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Hello everyone, and thanks for waiting! More than a year of Early Access is coming to an end, because Gunfire Reborn v1.0 update is finally LIVE today!

We sincerely appreciate all devoted players who have supported and trusted us during Early Access. Without your patience and support, this would not have been possible. To all new players who've just joined us, we wish you a wonderful ride with us!

V1.0 indicates the end of Early Access and a new beginning. The current version still needs to be further improved, but we have faith in polishing the game into a better one that will satisfy you all through unceasing tweaks and updates. We will appreciate every piece of feedback and suggestions from you as always and never stop to improve the game.

To celebrate the official release of v1.0, we will run a "Launch Discount" for two weeks alongside Steam Autumn Sales. This is a great opportunity for those who haven't purchased Gunfire Reborn yet, don't miss this opportunity to join our playground with 2 million players! For players who have already owned the game, we will be honoured if you would like to recommend Gunfire Reborn to your friends!

About DLC:
We still need some time to improve v1.0 after the official release. Meanwhile, we will evaluate the possibility of additional DLCs, and we will let you know more when we have more to share.

Thank you for staying with us and for your warm support! See you in the game!

——Gunfire Studio

If you encounter issues such as game crashes, failure to start, etc., and you cannot use the feedback function, please send your Steam name with the detailed descriptions of the issue or screenshots to our email ([email protected]). We will check and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Update Notes: Hero: New Hero: [Qian Sui]
Impregnable Fortress, All-rounder
The valiant Qian Sui specializes in the art of close combat, traversing the battlefield while showing off his immense strength. Being associated with water, Qian Sui is capable of summoning a Tidal Aspis to block his enemies' fierce attacks while smashing any enemy daring to stand in his way.

Unlock: 600 Soul Essence

  • 1.Primary Skill (E): Tidal Aspis
    Summon a Tidal Aspis to block all attacks from frontal enemies for 5 seconds. When you re-cast this skill or when this skill expires, the Aspis will be retracted, dealing AoE DMG to enemies in front. When holding the Aspis, shooting becomes Striking Punch, and [Dash] is enhanced to [Hurtle], which doubles movement distance and knocks back enemies on his way, dealing 700 normal DMG in the end.

  • 2. Secondary Skill (Q): Striking Punch
    Punch ahead with your powerful fist and cause 700 normal DMG to a small area in front. For every 1 meter of movement, +1 stack of [Fist Sensation] for 2s. Each stack of [Fist Sensation] increases Striking Punch DMG by 5%.
  1. Swelling Tide: When retracting the Aspis, for every 1s of its remaining duration, -10% cooldown of next Tidal Aspis.
  2. Agile Titan: +20 Max Shield, after using any hero skill, movement speed +10% for 6s
  3. Unceasing Flow: Holding the Aspis will restore 1 use of Striking Punch every 2s
  4. Unshielded Force: The Aspis's retracting attack also receives DMG bonus from [Fist Sensation] and related ascensions
  5. Wild Punch: +30% [Hurtle] Base DMG for every level-up for the weapon you currently hold.
Exclusive Spiritual Blessings:
  1. [Backfire]: Reflect significant DMG back to all enemies within 10m upon taking DMG.
  2. [Libra Warrior]: [Fist Sensation] grants extra weapon DMG which is equivalent to 100% of the bonuses to Striking Punch.
  3. [Dominating Fist]: The stacks of [Fist Sensation] won't drop below 20.

  • New map: [Hyperborean Jokul]

    Unlock: Once you clear Duo Fjord for the first time, the portal to Hyperborean Jokul will appear upon your next victory over either Act 3 Boss.
  • New peculiar chests scattered on the battlefield are awaiting heroes to unearth the treasure within.
  • Increased the DMG of Explosive Barrels.
  • Tweaked the number of monsters spawning in some vaults.
  • The [Bandit Tactician] in the parkour vault of [Desert Ruins] is now replaced by the environment trap [Toxin Vents].
  • Added symbols that indicate the type of vaults.
  • Guard Seal event is now only available in a vault.

  • New BOSS: [Pole Monarch]

    The Pole Monarch, who perches on the top of Jokul, can not only strafe with a variety of weapons transformed from its Demonic aura, but also quickly approach and slash the enemy with an ice sword. In combat, the Pole Monarch can take advantage of spiritual aura to enhance itself. Only those who dare and equip with powerful arsenal can they seize the victory. Are you the brave one when facing it?
  • New Monsters:
  1. [Arctic Walrus]
    The vigorous and agile aborigines living on the Hyperborean Jokul. Although their behaviour is rather predictable, they overwhelm rivals with their numbers and cannot be easily ignored.
  2. [Mandrill Cavalry]
    A peculiar combo of Mutant Penguin and Snowy Mandrill. Even if one has fallen, the other can still fight relentlessly.
  3. [Flying Saucer]
    A mysterious aircraft that appears in the aurora. It can transmit stored energy to other monsters and provide them with a steady stream of life energy.
  4. [Fisherman]
    Fishing experts wandering in the Hyperborean area. They are better at manipulating deep-sea bombs than fishing.
  5. [Kung Fu Monkey]
    A Snow monkey which possesses extremely keen ears and usually appears in groups. They can survive even in extreme environments.
  6. [Jade Fox]
    A snow fox that lives in the polar region. It carries a skeleton-made gun and has a merit of agility, leaving no trace on the snow prior to a hunt.
  7. [Mountain Guard]
    A white bear that is seriously corroded by demonic aura. With the aura and its flesh fused together, their physical strength is exponentially enhanced and their nature has become ferocious.
  8. [Elusive Stalker]
    The Pole is the perfect habitat for an elusive stalker to haunt in black shadow. Being instructed by someone else, they offer nothing but a quick, clean death to anyone daring to approach Hyperborean Jokul, frightening away any outsiders.
  9. [Thunderous Stalker]
    The Pole is the perfect habitat for an elusive stalker to haunt enemies with lightning powers from the shadows. When lightning strikes and thunder roars, it indicates yet another fallen soul.
  • New Elite Monsters:
  1. [Elite Thunderous Stalker]
    The enigmatic elites among Thunderous Stalkers. They can conjure identical mirror images to fight together. Failing to unearth the real identity will lead you to perdition.
  2. [Elite Mandrill Cavalry]
    The battle-tested Mandrill Cavalry that shelters its rider at all costs. As a trusted mount, it also knows when to retreat and when to go all-out. Escape is an option for him in which he feels no shame, and then he waits until it's the time to strike back.

Weapons: New Weapons:
  • [Icy Spear]
Weapon Type: Pistol
Dual-Wield: Yes
Weapon Description: Throw ice thorns that cause continuous AoE DMG.
Weapon Skill: Return all ice thorns. After hitting the enemy, the ice thorns will deal Crit DMG to subsequent enemies while being retrieved.
Exclusive Inscription:
  1. +50% DMG of returning ice thorns
  2. +50% weapon base damage on the next shot for every ice thorn returned
Unlock: Kill [GOLEM] 2 times

  • [Deafening Mortar]
Weapon Type: Launcher
Dual-Wield: Yes
Weapon Description: Fire a series of explosive barrages at close range
Weapon Skill: Fire three mortar shells after a brief charge.
Exclusive Inscription: There is a 20% chance to consume 0 ammo upon shooting.
Unlock: Kill [Arrogant Lobster] 5 times.

New Inscriptions:
  1. Manual reloading grants your next magazine +10% DMG if you achieve at least 40% accuracy with the current magazine.
  2. Each hit gains +3% weapon base DMG for 5s (up to 15 stacks), but you will lose 1 stack on a miss.
  3. (Gemini) Killing an enemy with the held weapon increases the base DMG of the next shot from the off-hand weapon by 50%. (Up to 10 shots will be affected.)
  4. [Woodpecker] Exclusive Inscription: +0.5x CritX for every crit hit within 2s of zooming in (up to +10.0x).

Inscription Balance Adjustments:
  1. "Explosion AoE -50%; RoF and Reload Speed +40%.”->“Explosion AoE -20%; RoF and Reload Speed +40%.”
  2. “25% chance to recover 50% ammo to the magazine when you kill an enemy.”->“30% chance to recover 50% ammo to the magazine when you kill an enemy.”
  3. “When scope is on, shots consume no ammo for 2s and +50% RoF for the duration.”->“When scope is on, shots consume no ammo for 2s.”
  4. “+10% Lucky Shot Chance but -30% Accuracy briefly on each kill. (Up to 10 stacks)”->“+10% Lucky Shot Chance but -10% Accuracy briefly on each kill. (Up to 10 stacks)”
Balance Adjustments:
  • [Fire Tower]
  1. Reduced weapon base DMG(750->700)
  2. Lowered the elemental effect chance of the normal attack in the second phase. (100%->50%)
  • [Thunder Storm]
  1. Optimized the behaviour of the weapon skill.
  • Removed Inscription: "Projectiles+0.3, Magazine Capacity -50%.”
  • Changed the unlock requirement of [Porcupine] from: "Kill [Rogue Villain] 40 times with Corrosion DMG." to "Kill [Rogue Villain] 30 times with Corrosion DMG."
  • Changed the unlock requirement of [Demonlore] from: "Kill [Arrogant Lobster] 60 times with Fire DMG." to "Kill [Arrogant Lobster] 40 times with Fire DMG."
    (*Players who have met the required number of defeats but haven't unlocked [Demonlore] will need to kill [Arrogant Lobster] one more time with Fire DMG to unlock it.)
  • Inscriptions that increase RoF will no longer be available on weapons that need charging.
  • Optimized the crosshair of some weapons
  • Optimized the buffer sequence of melee weapons and hero/weapon skills. Now, if players cast the second skill while the first skill is casting, then the subsequent counterpart will auto-cast right after the first skill.

  • Optimized the interaction behaviour when using a controller: A cursor will now appear when players are moving a stick.
  • Tweaked the strength of aim assist.

  • Added Reincarnation LEVEL 8:
    In this difficulty, players will encounter a plethora of formidable room challenges where only those cunning, skillful and daring enough will win. Please be careful!
  • Adjusted the amount of Soul Essence needed to refresh spiritual blessings in [Reincarnation - Longling Tomb - Entrance]

Spiritual Blessings:
  • [Unstoppable Momentum] (Qing Yan's Exclusive)
Old: +100% base DMG for the next leap when you hit an enemy with a leap (up to 5 stacks). Removes all stacks on a miss.
New: +100% base DMG for the next leap when you hit an enemy with a leap (up to 10 stacks). Removes all stacks on a miss.
  • [Atomic Bomb] (Ao Bai's Exclusive)
Old: When using a secondary skill, there is a 30% chance to toss all remaining grenades without consuming uses. +50% Explosive Grenade DMG for 3s (stackable) every time any grenade deals DMG.
New: When using a secondary skill, there is a 30% chance to toss all remaining grenades without consuming uses. +50% Explosive Grenade DMG for 1s (stackable) every time any grenade deals DMG.
  • [Occult Booster]
Price adjustment: from 30 Soul Essence to 90(30->90

Occult Scrolls: New Enhanced Scrolls:
  1. [Enhanced-Devil's Covenant]: +50% all copper gained.
  2. [Enhanced-Propulsion Device]: Dash has 3 charges and its distance is increased by 3m.
  3. [Enhanced-Elite Assassin]: +10% DMG Dealt for each elite or boss you've killed in the entire run.
  4. [Enhanced-Backup Shield]: Recover 100% Shield/Armor instantly when Shield/Armor fully depletes. (Cooldown: 5s)
  5. [Enhanced-Airbag]Recover 100% HP instantly when Shield/Armor fully depletes.
  6. [Enhanced-Against the Flow]: Recover 15% ammo to the magazine every second for 4s after dealing DMG to an enemy.
  7. [Enhanced-Untold Effort]: When using the Secondary Skill, there is a 50% chance not to consume any use and another 50% chance to deal +100% total DMG.
  8. [Enhanced-Merciless Combo]:+10% weapon DMG for 2s whenever hitting the enemy (Can be stacked up to 100 times).
  9. [Enhanced-Fast-Loader]: Fill the magazine instantly after swapping weapons. +30% Lucky Shot Chance (Gradually decreases to 0% over 3s), and your first 3 shots won't consume ammo.
  10. [Enhanced-Skateboarder]Fill the magazine instantly after dashing, and shooting won't consume ammo for the next 2s.
  11. [Enhanced-Safety Measures]: Dashing after being injured recovers total HP by 50% of the DMG taken within 2s.
  12. [Enhanced-Mutual Respect]: Grants +15% weapon DMG and -5% DMG taken for every [Mutual Respect] your team owns.
  13. [Enhanced-Generosity]: Increase the amount of HP recovered from buns by 50%. When you pick up/obtain a bun, all teammates receive 25% of the HP recovered; you receive 25% of HP recovered by teammates when they pick up/obtain buns.
  14. [Enhanced-Capacity Overdraft]: The secondary skill can still be used when the number of uses is insufficient, but each use will cause considerable DMG to you and grant +30% skill DMG for 5s. (Up to 5 stacks)
  15. [Enhanced-Energy Sandals]: Store 12 points of energy for each Dash, and there's a 33% chance to fully replenish energy points upon storing. Consume all energy points when using a secondary skill with +1% skill DMG for each energy point consumed. (Up to 600 points of energy can be stored.)
  16. [Enhanced-Skill Booster]: Store 2 points of energy for each Crit, and there's a 33% chance to fully replenish energy points upon storing. Consume all energy points when using a secondary skill with +1% skill DMG for each energy point consumed. (Up to 500 points of energy can be stored.)
  17. [Enhanced-Tactical Reload]: -100% DMG taken and +30% movement speed while reloading
  18. [Enhanced-Resilient Life]: Restore 3% HP per second for 5 seconds whenever you take DMG. (Up to 5 stacks)
New Legendary Scrolls:
  • [Elemental Magazine]

    Unlock: Default
    Rarity: Legendary
    Effect: Deals an additional 50% DMG when weapon DMG causes an elemental effect.

  • [Reasonable Luck]

    Unlock: Default
    Rarity: Legendary
    Effect: +80% Lucky Shot Chance, but total Lucky Shot Chance won't exceed 150%.

  • [Rich's Privileges]

    Unlock: Default
    Rarity: Legendary
    Effect: Deal additional skill DMG based on current copper you own when your skill does DMG. (Up to 1 time per enemy every 3s.)

  • [Overwhelming Shield]

    Unlock: Default
    Rarity: Legendary
    Effect: Shield Recovery won't be interrupted when your Shield is below 50%.

New rare scrolls:
  • [Fight for Immortality]

    Unlock: Kill [Elite Beetle] 5 times
    Rarity: Rare
    Effect: Upon taking DMG, gain additional max Shield/Armor for 12s, equivalent to the DMG received. (CD: 45s)

  • [Hidden Transaction]

    Unlock: Kill [Dragon Qian] 3 times on elite or higher difficulty.
    Rarity: Rare
    Effect: There's a 33% chance to enhance a weapon by +1 extra level when enhancing your weapons at a craftsman.

  • [Terrific Crossfire]

    Unlock: Kill [Venomous Lizard] 20 times on elite or higher difficulty.
    Rarity: Rare
    Effect: -1s Primary Skill CD upon casting a secondary skill.

  • [Surprise Bonus]

    Unlock: Kill [Elite Monk] 3 times.
    Rarity: Rare
    Effect: There's a 15% chance to double DMG dealt for any skill.

New normal scrolls:
  • [Sucker Punch]

    Unlock: Kill [Abyssal Serpent] 3 times.
    Rarity: Normal
    Effect: +35% Skill DMG when your skill hits an enemy with more than 70% HP.

  • [Enduring Caster]

    Unlock: Kill [Elite Kappa] 3 times.
    Rarity: Normal
    Effect:+1% Skill DMG for every 5 total HP (HP + Shield/Armor) you currently have.

  • [Vindictive Nature]

    Unlock: Kill [Lightning Lizard] 20 times on elite or higher difficulty.
    Rarity: Normal
    Effect: +40% Weapon and Skill DMG for 10s upon being hit or taking DMG.

  • Scroll Balancing Changes:
1.[Coin Shot]
Old: Consumes 2 copper on hit with +60% weapon DMG. (Can't be triggered when you don't have any copper). Killing an enemy in 5 hits refunds all copper spent on the enemy.
New: +30% Lucky Shot Chance by consuming 2 copper when you land a shot. Copper spent will be refunded if you successfully trigger a Lucky Shot.
Note: Multi-projectile weapons now only consume copper once.

2. [Fountain of Life]
Old: Recover 1 HP whenever picking up copper or ammo.
New: When picking up copper or ammo, recover 1HP, or increase max HP by 1 for 10s if HP is full.
  • Adjusted the scroll drop rates per rarity tier on each difficulty.

New Achievements:
  1. Qian Sui's Win: Win a game as Qian Sui.
  2. Absolute Defense: Block attacks 500 times in total with Tidal Aspis.
  3. Breaking Dawn: Defeat Pole Monarch for the first time.
  4. Hold Your Breath: When the Pole Monarch attempts to shatter the spiritual jade, take it down with only 3s remaining before his charging process is finished.
  5. Fully in Control: Complete any Reincarnation level without purchasing any spiritual blessing.
  6. Efficient Utilization: Recycle an item.
  7. Diligence and Thrift: Obtain a total of 10,000 copper by recycling items.
  8. Thrifty Expert: Obtain 1,000 copper by recycling items in a single run.

Daily Challenges New daily challenge effects:
  • Theme [Unavoidable Confrontation]:
  1. [Narrow Escape]: There is a 2% chance to drop a spiritual gem upon each kill only when you cannot revive yourself, which grants you another chance to self revive.
  2. [Demonic Force]: For every 4s an enemy survives, its attack interval will be decreased by 10% (up to -30%).
  • Theme [Economic Pressure]:
  1. [Venture for Wealth]:Gain 600 copper each time you refresh any golden goblet.
  • Theme [Unpredictable Fortune]:
  1. [Fate Changer]: You can reroll up to 5 non-cursed scrolls after finishing any stage.
  2. [Appointed Luck]: Possible scroll drops are limited to [Mysterious Chest] and [Effective Split].
  • Theme [Crystal Seeker]:
  1. [No Dodge]: Connected enemies deal an additional +50% total DMG to players, but they receive -70% movement speed and cannot evade.
  • Theme [Elite Sniper]:
  1. [Hydrated Asylum]: A [Jellyfish] appears and protects a random monster every 6s, granting them permanent immunity to all DMG until the [Jellyfish] is killed. ([Jellyfish] can only be eliminated by weapons.)
  • Changed daily challenge description: Weapons, scrolls, achievements and logbook entries can't be unlocked in this mode.
  • Added rewards by beating daily challenge boss: First boss kill of the day grants 100 soul essence, and 30 for each subsequent kill. Bonus rewards will be refreshed alongside the theme at 05:00 (GMT+8) every day.
  • The new map [Hyperborean Jokul] is available in daily challenge mode.
  • Removed guard seal events in daily challenge mode.

  • You can now replace the weapon you want to drop via weapon comparison at a peddler or a phantom peddler.
  • Optimized the experience of reviving a teammate. When a player starts to revive another in the air, the process will no longer be interrupted when they land.
  • The tooltip next to Talisman now only shows the introductions related to the current element.
  • Optimized the game behaviour in the character selection screen.
  • Optimized the post-game sequence. The talent screen will be skipped if players have reached the max level.
  • Added DMG number display option.
  • Added enhancement prefix info on each enhancement weapon's tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where UI special effects may obscure the player's view when shock effects are repeatedly triggered.
  • Excessive ammo/secondary skill drops will be removed when there are too many in the current area.
  • Added main storyline and optimized tutorial.

  • Added "Low Ammo Sound" in audio settings.
  • Optimized skill sound effects of elite monsters.
  • Optimized the gun firing sound played when duel-wielding [Illusion] using Ao Bai.

  • Fixed an issue where players might fail to invite friends to their squad under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue caused by host migration.
  • Fixed an issue where the teammates may be stuck at a place if the host leaves.
  • Fixed an issue where players may continuously fail to start a game under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where players may fail to connect to the host in co-op mode.
  • Optimized multiplayer experience when players are suffering from lag spikes.
  • Optimized matchmaking system.

  • Optimized anti-cheat system.

BUG Fixes:
  • Fixed inconsistency between actual effects of some inscriptions and their descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where the inscription "+5% weapon base DMG (up to 100%) for 6s whenever triggering an elemental effect. (Duration resets on each trigger.)" does not take effect on injectors.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon skill of [Fire Tower] may fail to break the crack of a vault.
  • Fixed an issue where special effects may remain when using [Laser Gloves], [Thunderclap Gloves] or [Rainbow].
  • Fixed an issue where firing sound may keep playing when the weapon skill of [Talisman] is interrupted.
  • Fixed an issue where [Bloody Drill] may deal no DMG under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the tongue on the model of [Dual Fang] may appear below its chin if players attempt to switch the weapon while it's firing, and then switch back.
  • Fixed an issue where ammo consumption with [Rainbow Arch] is not intended when [Tao] has the ascension [Warlike Blade] activated.
  • Fixed an issue where using skills while switching weapons may raise the weapon earlier than expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of [Hail of Bullets] is abnormal with the weapon [Hell] when [Qing Yan] has the ascension [Hail of Bullets] activated.
  • Fixed unintended RoF bonus with [Tao]'s ascension [Warlike Blade].
  • Fixed an issue where flying swords, summoned by [Tao]'s ascension [Blade of Bloom], may deal no DMG under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of [Tao]'s ascension [Sword Defense] may terminate earlier than expected.
  • Fixed the unintended chance of triggering [Ao Bai]'s ascension [Atomic Bomb].
  • Fixed unobtainable drops in certain areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip of corrosive barrels may not display when players are knocked down by them.
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of peddlers/craftsmen/phantom peddlers that appear at certain places is the wrong number.
  • Fixed an issue where [Venomous Lizard] and [Lightning Lizard] may not appear in Act 2.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters may get stuck somewhere in [Basement of Longling].
  • Fixed an issue where players may get stuck somewhere in [Duo Fjord - Stage 2].
  • Fixed an issue where players may get stuck somewhere in [Shoreside Valley].
  • Fixed an issue where a peculiar chest in [Longling Tomb - Stage 2] may appear outside the map.
  • Fixed an issue where players can go out of the map in [Duo Fjord - Stage 1], rendering them unable to move forward.
  • Fixed an issue where the mortars dropped in [Duo Fjord - Final Stage] may disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial may not function as intended upon reaching Lv. 25 if [Tao] is already unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where emotion icons may remain under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where scroll info-boxes may remain under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where players may be unable to move if they are revived while reconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue where the titles of some data in the player information panel are not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where spectator UI may not display as intended after reconnection.
  • Fixed an issue where some equipped scrolls may not be found in the backpack under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with a golden goblet using a controller may unintentionally lead to a weapon switch.
  • Fixed abnormal screen flickering issue when being attacked by [Nihilation Monk].
  • Fixed an issue where spawn special effects of some monsters may not be played.
  • Fixed an issue where players may see monsters that are behind a barrier.
  • Fixed an issue with the daily challenge effect [Unpredictable Fortune]: "When you have different numbers of Legendary Scrolls and Cursed Scrolls, +40% Lucky Shot Chance for each difference." where the buff effect may not exist when handing a scroll over to a peculiar chest for the first time.
  • Fixed wrong description of the scroll status icon [Field Support].
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll [Triple Comeback] may not function.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll [Enhanced Bloody Ammo] may cause players to die under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where being revived right after getting knocked down may cause the POV to be temporarily lower.

11/18 Additional Update: After the V1.0 update, we have received many feedback regarding the experience in the battle against the boss in Act 4. We appreciate all your words and are planning to tweak and optimize the experience based on your feedback. Thank you again for your suggestions!
  1. Improved some monsters' descriptions.
  2. Fixed some missing audio effects in tutorial.
  3. Fixed an issue where the model of [Flying Saucer] may overlap in [Hyperborean Jokul - Stage 1]
  4. Fixed an issue where the data shown on post-game screen may be abnormal.
  5. Fixed an issue where the monster's name [Arctic Walrus] may appear in Chinese.
  6. Fixed an issue where some monsters may get stuck on some stones in the stages of [Hyperborean Jokul].
  7. Fixed an issue where the animation may be abnormal when [Elite Mandrill Cavalry] switches their stance under certain circumstances.
  8. Fixed an issue where selecting another save may cause the keymapping to be reset.
  9. Fixed an issue where the attack special effects of [Venomous Lizard] may be missing under certain circumstances.

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