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939s okay i can rest this problem now i'm
942s much happier having seen this happen pew
944s pew pew pew
954s the cleric is still alive the pyro ready
957s to whirlwind the amulet of the undying
959s coming down the boar is getting it done
961s drovo can see and pocket train is the
965s winner of masters tour vashir sheer
968s water performance
969s [Music]
982s hello everybody and welcome to day
985s number three of master's tour murder at
987s castle nathria
989s uh my name is tj and i'm joined by neil
991s lorinda bond uh to kick off the show
993s today
994s and uh neil how you doing buddy
996s doing absolutely great not as good as
998s you i assume it's your birthday casting
1000s on your birthday is the best thing i've
1002s done it a couple of times and i was
1003s great both times so expecting big things
1006s from you today as well as the players tj
1011s yeah it's uh
1013s i don't know it feels like it's been a
1015s million years in a row that i've had to
1017s work on my birthday but i'm excited neil
1019s because we have a fantastic top 16 final
1022s day of broadcast to get through for
1024s murder at castle nathria we've seen
1026s which decks have risen to the top in
1029s terms of uh not only win rate but in
1031s terms of popularity in the top 16. it's
1033s going to be a good time
1035s it really is and it's obviously this new
1037s meta we're playing conquest i should
1039s address the bracket in front of me i
1040s guess the screen in front of me um yeah
1043s four decks you ban one you play best of
1045s five for the other three you win with
1046s your decks you go through and we haven't
1048s seen a huge versatility in archetypes of
1052s decks in this tournament with those four
1053s decks being brought but the cards within
1056s them as we're going to see in this first
1057s match today
1059s people have still got their own takes on
1060s a lot of these decks
1072s okay so uh just carry on for a moment on
1074s my own um yeah so we are going to be
1076s going through this top 16 in just a
1079s moment uh here is the prize they're
1081s playing for let's go for this there's 2
1083s 000 today just for getting to this point
1087s uh you double that if you get to the top
1089s eight top eight saw what we talk about
1090s in card games to a large extent that
1092s seems to be a good cut off for how you
1094s did well so you get more money you get
1095s four thousand dollars and then it goes
1097s up slowly but surely up to fourteen
1100s thousand dollars first place
1103s not only that but you get a load of
1105s points for each win a point for each win
1107s the people with the most points in this
1109s tournament the one before it and the one
1111s after it will go towards the
1113s championship event and the winner of
1114s that will go to the world championships
1118s um which obviously is a big deal and
1121s talking to the world championships when
1123s we get to the bracket in a moment you'll
1125s see that we have the two previous world
1127s champions both in this top 16. uh what
1130s if we get another glory versus
1131s possessive showdown at some point
1137s so i have a read through the standings
1141s love storm went eight and zero there you
1143s go the number one seed at the top left
1145s corner last time he went eight and zero
1148s he ended up just winning the event
1151s um
1152s there's ceo some other notable players
1155s going on here there's kansoku one of the
1157s original
1159s japanese players who did well possessee
1161s the current world champion gamer rvg
1165s running for
1167s the americas region donkey of donkey
1170s website fame provides a large number of
1173s the stats that people use for these
1174s events and often is somebody that i use
1177s to check my own stats to make sure that
1180s nine times out of ten if there's a
1181s discrepancy it's at my end and one time
1183s out of ten it's not a discrepancy i just
1185s read it wrong it's donkey's always right
1187s let's face it um stone versus matty
1189s stone really close to the world
1191s championships a couple of times came
1193s third recently in the gold championship
1195s as well where first would have qualified
1197s him for worlds somebody we could see at
1199s the world championships if he gets it
1200s done later in the year
1201s mati one of the players who came really
1204s strong at the end of 2018 start sorry
1207s 2021 and start of 2022
1210s um making it his first top 16 in a while
1213s really good to see matty back glory
1216s world champion semi-final finalist last
1218s time world champion actual the time
1220s before
1221s and several players i'm not so familiar
1223s with and also chewie who
1226s is a player who's been around for a long
1227s time and slowly but surely got better
1230s and better streams as well these days uh
1232s we're keeping an eye on chewie as well
1234s throughout the broadcast
1240s i i don't even know why i'm here neil uh
1241s because you don't even need me oh you're
1243s here okay hi
1245s i didn't know you were here i thought
1246s you were celebrating your birthday as
1248s soon as like the broadcast starts my
1251s uh internet decided to
1253s just
1254s give out and it looks like it's
1256s still doing it to some extent i can hear
1259s you i just can't see anything that's
1260s happening which makes it difficult to uh
1263s awesome
1264s at the moment but we've got you
1265s frantically rubbing your hands on camera
1267s and we have the decks on the screen um
1270s both the shamans are banned
1272s and we have glory who therefore has the
1275s rogue the priest which is a wic priest
1278s and the imp lock and smoke who has the
1280s beast hunter
1282s uh
1283s a mage with lots of cards in it
1285s and
1286s his own take on the wig piece as well i
1290s think you had quite a bit to say about
1291s smoke's decks
1293s and you're good we haven't got smoke
1294s decks on screen so you can talk about
1295s whichever one you want to
1298s okay
1299s great um so the the coolest thing i
1302s think is in the shaman deck
1305s smoke is actually playing a demolition
1307s renovator yes that's right demolition
1308s renovator the card that destroys
1310s battleground destroy
1312s uh in enemies uh looks in your
1313s opponent's location which i think is
1315s really cool a lot of decks right now
1316s rely on uh locations um you know there's
1320s shaman with muck pools
1322s uh there's the rogue uh the the new
1325s lamby rogue the temple road with the
1326s sinstone graveyard
1328s great against mage and talking about uh
1331s the nightclub sanctum
1333s um and you know you have a couple other
1335s targets right there's eight warlocks the
1337s priest is not that big of a deal right
1339s destroying spending four mana to destroy
1341s a cathedral against wheat priest may not
1343s be like the biggest appeal
1346s but it's still good and then there's the
1347s hunter just playing like a
1350s the the classic like big beast hunter
1353s with some of the new tools thrown in uh
1356s with uh wild spirits stag charge spirit
1359s poacher um and aralan right so just
1362s playing sort of that wild spirit package
1363s so
1364s i like the list it's a creative take and
1366s it's made to top 16 so it's obviously
1368s working
1369s yeah that package is really interesting
1371s because it doesn't actually mess with
1373s your beasts right two of those are
1375s spells and one of them's just a
1376s legendary thing so
1379s no messing around with the beast so you
1381s just get to put them in your deck have a
1382s better
1383s overall package but you don't actually
1386s mess with the sort of the key combos in
1388s the deck which is really nice addition
1390s to the deck and
1392s the price he's got this far because it
1393s wasn't a deck that was
1395s really on the radar we knew it existed
1398s obviously but it's doing all right
1400s obviously there we see glories stats i
1402s talked about it a moment ago two times
1404s world championship finalist one times
1406s those he won and
1408s very steady 60 win rate
1410s and now we're going to see his first
1412s deck which is the tempo vogue the lambie
1414s rogue the miracle rogue call it what you
1416s want it's rogue that makes big things
1418s really quickly and kills you
1423s yeah and uh no it's
1426s it doesn't have that many like strict
1429s weaknesses right
1433s i think that the deck is still not at
1435s its final
1437s stage um
1440s one of the things that it really
1441s struggles with is any type of large
1444s taunt
1446s or multiple large taunts i've been
1449s having a lot of success beating temple
1450s rogue with mine rogue and instead of
1453s going for mines as your as your like
1456s death rattle primary death rattle
1457s strategy you go with the burning blade
1459s acolytes
1460s like a
1462s a series of five eights that you can
1464s place on the board just absolutely
1465s destroys it some players have gotten
1467s ahead of that
1468s and i actually did see a player in the
1470s top 16. apologies i don't actually
1472s remember who it was
1473s ran the starfish
1475s uh in the list and i think starfish is
1477s great because one of the other things
1478s that it's weak to is
1480s freeze right because you're
1482s even though
1483s draca is is
1485s not
1486s um susceptible to freeze right it's
1488s really just amplified snowflaring the
1490s meta that can free space
1491s uh your big minions are and so when you
1494s summon those big minions from
1497s the uh censored graveyard
1500s when you silence them they still their
1502s stats right uh they would lose stealth
1505s or
1506s or the frozen
1508s um
1509s but uh i i like that tech in the deck
1512s and i think we're gonna move to see more
1514s techs within the deck to try and make it
1516s more well-rounded because it is very new
1518s right
1520s there's not a lot of players that have a
1521s ton of practice with it coming into the
1522s master store lambie only made it a few
1524s days before the master store decimation
1526s even took
1527s place and if you look at the stats for
1529s the day
1531s if you look at the stats for rogue it
1533s doesn't beat anything that's because
1535s first of all half the stats are sort of
1536s old builds or different builds and
1538s secondly like you just said people
1540s haven't really had a chance to play with
1541s it yet but
1542s it is a lot better than it looks if you
1545s filter stats by recent times
1548s so you might be forgiven for thinking
1549s that the rogue would be in trouble if
1550s you sort of just wrote down the stats
1552s for this matchup but actually rogue
1553s should be fine smoke going with a mage
1556s is pretty standard as standard as a 40
1558s card collection of cards can be
1560s does have a snow blind harpy thrown in
1563s there um so if you're holding your frost
1565s spell game five armor why wouldn't you
1566s have that in your deck i guess
1569s um but yeah it's just it's just 40 cards
1571s of spooky mageness
1574s okay we're into the game can you see tj
1575s i need to ask if you can see that's
1577s right yeah
1579s i can see a little laggy
1581s um i can
1583s see generally what's happening so
1586s i just will see it a few seconds later
1589s than you it seems
1591s um i hope i'm not coming across
1593s those robots
1596s but
1597s i'm okay to me but you always sound okay
1598s to me tj and i wouldn't criticize you on
1600s your birthday anyway that would be mean
1602s and horrible of me and i'm not a mean
1603s and horrible person and subtle's not
1605s here this week
1606s [Music]
1608s well just here just cast the first few
1610s turns you can do it and then i'm gonna
1612s see if i can okay see you in just a
1614s moment okay so these first few turns of
1616s casting or what would glory possibly do
1618s here with double knoll in hand i know
1621s how about just wait until they cost very
1623s little
1624s um and just make a
1625s massive thing
1627s one problem with that though is glory
1629s doesn't have a massive thing to generate
1631s at the time being i'm sure he'll people
1633s will be fine on the other side smoke
1636s um
1638s not a whole lot going on but not a whole
1639s lot goes on with this deck early on so
1642s just take your time
1644s build up with the mage
1646s and when you get to turn five turn six
1648s things start kicking off
1650s but occupying the board
1652s where glory until this pickup could not
1655s but now
1656s picking up nekola draco
1658s i can't even speak
1660s um should be able to
1661s get going pretty aggressively
1665s if it doesn't get stolen
1669s which it doesn't the crap gets stolen
1671s which is irritating but does not
1673s interfere with yeah glory relief there
1676s only losing karate that's how good this
1678s next turn is going to turn out look at
1680s this nonsense it's about to happen oh
1683s weapon's going to be sort of in the
1684s region of six
1685s seven i'm only estimating i can't be
1687s bothered to count it's way too complex
1688s to do that but
1690s prep
1692s bone spike
1693s play
1695s something on drucker get a load of stuff
1698s this is going to be a gigantic weapon
1700s should he want it and i imagine he does
1702s because the mage has very few ways of
1704s dealing with that other than a couple of
1705s freezes at the face eventually
1708s dj is here so he can save me from having
1711s to cast which is the thing i'm worse
1713s than the whole world apart from
1714s everything else
1716s yeah um
1718s there was a
1721s small argument to wait one more turn
1725s in that situation
1726s but with the double knoll start and how
1729s much tempo
1730s glory would actually get on the board in
1732s this
1733s just goes for it floats a mana that i
1735s was talking about like wait an extra
1736s turn you get one like what 1x two extra
1740s charges on the weapon potentially
1742s depending on the draw off the top
1744s um but edwin to sort of reload the hand
1748s gone fishing is a great draw in this
1751s situation allows the edwan to keep
1753s growing
1755s and
1756s can't get the sin stone graveyard out
1759s but
1760s can
1762s prep something out and knowing that a uh
1764s the sin stone graveyard at least one of
1765s them is in the bottom i think you can
1767s just continue growing this edwin uh
1769s knowing that you didn't see like night
1770s cloak sanctum there's not okay well
1772s there was another graveyard right on the
1774s top
1776s that's fine but this is
1779s gonna be very cold for smoke
1781s find a way out of this one though we've
1783s seen miracle plays before
1786s from these
1787s 40 card oh not even 40 card from the
1791s like c8 yesterday
1793s versus the big freeze consistently
1795s producing donkey over and over again
1797s from turn four to turn ten donkey had um
1801s the whole wig piece set up a whole bunch
1802s of six sixes and ten tens and they just
1804s repeatedly got
1806s flowied and frozen and then eventually
1808s got more dressed and you know it's just
1810s been it was just absolutely nutty so we
1812s mustn't count it out but it is looking
1814s incredibly good here for glory in game
1816s one
1817s um there is the flurry available there
1819s is the death ball after that there is
1821s the more dress so
1822s absolutely not counting any chickens yet
1825s but starting to look already like
1828s laurie's going to get this done um
1830s danathis obviously with a lifesteal
1831s could come into play for smoke if he
1833s could somehow weedle his way to 10 mana
1836s or just pick up another minion right
1840s that's quite cheap right with kalethos
1843s yeah um
1844s at this point i feel
1846s uh
1847s dinatrius is already quite large
1849s especially
1851s and the few early game minions that have
1854s already died
1855s ah just mouse over and i didn't see it
1857s quick look at that
1861s he's gonna be able to get um some
1863s stealth in the mix now though as well
1865s and because this weapon is doing so much
1867s damage it doesn't need to be a very big
1869s stealth ghost
1871s to get this one done it will set up
1872s lethal for next turn
1876s yep there are no one-handed minions in
1878s the deck except for sir friendly which
1880s wouldn't work so couldn't
1882s didn't have the opportunity to say pick
1884s up but one made a minion play kale those
1886s and then sire to nathrius
1888s um
1889s [Music]
1891s no lethal available for smoke i guess we
1893s should check but there's not
1895s one
1896s and that
1898s there's one shot at this it would be to
1900s trade the tutu over the edwin and it hit
1903s the stealth four four then you could
1905s deathborn
1907s i think that's the only out
1909s yeah
1910s uh oh no he's gonna do it this way give
1912s yourself more chances right
1914s uh it's it's not more chances it's the
1916s same amount of chances it's still one
1918s chance
1919s this just pushes more damage
1926s yep and didn't hit it oh yeah that was
1928s more chances because you get to trade
1930s you get to isolate the board so yeah it
1932s made it from a 33
1935s chance to a 50-50 to hit the 4-4 to get
1937s the deathborn um but like you know
1941s it wasn't a game-winning play because
1943s glory would still hit face smoke would
1945s have been down to four health
1947s though there were still like wicked outs
1950s um there were still like uh
1953s uh i i guess oh crap toe out because
1955s crappy toe was stolen uh fellaini
1957s fighter plus um
1960s plus a tooth right yeah there's plenty
1962s of ways out i feel that that game ending
1964s damage
1966s um
1967s but i i'm a little darker i had to turn
1968s two of my lights off too
1971s oh yes the old tj turn off your lights
1973s your internet gets better stuff it's
1975s it's the weirdest me every time
1978s um
1980s yeah
1981s uh that was a solid display of the lamby
1985s rogue temple road whatever you want to
1986s call it
1987s uh it's power level just
1990s big weapon early on in the game
1992s consistently large minions that are
1994s difficult to deal with uh with the sin
1996s stone graveyard and the edwin vancleave
1998s uh immense amounts of cycle as well
2001s um which is you know one thing that the
2003s deck does quite well and you know you
2005s just these decks that take a little bit
2007s of time to ramp up and get their power
2009s going
2009s [Music]
2011s they feel like just never get a foothold
2013s so gloria's gonna take a nice smooth
2017s quick game one
2019s yep getting the the right numbers as
2021s well right is we there's the thing
2023s that's going to be hard with this deck
2024s going forward is to
2026s to know exactly when to take
2028s what you've got so you were talking
2029s there in terms which may still have one
2031s but in terms of maybe making an even
2032s bigger weapon and so on but he decided
2034s that seven was big enough and just
2036s getting a feel for that it's going to
2037s take everybody a lot of time as again
2040s lambie kept this pretty quiet until the
2042s day before the tournament so
2045s it's it's been a pretty good one to get
2047s hold off for this tournament
2048s um now smoke on this uh wig priest
2052s which is the one deck you highlighted
2054s before we cast is the one that looks
2057s normal the one that's just got the cards
2058s we know and love in it yep
2061s um this is one of the most popular
2063s variations
2064s of the wig priests you still run shard
2067s you still want nacho hexane
2069s the most popular variation at least on
2070s ladder is the one with partner in crime
2073s um but edelweiss showed me uh
2076s showed us some stats from uh wicked
2078s goods uh site uh the off curve um
2082s which has a ton of data literally all of
2085s the data
2087s um for the masters thus far and which
2090s which uh
2092s decks were performing well as is
2095s and alongside that cards in each
2098s individual archetype performs well
2100s versus the other cards in the deck
2102s and it seems like these teacher and
2104s crush claw enforcer
2106s overall across the master tour
2108s performing better than versions with
2110s partner and crime in it
2112s uh to make you very happy because you
2114s called that on day one
2117s uh yes
2119s and uh i i also said shout out to impact
2121s who was one of the first people to tell
2123s me what after i played against him on
2124s ladder that crushed call enforcer was
2126s just the nuts
2128s um and that was what made me try it in
2131s this place
2132s um so
2134s it does just seem good sometimes you
2136s just want that extra naga and just like
2138s a three cos naga that isn't handmaiden
2140s that you can just play on curve
2143s is ah good
2146s there's actually a glory on the priest
2147s for this game though um sorry about that
2151s um pelegos and
2153s wig in hand but
2155s already facing an irritating board and
2157s this against the mage if you're facing
2159s irritating boards we saw what happened
2161s yesterday you might just never get an
2163s attacking a bit of freeze bit of damage
2165s in smoke's hand so in a pretty good
2168s place at the moment for smoke to
2171s just lock this piece deck down for as
2173s long as it's required
2179s yeah and and
2181s one of the things that you sort of need
2182s to do here with the weak priests is sort
2184s of uh once you get to the point where
2186s you have the mana to be able to do it is
2187s try and spread out your threats right
2189s don't go all in on a single minion
2191s because then you're gonna get wrecked by
2193s by nightclub sanctum um
2196s and
2196s you know and make it so that flurry is
2199s not as easy of a card to just play and
2202s completely ruin your game plan
2205s you also kind of rely on your head uh
2208s in a lot of points in the game being a
2209s head on tempo if you're behind on tempo
2211s by the time you get tempo back it's too
2213s late right the mage has already
2216s you know started ramping up their game
2218s plan ramping up the hero power
2221s um ramping up like the car draw on the
2223s freezes and then it becomes too late so
2226s uh
2227s like getting on board here with uh a
2230s pelagos early i think is pretty
2232s important
2233s yeah and smoke has a choice here um i
2235s have to progress but
2237s it's going to likely just float a mana
2239s to play the sanctum begin the freezing
2240s process just chip another four damage
2242s into the face
2243s uh flowy's gonna get bigger the vardan
2246s exists just these bits and pieces pieces
2249s of damage whilst you're keeping your
2250s opponent frozen down has every chance of
2252s just getting this one done
2254s but glory does have a decent hand
2257s so by no means actually over especially
2260s having to get through
2262s a very irritating taunt here
2264s but it's already got that feel that we
2266s saw in that game with donkey yesterday
2267s where
2268s donkey just had a huge board against the
2270s mage and the mage managed to lock it
2271s down for a turn after turn
2275s ah flowy dawn grasp
2281s by my calculations you need to chill out
2284s glory's big out here i think is probably
2286s the boon just get a taunt in the way of
2288s all these little things slow him down
2290s for a turn or two
2302s yeah down to 18. from behind it's tough
2305s it really is with wick priests it is
2307s okay
2309s all right well there's a i mean it helps
2311s i'm a kind of comeback mechanic in the
2314s blade master chamro it helps but i don't
2315s know if this is the time for it
2319s um just because word can get wider than
2322s this
2323s but it when it gets wider it might be
2326s with skeletons which
2328s after you play back for samurai you
2330s usually want to be able to stick
2334s a large stamero so that you have like
2336s that swing potential right then you can
2337s buff it up the next turn and if you're
2338s sweeping up a bunch of skeletons with it
2340s then it's likely to get damaged and then
2342s you don't have that ability to swing the
2343s game
2344s uh on up subsequent turns
2347s smoke is going to be able to start
2349s outputting damage because glory is quite
2352s low
2354s double frozen touch in the deck wildfire
2356s and reckless apprentice in the hand
2359s and multicast pick up some more stuff
2363s i still feel like smoke's just going to
2364s get there with
2365s low
2366s incremental burn if that even is a thing
2369s that exists in hearthstone
2373s all right that's what this deck is
2375s yeah mental burn chip away with the
2378s damage from the skeletons and
2380s um like upgraded hero power
2383s and then you have these big finishers
2391s no real way for glory to gain health
2393s outside of the hero power which is just
2395s so expensive um in terms of what this
2397s deck's trying to do
2400s other reckless
2407s you can have a big turn the wildfire
2408s played as well so
2415s probably can't keep the blademaster
2416s another turn unless he's considering
2417s going for some amalgam
2420s outs
2426s i don't even know what they would be
2437s this is where glory gets the board for
2439s the rest of the game this turn
2441s is whether that board ever gets the
2442s chance to do anything that's the problem
2446s my place yeah
2447s it has to be camera you can't leave
2449s these minions up especially without a
2451s taunt right yeah um so this is gonna
2454s have to be
2457s something pretty big
2459s i guess just gonna spit
2461s quickly
2463s okay no three because this trick sorry i
2464s miscounted
2469s the discount from the scribe at the very
2471s beginning of the turn because glory
2472s played it but didn't actually play a
2474s spell to go alongside with it just
2476s bumped it with the cathedral
2478s blizzard another freeze cool
2481s glory's other problems i i wouldn't even
2483s mind like
2485s um
2487s i guess
2488s the the problem here in playing the mage
2491s is like
2492s any minion surviving
2495s you you could die like it's it's
2498s it's very difficult but you know that
2499s there's a serpent wing in hand any means
2501s surviving that's not frozen with radio
2502s elemental and priestess
2505s and serpent wigs and shadow were devours
2508s it it could with eight mana
2510s you could die
2512s yeah and i think he decided this is the
2514s turn where he probably won't die take
2516s the chance here yeah this is this is the
2518s turn where he feels he probably won't
2519s probably turn
2521s yes
2523s yeah
2525s and then approaching blizzard into
2528s you know pink face and then reckless
2530s apprentice pink face nikola sanctum
2532s solid alibi is a good way to just yeah
2534s well you're not killing me this turn
2535s there's like two buttons
2538s in in silk hand right now that basically
2540s say all right you can't die
2542s uh next turn uh which is with glory
2544s being at 12 health is perfect because
2546s now it's about body time
2548s which usually is just
2554s usually
2555s though blizzard ping seems good but he's
2558s going to chance it once again by the way
2559s by chance i mean he might play something
2562s he's just using one more turn to set up
2564s while things are going okay
2566s again
2568s realizing that it's unlikely if he dies
2569s in this spot and he's got to develop
2571s some stuff so let's just do that
2574s another two damage in the process
2579s yep
2580s challenging glory to get it done with
2582s whatever you want i can't die buttons
2586s oh
2587s um hey this is a lot
2594s take me pick me
2602s it's a lot
2612s it's a lot of damage to get
2614s but i would have tried for lethal here
2618s it is too much of a problem here
2621s i guess you've got to devour if you need
2622s it to make more space your goal would be
2624s to your goal would be to pick up
2627s the second devour right to give yourself
2629s the board space
2630s because priestess gets swept with with a
2632s devourer nagaland gets swept up with the
2634s devour the school teacher would have
2636s been swept up with the devourer right
2638s that's so much health
2643s this is a lot
2654s okay
2660s wait
2675s you would put if you had put all of the
2678s serpent wigs
2680s on the
2681s three health
2683s minion
2684s it would have gone up to on the
2687s what health no it's only at one health
2689s right yes
2691s it could have gotten it up to what 29
2695s yeah i think sometimes 31.
2699s i've been really close if second devour
2700s was picked up at some point in that
2702s chain of draws um i think that would
2705s have been a legal potential honestly if
2708s i was playing i would have gone for it
2709s but i understand why glory went went for
2711s this because
2713s here you're well now he's but
2716s he wouldn't have been that i would have
2717s 100 gone for in that situation like just
2719s said okay this handmaiden is going to
2721s draw me another serpent wig and a
2723s devourer and would have just tried to
2725s deal 37. it's very difficult to be fair
2728s it is very difficult
2730s to deal 37.
2732s um it would require from a one health
2734s beam you need you'd need uh
2737s you might be able to fit into here i
2738s don't know with how many resets you get
2740s with precis
2742s um
2743s 30
2745s mix health worth of buffs
2749s you include boone and bless up to
2753s 32 so that's 16 wigs
2756s no eight wig resets or seven wig resets
2760s so you need to play seven nagas
2765s but then you factor in shadow or devour
2767s if you have two shadow or devourers and
2769s you have five let's say your shadow were
2770s devouring seven
2772s i don't know i would have gone for it i
2773s would 100 gone for in that situation
2777s with with the way he drew he wouldn't
2778s have hit it but uh i think that's one of
2780s those situations where you really have
2781s to like say am i ever winning this game
2784s if i just go
2785s you know radiant boone right
2789s instead of trying to go for it but it is
2791s what it is and your thought process
2792s there says why you go for it right you
2794s haven't got time to work out all the
2796s plus twos accurately when you're getting
2797s up to 37 or whatever he requires just do
2800s it and see if you get there
2801s but what's your language you have
2803s radiant handmade seconds
2806s you have priestess radiant handmade in
2807s hand your your board space is is fine
2810s you have a cathedral but you have um
2813s two minutes on board and one minion in
2815s hand that died of two devourers or two
2817s minions in hand that died of two devours
2820s so that gives you what
2822s you have two noggery sets plus four
2824s board space to work with
2825s after that three board space to work
2827s with because the cathedral was still in
2828s play yes um
2831s yeah i don't know
2832s it's
2833s very difficult though it
2835s if you even had the time and you you
2836s kind of you can't even count right you
2839s literally just put everything every buff
2841s that's in your hand on a single me and
2843s you try and save a blast for loss right
2845s you just kind of fly by the
2847s the seat of your pants so to speak and
2850s just go for it but he wouldn't he
2851s wouldn't have got there in that
2852s situation
2854s um i think his maximum damage that turn
2857s would have been i'm gonna say 29
2860s starting from one health with with with
2861s what spells he drew and that would have
2863s been going all in with the final two
2865s unreset wigs right unactivated wigs
2868s would have been so he would have been
2869s one like eight damage short
2871s but if you pick up a devourer then boom
2873s that makes up your eight damage because
2874s there was enough minions on board
2876s so
2877s yep i agree i agree with the at least
2879s two-thirds of that the two-thirds that i
2881s can follow but there's also the added
2884s complexity
2885s of if you go for that play
2889s and you go double shadow word hour
2891s the devours the skeletons on the other
2893s side which has a chance to actually kill
2896s your radiant elemental
2898s ruining your your chain because your
2900s radial mounts would be lower health it
2902s would only take one skeleton proc you'd
2904s be paring down your board because you'd
2906s be devouring away your own board so it'd
2908s be more likely to hit either your buff
2909s minion or your radiant which would
2911s completely ruin your plan
2912s so it was it would have been a shot in
2914s the dark it would have been like you
2916s know maybe five percent chance
2918s based on what you drew from handmaiden
2920s it's where the the skeletons uh death
2922s rattles actually hit
2924s um
2925s so we're talking a lot about this i
2927s think gloria ended up doing the right
2929s thing because you know no read that the
2930s blizzard's there but
2932s i'm saying personally i would have just
2934s said you know what go for it well i'm
2936s not i'm also not playing in top 16 for a
2938s master store that's me in a ladder game
2941s much different scenario
2943s i think that um you know the creative
2945s team will be very pleased with this
2946s matchup we've got now you know the
2948s murder of catherine arthur theme
2950s playing out with smoke and mirrors right
2952s in front of our eyes
2954s as smoke is playing in the mirror
2957s because i have to explain my jokes
2958s otherwise you don't get them
2961s uh thank you for explaining that joke um
2964s and you know what else is a joke
2967s this stop
2968s that's three yeah once you fall behind
2972s in the wig priest uh mirror it is very
2974s difficult to get back the only thing
2976s that you can use to get back really is
2978s like a blade master's hammer that's
2979s buffed
2980s sometimes you can boon your opponent's
2983s minion and then buff the moon
2986s right to make a big swing
2988s um
2989s or you can wait till your opponent
2991s builds up a wide board and use shard of
2993s the naru
2994s to sort of reset them and then set up
2996s for your own board you absolutely need
2999s swing cards or else if you're behind
3001s you're not going to win the game and uh
3003s right now
3005s we could even be looking at
3009s depending on the draw of the top
3011s uh a lethal to ability for smoke if like
3014s sharp then i was picked off the top and
3016s thriving that shadows picks up a blast
3022s in a cathedral and still have the mana
3024s all of that
3026s [Music]
3028s because nothing costs anything okay
3030s handmaiden seems like a pretty good pick
3031s up with what you just said in mind there
3033s is the shard
3034s uh boon is pretty fantastic here make
3037s another giant minion
3042s yeah he's just gonna count first see if
3043s he thinks he shard gets there because
3045s there's a lot of damage
3047s i don't think it does
3049s oh you can hand me him but
3055s well there's does it get there and
3057s there's does it win
3058s this is the related topics right
3061s next team with the second serpent wig
3071s and not only that you've you've also got
3073s this board that needs dealing with with
3074s a deck that doesn't really have any way
3076s of dealing with it
3078s yeah
3078s 18 if you just dump this super wig which
3080s i don't think you ever do
3084s so
3085s yeah and smoke knows that not vulnerable
3088s to a blade master bless
3090s right now because there's no spell
3092s discount currently in hand or on board
3094s only five mana available so even if
3096s blade master plus was there it wouldn't
3098s be able to clear the board so
3101s and there you go wig pretty smeared
3104s [Music]
3106s if the player that gets ahead on board
3109s early has a significant advantage um
3112s especially number of minions because
3114s that's the the big deal is just to make
3116s sure that you always have more minions
3117s in your opponent because then you can
3119s bump and trade and whatnot
3121s um some weak mirrors end up being like
3123s this weird back and forth war where
3125s you're both like
3127s like
3128s value trading non-spin the early game
3131s when the board has reached sort of this
3132s parody
3133s um but when one player has all of the
3136s minions and the other player has none of
3138s the minions
3139s game ends quite quickly so
3142s um gloria look into this teacher now two
3144s one down
3146s uh to smoke who only has a beast hunter
3149s left remaining and this is the deck that
3151s i have the least faith in
3154s yeah it's good in the lineup for smoke
3158s and so it's not necessarily because i
3160s think it's a bad dance just because you
3162s know we don't we haven't seen much of it
3164s uh it's
3166s uh not really a deck that was a popular
3168s choice the majority of players went for
3169s the very aggressive hunter or the quest
3171s hunter
3172s um but this deco has
3174s all of the high power cards that hunter
3176s is known for all of the
3179s wild seed cards um plus just ways to
3182s kind of cheat out big beasts super early
3185s on into the game
3187s and it's gonna be imp lock uh for glory
3190s yeah it's a bit of a problem here for
3192s the hunter that it doesn't have the
3193s rogue left there we talked earlier about
3195s putting taunts out in front of rogue and
3197s the beast hunter just does that
3199s relentlessly and that's kind of
3202s probably what he's been preying on
3203s throughout this tournament would be the
3204s rogue with the rogue gone
3206s and just the priest and this implode
3209s left for glory
3211s sometimes these decks are just going to
3212s get ya
3214s so this match is certainly definitely
3216s still in the balance here uh glory with
3219s the
3219s pretty much the most refined list there
3221s is for the imps here with the sea giants
3223s thrown in at the end no messing around
3225s no tech apart from the one staff is just
3227s get them
3228s and then again we've seen the priest
3231s the beast hunter
3233s sometimes just isn't going to be able to
3234s cope with a couple of early huge minions
3236s from the priests so
3237s yep absolutely agree with you that this
3239s is the deck that smokes gonna have some
3241s trouble with again especially with that
3243s vogue having escaped already
3246s yep
3247s yep yep yep so
3250s uh still though even if you're looking
3251s at 240 matchups you know if you have two
3254s shots at it uh you're you're still
3256s favorite to win
3257s um so
3259s uh there's the beast hunter in all of
3261s its glory very similar to the beast
3263s hunter we saw
3265s towards the end of the last metagame
3268s uh just with
3269s these new cards uh from
3272s murder at castle nathri are thrown in
3275s uh all of the uh the wild seed cards
3278s plus you know frenzied fangs huntsman
3280s altimore
3282s right a lot of collateral damage as well
3284s as a finisher
3285s which is one thing that this has
3288s uh
3289s traditionally lacked
3290s is just like a good way to just
3293s end the game up outside of you know king
3296s crush being pulled off the top and
3297s whittling down with the hero power
3300s um
3301s so i i like that inclusion especially
3303s with the twin bow terracoil thrown in
3306s there the double collateral damage can
3308s be uh pretty menacing
3309s but a good start for smokes uh triple
3312s three which is a little slow but they're
3314s very good
3315s uh threes uh specifically the coin stag
3318s charge into wild spirits
3320s is uh
3321s quite good because you get to
3323s deal with the minion potentially
3326s i see and then the next turn
3328s make uh two more of those spirits and
3330s and
3332s quicken
3333s the first one
3335s yeah there's no doubt at all this hunter
3336s deck has improved massively with the
3339s addition of some
3340s some mid-range things that aren't
3341s basically i'm going to call it part of
3343s the combo that beast beast hunter is it
3346s is now able to just play a a curve that
3348s makes more sense without having to force
3350s the issue the problem is everything in
3353s hearthstone got a lot better so we're
3355s still at the question of
3357s did it get better enough to keep pace
3359s with the improvements to warlock the
3361s improvements to rogue the improvements
3363s to
3363s mage and shaman or is it is it still
3366s just not quite good enough you're good
3369s but maybe not quite good enough and
3371s smoke's obviously finding so far that it
3373s is good enough but we haven't seen many
3375s of them maybe that's a sign that beast
3378s hunter still needs a little bit of work
3380s from being
3381s reasonably linear although obviously
3383s cheating out an eight eight charges it's
3385s not that linear
3391s and for rush
3393s oh that is uh
3397s that's unfortunate because now glory
3398s gets to go imp swarm val library
3402s and
3403s uh plenty of reload
3405s to back this up right
3407s uh yeah
3408s so this is yeah this is a clean trade if
3410s you buy a library one of the imps is
3412s going to go up to a five five
3414s because there's three amps plus the base
3416s plus one plus one which is going away
3419s um and then you get to uh keep your uh
3422s librarian uh healthy uh push face with
3425s it and have a menacing board with plenty
3427s of reload with double mischievous zip in
3430s hand if the board
3432s somehow gets dealt with
3434s get a good shot to uh
3436s uh just reload the board and keep going
3438s from there
3439s glory just checking the numbers
3441s obviously he will have seen the play you
3443s just described he's just making sure
3444s there's no weirdness with break points
3447s that might be better with the
3449s two wild seeds that are coming up
3452s maybe he wants two five attack minions
3453s or one huge minion
3458s one huge minion looks like it's either
3460s play
3462s um
3466s okay
3467s that's out of range of a quick shot he's
3469s out of range of the harpoon gun now
3473s he says downsides to it at all as well
3476s like the one ones can just get picked
3477s off at leisure the 2-5 is a
3480s a dominating taunt suddenly rather than
3482s just a nuisance
3487s glory's still thinking about it he's not
3489s sure which way he
3490s he should have gone there
3499s obviously as well he's got double
3501s mischievous in hand
3506s so daring your opponent to pick off your
3508s silly one ones or allowing yourself to
3510s trade them in to proc that might have
3512s been on his mind
3528s yeah
3529s it must have been um
3533s but now this board feels
3538s nearly insurmountable right like
3541s uh
3542s it's hard to think of uh of a good
3547s pickup off the top
3550s yeah and this is what i mean by
3552s the saber next
3558s you turn just playing a little bit too
3559s fair right
3561s like hydrolon's fantastic and all the
3563s seven mana and you haven't cheated manny
3564s you haven't cheated into play it's just
3566s there in your hand it's turned five
3574s why is the next turn things get
3576s interesting yeah it was the
3580s yeah it was the solid powerful hunter
3581s start but against import lock it like
3584s you said just too fair and especially
3586s not getting the rush
3588s early let's say that uh wild spirits had
3591s um
3592s actually dumped the uh the rush uh to be
3595s able to trade over the librarian it
3596s could have been a different story
3597s obviously the vile library play still
3600s would have been there it still wouldn't
3601s be able to buff the imp and trade over
3602s the two five but there would have been
3603s so much less power on board this quick
3605s shot could have gone somewhere else it
3606s could have been a snowball effect but
3608s um
3610s boards getting out of control has been
3611s out of control board is out of control
3615s just about yeah
3616s from smoke's perspective
3618s would feel that until this comes down
3620s maybe there's still some hope with
3622s survivor turn somehow because we've got
3624s 40 health and hydrologa look at the
3626s state of this slot now that's coming
3627s onto the board out of control is
3629s absolutely the word you're looking for
3632s and a sneaky grim right just to make
3634s sure
3641s no play
3646s 2-2
3648s there it is
3650s all right so we'll come down to the
3652s beast hunter once again from smoke and
3653s the naga priest from glory who uh both
3657s of his losses in the series he has
3658s gained uh with his nogger priests so
3661s giving it a third shot and in this
3663s matchup
3664s usually the naga has a bit more time to
3667s kind of set up the board's not gonna get
3669s unless the b center gets sort of that uh
3672s perfect curve like one drop two drop uh
3674s three drop
3676s um which you know the deck is sort of
3678s designed to do it but at the same time
3680s it's 40 cards so
3682s uh
3684s you can't rely on it right 40 cards
3686s that's what you get if you want 10 extra
3687s health
3688s so it doesn't yeah as off as say like
3691s the face hunter or the aggressive hunter
3693s that can really get onto the board
3694s quickly very consistently
3697s and the 10x of health didn't even buy
3698s onex return though i think i think glory
3700s had 10 in hand as we saw in that replay
3703s just then that he could have still won
3706s even with
3707s yeah you know what i mean so one x
3708s return who cares you're not buying the
3710s time
3711s so
3711s in that regard it didn't work out well
3714s and hunter maybe a little bit more
3716s practice to come but it is going to have
3717s to go up against the naga priest
3720s and having just seen how it played out
3721s against the imps
3723s on this massive sample size of one in a
3725s tournament with 350 players
3728s kind of expect it to go the same way
3730s glory can stick aim big minion and then
3732s it doesn't die and then he's got time to
3734s stick another big minion behind it
3736s but this time smoke does have canitron
3738s doggy biscuit coin ramming mount he can
3741s just make his own one big minion and
3744s pick off glory's stuff one thing at a
3746s time
3750s which seems like a good curve because
3753s uh unless the naga priest
3755s gets on the board really early those
3757s buff cards are great because you
3758s consistently trade specifically rap
3760s ramming mountain
3762s um is fantastic because you're you can
3764s keep the board clear but keep your
3766s minion up and healthy and attacking
3768s himself
3770s glory though with the the scribe the
3772s radiant elemental the wig and the devour
3775s that's a lot of stuff you can work with
3776s and now it's picked up the priestess as
3778s well so
3779s does have pretty much maximum early
3781s tempo to try and fight this off
3785s but he's seen the coin caninaton so he
3787s knows that there's
3789s trouble ahead trouble brewing one might
3792s say
3794s sorry squishy i'm working
3800s so this guy played with the wig and he's
3803s going to play the priestess to the wig
3806s up here playing around that doggie
3808s biscuit
3810s [Music]
3815s so that's scuppered smokes immediate
3817s plans
3820s having just take the value trade into
3821s the one one which means that the k920 is
3824s going to get removed
3826s with the biscuit upon it and that is
3828s going to give
3829s smoke a position where
3832s very little board to work with
3839s and glory choosing to heal up there
3841s leaving yourself with a 5-4 on the board
3843s against nothing for smoke
3845s deal with a wig and a radiant in hand
3858s does have minions he can put onto the
3860s board
3861s but they're so small they're just gonna
3863s get eaten up and if he doesn't play any
3865s then he's just gonna get eaten up so
3869s very awkward spot here for him
3873s yeah this is the situation that you want
3875s to be in as the priest though just ahead
3877s on board and just stay ahead on board
3879s until you reach that critical mass of
3882s uh power where you can kind of just
3884s ignore the board and start pushing face
3886s damage right keep the board under
3888s control until you've
3890s uh amassed enough resources in the hand
3892s to where you can say all right average
3893s join me i can boon it
3895s block my own life total start pushing
3897s face start getting that damage
3900s extra precess
3903s as well as the fact that smoke just has
3904s no play again next turn apart from a
3906s harpoon gun
3908s glory looks like he's going to get his
3911s sports getting out of control now and as
3913s long as his next pickups aren't totally
3915s dead he should be fine
3921s here i mean it's hard to even think of
3923s like dead pickups in the in the
3925s situation right yep
3928s naga good
3930s that'll probably be good
3933s um
3935s game over yeah maybe but even then
3937s that's a way to go like push through
3938s your push through a mountain bear you
3940s know
3941s so
3942s cathedral super good
3944s it does all the things you talked about
3946s and it will do them again
3951s handmaiden
3961s my blood boils we want to
3964s yeah
3966s yeah yeah yep or not why not and why not
3969s and why not give a leave a ramming mount
3972s target up board um
3974s but i really don't want to sink five
3975s damage into a one one
3978s uh the ramy man will be able to trade
3980s over the vicious slither spear and
3982s that'd be it and there's a potential for
3983s glory to find
3988s some bears to get through
3992s yeah irritated
3994s but okay there we go treasure guard
3997s handmaiden with a wig in between seems
3998s good
4002s again next turn regard has the added
4005s benefit of blocking these minions from
4008s uh being traded into to reduce their
4010s health slash attack so
4014s it's all looking up
4017s the glory fan which many people are it
4020s is indeed
4023s looking at where he wants to put this
4033s i'm choosing to value the heel over the
4035s card draw because he can do that next
4036s turn right he's got so much mana next
4038s turn that he's going to float anyway
4044s that makes sense yeah
4047s we're in the how do you throw this game
4049s sort of
4051s series of thoughts right you're just
4053s thinking about what's the worst thing i
4054s can do here let's not do that
4064s [Music]
4066s okay
4067s well
4068s push the one
4071s we're getting in there
4073s i need to draw something to reset okay
4076s the thrive i believe will activate the
4078s the first handmaiden um i think that
4080s that is the third spell
4083s um first thing first is bless lethal uh
4086s potentially with another wig actually
4089s there's a taunt to get through so you
4090s have to put it all in one minion so
4092s we're gonna go with boone
4094s and then uh you know let's go ahead and
4096s draw within me and see what's up
4098s no pelagos
4101s next turn to look for the killing blow
4103s yeah i like that better
4105s oh he likes the other ah let's draw
4107s cards i like cards
4109s it's a card game cards are good
4111s but yeah pelagos is the it's just
4114s is the bless right pelagos is gonna
4128s it doesn't matter like
4130s uh
4131s now uh thrive just defines shard and
4134s then
4135s we just have lethal on board
4139s uh oh no just draw the shot makes it
4142s much easier i think
4144s the thrive wasn't guaranteed because it
4145s was still
4146s boon bless
4149s second wig and uh
4152s shard in the deck so thrive was not
4153s guaranteed
4155s to find the lethal but there was also
4156s like there was enough trades on board
4160s with pele ghost in my urban week to be
4161s able to to push one damage to the base
4163s even with three attacks
4165s so
4166s that was just
4168s uh all sorts of decided and there you
4171s have it glory
4172s wins the top 16 match against smokes on
4174s to the top eight and
4177s you know i i like what we saw from from
4179s smoke he had a an innovative lineup that
4182s obviously had success you know he made
4184s it this far with the deck these are just
4186s not the decks that uh he
4189s would want to face with this beast on
4190s the right
4191s against the rogue perhaps sure
4194s it could have been good that would have
4195s been a good match in the series but this
4197s deck is
4198s more in uh in tune to line up with some
4200s of the slower decks like um like druid
4203s or mage and glory just didn't have those
4206s uh in his lineup uh so this deck uh
4209s didn't have enough good matchups
4212s against glory's lineup to really uh um
4216s be able to do much once the rogue had
4218s already gotten the win across the board
4220s so valiant effort smoke still goes away
4222s with the top 16 very impressive but
4224s we'll fall short and uh
4226s boy one step closer to yeah
4229s glory
4231s wow not used that one before we can do
4233s that again um
4235s unless there's been a name change or
4236s something i believe that was smoke's
4237s first masters tour as well
4239s so
4240s it takes a lot of people a long time to
4241s get to their first top 16 smoke just cut
4244s all that out let's just get this one
4246s with the learning process first time out
4247s let's casually make top 16 and set up
4250s for
4250s future events so well done to smoke but
4253s yeah glory once again moves to a top
4256s eight in a big tournament and
4259s he does seem like he's quite good at
4261s this hearthstone business
4264s yeah it seems so yeah uh you know what
4266s and also maybe smoke is dragon man also
4268s [Laughter]
4271s this is it's just dragon man's all the
4273s way down he just can't turn if it's on
4277s all across the board no i i kid i kid uh
4280s so
4281s uh but that's our first match top 16 and
4283s in many we all the matches for top 16
4286s are playing simultaneously right
4288s um so there are a lot of them done but
4290s there's still a few that have not
4292s completed
4293s so um neil and i are well i'm done
4296s neal's gonna come back and cast um that
4298s was just our first match we are gonna go
4300s and jump into some coverage from some of
4302s the other top 16 matches before we move
4304s on uh to the actual top eight but we're
4306s gonna have to go to a break before that
4308s so uh don't go anywhere when we come
4309s back top 16 continues here at the final
4313s day for master's tour murder at castle
4314s nathria don't go down
4327s [Music]
4371s [Applause]
4373s [Music]
4404s so
4406s [Music]
4412s [Music]
4417s [Music]
4441s [Applause]
4449s [Music]
4513s welcome back everybody to masters tour
4516s murder at castlemouthria and we are
4518s still in the round of the top 16 because
4521s in this matter some matches are really
4522s fast and some matches are really slow so
4524s we're going to fill in the time while
4525s the slow ones are going on with some
4527s more live action and i believe that
4529s derek has been studying studiously what
4532s is going on in this one between sansoko
4534s and possessing how's it going uh yeah i
4536s mean uh somewhat i suppose it's it's my
4539s two boys right it's uh two
4541s representatives of the japanese region
4542s which i am a very uh big fan of
4545s following it very closely casting apac
4546s gm and it's lighting that fire beneath
4549s me neil that happens every single
4551s masters tour where i start to say
4553s is this the one are we finally getting
4556s an apac champion i mean if ever we were
4558s gonna do it it would be this one right
4560s we have glory and possessing in the top
4563s 16. two literal world champion players
4566s glory almost two years in a row only
4568s losing two possession at the end we've
4570s got zochi and miro uh from south korea
4574s as well and
4575s c8763 representing taiwan as well i
4578s believe so it's a really really strong
4580s representation uh for a pack overall
4583s which of course i'm ecstatic to see uh
4586s and uh i'm excited to jump in see how
4588s the players are going whether it's going
4589s to be one of those days where we get god
4591s tier possesses or trashed here
4593s possessive because
4595s god believe me there is no in between
4597s some days you get both on the same game
4600s right oh yeah yeah you do something
4601s insane and then just forget to attack
4603s after he's done it or something he's
4604s absolutely nutty as a player to watch
4606s it's great sometimes yeah it is it's
4609s very true but up against hansoku who i
4611s think uh given that he's the one that we
4613s of these two players that we've seen so
4614s far this weekend uh it's looking very
4616s strong actually in terms of his play
4619s overall i did have
4621s one or two questions about his lineup if
4623s i'm being honest i think there's a
4624s couple of tech decisions that i would
4625s have done a little bit differently or
4626s the uh the kind of the deviation that
4628s you go in with his archetypes in terms
4630s of whether you lean aggro or control
4632s but overall his play has been in my
4635s opinion pretty much impeccable so far
4637s and with us jumping in in game
4640s two here right into the action his mage
4643s already having taken a win uh that's a
4645s huge tick because that's the deck that i
4646s had the biggest doubts of it's this very
4648s kind of
4649s slow controlly version of the skeleton
4653s mage that runs double uh
4655s uh sorry double solid alibi a blizzard's
4658s a mos mass polymorph as well not a moss
4661s polymorph
4663s and uh it's a list that i really did not
4665s believe in if i'm honest but so far it
4666s has been doing fantastically well for
4668s him yeah and tan soko also one of those
4671s players that you may not be too familiar
4673s with but he's been around forever he's
4675s been getting regular five and six wins
4677s in masters tours i think you and i
4679s probably you and i cast him in korea
4681s versus japan in 2016. he definitely
4684s played in it
4685s um he has just been around the scene for
4688s probably longer than possessing believe
4689s it or not and competing at the highest
4692s level so if if he's somebody you're not
4693s particularly familiar with i know we
4694s showed him yesterday he has been around
4697s a long time nerves will not be an issue
4700s for tonsoko at all
4702s but yeah the hunter
4704s what do you make of hunter at the moment
4706s we've seen many different versions of it
4707s they all seem to be slightly weaker than
4709s everything else
4710s to be honest i think hunter is right now
4713s where hunter has been for a long time
4715s like it's
4717s fine right it's it's not bad it's not
4720s great you bring it as a fourth deck
4722s because it has great stats on hs replay
4725s then you actually play it and you
4726s realize it's just a noob stomper and
4728s when you actually bring it to a
4729s competitive setting it really starts to
4731s feel a little bit shakier um i just
4734s think it it lacks a little bit of one or
4736s the other like its board control tools
4738s obviously got better with the wild seeds
4741s but they're not stacking up to the likes
4742s of zoo right with all the imp strategies
4744s they have going on there it's probably
4746s not really stacking up against the mages
4748s as well and the burn damage they have
4751s yes it's the best of any class in the
4752s game right now but with everyone having
4754s 40 health the burn damage needs to be
4756s really really good if you're going to be
4758s able to get there and so i think it's
4760s like both halves of the deck and the
4762s damage on the board are almost there but
4763s it kind of needs one or the other to
4765s really skyrocket up for it to become a
4767s tier tier one deck yeah i would agree
4769s with that as well you can't challenge
4771s like imps by going wide because they'll
4773s go wider than you and you can't
4775s challenge peace by going tall because
4777s they'll go taller than you so you fall
4778s into this sort of weird black hole of
4781s how big your board can be that doesn't
4783s quite challenge other decks on a regular
4786s basis like it should obviously you can
4787s you can mix and match those you can
4789s ignore the big thing with the priests
4790s and go really wide and hit them but
4792s overall
4793s your spells do three damage i mean yeah
4796s three is a weird number to do right now
4798s we can see a one three on the board just
4800s to prove me slightly wrong
4802s but lots of things have one health and
4804s lots of things have a million health
4805s right now and three's kind of wasteful a
4807s lot of the time
4809s very very weird start to the game though
4811s if it's
4812s whereas possession has just been playing
4814s stuff right he went coin to drop two
4815s drop very very happily moving on with
4817s his standard face hunter game plan here
4819s again just one one one will do the job
4822s nicely but tanseoku's had a bit of a
4824s rough ride he's had to go like
4826s one drop and then uh sacrifice right
4829s into another one drop his mischievous
4832s imp i think is still uninfused going
4834s into this turn no you're right yeah i
4837s thought it just infused but it's one
4838s short you're right one short
4841s um
4842s i think you probably still have to play
4844s it you know it's still a four mana six
4845s six you get a decent body there uh but
4848s it starts to beg this question with the
4850s location on board but inactive for this
4852s turn how much do we want to play for
4855s immediate decent tempo play with just
4857s mischievous imp for setting up for a big
4860s combo turn or big ish with the
4862s voidwalker double imp or maybe even play
4864s the voidwalker this turn and then just
4866s go imp plus location next turn
4868s really tough to pass
4870s yeah and i think the tap was not what i
4873s would have done it felt a little bit
4874s brave in that even if you draw good
4876s stuff then you've got another turn where
4879s you're not going to have the mana to
4880s play all this stuff and then you've got
4882s to wait another turn to actually get the
4884s payoff and you're against the hunter
4885s deck that while we put it down slightly
4888s it's not a bad deck like it will punish
4890s you if you are um half a turn behind
4892s which tan soko currently is so let's see
4895s if you can get that payoff to pay off i
4897s guess
4901s the chain is coming together here right
4902s you've got mischievous impinter almost
4905s being able to play c giant uh this will
4908s if everything dies infuse your second
4910s mischievous imp and then you can get the
4912s c giant down at the same time or at the
4914s very least the catastrophe uh it's still
4917s okay for tan soku even with a bit of a
4919s rough start
4922s yes
4923s it's okay
4925s um
4926s and more importantly we can see
4927s possesses hand which is completely out
4930s of stuff
4931s and that's that's the big deal right
4933s possessing had
4934s things that he could fight the board
4936s with maybe some more wild seeds next
4938s turn tan soko
4940s would be in a lot of trouble but possess
4942s he can do basically nothing here yeah he
4945s can
4946s tidy up but he's gonna cost him five
4948s mana to kill two things and launch your
4950s hero power that is not ideal
4953s but uh very importantly here the things
4955s are killable right because the location
4957s was not used on that previous turn for
4959s plus four plus four uh tansoku wanted to
4962s create it even yet further
4964s uh still kind of unclear whether that
4967s works out because he can't actually
4968s sacrifice off this
4970s imp on board so the imp in hand the
4973s mischievous imp is left again uninfused
4977s uh going into this turn but that's uh
4980s not terrible
4982s uh you can just go
4985s yeah i guess impending catastrophe with
4987s the c giant in hand you really want to
4988s find some of the cards to activate that
4991s yeah it's not like there's any bad draws
4993s like just just get more of the same
4995s whatever you get give or take i
4996s understand there's differences
4999s wow man
5003s i don't even know what to do with this
5004s doggy biscuit do you play it and just be
5006s miserable but kill something
5009s or do you cycle it they're both just
5011s miserable options
5012s all right well if we commit the cardinal
5014s sin of hearthstone and actually count uh
5016s if we'd played it there then you have
5019s five attack on board including the uh
5022s the buff from
5025s uh the slither spear hero power as well
5028s seven takes them down to twelve
5029s collateral damage in two turns time with
5032s another one hero power in the middle
5034s is probably not gonna be lethal like it
5037s maybe would have got there but you're
5039s playing a very very risky game because
5040s as soon as they buff up the board with a
5043s bartender the health of all the minions
5045s uh goes up so the damage with collateral
5047s damage goes down uh and you're really
5049s nowhere near killing them then yeah he
5051s did of course get the worst card i think
5053s probably in the whole deck that he could
5056s didn't make it look like the best cycle
5058s ever
5059s um that was not it was a tough choice
5063s you gonna play the imp now panzeka has
5066s decided that he's going to play the imp
5067s oh no
5069s i thought he had some clever plan lined
5071s up but he just forgot to play it
5073s told you he wouldn't get nervous
5075s fine i mean
5077s it's it's one of those mistakes that
5079s like it's so obvious i can't even get
5080s mad at it right like whatever just play
5083s it and don't do it again next time
5085s it's not like some highly deep
5087s strategical error that he didn't yeah
5089s he's just i just didn't play my card
5091s yeah like it's it's dumb obviously but
5093s whatever
5095s uh is it the difference between setting
5097s up lethal and not setting up lethal
5099s though apparently no because possessive
5101s just throws it down and tansoku at 2-0
5104s again wearing his heart on his sleeve
5106s right you can just feel from his
5109s massive face positioned right in front
5111s of his webcam that he really really
5113s wants these wins against the
5115s the current world champion even ignoring
5119s how he does in the rest of the
5120s tournament this would be such a huge win
5122s for him as a competitive hearthstone
5123s player absolutely it has been a while
5125s since we've seen him at these really
5127s late stages of a tournament and that was
5129s just the most apac thing i've ever seen
5131s dalek i don't get the chance to rip into
5132s you and g very often
5134s one player just plays the bartender
5136s followed by a name and the other one
5137s says yep that'll do
5139s i give up i can't beat that
5142s there's so much apac going on there
5145s that's how we do it like honestly i
5147s think if gm had continued for one or two
5149s more years apac grand masters would just
5151s be both players sending each other a
5153s screenshot of their starting hand and
5154s one of them just conceding because
5156s they'd be like okay that's good enough
5157s for me i i think you've uh you've got me
5158s there
5160s i'm joking aside as well i think if gm
5161s had continued one or two more years apac
5163s were getting pretty strong like i i meme
5166s on them of course i do because i cast
5168s the america's region so there's no
5170s punching down able for me so i have to
5172s just punch up the smallest amount
5174s possible but yeah
5175s um i think that apac were coming on very
5178s very strongly towards the end in terms
5180s of practice groups in terms of research
5182s in terms of actual play still a few
5185s untidy moments in the region overall but
5187s yeah i think i think that we're getting
5188s very strong and it's showing here in
5190s this masters tour with so many players
5191s in this top 16.
5193s damn right it's showing g are the
5195s greatest player to ever grace the game
5197s joining us in the masters tour
5199s and uh dutifully throwing the game
5202s versus alu temu to boost his total
5204s number of wins
5205s always one to appreciate a good stat is
5208s gia more so than her own tournament
5210s results which i respect massively
5213s finally get over 100 before playing gear
5215s but just in case just in case exactly
5218s yeah you've got to get him up to like
5220s 101 or something whatever he's up to now
5222s uh but for tan okay here on the temperog
5225s uh a deck that i mean the debate just
5227s rages on uh i don't know if you've been
5229s told how lamby series came up with this
5232s but uh pony of pony dojo told me very
5235s amusingly apparently uh this deck was
5238s created purely because lambie's apm is
5241s too bad and he couldn't play the regular
5243s version of miracle rogue with all the
5245s coins so he just made this monstrosity
5248s and uh
5249s then realized wait a second this is
5251s actually not that bad
5253s uh and everyone else in the practice
5255s group was like hey wait a second i think
5257s you're right
5259s whether or not it's still
5262s in a ladder setting a top tier deck is i
5264s think a little bit more up for debate
5265s because you're going to be seeing a much
5267s higher percentage of decks like shaman
5269s and druid and mage as well which i think
5271s may be where this deck suffers a little
5273s bit against those three very very common
5274s archetypes but if you can ban one of
5276s those away you're going to be facing a
5278s lot more hunter a lot more zoo those
5280s kind of decks in tournament and those
5281s are the decks where i think this rogue
5282s shines because it's really an
5284s anti-tempo deck an anti-aggro deck in my
5287s experience for the most part where even
5289s though it has a pretty low health total
5291s the entirety of that early game aside
5294s from it being miracle support where you
5296s just want to play a lot of cards in the
5298s same turn it's just all removal man it
5300s just deletes any board that your
5301s opponent can play like knoll is zero
5303s mana deal three shadow step turns that
5306s very often into another zero mana deal
5307s three extortion wicked stab tooth uh
5311s even the weapon like all these guards
5313s are just so clean that dealing with any
5314s board your opponent throws down so
5316s unless you get
5317s really really steamrolled by a mega fast
5320s zoo opening uh i think this temperog is
5323s a very specific tool uh for a specific
5325s job but it's certainly the right tool
5327s when that job does arise yeah and it
5329s also depends which part of ladder you're
5331s referring to i know you're talking about
5332s yeah the good player part but down in
5334s dredge legend where i live and
5337s do my work and shamble around doing my
5340s thing like it beats the decks that it
5342s shouldn't as well because you're playing
5343s against people who are less experienced
5345s at dealing with
5347s just the sheer damage it can put out and
5349s things like mage and shaman you just
5351s stomp through those as well i understand
5353s the point i understand at tournament
5354s competitive level it absolutely will
5356s struggle against those big three but if
5358s you're thinking of trying this deck out
5360s don't let derek put you off unless your
5362s top 500 legend because it will just
5364s murder your opponents at any
5367s level right up to the top level uh after
5369s you've played about 10 games those first
5371s 10 games are gonna be rough trust me you
5373s are not gonna know what on earth you're
5374s doing with this deck uh but then it
5376s starts to settle in a little bit more
5380s yeah just first of all first thing to
5381s remember you are not a demon hunter
5383s right now huh
5385s yeah i mean
5386s even with the starting hand there's a
5387s good lesson right here when i first
5389s started playing this deck oh philip
5390s fighter on turn one that sounds good
5392s let's start killing them that was good
5394s in the old versions of rogue no you
5396s cannot play rogue cards until your nulls
5397s cost like zero or maybe one at the
5400s absolute least it's what the whole deck
5402s does you kind of need zero mana knolls
5404s for the deck to function
5406s it's weird actually as somebody who
5408s has always struggled with rogue even
5410s when i've been at my best of my game and
5412s done quite well at the game i have
5414s always struggled with vogue this deck
5416s actually plays out how i imagine a deck
5418s should play i don't i don't have any of
5419s those difficulties because all the
5421s things i did wrong before with vogue are
5423s now correct
5424s though not grabbing early tempo as well
5427s as i should actually rewards people like
5429s me now because you don't have to you can
5431s just collect this
5432s cheap collection of cards make a giant
5435s thing and kill them with it and that
5436s that fits my brain so much better
5440s oh really tough choice here for tan soku
5443s because if you play this uh sinstone
5445s graveyard upside you've played it you've
5448s banked the mana so the next turn you can
5450s start popping off with maybe tracker
5452s plus the graveyard on the same turn uh
5454s the downside is of course you pop out of
5456s your disguise so those knolls are gonna
5457s stay costing one for the rest of the
5459s game and the break point between zero
5461s and one is
5463s astronomical like that's potentially
5465s plus three plus three or an extra three
5466s attack on your dagger which is like nine
5469s attack over the course of the game that
5470s you can miss out on uh if you play it
5472s now
5473s but
5474s you know you've also banked the matter
5476s then so the extra two you have to pay
5477s for the knolls is maybe recouped by it
5479s it's really tough but i think there's a
5482s pass here there is the option here
5484s because he has two of them that that
5485s makes a difference because that's true
5487s you can pump out two four fours and to
5489s have the decision of that will do rather
5491s than 177 or something so there's a lot
5494s to think about there with that in mind
5498s okay tracker is obviously
5501s if you're trying to chain edward not a
5503s good card but if you're just trying to
5504s make a big weapon that's the card to
5506s find of course
5510s go time for both players
5513s getting there isn't it both got both
5515s knolls
5516s both got draco obviously tan soku's got
5518s both locations as well
5522s it looks like this favors tan soka quite
5524s strongly from here because he's just got
5526s so much more stuff and he's got the
5528s tempo on his side yeah i do like this
5530s like very often this match-up does come
5532s down to bigger dracker because it kind
5534s of like
5535s gains you one extra turn of tempo in
5537s terms of the damage like it kind of has
5539s charge in a way with getting to attack
5541s face straight away as opposed to the uh
5543s the simstone graveyards but in this
5545s instance when your opponent's so far
5547s away from eight mana scabs
5549s and they have nothing on board i think
5550s this is absolutely the way to go for tan
5552s soku and uh possessi already is looking
5555s to be in some very hot water
5557s i this is rapidly becoming an accidental
5560s catchphrase but it's turn four
5563s six sixes two three fives what's even
5566s going on and that's with every deck in
5568s this meta i just seem to stream that out
5570s on turn four but it's turn four
5572s look at it all
5575s nearly there
5576s [Music]
5578s yeah possessing looks kind of dead like
5580s the out right now is
5583s prep serrated bone tooth uh or bone
5586s spike sorry into scabs in the same turn
5591s kill him
5594s or do you just 27 next turn somehow with
5596s your 10 10 in your weapon
5599s uh
5600s yeah okay how does that work what are
5602s the outs that you could get that you
5603s have double door which could be double
5606s infused
5607s uh
5609s so you know it starts getting pretty
5611s uh
5612s difficult to work through but you know
5613s if you're looking at like double prep
5615s double bone spike is the two things you
5617s get off of the double door
5619s then
5621s you know i don't think we're dealing 27
5622s in a single turn then but you're getting
5624s to the point where possibly you can kill
5626s them one turn earlier
5629s but of course tensorflow just dealing
5630s with enough of the damage on the board
5632s here to still set up the two-turn lethal
5636s way
5637s yeah i'm not mind games aside
5643s [Applause]
5645s thank you 14. you're
5646s probably supposed to kill the knoll here
5649s i think it's like again it's so so so
5652s unlikely that you die even from 15 to
5655s zero uh if you ignore if you factor the
5657s edwin in
5658s um but i think it's a lot less likely
5662s than like 12.
5664s on the other side of it doing nine is so
5666s much easier than doing 12 but i think
5668s you are supposed to kill it as well
5670s you've got a whole collection of threes
5672s and sixes so nine is just one of the
5673s threes but
5675s you shouldn't be able to get 12 out of
5676s this lot
5678s all right this is gonna need to be one
5679s heck of a turn for possessing starting
5682s off he needs to make some hand space
5683s right
5684s uh so we could see extortion first we
5687s could see phillip fighter first yeah
5689s basically anything to free up space for
5690s these doors
5694s all right prep
5696s okay
5698s there we go that's something
5701s i don't know what now but let's keep
5703s going let's keep playing stuff
5705s just change the the hope setting the
5707s dream
5708s uh
5709s kings is four damage i
5712s uh it's just noble sacrifices and that
5714s you you try to
5715s delete some damage okay that's tan soko
5717s might make a mistake or something attack
5719s but that's true thing into it so it
5720s gives you a chance
5722s yeah i think clutching at straws
5724s yeah kings is just too expensive
5727s and mainly it's too time consuming why
5729s is this possessed you just click
5730s something you've got a lot of stuff left
5731s to do
5733s oh no not like this hey he takes kings
5737s does he see a lethal out here
5741s he may have just decided he doesn't want
5742s any of the cards and just clicked one of
5744s you
5745s right
5747s yeah okay fair enough he didn't have
5749s mana for the secret which is i guess
5755s and so we are a
5758s single damage spell away from lethal
5759s honest sorry with the trade my mistake
5761s it's uh a lot harder now
5763s wow
5764s great turn from possession
5770s but a fish suddenly has ten seconds
5772s actually got to go fishing for something
5773s good because
5775s might actually lose this game
5777s yeah the question is though what do you
5778s point this philip fighter out because
5782s yeah i think it does have to be edwin
5783s here three is a lot easier to deal than
5785s four
5785s [Music]
5787s okay well turns out obviously that was
5789s gonna happen yeah
5792s minus one damage low
5798s you just do it anyway it's still the
5799s correct play yeah
5801s you know they can't kill you from the
5802s other side of course
5804s you'd be dead
5811s somehow the blessing of kings worked out
5812s possessing worked out how much the board
5814s could look like and that blessing of
5815s kings could have been a big deal as it
5816s happens
5820s in some worlds
5822s is the damage spell lethal here it's 11
5825s 15 yeah any damage spell was actually
5827s just game there because of the blessing
5828s of king's pick
5832s that's sick
5833s tooth or uh
5837s tooth or wicked stab was lethal yes yeah
5839s it was oh my god
5841s he he spotted that so that huge long
5844s thing he had as tan soko pops off
5846s that huge long thing that possess he had
5849s actually came to a really good
5850s conclusion and very nearly won him the
5852s game first of all he had to lose a
5854s minion anyway and then he had to whiff
5855s on his own draw that was that was
5857s incredibly close
5858s really really close and uh a big uh
5862s well played to uh uh possessing there i
5865s think that would look like possessee on
5866s form you know he got very uh
5869s his opponent got some pretty good draws
5871s and that mage game was oh sorry that
5873s rogue mirror was very very close at the
5875s end uh like we can talk about questions
5877s as to
5878s his use of mana leading up into that mid
5881s game like edwin stepping the edwin but
5883s to be honest i think i just agree with
5885s everything he did it was a game where he
5886s drew neither location his uh drakka was
5889s fairly small as well for that stage of
5891s the game uh and he gave himself a real
5894s out like a solid shot of winning the
5896s game i don't know what the odds were
5897s there but i feel like they were pretty
5898s good
5899s uh and i think a lot of players wouldn't
5901s have even got into that position so well
5902s played to him but congratulations to tan
5906s soku taking the win over the current
5908s world champ and uh going through to the
5910s top eight now just a couple wins away
5914s from being crowned
5915s the winner of my feeling murder at
5917s catholic castle nathria every time derek
5920s speaks you can feel the excitement
5922s building it's like apac is going to do
5924s it we're going it's time this time
5926s [Music]
5928s this is the one the round isn't quite
5931s over yet i believe i'm just double
5933s checking yeah we've got one more game of
5935s hearthstone for you and
5937s it's going to be between gamer rbg and
5940s donkey
5942s um so it's i think we're going to join
5944s it at two all
5948s uh yes i believe so i think we're
5949s heading to game five and this is an
5952s interesting game right because i believe
5954s gamer rvg is america's last hope
5959s right that is true i think he's the only
5961s america's representative like usa or
5963s otherwise that the region is an entirety
5965s uh which makes me almost as happy as the
5968s fact that apac is doing so well is that
5970s america's is doing so poorly uh but for
5973s gamer rpg versus donkey you know
5977s it's a tough one to choose because
5978s donkey is a player that we're both
5979s really really big fans of we hope for
5980s them to do very very well uh but gamer
5982s rvg his uh
5984s excitement uh on social media has been
5987s infectious jokes aside about the
5988s americas as a region a player who i i
5991s definitely hope to see a big win for at
5993s some point uh yeah it would be really
5996s good to see again i think even as the
5998s america's representative i cannot help
6000s but sort of
6002s unfortunately i'm supposed to be
6003s unbiased but voting for donkey is just a
6006s thing i've done since day one when he
6007s forgot to check in for his first
6009s tournament they had such a bad run and
6012s they're so excited when they play
6014s that i think that a donkey taking down a
6017s masters tour would just be
6018s kind of the best thing that could happen
6020s in the whole world ever
6024s here we go into that game five it's the
6025s alignment druid which has lost twice in
6028s games three and four in this match so
6031s far from gamer rvg
6033s anything spectacular stick out there
6035s it's hard to pick it out in a hurry but
6037s they all it's pretty much a normal build
6039s two starfish is interesting i guess yeah
6042s i'm okay with double starfish the the
6044s big question is like first of all
6045s alignment or no alignment i'm fine with
6047s this and i think very quickly whether or
6049s not you include tokyo because the big
6051s problem i had with a lot of the uh the
6053s french players at the uh solari party
6057s was they had alignment in their list
6058s which is you know fine i can understand
6060s why i'd want to do that in druid but
6062s they had topia with like no nature
6063s spells in the tech it was nourish wild
6066s growth and the earthen scales and i
6067s guess they innovate as well and there
6069s just wasn't enough there was
6071s no planted evidence no natural causes no
6074s living roots you really need those cards
6076s and personally i think you want to
6078s include them full stop in druid i think
6080s that package is really really powerful
6082s both against aggro and control but if
6084s you're going to cut all of those i fully
6085s agree with cutting topio as well as
6088s gamer rpg has done here
6090s however up against the whig priest
6093s lorinda we've seen it time and again
6095s this has to be the disaster matchup for
6097s the druid i think so yeah i mean to it's
6099s one weakness is getting hit early by big
6101s minions it's not quite as one weakness
6103s getting a hit early by lots of small
6104s minions this is another one but getting
6106s hit early and hard is definitely what
6108s druid doesn't like
6110s and here we go wig priest yeah yeah
6114s you've got to just get through that
6115s early bit i guess somehow but
6119s can you really can you do that you can't
6123s get through this i mean just look at
6124s that absolute beast you're not getting
6126s anywhere against that
6129s uh obviously an early alignment can
6132s maybe do something if they don't have a
6135s radiant to go with it and if some other
6137s things a starfish can shut down the
6139s first attack as we see here is a
6142s possibility
6143s some early ramp can get you your big
6145s things on board but they're not even big
6147s enough by then a lot of the time
6149s so it is donkey's
6151s deck or himself to lose at this point
6154s you can get it done
6155s that is true but
6158s getting ravi's hand is really good right
6160s now yes it is golf and starfish are
6163s premium cards in the mulligan theater
6166s not bad either actually to be perfectly
6168s honest just slamming that down on turn
6170s probably after guff uh in order to try
6173s and steal a wig is huge and right now
6176s and it's really really slow
6180s yes stealing a wig is obviously a
6181s massive deal um it's quite hard to
6183s explain how massive a deal it can be
6186s because a lot of the time
6187s it is your only win card you don't
6190s always get the thrive to find the second
6191s one you don't always get the second one
6193s if the first one gets stolen
6195s you can still do great things with boons
6198s and so on but
6200s it slows you down it means you have to
6201s actually win fair and square on the
6203s board the druid then just gets out of
6205s hand
6206s he hits that it could be
6208s could be a way through
6210s that's why it's not a 100 matchup right
6211s it's 60 or 70 for a reason
6215s okay take a look at the list again to
6217s try and uh figure out what the play on
6219s this turn should be sorry there are very
6221s few plays that are good off of aquatic
6224s formulas again no living roots uh no
6227s natural causes makes it a little bit
6229s tougher
6230s and so i've think the play i would be
6233s leading into is just hero power growth
6235s guff coin hero power scales right it's
6237s it's just a pretty clean
6239s uh curve uh over the next couple turns
6243s you have starfish as an emergency panic
6245s button in case anything goes terribly
6247s wrong but my instinct is to say that
6249s aquatic form should be saved until you
6250s have like eight mana or so so that you
6253s can try and hit uh second scale
6255s alignment growth uh
6258s park panther maybe as well as just a
6260s little bit of extra removal second
6261s starfish slightly more powerful options
6264s against wig priest
6267s donkey's feeling it because he's got a
6269s lot of the tools for a good game here
6271s but not necessarily all of them
6275s yep they're just taking a moment to calm
6277s themselves down i like this a lot it's
6279s like okay it's not really important
6281s i'm in the top 16. sorry squishy
6285s from here
6286s i mean
6287s the
6288s bad the bow tie in the beard is never
6289s gonna not be hilarious that is just such
6291s a great affectation to have
6294s i love it i love i think it's about
6296s donkey
6298s the fact is gone slightly wonky though
6300s during the course of this match shows
6301s this match
6303s two hours or something
6306s like it's been a real grind i don't know
6308s how long it is exactly it's something
6309s like two hours since this match started
6311s this started before our live
6313s match started and
6315s is still going it's nutty
6318s it's been a long round one
6319s i need to go put the washing out oh well
6321s i'll do it in 30 seconds you'll be okay
6324s that's true actually that's a good point
6326s uh but a decent draw here right for
6328s donkey in the form of treasure guard
6331s just to get yourself a little bit of uh
6333s sorry a refresh on the wig and a taunted
6336s five health minion is really annoying
6338s for the premiere clear for druid at this
6340s point in the game which is scales like
6343s an odd number of health whether it be
6344s five or seven
6346s uh is very very tricky for your opponent
6347s to answer
6350s and is
6351s what do you do about this theater next
6353s time like donkey's hand will likely get
6355s bigger not smaller over the next few
6357s turns so you've got to go
6360s but
6361s yeah
6362s you've got to find a way to work this in
6363s soon right otherwise the hand is going
6364s to get too big to go into your hit
6366s i i think the way to approach it here
6368s for gamer rpg is to say
6370s theater isn't necessary to win this game
6373s the the core game plan is still
6376s tempo like he's going he's gained so
6378s much mana over the course of this game
6380s that just going miracle growth next turn
6383s or scale into miracle growth with the
6385s starfish as well that should win you the
6387s game and if things go really really
6388s wrong or really really well for that
6390s matter if you have a bunch of spare mana
6392s then you just throw down theater or if
6394s you really need to steal the wig you can
6395s go for a desperate theater but for the
6397s main plan just stay the course play your
6399s biggest cards on curve and win the game
6401s that way yeah the aquatic form you
6403s described obviously is still there going
6405s into eight mana as well so
6407s plenty of options there for game plan
6410s desperate theater sounds like a new hero
6413s from like 2024 expansion
6417s level one it's desperate theater that
6419s just becomes like invincible theater
6424s wasn't that uh was that an old comic
6425s desperate dan was that what was that was
6428s a
6429s that was a
6430s strip within the dandy comic oh yeah
6434s do you remember it well derek yeah i do
6437s actually i used to read the bina and the
6438s dandy a little bit when i was small i
6440s used to have them delivered to my door
6442s wow
6443s yeah
6444s there we go
6447s ah thanks for that now i feel even older
6452s all right
6454s time to organize this term the aquatic
6456s form first makes sense ooh
6460s i think i'll just take a druid of the
6461s reef that's that's good like it's a
6464s pretty good card here at this point in
6465s the game honestly even if you play it
6466s this turn alongside the scale it's an
6469s odd attack rusher which make things uh
6472s just makes the numbers a bit cleaner
6474s to actually clear the board
6477s degrees
6479s so if you were to play scale plus uh the
6482s druid of the reef it's uh reef plus a
6484s whelp into the one five one two three
6487s four into the uh the big minion and then
6490s one two into the smaller one it's a
6492s pretty easy
6493s the weight is destroying donkeys like
6495s what are you gonna do show me your cards
6496s i wanna see them now
6499s okay
6500s back to the grind you've got to set it
6501s all up again
6508s i mean the tension for these players it
6510s must just be absolutely unbearable like
6512s this is the furthest i think that either
6514s of them have ever gotten in a masters
6515s tour it's you know for a lot of players
6518s getting through to top 16 you hate to
6519s say but it's very possibly the furthest
6520s they ever will get if they lose at this
6522s point this you know when you're at this
6524s point whether or not it's true you feel
6526s like this is your shot if you lose it
6528s now it's over and you're never going to
6530s get a better chance than this one which
6532s could just be true for a lot of players
6534s it's really really difficult to get to
6536s this point in a
6537s masters tour given the level of
6539s competition so for donkey i like what
6542s he's doing he seems to be keeping the
6543s stress levels low just playing his best
6545s cards on curve
6546s and uh even though things are looking a
6548s little scary because gamer rpg has
6550s ramped up he's got a decent hand size
6552s donkey is still in this one even though
6555s he didn't get the blowout victory that
6556s you want with wig priest his hand is
6558s still pretty premium there's plenty of
6560s stuff going on for just make a couple of
6562s big minions to sneak through
6564s a game of rpg has a collection of nice
6567s druid cars but no actual
6569s punch it out of the park
6572s cards right now
6575s he says looking at the alignment
6576s considering how that plays out
6578s but not great into a radiant
6584s okay alex drazer we knew was there
6587s are we happy just slamming it down
6590s it kills a thing and it is a thing it's
6592s not too bad
6596s moonlit's kind of the best card in the
6598s deck
6600s yeah you do have an alignment in hand
6602s though which makes alexstrasza a lot
6604s more tempting just to have
6607s uh in hand but i guess your hand isn't
6609s actually a very good alignment hand
6610s anyway right you don't have anacondra
6612s you don't nourish
6614s um
6615s don't have board yeah
6617s it's really close like my instincts
6619s still say it should just be miracle
6620s growth on this term to draw a bunch of
6622s extra cards and still get a good amount
6623s of pressure and play
6625s but i mean alexstrasza is clearly not a
6627s bad option right
6629s yeah
6630s and i think that may have been the
6631s decision in the end it's like well if
6632s this is wrong it's not very wrong if my
6634s other choices are wrong they're very
6636s wrong if that makes any sense when
6638s you're evaluating in a hobby just take
6640s the one that looks like it's never a
6641s disaster
6643s and now we've got a big turning point in
6645s the match because that radiant elemental
6647s has been sat there understandably for
6649s the entire game so far he drawn like
6651s turn two
6653s and you really want to play it now but
6655s you also really want to save it for post
6657s alignment to pop off in a much much
6659s bigger way i think with the draw of
6661s priestess valish though the decision
6663s becomes an awful lot easier because this
6665s is absolutely monstrous and i think that
6669s was the light it burns as well which is
6671s just a one mana snap answer to the alex
6674s drazer on the other side this turn is
6676s insane yeah donkey recognized it started
6679s to turn off playing quite slowly and
6681s then when they drew the presets they
6683s were just like okay now i've got to go
6685s and the the apm went up incredibly
6688s quickly
6689s oh he's just got to go he's worrying
6690s about hand space don't worry about that
6692s man board's face don't even worry about
6694s it just go go go play switching that
6696s draws things
6699s all right they've got a huge number of
6702s actions cued they've got a huge board
6704s and no one's gonna ever know if this was
6706s perfect but it was good enough
6708s look at this board state they've created
6711s derek
6712s that's pretty monstrous uh yeah i think
6714s there was maybe a subtle improvement
6715s again i'm pretty sure the light it burns
6717s was offered which i'm pretty sure i
6719s would rather have done that than draw
6721s two cards here
6723s uh and just dealt 12 to them on this
6725s turn uh but either way for the most part
6727s like i'm not going to knock him too hard
6729s because that's like a
6730s you know an arguable difference in the
6732s play the main point is here look at the
6734s number of stats on board starfish can
6737s help but starfish does not solve this
6739s problem on its own you are still going
6741s to be tanking the 12 from the kirian
6743s plus everything else in its natural
6745s stats on the board this is uh defcon 1
6748s for gamer rvg he is about to lose this
6750s game
6750s yeah and all the good cards the theater
6752s the alignment the even the miracle
6755s growth they all do nothing suddenly
6758s yeah all the cars that could have lined
6760s up okay as you've said already the
6762s starfish doesn't deal with a 12 22 it
6765s doesn't deal with much at all
6769s it's the card draw when you want it
6771s jerry rig's too slow
6776s gotta find a play gamer
6779s got to do something man oh he's such a
6782s heartbreaker
6784s you gotta be scared
6786s is it just miracle growth jerry rig
6788s first to get plus one plus one alignment
6791s oh
6795s [Music]
6799s i think he's just dead yeah yeah i think
6801s even without the bless he may have just
6803s been dead but either way gamer rbg can't
6805s even bring himself to watch as we can
6807s see donkey has done it through to the
6810s top eight lorinda the uh
6813s the only player i think who can rival
6815s your love of stats has done it and uh i
6818s think we're both feeling uh sharing in
6820s his joy right now yeah well done to
6822s donkey if we win for donkeys is a win
6825s for everybody i feel sorry for gamer rpg
6827s of course uh the last america's
6829s representative which is our standard
6831s thing to say in the round of 16. derek
6833s the enemy of our enemy is our friend or
6835s something we're friends
6837s we've got to unite against europe and
6839s china i am thoroughly an apac person for
6842s the rest of the day
6844s um but yeah seeing donkey go through
6846s you've got to feel happy for them you
6848s you've already mentioned the love of
6849s stats and the hard work that they put
6851s into their site so
6853s everybody who plays hearthstone at some
6855s point at any sort of competitive level
6857s has has encountered donkey's work
6859s whether deliberately or secondhand so
6862s yeah great to see um a strong playing
6864s community member doing incredibly well
6866s in a masters tour love it
6868s agreed and i think just playing very
6870s very solidly overall again as i talked
6872s about those uh that tough couple of
6875s plays as to when you play the radian i
6876s think was perfectly timed in that series
6879s and uh takes a deserved win uh but with
6881s that said i think we can take a look at
6884s our set in stone top eight now here at
6887s masters tour murder at castle nathria
6890s let's see how things shook out
6893s interesting games right who made it
6894s through who didn't glory winning his
6896s game we saw that on stream tan soku as
6898s well and a lot of the chinese players
6901s taking their wins as well right with
6902s wood stone and love storm all taking it
6905s can love storm go 12-0 for the second
6908s time in a master's tour in the same year
6910s i believe because that might even shut
6912s sottles bly's comments up right if love
6914s storm
6915s eight owes the swiss and wins the
6917s tournament twice that would be
6919s absolutely nutty
6921s uh 12-0 so hard to do obviously but
6924s doing it twice that would be crazy and
6927s this whole lineup
6928s don't know much about the two bottom
6929s players i've seen three woods about a
6931s few times in these masters tours
6933s but bunch of letters at the bottom i
6935s don't know anything about i've got to
6936s admit so i'll have a look into that for
6938s you before we get to that one but yeah
6940s strong looking top eight um with no
6943s america's region competitors
6945s no america's region and i think actually
6948s eu in uh
6950s well third place right in terms of
6952s representation because i think it's just
6954s boost your cmd for finland
6956s and uh donkey right for croatia as well
6958s uh to to round things out uh with uh
6962s three uh chinese and three apac
6964s representatives rounding things out so
6966s again i'm gonna rally the cry it's a
6968s fact time lorida i believe yeah i'm on
6971s your side derek for obvious reasons and
6975s well let's go and get on with this top
6977s eight i think we've talked about it for
6979s so long let's actually get on with it
6980s let's see if derrick and jia can get
6982s their wish and get a masters tour
6984s champion top eight continues right after
6987s this break
6990s [Music]
6999s [Music]
7027s my
7029s [Music]
7072s you
7083s [Music]
7091s so
7098s [Music]
7103s so
7107s [Music]
7122s do
7126s [Music]
7180s [Music]
7187s hello everyone and welcome back to
7189s masters tour murder at castle nathria we
7191s are about ready to start that top a i'm
7194s raven and joining me to kick off that
7196s top eight it's gonna be edelweiss and uh
7197s we've got a cool match coming up it's
7199s gonna be lovestorm versus merrow to
7201s start here so gonna be a a pretty spicy
7204s one overall both players bring in some
7206s uh pretty interesting decks actually
7210s yeah this curse warlock mixed with imp
7214s warlock has done a lot better than i
7216s would have anticipated usually i feel
7218s like when you're playing a hybrid you
7219s get sort of the worst of both worlds
7222s but it seems like it is uh performing
7225s very well for
7226s lots of folks and
7228s merrow on the other side with the pure
7230s embarloc so we may see a showdown
7232s between those two
7235s yeah and we've got a great top eight as
7236s well before we dive into the first match
7238s to take a look at what is going to
7239s happen for the rest of the day we will
7241s be playing it out all the way to that
7242s grand final of course where we will
7244s crown our winner uh but look at some of
7246s these match-ups they're all looking
7247s fantastic actually i'm excited for the
7249s one we're about to cast but then we have
7250s donkey tonsoku and then w.e stone versus
7254s glory like these are some pretty intense
7256s matchups i am very very ready for a
7259s little bit later on
7262s yeah lots of familiar names i know i've
7263s been a glory fan for quite some time tan
7266s soku you know older name kind of making
7268s its way back and as we mentioned earlier
7270s in the weekend love storm another caster
7274s although in the china region so
7276s really jam-packed and of course my pick
7279s donkey still in it you know it's a shame
7280s it had to be taking down the last
7283s america's player but donkey has just
7285s done so much for the community in terms
7287s of their website that i really really
7290s have to root for them
7291s yeah he does a lot of great work
7295s but
7295s there's also that chance as well for for
7298s derek's dream to come true of a uh a
7300s double japan final uh potentially
7304s if everything goes right for those
7305s players but as i said we are going to
7307s kick things off with love stone versus
7308s mero you can see the bands there and
7310s interestingly enough again we we seem to
7313s keep seeing this where shaymin has had
7315s the best win rate across the masters
7317s tour but it's still being left up so
7320s players just deciding well you know
7322s they'll just let it through and they
7323s seem to have uh feel like they have a
7325s stronger ban elsewhere in some of these
7327s matchups we see druid banned away from
7329s love storm and then the priest from mero
7331s so what would you make of this strategy
7333s overall of just leaving the shaymin up
7336s and and letting those other bands go
7338s through
7340s so i think what it comes down to is that
7342s while the shaman is really one of you
7344s know the best deck i think by most
7346s people's measure in this meta it doesn't
7349s tend to have as crazy polarizing
7352s match-ups so even if you're not great
7355s into it you usually have still got
7356s something like a you know 40 45 chance
7359s or even 50 50s and people are more
7362s willing to sort of take that than have
7364s to worry about something that maybe pull
7366s more polarizing for their lineup overall
7368s yeah that's fair definitely because at
7370s least with shaymin you know that because
7372s the majority of them are 40 cards yes
7374s we've seen them draw pretty great pretty
7376s consistently but you do have that window
7379s right just going against shaymin isn't
7381s an auto lose right so i can definitely
7383s see that one play out it does look like
7385s we have the picks in for the first match
7387s up and it is going to be the rogue from
7389s love storm which is going to be that
7391s mine rogue or you know the death rattle
7393s smoke screen whatever name you want to
7394s choose
7395s and then we have the mage from mero
7398s which uh is the version i am moving
7401s further and further away from the more i
7403s play different types of mage uh it is
7406s that excel sort of huge you know 40
7408s cards all the different win conditions
7410s you could ever want so gonna be
7411s interesting once we take a look at those
7412s decklists but as you mentioned love
7414s storm um as well as winning a previous
7418s master store nyx's lair a little bit
7419s earlier on uh also a caster and is
7422s having that solid record uh as a 2022
7426s soft competitive overall season you
7428s could say a 67 win rate uh i would be
7431s quite happy with that if i was love star
7435s yeah i mean this is the kind of win rate
7437s where you say wow that's incredible and
7440s then you have to remember as well that
7442s this is a record against some of the
7443s best players in the world this isn't
7444s just you know queuing up games on ladder
7447s right i think right
7449s when you put it in that perspective it's
7450s just all the more impressive and uh if i
7453s recall correctly last
7455s master's tour the love storm performed
7457s was it a 12-0 was that or am i confusing
7460s that with another player
7461s um he
7462s oh i cannot remember i'm sure lorinda
7465s will let us know shortly
7467s and send us a quick message but i do
7469s know the the run obviously when he he
7471s won the masters tour he his run in top
7474s 16 was clearly flawless uh but i can't
7476s quite remember his swiss score it may
7478s well have been flawless victory for him
7480s there so um uh yeah i'm willing to agree
7484s with you or at least just say that's the
7486s truth for some reason um on that one so
7488s yeah very excited to see what he can do
7490s he's a player who definitely likes to do
7492s his own thing as well because we've seen
7494s this it's uh in just his lineup it has
7496s this mine rogue which again i think is a
7498s very solid deck it's maybe been
7500s overshadowed especially by lambie rogue
7502s that we've been seeing a lot uh but
7504s there's that and this sort of curse
7506s warlock as well which i'm very very
7508s interested seeing more and more games
7510s get played as you said the stats from a
7512s masters tour are very interesting
7514s because they are high level game stats
7517s right like ladder stats very important
7518s you can get a lot from them but when you
7520s have like a long like this many games
7523s played out over three days you get you
7525s dive just a little bit deeper into the
7528s meaning of those but for now let's take
7529s a look at mero's spooky mage here and
7532s then
7533s do you still like this do you still
7534s think this is the uh the future of mage
7539s you know i think that for sure the
7541s skeletons are powerful and they allow
7543s mage to do a sort of interesting play
7545s pattern where they're
7547s being sort of both defensive and
7549s offensive but this list is
7552s really i think been unusual there's been
7554s the most variation in mage um i know
7559s lots of people have been messing around
7560s with do you run frozen touch do you run
7562s solid alibi like are you going more
7564s offensive more defensive we've seen this
7566s full
7566s spectrum
7568s but
7569s while it has surprised me to see rune of
7571s the archmage without ways of cheating it
7573s out it seems to just be pretty solid a
7576s lot of the time
7578s without it having to be the only tool
7580s you're relying on such as in big spell
7583s mage you know this
7584s strange
7586s mixture spooky mage of kind of the big
7588s spells and the cheaper spells
7591s has been putting up numbers and i have
7593s to say i tried a little bit of not this
7595s exact exact list but a similar one on
7597s ladder and i haven't lost yet so there
7600s must be something there
7601s in before we read this the fine print
7603s played one game and
7605s i'm joking of course and the one thing
7607s that i do have questions about this list
7609s on are just the cards such as your
7612s murloc homes then there's a one-off
7614s shivering sorceress uh there's the one
7616s of alibi one of blizzard and i do just
7620s wonder it's incredible that with 40
7623s cards to pick there's still just a ton
7625s of random one-offs in a deck list uh it
7628s does surprise me just a little bit i'd
7629s imagine with even more choice you'd be
7631s able to just fill those out a little bit
7632s more but i will say i'm quickly becoming
7635s a
7636s huge favor of the solid alibi i love
7640s that card so i'll be happy to run two
7642s off in every list so we'll see how it
7644s plays out though again uh different it's
7646s one of the things with these uh renathol
7648s decks where
7650s you've got so many different options how
7651s you pad those are the ten cards uh then
7654s you know there's different reasons for
7656s everything right so there are arguments
7658s to play any kind of thing it depends on
7659s what you're trying to counter
7661s overall so excited to see how this mage
7663s can do and if it can again be consistent
7666s enough but to be fair all the players
7668s have made it to top a have had a very
7670s consistent tournament with the lineup so
7672s far
7675s and love storm the only 8-0 out of the
7677s swiss with this list and perhaps not
7680s even the
7682s most perfect 40 as
7684s from stats that i've checked out over on
7686s off curve
7687s deep water evoker has one of the lowest
7690s win rates just as a card in the spooky
7693s mage so that inclusion may not be
7696s helping love storm out but it hasn't
7698s seemed to matter for them yeah it is
7700s mero's list love storm's not playing
7702s mage uh just a quick
7703s i'm sorry uh but but your point is
7706s completely valid overall because i agree
7709s yeah yeah yeah i i i
7712s it's an odd choice isn't it when again
7715s there are certain one-offs in the deck
7717s and then you look at oh okay deport
7719s revoker yeah it draws a card i
7721s completely get that but then there's
7723s cards like wildfire flurry and you know
7727s like just all these low-cost cards where
7729s yes it is the four mana three four draw
7732s a card really worth that much are there
7734s not other cards in the deck that you
7736s could play to help out with that card
7738s draw or just go a slightly different
7740s direction in general very very
7741s interesting i think
7743s this is something we're gonna see
7745s probably never settle it wouldn't
7747s surprise me if there's just never a
7749s defined 40 card deck of you know any of
7752s the classes that run it uh because there
7754s is just so much choice and like space
7756s for personal preference but we are ready
7759s to get into game number one and
7761s as players i want to do with these 40
7763s cards list say mero looked like a glance
7766s there he had a heck of an opening
7770s yeah it's sort of unusual you would
7772s expect 40 cards less consistency but as
7775s long as you keep enough low curve cards
7777s it can still work out and this is as
7780s strong as ever you know there's only one
7782s of these shivering sorceresses to get it
7784s discounting the wildfire uh zero mana
7787s you don't have to play it right away you
7788s can leave it for that surprise factor
7790s although uh get something like the mine
7793s rogue over from love storm not a ton of
7795s things you need to ping down anyways
7798s yeah just useful really isn't it and the
7800s fact that it might not look like the
7802s highest impact i think a lot of the time
7804s people look at cards such as cold case
7806s because it's um
7808s it just helps out with your general
7809s curve so much but hitting wildfire means
7812s that you know could potentially squeeze
7814s a penguin on turn two but as he said not
7816s often the match up there where that's
7818s gonna come in clutch but coin three into
7819s three into cold case
7821s uh it's looking quite strong for mero
7826s oh just the fact that we are coining out
7828s effectively a spider tank just to get
7831s the trades over on the one three just uh
7834s what a time to live in with these 40
7836s card decks sometimes coin spider tank is
7838s now just classic hearthstone isn't it
7840s that is exactly what you want to see
7842s just coin three four on turn two perfect
7846s uh to see him follow up with the
7847s frostwolf engineer of course and gets
7850s his freeze which is gonna be pretty nice
7853s as well um again it's
7855s you can always argue in different
7856s matchups how strong the freeze is but at
7858s the end of the day it's better than not
7860s having it right so there are very few
7863s instances where you'd actually want to
7864s sort of miss the frost spell uh in this
7867s deck so yeah really good outcome there
7869s for mera
7871s yeah i think typically the misses you're
7873s sort of happy with anyway are wildfire
7875s because it is so important for uh
7877s ratcheting up your reckless apprentice
7879s being able to cast more drift
7881s potentially on curve that kind of thing
7883s or arcane intellect for extra cards but
7885s with the influx of frost spells uh in
7887s murder and castle nathri expansion it's
7890s just so easy to get those extra one ones
7892s and it's uh it's only a couple extra
7894s damage but when you think about it it's
7895s a three mana four five worth of stats uh
7898s which is
7899s cheaper than your typical yeti and the
7902s freezes are not insignificant to a good
7904s amount of the time oh not at all for
7906s example if you hit that on turn by two
7909s or three you know depend on coin against
7910s like a zoo lock yeah you are having a
7913s great time yeah but here so far love
7916s storm is just gonna start pumping out
7917s the damage with the mines he does have
7920s the uh the the and he said location then
7923s um but it does have the uh graveyard
7926s upright
7926s right now the object yeah words things
7929s whatever
7931s this is i think my most frequent mix-up
7933s objective versus location uh i almost
7936s wonder if objectives were sort of the
7938s early concept of locations and then they
7940s took it one iteration further but yeah
7943s snowfall graveyard doubling the death
7946s rattles uh sort of the key
7948s card in the deck
7951s whether you want to call it mine rogue
7953s or smoke screen rogue you know it's a
7954s death rattle centered deck and
7957s naval mine plus forsaken lieutenant
7959s that's another 16 damage with the trades
7961s in uh
7963s inching the way closer need i think one
7966s more
7967s death rattle to really get over the
7969s finish line and
7971s might not have the time one big positive
7973s about this for mero is these freezes on
7975s the face do just basically delete a
7978s potential draw from love storm right in
7980s the form of the weapon uh if he draws
7982s counterfeit blade well he can't swing it
7985s he can still equip it and then just hero
7987s power to break it potentially of course
7989s to do that but still normally if the
7991s weapons equipped with the naval mine at
7993s death rattle that puts so much damage
7996s out over the course of the two swings
7998s it's kind of absurd so emeril giving the
8000s swift nod there says you know what okay
8002s there's the damage what else have you
8003s got this turn and he'll be quite happy
8006s that it seems to be backstab pass
8011s yeah and we've got uh quite a bit of
8012s damage on the side over here just yeah
8014s just lethal
8016s one of the
8018s fun interactions with deathborn is not
8020s only does it make you more volatile
8021s skeletons but you can just use it to
8022s kill a board of them you've already got
8024s for a little extra burst
8026s yeah a lot of options there and i will
8027s say merrow probably extremely happy with
8030s that win i
8032s i'll be honest maybe it's just
8034s my personal uh thoughts on it but i
8036s never go into a match go against mine
8039s rogue and think oh this'll be fine i'm
8041s always terrified because it feels like
8043s you blink and you're dead and especially
8045s with this deck right it does have the
8047s armor game we did see him get double
8049s cold case which definitely helped made
8050s him feel a little bit more secure but
8053s this is a match up where mero could have
8055s easily in a roundabout way past four
8057s turns and died right like it could have
8060s easily happened so no doubt be very very
8063s happy with that mage winning getting off
8064s to a very quick 1-0
8069s yeah you know it it's like you said
8071s killed case one of the few ways of just
8073s gaining armor in that deck of 40 cards
8075s obviously you start with the extra 10
8077s life but not a lot of healing overall
8079s and i think that's why something like
8081s this mine rogue has been able to perform
8084s potentially even against shamans as well
8087s the extra ten life but not a ton of
8089s healing tools even our priests that we
8092s see are naga priests so not much healing
8095s going on there there's no sight of
8097s paladin or any controlling priests
8100s so
8101s may just be a really heads-up read from
8104s love storm in this mine rogue and if
8106s we're to believe tj it also wins against
8108s the lambie rook
8109s and here we go though we've got a match
8111s up i think we're both looking forward to
8113s here more of this renathel curse warlock
8116s and with that sort of imp package uh to
8118s sort of beef it up a little bit not only
8120s in the early game but also just that
8122s impending catastrophe i was watching
8124s hunt race's stream this morning and i
8126s think there was a moment where he just
8128s hovered impending catastrophe and just
8129s said
8130s how is this okay
8132s and then just carried on playing because
8134s i mean he was playing the warlock but he
8136s was just saying like look how strong
8138s this card is and i could not agree more
8140s but very excited to see how this curse
8142s does because it is going to be go going
8145s up against the shaymin and i definitely
8147s think it's one of the sort of more
8149s convincing matchups we've seen from this
8151s warlock
8154s yeah like i mentioned you'd think that
8156s the curses would just slow down your
8157s draws you're not able to get that
8159s aggression out but somehow it all works
8161s together and the vile library can
8164s snowball an early game and once you've
8166s gotten as much damage as possible in and
8168s are at risk of getting
8170s you know frozen out by snowfall
8172s guardians etc you can then fall back on
8174s the curses for that little bit of extra
8176s damage to
8177s push for lethal
8179s it's one of the benefits isn't it that
8180s this match-up or this warlock has
8182s against this deck is that it can play on
8186s board aggressively and if you get off at
8187s that opening yeah you take the imps of
8190s course but shaymin isn't really a hyper
8193s aggro deck right it is normally you know
8196s you're looking at the threats really
8197s hitting the board from you know turn six
8199s seven eight depending on how the board
8200s stay is so it is gonna naturally give
8203s the warlock a little bit of time to get
8205s going unless something crazy happens
8207s where there and book pools evolve for
8208s example so it is just one of those
8211s things where it just will give the
8212s warlock a bit of a window to get through
8214s but there are just some of those tools
8217s to help out with mero here so we'll have
8219s to see how this one goes but if you're
8221s going to make a bold prediction who do
8223s you think's the the favored one in this
8225s one
8227s i really think imporlock can just be so
8230s so powerful in terms of snowballing the
8232s early game that uh i would put my money
8235s on on the implod in this case
8237s although uh
8239s no imps in sight in this hand
8242s i see no yeah look at the double
8244s rendezvous that's just the world we live
8245s in right now isn't it um but but yeah
8248s and also a big deal here schooling i
8250s think was off the top there for merrow
8252s and then he's got the sleep breaker into
8255s cookie well that's gonna
8257s pretty much just solve the potential in
8260s problem right uh that he could expect in
8262s the opening here
8265s yeah absolutely i think cookie has got
8267s to be one of the highest win rate cards
8268s in the shaman when it comes to
8270s aggressive matchups just for a little
8272s extra clearing potential with the weapon
8274s you gain that life
8275s the sleep breaker means we're able to
8277s clean up this 5-3 and
8280s yeah schooling of course a very nice
8283s tool for cleaning up some of these early
8285s imps that otherwise until snowfall
8287s guardian you aren't necessarily able to
8288s deal with
8290s yeah one good positive here though just
8292s because of the way meryl's choosing to
8293s play this uh not gonna sort of spam out
8296s piranhas to clear up the imps is it's
8298s kind of what you were talking about
8299s earlier right well lust on push five to
8302s face good start he gets to push at least
8305s another four this turn like suddenly the
8308s imp package has kind of done its job
8310s right i think if you get 10 to 15 damage
8313s total out of this opening love storm
8315s will be quite happy about that
8319s yeah absolutely if you can then pivot
8320s just by
8322s with the impending catastrophe drawing a
8323s bunch of cards and going on to the
8327s curse game plan we see lady dark vein
8330s one of the ways you're able to ramp up
8331s those verses very quickly and redlich
8333s champs and of course going to be able to
8335s uh
8336s draw some cards as well
8338s could be able to just make that switch
8340s obviously no imp king or farm in hand i
8342s think that's what you really hope to be
8344s able to kind of move you from the mid
8347s game into the late game of curses and uh
8350s finally amero does decide to pull the
8351s trigger here on clearing with the
8353s schooling
8354s yeah and i really like this look at this
8355s from love storm he could have gone for
8357s the uh sarah quest to play out but
8359s instead said you know what i don't
8361s really have many more imps i'm expecting
8364s to draw
8365s you know for the near future i'll just
8367s take the three cards thank you and um
8370s and yeah suddenly this hand is really
8372s starting to come together for that later
8374s game package can choose whether he wants
8375s to clear this tutu uh with the grimoire
8378s uh or whether he wants to just hold on
8380s to it for now i honestly wouldn't be too
8382s upset either way just have to consider
8384s what turn five looks like but yeah i
8386s actually i love that term from love
8388s storm just holding on to the curses for
8390s now
8392s i think the turn five you're really
8393s worried about is command of neptulon uh
8396s and grimar could maybe clean up at least
8398s one of those a little more threatening
8400s than the two two currently in play uh
8403s definitely looking like an awkward turn
8405s five here for love storm
8407s and he got it as well
8409s his eyebrows raised when he's when he
8411s pressed grimoire and he like you know
8413s told him it was correct he was like oh
8416s okay
8419s you know
8420s i i really couldn't believe it when i
8423s when i looked at them but
8425s offcurve posted the stats for shaman and
8428s our boy glug was sitting at the bottom
8431s and somehow
8433s murloc holmes sitting at the top and i
8436s don't know if this must be just a skill
8437s difference that these players are much
8440s more able to
8441s uh hit successfully with murloc homes or
8444s if they're able to do something with
8445s just the information it gives even when
8447s they miss but that is not the card that
8450s i would have expected to be at the top
8452s of the stats in terms of inclusions for
8455s uh the shaman i'm choosing to believe uh
8458s that information's been doctored uh to
8460s to change that right
8462s i cannot believe that's true but i am
8464s not saying you're lying of course uh so
8466s yeah very very interesting to look at
8468s those stats a little bit later on and
8470s for now love storm does have this turn
8472s five to contend with and his hand didn't
8475s really get better with the new draw so
8478s does have to consider exactly where he
8479s wants to go here a little bit awkward he
8482s could just throw out the the circus uh
8485s may well with a lifetime first and just
8487s throw that out worst case scenario it
8489s wouldn't be the end of the world
8492s maybe you don't even want a life tap if
8494s you're expecting to roll into dredlich's
8495s thames in here it could just be circus
8497s and then touch the tutu it's not the
8500s best board but you have to get these
8502s curses started at some point and uh if
8504s you're gonna be tapping for cards i'd
8506s rather do it maybe rolling an imp and
8508s rather than losing to life
8511s yeah that's the thing right like um
8514s without waiting for any kind of uh
8517s there's no sort of brand shenanigans
8518s that are gonna happen in this list so
8521s the syracuse just does what it does
8523s right three mana do one curse that's its
8526s job finished so um
8529s with that i do think it is worth just
8531s throwing out there and relying on dark
8533s vein to pop off with your curses right
8539s yeah absolutely and i think the one you
8540s really are looking to get put into dark
8543s vein is the abyssal wave as that allows
8546s you to create a chain reaction between
8549s the two two ones uh can be an extra
8551s board clear that otherwise this deck
8553s wouldn't really have access to
8555s and of course another two curses
8558s uh
8559s on your opponent whereas you know your
8562s uh dragged belows those you more want to
8565s use with the
8566s uh thames in rome to get extra casts of
8570s of the drag below yeah
8574s romero an absolute ton of car it's fast
8577s to work out what he wants to do with
8578s them first he's going to go fishing for
8580s a murloc
8583s flower is looking pretty nice
8587s not necessarily on this board but just
8589s to have in reserve for later
8598s i've almost seen this be a play the
8600s curse turn honestly i guess you could
8602s just play the syracuse instead as an
8604s extra minion but it's just like it's
8606s just odd because mero doesn't really
8607s have that much to do even though he's
8610s got so many cards bit of a tricky one
8613s yeah i could have seen an argument for
8614s play the curse i like this getting the
8616s cookie in play though you know it is
8618s healing but it is we're healing so it
8620s does need to die in order for you to get
8622s that weapon and i've seen a couple of
8624s times players just holding on to it for
8626s a long time and then once they need it
8627s that healing hasn't happened
8630s whereas if you just get it played or get
8632s it killed at least you're able to gain
8634s the six over time from the weapon
8635s attacks used to clean up a little bit of
8637s board and wow that is a lot of curses
8640s over in the hand of love star
8643s and again i really like the lack of
8645s trade right he could have just traded
8647s the um
8648s uh the murloc homes there but instead
8650s it's like you know what no i'll take
8651s three extra damage and it means that
8654s it's salt stop sort of negate some of
8656s this weapon damage by going face as well
8658s and just keeping that health total as
8659s low as possible because very quickly
8662s we're going to see some verses come into
8663s play
8665s oh no not the evolve that mero is
8668s looking for i think if this isn't killed
8671s at this very moment then primordial wave
8673s is probably going to come out just to
8675s get rid of that death rattle of taking
8677s five damage uh not really a clean way of
8680s dealing with both of these seven health
8682s minions though uh bissell wave doesn't
8684s do it you'd have to double drag below
8686s one of them and if you have to pick one
8688s it's going to be the kale floss yeah
8691s it's kind of tricky right it's like a
8693s great uh play a one great minion one
8696s terrible minion and you run aoe so it's
8698s like i'm gonna what do i want to do i do
8701s like the double drag though even without
8702s the tams in there getting in there for
8704s extras but these curses are starting to
8706s stack up
8709s that in atherius is quite the draw for
8711s marrow though uh not because it'll get
8714s you know very heavily uh infused but
8717s just any amount of healing is something
8719s that i think you're happy to see
8725s it's just going to be cursed cursing
8727s primordially
8732s maybe primordial wave possibly
8735s uh you get a couple of the murlocs down
8737s to clear first you know you could clown
8740s fish flourigal fleurgal or something
8741s similar and then your primordial wave
8744s evolves them the clown fish goes from a
8746s 3-2 to a four-drop which i think is
8749s pretty reasonable but mostly you just
8751s want to get rid of that
8753s deal five damage to yourself death
8754s rattle
8762s i think this is
8764s oh
8766s okay cultist
8768s an extra minion on board
8771s all uh very nicely killable though for
8774s love stop
8776s mostly
8780s i'm a little surprised not to see the
8782s wave come down but i guess seeing the
8784s opponent at
8786s 16 makes you more inclined to to go for
8789s something like this
8790s although
8792s now with that 3-3 roll that opens up a
8795s full clear i think you can grimoire the
8797s 3-3
8798s into abyssal wave the 3-3 actually huge
8802s there for being able to take care of the
8803s 5-7
8805s yeah very important as well the love
8808s storm orders this correctly
8810s before people start saying order lull
8812s and all these things because he will
8814s want abyss a wave to be the last card he
8816s plays because he wants to follow up with
8818s dark vayne and the other grimoire
8823s yeah of course and with dark vein plus
8826s the grimoire you can add two more curses
8828s and they are dealing quite a bit of
8830s damage at this point in time uh looks
8832s like it's going to be the glug
8834s plus
8835s abyssal curse
8836s yes that's four so it's going to be
8839s what five six seven
8842s so it's
8842s yeah i don't think it's quite lethal
8845s though you know the damage is ramping up
8847s and you are getting to clear the board
8849s but tenacious is going to be fairly
8851s primed and
8853s it is lethal though right because that's
8856s it
8858s oh sorry no no no no no no it's not he's
8859s just off sorry you are completely right
8861s i forgot he
8862s i thought he was taking some extra curse
8864s damage from somewhere and i'm just wrong
8865s so yeah completely right it's going to
8867s be the daenerys
8869s if it were bran dark fan for sure that
8871s would be it oh yeah
8873s yeah we'd already be in the next game by
8875s now
8877s we we saw just how much damage that that
8880s can do before
8884s i can't imagine it's anything else here
8886s though
8888s let's see
8892s definitely kills the glug right because
8894s i think that might be what he's worrying
8895s about
8898s hmm
8899s let's see the glug would get plus six
8902s plus six then take two
8906s not quite right
8910s right which leaves it with one hp
8912s remaining
8913s assuming the problem isn't it it doesn't
8915s all happen simultaneously
8918s yeah the glove does grow because the dl2
8921s would go first right which then kills
8923s the two two
8925s and then clock grows
8927s thank you go with the size
8936s but all the while infusing that
8938s tenathious
8939s it's kind of interesting though right
8940s because it goes down to two
8942s but if merrill plays daenerys
8947s bill has the curses right so he's still
8949s got takes the damage next turn oh wait
8951s stop but it's just
8952s i did not know it was not in hand for
8954s very long but
8956s not enough hp on the other side
8959s i'll tell you something like getting
8962s casting becomes hard mode when there are
8964s so many numbers to keep track of like
8966s tenacious when we don't have anything to
8968s show us um and then you look at it
8970s curses as well oh i'm i need to polish
8974s my skills on this one because i'm not
8975s good at that but yeah well what a win
8977s from mero though because that
8979s looked like love storm was kind of all
8981s over that game even though he was taking
8983s a lot of hits early on yeah i thought
8985s lovestorm was looking great there but it
8987s just wasn't quite enough with the curses
8991s but you can see how if any more of that
8994s early chip damage had gotten in it would
8996s have been the game you know with no
8998s schooling or no sleep breaker just a
9000s little bit of
9002s sort of
9003s you know dead curve for the shaman can
9006s result in the warlock just
9008s getting more chip damage in and then
9010s getting over the finish line with those
9011s curses and again even in the other world
9014s right where daenerys either just wasn't
9016s there because then i think that's just
9018s game uh or just wasn't quite that
9020s stacked because i think uh lovestone was
9023s on 13 health right and dinatrius was 14
9026s damage so like even if it was just a
9027s little bit less stacked he couldn't kill
9029s him if he plays dinatrius he heals for
9032s let's say 10 but then the curse is just
9035s hitting back again next because he can't
9037s spend them which is what i was saying
9038s before i
9039s realized i was being a and it was
9041s lethal regardless but yeah very very
9044s close game indeed mero got away with it
9046s there with daenerys saving him and it
9049s does mean now he's on just this pure imp
9051s warlock no curses
9053s in this list uh going up against uh
9056s pretty much the rest of the lineup here
9058s from love storm that's going to start
9060s with the rogue
9063s yeah and we have seen that at least in
9064s comparison between the pure import luck
9067s and the ones running the
9069s denathrius plus sunstrider and gigafin
9072s shenanigans this seems to have won out
9075s in terms of performance over the course
9076s of the tournament just battlegrounds
9078s battlemaster in particular just ends
9081s games out of nowhere makes perfect sense
9083s to me vile library of course makes very
9086s huge minions
9087s there is the one sea giant as well and
9089s even doubling a couple of you know three
9092s or five attack minions can be fine as
9094s well and one of you're pretty likely to
9097s still find with the amount of card draw
9098s coming out of impending catastrophe
9101s yeah that's the thing is isn't it as if
9103s an aggro deck needed to a two minute
9105s card that draws 100 it's a pretty crazy
9108s overall and does allow for some of these
9110s uh more tech cards to actually work out
9112s well so again gonna be cool to see how
9115s this one plays out love storm has a lot
9117s of work to do if you've just joined us
9119s on the broadcast recently we are in this
9121s top eight and it does mean that uh
9123s losers are done for the day you're done
9125s for the tournament and the winners move
9127s on simply put it single elimination from
9130s this point so and we'll have to see how
9132s this one goes love storm a ton of work
9134s to do and mero i needed one victory out
9137s of potentially three games left in the
9139s series but even looking at this not a
9142s bad opening uh oh
9145s do you like the full keep there or would
9147s you have looked at throwing away a
9148s mischievous imp
9151s i might have thrown away one of them
9152s just because vile library is so powerful
9155s and you don't have other things already
9158s in hand to infuse these mystery visions
9160s they are quite strong in terms of being
9163s able to put nine power on board for four
9165s mana but uh yeah i think i might have
9168s thrown away one of them myself
9170s yeah or you could just become a god and
9172s draw fiendish circle off the top right
9174s like mero that's also a reasonable play
9177s just gets to just
9179s infuse them all without many issues
9181s right now
9183s it is pretty good odds i suppose but uh
9186s yeah you know still no library though
9188s and that's that's really what you're
9189s looking for
9191s true
9195s regardless
9197s love storm having to get there with this
9199s mayan rogue against imp warlock i think
9202s maybe this is the get the hardest match
9204s up out of the way strategy what do you
9206s think yeah i can definitely see it it's
9207s tricky and if uh if love storm actually
9210s gets to uh get some of the taunts down
9213s maybe there's a window of opportunity a
9216s good amount of damage pushed already not
9218s under massive pressure yet
9220s but it doesn't like mero's gonna
9222s uh go for the coin at this turn
9225s get those imps down again just getting
9227s the bigger minions down right it's just
9229s absolutely huge doesn't get the infuse
9232s but it's just two three threes it's
9233s better than three one once so yeah i
9235s like it
9237s and you know what this may have been a
9239s nod to the fact that against something
9241s like mine rogue you do just have to get
9245s high powered things quickly and even if
9248s you'd prefer to have something like a
9250s vial library the three threes are just
9252s sort of good enough one of them getting
9254s coined out here is still six damage
9257s worth of power and it'll infuse the
9259s other one which then is another nine and
9261s that quickly gets to be out of the range
9264s of control for the rogue and i agree it
9266s starts to make way more sense right
9268s because think about if you throw one
9270s away
9270s and get vile library if that's what
9272s you're aiming for well with the hand
9274s mero had he had one drop and then he had
9277s a flame imprint
9279s and then blood bound him
9282s so it's like well are those really
9284s gonna die if they do die they infuse the
9287s one mischievous imp kept but if they
9290s don't then it's kind of feels bad to
9292s keep those imps anyway and foul library
9294s was never really gonna pop off so uh
9296s yeah we'll see how this one plays out
9298s but that's a ton more imps love storm
9301s uh
9302s in trouble right now
9305s yeah really in the position of having to
9307s set up some kind of two-turn lethal so
9309s it may just be graveyard naval mine and
9312s sort of hope you're able to pull
9314s something to
9315s kill that mine off the top
9317s or now
9319s what if it's just
9321s a five drop
9324s oh i don't know
9327s we did
9330s yeah
9332s it's
9333s it just seems like uh you're relying a
9336s little too much on the board there and
9337s board is really where the warlock wants
9339s to fight this battle
9341s you know bloodbound imp hasn't been
9342s played i think in part because each
9344s attack is going to deal two damage to
9346s marrow and that life is not really the
9348s resource he wants to be spending
9351s i think we need to get the graveyard
9353s down to double this counterfeit blade
9355s well this is what i was looking at
9357s though that there's an extremely long
9359s shot where you go burning blade acolyte
9363s assume that mero isn't not gonna trade
9366s it because that would be weird
9369s and then
9370s get graveyard and then trade it the turn
9372s after
9377s yeah it's a long shot i guess i could be
9379s wrong
9381s i don't know that five eights are really
9383s going to get you there even if you are
9384s getting two of them look at the damage
9386s here i even might not have spent the
9389s uh
9390s the tooth and and just said you know
9392s what if if he's got it he's got it and
9394s i'm gonna get this mine down so i have
9396s maximum mana to work with following turn
9399s in order to go for lethal because
9401s that mine if you are able to kill it off
9403s uh represents another eight damage and
9405s that's just good enough with the wicked
9406s stab
9410s oh this is one of those games where i'd
9412s love that if we could just pause it on a
9414s turn and then create an alternate
9416s timeline
9418s just to see what happened because i'd
9420s love to know what two five eights look
9421s like against this board right now that's
9424s just it the gone efficient tests for
9426s spell and there's one mine remaining so
9429s sketchy information is eight damage and
9431s wicked stab cleans it up maybe the
9434s perfect draw there to not have to engage
9436s with a minion counter at all
9438s arrow cannot believe it i think he was
9441s so sure
9442s right there that there was just nothing
9444s that was really going to get him based
9446s on what love's done
9447s sort of kept in hand for a while right
9449s you'd probably guess there's like a
9451s smoke screen in there or something you
9453s know some of the more awkward cards
9454s without some of the activators but yeah
9456s love storm gets a win uh with that rogue
9459s so a big deal there manages to hang on
9461s and continue throughout this series with
9463s his tournament life is still alive here
9465s but yeah that was an another close one i
9468s did like the setup and the overall uh uh
9471s plan from mero though i think he did
9473s everything right i got to just get all
9475s those big imps on the board push the
9477s damage set up lethal even with the okani
9480s but love storm had just the right tools
9482s to get the job done
9485s yeah an okani picking minion there i
9487s think is the correct line because you
9489s know they have a naval mine in hand off
9492s of the sketchy information played
9494s previously there's also enough cheap
9496s spells to check as we saw you know love
9499s storm would have been able to get
9500s through a spell counter regardless just
9502s between the uh gone fission to check and
9506s then going for the sketchy into the
9508s wicked stab
9509s really i think that was the only draw in
9511s the deck for love storm that won the
9512s game
9513s yeah absolutely incredible does get to
9515s stay in the game and that means going to
9517s be jumping over to the control shaman
9519s going up against this imp lock again and
9522s uh i feel like this has been one of the
9525s the sort of key match ups we've seen
9526s throughout the whole weekend of their
9528s shaman versus warlock and i'm still uh
9532s right down the middle honestly i think
9534s it's a very very close matchup
9538s at least from what we've seen in the
9539s podcast
9541s i mean again with this shaman it it has
9544s a shot against anything and usually is
9547s at least somewhat favored depending on
9549s what you're up against but
9551s it's
9552s definitely can lose you know it's always
9554s close and that's why i think so many
9557s players like this deck is because it has
9560s shot against everything it's not
9561s particularly polarizing but always
9563s always close matchups
9566s let's see how it goes love storm
9568s needs to win
9570s survive and try and make it to that top
9572s four
9573s mero though it's been doing well
9576s got a little bit fortunate in some
9577s positions but that's what you've got to
9579s do to win tournaments
9581s i've never won one
9585s ah yes that's that's it just the bad
9587s luck you know i actually have one stuff
9589s before but not strictly just hearthstone
9592s things it's a long story and i won't
9593s bore you with it but um romero
9597s now i want to know are you are you a
9599s former poker pro or something that i'm
9601s on oh no it's uh it's still video games
9604s but i'll tell you when we're not casting
9606s a match i'll tell the story all right
9607s even though
9609s i hate it um but yeah so here though
9612s does have library does have fiendish
9614s circle uh does even have sea giants as
9616s well because a shaman definitely a deck
9619s that can throw a few minions down to
9620s help out with that sea giant count and
9622s maybe even unknowingly but are we going
9624s to see the insta imp buff
9627s in it many many times just to be able to
9629s make a positive trade here
9633s uh yeah it's all right you know you get
9635s to have the value with the 3-2 but you
9638s know a schooling has been played i think
9640s you're not thrilled about it i i might
9643s have liked to see it saved just for the
9645s fiendish circle on the next turn as then
9647s you can make a truly large minion but i
9650s do understand wanting to get some of
9652s these fish out of the way before you do
9654s throw down something like a fiendish
9656s circle
9657s it's tough as well right because if if
9658s you wait for fiendish then you play that
9661s but then you make an imp that's only
9664s slightly bigger
9665s than the flame imp was and can't attack
9668s right it's the problem right so like
9670s it's just a little bit slow and merrell
9672s now has the option to grimoire this i
9674s actually really like this setup here
9676s just get rid of the fish that are
9677s hanging around and suddenly he's in a
9679s much better position going forward he
9681s knows now he's dealt with the whole of
9683s schooling one
9686s yeah and i think this was the plan with
9688s that line of buffing for the value trade
9690s it makes your opponent put those fish on
9693s the board and then you can go into the
9695s finished circle plus the grimoire to
9698s clean them up
9700s very well played and thought out and
9702s you're trying to keep these alive for
9704s that shady bartender i suspect you know
9706s we're not going to see a trade of the
9707s bartender until marrow knows that it's
9710s not going to be getting value i'm
9711s actually
9713s really surprised at the hero power i
9716s guess it's fine
9718s because it was exactly taunt but if that
9720s was like heel
9722s the healing totem i think that might
9724s have been actually pretty rough
9728s yeah malcolm isn't really necessary for
9731s a ton of value in this match-up you
9733s you'd think you'd just play the 2-3 for
9735s a body
9736s yeah it's just purely because as well
9737s it's
9738s if it wasn't taunt although the attack
9741s totem amero could just leave it on board
9743s and be like okay thanks for the cheaper
9745s sea giant at some point right you could
9746s just leave it there and kind of ignore
9748s it would maybe even like require and
9750s evolve to get value from it so yeah
9752s definitely an interesting choice there
9754s from love storm valuing holding on to
9756s the amalgam but oh oh my god oh goodness
9759s hey
9761s that is quite the six drop to roll into
9767s shady bartender as much value as you can
9770s possibly get
9773s this is a good idea i think trading one
9775s of the one ones which is as much damage
9777s as you need in the first place just to
9778s get through this taunt uh leaves you not
9781s board locked into something like a
9783s snowfall guardian as well
9785s and
9786s that's definitely i think why love storm
9789s felt comfortable
9790s just
9791s taking a step back and maybe just
9793s toteming there is knowing that the
9794s guardian is coming down on six and you
9797s know drawing cards on five to maybe find
9800s a macaw
9801s yeah this is nice as well now meryl's
9804s gonna answer with okani into minion i
9806s imagine to stop either another snowfall
9809s uh or maybe a parrot but
9813s i don't think you really rely on
9815s stopping the parrot right because the
9818s i'll ask you a question now because i've
9819s gone blank on the answer
9822s if
9823s love storm plays a minion then plays
9826s parrot parrots still copies guardian
9828s right because that minion didn't really
9829s exist
9831s i believe so it is just right it means
9834s that it never happened yes yeah okay i
9835s just wanted the second opinion oh god
9840s no way
9843s i mean
9849s was not born to win this particular game
9852s of hearthstone
9854s what of all the seven drops you know on
9858s average seven drops are pretty terrible
9860s but if you're devolving your opponent's
9862s board into ones baron gedden is about as
9865s good as it gets
9872s i i am in awe
9874s yeah i mean
9876s if there's going to be any lie at the
9877s end of the tunnel here at least him king
9879s reform sir infused
9883s i guess yeah i mean
9885s i think in merrell's spot he has to tell
9887s himself these things because
9889s he would become a broken man i think uh
9891s if not
9895s are we are we really not going for the
9897s imp king reform that's
9899s i guess the thought here is to set up as
9902s much of a board as possible beforehand
9905s i think merrow
9907s wants to kill the geddon before he plays
9909s reform right
9911s as well oh
9913s library
9915s in some respects yeah yeah yeah
9918s it does have this little fish
9920s it's not quite enough though it's six
9922s six
9923s it's not but none of this board okay not
9925s none the impetus the flame in but the
9927s majority of the board doesn't strictly
9928s die together anymore so now mero set up
9931s a turn which looks a little bit rough on
9933s surface but
9935s what's better
9937s but um
9938s but but again you can see the sort of
9940s two-turn set set-up something i think
9942s mero's been doing very well that we've
9944s seen him on stream all weekend like
9947s setting up already having plans multiple
9950s turns ahead even based on what his
9951s opponent's gonna do
9955s yeah and these at three health at least
9957s makes it on a
9959s you know face
9961s level view that
9962s something else has to be done to clean
9964s them up
9965s yeah
9966s oh this is disgusting
9968s okay
9969s yep
9970s using the floor goal for the one
9972s chip
9974s picking elemental even don't need
9976s another murloc just the one damage is
9978s gonna allow the gun to clean up canal
9980s slogger probably one of the better
9982s elementals you can discover in this
9984s position
9985s yeah yeah mel's like you know what
9987s i've had enough i'm sick of this i'm out
9990s that was very
9992s very rough there for mero it was just
9995s layers
9996s and layers of disaster wasn't it like
9999s the opening i think merrell set up very
10001s well i think he was looking good
10003s he dealt with the schooling really well
10005s early on i thought i think everything he
10007s was doing was great then he got
10009s primordled into
10011s a getting on his opponent's side a board
10015s of two or less health minions against
10018s that geddon and it was just extra slaps
10020s in the face like his four drop was a
10022s twilight drake
10024s you know even them oh is that three drop
10027s the three two with the death rattle into
10028s fish
10029s the three drop it is yeah but even you
10032s know very we talk about spider tanks all
10034s the time a three drop could have easily
10036s also not died to the get in so just so
10039s many layers of awkwardness there for
10041s mero and i think at the end there was
10043s just like yeah get me out of this game
10045s and very very quickly we're moving on to
10048s game five something i did not think we
10050s were going to see in this series with
10052s how the beginning looked and it's going
10053s to be the warlock mirror but definitely
10056s not a mirror in how the decks are going
10058s to play out
10060s yeah we get to see the curse import lock
10063s versus the pure imp warlock with the
10065s battle master
10067s there's been no comparison as far as
10069s i've seen in terms of how these have
10071s performed uh between one another as the
10075s curse has sort of fallen in with the
10076s other curses and this has fallen in with
10078s sort of the imps that have denaturius
10080s etc uh so it'll be interesting to see
10083s the head-to-head you know love storm
10085s obviously unaffected by the the zero two
10088s has that mental game on luck and
10091s that should be an exciting one i think
10093s imp warlock mirrors have some of the
10095s most interesting back and forth between
10097s the boards
10098s yeah i i think um
10101s for me
10102s uh
10102s okay imp warlock
10105s does well versus curse warlock in
10107s general it's a favored match up but
10110s there's always that chance right that
10111s we've seen before that love storm draws
10113s his imp opening
10115s and and then suddenly it is that imp
10117s mirror at least to begin with and he
10119s could run away with the game at that
10121s point so a lot of this i feel is gonna
10124s rely on which portion of love storms
10127s deck he draws in the early game does
10129s have fiendish circle and it importantly
10131s does have grimoire chooses to throw
10133s grimoire away which is definitely oh
10136s gets it back i'll get another one back
10138s even
10139s because it's one card i would definitely
10140s at least sit and think about keeping
10142s because he had fiendish and it's a good
10144s counter play right it's a good board
10146s swing
10148s yeah absolutely
10150s but i think the the main thing here is
10152s that imp king reform which can present
10155s such a such a huge board swing in the
10158s mid game particularly on coin where you
10160s get to play it on five i mean i think
10163s i'm on point i'm keeping him kinder farm
10165s every time is actually with a feeder
10167s circle that you know is going to be able
10169s to infuse it i mean this is really just
10171s the curve right fiendish circle
10173s mischievous imp uh yeah a little awkward
10176s you don't have library but the opponent
10178s some kind of has to respect
10180s the imps uh one way or another
10183s yeah this is pretty good though for mero
10186s does get to play imp gang boss
10188s and he plays it on the turn that's uh
10191s you never really want your location on
10193s cool down but
10195s it's as good a turn as any because this
10197s is currently two imps but with the gang
10198s boss you can sort of naturally make that
10200s count larger
10202s if you want to trade to help out with
10203s the location so i'll have to see how
10205s that one pans out there's a very solid
10207s set of turns coming up but it's love
10208s storm
10209s gonna
10211s hold well triple
10213s oh no you can double trade touch and
10216s then grandma right
10218s yeah yeah and i think that's the line uh
10220s doesn't leave you with much but knowing
10222s the opponent's vile library is coming
10225s back on you really don't want the gang
10227s boss to stick around and able to receive
10230s those buffs
10231s and also there's mischievous imp in hand
10234s which is going to be infused very
10235s quickly and there's in king rafam as you
10237s said so love storm has plenty to do even
10241s though he does sort of end this turn on
10243s an even foot in with his opponent
10245s slightly behind of course because he's
10247s like that half turn behind
10250s yeah and we'll have to see if im king
10252s rafan is just too slow as may be the
10255s case uh with the mystery zimp on the
10257s side of merrow plus the library uh into
10260s shady bartender shady bartender uh this
10263s could end very very quickly
10266s it's gonna be very very difficult and
10268s this is the moment for love storm where
10271s he i think really could do with not
10273s drawing his uh cursed stuff right
10276s because it's not gonna cut it
10280s oh i understand going upstairs with nine
10283s so quickly like that but
10286s don't you don't you think about maybe
10288s taking some of the value trades that's
10289s not with a nine think about the fives
10291s never with the nine
10294s last for me put that nine to a three
10296s three
10299s there's the starfish though i think
10301s that's the best pickup here to be able
10303s to contest i suppose still in a pretty
10306s good position for mero with the 4-4
10308s remaining that was the only car that was
10311s going to be able to swing it back
10314s there is a bit of wave now though for
10316s love storm next turn if merrow refills
10321s definitely going to be a tricky one i
10324s mean
10324s it's very difficult for mero not to play
10326s circle void walker here at least
10331s oh yeah and i'm just thinking you know
10333s as much as you hate it if you take those
10335s value trades then you still have some
10337s minions left at the end of the starfish
10339s the game maybe lasts a little longer
10341s because you weren't able to push but
10343s yeah as you say
10344s still pushing everything upstairs uh
10348s this blood-borne imp isn't quite enough
10350s to get there on its own so the abyssal
10352s wave comes down clears up most of it
10354s taunt doing a lot of work to keep the
10356s blood-borne amp alive through this wave
10358s though yeah
10360s it's a tricky one right because also on
10362s the on the flip side of those trade
10364s discussions if love some just didn't
10366s have starfish romero just wins right
10368s like you just sort of there is a one so
10371s to speak
10372s okay
10373s so flaming bartender
10377s yeah and it has to be second wave here
10380s which again
10381s you know
10383s camaro committing to the line just all
10385s face not even thinking uh willing to
10387s take all this damage and you know if
10390s there's another clear that's it but now
10392s love storm no tap available being on two
10395s life that is another argument for
10397s pressuring warlocks is just keeping them
10400s from looking for extra resources
10402s grimoire not quite enough with no
10405s tams in rome in hand and it looks like
10407s this 8-0 run is going to be put at an
10410s end
10411s yeah there's just nothing at all right
10414s there's nowhere taunt imps they're gonna
10417s help out and love storm here so that
10419s should just be game i think mero
10422s uh should be feeling quite confident
10424s right now because if there was a another
10427s abyssal wave it would have already been
10428s played like 100
10430s so got to be feeling quite good meryl's
10432s definitely had a roller coaster of a
10434s series looking fantastic in the first
10436s couple of games looking like we were
10438s going to be done in about 15 minutes but
10440s love storm great job of fighting back
10443s keeping it close with some incredibly
10445s close games but i don't see a way out of
10448s him for this one it looks like
10450s romero is gonna get him
10453s something
10455s i don't know yeah no time there we go
10457s able to come out of that it's oh
10463s you love to see the emotions just look
10466s at that smile mero very very pleased
10468s with that win uh i think
10471s facing the opponent that would edo and
10472s swiss and then you know another win up
10474s in top 16. uh got to be a lot of nerves
10477s puts out the hand for a well played uh
10480s of course not in person can't give the
10482s handshakes but you love to see the
10483s sportsmanship there
10485s fantastic honestly i i didn't know too
10488s much about mero before you know seeing
10489s him a lot on stream this weekend of
10491s course but he's quickly becoming my
10493s favorite player of the tournament
10495s because not only is he just fun to watch
10498s as a player especially due to pop-offs
10500s like that
10501s obviously making it to his top four now
10503s but also i think he plays very well i
10505s i'm struggling to pick apart
10508s any sort of issues i can even see i
10510s think a lot of his setup play is
10511s fantastic and uh again unfortunate for
10514s love storm of course he would have loved
10515s to make it you know sort of go for that
10517s second masters tall win on his resume so
10520s to speak but i do think merrow well
10522s deserved victory there really close game
10525s yet again if mero was pushed off the
10527s board there i think things would have
10529s looked pretty grim uh overall but just
10532s not gonna quite be enough there for love
10534s storm so it's gonna be merrow who moves
10536s on to top for uh what a series i'm i'm
10538s very happy with the first cast of the
10540s day for us
10542s yeah absolutely keeping us all in
10544s suspense and really giving a solid match
10547s for the first quarter final there can't
10549s ask for anything more
10551s i just i just want that as a repeat clip
10554s going on there of mirrors pop off you
10556s love to see it yeah that does put him
10558s through in to top four so really really
10560s happy to see it and then we'll see how
10562s his lineup continues to do going forward
10565s but that was just one of the quarter
10567s finals we've got plenty more coming up
10569s for you i believe the next one is going
10571s to be donkey versus tonsoku a matchup i
10574s know at least derek will be very split
10577s on watching the outcome of because of
10579s course uh
10580s japanese player very long time
10582s hearthstone player going up against
10584s donkey a beloved community member who's
10586s definitely done a lot for us here but we
10589s are going to go to a break while we set
10591s that one up so don't go anywhere and
10592s we'll be right back
10594s [Music]
10603s [Music]
10626s um
10629s [Music]
10682s my
10687s [Music]
10763s me
10767s [Music]
10783s [Music]
10790s welcome back once again to masters tour
10792s murder at castle nathria and i'm with a
10795s device for this second
10796s quarter final of the day and it looks
10799s like it's going to be an emotional one
10801s from both sides i think it's going to be
10803s great
10805s yeah absolutely
10807s just kind of has that teddy bear energy
10809s that makes them so lovable and donkey of
10811s course beloved by the community uh with
10814s the fantastic website they have donkey
10816s dot cop just makes it so much easier to
10819s find stats and and different players and
10822s deck lists and so many things that
10823s people just love to use so we can see
10826s and chat people spamming uh let's go
10829s website guy with the emoji of a
10833s horse donkey you know we'll call it a
10835s donkey and a crown so just lots of love
10837s out there for donkey today
10839s yeah a huge amount of support in chat
10840s and we thank you for the um engagement
10843s you're giving us
10844s hopefully donkey will appreciate it when
10846s they get to check the
10847s vods later as well um the match we have
10850s in hand though to see who does play memo
10853s in that top four
10855s is going to be a difficult one for
10857s donkey i think the big spell mage
10859s just a little bit weaker in this
10862s match-up with the
10864s the rogue and the mage and the what the
10866s interlock on the other side
10870s yeah big spell mage versus the spooky
10873s mage has been sort of the question and i
10875s think
10876s big spell mage is supposed to have a bit
10878s of a better match against shaman or at
10880s least that was my understanding although
10883s it
10884s has been banned from both players no
10886s shamans it it finally happened lorinda
10889s we have a shaman free match
10891s yeah i for one welcome our new shaman
10894s bands um it's not a deck i dislike in
10897s particular or anything like that which
10898s is weird for me it's just
10901s it's quite hard to cast because there's
10904s always
10905s so many different ways the deck can play
10907s out until you actually see the cards
10908s they've drawn you can't make a plan
10910s necessarily it's not it's not like some
10911s others are a bit more formulaic the
10913s shaman deck
10914s you really are making it up as you go
10916s along within certain parameters um but
10919s the decks we're going to get to see
10920s played we've got a bit more of an idea
10921s of how they will play out against each
10923s other so
10924s do you agree that donkey's slightly
10926s unfavored in this overall
10930s uh you know i think it's it's kind of a
10932s toss up like
10933s two
10934s similar decks if not uh or similar
10937s classes not archetypes um
10940s you know the wig priest
10942s can struggle against mage sometimes just
10944s because it gets frozen out but then is
10947s usually pretty good into warlock there
10949s could be a lot of back and forth just
10951s between these uh these two lineups in
10954s terms of
10955s you know certain polarized one way
10957s certain polarized the other way
10961s yeah we see donkey stats there it is
10962s four masters two appearances and i think
10964s it's actually five if you count the one
10966s where they didn't check it which i keep
10968s bringing up because now the story has
10969s changed the other way and we've got the
10971s progression the redemption story of top
10973s eight player doesn't check in in their
10975s first master store that's on me i think
10976s i forgot to type the four three used to
10978s be um the 5 3 record was their best
10981s result to date but again the progression
10983s has gone from sort of one win at the
10984s first one they actually managed to check
10986s into into
10987s three wins into five wins and now into a
10990s top eight it has been a meteoric
10992s competitive rise for donkey of course
10994s donkey's rise in the scene has been very
10997s much around for a long long time and
11000s cueing up the imp lock in the first
11004s game
11005s not a huge amount of weirdness in this
11006s although the gigafin we don't see every
11008s time there's a starfish in there uh
11011s that's about it though for weirdness in
11012s this couple of grimoires maybe
11015s yeah i think starfish has been important
11017s just to be able to deal through things
11018s like snowfall guardian you know
11020s sometimes that guardian doesn't come
11022s down until
11023s they've already taken a lot of damage
11025s again
11026s no shamans in this so it's just kind of
11028s solid against other things as well like
11030s wig priest i think silence is very
11031s flexible in this meta
11033s donkey going for this uh more recent
11036s iteration on the emperor lock in terms
11038s of including gigafin although uh not
11041s going the full distance in terms of
11044s murlocula and
11045s kale those and stenathias so
11048s maybe not losing too much certainly
11051s against another import lock if things do
11054s run later something like gigafin can be
11056s a great way to turn things around
11058s although i think that tonsoku has sort
11060s of a more straightforward plan with just
11063s you know double sea giants lots of imp
11065s synergies double starfish uh you know
11068s the shady bartenders etc uh no
11070s battlemaster though so there's not going
11072s to be any surprise wind fury lethals
11074s tan soku you see there recapturing
11077s people's attention i think over this
11079s tournament has been a very very popular
11081s part of this tournament we've been
11082s watching um has been around for a very
11084s long time that top 16 in both
11087s championships in 2018
11089s was he he was experienced then he's been
11092s around forever uh decent masters tour
11094s record and the reason that there's five
11096s wins at master's tour bashir is relevant
11098s is because you had vashir you had this
11100s tournament and you had the next
11101s tournament that's your point for summer
11103s champs so a five wins and a top eight
11105s puts him in a great spot to be in the
11108s hunt for that championship event if he
11110s doesn't win the tournament today of
11111s course
11114s yeah definitely one of those players
11116s that i remember and then sort of lost
11118s track of and you wondered have they been
11120s playing this whole time or is he just
11122s making a comeback decided or uh you know
11125s who knows but i think this tempo rogue
11127s is one that we saw him pilot very well
11130s in that top 16 match and looking forward
11132s to
11133s watch him on this once again
11136s yeah i think this is undoubtedly at this
11138s point thanks to lambie series just the
11139s deck of the tournament uh it seems to be
11144s just very very hard to
11147s let's say you've got a 2-0 an opponent's
11149s deck to get a lead because one one just
11150s puts you level i you just don't see
11153s people lose twice with this deck in a
11154s match i don't think we've seen it once
11156s where someone's rogue has been the
11157s problem deck
11160s and of course it's very much the
11162s uh
11164s high level hearthstone players rogue
11166s right because
11168s rogue is one of those classes that you
11170s just always see it
11172s at high level events
11174s it's it's a class that people love
11176s there's all kinds of uh different lines
11179s and tons of stuff to do in a single turn
11181s you know miracle rogue has been around
11183s all the time i think folks get a little
11185s sad when the best rogue deck is
11187s something like kelliseth or odd rogue
11189s which uh i'm not much of a rogue player
11191s those are my favorite rogues over
11193s hearthstone's history i know that there
11195s might be a little sacrilegious for some
11197s but
11198s this once it was found i think people
11200s were so happy that they were able to
11201s bring rogue and it not be something like
11204s the sort of strange snowfall graveyard
11207s shark get a bunch of coins gadgets in
11209s auctioneer which just wasn't really
11211s putting up numbers your rockville was my
11213s favorite by an absolute mile i loved
11215s that deck it's so much fun but i'm just
11217s the enemy of the people when it comes to
11219s my deck choices i was a big d6 fan as
11222s well so
11223s yeah oh no
11225s i like all the exciting things
11228s why are we letting people know all these
11231s why are we letting everyone know all
11233s these horrible takes oh geez
11235s i can't hide it like i i play those
11237s decks on ladder people will hunt me down
11239s and find me but i did play ball priests
11240s a lot on ladder and i paid the price
11242s massively as he's well documented in his
11244s cast by going
11246s 23 and 51 or something when i learned
11248s blood priest
11250s we've got a lot of three mmr at my
11251s expectations a lot would say i deserved
11254s it fair play i don't deny this yeah
11257s right tansoku opening start here
11260s it's a little bit clunky because has
11262s none of the big thing makers yet but
11264s shroud will help sort that out in a
11266s moment
11268s yeah and i guess the question here is
11270s whether to use the coin just a coin
11272s shroud i don't think yeah we didn't see
11275s any tradable so null still won't be you
11278s know too cheap it's not as though a coin
11280s shroud will get you a free null right
11282s away
11283s and
11285s no way to kill this one three you see
11287s the vile library you're definitely gonna
11289s be sad once the fiendish circle comes
11291s down so you might just have to hope it's
11293s not there maybe you take a little bit of
11295s chip damage on the one three i i don't
11297s know
11299s agreement
11300s associated question obviously this deck
11301s list was uh kind of thrown together by
11304s lambie series and it just works do you
11306s think philip fighter will survive once
11308s this deck gets refined it seems it's a
11309s good card i understand why it's there
11311s but do you think there'll be a better
11312s option
11318s so i think it's a question of you know
11321s do you cut it entirely on the one hand
11324s it can be a little bit clunky uh in
11326s terms of it's not one of your main combo
11329s things but it is a very cheap minion
11331s and i think against stuff like imp
11333s warlock can be great to have just as a
11335s shadow step target because it's free it
11337s cleans up some of these one ones that
11338s can otherwise be a bit challenging and
11342s when you do pull it off shroud of
11343s concealment you get to leave it
11345s stealthed as a three one i think that's
11346s pretty nice you don't really want to run
11348s two because then it messes with your
11350s shroud of concealment too much but i
11352s have found that it is a nice combo tool
11355s unfortunately though just a library onto
11359s into circle is is not really a thing
11361s that this deck
11362s does well against yeah it's one of the
11364s reasons i asked about the philip fighter
11366s actually again obviously it has those
11368s upsides but something i've it doesn't
11370s seem to have the impact it had in the
11372s old um boat rogue type decks because
11376s minions are so big it's not just implox
11378s that does this like you can kill off a
11379s couple of one ones or three two or
11381s something but
11382s against all decks you seem to run into
11384s this problem i do wonder if the main
11386s part of the philippe fight obviously is
11387s a bit of damage but it's a good removal
11389s tool i wonder if it might just end up
11391s being a little tiny bit slow once all
11393s the refinements are made i think that's
11394s something to keep an eye on something
11396s else to keep an eye on though is how tan
11397s soku tries to stay alive this term
11399s because he's in a real troublesome spot
11401s right now
11405s yeah just not really seeing the lines i
11408s mean
11409s you're not going into uh
11412s bartender turns sorry i blanked for a
11414s moment there
11415s so i i understand wanting to save a bit
11418s and we saw how it paid off sort of
11420s earlier in the top 16 deciding to
11424s wait a little bit but here under
11426s much more pressure you're not able to
11428s use necro-lord drakka to tank this 10-7
11432s after it's been around for one turn and
11434s i don't know how you clean up the entire
11437s board going into the library becoming
11439s active again
11442s and then you've got to as well clear the
11444s board and develop some tempo of your own
11446s other as the as the meme goes otherwise
11449s you are just going to lose this game to
11452s something
11456s yeah you know if it were a location in
11459s hand you know the the simstone graveyard
11462s rather than draca maybe you'd be in some
11464s kind of business if you are able to pull
11466s out a full clear onto this board
11468s although wicked stab hasn't even
11470s upgraded yet so that's not dealing the
11472s four damage that he might need
11474s to deal with the 1070 here no prep
11476s either and no
11479s sorry bone spike so
11481s i think there's just not enough mana to
11483s work with to go for the clear
11486s with that he is going to door to
11490s attempt to find something to clear with
11492s presumably a prep would have
11494s helped a little bit in the turn but
11498s i've got to kill every single one of
11499s these
11500s about two so can probably survive one
11502s more turn the bartender's obviously
11503s going to be irritating next turn but
11506s where to go is gonna deal with what he
11507s can see right now despite
11510s this makes sense to me going for the
11512s tooth discovery you just you need a
11513s miracle maybe you get a grimoire of
11515s sacrifice
11517s devouring plague if we had a prep would
11519s be enough but just
11522s not the mana to work with here
11524s [Music]
11528s spending time on it anyway i think
11529s that's it time earlier picking the right
11531s thing and then ended up missing the
11532s lethal that he made from it but yeah tan
11534s soko gives that one up donkey up to a
11535s 1-0 lead
11538s in a matchup i thought overall three on
11540s three he might be slightly unfavorable
11543s but yeah they've got that 1-0 lead
11546s looking pretty calm now donkey i think
11548s it's a combination of my work here is
11550s done and everything else is a bonus so
11552s it helps calm you down when you get this
11553s far as long as you don't start thinking
11555s you're going to win the title
11558s yeah and you know in pluck it's designed
11560s to do just this and i think it's one of
11563s the decks that the rogue can just take a
11564s quick loss to if you don't have the
11566s right tools and they have such an
11568s aggressive start i think this is the
11570s best import lock curve you can hope for
11572s is this one three into location in
11575s defender circle let's go
11577s there was no early tooth or anything
11580s from tonsoku to deal with the one three
11582s so it's just a little too much pressure
11584s too quickly i think the combo turn tends
11586s to be that turn four and if there's
11588s already a ten seven in play it's just so
11590s hard to manage
11593s yeah absolutely be interesting there's
11594s quite a lot of bounce and sort of
11596s removal effects for though much higher
11598s up the
11600s uh spectrum at some point i wonder if
11601s they're going to have to use those with
11602s the size of early minions but there's no
11604s doubt that rogue is
11606s in my mind at least the best deck at the
11608s moment just a little bit of refinement
11610s can make it an absolute monster to deal
11613s with now we are just waiting for the
11615s pick from tansoku and then we'll get
11616s into game number two
11618s um
11619s which of the two decks of donkeys would
11621s you
11622s fear most if you were donkey at this
11624s point which one is the one that you
11625s think will let him down if any
11629s uh you know i have to say
11632s mage has been sort of awkward at least
11636s at times and uh you know this being the
11639s big spell mage sometimes
11641s if you're not picking up your belinda or
11643s your barbaric sorceress it can just
11647s look like what are you doing you know
11648s far watch post pelican diver mailbox
11651s dancer like these aren't
11653s real cards really they're just cards
11656s that you run to buy time until your
11658s power turn and with a
11660s turn six as your sort of a swing point i
11664s i just feel like it
11666s it's got to be something that i would be
11668s worried about getting through but
11670s clearly it has gotten donkey this far
11672s over the course of the tournament so i
11674s will have to see how that plays out
11675s night cloak sanctum definitely a huge
11677s addition for slowing things down to get
11679s to that turn six
11681s yeah it's really filled in that gap
11683s nicely between turn three and six that
11685s this deck required uh donkey obviously
11688s has been going well with it they've got
11689s this far but
11691s they have had a couple of really bad
11693s draws on stream and that's not a
11695s surprise this deck is sometimes just
11697s going to
11697s [Music]
11698s not only it has to draw one of those six
11700s drops but it has to draw something to go
11701s with it and
11703s on a reasonable percentage of the time
11705s it just whiffs entirely but again with
11708s all that stall now it's a little bit
11709s better positions than it used to be
11713s yeah absolutely and going up against the
11715s imp warlock for tonsoku and
11720s this one i think again you know it's
11722s just about are you able to slow down the
11724s emperor lock
11726s enough to get to your your big swing
11728s turns uh they don't have a ton of spells
11731s for you to swap with something like a
11732s barbaric sorceress so that can be a
11735s weakness as well um
11737s people don't tend to just hold on to a
11739s coin from a mailbox dancer for you to
11741s swap with so
11745s not likely to be able to get a barbaric
11747s sorceress running really going to come
11749s down to
11750s some of the early game tools like
11752s pelican diver like far watch post to
11754s slow it down
11756s and then
11758s being able to
11759s i guess get belinda to reduce a rune of
11762s the archmage you know it's kind of
11763s strange to rely on
11766s something like a rune to get you over
11768s the finish line but it just has been so
11770s consistent
11771s most of the time in terms of clearing
11773s the board at the very least it's very
11775s hard for a roon not to clear an implod
11777s board um it's just got too much removal
11779s even blizzards and stuff will help
11782s and that's another thing i was going to
11783s touch on with this deck even though
11785s the mage early minions are all i'm going
11788s to call them garbage because i'm nice
11789s like that but they're all kind of
11790s rubbishy things that you put in there to
11792s stall but there are a lot of them like
11794s there's a good chance even if you don't
11796s draw
11797s the exact stuff you want to combo with
11799s that you can at least occupy the ball
11801s like even a brand it's a 2-4 it's
11803s annoying for imps to deal with and
11806s starfish it's just another minion it
11808s also gets rid of the buffs so
11811s you can just plop things down that don't
11813s really have an amazing impact on the
11815s game and hope it all goes away snow
11817s flowy again pretty good card for slowing
11819s your opponents big things down
11821s yeah absolutely and the armor from deep
11823s water evoker because this is the big
11825s spell mage and not the hybrid always
11827s going to give you nine or ten which is
11830s pretty huge uh honestly
11833s as as early curves go for this mage this
11836s is shaping up pretty well for donkey
11839s yeah given that it hasn't got the main
11842s stuff of the deck yeah this is this is
11843s the sort of hand i was thinking of
11845s that's just stuff that will keep you
11847s alive by jumping in front of imps
11850s and tanzoko's not going to mess around
11851s with any of that just going to get the
11853s board built
11854s you can't stop this
11857s another snow flurry just freeze down
11860s that librarian i think probably the
11863s other card that you would really want to
11865s see if your donkey is the nightclub
11867s sanctum
11868s but
11869s plenty of resources here for tonsoku and
11872s you know there's not early aoe to clear
11875s these imps so i suspect
11877s we will see a a pretty full impending
11879s catastrophe in the near future
11881s potentially on turn four after a fetish
11884s circle
11885s yeah the race is on now can donkey pick
11888s up the reckless apprentice before the
11890s libraries picked up from tansoku but
11891s tanzook is gonna have so much card draw
11893s coming up that the answer is probably no
11896s but this is why we play hearthstone of
11897s course who knows what might happen in
11899s the actual draw steps sorry we don't
11902s have any and even if there were to be
11904s something like a reckless apprentice
11905s clear on the fiendish circle tansoku has
11908s the mischievous imp follow-up so it's
11910s it's really not letting up the pressure
11912s even though there isn't a library sorry
11915s a vile library currently there is the
11917s reckless apprentice
11919s yeah
11919s just like
11921s here
11922s oh wow
11925s that's given donkey plenty more to think
11927s about now regarding this term
11929s because uh they can set up
11932s the pings to clear with the apprentice
11934s but that might be
11935s i'll go with too obvious not that the
11937s imps can play around it that much so
11941s there's a lot more
11944s i wonder if you you play the
11948s other snow blind and then just hold the
11952s free ping
11953s you play it with the pelican diver and
11955s then know you've got the clear with the
11957s reckless apprentice that might also be
11959s signaling a little bit too much but uh
11962s sort of an in-between space right
11966s i don't like it i i don't think it
11967s signals much maybe
11969s garbage
11970s you're scared of a library i think
11972s that's a valid excuse to not ping here
11978s you know if he's going to get buffed to
11979s a
11980s five or six attack minion next turn
11982s you'd much rather freeze that i think
11983s that's
11984s hidden enough
11987s yeah and here we see the catastrophe
11989s coming down draw five
11991s not really what donkey wants to see that
11993s is
11994s quite a lot of card draw you know if you
11996s thought you were going to be running the
11998s warlock out of resources any time soon
12000s not so much
12003s ah true but apprentice into avoca into
12006s sorceress is there for donkey still on
12009s 28 health got a couple of things on
12011s board
12012s it's not gonna be fun because you're
12013s gonna get a sea giant in the face
12015s sometime soon but they can definitely at
12017s least get into this game they might need
12019s a bit of help from the top over the next
12021s two or three turns
12024s and the pelican is very important for
12026s being able to clear the 2-5 here
12028s something that would otherwise be a
12029s little bit challenging obviously no
12031s wildfires in the deck
12033s wow
12034s okay
12036s so we've got
12038s reckless you can save the ping once
12040s again
12041s and then you've got deep water evoker
12044s the following turn to gain armor
12047s maybe then you use the ping to freeze
12050s going into barbaric sorceress i think
12052s what'll be interesting to see is how
12054s aggressively tonsoku wants to play
12056s around something like a barbaric
12058s sorceress maybe trying to dump the
12060s spells in hand
12062s dumping the spells might not get tan
12065s as far as he needs to be because he's
12068s behind on board as well temporarily i
12070s know that's going to get fixed but
12072s this is all just time that donkey is
12074s gaining here
12075s and still managing to heat up threes
12077s available of course is going to be a big
12079s deal too so library still sort of
12083s slightly negated
12087s at least
12089s hunted
12092s yeah honestly the apprentice here
12094s pretty nice just in terms of being a 3-5
12097s to trade into this mischievous imp
12099s i do wonder
12100s whether the freezing ping will be saved
12103s one more turn or if it'll just be used
12104s to clear up one of the three threes
12108s i think because you're stuck with a 2-3
12110s personally i would clear one up
12112s especially with my board now starting
12114s quite
12115s good
12117s let's see what donkey chooses
12121s yeah i think there's sort of
12123s by a library to worry about one way or
12125s the other either you say well because of
12127s vial library i want to reduce the number
12129s of imps in play or you could say because
12131s of via library i want to have a freezing
12133s ping up for whatever they target with it
12136s yeah and again with a couple of minions
12139s onboard donkey did take the latter
12140s option and now moment of truth for both
12143s players tan soku
12145s does he want to start to dump the spells
12147s like a device suggested a couple of
12148s turns ago he might and also you know
12151s donkey when he dumps the barbaric
12154s sources what will he hit based on the
12155s back of that decision from tonsoko and
12157s that that will define this game one way
12160s or the other
12162s yeah fiendus circle grimoire you know
12165s only those two spells so it wouldn't be
12167s hard and you do get to clear the board
12169s for your trouble there's not a ton of
12170s utility in the grimoire
12172s i gotta imagine you have to avoid the
12175s chance of a sorceress you know there's a
12177s car that's been on the left there since
12179s the beginning of the game you can still
12181s play a flame emperor voidwalker on the
12183s other side of it um
12186s you know not thrilled to trade the 3-3
12188s in but it's just got to be the line you
12191s take going into turn six against this
12193s big spell mage
12196s and i think donkey on the other side of
12198s this
12199s is going to have a long thing you've
12201s seen tan soko dumped two spells here
12203s or you could just draw this and make
12205s your turn really interesting
12207s uh yeah you've seen you've seen uh
12208s tanzania jump two spells you've got to
12210s imagine that turn was worked around
12212s emptying all the spells but that's easy
12214s for us because we can see it donkey is
12217s living in a world where a lot of cards
12218s were drawn for tantoko two turns ago and
12221s maybe tennessee didn't get rid of
12222s everything so decision to be made for
12224s donkey here
12226s can you miss the party yeah and i think
12230s another thing with the barbaric soros
12232s race is that
12233s you can if you know your opponent has no
12235s spells or even if you're not sure just
12238s run it out and it's a three seven taunt
12240s that's not the most amazing thing but
12242s then you have the information and
12244s there's no downside uh the only issue is
12247s you need more of a swing in a matchup
12249s like this to come back donkey is just
12251s gonna go for it get the bad news the
12253s punish here would be something like a
12255s fully infused in king rafam
12258s or a shady bartender yeah bartender
12261s exactly
12263s but neither here for tonsoku and you
12266s can't even tap to get a bartender
12269s you draw the farm though while we're
12271s having that discussion i wonder
12276s so
12277s over time that will be irritating it's a
12279s long time to go yet well it feels a long
12281s time it's probably two turns away from
12282s being infused
12286s yeah absolutely it's i mean it infuses
12289s fairly quickly in this deck i think you
12292s know whatever is played here you know if
12294s the board gets cleared we'll infuse the
12296s sim king rafam uh
12298s honestly a bit unlucky you know only 14
12302s cards remaining no vile library no shady
12306s bartenders it's really a bit of a rough
12310s draw for tonsoku you know he's had the
12312s early curve minions but nothing to
12314s really take advantage of them barring
12316s this sea giant
12319s oh my donkey may have just turned the
12321s corner picking up the sanctum there
12326s now can control the sea giant can
12329s drop the um the reckless
12332s and pick off some bit yeah take a little
12333s bit of damage but also start making some
12335s skeletons to start
12337s really
12338s just getting towards that turn nine
12340s where he'll hard cast the moon and then
12341s off he goes
12345s now there is always the possibility that
12346s roon will betray donkey and not be able
12349s to do quite enough you know sometimes
12351s people do end up needing
12353s multiples to really get there
12356s i can understand wanting to go for the
12358s armor here no you would have expected
12360s some buffs to be used already if they
12362s were present you can still freeze your
12364s opponent's most threatening minion
12369s okay
12371s there it is
12374s huh
12375s circa was getting ready to just jam that
12377s with a farm and now has to stop and
12378s rethink the entire turn
12384s yeah there's no way to kill the starfish
12387s what is it two minions that need to die
12390s to infuse and it only buffs imps so
12393s maybe you just wait on their farm and go
12395s for the library this turn i think so
12399s are you out of necessity could get
12405s could get tap in as well if you like
12409s yeah i'll just replace the two things
12411s you've got on the board with a blood
12412s bound and leave a space just to have a
12414s stuff
12416s yep yep
12419s i don't think tanzaka particularly needs
12421s the tap i might be wrong there but i
12423s think he has all the value he's going to
12425s be able to play mana wise
12429s right
12430s looks like it is three
12433s needed to infuse the reform
12435s and i guess that's what soku is going
12438s for here a little bit surprised but it
12440s is just a ton of stats
12443s yep
12449s yeah even getting two of the three
12451s threes into five fives there so
12454s quite a good outcome and again no
12457s wildfires or anything so this reckless
12458s apprentice is just doing one until the
12461s barton hero is played
12463s not necessarily staring down lethal here
12466s but
12470s you know the mailbox dancer just to turn
12471s late if you were wanting to cheese out
12473s the ruin a little bit earlier
12475s i think the best defensive play is
12477s probably just to trade into a 3-3 play
12479s the barbaric sorceress once again
12481s and
12484s i don't even know if you play the dancer
12486s just for the body seems better than a
12488s ping at this point
12491s i guess you have to work out the
12492s downsides of it dying but if it dies
12494s then that damage didn't go into your
12496s face so it's probably fine because
12497s you're playing a room next turn you take
12499s your chance against the imps
12502s like you said a couple of times the moon
12504s is going to have to hit but it should
12505s although these are big enough now that
12507s maybe something ends up living
12508s afterwards
12509s we'll have an open
12511s sanctum so it should be okay
12514s going for the trade does pick up a gray
12517s sage parrot for the trouble so
12520s if this rune is able to do enough work
12522s we can follow up with another one uh i
12525s think something
12526s that you're really looking for out of
12528s roon is basically a board clear at least
12531s one secret just to mess with the
12533s opponent and maybe a bit of card draw or
12536s generation when you are low like this
12538s the big spell mage does frequently find
12540s itself a bit low on cards by the time
12543s you get to this point so you do need
12546s something to come off of the room just
12547s to
12548s give you a little extra oomph
12550s you're so greedy you just listed all of
12552s the things that mage does you just want
12554s just some of this some of that some of
12555s that i just want everything to die
12557s you're right some cardboard stuff would
12559s be beautiful as well but in this
12561s position as long as it clears the board
12563s because of the pickup of the parrot
12565s the the second rune should be the game
12568s winner if the first one does its job
12572s but there's a lot of ifs in that
12573s statement and this is hearthstone
12575s yep
12576s tantoku just trying to figure out the
12578s optimal
12580s uh buff here to not waste any damage
12583s making another eight eight to clear up
12585s the taunt and then pushing through with
12586s everything else so you see the fingers
12588s crossed from donkey uh there's nothing
12591s else for it just gotta play the rune and
12593s see what happens let's have the sanctum
12595s available one thing survives somehow
12598s then oh no that's that's nine men on
12602s just oasis allies although the flame
12605s strike does does
12606s do a bit polymorph
12609s sort of the wrong target
12612s everything's finished three is the big
12613s minion
12614s okay
12615s all things considered that's pretty good
12618s do you want to freeze the jellyfish or
12621s do you want to just leave it there so
12622s you've got to freeze for next turn
12626s i think
12627s uh
12628s you know it's tough i mean the library
12630s is not active
12631s there's no real burst from this deck
12633s right no battle master
12635s no curses any of that stuff
12638s it is just sort of safe although there's
12640s an argument maybe for leaving it up uh
12643s so that the attack nets you one of your
12645s own
12646s um
12647s and it is a minion that just dies to a
12649s ping so easily uh but then you're you're
12652s working with seven life uh
12655s honestly i could go either way
12657s okay well in that case i
12660s oh wow
12662s lethal the second starfish i think it is
12665s it is
12667s oh no
12668s as long as it's not barrier and this is
12672s the
12672s the hesitation from tonsoku random
12675s secrets you just don't know he should
12677s know that one of them is the oasis ally
12680s because it uh it gets revealed after the
12683s second and in this case third iteration
12686s of it being played from the root of the
12687s archmage um but the last secret if it's
12690s not
12691s or sorry if it is ice barrier this would
12693s not be lethal
12695s sorry
12697s that's why he's playing the imp first
12699s wants it on the board so might as well
12700s silence it so he's going to go for the
12702s silence play
12704s i mean i think checking for mirror
12706s entity although really
12708s even if it is barrier i i can't imagine
12711s you just go for it you're looking at
12712s your chance to to win the game and uh
12715s just got it on board
12717s seize the vengeful visage and uh that is
12720s going to be it with the
12722s giant able to connect rune of the
12724s archmage just not quite doing enough
12726s work he looked at first like it might
12728s get donkey over the line there but
12730s starfish off the top is going to seal it
12732s up for tonsoku
12733s yeah needed it absolutely then because
12735s that second rune bowing incredible
12738s sequence of events was going to get
12740s donkey into a position to win the game
12742s he's going to be able to start
12742s developing minions the parrot was going
12744s to start doing damage or cleaning up
12746s um but yeah the starfish for tons of
12748s getting it done and we're into an
12750s exciting one now one game a piece with
12752s both of the influx out
12757s and i would like to say that tonsoku is
12759s uh one of you who does have two copies
12761s of the smothering starfish in his list
12764s so it was uh higher odds than some of
12766s these other lists
12768s no absolutely like your deck building
12770s decisions sort of give you these
12772s advantages and disadvantages across the
12773s course of the day there'll be another
12774s game where maybe he loses because he
12776s draws a starfish when he needs an imp so
12779s you know
12780s on this occasion it worked out the right
12782s way and that's why we have four decks
12784s and why we have lineups rather than just
12786s a selection of the best cards and best
12788s decks um because you make a coherent
12790s lineup and the sum of your decisions
12792s over many tournaments adds up to you
12794s doing better or worse
12796s but yeah that's that's the sort of the
12797s mirror part of this out of the way and
12799s now we have different majors and then
12801s peace versus rogue so
12803s game is now well and truly down to your
12805s lineup at this point
12807s [Music]
12809s yeah and the wig priest coming out i do
12811s like here that donkey has double school
12814s teacher i just think it gives you that
12816s extra density of nagas to work with over
12819s partner in crime you know partner in
12821s crime is a very powerful card and i do
12823s think it will see play at some point
12826s down the line but for sort of this
12828s iteration of a blessed deck in
12830s particular where you are so heavily
12832s focused on
12833s using serpent wig over and over having
12836s that density of nagas is just so
12838s important
12839s yeah i think partnering crime will be a
12841s different card for a different day and a
12843s different meta game it's
12845s it's not doing weirdly it's not doing
12848s really what this deck wants to do at
12849s this time
12850s um but if we ever go to pentagon's bless
12852s and somehow
12853s don't have wigs available for some
12855s reason or somebody decides like what
12856s happens if i drop wig and just make
12858s eight eights and don't actually have
12859s combo winning turns or something
12862s then sure partnering crime might be a
12863s deck for a different day but i agree
12866s with you and i think all of the casters
12869s um although everyone's divided on which
12870s cards to substitute in i do agree with
12872s you that
12874s partner in crime seems to be the weakest
12876s card when it's played by a long way
12879s nice hand over donkey yeah i
12883s definitely and the one mana hero power
12886s to just kind of get things going get to
12888s with the trade there
12889s uh just play the shroud on two i think
12892s is fine right that makes your nals free
12894s immediately
12895s i'm pretty happy with the way that
12896s discount turned out i think
12898s yeah you were looking at i'm looking at
12900s donkey's hand and trying to work out how
12901s on earth you play these first two turns
12903s because i'm sure it's straightforward
12904s but i can't work it out because it's too
12906s much nonsense going on up there but yeah
12908s tanzaka's got his own breed of nonsense
12910s down here
12912s really good hands for both players i
12914s mean
12916s uh yeah i guess if you coin out the
12918s scribe then you get to play a wig on it
12920s immediately
12924s start getting this handmade and ready
12927s that's it right so you get these two
12929s decent minions and then the handmade and
12931s if it goes wrong and they might just
12932s wing you the game on the spot like yeah
12936s and the 4-4 is important here because
12939s then it requires null plus something
12942s else to actually be able to clear it you
12944s know if you look at something like just
12946s slitherspear wig there
12949s then it's
12951s uh you know it's a three five it's it's
12952s pretty good um but then your next turn
12955s is scribe wig i don't know it's
12958s i think you had to use the coin no
12959s matter which you went with but the worst
12960s thing you could have done would be to
12962s just play slither spear and not do
12963s anything else on it because that gets
12965s cleaned up by a wild pawn null much too
12968s easily
12969s yeah this has put tanzoku in a spot now
12971s because he didn't hit the second knoll
12973s which has made the turn a bit easier
12975s um as derek and others have described
12977s you really don't want to play your cards
12979s early in this day you want to have those
12980s big turns set up those big weapons set
12982s up those big minions but you can't let
12984s the priests have this going on so yeah
12986s tanzoko forced to
12988s waste inverted commas hard here oh my
12991s goodness
12993s oh i don't know about this
12995s i feel like
12997s i want to commit one way or the other
12998s making uh one hit but then
13001s not playing the wild pawn all you know
13003s there's a wig already so this isn't
13005s gonna stay at one
13008s it is turn two by the way and so much
13011s has already happened so many cards have
13013s been played because both of these decks
13014s just you know don't really
13017s follow the rules of mana
13020s and
13021s this was i guess the reason for the hit
13024s there so wig means that stab plus fillet
13027s fighter is able to clean it up
13029s um
13030s you know we've won the board
13032s uh not a ton of follow-up i guess
13034s there's edwin step if you want to do
13036s that on four
13038s step no tracker if you think that's
13040s enough
13045s three three weapon it's not terrible
13047s it's not really what you want
13049s just to buy yourself some time to get a
13050s slightly better edwin and try and find a
13052s location like that that was my thinking
13054s there not because you want a 3-3 weapon
13056s obviously that's not going to win the
13057s game but it might stop you from losing
13058s it if you lose this board
13061s yeah i mean one one thing that's nice
13064s going into
13065s the wig priest is you don't have to
13067s worry about something like theotar
13070s because they just don't have the space
13071s to fit it in
13073s so you can do something like an edwin
13075s shadowstep you take another value trade
13078s just pray they don't have shadow word
13080s devour or if you want to play around the
13081s devour you could trade in the three one
13084s instead
13085s um you just sort of need the card draw
13087s in this position i have to imagine
13092s or even just yeah
13094s actually i think i might like this even
13096s better what are they gonna do right
13097s they're not not likely to clear the four
13100s fours you just leave it on board for a
13101s turn it gets a value trade and then you
13103s can step it if you like yeah and it's
13105s important as well i mean okay there's
13107s the extortion in hand but you don't
13108s really want to have to play that out of
13110s sequence but you know with a pelagos in
13112s donkey's hand pelegos into wig would
13114s have been
13116s so destructive if the edwin wasn't left
13118s on the board
13121s and even so it does mean that you have
13123s to choose whether you want to step it or
13125s not in order to clear this
13129s do you feel lucky in terms of ripping
13131s extra removal off the top
13133s i'm in the top eight of a master's turn
13135s that's nice you're lucky
13138s go face for four shadow step because
13140s otherwise yep
13142s otherwise how else do you get there yeah
13145s it's fair
13152s okay it's a huge deal what he gets from
13153s this
13156s oh is it possibly just enough with
13158s extortion drakka it is it's um
13163s yeah that's the safest line then
13166s 3-3 dagger i i think is just
13168s just good enough
13170s and then just get a million cards with
13171s edwin and hope that that works
13175s yeah yeah definitely the the safest line
13180s and you know we look at something like a
13182s 3-3 dagger and no it's not
13184s some of the necro blades we've seen over
13186s this tournament you know not seven
13188s attack or a ted attack
13190s but
13191s it's still really a solid rate you know
13194s you get a 3 4 and a 3 3 weapon that's
13196s just kind of good enough in so many
13198s situations both shadow steps are used
13201s though so we won't be seeing another
13203s large necroblade come out of nowhere it
13205s is going to have to be this little
13207s game of edges or maybe going all in on a
13210s large edwin um
13212s i wonder if maybe it's worth keeping the
13214s shard just knowing that an edwin has
13216s been
13218s anybody
13219s yeah i think
13220s that also makes sense
13226s wondering how much damage the
13228s the rogue ends up with if the priest can
13231s just keep killing the rogue stuff that's
13233s not how you look at any priest matchup
13235s ever but
13237s i imagine the vogue's going to burn to
13239s get it done if the minions are all
13240s killed but there's not that much left
13244s well shadowcrafter scabs is a nice reset
13248s plus um
13250s a couple of four twos that apart from
13253s you know blademaster samurai or double
13255s devour you know a little bit challenging
13257s for the priest to deal
13259s with uh this is looking pretty dire
13262s though for donkey uh
13265s 10 10 edwin
13267s three four and a four four again not
13269s massive stealth minion but you don't
13271s really need it
13272s so it is just going to have to be all in
13275s here
13275s uh hoping for boone of the ascended off
13279s of thrive in the shadows is my guess
13287s not enough mana now
13291s oh
13295s i needed that extra one mana
13297s yeah he's annoyed himself i think i
13299s think they realized that
13303s now it's going to have to be
13306s it's going to have to be amalgam into
13310s the leash
13314s yes
13317s quickly
13321s yup that's what they're going for
13323s gotta go fast
13325s uh
13326s not quite good enough
13328s and that's over as uh fast as it began
13331s you know both players pretty optimal
13333s hands but uh rogue is you know very
13336s heavy on some of these removal tools and
13339s tonsoko able to just win that game of
13341s edges and then snowball into a very
13343s large edwin and
13345s you know it's kind of nice to see edwin
13347s back it's
13349s we uh we haven't really had
13351s big edwin's for a little while and uh i
13354s like that it's making its way back into
13356s this
13357s yeah big headwinds huh you're that sort
13360s of person okay
13362s i got so much engagement out of just
13363s retweeting neville's from 2017 every
13366s time edwin originally did
13368s i just
13370s just every single time ah dodged another
13373s one but yeah eventually and eventually
13375s he got got
13377s all right tan soku down to the spooky
13380s mage the 40 card version with so much
13382s stuff in it
13384s uh
13385s we've seen this deck do pretty well
13387s actually in the
13389s in the top of the swiss we've just seen
13391s them pretty badly in the rest of the
13393s swiss which sort of makes sense it's
13394s almost definition
13396s uh where's your take on where this deck
13398s stands right now
13401s so looking at this list and just in
13404s terms of what donkey has remaining i
13406s think this mass polymorph
13409s is actually a pretty great inclusion to
13412s have because both into big spelmage
13414s which puts down a bunch of dragons and
13417s into the wig priest which can get some
13419s pretty large minions and as long as
13420s you're able to sort of freeze out the
13422s game until that point
13424s just having the mass polymorph is an
13426s extra out that many decks don't have
13428s access to again i'm not a fan of the
13431s deep water evoker when you have such
13432s misses like wildfire and flurry um
13436s but
13437s tan soku is in this top eight so
13441s i don't know it seems to have been
13442s working so far
13443s yeah let's let's argue that the other
13446s way you're playing a 40 card deck to get
13448s extra health
13449s you play a deep walk up to avoca which
13451s is it's bad it's a three four for four
13453s your worst cases you hit a flowy you
13456s only play one flurry in your deck
13458s and sometimes that will save you a lot
13460s of health i think it's
13462s it's weird
13464s but i get it because you're playing 10
13465s extra cards so anything that thins your
13467s deck even if it's sometimes awful i
13470s don't think it's necessarily a terrible
13471s card right
13474s yeah not necessarily you know and there
13476s is some hyrule potential there when you
13478s do hit the rune or the mass polymorph i
13480s just feel like i'd be more comfortable
13481s with something like a
13483s famished fool which is the infuse for to
13487s draw three you know then you're getting
13489s a lot more cards at once
13491s the deck already has a decent amount of
13493s minions or minion generators in the form
13495s of a cold case another skeleton cards
13499s i don't know i'm not a fan and it looks
13501s like the stats overall haven't worked
13503s but uh but it has gotten tons of this
13506s far we see the theater keep
13509s pretty important against something like
13511s a big spell mage which has so many
13514s six drop cards that you can sort of
13517s just play it on five to try and prevent
13519s yeah and so few important cards like if
13522s you can rip one of them away from your
13523s opponent it does so much damage we've
13525s talked already about how
13528s big spell mage can just miss right well
13530s if you've got a theater and even if they
13532s hit they might miss so yeah seems good
13534s to me
13544s i'm not sure how i feel about the
13545s pelican diver on one here against
13547s another mage
13554s just sort of gained one life isn't it
13558s um your opponent wastes two mana let's
13560s look at it that way
13563s i guess you know it's
13565s i suppose with how it lines up in terms
13567s of it no longer being dormant it is
13570s going into tons hoku's turn three
13572s so you potentially disrupt something
13574s like an arcane intellect
13576s yeah or they have to take eight for
13578s middle four from it at least
13580s yeah i think it's fine also what else
13582s are you gonna do with it like when are
13583s you going to play it
13586s just get it out your hand maybe when
13588s like there's something that you want to
13589s remove but it doesn't have to be dealt
13591s with right away i don't know it's one
13593s mana i feel like maybe you can fit it in
13595s somewhere else but it does end up
13597s disrupting this arcane and leg and here
13599s comes another one
13601s my other argument on a slightly more
13603s serious note would be if you're hoping
13604s that your deck makes an early moon or
13606s something you want some space in your
13608s hand just have real cards and get these
13609s things away
13612s sure no but yeah i get the point looks a
13614s lot better here
13617s looks a lot better here going into the
13618s turn four where you are wanting to get
13621s down an okani so you can kill whatever
13624s minion your opponent might play and then
13626s get okani down
13628s no
13629s you make your point as always
13631s with um
13632s instructive views from what you can
13634s actually see in front of you yeah it's
13635s like yeah lorinda that was stupid of you
13637s good point well-made
13641s this is interesting i think tonsoku took
13643s the sorceress
13647s okay which is definitely a card you're
13649s interested in hitting
13651s but i would have maybe been looking at
13653s the drake fire amulet and said
13655s hey if you want to go for a sorceress
13657s you know i've got this drake fire amulet
13660s you want to risk having it backfire on
13662s you
13664s use the blizzard
13670s and this is really important that the
13671s pelican dive was played when it was
13672s played because look it can trade into
13674s the 3-3 everybody
13676s yep try it into the 3-3 play okani yep
13688s or would you wait a turn knowing your
13690s opponent has a sorceress on six
13695s yeah but they don't want to play it do
13696s they right
13698s um
13699s it depends if you play that coin or not
13702s i guess yeah
13704s i guess they don't you're right
13707s you've got to assume you've got a then
13708s you don't spells you don't know what
13710s they've seen right maybe they saw okani
13713s starfish
13714s barbaric but
13716s if they saw the drake fire which of
13718s course we know that tonsoku did
13721s um i mean that sorceress is being taken
13724s just to prevent donkey from playing it i
13726s don't think we're going to see tonsoku
13727s throwing it down anytime soon
13730s the eevee is far too low donkey's worked
13733s out the winning formula just channeling
13735s blize
13737s completely dark room with just a head
13740s and a bow tie
13744s i'm checking with the solid alibi here
13746s for spell
13747s getting the go ahead to just go ahead
13750s and
13751s arcane intellect you know not doing a
13753s ton of work but solid alibi
13755s having prevented something like an early
13757s drake fire
13759s not hugely important so sort of an okay
13761s spell to throw away there while looking
13763s for just additional cards
13766s uh still probably gonna have to throw
13768s away some kind of minion though
13771s not a whole lot to work with here in the
13773s spell realm of things
13779s yeah this is actually getting annoying
13780s from donkey's side as well like seven
13782s damage just from these things that don't
13785s really do much it's an annoying problem
13787s you've got to deal with so yeah time to
13789s get this iconic dealt
13791s with it's so weird just some of these
13795s wet noodle fights almost that happen
13797s between
13799s the the mages right now you know even
13801s though it's 30 card mage versus 40 card
13803s mage they still run the same kind of as
13805s you say crappy minions in the early game
13807s you know the there's something they
13809s might have a little bit on the hp side
13811s but it's not a ton of damage and uh
13814s that being said without having them for
13817s tonsoku it's just hard to defend against
13819s all this
13820s want to be picking up you know your own
13822s nightclub sanctum to slow things down
13824s something like a deathborn
13826s gave away the blizzard out of not
13828s wanting to lose some
13830s higher end cards so this is just
13834s pressure from donkey as strange that it
13836s as it is and then dawn grasp is going to
13839s really turn things around
13842s yeah but i feel like tan soko needs more
13845s than just a door um their own doors
13847s grasp right it's just going to slow
13848s things down for one turn on that side
13849s like you say donkey's dawn grasp it's
13851s gonna be so much better straight into
13853s the double room yeah that's that's the
13855s one i was thinking about you know the
13856s wildfire is important here just for the
13859s reckless apprentice but it's still
13862s still not that much and once those hero
13863s powers get ramping up i think that's one
13865s of the main benefits of 30 cards versus
13867s 40 cards is just the increased
13869s probability of getting magister dawn
13871s grasp on curve and starting to ratchet
13874s up that hero power i mean you're seeing
13877s now
13878s how about this is just a
13880s six damage to nathan's
13883s yeah this is a i think i'm gonna beat
13884s you if i don't die right now and i think
13886s i might die right now
13890s oh
13890s ah
13892s i don't know
13894s the reckless apprentice had to be okay
13896s right
13898s i mean not great but it's fine though at
13900s least working your way
13902s donkey's got a decision now like jamming
13904s dorm grasp is where we were both at a
13906s moment ago but blizzard into roon into
13908s roon into dorm grasp in that order is
13910s now on the cards as an option
13915s i think the argument here for tonsoku's
13917s line is that
13919s it's just the most stats he can put in
13922s play and there is lifesteal on the 1010
13926s so even though you're
13928s not expecting these things to connect
13931s the opponent does have to respect the
13933s kale thoughts and and sort of just the
13935s board presence generally and there
13937s weren't a ton of tools to cleanly deal
13940s with these early minions as strange as
13942s that is and there's other wind
13944s conditions in the deck so as long as
13946s tensoku can pick up
13948s some serious card draw here you will be
13951s able to maybe turn things around and win
13954s through some other way you know it's not
13955s like
13956s some of the other decks where you really
13958s are relying on denaturius to get very
13960s high
13961s but
13963s just seems like a lot of resources spent
13966s to
13967s slow down a
13970s wave of just
13972s three fours and two attack minions
13975s and donkey does go with the sensible
13977s play in the end again that that blizzard
13978s into triple roon basically set up was
13981s very interesting but
13983s if in doubt do the sensible thing which
13985s is play sensibly
13989s yeah and the hero power can just
13991s upgrade so quickly
13993s yes
13994s yes and again next turn can upgrade it
13997s again most likely
13998s okay depending how the moon wants to pan
14000s out and depending what donkey wants to
14001s do but transloco has nothing doing here
14004s this is just rubbish stuff
14007s sporty car deck fillers yeah
14011s hovered over the starfish for a moment
14012s there but then of course you do lose the
14014s lifesteal
14018s in the downside of stealing a barbaric
14020s saucers or stealing any card that you
14021s take for your opponent that
14023s cuts their deck apart it also quite
14025s often just does nothing for you we saw
14027s an alignment that could have been stolen
14028s the other day and the decision was well
14031s do i want to steal the alignment to slow
14032s them down but then i've got an alignment
14034s in my hand it's like
14036s one of the cards i want i'm never
14037s playing
14038s yeah yeah absolutely
14041s quite a cool design
14046s i think every turn here for donkey is
14048s just can i upgrade my hero power
14051s if not what do i do
14056s i just see runes because that's the sort
14057s of player i am
14061s i mean you can
14063s blizzard ping the denathrius and then
14067s it sets up an honorable kill forces your
14070s opponent to maybe ping their own minion
14072s to prevent you from getting it i'd love
14074s to see that
14077s i'd really enjoy seeing yourself
14078s penguins for a while
14081s you can't stop this snowstorm
14085s interesting okay
14090s and there's the rune for tonsoku i sort
14092s of forgot for a moment that both players
14094s had access to this card
14100s our fish will remove the lifesteal but
14103s also
14104s allow some damage to be inserted
14108s yeah it's hard to pass up three mana for
14110s a pyroblast
14111s it is yeah
14121s and now we see you for tonsoku just an
14124s amalgamation of stuff just dawngrass
14127s freezing to
14131s you know eliminate the usefulness of
14132s these two threes which at face value
14135s doesn't seem like much but it
14137s there's the self ping that you were
14138s looking for right onto the starfish that
14140s would have been a four so freezing these
14143s two threes you know prevents something
14145s like trades into the 3s to get an
14148s honorable kill for the hero power
14150s first rune of the game
14152s jellyfish is back oh no okay
14157s oh a little bit different ordering and
14159s that could have been
14161s killing the siren atherius
14166s these not quite the number you're
14168s looking for but yeah it's still pretty
14170s reasonable
14171s decision to be made because donkey knows
14173s that they're probably ruining again next
14175s turn so no real need to think there's an
14177s atheist here
14180s yeah and for this list of tonsoku's only
14182s one starfish so don't have to worry
14184s about any more of those to
14186s uh eliminate freezes
14188s alibi sorceress try and hit the coin
14192s i i think that's what it is
14195s it could just end up being a swap nine
14197s for nine fifty fifty misses
14202s which means he now knows what's coming
14205s donkey donkey probably should have
14206s dumped that coin in fairness a little
14208s while ago i know it's easy to say
14210s yeah they did know about the source of
14212s us so
14218s oh now
14220s he set up is there any way
14223s i don't think there's a way to set up an
14225s honorable kill you can just play bran
14227s and play it though
14230s it's unfortunate
14232s i think the reason to save the coin is
14234s the potential upside of
14236s getting something like a bran mordrish
14240s is
14241s pretty powerful
14245s but yeah it was always a risk as long as
14247s you keep it we could just see a second
14249s rune come out
14251s just
14252s because it might be nice here and and
14254s then you could always coin hero power if
14256s you do find an honorable kill
14258s sure
14264s donkey you're saying okay this is fine
14266s this isn't beating me so put something
14268s else out there please i'm just gonna
14269s wait
14274s round two
14277s it's on the other side
14279s yeah donkey's got a good idea there's
14280s either a moon or nothing and it wasn't
14282s played so it's probably a rune so why
14283s put minions out there it's like okay you
14285s want to ruin my skeleton
14287s have it
14292s you almost have to play it for card draw
14295s yeah and donkey doesn't have all the
14296s time in the world as well if tan
14297s certainly gets a bit of damage go face
14299s here
14305s oh
14307s oh my goodness i mean oh
14311s pretty uh middling at first there and
14314s then
14315s a hale at the end which is okay but no
14318s card draw no secrets you got rid of your
14320s ten attack minion
14322s the amalgam isn't really the second
14324s dragon that you want there even if the
14325s hell is nice
14327s bran
14328s reckless ping on the 412 now if you want
14331s it
14333s that's true
14335s yeah it clears the board gets you one
14337s upgrade uh still pretty good amount of
14339s face damage
14344s and your opponents on one card having
14346s just played a rune
14353s yeah get it while the getting's good
14355s that's right
14357s i'll get a million coins as well
14362s these are just free
14364s each one gives you two coins which you
14366s can play immediately just to get the
14368s apprentice down
14370s yeah all right you know pressure i guess
14374s yeah because you haven't got forever if
14375s you get more dressed probably just lose
14378s so yeah get that pressure down get this
14380s down to
14382s hit
14383s worst case hit your point in the face
14384s next turn rune and try and get some face
14386s damage if it's an emergency and you
14387s probably just win without even having
14389s the emergency here
14392s and if they stick around you can
14394s starfish to
14396s uh get rid of the death rattle not that
14398s it matters that much i think the
14399s starfish is more gonna play a role in
14401s terms of getting rid of the freeze
14402s finally some card draw for tonsoku
14406s more dress
14407s that is ready but oh
14412s flurry
14414s you can't even sevara it's not filled it
14416s was just drawn so this would be the
14417s first spell
14419s it has to flurry or he loses
14421s on board absolutely
14429s is this gonna come down to a box needing
14430s to do like two damage to face i think it
14433s might
14437s oh
14439s yeah could could be
14444s i mean you don't have to go for it right
14446s you don't know that mordres was just
14447s picked up
14449s ah you don't but you know it's
14451s terrifying whatever it is because your
14452s opponent is going to float a bunch of
14454s manner and play some garbage cards
14458s so i see tansoku is
14460s you know picking up one of the coins
14463s still would need one more to be able to
14465s fill the savara
14475s this is
14483s starfish double
14485s coin rune
14488s do you want to make a skeleton
14491s before maybe
14493s so your room's got two more damage in
14495s the bank
14498s oh i don't know
14501s let me remind you who you're dealing
14503s proactive runes are are always the worst
14506s in my experience
14509s wildfire gifts so at least some card
14511s draw and the counter spell isn't
14513s insignificant well okay it is a bit when
14514s you know that there's a coin with the
14516s opponent
14518s oh
14519s yep clears the on board you do get to
14522s weave one in so that is a two turn setup
14524s with just the hero power
14526s rune in this parrot for a cheaper rune
14529s wait yeah did he even sleep with the
14531s starfish there i know it's not it's not
14533s both sides i'm done right
14536s um
14538s no
14539s it is that just lethal with starfish
14541s pink
14543s so the ping was six there was
14546s bran
14547s reckless
14549s uh was it a sheep
14552s yeah is she yeah i can't recall all the
14554s minions that were in
14555s there
14557s one mailbox so donkey needed
14560s nine
14562s i'm sort of partly going by the reaction
14564s as well
14566s yeah i i i
14569s sort of assumed from the line that it
14570s must have been one off or something but
14572s that may have been
14574s the thought was just
14576s oh wait maybe if i was just going to
14579s get in a ping and put my opponent as low
14581s as possible maybe i should have just
14583s starfished instead of going for the rune
14584s just yet
14588s much to ponder also look if there's some
14591s sort of starfish there was only one coin
14593s right donkey didn't have starfish
14596s i know i'm going down rabbit holes i
14597s shouldn't now okay
14599s i think it wasn't there
14601s but i was trying to work out
14603s all right coin counted which is quite a
14606s big deal because that delays more dress
14625s coin remaining for the last bit of
14628s damage coin hero power and that is just
14631s gonna be it very important to go for
14633s that first trade and we are gonna see a
14635s game five once again
14640s yep and i'm glad this one's ending in a
14642s game five two players that have
14644s entertained us greatly over the last two
14647s days
14648s and just work out what decks are left
14650s because my brain is turning to mush
14652s donkey is on the priest there we go
14654s thank you yes
14657s versus mage
14660s so this one in my experience can really
14663s go either way uh definitely the mage has
14666s a
14667s large quantity of freezes available and
14670s in particular tonsoku has the blizzards
14674s in addition to sort of the usual freezes
14677s for the spooky mage and the mass
14679s polymorph like i mentioned before could
14682s play a pivotal role if some of the
14684s minions start spiraling and becoming
14686s much too large that could be a global
14688s reset button
14690s uh
14691s gonna need a lot more card draw than he
14693s saw in this last game though i think in
14694s order to keep up with the priest
14697s yeah i'm gonna need to pick up that um
14703s [Laughter]
14707s uh you know i think
14709s what really surprises me is
14712s in this list there's no multicaster
14714s which
14715s is so much of the time i feel like is is
14718s the better pick you know it is very
14720s frost centered right the only non-frost
14723s spells are arcane intellect and wildfire
14727s but i feel like with the frequency that
14728s they get picked up it's just worth
14730s running a multicaster for
14732s two cards a decent amount of the time
14734s even if it is that one that's still as
14737s good as the dungeoneer oh sorry not the
14739s dungeoneer the uh
14741s i i agree evoker so i know what's this
14743s yeah um
14745s sort of
14746s i i thought the evoker looked quite
14748s smooth for the card but yeah just just
14749s play the thing that always draws you a
14751s card and it's bigger
14753s yeah sure
14754s um
14755s definitely prefer it
14757s see how it works out in this final game
14760s of this second quarter final donkey tan
14763s soku
14765s we're gonna have to say goodbye to one
14766s of them which is a shame but one of us
14768s goes to the semi-final which is great
14773s this is
14774s quite interesting for tonsoku normally
14776s wildfire sevara two cards you like to
14779s keep with one another but i think that's
14781s more against some of the slower matchups
14783s against something like the wig priest
14786s just the hero power usually isn't enough
14788s to keep up i think you're really looking
14789s for night cloak sanctum
14792s yeah and absolutely not going to be able
14795s to keep up at the moment it's going to
14797s be freeze everything sort of situation
14800s looking at donkey's hand because donkey
14801s has got
14803s whatever donkey wants to keep out of
14804s that lot is almost perfect
14808s yeah there is a chance that thrive in
14810s the shadows will miss on the wig
14813s so that could be a unfortunate outcome
14816s for donkey with boone of the ascended
14819s you know it's such a powerful card you
14820s have to include it but it does mean that
14823s you miss somewhat more often on thrive
14825s in the shadows looking for a wig still
14828s vicious slithersphere exactly the turn
14830s one you're looking for
14833s yeah
14834s not so much but at least it's one devour
14836s out of the
14837s deck
14847s [Music]
14849s fairly free and you can
14852s [Applause]
14853s the flurry as well to go into sivara and
14857s already picked up the location from
14858s throwing back kel'thuzad
14861s uh once again seems like both players
14862s pretty good hands
14865s yeah and i'd like to see this um it's
14868s depending on the matchup because
14869s obviously some decks if they get their
14870s perfect hand just win
14872s uh in some matters but not so much in
14874s this one like imagine a garage rogue
14876s with a perfect hand okay good luck
14879s of course enjoyed that kind of
14880s hearthstone
14882s but in general two decks that are evenly
14884s matched getting their perfect hands with
14885s their very good hands is is nice to see
14890s there is the wig sort of the unique card
14892s that you gotta have
14897s that being said about perfect hands some
14898s of the most exciting games i've cast
14900s with tj have been the old um combo demon
14903s hunter mirror
14904s where they
14906s just end up having their curtains
14907s shuffled in on both sides and they both
14909s just draw nothing
14911s so
14917s and some of those games were really
14918s intense
14921s i think similarly aggro match ups where
14924s they they just
14925s kind of go very even and have to do a
14927s lot of trades on board and just get very
14930s grindy
14931s sometimes it's funny you'll almost have
14934s you know the aggro v aggro match up goes
14936s much longer than an aggro v control
14938s because aggro v control one player blows
14940s the other one out half the time and it's
14942s over in a flash but aggro viagro if
14944s there's no blowing out it's just lots of
14946s board tension back and forth you know
14948s fighting and uh
14952s yeah
14953s it's very interesting if you're into it
14955s old face hunter mirrors where on turn
14957s seven nobody's got a minion they've both
14959s got one card one player 28 healthy
14962s others on 27 you're like how do they
14963s supposed to win this game now
14966s back into the present day
14970s having to organize all this lovely
14972s freeze that he has available
14976s yeah going for the hero power last turn
14978s just to finish up the vicious
14979s slithersphere conserving resources
14981s saving the sanctum for when it's
14983s absolutely necessary which it may be on
14986s this turn it can set up to you know put
14989s this flurry in the savara as well as
14991s solid alibi lots of stall tools
14994s available but no way to fully get rid of
14997s this radiant and going into a
14999s schoolteacher coin noggling potentially
15002s with an entirely free hand
15005s quite a sizable minion available for
15007s donkey
15013s a lot to think about but again we've
15015s seen how this is done you just
15017s donkey can have as many sizeable minions
15019s as they want if they can't attack they
15021s can't win the game
15023s he just done in the eighth round
15025s yesterday when donkey
15027s had a win and in that they lost but
15029s still got in on great tiebreakers
15033s wow
15035s very interesting using
15037s full mana efficiency here getting a ping
15039s to reduce the health but then playing
15041s the solid alibi i think you do this sort
15043s of knowing that you'll get it back from
15045s savara you don't want to put a flurry in
15048s there until it's upgraded well although
15050s i guess it doesn't matter because when
15051s you get it back it would be
15053s it would upgrade in your hand so scratch
15056s that but saving the night cloak sanctum
15059s for the possibility of
15061s using that later on you know once
15062s something has been invested to freezing
15064s that single minion but having played the
15066s solid alibi this now leaves
15069s flurry
15070s commander savara and another wildfire
15073s open uh for the potential turn five if
15076s tonsoku likes
15077s and we are going to see that that
15079s strategy have to be employed by tan soko
15081s because donkey has everything they could
15083s possibly want now
15085s they don't have a boon actually they
15086s have nearly everything they could
15087s possibly want
15088s um going forward this this board is
15091s never getting dealt with in terms of
15092s removal by the time that tan soko gets
15095s some more dress that's just not probably
15097s going to even clear the board
15099s but
15100s as you've been describing these
15102s relentless freezers in the shavara the
15105s blizzard in the deck
15106s the and one in the hand the flowy
15109s there is a lot of
15111s messing around the donkey's gonna have
15113s to do if they're going to get one of
15114s these to connect face at any point
15118s yeah i wonder if your tonsoku if you
15120s just
15121s i like this you play the night cloak
15123s sanctum you hear a power down the one
15125s one and then you just play the flurry
15127s knowing that it freezes both minions
15129s much safer than going for the commanders
15131s of our right now you can always just
15132s play it next turn once it's loaded and
15135s you know get your flurry back or have
15137s access to the blizzard this just gives a
15139s lot more flexibility on the turns going
15140s forward without putting you at risk on
15143s this particular turn
15146s do you need to flowy can you use the
15148s sanctum just ping off one and just say
15150s that five times not doing 37 just yet
15154s maybe
15156s yeah i guess you use the ping in this
15157s way to remove some of the health if you
15159s do
15160s um
15161s i might have felt like we have enough
15163s freezes available that you wouldn't have
15165s to but i suppose with the mordresch
15168s you do want to weave the pings in as
15171s much as possible and saving something
15173s like a flurry that lets you do that
15174s means maybe you get to your turn
15177s eight and you're able to play blizzard
15179s and hero power or something
15181s yeah i think it's important because
15183s again my my sample size of witnessing
15185s good players play this once
15187s um it did feel like the the mages on the
15190s defensive for so long
15192s uh obviously one slip up and they lose
15194s as well they're on the defensive for so
15196s long that they don't get much damage in
15198s so
15199s part of this really has to be eked out
15201s as long as possible so you do have to be
15204s a little bit greedy with your your
15206s removal your freeze over that time just
15208s to make sure you have enough time to win
15210s the game
15214s yeah as i think a decision here of do
15216s you blizzard first or go for the savara
15221s flurry and it looks like it is
15224s the blizzard which i believe means
15226s blizzard is stored in the savara now
15228s instead of flurry okay
15233s be feeling that with solid alibi in
15235s there you know you can buy time to take
15237s use of that other blizzard
15241s donkey progresses here with more dress
15244s in mind because obviously this board
15245s gets more dressed things go
15247s bad
15249s yep that is the drawback of investing in
15252s multiple minions you know makes it
15254s harder for your opponent to just flurry
15256s your board
15257s but a whole lot easier for them to clean
15259s up everything in one turn with a
15261s mordresch
15263s which i believe tonsoku is just about to
15266s get online
15268s yeah i i gotta admit when i'm casting
15271s these there's so many other things going
15272s on i tend to just assume it's online on
15274s eight because they're good players and
15276s they'll have it set up that doesn't
15277s necessarily mean it's true
15279s uh but tennessee has been doing a lot of
15280s pinging this game to control health
15282s totals
15284s though i i think you are right i think
15285s it must be about close there
15291s so now
15292s i think is where you break out the solid
15295s alibi
15296s flurry not enough to freeze this board
15299s so you can play savara
15302s the only problem is there's not enough
15303s mana to fit in a ping and the solid
15305s alibi and i do think we need two more
15308s for mordredge to be active
15310s the way tan sanko's looks like he's
15313s trying to do a particularly difficult
15314s crossword puzzle i think
15316s means you're right on the that
15318s number
15320s yeah there we go
15322s you see two left this is what i'm
15324s thinking
15330s how do i make four plus two plus two
15333s less than seven
15340s oh
15340s yeah
15344s still
15345s what you have to do
15347s so the answer of course is going to be
15350s that um you solid alibi this turn then
15352s you have to blizzard the turn after
15355s and then more does your turn length
15359s which all things considered not the
15360s worst
15362s it might be because with the
15365s pelagos in donkey's hand there is a
15367s chance that donkey can just get some of
15368s these out of range of the moderation oh
15372s that's very true yeah i think of them as
15374s just
15375s you know being whittled down by these
15377s blizzards and things but you're right
15378s pelagos you know so frequently used to
15381s buff attack with a high health total but
15384s it does have that extra effect of
15387s setting
15388s health equal to attack on the other side
15390s of things
15391s so
15392s could provide just enough healing at
15393s least for some of these minions to put
15395s them over the range of mordrish
15399s i'm sure donkey has also been keeping
15401s track of
15402s how much damage has been dealt to load
15405s mortrage so knowing that it is not yet
15407s available i think the most important
15409s minion to keep alive if possible is
15411s going to be this radiant elemental that
15413s has been making things so
15415s free
15417s right we only need
15419s maybe two minions maybe three to survive
15421s because
15422s then tanzania will have to mess around
15424s dealing with the ones that survive well
15426s then donkey will be free to make even
15427s more and it will start to snowball out
15429s of control uh you can see tan soko now
15432s is starting to run low on resources
15434s there's a blizzard of flowy and the more
15435s dress left
15436s the nathrius is installed but it's not
15438s going to be at all loaded up
15441s and stall against this naga priest is
15443s kind of who cares
15452s yeah i wonder
15453s if it is just gonna be that pelago's
15455s heel
15456s coming up roon
15459s roon is such a wild card
15464s in many ways yeah
15471s opting to keep the radiant low rather
15474s than going for ping onto something like
15476s the 2-3 which sansoku knows will just
15479s get cleaned up by the mordres no matter
15481s what also means that there's limited
15483s board space for donkey to work with in
15485s terms of just playing nagas for more
15487s wigs
15489s donkey still hasn't played a felice
15491s right so
15492s if they can get a bit of card drawing
15494s play a million wigs get volition do it
15496s all again that could be
15500s could be again board space bit of an
15502s issue uh i suspect one of these minions
15505s is going to get the shadow word devour
15507s yep just to
15508s clear up that two one free up some board
15510s space and make a pretty sizable minion
15514s the goal here being to just get
15515s everything out of mordrish range and
15517s ideally have enough of them
15520s large to uh
15523s i'm sorry is that pelican so one one
15527s it is
15528s did it it came off of a switcheroo from
15530s school teacher that's the only
15531s explanation right going with yes yeah it
15533s actually did
15536s i was going to guess but i now now
15538s you've jogged my memory it actually did
15539s happen that way yes
15548s oh i don't know that this is enough
15550s we've only got
15552s one minion that survives mordress not
15555s happy with the way that turn turned out
15557s and you really need to get that 10 10
15559s just buffs
15564s in particular yeah
15566s yeah
15570s playing around flurries so much there
15573s did mean that uh with the wigs spread
15575s out over so many minions it was pretty
15577s challenging just to get sort of three
15580s over the top of the mordress um
15583s and now it's just a much more
15585s challenging climb uh no longer radiant
15588s to work with saving all the mana on the
15590s wigs which i think was sort of the most
15592s important minion to keep alive if you
15593s could um pelogo's another one obviously
15597s you love to keep alive although that's
15599s pretty challenging when you've got it as
15600s a 1-1
15601s and of course when you just have a term
15603s like that and you're annoyed at yourself
15604s the first thing that happens to you top
15606s deck valley is just to really ram it
15608s home
15612s and uh i remember after the last one
15614s when donkey made a mistake on stream uh
15616s i remember having a little exchange on
15618s twitter where donkey was like i beat
15620s myself up and i'm like well sort of
15621s don't and don't say yes he said but
15623s that's how i'm built and i agree i find
15626s it difficult but the more you get into
15628s these positions in tournaments and i'm
15629s sure we'll see donkey and tournaments
15630s again assuming they don't win here which
15632s is looking
15633s bleak now
15634s like the more you get into these
15636s positions the more and more you get to
15637s be able to cope with that stuff so we
15639s talked about that on day one about
15641s nerves and i think donkey whatever
15643s happens in this game has done themselves
15647s and again it's not over yet this rune
15648s can go wrong and
15650s freezers are running out
15654s yeah and i think something to sort of
15657s keep in mind here is no boon of the
15659s ascendant picked up for donkey and that
15661s is one of the ways you are able to make
15664s multiple large minions at once to kind
15666s of keep a bunch of things out of range
15668s of a mordress
15670s donkey able to pull themselves back
15671s together a bit here set up that 15-15
15674s taunt while keeping the
15676s handmaiden at a reasonable life total to
15678s not just die to a blizzard or something
15681s honestly much respect i think that's
15683s pretty challenging to do
15686s after a mardress
15687s they're both players
15689s blowing up the praying hands going in
15692s the top moment's damn it thanks oh
15695s no
15697s oh good luck to everybody concerned here
15701s now there is the flurry if enough of
15703s these are cleaned up it can freeze three
15705s minions so
15707s pretty good odds of
15710s hitting at least one of these large
15712s attack minions and if you do deal with
15715s their health total it makes it much less
15717s likely that they're going to be able to
15720s connect for anything more than their
15722s current attack
15723s everybody close your eyes again oh
15726s no
15727s oh
15728s and that's just kind of it you know you
15731s know that off of that four mana spell
15732s from the rune
15734s twice played by the way
15736s this is multiple mass polymorphs
15738s available to tanzoku and i i just don't
15741s think there's a recovery from that
15744s no i don't think so either
15748s ah
15750s so close
15756s right i'm trying to find any way to make
15758s this work now test the secret while
15760s you're there
15763s maybe you know location you don't really
15765s want to commit anything when you know
15767s there's a mass polymorph and
15769s multiple runes
15774s how long have you got obviously you've
15776s got to force the mass polymorph that
15778s does waste
15779s basically in their entire time
15783s there's also with random secrets just
15785s the concern of is one of these a counter
15787s spell you know it really throws a wrench
15790s in the works um when it comes to random
15792s secrets
15803s yeah i'm not even sure if donkey is
15804s thinking about the mass polymorphs in
15806s hand or not but already pretty
15808s demoralizing for the flurry to hit
15811s you know both of your minions when you
15813s thought maybe maybe there's a chance
15815s after the mordrish of coming back uh
15817s really gave it their best shot but
15820s um
15822s yeah i i don't know lots of resources
15825s still but
15826s in in the face of double mass poly
15830s double rune of the archmage
15832s sire danathrius it's just looking
15834s pretty grim you could even just go for
15838s freeze
15840s thirteen five i mean you can get a
15842s pretty good death born here don't even
15844s have to commit that much relaxing yeah
15846s the key the key to this turn where
15847s you're a long way in front is just to
15849s make sure you don't take unnecessary
15851s risks by accident i'm not saying you do
15852s on purpose ever but there's risks you
15854s can take accidentally here by again just
15858s not clearing everything up etc and
15860s trying to be
15861s um overly precise whereas actually the
15864s way to win this is just to win it
15867s yep don't do anything
15869s so many options reckless apprentice full
15871s clear deathborn uh can be a full clear
15874s if you run it out with reckless
15877s apprentice or hero power yeah here we go
15880s you hear a power the three four
15883s freeze thirteen five play deathborn
15889s set up an amplified snow flurry
15894s i mean the world has done soku's oyster
15896s here not even happening to you having to
15898s utilize the mass polymorphs yet
15906s there's anything oh yeah i didn't
15907s there's anything going into this term
15908s but looking at it now i don't think
15909s there's anything donkey can
15910s realistically do
15913s new cars left in deck isn't it
15916s have to
15917s like beat
15919s them yeah i mean this death scale was a
15922s pretty interesting pickup for donkey off
15924s of the uh amalgam presumably that will
15928s clear up these volatile skeletons but
15930s the health total is getting down there
15931s this denathrius is getting heavily
15933s infused
15935s uh
15936s oh i mean maybe you just play the
15938s location only two cards left in the
15940s library of donkeys so
15942s actually playing a location draws you
15944s too many cards
15947s i don't know if there's even any nagas
15950s left
15952s so
15954s i was gonna try and work it out but
15958s you see here remaining cards shadow word
15961s devour and radiant elemental for donkey
15964s so
15965s no naga's left to go with these serpent
15967s wigs you know the best you could do is
15970s blade master samurai wig wig
15973s boom boom wig wig i mean there's a blast
15975s remaining but
15978s uh it's just
15981s it's just not quite there
15984s yep boone on the 10 10 i i like this
15986s it's kind of
15987s kind of the best you've got
15994s [Music]
15999s multiple times
16003s yeah even the posture you know donkey is
16005s just going through the motions but i
16007s think he he knows the jig is up uh and
16009s uh i believe it's just lethal here for
16011s tonsoku with bran apprentice
16021s donkey waves goodbye predictably been a
16023s fantastic one for donkey
16026s oh so close still a very very good run
16029s you know fan favorite but
16031s uh looks like
16033s in a bit of a win-win for for derek i
16035s suppose getting that potential inching
16039s closer to an apac finals yeah i don't
16041s win win for the fans as well i know that
16044s a lot of people on the side of donkey
16045s but tan soko also
16047s uh very popular figure so that's great
16049s because that we're going to see more of
16050s tan soku and i think when donkey wakes
16053s up you know maybe tomorrow maybe the
16054s next day take the sting out of that
16056s mistake a little bit and realizes what
16058s they've achieved this week i think
16060s they'll be a very happy donkey indeed
16065s it's always hurt no small feat to make
16068s it this far one person wins this
16070s tournament all the others feel
16071s disappointed for a while but the ones
16073s who come in the top eight feel
16074s disappointed for far less and
16077s that's something you take with you
16078s forever no matter how your future goes
16080s like top eight to the masters tour it's
16081s there it's done if you if you're going
16083s to
16084s end up getting beat get beat this late
16086s because that's pretty
16092s i think this is one of those situations
16093s that for your own mental health you
16095s maybe go
16096s yeah that rune was really rough but then
16098s you also need to go back and look at
16100s that turn how you maybe could have set
16102s up going into the mordrish that you did
16104s suspect and i think donkey was trying to
16108s play around that the whole time we saw
16110s his disappointment at the end of that
16112s turn and seeing how it panned out a
16114s couple of bad beats afterwards in the
16116s flurry in the rune
16118s but uh
16119s yeah very
16120s nice overall performance i think from
16122s from both players of incredible series
16125s yep and that's the top half of our
16128s quarterfinals finished but we've got
16130s plenty more for you today and in just a
16133s moment it is one of the big ones as far
16135s as i'm concerned stone versus glory two
16139s of the very best players in the world
16141s we'll have that for you in just three
16142s minutes
16146s [Music]
16152s [Music]
16166s do
16185s [Music]
16196s [Music]
16212s bye
16213s [Music]
16235s [Music]
16253s [Music]
16260s so
16272s [Music]
16278s [Music]
16287s [Music]
16306s [Music]
16321s um
16324s [Music]
16340s hello everybody and welcome back to
16341s master's tour murder at castle
16345s [Laughter]
16352s i quit
16358s i'm tj drawed by derrick brown
16361s any apac fans in the chat
16366s [Laughter]
16369s oh derek how you doing you ready to cast
16371s some hearts down
16373s good man just the uh
16376s least handsome apac fan reporting for
16378s duty
16380s are you
16383s able to see you okay over that brow line
16387s i don't need to see
16388s [Laughter]
16389s you just my
16391s i just need to feel
16392s my beard acts like whiskers
16394s to feel as i go
16397s oh gosh
16399s [Music]
16401s i don't even know how to fold that up
16402s and i'm
16404s i don't even want to cast armstrong
16405s anymore
16407s either bro
16408s let's go do squats
16411s let's go to squats dude
16414s uh here we go bracket we've completed
16416s two quarter finals thus far
16420s two asian pacific representatives
16421s already
16423s uh in miro and tonsuko
16426s tonsoku oh we have a another here
16429s possible with glory going up against
16432s stone which is the match that we're
16433s going to be uh casting right now um two
16437s very storied players
16438s uh stone uh from china glory from japan
16443s and uh i i would say glory has a little
16446s bit more oomph to the resume having two
16450s world finals appearances one being a win
16452s yes that's right he is a world champion
16455s uh but stone has uh has done some things
16458s in hearthstone some great things marston
16462s he has yeah i mean again it's it's uh
16464s it's no secret that i am rooting for my
16466s boy glory here once again i think he has
16468s been playing some very very solid
16470s hearthstone but uh stone is one of the
16472s uh
16473s the playingest players in master store
16475s history he's got a lot of games under
16477s his belt uh rocking i think before we
16481s even count this tournament oh maybe it
16483s is counting this tournament uh 86 and 57
16485s scoreline which is uh obviously super
16488s impressive uh of a score line to hit uh
16491s and he's had two top 16s beforehand but
16494s uh i think this might be his first top
16497s eight honest sorry one top eight as well
16498s at yongshaping uh so he's had a lot of
16500s uh very good finishes but still looking
16502s for that win to really uh crown himself
16505s solidify himself as one of the all-time
16508s greats of uh competitive hearthstone and
16511s uh these new guard of uh chinese
16513s hearthstone players who uh are really
16515s the only region currently giving europe
16517s a run for their money
16519s yeah and uh i feel like stone
16522s sort of as you mentioned but a little
16524s bit of a different take on it it's one
16525s of those players that we have featured a
16527s lot in masters tours because he always
16529s seems to be up there once we get to like
16531s you know round five round six round
16533s seven
16534s where he he's at that you know four one
16537s five one six one score line so we see
16538s him on stream a lot it feels like we've
16541s lost watched a lot of stone uh in
16543s masters tours that's where his is a
16546s solid win rate comes in uh but needs to
16549s find that big breakout performance uh
16551s but you know glory these stats that
16553s you're seeing on your screen should
16555s speak for themselves
16557s i said it earlier runner up in 2021 the
16560s champion in 2020 nearly went for the
16563s repeat but was uh defeated by of course
16566s as we all know uh fellow countryman
16568s possessee
16569s um and
16571s sixty percent in masters tours at the
16573s start of the day obviously that's
16575s gotten even better
16576s uh now that we look if we had looked at
16578s it including uh today since uh already
16581s has the uh the uh win under his belt
16584s probably 60 now i don't know how numbers
16586s work
16587s um but talking about the matchups a
16589s little bit and one thing that i've that
16592s we've been sort of seeing a trend here
16593s is
16594s the druid players seem to be getting
16597s wrecked
16600s yeah it does feel that way doesn't it i
16602s think that the
16604s maybe players were not expecting so
16606s aggressive of a metagame because even
16608s though
16609s zoo uh the import look was very much
16611s expected uh there's been a fair amount
16613s of quests from a mine a fair amount of
16615s the hybrid as well that i think stone is
16617s bringing where you bring quest uh sorry
16619s curse and imps in the same list uh so
16623s players maybe weren't expecting druid to
16625s be run over uh quite so consistently uh
16628s because i do agree right now the uh the
16630s overall list on druid i think could
16632s definitely do with a bit of a rework
16634s personally i'm a big fan of the uh the
16637s version that uh hunter ace has been
16639s rocking on ladder on stream the last
16640s couple days that just runs the full
16642s nature spell package in that early game
16644s you have uh planted evidence natural
16647s causes uh
16649s you run
16650s living roots as well as the only other
16651s choose one spell alongside nourish for
16654s your jerry rigged carpenters and it just
16656s gives you such a solid early game to be
16658s able to uh infuse your infused cards and
16661s just keep up with the import locks as
16663s well
16665s yeah it's um
16667s been tough for the druids to uh to keep
16670s up especially it felt like druid was
16673s doing perfectly fine early on and then
16675s as we started to get towards
16677s uh you know the later swiss rounds and
16680s uh the matches that we saw on stream wig
16682s priests kept winning
16684s and those weak priests lineups were like
16686s band shaman sort of soft target druid
16688s and those were having a lot of success
16690s so as the tournament started progress
16692s at least the top of the swiss standing
16694s started to be less and less jewish
16695s players more and more weak
16697s lineups i say wig priests but you know
16699s there's a bunch of other
16701s decks that go with the wig priest when
16703s you're trying to target like if warlock
16705s temple rogue
16707s mine rogue
16708s um
16710s which uh
16711s has fallen the the last remaining one um
16714s but
16715s gloria's gonna be queuing up the imp
16717s warlock against this
16720s uh
16721s 30 card
16723s quest hunter
16725s yeah not something you see very often
16727s and to be honest i i think with good
16729s reason actually uh i'm a big fan of the
16732s 40 card list of
16734s uh the hunter because
16737s it's not only that you need extra time
16739s to play tavish against the the burn
16741s decks right against the likes of uh
16744s rogue be it mine or the temple rogue
16746s face hunter opposing quest hunters
16749s impala as well it's also just a lot of
16751s the mid-range kind of decks like if
16752s druid ramps up and plays a big minion uh
16755s or shaman is able to get down uh you
16757s know some kind of big mid game burst uh
16760s with clownfish
16761s just even against these slightly slower
16763s decks the 10 extra health gives you a
16764s lot of extra time to just point
16766s everything at the face and cheese out a
16768s win
16770s so i'm curious to see how this one works
16771s out for stone who has
16773s obviously been doing well with it so far
16775s to have made it through to the top eight
16778s yeah this is more of a
16779s find the actual spells that deal damage
16782s version right your deck isn't clogged up
16785s with nonsense
16787s uh like dumbbell dog done baldar bunker
16790s and secrets uh-huh you're you're just
16792s hitting arcane shots barb nets boone
16794s prairie quick shot uh much faster or
16797s much more consistently
16799s and uh i guess that's
16803s it's got some merit to it right um in
16806s order to you know find the stuff that
16807s actually completes the quest faster so
16810s if you're completing the quest faster
16812s then that means you don't need as much
16814s health to work with theoretically
16818s but you know this is not the greatest
16819s hand to fight against imp warlock
16822s with
16823s uh and
16824s i think stone would probably welcome the
16826s extra health
16827s uh in this matchup specifically
16832s and now some decisions need to be made
16834s because he is of course against an
16835s opposing 30 health player
16839s and he's losing board
16841s pretty heavily right now it's not the
16843s kind of board which you can expect to
16844s clean up in the next one or two turns
16846s with just a spell you know a single
16848s spell every turn maybe two spells a turn
16850s uh once you hit five mana uh because
16853s right now this is just too much right
16854s you're gonna kill one off they're gonna
16855s play two more imps they're soon gonna be
16857s hitting shady bartender uh
16860s so we really need to start asking
16862s questions about whether this is the time
16863s to just ignore the uh the blood bound
16865s imp that will self-damage the warlock
16868s and start shipping damage face
16885s i will not i think the problem with that
16886s game plan was
16889s i doubt stone's going to have time
16891s unless the board is completely clear to
16893s just say i'm going to play barraco
16894s debate on five
16896s and yeah
16897s stack charge is the is the only
16900s actual direct face damage spell uh that
16903s was in the hand
16904s so
16905s maybe that played a role in the uh
16907s decision making
16909s um
16910s but you using the coin there um just to
16914s effectively take one power off board
16917s right because it replaces itself with an
16919s imp so you're not even taking off an imp
16921s so you know the
16923s uh
16924s library is still
16926s the same strength yeah and pedigree
16929s still the same strength he only taken
16930s off one power
16932s okay now we're going face all right
16935s yeah i mean this was kind of my thinking
16936s all the way along is that you know by
16938s going face you kind of delete the blood
16940s pound dimp anyway because i mean glory
16942s didn't attack with it even when no
16944s damage went face last turn he just left
16946s it uh on board uh and i think if he just
16948s spent the last turn going face as well
16951s maybe it could have been a bit cleaner
16952s but uh
16954s either way uh he's gonna be met with a
16957s lot of pressure coming into the next
16959s couple turns because just look at all of
16961s this
16961s yeah
16963s and grimoire's picked up i think uh
16965s stone's thinking there was okay well if
16967s i get anything but uh well if i get
16970s if i just go face here
16972s gloria's board capped so that amount of
16975s power on board is the maximum amount of
16977s power that he could have that turn but
16979s alas uh grimoire serving a different
16981s purpose here other than a board clear
16983s it's just a big space for a more
16984s powerful minion
16986s and so we're pretty we're uh once spell
16989s away i believe from uh second quest
16990s completion so
16992s uh could
16993s start trying to clean up something from
16995s the board but nothing works out cleanly
16998s like wouldn't pray the rush can't even
17000s get to one of these other minions
17002s you kind of need to kill off this
17004s librarian um
17007s it does feel like
17009s uh
17010s you know actually completing the quest
17012s is kind of out of the question
17015s in terms of
17016s you know spending five minutes on tavish
17019s though
17021s stone should have a read there's no vile
17022s library in hand right mark came out
17024s there was two mana oh
17029s get libra
17030s okay not terrible
17033s yeah
17033s you can now just go
17035s wound prey plus hero power right to take
17038s out the librarian and an extra input at
17040s the same time
17041s yeah that's not bad at all yeah i like
17043s this play at first i was trying to think
17046s if you're supposed to go piercing shots
17048s then you guaranteed clear off the
17049s librarian
17050s and you get to save a cheaper spell
17053s but this clears off the librarian
17054s guaranteed anyway and it plays around
17056s the shady bartender is the really big
17058s one uh it just means they don't kill you
17060s on the spot
17064s all right well that was fun yeah i mean
17069s what do you want us to say
17070s he got rolled yeah
17073s it's like
17074s that
17075s it's important in a nutshell it's like
17077s they built this this board sometimes a
17079s massive board like turn three
17081s and you you're like working so hard like
17083s i'm gonna solve this puzzle i'm gonna
17085s clear this board
17087s you clear the board you're a genius you
17089s solved it you use perfect mana
17091s expenditure you built the board back up
17093s yourself and then boom mischievous all
17095s right boards reloaded all right
17096s solve this puzzle all right let's do
17098s this go here this goes through this goes
17099s there all right boom killed the
17101s mischievous sim then
17102s all right cool m king from tom
17105s it's like
17106s all right well now i'm out of stuff
17108s and yeah this is an unsolvable puzzle um
17110s did his best though uh but
17113s it's tough you really have to
17116s stay ahead of the board the whole time
17118s while also continuously pushing face
17120s damage or
17121s have all the burn in the world
17123s completely ignore the board hope your
17124s opponent doesn't find
17126s uh their payoff cards and then win just
17128s from direct damage alone right cut off
17131s live tab cut off land and cut off about
17133s nip attacks that kind of thing
17135s this can be tough matchup
17137s [Music]
17138s and to be fair to stone i don't think an
17140s extra 10 health would have made a
17141s difference that game
17143s if i'm being honest tj
17147s and don't i have the face of someone
17148s whose opinion you would trust
17150s no
17151s the complete opposite in fact if you saw
17153s me coming towards you in a dark alley
17155s you'd be like oh boy do i feel safe
17158s no the complete opposite in fact so
17161s about the hair color not matching the
17163s eyebrows of the beard that's off-putting
17166s number two your normal face is like the
17169s most approachable face i've ever seen
17172s you you look like like a fully grown
17175s baby with a tuft of hair
17177s um
17178s i'm just fat and bold that's all that
17180s means tj
17182s and you're tall so if there was like a
17184s crowd of people and i needed to pick one
17187s person to ask a very important question
17190s like a a random survey i'd be like i'm
17193s asking that guy because there's no way
17195s that
17196s he wouldn't feel obligated out of
17198s politeness to say yes i'll take your
17201s pointless survey
17203s it'd be you
17207s whereas uh
17209s gigadaric you uh you don't think you'd
17212s take a survey
17219s all right well warlock out the way for
17221s glory uh
17223s as uh you know i knew would happen as
17226s apac's biggest fan
17227s we all knew he was gonna take the dub
17229s here
17230s uh and
17231s heading on to game two he's got himself
17233s the uh the rogue that is i think like
17237s every japanese player ended up bringing
17239s this at least the the uh the the top
17241s three that we saw of possessing
17244s uh
17245s glory and uh
17248s pansoku as well uh and it's a list that
17250s again i still am unsure of it it's uh i
17255s think it was uh
17257s i can't remember who it was uh insane
17259s maybe who posted a a a very good meme of
17262s basically this deck you know when you're
17263s on coin versus off coin and the
17265s difference is just absolutely night and
17267s day it's regular derrick versus jawline
17269s derek when you are
17271s on coinverse off coin because having
17273s that extra spell to pop off with these
17275s combos makes all the difference in the
17277s world especially verse druid where an
17279s extra plus one attack on the weapon plus
17281s one plus one on your minions with the
17283s graveyard makes all the difference in
17285s the world
17287s yeah
17289s i don't think though that this is the
17292s end-all be-all list
17294s um
17295s i
17296s i sure said it really early on uh yeah
17299s it was me right i should be the chef
17302s giga tj here
17303s that starfish in this rogue deck is just
17306s the nuts okay
17309s um and actually ustia that's how i'm
17311s gonna say it
17313s who's going to be competing um against
17316s uh woods
17317s in the fourth and final quarterfinal
17320s does have the starfish okay
17323s uh in the deck in place of a phillip
17325s fighter yes i said philip fighter i'm
17327s being
17328s respectful too
17329s to my culture
17331s to the uk culture
17332s um
17334s and i i think that's the tech i think
17336s that's the ultimate okay it seems like a
17337s lot of the times we're seeing this deck
17338s lose it's because one it just beats
17340s itself which yeah that's similar to this
17343s needs to have some built-in fail-safe
17345s right it can't work every single time or
17348s it gets frozen or there's a big taunt
17350s i uh
17352s i think i agree with you on that the one
17354s thing i will say is that i
17356s love that this is just the 30 row card
17359s list right now having the consistency to
17361s be able to make this play exactly where
17363s you have a two mana knowledge hand you
17366s play shroud and you know it's gonna cost
17368s zero on the following turn there's no
17370s doubt whatsoever which is why all these
17371s cards you kind of want to play like
17373s starfish number one akani i'd love to
17375s play in this deck maybe theater you know
17378s these
17379s maybe not so much but these tech cards
17380s that you want to put in to uh i think
17382s make the deck stronger overall
17384s not being able to guarantee zero amount
17386s of nulls is a big hint
17393s but anyway right now glory does not have
17395s the kind of mega combo pop-off turn that
17397s we're talking about it's uh just a
17400s pretty standard play your stats on curve
17402s kind of hand right now
17406s ooh
17410s oh that's got to be lady right
17413s yeah but then you're doing nothing
17421s okay
17422s you're doing nothing all right
17424s the scales but that's it
17428s knowing that lady anaconda is on the
17430s bottom of the right is
17434s uh
17435s i just think you can
17437s i guess with the earthen scales you're
17438s not really doing anything either like
17440s they're both
17441s cards for like post alignment right yeah
17444s um earthen scales helps you recover but
17446s ladies and gentlers are so much better
17448s in that situation
17450s okay well the stone is probably happy to
17452s see the edwin because it's the only
17455s thing that starfish is actually
17457s against this is nuts all right i mean
17461s the heck with the starfish like edwin
17463s just does a four four that treat you an
17464s extra knoll more than good enough right
17467s now and it can even get bigger what is
17469s happening
17472s yeah cause that's the end one card right
17474s yep that's the edmond card oh my god
17477s imagine yep
17478s edwin's gonna cost three soon
17481s oh my god it's gonna be so busted
17486s oh
17488s that's a top deck man that's why you
17489s don't pick anacondra to be fair
17496s how much damage you taking 25
17500s 25
17502s and then you do what
17505s lock collar plus raid boss
17509s i think that's a clear
17514s yep you have to uh
17516s if you play miracle growth you die um
17520s well you don't die but
17522s you're pretty much dead because you have
17524s no plays whatsoever
17527s the following turn
17529s and starfish doesn't clear enough power
17531s off the board you're not doing much
17535s just gotta go
17537s what's the best play we have access to
17538s here you could send
17540s everything face
17543s [Applause]
17544s and then maybe it's actually scabs just
17547s because you re-stealth
17550s everything you play so it's unanswerable
17552s you've got like scabs hero power
17555s you'd get one knoll back as well i think
17557s right oh no wait because it was shadow
17558s step so it wasn't the first thing played
17560s anymore oh man this gets complicated
17563s i think he just stabbed because okay
17565s okay stone has to clear the board
17568s and heal that's true that's a good point
17570s yeah yeah i think i'm like cost division
17572s gets me here yeah which is just not
17574s possible so
17577s um
17580s yeah that's just gg
17582s yeah you know i mean you know that
17584s anaconda's on the bottom
17586s though
17587s [Music]
17589s you can't even like miracle growth
17591s is there no it's nothing
17600s yeah i mean from his perspective he can
17603s survive i think
17605s yeah
17606s there's a yeah you can full clear yeah
17609s yeah just gear up
17616s this so far is an absolute slaughter
17620s like
17621s glory just hasn't given him any quarter
17623s whatsoever
17627s but no quarter slaughter
17629s the cutlass
17631s the cutlass dude you suck you summon the
17633s ghost before
17636s fun facts that's the uh the only
17637s implement i can use to shave it's the
17639s only thing strong enough
17644s exactly
17645s i'm never trading that bad boy
17646s [Music]
17649s well glory uh a quick 2-0 lead now in
17653s the series with uh only the shaman left
17655s remaining um
17657s i do think shaman might be the deck uh
17660s that
17661s could struggle against what stone has
17663s left
17664s uh
17665s yeah okay
17668s how so
17672s just get
17673s aggro down i don't know
17675s i mean it's it's it's the curse
17678s imp warlock which i think is
17680s against shaman is much more difficult
17682s for them to deal with because it does
17684s feel like a you know shaman can
17687s continuously answer boards but they do
17689s take some damage in the process
17691s and then once they start going for that
17693s okay well they
17694s you know infinite mana cards what have
17696s you um the curses can go over the top
17700s uh it's a super aggressive
17704s quest hunter right
17706s so you can complete quests really
17708s quickly
17710s and i think that could pose a problem um
17713s diamond
17714s does have aggro starts
17716s but
17718s they take very specific combinations of
17720s cards in order to get it right like uh
17723s yeah
17723s uh schooling into knoll buck pool you
17726s get a 10-10 right oh yeah very difficult
17728s to deal with um
17730s if you can find like you know clownfish
17734s go wide
17736s but quest center can oftentimes deal
17738s with that outside of the 10-10 situation
17740s they can oftentimes deal with those
17741s early boards and it just gives them
17742s quest progress
17744s um the druid eye the big question mark
17746s on that one right that's a a tough
17748s matchup to evaluate shaman's control
17750s gentleman's a tough deck to evaluate it
17752s really is matchups because it just feels
17754s like it's like a slight favorite against
17757s nearly everything because it has so much
17759s stuff that it can do
17761s in the deck it's got disruption it's got
17763s aggressive potential
17765s uh it's got you know these
17767s crazy swing turns available with mukpool
17770s yeah um and of course snowfall guardian
17774s macaw that combination
17776s can ruin any board-based strategy but
17778s it's about what side of the deck you
17779s draw right because you rarely get all
17782s the way to the bottom unless it's like a
17784s mirror
17785s um so
17787s it's a very tough deck to evaluate
17790s in terms of strength and weaknesses
17791s because it depends game game
17793s exactly like against druid the the games
17796s vary
17797s so drastically because if you just have
17799s a you know you can just steamroll them
17801s with null into mukbal as you said but if
17803s you go mutinous into bowler star uh
17807s bowler parrot parrot like you just kind
17808s of win most of those games because if
17810s you eat danathrius bran theater
17813s topiar uh onyxia like even just two or
17817s three of these big ones can just end the
17818s game on the spot denaturius alone is
17821s such a core wind condition especially in
17823s the non-alignment versions of the deck
17827s um so i think that'll be a very
17828s interesting one to see for right now
17830s though against the uh the quest hunter
17833s uh i think the
17835s problem with the 40 card version is that
17837s little bit
17839s uh of consistency that you're losing by
17841s putting 10 extra cards in is very often
17844s the difference between having huge
17846s bursts of stats with clownfish bunch of
17849s murlocs and just playing a couple of
17851s small threats every turn like one or two
17853s minions a turn and that is worlds apart
17856s versus quest hunter because they hate
17858s seeing loads of stats all at once they
17860s love seeing one minion every turn that's
17862s how they win these kinds of matchups
17864s because just one minion a turn uh you
17866s know you play the two three wild poor
17868s cavern a little bit scary because it
17870s allows you to bank some mana for
17871s subsequent turns but you just play all
17873s your removal spells as hunter quest gets
17875s completed turns six or seven and you're
17877s just happily moving on with your life
17879s yep
17887s okay
17889s this has the potential to be very rapid
17891s quest completion for stone but at the
17893s expense of
17895s having an empty hand uh can't get quick
17898s shot value right now but i don't think
17900s he really needs it
17902s he could go like uh
17903s just raj najan uh
17906s barbed nets
17909s um and you probably go
17911s once to the wildpaw cavern once to face
17915s and then arcane shot face
17920s and just ignore the two three i like
17922s that
17923s yeah because you're not killing it this
17924s turn anyway i guess if you you could on
17926s the two three it messes up muck pools
17928s because they can't value trade over the
17930s t5 and then musk pulls to beef it up to
17933s a four
17935s yeah okay all right i can see it
17938s got like face there but sure it's it's
17940s close
17941s yeah well i guess just
17944s super acknowledging that muck pools and
17947s primordial wave
17950s could exists good
17951s yeah
17952s i guess he ignored it he'd have four
17954s more damage but
17956s by going about it this way oh okay well
17958s there's muck balls
17960s even then though would you actually care
17962s that much if they just make a four drop
17964s there like razzmatazz is sticking you
17966s get to go face for a bunch of damage
17968s you're getting the the stag soon as well
17971s close
17973s yeah
17974s um
17975s what to do oh uh
17979s yeah yeah this is hateful
17981s the stack's emerging next turn so
17984s uh you if you don't acknowledge this
17986s board at all you're just taking what at
17989s least at least eight at least ten with
17991s the hero power next turn more
17993s with the spells that are being played
17995s the extra damage from raj
17997s i can uh i can almost hear hunter a
18000s screaming that totem amalgam into the
18002s new one mana totem just ended the game
18004s there as he is uh the biggest sin stone
18007s totem fan i think i've ever seen in my
18008s life
18009s uh but i think in this instance glory
18011s was probably correct to just take the
18013s one card draw off the fool
18015s ooh
18018s so piercing shot offers um
18022s a quest reward next turn
18025s okay piercing shot then next turn the
18027s quick shot coin
18030s one out of two
18031s yeah you wouldn't get the draw bonus
18033s from quick shot but hey it's a 30 card
18035s deck
18036s and guess what you got two furious house
18037s in there
18040s yeah obviously yeah
18042s more bones
18044s all right here we go
18054s that is large
18056s enormous
18063s all face send it
18065s whole face everything
18068s so if you're dealing what
18072s 14 damage to face next turn
18076s come on or this turn completing tavis
18078s and then with the stag charge in hand
18083s ah this is the law isn't it
18086s yeah
18088s i think it just always gets there outs
18090s for glory
18094s i can't really think of any to be honest
18098s primordial wave okay what are we
18100s evolving into the heals
18103s uh no zilliax
18105s no santa water bearer
18108s there's nothing that can that heals
18109s immediately right are there no rush life
18112s steals left in the game
18113s no
18114s i don't think so
18116s uh it does not have rush
18119s yeah
18122s was the last battle cry fool i think
18125s it was four yeah
18127s the new paladin
18129s minion like snob
18131s it only gains rush and lifesteal i don't
18134s think it has it innately i wonder
18140s yeah i don't see him
18141s deck either
18147s man that damage ramped up so fast didn't
18150s it
18150s oh yeah
18152s that was crazy
18154s yep
18155s and there you go
18158s that'll be uh stone putting himself on
18160s the board 2-1 now in favor of glory so
18163s uh still a long way to go uh but
18166s at least didn't get a
18168s completely swept now has the
18170s uh curse implod remaining as well as the
18174s druid that we saw
18175s absolutely blasted
18178s in the previous game
18180s so
18184s [Music]
18191s you cold
18200s oh man
18208s indeed
18209s yeah well warlock as you said i think is
18212s gonna be the next deck that uh stone is
18214s piloting a deck that to be honest i i
18217s kind of hate this deck i think it's such
18219s a troll archetype to bring oh
18222s production
18226s yeah have you seen these quads i'm i'm
18228s like a lightning man
18230s [Laughter]
18232s [Music]
18236s either way uh imp curse warlock you know
18240s it has even bigger
18243s power spike ceiling than regular warlock
18245s right because theoretically you can just
18247s draw all the impact of your deck and
18249s then all the curse off of your deck one
18251s after the other like
18252s it feels to me like the way you build a
18255s deck when you first start playing
18257s hearthstone like when you just learned
18258s the basics of the game you know learn a
18260s little bit about deck building and you
18262s start putting in specific cards for
18264s every possible situation that could
18266s occur like every eventuality you throw
18268s in every tech card you think oh i don't
18270s have any 10 drops in my aggro deck i
18271s should probably put one of those in
18272s anyway and it just it tries to cover
18274s every scenario and it feels like it ends
18276s up doing nothing and even though that's
18279s not the case here i'm over exaggerating
18281s it that's kind of the the vibe i get
18283s from the deck it's uh it's almost
18285s insulting to bring i think just because
18287s like
18288s you're bringing half and half just
18290s choose one right it's two completely
18292s opposite styles of play
18295s well the thing is is uh feeder circle
18298s plus impending catastrophe is a
18301s a powerful draw engine for every warlock
18303s deck like even the combo warlock decks
18305s are playing that
18306s and then so you put in the curse cards
18308s and then you're like alright well i have
18309s 10 slots left
18311s do i put in all removal or do i just put
18313s in imps
18315s and right now the imps plus valve
18317s library are just like too strong to
18320s ignore like it's it's more powerful than
18322s the removal that warlock has access to
18324s like entitled customer
18326s no thank you six mana you kidding me
18330s so i think that i think it was uh
18333s it was like working
18336s working backwards it wasn't working from
18338s imp warlock it was working from curse
18340s warlock and then realizing that i'm
18342s falling too far behind
18343s like my curses aren't effective because
18345s i'm falling too far behind
18347s and they just certainly start putting in
18348s more imps in viol library and like wow
18350s okay well this just makes curse warlock
18352s better so
18353s i don't know
18355s i uh
18359s maybe i'm completely wrong but maybe i'm
18361s also completely right
18363s you can say tj who can see
18365s uh either way a really nice start for
18368s glory all things considered right there
18370s the muck pools are a little dead for now
18374s but the uh the command the clownfish the
18376s snowfall all primo cards to have versus
18379s imp warlock and he's gonna need primo
18381s cards because look at this you would
18383s never know that this is curse warlock
18385s from westone's ad it's like the perfect
18388s import lock starting hand
18399s yeah
18400s that's a nine eight on turn three
18407s keep up the aggression
18418s [Music]
18421s this is illegal
18423s this is completely illegal
18426s so the question here is do you trade
18428s your one ones for three threes
18431s um because you're not killing
18434s the was it
18437s the chandler chandler from friends uh
18440s could this card be any harder to
18442s remember
18444s very forgettable
18448s so yeah just trading it for power
18451s pushing another 10.
18453s there's currently what 19 damage
18455s represented on board uh-huh glory can
18457s survive but uh
18462s i mean it's not looking good
18464s yeah it's not is it and like coin
18466s command is just
18469s oh is it an option you literally die if
18472s you don't don't you yeah the vile
18473s libraries
18475s yeah doors are opening back up next turn
18477s so
18478s uh you have to do it
18480s yeah oh it's so sad one more turn and i
18483s think this was actually salvageable for
18484s glory if it was slightly less literally
18486s card for card perfect hand in a deck
18489s that runs half completely dead drawers
18492s uh i think there was a chance
18493s wait this is 10 plus how many amps would
18496s be on board
18497s six ten plus seven oh it's one off
18502s yes correct
18505s you tap and find something
18507s you're
18508s on a one mana imp no oh that's a good
18510s true oh that is a very good draw though
18512s yeah
18514s spread the love here
18520s [Applause]
18531s all right
18532s game five man these have been so
18535s one-sided back and forth like
18538s it's this feels like have you ever seen
18539s like professional slap championships
18541s where two people just take turns
18544s smacking each other in the face until
18546s one of them says that's enough like this
18548s is literally what's happening right here
18550s there's no there's no bobbing no weaving
18552s it's just taking turns smacking your
18555s opponent as hard as you can
18560s and now
18561s uh
18562s oh
18567s unleash the beast what a dweeb
18573s oh let me do my tie here
18592s there's mild-mannered
18595s hogwarts student derek
18597s [Laughter]
18599s and then giga chat derrick
18603s what do you take off the tie in here
18606s yeah it grows in your eyebrows change
18608s color
18610s and i go five years bolder as well
18613s yep
18615s yep
18616s well the uh the this
18619s air
18620s growth stimulation has become somewhere
18622s yeah yeah yeah exactly it's just moving
18625s down it's like one of those uh like
18626s magnet uh with iron filings in you just
18629s move it down from there
18631s hair growth is a uh it's a zero-sum game
18637s you gotta come from somewhere all right
18639s final game and uh this is
18642s very accurate for your analogy uh there
18645s was a you know the slap fight analogy
18647s where now we've reached the end of the
18648s slap fight where
18651s uh
18651s both competitors are incredibly tired
18655s red laps are gonna take uh quite a bit
18658s longer to muster
18662s but that doesn't mean they'll be any
18664s less potent
18665s you gotta be scrappy with scraps
18668s okay all right we stones list i think
18670s he's just all in on nourish as the only
18673s choose one card in the deck which is i
18676s think how pretty much all the uh
18678s alignment versions are run
18681s uh but for glory right now this is
18683s exactly the kind of hand we love to see
18684s against druid like if it's not the
18686s mutinous theater destroy their win
18688s condition game plan
18690s it's the heck of a lot of murloc's game
18692s plan that you want to see
18694s yeah
18696s oh no
18698s yeah uh this is a interesting right
18702s because
18703s you could just say i want to go all in
18705s for board and take the mercenary there
18707s and just play it out but then you
18709s wouldn't have gorlock ravager for next
18710s turn i think he
18711s because the girl like robbie's in his
18713s hand you want to keep the last discount
18714s gorlock ravager get the other clown fish
18717s and then flood the board to turn after
18718s that
18721s oh
18722s um
18724s oh
18725s that's
18726s yeah
18728s i guess gotta be the evidence because
18729s you wouldn't draw the no
18732s cold cold tooth okay i'm gonna get
18736s oh my gosh there's a vape three ten
18738s drops left in the deck
18740s gotta be low right it's gotta be low
18742s yeah
18743s there's no yeah getting nourish a turn
18745s earlier it's actually not a bad hand for
18747s stone
18750s like you spend his mana pretty much
18751s every turn
18752s yeah only problem is seven right because
18754s if you're innovating out the nourish
18755s you're uh that's true
18763s whoa finds the other clown fish as well
18765s this is getting spicy man like there's
18768s clown fish with the potential to get a
18772s macaw clownfish if you wanted to to try
18774s and cheat out an even earlier mutinous
18778s there's a lot going on
18782s oh okay well this works out quite nicely
18785s picked up off the top
18791s okay so if you go
18796s oh it's not so obvious actually is it
18804s like
18804s clownfish
18806s lush water on this turn and then trade
18808s in the 2-3 and then next turn the most
18810s recent battle cry is still the parrot
18812s maybe i'm hyper fixating a little bit
18814s too much on the murlocs here
18817s and you just want to go stats here as
18818s much as possible
18820s yeah i mean this is a lot of stats it is
18823s a 14
18825s uh this is not usually a turn where
18831s in a four oh
18833s that's bad
18834s he's not so much
18836s uh
18837s i mean heart of the wild plus starfish
18840s synergy
18846s it's insane
18847s yeah nice
18849s yeah just pick innervate for the future
18853s agreed
18855s yeah but
18856s we got miracle growth next turn plus
18858s earthen scales which i think is uh kind
18861s of the saving grace of this game
18862s but corey gets a
18864s grenade only on five mana gets a full
18866s turn to kind of
18868s uh set up something a little bit bigger
18870s but there's not really much to to be
18872s done here um lush water scout and
18875s clownfish uh interesting okay
18878s this obviously gives the plus one attack
18880s which is not irrelevant at all uh but
18883s just preserve some more discounts for
18885s the future right because you have macor
18887s plus gorlok or macor plus mutanus uh
18891s very importantly as well
18893s yeah
18894s and uh
18895s lush water lives which you know
18898s almost that's big
18899s yeah the mutinist could eat something
18901s big
18902s then get rush and then attack over oh
18905s that's true into the uh miracle growth
18909s thing
18911s oh wow
18914s now we're talking this is getting really
18916s spicy
18920s oh man how did you sequence this because
18922s now you
18923s kind of actually want to leave if
18924s possible of one or zero mana murloc
18927s available for the next turn with kale
18928s fast plus denny
18931s there's none there's
18934s but you can make all first because it's
18936s still clownfish right uh oh yeah no
18939s you're right
18941s i don't know it's
18942s yeah maybe it's just
18946s rushed oh now you trade no word dude the
18951s script the script is too strong it's
18954s apex time
18956s let's go
18962s can't even alignment
18967s you just die
18968s you gotta dust this gail
18971s yeah
18973s uh oh could you oh sorry you
18976s could have gone starfish vape
18979s alignment i think
18983s or maybe not actually oh no i think you
18984s were still dead sorry yeah even though
18986s it would have been eight
18988s thirteen
18991s you're exactly dead 15 17. yep yeah
18996s yikes
18998s yikers
18999s i mean it would have been lethal anyway
19000s because glory would have had a one mana
19001s siren atherosclerosis on that empty
19003s board yeah that's not an empty board
19004s there would have been a starfish but
19006s i'm i'm sure it's enough at this point
19008s pretty sure that would have got the job
19009s done yeah i mean considering you only
19011s needed five on the genathious to
19012s guarantee lethal
19019s oh man it's getting close there are no
19022s one mana minions naturally in the deck
19023s right you can only get schooling so
19025s there's no chance of a
19027s uh honestly there is a chance of a
19029s donation right now you could top deck a
19032s blurgle or amalgam right for the for the
19036s donathia straight away uh yeah yep
19038s there's still uh a murloc
19041s left
19043s um
19044s so this mccaw is he
19047s mutinous at the moment it is
19050s but seven mana and a glug seems
19054s very
19056s yeah what are the stats on that wicked
19057s good
19064s glock
19066s this that's our glug
19072s okay so
19074s seven eight nine ten eleven twelve
19076s damage on board
19078s right
19081s so theoretically you could get away with
19085s an alignment which is 100 percent what's
19088s running through stone's mind here is
19091s it's
19092s pretty much just da nathrius that you
19095s instantly lose to right if you do that
19098s uh yeah or brucon
19101s uh oh yeah true good point okay
19103s um
19109s the problem with alignment is what's the
19111s follow-up right yeah
19113s no anacondra in hand
19117s oh yeah of course that's the
19118s draw-through part of her nourish isn't
19119s it not the ramp
19121s yeah that doesn't feel too good
19123s okay uh this is a little bit better
19125s post-alignment hand um
19127s you could even
19128s fish with aquatic form first
19130s most likely
19132s given this board
19136s actually i don't know if locolar would
19137s be active
19139s uh but at least a product can help you
19142s find something
19143s this lush water scout is so busted the
19146s combo here between scout and glug who
19149s knew it's the uh
19152s the body movie we all needed
19154s there's no way
19156s wait you get the weapon too the weapon
19158s too dude plus the extra one damage okay
19161s this is actually a lot it's a lot a lot
19163s so this is gonna be an extra four attack
19166s on glug from these because
19172s okay it's not enough but
19174s it's close
19176s it's really close doesn't mean lock
19178s hillary is active but i don't know about
19180s it
19180s there's a
19182s seventeen
19183s it's always glug dude
19186s okay so you have alignment lock a lot
19189s plus null now that just doesn't matter
19191s it's still too big you have starfish
19197s local or starfish knoll lockhalla
19201s that's not good enough
19206s um
19209s aquatic form for scale and then you
19212s scale then starfish
19215s okay nah because nope
19218s losing attacking the weapon as well yeah
19221s no no you you trade off first and then
19224s starfish yeah yeah because yeah the the
19227s main ones would lose the rush yeah yeah
19231s ah
19232s girl
19234s uh null means you have another zero cost
19237s minion if you wanted to alignment right
19239s now like you can go local double knoll
19241s which is in almost every situation good
19243s enough to save you but quite clearly
19246s still not here
19254s oh man so close at the end on the other
19257s side of the board exactly well you know
19260s uh there was the option for siren
19262s afterwards that turned with kill those
19263s because there was an amalgam in hand so
19264s yeah that was lethal in all sorts of
19266s ways there we go glory moving on to the
19268s top four our top four currently is all
19271s apac let's go
19275s however there's still one quarterfinal
19277s to be played and that quarterfinal
19279s does not have a representative
19281s i don't care about that one
19286s okay if asia pacific doesn't win this
19289s masters tour
19291s with three out of the four
19294s of the top four being from asia pacific
19296s i don't know what to say i don't know
19298s what to say
19301s i'm not gonna curse it man i'm not gonna
19303s say anything i'm gonna let the results
19304s speak for themselves
19307s uh but regardless this has been one of
19310s the
19311s best
19313s collective performances of asia pacific
19316s in a master tour in a long time
19319s uh obviously on the you know bigger
19321s global stage where we're talking about
19322s like graham ashley's world championships
19324s over the past few years
19325s asian pacific has been
19327s incredible uh yeah masters tours
19331s the win has uh eluded them
19333s as well as america's but
19337s they suffer all the time
19338s yeah exactly that's probably the
19340s tournament
19344s yeah
19345s there you have it so final uh spot is
19347s going to go to woods or ustia
19349s uh coming into that last quarterfinal
19352s but miro tonsoku and glory
19355s is the current top four so very
19359s uh powerful players
19361s not as not quite as powerful as
19364s dweeby derrick
19369s hey shut up
19372s my tie's too tight
19374s it was dude
19377s pictured slightly off camera here is
19379s daniel gaskin absolutely wetting himself
19381s laughing watching me try and be stuffed
19383s into this massively undersized uh
19387s suit yeah i'm glad it's just from the
19389s the chest up because the bottom half was
19390s not pg-13
19393s yeah i think it actually looks uh
19395s looks pretty good looks pretty good
19397s thanks buddy
19398s i couldn't fit in that suit that's for
19399s sure
19400s i could not fit in that suit now either
19402s don't worry
19405s all right well derek
19407s third quarter final in the books so
19410s we're we're
19411s uh creeping along towards the finish we
19414s have uh the four matches up for me we
19415s have one quarter final two semifinals
19417s and then the finals uh before we crown a
19420s master store champion so
19422s uh still a lot of hearthstone left to be
19423s played i'd say we're roughly halfway
19425s through the day maybe a little bit maybe
19427s a little bit less maybe a little bit
19428s more depending on how long i love
19430s halfway points oh i love them i don't
19432s know if that's something you do about me
19434s already but halfway points of anything
19436s just they really get me going so
19439s uh super pumped right now that we've
19441s arrived
19442s at a sort of
19443s halfway point but man
19446s let me tell you when you look back and
19448s you see exactly the same amount of
19449s distances when you look forward
19452s it's it's just the best feeling in the
19454s world right yeah
19456s uh but uh we do have to uh go to a quick
19459s break uh but when we come back we are
19460s gonna have the fourth and final quarter
19462s final and then we're going to roll right
19463s into semifinals from random finals it's
19465s all going to happen today so uh we'll be
19467s right back with more master story action
19480s [Music]
19497s do
19508s [Music]
19513s [Music]
19524s [Music]
19532s foreign
19541s [Music]
19548s what's up
19563s [Music]
19567s so
19568s [Music]
19583s so
19600s [Music]
19605s [Music]
19608s do
19614s [Music]
19622s so
19634s [Music]
19665s hello everyone and welcome back to
19668s masters tour murder at castle nathri i'm
19670s raven and joining me is derek and i had
19672s a really weird dream i think some kind
19674s of fever dream where derek had a big
19676s beard so i'm glad we've ever turned to
19678s novel uh for now but uh i'm sure you're
19681s feeling good about the rest of
19682s tournaments so far derek just coming off
19684s the of the series you just cast i'm
19686s hyped man uh as a a
19690s a loyal apac fan one might say who has
19692s never betrayed his allegiance and no one
19695s can ever prove otherwise every time apac
19698s bottoms out of a masters tour
19701s i'm very excited for apac to finally get
19702s their chance here three out of the four
19704s semi-finals spots already locked in uh
19707s as asia pacific and now it's time for
19709s the rest of the world to have their
19711s chance ignoring america's of course
19712s which uh i mean i didn't even need to
19714s say it obviously it's got to say of
19715s course uh we have uh china and europe uh
19719s woods and
19720s i think we're going with uh two players
19722s that i think both of whom actually we
19724s know pretty little about both from
19727s ourselves and the you know the kinds of
19729s people who would know uh about the
19730s players in their respective regions uh
19733s both uh yeah kind of up-and-comers i
19735s suppose you would say in the hearthstone
19737s esports scene yeah 100 percent it's
19739s always interesting because uh we i feel
19741s like the masters tour has done a great
19743s job of giving us you know players that
19745s have proven over time right we see them
19747s make these top 16s you know players like
19749s fury hunter come to mind right we all
19751s know he's very good he
19753s does many deep runs in masters tours
19755s like that's just what he does but i also
19756s enjoy seeing some of the uh you know the
19758s players we don't know too much about and
19760s seeing what they can do especially uh
19762s you know you you remember the first time
19764s you see them and then suddenly you start
19766s to see the name everywhere is what
19767s normally happens airplay is normally
19769s running hot so uh we'll check it out
19770s what the first matchup is going to be
19772s here warlock and hunter abandon way so
19775s we are going to kick it off with woods
19777s on this shaymin list and uh again
19779s difficult to ask about lists right now
19781s specifically because there's about 8 000
19783s variations of them
19785s but this one at least to me looks a
19787s little bit cleaner than some of the 40
19789s card lists we've seen elsewhere um and
19793s mainly down to the fact that there's
19794s just a lot of two offs not really no one
19797s single here single card over there
19798s single over here i've seen a lot of
19800s lists so i'm very excited to see how
19802s this one specifically uh plays out
19805s yeah i agree i think the one thing
19806s that's a little bit clunky is uh double
19809s famished fool
19810s i feel a little bit weird even playing
19812s one of them in this list that already
19813s has an awful lot of card draw when you
19816s factor in the ravager the schooling as
19818s well uh but even then you know me i'm a
19820s fan of uh two offs in a list as well so
19822s i agree i think this is gonna be a good
19824s first deck for
19825s woods uh over on the other side though
19827s to kick things off is uh the rogue first
19830s year we've seen that already no we
19831s haven't here we go perfect
19834s it was planned
19836s exactly
19837s yeah yeah as if by magic uh pretty
19839s standard list with one major deviation
19841s right is the one of starfish which which
19844s i was talking about with tj
19847s about how
19848s i i have my doubts uh about this card
19851s because
19852s in a vacuum in this deck it makes so
19854s much sense it's clearly going to be good
19857s in a list where the stats of the
19860s minions that you are summoning with sin
19861s stone graveyard are locked in they can't
19863s be silenced away even though you're kind
19865s of buffing up the stats um and you
19867s really want to be able to get through
19868s taunts and it can be quite difficult to
19870s get through the bigger taunts like off
19871s of miracle growth uh smothering starfish
19874s is really really useful to do so but in
19876s terms of discounting wild porno
19879s guaranteeing yourself to be able to hit
19881s rogue minions specifically off of shroud
19884s in a deck with so few minions is very
19886s very important to the deck being able to
19888s know that your plays are predictable if
19890s you play shroud you will be able to play
19892s zero mana knoll and i think that could
19894s be a big hindrance for ooster i
19895s definitely want to keep an eye on is
19897s that if he starts drawing these starfish
19899s in opportune times it could really mess
19901s with his miracle pop-off turns
19903s yeah it's true i'm definitely split down
19905s the middle here because we do have a
19906s very uh freeze-based meta as well right
19910s there so starfish can really help out in
19912s pretty much i think if any deck ran
19914s starfish i would never be too upset i
19917s think it's a card that makes a lot of
19918s sense right now for you know a lot of
19920s the reasons you broke down
19921s but i do agree and i think like on top
19924s of the uh the sort of null interaction i
19927s do think that every single card in this
19930s rogue deck needs to do work for it to be
19933s consistent and get those wins because i
19936s think the deck's very strong but i do
19938s think you have to work for it right and
19939s i do worry that kind of going off the
19941s back of what you mentioned that
19943s a top deck of a starfish doesn't really
19946s progress your own plan a lot of the time
19949s and i think that the second this rogue
19950s slips and has a you know a bad turn or
19953s so or a weaker turn or so uh it can get
19956s preyed upon by just generally stronger
19958s more consistent decks so i will have to
19960s see how it plays out i am interested
19962s though because it is one of the uh i
19964s guess one of the
19965s uh early
19967s decks in the meta that we had kind of
19969s locked in which was this 40 card shaman
19972s going up against the deck that's fairly
19973s new uh in terms of at least popularity
19976s to the meta with this rogue so yeah i'm
19978s pretty interested to see how this one
19980s goes out and we are as well
19983s i guess unfortunately going to see the
19985s warlock from easter band which is a
19988s shame because it's a deck i'm very
19989s interested in as well the sort of imp
19992s curse combo going on there is a deck i
19994s do want to see a little bit more out of
19996s and also as well this hunter um going to
19999s be going away so really the uh
20002s roughly speaking the the unique decks in
20004s the lineup actually getting banned out
20006s here more or less
20007s yeah that's true we end up with a very
20008s similar lineup it's only the rogue
20010s versus the druid that's left over uh but
20012s i do think even though i'm right there
20014s with you this rogue is a very new
20016s relatively untested archetype at least
20018s on the public stage i think in the
20019s practice groups pony dojo in particular
20022s the players have been grinding away
20023s games and come away with very good
20024s results which is why we see it
20026s everywhere um but i think against shaman
20028s specifically i'm starting to get a
20030s pretty good idea a good picture of the
20032s match up and it's not a pretty one
20034s i think and it sucks it sucks yeah it's
20037s not that bad like you you have these
20039s pop-off turns there are these hands with
20041s this version of rogue that just almost
20043s can't lose because you have such a big
20045s weapon with draco you have such big
20047s minions off of the uh the sinstone
20050s graveyard but shaman has 40 health
20053s that's really difficult for the rogue to
20055s deal that takes a full extra turn almost
20057s always when compared to 30 health
20059s versions and they just have so much
20061s clean removal man they're able to lock
20063s in these early games with clownfish this
20065s rogue can be vulnerable to wide boards
20067s of aggression at the start and then if
20069s you have the freeze that's huge then if
20072s you have the uh you know the command of
20074s neptulon that's really big to lock down
20075s the board as well i think again as i
20078s talked about how this smothering
20079s starfish could be the undoing for us
20081s yeah on the other hand it could be the
20082s winning card for him here if he gets
20084s aboard frozen by
20086s a huge snowfall guardian that tech alone
20089s could just see him through to the
20090s semi-finals it's difficult isn't it
20092s because it is the exact two things you
20095s don't really want to go up against
20096s shaymin with which is a combination of
20098s an aggro deck that relies heavily on
20101s minions because
20102s of course there is the weapon which you
20104s know i still think that you can't rely
20107s on that being the win condition right
20109s because you just cannot reliably get a
20111s big enough weapon off to really go crazy
20114s and then the minion sort of focus on a
20117s large chunk damage requirement is gonna
20119s be there for the rogue and the shaymin
20121s kind of excels at locking that down so
20124s we will have to see how it's gonna play
20126s out overall i'm guessing there's just a
20128s slight delay and getting the players
20131s ready but in general as we pretty much
20133s nearing the end of the tournament
20135s actually are there any big surprises any
20137s uh you know great of eureka moments that
20139s have come out of the tournament for you
20140s anything you weren't expecting would
20142s have been the surprises for me i i will
20144s say that druid has been pretty heavily
20146s under
20147s actually uh compared to what i was
20149s expecting i've talked to a few different
20151s people uh based on their ladder results
20153s over the last couple days and drew has
20154s been doing very very well um which i
20159s i will attribute to some lists that i
20160s think are slightly sub-optimal that
20161s we're seeing in the tournament i think a
20163s little bit more testing and they could
20165s have ended up on slightly better lists
20167s not saying that i built the better list
20168s i obviously just stole it from far
20170s better players than me uh but it's a
20172s little bit more anti-agro i think is
20173s crucial these druid lists are a tad too
20175s greedy uh in terms of their mid-game
20178s plan
20179s because losing your win conditions i
20181s think is less of a concern than just
20182s being run over by uh warlocks hunters
20185s rogues as well
20186s but the main thing aside from the lineup
20188s is just honestly how well apac has been
20191s doing
20192s memes aside
20195s you shouldn't expect it right based on
20197s previous results it has not been going
20199s well for them in the master tours for
20201s whatever reason they haven't been able
20202s to get the wins in but i just think uh
20205s you know aside from having been ragged
20207s on by a couple of the players myself for
20208s having saying possesses been playing
20210s well when he missed lethal in a game i
20212s think overall the play from the apac
20215s players has actually just been really
20216s really strong i think their lineup
20219s recognition has just been a little
20220s better than the rest of the field and
20222s that's why we're seeing such a strong uh
20224s a strong result from the the whole
20226s contingency this uh this masters tour
20229s yeah and it's actually turned out to be
20231s a nice selection of aipac players right
20234s because there's glory who you know
20235s everyone knows about especially you know
20237s you've probably cast more glory than
20239s anyone at this point uh and then uh that
20243s there's uh tonsoku uh one of the sort of
20246s early japanese players that made a heavy
20248s impact on hearthstone you know many
20250s years back now and then we have uh uh
20253s it's uh oh hang on i've lost my list now
20255s oh it's mero right
20257s yes correct uh for apac um who who has
20260s just been one a joy to watch oh this is
20264s just an absolute joy to watch and cast
20266s but also not it's not just a play who's
20269s like oh yeah it's fun to watch but you
20270s know does okay but i think he's been
20272s playing very very well and i think he's
20275s sort of at least visual mood
20277s is helping him keep his focus in like
20279s these late hours uh in the night in
20282s these long days so looking forward
20283s seeing what happens a little bit later
20285s on but again apologies for the delay we
20287s always like to make sure the players are
20288s completely ready good to go with such an
20291s important match as we kick off quarter
20293s final four er woods versus ooster uh
20297s kicking off right now and the schooling
20299s opening is never a bad sight for the
20302s shamer player here yeah you're always
20304s ecstatic to see that especially against
20306s any kind of board-based deck a little
20308s weirder against rogue obviously because
20310s most of the minions they're playing
20311s either like have rush or stealth in this
20314s starting turn so they're preemptively
20316s developing very little in terms of stats
20318s and if you as the shaman player
20320s preemptively develop the piranhas
20322s they're probably just going to be met
20324s with serrated tooth uh
20327s you know the the teeth as well anything
20329s to clear them off basically and allow
20331s the rogue to stay ahead uh but for the
20333s most part right now pretty even on both
20335s sides i would say
20336s yeah and something i love about watching
20338s players that are way better than me at
20340s the game and play this rogue is i think
20342s we might have spoke about this yesterday
20344s actually uh is exactly
20346s when and how they decide to pop off
20349s right because there's the sometimes
20350s they're forced into sort of not really
20353s being able to hold for too long but with
20355s double hero power coming out from wards
20357s turned two and three i think used to has
20359s a great opportunity to really
20362s really greet out this hand
20365s or maybe would you even call it greed
20367s because he could actually just go now
20369s you could go now right you have
20372s coin
20374s uh
20375s coin door and then you actually if you
20377s get a two mana spell you could go prep
20380s two man a spell null serrated
20383s dracker and you can even fit a shadow
20385s step in there along the way as well i
20386s think this is actually no it's not the
20388s turn okay there was the potential to fit
20390s it in on that turn yeah uh it was doable
20393s right to basically do
20395s pretty much everything
20397s yeah
20399s in the shadow step as well
20401s you really wanted
20403s yeah yeah exactly i think it was up to
20404s like eight attack maybe even nine on
20406s that turn uh but you know to be fair to
20409s us if you do that play you're very all
20411s in this is like your real push to win
20413s the game if it was a 30 health opponent
20415s i think he would have done it without
20416s even thinking oh yeah but against a 40
20418s health shaman that has access to a
20420s little heel as well i fully respect this
20422s line of just greeting out a couple more
20424s turns
20426s well let's see what the uh what you can
20427s get for extra little bit of greed
20430s another
20431s slow ish
20434s i didn't even see him pick anchor there
20436s but another slow-ish turn from woods
20438s means that uh euster can still pretty
20440s much do the same turn but just with a
20442s little bit more mana now still has
20443s plenty of targets for serrated bone
20445s spike if he wants it and then the list
20448s goes on at this point
20451s yeah i think because he's not prepping
20452s the tooth it means we're reading this
20454s out yet further
20457s oh
20458s spectral sight is so tempting
20463s it is
20464s as ever i'm just staring at animal
20466s companion but uh but yeah special site
20468s makes a way more sense you've just got
20470s hunter brain like i don't have like
20473s a hunter portion of your brain just lit
20475s up
20478s and the anchor totem here pretty nuts
20480s actually this is a lot of pressure all
20482s of a sudden
20486s yeah it is isn't it this is actually
20489s kind of scary now i mean it does have
20492s removal available in one form or another
20494s now picked up a tooth again
20497s this must be the turn right derrick
20499s official uh rogue master i think so yeah
20502s i'm just wondering whether you
20502s deliberately don't unoperably kill the
20505s tooth so you can draw with the spectral
20507s uh because he does have a surprising
20509s amount of mana to work with with a one
20510s mana bone spike as well uh ends up on
20514s shadow of death though which is kind of
20515s playable technically but
20518s you don't feel good about it
20523s you're gonna be the rocking shadow step
20525s here very nice of course with the zero
20526s man and null able to really maximize
20529s those trades and basically just remove
20531s all real threat from this board not the
20534s woods had to commit too much to make it
20536s but still right
20539s oh yeah i guess actually if if he had if
20542s he had gone for the play i was talking
20543s about where you don't get the honorable
20545s kill and then you get two draws off the
20547s spectral side i think he would have
20548s actually been one manner of playing
20550s location and dracker on the same turn uh
20553s if you'd gotten both of them
20554s and because of that i i fully respect
20556s this line and then you can get
20558s spectrocyte over to the left you still
20560s have a decent sized board and you
20562s actually have a chance for a second
20563s pop-up turn once you do hit the location
20566s a little bit later
20567s yeah really interested what do you think
20569s of the uh no coin
20572s there i know the coin would would have
20573s floated the mana
20575s but it is basically three extra damage
20578s to play that coin do you think it's
20579s going to be impactful elsewhere in the
20581s game it could be i mean it's about that
20584s potential for second pop-off right
20586s because very often in this deck you need
20587s to balance the one mega turn versus two
20591s good turns uh and i think as i talked
20593s about you know if you end up with an
20595s eight or even ten attack dagger that's
20597s not necessarily winning you the game on
20599s its own uh whereas if you can save it
20602s for an extra pop-off turn where you get
20604s yourself now maybe a five-five or a
20606s six-six minion off of the uh the
20608s graveyard then you've got a second wave
20611s of push which is actually something i
20612s really like about this line from ustia
20614s yeah and i love this as well spend the
20616s mana get the wicked stab face because
20617s guess what it's not going anywhere else
20619s the plan is very straightforward for
20621s easter now
20625s woods has another freeze but
20630s yeah he's got
20632s a little bit i mean yes frieza and macaw
20635s but right
20640s the problem is does frieza mccoy even
20642s particularly win him the race
20646s it's not bad like the big problem with
20648s freeze is when you freeze your opponent
20650s keeps developing the board and then you
20652s have to deal with the same problem but
20653s worse on the following turn that's not
20656s necessarily going to be the case here at
20657s all because they're pretty much gassed
20659s out of minions edwin is the only real
20661s threat now and they have no sign of
20663s having the location in hand so freezing
20665s it into wow okay never mind uh freezing
20669s into going for the command of neptune
20670s probably would have been it clear but
20672s woods here just taking out the middleman
20674s going for the clear first which means he
20676s gets less stats yes because he doesn't
20678s have the snowfall guardian down but uh
20681s he gets it more immediate uh attack on
20683s board with just taking these value
20685s trades yeah this is big and has since
20687s stone and now has starfish from the draw
20690s even though not a rogue minion didn't
20692s end up being a terrible thing so far
20693s this game
20694s starfish will be massive here and it's
20697s got to be like
20699s you know i'll use the phrase all in but
20701s you understand what i mean right max
20703s resources use this turn to make the air
20705s in stone pop
20706s no this is huge you've got
20708s sin stone serrated uh spike plus wicked
20712s stab face
20713s i think you leave the knoll stealth just
20715s because you really want it to go face
20717s and uh face damage towards you doesn't
20719s really matter to be honest no did choose
20722s to trade yeah i think i would have been
20724s with you honestly because it's just
20726s three more damage to face when you
20727s starfish the potential freeze right
20730s exactly exactly
20732s where's the canal slogger but
20733s unfortunately
20735s what looked like a great pickup the
20736s second big turn from used to it and
20739s looked just too much doesn't it like i
20742s thought the canal slugger was really
20744s gonna make an impact here but
20746s uh it could still do actually to be fair
20749s you have wave plus slogger on this turn
20751s which you could
20754s i guess trade away the five two into
20756s their null right
20757s and then pray for just a couple of small
20759s minions
20762s or you could just take the risk of them
20764s having no starfish with the uh the
20766s snowfall guardian that's the one
20768s would you canal slugger do the trade and
20770s then prime model
20774s interesting because you then you know
20776s he's got no health left pretty much but
20778s then you do you get a five drop it's
20780s true
20784s that's not killable
20786s that's a problem
20789s he has to play it or he just
20791s loses yeah does it as soon as he casts
20793s that right decision made he can't freeze
20795s now so yes actually sorry i think he
20797s actually still could because i think
20798s macau still passed
20799s guardian uh so he could have frozen
20802s there
20803s but i think in this instance this is
20804s actually still the correct play because
20806s the outs or lethal are pretty limited uh
20808s now with the number a few number of
20810s cards in hand and two of them being
20812s known entities right he knows one is
20814s shroud because of the door and one is
20816s smothering starfish or at least a minion
20818s sorry
20822s turn right because
20824s normally you'd crap a tow a trade to
20826s swing the weapon yeah well he might
20828s actually want to trade the 3-1 into the
20830s thalnos right
20833s yep
20835s unless you want to go face though is the
20836s other thing like
20837s oh he doesn't have philip fighter i was
20839s gonna say if he gets philip fighter he
20840s could trade into the two one uh sorry
20842s into the uh canal slugger but that would
20844s that's what he's cut to make room for
20846s the starfish right
20850s oh yeah
20851s could starfish now and just push forward
20854s and know there's no heal
20855s but i think i'd like to trade into the
20857s thalamus and actually just shroud
20860s great yeah and then hold the crapper
20862s tower as well in case of a freeze right
20869s headwinds kind of okay yeah it's pretty
20872s good
20873s we could get a cutlass here oh there we
20875s go fantastic
20878s okay
20879s i didn't know it worked like this but
20880s yeah you're a caster of course you know
20882s it works like this
20885s extortion the one three yeah i mean i
20888s was kind of thinking about it actually
20889s but
20891s either way now things getting really
20893s really interesting because again the
20895s freeze is available this time though
20897s were the starfish to be there
20900s uh
20901s woods would technically be
20903s one uh oh no sorry he wouldn't
20905s technically technically be one damage
20907s off dying to starfish because he knows
20909s because only one minion was drawn the
20911s two cards in hand have to be starfish
20914s and krapatoa right so he knows he is
20916s very dead he is just dead if he plays
20919s snowfall guardian
20920s yep because silence and then krabatoa
20922s the claw trades into communion swing
20924s with the weapon for four vancleave for
20926s four
20927s whatever eugene
20929s one turn away from daenerys as well
20932s derek
20933s that's a heartbreaker
20936s and i think that's just gg uh i
20938s like murloc homes is there anything you
20940s could find in there uh
20942s if you got scabs it would be too
20943s expensive to play
20945s yeah same with the draw right with
20947s famish like if he drew correct well
20949s there'll be nowhere near enough mana to
20950s do anything and i don't think there's
20952s any more draws that would do anything
20954s better than
20955s but for three mana that would impact the
20957s game
20958s i think it's like dave exactly that he
20961s could hit
20962s him
20964s no you just silence it
20966s oh yeah of course i mean
20968s i was like oh well
20970s when a player continues to play when
20972s they should know they've lost yes i'm
20973s always
20975s wait is there an out i've just not
20977s thought of but yeah it's just gonna be
20979s as simple as that and wow
20981s so close and this is the thing about the
20983s deck right i think usually played very
20986s very well everything you know made all
20988s the right choices there as far as i
20989s could see but if the game went one more
20992s turn to nathrius comes down and
20994s it probably just ends in the other way
20996s right
20997s yeah absolutely uh a uh
21001s a card that as i said at the start i was
21002s very unconvinced on from ustia but based
21004s on that performance i mean man it just
21006s looks absolutely genius for this meta
21008s game with so much shaman so much mage
21010s being able to just get through taunts of
21012s druid as well absolutely love it very
21014s very clever play uh overall from austria
21017s and also like that the weird thing you
21019s learn quickly with this rogue deck is
21021s you do draw pretty much all of your
21023s minions most games that you don't die on
21025s turn three right so you actually have
21027s that consistency of saying well almost
21030s all games that go you know past turn
21033s seven i'm probably going to have
21034s starfish available so yeah and really
21037s good call there from usg getting him the
21040s first win on the table and again yeah
21042s this is the quarterfinal four so this is
21044s first place in the top four
21047s going on here so definitely a lot to
21049s play for just uh so close to the finals
21052s i'm sure these players can almost smell
21054s it
21055s oh
21055s so close at this one and for both
21057s players with them being relative uh
21059s newcomers to the masters taught system
21061s uh it could be a huge boon you know all
21063s of a sudden you're setting your sights
21065s on the uh the full championships later
21067s on if you take the win even if you don't
21069s you're in with a good shot of getting
21070s there with a strong performance in the
21072s last masters tour of the year
21075s uh and that can just propel you into uh
21078s hearthstone fame which is one good
21080s result so everything on the line here
21082s and obviously ustia in a better position
21084s with having taken that very very clean
21086s win on the rogue game one now gonna be
21089s queueing up i believe the shaman of his
21091s own verse the uh the 40 card spooky mage
21095s from woods uh which is a uh a bit of an
21099s interesting build you know he's gone
21101s with the
21102s semi big spell mage inclusion in there
21105s with the parrots the blizzard and the
21106s rune of the archmage uh which again as
21109s i've talked about is leaning in the side
21111s of the deck that uh i haven't had much
21113s success with in a more controlled style
21115s of play
21116s and against shaman i don't know maybe a
21118s bunch more runes can help you get there
21120s it's possible
21121s yeah i'm ah it's hard to say because
21124s we're casting in the top four right but
21126s i'm pretty unconvinced with this deck
21128s for many reasons one i don't know why
21130s murloc holmes is in like so many decks
21132s like is it that good am i just bad at
21135s guessing cards like i don't know maybe
21137s that's true but also like the times i've
21139s lost against it at the times i actually
21142s lost against it in my break not too long
21143s ago and it was because my opponent
21145s played roon and then
21147s brand parrot and the rune the only spell
21151s that lost me the game was i got one i
21154s got pyroblast in the face which was like
21156s a one in four and that's the reason i
21158s lost other than that it was guaranteed
21159s wind so i do feel like even with all
21161s this uh the skeletons and everything i
21163s do feel like a lot of the deck does rely
21165s on that rune of the archmage to just
21167s pull yourself out of trouble that you
21168s find yourself in quite often so uh yeah
21171s we'll see if the any more games can
21173s convince me otherwise uh euster now
21175s gonna jump over to his shaymin to give
21177s it a go
21179s and running through things it's a little
21181s bit more one of the ish with the juan
21184s devara the one smothering starfish but i
21186s think that's fine a double schoolteacher
21188s is a card that i am a fan of in this
21190s list i think there's a lot of really
21191s really premium
21193s very diverse charming spells at that
21195s early mana cost you have tempo you have
21196s removal a little bit of healing as well
21199s that can be very very clutch to find
21201s against some of the burn match ups like
21203s mage for example if they get off to a
21204s nice heavy ping start
21207s uh but the kind of hand i think you're
21208s looking for for us for the most part
21210s isn't this kind of late game stuff it's
21211s not so much the munching and uh
21213s finishing off with dinafears it's just
21216s early game tempo trying to keep up
21217s trying to get ahead if you can uh to
21220s clutch out a victory that way and force
21222s mage into more defensive plays than they
21223s would like
21225s yeah the the one thing i will say is
21227s that like
21228s theo talk and really i mean it's weird
21231s because both players play it right so
21232s theo talking just happened uh but
21235s stealing the dawngrass pero is such a
21238s big deal because it's normally so much
21240s of the damage available so that's
21242s definitely something that could kick in
21244s a little bit later on but you're
21245s completely right as always with with
21247s this form of shaming you just want stuff
21249s to do every turn right i think that's
21251s generally what you're just looking for
21253s because the deck just feels like a 40
21255s card value deck uh most of the time so
21257s we'll see how it plays out so far sleep
21259s breaker coming down for easter just
21261s gonna soak that uh built up ping already
21265s there's been an uncanny amount of
21267s wildfires drawn on turn one for these
21269s decks isn't there
21271s i mean there's been an uncanny amount of
21272s apec players in the top eight what can i
21274s tell you
21275s that's how we roll uncanny masters tour
21283s cookie something to throw down at least
21285s used to imagine wouldn't have wanted to
21287s particularly parrot and then draw more
21290s cards
21291s yeah i think if you're keeping mutinous
21293s the plan is to just uh repeat that as
21296s many times as possible yeah chomp chomp
21298s chomp
21301s pay homage to her to chewie who was
21302s unable to make it this far
21306s bit off more than he could chew
21308s hey
21311s i'm sure he's finding that very funny
21312s through his flood of tears
21314s yeah
21316s look as long as i'm amused eric you know
21318s the rules
21320s yes sir
21323s weirdly enough is this like just
21325s damaged all for one yeah i think it's
21328s also
21330s just more stats on the board oh yeah
21332s like just just play it because you've
21334s got it and you know gore lock is going
21336s to be a little bit too crazy to play
21337s right now
21340s making another potential two drawers the
21342s problem with power is if you do hit
21343s nature spell you're actually
21346s over drawing oh sorry you're not over
21347s drawing you're up to nine cards in hand
21349s okay so parrot is a play
21351s yeah it's just like
21353s pirate and then
21355s hero power or freeze when you could just
21357s still draw a card and just play on curve
21359s and save pirate for the mutants i think
21362s i liked a lot more
21364s i agree i do think i just like
21366s playing your minions right play them on
21368s curve force the mage to make plays they
21370s don't want to uh i don't even think it
21371s was that bad into death born right like
21373s you could even have played it afterwards
21375s after you've done the trades if you like
21376s so your minions are more likely to die
21378s off and also as well opens up potential
21381s um
21382s uh primordial for next turn right
21384s because it's a it's a positive minion to
21386s hit the point so it just gives give some
21388s more options honestly
21391s yeah fully with you there
21396s i had definitely feeling clunky
21399s at this point though
21400s yeah did i have an option for like
21401s anybody the most average snowfall
21404s guardian ever
21408s would give him options with pirate the
21410s turn after or to go mutinous would have
21412s been interesting but chose to go for the
21413s school teacher instead
21415s good training too because pretty soon
21417s every uh snowfall guardian is going to
21418s be the most average snowfall guardian
21420s ever
21434s loses a minion but keeps the cookie
21441s going into dawn grasp here just uh
21444s we don't think anything too crazy he's
21445s gonna get wildfire and
21448s cold case just cold case i think right
21451s i believe so oh and ai too
21454s hmm
21457s not bad
21458s overdraws one but got the wildfire in
21461s time which is the big one and uh this is
21463s the point as mage where you just sigh
21466s a sigh of relief right because you've
21468s played your dawn grasp you didn't get
21470s theotard out of the game because you
21472s just lost your hero card uh however
21475s while that card may be safe the rest of
21477s his hand is very much not safe because
21480s yeah it is dinner time yeah just like
21482s your typical zombie film whenever you
21484s think it's safe it's not and chomping's
21486s about to happen because mutants go
21489s nails dinathria's first try
21492s and oh yes correct play throw the emote
21495s out um to the the mental warfare has
21497s begun uh but also here it does mean that
21500s there's actually just the bran and the
21502s parrot to follow up with as well like it
21505s and then just brick on there's also the
21508s freeze like it does feel like it's going
21511s to start going downhill from here and we
21513s might be at that point where woods
21515s relies on roon of the archmage to dig
21517s him out of this
21519s yep you're exactly right because it's
21520s not just the the munching that's the
21522s problem it's the stats on board this is
21524s a 14-14 if you leave that unfrozen for a
21527s turn that's uh
21529s well it's only like a fifth of your
21530s health but it's still a lot that you're
21532s losing at that point you know what's
21533s needs mass polymorph
21537s damn straight
21539s and in the shape
21542s does have double sanctum so can delay by
21545s well delay forever it feels like with
21547s decent blizzard
21549s whatever reason that's put in my mind
21551s the like a sheep swat team jumping
21554s through the windows
21561s they're good with the uh bartering grams
21564s that was a double pun that was oh yeah
21566s it's good that wouldn't even realize at
21568s the start did you
21569s oh i knew i knew you knew okay good job
21571s good job
21574s want double points for that someone mark
21576s them
21578s do for raven ding ding
21580s total
21581s lifetime
21582s yeah
21584s he finally got one
21586s who knows
21587s yeah we're just going again
21590s there's no other real play is there
21593s yeah i guess the only other option if
21596s we're really gonna stretch would be like
21599s brakan and then brand parrot but that
21602s just doesn't do the same stuff does it
21604s no i'm fully on board with this line not
21606s finding theater
21608s dings a little obviously he doesn't know
21611s it but uh
21613s that's where things could maybe go a
21614s little bit wrong like even if they just
21615s steal a snowfall guardian that starts to
21618s rebalance the board a little bit more
21620s closely to even uh but for the most part
21623s it's a simple game plan for woods you uh
21626s you stall and then you play roon and you
21628s uh you cross your fingers
21635s really
21637s yeah i like it you get a deathborn
21640s yeah i'm all surprised isn't the hero
21642s power at four
21644s oh is it well he just done two wildfires
21648s oh it's a five okay my apologies i
21651s thought it was there only at four i was
21653s going to say if it wasn't for i would
21654s have expected the ping on the brand uh
21656s obviously just to stack it up but that's
21658s my bad yeah take it back i'm sorry
21660s forgive me to be fair it's pretty rare
21662s you see it at odd uh totals most of the
21664s time
21669s well let's uh laser this board i guess
21677s and interestingly enough now actually
21679s for woods it's
21681s i may have underestimated here not no no
21683s with the healing i was going to say not
21685s necessarily a rune of the archmage board
21687s because the skeleton could take out most
21688s of the health but uh yeah with the heel
21690s factor as well very nicely picked for
21692s ustia uh this does need to be uh
21695s at some point i'm gonna say answered
21697s with a rune sooner or later
21700s and look how good the locations are even
21702s if this
21705s hey
21706s whoa face
21707s oh
21708s i knew it this exactly happened to me
21711s today oh my god
21713s dude the sheep swat team dodging bullets
21716s yeah i had two sheep on the border my
21719s opponent
21720s fired face it's uh bringing back
21722s terrible memories from me
21725s yeah i was saying before i got
21726s distracted by the bright uh shiny
21728s colours um was the the locations just
21731s sitting there even if that was the worst
21733s rune of the archmage imaginable you can
21735s just freeze them both and then there's
21737s varden then there's blizzard like
21739s there's so much time uh the only thing i
21742s think er woods has to focus on whilst
21745s doing this is at least pressing that
21747s hero power name in her face every turn
21749s now
21754s and it looks like it might be quite
21755s effective like usually has slowed down a
21758s lot uh in terms of his overall game plan
21762s yeah although you know a couple of
21764s amalgams can change everything
21766s it's true yeah
21769s or not
21772s needed an elemental those are the big
21774s ones
21776s yeah that's true actually i mean i guess
21778s you could go on amalgam numbered like
21780s amalgamat amalgam here but i think
21782s that's usually just a little bit too
21784s much of a gamble
21800s hey that's a guardian
21803s oh those are the bad ones
21805s uh you could give him spindly i think
21812s because he's just picked up a guardian
21813s right like i think his hand is pretty
21815s good with blizzard he can actually
21817s blizzard varden on the same turn to just
21819s wipe a board he can uh
21822s guardian bob
21828s yeah i guess he just didn't want to let
21830s him reset his hand and maybe thought he
21831s wanted to reset his own hand with the
21833s way it's working out it's not going to
21834s be a bad idea like
21836s these are not premium cards he found
21838s himself with he wanted to nathrius
21840s obviously mainly and did not hit
21843s yeah they're not i just
21845s thought that like
21846s no fall varden was insane
21850s it's true it's a lot of stall and damage
21862s tough one very tough one
21864s because to be fair he doesn't actually
21866s have that much uh
21868s how much to spin lee away right his
21870s hand's gonna be very slim afterwards
21872s that was my point right and and my sort
21874s of weird question was he picked the good
21876s cards from the show which is fine but
21879s surely he wants to play command of
21881s neptulon it's likely he'll want to play
21884s a snowfall what is he playing spindly
21887s even the blizzard is is not bad
21890s i mean i i guess you could just make the
21892s argument are you going to stall stalls
21894s then spindly at the end of it all
21896s uh
21897s unintentional rhyme uh to try and find
21901s the
21902s reckless apprentice for the big clear
21904s later on well you could even just go
21906s spindly right out the gate like you know
21908s slow fall guardian is good neptulon is
21910s good but the the winning card is is to
21912s now stop finding more dresh and
21914s apprentice
21915s gonna be a uh
21917s evolved shenanigans going on by the
21919s looks of things here with those trades
21921s oh yeah
21923s oh yeah
21926s uh
21928s sunglasses dude is that like next card
21930s you play it transforms in yes yeah yeah
21934s wait
21935s oh next card the dies yeah yeah okay
21938s sorry yeah the next card you play was my
21940s idea for a card
21943s little placeholder
21946s one day that'll become a card
21948s for me
21954s yeah this
21958s kind of my issue though right like yeah
21960s it was very expensive the snowfall
21962s guardian was going to be good because
21964s woods didn't clear the board
21966s i
21969s gonna just spindly now
21973s yeah but then the question is like do
21974s you go amplified snow flurry finley on
21977s the side then the question will be do
21978s you play blizzard as well yeah yeah
21984s so it's a five damage now right which uh
21987s if he does get the apprentice it's
21989s actually kind of difficult to activate
21991s is again the problem
21993s i'm calling it now derek
21995s this finley will have zero impact on the
21997s win rate of
21999s the positive win rate for what's in this
22001s game
22005s yeah he's gonna need something a little
22006s more impressive than spindly to get
22008s himself out of this one oh there it is
22010s like that
22011s another pyro to the face please
22022s i mean
22025s gonna go for blizzard first i was trying
22028s to just work out if there's like wow
22031s really that much difference between the
22034s ordering here
22035s because
22036s yeah this means that if roone whips
22040s he doesn't just die
22042s but if roon whis next turn he dies you
22046s know what i mean it's kind of difficult
22047s i guess this gives him one more draw to
22048s see what's cooking
22051s yeah also gets like another ping face
22052s along the way which just means
22054s creeping closer and closer towards
22056s cheesing out a win with uh
22058s more dress apprentice roon as well
22062s but i agree it's much of a muchness in
22064s terms of how you order it kind of like
22066s the look of another evolve honestly
22069s that's silly just go again
22071s no not at all these are quite damaged
22073s minions right yeah
22076s you'll lose stats on the snowfall but
22078s that's all you'll probably lose stats on
22081s on average
22082s yeah you are sad to lose the health i
22084s would admit on the
22086s elemental
22089s that's true that is true
22091s yeah it's an argument to varden isn't it
22095s i mean it could still be both like
22096s farting into a five truck yeah
22098s yeah it's just maybe it's vardhan just
22101s let the elemental maybe get pinged off
22103s or something and then hit it right it's
22105s reckless
22108s huge uh
22110s there's
22112s currently no way to upgrade it
22114s unfortunately because i think it's five
22116s still
22121s correct i was looking at some really
22124s silly things
22125s like you know come out there's like
22126s command of neptulon doing any trades
22129s right but it just doesn't
22131s uh oh sorry it does actually with the
22134s heel uh you you trade neptune to the
22136s light shower and then into the heel
22140s uh into this uh the guardian but i i
22142s think that's a little convoluted at that
22144s point i love it
22148s oh
22150s that's bad that's really bad
22154s it's a wildfire and this is all terrible
22157s oh let's get the kill
22160s that's something i guess but he's taking
22162s a lot of damage freezes right
22165s okay okay
22166s solve all problems
22168s that's great i underestimated their
22170s power
22170s yeah
22172s locations have the high ground i don't
22174s yeah it works locations are the high
22187s okay well now that evolve is looking a
22188s little more tempting right oh yeah
22191s especially with the null
22197s yeah i think that's what we're gearing
22199s up for here you ever throw in the
22201s clownfish or something as well
22205s that's the manner right
22207s yeah i guess you're not really afraid of
22208s being
22209s bored locked that much anymore you've
22212s seen a lot of yeah and it's three mana
22214s three two like
22216s just beef it up
22219s you're trying to go hot streak hero
22221s power for zero there oh if only
22229s oh
22230s hoot
22232s cheeky lothar as well that's not bad
22235s i'm coming
22239s look for the trade on the egg win to get
22241s the better attack on the low car uh-huh
22244s hold the load
22251s oh can roll again on the uh nixia nice
22253s yeah for sure oh there we go
22260s um this
22262s demands a very very big response uh
22266s apprentice is at six
22268s uh oh no uh eight now right because he
22270s got an honorable kill last turn
22273s um
22274s i think
22275s and the order of play
22278s how does it even work when you are
22280s evolving i actually don't know when you
22282s have a full board of evolved minions
22283s like i'm assuming deathwing is last
22286s um
22288s this is just left to right
22290s uh
22292s i don't know it's not left to right
22296s is it the order they were played in
22297s before they evolved play order
22300s it's usually play order but if they've
22302s all been evolved i'm not sure yeah you
22305s know what let's find out that's that
22307s played first i don't know
22311s i think it's just freaking out man
22313s just doing its stuff
22315s i guess it is play order before they
22317s were evolved yeah that makes sense
22319s either way a very very good uh
22321s apprentice turn meaning that we get a
22324s full clear potential but instead now
22326s we're sending that face 10 damage
22329s pyroblast for two mana and this time he
22332s gets to choose where it goes no
22334s going into vardhan this time plus the
22336s freeze
22337s means that things
22339s there's just nothing i think have come
22341s to an end for us yeah finally
22348s yeah i mean question you asked yourself
22351s straight away can i heal for more than
22353s the hero power what's that no oh no okay
22359s oh yeah
22361s oh you said it we're really early on the
22364s fact that sorry to interrupt uh that
22366s woods got dawn grasped down very early
22368s and very safely
22370s then all you really have to do is not
22372s die because eventually you're gonna
22373s start pyroblasting them for two mana as
22375s you said and uh it seemed to have paid
22377s off nicely
22379s yep absolutely i think just very well
22381s played uh by woods he realized the uh
22384s the value of vardhan as soon as possible
22386s realized the value of upgrading that
22388s hero power as soon as possible and even
22390s though i think you and i agreed on uh
22392s a couple of his plays with uh the
22394s swapping uh off of theater specifically
22397s i'm pretty sure that finley uh in hand
22400s did work
22402s was definitely integral to winning the
22404s game 100
22405s mascots cheering him on that's what
22407s finley does you be that angry sir
22409s spindly i don't know
22410s you cannot
22413s yeah really really good win there for
22415s woods because there were moments right
22416s and it's it's kind of the story of
22418s shaymin right now is you feel like
22420s you're never going to beat them in a
22422s true sort of war of attrition uh there
22425s because again you saw how many cards uh
22428s that uh you should had in hand it could
22430s have gone on for quite a while there but
22433s it's just the relentless damage from the
22435s ping and it's why it's so strong where
22437s running dinathias and dawn grasp means
22440s that you've got two options unless your
22442s opponent like brand theo tells you or
22445s something then you know you're gonna
22447s have one of those potential win
22448s conditions at bare minimum
22452s very very true which means with that all
22454s squirreled away we're left with uh
22457s shaman shaman uh and uh mage druid uh on
22461s both sides respectively are you groaning
22462s at the potential of a shaman mirror
22464s perhaps or even not potential anymore
22466s derek oh it's in there i just speak
22469s oh potential it's happening
22472s payment versus shaman coming up next and
22474s this is
22475s probably
22477s going to be a slog um
22481s realistically though
22482s what
22483s if anything
22485s actually can happen that would like
22487s propel one player to really just win you
22490s know what i mean like really get ahead
22492s and end the game in a timely fashion is
22495s there anything
22496s i mean there's there's the ones we
22497s always talk about with shaman that still
22499s very much apply if you hit mukbal into
22501s null you're in a great position if you
22503s go mutinous uh bolner plus para and you
22507s eat their dinathius their theater their
22510s mucinous their kale fast you're probably
22512s gonna win but for the most part you know
22514s a lot of times in this matchup that
22516s doesn't happen right you know you're
22517s unlikely to know plus mukbal you're not
22519s necessarily guaranteed to get that many
22521s mutinous activations
22522s this match up and this kind of this meta
22524s in general i think uh
22526s hunter has put it best when i was
22528s talking to him recently it's just vibes
22530s it's just vibes man like you can't
22532s really pinpoint exactly what you're
22534s doing with any deck in any specific time
22536s there's not these very common play
22538s patterns you want to see especially the
22540s case with shaman where there's so many
22541s disparate parts disparate packages with
22544s the uh the deck at any given time
22547s just gotta vibe it out
22549s well i'll try and take that advice into
22551s my ladder games in the future whenever i
22553s lose i was like yeah but you know i was
22555s vibing just vibes man
22558s not about the games you win it's about
22559s the games you don't win
22563s i'm not sure what i tell myself anyway
22566s all-time great quotes ever but uh
22573s oh he missed he missed the sin stone
22576s time
22580s even pick
22582s uh
22584s ana tide i think all the rest are
22586s pretty bad
22589s could start getting to work with anchor
22591s totem wow really okay fair enough what's
22594s up his turn
22596s yeah that's true
22600s end up with a 3-4 after that evolved bit
22602s of a desperation one
22606s what's pretty interesting about the
22607s match up right is that
22610s you would assume at surface level
22614s the players don't care if they
22616s if their opponent just
22618s picks a 3-2 right but the damage as
22621s we've seen does stack up and the healing
22624s is the one
22625s real weakness for the shaymin outside of
22627s daenerys so it is something if a couple
22630s of minions just keep punching you you
22632s are a detriment versus your opponent
22634s right so uh yeah there is a reason for
22636s them to fight and this is why i love the
22638s elemental amalgam oh this is what we
22640s sign up for just the big hitters
22644s nepchillon and alec
22646s he's a huge man uh is there any way to
22649s buff alec here right now i don't
22652s think so right not consistently
22657s uh but to be honest
22659s yeah i guess it probably is neptune i
22661s like my my mind definitely goes towards
22663s alec here because like most the time
22664s neptune is just way too slow to be
22666s picking but you're almost definitely
22668s going to have the time for it in this
22669s matchup
22670s and it's it's actually really good
22672s against sort of a medium snowfall
22675s guardian right because you just play it
22676s and punch the crap out of it basically
22679s and it just doesn't really matter you've
22681s not really lost anything to that turn
22688s one real fear obviously is getting
22690s mutinous before you can get neptulon
22692s down but the hand is full of minions you
22694s don't want to lose so i don't think
22696s that's really a consideration at all at
22698s this point
22699s definitely a potential glass half empty
22701s is there the hand is full of cards you
22702s don't want to lose so you're going to
22704s lose cards you don't want to lose it
22706s so
22707s yep it's going to suck no matter what
22709s yeah fill your boots with neptulon one
22711s thing to keep an eye on though is woods
22713s does have kel'thas brand sitting there
22717s it doesn't really have to pay off for
22719s that yet but the combo is just sat there
22721s ready and waiting with 30 cards still
22723s left in the deck so yeah that's
22725s something that again could sort of spike
22727s the game right uh if daenerys is picked
22729s up in any kind of timely manner
22732s i mean even before that uh knoll kale
22735s fast uh neptulon uh on turn six if he
22738s doesn't play any cards uh up until that
22741s point he could just pass his next turn
22743s uh that is a possibility which is a huge
22746s tempo swing very true because he has a
22749s mock pools as well for that turn right
22751s that's true yeah yeah yeah on the null
22753s in the same turn that would be very
22755s scary does jesus know now and that's the
22757s 100th raid boss and x you've seen so far
22760s and he can actually do both i think in
22762s this instance because he goes null now
22764s clownfish which makes his
22767s uh
22768s cookie cost one so then it's cookie coin
22770s kale fast neph chill on on the same turn
22773s next turn that's enormous
22776s and also no snowfall guardian yet
22788s oh this is so sick come on he's gotta do
22790s it right even glug to follow up to munch
22792s up all those stats cob on man
22797s i'm now i'm trying to work out if glug's
22800s just
22801s better
22803s oh fair play glug is always better
22806s any situation hearthstone or not glug is
22808s the correct answer
22810s if you asked any question any job
22812s interview and you don't really know what
22813s to say just say glug
22815s but what are some of your weaknesses
22817s glug
22818s oh yeah perfect perfect true yeah me too
22821s he hide on the spot
22832s really sad considering it there are just
22834s so many options though as well right
22836s because
22837s there is still the brand there's the
22838s bone as well there's like so many
22841s different little things you can do with
22844s this deck and these sort of
22845s combo cards i think it's key not to
22848s overthink it and maybe just say well you
22849s know what what's just really powerful
22851s this turn let's do that
22855s i i think the the difference maker for
22858s me is we're going into turn seven so
22859s you're expecting mutinous and if you go
22863s cookie kale
22866s other way around whatever um
22868s not only do you dump a lot of your
22869s powerful cards for net for the mutants
22872s on the other side but it's kind of just
22873s too much pressure for them to even be
22875s able to play mutinous
22877s yeah
22878s unless they kell pass it and do the
22880s things you maybe should have done
22882s yeah sure i mean look at this you have
22884s devourer if you want it right instead of
22887s even mutinous to just chomp up this
22889s board
22891s oh is there
22893s anything better with clownfish no there
22895s isn't
22896s gotta be devourer right because he
22897s traded into the two too i guess this
22899s gives him involved options as well but i
22900s like this a lot oh it's insane
22906s oh yeah the brand costs zero i didn't
22907s even factor that in because everything
22908s costs 0.
22911s and i am very ambitious
22915s yeah
22916s i couldn't have got
22917s anything else in he needed a two mana
22919s molecule
22920s yeah they're an amalgam then
22923s i think that emote was because he forgot
22926s to evolve the five drop
22929s that a fair assumption because that was
22930s the yeah
22932s right that feels like a mistake yeah
22934s yeah because i think you do it's not
22935s involving anything else right usually
22936s you let kel fast sit there and make your
22938s opponent kill it
22941s yeah do you think that was a little bit
22942s of an oops because
22944s it just would have had probably so many
22946s more stats right you get six drop could
22947s have got a taunt to help protect your
22949s board as well
22951s and i
22953s think there's only really one play now
22955s for woods right you just have to go for
22956s the neptune online it does just clear
22959s the devourer somehow
22964s he's not even going for it wow okay
22968s oh man that's risky i kind of like it
22970s though
22972s but now
22973s brand pirate
22977s oh and just like let that go absolutely
22980s wild
22982s just assume it's going to target
22984s neptulon in their
22985s cookie like the parrot just starts
22987s inhaling and then just doesn't stop the
22990s entire universe starts imploding inside
22992s it turns around and just says call me
22994s kirby
22999s oh it's gotta be right you just
23001s munch everything
23003s it's just good because also your
23005s opponent has four cards in hand what
23007s they actually got left right yeah
23010s oh let's go
23013s it's such a big bird
23017s oh oh
23020s oh
23021s just missed
23024s yeah it's only 22 23.
23028s okay you even have brown on the uh the
23030s school teacher as well so you're looking
23032s for
23035s i know did you take bioluminescence
23036s because you want to hit they got geyser
23038s to just kill the fortu if you want sure
23041s yeah just as a simple level
23044s or if you're feeling really spicy just
23045s push it push the damaged face
23051s i hope that went face it definitely
23053s didn't but i hope it did
23058s yeah let's put that second from the
23059s bottom and then let's put a worst card
23061s directly on the top perfect
23065s or second from the top sir oh five mana
23068s over half of the manner available this
23070s turn spent on drawing a couple of cards
23072s just get oh
23075s then again is it even gonna save him
23076s that's still an eight drop
23078s or the dude shocker or whatever it's
23080s called
23083s i hope that's what it's called
23085s upset that card needs to be buffed
23087s because there is no way we're going
23089s through a whole two years and not seeing
23092s a card that throws minions at stuff not
23095s be played yeah it's way too cool
23105s all righty
23107s might be the turn to get broken down
23109s right um
23111s just to start juicing those hero powers
23113s i think i'm looking more heavily at
23114s mutanus i i just kind of want to start
23117s locking out the outs
23119s of
23120s daenerys freezes
23123s um
23123s [Music]
23125s you'd already assume there's no guardian
23127s right because
23128s that was clearly about the desperation
23130s play from woods right here and five
23132s minutes to draw instead yeah that's a
23134s good point
23137s yeah again not by no means saying
23139s mutants is a bad play here just piles up
23141s more threats gets to push seven to face
23143s because i don't imagine
23145s i'm not gonna trade
23147s these trades come on man surely that was
23149s the face
23154s oh
23155s comes here to save the day
23158s yeah
23159s he starts inspecting what's happened
23161s here and it's just like i'm out i don't
23162s know what's going on
23164s there's just bodies everywhere well
23166s there's piles of bones and then a little
23168s parrot sat in the corner it's like what
23171s happened here i'm out
23175s what's in europe you've been promoted
23185s you know i mean
23188s he's not great to do he's gonna at least
23190s start with murloc holmes commander
23191s neptulon is good of course but
23195s he's
23197s laid kale fast so you know it's that one
23199s just pick
23202s this one's much harder
23206s probably not primordial wave
23208s because we would have seen that but
23211s honestly i don't know i i think it could
23212s be any of these it's it right okay
23218s i mean he spent the whole turn on the
23220s mystery here and he does get it right to
23222s be fair
23225s it's time to go i'm just gonna kill the
23226s seventh
23229s okay fair enough you solved the mystery
23231s you don't often see that
23233s i'm gonna hold the airwave
23236s okay taking six from the muteness
23238s obviously me the mutant is not huge
23240s right it's a big minion in general but
23242s not threatening enough
23246s 12 damage face available on this turn
23250s and i think we're always just taking
23252s that we want to start pressuring them
23254s threatening to kill them every time fire
23256s rolls around
23264s yeah i think i just like i think the
23266s more hero powers you get to press with
23268s prakan the happier you are right so i i
23271s think just getting this down now nothing
23272s really shines is anything that much
23274s better
23275s the only thing to consider
23278s was a preemptive trade with the mutinous
23280s and then heal but i think at this stage
23283s in the game not worth it by any means
23291s nice clean clear with the piranhas
23295s also got off at the heel hero power
23297s right so he was fine passing down
23299s big time
23301s no fire though which is obviously what
23302s you'd like to see to just keep
23304s threatening threatening threatening uh
23306s but with all the mutinous effects used
23308s up uh for this game uh so far as we can
23311s tell uh woods is pretty happy to find
23314s the genathrius because he can really
23316s start juicing that piranhas in hand
23318s knoll that can sacrifice in
23321s ever worth
23324s playing
23337s 10
23344s it is big i'm not hugely convinced but
23347s the problem is
23348s one fire hero power
23351s and then he's suddenly in a scary zone
23352s again yeah he gets to heal with the
23354s swing of the weapon but he has to kill
23356s this mutinous and one d like six from uh
23359s the brakan again puts him in a huge
23362s problem and he doesn't even know what's
23363s in the nugget
23366s now this is kind of a heartbreaker of
23367s the turn he really wanted to slam that
23369s primordial wave
23371s or just at least target the knoll
23373s uh with the muck pool but he has to just
23375s get himself a six drop here which is a
23377s good one
23378s uh just to get a bit of extra culture
23380s right yeah exactly i think it summons a
23382s 2-4 uh on death rattle now or something
23387s uh but i mean woods's hand has improved
23389s a lot now right mutinous donath oh yeah
23392s getting big
23394s and every turn he holds off the uh
23399s the potential damage swing if he wants
23401s to go for the the bolner denathrius is
23403s there if not then he can still just go
23406s like bone and mutinous right and start
23408s chomping
23410s many choices
23416s trying to think what the the primary
23417s game plan should be here for us because
23420s his options uh his like his advantages
23422s are starting to dry up woods is going to
23424s heal at some point soon he's got a more
23427s meaty hand right now
23429s uh and used i guess just has to try and
23432s go really wide on the board and hope
23434s that that gets there maybe there's no
23436s freeze on the other side because uh like
23438s you said it's a little bit uh he would
23440s have played it earlier on if he had it
23442s oh
23443s yeah i think he's relying on actually
23446s just getting a surprise six damage his
23448s opponent not playing dinah threes
23451s and then having the murlocs to push
23453s damage right
23454s with fleurgal yeah okay i'm excited
23458s what happened
23460s oh not daenerys it's mutinous here
23463s these uh this is finger food right now
23465s this is not a full meal
23468s this is when you go to a pie that's way
23470s too fancy and all you want is an actual
23471s full plate of food
23473s yeah you get like a deconstructed hotel
23477s cheese toasty and you're like no i just
23478s want a real one yeah i don't even know
23481s what that was
23483s i was just worried after i saw on that
23484s one he's one for fancy named food
23487s i had that i went uh i went with my
23489s girlfriend's parents to a very fancy
23490s restaurant in france which was delicious
23492s but at the start they bring you like a
23494s little a moose bouche and one of them
23496s was just like it was good it was like a
23498s truffle cheese toasty little bite and it
23501s was nice but it was just a cheese toasty
23504s yeah you can't really uh dress it up
23506s that much can you exactly kind of is
23508s what it is i wasn't gonna tell the
23510s waiter that in my extremely pigeon
23512s french but uh yeah i'm on to them
23516s if you just put a fancy word in front of
23518s it we could just sell cheese toasties
23520s for 50 quid a pop yeah wait a second le
23522s cheese toasty i know what this is
23526s the cheesy a toasty r
23530s or the the onstar toast
23533s to
23535s take me pick taste
23539s i ended up being schooling from the
23541s second nagaland i actually didn't catch
23543s that till we just saw it now
23545s yeah prime model again which i think
23548s you know we used to could be at least
23549s looking at this turn especially with the
23551s null being played
23552s yeah agreed you've got piranha trade in
23555s no valley trade the taunt
23557s uh
23558s even drop the air anchor
23560s right
23562s uh yeah i guess through afternoons
23566s yeah not now if he goes for primordial
23568s but just before if he didn't want to
23569s play the piranha instead but i think
23571s this just works out oh no another knoll
23574s and the explosive sheep and the
23576s trickster oh disaster
23580s oh
23582s but there's the damage that's what we
23583s needed to see
23588s okay so this is just daenerys and then
23592s parrot them probably
23594s agreed
23597s that's the combo that's the real combo
23599s right that's the game winner
23601s wait is
23605s white well woods just wants to guarantee
23608s as much board clear as possible
23611s yeah i mean the best way to do that is
23613s which again with that sheep you've got
23615s to look at it right
23617s yeah yeah yeah
23618s but i think it's fairly juiced at this
23620s point we're like 10 i think at this
23622s point around there
23632s who damaged the donations it's a little
23634s bit annoying
23640s and are there even any murlocs left in
23642s the deck like not many
23644s yeah
23646s oh i can check when exactly 15 right
23649s wait
23650s can't check
23652s no good if only i had
23655s anger in a minute
23659s oh yeah my things just broke give me a
23660s second to let me refresh
23662s as you were derek carrier carry on
23665s uh yeah i mean well the the headline is
23668s right this is just really really slowing
23670s down for osteo whether or not there's
23671s murlocs left in the deck uh which i
23674s think is like
23675s one clownfish
23677s couple of amalgams
23680s uh it's like it's okay it's okay but
23683s it's not as big as what's happening on
23684s the other side of the board which is
23686s just not slowing down
23687s there's just more damage
23689s of course pirate doesn't have lifesteal
23692s unfortunately for woods but still good
23695s amount of damage being pushed catching
23697s up on the the health difference here
23699s yeah big time
23700s getting very close to equalized
23703s it's not going to be rough as well
23705s because although woods is on low health
23707s uh he can't really expect too many more
23710s ways to actually stop daenerys right
23714s which means the second in atheists gets
23716s to hit phase it's probably just over
23718s yeah if this heals for 10 i think uster
23721s is in big big trouble
23725s and uh how do you stop that
23727s you could get the
23729s [Music]
23731s lead
23738s yeah that's still good well both of
23740s those stop it
23742s and you still get to go face for two
23744s this turn
23746s and next turn and if you get a five uh
23749s sorry a six damage hero power next turn
23752s that's a winning combo perhaps
23756s makes sense to me
23759s and it's razor razor thin right now so
23763s close
23766s oh
23766s he got it your final encounter
23770s oh percondo
23776s he has to play bakan right he just has
23778s to
23782s yes it can't be any other players to
23785s prakhan and taunt right
23790s and then just pray that that's enough
23792s you torn and heal
23795s oh oh wait a minute
23797s does the anchor
23799s and the piranhas get through the
23811s which means it's
23813s who off lethal
23815s but he can't stop the tenacious
23818s oh my wait wait goodness he does it all
23821s pushes damage
23822s and waves right
23825s golly denies the donathius yeah that's
23828s the big one you could also i mean if you
23829s play knoll you get a ten drop as well
23831s yeah that's what i mean like if dinah
23833s three swings he's in huge huge trouble
23836s he has to stop it and so that's gonna be
23839s what three four five six seven yeah he's
23841s got enough mana as well
23851s is it game i mean it doesn't have any oh
23853s no no i just had much follow-up extra
23854s damage oh sorry
23856s yes oh sorry not it's game my bad
23859s it's me mumbling don't worry about it
23865s i'm coming
23868s also does the extra small benefit of
23870s juicing the denatures a little bit as
23872s well with the two piranhas
23876s something
23879s now what's the nine job gonna be
23882s whoa
23884s oh it's on he didn't get the damage
23886s through oh he did because of elixir i
23888s was just going to say my world war was
23890s shouldn't he have attacked first yeah
23892s yeah yeah
23895s oh and the parrot what what does
23897s paraguay is that still
23900s no it's brakan it's brukan we can't but
23902s also his nine drop was devourer oh man
23908s oh it's so close so he can go devour of
23911s his own which just gets omega big at
23914s this point with the three minions on the
23915s other side of the board but he's a two
23918s blooming health and then your opponent
23920s like they just dropped to nathrius and
23922s hope for two lucky missiles
23925s look
23927s all in on devourer
23928s this four four's a sign it's gotta be
23931s right yeah just devour and go
23934s whoa
23935s oh there's a chance he lives
23939s it's so close man
23944s this dinathius is up to like 10 yeah
23946s actually 10. oh my god
23951s you missed they missed everyone
23955s oh
23957s he's still not dead what is this game
23960s got 20 what 25
23965s also what gets to heal this turn
23969s and go above a damage hero power from
23972s euster that's right oh my god and he
23975s gets to freeze
23977s so we can just go macaw munch that eats
23979s the donathious on the other side
23980s guaranteed
23982s oh
23984s gets the heel the heel's so big
23987s i cannot believe he's one
23990s million damage
23993s what are even the outs now for us does
23995s he have another guardian maybe or i
23997s think the outs are in the next game
23999s derek at this point i think it might be
24002s even
24003s like
24004s even a guardian woods has two guardians
24007s so you can't win that fight right like
24009s it's just not gonna
24011s matter and the problem now is
24014s users in range of damage hero power
24017s woods is not and if you assume they they
24020s get their own hero powers at the same
24021s rate
24022s who's just forever going to be in the
24024s the soft danger zone right yeah
24031s oh nemo's not going to help this time
24034s i think that's it
24039s got nemo gorlok
24043s and then you can get an amalgam but that
24044s can't even discover you anything that
24046s allows you to survive
24048s oh that's going to be game woods takes
24051s it and i know we started the series off
24053s of the game off sorry saying like well
24055s these shaymin games go long they get
24057s very grindy but i will say derek this
24060s one one of the more exciting ones that
24062s i've had the pleasure to cast wow
24065s that was just such a sick ending like
24067s i'm sure there's so many points along
24069s the way where the players are like oh
24071s could i have saved one extra health
24072s could i've healed one extra damage along
24074s the way because that's the kind of
24076s margins we were working with there uh to
24078s potentially be fighting back and forth
24079s with there was even again we we had the
24082s discussion in this same game of
24084s hearthstone way back when uh about
24086s whether just the instead of the globe
24088s turn was it just go off with kale fast
24091s and dinah three years to just land a
24092s huge board that turn instead of doing
24094s the glug
24096s and and you know maybe that would have
24098s turned out differently maybe it would
24099s have been way worse who knows but
24101s regardless such a back and forth game
24104s and it's not often you see both
24106s dinatharius played and neither player
24109s wins off the back of it it was crazy he
24112s needed two damage to go face and zero
24116s went face with the help of that 20
24118s health devourer there it is
24121s which means that woods a single game
24124s away from those semi-finals now
24126s guaranteeing himself the top four spots
24128s in masters tour murder at castle nathria
24131s just the druid left over as well having
24133s one with his mage and shaman now and he
24135s needs to get one win against either
24138s shaman or
24140s mage i think on the other side as the uh
24143s the only difference is was the the rogue
24145s on one side
24146s uh and the druid on the other and uh
24149s druid versus sharman uh druid versus uh
24152s mage two very interesting matchups as
24154s the kind of trifecta i think of three
24155s most popular ladder decks right now for
24158s what i'm seeing at least
24159s um and against shaman
24162s it it's such a close battle because they
24165s they are very similar decks in a weird
24167s way where they have
24169s fairly slow starts all things considered
24171s shaman with a little bit more potential
24172s for explosivity
24174s uh very disruptive late games with
24176s theater and mutinous available on either
24179s side to mess things up uh and the
24181s devourers for both players to munch
24182s either side of the board but then they
24184s have other power spikes along the way
24186s like the ramp for druid makes an
24188s absolute world of difference in hitting
24190s those key turns a little bit faster but
24192s sharpens disruption is a little bit
24194s stronger because they have mutinous the
24196s macaws the bowl of the brand to double
24198s down on all those disruptive effects so
24200s it's really really tough to call this
24202s one at the start of any game it is going
24205s to be tricky as well because if it's
24206s against really any of the freeze decks
24208s so he's going to be going up against the
24210s sherman from used to um there is the in
24212s this list the naga giants which again so
24215s what do we talk about in the rogue
24217s matchup is well those stats don't get
24219s reduced if you silence them right so
24221s there was the starfish and the naga
24223s giants that could potentially if they're
24225s on board and get frozen just pop out of
24227s that freezing and punch them for eight
24229s to 16 damage anyway so yeah there's a
24231s lot going on woods not messed around
24234s saying you know what hello donathious
24236s you can stay and they're going to keep
24238s hold of that along with that wild growth
24240s and go
24241s taking pretty much all the boxes you
24243s want in your opening hand here
24245s very much so yeah it's uh
24248s very close to the perfect druid hand
24250s right now a little bit of extra uh card
24252s draw i guess to round this out would be
24254s what you want because you'd rather just
24255s ramp every turn with garth and not have
24257s to spam the draw on that hero power uh
24259s but yeah definitely demanding that
24261s usually gets off to a nice fast start
24263s here or find some of those key
24264s disruptive tools that i talked about you
24266s know tope is nice as well to follow up
24268s with oh yeah
24270s because again i think
24271s a lot of not enough respect was shown to
24274s this card in reviews i know you were
24276s part of a review of course derek but i
24278s thought this card looked insane and i
24280s think a few people said oh too slow or
24283s not needed i was like wow and it turned
24286s out that hey it's pretty good endless
24288s three threes with rush seem strong who
24290s would have thought
24292s yeah i think the one question for me was
24294s whether or not there'd be enough whether
24295s or not there'd be enough playable nature
24297s spells in the right deck
24299s because obviously we have innovate
24301s nourish wild growth these are all very
24302s very powerful but a lot of them were new
24304s like
24305s are we gonna play uh
24307s uh the planted evidence is that good
24309s enough on average does that discover
24310s enough nature spells on average uh the
24312s natural causes and uh in the end i think
24315s it's just very very clear yes you play
24317s topiar if you have any amount of nature
24318s spells in your deck
24321s even one that'll do
24323s interest as well woods going for that
24324s nourish not gonna drop the gurf wants to
24326s hold on to the coin because i think he
24328s would have gone
24330s coin hero power uh likely that turn to
24332s not miss out so you have to go for the
24334s nourish instead
24336s i'm gonna go up to eight man the next
24338s turn now with the coin if needed doesn't
24339s mean he gets to play a miracle though
24342s but uh
24345s one bloodlist away from a good time
24348s i mean forget about the bloodlust he's
24349s just killing him this turn
24352s this is insane yeah woods is like wait a
24354s minute this give me time this isn't fair
24356s chill out one bird just chill out bro
24360s uh
24362s yeah what what are we doing here we
24364s agreed on 15 minutes no rush what's
24366s going on
24368s so if you go miracle growth
24370s you
24372s die
24374s goth right now isn't saving you
24378s bro does he coin first
24381s no one gets spammy i mean doesn't do
24383s anything right yeah
24386s ivers
24388s oh
24389s dude
24391s i mean
24392s coin ivers
24396s wait for
24401s this i don't know
24402s playing cards yeah i think it is wow oh
24405s my god like that
24408s you still decided to go all kinds of
24410s aggro with the shaymin list there and
24412s again just a reminder it's a 40 card
24414s list and i'll tell you right now the
24415s majority of cards in that deck are not
24417s aggro cards so yeah used to getting the
24419s job done with the help of anything can
24421s happen
24422s and uh wow just like that derek wind
24424s druid versus mage is the last game i
24426s mean very appropriate shows with shaman
24428s truly anything can happen as that is uh
24431s not how that usually goes let me tell
24434s you both on a tournament and ladder
24435s experience uh shifting us very quickly
24438s over to just the uh the mage left over
24442s uh for ustia and the list which i'm sure
24444s we're gonna take a look at very very
24446s soon is i think the 30 card list very
24450s importantly up against druid is
24452s specifically the uh the 30 card build uh
24454s with uh some really interesting tech
24457s decisions in here like a lot of cards i
24459s would not have thought
24461s you'd be able to make room for in a list
24464s that is so tight already like we're
24466s talking about double suspicious
24467s alchemist double solid alibi in a list
24470s that also runs double frozen touch it's
24473s uh really just this kind of version you
24474s were talking about i think with uh no
24477s kel'thuzad that you're really losing out
24479s here yeah uh not the exact list i've
24482s been testing and messing around with but
24484s i love double frozen touch i love double
24486s sided alibi nothing's quite as perfect
24490s as getting a third frozen touch from
24492s dawn grasp and that is a quite magical
24495s there and but yes a pretty aggressive
24498s list and you kind of play it more like a
24500s burn mage i'm not sure really about the
24503s famished fool not maybe convinced on
24505s surface level about the alchemist either
24508s uh but in general a deck i like a lot
24510s and i've been doing pretty well versus
24511s druid actually because as long as you
24513s know you just get that curve which guess
24515s what the curve kind of stops at four
24517s anyway with this deck and then you're
24519s feeling pretty good and the solid alibi
24522s allows you to have like
24524s two extra pounds of okay you're probably
24527s not gonna kill me regardless of how big
24529s your board is and i get to keep hero
24532s powering with that dawngrass pair of
24533s power or maybe you know setting up some
24535s frozen touch or some uh brand reckless
24537s apprentice to push extra damage so
24540s i've been pretty okay in this matchup
24543s but again i've not really played
24544s hundreds of games of the matchup right
24546s but just from my own little experience
24549s yeah i think i believe in this list uh
24552s the
24552s uh solid aloe i think is actually a
24554s pretty
24556s useful card even though it may not seem
24557s that way at first because you're just
24558s trying to trying to double down on the
24560s aggro game plan as much as you humanly
24562s can
24563s uh but for late game where they do have
24565s uh devour on board donations on board
24568s whatever it may be
24569s it's so crucial i think the easiest way
24572s i've thought of explaining how good
24573s alibi is in this style of deck i'm not
24575s talking about the bigger you know big
24577s mage in excel and all that is think
24580s about how many more games you would have
24581s won if you could have hero powered two
24583s more times as dawn grasp
24585s right and then suddenly like oh yeah
24587s that's probably quite strong
24591s you know diving straight in keeping the
24593s snow flurry and the intellect keep their
24596s card draw going
24598s it can't go horribly wrong i will say
24599s that the matchup is a lot harder if your
24601s opponent theotards your dawn grasp
24603s though because that's a
24605s big
24606s a big problem
24609s indeed yeah i don't think you're gonna
24610s be winning that one uh as there is
24613s magister jawgrass as if by magic just
24615s when you asked for it uh which makes the
24617s ai keep look a lot better you know it's
24619s a card you really only want to play at
24621s the start because it gets repeated of
24623s dawn grasp which
24624s uh bolsters your mid game so heavily
24627s but like on its own it's not a good turn
24630s three play
24642s yeah i really like holding on to the uh
24643s zero mana ping here as well if at all
24646s possible i'd like to have that on the
24647s dawn grasp turn uh so you can upgrade
24650s immediately
24656s yeah it looks pretty good against the 40
24657s health in some matchups it's good to
24659s just start stacking pings because of um
24661s modresh of course uh but in this match
24664s up it it just doesn't do anything right
24666s 40 health druid the druid also runs the
24670s um scales as well right for the armor so
24673s it just doesn't really work out that
24674s well uh what's on the other hand though
24676s is going to be ramping up fairly quickly
24678s and can
24680s go for the dinathrius if he wants
24683s is this oh yeah that's just two
24687s yeah we'll definitely take the first one
24689s even if we're not playing on this turn
24690s you do not care at all because that dana
24693s sorry that's in hatred is going to be
24694s playable very very soon and it's going
24696s to heal you for a lot when it does
24698s because we have ramp again this turn a
24701s nixie other turn after and then hell
24703s maybe even just another three is the
24704s turn after that that's already pretty
24706s dang good
24707s yeah pingus now as well might look a
24709s little bit weird but uh he's just
24712s playing this next amplified anyway so
24714s just use the hero power up still retains
24716s the zero mana ping of course but it's
24718s just an extra minion
24720s on board and i think wow any form of
24723s minion damage is
24727s man is this really ivis on this turn
24729s instead of nourish number two
24733s yeah woods just doesn't to take that
24735s much damage until he's got his dinah
24736s three secure um
24739s which i don't hate honestly
24744s okay
24746s paulie
24747s [Music]
24753s yeah the problem is if you pick polly
24754s your opponent is also probably going to
24755s pick the same thing because that's the
24757s one they'd want the most i think that's
24759s kind of okay though because again this
24760s deck doesn't run deathborn right you're
24762s not trying to make
24764s uh amounts of skeletons you just run in
24766s your locations uh which skeletons come
24769s one by one there so not really
24770s polymorphable um and also two cold cases
24774s maybe one off the dawn grasp i think
24775s polymorph would have been okay i think
24777s the only drawback of it is um
24780s is it manner efficient with what you're
24783s trying to do
24784s to spend seven mana on the polymorph but
24787s i probably liked it a little bit more
24789s than volcano benzene
24792s and honestly
24793s sorry with the amount of draw that druid
24795s has is giving the polymorph actually
24797s okay are they really going to spend
24798s seven man on that in the near future
24800s just let it sit with the hand
24802s loki the volcano mounts is like kind of
24804s better for them here as well with your
24805s yeah your board that you have
24808s are you ever picking it if you would
24810s though i can't imagine
24812s or maybe maybe i'm too focused on like i
24814s would pick polymorph
24820s there's just so many levels of mind
24821s games deep it's so hard to to predict it
24824s perfectly yeah
24829s oh okay
24830s a lot of tokens available for this
24832s dinatrius with flipper friends inixia
24834s and scale of enyxia this is going to be
24837s very happily doing 20 damage by the time
24839s it comes down if not more
24843s damn okay turn before magister dawn
24845s grasp i guess this was his plan all
24847s along
24848s and there it is
24850s no oh
24854s i'm being rich i don't think it matters
24855s anymore yeah yeah go for it holly dollar
24858s by dawn grasp when you run flipper
24860s friends annixia dinatrius in hand
24865s and fair play together
24867s it's not the line i was looking at but
24869s it's the line that might have just won
24871s him the game because this hand for use
24874s uh ustia you take out the dawn grasp and
24877s it looks
24878s so much worse oh my goodness
24885s especially as there's no kel'thuzad
24887s right there there's none of this
24888s alternate late game you really have
24890s access to with the dinathias that some
24892s people are playing
24894s yeah the other thing is mo dress right
24896s for some damage so there is still like
24899s ways with like
24901s i think the problem at the moment is
24903s there's not even any wildfires yet right
24908s is this really the play
24912s if there was wildfires you could at
24913s least say okay were you doing three
24915s damage pings
24917s reckless with bran can do six damage you
24919s know and and more dressed just 10 you
24921s know and try and add it up like that
24923s maybe with some frozen touch but it's a
24925s long shot but it's it's a plan maybe not
24927s a good plan but a plan but now we're all
24930s in on frozen touch
24932s i don't know if i like this line by
24934s ouster as well i think if he'd gone for
24936s frozen touch before volcano mancy would
24938s have put frozen touch in his savara uh
24941s whereas now savara is giving him another
24943s near useless volcano mancy
24945s um when you would obviously much much
24947s rather be able to just uh ping for a
24949s bunch more damage because it's real out
24951s here i think is dinathias and earthen
24954s scales at the bottom of the deck and
24956s i don't know you win board for a couple
24958s turns and then just launch
24959s uh frozen touches
24961s yeah i mean it
24963s really is just hope your opponent
24965s doesn't have game like insta game
24967s winning cards and just keep spamming
24969s right but again with no wildfire your
24972s pings doing nothing either
24974s rough
24976s oh and there's just so many cards you
24978s have to hope they don't have as well
24983s yeah and druid and not having cards even
24985s in the 40 card version doesn't really go
24987s together that often right so much card
24989s draw so much mana to use that card drive
24992s required
24996s he's digging i do not know what he's
24998s digging for though
25000s hey don't you need something if only to
25002s potentially infuse the frozen touch good
25004s point
25008s just dungeon in and
25010s down
25011s and with the location
25013s i think that's the levels of desperation
25015s you get into yeah god uh maybe just cold
25019s case more mana efficient
25024s i mean i i think it should be pretty
25026s obvious from the tone of our voice we
25028s don't think any of these players are
25029s actually game yeah
25033s but these are the plays you have to come
25034s up with when you're not on ladder and in
25036s a very important tournament so yeah
25038s definitely don't want to stop because i
25040s guess i should leave this to be fair
25042s sorry uh one thing i didn't pick up on
25043s to ooster he was at nine mana and played
25046s five mana draw here he had a chance to
25048s hit theater that was the out for him
25049s there right draw theater before they've
25051s actually played dawngrass because woods
25053s is kind of greeting it here by playing
25055s guff first getting up to 20 mana then
25057s playing thorn grasp
25059s but i
25060s kind of feel like at this point you're
25061s actually supposed to play it just to
25063s lock out the outs of theater 100 because
25066s if theo tar steals dawn grasp this turn
25069s or you know next time whatever then
25071s you're back in the game right like you
25073s know you're not just almost guaranteed a
25075s win but yep woods no more chances gonna
25077s play the uh dawn grasp right now and uh
25080s yeah gets to just guess what two more
25082s druid things
25085s oh with their powers combined as well uh
25087s a dawn grasp that can reach 20 mana is
25090s so broken
25094s with this kind of hand as well i mean
25096s the options are just
25097s unlimited at this point absolutely
25100s [Music]
25102s also he's got the machine he's got the
25104s kennel just so he can kill the puppies
25110s that is dark woods yeah
25120s oh just tossing it all away saying yeah
25122s this garbage isn't doing anything
25125s yeah will mean i think he almost
25127s certainly gets the wildfires here right
25130s yeah almost guaranteed it's not
25131s guaranteed
25133s and theater which to be fair
25135s could get dinathius i guess at this
25137s point that's
25139s the out and he hits both bran and
25141s theater so let's go
25143s jamie couldn't get guff then we
25153s uh counter spell and mass polly yeah
25155s those seem good
25156s and then let's hear
25158s us and alex strazza
25160s [Music]
25164s from the counter
25166s yeah wildfire is just good for them
25169s and i'll be like no
25170s i'm giving them the cards they now want
25173s oh you gotta give him the flip of reds
25174s back
25176s all the otters just like yay
25184s yeah i mean missing to nathalie it's
25186s like
25187s maybe i should have spotted a little bit
25188s earlier that was the outfit year which i
25190s think he spotted straight away by just
25192s slamming finley he knew that's what he
25193s needed to get
25195s but uh
25197s as we can see with that avenue now
25199s closed up we're looking at winning board
25201s with onyxia your opponent not having an
25204s answer
25205s going face for everything and then
25207s mordress needing to get in and then you
25210s still need like 10 or more damage on top
25212s of that
25213s maybe like 20 more damage on top of that
25215s actually
25220s it's just
25221s so so difficult to make work
25233s yeah it's just not looking good is it
25236s it is not i do enjoy trying to find the
25239s craziest of outs but even i'm struggling
25241s right now
25243s racking that crazy little mind of yours
25246s yeah
25249s you can just walk straight into a spammy
25250s clear as well
25252s that's brutal
25254s how a spell to god gets to start hero
25256s powering face it's just so much manner
25261s you feel the need to hero power he
25262s doesn't care
25264s yeah i mean i guess world growth i was
25267s thinking maybe you're supposed to ping
25268s away your your three two there your
25269s widow bloom uh just to upgrade the hero
25272s power but i i don't think it matters
25278s uh you do know the secret though uh at
25281s least you know it's counter spell if
25282s you're
25287s i don't know what you can do with that
25288s information but you have it
25290s but you own that information yes that's
25292s yours now
25295s nice
25309s and to be fair to him like usual has
25311s held on for a really long time here like
25314s if you're on ladder
25316s i think as soon as you don't hit
25318s dinathrius off of theater you realize
25320s it's over you just don't even try
25321s anymore at that point uh but he is
25323s soldiering on uh if nothing else he's
25326s playing to that
25327s mute out that you could still get uh
25330s with theater and anixia working in
25332s tandem uh with more dress sorry anna
25334s next year working in tandem
25346s you're not getting in this way
25356s i'm looking good that's too late to play
25358s with
25364s okay of course discovering mage spells
25366s now uh-huh
25370s oh yeah okay yeah you should just add
25372s enough and you know what don't blame him
25374s it could have gone on maybe for a few
25376s more turns but it was just never gonna
25378s happen i think unless you already have
25382s been ahead and pushed a ton of damage uh
25384s with you know getting wildfire on turn
25386s one turn two into cold case into
25388s reckless push pushing damage like that
25390s and with then the two frozen touch sort
25393s of cycling
25395s you can't do anything without dawn grasp
25396s and it is a again one of the weaknesses
25399s of that style of list right if you do
25400s get caught with dawn grasp and i have it
25402s stolen away it's humane win condition so
25405s tough one there for us here but it does
25407s mean a win for three words and uh it's
25410s gonna be a huge win at that because that
25412s was by no means
25416s yeah that was a really tough one uh for
25417s woods to be fighting through i think
25419s ustia played very very well that road
25420s game in particular for me yeah uh all
25423s five hours ago uh was a a very very well
25426s played game i think and uh the key tech
25428s of starfish i think was absolutely
25430s inspired and uh i fully accept that that
25433s is probably just the best built to go
25435s for uh of rogue even just based on that
25437s one game sample size uh but with that
25439s all said and done it means europe is out
25441s of the running for this master story
25443s it's all apac and china down at the
25445s bottom uh with woods to round it out
25448s which means we're uh
25450s you know we're breaking new ground if
25452s nothing else because europe has been on
25453s top for the last few masters tours it's
25455s felt like and uh we're in with a
25458s a very good shot still mr raven of that
25462s first apac victory oh yeah and like i
25464s said for europe you've got to take a
25466s weekend off now and again right
25468s you have to reset and relax so
25470s completely understandable from the
25472s european players but i am very excited
25475s for this top four like i said the three
25477s players representing apac at three
25480s completely different reasons why i'm
25482s excited for them which is great and then
25484s woods a player we've honestly not heard
25486s too much about uh looking to maybe upset
25489s derek's dreams which is also something i
25491s can get behind sometimes um but yeah
25494s really good top four coming right up we
25495s are going to go to a break while we set
25497s up the next match though and i'm just
25499s gonna triple check but yeah we are going
25501s in normal order here so it is going to
25502s be meru versus tonsoku coming up next
25505s don't go anywhere
25508s [Music]
25515s [Music]
25529s [Music]
25560s [Applause]
25562s [Music]
25600s [Music]
25606s [Music]
25629s [Applause]
25638s [Music]
25670s so
25672s [Music]
25703s welcome back everybody to masters tour
25705s murder at castle nathria and we have
25708s finally reached the semi-finals of this
25710s tournament and we have got four
25713s incredible players left here um
25716s edelweiss uh we have got this semi-final
25718s member versus tan soku anything stand
25721s out to you in the lineups that could
25722s give anybody an edge
25725s you know honestly they're they're fairly
25727s similar it's it's just again that uh
25731s oh actually i suppose we do have
25733s we have mass polly versus priests again
25736s uh tennessee's mass polly in the
25739s um
25740s wherever it is sure my brains melt at
25742s this point in the mage versus the priest
25745s again uh which got him through the
25746s previous round yeah i think we're all
25749s recovering from that shaman mirror from
25751s earlier even even us not having to cast
25754s it just kind of keeping eyes on it uh
25756s yeah it's three classes the same uh the
25759s difference of rogue and priest as you
25762s say that polymorph could come into play
25765s i do
25766s actually like this mage after playing
25769s even a little bit more of it just
25772s minus the deep water evoker plus
25774s multicaster would be the only change
25776s that i would make but
25778s all the lineups are so similar it's
25782s it's tough to say who has any
25784s any given edge
25786s here is that decklist with the
25790s fronted deepwater evoker in it is it um
25793s a general dislike for the card or a
25794s dislike for the card in this meta like
25797s obviously starting with 40 health for
25798s reason getting
25800s some more health some of the time is a
25801s good reason drawing a card but you just
25803s want the consistency of just another
25805s card in your deck
25807s yeah i just think that multicaster is
25810s really what you need to keep the hand
25812s full you are still running arcane
25813s intellect and wildfire frostweave
25816s dungeoneer sort of an always keep that's
25818s pretty decently likely to find you a
25820s frost spell and if it doesn't well
25822s frostbell is the most prevalent in your
25824s deck so then there's two free
25825s multicaster i think you don't mind
25827s drawing two off of it and and deep water
25830s the upside just isn't there when your
25832s spells are not only big spells
25835s yeah obviously you mentioned earlier the
25837s flurries being a major setback um i was
25840s trying to make the point that well maybe
25841s you want a flowy but yeah the way you're
25842s going to do it with the multicaster well
25844s you just get another card anyway which
25846s you always want more cards and you're
25848s digging closer to the cards that you
25849s need whatever they may be so i think i'm
25851s in agreement with you i think that makes
25853s some sense uh i guess
25856s one reason for this these decks were
25858s submitted three days ago now or two and
25860s a half days ago the meta was only
25861s actually a week or so old so
25864s this weekend has been sort of twenty
25866s percent of the meta so plenty of time to
25869s see that change maybe for grand masters
25871s next week as we look at tan soko's list
25873s which is almost identical but does have
25875s that mass polymorph which we we've
25877s mentioned briefly
25880s yeah even you know couple weeks after
25882s expansion release meta can still develop
25884s very quickly we're going to have some
25886s balance coming up but that aside
25889s you know i've seen
25890s mage develop a little more rapidly such
25892s that there's maybe a different
25894s settled upon list of course we saw the
25896s rogue making its debut this weekend and
25899s i don't know about you but i've run into
25901s a couple of druids now including some of
25903s the the nature spell buffs like the
25907s three mana three three if you have a
25908s nature spell give your board plus one
25910s plus two i guess trying to have a little
25912s more aggressive early game leading into
25915s late game danathrius plays it's
25918s always a bit of a struggle to keep up
25920s yeah you also need some of those naked
25922s spells just for topia right like that
25923s card's so good but a lot of the bills
25926s don't have many nature spells in them to
25928s feed it the the shrubberies that it
25929s needs so
25932s that is the deck you're talking about at
25934s least are you talking about more
25935s aggressive deck yeah no no absolutely i
25937s mean it's it's it just seems like
25939s they've added a little more to the low
25941s end of the curve in
25943s sort of our regular renaissance renithol
25945s druid
25946s i mean we've seen so few druids make it
25948s through to the late stages of this
25950s tournament something had to change right
25952s all of the decks were
25953s looking strong even the decks that
25955s weren't built to beat druid seem to be
25956s able to get enough stuff on the board
25957s down to give it a good go
25959s so something had to change
25962s yeah i think druid has sort of been the
25964s main target for a lot of folks in this
25967s tournament since shaman isn't exactly
25970s targetable you know you can get a game
25972s off it you don't necessarily ban it but
25974s i think other players have sort of taken
25975s the approach of okay maybe band druid or
25978s target druid and you've got stuff like
25980s the naga priest and the imp warlock to
25982s do that even the mage has a decent shot
25986s and
25988s yeah i don't know it's we saw it just
25990s now
25991s getting run over by a shaman
25995s yeah
25996s which it shouldn't really be doing but
25998s there we go it did get absolutely
26001s destroyed there uh we've regards this
26003s mage mirror obviously we've just come
26005s off the sharma mirror which
26007s apparently you just vibe and that's the
26009s way to play that deck um is there any
26011s deeper strategy than vibing while
26013s playing mage mirrors
26015s well i think the uh most important piece
26018s of it is to have magister dawn grasp
26021s available so unless it gets stolen by
26024s your opponent's theater magister don
26025s grass being the first one getting that
26027s online it can sort of seal up the match
26030s for you in the early turns i would say
26033s you're kind of navigating
26035s volatile skeletons trying to avoid
26038s giving either player too strong of a
26040s deathborn if that's present
26043s but a lot of times it comes down to who
26045s can scale the hero power fastest
26047s okay so i can um go along with that that
26050s means that tan soko is winning right now
26053s of course he has more magister dawngrass
26055s in hand
26063s you know there's something to be said
26065s about the main thing your deck does in
26067s terms of making volatile skeletons being
26070s fairly lethal
26072s the shamans are
26073s very much about stalling the board and
26075s sometimes making a big minion here there
26078s you know with the evolves
26080s mage definitely has that stall but the
26082s skeletons you know time and again you'll
26084s see
26085s a board of volatile skeletons they kill
26087s their own board with a deathborn to
26090s trigger the death rattles and then
26091s refresh it and the numbers just start
26094s adding up in terms of two damage pings
26097s even with the 40 health totals it it can
26100s really uh stack up quickly
26104s oh
26104s close there
26106s could have gotten the dawn grass
26109s i think the two of three on murloc homes
26111s is always a little bit tragic
26114s wow yeah that was unfortunate to say the
26118s least but yeah
26119s um yeah the dawn glass between hand
26120s white so it was the intellect that was
26122s the card they would have got but ah yes
26124s yes yes but even so it was still looking
26127s good for a lot of cards especially when
26128s it's in a mirror match you're stealing
26130s cards
26133s but yeah that was a toughie
26137s and something i have to say about murloc
26139s homes is
26141s there may be a bit of a tunnel vision on
26144s getting the cards
26146s but it gives you information if you are
26148s able to get to
26150s three cards deep there you know just in
26152s terms of what's in their hand what's in
26153s their deck etc
26155s and
26156s that may be a lot more useful than i
26158s give credit for it's one of the cards
26160s that at least in
26162s shaman like put up serious stats which i
26165s i just
26166s i don't understand that's the only
26167s explanation i can come up with is that
26169s the information is so valuable
26172s for decks like shaman and potentially
26174s the mage as well i don't know what the
26175s numbers look like there
26177s in terms of you know when to theater or
26180s go for disruption or just how your game
26182s planning since the games do go on fairly
26185s long
26186s i'd be very interested actually i was
26188s listening to somebody earlier saying
26190s that they don't hit very often on murloc
26191s homes but i
26193s hit reasonably like reasonably often
26195s like over half the time i'll get the
26196s three cards i feel and i feel like
26197s that's you should get that over half the
26199s time maybe i've just been on an
26200s incredible hot streak
26202s but
26203s you can usually get the first one right
26206s by the time you play it
26208s and then okay the second and third ones
26209s are kind of guessy but you can work out
26212s a lot of it
26213s oh wow sorry this is just classic mage
26217s mirror one deathborn deserves another
26219s and this second one is going to be even
26221s better uh full board
26224s this is where if
26226s you do have those parrots come up i
26229s think you can get the volatile skeleton
26231s count just super super high um
26235s from playing these versions i think
26238s that's the main reason for the parrot
26240s not even to recast roon although that is
26242s an option but just recasting deathborn
26244s can be so so powerful i gotta imagine
26247s that's what this finley is looking for
26249s yeah yeah
26251s absolutely uh tan soko is worrying about
26253s it is it gonna turn up no it's not i was
26256s just looking at this curve for tan soko
26257s here being sort of more of a big spell
26260s fan
26260s and just dawn grasped into box into box
26263s into donathious by that time where you'd
26265s have lost a load of skeletons that just
26266s looks like it's game-winning from this
26268s position to me i'm sure it's not but it
26270s looks insane
26273s pretty heavy snowball yeah the early
26275s game was kind of going in mero's favor
26277s in terms of you see the life total
26279s differential but just all the way swung
26281s over to sansoku for now
26283s may come down to the rune for marrow in
26286s terms of cleaning up this maybe
26288s presenting a little bit disruption
26291s if tonsoku is just going for the dawn
26293s grasp here maybe that rune presents at
26296s least the threat of a
26298s counter spell although coin in hand
26302s i suppose it just delays the opposing
26303s rune it never counters it
26309s the recast is just brutal
26312s yeah it's just ridiculous at this point
26314s already
26316s and what's mirror's supposed to do well
26317s he's supposed to high roll this room
26319s like he's never high rolled before i
26320s think
26322s see and this is how mirrors should go
26324s right just
26325s none of this waiting around go back and
26328s forth freezing the board just make
26330s skeletons go face
26332s sharmon are you listening
26337s okay
26340s [Music]
26350s two or three or four that's really
26352s helpful i know
26354s eight four four play yeah
26357s no way around this done soku
26359s knew before we did yeah just pretty
26362s clean uh while the deathborn from the
26365s ruin was pretty solid for merrow life
26368s total just not high enough
26371s yeah there's a ping on the turn that he
26373s had a zero motor ping turned he played
26375s the dawn grasp which buffed
26380s yeah very very quick for a mage mirror
26382s to be honest uh lots of times you get
26384s solid alibis back and forth you know
26386s some players gain a bunch of armor but
26389s when it comes down to deathborn after
26391s deathborn like that there's just so many
26393s explosions back and forth
26395s yeah and very quickly again in the
26398s mirror very nicely in conquest currently
26400s where there's a lot of sort of 50
26402s ish matchups hanging around to get that
26404s 1-0 lead and tensoku just left with
26408s the
26409s rogue and the warlock so this might end
26411s up being quick if tonsoku takes it my
26414s goodness
26417s could be but still quite a few decks to
26419s get through you know
26421s in poor luck remaining you
26423s i at least tend to expect it to take one
26426s match a few people tried to target it in
26428s this tournament but the early game of
26430s that deck can just be so explosive
26433s yeah i mean there's some unbeatable
26435s hands right um unless there's a wave on
26437s the other side or sometimes a starfish i
26440s guess um pretty much unbeatable waves
26443s great because sometimes just removes
26445s burns
26446s yeah this
26448s it's going to be tough to to get through
26450s three times
26451s or to not get through three times but
26453s nowhere with the wig priest first up
26457s i think this is the deck that we just
26458s have seen almost no variation in you you
26461s talk about the
26464s school teacher and that's about it
26468s yeah i mean we do see here a school
26470s teacher and no
26473s partner in crime i think that was the
26475s main thing was we saw the partner in
26477s crime versions not really making it
26480s through and as far as i can see only
26483s weak
26484s you know schoolteacher versions or at
26486s least not running partner in crime that
26488s are in this
26490s top cut
26491s i like the pick here from mero going
26493s with the wig priest next now that you
26495s know okay they won with their mage i'm
26496s not going to have to deal with all these
26498s freezes which i think honestly just even
26500s from a mental game perspective can be
26501s very frustrating to play into as the wig
26503s priest not that you don't have a chance
26505s but
26506s it's really
26508s rough knowing like oh i just want to
26510s attack and i keep not being able to
26512s attack so
26513s this could be another fast one with just
26516s how much mana these two decks both tend
26518s to cheat honestly
26520s fairly similar
26521s decks in terms of snowballing an early
26524s game but
26526s you know of course priests first rogue
26528s witcher which do you prefer usually if
26531s you like one you don't like the other
26533s um i'm weird in that
26536s in general like if you gave me in keeper
26539s decks and told me to play sort of the
26541s classes as written i wouldn't like
26543s either but a lot of my favorite decks
26546s have been from rogue and priests
26549s um the old versace piece was fantastic i
26553s enjoyed garot vogue so when they really
26556s break the class completely apart i
26558s really enjoy it and they are the two two
26560s of the most breakable classes when they
26562s get
26562s slightly overpowered combinations of
26564s cards uh but the whole sort of
26567s sit there and heal thing nah it's not
26569s for me but also
26571s my brain just can't process the way that
26574s tempo and rogues work i understand it i
26576s can watch players do it i can understand
26577s why they're doing things but
26579s you know i play all these things and
26580s they're all two twos and they kill your
26582s board and i hit you with some two twos
26584s and you take 10 damage that just doesn't
26586s function in my brain properly as a
26588s player
26591s yeah it'll all just you know looks like
26592s a
26593s pile of uh whatever kind of stuff
26595s sometimes it's not even that big just
26597s four-four
26598s and uh maybe a you know 4-3 weapon or
26601s something but it gets over the finish
26603s line you know the chip damage adds up
26605s i do enjoy this particular rogue deck i
26607s must admit um
26610s it just has that nice feel of yeah i
26611s understand it's got traditional rogue
26613s sort of stuff going on but also she's
26615s got an extra little bit of brokenness
26617s and decision making that you don't
26619s necessarily always get i i do really
26621s enjoy playing this like now
26623s what do you want to do you've got such a
26624s nonsense hand do you want to
26626s get your sinstone down now into a shroud
26628s and try and go crazy next turn or do you
26630s want to just play some sensible
26632s hearthstone
26633s um
26634s not get your nose
26636s unreduced
26637s just cycle your si7 right the extortion
26640s like yeah it's just lots of fun
26643s decisions
26645s yeah i think that is always a tricky
26647s term for me where it's sort of like well
26649s i could coin shroud and maybe i get a
26651s zero mana null
26652s but
26654s then there's not a ton of follow-up the
26655s coin is such a useful tool in the deck
26658s for some of your pop-off turns even if
26660s you do just expend it for an extra plus
26662s one plus one or uh
26665s charge on the weapon
26667s rather attack on the weapon so
26669s and of course if you just play the
26670s sinstone cemetery there well then your
26672s nulls haven't been discounted quite
26673s enough
26675s but here we are
26677s this is the term that could go
26678s absolutely ridiculous
26681s oh my
26683s not going to be able to get that drakka
26685s out bought this sin stones uh graveyard
26688s sorry i keep saying cemetery is going to
26690s be rather large particularly with the
26692s coin
26693s i wonder
26695s maybe you take the door of shadows here
26696s you could take an si7 extortion if
26698s you're expecting just to have to deal
26700s with you know some large minion on the
26701s priests side how about taking the crown
26705s like the next two down
26708s really big stuff and then the crab just
26710s tidies up at the back
26711s you see it makes your big self less big
26718s yeah i can see it it's just you know
26720s you're having to spend the coin right
26721s here going to four mana the crab is kind
26723s of a long way off i think you may even
26726s be hoping to just close out the game
26728s before you even hit turn six
26730s yeah that is definitely the reason we're
26733s on this path now next term will be
26735s as blessing
26736s a little clunky relative to rogue it's
26738s gonna be absolutely fine of course and
26740s then the turn after things should happen
26742s again
26743s again if
26744s cancer hasn't just got game-winning
26746s tempo at that point
26753s shadow where devour is able to clean up
26755s the one but i mean this just dies to the
26757s board if tonsoku wants to deal with it
26759s like that
26761s no value trades though it's a little bit
26764s awkward
26767s yeah
26770s dab doesn't really fix it's only
26772s just doing two so you would have to
26774s trade your whole board in and then
26776s you've got no redevelopment
26778s well no this is where
26781s i kind of wondered if maybe the si7
26783s extortion was the pick class turn
26785s because you expect them to try and
26787s answer this with some kind of large
26788s minion and
26790s stab as you say not being upgraded maybe
26792s that three damage with the 76
26795s lets you clear the big development
26797s they've made and get on to your necklaw
26799s drakka turn the following i'm gonna make
26801s a 3-3 weapon i think
26805s yep you know respectable that uh you can
26808s use just take the ten
26810s keep the three four and a three five
26814s and nothing just nothing else looked
26815s like he was going to proceed quickly
26816s enough you're still stuck with a dragon
26818s next turn that hasn't done anything so
26820s i might as well just get on with you
26821s made the point earlier that a 3-3 weapon
26823s is fine just we're so used to seeing
26825s these massive weapons that it doesn't
26827s feel fine and you think well actually
26829s that's a lot of stats on turn four
26832s for doing not much
26835s yeah and the trade does give you the
26836s infuse on the door of shadows one of the
26838s ways this deck can go from very few cars
26841s back up to quite a few
26843s extra door all right sure
26845s not interested in trying to infuse that
26850s gone fishing see if you can hit the
26851s other
26852s graveyard
26856s yeah i mean you can go in a little bit
26857s here right just for the graveyard
26862s you'd be playing a double bone spike
26866s that's not bad oh okay yep now take care
26869s of it
26871s yeah
26873s i mean it makes sense you you have a
26875s smaller draco weapon
26877s it is you know reaching the end of its
26879s durability
26880s um pretty big body on its own without
26882s having to do a bunch of comboy stuff
26886s i think that's one of the strengths of
26888s this deck is being able to switch back
26890s and forth between okay turn where i do a
26892s bunch of stuff turn where i try and make
26894s the most of not very many things and
26896s crabatory is great for sort of filling
26898s that in
26900s yeah this is just gonna be a whole
26903s big minion
26906s no can't believe it feels personal to
26908s the out is of course the samurai
26914s uh it is but neither handmaiden is
26918s upgraded
26920s no spells in sight oh summer with the
26923s location is pretty good can't deal with
26925s the 66.
26927s sort of forgot the location was active
26929s this turn does need to deal with the 66
26932s as well
26934s because the crabs gonna
26935s punch little bits of damage through at
26937s the end here no taunt on the other side
26940s might be considering thrive for
26943s something like a bless maybe thinking do
26946s i play the radiant first if you go
26949s radiant thrive
26951s the leash although thrive would just be
26952s the first spell
26955s and if at least she needs to get on with
26956s it really awkward yep
26961s tell me oh you hate to turn down a wig
26964s when it's offered but this is i think
26967s the best you can do handmaiden will be
26969s able to start drawing so
26971s yeah i like this you've got to clear up
26973s that six six and having a nine six left
26975s over is
26976s um
26976s not knowing there's a crabatoa in hand
26979s seems pretty good for controlling the
26981s board
26982s yeah and
26984s tan soko is out of stuff now
26986s purely defensive for the next couple of
26988s turns
26990s you're never out of stuff like all this
26991s card drawn card generation but you know
26993s what i mean
26995s you know every once in a while you dwarf
26997s shadows for a cloak and suddenly you've
26999s got a full hand and don't know what to
27000s do with it all
27002s there absolutely
27012s knowing that both claws are gonna have
27014s to go into the samurai i'm not sure it
27016s matters which weapon you use here kind
27019s of whatever feels right but you're gonna
27020s be wasting one claw no matter what
27031s the maidens on the other side
27033s are the key to this
27036s they're not they weren't active but they
27037s played two spells last time
27044s i think the best draw would have been
27047s nadjak to be able to steal that krabatoa
27050s [Music]
27052s maybe it's just
27053s the old boon the opponent's minion get a
27055s taunt by a little bit of time
27058s possibly is any
27061s shenanigans with the wigs that will just
27063s work better though
27072s it's 10 damage
27077s i don't know it's it's fairly close you
27079s may be right maybe you just have to risk
27080s it
27081s see that your opponent's on
27083s just a few cards but if door of shadows
27085s pulls stab or tooth i think you're just
27087s dead
27093s okay
27096s what's in the box
27100s what's behind the door
27102s i can't yes i think it's damaged wicked
27105s stab
27106s oh my goodness that'll do it door of
27109s shadows
27111s only has to be infused twice and woof of
27113s power when you get that extra card uh
27116s like you say you know it doesn't look
27118s like much for a bit but then suddenly it
27120s it all comes together and tonsoku has
27122s got to be very happy going up to a 2-0
27125s lead here
27127s yeah and that decision from is an
27129s interesting one we're going to have to
27131s wait for twitter to comment on that one
27132s i think on whether to do anything there
27134s or whether it's not
27137s but maybe
27138s just felt that the only chance to win
27139s this was to get into the game that turn
27142s and get going but i don't know we can
27143s see both hands that is a tough one
27147s yeah absolutely and i think sometimes
27148s people focus on oh well this was the
27150s line that lost and don't really consider
27152s that maybe the other lion would have
27154s lost two just would have lost slower and
27157s sometimes you just need to risk it for
27159s the biscuit as it were right to say okay
27162s i'm gonna say they don't have it and try
27164s and set my up set myself up for a better
27167s position later on to be able to really
27170s swing things around you know i want to
27172s go for a bigger boon and not just use it
27174s totally defensively here um i can
27177s respect it but just didn't work out this
27179s time
27180s yeah and tansoku they made several
27182s decisions along the way to make that run
27184s as smoothly as possible just just enough
27187s to get over the finishing line uh
27188s settling for that turn four three three
27191s weapon was a big deal
27193s i think it was kind of forced when you
27195s looked at it long enough but even so
27197s uh didn't get too greedy with a hand and
27201s just got 30 damage which is the idea of
27203s the game in this game
27205s yeah it's really been educational for me
27207s to watch tonsoku play this deck uh just
27210s taking those little bits of value
27212s getting a three attack weapon to keep
27214s the knoll alive etc i
27216s really really respect his play
27219s now we see just the imp warlock to get
27222s through and i said it before this
27224s all in imp warlock it's not the deck i'd
27227s want to be facing down if i know i have
27229s to beat it three times
27231s and one of those is a mirror anyway um
27234s so
27234s yeah that's 50 50 before you start and
27237s then
27238s there's the mage there's the priest yes
27240s they're favored against the warlock but
27242s we have this discussion every single
27243s time or i make this comment every single
27245s time you've got to do it twice and it's
27247s just really hard to 2-0
27250s warlock with a slight favorite agent
27252s it's just
27256s opening hands vile library frosted
27259s librarian it seems to be coming up tan
27262s soku we'll see what's on the hand of
27264s marrow but uh i've gotta be feeling
27267s pretty good with these
27272s wicked shipment as well
27276s it seems to have a lot of good stuff
27278s going on there looking at tamsid for
27279s later as well if it does come down to a
27281s mirror that feels like a good thing to
27283s have in your deck if it starts if
27285s everything starts getting neutralized
27291s i wonder
27293s do you make a coin play here
27296s yes
27298s because i want a load of things to die
27299s before i get to my important four
27306s you can kind of take it slow i recognize
27308s that the ping on two is pretty common
27311s anyway
27312s oh
27313s wow
27314s okay
27315s this is just the juice
27318s flame imp fluster librarian you could
27320s still hold back the one ones
27323s and then next turn library shipment make
27325s sure they don't get shot down and off
27326s you go
27328s yeah exactly and then you get enough
27330s infuses for that mischievous imp i don't
27333s know that mero can keep up with this
27338s this is difficult i'm looking at uh
27340s mero's hand as well there's nothing
27342s there that's going to be able to
27344s currently deal with yet he'll be able to
27345s deal with the big minion with the
27348s nightclub once but
27352s he's just playing
27355s barring a turn one wildfire into you
27358s know hero powering for two something
27359s down the mage really doesn't activate
27362s until turn three at the earliest you see
27365s with nightclub sanctum being one of the
27366s best cards you can have in the matchup
27368s but it's just not that fast
27371s going even for for this to get the one
27373s ones a little bit more board presence
27375s but
27376s file library gonna come down
27379s yeah and i mean looking at reckless
27381s apprentice it should be the the game
27383s changing card and
27386s it might be the car that buys some more
27387s time and it might be the game changing
27389s card if you live in the world where memo
27391s won this game then perhaps it is the
27392s game changing card but right now it's
27394s looking really tough
27397s yeah you can do the buff make the
27399s attacks with your librarians then
27401s do trades down the line the other way if
27403s you like at least get rid of the 1-1
27405s freezes
27407s fully infused mischievous imp into shady
27410s bartender on curve
27413s after the library wakes up
27426s wildfire is finally picked up so that
27429s does make this reckless apprentice
27431s a lot more appealing but uh it doesn't
27434s do three damage
27437s [Laughter]
27440s all right good luck with everything oh
27442s nutter butters what do you even do
27448s you die
27453s well i've had four turns now you can
27454s have your fifth surely you have an
27456s advantage over me sir
27463s reckless apprentice best
27465s thing available i suppose
27468s uh you have to get very lucky with this
27471s skeleton
27475s lucky
27477s no you're gonna go for oh not that
27480s justly
27482s oh is it just lethal yes it is
27484s oh there's no way it isn't
27487s million damage
27489s that's punching yeah it just shakes the
27492s head is like well okay
27493s hearthstone and tan soku watch the
27496s fourth quarter final four for like seven
27498s weeks as long as that went on and
27500s decides didn't want any of that wins 3-0
27503s in about 15 minutes absolute demolition
27509s main character energy coming from
27511s tonsoku here we'll have to see if on the
27513s other side of the bracket we get glory
27515s as well for that uh japan finals that
27518s derek kind of predicted a while earlier
27521s he maybe just wrote the script for this
27523s tournament i don't know what's going on
27525s yeah and spare a thought for wg
27528s g three woods who's just played an
27530s absolutely grueling series gone to get
27533s something to eat and chill out a little
27535s bit and just you know rest ready for the
27537s next 75 and he's back up in like five
27539s minutes from now
27542s oh yeah i speak from it's period saying
27544s that that is not a good feeling when you
27547s expect to have okay you know i just had
27549s a pretty long series they'll probably
27551s have at least a reasonably long series
27553s let me get back in here oh wait it's my
27555s turn now i just like i had a bathroom
27557s break
27558s what do you mean the mage mirrors what
27559s do you mean the match is over where you
27561s hang on the mage move is supposed to
27563s still be going
27564s and yeah absolutely crazy semi-final and
27569s derek who will probably be casting the
27571s final i believe as well
27573s might get his wish which is good for
27576s everybody because a happy david is a
27578s happy everybody let's have a look at
27580s that
27581s up now see how it's gone down so far
27583s today those who haven't been here all
27585s the time
27586s and yeah tan soku storming through that
27588s top eight donkey
27590s took him very very close but merlot did
27593s not
27596s gonna be up to three woods to determine
27599s whether or not this is an apac victory
27602s uh otherwise
27603s guaranteed based on the results of this
27605s other semi-final i honestly i feel like
27608s for the rest of us casters it's kind of
27610s a win-win either we get to feed off that
27613s positive energy from derek from aipac
27615s taking it or just to kind of laugh about
27618s it if china does end up pulling through
27620s absolutely no jia curse available this
27624s tournament that's what it's all come
27625s down to i think
27627s everyone who jia roots for just ends up
27629s doing something horrible happens this
27631s time around she even got to the point
27632s where she wouldn't make predictions at
27634s one point until we forced her because
27636s she was scared of cursing people so the
27638s deer playing in this masters tour of
27640s course so not able to cast and therefore
27643s we get eight-pack plays in the final
27645s i'm sure that's how all sensible people
27648s work right that's just pure logic of
27649s course of course
27651s that's just science
27653s yes it's all rubbish it's unlucky to be
27655s superstitious we all know that
27657s okay enough of me prattling on i think
27660s everyone will probably want to see this
27662s second semi-final so we'll take a short
27664s break back to you with more hearthstone
27666s action right after this
27669s [Music]
27675s [Music]
27708s [Music]
27713s so
27719s [Music]
27735s that's foreign
27738s [Music]
27758s [Music]
27776s [Music]
27795s [Music]
27810s [Music]
27829s [Music]
27858s welcome back everyone with just a blink
27860s of an eye from that first semi-final we
27863s are in semi-final number two and tj of
27865s course is doing a bit of a jig for both
27867s of us right now as we are ready to see
27869s who's going to join tonsoku in the
27872s finals and uh we all know who derek's
27874s going to be cheering for uh with glory
27876s on one side of this match of course uh
27878s but who are you uh do you feel like it's
27880s got the best chance tj look at the
27882s lineups the bands the players
27885s uh this lineup from uh glory just kind
27888s of seems unstoppable right um it's the
27891s it's
27892s a lot of the highest one right dax decks
27894s that people may not have been have
27896s expected to be that good in the
27898s tournament
27899s uh you know shaman excluded because
27901s everybody thought shaman was going to be
27902s good but talking about the the lambie
27904s rogue uh wig priest and then import lock
27908s to an extent but nobody could decide
27910s like agree on which in warlock was
27912s actually right
27913s um it just seems like gloria's hit
27915s the mark with
27917s what lineup to bring as well as the text
27919s within the lineup whereas woods brought
27922s sort of the expected
27924s uh
27925s decks i would say like these are the
27926s decks that have like the most games
27929s played
27930s just base level good right base level
27932s good decks it's quest hunter it's
27934s control shaman it's the the skeleton
27936s mage and it's the druid right these are
27938s the
27939s if you go play on ladder right now like
27941s yeah outside of imp block those are kind
27943s of the
27944s the decks that you're to see uh the most
27947s of
27947s um so i i sort of went with that base
27950s level strategy and glory kind of went a
27952s step further so i know a lot of people
27954s are rooting for glory because
27956s uh he's probably a more known name to a
27958s lot of people there's the story of aipac
27961s finally winning
27962s and glory winning this would guarantee
27964s an apac winner even if he loses to tons
27966s of lucas thompson is also japanese so
27969s uh
27970s but i also think that he's favorite
27972s based off of uh lineup as well he should
27975s be able to beat up on at least a couple
27977s of the decks from woods
27978s yeah as we take a look at glory's rogue
27980s one last thing i'll just say is uh one
27982s thing i'm really happy about is out of
27984s the in the top four players two of them
27986s were playing wig priest which was a deck
27988s i thought felt really good going into
27991s this weekend so happy to see that at
27993s least one of my air hunches was correct
27995s for once uh always a positive there but
27997s yeah it's gonna be this road coming out
28000s from glory to kick things off i believe
28002s it is going to be going up against the
28003s druid from the woods so how do you feel
28006s about that do you think uh glory has a a
28009s good match up here has got a good one
28010s with the rogue
28011s i do yeah um usually you know
28015s you have the ability to just kind of
28017s await and make a giant weapon giant
28020s ghost
28021s uh because jewett takes a little bit of
28023s time to get rolling so
28024s um there's no rush you can you know
28027s really juice up the stats and then it's
28029s hard for drew to be able to answer that
28030s if you time it properly so uh one thing
28033s about this deck from woods is
28036s it's got a lot of like
28038s x factor to it um there's a bunch of
28041s stuff thrown in here there's an ibis
28043s there's an oracle balloon a path maker
28047s starfish can be good sometimes but then
28050s you know other times uh uh it
28054s like if there's no edwin if you're just
28055s facing ghosts it doesn't get rid of any
28057s of the stacks
28058s on the ghost it gets rid of the stealth
28059s sure but then you have something to
28061s actually reach it uh the flipper friends
28063s is interesting too uh just because you
28066s know it it's able to answer a board
28069s maybe a little bit earlier on
28071s uh than scale of enyxia so you might be
28073s able to
28074s take some damage off the board by using
28076s flipper friends
28077s uh instead of having to wait all the way
28079s till you have scale of nyxia so it's got
28081s some interesting stuff but like naga
28084s giants gonna be too slow uh everything
28087s else in the deck
28088s again probably too slow but the the
28091s early curve and the ability to do
28093s creative stuff
28095s might make a difference
28096s but i still think it's i definitely
28098s favor for the rogue yeah i i think
28101s the early sort of it's very minion based
28104s antiago this deck isn't it because
28106s there's the druid of the reef of course
28108s uh there's that even the jerry rigs in
28110s there have to be answered the one oracle
28112s of a loon and also interestingly enough
28114s the ivis might be pretty clutch yeah
28117s depending on whether it hits the board
28119s right because if it gets that point
28121s where it's too big to just be say like
28123s wicked stab plus tooth down or something
28126s then a divine shield taunt with a lot of
28128s stats is
28129s exactly what the rogue doesn't want to
28132s play against right and that's like the
28134s most awkward minion and they're just
28136s triple checking yeah uh unlike
28139s um
28140s oh who was it yeah unlike uh used to
28142s that i casted just
28144s minutes ago it feels like uh glory is
28147s not running a starfish in his rogue so
28150s it doesn't have the option to just be
28151s like actually nope freezes don't matter
28153s taunts don't matter i'm still to hit you
28155s in the face so that is one card that
28157s could uh come into a
28159s play a little bit here but i generally i
28162s do agree i think as long as the rogue
28164s can just start doing their good turns
28166s which again i think is very difficult at
28169s least for me to to really decide when
28172s from i've seen a trend from a lot of
28173s players so far this weekend that they've
28176s always been like a turn
28179s ish more greedy than i would be when
28181s playing the deck and that's probably me
28182s playing it wrong don't you know i'm not
28184s saying i'm right but it's just they're
28185s very interesting to see like how much
28188s people push this roguelist to really get
28190s like instead of having two okay turns or
28193s two good turns they have maybe even a
28195s bad turn but then like an incredible
28197s turn and that's enough to carry the game
28199s yeah it's one of those decks where the
28201s basis of the deck is pretty simple right
28204s uh you don't have that many threats
28207s um and the way you get those threats is
28210s you know relatively easy you know it's
28212s doing some math to how much mana and how
28213s big the things are going to be the
28215s difficulty comes in knowing
28217s how greedy to get in certain yeah
28220s right like if you're playing against a
28221s 30 health deck that's not not gaining
28223s life right
28225s sure you know
28226s get a six a six attack dagger
28229s uh from drakka like you know make a five
28232s five early on in the game because those
28234s things are gonna go a long way
28235s when you're talking about 40 health deck
28237s that does have ways to gain life and
28239s wants to ramp up you know timing it
28241s properly maybe wait till you get you can
28242s get an eight or nine attack deck maybe
28244s wait till you get a seven or an eight
28246s attack goes right uh yeah because those
28248s things are gonna compound on each other
28250s it's a big deal isn't it because uh this
28251s druid is running that double earthen
28253s scales so if at almost any point glory
28257s gets to land a bigger than scales unless
28259s he's a mega far behind then that's gonna
28262s have a huge impact on whether glory can
28265s even win the game or not because a lot
28267s of the times this rogue
28269s just about gets there right there's not
28271s that many games where you hit them for
28273s like
28274s 15 uh when you only needed three damage
28277s or something right like a lot of the
28278s time it feels like it's got just enough
28280s threats to do the job yeah yep
28285s so far nulls in hand tick that box as a
28288s uh
28289s a tradable in the form of the blackwater
28292s cutlass as well to help out with the
28294s null but nothing nothing else and
28296s honestly one null
28298s isn't really going to cut it against
28299s true
28306s living roots for saplings
28310s kind of works against you in a sense
28313s because it gives the rogue targets to
28315s kill
28317s uh with the
28319s uh serrated bone spike um
28323s sort of a french case scenario but yeah
28324s i like the whole you you're not really
28326s wasting much because it's only a one
28328s mana spell right the discount right in
28329s the planet evidence
28331s and there's times where just two damage
28333s actually could be more valuable right
28335s than just two one ones sitting around so
28337s yeah i uh i like the pick but i also
28339s like the hold there and glory
28342s already hitting those turns where you
28345s know what does he play door of shadows
28347s is going to be played now with the null
28349s so definitely the complete opposite of
28352s what i was describing
28353s as opposed to being greedy trying to
28355s hold off for the big pop off turns glory
28358s said looked at his hand and said you
28359s know what it's probably not going to
28361s happen for a while i'm going to play
28362s tempo but by making that decision now he
28366s already
28366s can't really do a pop-off term for quite
28369s a while now right
28370s yeah the scabs being in the hand
28374s pretty awful and now
28376s it's blood
28377s the jerry carpenter and the two damage
28381s comes in
28382s nice and handy here gets to take out the
28384s maestro which means that that's a ton of
28386s damage that's not coming at the base
28388s because
28389s otherwise uh that probably would attack
28391s what three times
28393s so nine damage just from taking that
28395s living roots and holding on to it not
28396s playing the sapling so
28398s gory is incredibly far behind three
28400s woods is gonna start ramping up has
28402s gotten hand uh miracle growth to not
28404s only put a big taut in the way but also
28406s just to refill the hand after all this
28408s ramp is used
28409s so uh i think three woods is looking
28412s pretty good right about now glory just
28413s not able to get anything going no uh
28416s location no draca and even if those were
28419s picked up there's just nothing in hand
28421s that could be used that's it right like
28423s no shroud even to just plan something to
28426s happen right like just try and work it
28429s out and again as soon as that first door
28431s of shadows was played
28433s glory almost certainly did just give up
28436s on the main plan of the deck and that is
28438s very very scary indeed the knoll's
28440s getting some damage in but
28443s i think woods
28444s doesn't really care at this moment in
28447s time like he's got all the time in the
28448s world now just hitting 30 health has
28451s options there's scale of a nixia he
28454s could just play that trade three in and
28456s have plenty of uh aggression on board if
28459s he wants to uh he could hold off on it
28462s instead like draw it or play something
28464s else which i think is a little bit
28465s better obviously
28466s yeah gabe scale is reaction starting to
28469s ramp
28470s uh all this feels uh fantastic wouldn't
28473s the guidance
28475s once has plenty of things to do with
28476s mana so i don't think it's that big of a
28478s deal to
28479s i guess you could
28484s the innervate does nothing uh if you
28486s like innovate twice
28489s uh you could pick innervate and just
28491s innovate to draw and innervate from your
28493s deck right
28494s you could also aquatic form to like
28497s choose your next draw
28499s and then you also get the next aquatic
28501s form
28503s and if you don't like it you get two
28504s goes at it right if you really want to
28507s uh but yeah basically even those were
28509s not great from woods
28511s it doesn't really yeah he's got great
28513s plays for the next like what five turns
28516s or so so he's gone to the game yeah yeah
28520s i'm just saying based on what his hand
28521s looks like at this exact moment but yes
28524s he'll out he's got plenty of card draw
28526s plenty of board control in the form of
28528s scale or raid bossa nixia even got
28531s theotop if he really feels the need to
28534s just like
28535s oh well if i can just take krabatoa then
28538s glory or um or necro lord there then
28541s glory's got no chance like literally
28543s zero chance to win the game but yeah
28545s woods can do whatever he wants right now
28551s i like the raid boss though right it's
28552s just a huge threat it's a way to
28554s actually accelerate the game now
28560s okay
28561s so the question is here do you want to
28563s just use the anixia and keep the whelps
28566s or just more power going the next turn
28568s one trade is fine like if you waste one
28570s trade because that leaves you board
28571s space open in case you have nothing to
28572s trade into
28575s um
28576s maybe you want
28578s places
28579s it's interesting right because like i
28580s get playing around bone spike but i feel
28584s like that's all you're playing around
28586s and
28588s what's glory's hand got to be right like
28592s exactly bone spike bone spike i don't
28595s know
28596s wicked stab something something
28599s dagger you know what i mean like it
28600s would have to be so specific to get
28602s punished by the worlds yeah
28605s and uh i mean this play right here
28608s it
28609s dagger up pass which is probably the
28611s place
28613s it's an opportunity for woods to just go
28616s okay i'm just gonna brand theater and
28619s take these caps yeah
28623s cut off the only gameplay oh yeah make a
28624s 2-2
28628s who knows what scene
28632s this was just not a game of hearthstone
28634s was it
28636s yeah there it goes
28637s to the universe that's why he picked
28639s innovate and there's just just gonna be
28641s a swift conceit there from glory and
28645s yeah that was abysmal honestly uh very
28647s unfun game i imagine for glory in game
28650s one but that's what can happen right
28652s with this rogue deck and uh as soon as
28655s glory decided to play the knull out then
28658s again he decided to play just like a
28660s clean tempo rogue game without really
28663s the tools for it and it was a tough call
28665s to make i'm not saying glory you know
28667s messed up or should have done this
28668s should have done that but i think he was
28670s just pinned into it because he pretty
28672s much only had the null when two of his
28675s cards in his hand in the early game uh
28677s scabs and uh maestro like what is he
28680s really supposed to do right like and
28682s shadow step like gary do anything else
28685s so just a rough one there for him
28687s really rough yeah that's kind of a one
28689s where you got to say all right shake it
28691s off
28693s however
28694s um this lineup does seem like it's uh
28697s not tailor-made but you know pretty in
28699s the line of
28700s i want to kind of beat up on druid um
28704s good matches across the board against
28705s druid maybe with the exception of
28707s control shaman which is a complete
28708s toss-up
28710s um
28712s i want to call it a skill match-up but
28714s with like the guitar muteness yeah brand
28717s tinnitus very chumpy matchup yeah
28721s it's choppy for sure and you know you
28723s can't really call much of anything so
28725s the druid getting across the line for uh
28728s through it's this
28730s like the first try against one of its
28732s worst matchups
28733s uh in the lineup is a pretty big deal
28736s for how the rest of the matchup plays
28737s out gloria's gonna have to do some
28739s uh playing from behind here so now we're
28741s gonna get to see the control shaman in
28743s action this is i mean
28745s as standard as it gets the wild paw
28747s cavern is the one inclusion where it's
28749s not in everybody's list but it's just
28751s such a good card like it's hard to
28752s believe any shaman in like the current
28755s metagame or in any minute game like that
28757s wouldn't play wild park cameras
28760s yeah the only way you would be confused
28763s with someone playing wild paw is if the
28765s game really accelerates in power creep
28768s right and like they release like four
28770s mana summon two three fours a turn you
28772s know that sounds stupid like that um
28775s he's gonna be going up against the
28776s hunter though
28778s and again i think this is actually a
28780s pretty solid matchup um for woods uh
28784s because yes and the quest hunter is
28788s playing a few more minions than it has
28790s done in previous iterations but it's
28792s still not a lot and i do feel like
28794s shaymin really benefits from their
28795s opponent playing stuff and relentless
28798s damage is not something that shaymin
28800s really handles too well honestly
28803s uh
28804s not
28805s not really reliable ways to gain life
28807s right right con comes to mind cookie a
28810s little bit
28811s and sounds like don't tell me you're
28813s relying on me for this yeah i'm just a
28815s murloc
28817s sometimes the incremental life game can
28818s be can can matter but it's really only
28820s in those like
28822s those razor thin marginal matchups right
28824s you actually need two extra health like
28826s and mine rogue or something like that
28828s but
28829s it's uh
28831s not known for gaining health unless
28832s you're playing dinathius and if you get
28834s a good denatures off against quest
28836s hunter you're you're winning the game
28838s like
28839s it's it's either
28841s you know never in your hand or you play
28844s it and you win that's kind of how yeah
28846s and and those kind of you know close
28848s matchups health-wise uh is kind of like
28851s you know a fencing match whereas
28854s hunter just brings a bazooka to that
28855s kind of game right because they just win
28858s by so much when they do when they've got
28860s so much damage almost endless
28862s with the card draw they gain by playing
28864s that 40 card list and they're being able
28866s to just run pretty much every card draw
28868s tool that's available to them and we
28870s even see that woods is running like a
28872s conscious call as well which is you know
28874s not something everyone's choosing to run
28876s but still just more and more card draw
28880s this is a slow start for glory as well
28885s and something oh okay sleep breaker
28887s helps a lot but something you also don't
28889s want to do is just give hunter five
28891s turns to just do what it wants and then
28893s it's like all right well now i've got
28894s the quest let's start the game and then
28896s you did
28897s yep
28900s okay
28901s so
28902s i just want to start chucking spells but
28906s what's this
28906s there's no reason to i'm just going to
28908s hero power take it slow
28911s yeah i think um
28913s what's going to be important here is
28916s because of all the uh
28918s shenanigans that can happen with
28919s stealing or eating cards from your
28921s opponent's hand i think woods will and
28924s should be conscious of the fact that can
28926s he get
28928s a turn
28930s six or seven
28932s uh tavish and if so to do it he needs a
28936s cheap spell right to be able to activate
28939s this final quest proc and play in the
28941s same turn
28943s so i do think even though i would have
28945s probably just ended up playing the womb
28946s prey there but i do think the arcane
28948s shot should be held or one of them
28950s should be held at a bare minimum to be
28952s able to just get tavish uh
28955s proct and played at the the right time
28958s yeah that's a very good point
28960s uh that we need to keep track of in in
28962s in
28964s in a against a chompy deck
28966s yeah
28967s she put it well this is an interesting
28968s turn because confidence is not posing
28970s too much of a threat and coin barrick
28974s seems reasonable but
28975s i just like pace
28977s yeah like piercing shots are very
28978s difficult to use
28980s it's expensive
28981s you know a lot of times when shaman
28983s plays minions they like to plug the
28984s board and then piercing shot against the
28986s flooded board is just too much
28988s and uh too much mana to be able to
28990s explain oh gorlock ravager off the top
28992s right after the clown fish that is
28995s a breath of fresh air for
28997s just kind of playing a mediocre minion
29000s uh turn after turn
29003s oh he's gonna uh yeah get the other
29005s clown fish so now mutinus is still
29007s playable next turn of course um and yeah
29010s i also like the coin hold because once
29012s again it can help out with the tavis
29014s turn but also if you don't need it after
29016s tavish it's just gain a mana and deal
29018s two to your opponent right which is
29020s again just insane levels of extra damage
29024s yep
29026s okay so
29028s three was just saw glory draw murlocs
29031s only play a clown fish
29033s could signal that mutinous is in hand
29035s obviously there's a lot more murlocs in
29036s the deck
29037s maybe there's some merit to uh
29039s uh playing out the barricode bane here
29041s but um
29043s a clean name shot that takes all the
29045s power off board you're not gonna take
29046s any damage
29048s um
29048s if mutinous does come out on the
29050s barricode bay maybe you're not worried
29051s about it but i think through it's just
29056s yeah i i like this as well because
29059s doesn't he run the um urchin spines uh
29061s he didn't draw it he drew the tracking
29063s instead but the spines would have been
29065s very interesting right because then he
29066s can just laugh at any board that's
29068s played afterwards even if it is mutinous
29073s oh yeah
29075s okay
29077s i actually um i really like the barrack
29079s for that it forces a smaller mutinous if
29082s it's there because it will eat the
29084s kraken bin but then you do have the
29086s chance of just saying well okay
29088s if they go big
29089s and you know don't play mutants play
29091s something else you can just potentially
29092s just obliterate the board
29099s okay
29100s well this is about as good of a use for
29102s snowfall guardian as you could possibly
29104s get yeah
29105s um
29106s and
29108s there are ways
29110s uh for this to be dealt with clean one
29112s would just be aim shot plus a hero power
29115s um
29117s dag charge name shot here power
29120s uh second question
29123s seems to work out just perfectly so a
29126s nice dismantling of every board from
29128s three woods
29129s and this is what's so cool about quest
29131s until now because of renovo because of
29133s some of the new cards they've got is you
29136s can afford to play this game and still
29138s have a million damage to end it right
29141s whereas
29142s uh previous subversions in previous
29144s metas you could control the ball to an
29147s extent but when you start throwing like
29149s aim shots and the hero power at minions
29152s you start to get a little bit worried
29154s about your damage output just a little
29156s bit
29157s yeah
29158s now there's crack and bane live right so
29160s we can just kill the glug now drop down
29162s explosive and still have two mana to
29164s play with
29168s is
29168s that we'll put him i'll do that yeah
29171s that'll put him at one tick right
29173s yeah he would the explosive would put
29175s him at one tick because the kraken bin
29178s wouldn't do anything yes and then he
29180s could just pop off with tavis next turn
29182s yeah well he's not tavish this turn if
29185s you really wanted to
29186s aim shot won't pray tavish
29189s yeah you could even
29191s play the tavish
29194s coin hero power tracking hero power
29199s to clean up even more of the board
29205s yeah
29207s yeah this is still pretty good yeah i
29210s think i was a little bit tunneled on
29212s explosive
29213s honestly just because if
29215s this is the kind of turn from glory
29218s where all attacks go face and then
29220s another snowfall it's just something to
29222s be wary of uh but yeah this is still
29224s pretty nice gets rid of the majority of
29227s the board anyway and and then does
29230s finally find that urchin spines as well
29232s so that's gonna offer woods a lot of
29234s freedom to
29236s not really care about any of the big
29237s threats
29239s yeah and most importantly tavis is on
29241s the board it cannot get chomped
29248s okay
29249s so
29255s i actually
29257s like wild paw schooling in the fish
29261s wow what about is that dumb play play
29263s one
29264s go face no fall guardian
29272s yeah that's okay
29275s i don't know why but i just really like
29277s getting the wild poor right what about
29278s brucon
29284s and trade all the minions into cabbage
29287s because i don't think you can brew khan
29288s and let that tavis just live right
29293s i would
29294s assume not but
29297s that's heal six health
29305s [Music]
29311s and try and
29313s because this isn't even going to infuse
29314s like insatiable devour that was his game
29317s plan to try and deal with tavish right
29318s um because it would only be four
29321s uh uh minions dead
29324s um
29326s i guess they would yeah there'd still be
29328s two minions i don't know
29329s it's just with this tavish gets to hit
29331s face
29336s um
29337s but it is like a uh
29339s like that's a lot of healing that turn
29341s he picked gained health he gained five
29342s armor from the pecan and just having the
29344s taunts in the way still heals for six
29347s because you have to put six damage into
29349s it at least for six right
29351s um it forces a lot of resources like
29353s three woods his hand is actually not
29354s that good
29356s uh there is some damage there but like
29358s urgent spines do anything because
29359s glory's not making a big minion and if
29362s if woods is using these spells to deal
29365s with the small talks that are on the
29366s board there's not going to be many so
29369s yeah it's interesting right urchin
29370s spines could do something it would just
29373s be a small something right because it
29375s could be like hero power urchin hero
29376s power and then just arcane shot the
29378s other two three uh to save a hero power
29381s to go face uh a little bit over the top
29384s i think of course this turn there are
29385s better targets for it but i do like this
29388s from woods just chuck out all the
29390s minions uh try and get the spirit
29392s poacher number two out okay full board
29395s and the great part about this is if a
29397s snowfall comes down who cares it won't
29400s be that big because of the two dormant
29402s but also there's just urchin spines
29404s to just kill it anyway so i i really
29407s like this get all the minions out
29411s and these two bows are gonna
29413s start to add up tj once they start
29415s procking
29417s or i guess like one and a half bows or
29419s so if you wanted
29420s a bit more specific
29423s yep
29431s yeah this is starting to stack up so
29432s much damage now though
29435s the 1010 just gets batted away piercing
29437s shot now all the fish
29446s i mean weirdly enough
29448s i even wonder whether woods has to play
29450s each in this turn
29453s you do right like do you maybe something
29456s bigger than that
29457s there could be a wider board right what
29459s if there's an insatiable devourer comes
29461s down that's way scarier than a 1010
29463s because glory can't
29466s okay you would imagine
29468s glory is unlikely to kill the taunt
29472s with only having a 10-10 on the board
29475s and go face for 10
29478s without killing the tavish right that
29481s feels unlikely
29486s just always just looking into draw a
29487s card
29489s yeah why not it's gonna kill it okay so
29492s much damage pushed this turn as well
29493s like
29498s wild spirits i mean if the board is
29500s dealt with which it kind of needs to be
29501s from glory
29502s it also has come out yeah it procs the
29504s bow right like you take it
29507s oh my car
29511s oh
29515s i think woods is kind of okay if the
29517s core comes down this turn
29520s also
29521s great placements there from the uh
29524s dormant minions isolating the tavish
29526s against an insatiable
29529s i mean this is a massive macaw
29548s it does get the uh
29550s oven down as well which is pretty nice
29552s yeah
29554s oh no double wild spirits
29557s oh that was
29559s not
29560s what he wanted to see
29562s ah
29563s so here though you could use one for a
29565s reset to get the ball but it's not doing
29567s anything because you're just attacking
29568s into a taunt
29570s and rolled heel
29574s yeah the taunts are frozen
29576s can you get rid of the non-frozen
29579s minions right
29588s we can wild spirits hero power the three
29590s two we can still kill taunt with a bow
29595s and then there's just the uh the two
29597s piranhas
29598s which technically don't just get through
29600s the taunt that woods has on its own
29603s yeah
29604s however
29605s now insatiable devour is juiced oh it's
29609s a lot better now yeah oh yeah the
29612s problem is getting through the rest of
29615s the stuff
29617s uh and you don't get to hero power but
29620s to be quite honest
29623s that's the best play
29624s that gory has unless it's famished fool
29627s into like knoll
29631s buck pools or something along those
29632s lines yeah two cards left in the deck
29634s like i'm taking a guaranteed giant
29637s insatiable devourer the only problem is
29640s you take off the the far right minions
29643s you're trading over the two five and
29645s then you're killing one two two so
29646s you're leaving ten damage up on board
29649s and you're also running lethal the other
29651s way right
29652s yeah but you're also not pushing 12 to
29655s face which hurts a little bit but yeah
29657s there is a 19 attack minion on the other
29659s side here
29661s lockpool's gonna be played just to play
29663s it
29665s no need for the evolved
29669s woods needs oh
29672s wow these were like the three worst
29675s back-to-back draws i think
29677s for woods he could get some rush uh he
29680s could get the three one right which
29682s would help out a lot yup
29690s oh
29691s still just lethal though
29693s and way around it
29698s there is right
29701s explosive so wild spirits into rush put
29704s the minions into the parrot and hero
29706s power
29707s yeah yeah so you hear a power of the
29708s macaw first
29712s then wild spirits that's right
29716s and then you have to get rushed to
29718s survive
29720s you always get rushed
29722s oh no no rush wait
29725s wait
29726s you can face tank
29728s the two three okay right
29731s yeah
29732s that puts him to 26 is 19 22 23.
29737s oh yeah and puts this to yep yep yeah
29740s yeah it's fine
29745s but wait the elemental
29748s oh wait a minute
29749s isn't that heel hero power
29751s no that's the deal 2 damage oh it's the
29754s deal 2 isn't it yeah they should have
29756s changed the colors do you not agree
29758s like there should not be so many of them
29759s that are blue
29761s this one has like a lightning
29762s the other one's got like water
29766s blue lightning orb blue water at a
29768s distance
29773s although gloria's going to just draw a
29775s million cards before he decides to do it
29777s easy
29796s surely not
29799s oh my
29801s the non-attack hurts no chance for
29803s lethal right no chance for lethal
29811s 23 though tj is that even possible
29817s 23
29819s would have been 21 to be fair so let's
29821s see
29823s ah
29824s well wait a minute
29827s ah tavis is just
29830s your hero park costs two like
29833s imagine
29836s i'm just thinking of what impact the
29837s secrets could possibly make and how
29839s desperate woods is
29842s because is a marked shot really gonna
29844s save the day here
29846s because if it doesn't then he's dead
29848s either way
29860s right this huff is going to be huge oh
29864s this is
29865s it's going to be over
29869s because there's a lot there's two
29870s lifesteal minions on board
29873s i got two shots neither of them died to
29875s explosive trap
29883s um
29893s 324 25 26 because you could just play
29895s the elemental pilot elemental the card
29898s will be drawn and being able to turn
29899s yeah
29900s yep la lethal ashton elemental i can't
29903s actually think super cool
29905s but not really seen play coming into
29907s play for this game and he's gonna end it
29909s and um
29910s really rough one i think there for words
29912s i think he
29914s got himself in a very strong position
29916s early on but then had honestly three
29920s terrible back-to-back draws
29923s which really gave glory the wiggle room
29926s to get back into the game and start
29927s aggressively pushing and it worked and
29929s there's something 1-1 feel a little bit
29931s bad for woods there but glad that
29933s gloria's fighting back
29935s yeah i mean
29938s i feel like this is just my experience
29939s with croix hunter like
29942s you're playing a lot of cards in your
29943s deck that in a lot of situations don't
29945s do that much
29946s um
29947s like spirit poacher in in this matchup
29950s specifically
29952s kind of works against you in a lot of
29953s ways yeah it's not a spell it's not
29955s progressing your quest it's not
29956s resetting your hero power when you do
29958s have quest complete
29959s and a lot of the time the shaman kind of
29961s wants you to play minions at a certain
29963s stage of the game
29964s uh so they can
29966s like do their little tricks and interact
29967s with them right get bigger snowfall
29970s guardians uh
29971s have a better excuse to primordial waves
29973s right
29974s uh
29975s so it's
29977s you know it's
29978s 40 card quest hunter is just a different
29981s beast altogether i feel like it's really
29983s inconsistent but obviously woods has
29985s made it to the semifinals with the quest
29987s hunter the quest hunter was a deck that
29988s had a pretty high win rate across the
29989s tournament it wasn't an important deck
29991s by any means
29993s um we it just seems like you know
29995s outside of that one game on broadcast uh
29997s with uh
30001s i don't remember
30002s who
30003s that we saw that was very impressive
30005s like it felt like the quest hunter could
30007s never be counted out
30008s um
30009s i feel like this is kind of the the
30011s level of consistency
30013s yeah i will say though as well like
30014s there are some additional choices in
30016s this list because i think you could
30017s definitely
30018s i don't think you have to run the um
30021s uh the spirit poachers uh there's also
30024s the sort of extra naga with the conch
30027s call and the kraken bane as well uh so
30029s that's again it's a good card it deals a
30031s lot of damage but not necessarily cards
30032s you have to run so yeah interesting
30034s build up hunter there but woods is going
30036s to jump over to his mage and again
30039s this deck still feels like roon of the
30043s arc mage the deck to me tj um and
30046s honestly every single game i see it i
30050s always have to say the words while i'm
30051s casting oh well he needs a really good
30053s rune to stay in the game like every time
30055s i feel like a and yeah that's because
30058s i'm not really up on this list i'm more
30060s down for the lower curve 30 card version
30063s but uh but yeah it does feel like ruin
30065s of the archmage and i guess to an extent
30067s pirate does a lot of the heavy lifting
30069s with this list
30070s deck has like
30072s 40 win conditions
30075s and they're all not good enough
30077s you have like the spooky win condition
30079s of just amassing a ton of skeletons
30083s uh you have the hero power wing
30084s condition with wildfire and uh dawn
30087s grasp um
30089s then you have i guess that still fits
30091s into the spooky condition
30093s then you have bruins and siren atheists
30095s like it right
30097s uh yeah but they have to come together
30099s like you
30100s it's you can't just like
30103s it's a 40-card deck it's feel like we
30105s say this a lot you can't just like
30107s settle on one thing and be like this is
30108s what i'm gonna do this game because you
30110s have to do what the game tells you to do
30112s yeah i do feel like as well though that
30115s kel'thuzad was the sort of payoff card
30117s that on paper should be very powerful
30120s and just wasn't
30121s um because i still think like that's
30123s easily cuttable i've still not seen a
30125s kel'thuzad actually do good work yeah
30128s yeah it's
30129s and usually in the mirror and like
30131s really slow matchups but
30133s um i mean glory's already down in 24 but
30135s this hand is
30137s popping
30138s uh yeah
30140s as location plus draca plus prep now uh
30144s serrated bones by like
30147s um
30149s hand space is an issue i guess so you
30151s just play out the location here since
30153s you're
30153s uh your knoll is free i guess you can
30156s fit in a door of shadows just because
30158s whatever you get from it's probably just
30159s going to be able to be
30161s uh replacing the
30163s massive card sequence the same way it's
30165s okay though tj
30166s woods has his wing condition already in
30169s hand
30170s rune of the archmage bran parrot rune of
30173s the archmage twice
30175s this is getting to the point where like
30176s glory has to win the game before turn
30178s eight because
30181s like look at these this here power it
30184s because the life tap gore's already
30185s taken eight damage
30187s and that adds up the rogue doesn't have
30189s any way to defend themselves there's
30190s also the amplified snow flurry which
30192s could be used to block a a drakka attack
30194s at any point so
30196s yeah or just a vanclee for you know just
30199s any minion right as well yeah and never
30201s mind the dagger so depending on what's
30203s more of a priority of course
30205s yep
30208s the awkward thing here is bone spikes
30210s can't actually happen right
30213s uh oh
30214s well you can but it's it's
30217s too late
30218s um to fit in like all the stuff but this
30220s is enough right this is gonna be a seven
30221s attack day
30223s i'll take your word for it
30240s and also just having the like wicked
30242s stabs and damage in hand uh glory's got
30245s plenty of good things to spend his
30247s manner on in the next turn as well
30250s wait there's 26 damage
30255s 17 20 26.
30258s it's actually just lethal unless
30260s what's uh amplified snow flurries and
30263s freezes something
30265s i mean
30267s it's no good reason not to just snow
30269s flurry and freeze face right
30272s yeah you're not going to stall more
30274s damage
30277s live in the moment tj i'm sick of this
30280s trying to think about the future take
30281s every day as it comes um but my point
30284s being is the snow flurries not really
30287s gonna stop much more damage than eight
30290s right
30290s i know there's a nine-nine on the board
30292s but you know what i mean is there any
30294s real good reason to not play it and do
30297s it
30301s is stopping nine next turn that much
30303s better than stopping eight this turn i
30305s don't think so
30307s you can't stop
30314s this is still a problem
30317s yeah i would
30319s happily categorize this as a problem tj
30322s forever words i will completely agree
30324s with you on that one we'll file that one
30325s of the way in the uh the problem cabinet
30330s now has targets for bone spike yeah
30333s uh
30334s tooth uh
30339s what
30341s i guess miracle growth like it draws
30344s cards tj yeah
30346s you can get crappy toe
30348s yep so lethal is still represented for
30350s the next turn this has to be
30352s oh i told you i told you the worst card
30355s in the deck
30358s you win
30360s yeah
30361s that'll do it that was uh
30365s one game
30367s that's those are the types of brokens
30369s that you know got me attached to that
30371s deck in the first place right
30373s like the first time that happened to me
30375s and i saw knolls i was like okay i'm you
30377s know playing against some type of thief
30379s rogue
30379s whatever you know uh
30381s expecting like a jackpot this was like
30383s five days ago
30385s and then
30386s drakka comes down like i just see all
30389s these cards flying out of hand i'm like
30390s what is happening and then chocolate
30392s comes down for like a 10 attack weapon
30393s like oh
30394s okay this deck is cool
30397s yeah it's like when we first started
30399s looking at things like this on sort of
30402s expansion day and maybe the day after it
30404s was like oh wow it's like you see all
30406s the screenshots million attack dagger
30408s because they're popped off with shark
30410s coins and death rattles you're like wow
30412s that looks sick you cue it get
30413s dumpstered eight times in a row and go
30415s this deck sucks and then you play this
30418s and then your eyes are opened because
30420s this is actually a hearthstone deck that
30422s works very difficult i think but you do
30424s have those games where it feels like the
30427s hearthstone gods are just handing you a
30429s win because
30430s what was what's supposed to do right
30432s like you cannot keep up with that much
30435s damage and that much pressure not only
30436s on board but with the weapon as well and
30439s it does mean now that glory just has his
30442s priest to get a win with it's going to
30444s be priest versus hunter
30446s i'll tell you now you know this tj i'm
30449s uh pretty happy with this priest deck
30451s oh yeah uh this is a good one um
30455s [Music]
30458s i only change i would make is yes one
30460s school teacher plus one for crush call
30462s enforcer that's the only change that i
30464s would make um i like the no naughty hex
30466s it feels like too clunky of a car in the
30468s deck that you really don't want to have
30469s clunky cards
30471s like you already have enough um
30473s so you know those the hands where you
30475s have like
30478s samuro boone
30480s what do i even do right
30483s but if you have like samurai boone and a
30485s crush call enforcer then all of a sudden
30488s things start to look a little bit better
30489s so
30491s but school teachers have been performing
30492s very well
30493s and uh just having the ability to
30497s not only have one naga but two nagas
30500s crush calling fortune sort of serves the
30502s same purpose
30504s and have the potential to hit a spell
30506s that could be really impactful for the
30508s game state like a third shadow would
30509s devour or store back aid station
30512s even like just a holy smite sometimes oh
30515s it'd be good to kind of go for a swing
30516s back on the board honestly the amount of
30518s times where you just think oh if only
30519s i'd drawn bless
30521s right it's like a a big deal with the
30524s deck as well so uh we'll see how this
30526s one plays out though glory already done
30528s with his ball again there got keeps hold
30530s off that slither spare er woods on the
30532s other hand though seemingly happy with
30534s his got a couple of spells to juice up
30535s the crack and bane and does have that
30537s shell shot which is clutch in these kind
30540s of matchups right
30542s for three mana you actually deal so much
30544s damage to the board
30546s yeah like
30547s quest hunter is probably my least
30550s favorite matchup yep uh could that she
30552s kill stuff
30553s yeah like
30555s the worst matchup is control shaman for
30558s the anonymous that is
30560s from my experience and from the day
30562s that's the worst match very difficult
30563s they freeze a lot you don't have voice
30565s to really answer things they can flood
30566s the board which is a problem for you
30568s um
30569s it's a it's tough but questioner is the
30571s most annoying to play against because at
30573s least with control shaman like
30575s you can kind of expect what's gonna
30577s happen
30578s um and you know you actually get to do
30581s things
30582s it's just they stop you from doing
30584s things against quest center it just
30585s feels like you you can't do anything you
30587s play minion you buff it and then they
30588s kill it and then
30590s if you're playing against the dumbbell
30591s dog bunker one which to be fair through
30593s woods is not playing the secrets are so
30595s hard to navigate around yes uh yeah it's
30597s it it just makes it a a pain almost to
30601s the extent where
30603s you
30604s again you'll understand what i mean but
30606s there's almost no point trying too hard
30609s to play around them because even if you
30611s try and play around them it puts you so
30614s far behind anyway it may as well have
30616s been the secret you were playing around
30618s so it gets really really awkward i
30621s completely agree um and although there's
30623s no secrets or not not the dumbbell down
30625s package uh there is that urchin spines
30628s again there in woods hand which again
30630s could cause havoc was shell shot later
30633s on
30633s i i'd rather have my minions frozen than
30636s killed let's just
30637s yeah let's put it that way that's what
30639s it uh
30640s breaks down to but oh interesting wow
30643s okay so i guess with urchin spines in
30646s hand not really worried about i uh i
30649s think my surprise was more just not
30652s playing a kraken bang out
30656s anybody why not just chuck one out there
30658s right i know it's not like gonna use its
30660s ability but it's a minion that kind of
30664s uh contests this board right
30666s i suppose yeah
30668s it was just plays this deck
30670s like very patiently right very slow
30673s um and i guess you you're afforded that
30675s luxury with urchin spines um yeah do you
30677s see the pickup for the mongolian i i did
30679s not see it
30680s uh nope
30682s i'll be honest i was looking at that
30685s pelagos and bless though again really
30688s nice bonus you have for not having to
30690s worry about the likes of ice trap
30693s freezing trap potential is you can just
30695s commit to this and not really be that
30697s worried right there is the urchin spines
30700s of course that we've talked about but
30702s you're not like oh well if they have a
30703s freezing trap or even on that turn if
30705s there's a trap well now i've got to
30707s think about if it's eyes trap can i just
30708s play a 1 6 pely ghost and then with the
30710s spell blah blah blah all that's out your
30712s mind right now for air for glory
30715s yeah
30717s but through it doesn't have to use the
30718s urchin being here i think you can like
30720s start with a
30722s uh can he start with like a shell shot
30725s shell shots guaranteed to make the
30727s pillow ghosts killable by from coin
30730s ancient kraken right um the cleanest way
30733s would just be it
30735s kills the vicious slutish beer and then
30738s it
30740s deals two than one pellet ghost
30742s [Music]
30744s but
30745s i guess you'll take it if it deals the
30747s other way around or now if it kills oh
30749s that's the worst distribution
30751s oh that's the absolute worst distraction
30755s oh no that's good because now you can
30756s hear a power that cracks yeah that's the
30758s medium medium option
30763s wait no that's not up to zero
30766s okay yeah this is why it's the medium
30768s option because he doesn't get to play
30769s the kraken bay in this turn yeah
30778s okay
30779s get the wig played first it's active and
30781s then go
30785s first you're not gonna start with the
30787s handmaiden
30789s uh so i like playing for tempo first and
30792s then handmaiden later
30795s it also entirely depends on like what's
30798s in this monogamy okay i don't know what
30800s he could be like playing towards but
30801s like going a little bit wider on board
30802s and then following up with him maiden
30805s uh okay that's the if you've cast a holy
30808s spell heal
30810s things yeah i think so yeah
30812s you'll kill your hero for six something
30814s for six
30815s i choose to believe it's just to heal
30817s everyone for six okay even the people
30820s who aren't in the game
30821s yeah but it's got to be a holy spell
30830s i'm pretty sure
30831s i'll just preface with that
30834s yes okay
30837s okay so tough turn here
30840s um cracking bean would activate the
30843s barbed nets but then you're not really
30845s doing anything you could crack it being
30848s urgent
30849s darkness but that seems bad because
30851s there's a spine you want to save for
30852s those big big minions
30854s later on in the game yeah slither spit
30857s is kind of a big big minion though
30860s yeah and we're approaching the stage of
30862s the game where quickly
30865s like a raiding elemental in hand plus a
30867s place you could just die
30870s don't expect this was the the last play
30873s i was looking at just let them have the
30875s board
30878s okay
30880s um
30882s playing around devour
30886s there it is
30888s oh my ah no radiant though
30894s and it's like the
30897s treasure god this turn
30904s or just play devourer and say just make
30906s them have urchin
30908s right
30911s because
30912s glory can't forever play around urchin
30914s unless he literally otk's words
30919s plague
30921s okay
30928s i don't know i don't think i want to use
30930s devour
30931s i like it
30934s wig
30935s yeah
30937s okay because devourer is like okay you
30939s pick up a raven elemental then you can
30941s go
30942s bunch a bunch of stuff then devour boon
30944s right
30945s um
30947s so
30948s and this is for sure threatening legal
30950s like
30951s woods has to respond to this board
30953s and there's not that much mana to work
30955s with and there's not i guess urgent
30957s spines and barb dance is just
30961s yeah that's a clear
30968s i think though that
30970s i won this is fine right i think for me
30973s one way or another i think glory had to
30976s test for urchin spines because if he
30978s doesn't do enough to test for that
30980s and then the hunter will be able to
30982s clear up the minions right if they're
30984s not big enough to warrant urchin spines
30986s they're probably clearable in a more
30988s natural way so i think as long as urgent
30990s spine comes out now you see the nod
30991s there from glory's like okay he doesn't
30993s look overly upset obviously he'd rather
30995s not have his board cleared but he's just
30997s like right okay fine but now it's gone
31000s now he still has the devour he has
31003s treasure guard devour uh with boone as
31005s well maybe not for this exact turn but
31008s those are the kind of plays that gonna
31010s open up the rest of the game for him now
31012s that he doesn't have to worry about a
31013s potential like
31015s you know
31016s urchin spines in the other shell shot
31018s that just kills three of his minions
31020s right yeah
31022s i think regardless of how he played the
31024s previous turn he had to go at least a
31026s little bit earlier
31033s anybody
31034s [Music]
31036s that looks like call of duty but i know
31038s that i'm crazy like
31041s it was a smite and a blast like we're
31043s all crazy down here tj's yeah okay
31047s this is probably bless um but it could
31049s have been a holy smite in that situation
31051s right to just uh respond to this board
31053s that you know is happening
31055s this
31056s is very clean right
31059s gets to crack crack and bane
31061s the two seven hero power it and then
31064s swing into the uh
31067s swing into the naga with the weapon yep
31070s oh wait
31074s isn't shot
31078s i thought
31080s he wants a piercing shot the school
31081s teacher then weapon and
31084s trade minion over
31086s okay
31088s i start cracking bane hero power was
31090s very clean
31104s laurie's run out of health this needs to
31106s be like raiding elemental off the top
31108s right
31109s yeah does that boon remember as well so
31112s yeah yeah and
31114s there's not enough mana
31116s for boom right now
31118s um
31120s like that not enough mana to make
31121s something big and then boom
31130s [Music]
31136s did he get blessed from the nargling
31139s uh
31140s no it's called the grave
31142s oh wait i wasn't crazy
31145s we're actually not mad
31154s you're gonna have to use the cathedral
31155s it's one thing that glory's definitely
31157s missed this game right is an early
31158s cathedral that's a turn nine first
31161s cathedral of the game
31163s yeah not really what you're after
31166s all right so he's setting up before
31168s quest completion a big minion saying all
31170s right
31172s kill this or i kill you
31176s wow there's a chance that he can just
31178s lethal him this turn right uh so quest
31181s is
31182s at
31184s you're out of two
31185s yeah without question without quest
31189s well there's nine from the weapon in
31191s kraken bane
31193s 11 with hero power 12 with wound prey
31197s 14
31200s with arcane shot
31202s yeah but if you throw all that face
31205s yeah and leave display master samurai
31208s it's simple just draw a quick shot off
31210s the furious howl that you have what
31212s three draws for and win the game
31215s yeah i think this is just quest
31217s completion
31219s kill the samurai
31225s not true hunter playing didn't go for
31226s the
31227s play tavish
31234s your power furious towel here
31237s and uh
31239s wait that was just
31241s that was just
31243s oh no
31244s oh that was correct yeah there was
31246s nobody
31247s no he wait did he hear a power face
31249s before or did he hear a power with the
31251s blind master as the second time the
31252s blade master oh okay sorry i thought you
31255s faced time to instead of hearing the
31256s turn
31257s of power on the blade right right right
31258s right
31259s all the grave there it is tj
31262s plated beetle
31263s behavior of us all
31266s oh okay
31270s a bit of a cheeky yeah
31273s wait a second i play the beatles the
31275s nuts
31276s i'm i'm crazy and also crazy
31279s i'm double crazy and he gets herald of
31281s light too because
31283s the holy spell
31285s oh my gosh
31286s all coming together
31289s this is so weird we just didn't see the
31292s plan tj we just didn't i know
31294s now he's got a million minions
31297s an active handmaiden in hand with only
31299s 10 cards left there's a priestess
31300s celestial uh floating around on the
31302s bottom of the deck that it's somewhere
31304s so even if this whole board gets dealt
31306s with
31307s the problem is as well if this mark shot
31309s isn't card draw
31311s what's he's gonna run just a little bit
31313s dry with his card draw i wonder if he
31316s got shell shot instead
31318s uh she'll shout my be
31320s better to try and clean up other stuff
31322s on the board because you don't really
31324s want to leave anything up because again
31325s at any point
31327s you leave a single minion up
31329s there is only 11.
31331s um let me quickly check though there
31333s glory's also running what the one shard
31336s of the naru as well
31337s so woods can't just say i have a taunt
31340s and there's only one minion alive right
31342s yeah because that is not any form of
31344s safety
31347s okay ready it's good
31349s put that thing whatever it's called fine
31353s then kill this and you get to push the
31354s rest face so
31357s every minion
31360s the weight game
31361s it is
31365s it's a little control hunter but a big
31367s turn is possible right
31369s hand made it
31370s drawn a lot
31374s even has the cathedral to come online
31378s oh got the silence now for next turn if
31380s something sticks
31382s ah boom but no radiant
31385s okay just boom the tavish again
31387s easy ah no radiant again second one's in
31390s the bottom five
31403s and no priestess either like that was
31406s i'm sure that's what the zola was pi