23 days ago - Gunfire Reborn - Direct link
Hello, if you are using a laptop, try to disable dedicated graphic driver once you meet a crash.
23 days ago - Gunfire Reborn - Direct link
If you are using a desktop, have you tried to reinstall graphic drivers and directx runtimes?
Also you can send us (to [email protected]) crash logs and logfile that reflects this issue.
For log:
Make your way to game installation folder/logfile. Here you can find all logs with the timestamps, you then can remember when the issue happened and send all possible logs to me.

For crash report:
Make your way to C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Temp\duoyi\Gunfire Reborn\Crashes. You can also find there're multiple folder within.(Make sure hidden files are shown in the Windows setting)

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