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Mosquitos, fireflies, and bees, OH MY!

    The Public Test Servers are now open for players who wish to help test out the 0.6.0 update content and features that will release to the live server at a later date.

    Join the test server today if you wish, and then be sure to join our Discord server if you haven't yet so that you can chat with others who are testing and have an easy way to share your feedback and suggestions with not only the community but directly with the dev team as well!

    We hope you enjoy your time in the Public Test Server and stay tuned for more Grounded news!

    Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay Grounded!

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    Saving Your Game Save Files
    The easiest way to maintain your saved game files when switching between the release build and joining the public test is to make a duplicate save by copying the folder in your Saved Games folder and move it to a safe location before joining the Public Test. Heres how to do this: Method 1: Step 1...

    How to Report a Bug
    Before posting: Please do a quick search of our forums to make sure what you have found has not already been reported. If it has, please add your information to that thread. If it has not already been reported, please make a new thread to share what you have found. It is important that you search...

    Grounded Xbox Insider Flight
    An Xbox Insider flight for Grounded will be coming soon!  You can find instructions on how to join this test program here.

    Accessing the Public Test on Steam
    Things to keep in mind: The content you are going to experience is currently in development. By participating in our public test, you will be able to help us locate issues and fix them before the content is officially released to all platforms. Since this content is still in development, we ask t...

    Public Test 0.6.0 Patch Notes
    New Creatures Mosquitos Fireflies Bees! New Crafting Content Bee Armor Set (Face Mask, Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards) Firefly Head Lamp Stinger Spear Mosquito Needle Weevil Shield New consumable: Healbasa Two new stuffed friends: Stuffed Bee and Stuffed Firefly New Perks Barbarian Perk: Club damage ...