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1s foreign
11s class is once again in session as we had
15s one of our most explosive events yet 16
19s of the best battered it out for the
21s title of class president or Lobby
23s Legends champion delete as appropriate
26s as his tradition come the start of the
28s new school week subtle your demon head
30s Caster is here to break down some of the
33s action and past terrible judgment on the
36s players involved so everyone simmer down
40s at the Back Eyes front forward and open
42s up those textbooks because it is time
45s for Lobby Legends great should new a
48s player with only one previous mainstream
51s appearance for Lobby Legends is a player
54s that we were reliably informed has a
56s reputation in China for having the go
58s big or go home kind of play style and
61s Not only was this clearly in full effect
63s to this event but he landed very
65s squarely on the big end of the scale
69s game one of the day though and should
71s you showed that he's not just a player
73s that shoots for the moon he's very
76s capable of gaining small advantages in
79s tight late game battles here we see him
81s picking up a void Lord in my opinion one
84s of the most underrated tech cards in the
87s game to counter the opponent's selfless
89s plus Baron setup even going so far as to
92s flip his own Baron out of his lineup and
94s buy it again to have in hand usually
96s avoid Lord is used to control the first
98s few attacks of an opponent causing any
100s early Divine Shields to get popped
101s harmlessly but in this case shouldn't
104s you had more advanced knowledge because
106s he knows his opponent's selfless is
108s buffed he can use the void Lord to
110s ensure the selfless value trades delays
113s the Divine shield for long enough to be
115s able to win the fight living to fight
117s another day in the process clean in
120s order to have at maximum the chance to
123s get rid of or Divine Shields which never
126s happens right usually it's like
128s comedy boardwalkers you're going to get
130s is you get one divide shield with the
132s initial hit and then I guess three but
137s now to something much more in keeping
139s with the reputation shinyu has
140s cultivated Shadow walk is a hero seen
143s much less often since the decision to
145s remove them from Beast lobbies but
147s shouldn't you here shows that you can
148s still make some disgusting things happen
150s you just need to get a little more
153s creative using a victim Specter quest to
156s abuse the game mechanics to their
158s absolute limits shanu sells out of his
160s entire board apart from the two
162s shuttlings he's already played for
164s minimal value this guarantees a triple
167s and a golden shuttling activation next
169s turn alongside his bran because the
173s damage cap is still in play he knows
174s he's only taking 15 damage then he has
176s one shot one opportunity to make a board
179s that can go undefeated for the rest of
180s the game and boy does he give it his
183s best shot going from 2-2 in total stats
186s to 119
189s 1776 total stats on the board over the
192s course of a single turn this was only in
196s the world's long largest inverted commas
198s good enough for second this game but it
200s was a great example of the kind of plays
202s that Shin Yu wants to go for
204s on to game two and before I get into
207s looking at this particular turn first
209s off go watch this entire game it is so
213s much fun uh day two game two is what you
216s are looking for specifically on this
218s particular turn though shinyu has some
220s pretty big decisions to make the end
222s game of this Lobby has devolved into a
224s crazy hybrid of monster stats and then
226s the requisite leroys and poison minions
229s shanyu goes for an unconventional plan
230s here of playing a minion down to
232s increase the number of minions you get
235s hit with the white main debuff the plan
237s here which likely we didn't give enough
239s credit to at the time is to taunt and
243s debuff with double damage multiple
244s minions at once allowing the cleave to
247s perhaps take out two of the giant
250s minions or more on the other side of the
252s board still even with that reasoning
255s added in there's some debate about
256s whether that is worthwhile over a
258s seventh minion specifically a LeRoy that
260s could have easily been added to the
261s board either way this end game was
264s pretty absurd and not hard to know with
266s any certainty what the right way to end
269s it out was but once again do go check
272s out this entire game in full
275s and so to a final grade for shinyu
279s is one of the most explosive high-risk
282s players we have ever got to watch in
284s lobby Legends shanu still exhibits
287s excellent small detailed decision making
289s but I do have one or two minor
292s complaints about sequencing and some
294s tech card choices
296s I want to give it a B plus
299s in stock contrast to shanu solar
303s displayed one of the other core tenets
305s of successful Battlegrounds players
307s consistency although perhaps not hitting
310s the flashy Heights that shunt you did
312s solo was able to consistently pick up
314s points throughout each game putting
316s himself in a position to win the whole
318s thing before an explosive final
319s encounter with Shan Yu in final Lobby
321s six
323s on day one very little footage of
326s solar's group play actually even exists
328s and perhaps for good reason solar had a
332s very quiet and uneventful path through
334s the group stages picking up a fourth a
336s tie for third and a fifth to make it
339s through to the finals without any real
341s drama just picking solid Heroes and
343s playing for middling finishes has to be
346s described as sensible tournament play in
348s this position and our Observer Lorinda
351s clearly decided it wasn't the most
352s compelling thing to be watching and
354s perhaps rightly so but fret not because
357s day two would turn out to be
359s significantly more frenetic right let's
362s pick up the pace a little bit remember
364s that absurd game I said you should watch
366s a little while ago day two game two did
369s you watch it yet no well spoilers my
372s friends solar wins it with a wonderful
375s Milhouse game
377s what do you mean we've already explored
379s it by showing you the shun you fight
380s shut up leveraging the pile of early
383s Tempo that Milhouse gets solo uses
385s another hidden body and an early hogger
387s to blow his economy through the roof and
390s eventually ends up with the Midas board
392s everything he touched turned to gold
393s golden hogar golden theater golden bran
396s infinite money turning into near
398s infinite stats and this was a great test
401s for solar to pass because based on the
404s results of day one you'd be forgiven for
406s thinking he was a top four grinder that
408s didn't really play these crazy shenu
410s style games but here he is
413s ouch and Ewing shanu
416s then the final showdown happens to set
419s the scene in game number six of our
421s final Lobby both solar and shenu have
424s put the lobby in check for the first
426s time they both look toward a quick
428s triple into a five to look for either
429s hogar or know me in order to take down
432s the requisite game win to end the
434s tournament and they both hit in the
437s first Head to Head solar has a huge
438s advantage and hits your new for a
440s significant amount of damage but in the
442s rematch Sola is the one who finds
445s himself in danger of dying a lot can be
447s made here of the decision to hold on to
449s the brand even when facing another
450s player you know for a fact is going to
452s be very strong and capable of killing
454s you you can make the argument that
456s greedy play is warranted to win the
458s lobby as he needs to do so in order to
460s end the tournament but with hogar cooked
463s book already locked in how much does he
465s actually need a brand to make anything
467s happen in results oriented world I don't
470s think an extra 2020 in place of the
471s brand saves him in this fight but that's
473s never really a valid argument definitely
476s a decision worth looking at particularly
478s because he absolutely knew from previous
481s fights that shinyu was going to be a
483s monster in this encounter as it happens
486s solar dies shanyu wins the battle of
488s wills and ends up taking down the whole
491s tournament what then is our final
494s verdict for solar
496s solo is incredibly consistent picking up
499s six out of a possible nine top fours
502s throughout the tournament
503s Solas still showed the ability to play
506s Crazy power spike games incredibly well
509s but solar perhaps gave up an opportunity
512s to stay in the fight in the final game
515s of the tournament
516s for me B minus
520s and there we have it thanks to everyone
522s for watching as always we are very
525s nearly done with our competitive year
527s here in Hearthstone but we do still have
529s a couple of massive events to come our
533s final Lobby Legends to end the season
535s will feature a doubled prize pool of 100
539s 000 and will take place on the weekend
541s of December 3rd and you also do not want
544s to miss the standard World Championships
547s which will be starting on December 16th
550s as always make sure you are subscribed
552s and following all of the relevant
554s Hearthstone channels to make sure that
556s you stay up to date and do not miss
558s either of those fantastic events until
562s then thanks for watching everyone take
564s care