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966s he is only on um tier four as well so
969s he's not guaranteed to kill zigzaga
971s guaranteed to take the win guaranteed to
974s knock him out as well at seven damage
976s exactly man liked it how the game of his
979s life now turning it around
985s [Music]
991s welcome everybody to Lobby Legends
994s Castle northria it's the sixth of the
997s lobby Legends there's still three more
998s to come over the course of the year and
1000s to help me go through all of the things
1003s that are happening this time around and
1004s there's a lot of things going on it's
1006s going to be Lee who we will glad to see
1007s Lee you looking forward to this yeah I'm
1010s looking forward to the new extension and
1013s the second love of Legends with quests
1015s yeah the second Lobby Legends request
1017s but kind of the first one in a way
1019s because last time around I think quests
1021s were three days old and they'd been
1023s buffed and nerfed overnight in various
1026s ways anyway so this will be the first
1028s time that there's been a settled ish
1030s meta with quests
1032s um what what has happened what are we
1033s going to expect to see with Quest so
1035s people gonna be picking High picking low
1036s we'll talk about the format stuff in a
1037s minute we'll go straight into talking
1038s details now
1040s uh yeah I think that we're gonna see a
1042s lot of very easy to pick quests where
1045s you have to go out of your way to
1046s complete them and some more Tempo based
1049s ones and I'm personally expecting to see
1051s a lot of LeapFrog rebuilds with stolen
1053s gold and the theaters Pearsall
1055s yeah the elite Foggers always a favorite
1057s with a chat uh but first I guess we
1060s should talk a little bit about what's
1062s actually going to be happening over the
1064s course of this tournament
1066s um 16 players have qualified uh starting
1068s off on ladder going through some
1070s qualifiers off stream and so we're done
1072s with the last 16. there'll be two
1074s lobbies of three games each and the top
1077s half of each Lobby will go to the final
1079s tomorrow the bottom half won't and then
1082s the final would be the check format and
1084s all that stuff we'll talk about that
1085s more tomorrow
1087s um something I'd like to talk about with
1089s that Lee uh you've been through the
1091s early stages of this which is the same
1092s format when it's off stream how how do
1095s you mentally prepare to play just three
1097s games how do you how do you build up for
1099s that
1100s uh I think the important thing is to
1103s understand that everyone there is
1106s incredibly talented and strong at the
1108s game and you know it's only three games
1110s you can't beat yourself up too much if
1112s you don't end up making it through uh
1114s because there will be plenty of chances
1115s like you mentioned this year alone nine
1117s tournaments and you just gotta remember
1120s to not feel too bad about if you don't
1122s make it and prepare for the next one
1125s yeah and we've got the point structure
1127s we'll be able to show you in just a
1128s moment as well it's a very flat Point
1132s structure where you basically get a
1134s point for each place up the ladder you
1135s go is that a thing that makes a big
1138s difference to how you play is that like
1139s it's the same as ladder but it's not the
1141s same as ladder for the top players
1142s because they're trying to finish top
1143s three on ladder is that a bit different
1145s in tournaments
1146s uh yeah I'd say it's quite a bit
1148s different in latter
1150s um usually the makeup of the lobby is uh
1154s on average you know lower a lot lower
1156s than your MMR so you're usually shooting
1159s for top two but in this tournament uh
1161s because it's so flat
1163s um as long as you place above top four
1164s consistently that means you make it
1166s through so your pressure to get first or
1169s second is significantly reduced but the
1172s pressure to not get um eighth or seventh
1175s is also very high as well yeah it's
1177s weird because for the 99 of us who don't
1179s play in the top 16 it's the same as
1181s normal so I had a finished job four but
1183s it is worth emphasizing for the pro
1184s players it is a very different
1186s experience talking of a different
1188s experience we have got a different
1190s experience for the viewers on Twitch
1192s today with the tavern buddy
1195s um there are things that you can do on
1197s Twitch if you have a look on the left
1199s hand side you can Mouse over there and
1201s get into the extension first of all
1203s there's a fantasy team which you can do
1205s right now before we get going and I'm
1206s recommend you do where you choose the
1209s top three players in each group you get
1213s points for every game they play every
1215s game they do well in moving on from
1218s there is the puzzle box which again you
1220s can set that up now you can have a go at
1222s that right away where you'll be
1225s predicting the events of today's matches
1227s Leah and I will be having a go at that
1230s at some point ourselves as well to make
1232s fools or otherwise out of ourselves and
1235s again you can set that up now I'd
1236s recommend you do so get your points
1238s whilst the games are going on there are
1240s other things you can do bandwagon you
1242s have to guess the winner after four
1244s turns but
1246s you could bake your pick on turn one and
1248s get more points make the pick again on
1250s turn two if you don't like your pick
1251s maybe if they miss a token something
1253s like that maybe if they do something you
1254s don't like the way they play but you get
1256s fewer and fewer points the more you
1258s change your guests so you know sticking
1260s with your turn one guess gonna be a
1261s thing going to be a strategy see what
1263s people come up with and lastly his
1265s barov's a blessing and without a
1268s blessing we are gonna be in the capable
1271s hands of TJ Sanders our Observer Today
1275s um you will see both sides of a matchup
1277s on the screen uh you'll see the shops
1279s you'll see everything about it and
1280s you've got to pick the winner
1283s um Lee's had a chance to have a look at
1284s some of this in action
1286s um what's your favorite aspect of this
1288s Lee
1289s uh I think I personally like the barrels
1292s blessing uh barov is one of my favorite
1294s Heroes to play and I really like the
1298s um setup on screen where you get to see
1300s both players perspective while you bet
1304s I'm I'm looking forward to seeing how
1305s many different people's blessing I
1307s accidentally call it it's gonna be The
1309s Baron's blessing it's gonna be yogg's
1312s blessing it'll be all sorts of blessings
1313s and my brain just phases out but
1315s bellev's blessing definitely the best
1317s one better off blesses us with lots of
1319s gold coins or used to until quests came
1322s in and now power is impossible because
1323s who knows what's gonna happen from turn
1325s forwards
1328s there's the points we're talking about
1330s that structure we're on about a few
1332s minutes ago where it is like the MMR
1334s experience for for us regular sort of
1337s lower MMR players but again just
1339s emphasizing what Lee was talking about
1341s for the top players they tend to only
1343s get positive MMR for first second or
1345s third they tend to be playing in weaker
1347s lobbies and their own skill level but
1349s for this they are playing again like
1351s most of us do every day with people of
1354s their own levels so are coming top four
1356s and this is what it's all about
1358s 1250 for reaching at this stage ten
1362s thousand dollars for winning and another
1363s question I want to ask Lee who has
1365s played in big big tournaments for
1367s constructed as well is for
1369s Battlegrounds do you like the flat play
1372s structures that I think that helps take
1373s the pressure off
1375s um yeah
1378s I think uh Street instrument is good I
1380s mean there is a big bump from first to
1381s second but I do like that um there's a
1384s lot of incentive to
1386s push for every single placement you can
1388s get it's not like if you don't get first
1390s you feel bad
1392s um again like this Battlegrounds eight
1394s player game every single position you
1395s get is very hard fought
1398s and tires are perspective as well
1401s okay let's have a look at the picks I
1403s think for the puzzle box I'm sort of
1405s making this if we go a little bit I will
1406s admit it uh but Lee and I have put in
1409s our picks there we go
1412s um I'll let Lee have a chat through this
1413s I've just talked for way too long Lee
1415s I've talked through some of these
1416s highlights
1417s uh yeah so we have six questions
1420s um and you the audience can follow along
1422s as they're presented uh but first
1425s question is how many turns will the
1426s longest game be and you can choose over
1428s under 17.5 seems like both of us agree
1431s on that one going over
1434s um and second one is will a player win a
1436s game as master nguin or Panda as some of
1438s you may know it and this here was
1440s recently brought back I think after
1441s short Hiatus when Quest came out and
1444s this is the first one um we'll see him
1447s with quests and you end up choosing yes
1450s I chose no um master nuin or something I
1454s I love Master noi and I think Master is
1456s a Great Hero and I also do one with him
1459s but I kind of feel like um we may not
1462s even see that many master and win games
1463s today so I'm just going for a okay
1466s realistic I'm just there just going down
1468s to the the fifth one is an interesting
1470s one to me as well
1472s um you're saying that players will win a
1474s game without reaching Tavern tier six
1476s that's that's worth discussion I think
1478s uh yeah so the reason why I think that
1481s is um there's plenty of Minion type
1484s archetypes that don't need any tier 6
1487s Minions at all so they can stay on tier
1489s 4 and tier five and even lower um in the
1492s case of some Heroes and still win a game
1494s and I think that'd be the case here too
1497s yeah I think your I see him referring in
1499s general to the Ivana Dragon strategy do
1502s you think that's a valid thing that we
1503s will see when you're going for top four
1505s is that thing we we expect to have a
1507s look at today I do think that's
1509s something we'll see today
1511s um I think of these tournaments people
1512s will favor consistent and maybe not the
1515s flashy strategies but ones that will get
1517s you tough for consistently we've said
1519s that also as well as hero picks in the
1520s past like dancing Daryl and curtress
1523s um but at least for that strategy the
1524s urana dragons one may not see a victory
1527s there but I could definitely see it
1529s reaching top two or three yeah and of
1532s course last time around we had subtle
1534s repeatedly informing us that devil is
1536s going to come third place is that sort
1538s of thing is devil just third place as
1540s you see the line of their group back
1542s um
1543s I think it may not be as good as before
1545s because quests kind of pushed the game
1547s into even
1549s stronger strategies and Daryl hasn't
1551s really kept up with it but you know I
1554s think I'll still see a Daryl pick all
1556s right group a you play against a lot of
1558s these people and we both made fantasy
1561s picks which would come up later but
1562s who's going to take down group a and why
1564s nice easy question yes if I had to
1567s choose three I would choose sleepy
1569s um and educator Collins
1572s I got a roof for you know my Regents
1575s players sleepy and Collins and that
1577s system say has had a very dominant
1580s performance in lobby Legends in the past
1582s I believe he got second and the last one
1584s and then he's made the finals of a
1588s previous one as well yeah interesting in
1590s that group to see Aloo Timo making an
1592s appearance obviously known far more for
1594s his constructed play uh Group B we don't
1597s look at the third pole on the xqn
1600s obviously everybody's hero my hero the
1602s best Battlegrounds play in the world all
1604s that good stuff that I like to talk
1605s about
1607s um I will shout at chat later on who say
1609s that X screen is not a good tournament
1610s player I will have that rant again but I
1613s Champion Liam goesu from last time
1614s around
1616s um who do you think's got a chance of
1617s unseating him out of this lot
1620s um so I gotta also agree with you and
1621s say executing has a very good chance
1623s he's only been improving as these lovely
1626s Legends progress but I also got a shout
1628s out Peter Babbitt too
1630s one of the most underrated players and a
1633s very different player right like yeah
1636s you've got your sleepies you've got even
1638s ghosties who just go all in eighth or
1641s first tight Styles at least to some
1643s degree a bit about it just is tempo God
1646s I want to call him Tempo King he's just
1649s always
1650s just seems to have I know a Tavernier
1652s less than his opponent all the time and
1654s just still have the same amount of stuff
1656s on board
1657s uh I'd say he also can really really win
1661s lobbies
1662s um when he gets the opportunity but also
1665s feel like it's a good read as well and
1666s he doesn't get seventh or eighth very
1668s often and recently in one of his streams
1670s he actually showed his stats and over
1672s like 100 games he didn't get a single
1674s seven or eight so I think it's just a
1676s good read on like when he has to you
1679s know fight hard for not bottom two
1682s that is absolutely nutty and honestly
1684s you know not coming seventh or eighth
1686s that's exactly what you want today if
1688s you don't come seventh or 8th today or
1690s tomorrow uh you're going to put the
1692s lobby in check and have a great chance
1693s of winning the whole tournament if he
1695s knows when to win a game as well
1697s um that makes beta a very very dangerous
1699s proposition which we know right he's had
1701s Seasons or weeks within Seasons where
1704s he's just gone miles top or a long way
1705s top at the top of the leaderboard when
1707s no one's really paying attention to him
1710s um and doing things just his own way I
1712s feel
1713s yeah even recently
1715s um he is like way way ahead of everyone
1717s else and number one America is right now
1720s and I think he's kind of on top of this
1722s game right now so I think this is going
1724s to be a good tournament for him and like
1725s you said right
1727s um he's very good at not getting seventh
1728s or eighth so this is the perfect
1730s environment for him to test his skills
1732s I'm gonna put you on the spot here they
1733s might you might not know this do you
1735s know who's rank one Legend on Europe
1736s right now I'm just going to very quickly
1738s check because it has been changing and
1740s why is more is the amusing
1742s um
1743s or standard right no four four
1746s Battlegrounds did I say Legend that's
1749s just habit yes just who's right yeah
1751s right now oh it's um zorgo right so it's
1754s actually xqn I was watching zork's dream
1757s before this and xqn has grabbed rank one
1760s because dog and um God damn it have been
1763s fighting it out and losing
1765s no xqn by not playing today has gone
1769s into rank one because the other two
1771s fighting for first place have messed up
1773s and gone below him but it was Zork I
1776s mean that was the point of the question
1777s it was or right up until like two hours
1780s ago
1781s um and they've both hit terrible runs
1783s and xqn once again is just somehow top
1785s even though he was a long way behind
1787s like he's 13.8 and both good dammit and
1791s um zorg were over 14 I think
1793s yeah zorg was pushing for 15. I don't
1795s know yeah they always have something to
1798s shoot for but yeah I mean that's the
1800s thing with Battlegrounds you can also
1803s have your bad streaks too and in this
1805s tournament that could happen and it
1807s could be out but you know as long as
1809s you're consistently good it will be your
1811s turn to shine I think that'll be the
1813s case for a lot of the players here
1816s yeah and just this is where we get to
1818s the bit of the cast that you're going to
1819s really enjoy Lee where we have the
1821s unspecified talking for a while while we
1824s wait for games to start how you liking
1826s that part of it so far uh yeah I mean
1829s I'm kind of used to it as well
1831s um I played in tournaments
1833s um that weren't Lobby Legends and you
1835s know I have to entertain my audience as
1837s they wait uh for the next round to start
1839s so pretty used to it rather like Lee's
1843s understated I've played in tournaments
1845s you have won Tour stop tournaments
1847s everybody should know this yeah uh yeah
1849s one F1 buenos areas Back in the Day in
1853s 2018 and you were actually casting uh
1855s that tournament on the English side yeah
1857s Derek and I were casting that one that
1858s was a pretty good tournament actually I
1860s think that may have been it was
1861s definitely the right year but and the
1863s right location the famous one where rage
1865s played against machine which was
1866s something I always wanted to cast for
1868s obvious reasons didn't care who won just
1870s just rage play against machine
1873s always wanted it to happen
1876s um okay let's talk about some specifics
1877s of what might happen in this tournament
1881s um
1882s we mentioned a little bit in the intro
1883s but quest of a big deal uh which are the
1886s quests you can go for like I'm gonna I'm
1888s gonna talk about lamps a little bit
1890s which is the question other question can
1891s you go for that are the expensive ones
1893s that maybe you can still get done as
1895s opposed to the obvious take the tempo
1897s complete your quest
1899s um so I think the ones that are really
1900s good for winning that may be classified
1903s as a bit greedy are secrets in stone I
1905s think is maybe a little underrated at
1908s the moment uh and basically what that
1910s one does is every time you discover
1912s anything you'll get another copy of it
1915s and it's only offered to Heroes that
1916s have a hero power that say discover on
1918s them so I think Elise ticket is
1921s um that sort of thing going scavs yeah
1923s this is ridiculous yeah and I think that
1927s one can very easily snowball because
1928s when you're on tier 5 or tier six and
1931s you're tripping the sixes um and
1932s discovering them you know you're getting
1934s two copies of six drop and then you have
1936s to just discover another one of those
1937s and then you can basically like chain
1939s discovers because you know you're
1942s tripling all these six drops and getting
1943s very high value cards
1946s um that's the one I've seen do really
1948s well I've also seen victim Specter that
1951s one is where
1952s um at the end of your combat the last
1955s minute that you have dies you'll get a
1957s plain copy of it and that one can easily
1960s also lead to triples of very high Valley
1962s minions if you place your minions
1964s carefully yeah especially in the early
1967s terms because you can usually complete
1969s that one quite quickly and you'll have
1972s like pairs on the board and so you're
1975s talking I know turn seven turn eight
1976s you're trying to win a fight or lose a
1979s fight no matter what with the right
1980s minion I tell you what it is hard when
1983s it sounds to get those triples set up so
1985s obviously the high standard players is
1988s going to be a bit easier but it is I had
1991s two pairs on board earlier today trying
1992s to get them set up so that I get the
1994s triple I just couldn't do it yeah it
1996s would be interesting to see positioning
1998s if that comes up that's very tricky and
2000s it's like something I also kind of took
2002s myself up on too like I forget at the
2004s end of my positioning that I have to
2006s position also for my quest as well as
2009s for combat strength and we'll see you
2012s know how well players will end up doing
2014s it today but we may see some funky
2016s positioning and taunts you know just the
2018s sake of getting the victim Specter value
2022s and when it comes down to tomorrow the
2026s check format you have to win a Lobby
2030s um
2031s is there anything you wanted to do
2033s differently do you just play your
2033s natural game do you think or you're
2035s going to sort of see players
2036s deliberately picking these these more
2039s extravagant quests
2042s um so I think we'll definitely see some
2043s different gameplay than the qualifying
2046s ones even the earlier rounds of the
2048s finals because right if you win then you
2051s win the tournament and it's over but I
2053s also think it won't be super different
2055s where everyone will just be like readily
2058s picking the quest that's most special
2060s win it's like you mentioned earlier the
2063s price Fusion is rather flat so you know
2066s you don't want to just like get a bunch
2068s of eighths or sevenths trying to get for
2069s first and then end up last because you
2072s didn't close out a game
2073s yeah it's going to be interesting that's
2075s the mentality thing as well I think for
2076s some people you know the money's worth a
2078s lot more than it is for others as well
2080s some people just have the whole I want
2081s to win a thing going on and some people
2084s know I'd rather win seven and a half
2085s thousand dollars because that's a lot of
2087s cash
2088s um just a reminder where we are in this
2090s small sort of waiting for the players to
2092s get going which I think is getting
2093s somewhere now looks like about to get
2095s going uh you do need to get in your
2097s picks now for the the puzzle box and for
2100s your fantasy team so get that in and you
2102s will need to do your bandwagon in a
2104s moment as soon as you see the game kick
2105s off as well and we'll be playing along
2108s here I don't know how we're going to do
2109s it but we'll find a way we'll do it as
2111s we go
2112s we're getting into game
2113s [Music]
2116s um do you have any requests that you
2118s would personally want to see when
2120s somebody is lobbies today I mean I've
2122s got the Wonder Ball to actually do the
2126s thing on one of the things um a bit of a
2129s meme but you just gotta watch some
2131s wonderful churches it's just as much fun
2132s as watching frogs for me watching people
2134s get ridiculous Refreshers getting some
2135s triples out of the blue get a gold for
2137s no reason get seven hookers in the shop
2140s you know that sort of thing it's just
2141s good fun
2142s that's the one that I'm running for the
2144s most wondrous wisdom ball into seven
2146s Hoggers uh I know there are quite a few
2149s hogger enjoyers in um this tournament
2151s it's basically beater and sleepy would
2154s really really like to see them piles and
2156s APM Parts oh yeah absolutely
2160s um APN pipes is something that I feel is
2162s one of the best final builds I think the
2164s best final build please feel free to
2166s tell me how stupid I am here is still
2168s the Exodia build but it's just almost
2170s impossible to get it the way the game is
2173s yeah I think it depends um it may be a
2177s little harder for some of the players to
2178s get as big as they want to some of their
2181s builds because of the server restriction
2184s they're not playing on their Home Server
2185s so it'll be a little slower
2187s um but yeah I mean you can get this
2190s that's it pretty ridiculously
2192s but
2193s um if any of these lobbies have Beasts
2195s we can also see the counter play to very
2197s big stats from APM builds by just
2200s leaping onto some beasts with the baron
2203s yeah and I will be hassling you as we
2206s get into the the Beast situations too
2208s the finer points as well we've all seen
2210s it happen we've all lost to it a million
2212s times you know with with goldens being
2214s easy to make now on the left and right
2216s but whenever I try and build it my Baron
2217s just gets insta killed by a zap or
2219s something so I'm looking forward to
2221s seeing how these top players make their
2223s zap into a 15-15 so that they'll break
2225s their bound into 15 15 so that doesn't
2227s happen yeah
2229s [Music]
2230s um I think there's going to be a lot of
2231s interesting counter play with those
2233s bills
2234s um right now I think with the game State
2236s there is a ton of counter play with the
2238s amount of tech cards that have been
2240s given to us the stuff like Uther which
2244s you mentioned can help make a minion at
2245s 1515 play around zap another interesting
2249s one is unstable cool
2251s um got got changed basically it's a
2253s tunnel Blaster instead of doing one
2255s damage to every minion you deal three
2257s and if you have enough combinations with
2261s um Baron and Maca you can deal some
2263s serious damage to a board which could be
2266s some interesting kind of play we see
2267s today specifically against big Froggers
2272s I'm just checking looks like they are
2274s still getting the lobby set up they're
2275s having an issue or two but I think we
2278s are going into the game
2280s don't forget to get your bandwagon picks
2283s in but let's have a look what we've got
2285s going on here oh some plenty to choose
2287s from here straight away for Collins what
2288s would you like here
2290s um I think I'd probably like to see a
2292s fart in pick here with
2294s um b sir mix-in it could be easy to
2296s Triple macaws or Barons or even six drop
2299s the throttles or I think another
2301s favorite is just random beast cards too
2305s um
2306s but he may decide to pick Tess or hook
2308s Tusk as well which are pretty valid
2310s picks
2312s but
2314s yeah you want the Varden and
2316s have
2318s I'd say not the flashiest heroes though
2321s could be available here we go into sire
2325s Penguins don't say which quests oh look
2329s here oh that's an early book okay
2334s but I don't know if it's gonna be good
2336s enough yeah and the fact that song
2337s agrees because it's 15 refreshes quite a
2340s bit I think you don't want to refresh
2342s too much in the early turns
2345s um just just got the way to buy things
2348s there it's interesting to see if he
2349s stays on one and really goes for the
2350s bribe but bribe's just oh we got it set
2353s what is happening here that's a
2355s fantastic setup right
2357s uh I really wanted to see the teammaster
2359s not because I think it'd be good in the
2361s spot just because I think it'd be
2363s something fun to watch it's one of those
2364s cards that maybe got a little underrated
2367s um but it's a little bit strange like he
2370s has a beast a dragon and a demon for his
2373s setup so not really the Synergy picks
2375s he's looking for but
2377s um
2378s yeah you may have just made the best out
2380s of what he offered
2382s I was having a look through HSV play for
2386s how much hero powers like how much you
2389s want to spend on your hero power now and
2392s the top 10
2394s Heroes and HSV play at the moment
2396s um none of them have a hero power that
2398s costs anything and then from the next
2400s nine the only two that cost anything
2402s were barov and scabs which basically are
2405s money related right and the first hero
2408s was in 20th place where you have to
2410s actually pay for a what I'll call a
2412s regular hero power was saurfang that was
2414s in 20th all the rest were three or all
2417s the two exceptions I've listed yeah
2419s that's pretty interesting to me because
2421s um one of the heroes in this Lobby is
2422s Targo and he has a notoriously High
2425s Caster power you know starting at 10
2428s right now I'm up from nine and here I
2430s would say it was one of the top three
2432s Heroes before his hero power got
2434s reverted from nine to ten so he didn't
2437s make that cut unfortunately
2438s yeah how how has that made such a huge
2441s difference is it just the timing is no
2443s longer sensible on on target
2446s um it made it so it's a lot harder to be
2448s stronger on your early turns normally
2450s you would hear a power on
2453s um turn four and turn five but now you
2456s can only hear a power on turn four if
2458s you have a token and you level up to
2461s three on turn three now you have to wait
2463s and it comes out pretty significant cost
2466s to your life
2468s don't forget to hit your bandwagon pick
2470s and if you get the chance Lee as well
2471s we're doing it oh it's a secret but yeah
2475s um
2476s okay look at Gene haven't seen much of
2479s him yet
2481s um setting up for yeah decent turn next
2484s turn let's see stay with him see what he
2486s chooses to do
2488s and then we'll have the the whole Quest
2490s thing going on we'll try and get as much
2492s info on the Quest for you as quickly as
2494s we can when they come up
2496s yeah I'm excited to see the quest I'm
2498s also really interested at rubber jeans
2500s early turns you just had to stay down
2502s which like I mentioned earlier was
2504s nothing you would typically do on toggle
2506s before you would level up really
2508s aggressively in the first two turns but
2509s he decided to stay down
2513s and it may even be a factor of the quest
2515s to being easier to complete with more
2517s Minions on board
2519s evil twins an okay Quest right if you're
2521s going to add 15 cards to hand you can do
2523s that pretty easily out of thought
2525s um especially with Target yeah that's
2527s correct but I'm not sure if the reward
2529s would be strong enough it seems like
2532s honestly he didn't get super valuable
2535s crossword options and he has to kind of
2537s choose you know what's going to be the
2539s most realistic or bestest situation
2541s and I think Menasha and Mayhem may be a
2545s pretty good option because minions dying
2547s is a lot easier when you have minions
2549s like micro mummy on your board and it
2552s just happens without you having to
2553s really do much about it whereas you know
2556s losing or tying fights is kind of
2558s dependent on your opponents and adding
2560s cards can be difficult you know if you
2562s can only really hear a power like maybe
2564s once or twice in the next three turns
2567s so with Mayhem are you going to start
2569s looking for divine Shields maybe Divine
2571s Shield up and amalgam that sort of thing
2573s or do you just play the game and let the
2575s the Buffs do their thing
2578s um I think you probably want to try to
2580s find Divine Shields but it could also be
2581s you know just whatever you get
2586s here
2588s just getting some early Tempo with the
2590s Reno
2591s um interesting to me
2593s to see him only on tier two but it is
2595s only turn four it really messes up my
2597s curve seeing question progress it feels
2599s like it should be a lot later this is
2601s fine right there's a lot of damage there
2603s yeah this is a quite strong board the
2606s three seven imposter checks there is
2607s going to be quite valuable in these
2609s early combats giving a lot of HP to a
2612s minion if you can die that's always the
2614s bouncing act having it big enough to get
2616s value but also small enough to actually
2619s died before something else does yeah
2622s back in the day when there weren't a
2623s million other things going on with
2625s quests and such like I always found the
2627s Vino choices very interesting where
2631s you might just end up even hero powering
2634s I know
2635s there's some high main or something just
2637s to stay alive in some games and other
2639s times you'd just end up waiting and
2641s waiting waiting and hear repairing a
2642s good six just depending what start you
2644s got so something to look out for there
2646s varden's interesting to talk about
2649s um how often is freezing a triple just a
2652s a trap with vard and how often should
2654s you just ignore it not here but like in
2656s general
2658s um I feel like for the most part you
2660s wouldn't ignore a triple unless it's
2661s really it's the minute you don't want
2663s especially early on
2665s um it's nice just to have an early
2667s triple to help you figure out what
2669s you're going to be doing later on the
2671s game is a little easier to figure out
2672s what you're doing because of quests like
2674s you can play around that as well as what
2677s these shops may offer you
2680s um but yeah I think here Collins is
2682s deciding on whether or not he'll take a
2685s four drop or a five drop
2688s um not quite sure what his quest is but
2690s I feel like fives are always a good
2692s option when they're a beast then and
2696s um you're just playing your game one and
2697s trying to get a safe placement so it
2699s seems like Collins also agrees here and
2702s he takes the money card to be able to
2704s sell an extern for a five drop discover
2706s yeah I'll let you know what his question
2708s as soon as it pops up we should be able
2709s to get you that in
2711s probably a turn or two's time
2713s um we have got most of the others now
2715s just scanning down see if anything crazy
2717s has been picked
2720s don't see any wisdom balls which is the
2722s most important thing right now
2725s yeah we see creatures already has red
2727s hand activated so it's gonna be pretty
2731s difficult to beat him in the early turns
2734s I'm just
2735s curious if he also has a minute he's
2737s holding right now or if he'll have to
2739s wait until the next turn to get the
2741s first proc of his redheads
2745s um
2747s [Music]
2749s so yeah it looks like easily if we'll
2751s have to wait till this turn
2753s um but his activation must have been
2755s really easy like he only has four
2757s Minions on board so
2759s it must have been like play dragons or
2761s demons with the unlikely Duo
2765s I've just had a look at the questing as
2767s well some of them are a little bit hard
2769s to decipher just for now
2772s um but it seems like yeah easily has
2773s also picked up probably the best minion
2776s to buff up at this age of the game the
2778s deflector bot and he can go ahead and
2781s hold it in his hand to get the buff and
2783s he's also preparing as well for his
2785s first Quest activation or his first hero
2787s power activation which is buy three
2789s minions to give them all
2792s plus 2 plus 2. and he may have made a
2795s small mistake here I noticed he sold off
2797s the main body of the Alley Cat that he
2800s bought and if he had sold off this one
2803s one on board instead he would have a
2804s three three instead of one one which you
2807s know in these sort of games can matter a
2809s lot you know that early life May mean
2811s the difference between a placement or
2813s two yeah
2815s yes
2816s um it's amazing if you do mess around at
2819s lower ranks in particular and just get
2821s your mechanics right just get the those
2823s little things a little bit better it's
2826s amazing how much more you win it doesn't
2828s look like much just saving a health here
2829s and there
2831s um but that Health soon translating to
2833s suddenly you survive an extra term which
2835s moves you up two places which is 28 MMR
2837s it's it's absolutely nutty how these
2840s tiny things do multiply through and it's
2842s why that
2844s people say that there's a lot of luck in
2846s Battlegrounds but if you put the top
2848s players against somebody of you know six
2850s or seven K the top players win a high
2853s high percentage of those games
2855s yeah and something you can also just see
2857s on Twitter streams uh on streams as well
2860s um you know some of those players
2862s haven't seen records depending on a day
2864s where they only get like first seconds
2866s and thirds
2868s yeah exactly you see some of the uh for
2870s whatever reason having to start up a new
2872s account I think xqn had to do it
2873s recently and it's just first and second
2876s for 30 games until they start hitting
2879s their sort of normal level
2882s yeah
2883s um
2885s but yeah one other like just partying
2887s thought I'd like to say to that is
2888s especially in these um tournaments
2891s people tend to not die for a while and
2894s then when they do start to be eliminated
2896s it's usually in batches so you know if
2898s you can hold off for next turn there can
2900s be a lot of placements and points in
2902s this tournament Absolutely I'll just
2904s look at your Sleepy's position here this
2906s is just the most sleepy board ever
2909s um I was talking to you in in rehearsal
2911s like
2913s sleepy somebody I learned a lot from but
2916s learning from sleep is interesting
2917s because he is incredibly aggressive and
2919s he knows what he's doing I copied this
2921s exact play I would die I wouldn't be on
2923s 46 I'd be on 12.
2926s yeah I'd say um like going for this
2930s early tier six it's not something I
2931s would really see in this tournament like
2934s people mostly don't do that but if
2936s anyone's gonna do it Sleepy's gonna do
2938s it and it'll maybe work out for him the
2941s photo leap is normally the pick when you
2943s get that early but God is tempting
2945s depending what's behind here right yeah
2947s so his um Quest is summon 18 minions for
2951s victim Specter and he's um yeah it's
2955s gonna take a while for him to get there
2956s I think it'd be interesting to get
2958s multiple guards off the quest but
2960s realistically he has to also survive
2962s that long test I think it will be a
2964s stronger pick for now yeah and that's
2966s exactly the situation I was talking
2967s about where you know if you're sleepy
2970s and you you have this very aggressive
2973s way of playing you've also got to know
2975s when to stop being aggressive right like
2977s going for the the guy there's a huge
2979s option the absolute jackpot play but
2982s yeah sleepy sensitively going well I've
2984s kind of pushed my luck let's not push it
2986s any further
2987s yeah and I'd say that may not have been
2990s the option that he wanted to go for but
2992s it's just something that he has to set
2994s up for since you maybe didn't get
2997s um the direction that he wanted watching
2999s this game could have been like a six
3002s drop death like golden or uh Buster
3005s which would be easy to build around
3006s um on his next few turns I just find
3008s like Macau and baron or just Max and
3010s beasts depending on what he gets oh look
3013s where we're at with this Vino yeah if
3016s Reno gets uh calligas it would be
3018s perfect like he already has all the
3021s dragons and a golden old Smuggler uh
3023s he's used the power on that though right
3025s oh yeah he's actually gone for the
3027s safety option right
3029s yeah that's why you mentioned before
3031s um you decided to just use the hero
3033s power earlier I'm not sure exactly what
3036s turned but he definitely used it on
3037s another Drake
3039s um very early on with the amount of HP
3041s on this then the Drake 12.
3043s Sim here is the like three turns ago or
3046s four
3048s um so yeah what's what's the attack on
3050s it we
3053s uh but he did end up getting exactly
3055s what uh he's looking for Dragon cards to
3057s go with his Dragon comp and yeah he
3059s chose to opt for more scaling with the
3062s calgus which makes sense because
3065s I think he's gonna need a lot more
3067s um stats overall to compete with some of
3069s the other boards
3071s yeah where would you expect this to
3073s finish this is sort of for me already
3074s looking like a can I come top four and
3076s get out of here safely kind of idea
3080s um so let's see
3082s the quest was
3086s Menasha and Mayhem for uh the Reno Akash
3089s Rosa which is obviously not good when
3092s your board is One Tribe so I'd also
3095s agree probably like top four
3097s um but depending on how strong the lobby
3099s is it could even go further
3103s go to the house he's got the most health
3107s yeah it's because of the tavern tippers
3109s um but I'd expect his HP to go down
3111s lower
3113s um as the game progresses because you
3115s sacrificed a lot of his uh potential by
3119s tipping gold you know he had tip of gold
3121s every single turn and could have spent
3123s that on buying the ninja leveling up can
3126s we have a flick to penguin after this
3128s fight because he's completed both quests
3130s as sire and he's gone Elemental nutty as
3132s well
3134s um have a look how that's going on thank
3137s you TJ here we go look at the size of
3139s these Elementals already this is old
3140s school stuff right oh uh this is an
3144s amazing combination of uh compositions
3147s and quests so with the anima bribe every
3150s minion that he sells it will go to
3152s random minion on board and he's gonna
3154s have a lot of minions in the shop that
3156s are very high studded because these two
3158s light spawns and because of the Legion
3160s overs here
3162s um so I think from him we'll probably
3164s expect more passive scaling with the
3165s light spawns while becoming strong with
3168s these
3169s um buy and sell turns to make a big name
3172s like this Wildfire Elemental yeah we saw
3175s a penguin in lobby Legends five in the
3177s group stages
3178s um two sevenths and a second place not a
3181s lot to read into that obviously it's
3182s just three games of Battlegrounds
3186s um but they seem to have extreme results
3188s and
3189s looking for me to be favored it's a bit
3192s like to change my bandwagon pick
3193s unfortunately but favored to um
3195s to do rather well in this Lobby right
3197s now with no murlocs in so just making
3200s some big numbers could put him in a
3201s fantastic spot here
3203s yeah
3204s um but again you have to watch out for
3206s the leapfrogger builds and Mexican also
3208s coming up nowhere to even beat you know
3211s a lot of stats like that
3213s oh but we do see Curtis going here for
3215s uh Eastlake going here for the teamaster
3218s which is something I personally want to
3221s see a lot of um see how it go like it's
3224s very consists of scaling on good man's
3226s he has a defecto and a bronze Warden to
3229s buff up with a teammaster and it also
3232s just kind of fits his um game plan of
3234s buying and Sonic minions for his pure
3236s power
3238s yeah Curtis obviously one of the better
3241s Heroes I would say at the moment
3243s um mainly because the hero power doesn't
3245s cost anything that's kind of where we're
3247s at and it very very good temper of
3249s course as well so
3251s that will run out fairly soon but still
3254s nice for the time being
3256s yeah
3257s um here's a pretty respectable life
3259s total and board you know that he's
3262s created
3263s um
3264s you're winning pretty solidly you know
3266s he's 21 18 uh de facto and he's gonna
3269s get another massive one from the red
3270s hands
3272s um in hand
3273s I could see him finishing top three very
3275s easily the nine entertainment looks like
3278s going to die here oh that maybe a
3281s symptom it did
3283s yeah basically it was a coin flip to die
3285s there hold on
3288s and that's something else about this
3290s format which I'm finding really
3292s not hard to get a group with but unusual
3294s you're playing for Tempo a lot of the
3296s time but nobody's dying until turn nine
3298s turn ten turn 11 a lot of the time
3300s unless you get one of those lobbies
3302s where somebody just rips through it and
3303s murders it right in this case it may be
3308s um penguin Sun doing the The Ripping or
3311s even the arena
3313s um but I mean Altima got a really good
3316s copy of a minion with his hero power he
3318s has a double Mama Bear now and he picked
3320s the triple into a gas killer I think now
3323s the assistant say will be put in the
3325s defensive here and maybe eliminated over
3327s him
3329s yeah we haven't seen much of this essay
3330s but I would definitely expect other team
3333s to be able to put up enough stats on
3334s this board to
3336s be in a good spot here
3339s he does so many premium minions at the
3341s my bear at the Croc and the gas carrier
3344s and you can protect them all with this
3345s void load if he chooses to but uh he may
3348s just opt for cigarettes as well which
3350s can protect his um carry minions
3353s gas clue respect is going to be so weird
3355s if I'm reading this right because it's
3357s just going to be just getting some
3359s random stuff in your hand at the end of
3361s each turn if you're not careful yeah and
3364s a lot of different minions that uh gas
3366s course summons too summon their own you
3368s know it's like the zero rat or rat pack
3369s or I'm getting Menace so sometimes
3372s you're just gonna talk a minute in your
3373s hand or like just a cool looking gold a
3377s coin to spend
3380s actually we expect that I have found to
3381s be you know something you have to watch
3383s out for is ending up with tokens in your
3386s hand that just don't do anything you're
3387s not going to Triple them they're they're
3389s rubbish cards
3391s um you're not going to Tipple them over
3392s and over again by getting three Specter
3394s hits so yeah getting rid of your tokens
3395s is definitely important if you're trying
3397s to use the Specter for
3399s its proper purpose
3401s they're essentially just fancy looking
3403s coins at that point you just gotta
3405s yeah I just gotta think of the best
3410s sister says in trouble here though like
3412s you suggested yeah he is strong Tarik
3416s but I don't think it's gonna be enough
3418s here because he also didn't snipe any of
3421s the mama bears or crockless on our
3423s timer's side
3426s yeah building Tarik seems really
3428s difficult as we see Burger King
3429s exploding there people are gonna start
3432s dying yeah I was kind of thinking the
3435s evil twin pick might be hard to play
3437s around and yeah his build was just
3440s Medina and a few dragons so not the best
3442s use case of wow oh
3449s HP to uh
3452s ghosts are just getting there over and
3454s over again and an entertainment goes out
3456s in equal seventh
3458s ugh
3460s I think it was because of the gas card
3461s didn't die um the first time it hit and
3464s then uh the apartment user managed to
3467s die
3470s well we have sleepy here
3472s yeah you went for the team master and
3475s the further ended up being pretty
3476s valuable because of his ability to find
3479s the teammaster but funny enough too he
3480s also just doesn't have his quest done
3482s until right now he's finally gonna get
3485s the victim specter
3487s he's still just got the same two minions
3489s he had four turns ago that's it
3493s uh it's it's not too weak though
3497s um the third part is such a good unit
3499s but yeah I'm not so sure this will be
3502s able to beat
3503s um penguin sun and we saw had a I'd say
3506s a little more consistent of a game plan
3507s in terms of accumulating stats and
3509s putting them on strong units yeah
3513s um
3515s yeah it'd be nice to see what uh
3518s Collins is doing too
3521s just for my uh my pick on the timer
3524s buddy okay thank you TJ let's have a
3527s look okay the thing
3529s yeah this is incredible actually this is
3532s what I was talking about earlier where I
3534s said Varden might be able to easily make
3536s triples on like Baron River Darren
3538s goodies like this yeah it has a
3540s full-fledged uh macaw gold should build
3542s right now
3545s and this is just so strong like he has a
3548s golden copy of a baron of tier 5 Min and
3551s a six drop
3554s anyway he loses if Baron gets one up the
3556s only way but one of the ways to lose his
3558s Baron getting sniped otherwise he's in a
3559s good spot no taunt to speak of of course
3563s you could have played a tall with the
3564s lieutenant Garb but opted not to
3567s well it did get sniped and he's still
3569s looking in a great spot so they yeah
3571s like all he needed was one hit him in
3574s the car so I think if you can find the
3577s annoying Master for the
3578s um
3579s for the amalgam it should be in a very
3582s very dominant spot since he won't be
3584s able to guess his bearing Snipes
3587s and he has a lot of ways to improve too
3589s you can play improve with hydros or
3591s reborn beasts on the car or The Cauldron
3595s you'd be going out there to the the
3598s denethius the penguin Suns you know
3600s crazy Elemental build that's just
3602s doubling down all the way through with
3603s the animal bribe
3605s yeah
3606s and
3608s yeah I'm curious to see who will come
3610s out on top here I'd say that uh shirosa
3614s and East Leaf are probably you know
3616s happy for the third and fourth if they
3619s even if they just die this turn and the
3622s penguinsan Collins are able to maybe go
3624s for a first
3625s what do you think that's the um yeah
3627s come on top if you guys have made the
3630s decision very early with this Vino to
3632s come forth I know that's like
3634s exaggerating the point somewhat but you
3636s know what I mean we talked about it at
3638s the time it's like well probably don't
3639s win the lobby with this I'm just going
3640s to have some good stuff
3642s set a nice Target get myself a fourth
3644s place with a hero that's not really
3647s doing what I wanted to this time around
3648s and move on to another Lobby
3651s with my chances intact without anything
3653s being ruined
3654s yeah I think they can't feel bad about
3656s that at all
3658s um
3659s I get dragons at this moment in time are
3662s incredibly powerful so getting a top
3665s four that I think is you know something
3667s to be proud of
3669s okay well East leaf on the mech so I
3673s tend to always underwrite the chance to
3675s mix because obviously having a 37-35
3677s come back to life two or three times
3679s adds up damage quick but this doesn't at
3682s first glance look to be
3684s I guess it doesn't look too big enough
3685s but here's them against chirosa so he
3687s probably is actually big enough here
3688s yeah I think there is some danger of the
3692s initial deflector Shields getting
3693s snapped by the red welp and if that
3695s happens and and deflector dies early
3697s without getting reset it may be
3701s um stresses win but I think here
3703s eastleigh is probably favored but not
3707s not quite managing to snipe the
3709s deflector Shield so we'll only get one
3711s reset here on the first one but not
3713s guaranteed to get one second so might as
3715s well in a moment of two we should
3717s probably have a babob's blessing as
3718s we're getting towards the end so get
3720s ready with the extension if you're
3721s watching on Twitch uh select one of the
3723s two players you see in the in the jewel
3726s box and pick the winner won't
3729s necessarily be the winner of the lobby
3730s just the winner of the fight between
3731s those two people and if it's a tie
3733s everybody wins because yeah we like
3736s everybody to win
3738s it's going to be a tire a loss here for
3740s East Leaf but managed to luckily got the
3743s tie and oh my God
3747s I think
3749s Colin was 25 life and now he's gone
3752s Colin's absolutely destroying people
3756s here
3758s yeah wow
3761s I think I strongly believe Collins will
3763s take this then because the spell is just
3766s so explosive
3767s um he has to have one of his important
3770s and it's nights early in order to have a
3772s chance of losing and I think none of
3774s them really have the chance to do that
3776s without a cleave or without zap to snipe
3778s Baron
3780s got the barrels busting here
3782s I'm picking Collins you can pick who you
3785s like yeah I'm gonna wait a little bit to
3787s see but I mean I think Collins is
3790s it's like very very hard for it not to
3792s be Collins and he even found the Hydra
3795s too oh wow it's gonna easily replace the
3798s mama bear on board
3800s you see this is why Lee's Highwayman I'm
3802s not every little party system well I've
3803s got 45 seconds I don't have to pick yeah
3805s I'm gonna wait and see what's going on
3807s yeah every percentage point you can get
3811s yeah that's part of the the mentality of
3814s just trying to use every little bit of
3815s what you got
3819s Colin's got so much crazy stuff going on
3821s now he doesn't even know what to do
3822s about it
3823s yeah there's just so much I I'm unsure
3827s if he'll actually want the golden gold
3828s Trend but I think it's it's not bad like
3831s it could replace the uh Mama Bear if he
3834s ends up tripling it
3835s I mean these leaves just out of options
3837s here right so just yeah no goal nothing
3840s to buff
3842s you have to replace the teammaster than
3845s the macro
3846s Lee's just picking Collins as I speak
3849s with one second ago there we go
3854s um and then
3856s yeah we'll see we'll see how this fight
3857s goes but these numbers are gonna get
3859s very big very fast
3862s yeah obviously even the girls only can
3864s die
3868s yeah like the Shields and their friends
3870s backing them up that's the end of that
3872s like look at these numbers a 100 tag
3874s Hydra
3876s and a text
3883s this this beats everything even murlocs
3886s I don't know murlocs aren't in this way
3888s but this this would beat murlocs as well
3889s I was going to make the point there's no
3890s murlocs in this lobby but yeah this
3893s could do it because of the
3895s um inclusion of the hydras
3898s but it'd still be I think it could be a
3900s little a little more competitive at
3901s least the murlocs since they'd be able
3903s to trade one for one at the at the very
3905s least potentially more
3907s but yeah it looks like
3909s basically the same fit was uh the same
3911s fate was met by East Leaf as Penguins on
3914s taking 25
3917s all those beasts Staying Alive
3919s yeah and you did make the point early on
3921s that you know with this strategy I was
3924s saying it's the top four sort of
3925s guaranteed safe strategy all that you
3928s did make the point that this can go
3929s further it's not gonna go any further
3931s now like this isn't taking down to 100
3933s 100 hydras no matter how he tries but
3935s second place with this fantastic yeah
3938s and this is one of those um decision
3941s points that is like you know it wasn't
3943s too
3944s complex of one to decide if you're a
3947s power of the another Drake early on but
3948s you know it's one that has paid off for
3951s shirosa very heavily here
3954s if um you decide to be a little more
3956s greedy with a better hero power Target
3958s maybe he would have ended up like six or
3960s seven to even
3961s but here he is with the second place
3963s yeah
3964s absolutely
3967s and yeah there's just no chance like
3970s after the Macaw Hits and The Golden dies
3973s and the second Makai hits again they're
3975s all 100 hundreds like not the beasts are
3978s gonna die he's trying to double breathe
3982s on the Batman right
3984s oh yeah that's a that's a good spot
3987s there
3988s um if he does manage to hit either macaw
3991s or Baron twice he may be a competitive
3994s here but I think because double malibare
3996s was on the side of Collins it may
3999s require two well pits to kill a single
4002s macaw
4003s from what I remember yeah I think he's
4005s in trouble I just I was just trying to
4006s sort of highlight what he's trying to do
4008s because he doesn't know exactly what the
4009s build is so yeah
4015s Collins did end up getting the second
4017s cauldron off of the warden hero power
4019s copying the first two in shop
4024s ouch yeah I think the most impressive
4026s part about this Victory is that this is
4029s like you know a board you would normally
4030s see and this meta was stolen gold but
4034s cons doesn't even have stone gold he has
4036s um tiny henchmen like he did all this by
4039s himself he got on all these important
4041s units manually
4044s freaking start for Collins I think a
4046s very popular player we've got a lot of
4048s popular players in this tournament
4049s actually a lot of repeat performers a
4051s lot of streamers uh so everyone will
4054s have their favorites but it's good to
4055s see Collins who we haven't seen a huge
4057s amount of he's been involved in lobby
4059s Legends every single month we haven't
4061s seen a huge amount of him since the
4064s start of Lobby Legends we really saw him
4065s in the global Invitational was where he
4068s took off sort of carrying the America's
4070s team or he didn't carry the Murphy's
4072s team being a big part of the the winning
4073s America's team last time around
4075s yeah and one thing to know is I actually
4078s did play with cons in a tournament
4080s recently that may that wasn't a lot of
4083s Legends tournament it was Tyson's Tavern
4085s um
4086s brawl in yeah yesterday I'm actually
4088s with um for touchcon and I think he
4091s ended up getting at the second or third
4092s in that tournament so just always
4094s putting up consistent results
4096s um
4097s in lobby Legends and outside
4100s yeah Collins has always had a very
4102s methodical approach to First Arena and
4106s now uh Battlegrounds uh teams up a lot
4109s with with Shady bunny to discuss various
4112s strategies and stuff which is a really
4113s good pairing because
4115s uh Shady has always been an incredibly
4118s sort of aggressive minded person in most
4121s of the games he does but also is a very
4123s steady methodical way of learning things
4125s and Collins has always been
4128s more defensive minded oddly because I
4130s think he is in Battlegrounds but also
4131s has a slightly more outrageous way of
4133s learning things that that combination
4134s when they get together are deadly at
4136s learning meta games I really enjoy
4138s watching both of them together
4140s yeah I agree with that I think in a game
4143s like Battlegrounds where there can be
4145s many different play Styles it's good to
4147s learn from people who are different from
4149s you
4151s yes absolutely yeah I sort of used to
4153s learn a loop from shady I still do learn
4154s from Shady Houston a little bit from me
4156s but no these days he just teaches me
4158s anything
4159s um yeah and we had very different play
4161s stars I was very much like Collins back
4163s in the day a much worse version of him
4165s but same style but yeah that's the first
4167s game of the day in the books five more
4171s are still to come but Collins is leading
4173s the way and if you're going to see if he
4175s continues to do that
4176s um I just realized I picked you picked
4178s Collins in your bandwagon I did
4180s if he continues to lead the way with
4182s your bandwagon picks in game two in just
4185s a few moments
4191s [Music]
4194s thank you
4210s [Music]
4220s foreign
4223s [Music]
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4334s [Music]
4340s [Music]
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4355s foreign
4364s [Music]
4370s [Applause]
4372s [Music]
4378s [Music]
4385s welcome back everybody to Lobby Legends
4388s castle northria and game number one is
4391s in the books game number one with the
4392s tavern buddy in the books I will shut up
4394s about it at some point but as it's new
4395s we're excited to try it out and if you
4398s want to see how you're doing just click
4399s on the bottom to activate the
4401s leaderboard panel just below the stream
4403s if you're on Twitch and you'll see how
4405s you're doing on the high score chart at
4406s some point but Lee predicted after two
4409s turns that Collins was going to win that
4411s game what what did you like about
4413s Colin's position after two turns so much
4415s with Varden
4417s um obviously there's not too much to go
4419s off of
4420s um but I do think that Varden is a very
4422s strong hero especially in those Mech
4425s Beast lobbies because you can copy such
4427s such important pieces to make the camp
4429s very potent and I think that's exactly
4431s what happened in that game Khan's ticked
4434s picked tiny hatchman to give him enough
4437s strength to level the six and then from
4439s there he found golden Baron and golden
4442s macaw that combination just makes
4443s incredibly strong
4446s to win a Lobby and here we go with a
4449s fantasy team picks some Shenanigans
4452s going on here maybe but this is what the
4454s chats have picked
4455s um despite me plugging sleepy as hard as
4458s I could Collins did Edge out in the
4460s fantasy picks
4462s um in fact your team's basically been
4464s the top three picks people are listening
4466s to I know Aloo Timo people yeah
4469s back up to mess up yours
4471s um obviously the players we see a little
4473s bit less of eastleaf in particular a
4476s little lower down the list but that's to
4477s be expected as people will pick the the
4479s people they like as well as the strong
4481s players but do not underestimate
4484s um the Chinese players in this one
4486s they're putting up pretty good
4487s performances in lobby Legends so far
4494s okay so
4495s um talking of the Chinese place you
4497s you've obviously tried to qualify for
4499s this you will qualify for this at some
4500s point
4502s um
4503s is it
4504s something that you've got to be aware of
4506s playing from players from different
4507s regions especially ones that aren't so
4509s connected with with the regular regions
4511s we're used to
4512s um here on Twitch so the Chinese players
4514s in particular coming for a totally
4516s different matter
4519s um yeah I think it's something I haven't
4520s looked at for a particular yet because I
4523s haven't had to play against Chinese
4524s players but when I do
4527s um I will probably look at tournaments
4528s like these ones to see if I notice any
4531s differences in their playstyle and also
4533s they have
4534s um vars as well of their qualifying
4536s tournament which is separate from
4538s everyone else's and yeah like it is
4541s important to notice different playstyles
4544s of different regions
4546s um I've already kind of noticed that at
4548s least with some of the Asian players in
4550s the
4551s um the qualifiers that I played in
4554s there's a selection of Heroes yeah
4556s Colin's face is the same as my face what
4559s on Earth do you pick here
4562s um I'd say rakara is actually not bad at
4564s all with Max in it's very easy to make a
4568s lot of high-tech minions and there are
4570s mechs available to Collins in this lobby
4573s but you could also I'd really like to
4576s see a c'thun pick at some point with
4577s dragons in and getting
4580s um the mass Quest reward which doubles
4581s end of turn effect
4583s is if you don't get the mask rewards
4586s you're in so much trouble right yeah I
4588s don't think that's a risk anyone wants
4590s to particularly take for this day one
4592s but could maybe see it if the hero
4595s choices are
4596s not strong enough yeah especially as
4598s Collins won the first Lobby the first
4601s game of this Lobby so it's just just not
4604s coming last is you know kind of a
4605s priority it's not kind of particularly
4607s his style but you know with with the
4610s seven points already he's not going to
4611s want to take a risk on the c'thune maybe
4614s if he was in last place he would have
4615s gone for it
4616s yeah I think with the game one already
4619s finished up
4621s um people are going to look at their
4622s placement for that one and play it
4624s differently according on what they got
4625s so you know Colin's getting the first
4627s place he'll definitely want to play it
4629s safer and not go for the more risky
4632s strategies So Max on her car seems like
4634s a perfect plan
4636s reminder once again to get in your
4639s bandwagon picks during
4641s this area of the game
4643s um I will be reminding you through the
4645s day and yeah I'll remind you less and
4647s less as we go through but as it's new
4649s and we're excited
4651s thank you to the people who put that
4653s together for us
4654s allowing people to play along at home
4657s yeah and I've actually gone ahead and
4659s picked our TAMU for my Bannon pick on
4662s turn two uh personally because I like
4664s bear have a lot and I see he has the
4668s Dragon Star which you know not
4671s particularly strong in the current meta
4674s game but I think the dragon minion type
4676s can you know
4678s potentially get there early on and give
4681s him time to play a different strategy
4683s that can win I've got for turn one East
4685s Leaf um putting my my fantasy points
4688s where my mouth is my very large mouth
4691s when I was saying that you know watch
4692s out for the players we don't know much
4694s about so
4695s see how that goes for me
4698s going on the field as opposed to
4699s obviously Lee going on Common Sense and
4701s accuracy yeah
4704s that's what the cookie is quite a strong
4706s pick here as well uh one here I also do
4709s want to point out is penguin sun has the
4711s vol'jin in a lobby with crowbar and Naga
4714s so there's quite a few interactions that
4717s can be taken advantage of there the
4720s first being spell craft stats can be
4722s made permanent if you swap a minion with
4725s a minion as spellcraft basically you'll
4727s get those stats for free it won't return
4730s to normal stats at the end of turn and
4732s then with cool boards if you hear a
4734s power a minion with a lot of blood gems
4736s you can necrolite it and those stats
4739s will also not disappear
4741s yeah
4742s um the swapping stuff around is really
4746s hard to get used to but those
4748s interactions you absolutely must know
4750s when you're playing virgin you can get
4751s some very big stuff very quickly
4753s particularly with the um the ground
4755s Shaker interaction as well it's like
4757s okay that's just huge
4759s um you say bow off is obviously a good
4762s hero I used to love bow off but since
4764s Quest came in has it become harder am I
4766s just bad
4768s um I'd say it might even be easier
4770s because you can get more minions online
4773s earlier with coins to spend money on and
4775s you can also add cards to hand both of
4777s which are Quest requirements
4780s I'm saying yeah that makes sense
4782s yeah here we see oh very quick pick
4786s um did you catch what that was it was
4788s the spend 45 gold but I didn't see what
4790s it was for
4792s eign
4796s these are pretty difficult requirements
4798s Play Seven murlocanaga at 20 cards and
4801s play five Battle Cry minions
4803s don't say they're particularly Strong
4806s place seven murlocs with a mirror Shield
4808s maybe a thing that has some synergy
4811s yeah I could see that one but I think
4813s penguinsan may be more
4816s um incentivized to try to play
4818s different tribes than murlocs but nagas
4822s are natural though because the spell
4823s crafts do provide a lot of tempo really
4825s he has to go for battle cries for stone
4828s gold with no battle cross on shop
4830s interestingly enough
4832s but the song Gold has a lot of potential
4837s this one so by 10 minutes is quite easy
4840s on Milhouse so it does offer that one
4842s and yeah it's one of those things where
4844s I think some of the players will pick
4846s quests just based off how easy they are
4848s to do and not off of their late game
4851s potential like tiny henchmen will fall
4853s off later it's just nine on a stats to
4856s turn but you know it can also help you
4858s make plays like level greedy for greedy
4863s um strategies
4864s yeah we may see more of the greedy
4866s strategies again tomorrow when with the
4868s check format when winning the lobbies
4870s becomes so important um again you were
4872s saying that prize money May dictate
4873s otherwise but we will see
4875s how that works out tomorrow but for now
4877s getting that top four relentlessly is
4880s very important so we will see players
4883s largely trying not to come last at least
4886s in the first couple of games then
4887s they'll see where they are and we might
4888s see some people have to gamble later on
4891s yeah and I see
4892s um sister say end up going for a three
4895s drop with his road warrior which I like
4897s a lot because you know two four minions
4900s are kind of easier to kill in one hit
4902s but a 4 8 minion is very hard to so it's
4905s always going to get value and I think
4906s his quest requirement let's add cards to
4908s hand too so he's going to be making some
4910s good progress on that
4913s so Collins has 25 minions die for
4919s um Tony henchman
4921s I believe
4924s and he did decide to go on tier three on
4927s turn three looks like
4928s but not the worst board but you'd really
4931s like to have a gem generator for his uh
4935s bristleback Brewing sorry Collins has
4937s got some completely different that's
4939s entirely on me um he's just got to play
4940s Three Dragons or quill ball and he's got
4943s the power saw yeah yeah I like to pick
4946s up this patch Mark too then you can
4947s stealth it and generate spell crafts for
4950s um strength later on
4953s it seems like Collins is
4955s really happy that his quest activated I
4958s mean Colin's laughs about everything all
4962s the time he's got one of those
4963s infectious laughs that yeah is
4966s Relentless so I think he's happy but I
4968s think he laughs when things going badly
4970s as well but I do agree that
4972s getting your quest done on turn five and
4974s having a 4 to 13 passenger seems like a
4976s pretty good spot to be in to be fair
4979s yeah and uh like like he said to
4983s um
4984s this Quest is just a
4986s gift style to a minion given HP and I
4990s think you can also really capitalize on
4992s the health it gives to with the amount
4994s of attack he's generating passively
4995s through his hero power you can kind of
4997s balance both stats
5001s all right let's have a look at eastleaf
5003s on cookie
5004s how much he's going to get himself a
5007s potential five drop potential six drop
5011s decision time I guess on cookie you
5012s don't mind leveling so much
5014s yeah
5016s I think with this phrase is probably
5018s thinking about going for a six drop he
5019s can't sell off his
5021s um shell collector and maybe his arm or
5023s spawn
5025s um and this Lobby
5028s I feel like six would be a pretty good
5030s way to go about it
5031s um the Menace on board is not bad to buy
5034s at all as well
5035s let's see what his quest reward is
5038s seems to be
5042s Ben 40 gold for victim Specter so he
5045s would really actually like a six drop to
5047s be able to maybe double it with uh
5049s victim specter
5051s yeah that snowball's pretty fast
5054s um
5054s with sixes it's really weird I'm so used
5057s to not looking at sixes not not looking
5059s at them but just just playing on four or
5061s five a lot of the time but
5063s you can get those sixes to win that
5064s Lobby yeah and we meet some points on my
5067s bandwagon
5069s yeah
5071s the sport is pretty strong too for this
5073s turn time
5075s um I think there's Stealth cavalries
5076s have probably been under side effect and
5079s they're just so beefy it's hard for any
5082s minutes to shoot through 10 HP with
5084s those stats
5085s but it seems like
5088s um so that Nas is having a good one with
5090s that too sharosa with his henchman
5092s online with two wealth Smugglers to buff
5095s up the glyph Guardian board it means
5097s he's a very very competitive on stats as
5099s well I really like the snail Cavalry
5101s design overall
5103s um just as an aside I think that it's so
5106s huge for like three turns and it gets
5108s out started so quickly into just a
5111s rubbish minion I really like that you've
5113s really got to use it sort of sparingly
5115s and at the right times which is what
5117s he's doing now
5118s yeah it's one of those things that you
5120s kind of
5121s um if you can't triple it you know you
5123s usually replace it pretty quickly as
5125s well so it's nothing too impressive
5127s where it's good early good middle and
5129s good late game like yeah it's only good
5131s in the early game
5135s but yeah
5136s he lost his last fight so he challenged
5139s a blue shell but murdersome might just
5140s be better
5141s yeah I think he also lost his bet too so
5144s he didn't get three Golds and he wasn't
5146s able to go for a sixth drop
5148s not in the best spot but
5151s it also has a little bit of um potential
5155s with the agum and finding gems there
5157s but it seems like he has a very hard
5159s questing to play he's only two out of
5161s nine
5163s um play nine Battle Cry minions for a
5166s mask for chaga
5167s yeah I mean I think he probably just
5170s needs to focus on that as well and the
5173s nice thing is that his board at the
5175s moment does kind of facilitate buying
5177s battle criminals you can buy Battle Cry
5179s gem generators and get strong with that
5182s also working towards that strategy
5184s but I'm really concerned if he can live
5187s long enough for that Quest this um
5189s doesn't seem to be that good of a spot
5191s for him yeah and with his bad result in
5193s the first game like my option here would
5196s sometimes be well just get to fifth
5198s sixth place and get out of there like
5199s just give up on the quest buy all the
5201s things with big numbers on them and I
5202s hope it all goes away
5205s um but he hasn't even got that option
5207s really because another fifth or six just
5209s isn't really going for it so yeah he has
5212s got to try and get that done I think if
5213s he's going to come anywhere in this
5214s Lobby yeah I like to see him maybe take
5217s a little bit of risk this game just to
5219s try to get there like you said if he
5221s just goes for a um like not last
5224s placement I don't think it's gonna be
5226s enough
5228s if you're gonna take a risk at any point
5229s this is probably the time yeah makes
5231s sense and he he's a very good
5234s he knows exactly you want to take risks
5236s when not to with his constructive place
5238s so he'll be very aware looks like he's
5240s lost but didn't die here yeah is that 9
5243s HP I'm very concerned and he was the the
5246s player I chose my uh prediction on oh no
5250s too late to change it now yeah
5256s special toys
5258s yeah I'm curious to see how much he has
5261s left because he skipped a Subic and
5263s relaxer which would have been quite
5264s valuable to give him more stats this
5267s turn but if he's close to completing the
5269s quest maybe all he needs to do is spend
5272s all of his money on Battle crys right
5274s now and get this Charlie
5276s don't think he's used on five okay I
5280s think he can't potentially get it done
5282s if he rolls a Battle Cry in this next
5284s shot he does
5287s does but is he going to be able to will
5289s a child to keep him alive the plus one
5292s yeah maybe the murloc kills two things
5296s it is gonna be a huge power Specter
5298s right here
5300s um and he only has one Avatar effect
5302s right now but he may decide to keep this
5304s another Drake to have a second one
5308s also running out of time here
5312s yeah I think he probably has to sell off
5314s the
5315s murloc here or the dragon the nether
5318s Drake I would have personally like to
5320s see it but he's also just running out of
5321s time to think about it more
5324s all right well it's just key can he stay
5325s alive because he's in an okay position
5327s if he can live
5329s yeah
5330s um
5331s oh all right oh is it but the evil twin
5334s though the evil twin is a huge power
5336s Spike here
5338s but um the rest of the Minions on
5341s um Roga jeans board aren't too scary
5344s maybe he can dietrate enough on the rest
5347s of this board but I think okay blues and
5351s live is his option yeah as well he lost
5354s the coin slip to Thai but he's still
5356s alive he's alive that's all that matters
5358s yeah he has very high potential now
5361s but I'm still very concerned because he
5364s is the only player that can die in the
5366s next turn
5367s being the only one at less than 15
5369s health
5370s did she say
5372s one of those boards that we saw a lot in
5375s particular last Lobby Legends when it
5377s was um new just get some stuff make it
5380s work one way or another obviously
5381s there's a theme here there's cool boards
5383s going on but basically it's just some
5385s cards for now
5386s yeah I like the um ability for him to
5390s transfer the stats onto mechs because he
5391s does have this Omega Buster on his board
5394s and he's built a lot of stats into these
5397s cold Wars that won't go to waste if he
5399s installs them
5400s but
5401s I think it's going to be a multi-step
5403s process like you have to transition at
5405s them pretty slowly he may even just opt
5407s to continue to go for cobras
5410s he's just sitting there with a kangos
5413s and then I'm gonna get Buster and still
5414s probably yeah that's quite amusing to me
5416s I think I think the transition will
5419s happen if he has time but I'm not so
5422s convinced he he will have the time I
5424s think um I guess our temer he may even
5427s lose here because our team is now so
5430s strong with his Charlie and his agum
5432s setup
5434s uh one also just didn't know is he
5437s picked up this tunnel Blaster too so I
5439s think you touched a little bit on Mech
5441s Exodia earlier but he already has quite
5444s a few of those pieces he just needs a
5445s baron and another Buster and another
5448s kangars to complete that
5451s yeah I mentioned I still use Exodia to
5453s mean Pilots but I was corrected by you
5455s and subtle behind the scenes the Exodia
5458s now really being used for mechs a lot
5460s more
5461s yeah I'd say I see that a lot more
5464s um usually in tournaments and ladder
5467s mm-hmm
5468s oh this is a lot of damage coming in
5472s here though for penguin if he doesn't
5473s get enough hit some of these poisons
5475s yeah I like the the use of the stolen
5479s gold to make um was it grispark golden
5481s on Penguins on side that's the thing
5484s we've seen too after lately because
5486s grease but got changed but yeah it's
5489s just funny to see uh the grease but on
5490s board
5496s and now on Easter side hmm
5500s he is playing the team Master comp which
5502s I was rooting for here
5504s um
5506s but the Minions that he's buffing up
5508s aren't the best I'd say like he has no
5511s deflector
5512s um he has no Divine Shield any of his
5513s minions yet
5514s but he does have a lot of feel for those
5517s cards right now he has like
5519s two initial cards and he's getting this
5521s Golden Monkey
5523s how do you feel about Elise by the way
5526s um I suspect I underwrite her massively
5529s when you when you add up sort of how
5531s much it costs just to get a golden you
5533s wouldn't buy three
5535s I know sparring partners in a shop to
5537s get a golden and that's what a lease
5539s costs but obviously you can do it over
5541s time but personally I don't like her as
5544s much as I should
5545s yeah I'd say it's something
5548s I don't like as much either but
5550s specifically with these Team master
5551s builds
5553s um it's incredibly valuable to get the
5555s golden monkey like twice because you get
5558s that first initial manual called monkey
5560s and then you can discover another
5561s initial minion which is the useful
5563s minion in this case like if he managed
5566s to get a t-master I'd actually
5568s probably put him as a good favorite to
5570s top three here
5574s very hard build to to get to work at
5579s yeah a casual level I guess
5582s I'm looking sleepy here
5584s um I'm guessing I'll probably see the
5587s tunnel bastard being played right now
5589s so at this point
5591s um ladybosh tends to have a lot of
5593s divine shields on her board
5597s there you go absolutely yeah
5601s as well
5603s yeah not too big it's been slowly
5605s scaling up I think with the grease spot
5607s uh but there's certainly potential there
5610s this um glyph garden with Winfrey may
5612s even snipe out the uh snow cap right
5615s here
5617s okay anybody needs to take down yes
5619s takes it down Heap is what I was gonna
5621s say yeah vanished from the screen uh if
5625s there's an unlucky hit him he might die
5626s but you know sleepy will stay alive for
5629s another turn
5631s and I think um this is where we're
5633s talking about earlier about victim
5634s Specter where it's not too consistent I
5636s think
5637s Eastlake just got a microbot into his
5639s hand
5640s I couldn't stabilize look at that board
5642s he did a lot of work very quickly to get
5645s that board into a decent sized board
5647s turn 10 eighth place and that's one of
5651s those where you you post in your Discord
5653s with your friends like this is eighth
5654s place really like look at his board he
5656s has decent stats out there but the
5659s damage he took early on getting there
5661s was the big problem not winning enough
5662s Bets with the bow off and yeah eighth
5665s place for Alabama again yeah and it's
5667s always scary to play against
5669s um a lot of Minion types of divine
5671s Shields because you may have a lot of
5673s raw stats but if you play against
5675s deflect those that reset like two or
5678s three times
5679s um you know it doesn't really add up as
5680s well and as you saw an Altima's board he
5683s did have a lot of scaling minions with
5685s Charlie and with life thing but they
5688s just weren't on good enough minions
5690s Collins is an interesting spot here
5692s actually it's a great spot from TJ
5693s against this ghost because alicino is
5695s pretty large
5697s Collins wants to put as many of these
5699s blood gems on something you know on
5700s ideally on the deflectors I would guess
5702s to be more permanent
5703s but also can't take it too lightly so
5706s he's got a balance where to put those
5708s for this turn
5709s yeah I think the decision planet does
5712s become easier when you know you get
5715s almost the forehand of gems at the end
5717s of your turn now in this case I think if
5720s uh Collins buys a sparring partner he's
5723s probably guaranteed six gems but it
5725s could be even more if one of the
5726s deflectors resets the other
5728s and then just wait for the
5731s switch the necro later on
5733s yeah that's usually the ground Shaker
5735s for now and just trust that you're gonna
5736s be able to switch them onto the Divine
5738s Shields yeah it's one of those things
5740s where you do really have to
5743s um spend resources to not lose against
5745s the ghosts because they can't be quite
5748s strong
5749s so Collins is going to invest
5753s a good amount but not all the gems so
5755s it'll get another six gems back most the
5757s time here
5760s he gave maximum respect here because if
5763s he loses this he's dead and you can see
5765s that if he didn't give his maximum
5767s respect he would have been in a bit of
5768s trouble huh yeah
5770s unfortunately um he did get one of his
5772s yeah both of his shields sniped on the
5774s terrigasa and the deflector I
5779s don't even know if he will be oh no not
5781s now to win a coin flip oh that's what
5784s you're talking about yeah and our team
5787s is ghost killing educator Collins that's
5790s really not something you want to see
5792s there yeah for both players right
5794s they're both going to be annoyed Colin's
5796s paid it maximum respect he gave them
5798s maximum Buffs there with the ground
5800s Shaker and still lost and I'll let you
5802s know we'll see that and be like well
5804s you know why did I have to die look how
5806s strong I would have been surviving one
5807s more turn I beat Collins as it was on
5809s maximum Buffs and I'd have been even
5811s stronger oh my at the same time too
5814s though you feel a little Vindicated when
5815s your ghost does kill someone you're like
5817s uh you know I just got a little unlucky
5818s playing against a stronger opponent but
5821s I wasn't really all that weak
5823s uh penguin Sun sport is extremely nasty
5827s double holy mackerel with the gray spot
5830s is a lot of strength and scaling
5834s um but it's gonna be hard to improve
5836s from the spot on without just you know
5838s going into combats and having the grease
5840s bar scale but the nice thing about this
5843s hero is you can just swap out Divine
5845s shields for new Divine Shields which um
5847s is exactly what penguin Sun's doing yeah
5851s numbers up there
5853s yeah
5854s it does have a favorite as well so I
5857s think at this point you can make a
5859s almost 30 attack
5861s he wants you can sell
5864s um
5864s the murloc poison if he wants to attach
5867s a
5868s module to his fighter or even his um
5870s holy macro if he wants
5873s yeah he um chose not to go for the Mega
5876s mackerel without thinking that you know
5878s 40 attack give or take is enough for the
5880s time being
5881s eight cents to me obviously to have two
5883s really good makeables than one big one
5886s yeah you could also
5889s um be willing to invest more than one if
5891s he thinks that the numbers aren't big
5893s enough but at this point in time it's
5896s probably honestly it just
5897s enough
5900s let's see where he puts his module
5903s yeah he's gonna go for the 30 attack
5906s trooper and then just the mechanic that
5907s he got from the Amazon
5910s and the sherosa he has a lot of HP on
5914s this um amalgam yes I don't know if it's
5917s going to be enough
5919s the first one you need to go first and
5921s then he needs the amalgam to kill
5922s something he needs to drag him to go
5925s into the right place well this might
5926s actually work out okay you know
5929s um I'm not scared because it's the fact
5930s that it's gonna get this uh
5932s I don't know
5934s I think this might be a a loss for uh
5938s chirosa here
5939s there's not that much left on uh
5944s it just looked like some of the numbers
5945s were going to work out there for a
5946s minute but I think you're right what you
5948s are right absolutely yeah yeah that's
5950s the issue with the team Master you know
5951s it's only buffing up three minutes at a
5953s time and you know so maybe she also had
5956s three or four good minions but um
5959s divulging or
5961s um
5961s penguin Sun sport is just you know full
5964s of
5964s you know full of good minions there's no
5966s there's no Slackers in that team
5969s it comes second last time though so not
5971s totally over for him yet
5973s as they say we haven't seen that much of
5975s today we've seen a little bit
5977s and again just got this board of things
5980s just Board of stuff
5983s I think it's pretty funny at the uh the
5986s kangars are still on board with the um
5988s the Buster when there's only two mechs
5990s on board but um he may still be looking
5993s to make that transition I mean
5995s here again I could just convert these
5998s cobras to Max but at this point
6000s I think he's pretty happy with
6002s um that corrupted Ramadan being so big
6004s and you know it's it doubles the stats
6007s at the start of combat too
6009s you know what else he's happy with he's
6010s happy he's still gonna hear a power left
6012s but also he's mostly happy that he's in
6013s the top five he's fighting a ghost and
6015s it's turned 13 which means that other
6017s people probably die this turn he's just
6018s gonna get like a top three not by
6020s default but yeah top three and get out
6024s yeah I mean we know that the volume is
6027s super strong but he's playing against
6029s someone has 15 HP I'm not sure if he'll
6033s be able to kill Roger Gene here he does
6036s have that evil twin uh making a very big
6039s annoying model here
6041s the rest of this board the rest of the
6043s board is strong too they're not slacking
6044s as well it has magic Queen and lero to
6046s put in if he wants but I imagine he'll
6048s only put one so you can get the evil
6050s twin proc here
6053s see what he does actually obviously I
6055s assume he's getting his twin Puck as
6056s well he'd like to have the queen out
6057s there so yeah sell something out that's
6059s good yeah he went for all the stats on
6062s the module to to double it
6065s yeah I think he'll be pretty competitive
6067s here as long as this Firebird doesn't
6070s yeah win Ferry value
6072s avenge me
6074s but whenever there's macros involved I
6076s feel like you could never be too sure
6078s how the combat will go
6080s no absolutely right but
6082s the leeway taking out the right thing as
6084s well
6088s oh nice one of the mackerels Dead
6092s this
6094s looks like it'll be a win but
6098s Bolton will stay alive
6102s I'm wondering if anyone will die here
6104s there's a chance that the um that East
6106s Leaf will lose and not kill someone but
6108s no it seems like sleepy has gone out
6111s yep sleepy
6113s limps up to fifth place really for a
6115s while there it looked even worse than
6116s that but now we've got Burger King again
6118s with a board that looks really hard to
6122s improve
6124s yeah I don't really know if there is a
6127s good way besides attaching a module to
6129s the amalgam
6133s the Battle of blessing time again yeah
6136s the extension choose who you think is
6138s going to win this fight
6140s oh
6143s I think it's going to be a robo Gene but
6145s I see Double T master and I immediately
6147s want to go in that direction
6152s picking Burger Gene this time I think
6154s just looked big enough with that evil
6156s twin for me yeah
6158s I think I will
6161s maybe even go for eastleigh fear because
6163s he's gonna have another poison minion
6165s yeah another poison dragon yeah with the
6168s nadina and another nadina here too I
6171s imagine that would be the pickup
6173s see this is why you wait until the last
6174s few seconds because I've changed my mind
6177s but it's too late I've locked in workers
6179s in here
6180s but it could again
6183s um still be anyone's
6185s here I think in these end games when you
6188s know players have really strong units
6190s like Medina and uh Leroy matted you know
6194s it's never too one-sided like if your
6196s appointment gets sniped without getting
6198s additional value it could just be a loss
6201s yeah it's gonna be all about
6203s um a lot of times just who goes first
6205s there's no taunt on East Leaf side so he
6207s is
6208s got a little bit of fate
6210s of going first getting those Divine
6212s Shields is important yeah I'm a little
6215s disappointed eastleaf didn't play this
6216s nadina to try to get a second round of
6218s divine Shields I think it'd be
6220s incredibly valuable to go
6223s with more strength here to try to
6225s eliminate the um
6230s yeah I did feel that maybe he needs to
6232s go to the second one just to be sure
6233s anyway because this is especially now
6235s he's running into the Divine Shield yeah
6237s yeah
6240s it's a bit of a shame
6241s um
6242s yeah now I think you sleep is even in
6245s range you may have been afraid of
6246s tripling the DNA with his victim Specter
6249s but I think if he positions then Dina's
6251s earlier it'd be less of a chance that it
6253s happened and oh here we see the infamous
6257s ping-pong on the neck rolls it could
6260s still be a tie though for uh
6265s yeah this is some classic thing that um
6267s volunteers do in late game
6269s they dump a bunch of stats onto Krypton
6271s Ramadan and he has a golden one uh
6274s nonetheless to make a lot of stats
6278s bill has a hero power available as well
6280s just laughing say just enjoys
6281s playing these tournaments I don't know
6283s how he I mean I enjoy playing a lot of
6284s houses I enjoy playing a lot of Lobby
6286s Legends but the highest level to have so
6289s much on the line and just constantly
6291s look like you're enjoying yourself it's
6292s a great skill to have
6294s yeah it really does give you an
6296s advantage I mean if you're constantly
6298s nervous and like you know just stressed
6301s out you're gonna do worse than someone
6303s who's just having fun and it's to say
6304s yeah you just always look like he has
6306s fun
6307s yeah and he's doing well because of it
6309s so I mean it's it's easy to have the
6311s other way around you know I have a lot
6313s of fun when I do well but to have fun
6315s before I do well that's that's a harder
6317s skill yeah he's working what he wants to
6319s do here with this I think he might
6321s go for this I think he might go for this
6326s um corrupting Ramadan to make it a
6327s little bit bigger
6329s um he opted to not keep his uh tunnel
6332s Blaster maybe because he thinks uh
6334s there's not too many devices on this
6336s side
6337s but I think from what we saw in Rogers
6339s inside he had a manta queen and a um and
6343s a LeRoy so the tunnel plus actually had
6345s been quite useful but I see this going
6347s for he's going for the um
6350s the triple on the equipment Ramadan
6352s but it may not work out for him as much
6354s as he wants to because Rogan's side is
6356s full of poison minions
6358s so yeah I think he might realize it's
6361s just one of those things where what's
6362s the thing I can do that might win me the
6364s thought not that's going to win me the
6365s fight and I think having a huge thing
6369s you're still gonna get through these two
6370s stupid
6371s um
6374s get through these modules like
6377s it's not that big on the other side
6379s um if it's marmaladas earlier it'd be
6381s able to deal with the very natural but
6383s now it's just going to run into a poison
6385s yeah the other way around again
6387s I think the other way around he might
6389s have a chance this way around I think
6390s he's probably not going to yeah but it's
6393s very understandable that this is the
6395s positioning he went for because usually
6397s if you put your biggest minion early on
6399s it can very easily get slapped by a
6401s poison or
6403s by uh Manta Queen like it could just run
6405s into the Manta queen that could get
6407s tight
6409s eastleaf did go with the double Medina
6412s this time around of course of
6413s desperation but it wasn't enough yeah
6418s like he maybe it would have been able to
6420s survive this fight if he had put Medina
6422s the turn before even if he lost he maybe
6425s could have lost a less life and survived
6428s so I think he had a sizeable left total
6430s going into that last round
6434s um but yeah now it's one of the heroes I
6436s talked about earlier vol'jin being very
6439s strong with the these insane Divine
6441s Shield minions in Ramadan but I think I
6444s would give the advantage to
6448s and that's on here because I don't think
6450s Roger Shane was really had that much
6452s stats he just had a lot of poisons which
6453s helped him beat his last opponent
6456s um he's got the double the evil twin
6459s minions right they're quite large
6461s oh yeah that's true
6463s um the Pendleton actually needs maybe a
6465s LeRoy then to go through that and then I
6468s think his macros basically clean up
6469s through everything else because they're
6470s all uh 37 life or less but yeah it's
6474s gonna be very difficult to get through
6476s this module
6478s yeah once again that positioning you
6480s talked about before just getting the
6481s module out there getting its damage done
6483s while it can and
6486s um that's not a thing you're expecting
6487s from the other side necessarily right
6489s because you're seeing what are you
6490s seeing here even you're seeing murlocs
6491s too
6493s um yeah before yeah
6495s I think uh usually when I see that I'm
6498s like uh okay the rest of the minions are
6500s just like
6501s uh Leroy's and mantis and maybe like a
6504s big Mech and
6505s that's exactly real good she's for it is
6509s I mean it makes sense right like if
6510s you're seeing there's only two or three
6512s of something what is the rest at the end
6513s of the game there's just Levi's and
6515s queens right
6516s yeah important thing in amalgam so it's
6519s probably poisoned yeah
6520s yeah like two of us sing on minotype
6523s usually it means it's Menagerie but you
6525s know it's opted to have two of one card
6530s broker
6531s oh that would have been a really
6533s important hit if he managed to snipe the
6535s Leroy but it doesn't matter too much the
6537s Leroy didn't really get that much value
6540s I think this is probably gonna be a
6543s Panasonic victory
6546s unless something crazy happens
6550s it's gonna be tough now the ones ones I
6552s think needs to snipe the exact right
6553s things the exact right time yeah but he
6556s may still be alive here right
6558s maybe not now no now that hit the macros
6562s are getting it done
6565s yeah I
6569s I'm not too surprised if the Bulls
6570s should win here um it doesn't look that
6572s scary of a board but then my girls just
6575s do so much in these late games when um
6577s everyone's border poisons
6580s [Music]
6581s um nice way to go down there though and
6584s I think we will see the standings in
6585s just a moment but basically the people
6587s who did badly in the first round did
6590s well the second time I had a team
6591s obviously in a world of trouble now I'm
6594s sleepy somehow
6596s two mediocre finishes despite looking
6598s like top 18 both times uh just managed
6601s to skip some points both times
6604s um but Collins there who won the first
6605s one coming down the bottom Burger King
6607s finishing last last time doing very well
6610s I'm looking forward to seeing the
6611s updates there it's all going to be down
6612s to the game three so it's all going to
6615s be done one game of Battlegrounds it
6618s looks like penguin Sun then is the
6621s leader with a victory and then he got
6623s four points to the round before right
6626s yes that looks right to me too yeah so
6630s this this could be anyone's game except
6632s for maybe our temu with um was it only
6635s 0.5 points but everyone else I think
6638s they're fighting for those middle slots
6639s like the top slot you know I think
6642s payments on probably hasn't locked up
6644s but he could get top eight and maybe get
6646s edged out but everyone has a solid
6649s chance here
6650s yeah uh something we've seen time and
6652s again actually people have come back
6654s after you know penguin Sun last time I
6656s think came seventh seventh and second in
6658s lobby Legends five
6660s um but this time already as you can see
6662s there significant Improvement overall
6665s and I think you just get a little bit
6667s more I talk about sample size of three
6670s is always a bit weird but it feels like
6672s people get a little bit more relaxed in
6674s their second Lobby Legends have you done
6675s it once before and there you see it all
6677s to play for going into this last one
6679s absolutely
6681s um yeah so the spread is like 5.5 points
6685s to eight is where the middle of pack is
6687s and it's really not a big difference at
6690s all I think aoteemu at this point may
6693s just be mathematically uh eliminated but
6695s everyone else
6697s very much
6699s I think
6701s he can still do it but everybody I think
6704s like it's one of those where you
6706s literally have to place them in the
6708s exact perfect order with him at the top
6710s and the exact perfect order from 876
6713s fifth
6714s put it to work so he's basically
6716s eliminated but never say never weirder
6718s things have happened
6719s yeah that's true
6721s um
6723s okay well that is game two in the books
6726s they're going to try and Rattle and get
6727s game three going so we're going to take
6729s a very quick break while they set up
6731s game number three uh we're back in just
6734s three minutes with the final game of
6735s Lobby number one
6737s [Music]
6757s [Music]
6758s [Applause]
6760s [Music]
6763s thank you
6767s [Music]
6788s [Music]
6792s foreign
6793s [Music]
6824s foreign
6826s [Music]
6857s [Music]
6872s [Music]
6875s thank you
6878s [Music]
6902s foreign
6905s [Music]
6934s I'll come back once again to Lobby
6936s Legends castle northria and we are
6938s getting to the end of group a and it is
6941s in a position I've got to admit that I'm
6943s really looking forward to because sleepy
6945s needs a win and when sleepy needs a win
6948s I think we're going to see something
6950s quite exciting one way or the other
6951s obviously he needs to have the tools but
6953s yeah in general I think sleepy is a
6955s player who when he needs a win can find
6957s a way to get a win happened maybe
6959s yeah I'm excited to see that I feel like
6961s for the first two games he was shooting
6964s for that win he didn't quite get what
6966s he's looking for but he also didn't get
6969s eighth place too I mean he got two
6971s respectful finishes and he's still in uh
6974s contention for it so this one works out
6975s I'd love to see a um maybe a first or
6978s second from him
6980s yeah he picked up a fifth and an equal
6982s 5.5 which again not great but in both
6985s games I I definitely top out both of
6988s those If he if he just hands over to me
6990s on turn six you know those two games I
6992s just talk like both of them so he got
6996s something out of them both an extra turn
6998s both times getting a lot of points makes
7000s all that difference uh but this time he
7003s he can't bail out this time he has to
7004s just keep going and again something I'm
7007s looking forward to not just him though
7008s uh player that's going to need probably
7011s like a top three just needs to gain one
7014s point but the the field above of Collins
7018s and sharuza is going to be
7020s irritating for him so yeah uh says to
7022s say another player talk about how
7024s relaxed he is but he does need to get it
7025s done it might be relaxing for you if you
7027s don't win but I think we are going to go
7029s to this game quite quickly
7031s but um yeah basically Collins and
7033s Charissa and eastleigh if they all have
7035s to just check to see where the players
7037s below them are doing and if they're
7039s eliminated early then they can relax a
7041s little bit knowing that that's one last
7043s person that can overtake them
7045s so we may even see like a shift in
7048s playstyle mid game based on who is a low
7051s and potential uh potentially dead in a
7054s turn
7055s yeah it's one of the big differences I
7056s found casting Battlegrounds compared to
7059s Casting Masters tours actually Masters
7061s tours you're playing your opponent best
7062s out of five one of you's kind of gotta
7064s win that's how it works but
7065s Battlegrounds you can sort of bail out
7067s and choose not to win for a safer option
7069s and here we go with sleepy
7071s surely it's got to be sire the situation
7074s he's in or is there a better choice do
7076s you think
7077s um I could see potentially a Target pick
7080s here with um pirates in but I'd probably
7084s go for sire I'm trying to win I feel
7086s like that Hero has so much potential
7087s here we go
7090s right going on to the bandwagon and I'm
7092s instantly picking sleepy here we have a
7094s goth from East Leaf as well he was one
7097s of those top four players so I could see
7100s a very interesting you know stay on low
7103s tier uh ghost strategy potentially
7107s obviously a massive Armor Hero so your
7110s nice easy quest which is something we
7112s haven't talked about that much because
7112s there's been so much going on
7115s yeah oh right on the instantly goes for
7118s animal bread I would love to see the
7120s combination of Anima bribe and cooked
7122s book
7123s um he deals accumulate a lot of stats
7125s and that would be perfect for winning
7126s this Lobby I think that may be part of
7129s the reason why you've snapped picked
7130s that over the ritual dagger the Richard
7132s dagger is pretty tempting as well with
7135s uh the skywag on board and it's easier
7137s quest to do I think
7138s it's like buy nine minutes compared to
7141s [Music]
7142s um
7142s what was it five battle cries yeah will
7146s he stay on one like battle crys live on
7148s one don't they you stay on tier one now
7150s for quite a while
7152s yeah a few of the important ones are
7154s gone there's no Alley Cat there's no
7156s shell collector and there's no
7158s refreshing normally all of which are
7160s very
7161s um cheap battle cries to buy because
7163s they give you money in a way
7167s to skip this battle cry because it'd be
7169s a little awkward to stay down with it
7171s without
7172s um an economy in it
7174s yeah okay
7178s no freeze there either okay we're gonna
7180s see flurgle played fluger one of the
7182s higher win rate Heroes but can just sort
7186s of flump out if you're not careful you
7187s do need to just take time and still play
7190s your Tempo game sensibly I think
7192s yeah unfortunately I used to say it
7194s didn't get a murloc or a economy unit
7197s for it to turn one so it'd be a little
7199s harder to get the molecuing plant
7201s activated but
7203s um some shops can really change that
7204s like Tad for instance is probably the
7207s best card you can find these upcoming
7209s turns you may even stay on two for that
7212s stay with him hopefully and have a look
7213s what quest he gets and
7216s Burger King look around
7219s he was in this shop
7224s oh that's not a bad shop two hero power
7227s and by at all
7229s you will unfortunately get the the knot
7232s in that card any of the other cards that
7234s have been perfect I think for he's
7235s trying to do
7236s but y'all y'all give and y'all take it
7239s away it does this is yeah he's gonna
7242s freeze this for the Synergy I assume
7244s that's why of course yeah nothing
7246s imagine he'll want the metal tooth
7247s leaper um later on and he'll probably
7249s just buy one of these other two mechs um
7252s this deciding probably which one is
7253s better for now though
7256s where do you draw the line like keeping
7258s stuff in hand versus playing it going
7260s into Quest turns
7262s um how do you weigh up what to do there
7264s yeah so that's an interesting thing I
7266s think um holding battle cries in your
7269s hand is probably one of the best things
7271s to do because that requirement is so
7274s Niche and
7275s um you know specific but when it comes
7277s to random you know tribal minions maybe
7279s not
7281s not the best but you could still do it
7283s and then when it comes to like
7284s Minions that have no tribe type you
7286s probably don't want to hold those
7287s because they only help you progress the
7290s summon Quest requirement
7292s goodbye
7294s okay that makes that makes a lot of
7295s sense
7296s and then obviously if your opponent
7297s stayed stayed on one and has a whole
7299s like their meal house or something you
7301s might have to just play stuff to stop
7302s yourself getting beaten up yeah times
7305s 115 gold
7308s um thinking that's probably not the pick
7311s for sleepy
7312s um but there are dragons in so
7314s technically you could start backing a
7316s text with that but I think
7318s he might not even be in a game if he
7321s picks that one like uh he'll probably
7324s just die before the Smoking Gun I will
7326s say I I see chat like often complaining
7329s I'll look 100 gold 90 gold it's so much
7331s it does add up quickly if you cycle
7333s things through especially if there's um
7335s pirates in and Elementals you you can
7338s get through a lot of gold in return but
7340s yeah 115 does seem to be pushing your
7342s luck yeah when you buy Minions that um
7345s give you money back um it's likely to do
7348s it but 115 if you're not like Milhouse
7350s or
7351s um Fred Sky works I think it was way too
7354s much
7356s fun very nerfed Quest as well
7360s yeah that's true
7362s carry on
7363s uh looks like Eastland doesn't really
7365s have the best stuff too honestly but
7368s maybe the random Max might be the way to
7370s go I see one Battle Cry in the shop if
7372s it could also be alter ego but that
7374s refresh uh 10 times Quest requirement is
7377s very harsh because typically you're not
7379s rolling too much and having the tavern
7380s refreshed
7382s yeah an alter ego very much is sort of
7384s early or mid Game Quest I think later on
7386s the the plus seven plus seven becomes
7388s not irrelevant obviously if you've got
7390s some sort of demons going on maybe but
7391s yeah it's pretty rough
7394s yeah I'd say it's uh it's pretty decent
7397s in this lobby with Max and uh demons in
7400s you can stack those um plus seven
7402s percent plus pretty quickly but yeah
7405s maybe not the the best one to go for in
7407s the spot
7409s foreign
7418s this is the part about gopher it feels
7420s so awkward to play as a hero um he's
7422s gonna have seven goal next turn and
7424s buying a minion here probably costs five
7425s but what do you do with like the
7427s remaining two two gold you have
7430s yeah
7431s you'll go to it's something that's made
7434s Battlegrounds really cool right now like
7436s before it was just learn how to be
7438s efficient and chill play the game pick
7440s some good cards but now you've got to
7443s still do all that and factor in the
7445s quest so sometimes just having two gold
7447s left over
7448s because there's so much else going it
7450s just happened to us mortal players like
7453s it's like I forgot to be efficient
7455s because I was worrying too hard about my
7457s quest or too hard about my triple or too
7458s hard about something else there's so
7460s much going on now so much making it up
7462s as you go along it's a lot less
7463s formulaic
7465s yeah I think you're bringing up a good
7467s point before when you mentioned that
7469s like the top 20 Heroes had fewer pairs
7471s didn't cost any goals I think right now
7473s the state of Battlegrounds
7475s um those are just Heroes that you want
7477s to be picking because they help you
7478s complete the quest easier right because
7480s you don't have to worry about you know
7482s awkwardly spending gold on hero Powers
7484s you just buy Minions that help you with
7486s your quests and then you get a quest
7488s that's you know sometimes even better
7491s than your hero power
7493s yeah absolutely and it's also just costs
7495s money a lot of the time if you're trying
7496s to spend 150 in Gold you're buying and
7498s selling minions or you know just joking
7500s there but you're buying minions to play
7502s Battle cards you're buying minions to
7503s get death battles you're buying minions
7505s to put things in your hand or to improve
7507s deep minion stats a lot of the time
7509s um one or two hero Powers maybe help
7511s with that like Guff but in general
7513s spending money pressing a button
7516s not where you want to be if you're
7517s completing your quest so it shows how
7519s important the quests have been
7521s yeah and the case of Guff too it's like
7524s an interesting comparison you spend two
7526s gold for you know a static amount of
7528s stats you could get that same thing for
7532s free with like ritual dagger or red hand
7534s right kind of like
7536s yeah kind of um you know really
7540s yeah it makes this a hero Powers a lot
7542s less valuable
7546s yeah I could just chill here yeah I like
7549s it
7554s so he's gonna go for a six drops seems
7556s like in this Lobby you could hit Eliza
7560s or fell back potentially and he's also
7562s gonna get a um a prize material power
7564s too
7566s take a look at what his quests was
7569s it's not quite up yet but uh the only
7572s one that isn't yeah typically
7575s yeah it's about to say though if he had
7577s Secrets since then um it'd be a bit
7578s unfortunate because he might not get it
7581s before his discover but
7584s also interesting that he's he's in
7586s fourth place at the moment so you know
7588s playing safe would be your natural
7590s instinct but no he's he's gonna go for
7592s six and still play Battlegrounds you
7594s know as he's used to us as you should
7596s play
7597s yeah the second interesting Dynamic
7600s where if everyone is trying to play safe
7601s then maybe you don't play safe and you
7604s try to like Edge out people by going for
7606s riskier line and then you come out on
7608s top because everyone's
7609s everyone was you know settling yeah yeah
7611s safe placement there's less competition
7613s for you in terms of who's going for
7615s first yeah that makes a lot of sense and
7617s a lot something that makes a lot more
7619s sense now is going for that six anyway
7622s because his quest is to increase minion
7624s stats 20 times
7626s so he's got the double Earl in place he
7628s doesn't want to take the the triple for
7631s now he wants to I don't know what the
7633s reward is
7636s oh it's Alter Ego so having the double
7638s URL in play he's not he's completing the
7641s question could it be quickly basically
7642s yeah and he might even get it done uh
7645s the turn after he takes a six drop
7647s but one thing I want to bring up here is
7648s penguinsan was at a 60 life with an
7651s incredibly strong uh Quest that this
7654s ritual dagger
7656s um and he's in the top of the
7657s leaderboards right now too he's um 11
7659s points so I'd say payment sign is
7662s playing perfectly towards what his game
7664s plan should be which is securing a um a
7668s placement just enough to to secure him
7671s um advancement at this group
7673s yep didn't see his other choices but
7674s again just just taking it here with a
7676s million health is also part of that
7679s um meanwhile on the other side of it
7681s here we go with that six drop Quest must
7683s be nearly complete I think to go for
7684s this yeah four more needed so that will
7687s be completed next turn yeah I'm quite
7690s worried for sharosa though and I did um
7693s miscalculate it's turn seven not turn
7696s eight so you'll only be getting his
7697s prize next turn this board is really not
7701s too strong here he had the staff two
7702s minions which are Minions that rail
7705s could have ended up buffing we need to
7706s take Amanda Queen which doesn't really
7707s give him any direction
7709s so no not the best spot for him golden
7713s amalgam hidden behind this burn so I
7715s assume the choice is bran or Tony at
7717s this point depending what the other
7718s Pirates are
7719s I believe the our teammate did have a
7721s gold Grabber so it could have even been
7724s a Tony pick there to try to Golden it
7726s but I think without any help on his
7729s board to proc The Avenge maybe not
7732s this brand is also yeah very good in
7734s this Lobby I'd say with the amalgam and
7736s the murlocs in
7738s well it's not freezing this that's
7740s something
7741s um I'd be very tempted to freeze this
7742s with the poison and the
7745s golden pirate there
7749s I think with this Menagerie Mayhem Quest
7751s he's probably looking to find Divine
7754s Shields to buff up and this amalga's
7757s already so high attack he feels like he
7760s probably doesn't need to
7762s um actually get a poison he'd have to
7765s find numeral octopo poison I think if
7766s you want to take that line
7768s oh is this already gold as well that
7770s explains
7775s um stressa oh
7777s not the best ones I think in this case
7779s you're usually looking for on the house
7780s or
7781s I forget the name but there's one that
7783s helps you
7785s um level up quickly by giving you six
7787s goals immediately
7789s yeah I forget the names of the next one
7790s you made
7791s it's the one that levels up quicker by
7793s giving you six goals yeah
7796s that's that's exactly that one I
7799s couldn't think of it I got halfway
7800s through a sentence and realized hang on
7802s this is just going to repeat exactly
7804s what I've just heard
7805s yeah but assistant's position isn't too
7809s bad here actually he's just gonna buy um
7811s different tribal minions too uh help
7814s with his Samantha Queen and he gave it
7815s taunt too so it's very likely to get
7816s Divine Shields oh but um you sleep here
7821s just managed to collect almost all of
7823s the two accounts I think he has one two
7825s three four he's just missing a five drop
7827s because he skips um
7830s basically in a five to get a six drop
7831s off of this
7833s micro mummy triple looks like
7835s it's just sneaky strong right with
7838s double America Eliza and some stuff
7841s yeah I think he's incredibly strong
7843s actually
7844s um he has a lot of like in combat
7847s strength with the Eliza and with this
7849s prize parametric but
7851s he doesn't really have a strong way to
7853s improve the stats on his board for the
7854s next turn besides his hero power which
7856s granted does give him like 10 tennis
7858s stats to turn with his five uh tier
7860s counts but the quest is going to start
7862s spewing out Max as well so if you get to
7865s six he's going to be able to just ride
7867s the back of this board for a couple of
7869s turns while the mechs start to pile up I
7871s think
7872s yeah if he wants to do that he may also
7874s opt just to stay on five and maybe find
7877s some annoying marches for these amalgams
7880s maybe find some Scallywags for Eliza or
7883s yeah just find a brand to buff his
7884s things up there's a lot of directions he
7887s could go down
7888s uh yeah I'm very curious my mic again
7891s I'm
7892s a little bit all over the place
7893s sometimes but I like to go to Six here
7895s because you might get the modules anyway
7897s with the friends along the way so I
7899s wanted to double my chance of getting
7900s good stuff counting Busters good stuff
7902s yeah
7903s yeah would be really good
7906s it's a strong board that you can get
7907s away with it is what I'm thinking
7910s oh this is a strat that I'm really
7913s interested in I like this uh stone
7915s called the Terry ghosts that you can
7918s find Terry Gus at any point and make
7919s them golden permanently for free because
7922s by the way uh the tear Gas Works and the
7925s cool thing about this strategy too is um
7927s you can passively scale so much just
7929s from the web Smugglers the nether Drakes
7933s the funds promo Drake too he scales
7935s historic very very quickly imagine
7938s that's what cons would go for here on
7940s tier four
7942s how do you I mean here it's obvious you
7944s you've got no choice but with Amber
7946s Guardian are you
7948s interested in forcing on how it goes or
7950s do you just tend to let it happen
7953s um I think you just tend to let it
7954s happen because you can't really afford
7956s to sell off all these dragons that
7957s you're scaling with the um another Drake
7959s yeah
7961s I've seen people sell like on different
7964s Boards of this sort of more
7966s your developing boards if you liked
7968s people sell off decent dragons just to
7970s get a shield until it goes and I
7972s understand players are good but
7973s sometimes that just feels a little bit
7973s wasteful where this again Colin's hand
7977s is kind of forced but
7980s you've got plenty of time
7982s yeah I think in this case
7985s um
7986s cons is kind of like is
7989s he has a mix of two strategies that I'd
7991s say dragons have right now for early
7992s game uh one of which is like Tarik and
7995s promo and the other one is nether Drake
7997s and wolf Smuggler and he could be
8000s prepared to switch over to the tariken
8001s promo one if he gets Turk but I think
8004s for right now he's pretty solid in one
8006s strategy while just keeping this taric
8007s in case
8010s in that case you know you probably don't
8012s want to slap your other dragons oh but
8013s he did get the yeah
8016s good yeah how did he get another
8020s it's insane he got another Eliza and he
8022s got a Tony what if that Fringe along the
8024s way isn't mixed but he's Pirates or
8025s something
8027s I think maybe the amalgam got tripled
8029s there and he triples to Eliza and then
8030s rolled into Tony
8033s but wow
8035s scuff was so strong he didn't even get a
8038s um a golden process Tony
8041s the definition for so problem
8045s s is now in deep trouble he was relying
8047s on having two turns to
8049s what he's doing and now he's got to make
8051s it work immediately
8052s yeah so now either or Collins could
8055s potentially die but
8058s yeah and that would throw the lobby open
8060s because they're the two players on eight
8061s points
8063s right yeah so that would really give
8068s um sleepy focusing a really good chance
8070s of getting out of this into the finals
8074s yeah and the funny thing here is Alex at
8076s the very top of the standings and
8079s this could be that scenario where he
8080s said right like if people just right
8083s magic placements
8085s they would be the two players who'd have
8087s to come like last and next to last would
8089s be Collins and um if they shared it last
8093s got 0.5 Points each that would actually
8095s be a part of that I think
8097s yeah and the tiebreaker might make us at
8100s our team who doesn't make it through
8108s I think he got eight for a win for some
8110s reason oh yeah so we got seven 7.5 yeah
8113s it's not enough then I mean my bad yeah
8115s I spent the whole day typing in stats
8117s that add up to eight so eight was on the
8119s brain because first for seven points is
8121s eight yeah my bad
8123s yeah
8124s um but let's just say here really gotten
8127s his Strat to come along
8129s I don't even know if he's gonna have
8130s enough time to finish out this turn
8132s depending on
8134s if he gets a like a highly valuable
8136s murloc here like a um
8139s a lookout yeah
8143s there it is yeah just freeze it and
8146s waste to Gold just make sure you get it
8148s one way or another yeah you're less
8151s concerned about the gold and Flame we're
8153s concerned about just staying alive here
8156s but yeah it is a very safe play to solve
8160s the brand here for the tunnel Blaster
8161s when you're not sure they're going to
8162s have Divine Shields
8164s very much underrated skill that um
8169s happens in Battlegrounds is the skill of
8171s just okay which is my priority I've run
8172s out of time because we're so used to
8174s talking about perfect play or correct
8176s plays when it comes to constructed
8178s and in Battlegrounds it's very hard to
8181s do that if not impossible so
8184s just knowing when okay look this term is
8187s going to be a bit of a botch I'm going
8188s to run out of time this is the best
8190s thing I can do with my last three
8191s seconds is a huge scale as Collins goes
8194s out there in eighth place
8196s um it's a huge skill that these top
8197s players have all got is when to do
8200s something with your time and when to
8201s just bail
8203s yeah and I'd say that um it's time the
8206s turn timer gets shorter probably the
8208s most important thing to do is just not
8210s think about how much gold you have at
8211s all and just focus your time on
8214s positioning your minions to maximize um
8217s combat effectiveness
8218s which is always hard to do because
8220s you know
8222s you have so much money to spend you're
8224s going to want to spend it but in these
8226s cases like this positioning is the most
8228s important thing you can do yeah and it's
8230s an ego thing as well right it's like I'm
8232s a top player why am I running out of
8234s time I shouldn't be running out of time
8235s on a normal looking turn I don't count
8238s part APN Pilots or something obviously
8240s um so you've got to check your ego a
8242s little bit and just go no this is this
8244s is what I can do this is what I've got
8245s left
8247s yeah it kind of helps to watch these
8249s tournaments too like there are going to
8251s be turns where people just run out of
8252s time and it's gonna see how they handle
8255s it and the good players will uh
8258s they'll handle it well
8260s oh my God nearly there
8262s yeah we were talking about how you know
8264s Exodia kind of shifted to me and Max a
8267s little bit but this is pirate Exodia and
8270s the compos
8271s coming along like usually there's gonna
8274s be more
8275s um khadgars and Barons on the board but
8278s yeah right now he could pivot over uh
8282s completely to khadgar's if he finds it
8284s but for now I like the the mech um
8286s additions they're gonna get so much
8288s attack with the Eliza prox
8290s yeah and this should keep him alive for
8292s a long time
8294s um easily also yeah again we talk about
8296s the positions because it is game three
8298s he's he's pretty safe if he doesn't have
8300s a disaster and this isn't a board that's
8301s having a disaster anytime soon most
8303s likely
8304s I guess on 16 something weird can always
8307s happen with a cleave but
8308s yeah looks like because it's shirosa
8312s it's kind of going for like a mix of a
8316s bunch of strategies he has this Buster
8318s and the Kang Wars but sadly for him
8322s it's not going to get too much value off
8324s of the kanglers
8325s yeah this is one of my boards oh look
8327s I've got a powerful card let's see what
8329s I can do with it all at once obviously
8331s I'm sure he got there by a different
8332s route to me but yeah
8334s yeah we saw a lot of this actually in
8336s the last game too where um when the
8339s players was playing like a buster in a
8341s kangaroos with like two mechs it's just
8344s something that you're holding on to
8345s you're hoping you can transition into
8347s but you know it might never actually
8349s happen
8353s is out and Collins is out
8357s both players on eight points so that
8359s means that says to say uh Burger Gene
8361s sleepy all in with a chance now of
8364s getting on to Sunday Stacy say with this
8367s is ongoing fluggle Board of Relentless
8371s numbers
8372s um what could he do to improve this how
8373s can you go about getting some Divine
8374s Shields or something for this board
8377s um I think he's probably just going to
8378s continue to go for stats here it'd be oh
8381s we got the browse blessing
8384s all right
8385s uh I think Divine Shields probably
8388s aren't a priority because he already has
8390s the Blaster which I imagine he'll play
8391s down at the end of the turn here
8394s um
8396s and yeah I mean I think his turn is
8399s basically over but rogoshine still has
8401s quite a few The Cook's book
8404s with these mechs and the magnetics are
8406s quite pulling but I think
8409s that was uh rugby chain might not have
8411s enough attack on his deflectors I could
8413s be wrong here though because there is a
8415s module in hand that could be pretty big
8417s to attach but you never feel too good
8419s about attaching a taunt to your deflecto
8422s yeah and TJ's chosen is a really
8424s important one here because these are the
8426s two players best placed to take
8429s um Collins or serious spot
8432s are these are the next two in the table
8434s so
8436s if they can eliminate one one another
8438s here that would be a big deal for both
8440s players uh the winner of this fight a
8443s very good chance of pushing the other
8444s one out and taking a spot in the finals
8446s won't be guaranteed but
8449s it's a pretty big deal yeah
8452s I feel like the stats answer says said
8454s it may just be enough here these Leroy's
8458s are gonna do nothing because of the
8460s Blaster Blaster is one of those cars
8463s we've seen have an insane impact on
8465s these combats
8468s and once again I believe I picked too
8470s soon I was pretty sure that Ferguson was
8471s going to get there but that blaster's
8473s just blasted him out of the tournament
8475s pretty much yeah it was likely does not
8478s getting researchy there
8480s yeah I think the the gold gripper
8484s unfortunately is not quite big enough
8486s here there's 95 HP on the world leader
8489s but we've done it you said that um yeah
8492s the best plan here of course yesterday
8493s was just to to keep building stats good
8496s job he did because he didn't end up with
8497s that much by the end of it in terms of
8499s extra stats on at least one of those
8500s minions and put smoke machine out and
8503s not only does Focus you can go out but
8505s that puts as they say even closer
8507s do that top four which would put him
8510s through to tomorrow yeah and Penguins
8513s sign is out too and here was the leader
8517s um it looks like then he'll have 2.5
8521s points with that so have 13.5 which I
8524s think sounds should be enough yeah
8527s well he's going sleep he's gonna
8529s probably need to win this Lobby I should
8530s think
8532s oh so here's uh
8535s I really like this strategy or the
8537s combination of
8539s um Quest rewards here so he has smoking
8542s guns gives five attacks and Minions on
8543s board and with anime bribe so basically
8546s every single minute he sells is just an
8548s extra five attack to his minions
8550s and that's how he is able to come up
8552s with these uh like this really high
8554s attack uh bronze word in the
8557s the papa
8559s and if he can take you down this could
8561s be one of the the puzzle box questions
8562s for the day as well with
8565s um he's only on tier four
8567s oh my god eastlife um oh wow wow got a
8571s golden character out of nowhere
8573s like you do no help out of his quest
8575s Yeah just something that happens
8577s um and esleaf was the second place
8579s player with 9.5 so
8581s I think penguins are an easily for
8583s probably secured here and then
8586s sleepy and just say might just be at the
8589s the remaining two
8591s yeah it's looking like it actually
8593s um
8594s yeah I'm not going to do I am going to
8596s do it so colleges shoes you're both on
8597s eight at the start of this so they're
8599s both on 8.5 now sleep who's on 5.5 it
8603s only actually needs
8604s what three and a half points
8608s because they've done so badly yeah so
8609s sleepy and um says they say both in a
8612s really good spot
8615s a little bit
8617s if you may not make it feel this is here
8620s but I think he needs third
8623s yeah there might be twice like a lot of
8625s stats on the board here
8629s oh I'm also losing actually you never
8632s lose this and don't die if you lose as
8634s you almost certainly died aren't you
8635s because you've lost stuff
8638s I think so I think Eastlake wouldn't die
8640s but sleepy would definitely
8645s is so big
8647s yeah like this is where the golden cow
8650s guy really shines like it just copied a
8652s 17 attack
8655s s why not
8657s yeah it seems like the number of stats
8660s is kind of overwhelming on Easter side
8661s and because of um the tricks there's
8664s only getting attacked from a gun and not
8666s HPA I don't think this is gonna be oh no
8669s I need to go two of these minions that's
8671s not happening yeah so sleepy might be
8673s out then if he gets four points for that
8679s they'll put them at 9.5 still maybe
8683s enough though
8687s we'll see at the end
8691s and then our team are putting up a
8693s strong performance very interesting to
8695s see how he is up to oh
8698s he's having a really good game
8703s yeah he just quietly made some gigantic
8707s murlocs and
8710s yeah he must have had like a war leader
8713s or um a King burger at some point with
8715s these um
8717s this younger guys because they have
8719s quite a bit of stats on there
8720s by themselves too
8724s it seems like his build is mostly
8726s finished for now I can't see how many do
8728s you want to replace except for the Manta
8729s because he has another one
8731s but you could also just replace a murloc
8733s with a manted for an extra Divine Shield
8735s advantage
8737s cool
8738s yeah it's a little funny also the
8740s monashi Mayhem does nothing on that
8742s board since everything has poison except
8744s for the uh
8746s yeah what it does do of course um should
8749s go without the same I'm just gonna say
8750s it anyway what we're filling in is just
8751s you know it buys you the time to get
8754s that poison it's giving them the attack
8756s earlier in the game to
8758s have some poison but now like you say
8761s it's completely useless
8763s yeah I
8765s I feel like warden's been doing very
8768s very well uh in these tournaments uh it
8770s got first and that first game that we
8771s played we saw and then I'll team it top
8774s three already
8777s but
8778s yeah this is
8780s a matchup where um
8783s also unsure of what's gonna happen here
8785s there's so many high-tech Pirates here
8787s but there's also some HP on this side
8790s yeah you're going to need the
8792s discoveries to take down probably two of
8794s the murlocs
8796s um and then the rest was just tried
8797s obviously
8798s you can see one for one pretty much
8800s yeah yeah you can just hit the right
8803s things which I think they're going to do
8805s oh that nine HP one can get sniped by
8808s when this guy works
8810s and if it doesn't it might not be 27's
8813s in danger as well that's the part yeah
8817s it's pretty fortunate also that the
8819s shield end up going on the stealth unit
8821s so this guy can't pop it but it seems
8823s like it'll be oh 79 it was just enough
8827s just enough
8832s oh and then
8834s yeah seems like farting Got The Ghost
8836s and didn't lose to them
8839s um so at this point
8840s basically
8841s um I'd say and Altima have almost the
8845s same board except for ltmus is better
8848s with Manta Queens giving the Divine
8850s Shield Advantage so that means this to
8851s say is more likely to have to run a
8853s tunnel blaster
8855s and Altima also has a golden selfless
8858s too so he should be Altima should be
8860s favored in that matchup but
8862s again it's going to be hard to judge um
8864s the matches between pirate Exodia and
8866s murlocs I'd say
8869s eastleaf probably has an advantage
8871s against the Altima death because our
8872s team hasn't had the time that has
8875s to accumulate as much stats
8878s yep
8880s I know Timmy stuff is a lot bigger
8883s though this 200 928
8887s yeah I think here we're going to see an
8889s interesting play where maybe alexemia
8891s plays this annoy module on its own
8893s without attaching it to a Mac just to
8896s stop Scallywags from summoning
8898s um so what happens is
8900s um if a scalog doesn't die then there's
8902s no space to summon additional ones
8904s though this module is actually a very
8906s good option of stuff that is often to
8909s choose that over the zap because
8912s um with Gus hero power it's very easy to
8914s change the attack totals of um Baron and
8918s kaggar to get them out of range
8920s I do and I do it myself as well like I
8924s try and stop this from going off with
8927s small taunts but I do feel that it is
8930s often just a a gesture that only lasts a
8933s small amount of time it doesn't make as
8934s much difference as you think because
8936s eventually they blow it up and then the
8938s next one ends up starting to get killed
8940s anyway like this this is exactly how I
8942s mean and then
8943s passingly starts
8946s oh well in this case if cargo got
8949s snapped here instead of um the baron I
8951s think a significant amount of strength
8953s to be taken off from
8955s the uh on the board but oh in this case
8958s it'll be an even trade again another tie
8963s I think I think we might see a lot of in
8965s these upcoming fights
8969s but now it's the murloc mirror match
8972s um so I'm gonna go with my original
8974s prediction that alitama probably has the
8977s edge here
8979s yeah
8980s there's not too much I think
8982s you can really do like he's just looking
8984s for a triple on the baron and if he
8987s wants to he can maybe try to
8991s prevent his um like maybe try to take
8993s out the small taunts that are blocking
8995s the skywag
8997s you'd have the choice there to as he's
8999s against the ghost to take the scally
9000s golden and look for two more he thought
9003s about that very briefly
9005s um the chances are that doesn't happen
9006s of course but if you want to have the
9008s third Skully you've got to get the
9009s golden along the way
9011s yeah one thing that people do do is they
9014s can play a 20 uh two Tusk and make one
9017s of their um scalabax golden and then
9019s they don't have to find two more they
9021s just have to find one more scary to fill
9023s up a board
9024s and I think that's something that would
9025s be valuable because
9027s um even though you have a full boards
9028s this guy likes maybe blocked
9030s you are potentially getting more value
9033s off of having an additional scallywag
9039s trying to get those numbers up but um
9042s yeah
9044s yeah I think at this point it's just to
9047s say and um eastleaf I mean they're
9048s already
9050s potentially locked in so they may need
9052s to get another placement but
9054s at this point
9056s um
9057s I think for the most part our team is
9059s Alan and easily offensive today are are
9061s both end but of course you know
9063s they're competitors and they just want
9064s to win anyways
9066s even if it nothing's on the line
9069s yeah absolutely
9072s well
9074s yeah it seems like
9076s there's not enough uh Minions on this
9079s side it's one of the drawbacks of having
9082s to run a tunnel blaster
9084s you know if the burden of running
9086s televises on you that's one less minion
9088s you can play that actually has an impact
9089s on the other minions
9092s you should be embarrassed you go out
9095s murloc as flurgle
9097s yeah that's the funny thing about Circle
9099s you can get so much stats on your
9101s minions but then because your flogo
9104s murlocs are in the lobby and sometimes
9106s it doesn't even matter how big you are
9107s you could just lose to a one-two poison
9109s yeah you got a way to be um
9112s yeah you really have to weigh the
9115s benefits of getting more stats versus
9116s using all of your resources to roll for
9119s more powerful End Game Cards like golden
9121s Southwest and golden Baron
9124s yeah
9125s yeah it's always weird to know when to
9127s stop building stats and when to go for
9129s in-game cards especially in this very
9131s peculiar Lobby where it is you know the
9133s two huge murlocs but also this pirate
9135s Exodia
9137s where I think people have got a lot
9140s better estimating the size of pirates
9142s and
9143s what to do about them but it's still a
9145s lot of guesswork a lot of the time for
9146s most people I think
9148s yeah and in this case like he he did
9151s have to do both he had to play for stats
9153s and also play end game so it's a
9156s terrible position to be in
9161s Okay so
9163s oh
9165s he finally found the golden Baron after
9167s all this time
9170s but he's gonna have to freeze it I'm
9172s still gonna be okay hero powering every
9174s single turn
9175s the stats do kind of matter on these um
9179s Eliza's in the uh the caggar and the
9181s baron
9182s but it also feels a bit bad to spend two
9184s of your goals when your only job is to
9187s roll for a baron and uh khadgar
9191s oh in this case our team have found the
9193s void alert and if he wants to you can
9196s play a module as well to maximally block
9198s the um all right
9200s yeah so one interesting thing you can do
9202s in the spot to play around it is try to
9204s play a ghoul on the prior side and kill
9207s off the taunts with the ghoul because
9209s you can do that with the golden
9210s Southwest or the golden Baron it'll deal
9212s nine damage and they'll kill off both
9214s the boylord and module yeah I think this
9217s is a bit different to when I was saying
9218s before they always seem to find a way
9219s through when you've got two things in
9221s the way that's when things get a bit
9223s sketchy because if
9225s two of these galleys end up not dying
9228s which didn't happen here then
9230s the ball starts getting all choked up
9232s and yeah absolutely then I think the the
9234s pilots get into trouble
9236s yeah in this case the perfect thing that
9238s happens where now the chain of scales is
9240s gone but unfortunately for our team here
9242s he didn't have the same scaling
9244s abilities as the flow goal
9247s but this may still end up being a tie
9251s for him
9252s yes
9254s because there's just so much tank on the
9256s skies yeah but in this case now
9260s um easily if it's gonna get stronger
9262s with his golden Baron and our team is
9265s kind of capped out what he can do he can
9267s always find another void Lord or a uh
9270s module but that comes at the drawback of
9273s selling off a golden selfless or a big
9275s murloc
9276s uh at this point I think Eastlake now
9279s has initiative over this matchup
9284s uh
9286s uh got a decision to make with this um
9289s this huge
9291s amalgam I guess in case he wants to get
9292s like a third void Lord or something out
9294s there
9296s yeah that's the that's the one thing
9298s that I think he may need to keep because
9300s if you only have small taunts right that
9303s can be played around a little bit but if
9305s you have like one big time in it and a
9307s bunch of small tarts
9309s a little harder
9310s but um what I was talking about before
9312s with the
9313s um Blaster if it does sell off the big
9317s amalgam it may be possible that blast
9320s doesn't go off it hits into
9322s android model but I think in this case
9324s this is where
9326s um
9326s the Menage Mayhem is actually working
9329s against aoteam
9331s um mod uh a blaster is always going to
9333s go off because the attack on these small
9335s taunts get bigger
9337s like it's actually hurting him to have
9339s this um
9343s yeah it's so hard to do anything you
9346s look at zap and gold and zap in their
9348s cards you feel this should help you take
9350s out a Batman but of course they just
9351s take out the scallys and like you say
9354s it's there's not a lot else going on
9356s here so yeah oh this is another good
9358s Tech too so yeah playing a zap too
9361s to snipe off one of these small taunts
9363s and it's just gonna keep getting worse
9366s and worse I think for alitama as
9368s easily can find way more cars to help
9371s with this matchup than I'll take McCann
9375s and yeah if he had the choice I think he
9377s would actively choose to not have a
9380s quest reward anymore
9385s it's really weird
9387s yeah but uh this is um
9390s dignificantly more brutal than we saw
9392s last time around now he put the zap at
9394s the front
9395s yep it still probably won't be too much
9398s damage taken here though oh never mind
9400s there's there's more whenever I think
9402s it's over there's always more scary
9404s summons to come
9406s it's actually a chance this is just 30
9408s damage I don't think it is because I
9409s think that oh no you're right there's
9411s always more yeah
9414s when uh the cowgirl and the bearings are
9417s golden there's just so much
9419s but it's finally over and actually it's
9421s a lot closer than I even expected
9423s there's only one minute surviving
9426s let's do it again
9428s one more time yeah it'd be cool to see
9432s um the persistence from East Leaf easily
9434s has a little more options to go for
9440s so also in the like
9443s on the set of easily if you could go for
9445s a lira as well but I think it's
9448s a lot less consistent in the sap is like
9450s maybe just end up skipping it but no
9453s choose the chicken anyways
9455s just in case it's useful
9458s yeah kind of out of ideas as well so
9461s yeah I actually get amazed studying the
9464s tunnel blaster for an option but the
9466s scallions are out of range so what's the
9468s point I really would have liked the
9470s tunnel Blaster actually because it would
9472s kill off
9473s um the module and the further but the
9476s one drawback to it is
9478s then the voiler just summons one threes
9480s which actually do block Skully so the
9482s more I think about it it might not be
9484s all that appealing
9488s like it might just be actively
9491s um hurting your chances to uh to win
9493s this next combat you know what's nice I
9495s think is Alex even gonna change anything
9496s because it looks like our team is now
9498s not favored you know quite strongly it's
9501s going to be ties or losses most of the
9502s way so
9504s yeah she's trying to work out what
9505s alatima might do in in response but it
9507s feels like other team who's
9509s is caught in this track where the only
9511s thing he can do is get rid of one of his
9513s big minions but if you get to his big
9515s minion he has got a big minion anymore
9516s so
9518s easy if just decides not to even go that
9520s route
9521s yeah and actually one thing I just
9523s noticed was he sold off this app because
9525s it doesn't actually technically snipe
9528s the annoying module anymore because you
9530s know my mother gets uh three attack or
9532s four attack I think which
9534s um the zap would only be able to pop the
9536s shield and then it would die
9539s yeah you decided that the zap is just
9541s not helping anymore
9543s but potentially the elite Roy could
9546s because
9547s um it's not blocked by Shield as Zapp is
9551s in this case
9554s not quite blocky enough in here
9557s again it's unclear how many more are
9558s gonna summon but I think
9560s it's a tie again it's a tie yeah five on
9563s five
9565s so it's all about
9567s so when we watch the next fight
9570s um the skellies do they Dodge the
9573s eventually they'll Dodge the selfless
9575s and then when they don't hit the
9577s selfless until late in the fight that's
9578s the fight that easily fall win
9581s yeah like if that stuff is just dies a
9583s little earlier and then the sky
9585s someone's good to pop Shields then uh
9587s wins yeah or if he dies very late and
9591s Ali Timo doesn't get
9593s many poison murlocs out of it so
9597s yeah
9599s um how does alatimo ever win
9602s um our Timber has to get really lucky I
9604s think on these fights and for the summit
9607s to be really really minimal but at the
9609s same time like because he doesn't have
9611s that much HP on this young Rico other
9613s talks van he's not really trading more
9616s than two for one on like on those two
9618s minions
9620s so is it worth him maybe getting another
9622s selfless and trying to High Roll that
9624s way
9626s um I think
9627s probably not I think the boilers are
9629s still where you want to go and you've
9631s actually we can see our team is
9632s replacing the boilers that gained attack
9634s from the quests with new ones that have
9637s lower attack
9639s it's come to this
9641s yeah
9642s um I'm curious to take that that
9645s um that voice or not take it but like
9647s just keep that shop Frozen because he
9649s might have to do the exact same thing to
9650s turn after yep so it might as well just
9653s keep it like the zap isn't going to do
9655s anything I don't really know what else
9656s he's looking for besides Maybe
9659s module but I think boylord is just the
9661s superior small talk here
9664s this little box people who went over
9666s I've definitely won their puzzle box uh
9668s prediction
9669s yeah it's now turned 20 at all yeah this
9672s is the first game that it was it past
9674s 20. I I haven't been paying enough
9676s attention but I just noticed how long is
9679s this this is definitely long so yeah
9681s yeah they're both just maybe not even in
9685s range of ducks
9687s be a while
9689s um it looks like this could be out of
9691s this fight
9692s but
9693s it really depends on where this hit goes
9696s if it goes into the 1-3
9698s oh no it didn't
9703s right
9705s and this time oh but it's helpless yeah
9708s this time the scally sniped it
9710s okay it looks like our team I lost them
9714s also high margin yes we have to go again
9719s you might not even die the next uh he
9721s might die he's gonna die next time
9722s because I think the Minimate can take
9724s his nine from kaggar being the remaining
9726s minion surviving yeah it'd have to be an
9729s incredibly weird setup for it to be a
9731s scally that survived I'm sure it's
9733s possible because everything seems to be
9735s possible in this matchup but yeah
9737s maybe we just get to see all 500 billion
9740s iterations of this matchup played
9742s because that seems to be the way it's
9743s going right now is there a term limit
9745s like if it gets to turn 60 does the game
9747s right I think so I think it's past turn
9749s 40 though I doubt that the scheme is
9751s gonna reach it
9753s I hope it gets it's only there for if
9756s people are I think intentionally trying
9758s to uh draw the game out but now that
9760s these players are doing that they're
9761s both trying their hardest to have an end
9764s to this
9767s uh but I think we may see the exact same
9770s boards as before like nothing's really
9772s changing
9774s um like the only thing our team you can
9776s do is increase the HP of the murlocs but
9779s you can't do it to a point where it's
9781s actually impactful enough where they're
9782s big enough to take hits from these
9785s Eliza's and Baron and kaggar
9788s anything weird East Leaf can do other
9791s than put a zap back in if he finds one I
9794s guess
9796s um so the only thing that I can think of
9797s is this is like a really really crafty
9800s strategy but it would be selling off on
9802s these elizas because you technically
9803s don't need to and playing two Blaster
9806s and then also buffing the HP on your
9808s scalawags to be above seven which they
9811s already are right and then trying to get
9813s Blaster to go off to kill off the
9816s boilers and the second Blaster go off
9817s and collect the one threes and that way
9819s your skellies are on Unstoppable like
9823s they don't get blocked by anything
9824s because all the small towns are dead
9827s what's happening now oh this is this is
9831s a great Tech
9832s um so if
9833s our team had managed to snipe in Eliza
9836s then he could have maybe stopped the
9837s onslaught of buffed up skellies but you
9841s got the worst hit so I think it might be
9843s over now for him
9845s there's nothing left to block over the
9847s um
9849s yeah there's a lot of scully's work
9850s still to come he's gonna now start
9853s taking down the murlocs
9857s yeah the only thing I could block it is
9859s actually the
9864s oh this might put take his Divine Shield
9866s off one of them as well
9868s okay it's like
9871s it is finally over
9874s East leaf
9876s getting it not nothing that I would
9879s never have predicted that
9881s oh yeah easy for the Guff hardly using
9884s the ability later on as well
9886s um you made the point it was quite handy
9890s in what I'm going to call the middle
9892s game whatever that was in making sure
9894s the lights were big enough to survive
9896s for a couple of turns and some of the
9897s other things and buffing up the baron
9898s for a couple of turns but
9900s for the last six terms once had no hero
9903s power the other ones had a quest that's
9904s trying to hurt them it's been quite
9905s weird to watch
9907s yeah
9908s um because did also just kind of get
9912s like he got hand fed there Pirates of
9914s their Camp too like his two early
9916s triples were both Eliza and then he
9918s found Tony the same turn he got the
9920s second Eliza so lucky for him like he
9923s managed to find a strategy pretty early
9925s on and his quest is your power all right
9928s his quest is here part did help them you
9930s know get to that point as well but they
9932s definitely weren't pivotal parts of the
9933s strategy at the end his punishment for
9936s playing Pirate Exodia was having to
9937s watch that for 22 turns
9940s yeah but you know he's uh now happy he's
9944s solely made it through the next round I
9946s believe yeah and we will find the exact
9949s standings just a moment of a quick recap
9951s Collins was winner of our first lobby of
9955s the day but then with a mediocre second
9957s Lobby and you know coming joint last in
9960s game three probably hasn't made it
9962s through to tomorrow
9964s um didn't quite get stabilized this time
9966s around
9968s yeah it's a bit of a shame
9971s but you know you can still keep his head
9974s uh keep his head up and I'm sure
9976s there'll be more chances for him in the
9977s future yeah he'll be back he's one of
9980s those players you cannot keep away for
9982s sure uh penguin going down there in
9985s equal fifth place but having a great
9987s tournament so far
9989s leepy took the sire needing a win to
9993s qualify did get himself into that top
9996s four maybe enough we'll wait and see
9998s with shiroza and Collins struggling
10001s there
10003s yeah
10005s it's turned 16.
10007s I know we went through so many rounds it
10009s tends to happen I feel like when there's
10011s more locks in there's always a lot of
10013s very narrow winds or ties because of
10016s um how evenly things trade with each
10018s other like usually you know your minutes
10020s just go one for one and
10022s they drag on and on and there's a
10025s head-to-head thing as well in the uh the
10026s puzzle box how many turns of head to
10028s head wall there well that was all of
10029s them just in one go
10033s and there we have the standings sleepy
10035s has snuck into the top four
10039s oh
10042s wow any good results one top four and
10046s some mediocre mess early on and Sleepy's
10050s crept into Sunday
10052s yeah I feel really uh a good friend I
10055s mean because he like did try to win
10057s games but he didn't manage to get there
10059s but he still played very well um with
10062s what he was offered and yeah like that's
10064s all you have to do like you don't have
10066s to have any flashy results you can just
10068s get okay results and to get there
10071s every time I feel like he's had sort of
10073s the opposite side of this as well where
10075s he he's not got through in previous ones
10078s and you know has played well in the
10080s process so
10082s um nice to see him sneaking through
10084s there
10086s um but alatimu also at the end there
10088s only that second place was showing us
10089s what he can do always worth remembering
10092s in any tournament you watch if
10093s somebody's having a bad day they got to
10096s that tournament through coming top 16 on
10099s ladder and then going through two
10100s lobbies of the other people who've come
10102s top 16 in ladder just to get on the
10105s screen so don't judge people by what you
10107s see for the three games you see on
10109s screen you judge the fact they're
10110s actually here in the first place but
10112s with that group a has come to a
10116s conclusion so we're gonna take a break
10118s now a much needed break I suspect and
10121s get on setting up Group B we'll see you
10122s in about 10 minutes
10124s foreign
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10158s [Music]
10198s thank you
10199s [Music]
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10232s thank you
10233s [Music]
10274s thank you
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10348s thank you
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10374s [Applause]
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10538s all right
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10629s thank you
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11002s [Music]
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11034s [Music]
11047s the week for doing that and I nearly did
11049s it myself but I am better I know where I
11052s am I'm at home talking about Lobby
11054s Legends
11055s um group a is over with that dramatic
11057s ending with sleepy finding a way into
11059s the top four and that means that we move
11061s over now to Group B where we are going
11065s to have the reigning Champion rim goso
11067s and the people's Champion xqn amongst
11070s other people
11071s um could you highlight some of the
11072s others for us Lee because obviously
11074s they're the two that are going to pick
11075s out easily
11076s um yeah so we have Peter Babbitt who is
11079s number one in a right now I think by
11081s over 500 MMR or something and here's one
11086s of the young priorities of the scene as
11088s well he's still in high school I believe
11090s he even mentioned he might be playing
11091s this tournament
11092s from his high school because it is
11094s Friday
11095s uh so he's one of my favorites running
11098s for
11099s um
11100s Matsuri is
11102s um like and he's a Japanese streamer who
11105s streams mostly on America's server and
11107s he's known for having multiple 24-hour
11110s streams like that's just his thing and
11113s all his streams they're titled test too
11115s and I'd say he's also a fan of the he's
11118s so many other people too
11120s awesome imagine it was also one of the
11123s first Japanese players to really make
11125s their Mark didn't take much longer
11127s before like 25 others followed but
11129s necessarily was the sort of the first
11131s one I think right in Battlegrounds to
11133s really get going
11135s um I think so after he started streaming
11137s I started noticing a lot more Japanese
11139s players when um I was playing streaming
11142s my own games
11144s um like he might have just been the
11145s Pioneer that made the Japanese scene as
11147s strong as is right now
11150s yeah and I agree with you on better
11153s um a slightly different style of play as
11155s well I I feel at least
11158s um somebody who if Sleepy's one end of
11161s how to learn to play Battlegrounds
11162s Babbitt is the exact opposite end of how
11165s to play Battlegrounds are both equally
11167s valid I would say
11169s uh feel free to correct me if you think
11171s that's wrong as well I'm happy to be I
11173s think I'd still stays probably a little
11175s more balanced and um but like he he just
11178s doesn't really get that many bad
11181s placements you kind of have to be super
11182s good at that if you're gonna be
11183s contesting number one or being number
11185s one as long as he has just um yeah he's
11188s got to learn both ends of the spectrum
11191s there we go the fantasy team for group
11193s BR picks both going for execute and of
11195s course you're going for the Rainy
11198s Champion a bit about it um pretty
11200s sensible stuff I'm going for lighting
11202s who is in his second tournament now I
11205s blow second final stages at least in a
11207s row and Matsuri for the reasons I just
11209s came up with as well so this is a strong
11211s group I like all of these picks
11215s yeah it's um
11218s I don't know I don't know if I'd say one
11220s is you know stronger than the other one
11222s but
11223s um I think we have a little more varied
11225s picks at least for this time always
11226s sharing X commanders last time I think
11228s we both had sleepy and Collins
11231s um but yeah I mean it's like it's also
11235s harder to kind of pick the players that
11238s we don't know as much about which but
11240s it's kind of been the case with some of
11241s these Lobby Legends where the names
11243s aren't as familiar and they're from
11245s maybe like different regions as well but
11248s um yeah I wouldn't be surprised if um
11250s the players that we didn't pick also
11252s just made it through as well not as well
11254s known but
11255s still rightfully deserve to be here
11258s yeah I've even ghostly last time winning
11259s uh we were told beforehand thanks Mayo
11262s for the help that um goes to very much a
11265s player who likes to sort of feast or
11267s famine with the play and that showed off
11269s last time around sort of had a couple of
11271s pretty bad games but also some very good
11273s ones and also obviously in the check
11275s format winning or lobbies what you've
11276s got to do and got that done so it's nice
11279s for that narrative to come out here's
11280s the other narrative for the people who
11282s still don't believe that executing is
11283s good at tournaments this is his what
11286s third or fourth finals in a row now now
11289s remember to get into this tournament
11291s kids
11292s you have to get top 16 on your server in
11295s executions case that's like every server
11297s but okay then you have to play against
11299s all the best people in the world and
11301s come top four out of eight over three
11303s lobbies no sample size bam get it done
11306s or go home then you have to do that
11308s again and then you get on broadcast and
11311s the worst that he has done is get
11313s knocked out in the second of those
11315s phases that's the worst he's done so for
11318s the people who still don't believe that
11319s experience is good at tournament because
11320s there's this myth that goes around that
11322s explains no good at tournaments you're
11324s wrong and you're idiots and you should
11326s feel bad and we're going to watch xqn
11328s take this Tournament down there you go
11330s yeah I think I kind of share that as
11332s well
11333s um like he's just been so consistent you
11335s know placing well on these qualifier
11337s rounds I think this definitely could be
11340s uh his time to shine through
11342s he said keep knocking away at it and
11344s you'll get it but after I call all our
11346s viewers idiots what they can do is
11349s obviously still pick your fancy team for
11351s Group B and get picking on the bandwagon
11355s on turn one two three and four and try
11357s and get more points than me and then
11358s we'll see who the idiot is so yeah have
11361s fun hope you're having fun with the The
11363s Tavern buddy on Twitch and see how many
11366s points you can get click on the bottom
11367s get your name register for the high
11368s scores and see who does the best at the
11370s end of the tournament so there was a
11372s reason to insult you all after all
11375s yeah and I mean if uh you do place
11378s higher than Lorinda then you can call
11379s him an idiot
11381s that's the first one absolutely
11383s at Lee Lewis nydia there you go
11386s I don't want to deal with I don't want
11388s to see it I can see that for years
11390s all right let's have a look what else is
11392s happening are we getting close to a game
11394s sometimes we are
11396s yeah uh there's one thing I also want to
11398s add for um as well one other fact uh
11402s that you may not know about him was for
11404s the last live Legends the one that he
11405s won and every single stage of that
11408s tournament qualifier to the finals he
11411s placed first in his group so four times
11413s he was the top uh scorer so it's
11417s incredibly impressive and
11419s um yeah I'm looking forward to see how
11420s he'll play this one now you've said that
11423s I'm gonna have a look I know that is
11424s true I'll have a look how he did within
11426s the
11428s within the groups within the groups if
11430s you like
11431s so on day one he came first second and
11435s sixth to do that part of the group
11438s is stage two win
11441s [Music]
11444s why are my notes so terrible somebody
11447s help me
11448s no my notes are terrible
11453s don't have to wait because I can't
11455s scroll to the right part quickly enough
11458s actually it's only live on earth there
11459s we go got it uh yeah second third and
11461s fourth in stage one you came
11464s and that goes against The Narrative of
11466s it being right it's getting first yeah
11469s and first second and third with 18
11472s points in the second stage okay so
11474s that's first a second or third a second
11475s or third and a fourth a first or second
11478s and a sixth okay that's a lot of numbers
11480s that are very low
11481s and nine games basically you only got
11484s one score that was uh not top four under
11487s the Sixth yeah only one fourth and the
11490s other seven were all top threes against
11492s these players
11495s and that was his first Lobby Legend as
11498s well as I believe it was his first love
11499s religions unless he's under another name
11501s somewhere
11502s uh not a bad start
11504s I think mayor also mentioned he was
11506s pretty good at um kind of these new
11508s metas so that was like literally three
11511s or four days after a quest came out so
11514s now maybe the other players a little
11516s more on you know the same level of
11520s knowledge in terms how to play The Meta
11521s so it may be different like
11524s um yeah maybe other traits could prove
11527s to be more important like you know
11529s quickness of play and like kind of the
11531s technical
11532s um like minor parts of play yeah there
11536s are players definitely who sort of fly
11540s out with their own thought processes and
11542s others who are very good at sort of a
11544s bit slower picking it up from other
11546s people putting you all the best
11547s information together but weaving it all
11549s together very well which are you Lee I'm
11552s gonna put you on the spot which sort of
11554s play would you say you are creative or a
11556s grinder
11559s um I'd say I tend to do reasonably well
11561s when new meters can come out and I
11565s definitely have a little bit of grinder
11567s mentality to me as well I've had to
11570s choose one I guess probably more of a
11573s creative type like I also like to watch
11576s a lot of different uh players as well
11578s and try to you know learn from the best
11581s of what they do
11582s now that's absolutely key um even even
11585s at my level of play sort of picking out
11587s what I can from different players is far
11589s more important than sticking to the same
11591s one I think if you stick the same player
11593s and try and copy them you'll do okay but
11594s you'll never do any better than that
11595s player because you're just copying one
11597s player so why would you ever be better
11599s than them so stealing things from all
11602s kinds of people gives you a better
11603s chance of being more rounded I think and
11605s also
11607s finding the style that gels for your own
11610s play as well it's no use watching I'm
11613s going to keep picking over pick it watch
11614s sleepy all day long if you don't have
11616s that attitude or watching xqn all day
11619s long if you haven't got xqn's brain it's
11621s not gonna work and if you had Excellence
11623s brain what would you pick here Lee
11628s yeah I want to look at the tribes out
11632s um but I assume Beast might be in if um
11635s X can pick this one try to get an early
11637s Alley Cat token to swap and make some
11640s triples
11641s uh but we see again in this tire pick
11645s have we seen sire in every game today or
11649s definitely in at least two of the others
11651s I think that has been in every game yeah
11655s it's just one of those picks where oh my
11658s God wisdom ball with only by 10 minutes
11661s I think you have to right that's perfect
11663s yeah
11665s at all right it'll give you a good
11668s chance of giving you a Battle Cry role
11669s or something for your second Quest or
11671s whatever
11672s oh yeah if that works like that that
11674s would be incredible too just your first
11676s Quest helping you get there oh that'd be
11678s I don't think it would check the quest
11680s but it might I wouldn't put it past them
11681s but even if it doesn't it will do things
11683s that kind of line up with quests just
11684s naturally
11686s yeah wow wisdom ball is it's magical who
11689s knows how it works
11691s I mean we never worked out how real
11693s zephyrus worked in hundreds of years of
11695s trying
11696s um so yeah I can imagine that
11699s a piece of code must be even more
11701s magical yeah
11703s okay so hop off after that start wasn't
11706s that surely up to here
11708s yeah okay yeah
11710s uh he might go for this double Tipper
11712s then I think we saw sleepy asked to do
11714s this in game one but it didn't work out
11717s to offer him
11718s um I personally am not really that much
11721s of a believer in the double Tipper right
11723s now at least with the question because
11725s when you have double Tipper you kind of
11727s just want to level up and you also want
11730s to float gold which doesn't really help
11732s you uh complete quests and I do think
11733s quests are really important to um get
11736s online early and work towards
11739s just a reminder once again as it is new
11741s bandwagon is in progress right now so
11744s you can pick your player and change your
11746s mind for the first three or four turns
11747s first four turns but you do lose points
11749s if you keep changing your mind so
11751s something to bear in mind
11754s yeah I think I'm gonna go for
11758s uh half here just because we saw the um
11762s the Wonder Bar
11765s yeah I went for xqn of course I'm
11767s imaginative like that
11770s yeah because I saw xqn
11774s oh is it a double Chrome wing on uh
11777s repeated here with the scabs
11780s I don't know if this means I'll go into
11781s dragons but um it's probably heavily
11784s incentivized to take this uh red wealth
11788s I'm kind of curious as well
11790s um
11791s how xqn is doing with his game because
11794s whether or not he has a token I think
11796s it's going to make a big difference in
11797s his play right
11801s of course he does interesting he's gonna
11804s go for this early triple but
11808s this is one of those things where it's
11810s kind of an xqn uh play style thing where
11812s he'll usually ought to be a little
11814s greedier so we could see this uh Papa
11816s being held for another two or three
11819s turns potentially if he wants to go for
11820s a four drop or five drop off of the
11822s discoverer
11824s yeah plus you got the excuse to hold it
11825s anyway with the quest so all sorts of
11827s choices going on there yeah crazy makes
11830s a lot of sense here too with this uh
11833s Barton leveling up to tier three
11836s foreign
11846s stuff like cookbook is really pulling on
11849s her because you can just read by the
11850s same meaning over and over and apply a
11852s buff to it
11853s all seems like the same minion over and
11855s over yeah it takes the Smoking Gun with
11857s the battle cries there because he's
11858s gonna be playing the same minion over
11859s and over so that's super easy though and
11862s also jandis if you want to be greedy
11864s with her sometimes just gets a little
11866s bit low on minions early on so getting
11868s the plus five not long minions but low
11870s on quality
11871s yeah um getting the plus five might just
11874s help preserve that Health total to be
11875s greedy with those triples when they come
11878s this is like a really easy teal tiger
11881s Sapphire activation just adding six
11882s cards you're already doing that with uh
11885s your first quest of buying minions
11887s so I can imagine that it's probably a
11890s heavy consideration the two quests that
11892s are a little situational do though eight
11894s parts Elementals and I think increased
11897s Quest increase friendly stats is
11899s probably a little hard without a spawn
11900s on board already
11902s you know mentors with stolen gold don't
11905s gel either obviously because it's start
11906s of combat you can't do any hogger
11908s trickery or anything so
11911s yeah I think the all the main
11913s applications would be
11915s um Eliza 22tesk and then maybe at light
11918s spawned Elementals for in combat it's
11920s not like completely useless but um yeah
11924s it's not as easy as the other ones
11927s and did you have the catch for what um
11930s half end up going for here he might have
11932s chosen
11933s stalling gun
11943s I think Hmm I think it'd be a lot easier
11946s to do it now because he has the whoop
11948s Smuggler and the double another trick he
11950s might have
11951s um I might get six procs on this you can
11953s see
11959s um
11961s but yeah it looks like we're in the
11963s will be trying to reconnect
11966s um join us shortly again
11968s but you know it seems like hop did end
11970s up going for the
11975s 10 out of 30. hey sorry about that um I
11978s don't have any pictures just for a
11979s moment but I'm back so I'll catch up
11980s with what's going on in just a second
11981s with you what did I mean I was just
11984s trying to figure out what um a quest
11986s um
11987s half end up having I'm still honestly
11990s not too sure
11993s okay sorry about that yeah what happened
11995s but thankfully it didn't happen for long
11997s at least for me yeah
11999s um yes got we'll find out shortly
12002s I think xqn will probably end up holding
12006s for five drops here he ended up getting
12008s the Alley Cat super late so
12010s normally if you get Alley Cat on turn
12012s one or turn two you can hit two triples
12014s next turn
12015s but he has zero actual tokens on his
12018s board now
12019s you can just make it up with the uh the
12021s pup bot triple
12023s and did we see oh God excuse me good
12026s yeah of course he went for the battle
12027s cries I remember now I'm back
12029s okay everyone goes to seems to be
12032s tripling into a four
12037s very early and
12039s yeah I thought we can't take it was
12041s never a hard one to uh right you never
12044s said about that one
12046s interesting enough is also on the status
12048s Elemental too not the most attractive
12050s miniature Ball but
12052s uh it also has kind of good Synergy with
12054s Varden
12056s um
12056s zero power because maybe you can make a
12058s triple off of
12060s like say this
12061s um amalgam right now
12063s very very high chance he copies one of
12066s these in the next turn
12068s yeah weirdly he's got the 18 minions die
12072s for his quest so
12075s um that's not happening for a long long
12077s time
12078s yeah and sort of victim Specter which is
12080s also a good Quest reward for
12083s um pardon again it just makes triplings
12085s so easy
12089s Peter Babbitt going for 7 15 for
12094s um alter ego
12096s so in this lobby with Max you can try to
12099s go for
12100s just buy magnetic minions or he could
12103s just
12104s um you know if he finds good opponents
12106s to steal from you can just do that and
12107s ignore his quest as well but
12110s also the questroid does work with his
12111s hero power right doubles down on that
12114s yeah first look at picture today
12118s um board full of
12121s simple value cards I want to call it
12125s oh the tank
12127s um tank is very very attractive here and
12129s she might opt to pick the pair but now
12132s he just goes for the roll
12135s um so this is an interesting option then
12137s you can go for a taunt to secure more
12139s value on the piano tank or you can just
12142s go for the deflector on the Menace
12144s I think it'll go for
12146s here to see where to put it okay okay I
12149s like this yeah so now he's making sure
12151s that his tank will stay relevant
12154s uh because it's a reset for the defecto
12156s and then
12158s yeah like it'll still be good early game
12159s too because it deals five
12164s you got a mama and you got a baby crush
12166s with 30 life too he took way less damage
12168s than I expected for someone who held a
12171s golden pop bot for
12173s something like forever yeah returns yeah
12178s we'll complete the quest next turn
12179s that'll take away any lingering doubts
12181s of his minions attack as well I think
12183s it's next time that's just made up but
12185s it feels about the right time
12187s maybe he won't yeah
12190s and what's that Smoking Gun too
12193s um it just adds even more
12195s direction for this Beast comp like
12198s you're already going to be playing a lot
12199s of token into the mod bear so you just
12201s gets so much more oomph with every
12203s single uh Beast tokeny summon in combat
12205s so I imagine we'll just see xq on
12207s probably end up sticking with beasts and
12209s maybe looking for a reanimating redler
12212s to swap with the hero power
12215s it looks like he's in a pretty good spot
12217s although again
12218s you know this used to be a great gen to
12220s start and it's as things have changed
12223s maybe my um Radar's off a little bit but
12225s it does feel like a pretty good start
12227s even though yeah I just want to talk
12230s about that combat too uh because the mom
12232s bear got sniped he lost that combat 15.
12236s it's um
12238s yeah his baby Christmas to summon a
12240s 13-13 to kill off the top cleanly but
12242s instead both minions ended up dying
12245s so it's actually a little bit in the
12248s danger zone now yeah absolutely the
12250s first player had a blow cap
12254s and yeah I think he has no choice but to
12256s roll a little bit but he does have
12258s another five drop coming to him right
12260s now
12265s um and yeah you still need to fill up
12266s his board too so I think this is the
12268s most You're Gonna Roll if he wants to
12270s have a full bird
12272s oh interesting
12275s I'm not
12277s not quite sure why he sold off the um
12280s the Blaster so soon
12282s because he did have space to play the
12285s The Alley Cat moves on me she's gonna
12288s get the battle crys he needs if he wants
12290s them
12291s yeah you can buy the bronze word and you
12294s can choose between my car and
12296s bronzewater in here
12298s I think the bronze word might be a
12299s little stronger for now because it does
12302s summon another differential minion but
12303s the Macaw is more in the direction that
12305s he wants to go down
12309s this technical no messing around I'm
12312s gonna live I'll be fine
12314s yeah I mean he has no reason to think
12316s he's gonna die like he did get pretty
12318s unlucky in the last fight but I think
12321s it's super unlikely he'll take another
12322s 15. it's turned seven and he's he's got
12325s Mama Bear and stuff to back it up going
12328s on yeah he's pretty unlucky to take 15.
12330s yeah but now he might play a little
12332s different as compared to if he was at 16
12335s life where right you would have no
12337s chance of dying
12339s so here is that
12341s um strategy you talked about but so he
12343s has used the tippers to
12346s get to five
12348s he's gonna start taking damage now this
12349s it needs to work pretty soon
12352s funny enough to
12354s um I'm pretty sure he tripled Alley Cat
12356s like
12357s and the last few turns because the star
12360s was Tipper Tipper and then he froze for
12362s a settlemental so the next few turns he
12364s bought three Alley Cats when he had zero
12367s of them uh on turn three
12369s and it worked out for him I mean he has
12371s a theater now
12374s gonna be interesting to see this blue
12376s con if we can have a look
12378s um Lighting on the next turn though
12379s because there was no me there the
12382s Specter already ready and it's turned
12385s seven is it too late to start no meeting
12388s or is it gonna be okay here because he's
12389s got high health
12390s I think it's a pretty good strategy to
12393s go for especially if you can find light
12395s spawn you can use this hero power to get
12397s additional Adventure procs
12399s and he already yeah he does have
12402s a lot of bench cards already he has
12404s light spawn for more scaling on
12406s Elementals and he also has crocos to
12409s make sure he stays strong while he
12411s scales these though
12413s yeah I'm saying that lighting probably
12416s has a very very good uh path forward
12418s here
12420s oh and he's
12423s doing the thing I wouldn't do and that
12424s is you know not being crazy greedy still
12427s taking the time to put this taunt in the
12429s way and just do some sensible
12430s Hearthstone things yeah basically his
12433s board I think is kind of
12436s um locked in right now like he has
12438s scaling with the Nomi and the light
12440s spawn he has Croc and a beast for
12442s strength and then the Todd to kind of
12444s make sure both those things work out and
12446s he has two spots too it's like
12448s Elementals for Nomi
12450s What's Happening Here it has got
12452s Avengers record basically
12455s Peter must have played against
12457s um
12458s lighting at some point because he has
12460s yeah exact same board except for his uh
12463s cigarettes instead
12466s which he's had for forever
12468s yeah and we saw him pick up the tank um
12471s off of
12472s the one player that got the four drop I
12474s forget it feels I think it's room gosu
12476s the Varden
12478s yes it was yeah yeah so if uh Peter
12482s Babbitt can be lucky enough to play
12484s against uh lighting again sometime soon
12486s but basically be able to steal like a
12489s board full of Elementals it's obviously
12490s very good when you know you're just
12492s trying to Triple Elementals to get
12494s strong and then also all the scaling
12495s that they had
12497s his name is Q in
12499s yeah now he's gonna play against a very
12501s very strong xq1 with Smoking Gun and a
12504s ton of B summons with the macaws
12507s yeah no sniping in a mama bear this time
12509s because it's hidden properly like it
12511s should be
12512s yeah this is the benefit of having such
12514s a big
12515s um
12516s forget the the toga from Alley Cat this
12519s is so big and all you can do is find a
12520s time to protect stuff yeah the tabby cat
12525s wow that's a lot
12528s yeah unfortunately I don't think there's
12530s anything that Peter wants to steal
12532s unless he wants to make a beast pivot
12533s but
12534s these directions already kind of little
12536s determined like it seems to be
12538s Elementals but perhaps he plays against
12541s another Beast player in this upcoming
12543s term you could make the decision to
12545s Pivot over to uh beasts
12548s but Harry definitely got this next fight
12552s hey back to VP
12554s and
12556s it's the worst version of what xqn's got
12558s going on at the moment
12560s yeah his quest is also the worst version
12563s of executions Quest
12565s basically yeah
12568s yeah another Mama's probably was looking
12569s for or a crackalisk yeah crushes
12573s it's fine yeah continues the plan of
12575s being slightly worse version of xq
12577s intervals
12579s yeah um this is something I think we see
12582s a lot of in these Beast lobbies a lot of
12585s people just end up playing the same
12587s thing and you know the better version of
12589s that thing will win yeah and right now
12591s it looks like yeah executing is probably
12593s the best beast player in this Lobby
12597s imagine
12599s oh oh wow oh this is the ball with the
12601s uh yeah it got the effect of uh copying
12605s the entire board
12607s and obviously it's very good but uh it's
12612s really awkward like he doesn't have
12614s anything he particularly wants to sell
12615s off except for
12617s maybe The Smuggler if he chooses he
12619s doesn't want anymore
12621s anyone who's crazy enough to pick yes on
12625s will somebody win with wisdom boots I
12627s think this is your one chance
12630s and yeah I think you were uh you were
12632s one who picked up I did yeah I'm crazy
12635s let's go for it
12637s starting to regret my decision a little
12639s bit because it doesn't
12642s something crazy about happened here it's
12643s exactly
12647s yeah and it seems like
12650s um Peter Babbitt had to go a little bit
12652s more in on Elementals rather than trying
12655s to get more bench with the uh let's Park
12658s which is quite a good job of it can I
12660s win this one yeah
12662s that was the transition term right so
12664s you expect to lose the transition turn
12666s to some degree yeah with damage cap
12668s being on too it's like you know might as
12671s well just lose as hard as you can but
12672s increases as much strength as you can
12674s for the next turn which he did by I
12676s think getting maximum value off of the
12678s light spot too like his light spot is
12679s the last one needs to die
12682s foreign
12692s might be a little too slow so I'm
12695s thinking maybe just want another Dina
12696s here
12698s it is you can call him out I'll forget
12701s him
12703s yeah and um I guess I'm a hot fan but
12706s yeah
12706s um
12707s at this point he has so much passive
12710s scaling with all the end of turn instead
12712s of combat uh dragon effects this point
12715s he may just want to try to use wisdom
12717s ball to get more triples of the copies
12719s of minutes he already has so I could see
12721s razor Gordon promo Drake being
12723s um tripled maybe in the future
12727s is it worth taking his tarek like
12730s probably is like so maybe you don't
12732s commit to an adenas but you just play
12733s one Edina and you scale double taric and
12737s razor Gore
12738s and you might have to remove the
12741s upstairs now but you can get a free HP
12745s on this Reservoir if you play it first
12747s and there we go we see that's quite an
12750s interesting selection of cards
12754s you know what effect that is exactly in
12756s uh with the ball
12759s how would you get that exact selection
12761s the middle three are obvious well not
12763s obvious but they're utility right yeah
12766s Peggy I have no idea and obviously the
12768s Terex base on your board but exact how
12771s the Peggy ends up there I don't know
12774s it's so strange because I've seen like
12776s the tech card um roll which is like
12778s Baron like zap Uther Leroy
12782s um Baron yeah and I've seen like ones
12784s that help you with the comp you already
12786s had but that was extra random selection
12788s of cards
12790s yeah maybe the ball gets a bit confused
12792s and yeah
12794s Peggy's the weird one like the other
12795s four just makes sense to some extent the
12798s Peggy is like when is that ever useful
12799s unless you've got Pirates maybe yeah
12801s maybe it gives you a chance to change
12804s comp
12806s but hey maybe you don't like these
12807s amazing dragons maybe you want to play
12809s Pirates here yeah it's like a hedge you
12811s get one dragon and one random tribe a
12815s few scary cards
12817s but that's the story that we're saying
12819s where basically
12821s um the scabs or rookity is a worse
12823s version of guns built
12826s and yeah something like the Highlight
12828s too is um
12829s it seems like a student's pivoting over
12831s to a cauldron build instead of the build
12834s he was before which was like a mod bear
12836s essential builds I think it's something
12838s we see a lot of in these tournaments
12840s where
12841s it's kind of hard to improve as a just
12844s like be summon
12845s um comp so some sometimes you pivot over
12848s to a different Beast comp which is like
12849s leapers or culture build
12853s we'll be there see didn't quite have it
12856s going on nearly but
12858s um the excretion Switcheroo working well
12862s first look at emo
12864s um who's leading the lobby at the moment
12867s on this Deathwing
12869s yeah and
12871s me actually even be competitive against
12874s what uh excuse doing he also has a good
12877s strategy like we saw on sleepys I think
12880s last game
12881s super sleepy had Smoking Gun and animal
12884s bribe in this case it's anima bribe and
12886s definitely hero power
12887s every single mini cell has an additional
12889s 2 attack from the death and hero power
12891s that's why he has so many high attack
12893s mechs right now
12895s before one thing I really like about the
12897s quest at the moment is
12899s um like what you've just described there
12901s there's so many instances that you can't
12903s memorize them all there's so many little
12905s sort of synergies between quests and
12908s Boards like this is a fairly obvious one
12909s but the more you play the more you
12911s discover weird stuff that you didn't
12913s expect to see uh that works with the
12916s quests
12918s I like that like we can always be
12920s surprised by new combinations of hero
12923s powers and quests
12926s and yeah this is
12927s um
12928s it's just like such a strong board to
12931s play to like all the all the Minions are
12933s super high attack good Divine Shields
12935s and because execute pivoted over to
12939s um the more golden based build instead
12941s of the token one I think he's gonna be
12943s disadvantaged here like here
12946s he'll be fine yeah a huge hide which
12948s just magically appear in the middle of
12950s the board it'll be okay there could be
12951s uh
12954s let's see
12956s the good thing about
12958s um the situation though is Mexican
12959s probably won't end up dying because the
12963s weakness of the strategy does very
12964s little damage
12966s right and it's interesting actually
12968s you're saying about you know the
12968s weakness of the strategy not doing much
12970s damage because that is something
12972s very much overlooked in
12975s Battlegrounds in general and it matters
12977s a lot tomorrow with the check format
12979s when you're trying to stop someone from
12980s winning a lobby as well oh my God here
12983s we see um kind of nightmare situation
12986s where baby Crush gets attacked over and
12988s over and yeah it's actually a tie it's a
12991s tie that feels like a robbery
12994s a little bit yeah
12996s lighting goes out oh no
13002s yeah I think it may have been the issue
13004s of there's a lot of stats on the board
13005s but not enough actual strong minions
13010s or xqn with yeah it's the ghost oh
13015s Hydra parrot oh my goodness it's just
13019s about everything
13020s yeah and one interesting thing too is he
13023s opted to not use his hero power to try
13024s to swap into a free because he wants the
13026s Marburg buff and in this case if you got
13030s um
13030s Uther you know you can swap that instead
13032s which is going to be a great play he now
13035s will have a big Hydra like he predicted
13037s also super relevant obviously that he um
13040s targeted the Hydra in the shop before he
13044s gets buffed by the mama bear to get the
13045s extra plus five
13047s yes and that would be a 2020
13050s and he can do it
13052s um with another Hydra in the shop they
13053s can't do it with the same one that he
13054s just bought because it'll be already a
13056s 2020.
13057s I think we saw what happened to lighting
13060s here got an idea what might have
13062s happened to him oh that's the worst
13064s feeling when you play against a test
13066s here's a better version of you you get
13068s killed by them and then they basically
13070s feed off a few corpse yeah I think
13072s that's exactly what happens
13075s like Peter got this golden know me while
13077s being on tier four I'm sure two of them
13080s were from hero powering and then one he
13082s probably tripled into with uh these two
13085s golden Elementals
13087s and well that's it set for better
13090s there's no
13092s no murloc so what can beat him here big
13095s big beasts if I'd say um probably a
13098s leapfrogger build or if xqn can get more
13102s pieces for that culture build say Baron
13104s and more premium base he might have a
13107s chance but
13108s I think Peter might be the favorite to
13111s win this game now because he has so much
13113s scaling and Elementals have a lot of
13115s tech cards that can
13117s um help beat some of those comps that
13118s you listed
13120s yeah obviously the death Wing is doing a
13123s pretty good job here actually fighting
13124s him as well
13126s yeah it's actually uh oh wow I lost
13130s wow wow wow that didn't feel like a loss
13133s but now he's going to go nutty of course
13134s with the golden Nomi and the Frozen
13136s shot he's gonna steal a cyclone as well
13142s oh Ty wait
13144s yeah I always say so executing oh my God
13148s what's Happening Here
13150s the the Spartan is
13153s U okay so xq died to okay yeah so yeah
13158s it's the picture if TJ could you just
13160s switch away briefly because the um the
13163s picture's blown up awesome thank you
13167s it wasn't executing well spotted there
13170s executing did actually die in that fight
13171s you can switch back now at your leisure
13173s TJ is cool
13177s but yeah I'm looking at the the vardance
13180s board it's
13181s pretty interesting okay let's solve that
13183s we're gonna get it
13185s such a collection of random stuff
13188s we saw here I'm taking that uh amalgam
13191s triple off of the Golden State's earlier
13193s on and he just happened to find a golden
13194s gold Gerber to to go with it but it's
13198s not really like a first place build I'd
13200s say
13202s but it's also not weak at all too
13206s um in this case I'd say with the the
13208s unstable cool or the um tunnel blasters
13211s that stabilize the shield situation I'd
13213s say probably Rim goes to
13216s interesting decision for emo here in the
13218s long run
13219s um
13220s chance to make a giant putt bot because
13223s at some point these 22 attack things
13226s just aren't big enough anymore so making
13227s it giant feels attractive yeah I thought
13230s he might do that
13232s yeah I don't know how big the fact is oh
13235s what the that's massive oh
13237s now I wish I could switch my pick
13238s because
13239s I didn't see how big it was
13243s what a shame
13245s uh but the issue that Emo's running into
13247s is he doesn't have a reset for the
13249s defectors yet so it's okay any reset
13252s value here it may still be um
13256s Mr Beer room ghost's Victory here
13260s yeah
13261s he's smaller minions get value traded by
13264s everything else
13265s you could actually take a lot here
13267s because the um
13270s yeah I could do a lot of damage but as
13272s it happens it didn't end up doing that
13274s and the funny thing is
13276s um you must hear a pirates working
13278s against them right now those plus three
13280s attack on which token Beast just
13282s did not help them at all
13288s kind of got his uh Advantage like just
13291s removed from the tunnel blaster
13293s the Huff with the wisdom ball sort of
13296s really got going well and then it hit a
13300s wall and I found this with the wisdom
13302s boy it's really good for
13305s the first couple of times it helps you
13307s and then it doesn't know what to do
13309s because it's already helped you get your
13311s comp but it just keeps offering you
13312s triples of things you don't want triples
13313s of and so on because right you haven't
13315s tippled them for a reason
13318s like basically a half um
13320s it's already kind of capped this comp
13322s the only minion he has that he wants the
13324s golden is this taragosa
13327s how much money is he just giving him I
13329s think it's so much
13332s it rolled the other three and then it
13334s put the two um totalans on there
13336s afterwards as well the way it did it
13337s it's just giving him like a million gold
13339s yeah I kind of wonder if the play is to
13342s roll a little bit with the turtleian on
13344s board so you can copy that potentially
13346s around the effects it's like a small
13348s thing but I think it would help you get
13350s a little more money to play with
13353s in this case
13355s I think probably half needs a tunnel
13358s Blaster oh he found the triple this
13361s could be a gas car maybe
13363s at this point there might not be much
13365s else you want like you definitely don't
13366s want that in a Dina triple
13368s yeah
13370s yeah but he's opting to go for a little
13371s more scaling with the um price promo
13374s Drake
13375s not the not the worst thing but it's
13377s also just not very impactful for this
13380s fight and we're already at the top four
13381s stage so
13383s it's going like that typically it
13385s doesn't matter very much
13386s I feel like he's got in the um the
13388s situation where it's not great but also
13391s there's nothing better so do the not
13393s correct thing
13395s yeah
13396s um in this case
13398s yeah it seems like the dragons probably
13401s won't get through here he has the nasty
13403s combo of uh a taunted mackerel with a
13407s bunch of divine Shields so
13408s basically a lot of uh offsets got a
13411s little bit negated there
13413s just by uh the necklace they need to
13417s just get decent hits in the right places
13419s just to not take a lot of damage here
13420s and hasn't got them
13423s yeah Winston bar personally couldn't get
13426s there
13427s and yeah I think it feels playing a
13428s different
13429s um comp that enabled him to scale more
13433s with Whistler ball hits he'd be in a
13434s better spot but dragons don't really do
13436s that it feels like Elementals murlocs or
13438s Pirates I think he would yeah be in a
13441s much better spot
13443s there's going to be Emo who has
13446s to set up the
13449s the cursive Mercury which you don't see
13451s that much anymore I don't think you see
13453s it a lot of course versus what must be
13455s some absolute giant Elementals by now
13458s the elements are Boris to be insane and
13460s um I think Peter knows very much that uh
13463s the opposing board is going to have a
13465s lot of divine Shields so I think Peter
13467s is going to have a tunnel Blaster and a
13469s bunch of really big
13471s um Elementals it should be favored here
13474s but anything can still happen with uh
13476s deflector if it manages to get multiple
13478s resets which email could enable with
13481s this mummy
13482s um it could still be Emo's game
13485s yeah 8847 is a lot it just depends
13487s exactly how huge these are
13489s yeah and one thing I want to point out
13491s as well is even if there's a ton of
13494s blaster on the end because email has a
13495s 7-3 Harvest column if tunnel Blaster
13498s hits these uh defectors get reset
13500s immediately so he doesn't have to
13502s reposition to play around tunnel Blaster
13504s he's okay just doing this
13507s spot
13508s yeah it's also opting to not level up
13510s even the cost zero because I think he
13512s just wants the fun magnetic to make big
13515s with animal bread
13517s I think the mid hundreds like 150 150 is
13520s kind of the eyeballed cutoff Point here
13523s if these Elementals about 150 150 I'd
13525s say that's balanced give or take there's
13527s a very rough number pulled straight out
13529s of my bottom but yeah any bigger than
13531s that I'd fancy bitter to be in a better
13533s spot
13535s um yeah I mean it is not
13537s that big but this Wildfire is gonna you
13540s know take up the macro and the reset too
13542s which is super important emo needed that
13547s in this point the Cyclone just cleans up
13549s everything yeah crazy
13553s and I believe that's uh enough if he's
13557s tier five
13559s no
13561s no
13563s but yeah the issue is um emo can't
13565s really improve that much you can only
13567s make a bigger deflective magnetic in the
13569s shop while beater
13570s has 90 90 Elementals in the shop right
13574s now you can um replace like this molten
13578s rock with a bigger minion right you can
13580s try to make a triple as well there's
13581s just so many ways for him to improve
13583s he's also holding this um this pair of
13586s amalgam too to Triple for double stats
13589s on it
13592s okay and yeah just going for a little
13595s more strength the magnetic that got
13596s buffed up by Alter Ego so again same
13599s position but
13601s yeah like beaters just has upper hand
13603s here
13605s getting the use of his shield first up
13607s before everything gets shielded up
13610s um is there any way you can use I mean
13612s you can roll past it so the answer is no
13614s but why can't you use a selfless in this
13615s position is it just not worth it
13618s um I'd say it's not worth it because if
13620s you're gonna play a selfish you might as
13622s well just play a big omelette from the
13624s shop right um You can give a shield to a
13626s big Elemental but you'd prefer to have a
13629s big Elemental than a shield because the
13632s shield can easily pops by small mech
13634s minions but an element has to be killed
13636s off completely and every single
13638s Elemental on this board I think
13640s basically trades two for one with um
13642s EMA's board except for that one big
13644s Defector
13646s it's yeah it's more like when you have
13648s golden surface or when you only have
13650s minions
13652s if you only have like poison Minions
13654s that can right trade then you want to
13656s protect those but if the minutes that
13658s you buy are bigger than your opponents
13659s you might just take a million
13661s should you make sense
13663s all right putting it back
13667s yeah
13669s oh wow yeah he did get rid of his
13672s Harvest gone reset though he made I
13675s think he had some of the big um cycle
13677s instead but it's not gonna be enough the
13680s beader ticks down at this first Lobby
13683s yep
13685s pretty easily after he got rolling it
13687s looks like he won a fairly close one we
13689s never we didn't get to see it
13690s unfortunately but in the sort of the
13691s know me off uh must have been quite
13693s close early on but then obviously that's
13697s that he then got the golden homie from
13699s the fight and was just a numbers game no
13702s murlocs in the lobby so numbers good um
13706s xqn didn't quite get the comp built with
13708s the beasts and no one else really was in
13711s danger challenging so bitter with a
13713s great start I think is the first time
13715s we've seen him you should know this but
13717s uh I think for the second time he played
13720s in a previous one I think he made the
13721s finals of that one
13723s yeah he did because spot and that was in
13726s the third one so
13729s the fourth yeah sorry and um we can
13733s check off the puzzle box of will a
13735s player win a game without reaching the
13736s tavern tier 6 beta won it I believe on
13739s tier four you'd only have to go to tier
13741s five oh wow yeah
13743s good point
13745s um Elemental is obviously one of those
13746s reasons to do that uh Pirates APN Parts
13750s tends to go to six at the end doesn't it
13752s because you've reduced the tab and so
13753s often that you just get zero Mana go to
13755s tier six because you can yeah that's
13758s absolutely shop size yeah you have so
13761s much money that like at the end of your
13764s turn you might as well just love the
13766s look because what else are you gonna
13767s spend it on
13768s you have like uh just way more money
13770s than you can spend and it makes your
13772s shop bigger just to make it even more
13774s sort of choice for you because you're
13776s looking for self-rises and things so you
13778s want the bigger shops
13779s uh fewer roles and so on so yeah
13783s um I do uh
13785s yeah I do want to give a shout out also
13787s to Emo's deathly in this game
13790s um I feel like it's always a good hero
13792s for these tournaments it's not flashy at
13794s all but it very frequently gets top two
13797s or top three and that's kind of happened
13799s here right like you had a game plan of
13801s um creating some big Divine children
13803s ends with resets
13805s but the scaling wasn't quite there to
13807s beat the first place player but it was a
13809s very very convincing second place
13811s yeah
13813s um normally I find with Heroes like
13815s Deathwing that when you start losing you
13817s keep losing but he he went out in front
13819s like you would and only slowly really
13822s started losing his health after that
13824s point really was very strong throughout
13826s like you say he's probably never winning
13827s at the end but you know very nicely done
13830s so death Winger hero I I've always found
13834s difficult to play that was a very
13835s destructive game to see yeah it's like a
13838s different way of thinking about the game
13840s like instead of stats mattering as much
13843s you kind of think of it as like early
13845s game how many minions are you gonna have
13847s fight for you because they very
13849s frequently just trade one for one with
13851s early minions so it's more about like
13853s how much can you summon versus how much
13854s stats can you make
13856s and when you do mix that you just add
13858s them to you know your best minions
13861s riding Champion Rim goes through there
13863s getting that tie for third place the
13866s Highlight there apart from the obvious
13867s of bit about it winning it so
13870s um on for another third place we talked
13872s about how many times he didn't come in
13874s outside the top three already well
13877s there's another one so that's now
13881s I don't even know because we didn't even
13882s look at his finals but yeah in all the
13884s qualifying things that would be eight
13885s times out of ten
13887s um top three
13888s uh but we are going to see how he does
13890s in the next one in just a moment we're
13892s going to get that set up we're going to
13894s take a break and we're going to be back
13895s in about three minutes so don't go
13897s anywhere and have a think about who
13899s you're gonna pick for your bandwagon
13901s game number five
13906s [Music]
13916s thank you
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14038s thank you
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14070s thank you
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14100s welcome back everybody to Lobby Legends
14102s Castle northria we're now in group b and
14106s about to get to the halfway stage if you
14107s can have a half of three as we move into
14110s game number two
14112s um anything of note from game one Lee
14115s um whether it's to do the players or the
14118s builds we saw
14120s um yeah I think it was pretty um it was
14123s a pretty standard sort of game where I
14125s feel like a lot of people were going for
14127s mid-game strategies and it mostly did
14130s pretty well but you know if everyone
14132s goes for it you know there's going to be
14133s some people that fall off that's what we
14135s saw with the scabs repeating last
14139s even you know falling short of top four
14143s but then yeah we did see like some
14145s successful versions that too with Emo's
14147s Deathwing and then at the end
14149s um it was like a scaling sort of cop
14151s that won the lobby but I do also have
14155s some of that like I probably think that
14157s the test here power stealing you know me
14159s and light spawn is something to do with
14160s it yeah absolutely sorry I'm trying to
14163s work out who the one in four people are
14165s that didn't pick xq in
14168s you rebels like it's it's a lot of the
14171s favorites I feel like the uh the big
14172s streamers on on Twitch like exclusion
14175s Peter and Missouri
14177s and then Rim goes to coming at a close
14179s uh fourth as well yep no I see lighting
14181s getting a decent percentage there
14183s someone we don't know much about but we
14186s saw in play last time so nice to see um
14189s returning players getting the pick but
14190s yeah Rim goes to also like joking
14193s excretion Jokes Aside with him goes to
14195s 35 that's at a very low number of picks
14199s this this person is good at uh
14201s Battlegrounds yeah I'll see if you can
14204s keep up with strand of only leading the
14206s lobbyists as well
14208s yeah absolutely and I think we're going
14210s to get into the game pretty quickly this
14212s way around I don't know why I said that
14213s because that's always the wrong thing to
14215s say absolutely stupid but
14218s um let's see if we can gosu can get yet
14221s another top three okay that was a 3.5
14224s but we're not going to argue
14231s yeah I think I'm also just gonna look
14232s out for Emo's performance as well since
14235s I do know that um he was the only one of
14238s the four Chinese players would not make
14239s it around but he has a very strong start
14241s so far
14243s uh is ticket is a pick here I I don't
14246s like tickets but I know that good
14247s players do tend to like tickets yeah I
14250s think it's ticker this year you can um
14252s get Secrets since then and there's nagas
14253s in but I'll beat it goes for the rocking
14257s issue which I would have never uh
14259s yeah I really thought of but just to
14261s reword this position it has gone for
14264s eight armor right
14267s um also I think
14269s yeah I don't know I don't know what the
14271s reasoning here is
14273s um
14274s yeah the extra armor does help with the
14276s quest but there's no Mexicans you can't
14278s buff up like uh macro deflector too much
14281s although with the recent change you
14283s probably want to hear a power
14284s um higher tour minions and this is a
14287s Finley pick with berov akazam and I
14291s think it was um
14294s it's okay
14295s takes us for the beer off yeah
14298s I always like better off with the nagas
14300s in
14302s yeah I mean I like bow of a lot I've
14304s just found it like you're saying earlier
14305s it's got easier I found it a lot harder
14306s to predict what's happening at the
14307s moment because my patterns are all
14309s broken
14311s um before you knew that Reno was going
14313s to stay on one try and hit a triple go
14315s to four blah blah blah you what people
14316s gonna do on giving turns but now the
14318s quests anyone might do anything at any
14320s given time I know that's not true but
14322s that's how it feels
14324s yeah I'd say like the one thing is like
14328s sometimes you just see one person to
14329s their quest one person didn't
14331s and then you'll just tend to yeah for
14333s the one who has the quests that's like
14335s the one thing I think that may be easier
14336s but then when they both had the quest
14338s done and you don't know exactly when
14339s they got it done because it's hard to
14341s track that then you're kind of shrug and
14343s you know just pick a hero for me this is
14346s a galacond because galicom is going to
14348s sell one for sure and might have might
14350s do anything yeah I kind of feel like
14355s um
14356s it might be either of them because I
14359s think they both tend to hear power on
14360s one
14362s though it could be actually though
14364s galicorn has fewer cars to choose from
14366s because they can't refresh the
14368s thing so myev's the better pick then
14373s um they actually get a choice of cards
14374s are they actually get a refresh
14377s yeah I think that does make sense
14380s yeah yeah
14385s but yeah it looks like
14387s um yeah my app was the better pick here
14391s kind of interesting I don't I don't
14393s think we're invested here powered one so
14395s that's the one thing as well if you
14397s don't hear a pattern one on Maya then
14398s you are just stronger than galakron but
14400s if you both hear power then you're on
14402s the same um
14405s obviously yeah and what we didn't see
14406s there was you know lighting would have
14408s gone through
14409s yeah just checking what they had on the
14411s board and it would have a better idea if
14413s there's Beasts for instance for the
14414s tokens and so on but yeah
14416s yeah so one thing that I was in a series
14420s um
14421s this may have is kind of like a pick for
14423s Rim ghost's playstyle I think might have
14426s got a little bit worse with Quest then
14427s because you don't necessarily want to
14429s force a tier 6 triple immediately right
14431s so I mean if you're a greedy player that
14434s likes to win a lot you know Maya is
14436s still a perfect pick for you
14438s the Huff just took it
14440s yeah you took uh Kath uh Catherine here
14442s with two Weavers I I always like these
14445s like unconventional galatron picks it
14448s really showcases you know a player's
14449s ability to be flexible and this is just
14452s a good example of that yeah he also half
14454s did come equal third in the first game
14456s which may be an influencer here
14459s um meaning that he'll quite happily take
14460s a fourth place here which you know this
14463s is a sort of such a high Tempo start
14465s he's in for a good chance of being in a
14467s good spot
14468s yeah I also like
14470s um demons a lot right now since a lot of
14473s the quests kind of buff up the sharp and
14474s demons eat sharp so you can see half
14477s maybe picking a quest reward that fits
14479s that playstyle
14485s do any of these stand out for you
14488s um I mean anime bribe always stands out
14490s triggering five death battles though
14492s could be really awkward depending what
14493s was in the shot I shops uh tier one so
14496s it won't be
14497s I think I don't want the other two I
14499s think I take the bribe and see where I
14500s end up and then try and buff my shops
14502s later on with overseers and then just
14504s make my bribe crazy
14506s yeah I think he also doesn't have a
14508s great board to buy that turn
14511s um but I could see him also maybe going
14513s for a tiny henchman if he just wants to
14515s secure top four because he mentioned he
14517s did
14518s um right place three third fourth
14521s uh smoking guns declining
14524s no shame this is your last chance for
14528s the bandwagon you've got 50 seconds left
14530s everybody
14532s if you want to change your mind because
14534s you don't have to change your mind
14535s change your mind does cost you points
14539s maybe you saw something you hated or
14540s something you really liked
14543s I'm gonna go for execute on this time
14546s just because I'm a fan of the bulletin
14548s pick
14551s wow
14554s all in on demons there's gonna go pretty
14556s well
14556s yeah I mean I think it just makes sense
14558s at this point I like that um Girl Crown
14561s can easily search for the important
14563s demons as well you can go for
14566s um
14568s you can go for like a fell bat or um a
14571s doomsayer off of the hero power and
14573s really snowball those demons
14577s oh yeah executing here with the hold on
14579s both minions
14582s uh I understand the hold on the Mind
14585s muck but
14586s I'm wondering what he's trying to hold
14588s the sparring partner for if he gets
14590s maybe a impossible trickster you can
14595s taunt up that but it may just be best to
14598s play the the taunt for the sake of
14600s having an extra 3-2 it was a costume a
14603s costly hold though
14605s yeah like it's just so hard to anything
14611s particularly useful but
14614s see some of the quests already Matsuri
14616s on the prakon has spent 40 gold for
14618s getting Naga so very clear Direction
14621s there without having to go out of his
14623s way next to you and just rolling down
14626s for
14628s demons
14629s feels like so much potential on his
14631s board with the snail cavalries
14634s with the volunteer power but
14636s not able to hit a single spell craft and
14639s I think that was five shops you saw
14643s and not even a buff up either
14646s seeing an entire minion right
14649s yeah so it is in the same spot as it was
14653s before like he only bought one mini in
14655s that turn
14657s um yeah it'll be interesting to see what
14659s his quest is soon because it's probably
14662s the deciding fact on whether or not he
14664s wants to
14667s wait oh he's selling off everything just
14671s to get it done
14673s this Quest is Battle cries okay
14676s I'm really curious what this reward is
14677s like that was
14679s this is a lot
14681s and he's refusing to play the oh that's
14684s because Red Hands okay spelling Point
14686s okay yeah that makes sense okay yeah if
14688s your requirement is just uh
14690s play Battle Christ then yeah it makes a
14693s lot sense to roll down for it
14694s even so that was an absolutely painful
14698s turn he's stuck on Tavern two
14700s this is gonna be
14702s such painful losses like the board just
14705s gets sniped by Red Wolves
14708s me take
14709s oh God it's the full port of damage
14711s you're nearly 15. not quite yeah you
14716s know I integrate my uh my pick a little
14718s bit on
14720s skewan but uh you can always turn it
14722s around
14723s oh especially that picked area
14726s it just shifted away but um you can swap
14729s the sparring partner with the trickster
14731s and then even ton it up with the spark
14733s part in hand so it kind of did pay off
14736s having the tie in hand for that long
14738s let's have a look at the state of this
14739s brand that TJ's dug up for us I've got a
14742s feeling it's going to be
14744s pretty crazy yeah this is such a strong
14747s cooked book
14748s um he's only got buy 10 minions and it's
14750s cooked books so he's just gonna buy
14752s money here and run it all through
14753s yeah you can buy this Warren of all this
14756s is awesome money and then maybe buying
14758s an argon to buff up in the future since
14760s he has a brand built I could see him
14762s signed the 2-3 here and buying both
14764s those minions
14766s but he made stuff to hold maybe the
14768s amalgam in hand as well
14770s and this is early enough right like
14771s cooked book is one that you've got to be
14773s careful of because if it gets a bit gets
14775s away from you you're only using it
14776s really as a put instance fell back bait
14780s or cars of such nature but here it might
14782s be early enough just to go straight up
14783s I'm a Nomi go
14786s uh yeah it's one of those strategies
14788s where you kind of want to stay down but
14791s I feel like sometimes it's bad as well
14793s because if you go up and you're able to
14795s hit cards that are free or like cheaper
14797s like roof Explorer and look out then you
14801s can release the snowball Cook's book and
14802s I think we might see um the brand go for
14805s that later just uh maybe in the future
14807s when he's completed his quest
14810s magazine here
14812s um Quest completion is uh fins along the
14816s way with Naga with spending 40 gold
14819s and Naga been pretty dangerous when
14821s you're getting two of them every turn
14822s because they synergize probably better
14823s than any other subscribe apart from
14826s murlocs I would say yeah I'd say so
14828s because some of them give you a spell
14830s and then some of the scaling cards are
14832s you know play spells or spellcraft
14835s but um yeah unfortunately not the best
14839s Quest requirement for brewcon I feel
14841s like broken is very strong right now
14843s specifically because some of the quest
14845s requirements are like summon or you know
14847s have random in his diet which brukandas
14849s Sawa the elemental
14851s um
14852s question yeah it is one of the highest
14855s win rate Heroes
14856s yeah and um interestingly enough on
14859s Peter Babbitt's side he chose the tempo
14862s Quest reward and the tempo um
14865s like composition too he has bird buddy
14868s with a bunch of beasts
14870s yeah and has done it on turn six with
14873s the because armor right this is what we
14875s were talking about at the start
14877s yeah
14878s and he's probably just gonna go for a
14880s safe top four and I like the fact that
14883s his build can easily transition to a
14885s leapfrogger build too because he has
14886s cira and rat pack already
14890s yes looking good for Peter to finish
14892s strong following his first place
14896s what is this
14898s this is tier four so it's not quite as
14901s bad as it looks
14903s but I mean this doesn't look very good
14905s either yeah this is
14906s one of those Heroes that
14909s I think you pick sometimes in these
14910s Lobby Legends tournaments but you're
14912s never really happy to do it it's just
14914s like
14915s well I just don't wanna
14917s have a bad placement so I'm gonna play
14919s this hero that you know
14921s yeah it doesn't top eight but doesn't
14924s really do much better than that
14926s though what's his plan from here stay on
14928s four try to be murlocs hope
14931s yeah I think the game plan might be to
14934s stay on four and try to make poison
14937s murlocs because it is a good Lobby for
14940s it or he might just level up to five and
14942s try to find life anger brand like he's
14944s very well suited to Menagerie right
14946s because
14948s um mythrex got removed which is a menage
14950s unit that scaled up tribes
14953s um he may be incentivized to stay down
14955s instead
14957s yeah interesting to see how he goes he's
14959s got a couple of nice murlocs if you
14960s count the amalgam as well executed what
14963s are you doing
14965s excuse me
14969s yeah oh rentals so uh interaction you
14973s talk about unexpected interactions the
14975s other day render with red hand is really
14977s cool
14978s yeah Randall red hand render what like
14980s your charge is pretty good
14983s but I'm not concerned for xqn here this
14987s trickster is so big it might not die in
14990s time
14991s but
14994s the currency like if it did die it's
14997s fine I think it just kills everything on
14999s the board actually
15000s yeah he has positioned backwards right
15002s like backwards positioning so that the
15004s the biggest thing is at the end to give
15007s it maximum chance to still be alive when
15009s the trickster dies yeah you see a lot of
15012s that when uh trickster is turning up
15013s you've got your small Spinners in France
15015s they'll die and that's still the the
15017s trickster buff
15019s but yeah hey he's kind of just holding
15022s on here I mean he does have potential
15023s now
15025s um with that spell craft in hand you can
15027s play spark after a minute and swap it
15029s with another one and then
15031s um it's not you know a temporary buff
15033s it's a permanent buff
15035s so imagine we'll see that
15037s what even happened to
15041s the guy that gives the taunt though
15045s um it's been swapped onto the Twix yeah
15047s all along okay yeah he swapped it and
15051s then it was a 2-3 and I think we just
15052s sold it because you said at the time
15054s before the mass sale that he had to do
15056s that ended up you know making sense
15058s you're saying what's he holding it for
15059s this was the plan even back then this is
15061s what he wanted to do yeah that was the
15062s critical information
15064s oh but Kitty with the cookbook
15067s exhibition finally he has so much cards
15070s in his hand too
15073s oh perfect he's looking for a few weeks
15076s to buy to enable Cook's book 45 seconds
15081s gonna use all of them
15083s yeah the um
15086s I think at this point you can just make
15088s a full pivot to murlocs while staying on
15091s tier four buying model cards and then
15093s getting the value off of a Cook's book
15095s giant swole finger had a hard bit the
15098s swirl things is always like Oh no just
15099s the ordering but he's got there when he
15101s got rolling he took a moment to make
15102s sure he got his brain in order and now
15104s it's just flying
15107s God
15109s but yeah the issue with this is
15111s um I don't know how valuable the actual
15113s Cook's book uh Buffs are because it's
15116s not like you can play by Nick minions
15118s and get those stats for for free you
15120s kind of have to just continuously
15122s replace your board
15123s but
15125s yeah it doesn't matter right he's just
15128s gonna see if it works
15130s um it will allow him to not be fully
15133s murlocs like if he ends up with a load
15134s of big murlocs but find something else
15136s he wants to take instead he can just
15137s play it ready built like an amalgam or
15139s something later on
15141s yeah I could also see tripling murloc
15144s battle cries and then just keeping those
15146s triples on board because they're so big
15147s from the uh the Buffs
15150s but yeah we see um
15152s yeah the uh what's it the queen wag
15155s toggle I think she got her uh Quest and
15158s it's evil twin but
15161s kind of thinks she's just gonna die like
15163s what is the evil twin even copying on on
15165s that side I don't think uh scale much
15168s yeah
15170s yeah it could be this uh murloc
15173s uh he's in the position now where
15177s he's going to play the the lookout and
15179s make sure he Buffs the 14-12 when he'd
15182s rather Buffy amalgam because he needs
15184s the 1412 to be twinned
15186s right but even then I don't think it's
15188s enough
15190s and this is just so sad to see because I
15192s think um this worker had 10 armor as
15194s well as the pick and she basically you
15198s know didn't get early quests didn't make
15201s use of her early strength
15203s um you know maybe just bad mashups and
15206s you know she has like basically no
15209s future
15210s no absolutely stuck and again
15213s in position now where I think emo will
15217s strongly consider selling this amalgam
15220s um
15221s but because he's trying so hard to make
15223s the
15224s 1512 the striker copy with a twin passed
15229s up a perfectly good swolfe in there
15233s which isn't enough because he would die
15235s if he took it but he's in this weird
15237s spot now yeah I could see also email
15240s trying to look for a talks fan so it'd
15243s be okay to
15244s um copy the
15250s this is just so sad I'd be surprised if
15253s he makes it through this turn
15255s he's against the blue con as well I
15258s think so yeah
15260s pecan has
15264s um honestly not the scariest sport
15266s either but you can see is via the Croc
15270s West oh and the uh the welfare is to
15272s snipe the poison
15273s oh maybe emails his life no return then
15277s the wind Fury amalgam actually does do a
15279s lot of work here yeah
15280s but you also be careful about that Croc
15283s dudes
15284s very very closely reaching scary amount
15288s of stats and the interaction might
15289s happen where it just keeps tacking and
15291s killing minions for free
15293s it's not quite the case here though yeah
15296s a little bit off but it could still
15299s happen if it hits the 1193
15301s uh not quite
15304s I was really close to getting out of
15306s control if you've gone to the tutus wow
15308s yeah it's just such a strong unit in
15311s these early game turns
15314s oh and then we can see half um he got to
15317s choose anima Brad which is really really
15319s what he wanted to do with this um Weaver
15322s setup so he can get out of this Weaver
15325s and
15326s probably put it on to a more strong in
15328s it like um a Divine shelter of felt that
15331s if he hits that yeah
15334s the Uther is also quite good here too
15337s um you can get this that's permanently
15339s onto maybe this overseer or the bronze
15342s Warden
15344s but it's a little awkward I think
15345s there's a lot of uh money that needs to
15347s be spent to buy out this entire shop
15350s yeah one thing you consider here as well
15351s no it's actually I think Earth is still
15353s just a pick
15355s yeah but grandma wasn't that bad too
15358s it's probably a little bit stronger than
15359s minion for well actually yeah yeah yeah
15361s I can see it it makes sense all these
15364s Buffs working in harmony to get yourself
15365s a giant murmur
15368s yeah it's just always nice that Mama
15370s kind of Beats poison it's in a weird way
15372s at least early on in the game where it
15374s trades one for one and it makes a
15375s residual minion obviously later yeah
15378s it's so huge that's not the case right
15380s but if you do happen to play against it
15382s bro that's a bunch of small poisons then
15385s uh
15393s oh my god he has so many high quality
15396s battle cries and they all have poison
15397s too how fast he's going is he just
15399s making numbers
15402s well I could say for sure that he knows
15406s it has to be dead now it's just no way
15409s it's my bandwagon pick please
15414s is killing it and he can freeze the shop
15417s for more money too
15421s oh my god let's see what the sticker
15423s stack does here wait he even got the
15426s verse on he got everything going on
15431s instant refill of his hands of six
15433s minutes I
15435s yeah I don't really think
15437s yeah good luck guess you can lose that
15439s much because it's also in tier six too
15441s so you can simultaneously play for the
15443s end game while having enough stats to be
15445s everyone else
15447s sold a baron at some point during that
15449s time
15450s uh uh it could be possible cars are
15454s flying yeah who knows what they said on
15456s them
15457s yeah just just numbers go up and emo
15461s yeah comes to a untimely in the game he
15464s will want to forget ever happened but
15467s luckily Matsuri did drop as well with
15470s them
15471s so
15473s I do last time
15475s yeah Matsuri is basically two points now
15478s it's gonna be hard for him to come back
15480s into this
15482s lighting with yeah this build that seems
15486s to just be fine but never really get
15488s anywhere
15490s I'd say it's one of those like pretty
15492s solid top um top four boards but hard to
15495s get past that it seems to run into
15497s trouble to continue improving like
15499s exactly where we're at now yeah you
15501s could gold in the mama bear but does
15502s that even do anything like you don't
15504s want to go on the Hydra the high Mains
15507s kind of too big that it kind of lives
15509s here now yeah
15513s the issue with this sort of build is
15516s there's very few cards that can improve
15518s your board it's like goldeneying a baron
15521s Macaw and maybe a golden and Mama Bear
15524s besides that you can't really buy
15527s anything else that improves when you
15528s compare that to like Rim ghost's cop
15530s which is Sia murloc sea Battle Cry buy
15533s it and then just scale out of control
15535s it's
15537s really easy to fall behind to those sort
15539s of compositions especially if you don't
15541s um yeah if you don't like just Crush
15544s everyone early
15545s if even goes he's decided that he has
15547s enough numbers he's now just Gathering
15549s selflessness who knew that would happen
15551s yeah I think at this point he doesn't
15553s have to buy any more murlocs that aren't
15555s generating money he just has to look for
15558s gold and stuff for some golden beer and
15559s maybe Uther as well
15562s connected just so much money it's just
15565s free money yeah he might buy the
15568s sperlock because I guess why not
15572s and he just to spend the coins too
15574s because he's going to get a full hand at
15575s murlocs
15576s okay you did switch up the positioning
15578s but yeah the way it was was the America
15580s is gonna get more murlocs off of the
15582s lookout it'll just be Overkill oh this
15585s is the big fight now and one that xqn is
15589s not looking in a great position for but
15590s he's gonna get loads of device Shields
15593s and loads of um hell this is like an old
15595s style c'thun build
15597s yeah it basically is but I think he
15599s needed a poison to be competitive here
15601s maybe with two poisons instead of the
15603s tricks there he'd have a chance but even
15605s then
15606s when it's like five Big murlocs versus
15609s your two it's hard to to get any further
15611s than that yeah and he's gonna find
15613s himself in another poor result to be
15617s fair we did see sleepy earlier get
15619s through with only one top four
15621s executions gonna have to emulate that
15622s he's gonna be hoping other people go out
15624s alongside him
15627s yeah
15630s I think it was just him unfortunately
15633s um I'm kind of curious to see what the
15635s what lightning is doing then
15642s hate you Bob so much
15645s Bob thinks he's helping but he's not
15648s he's not I know he's like whenever you
15650s see that message it's like ah Bob I've
15654s played before please stop being kind all
15656s right these players too yeah exactly
15658s that's like thanks Bob
15662s have they played enough of these
15663s tournaments that they've seen that
15664s message enough times that it just
15666s bounces off now all right here we go
15667s that was a blessing
15670s yeah so repeat is kind of a worse
15673s version of uh Rim girls it looks like
15677s but that's pretty significant here
15678s because the amount of stats does matter
15681s um
15683s like the difference between whether or
15684s not I can live a Hydra hit
15687s I'm gonna wait to see if the golden
15689s Baron gets hit
15691s yeah I'm just gonna press the lighting I
15693s I've got faith he's going to hit the
15695s Batman
15696s instead of God though yeah yeah that's
15699s what they're saying like I wasn't sure
15701s if that's how much Faith I've got he
15703s doesn't need gold he'll be fine
15706s hey dear yay
15709s um yeah I'd say maybe if um
15712s oh my God he also has the the win period
15715s Hydro too
15717s I was gonna say maybe if the the murlocs
15719s are a little bit smaller but yeah big
15722s enough to take the Hydra hits
15725s our perception we've got barov's
15727s blessing on barov who isn't bear off but
15729s is Finley
15731s picking somebody else while we're
15733s picking on the bow of
15735s very confused I'll get hybrid anyway
15738s yeah the brand too you're saying uh
15741s Brand's blessing before anything too
15743s yeah yeah definitely um yes I was I may
15746s have done that today as well so that was
15749s brand blessing
15751s um but actually it's a lot closer than I
15753s anticipated I think maybe if lightning
15755s uh lightning lighting went first it
15758s could have been his win
15760s but um unfortunately the Hydra is able
15763s to clean up I think with Baron with the
15765s baron gold or Buffs it might not have
15767s been enough though
15771s and this looks like Hoff is out
15773s unfortunately losing to gosu it's no
15776s surprise yeah we're ghosts are just
15779s having the best day of his life I mean
15782s yeah well I don't know he has a lot of
15784s best days of his life that's the problem
15785s he's already a champion the reigning
15788s Champion yeah so he's just doing what he
15791s does
15792s yes the day in the office for him and uh
15796s yeah
15797s like he has everything he wants he has
15799s the highest life turtle in the lobby
15801s which means that even if he loses he's
15803s not going to be limited he has more time
15805s to play
15806s uh like tech cards around him and
15809s he just has way too many stats for
15811s anyone to beat him on that because no
15813s one is Lee progress in this um Lobby so
15816s all you have to do is beat uh I think a
15818s poison cop and he already has gone stuff
15821s is he has Uther or the baron as well
15825s so many tools I guess that's my next
15827s question I think he's about to answer
15828s like when do you sell the brand
15830s when when is enough enough
15833s I think when you think that an opponent
15835s will
15837s be competitive with you with poisons if
15839s you think they don't have many poisons
15840s at all you don't really need to solve
15842s the brand but if they have poisons you
15844s need to make sure every minion counts in
15846s that matchup right so that's when you
15848s sell it but we know he knows he's
15850s against beasts it's
15852s um he doesn't he might not know it but
15854s it's um Leaf progress piece who has no
15856s chance of beating this at all but if he
15859s thought maybe there was a um a
15861s leapfrogger built he could play a zap or
15865s a ghoul to maybe or a tunnel Blaster
15867s maybe try to beat it but he doesn't have
15869s to self the brand here the brand is
15871s actually good because it gives him more
15873s stats with the standard stack look how
15875s tiny these things are
15877s yeah and he even sold out some of the
15879s beasts here to play poison in Leroy so I
15882s would be surprised if rimkusa ended with
15884s a tunnel blast here to negate the
15886s strategy
15888s um and yeah so now the tunnel Blaster
15890s makes sure
15892s is Leroy and his meta Queen can't do
15894s anything
15898s and now you can solve the tunnel Blaster
15900s to continue to
15901s get free money to find the cards that
15905s can help him in the matchups where he
15907s walked this office brand
15908s for right now like this is not because
15911s it's such a Slaughter
15913s 46 attack hide which just bounces off
15916s and yeah yeah the other sad thing is
15920s um murlocs usually don't do that much
15922s damage because the murlocs are pretty
15924s like low tier but in this case it's a
15926s six drop of five drop on a four drop so
15928s lighting takes a fourth place here
15933s and beater with the top three again so
15936s you know I was really surprised by the
15938s rocking issue pick but um he's just
15940s managed to stay along for stay alive for
15943s this long it better and then go through
15945s doing it really well once again so
15950s yeah but I think he'll meet his match
15952s here against Rim gosu so
15955s you know a first and third he's in an
15957s incredible spot right now
15961s um in this case maybe his the play he
15964s can make is to try to find a Leroy
15968s or make it so this um
15971s this gas goer can summon as many minions
15974s as possible
15977s yeah that's not a thing I've tried many
15980s times when I'm in the spot to hit like
15982s four leroys but unfortunately I haven't
15985s gotten there yet I think my record was
15986s two leroys and
15988s it did not give me the victory
15989s unfortunately right but you're just
15991s going to sort of full-on
15993s yeah and this is what I'm talking about
15995s what he's doing in fact he's literally
15996s just setting up for Gasco to give him
15998s like four leroys
16001s and he's trying to find a LeRoy too like
16004s he saw him and needs to get more gold so
16005s you can
16007s wait
16010s I know what I'm doing it's okay
16013s fine yeah I think this good technical
16016s you went to if he um summons maybe four
16019s syrats off his gas griller and then has
16022s the reborn space too he can technically
16025s win this as well yeah this frog is going
16028s to do some work right yeah yeah I'm just
16030s gonna keep I think there's a chance
16032s foreign
16034s oh but this is the other Tech choices
16036s really interesting so he has golden
16038s Macaw and blaster so if Peter Babbitt
16040s was um like a full-fledged Leaf Frogger
16043s comp
16043s his board would just die to
16046s um the tunnel Blaster but yeah it's not
16049s a real uh here we go
16052s okay Tilly rise
16054s uh I think he's unfortunately out of
16058s contention then
16061s there's always hope always hope this is
16064s over but I'm enjoying it no well it's
16067s always nice to see the Live program
16068s animations though you could just pretend
16071s like it's more than one product going
16073s from the this the crocos
16079s guess what I think he's gonna kill
16081s somebody else as well let's have a look
16084s there's kill cat this game must be
16086s incredibly High
16088s yeah it's just one of those games where
16089s you know after about nine turns who is
16093s very likely to win the lobby
16095s yeah
16097s this looks like a different game this is
16098s like a fair board game that he's playing
16101s right this is just some cards
16103s yeah this is like what most live Legends
16106s I think compositions look like it's just
16108s a bunch of fair cards and then if you
16111s have one person that you know got a game
16113s as ghost room goes to
16115s it's funny to repeat it kind of noses
16117s over he got up to maybe you know get a
16121s drink of water or go to the bathroom he
16123s knows might as well save some energy for
16125s the next game
16126s you you refer a couple of times this is
16128s what Lobby Legends
16130s um boards look like and this is kind of
16132s what my boards look like except the
16133s numbers are sort of halved
16136s um are yours different is it because
16137s you're playing against some weaker
16138s players so you get to finish proper
16140s compositions more regularly when you're
16142s playing on ladder yeah I'd say um on
16145s ladder you get more wiggle room to
16148s basically
16149s um you get more wiggle room to complete
16152s full comps whereas in these lobbies you
16154s don't really have that time
16156s um to do it because your opponent is
16157s going to be stronger every single turn
16159s so you don't have to left total or the
16160s time so you have to go for
16162s a safer strategy that's interesting My
16166s Level sort of yeah what is currently
16168s seven and a half 8K something like that
16169s at the moment
16171s um none of us have the time because
16173s we're all bad right so
16175s it's sort of the same as playing Lobby
16178s Legends again except against people of
16180s my own
16182s standards do look like this well not
16184s like this like the top board yeah
16188s and we see him goes to yeah he managed
16191s to transition out of the tunnel Blaster
16192s into the golden Southwest like he played
16194s this really well he
16196s played the correct tech cards against
16198s every opponent and yeah like it was I
16201s felt pretty hard for him to not get
16202s first place but they still have to
16205s finish everything off like you have to
16207s um right still play correctly towards
16209s the end yeah and you're impossible to do
16211s that
16212s yeah he seems to do a really good job
16214s and you know if he hadn't there was a
16216s chance of losing this there's a lot of
16217s poison coming in his way blah blah blah
16219s I realized there wasn't but in some
16221s worlds with a little bit less deep on
16223s this than he may have but look at how
16226s many Shields he's managed to produce
16227s what
16229s yeah a shield or something in this
16231s particular fight nine something like
16233s that yeah and one thing I guess I'll
16235s nitpick on a little bit was I noticed he
16237s shielded his Baron but I think uh he
16240s could have also shielded the golden
16242s surface because if there was a blaster
16244s the surface would die and the Macaw
16246s would be
16247s pointless it might have been like yeah a
16250s little bit better to Shield that
16251s yeah because if I was gonna go off okay
16253s that's interesting as well
16255s um but I I do like to hear the nitpicks
16258s as well I'm just going to cut you off
16259s because that was the end of that game
16260s but that's um it's always nice to hear
16262s the exact the tiny things you have to
16264s think about to improve but another win
16266s for him gosu to go with you know several
16269s last tournament and a third place
16272s earlier today he's going to be looking
16275s good to have our first back-to-back win
16277s a long way to go he's still going to
16278s play the rest of this and tomorrow but
16281s um might be our first really big chance
16283s for a back-to-back winner in lobby
16285s Legends yeah I believe it was the only
16287s time a Lobby Legends winner has made it
16290s back to a tournament or like um
16293s yeah I made it back to the finals so
16295s yeah it could be the case I mean he is
16297s in good form today so we believe it
16300s yeah Derek and I was sort of asking
16302s questions about who's going to be the
16303s first one to win the first person to win
16305s two Lobby Legends um and it was a lot
16307s less clear but yeah we can go through in
16309s position to to do that and it will
16312s happen I mean
16313s the pool of players who's getting here
16315s is a decent size but it's not infinitely
16318s large there's only
16320s there are some players who are good
16321s enough to keep qualifying over and over
16323s again so we will see somebody win two of
16325s these
16326s yeah I mean even to make it to the first
16328s step you have to be a very uh like
16331s skilled and you have to put in a lot of
16332s time as well to be a top 16 finish
16335s [Music]
16336s yeah and it does lend itself to the same
16339s people qualifying for the top 16 as well
16341s because the seasons are different to the
16343s months so
16346s the people who sort of top 60 at the end
16347s of one month have got a good chance of
16349s doing it again the month after even even
16351s if somebody new comes along who's great
16353s they've still got to sort of make up
16354s that lost around anyway
16356s right yeah like work put into one month
16358s will carry over and
16360s like I think right now at what Peter
16363s babatomar is he has like 14.5
16367s 000. if he literally didn't play
16368s Hearthstone or Battlegrounds again for
16370s like two months I think he's still
16372s qualify for the next two oh wow Elijah
16374s it's just insane
16375s there we ah there is that
16378s um standings with ghosty bits above it
16381s basically through it felt like oh why do
16384s I do that every time we've got to say
16385s they're three name enough about survey
16388s uh got trouble ahead but definitely can
16390s still get through with seven more points
16392s and then a scrap going on for the other
16395s places but xqn once again at the bottom
16399s end of things on camera
16402s um which I'm sure will stir people up a
16404s little bit needing just one good Lobby
16407s though and should overtake everyone
16408s ahead of him if he does get that first
16410s or second place you would imagine
16412s yeah but the pressure is definitely more
16415s on him now to get a first or second
16418s whereas in the last Lobby I think sleepy
16420s was in the same position as xkun but the
16423s close the scores were way closer than um
16426s hexagon has and sleepy did end up making
16428s it through with what was it like a
16430s fourth place like he didn't even finish
16433s particularly highly but it was still
16435s better than even above him so sleepy was
16438s actually in a worse position going into
16439s it but then the two people who were
16441s third and fourth came equal last they
16445s both top 80s so suddenly it was like oh
16447s yeah Sleepy's just got finished top four
16448s whereas that's unlikely to happen again
16452s um so we are gonna get that one set up
16454s for you and once again for the last time
16456s today just gonna take a short break and
16459s we'll be back with the end of today's
16461s Lobby Legends and of course you people
16464s who are placing all your
16466s um challenges and sorting out what they
16468s can do on the tavern buddy find out
16471s who's got the most points as well by the
16473s end of the day so we'll see you all in
16474s three minutes for the conclusion of
16476s today
16476s [Music]
16493s [Music]
16500s [Music]
16511s foreign
16515s [Music]
16552s thank you
16554s [Music]
16574s foreign
16576s [Music]
16604s foreign
16606s [Music]
16640s foreign
16642s [Music]
16674s welcome back to the end of day one of
16678s Lobby Legends although there is only one
16680s game left there's still a lot of
16682s unfinished business in group b xqn
16686s trying to repeat Sleepy's performance of
16689s having a couple of poor games and then
16691s going through not sure he set out to do
16693s it that way but that's the way he's
16694s gonna have to do it and here to continue
16697s dissecting the action for us is Lee and
16700s Lee I'm just gonna do the thing where I
16701s put you on the spot is xqn going to get
16703s into the top four or not
16706s um so watch a little bit of his
16707s qualifiers for this tournament as well
16709s he was also in a spot I think maybe
16713s around one where he was kind of in the
16715s bottom two or bottom three and then he
16717s managed to pull it out
16720s um but I don't know it's the issue I'd
16722s say at least what this one is the points
16725s a lot more polarized towards the top
16726s Peter and go sewer not guaranteed but
16729s they basically have to do very little to
16731s guarantee their finish so I think it'd
16734s be a lot harder for xqn to go to First
16736s here but I'm still rooting for him
16737s because he was one of my picks as well
16739s yeah and here we are with Him goes to
16742s um a interesting selection of Heroes
16744s here I'm a big omu fan but omu obviously
16747s um costs has zero armor and Tess has the
16750s seven arms you agree with this
16753s um I'd say also an abyss Mech lobby as
16755s well you probably want to play test just
16757s because it's so easy to steal
16760s um those pieces that kind of work on
16762s both of them right like Macaw and baron
16764s are both played in Mech death riddle and
16766s bista throttle
16767s and yeah I just tend to to favor
16771s Tess in a in a Lobby where you just want
16773s to play like you know some cards like
16775s Baron and macaw that you don't have to
16777s actually scale with you just buy them
16779s right and for the last time today just
16782s gonna remind everybody get your
16783s bandwagon picks in and we please know
16787s that's the last time let's talk about
16788s that for today I hope you've enjoyed
16790s playing with the The Tavern buddy
16793s and obviously direct feedback somewhere
16796s but not at me I'll find out where later
16797s on
16798s I'm gonna go for
16801s repeating here it's because Malibus is
16803s one of my favorites the tabish is a
16806s really interesting pick here that uh
16808s just noticed actually
16811s um so you might not know this because
16813s you're good at this game but tavish is
16817s the rank one and it won't be for you is
16820s the rank one best hero right now on Asus
16823s replay
16824s yeah I've noticed a lot of people
16827s um I know the reason
16830s um
16831s I don't know it doesn't come out
16835s like that's the reason why it doesn't
16837s come first but it doesn't come eighth
16839s but it comes first you know a reasonable
16841s amount of the time because it's got nine
16843s armors so it gets good quests so it can
16845s come first it can do it but it just
16848s doesn't come out it's got like a really
16850s incredibly low eighth place rate and the
16852s rest is kind of normal for everything
16853s else
16855s um and the reason this is something that
16857s you won't have identified with is
16859s obviously there's a lot more to high MMR
16862s play than not coming eighth you have to
16863s actively come first second third and
16866s tavish doesn't particularly do that but
16868s because it doesn't come eighth it boosts
16870s the average position up for Mortal
16872s players like significantly so it's the
16876s most successful hero
16877s there's like one other Theory I have
16879s about it is maybe because
16882s um beasts seem to be kind of dominant at
16884s least in latter it hasn't really been
16886s dominant in this tournament that because
16888s they're dominant
16890s um this hero power is really strong
16891s against that sort of thing like if you
16893s forget to place your Baron not right and
16895s they shoot right they just kill your
16897s Baron or your mama or your bird buddy
16899s you like it I like it a lot yeah that
16902s makes a lot of sense too
16904s yeah
16905s um
16906s executing here with the israela and if
16909s you actually got two tokens and another
16911s really good hero power track with the
16913s pup bot but
16915s usually you lock you like try to line up
16917s a triple on Israel but he opted to level
16919s up instead I think probably partly
16922s because he didn't want to buy either
16923s these other Minions on the board
16925s but it's gonna be interesting to see if
16927s you can still find a triple while going
16929s up above uh tier one
16931s also interesting that he chose to play
16932s the minions um going into the quest here
16934s with battle crys and such like available
16937s um yeah xcode tends to use Health quite
16941s extravagantly but this time he's decided
16943s to tighten up on it
16944s yeah especially also when he's in the
16947s position where he kind of needs to get a
16949s first or second
16950s um
16951s yeah
16952s could have been a a nice hold if he
16955s managed to get a you know a quest that
16958s requires this play minions
16960s I think sometimes yeah
16962s all people
16964s have the thing of um what else has
16967s happened today maybe just don't fancy
16968s taking your chance once or he took a
16970s chance earlier ended up taking nine
16971s damage twice sometimes yeah uh
16976s yeah but the funny thing about that one
16977s is
16978s if you give your right Mouse minute
16980s stealth and then you attack with it
16982s you're not gonna have styles it's like
16984s kind of not the best choice on this year
16987s specifically but it's by four minions so
16990s it might it might just be the the pick
16992s still just for the HP it's just really
16994s funny to think the mask is a fell back I
16997s wonder if matsui's tempted to try and
16999s force it even though it's an expensive
17002s 735 is not ridiculous like if you accept
17006s you're not getting it until you would
17008s normally get to fail back and just take
17009s it for the effect and the guaranteed
17011s throwback and just play
17013s reasonably sensibly maybe pick up an
17015s extra death battle or two along the way
17017s yeah I think the pick here might be
17019s Rachel dagger just because the quest is
17021s play for beast and Demon and those cards
17024s tend to have death riddles so it kind of
17025s synergizes with your game plan of ritual
17028s dagger right
17030s he might not actually have any Beast or
17032s demons to buy it now my argument would
17034s be if you're playing death metal beasts
17036s or demons you might as well for someone
17037s 35 minions
17039s yeah but I think again it's like it's
17041s just too slow bad enough absolutely so
17044s he agreed with all of that basically I
17046s went for the the sensible option I guess
17049s yeah but oh my God it's just
17053s can't stop laughing at how so serious
17055s like you put stuff on it and then
17058s immediately it attacks
17060s yeah he's just gonna use it for HP I
17062s think he's gonna get a lot of um
17065s he's going to get a lot of gems out of
17067s it as well
17069s around I thought he'd swap them around
17071s and just make sure he gets a million
17072s gems off this thing
17074s oh yeah I mean he might end up giving
17077s that road Force some HP later uh once he
17080s gets a theater is parasol active
17082s right
17085s yeah it looks like
17087s um
17088s yeah I don't know you can't you can't
17090s really do leapers
17092s um with his hero power he still can but
17095s it's way way worse I might uh see him
17098s just like
17100s he might just play a normal cop and use
17101s it for HP that's something it's just
17103s like you you complete so easily with
17105s just the by four
17107s or whatever the
17109s you just get the plus eight health on a
17110s few things early on and just be bad
17112s pyramid yeah I mean
17115s but technically if I'd say it's better
17117s pyramid because this 8 HP return is more
17119s than pure messages
17121s not too bad right they just use that
17123s Tempo to to progress
17126s yeah the one cool thing I can see about
17128s that uh combination is sometimes you
17131s want to buff up tricks there but if you
17133s stealth it you know then it's not gonna
17134s die but you can immediately unstealth it
17137s with the parasol
17141s and yeah looking at the um Fulton here
17144s he managed to pick up a single
17148s Starcraft is not getting that much stats
17150s but I think he's not gonna have too hard
17152s of a time since his pup Bots are already
17154s all five attack
17157s um stolen gold we haven't seen stolen
17159s gold that much today but I'm sure we'll
17163s see plenty of it still
17165s yeah I mean stone cold is a really
17168s powerful uh quest for beast in
17171s particular but yeah I don't know why it
17174s hasn't really been an option for these
17177s last few games
17178s seeing a lot of comps that would benefit
17180s from stall gold but they just don't have
17182s to have it so it could just be um
17185s they weren't offered it
17188s yeah I think he's got a lower offer rate
17190s than it used to have now thank goodness
17191s yeah and hard to do as well it's a I
17195s think a bucket three um Quest reward
17197s most of the time which tends to be the
17199s hardest one
17202s yeah I noticed that the buckets are are
17204s different in my recording of it all but
17206s I've worked out if they're
17208s always the hardest in ascending order or
17211s not of difficulty but yeah yeah but oh
17213s my gosh so Remco sir already has Richard
17215s dagger and he got three Buffs already
17218s he's in let's say a very very commanding
17222s position right now
17223s and his but like all he needs to do is
17225s probably not finish top eight or top
17228s seven so
17230s he's achieving that um that plan rather
17233s well
17234s and yeah I think he's a very smart
17236s player despite the fact we've built up
17238s his risk reward thing and the the reward
17241s seems to come up a lot of the time but
17243s yeah I think he's just very smart in
17245s general
17246s yeah in this case it doesn't really make
17248s sense to try to push for a first at all
17250s and yeah you don't have to
17252s India or even seeing him stay down to
17255s tier two for an extra turn just to
17257s secure some more death riddles
17264s oh we see PT with the uh leap Froggers
17271s let's buy Six minions okay and then he
17273s gets teal tiger Sapphire
17275s it's pretty funny like it's not a very
17276s hard quest to do but the reward is also
17279s kind of underwhelming as well and I see
17281s you get
17282s um
17283s a fell bat which is right now in a prime
17287s position to do so
17288s yeah it's only good unless you get the
17290s favorite for like about three game three
17292s turns somewhere in the middle of the
17293s game and that's it seems to be very
17296s specific very small window of
17298s opportunity unless again you can break
17300s it later on
17301s yeah
17303s um I'd say what the changes they made to
17304s Demons it's a little more valuable now
17307s just because there are other demon cards
17308s that you eat from the shop but yeah for
17311s the most part it's still the the same
17313s idea okay how about it's the nuts if you
17315s don't it's not
17317s I really like the demon
17319s um tidy up as well they were sort of
17321s pity underwhelming all over the place
17322s class they didn't really know what it
17324s was trying to do before and they got
17325s sharpened up and nice
17328s uh minion type now with its own sort of
17331s theme going on properly I'm a big fan
17334s yeah the eating from shop I think was
17336s probably one of the coarse mechanics
17338s they introduced
17339s um and like they're able to build on it
17341s too with the quests without quests I
17343s feel like it'd be yeah a little
17346s underwhelming
17350s now which direction do you want to go
17352s because here's three more directions you
17354s can go in
17355s yeah
17357s um
17359s kind of wonder if you just take
17360s something that's strong right now and
17362s hero power at next turn to try to hit a
17364s better card
17365s but so if you want to go for a direction
17367s right now you take the Omega Buster and
17370s you can even try to hero power your
17372s Warden of old on board to try to get him
17374s a car or de facto
17376s um I think it's probably not worth the
17378s try to scale with dark is Elder
17380s um with your current board and then it
17382s mama is probably not strong enough but
17386s okay
17388s yeah because it doesn't matter what you
17390s pick if you're just gonna hear a pirate
17393s I've already said no to you okay
17396s I think Arkansas is something he's
17399s probably happy with
17404s no
17405s oh wow and the super power leap Frogger
17407s to try to get it to die for the hyena
17411s let's try it like doing everything you
17413s can to increases odds for this fight
17416s I found seven I can't work out this is
17418s an awful board but it's going to be a
17420s good board very very rapidly right
17422s yeah I mean that's just kind of what
17424s happens when you go for a tier six like
17427s you're gonna have an offer board besides
17429s your tier 6 minion
17430s that's why I think most in most of these
17434s tournaments like people don't tend to go
17436s for a tier six literally because it's
17438s such a high risk if you end up
17440s uh failing but in this case you know the
17443s PT kind of needs to to go for a little
17446s bit of riskier line
17448s yeah and it's good to see it we have
17450s I've seen players sort of not do that I
17453s mean some of these tournaments where
17454s they're going oh yeah I'll just happily
17456s not win the tournament okay well
17458s you do you
17460s yeah and then interesting enough so
17463s Peter Baba's questions have 45 funny
17465s men's die for ghastly mask with Charlie
17468s and it's actually doing a really good
17471s job of staying healthy while taking such
17473s a greedy Quest
17475s all right that's also part of the reason
17476s why I picked it Mama too to help him
17478s with that
17479s and now look what he's picking up
17481s there's just a good Tempo stuff this is
17485s going to carry him for a long time
17486s yeah something I like about Peter's play
17489s too like he just very quickly bought
17491s cards so he has maximum time to position
17494s um he doesn't spend too much time
17496s thinking about it when he knows it's a
17498s good play
17501s oh and we're gonna see the light thing
17502s here that goes really perfectly with his
17505s um Miss Quest reward if you can get life
17508s Fang and Charlie on board his passive
17510s scaling is to the roof
17513s yeah and
17515s has picked up a decent set of Menagerie
17517s stuff as well
17520s yeah no xq and I don't know I think he
17524s has to set up to necessarily win but his
17527s board is not bad at all
17530s this is a board that you know you can
17533s just AFK fraternity you wouldn't want to
17534s because you get overtaken pretty quickly
17536s but he's he's in a good spot
17538s yeah like I think that's the issue at
17541s least like you can have a good board
17543s where it passively scales and you like
17544s AFK but it's hard for you to win with
17548s that sort of thing when other players
17550s could be actively using their gold to
17552s get stronger and you're just like
17553s rolling for one or two cards to maybe
17555s get stronger but you know for the most
17558s part you don't get stronger
17560s all right nobody in danger of dying
17562s right now which is again a feature of
17565s this current meta game
17566s um the the length of games is pretty
17569s long at the moment
17570s yeah and we see our ouch
17574s yeah repeatedly found two more bears
17576s immediately after and then he here
17578s powered his orgaso and Samantha it's a
17580s pretty pretty good turn I'd say
17582s yeah the police are taking out xqns one
17585s decent minion of course he will be
17586s looking to move those gems across onto
17589s one of those Shields now like
17591s immediately
17592s gets the chance another gem sweater is
17595s definitely what he's looking for but
17598s yeah I'm really scared for
17601s those taxi fights I could just don't
17604s think he has enough lights at all to
17606s get there
17608s I can take this magnetic at least to be
17610s a little bit stronger on one of his um
17613s one another
17616s yeah maybe not enough gold to spend here
17618s though
17620s I don't even think you can take
17624s yeah you can take the monkey but it
17626s loses the stats on Teal tiger
17631s um
17634s right now yeah yeah and it's a Divine
17637s Shields but you're still quite sad about
17640s this whole thing
17642s I mean at this point you might as well
17644s just put the other gems which one right
17646s yeah like you put it on the you've got
17649s to judge which of those whether you want
17652s a large one or two medium ones there's
17654s always a tough question in this game I'd
17656s say like if you're trying to win the
17657s fight you probably put it on the smaller
17659s one to make it more useful but if you're
17661s trying to win
17662s and he's taking a spot to create a
17664s little bit you can put on the bigger one
17665s because there's a chance you might sell
17666s off the smaller one to have space for
17669s something better I'm not sure what's
17671s better here this this border xqns this
17673s looks quite tight
17675s yeah I'd say this is probably better
17679s just because it's stolen gold
17681s um
17682s like here's a golden crocus and a golden
17684s brown oh yeah yeah that's plenty isn't
17686s it yeah yeah and I don't think there's a
17689s cleave on his end
17692s no the stolen gold I was I was
17693s overlooking that I think it was
17695s reasonably close without it because the
17697s tank was shoot off some Shields but yes
17698s absolutely this should be pretty large
17700s yeah it's interesting enough as well
17703s that um lighting is opt-in to go for the
17706s Macaw after the suret so he only wants
17708s to proc the golden Croc
17710s thank you
17715s but yeah it's um today potentially still
17719s Lightnings lightings
17721s um Victory here I don't know it's really
17725s big though with this um this product it
17728s gets an extra 12 12. yeah it's more
17730s about whether Mexican can survive I
17732s think
17734s yeah did that hit that's a really good
17737s hit
17738s yeah
17739s it's still so close no not quite and
17743s actually execute right here right
17746s assuming that he's on five on this yeah
17748s I don't see why he wouldn't be then yes
17749s he's dead yeah I don't know
17753s and xqn once again
17756s day one of the finals but once again in
17758s the finals
17759s yeah and now people can
17763s start dying at a quicker rate because
17764s the damage cap is lifted
17766s don't know who'd have the potential
17768s though I'm kinda
17770s curious to see how Rim Garcia was doing
17772s later on because he had the ritual
17774s dagger and I wonder if he fell off um
17776s soon
17778s and Lighting in a pretty good spot
17781s um to just sneak into that top four
17784s between lighting half emo and
17788s um vipino
17789s the four players really in with a Chance
17791s of taking two slots if we give him go
17794s some better
17795s pretty much guaranteed through now
17798s at this point like I'd say it's probably
17801s guaranteed just from the game State and
17803s how well their heroes are doing yeah
17806s but it's kind of the same thing
17810s this is like exactly what I I see a lot
17814s of uh in my games that I play with the
17815s dagger basically you stay on tier two
17818s you get tier two death riddles and then
17820s you just level up and find a baron and
17822s triple stuff
17823s like exactly because this board it's all
17826s teardrops except for this Baron and he's
17828s gonna triple some of them like the
17830s Southwest
17831s and he's even in a position to make a
17834s leapfrog or pivot if he wants to that's
17836s why I imagine he's picked up the leap
17837s Frogger and the macaw I mean that's what
17839s we do we know me right except on a
17841s different scale you know you make your
17842s big minions and you triple them so yeah
17844s it makes sense to stay on tune get some
17846s good triples where you're getting this
17849s very early Tempo car and then level up
17853s like a lunatic yeah and this case is a
17856s little different just because you're
17857s only scaling four for a turn like it's
17859s pretty static but with the Nomi you can
17861s potentially scale like 10 10 on your
17863s Elementals sure yeah but you're doing
17866s this so much earlier as well yeah yeah
17869s like this is
17871s it's just such a good spot like it's not
17873s only early game strength it's also
17874s scaling it's just gonna fall off but
17877s I guess a trade-off you'd make a lot of
17879s time gladly
17883s but yeah beater also he got his uh he
17887s got his Charlie you know with 35 life
17889s I'm really impressed
17891s no stress once again it might not be
17894s enough this uh Harvest column doesn't
17896s have quite enough attack to deal with
17897s everything but
17900s um he still has a quite a few Minions on
17902s this board I can deal with I think this
17904s fight bodes well for him even if he
17905s loses it though like I know you're
17908s against the test so that's not quite so
17909s straightforward because Tess is going to
17911s hit triples and get big but if you're
17913s holding tests to this already and now
17916s you've got
17917s your mask is active
17919s uh I'd want to be a better situation
17922s here
17923s yeah
17926s all right here's half getting the ghost
17929s um and very appreciative to the player
17931s currently in third place in the
17933s standings so really needs to survive as
17935s long as possible yeah and we see another
17937s ritual dagger board as well with a bunch
17939s of tier two buffed up minions and he's
17942s also trying to change the Libras but
17944s he's a lot more committed to it with the
17946s elite Frogger and the bearing on board
17948s already
17950s um so I imagine it'll probably just roll
17952s for the baron and triple of the zero
17955s power you can also triple Macaw and buy
17958s Reborn Radler for there we go
17960s stuff yeah
17961s I asked to decide whether he wants to
17963s freeze for it and just weighs two gold
17964s because he's against the ghost
17967s yeah if
17969s um
17970s if you're kind of ambitious you could
17972s buy it but the risk of dying is really
17975s high I wouldn't risk it yeah
17978s like the best car you could sell the
17980s worst credits off is like
17982s the bird buddy but that provides a lot
17985s of strength to this board yeah dying
17987s over two gold here is absolutely
17988s criminal as well when he's in such a
17990s good position
17992s yeah it's a composition also doesn't
17994s value the gold that much like
17997s I feel like it's you know you either hit
17998s the cards that you want or you don't
18000s like you don't need like the gold
18003s doesn't necessarily linearly equate to
18005s Stats it's like you know it equates to
18007s to Chances though doesn't it so if you
18009s waste two gold when you're cursing later
18011s on that you didn't hit you or whatever
18012s then you've wasted two rolls yeah
18015s whatever
18017s but it's like a little less important
18019s let's say especially when like that
18020s triple is Barren which exponentially
18022s increases your um your odds opening
18025s again I absolutely know that you are the
18027s person who at least originally knew all
18029s these stats off my heart rate for
18031s different tiers and different
18033s um dance of hitting things so I know I'm
18035s talking to the right person here
18037s yeah I uh I did do a lot of just
18040s calculating those early on I was
18042s learning battlegrounds
18044s but it looks like beater is gonna take
18046s down
18047s um who is this again lighting
18050s yeah that's a big deal lighting
18052s um in sixth place going into this so
18054s that would um put lighting basically out
18056s as well yeah so xq and lighting her out
18059s and then Matsuri
18062s honestly probably is out as well
18065s Ellie is what emo repeating and Hoff
18068s fighting for the last displacements yeah
18070s yeah
18072s so he wins the lobby but for now we
18074s won't worry about that
18076s yeah
18077s at this point yeah even if Mastery got
18079s seven points
18081s um I think it's impossible for him to
18083s make it because repeating an email will
18084s still pass them
18089s yeah half with the uthers while the play
18091s on zap
18092s I am glad that we're gonna see a worldly
18094s progress game today like I think it's
18096s that's a good mix of uh
18099s compositions this game this uh this day
18102s yeah you said we'll see in fact we've
18103s seen sort of fewer than we expected to
18105s some degree I think we've seen a couple
18106s of people sort of get halfway there and
18108s then either change direction or just die
18111s is the first real go at it and
18114s this isn't in the clear yet either half
18116s really struggling to
18119s decide between do I want to survive one
18121s more turn or do I want to win this Lobby
18123s like
18127s this um
18129s yeah this Rat Pack seems pretty good you
18131s can go for that to get more piece of
18133s summon
18135s um and then I remember this room ghost
18137s room ghost is trying to Pivot over to
18140s frogs himself so he's going to be very
18142s glad to see this board and he also has
18144s the time to change over now as well
18147s what's the purpose of the the bot in
18150s first place here
18152s um I'm gonna be golden but
18155s oh it's not gonna be gone because um oh
18157s no it doesn't have a wrong place star
18159s Gods yeah
18160s yeah I guess
18163s if maybe it wants to try to have the
18166s bomb die first
18168s name something
18169s it's like a pretty small
18172s difference I'd say oh also needs to get
18175s the death battle out of the way
18177s and doesn't want to sell his 22-22
18181s yeah I guess so
18183s you're gonna take away oh bomb Oh not
18187s not quite close enough to sniper oh
18190s I thought he sniped it yeah
18192s I still think Hoff is really a favorite
18194s here
18198s yeah but is your favorite next time when
18200s him goes his steals all this stuff
18202s maybe not there could be a funny
18204s situation where
18206s um
18208s ends up keeping this bomb and playing my
18210s car on the bomb and the bombs show up
18213s the entire report I would love to see
18215s that because I don't think he's willing
18217s to solve this bomb anytime soon
18220s size of it the monster bomb
18223s yeah oh you're taking a snipe on it it
18226s could
18228s be half his loss here
18231s um
18235s yeah
18236s always always go difference or whatever
18239s I say
18240s yeah
18241s it's hard to say is there I feel like
18243s because uh The Rat Pack can't trade
18246s twice with this it's probably yeah
18252s yeah the rat had it covered by two
18254s health and I think that made a
18256s significant amount of difference here
18257s yeah dude
18260s but
18261s yeah like the difference between having
18263s your brain sniped like one turn before
18267s after is huge this comp scale is
18269s exponentially so yeah even extra two
18271s turns could mean like hundreds and
18272s hundreds of stats I swear so often when
18275s I get like three open shots at
18277s somebody's uh Baron who just miss all
18279s three I'm like come on that's not how
18281s one in seven one in six and one in five
18283s work when you multiply them together why
18285s does it never ever hit all right about
18288s blessing time you know how this works by
18290s now take your pick
18293s um on the extension and who you think's
18295s gonna win this exact fight
18299s so the things I look out for at least
18301s when I play against leapers is like how
18304s many tech cards they have to beat it I
18306s want to see if Matsuri goes for a triple
18309s here and hits a zap or a
18312s very brief he doesn't hit it I think I'm
18313s gonna bet on leapers though
18316s I'm going for Matsui because I just want
18319s to see somebody's bam and get sniped so
18322s I don't know how he's going to snipe it
18323s also he's got a really massive minion on
18326s the right hand side there
18328s it looks like he'll
18331s it's taking a while to take this I feel
18333s like
18334s too long
18337s wait this oh maybe this is a nice Tech
18340s against it to stop um the death rails
18342s from dying
18343s I like this as well
18345s okay
18347s but I think with the uh the Macaw he can
18349s kind of play around it a little bit
18353s if he knows it's there
18357s all right let's see how the fight goes
18359s it's not bad to watch
18361s because yeah it looks like the Frog's
18363s not gonna die so this pecan needs to
18365s proc um the Frog at least once otherwise
18370s yeah there's just not enough uh
18372s the feet off of
18374s oh one fail
18377s but the macaws aren't dying either which
18378s is the drama because as well oh that was
18382s that was super unlucky so now the makas
18385s need to die in order for more procs to
18387s go
18388s there is solver still one more chance
18390s for the elite father to die
18392s yeah
18394s yeah that uh could actually be enough
18398s depends
18400s yeah yeah he did about to not die there
18404s oh and that was a terrible hit from
18405s Matsuri as well
18408s yeah but now I think it's time for pipe
18412s it
18413s ah
18415s oh
18417s it might not be enough actually
18422s got there
18424s oh is it a tie let it be a known oh no
18427s it is a tie yeah sorry which I think in
18429s uh we all everyone wins then right
18431s everybody wins we'll we'll get points
18435s awesome
18436s that's a weird fight it felt like mostly
18439s had like three chances to win it missed
18441s them all and still tied yeah I didn't
18443s took the tie at all
18445s just always surprised that what um all
18448s the progress bills can produce
18450s yeah that last um death sort of went up
18452s by 40 40 or 50 50 to snatch the ties
18455s like okay you've really that many
18457s times sure good luck
18460s oh my God and uh mysterious to play
18462s against yet another leapfrogger build it
18466s um
18467s but room guess who's a lot weaker than
18470s um off was because he doesn't have
18472s golden Baron
18473s yeah I feel like he should have but
18475s obviously he just hasn't had anything
18476s after the attempt to Steals and yeah
18480s it's also important no he didn't level
18482s up to tier five even though it costs
18484s four he's just waiting to Triple I guess
18487s into it with this macaw Maybe
18490s yeah also it doesn't matter it's not the
18491s top four by the way so I mean
18494s yeah it happens this placement doesn't
18496s matter like he's already secured but
18498s maybe he wants to
18500s to win anyways oh of course that's yeah
18503s the play I don't know him very well we
18506s had a short interview with him last time
18507s but the
18509s the sort of players that like to be all
18512s in on winning lobbies they don't want to
18514s not win the lobby they just want to keep
18515s going
18517s yeah and there's no uh games at this too
18519s so you don't have to like you know you
18522s can maybe like just say oh I don't
18524s really care about winning this I'm gonna
18525s rest up for the next games like you can
18528s just go to sleep after this one
18530s yeah absolutely
18533s uh we see Peter here with um pretty good
18536s Tech against the Fergus build he has a
18538s Winfrey first and then the zap the
18540s delayed zap is the important thing to
18542s note here
18543s it means he has a higher chance of
18544s sniping Barren because the Beast can get
18548s busted by Leaf Frogger and then the
18549s bearing can be exposed but that's not
18551s what happened here invite
18553s it might be the case that Peter loses if
18555s Barons gets sniped like right now
18558s against types right now and it didn't
18562s okay yeah this is too much
18564s they're all gonna be like a hundred
18566s hundred now
18568s because it was also there's only two
18570s minions left like it's so much that
18573s I can stop
18578s yeah well don't get any more minions I
18581s can't bear to watch more frogs the good
18584s thing is Peter can easily take a ground
18587s still though like all he needs is a cave
18589s Hydra and I think it's buffed up enough
18591s by lyfang and Charlie to kill off the
18594s board like he already has the wind free
18595s too so he just needs to um to get that
18598s one I'm parked
18600s you lied to me you said there'd be a
18602s hundred a hundred not 300 300. yeah but
18605s I said that like four four deaths ago
18608s that's true I was just trying to yeah be
18611s facetious this evening because I've seen
18613s so many frogs we didn't see many at all
18615s actually today but we may well see a lot
18617s more tomorrow to be fair yeah I hope we
18619s see it more for the fans
18621s yeah I'll get progressively more more
18625s angry about not hitting Baron
18628s but yeah we see um I think REM ghostly
18631s lost the Mastery but he stays live at
18633s one and now this is the mirror match
18635s so I'm cute I'm I'm curious to see
18638s what'll happen here
18641s um I see him because he picked up Menace
18643s and Marshall I think maybe for the
18645s purpose of trying to stall the deaths on
18648s um offside so he Watts
18650s Leaf Frogger to die as late as possible
18653s and that's what the small town is for
18654s and I imagine the one ones from the
18657s Menace
18659s and he knows that he'll always find uh
18661s Baron so yeah that's exactly what he's
18663s doing he is
18664s literally just delaying um the hits on
18667s his stuff as long as possible
18670s I'm kind of wondering if you could delay
18671s it even more then by putting the 2 4
18673s first but it might not necessarily die
18675s and he still have space to summon like
18677s another one one
18679s so this seems pretty pretty solid
18681s the one issue I have with this is our
18684s four beasts gonna be enough though
18686s especially when them have taunt to like
18689s it'd be a different story if maybe the
18690s high man was a syrup but
18693s it's so easy for the baron Digger sniped
18695s here yeah that was gonna be my next
18697s question is so there's nothing I get the
18698s delaying to some extent but you're
18700s costing yourself a lot of
18704s um attacking the business of while
18706s you're waiting yeah and uh unfortunately
18709s he doesn't get the block here
18713s oh it's my car is going to park and with
18716s it
18717s actually no Pro no LeapFrog products in
18720s the first one but he did hit delete
18721s program on the second process of the car
18723s what's the reason for only playing six
18725s Minions on the other side
18728s um I think maybe he just didn't have
18729s another piece to play because I think he
18731s tripled the Macaw late and then maybe he
18733s didn't have any money to play anything
18735s else
18736s also I think if you have another Minion
18738s like that isn't helpful for your build
18741s you might even just want to not play it
18742s because it could take up a space of a
18745s beast summon from your board so it's
18746s just better to play six
18750s and I think um he also knows that he's
18752s the player on zap or cleave
18755s so he just yeah there's no need to to
18758s play around that with the a sub Union
18760s ouch that's I mean it was the end anyway
18762s but definitely the end I don't know why
18764s I ouched
18765s nice to see the tests losing to the
18768s thing that Tesla's trying to steal from
18769s especially in a situation where it
18771s doesn't matter too much
18773s and the good thing is in a lift program
18774s mirror too you know usually someone dies
18777s so you always feel you'll feel a little
18779s happy
18781s yeah Focus losing
18784s yeah I don't hate on Focus like I said I
18786s just got um I just don't ever hit the
18788s barrel but you've already showed me
18789s things like I should be positioning my
18791s zap in better places and
18792s trying to make sure I maximize my chance
18795s of hitting the baron so we'll get
18796s plentiful chances to see how people can
18798s do that over the next day or so tomorrow
18800s yeah and there's just a lot of tech
18802s cards you can play too I like the
18804s Blaster one the most just
18806s killing all the the Beeson one hit
18809s yeah that's just like super cleave
18812s yeah but oh my God Matsuri
18815s that's why he has the cleave he has the
18817s wind Fury
18819s he has a lot of strong minions too
18823s I'm not sure what else you can look for
18825s here
18827s should be good process this board it
18830s sees the parrot on the other side of the
18831s West where's the Frog
18834s you know you could play that card
18836s without a leapfrog
18838s I've seen so many of the the combo
18845s yeah this is the Hydra
18848s one of those cheeky looking boards that
18850s we were talking about before or it's
18852s like just a lot of fair stuff right like
18854s it wasn't anywhere close to um
18856s Rim ghost's last last game where it was
18859s just
18860s absurd amount of stats
18862s it's like everything looks kind of fair
18863s here like he still has that pashmar from
18866s ages ago yeah just the one huge nugget
18868s but even so
18870s yeah but I gotta say Matsuri has a huge
18872s Advantage here because you can um win
18875s Fury this
18877s cave Hydra and it can attack twice
18879s because attacks first off of the the
18881s hero power and then the next attack
18883s after it'll be another win for your
18885s hydro hit so it should be pretty easy
18887s um win for him we have yeah Divine
18889s Shield as well so
18891s yeah I also like the module to do again
18894s delay the um delay program from dying
18896s potentially
18899s here we go
18901s uh
18903s oh I guaranteed when but it's like
18908s also kind of basically
18912s like when you when you simultaneously
18913s kill that many beasts they don't have
18915s time to to spread out the Buffs they
18917s just you know yeah that's distracted
18920s like you need more more Beast to LEAP
18922s onto and there's none left anymore
18925s yeah they don't get the chance to yeah
18927s the bird doesn't get the chance to
18929s the big ones and so on because they're
18931s spread out everywhere so it's always a
18933s small number two even though it wasn't a
18934s bird but yeah
18943s um the Frogger board
18946s nah not quite
18948s I would have loved to see that though
18949s yeah we've had like a seven turn heads
18951s up and a zero turn heads up in the same
18953s day if that had happened
18956s but we'll have to see Matsuri and beta
18959s um
18960s yeah I mean Peter doing a great job of
18964s just basically past scaling and then I
18966s think tacking as well as he could
18967s against uh lead progress
18971s uh how many times you say the word
18973s Frogger in the last like 15 minutes it's
18975s a lot of many times oh I love saying it
18979s just rolls off the tongue for me
18985s amazing okay yeah and actually just one
18988s thing note too Peter did end up going
18990s for the tunnel Blaster plus um Baron
18993s combination to kill off uh be
18995s simultaneously
18996s but I don't know if I'll keep that for
18998s this round maybe he doesn't need the
19001s baron anymore
19003s you could see just the the Eternal
19005s Blaster being enough
19007s you'll cycle one of them through right
19009s for this double Divine Shield you know
19011s it doesn't matter that much I guess
19012s against the frogs but
19013s yeah I mean now he's up against uh
19015s Mastery there isn't that frogs
19018s oh yeah just completely
19022s frogs on the brain yeah okay
19024s yeah frog was finals frauds
19028s um
19029s but yeah
19031s it's basically I think a lot
19034s yeah I think um if Peter can't deal with
19038s this uh what's it called the corrupting
19041s moment on well then yeah like it's
19044s gonna be tough for him it's like oh dude
19047s this glow scale here at least and maybe
19048s sell the um
19050s the module even I'm not sure Macho are
19053s the
19054s Wrangler would be a fine cell I think
19059s okay he wants an extra buff on his Hydra
19065s yeah having the Divine Shield making
19067s sure it gets the two attacks when you're
19068s not quite sure what you're up against
19071s oh my God double shielded uh Blaster is
19075s really interesting
19077s I think probably to deal with mantid and
19079s oh really it's actually it does it deals
19081s will be Road pretty well oh all right
19082s what if if they had died
19085s maybe not this might actually be
19086s relevant as well Matsui um is in with a
19089s Chance inclusive emo is seventh place I
19091s think but hopefully getting through the
19093s day
19094s yeah essentially
19098s um
19100s we need to be aware that it could happen
19103s yeah I think if this cage out gets the
19105s hit again
19106s straight in the middle oh right in the
19109s middle
19110s he does get this uh console consolation
19113s win well it might not be a consolation
19115s win he has gone to nine points now
19119s let's overtaken xqn it's overtaken
19122s lighting
19125s yeah we have to wait and see on that one
19127s it's it's clear we were saying that it
19130s shouldn't be possible but
19132s the order that people went out might
19134s mean that it's okay yeah I think
19137s um let's just mention that if material
19139s wins he takes the tiebreaker with Ruby
19142s because Ruby doesn't have a first Well
19144s yeah if it's tied but there's always um
19147s with the live action stuff always leave
19148s it up to the admins because I don't I
19150s make the mistake of trying to calculate
19152s it then getting in a mess and then
19153s saying oops I'm sorry
19155s um but yes there is a chance that
19156s Matsuri has got through day two and we
19159s will have to wait and see kind of hope
19161s he has because that was a pretty good
19162s performance there to
19165s tiptoe through with a just a selection
19168s of cards they're my favorite build the
19170s cards build
19171s yeah uh he had to change it every single
19173s round for different opponents to some
19176s degree
19177s I mean he did it with some really good
19179s cards too though like he had a win Fury
19181s hijab that was pretty sizable and he
19183s couldn't remember done that was massive
19184s and I have no idea how it got that
19186s massive probably I'm guessing the
19188s Wrangler though with the pashmir
19191s yeah it gets big pretty quickly hey the
19194s second you're golden it it just gets
19197s large I know
19199s quite I think I think most of my post in
19202s Discord look how unlucky I am losses are
19204s to exactly huge murmurdon early on
19207s yeah it's also a shame when it's the
19209s only minion the only men surviving and
19211s then you have just enough life to die to
19214s it
19214s 10 life 11. yeah exactly because you
19217s take 10 or 11 damage and it's it's just
19220s huge you can't kill it
19221s or some particularly cruel people who
19224s know there's no murlocs in or whatever
19225s early on they get really early they're
19228s just taunt it up and let all of you like
19230s the old rock days
19231s yeah but your whole ball into it and you
19234s just take 27 or something on Terminal it
19238s feels awful like why why did you do this
19241s to me because your stupid thing's gonna
19242s get leroid or poisoned later and there
19244s we have it confirmation Matsuri
19247s overtaking Rippy right at the end there
19249s the tiebreaker being who has the best
19252s single game and Matsui with a win has
19255s the best single game so
19257s finds a way to to do the sleepy I guess
19261s and
19262s sneaks up after a terrible start into
19265s fourth place
19267s ouch
19270s wow yeah I so what had to happen you're
19273s like I thought it was really difficult
19275s for muscle to make it I think we thought
19276s the rupee had already gone out when Ruby
19278s hadn't or going around emo hadn't gone
19280s out I think we
19283s had a lag not in reporting but in what
19286s we saw
19288s and we got the one player going out I
19289s think
19290s and then yeah it also kind of as a
19292s factor of I think beating Ram goes
19294s through doing so well right the rest of
19297s the players they don't have that many
19298s points to to take from so nine I mean if
19301s you look at the bottom players in lobby
19303s three they're just all done terribly
19304s right
19305s yeah there's the final for tomorrow that
19310s is our lineup the Rainy champion of him
19312s go through there once again says to say
19314s who we've seen over and over again there
19316s once again but also some of the players
19319s that we know and love
19321s um that's silly in particular better
19322s about it
19324s um penguin's son who was here last time
19325s CeCe it's just a great line I want to
19327s name everybody let's say eastleaf as
19328s well because he's my fantasy team
19331s because he's the only person I haven't
19333s mentioned
19335s there we go
19336s he's gonna win
19339s um I don't know I think now it's a tie
19342s between beta and room room ghost with me
19344s they are just so dominant in this Lobby
19346s and
19347s they um they didn't really also like
19350s give up as well our Coast on the last uh
19353s that last game when they maybe could
19354s have they like just took it all the way
19356s at the door they clear both really
19358s hungry just to win it and they had the
19361s skills to do so
19362s no absolutely
19364s um difficult lobby as well and they just
19366s looked Head and Shoulders above the
19368s others I think throughout that Lobby
19369s again sample size of three is a terrible
19372s thing but let's have a look how we did
19375s in our predictions
19377s ah
19380s wow
19381s you can talk about this I don't want to
19383s talk
19384s uh but yeah it looks like the only one I
19388s missed on was the lowest HP one which
19391s was
19392s um under over 4.5 that's kind of
19395s yeah surprised to see that no one really
19396s you know crushed it through but yeah
19399s there were some dominant performances we
19402s didn't see a single Mastermind game so
19404s yeah like I said I like massanoien but I
19407s think also the chances of it being
19408s picked and then winning is kind of low
19409s but I really would have liked to see it
19411s play it it's such a fun hero
19415s um The Tavern tier six we had that with
19418s um
19419s I think
19420s that's that one game right just uh be
19422s this game yeah so this looks pretty
19424s close the last game Mastery won but he
19427s leveled up at the last turn so
19430s yeah he just barely managed to get there
19432s in tier six and then the wisdom ball we
19435s saw I think one game but it didn't quite
19437s reach its potential with um the dragon
19439s pick unfortunately from Picos Eastlake
19442s maybe I think we might have seen it
19444s twice but only once where it got going I
19446s think xqa might have ended up with it in
19448s one game but he had he was dying as he
19450s picked it I think
19452s yeah but what's up
19454s I think we saw a lot of like 90 games
19457s yeah
19458s yeah don't forget you can check your
19460s scores as well on the on the app by
19462s clicking at the bottom of the screen I
19464s believe
19469s there we go there's the scores I don't
19471s look at one of them
19472s absolutely Massacre but it is only day
19475s one thankfully yeah catch up tomorrow
19478s and spoilers like Lee forgot to click
19481s bandwagon about half the time so I only
19483s won that by default as well
19486s it's always so hard to remember because
19488s there's so much stuff going on but
19492s yeah the um
19494s and I was still uh it's still a fun
19496s addition though I like that one just
19497s gotta remember next next time
19499s yeah I think TJ pictures out some
19501s fantastic blessings as well I think most
19503s of them were pretty
19504s um down to the wire especially the later
19506s ones with TJ sort of had a look at a few
19508s of them um they were pretty tough to
19510s call I would say that because you got
19512s them right and I didn't uh but yeah
19514s let's have a look at your score see how
19515s you're doing compared to me which would
19517s be like amateur standard and if you're
19519s beating Lee then I think you'll say your
19521s Pro standard except you'd remember to
19523s click even more than leaded that's where
19525s we're at today
19526s and if you do end up winning you know or
19529s beating either of us definitely mention
19530s in the chat and brag about it absolutely
19534s so that is the end of the first day just
19536s very quick clearly how have you found it
19537s you enjoyed yourself
19539s uh yeah I enjoyed it a lot
19541s um I feel like the games didn't actually
19543s go as long as I expected
19545s um there's only one game where it like
19547s really took a long time for the heads up
19549s that product study in murlocs
19551s um most part yeah pretty like a lot of
19554s varied strategies it's not Elementals
19556s win it's a particular win we saw murlocs
19559s we saw
19561s um maybe not Max exactly your base but
19565s it doesn't sound like that weird build
19567s that monster you had at the end Rose
19568s Cape Hydra and mermaidon
19572s yeah I mean I guess it just kind of goes
19574s to show that anything's kind of viable
19575s like even the constant mentioned that
19577s didn't win beast and mechs they still
19579s did fantastic today in terms of
19581s guaranteeing um spots for players
19584s yeah and going to tomorrow of course we
19587s will have a look to see those comps that
19589s can win the lobbies as soon as people
19591s get to 20 points they will be having to
19594s win to win the event so that will be
19596s exciting times but that is as done for
19598s day one we will be back to the same time
19601s tomorrow I believe with some more
19603s extension questions for you as well
19604s though I'll get that confirmed as we go
19607s live tomorrow but thanks for tuning in
19608s and we'll see you at the same time in
19611s tomorrow evening
19613s see all tomorrow
19615s [Music]
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19733s thank you
19733s [Music]
19750s [Music]
19769s [Music]
19771s thank you
19775s [Music]
19780s this is closer than I thought it would
19782s be yeah
19784s oh is it what the hell hell no way no
19787s way dude I thought that wasn't even
19790s close oh that's so cute
19800s he is only on um tier four as well so
19803s he's not guaranteed to kill Zito here
19805s guaranteed to take the win guaranteed to
19808s knock him out as well at seven damage
19810s exactly man liked it however the game of
19813s his life now turning it around
19818s thank you
19819s [Music]
19833s [Music]
19839s [Music]
19848s foreign
19851s [Music]