19 days ago - Gunfire Reborn - Direct link
Hello, for anyone in this post who experienced crash report, please offer the crash report and logfile and share it on some cloud drive so that we can fetch them.

For log:
Make your way to game installation folder/logfile. Here you can find all logs with the timestamps, you then can recall when the issue happened and send all possible logs to us.

For crash report:
Make your way to C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Temp\duoyi\Gunfire Reborn\Crashes. You can also find there're multiple folder within.(Make sure hidden files are shown in the Windows setting)
19 days ago - Gunfire Reborn - Direct link
Originally posted by Lucky Notes: where do we send them to? @Gunfire Reborn.
Mine is same as above crash wise. Fully updated windows 10 pro, nvidia drivers 3090, 5900x. I play full screened with everything max and tried all the troubleshooting steps on the website.
[email protected]

Or you can upload them to google drive or any other cloud drive.