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07 Apr


Hey there Closure!

Some answers and questions!

  • Picking Archon at 10 still allows Black Hole upgrade at 20 to be selected.

I’m not seeing this interaction you are talking about. When I take Archon at level 10, at level 20 Black Hole’s talent is not able to be selected. Are you referring to the new Favorite Talents feature or the UI element where it adds the heart icon?

  • If Diablo charges an enemy into an enemy Tassadar’s wall, the enemy hero passes through and Diablo is stopped at the wall. Both should stop at the wall and the enemy should be stunned.

This is currently known behavior. It can happen to any player created terrain.

  • Executor’s Will talent has no visual indicator of when it is active. Maybe it should have crit indicators on spells?

This is great feedback, but not strictly a bug. Thanks for this, I’ll pass i...

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Hey Karabars!

Thanks for the report! I’ll check this out!

06 Apr


Hey MurlocAggroB,

Thanks for the report, I’ll check this out!


Hey everyone!

We are investigating some issues preventing players from playing games, we hope to get everything back up as soon as possible!

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until the week of April 13, PDT. As always, if you encounter any bugs during your PTR play sessions, please stop by the PTR Bug Report forum to let us know about your experiences.

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05 Apr

02 Apr


Growing up The Legend of Zelda 2 was one of my favorite games. My brothers and I got to the final palace multiple times on different save files (because that game for whatever reason randomly lost its save data pretty often), but we could never beat the game because we would get lost and just couldn’t find our way to the final boss.

It wasn’t until many years later that we finally found the right route and beat the game.

01 Apr

31 Mar


Generally what people already said in the thread is the most useful advice - pick heroes that have multiple forms of CC that interrupt his Dark Conversion. The idea is that you can use one of your CC’s to still engage and do your job, and save the secondary one specifically for Dark Conversion. Also you’ll have a good tell of when he wants to use it since he will always want to when he’s at low Health, so you usually have a generous window to look for it if you constantly keep it in mind.

Some heroes that are great to interrupt it:

ETC - his Q and W are fast and easily able to knock him out of his channel

Johanna - Her W and Blessed Shield can be used for an interrupt. Her trait can also be used to try to survive if he gets the ult off on her. This is a little more risky/takes more skill as her W is the main form of an interrupt so you have to pre-emptively cast it as he’s getting low.

Diablo - He has his Q and E to interrupt it quickly. He also has ...

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30 Mar


Sonya is a strong response to Xul.

A lot of her damage comes from her Abilities, so she is resistant to his W attack speed Slow compared to other Heroes.

She has an early game talent that negates his Root.

Whirlwind’s healing greatly benefits from having more targets, so his skeletons help her in teamfights.


Hey there Demongrand!

The problem here is the duration being updated on the tooltip. It is intended that the ability deal more damage. We don’t usually update tooltips when talents are taken, so I could see the confusion in the math since the duration is increasing!

I’ll take a look into that! Thanks for the report!

20 Mar

18 Mar

“Brew is awesome. Brew is amazing,” says Trevor Jacobs.

“I’m OK,” says Andrew Kinabrew, sitting back in his chair with a slight smile and arms folded.

“He’s amazingly OK,” says Jacobs.

Interviewing Jacobs and Kinabrew—Heroes of the Storm Assistant Art Director and Senior Artist, respectively—is like interrogating two giddy suspects who can’t get their story straight, except they’re riffing off of their own jigsaw-fitted dynamic so well that you almost don’t care what you pulled them in for anyway. Their crime, in this case? Creating hundreds of accessories for in-game murder. We sat down with the artists to find out what exactly has been going on behind the scenes of their criminally creative skin pack concoctions.

First: Some background on our suspects. The awesome, amazingly OK Kinabrew started at Blizzard eight years ago on the project that would soon become Overwatch. After a year he switched onto Heroes of the Storm and has be...

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12 Mar


Hey there LiTH,

Can you do me a favor and check the Game Types drop down on the Statistics page and see what you have selected? That might be filtering your statistics without you knowing!

11 Mar

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.

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  • Brawl
    • Varian is now able to be selected in ARAM games.
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03 Mar


My worst was a 16 game loss streak in Hero League at the beginning of a new season. I think I was at a 32% win rate over ~50 games. Was rough, but over more games things evened out.

25 Feb


Hey everyone!

I’ll take a look into this shortly! If you wouldn’t mind forwarding a replay of this happening following the Bug Attachment Guidelines it will greatly help me find the steps to reproduce what you are seeing.

There is a chance this is a byproduct of EXTREMELY tight timing so every little bit helps!

22 Feb


I’m not going to give away everything, but I can answer this question.

We get raw data on basically everything that’s happening in the game across all modes based on win/pick rate, as well as things like damage dealt/taken etc.

We are able to parse through this data to look at it through many lenses. This is where raw statistics become less useful and the skill and experience of a designer come into play more so that we can draw meaningful conclusions from the data, and decide what changes we want to make based on the results.

To get a full picture of what’s going on in the game, for example, I can and do look at things like win/loss data that’s filtered by different leagues and game modes. I can also see hero pick and ban popularity with this kind of granularity, which lets me see, for example, what the meta is looking like in the Bronze - Silver range as well as the Diamond - GM range.

While incredibly useful, I want to emphasize that it’s not just th...

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