounded Shrunken Souls Kicking off the list this month’s Grounded Shrunken Souls by Capitao Shultz! This Playground is the perfect soulslike experience in a big way, but tiny. Explore various locations filled with creatures, loot, and hidden secrets. Steele yourself to overcome challenging biomes and face your fears against epic bosses. Don’t forget to raise the BURG.L bonflags to set your spawn point and keep an eye on the lighting to help guide you to the next location.

Download Code: X8J-UCF-L4X

Supreme Commander Up next, we’re going to look at one of Axel99zx’s Playgrounds! Get ready to defend your tower against waves of spiders in Supreme Commander! You are charged with defending your tower against an arachnid assault where killing spiders will reward you with upgrade points. Use those points to upgrade your crossbow, increase your ammo refill rate, automate your robot army, upgrade your TAYZ.T’s, and activate your automated turret systems! Endless waves of spiders will attack your tower, and as time progresses, the more difficult it will get. See how long you can last and rack up as many kills as you can to secure the high score!

Download Code: DQW-XQ5-8DP

Ticket to Mantys! Are you ready to win some prizes? Then let’s head on down to Manty’s! Created by RYYY Jones, Ticket to Mantys is an incredible wonderland of mini games! In this interactive experience, you’ll shoot hoops, go to the shooting range, play stab-a-bug, and so much more. There are even five hidden treasure chests to collect. Don’t forget to bring home a stuffed Aphid for your kid sister, or she’ll throw a tantrum!

Download Code: VBN-P39-XBS

That wraps up this month’s Playground Showcase. Give these Playgrounds a try and make sure to share your own Playground in the official Discord Server[discord.gg]; they might just end up on future showcases in the months to come!

Thanks for reading, and remember, stay safe, and stay Grounded.