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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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What’s up, folks!
Finally, here comes the Autumn Update of Gunfire Reborn. In this update, there is a new game mode – Spiritual Assault. In Spiritual Assault, you will have a more intense combat experience and massive monsters assault. You have to survive to the very end and defeat the final boss – Gluttony. Meanwhile, there are 2 new weapons [Wheel Saw] and [Radioactive Gauntlet]. Hope you guys will like it!

Spiritual Assault is our new experiment for rapid combat style There are more details that could be improved. If you have any problems and suggestions during the game, please let us know. We will keep polishing the game in the future.
P.S. Gluttony only appears as the final boss in Spiritual Assault. Perhaps Gluttony will be one of the random boss of the main stage in the future.

Have fun in Gunfire Reborn!

---Gunfire Reborn Studio

If you have any problems during the game and cannot use the in-game feedback function, you could send your Steam ID, issues descriptions and screenshots to qhstaff@2980.com, we will locate and fix the problem as soon as possible.

New Game Mode – Spiritual Assault
  1. Spiritual Assault is a whole new game mode. It will be unlocked when you reach Level 60. You can enter it from main menu. Currently there is a new map – Mid Fjord – in this mode, and there will be more new maps in the future.
  2. In this mode, general Talents are not available except the Exclusive Talents of each Hero. Instead, you have to use Spirit Concentrator and Spiritual Jade.
    *There are 7 different shapes of [Spiritual Jade]. Each [Spiritual Jade] offers a unique bonus for you.
    * [Spirit Concentrator] is where you place [Spiritual Jades], and make them in effect during the game. You could expand the capacity of [Spirit Concentrator] with Soul Essences.
    * Instead of putting all [Spiritual Jades] in [Spirit Concentrator] at once, you have to manage the limited space based on your builds.
    *Some [Spiritual Jades] need to be unlocked.
  3. In Spiritual Assault, players have to survive and fight against constant assault of numerous enemies. By defeating enemies, there will be EXP drops. Obtain it and level yourself up. Every time you level up, you could choose a reward. In team-play, EXP progression is synchronized.
  4. For every 10 minutes, there will be a Massive Elite Monster challenge. You could obtain the [Spiritual Goblet] once you finish the challenge. It will offer a powerful Spiritual Ascension to you.
    *Spiritual Ascension is divided into General and Exclusive one. Ascensions taken in each category increase the odds of getting a Spiritual Ascension related to that specific category. The options can be refreshed by costing Soul Essence.
  5. Once you survived for 30 minutes, the Portal that leads to Chaos Realm will open. You have to defeat the terrific boss – Gluttony.
  6. Players will get Soul Essence based on their survive time as the reward.
  7. Weapons, Occult Scrolls, and Achievements cannot be unlocked in Spiritual Assault. Some Occult Scrolls, Ascensions, and Talents will be changed as well in Spiritual Assault. You could check it out at the preparation phase.
  8. Spiritual Assault requires higher performance of your device. If the frame rate is too low, you could try to lower [Graphic level] or disable Teammate Visual Effects to have better performance. We will keep optimizing it in future updates.
Spiritual Jade Effects:
  • Stronger Arrow [General]: +3% Weapon DMG every time you level up.
  • Ammo Backpack [General]: Normal Ammo Capacity +180, Large Ammo Capacity +60, Special Ammo Capacity +15
  • Lightning Conversion [General]: DMG type of current Weapon converts from Normal to Lightning DMG.
  • Fire Conversion [General]: DMG type of current Weapon converts from Normal to Fire DMG.
  • Corrosion Conversion [General]: DMG type of current Weapon converts from Normal to Corrosion DMG.
  • Overloaded Dynamite [General]: When using Launchers, +3m Explosion AoE.
  • Handful Grip [General]: When using Pistols, -40% Reload Time.
  • Penetrating Point [General]: When using Snipers, +3 Piercing.
  • Focusing Sight [General]: When using Shotguns, +60% Accuracy.
  • Stable Stock [General]: When using SMGs, +60% Stability.
  • Energy Recovery [General]: When using Injectors, recover 1 reserve ammo for every 3 ammo consumed.
  • Extended Magazine [General]: When using Rifles, +60% Magazine Capacity.
  • Edge of Gale [General]: When using Melee Weapons, +30% Attack Speed.
  • Collateral Aftermath [General]: After defeating an enemy, deal True DMG to enemies within 8m. The DMG is equivalent to 50% of its current HP and current Shield/Armor (CD: 3s).
  • Target Marked [General]: +15% enemy DMG Taken for 5s upon dealing a Crit Hit, up to 3 stacks.
  • Valiant Assault [General]: +25% Movement Speed and RoF for 5s upon defeating an enemy.
  • Trick Shot [General]: +75% Lucky Shot Chance and 50% Crit Hit Chance for the first hit after swapping weapons or reloading.
  • Extermination Shot [General]: Every time you deal a Crit Hit, there is a 30% chance to deal extra DMG to Normal enemies. The DMG is equivalent to 30% of its current HP and current Shield/Armor.
  • Blessed Arms [General]: Weapon DMG has 35% chance to Crit Hit.
  • Copycat [General]: Upon killing (or assisting on kill) an enhanced monster, you obtain their enhanced effects, which lasts for some time. Different enhanced effects will be applied at the same time while the same effect can be stacked, up to 3 stacks.
  • Skill Enhancement [General]: +6% Skill DMG every time you level up.
  • Expert Proficiency [General]: Secondary Skill uses +5
  • Rich Accumulation [General]: Double the next DMG of Secondary Skill after it deals DMG 4 times.
  • Internal Circulation [General]: Recover 5 Secondary Skill uses upon casting Primary Skill.
  • Extra Shot [General]: Refresh the cooldown of Primary Skill upon casting it 2 times.
  • Occult Collection [General]: +4/2/1% Weapon and Skill DMG for every Legendary/Rare/Normal Occult Scroll you have.
  • Air Surfer [General]: You can jump 1 more time in mid-air.
  • Effective Sweeper [General]: +100% auto pick up range.
  • Shrinking Ground [General]: +6m Dash distance.
  • A Good Man [General]: +15% Weapon and Skill DMG and +3% Movement Speed for 180s after reviving yourself or teammates (up to 10 stacks).
  • Benevolence [General]: You won't be knocked while reviving a teammate in multiplayer, during which your HP will at least have 1.
  • Cardiac Pacing [General]: Instantly revive downed teammates within 10m upon casting Primary Skill (CD: 15s).
  • Prepaid Defense [General]: +100 Max HP, +100 Max Armor/Shield. Reduce the bonus by 2% every time you level up. The effect cannot drop below 0.
  • Deft Move [General]: There is a 15% chance to be immune to all DMG.
  • Thorny Cape [General]: Remove all Elemental Effects upon losing 20% HP.
  • Sustainable Fight [General]: Obtain 1 Secondary Skill use for every 3 enemies defeated.
  • Revitalization [General]: Remove 1 stack of [Down Penalty] every time you revive a teammate.
  • Fake Death [General]: You will not be killed when your HP is reduced to 0. Instead, you will enter a 10-second Fake Death state. Killing any enemy within this duration will end the state and make you Invulnerable for 3 seconds. (CD: 180s).
  • Reincarnated [General]: +2 Revive Chance.
  • Reliable Bun [General]: When HP is full, HP recovery effect will work on Armor/Shield.
  • Arsenal Raider [General]: Get 1 extra Weapon drop after leveling up 5 times.
  • Exclusive Inscription [General]: Each weapon can have up to 3 Exclusive Inscriptions. +30% chance to have an Exclusive Inscription.
  • Weapon Enhancement [General]: Whenever a weapon drops, there is a 20%/30%/40% chance that it becomes an [Enhanced] one.
  • Advanced Armory [General]: +3 Weapon Levels when obtaining a weapon.
  • Top Client [General]: Obtained weapons are guaranteed to have at least 1 Exclusive Inscription.
  • Skilled Craftsman [General]: +1 total enhancements at the Craftsman.
  • Legendary Craftsman [General]: The Craftsman can now [etch] an additional inscription onto your weapon, but he cannot exceed the inscription upper limit of the weapon.
  • Supreme Craftsman [General]: You can [reroll] all inscriptions of a weapon at the craftsman. Craftsman can [reroll] each weapon up to 3 times. [reroll]Cost no copper
  • Windfall Copper [General]: +100 copper upon leveling up.
  • Golden Touch [General]: You can recycle weapons and scrolls at 20% selling price
  • New Look [General]: You can refresh items 1 times at the Peddler.
  • Occult Booster [General]: Whenever a non-enhanced Occult Scroll appears, there is a 10% chance to become an [Enhanced] one.
  • Craftsman's Inheritor [General]: You can upgrade/reforge/etch/reroll weapons for free, but you can only own up to 20 non-cursed scrolls.
  • Hard Boot [Crown Prince]: Shield starts recovering upon casting Primary or Secondary Skill.
  • Elemental Resonance [Crown Prince]: Inflicting an Elemental Effect with Weapon or Skill DMG will trigger an extra 100% DMG (CD: 3s).
  • Old Soldier [Ao Bai]: Recover 1 HP for every Projectile hit (up to 6 HP/s).
  • Empty Reserve [Ao Bai]: During Dual-Wield, double ammo consumption, but consume reserve ammo first when firing.
  • Intimidating Aura [Qing Yan]: -30% DMG taken from enemies within 12m.
  • Inborn Warrior [Qing Yan]: After casting Leap/Cleave, +500 Base DMG for the next time the other skill is cast.
  • Rage Shot [Lei Luo]: +15% Crit DMG.
  • Exclusive Territory [Lei Luo]: During Fatal Current, -50% DMG taken from and +50% DMG dealt to enemies 5m away.
  • Unlimited Blade [Tao]: -1s cooldown for [Swords Out].
  • Long-lasting Bloom [Tao]: Recover 15% Max Shield every time you cast Fatal Bloom.
  • Burst Punch [Qian Sui]: +10% Base DMG of Striking Punch for 5s upon casting Striking Punch (up to 10 stacks).
  • Constant Hurtle [Qian Sui]: +15% Hurtle DMG for 5s upon casting Hurtle (up to 10 stacks).
  • Flexible Strike [Xing Zhe]: -75% Soul Strike cooldown when it misses.
  • Skill Training [Xing Zhe]: +1 [Cudgel] hit, +1 Max target for Essence Chain.
  • Flaming Trace [Li]: Recover 1 energy for every 2m moved.
  • Meltdown [Li]: +50% Burning Effect DMG.
Spiritual Ascensions Effect:
  • Grenade Shockwave [Ao Bai]:When hitting an enemy with a Launcher, there is a 60% chance to deal DMG multiple times. The DMG and times are equivalent to Explosive Grenade and its remaining uses.
  • Veteran's Technique [Ao Bai]: +1% Weapon and Skill DMG for every 1 HP you have. -0.5% DMG taken for every 1% HP lost. Recover to full HP upon casting Dual-Wield.
  • Rhythm Shooter [Ao Bai]: During the Dual-Wield, +50% DMG to right-hand weapon for every shot from left-hand weapon (up to 1000%). The bonus resets when right-hand weapon fires.
  • Roving Orb [Crown Prince]: +100% Total DMG of Energy Orb and -50% its moving speed. Orb will explode and keep moving when hit the enemy, until it reaches the barrier or its max distance.
  • Instant Toxins [Crown Prince]: Smoke Grenade dissipates immediately after it explodes, dealing all intended DMG instantly.
  • Energy Shield [Crown Prince]: Shield Recovery Speed increased by 500%.
  • Prepared Leap [Qing Yan]: +200% Base DMG when using Leap in the air; -60% remaining cooldown after using Leap on the ground.
  • Claymore Slash [Qing Yan]: When Cleave defeats an enemy or hits an Elite/Boss, +20% Base DMG and +1m Range for Cleave for 3s (up to 7 stacks).
  • Charging Bullet [Qing Yan]: +10% DMG for next shot for every 1m moved (up to 1000%).
  • Patient Hunter [Lei Luo]: The first shot to hit an enemy during Fatal Current deals 100% DMG to all enemies within 10m around the target. The longer the duration of Fatal Current, the higher the DMG the shot will cause. For every 1s that Fatal Current lasts, the DMG of the shot increases by 100%, up to 1000%.
  • Thunder Smite [Lei Luo]: +30% Lightning DMG and +5% enemy Lightning DMG taken for 10s when inflicting the Shock Effect on the enemy (up to 10 stacks).
  • Lightning Glimpse [Lei Luo]: After using Dash, summon a [Thunderbolt] to the nearest 7 enemies within 25m.
  • Be Right Back [Tao]: After defeating an enemy with a flying sword, refresh the cooldown of Swords Out immediately, and get full stacks of Blade Heart.
  • Blooming Blade [Tao]: Every flying sword deals extra DMG that equivalent to Fatal Bloom
  • Swordsmanship [Tao]: +5% Weapon and Skill DMG for 3s for every ammo consumed (up to 200 stacks).
  • Tide Destroyer [Qian Sui]: -50% Dash cooldown. +3% [Hurtle] DMG for every Max Shield you have.
  • Dynamic Recoil [Qian Sui]: Gain 10 stacks of [Fist Sensation] upon casting Striking Punch.
  • Lucky Fist [Qian Sui]: +5% Lucky Shot Chance for every stack of [Fist Sensation] you have.
  • Cudgel Freak [Xing Zhe]: +6 [Cudgel]. Soul Strike can bounce upon hitting a barrier.
  • Evil Oppressor [Xing Zhe]: +50 Essence Chain Base DMG for 10s for every enemy hit by it. (up to 50 stacks).
  • Ultra Luck [Xing Zhe]: Weapon obtained will have at least 2 Exclusive Inscriptions and +5 Weapon Level.
  • Spiritual Ignition [Li]: Cast [Spiritual Ignition] once upon Dashing, dealing Fire DMG and inflicting Burning Effect to all enemies within 10m.
  • Blazing Nova [Li]: When casting Blazing Meteor, there is a 33% chance to summon a [Blazing Nova]. [Blazing Nova] is larger than Blazing Meteor, has -50% fall speed, +500% DMG, +100% AoE, and is guaranteed to inflict Burning Effect.
  • Penetrating Flame [Li]: Fire DMG ignores 50% Normal enemy's Shield/Armor.
  • Firearm Specialist [General]: +100% Total Weapon DMG and -50% Total Skill DMG.
  • Skill Specialist [General]: +100% Total Skill DMG and -50% Total Weapon DMG.
  • Elemental Prohibition [General]: +100% Total Normal DMG but cannot deal Elemental DMG anymore.
  • Elemental Amplifier [General]: +100% Total Elemental DMG, but weapon attacks cannot inflict Elemental Effect anymore.
  • Well-trained [General]: When attacking with a weapon, +2x CritX if the enemy is in Elemental Effect; +75% Lucky Shot Chance if not.
  • Scorching Force [General]: +200% Burning Effect DMG.
  • Corrosive Touch [General]: Increase the Decay Effect by 50%, and -50% DMG taken from enemies in Decay Effect.
  • Lightning Oppression [General]: Increase the Shock Effect by 100%, and +100% DMG to enemies in Shock Effect.
  • Glass Canon [General]: +200% Total Weapon and Skill DMG, -50% Max HP.
  • Slow and Steady [General]: -75% DMG taken, +75% DMG dealt while stationary. The bonus lasts for 5s upon moving, but Movement Speed is reduced by 50% for the duration. Remove the bonus and slow instantly upon Dashing.
  • Solid Supplier [General]: Gain 1 Secondary Skill use every 3s. Every 5th use of the skill will restore 20% HP and ammo reserves.
  • Buffer Shield [General]: If the Total DMG received is less than 30% of Max Shield/Armor, you are immune to the DMG.
Balance Adjustments in Spiritual Assault:
  • Drop Disabled:
    [Dual-edge], [Deflection Shield], [Veteran], [3rd Time Unlucky], [Fountain of Life], [Shrine of Recovery], [Hidden Treasure], [Lone Ranger], [Old Battle Boots], [Enhanced On the House]

  • Effect Adjustments:
    Extravagant Consumption
    +1% All DMG for every 100 copper spent. If you bring over 500 copper to the next stage, the excess part will be spent automatically.
    +1% All DMG for every 100 copper spent.  If you have over 1600 copper, the excess part will be spent automatically.

    [Enhanced] Extravagant Consumption
    +1% All DMG for every 100 copper spent in the entire run. If you bring over 500 copper to the next stage, the excess part will be spent automatically.
    +1% All DMG for every 100 copper spent in the entire run.  If you have over 1600 copper, the excess part will be spent automatically.

    Elemental Relic
    +5% Elemental DMG for 10s whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect.
    +5% Elemental DMG for 10s whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect (up to 50 stacks).

    [Enhanced] Elemental Relic
    +5% Elemental DMG & +5% Elemental Effect Chance for 10s whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect.
    +5% Elemental DMG & +5% Elemental Effect Chance for 10s whenever you kill an enemy affected by Elemental Effect (up to 50 stacks).

    Easy Kill [Qing Yan]
    Deal increased Cleave DMG to enemies with lower HP, and Cleave's base damage is permanently increased by +5 for each enemy slain by Cleave. (Include the enemies slain previously)
    Deal increased Cleave DMG to enemies with lower HP, and Cleave's base damage is permanently increased by +2 for each enemy slain by Cleave. (Include the enemies slain previously, up to +3000)

    Gifted Man[Lei Luo]
    After killing an enemy over 15m away with a crit hit, weapon damage will be increased by +0.3% permanently.
    New: After killing an enemy over 15m away with a crit hit, weapon damage will be increased by +0.3% permanently (up to 200 stacks).

    Shadow Knight[Lei Luo]
    Lv1: +30% Weapon DMG and Skill DMG if there is no enemy within 10m
    Lv2: +60% Weapon DMG and Skill DMG if there is no enemy within 10m
    Lv3: +100% Weapon DMG and Skill DMG if there is no enemy within 5m
    Lv1: +30% Weapon DMG and Skill DMG if there is no enemy within 5m
    Lv2: +60% Weapon DMG and Skill DMG if there is no enemy within 5m
    Lv3: +100% Weapon DMG and Skill DMG if there is no enemy within 5m
Monsters New Boss for Spiritual Assault – Gluttony
    Over the Northern skyline, a purple aura spread all over the sky. It was supposed to be an auspicious sign, but as the sky became dark, the earth became darker, and the Evil Spirit tormented the continent, people start to realize that it was the source of the ominous disasters. A traveler trespassed into its Realm, and witnessed how IT devour the whole world and overshadow the Sun. Therefore it was named Gluttony. it is said that Gluttony is so destructive that it can reshape the continent, and corrode people’s mind.
Weapon New Weapons – [Wheel Saw] and [Radioactive Gauntlet]
  • [Wheel Saw]

    Type: Shotgun
    Dual-Wield: Support
    Intro: If all Projectiles in a shot hit the enemy, the next Weapon Skill will be enhanced.
    Weapon Skill: Deal Weapon DMG to the area ahead while reloading.
    Unlock: Defeat [Lightning Swordsman] 15 times
    Exclusive Inscription:
    1.Enhanced Weapon Skill breaks normal enemy's Shield/Armor and deals DMG.

  • [Radioactive Gauntlet]

    Type: Injector
    Dual-Wield: Support
    Intro: Fires a corrosive laser that auto-locks onto a nearby enemy.
    Weapon Skill: Activate it at the right timing will fire an Enhanced Laser. Enemies hit by the Enhanced Laser will refract the Laser to 3 nearby enemies within 6m.
    Unlock: Defeat [Venomous Lizard] 20 times.
    Exclusive Inscription:
    1. Every time the Enhanced Laser is activated, +20% Lucky Shot Chance, up to 100%. Reset when Enhanced Laser ends.
Weapon Adjustment
  • [Wild Hunt] RoF: 650->450 (between 2 continuous shots).
  1. Optimized the description of [Soul Strike].
Daily Challenge
  1. The upper limit of Enhanced Monster now increases slightly according to Talent Level.
  2. Resurgency Adjustment
    Heroes get 3 extra resurrections.
    +2 extra resurrections. Taking 20 DMG/s for 10s after revive. Become Immune to DMG for 3s upon defeating the enemy in the duration.
  3. Explosive Carnival Bonus – [Fusion Bomb] Adjustment
    When killing the enemy with explosion DMG, accumulate the amount of overkill DMG. After accumulating overkill DMG for 5 times, your next explosion hit would apply all overkill accumulations as additional DMG.
    Accumulate 60% excess DMG when defeating enemies with Explosive DMG. After 5 accumulations, the next Explosive hit will deal extra DMG accumulated.
  1. Added Spiritual Blessing Gallery in Logbook.
  2. Added Stuck Free function at pause menu in Spiritual Assault.
  3. Moved Arsenal into Logbook.
  4. Adjusted skill data display in Hero selection menu and backpack menu. Now it displays Base DMG without Talent bonus.
  5. Optimized damage display. Add a decreased damage icon when you hit damage decreasing area of the enemy.
  • New Achievements
    [Greater Evil Exorcised] - Defeat Gluttony for the first time.
    [Spiritual Jade] - Unlock 20 Spiritual Jade in [Spiritual Assault].
  • Added Special Effects and Teammate Visual Effects options in settings.
Bug Fix
  1. Fixed an issue that when you fire with [Rainbow] mark, the trajectory does not display properly in teammate’s view.
  2. Fixed an issue that when [Cloud Weaver] recalls automatically, it interrupts revive.
  3. Fixed an issue that the view is locked when using weapon skill of [Talisman].
  4. Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, the model of [Talisman] is improper.
  5. Fixed an issue that the penetration of [Dragonchaser] does not work properly.
  6. Fixed an issue that some charging weapons’ crosshair animation does not work properly.
  7. Fixed the possible error of the model of [Elite Kappa].
  8. Fixed an issue that [Elite Nihilation Monk] and [Nihilation Monk] keep life-stealing when player is downed.
  9. Fixed an issue that [Enhanced Gold Medal] does not work properly when casting Secondary Skill.
  10. Fixed an issue that [Fire Enthusiast] can be triggered by [Blazing Hoop] and its enhanced version, when they break the jar.
  11. Fixed an issue that Cursed Scrolls from [3rd Time Unlucky] can be discarded.
  12. Fixed an issue that [Qing Yan’s] Spiritual Blessing – [Oppressor] can infinitely stack HP.
  13. Fixed multiple stuck grounds.
  14. Fixed several places where the monster does not spawn properly.
  15. Fixed the data error of Compare panel at the Peddler.
  16. Fixed an issue that the effect of low HP warning does not disappear properly.
  17. Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, [Rainbow] cannot stack “Spore” Geimi inscription properly.

Additional Update - 11/24
  1. Increased the time of prepare phase after defeating the first and the second Elite Monster Challenge.

Bug Fix
  1. Fixed [Tao’s] flying sword error under certain circumstances.
  2. Fixed an issue that frequently using [Wheel Saw’s] Weapon Skill may causes the wheel effect disappear.
  3. Fixed an issue that in [Spiritual Assault] when reviving teammates near the portal, it will interact with the portal first.
  4. Fixed an issue that monsters may get stuck in [Spiritual Assault].
  5. Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, players may be pull back when hit by Gluttony’s knock-off attack.
  6. Fixed an issue that Gluttony’s hand effects cannot disappear properly.
  7. Fixed an issue that [Prepaid Defense] does not work properly on Armor.
  8. Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, Interact does not work properly.
  9. Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, the interaction with Mysterious Chest is improper.
  10. Fixed an issue that when the Special Effect is set at Medium and Low, the level frame of [Lei Luo] and [Li] disappear.
  11. Fixed an issue that the Spiritual Link panel cannot be turned off when using controller.

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