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Grounded 1.2.4 Bug Fixes / Changes
  • Slurping the puddle in the Infected Broodmother Lair applies new effects to the Player.
  • Infected Broodmother receives new effects when standing in the puddle.
  • Lil Fist now has a max stack cap of 100.
  • The old Roofed Chimney pieces have been added back into the game. You must use the "Flip" action during building placement to access them.
  • Infected Ladybugs no longer drop Ladybird Shells.
  • Increased the Hauling Bonus for Red Ant Armor and Workers Comp smoothie.
  • Rough Reload duration reduced.
  • Further cheese zone reductions in the Infected Broodmother Lair. (Dev glares intensify)

Crash Fixes
  • Fixed crash that could occur with players leaving the game while sitting on a chair, couch, or hot tub.
  • Fixed crash on Xbox that could occur when Suspending the game.
  • Fixed crash that occur during building placement.

Bug Fixes
  • Various foliage will no longer sometimes be invisible / missing (ex: Burr Weeds).
  • Shared Worlds missing screenshot data properly show up in the save / load menu.
  • Buildings built on buoyant foundations will no longer occasionally be placed a little
    lower than they should be.
  • Natural Explorer perk now properly disables in the IBM and Wasp Queen fights.
  • Poison Coating no longer applies to self.
  • Saves that had defeated the Assistant Manager or [REDACTED] but had never received the loot will grant the loot upon loading the save.
  • Saves that had the boss [REDACTED] missing completely will have the boss respawn upon loading the save.
  • You can no longer loot creatures summoned via Mutations or Trinkets.
  • Improved game performance while holding a Spicy Staff or while looking in a Worm Holes rocket.


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