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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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CHANGES Jumping creatures stuck in small areas will now periodically attempt to escape from them.

  • Reduced memory usage while in the Oak Lab for Xbox One and Xbox One S to prevent Out of Memory crashes.
  • BURG.L conversation now has proper text for various languages outside of -English (translation pass now complete).
  • Creatures no longer walk through base walls when you are not looking at them.

  • Fixed crash when running "Cancel Nearby Blueprints" when the player is dead.
  • Fixed crash when near a newly spawning Dew Drop by the Oak Tree that immediately combines into an already existing Dew Drop.
  • Fixed random crash that could occur when looking at buildings that get destroyed or recycled.

  • When using a gamepad to select a Charcoal Canteen in the inventory, "Consume" will now be shown instead of "Repair". Repair can be accessed through the Actions menu.
  • Slashing weapons that were previously upgraded into the Mint, Spicy, or Salty trees and could not be upgraded further now can be.
  • Artificer quests to craft cut Eyepatch+ and Shovel+ can now be completed by crafting Eyepatch and Shovel.
  • Clients should see ladder climbing animations properly again.
  • When respawning back to the nearest discovered Field Station, it will use the nearest Field Station anyone has ever discovered, not just Field Stations the respawning player has discovered.
  • Crow is visible at large distances.
  • Spending Science at an ASL terminal no longer triggers a "Raw Science found" notification.
  • The "Get Yoked" achievement will properly unlock on load if you have already infused enough Milk Molars.

Major Issues:
  • Progressing a game logged into Xbox Live, then logged out and progressing more will have your player data properly continue to carry over when you log back into your Xbox Account again and continue to play on that save. Should prevent future incidents of player data / inventory loading back to an older version when loading saves made on 0.13.3 or newer.

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