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Good news, everybody! The Public Test Servers will be opening again next week for all players who wish to join! The team has been working hard on developing the next juicy update for all of you, and now they need your help to play this upcoming content before it officially releases.

You are a vital part of this early-development process, and these public tests are exceptionally helpful in allowing the team to review your findings and feedback in order to make the adjustments needed before the content is pushed out to live service. Everyone on the team has appreciated your assistance in the past, and we are excited to be working with you all again.

We are aiming to open the Public Test Servers early next week and we will be sure to notify you across our social channels with more details as we have them.

Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to hearing all the feedback and suggestions you will have to share when you can access the Public Test Server!

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Accessing the Public Test on Steam
Things to keep in mind: The content you are going to experience is currently in development. By participating in our public test, you will be able to help us locate issues and fix them before the content is officially released to all platforms. Since this content is still in development, we ask t...

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An Xbox Insider flight for Grounded will be coming soon!  You can find instructions on how to join this test program here.