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Hey, Pop Stars!

We received great feedback with the addition of neighborhoods into the game, but just like you've been requesting, the Hay Day Pop team wants to bring more meaning to your farms and make neighborhoods even more social.

It's time to bring in the Order Boards!


All A-Board!:

You'll find an order board on your farm with requests from the city folk.

They've heard about your farm and would love to taste some of that homegrown goodness!

Your farm buildings now produce items for you to collect, and your goal is to fill as many orders as possible during the week.

The more orders you complete, the better the rewards for everybody in your neighborhood.

To start an order, select the item you want to work on from the order board and complete puzzles to obtain the goods.


Time for an Upgrade:


Completing an order will earn you coins, which you can use to upgrade your farmhouse, expand your farm, and build new buildings to complete more orders.

You can tap on any of your crops or buildings to see:

  • What items they produce
  • The number of items they provide per puzzle win
  • Upgrade information


Farm Cash:

With some buildings now used for producing items and decorations for making your farm look magnificent, we decided to have two currencies for you to use.

Coins = Purchasing and Upgrading Buildings

Farm Cash = Purchasing Decorations

You'll receive farm cash when claiming the neighborhood gift from completing orders and in the star river.

Farm Energy:

Orders cost a different amount of farm energy, depending on how many puzzles you need to complete and your buildings' levels.

You can see how much energy an order will take when selecting the order to work on.

Just like lives, farm energy will replenish over time (1 energy hour), to a maximum of 12.

You can exceed this amount by collecting them in various parts of the game - Ex. The Star River or from Chests!

Note: you only need farm energy for completing orders; this will not affect your regular puzzle play.

Coin Chests:

As you play, you will now receive Coin Chests, which can be obtained in various parts of the game.

These chests will increment in the number of coins they provide, depending on your farmhouse level.


Worry not!

You will keep all buildings, decorations, animals, and crops you have placed down before this update; however, all buildings and crops will start from level 1.

Hold on a second!

We all have those moments where we need to stop playing mid puzzle to answer a call or clean the pigsty, and then we lose a life.

Well, with our newly upgraded farm-technology, this will happen no more!

The game will now save the puzzle state for you, so you can keep popping were you left off once you come back.


New Season Incoming!

With a new season just around the corner, we've also preloaded it into this update.

We can't tell you just yet what it is, but make sure to follow our social media channels to be the first to know!



✅ Fixed players golden Grandma's Pie Trophy

✅ Fixed a crash when visiting a farm to find a star

✅ Fixed some puzzle and collection animations

✅ Boosters no longer spawn from buildings

✅ Boosters now spawn on farmland

✅ Removed the daily chest

✅ New tutorial flow for new players

✅ Areas, decorations, buildings, and crops now unlock based on the farmhouse level

✅ Crops, buildings, and animals can no longer be placed in storage

✅ Replaced XP level with Farmhouse level

✅ Creating a hood now costs Diamonds

✅ User interface redesign

✅ Animal level unlock changes

✅ The player avatar can now show your Facebook photo

✅ Other small fixes


UPDATE: 10/9/2020


✅ Performance improvements, now the game runs smoother

✅ Fixed incorrect Star color (Diamond or regular) when visiting a neighbor

✅ Star piggy bank displays timer after it's been completed (community request)

✅ Stars now fly to the piggy bank correctly

✅ Orders: Now just show tick marks for completed orders

✅ Fixed a visual issue with Star Race chest and Neighborhood Gift opening at the same time

✅ Tapping on the Farm Energy icon will now show next energy and full energy timers

✅ Apple Tree is always fully grown - visual-only

✅ Crops are now always planted - visual-only

✅ Farm Energy respawn timers halved (community request)

✅ Added more orders for hoods with size 15 and 20 members to ensure everyone can help (community request)

✅ Removed Coins from 4th and 5th place position in Star Race

✅ Hood mail + nudge feature fixes

✅ "You need more energy!" popup: Now shows the amount of time needed for the order that you're trying to take

✅ Fix for neighborhood invitation deeplink on Android

✅ Fixed some language issues

✅ Fixed some visual issues

✅ Other small fixes

This was all made possible with the feedback from our amazing community!

Join in and help us make the game even better by giving us ideas on our social channels! 👇

Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/HayDayPopOfficial

Twitter -> https://twitter.com/HayDayPop

Youtube -> https://www.youtube.com/c/HayDayPop

Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/HayDayPop

Discord -> https://supr.cl/HayDayPopDiscord

See you on Monday 7 September 2020!

The Hay Day Pop Team 🌾🌞🍿🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏼

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