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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello everyone!
First of all, in the past couple of days since the release of V1.0, we have revisited and rethought some of the game designs based on your suggestions and feedback. Now that we are tweaking and fixing a variety of major issues, we believe it's a right time for us to communicate with our community in advance in order to gather more valuable views from you. We admit that the current V1.0 we have delivered does not meet your expectations and we must take actions swiftly to get our game back on track. The following are some of the priorities:

1. Pole Monarch
  • The win/loss judgement in the final phase will be changed. The current standard, which is a DPS check within a short period of time, will no longer be the only factor to judge the fates of players.
  • Some of the boss's skills will have optimized visual warnings to players to help them make full preparations.
  • Other breakable objects in the area will be improved to provide better visual clues.
2. Reincarnation
  • We will adjust some challenges in [Reincarnation - Level 8] that are not quite reasonable, offering nothing but a poor experience to our players.
  • The rewards in reincarnation mode will be improved.
3. Anti-cheat System:
  • The detection of the anti-cheat system will be further polished and we would abandon some procedures that may falsely ban innocent players.
4. Multiplayer:
  • We have been fetching and analysing network latency data and will keep improving the multiplayer experience.
5. Hyperborean Jokul:
  • Some clipping issues will be fixed.
  • The issue where some monsters may be located undergrounds will be fixed.
  • Environmental elements will be enriched and map designs will be improved to indicate better orientation.
  • The combat rhythm and variety of monsters spawn in Act 4 will be tweaked.
  • New routes will be added.
6. Others:
  • Killing the boss in Act 3 will grant a golden goblet and some occult scrolls as usual.
  • The adjustments of rewards in Act 4 will happen.
In addition to optimizations mentioned above, you may leave your feedback if you find anything else critical and we should take care of immediately.
Last but not least, thank you again for your tolerance and support. Please allow us to take more time to make V1.0 better.

--Gunfire Studio