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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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CHANGES Factional Reputation / Waft Emitter / MIX.R
  • The amount of extra creatures that are sent during base attacks in multiplayer has been lowered.
  • Lowered the amount of negative reputation players gain when hanging around certain areas of the yard that aren't bug dens.
  • Players no longer generate negative reputation with Bees by just being in the Flowerbed area.
  • The max amount of flying creatures that can be attacking your base at the exact same time has been halved. No change for non-flying creatures.
  • Infected Gnats no longer participate in defense events.
  • Infected Wolf Spiders no longer participate in base attacks...for now.
  • Defense event creatures are now much easier to stun.
  • Defense event creatures now remain stunned for longer.
  • Defense event creatures now have a much lower stun cooldown.
  • Defense event creatures now take 3x damage from turrets (up from 2x).
  • The amount of attacking creatures sent to larger bases have been decreased in size.

  • Turrets are now unlocked on earlier BURG.L chips.
  • Turret recipes have been changed to require lower tier ingredients to account for earlier acquisition.
  • Pollen turret now guaranteed to stun (almost) all wave creatures in a single shot.
  • The creature's stun cooldown has to lapse before they can be stunned again.
  • Pollen turret now also applies a 70% movement slow for 20 seconds.
  • Turrets can aim slightly higher and lower.

  • The player can now attack enemies using melee through windows and over walls more reliably.

Charcoal Items
  • Charcoal Torch durability doubled.
  • Charcoal Torch now only requires 1 charcoal to repair.
  • Charcoal Canteen durability doubled.
  • Charcoal Canteen can now hold 6 drops.

Explosive Burr Trap
  • Explosive Burr trap now does significantly less damage to buildings and players.
  • Explosive Burr trap now does much more damage to wave creatures.
  • Explosive Burr trap now has twice the explosion range.
  • Explosive Burr trap can now be placed on walls and ceilings.

  • All base armor Damage Threshold values increased by 10%.

Creature Cards
  • Looting the last existing TAZ.T, RUZ.T, and ARC.R in the yard will guarantee regular and gold card unlocks for those creatures.
  • This will retroactively unlock for those who have already looted all of these creatures in their yard upon loading your game.
  • Looting the Assistant Manager will grant you the gold card even if you had not previously PEEP'd it.
  • This will retroactively unlock for those who have already defeated the Assistant Manager without having PEEP'd it upon loading your game.

  • You can invite players to your game and join player's games via the Steam overlay again.
  • Improved memory usage on Xbox Series S to prevent out of memory crashes.
  • Items will no longer gradually lose durability after multiple save / loads on difficulties that are not "Medium".

Crash Fixes:
  • Fixed loading crash dealing with Ant colonies.
  • Fixed client crash when joining games dealing with Quests.
  • Fixed random shutdown crash.
  • Fixed random crash relating to players approaching and moving away from creatures.

Other Issues:
  • Black soldier ants that are part of defense events are properly lootable again.
  • Grinder items properly move to the "Completed" section on complete instead of getting stuck in the "Queue" section.
  • MIX.R's no longer take a long time to stop spinning on success.
  • RUZ.T gold card unlocks properly now.

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