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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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It's been a year since the early access launch of Gunfire Reborn!

We started the journey with two heroes and 34 weapons. Now, it's time for us to reach the culmination of this wild ride with the 6th hero, the 48th weapon, and the all-new fourth stage on the horizon. We keep making our game better and spare no effort in delivering fresh content. At the same time, with escalating development costs, we plan to increase the game price to $19.99 from Oct. 18th 0:00 (GMT+8).

We will run a "Launch Discount" when v1.0 is officially live. For those who still hesitate to buy the game, it's a great idea to purchase the game at a launch discount.

Thank you all who have supported and trusted us during Early Access, especially a big thank you to every passionate fan who submitted their suggestions and feedback and moulded our game. Without your continued support, this would not have been possible.

The contents in v1.0 are under active development. You can expect the launch of v1.0 in mid-November.
Thanks again for your understanding and love! See you in v1.0!

Why price increase before the v1.0 launch?
Due to restrictions of Steam, we may not offer a "Launch Discount" if we raise the price at the v1.0 launch. Therefore, we have decided to adjust the price in advance to provide a Launch Discount for those who haven't purchased the game.

I've already purchased the game! Will it influence my ownership?
Not at all! You will keep your game progress in v1.0.

About Launch Discount:
We will run a launch discount and push the v1.0 update simultaneously. Any player who has not jumped into the world of Gunfire Reborn is welcomed to buy our game at the launch discount.

——Gunfire Studio, Duoyi

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