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28 Jun


Originally posted by lukeLOL

Why is it so low? I was expecting 500~

It's more than 100. But, relatively speaking, it's a tiny % of the total Insider population (which has reached crazy levels of opt-ins).


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95 of the 100 are streamers or youtubers

Nah - some may be, but this isn't about just filling it up with streamers - it's not a marketing driven program. Of course we've invited a few of those folks who we have relationships with because we'd love their participation now/later. Flight participants will be allowed to stream though, so I do expect a lot of that at least initially (it's only one mission, so not sure it has a ton of stickiness to it).


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I would imagine around the 3rd/4th flight will have a substantial expansion. By then they would be somewhat comfortable with it hopefully.

Now this is a realistic expectation I can get behind!


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Please understand that these first flights are going to be incredibly small. There could be a possibility that less than 100 people could get into the first flight, and unknown amounts for future events thereafter. Please understand that not everyone can get in, not even an 8th of the people currently online when I type this could get in.

So, with this in mind, please mind our rules and stay calm if you're not accepted into the first flight.

In before everyone grabs the pitchforks and starts burning pizzas in protest.... :(

The flight is looking 99.9% like it's happening today. It's more than 100 people but only a TINY FRACTION of the registered Halo Insider population. I hate to say this but almost everyone in this subreddit who is eager and angry realistically won't get into this first flight just based on the odds. I'm not great at math but we're talking about a very tiny percentage of the eligible Insider audience. I don't like it anymore than you all do and it's a blessing and curse of having overwhelming interest and sign-ups. We have to start small and it will grow over time and more people will be added in subsequent flights with the team's goal being to still ensure that eventually everyone who is eligible and interested will get a chance to participate. But if you're hitting refresh on your inbox every minute and planning your entire weekend around this flight, I'd strongly encourage you to consider ...

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where my sadbois at on the xbox.... we prob not getting any flights considering the game runs f**kin buttery on backwards compatibility

Reach on Xbox will get flight(s) at some point, PC is just the primary focus as it's an entirely different beast and much more complex.


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"Coming this month" "Coming next month" "Coming this week" "Coming in the second half of this week" :(

You know, you could just ignore everything we post and say and just wait and be surprised ;)


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27 Jun


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Umai Mango's song appears to just be the Operators short again


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I like how Uny's meme sneaked its way into the community update.

I can neither confirm nor deny that /u/Unyshek asked why I didn't include his meme so I had to add it.

26 Jun


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Once you get an invite to the flight, are you in for all of the following flights for Reach?

Great question - I think the current answer is... maybe? In general I'd tend to think that yes, active participants in a flight will be rolled into the next flight (while people who no-show / don't participate, would be removed). But there could also be scenarios where the flght goals and focus changes so much that it doesn't totally make sense to include people from a prior flight.


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Love to see communication like that from devs.

Will the first round of flighting have an NDA?

Current POR is looking like no NDA will be in place so expect plenty of streaming and bragging to occur. ;)


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I'd like to see stuff tied to achievements from previous games, like Reach did via the original Waypoint app. In addition, maybe something tied to total Halo gamerscore as well, like the career milestones. I'm working my way towards getting every Halo achievement, it would be nice to have something to show off in the game.

it's been loosely discussed - I don't think the team will be able to get too crazy, just a lot of legacy dependencies on aging services. Personally I think it would be straightforward to identify someone who has 100% achievement completion on MCC, for example, but more nuanced accomplishments in older games will be more challenging.


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Will you still get the item if you reach 152 after Halo Infinite comes out?

No idea, since this was sort of ad hoc revealed on last year's live stream, the final implementation and actual plans haven't been locked. I'll flag this as an open question - to me, it shouldn't matter when the rank is earned, playing is playing and the time was still spent - but I'm not responsible for designing the system. :)