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2s good afternoon everybody and welcome
5s back to the last Epoch Dev stream as
7s always
8s I'm your host Mike hello how's it going
10s everybody we're gonna hop right in
12s welcome everyone from Lone Star
14s mcfluffin's Stream good timing you have
17s perfect timing actually almost like it's
19s scheduled
20s and for once I'm on time
22s uh and thank you very much for the resub
24s mcfluffin as well 19 months oh it feels
28s good
29s heavy two 19 months it's a 19-month crew
32s checking in
33s glad to have you all with us
36s fantastic
38s well
40s I'm sure nothing happens
43s today that anyone will I don't even care
45s to talk about it all but you know if
47s anything comes up
49s happy to talk about it
54s so we're gonna we're gonna keep on
55s keeping on with our
58s our
61s uh quest for a Titan heart that doesn't
63s have reflect on it oh that felt bad I
67s got twice in a row last time if you were
68s here for that
70s not sure if y'all remember that but oh
73s it hurt
74s the soul
76s so we're gonna we're gonna go back I'm
77s gonna try for something else
79s um
80s I'm pretty sure this one I guess we can
82s tell actually it doesn't say greater so
83s yeah let's let's go here we're just
84s gonna try and
85s go for a nice upgraded version of this I
88s think great get a greater one
92s shoot squirrels from their mouths
96s all right is favor system planned before
99s 1.0 so we've we've kind of talked about
102s this like nebulous idea of a favor style
104s system and we I think it's maybe been in
106s like a
107s um
108s oh uh a road map at some point or
110s something like that and it's it's
113s um still pretty fledgling
115s um I don't I don't know if we'll have
117s anything like that for
119s uh 1.0 or not but I mean
122s I hope so but I don't know
129s what's already on here this one's
130s already going
133s great chance endurance shred I mean yeah
135s we're fine with all this pretty well
137s The Shred armor on it's not fantastic
139s though
144s let's just go for some more experience I
146s think
148s um frenzy Haze is roughed up
162s yeah let's do that whatever it means it
164s don't matter anyways I can focus that's
166s all they want
168s oh
171s oh if this is your first time here
173s welcome uh if you have any questions
175s please feel free to ask them uh but put
178s an at last Epoch game in the chat so I
180s see it and I'll get to it as soon as I
182s can I might be a little bit behind and I
184s apologize for that but I'll do my best
186s to get through all of them if I can
190s um
191s also we stream for charity here so our
193s charity is always about my head and
194s we're doing the Salvation Army this time
196s pretty cool new one every month that's
199s what we got going on
200s and on to questions uh what major
203s content are you planning for point nine
205s since there's no content in your post
208s uh on Forum just some visual
209s improvements why did your Elite
211s developer told the decision the point
212s that would be for sure
214s uh there's there's a lot of problems
216s with this question but I'm reading it
217s verbatim but I do not agree with the
218s question
219s um and why did your lead developer told
221s this stream that 0.9 would for sure be
223s until the end of the year when you're
224s planning to release the game this phase
226s thank you for the answers okay so first
227s off that was never settled into this
228s stream uh just like go watch it back
231s that's not what was said
234s um
235s there's there's lots of content in the
237s post as well
238s um so like there's I
241s sorry I I very much disagreed the post
245s um there's also it's also not exhaustive
248s so this is
249s um focusing on things that have happened
251s since our last
253s um development update that's all it is
255s it's just it's the things that happen
257s between our last element update and
259s right now that's all that this post is
260s really focusing on
262s um
263s yeah
269s all right other side of the world is
271s ready for breakfast leaks I don't think
273s there's a ton of news that came out
275s today it all went into that post I will
276s tell you right up front if you're just
278s here for extra leaks I got basically
280s nothing for you I'm sure there'll be
282s questions that'll come up and I'll talk
283s about things and accidentally you know
284s muddle my way through saying something I
286s shouldn't but you know it's I don't I
287s don't have any uh visual aids prepared
290s this day unfortunately for you
296s but you know I I don't always come with
298s them
300s are more dungeons playing before 1.0 um
303s more than just one of those things that
304s we'd love to get more of them in as soon
305s as we can
306s um when the next ones come I don't have
308s a firm date on yet
310s um but it's it is it is definitely a
312s system that's that's going to be
313s expanded
317s uh is chapter 10 still planning to come
320s before 1.0 oh uh
328s before want uh
332s I
335s we we we we letter them internally and
338s number them externally so let me see
340s here it's like chapter nine
342s um okay that's a good way to do it that
344s was Majestic chapter nine um so ten is I
346s yeah
348s um which I know is not the tenth letter
350s of the alphabet uh
356s Maybe
358s that's that's a that's a flex depending
361s on a few things that will
363s you know depends on how things go if
365s it's um before 1.0 or not
372s trading Plan before
374s or at least with 1.0 sorry I've already
375s answered so this is this is
378s um this is to find trade right
382s um so there is a system that will be
384s this is this was in the post the the
386s um development post that was uh posted
389s today so if you've read that just I'm
390s gonna say the same thing that's in there
392s um at point nine there will be a system
395s by which items can be transferred from
396s one player to another
398s um
398s and and that's like that will be there
401s at 0.9 so yes
405s but maybe no depending on how you define
407s trade
407s [Laughter]
412s all right
414s next one monster mcfluffing asks can you
416s give a bit more information of a time
418s frame on when the dedicated Trade Post
421s is happening we've been hearing in the
423s coming months uh and soon for a long
425s time now it's important topic for a lot
427s of people yeah it's it's still
429s um
433s nothing was said in chat and 100
435s happened I assume you're referring to
436s the ziz thing
437s um
438s so if we're gonna do this here like
440s let's let's read this let's read the
441s scare I'm gonna go back and read
442s carefully because I'm assuming it's
443s about the right timing for this
445s um
446s why did your lead developer who wasn't
449s in that call so he definitely couldn't
451s have said it uh even if you but we'll
453s ignore that part for a second
455s um told on this stream that 0.9 will be
458s for sure until the end of the year let's
461s let's reword this though it actually is
462s what he's trying to say because I think
464s there's a little bit of a language
464s barrier here so
465s um
466s uh so why did your producer uh say on
470s zizz's stream that 0.9 would be released
473s but for sure before the end of the year
475s that's the question is trying to say
477s um
478s they I think the way it was worked and
481s you go back and double check on this one
482s I've watched this stuff so many times
484s was
486s um we hope to have point nine out before
488s the end of the year
489s um it's very different than for sure
490s it'll be up before the end of the year I
492s I think in my world at least those are
494s very different statements
495s um
496s so yeah that's
499s Let's uh
504s move on from that
506s all right
508s uh so the when is the Trade Post coming
512s I have no idea I'm sorry
514s um there's still things we're you know
516s working out with it it's not completely
518s set in stone yet and we've learned that
519s posting something that's a work in
521s progress is a recipe for disaster
532s all right can you oh no what have I done
536s there we go can you point out any
538s content uh that was mentioned in the
540s updated I can't seem to find any content
541s for point nine sure
546s let's make sure I'm not gonna die in
547s here
548s yeah that one looks fine
553s I mean
556s here here's some content right here
563s this is none of this content anymore
569s like
571s it's gonna select it all no
573s that is is none of this content at all
578s I mean this is this is talking about how
579s we're adapting echoes someone's called
582s this content here
586s but once again this is just the stuff
587s that we've
589s finished between the last
592s development update and just don't update
593s uh for content
596s key key phrase there's finished as well
609s and I know there's like this it's it
611s doesn't go into very heavy details on
614s what these are but there's a lot of
615s skill updates that have happened here I
617s know this is kind of like a one-liner
619s that just sort of goes over vague
621s definition of things that have happened
622s but it is like there's a lot of stuff
624s with skills that have happened recently
627s um also just a lot of General gameplay
630s improvements
633s but like if okay I guess the question
635s might be need to be afraid so are we
636s talking about content of
638s um
639s like uh new game mechanics new systems
642s is that is that word is that what we're
644s talking about with content like
645s um
647s uh like what new systems or new game
650s mechanics are being introduced important
651s is that the question that we're trying
652s to ask
665s might be it might be what we're trying
666s to do there's so many terminologies that
669s it's like it's so hard to get on the
671s same page is what's let's be nasty in
673s there
680s I'm being dm'd that yes this is what
682s we're what we're asking
684s um in which case there's no new systems
686s that were announced in this development
688s update
699s uh do you have a plan for how many
701s patches between point and 1.0 yes
704s um doesn't seem like there's many more
706s things on the to-do list after
707s multiplayer there's not a huge well okay
710s so there's a ton of things we want to do
711s there's not a lot of things that we need
713s to do before 1.0 launches so like
715s there's a lot of things that are on the
716s post 1.0
718s um
720s uh to-do list for sure there's tons of
722s stuff coming there uh but yeah it's
724s there's not a huge slew of things that
727s are um like CIS new system mechanics
730s coming in before 1.0 you're right
744s yeah like new skills new items new maps
747s new systems things like that yeah like
749s it's it's like where's the content line
750s it's hard to say
753s content wants it when do I get a sword
754s made of squirrels
758s I don't think they'd like that very much
762s like he made like a like a whip or
765s something
766s squirrels attacked like holding onto the
767s tail in front of them
771s be terrifying
782s most seems only to think content is like
784s additions to end game chapters dungeons
786s Etc stuff that extends the game and what
788s to do I mean yeah so it's even that
791s distinction's a little a little bit gray
793s right because like as soon as you say
795s things that extend the game and what to
797s do
798s um a new unique item can do that I think
800s right
803s so it's it's I Think It's Tricky but
805s yeah I I hear what you're saying
817s yeah okay so someone someone's got the
819s stream transcripts yeah that's exactly
820s what I'm saying perfect uh our release
822s timeline still I'm I'm reading this of
825s what someone else has transcribed from
826s the video so I don't know if it's a
827s perfect quote but it looks right to me
828s this is what I remember
830s um our release timelines still aren't
831s out in the world but we're trying to aim
833s for open Beta this year yeah so we're
835s that was the goal if possible uh as you
838s can see we're getting pretty close at
839s this point but I want to avoid specific
841s dates still for the time being yeah so I
843s think that's a pretty Far Cry from
844s guarantee you know
856s all right that content will not get you
859s new players if you want to survive D4
861s and Poe too uh I I think okay I'll
865s reduce this question
867s um uh when we are saying content we mean
869s content similar to what Poe is doing not
871s by magnitude but yeah some new in-game
874s skills mechanics
876s Etc so I think I think those types of
878s things are really good for
881s um to re-engage returning players which
883s is really important to do
885s um and is is really important for the
887s long-term health of the game and uh like
890s like the long-term fun that people are
891s gonna get out of it no just extending
893s the amount of stuff that's there to do
894s it's really important absolutely I'm not
896s saying we're not going to do that
897s um
898s but I I don't think that's the most
901s important way to get players to come
903s from
904s uh to the new players to try out the
906s game really
908s um
909s because there's no there's no
911s um reference Baseline to to go off of
912s there so like
916s I don't definitely won't wouldn't do
918s this but hypothetically you could you
920s could just take a system that's been in
922s the game for a year and and Market it as
924s something new to someone who's never
925s seen the game before and they would have
926s no idea the difference right
928s um just because you're adding
931s like improving the game overall is going
933s to help to to bring in new players
936s um adding new end game mechanics
939s doesn't inherent I I think it's a bigger
941s impact on returning players than new
943s players
945s I could be wrong about that
948s Le 2024 oh gross
953s uh yeah most people not want uh waiting
955s for multiplayer that have played for a
956s while want to know what new end game is
959s coming in the future classes after after
961s Point night release yeah that's
962s reasonable thing to want to know
965s uh when did you know you won't be able
967s to release multiplayer this year pretty
969s recently
970s um I don't know an exact date of it
974s um
976s go back and watch my streams when I stop
978s answering that question
979s [Laughter]
981s that's about what I do
987s there's a few streams before uh for the
989s announcement just a couple streams
990s before the announcement went out
992s I think that I uh stopped answering
995s when his appointment coming with the
997s goal is this year so it wasn't it wasn't
999s long before the announcement before when
1000s we really decided it was done for this
1002s year
1006s which we try and keep you guys as up to
1007s date as possible
1009s um
1010s we we really avoid sitting on
1011s information usually if you guys don't
1013s know something usually it's because it's
1016s just not this is not decided yet
1029s all right
1031s don't think ezekiel's pretty slow casual
1032s like you know
1043s all right
1051s no new content before 1.0 wow I I think
1056s that's a extreme leap in logic that is
1059s definitely not true at all
1061s like categorically false no
1065s I I have a question about beastmasters
1068s scorpion do the baby scorpions count as
1070s your own minions
1073s um
1075s kinda depends what context you're asking
1079s uh also there is a node that lets the
1081s Scorpion use ice Thorns depending on
1083s your uh ice Thorn I'm assuming tree
1087s are those ice Thorns now scaled by
1089s strength and Minion modifiers instead of
1091s Attunement and spell damage
1094s um so minions don't get uh attribute
1097s scaling regardless so it's not scaled by
1099s strength
1100s um and they don't have any strength
1101s origin so it doesn't matter
1104s um
1105s but yes they're scaled by minion
1106s modifiers because minion modifiers what
1109s minion modifiers do is they give the
1110s stats to your minion as you summon it so
1113s that they then become regular modifiers
1115s on the minion so when the minion uses
1117s the ability
1118s um they're just using it the same way
1120s you would so you so they have those same
1121s stats so yes it uses minion modifier
1124s when the minions using the ability the
1125s minion uses menu modifiers uh which are
1128s actually just regular modifiers that
1129s have started out as menu modifiers for
1131s yourself
1134s um generally baby scorpions count as the
1136s Scorpions minions
1140s they are allies
1142s uh 807 that should be enough
1145s that should be enough
1149s uh did we just go
1153s just go I think we just go
1161s heal up first get rebuked back on there
1164s we go
1166s foreign
1173s oh also I've just been told that it
1176s never actually uses your ice thornster
1177s even though it says it does it was a bug
1179s in there that stopped it from doing it
1180s so it's it's just the it's so self using
1182s its own Iceland Street
1187s all right
1190s it sounds like grouping will require
1191s only one key between the entire group
1193s yes true right now uh doesn't that give
1196s a big advantage to grouping over solo
1198s when grouping multiple ladder and I a
1201s big Advantage it's not really that big
1203s of an advantage the keys are
1207s um
1209s like they're not
1212s raining from the sky or whatever but
1213s they're also not like
1216s um
1217s super super duper rare
1220s so it's uh it's not
1225s it's usually not that big of a deal
1235s if you fly by there we go
1238s come on down
1240s um so so yeah it's it is it's a little
1243s bit nicer
1245s on that
1246s um but it's not like
1248s uh it's not it's not zero the reason for
1250s this I can tell you why why this is the
1252s way it is
1254s um and hopefully that'll shed a little
1255s light here we wanted to avoid the
1257s situation where say you're in a group of
1259s four people and you're doing temporal
1260s sanctum runs and one person runs out of
1262s keys
1264s um Now you kind of you're kind of in a
1266s weird situation where basically everyone
1269s has to stop while that person Farms up
1271s Keys
1273s um or while everyone Farms up Keys
1274s possibly or
1277s um
1278s oh no a little bit of bug there
1280s come on come on
1283s um or a Subway well everyone firms up
1285s keys or just this one person Farms up
1287s Keys
1288s um
1291s or you leave that person behind everyone
1294s else keeps going and that person Farms
1295s up keys in their own it's just there's a
1297s lot of like
1299s um
1300s splitting the party that happens we're
1301s trying to avoid situations where the
1303s game mechanics
1305s um Force the party to split and go off
1307s and do separate things like that like if
1308s you're playing with your friends we want
1310s you to be able to play with your friends
1312s um and mechanics that that uh that sort
1315s of prevent that from happening if they
1316s can be avoided nicely
1319s um oh I went to the wrong spot of the
1320s room if they can be avoided nicely
1322s without major uh Buffs or like you know
1324s like disparity that way it's we're gonna
1326s try it
1328s um and a lot of the time things like
1329s this are still like they're open for
1331s debate they're open for feedback
1333s um
1334s and we'll look at the the like what's
1336s going on and see if something needs to
1338s change oh that was a big one come on
1340s back over here girl
1343s um
1348s and uh
1350s oh okay I'm a little bit the head of
1352s this curve there we go uh and what am I
1355s trying to say here Keys shared Keys yeah
1357s so so so with only needing one key
1360s um
1361s you can kind of go until your party's
1362s keys are done and then you can
1365s um
1367s you can join back up again and then on
1369s top of that a lot of the
1372s um a lot of the dungeon rewards the
1374s major reason you're doing a dungeon in a
1375s lot of cases
1377s um the resource that that that
1380s most restricts the total amount of value
1384s or power or rewards you get out of it is
1386s something external to the keys so um for
1389s example in
1391s Juan calling there we go for example in
1395s um
1397s oh we didn't get it that's too bad uh in
1402s which I say Temple sanctum uh you're
1405s you're looking at you need the like
1407s unique item with legendary potential and
1409s the exalted item to go in it
1412s um so like it usually you're not going
1414s to be chaining together a dozen of those
1416s anyways
1418s um and at the same time if say one
1420s person had that ready to go they wanted
1421s to go do it
1422s um and their friend maybe maybe you
1424s don't have a like a legendary ready to
1426s get put together so you're like I don't
1428s really need to go do that I don't want
1430s to burn my own key just following you to
1432s go do the thing you want to do
1434s um so there's a lot of situations where
1435s the the float each of you needing your
1438s own key there's like there's a lot of
1439s reasons to split up and not a lot of
1442s reasons to actually play together and so
1444s having the
1446s um I'm sorry this is so disjointing
1447s something with the boss fight trying not
1449s to die
1450s um but yeah having to do the having to
1453s do the content separately like being
1455s forced to split up is what we're trying
1456s to avoid and you can see that a lot in
1458s how we handle how we're handling the
1459s model with rewards as well because
1462s um a lot of these things you're seeing
1464s here come from a lot of feedback and
1466s testing from the CTS
1467s um things that we we tried just horribly
1470s failed
1471s um and and other things we tried what
1473s went better and so we're tuning what
1475s we're doing based on feedback and that's
1477s going to continue I think we've proven
1478s that's the way we work
1480s um best as well long term anyway so
1482s that'll continue
1484s long answer not question so it was a big
1486s one I thought
1489s oh all right are you worried was the
1492s game not really having anything new to
1494s do for one year that will it will impact
1496s the other people's show up for 0.9
1497s probably yes
1500s um do I think it's going to be uh a
1504s problem no
1508s promise I mean this is a shot just
1509s curious about your thoughts yeah it's
1510s totally fine even if it was a shot I
1512s understand it's not not a big deal not
1514s upset
1515s um oh great multi that's nice
1519s shred void res on hit
1523s that might actually be better
1527s because we hit so frequently
1533s this really helps us with uh bigger
1535s enemies that were like laying into a
1536s bunch stacked that up huge I I this one
1539s does sorry I think we're gonna switch
1543s why not right there's some fun with it
1551s these these fit so well together
1556s I love it I'm not gonna use either them
1558s I love it
1567s oh yeah I think a balance pass is enough
1570s content but mostly it's not I I mean
1572s like
1574s um
1575s we're doing more than a balance pass
1577s don't worry
1578s but I I do agree that bounce fence is
1580s content
1581s but it's it's a small piece of content
1583s compared to what's coming out
1586s um because like like yeah new items new
1587s skills things like that I think to me at
1589s least are really exciting content
1591s um and maybe that comes from a little
1594s bit more of a like magic card background
1596s in a lot of cases
1599s um where I'm like they released three
1601s new cards that are good for the format I
1603s love
1604s content you know
1609s not facetiously like I seriously mean
1611s that uh
1616s uh I think I think this is the only go
1617s for next
1624s uh do you know if the latter will be
1628s working for point nine uh the goal is
1629s for it to be
1631s um I'd be pretty disappointed if it
1633s wasn't
1635s um it's not working yet
1637s so
1639s I can't make any promises on it but the
1641s the the it's on the list
1644s of what we're hoping for it might not
1645s make it
1647s hope it does
1655s the Rogue is still missing a skill for
1656s Mastery
1659s uh from from Mastery 20 and Base Class
1661s like other classes have
1664s um
1666s last week oh uh I'm not sure what that
1668s 20 is
1670s but yeah they'll at 1.0
1674s um pretend there's a skill here all
1676s skills all all classes will have the
1678s same number of skills plus one
1680s um and they'll all have skill trees
1682s unlike Healing Hands
1683s um but yeah it'll be the full grid here
1686s for all of them at 1.0
1690s uh the question is is this hoping to be
1693s filled in before the other Mastery
1694s classes are released or must we be
1696s patient uh it depends so some classes
1700s will get those things filled in before
1701s 1.0 some of them will get them filled in
1704s probably at 1.0
1706s um
1711s they'll definitely all be the same at
1713s 1.0
1719s we are getting a ton of void registered
1721s stacking really fast do we have anything
1722s else that's doing that too
1725s I don't know because you get too much
1727s because uh resistance shreds stack cap
1729s at 15 right now
1731s um so you can get too much of it it's
1732s actually kind of a waste
1738s oh you need to update the charity
1742s Steve do you not oh that's the
1744s development post
1749s sorry that was no link you sent me
1752s that's my bad
1759s oh Gorsuch
1762s Steve if you send me the link I can do
1763s it
1765s but they don't know where it is I'm
1766s sorry
1768s uh and I thought
1770s you go night bot please
1773s Google thank you very much
1784s oh never mind I don't think I need a
1786s link I can just do it here
1788s um
1794s cool should be good now
1800s let me get back to questions
1802s I'm there make warlock great we will
1804s don't worry it's it's gonna be sweet I'm
1806s very pumped about warlock I think it's
1809s um
1811s I think it's gonna be
1813s uh something that a lot of people are
1814s really pumped for
1817s um
1820s and I think it's I think it's gonna be
1822s really interesting class to play and
1823s it's gonna be a lot of fun mechanics
1824s there as well
1829s of of the
1832s um
1834s I I made a warlock in WoW for a long
1836s time that was that was my baby and uh
1843s I don't want to draw comparisons during
1846s comparisons there unnecessarily but just
1847s as uh background I guess for me
1850s personally
1851s um I uh I'm really excited about the
1854s Warlock in general I think that's gonna
1855s be the acolyte class I play the most
1857s initially partially just because it'll
1858s be new you know
1860s but uh
1862s just just looking at the themes and
1864s things you can do and that's that's
1865s that's more my style than what we've got
1867s now
1869s which I do enjoy a lot but
1872s yeah
1874s all right are you planning on fighting
1876s more players of the CT yep we do uh
1878s there's still bites going out
1880s the multiplayer have to be out before
1883s jail before I'm I mean it'll be out on
1886s March 9th
1887s so
1888s um we'll we'll see if that's gonna be
1890s before jail before or not
1895s actually point nine release can we
1897s expect more frequent quarterly patches
1899s or what and the the patch Cadence I I
1902s hope we never go a full year without a
1904s patch again that's that's I mean I don't
1906s know if it's gonna be quite a full year
1908s but close to it we'll call it a year
1909s because it's close enough right
1911s um that that's that's way longer than we
1915s initially planned when we when we said
1917s we're gonna do a long patch a year was
1919s never the plan
1920s um
1921s and it's it's good like we did the right
1924s thing I think we made the right
1925s decisions and I think this is gonna work
1927s out as well as it could have
1930s um
1931s and I'm like like it's gonna be good
1933s it's just uh we never plan for a
1937s year-long patch and uh
1940s that's that's way longer than we'd
1943s initially planned
1945s and and we're not planning on your long
1948s patch Cycles in the future either that's
1950s that's just wait wait wait wait beyond
1952s what we're planning
1961s uh as you can say on how CT program will
1964s change post 0.9
1967s um that's a good that's a really good
1968s question
1969s um
1970s I think it will be
1975s ah it's a really hard question to answer
1977s I don't have any concrete information on
1980s what it will have like what what will
1982s happen to it
1984s um I can give you some speculation on
1985s what I think will happen and that sort
1987s of thing but
1989s um
1991s I
1995s oh that's yeah that's probably the echo
1997s damage nodes
1998s bye
2003s um I feel like entertainment I don't
2006s need to send
2008s oh what are we talking about here CT
2011s program post point nine yeah it's it's
2013s um
2017s I'm not sure
2034s the
2040s sorry because DM's like crazy here I'm
2043s not saying anything wrong though don't
2044s worry it's fine
2045s [Laughter]
2047s uh how will the CT post change point
2049s nine there's not gonna be I would say
2051s massive sweeping changes we're still
2053s going to use it for the same type of
2054s thing we're still going to use it for
2057s um
2057s trying to get content out in front of
2060s people before it's ready for a full
2062s release
2063s um I guess what we're trying to do is
2065s transition the
2068s um the core player base from expecting
2071s uh beta content to expecting release
2075s content it's kind of it's kind of the
2077s the type of transition we're trying to
2078s make where we can where we're more
2080s confident in the things that are coming
2082s out and
2085s um and this is the type of transition
2086s that we did I guess this year really
2087s where
2089s um I would say we were always we always
2091s wanted to have as high quality as
2092s possible but I think we've put a higher
2095s and higher bar on that quality as we've
2097s as we progressed and uh the CT program
2101s now
2102s if anyone's here is in it you'll know
2104s there's there's a lot of bugs that go
2106s into it there's a lot of experimental
2107s features that go into it
2109s um it's a lot less curated it's a lot
2111s it's it's like well we'll put something
2112s in let's be like in the patch notes the
2114s CT program will be like this button
2116s doesn't work if you click it you're
2117s gonna have a bad time and I'm like
2119s that's the whole thing there's if we're
2121s gonna release that in a non-ct
2122s environment like the button will be
2124s removed and there'd be some sort of
2126s notice there that would uh explain
2128s what's happening it'll be like a
2130s workaround system or something like that
2131s but in the CT program it's kind of just
2132s like well we're not testing that so
2134s don't press it we're testing this other
2136s thing press that
2138s um and and that's the type of I guess
2140s the difference between that and our
2141s release content
2142s also thank you very much
2145s uh Hunter X Ben Kai killer as we said
2148s for 11 months or seven seven months in a
2150s row shout out to all my honey lovers
2152s I love honey Honey's so cool as well
2155s it's it's such a unique food
2158s um in like like the shelf life that it
2160s has and things you can do to it and how
2162s its flavor changes based on just like
2164s the flowers that were around when it was
2166s when it was made by the bees and
2167s different types of bees like there's all
2169s sorts of crazy stuff with honey
2170s um I'm no expert so if you're interested
2172s go look at it yourself
2173s uh cool fact about honey don't give
2176s honey to infants kids under two should
2178s not eat honey maybe one but you know uh
2183s don't use this as medical advice either
2184s go research it but don't give don't give
2186s kids honey but babies that's bad for
2188s them real bad
2191s it's really good for adults though love
2193s honey
2194s I always put it in a teriyaki sauce yeah
2201s oops bye-bye come back hello
2205s foreign
2216s all right happy Friday so happy to hear
2219s about 0.9 purpose today happy Friday
2221s Master story 12.91 glad to have you here
2227s there's the there's a weird bug that
2230s happened in multiplayer right now uh I
2232s think it's fixed now but last time I was
2234s a couple times ago we were playing and
2235s the uh chest all the chests in there's a
2240s study weren't working uh and it was like
2243s those like three chests and spawned and
2245s I was like none of them dropped anything
2246s and I'm like
2252s we got though
2254s uh are there any new in-game mechanics
2256s coming in point nine or any skills I'm
2258s specifically interested in Marksman new
2260s skills
2261s um so maybe there's not there's no new
2265s core game mechanics or marks and skills
2270s that are completed now 4.9
2276s but yeah
2279s there's still time for things to happen
2282s but um
2284s I don't think there's any marketing
2286s skills planned either it's
2288s it'd be I'd be pretty surprised if one
2289s squeaked in
2292s we do need to get some more Marksman
2293s skills on the books before or by launch
2296s at least
2297s um
2298s I think there's
2300s one missing from the mastery
2303s and one ish missing from the base I
2307s think
2308s doesn't have to be Marksman specific but
2310s we usually try and lean them towards a
2313s specific class in the bases
2323s uh can we expect to see Rye's skill tree
2326s change the 0.9 oh uh
2329s I don't I don't I don't know all the
2331s details like can we expect to see
2333s changes on skill X in point nine
2335s probably I think there's so many little
2337s changes all over the place that there's
2338s a good chance that every skill is gonna
2340s get something
2342s um because there's a lot we did as I
2344s mentioned before we did like a full pass
2346s on all the skills and there were a lot
2348s of things that were just kind of hiding
2349s in there that just weren't doing
2350s anything
2352s um
2360s I'm being told yes
2363s getting a mini rework which has been
2365s done cool
2366s thanks armor
2367s much appreciated
2371s this is the problem I've been I've been
2373s working on a bunch of UI stuff for the
2375s last like three months uh so I've been
2378s touching skills at all a little out of
2380s the loop on them
2384s show me the way to battle ice beetle
2388s my battle Beetle brother
2393s my Burr that'll be the brother
2395s yeah
2397s we got it we got there
2400s we had we had to we had to pack for a
2401s journey but we got there
2406s oh it's done what am I doing
2410s hello Mike hello
2414s uh first Brazil just lost uh the match
2418s in the FWC I'm sorry to hear that I do
2421s not follow it at all unfortunately
2424s um
2427s just just just not my sport
2430s but uh my condolences
2433s uh but I'm happy to finally have a date
2434s for point nine can you say to us if
2436s everything on the infrastructure part
2438s for patch point nine and multiplayer is
2440s done in what part you guys feel is still
2442s missing uh no I can't
2445s um I don't uh
2449s I don't work on the infrastructure stuff
2450s as much
2454s um
2456s it's very very very good
2461s um
2463s I mean there's still little features
2464s here and there that uh
2466s need to get tweaked and updated and
2467s everything like that the core
2469s functionality is there working great
2475s looks scary
2478s um but I'm like
2482s will it ever really be done you know
2484s it's kind of how I feel about things
2486s like that like there's there's always
2487s there's always something to to update
2490s and improve with with with all those
2491s things so like
2493s I hate I hate putting the label done on
2495s it
2500s just in general
2507s but it's good enough that we've had
2508s months of
2511s um continuous uptime with the CT program
2514s with extremely promising results
2518s um
2521s yeah
2523s so is that
2525s all right after point nine do you think
2528s the following main patches will be
2530s smaller or larger than pre-point Jaime
2532s patches oh God I have no idea that's
2534s that's a really difficult question to
2537s um
2539s to to answer I'm sorry I have no idea
2548s uh is there any chance you would add the
2551s possibility to summon multiple Bears
2552s scorpion Sabertooth or Raptors the same
2554s way how you can have a flock of ravens
2556s or Wolves that's a very unlikely but not
2558s impossible
2560s um something like that would probably be
2562s tied to an item or uh maybe a
2565s combination of items or
2568s um
2569s probably just one item but yeah like
2571s it's
2572s the one of the big things we try and do
2574s is
2576s create uniqueness
2579s um kind of wherever we can with
2583s walk right past this thing my goodness
2584s Mike babbling away
2587s um with with most systems and most
2590s um like skills and items and uh every
2594s category we try and create as much
2595s uniqueness as we can so we'll have
2597s um
2601s even just just class the class we try
2604s and create as much neatness and then
2605s skill the skill inside that so we try
2606s and like carve it like what's this
2608s what's this abilities role and is
2611s converting this ability to like a good
2614s example this actually is when we're
2615s doing
2616s um skill conversions so
2618s uh uh there's not a lot of great
2621s examples on this closet actually
2629s okay I guess here's here's a good
2630s example yeah so Ryan's getting reworks I
2634s can say this about it right now a mini
2635s mini work
2638s um it's not not a ton but a few little
2640s things anyways
2641s um
2642s the Vengeance and Rive are extremely
2644s similar abilities on
2647s um and monster too they're all they're
2649s all very similar abilities on Sentinel
2652s bass class
2653s and we really try to carve out a unique
2656s Niche for each one of them and so
2659s Vengeance has clearly a defensive
2661s component with it right
2664s um so you're retaliating and then
2665s there's a lot of things in here that
2666s buff like defense while you're doing
2668s that
2670s um and then multi-strike has a pretty
2671s clear AOE component where you're trying
2673s to hit lots of different things with a
2674s basic attack and these these three are
2676s basic tank Replacements basically
2678s um they all got zero they're all pretty
2680s fast they're all pretty light hitting
2681s they're all pretty small area that's
2683s something they're basic attack
2684s Replacements
2685s um and
2688s we we try and find a way to make make
2691s each one of them unique
2693s um and so we wouldn't put a like
2696s Vengeance style uh defensive component
2699s and retaliation component on Rive
2702s because like that's vengeance's thing
2704s you know
2706s um and if as soon as you start putting
2708s those types of effects and abilities on
2710s revive what's the point of even having
2711s Vengeance because you just got one
2713s ability that does both things depending
2714s on how you Speck in the tree so we try
2716s we try to make sure there's clear
2717s distinctions and a little overlap
2719s between them as possible and like carve
2721s out a unique Niche for each one of them
2723s um and so with
2725s with I guess I should just use Bears and
2727s the minions as an example right up the
2729s gate
2730s one of the big things that makes uh
2732s Ravens and wolves unique compared to all
2736s those other um companions you have on
2738s Beastmaster is uh that you can have a
2741s whole bunch of them
2742s um
2743s and yeah scorpions you can get the mini
2745s ones but like that's a different way of
2746s getting more of them right like it's
2747s it's a unique way of of like something
2750s that's unique with that ability and
2754s um
2756s like this happens this happens a fair
2758s bit with uh Elemental conversions on on
2761s uh Mage and Rogue
2764s uh actually wrote a lot funny enough but
2768s yeah it's it's we we try we try and you
2770s know
2771s like
2773s have things that they each do well
2777s and have a lot of them is something that
2780s wolves and Ravens do well having
2784s um a lot of like bleed uh like high DPS
2788s bleed poison hybrid support things like
2790s that something where you're going for a
2792s lot of individual fast hits on one one
2795s companion that's like that's Raptors
2796s Niche
2798s um
2798s there's a lot of bleed Synergy and
2800s Raptor and uh when you look at bear and
2803s you're looking at more of a more of a
2804s tanky minion is is the goal there
2807s um you look at saber tooth and we're
2808s trying to uh temperatures need some love
2810s there but I mean kind of the the way
2812s that goes is it tries to get more into
2814s that like the cold element
2816s um some CC with cold abilities
2819s um it's it's very agile in combat
2821s because it can leap
2822s um
2824s so there's we try and have different
2826s things each one of them can do
2829s um so it's not just
2832s um okay well all minions can do these 12
2834s things uh which one do you like the
2836s theming of most type thing and because
2838s because that's
2839s mechanically uninteresting you know
2843s if they're all if they're all the same
2845s then what's the point of having
2847s different ones we might as well have one
2848s skill tree with a single note on it lets
2850s you change how they look
2851s um and having them be thematically and
2853s mechanically different and appropriate
2855s to their themes everything like
2856s mechanics represent their themes I think
2858s really helps push that home
2863s I'm like you can take that whole answer
2865s and apply it to pretty well any Why
2868s Can't This ability do the thing this
2869s other ability can do or why can't this
2870s class do this thing this other class can
2872s do or why can't this item be the same
2873s this other item can do
2875s it's kind of the same answer
2886s all right are you planning uh to do
2889s Leagues uh domains alterations after 1.0
2893s similar to Poe or similar gains yes
2894s we're gonna call them Cycles
2897s uh how many new skills on Sentinel will
2900s be done before 1.0 one
2906s that will be the Paladin's missing a
2908s skill Healing Hands needs a skill tree
2910s and sentinel's done
2917s uh this one's yeah am I reading that at
2919s what point in life you said I will grow
2921s a massive beard
2924s um when I got just fat enough to grow
2925s that second chin no um
2928s I was before before I had any right to
2932s try and grow a beard
2936s I I did start getting facial hair quite
2937s young but uh looking back you're like oh
2940s it's too soon bud
2942s should have just held out like an extra
2943s extra year would have been good
2946s I also just don't like shaving
2949s it's half of it right there
2955s uh what was the reason that current
2956s missing masteries are the ones which
2959s come last like why did we pick those
2961s specific masteries to not get at it
2963s until now
2964s um part of it was is to do with
2967s um
2969s class archetypes that
2972s a so the one we the reason we picked the
2974s ones we picked first so let's start
2976s there's sort of like a few different
2977s phases of this we started out with
2982s it's drawing time it's drawing time
2986s I wish this didn't like I wish I could
2988s maybe take the whole screen whatever
2989s though just drawing the whole screen
2990s open whiteboard do I have like a
2991s whiteboard out of the matter close
2993s enough
2998s oh my
3003s okay so we let's let's say I don't know
3007s where these where these patch lines are
3008s exactly
3009s um but we'll call this like the the 1.0
3012s uh classes this is
3014s falcon
3017s [Laughter]
3019s oh falconer
3022s and uh Warlock
3026s and
3027s um
3029s so that's that's the last two they're
3031s coming
3032s um and then the first the first ones we
3033s did which were things like uh
3035s Beastmaster was was really early uh may
3038s I guess it was actually sork this is
3042s before masteries even existed
3045s um
3046s uh uh necros in here
3050s uh VK was here fortnite was here
3053s um so these were our like very starting
3056s this is the form this is what we'll call
3057s this pre-masteries
3064s I don't know what patch this was
3067s um pre-mastery 1.0 and this is just just
3069s the rest
3076s everything else
3078s uh gosh whatever it's gross
3082s um
3085s almost almost erased that out but
3087s whatever we'll leave it so there's the
3089s everything that came in this category
3090s here
3092s it's not released one two three
3095s everything came in phase one
3099s it's way overdone
3101s everything came in phase one worth with
3103s were classes that we were extremely
3106s confident about and class archetypes we
3109s knew absolutely would be popular and we
3112s were super like like we just we we knew
3115s the game had to have a a natural type of
3120s of character that could use minions uh
3123s was very physical
3125s um was was like we knew we had to have a
3127s character like that we knew we had to
3129s have an Elemental Magic user sorcerer we
3131s had to have that
3133s um we knew we had to have a circumancer
3135s like summoning undid minions
3137s um death magic things like that we knew
3138s we had to have that
3140s boy that was a little was a little bit
3142s of a weird one to have there as an early
3143s one we knew we had to have a sword and
3145s board that was actually a knight
3146s character that came before this but I'm
3147s kind of leaving it out
3149s um and it was it was actually a female
3150s Knight character
3152s um interesting
3154s uh ancient Leslie [ __ ] lore here uh and
3157s so yeah the fortnite characters were the
3159s ones that we knew we uh these these ones
3161s so the boy night we knew we wanted a
3162s sword and board style plate wearing
3164s Armor class but at the same time we
3167s wanted to have something unique in the
3168s game and we wanted to have something
3170s that was
3171s um sort of our own like you can draw
3174s direct comparisons in Diablo 2 and
3176s Diablo 3 to basically everything here uh
3179s pathology you just draw drunk in person
3181s but it's a little bit unique and there's
3182s a little bit of sort of a last Epoch
3184s Vibe and flare that comes from that that
3186s we wanted to have in the game really
3187s early
3188s and like this was this was these two
3191s were pre-kickstarter this was like mid
3193s Kickstarter and this was like a week
3194s after Kickstarter or something like that
3195s you know like we're talking really early
3198s and so so those are the ones that's why
3200s we did those ones first
3202s um and then we started just kind of
3204s putting in
3205s uh fleshing out classes so we're just
3207s we're just
3208s um when we decided to do the masteries
3210s thing and we're just adding in we're
3212s just like let's get to two for all of
3213s them
3216s um trying to get the three as soon as we
3218s can and we're just picking the ones that
3220s we think are gonna be really popular and
3221s are gonna hit clear class archetypes and
3223s gonna be very different from the other
3224s things so like what's what's the most
3225s different what's the most new that we
3227s can pull out of here and add in
3230s um and then and these three got kind of
3232s left I kind of left pretty late
3235s um
3236s and and they kind of just got pushed and
3237s pushed and pushed
3239s um we we kind of redesigned they've all
3242s gone through a redesign actually from
3243s the original version
3245s uh and a lot of that's come from
3246s feedback in the game just us learning
3248s how to how to make these things uh
3250s making the Rogue I guess we can like put
3252s the Rogue in here it's like a
3255s just like a little extra extra character
3258s mini sub like 2.5 here you know as the
3262s Rogue and
3264s um
3264s we learned a lot when making the Rogue
3266s and that changed how we were approaching
3268s these a lot
3270s um
3270s these these are the most unique I think
3272s classes and the most there's there's the
3276s fewest direct arpg comparisons that can
3278s be drawn to these glasses from other
3280s classes and games I think is I think
3282s it's kind of an important uh keynote
3284s there
3289s I think that explains
3290s [Music]
3292s sorry I just kind of got random random
3294s rambling there
3296s uh don't forget to put out let's see if
3299s I came to the questions so I'll see them
3300s but I do see one here that doesn't have
3302s it answered anyways uh any chance in
3303s future gender lock is gone there's a
3305s huge thread this is a question that
3306s comes up for a bit
3308s um the the overarching conversation is
3310s character customization so that's
3312s um like gender lock is is the same
3313s conversation as uh I want to change my
3315s height I want to change uh the way my
3318s character
3320s um like like the the the body type
3322s weight distribution of my character I
3324s want to change the the color of my
3325s character's hair you know all these
3327s things it's the same it's really the
3328s same ask there's there's different
3330s levels of this and like I doubt we'll
3332s ever get into like
3334s um I'm gonna move the jawline of my
3335s character because like can you see that
3337s no
3339s um so there's diminishing returns on a
3340s lot of these things in a game like this
3341s because the camera angle on sort of
3343s stuff
3343s um and the gear you're wearing
3345s but but broad picture stuff
3348s um it's possible that we could edit some
3349s stuff we'd really like to
3351s um it will not happen by 1.0 1.0 all the
3354s character models will be static and the
3357s five you see before you now will be the
3359s five that are used
3360s um
3362s yeah so so that's those are not I
3364s shouldn't say this those would be the
3365s five that'll use there could be changes
3366s to those models and adjustments and
3368s improvements and things like that but
3369s the
3370s um a little broadly speaking they'll be
3372s those five
3374s the support it's a post 1.0 thing we'd
3376s love to don't have the time yet
3379s would be safe to assume that there is no
3380s more Del uh safe to assume there will be
3383s no more delays for multiple release uh
3385s just to set the record straight do you
3387s think it will be March or to quote the
3389s zip stream for sure for sure
3392s um
3394s I mean so there's always room for things
3396s to go horribly wrong like we spent a
3398s long time making sure we had plenty of
3400s room plenty of Runway to do this
3403s um like the the the language in the
3405s official post is very clear like like
3407s let's let's
3408s let's go look at this
3415s let's go over here date locked like
3417s that's that's pretty absolute right like
3419s that's that's his that's his I think
3422s this is the first time we've ever
3422s actually put a date to our multiplayer
3425s release even when we've even we've like
3426s said okay it's gonna come next year
3428s things like that like we never put a
3429s date to it and we spent a long time
3431s picking this date
3432s um and I I know there's there's a lot of
3436s um
3437s there's there's not a full detailed
3439s explanation of why we picked this date
3442s um
3443s because because that that would be
3446s this ridiculously long post of of every
3448s single little factor that went into
3449s making this pick in the state but part
3451s of it is is that it's far enough out
3452s that we
3454s truly believe this will be a very this
3457s is this is attainable this is something
3458s we can we can hit this is where we're
3460s confident in we've we've got many other
3462s dates that are that are rolling ahead
3464s and and there's there's a lot of things
3466s we're putting behind this
3467s um and so like we're pushing for these
3470s dates these are
3472s um
3473s these are like if things are problematic
3476s before this day it's like things are
3477s getting cut instead of the days getting
3479s pushed type dates you know
3481s um
3482s hopefully nothing has to get cut I don't
3484s see why anything should it's we're quite
3486s confident in this
3493s it's about as absolute as you're gonna
3494s get out of me
3495s it was pretty it was pretty pretty clear
3497s but yeah it's it's uh
3501s it's exciting to have a firm date
3505s um
3508s you know a meteor hits the hits the
3510s Earth and I'm a liar all of a sudden but
3511s you know like
3513s barring that
3519s yeah
3522s great chance give me those yellows love
3525s to see them
3530s I feel like I would enjoy this to just
3531s turn the color yellow for all the fonts
3534s doesn't have to be bigger numbers just
3535s turn the color yellow
3538s oh you're right here buddy
3541s I didn't see you there
3546s come with me
3548s and you'll see
3552s absolutely nothing because you'll be in
3554s the void
3555s alone and cold
3566s I guess part of the question is like
3569s like is it safe to make plans for that
3571s date I'm making plans for that date you
3574s know like
3585s why does this game not have an option to
3587s pause because there's a weird bug that
3589s makes it not work it works in the editor
3603s uh into this post that says if someone
3606s dies in The monolith while in a group
3607s the player loses the end rewards does
3609s this include stability oh good question
3612s I'm pretty sure it does
3615s um I'm pretty sure it does if if anyone
3618s in the team is listening that knows the
3621s answer to this more firmly please let me
3623s know and I'll relay it but I'm I'm
3625s pretty sure it includes two but I think
3626s it's all the rewards
3629s uh just to confirm FAQ from Forum
3632s offline mode is still playing it before
3634s yeah offline mode still planned
3636s uh oh and will the community unique uh
3639s lamento less Refuge come in point nine I
3642s have a build planned for it for eight
3644s months I want it so bad yes it's in the
3645s game already uh is it is it dark quiver
3648s skill going to be overhauled yeah
3651s um because it really use it's really
3653s useless in the State uh is there any
3655s cold and poison conversion coming in the
3657s future for exploding era
3659s um a few questions there overhauled
3661s that's a strong word I wouldn't go that
3663s far
3664s um some changes yeah
3666s I I can see some changes to it I don't
3668s know if anything's done yet but um it's
3670s definitely a skill that I find myself
3672s having tough time playing with in
3674s multiplayer and I do try and play with
3675s it quite a bit
3677s all right
3679s useless I think it's a little strong
3681s though uh any cold and poison conversion
3683s coming in the future for exploding arrow
3685s uh unlikely I would say possible maybe
3689s that's the sort of thing that could be
3690s on an item
3693s I'm being told that just the bonus
3695s stability will be lost pretty sure
3699s uh sorry you have cold conversion I
3701s think you meant poisoning okay I thought
3703s that might be cold there but yes
3704s um
3708s more more conversions and things like
3710s that I items is probably the
3713s the the the the the better way that'll
3715s happen
3717s than in the tree I would assume if it
3719s happens at all poison is a pretty big
3720s archetype for
3722s um
3723s for rogue and this is this kind of comes
3725s back to the same thing of like
3726s are there other abilities that are
3728s really good for poison and do we want to
3729s step on them too much with with this you
3731s know
3732s Maybe
3735s enemies a chance to shred armor oh
3737s increase health that's okay we have
3738s coloring
3740s are you not afraid
3742s uh that you have missed your window with
3745s multiplayer with D4 coming early next
3748s year in PVE coming three four months
3750s later yes I'm Not Afraid uh but I assume
3753s you're expecting me or hopefully the
3754s answer no but I yes is the answer to the
3756s actual question there because I'm a
3758s dirty programmer and I'm gonna answer
3760s like a programmer
3765s all right hi I just joined welcome glad
3769s to have you here sorry if this was asked
3771s already it's fine is multiple gonna be
3773s for playing with friends or is it going
3774s to be easy to join games with random
3776s people I love this game thank you for
3778s making
3779s thanks for enjoying our game I'm happy
3781s you're happy with it um as far as
3783s multiplayer the there's like we want to
3786s encourage both things
3788s um
3788s we know that that some people really
3790s will only play multiplayer with their
3792s friends
3793s um and we have a very updated Friends
3795s coming up with this it's like gross
3797s um we have a very updated friends list
3799s for
3801s um
3802s 4.9 panels so you can like
3806s curate your own list of people to play
3807s with a lot easier and all sort of stuff
3810s um as far as finding people to play with
3812s yeah like there's there's lots of
3814s different ways to do that and it's we
3816s don't have we don't have a raid finder
3818s system uh if that's kind of the
3821s underlying question we don't have a raid
3822s finder we don't have like a
3824s um
3824s just like a window with like all the
3826s Dungeons and you just like pick like oh
3828s I want to do temporal sanctum like find
3830s me a group for temporal sanctum on tier
3832s three I'm gonna play a tank and and just
3834s teleport us all there when it's done no
3835s we're not doing that
3837s um so if you want to find a group or
3838s something like that right now this could
3840s change but right now that system is
3841s you're either using an external system
3843s like Discord or something like that not
3846s great but it's there
3848s um or you're using um like in-game chat
3851s you're using the um like Town zones
3854s where you'll you'll see other people
3855s there running around uh things like that
3857s so there's
3862s not a ton of systems built into the game
3864s for finding random groups right now
3867s um
3869s but I can see that being something we
3870s look at if it's
3872s hotly requested
3877s throwing bye
3880s I don't think about that doing
3884s we don't need to because we have this we
3886s have really Incredibles
3889s I got there
3896s I think Crystal yes Crank That enemy
3898s Health right up let's do it
3900s had you considered major balance changes
3902s to most skills since there are a couple
3904s there's like a couple of metabodes yeah
3906s I mean
3907s and kind of discreet the premise again I
3909s think there's more than a couple
3911s um but yes there there's
3917s there's a lot of
3920s oh my goodness this is
3923s my poison is like oh yeah I guess I'm
3925s crazy
3927s what's it normally
3929s oh goodness
3930s oh goodness
3937s oh I do have teasers
3941s oh
3943s oh hey guys we got stuff
3948s we got oh wow
3951s look at that
3953s oh it's gonna it's gonna come this
3955s window you're gonna see the file names
3957s oh there's a little sneak peek maybe
3959s some may have seen what one of the
3960s foundings was oh no
3966s uh all righty then
3970s I'm just gonna take a quick second here
3971s I'm gonna answer a question while I'm
3972s doing this what was the question I was
3973s answering uh major bounce yeah so
3975s there's
3977s um there's a lot of little
3981s there's a ton of little changes coming
3983s and then
3985s like some bigger ones here and there so
3989s um
3990s like Define major balance changes I
3992s think it's gonna be pretty major I think
3993s it's gonna be
3995s um a lot more I think it's gonna be a
3997s lot more abilities that are suddenly
3999s viable
4001s um while keeping the
4004s the a lot of the favorites because a lot
4007s of builds people really enjoy like like
4009s Spiderman's not going anywhere guys
4010s don't worry good thing you know like
4012s keeping keeping the favorites alive is
4014s is definitely an important part of this
4016s whole process
4017s um
4020s I don't know where is this
4023s stream images that's the folder I'm
4025s looking for
4028s let's just do a little a little delete
4030s on these oh okay well it's not gonna let
4032s me delete them that's fine
4035s let's get another question
4044s uh will 0.9 fix the on death damage to
4047s minions uh those exploding camel things
4050s are absurd
4052s um I mean there's
4054s there's still going to be enemies that
4056s have that ability there's
4058s um there's better visual indications
4061s that it's happening
4063s um
4065s oops that's not what I want to do
4068s there's better visual indication that's
4069s happening I think is the key
4071s key thinking
4080s I don't know it's gonna be a problem I
4082s can't resize it
4091s okay one second I'm gonna just disappear
4094s for a second I'll be right back sorry
4095s I'm still here I'm just gonna
4097s try and figure this out
4100s come on
4106s oh I don't know why I need to do this
4109s hello oh no what have I done okay we're
4112s getting one now here we go we're doing
4115s it live
4118s foreign
4130s you've all been very patient though so I
4132s I feel it's appropriate anyway so yeah
4133s this is this is um
4136s Hydra
4138s pretty cool
4141s this is one of our uh testing scenes
4143s that we use uh it's probably showed up
4145s in a few Clips just different different
4147s um backgrounds and things so we can get
4149s nice contrast and see what it looks like
4151s in different zones and biomes and things
4152s like that all in one place
4158s all right
4170s oh
4177s okay I'll show that one in full later I
4180s didn't think it was gonna change it
4181s right away
4183s all right
4184s we're still we're still learning with uh
4186s with our streaming software apparently
4196s a little little sneak peek of a sneak
4198s peek right
4199s [Laughter]
4203s all right uh Eternal eclipses unique
4207s effect grants a large amount of Type X
4209s melee damage to melee attack that is
4212s type y that being said you can shred any
4216s uh can you shed any light on how Eternal
4219s Eclipse will be affected by the melee
4220s damage update coming uh curious to know
4223s how this weapon will be affected thanks
4225s ESG
4226s um so I just want to make something
4227s really clear here something that I've
4228s tried to make super duper clear
4230s um and I get questions like this every
4232s week and so I'm like obviously not
4234s getting through with this
4236s um
4237s the key change to the damage updates for
4241s uh melee added melee damage
4246s so this this this this added melee
4248s physical damage on a weapon will become
4251s added melee damage on the weapon
4253s implicits this is really important that
4256s we're talking about added melee damage
4258s and bow uh and throwing but there aren't
4260s any but um on implicits is the key place
4263s this is changing this stat added melee
4265s physical damage is not going anywhere
4267s you can still have the stat like this
4269s this melee void damage this was this
4271s stats not changing in Matthew's model I
4273s think it might get a number tweak but
4274s like it's still gonna be it's still
4275s going to be added melee void damage on
4278s after these mod that's not going
4279s anywhere
4280s it's the implicit that's gonna just
4282s that's gonna lose this word physical
4283s that's all that's happening
4285s um
4286s for the most part there are some select
4288s weapons where the that where this damage
4290s type will stay uh for example on the
4293s void fiend basically all the ones that
4295s aren't physical are going to keep their
4296s type and all the ones that most almost
4298s all the ones that are physical are going
4300s to lose their type it's generally the
4302s roughly what's gonna happen there's
4304s that's not quite true for all of them
4305s but
4306s um
4307s so the the this lets items
4311s that are so if I'm doing a pure void
4314s damage build uh I don't have to worry
4316s about scaling physical damage at all in
4318s here even though a huge portion of my
4320s added melee damage is physical so I'm
4323s not scaling it as efficiently and that's
4324s split damage type is causing it to to to
4326s to not be quite as synergistic and just
4329s just be a little bit like it's not as
4331s awful as it could be type type feeling
4333s so um for that and the uniques are an
4336s entirely different beast in that all of
4338s their stats on uniques are all very
4340s curated to what that unique does so
4344s um I don't actually know if anything's
4345s changed with this item or not I have to
4346s go into the files to check but I'm
4348s pretty sure
4349s that uh that nothing's changed with that
4352s ability at all
4353s it's a short answer
4360s some values might change but like the
4362s the core functionality of like uh added
4365s Type X melee damage to type to attack
4368s this type y
4369s nothing changing
4382s all right is this game already in beta
4384s or still EA I ain't yes
4388s you know um the multiplayer beta is not
4390s out yet
4392s um but the like define beta Define EA I
4395s feel like this is yeah looking at the
4396s same thing pretty well
4398s um
4399s uh I play lastly [ __ ] on a laptop ooh
4401s Brave boy
4403s uh and there are some skills that seem
4406s to cause me to lag rubber band rubber
4407s banding is really strange because
4409s there's no network connection
4411s which is what causes rubber banding so
4414s if you're talking about multiplayer CT
4416s program carefully you don't break your
4417s NDA
4419s careful
4422s um
4424s uh is there anything could you make the
4426s stop my driver's up to I can't really
4428s help you with support here if you'd like
4428s support please contact support I believe
4431s it is just uh support Douglas Deepak
4434s game.com
4437s just Google's Lusty [ __ ] support that's
4439s there
4441s oh I'm pretty sure exhalation support in
4443s here or Discord also gets you the same
4445s thing
4446s um
4450s yeah those little support section on the
4452s Forum too
4457s there are a lot of um performance
4459s updates coming in point nine as well as
4461s stuff that we've talked about uh
4462s previous Dev updates and this one too as
4464s well so yeah
4466s [Music]
4468s all righty then
4469s oh don't die Mike
4472s I mean you thought it'd be cool but try
4473s not to
4475s hi hello
4477s uh will you hide
4480s an auto recast button on spells
4485s I maybe add uh in order for everyone to
4488s play the same games and don't use tricks
4490s like numblock or macros
4492s um
4493s we
4496s Avalanche no
4498s uh we don't currently have any plans to
4500s add a system for auto casting into the
4503s game
4504s uh natively
4506s uh it doesn't mean things won't change
4507s but currently there are no plans to add
4509s that
4513s ow
4515s why does Avalanche hurt so much
4527s finally
4528s my face is soft and supple so don't hurt
4531s it
4532s uh you said in private streams you were
4534s working on cosmetic transactions I was
4535s like going really great actually
4543s really great
4550s uh currently the graphics options don't
4552s do much
4558s there's they could do more I think I
4560s think I think possibly the the
4562s um
4563s this is gonna talk about FPS probably
4564s options don't do much likely with
4566s regards to frame rate I think it's
4568s probably the next uh there's a little
4570s change between very low settings and
4571s Ultra for train details lights and a few
4574s others is this intentional something
4575s that will be later changed oh I was
4577s wrong
4578s um
4584s maybe I don't know
4592s do we wanna do you want to take this to
4595s I'm scared to actually Crank It Up
4597s really I've got to turn down for the
4598s Stream
4599s uh
4601s I'm not gonna do it
4602s I'm not gonna do it I'm just gonna sorry
4604s I don't want to mess this up the street
4608s um I I think there's
4610s uh there are definite changes coming to
4613s that that make those changes better
4615s because we've done a lot of performance
4617s updates
4618s um so there were there were settings
4619s that we wanted to have in like high very
4622s high Ultra things like that that we
4624s um that caused too much of a performance
4626s hit
4628s um that we that we have
4630s toned down uh in the current build in
4633s order to um wait until we had better
4635s performance stuff as well uh it's pretty
4637s few and far between there are a couple
4638s things that fell into that category
4640s um
4642s so there will be some changes but not I
4644s wouldn't say sweeping or drastic
4669s please don't come to the channel
4671s advertising stuff
4676s all right
4680s hello Aaron how's it going
4683s did you reply to yourself saying hi to
4685s yourself
4686s I think you did
4689s oh come on
4691s it's like after being sassy
4696s no visible lasting consequences that's
4699s what I get
4711s come on
4717s that's what they get
4720s you're sorry yes but what was your
4722s reaction in people's reactions to the
4724s point nine release announcement oh yeah
4726s that's about right
4732s uh would it be challenging to make small
4734s town zones before dungeons that would
4735s allow people to group
4737s um
4739s uh yes Town zones are uh odd Beast
4745s um but not impossible it's not a bad
4746s idea either
4750s uh teaser start when I arrive well you
4754s missed one already go back and watch it
4758s and you missed the teaser of the teaser
4760s because I actually started playing the
4761s second one too
4767s to be fair I think those worm things
4770s would probably make a decent minion
4771s seven the
4774s which which worm thing sorry
4780s oh the hydras yeah
4783s they are pretty cool and they would make
4786s good minions too
4792s come on just thank you
4799s [Music]
4800s so will they be a player hydrocele
4803s coming then
4806s there's not one planned currently but
4811s I'm no psychic
4813s uh my professional streamer Liker that's
4816s about right
4818s got those big old Air quotes
4821s uh seeing how we might have opposite
4824s gender options for characters in the
4826s future does that mean that warlock will
4827s become a witch for female acolytes just
4829s as warlock for male act like it's just
4831s curious it's an interesting question and
4833s I I totally see where you're coming from
4835s this one
4835s um probably not
4838s um mostly because uh it creates a weird
4843s um it creates a problem with like just
4845s build guides and and and like
4848s third-party websites and things like
4849s that like you have this like
4851s um every class has one name and then you
4853s have a witch slash warlock is another
4855s name and it's like well that doesn't
4856s make any sense what's going on like two
4857s classes is it is it one class and it's
4860s just a level of confusion that we don't
4861s really want to invite
4862s um so so unlikely but maybe who knows
4871s very unlikely
4881s come on Mike don't die
4884s I know you want a diet but just just no
4886s I don't want to I know your character
4887s wants to try and die in the fire those
4888s there we go but uh
4891s steer him see him true
4899s all right all right curious to see how
4902s my 4090 does with frames on Max 4K 100.9
4906s I think it'll be pretty good
4910s it's it's much less about the video card
4913s and it's it's the CPU though
4921s foreign
4932s hopefully that bottleneck will vanish
4934s though
4935s for everybody
4940s uh any crazier fun builds you guys have
4942s played in a house that gen the Greater
4944s Community has totally slept on I no I
4947s don't think so you guys are really good
4948s at finding builds
4950s um
4951s there's there's like there's lots of
4953s builds we'll play for fun sometimes and
4955s and we'll muck about with that just you
4957s know uh aren't good
4961s but you you you're all very good at
4964s finding builds very good at it
4975s hello Mike hello
4977s uh
4979s dick
4980s disgustator
4982s uh broken tail I bet it's like backwards
4985s instead of something
4987s sounds sounds like a backwards word
4992s or like several back I don't know could
4993s be wrong
5000s those are nice good bases uh have you
5004s got any four LP drops I have had a four
5006s Oak drop
5010s um
5012s nothing to write home about like I've
5015s I've Had A Hammer Hammer Florent
5018s um before I'll be dropped before I've
5020s had a
5022s um
5023s I've had an alchemist Ladle 4lp drop
5025s before
5026s um
5027s you know not
5029s not
5029s good items really like the the ones
5033s where you're like is this good under any
5034s circumstance even at like endgame it's
5036s like well not really
5039s it's good
5046s get me crazy how's your horizon 97 7900
5050s X's see now I'm just jealous
5056s like he tested me
5060s those attacking players come at me bro
5067s oh well you just noticed what a great
5069s build this is
5078s here we go
5087s was this was this a build that you were
5088s popularizing mostly
5093s monster
5100s I guess I I guess I have questions for
5102s people who aren't even if you are in the
5105s for anyone who um has an idea this when
5108s when multiplayer comes what builds will
5110s people be playing what what classes will
5112s be playing first what's that go to
5116s uh 0.9 class for people
5138s but we're gonna have Mana problems in a
5140s moment
5147s yep there they are hello Mana problems
5150s my old friend
5151s necro need more skellies yeah
5156s yeah roads bleed Shield Rush flame burst
5159s Paladin Squad yeah
5162s that's that that that is
5165s um flame verse Paladin Squad
5168s is uh has is not quite what you'll hope
5171s it to be in 0.9
5174s um because yes it would have been
5176s broken overpowered if nothing had
5178s changed because it it's so
5180s multiplicative with itself when there's
5181s multiple people there
5183s um like like theoretically so
5186s similar stats so there's there's named
5188s and unnamed Buffs
5191s um
5191s and
5193s uh named Buffs replace each other when
5196s they get when when two of them are added
5199s the new one replace the old one even if
5202s it's worse as long as it is the same
5203s name it replaces it
5205s um
5206s and uh the the flame burst buff from
5210s holy Shield actually holy Shield holy
5212s Aura entirely is a named buff so all the
5215s stats everything you get from holy Aura
5216s is um each each stat is individually
5219s named so you can't have
5222s um
5223s five people or four people sorry all
5225s giving each other that same uh that same
5228s piece of the buff so you can have
5230s multiple
5231s I don't know if this is actually changed
5233s or not but
5234s the the way it was initially at least is
5235s you could have multiple people I think
5237s we tone this down because it was a
5238s little too ridiculous even even with
5240s this restriction
5241s um you could have multiple people with
5243s holy Aura
5244s um and you could get the whole holy Ora
5246s tree effectively because two people can
5247s have different holy auras
5249s I think it still works that way
5251s um but individual pieces of the Holy
5254s Aura don't overlap so if two people have
5255s the like flambers chance
5258s um only one of those applies
5261s um whichever the most recently applied
5262s one is
5263s um
5264s and they get reapplied every quarter of
5266s a second or something so
5268s it technically flips the chance if one
5270s person has ten percent one percent 100
5271s it would flip between 10 and 100 every
5273s quarter second
5275s that's assuming they're exactly equally
5277s spaced which they wouldn't be
5288s assuming same balances now you'll be
5289s playing this first oh nice
5292s don't worry flame respondent is still
5294s quite strong like the it's still very
5296s good it's just not
5299s oh my God WTF broken
5302s crazy ridiculous Bonkers which is
5304s without changes what it would have been
5310s prescription Echo Golem answer with your
5311s armor
5312s [Music]
5314s good stuff
5317s uh still fine if he's yourself yeah yeah
5319s like it's it's still environments it's
5321s basically unchanged
5325s so it's it's not it's not like
5328s we're not like nerfing into the ground
5330s or something to make it not bad not not
5332s overpowered in multiplayer but it's um
5334s it doesn't stack the way you'd hope it's
5336s a stack in multiplayer that's all I'm
5338s saying
5339s um
5340s yeah
5344s 2.9 you'll wake up a sentinel
5348s I didn't have said no I go to stream so
5351s I go to sleep I said no I only play
5353s Sentinel so I'll be playing Sentinel
5356s let's see I was hoping that would end
5357s with like someone playing a rogue
5365s you're literally dead right now that
5367s seems unlikely
5370s but if not cool how are you
5372s communicating with us
5378s you can play only storm trying to give a
5379s challenge
5382s but what if what if what if we buff it
5384s it's awesome then
5389s not much of a challenge then ah
5406s I just need to be void cleaning a little
5407s more that's a big big mistake what I'm
5409s doing
5409s I'm just like in answering questions
5412s lazy mode spin spin spin spins I should
5414s be voice more
5422s there's a bug there's there's one bug
5424s right now a multiplayer that just oh it
5426s wrecks me
5428s um it'll it'll be fixed don't worry like
5430s that it's there's a fix in the fight for
5432s it I'm pretty sure it's not not a
5434s problem but uh it may actually already
5436s be fixed I don't know there was um
5438s when you use lunge if you didn't have a
5440s Target even so you're walking and you
5441s use lunges at a Target like this
5444s um and it would it does the animation
5447s for lunge and locks you in place
5450s so you can't just like blindly lunge
5452s until like a Target happens then like
5454s jump half across the screen to that
5455s Target you have to like wait till you're
5457s sure there's a Target or else you're
5458s just wasting so much time standing still
5460s every few seconds
5462s and oh is it brutal
5467s but I should be nicely fixed before
5470s monster goes live
5481s when Curry patriarch
5486s hmm
5488s nothing Avalanche needs huh
5491s can we see that other teaser hi me
5499s next next natural break we get
5506s I think I need more bonus to build I'm
5508s just gonna clear this whole place
5511s I'm just kidding
5516s easy buff you cannot make two
5519s tornado rework when tornado yeah today
5522s needs a little love I'd say
5525s it's cool but it's not good
5527s you know
5529s there's a couple builds that were really
5531s cool where it's like the the ones where
5532s it like attaches to you there's been
5534s some broken tornado builds in the past
5535s where it like attaches to you it's like
5538s Zephyr like um Janna's Zephyr from law
5541s and just like you just go so fast
5546s and everything just gets vacuumed into
5547s you as you walk and it was it was it was
5550s a few nutty builds with it for a while
5551s there
5552s a little over the top
5556s really like our weapon I think I'm gonna
5557s bother taking any of these
5562s oh I said I said I'm doing teaser didn't
5563s I
5571s okay here we go
5575s this is uh uh the companion study fight
5581s some updates to it
5587s watch my tiny little window
5591s drink lots of water boys and girls
5598s just little just little tease
5601s it's just a little just a little tease
5602s of it
5605s what's going on here
5612s you haven't seen any chat frames yet the
5614s the dialogue updates yeah my goodness
5616s they're phenomenal
5626s what is the video pause
5631s I didn't mean to do that
5639s okay just just just
5642s what's what's going on
5648s I don't know what I've done
5651s bouncing all over the place
5662s well I hope it played once it does the
5664s video file I have does show it but it's
5666s not
5670s teasing the teaser I apologize let's
5673s let's try I feel like I didn't actually
5674s play it did not play once hmm
5679s let's add a new source
5684s foreign
5686s from scratch from the top once more with
5690s feeling
5695s transform
5697s so it fits a screen
5730s I'm I'm just
5738s started it says like we'll restart when
5740s active there we go okay
5746s goes through it starts to fight
5749s it's not a full fight it's just the
5750s intro
5751s I guess let's install clip
5755s here we go
5766s let's get back into the action you know
5771s cow
5776s you want to see any unique I don't have
5779s any unique for you
5783s I love love this set piece every time I
5787s see it I'm just
5789s um
5797s oh that's the over under me surviving
5799s this one
5805s really not good I just went for it you
5809s know I think I think we should do
5810s dungeon let's do a dungeon
5812s did an arena in a while actually
5817s it's gonna Arena
5829s who's feeling an arena
5831s I'm feeling an arena
5840s oh
5843s I'm just doing and this one's so scaled
5844s right
5847s I could rip through a couple
5850s I do like the limited ones they're
5851s really nice
5857s let's see if I can get through a couple
5858s of them
5861s I need to I still need to just make a
5863s button
5864s in our Dev tools it's just like
5866s and gamify a character so I can play
5868s in-game nicely on stream
5881s can't you win
5885s till the night fits from you let's go
5889s come on
5899s hey Mike it's 100 offline mode coming in
5901s patch point nine uh I don't know I think
5904s so
5909s stand down it's possible that it might
5912s not
5913s I think it might be listed as 1.0
5914s feature
5931s you need a unique for all the teasing of
5933s that teaser I'm sorry
5936s I don't have anything you need to share
5938s with you
5940s we can come up with them right now let's
5942s go let's go up with one let's I'll uh
5943s I'll do what I can to get it in
5949s uh all right let's go
5954s it's pointing strictly a multiplayer
5956s release or can we expect some new
5957s content a long way instead it's not a
5958s strictly multiple release at all
5961s um all the stuff I've teased throughout
5963s the last year on the stream
5965s um like there's there's a huge post
5968s um
5970s which has all the things that are
5971s confirmed thus far throughout the year
5975s um 4.9 in it and or links to posts that
5978s have those things in it so there's like
5980s there's a whole bunch of links at the
5981s bottom of the post that came out today
5982s that have that are that are to all the
5984s other places like there's all the stuff
5986s that's compiled in the stream from
5987s Andrew Tilly's form thread
5989s um there's a few other Dev blogs
5990s throughout the year that we that we
5993s um noted content for there's
5996s um other stuff that's not in any of
5997s those posts yet still to come that we
5999s haven't announced yet as well like it's
6001s um
6005s yeah it's not strictly a multiple player
6007s release we've like ever like not
6009s everyone on the team is
6012s um working on multiplayer updates So
6014s like
6015s um
6016s the uh
6018s sound sound engineer sound designers are
6022s um like there's certain certain feature
6024s requirements for multiplayer that are
6025s needed so like
6027s um when a party invite comes in the
6029s sound effect that plays like that's a
6031s multiple requirement for the sound
6032s Engineers but
6033s um the vast majority of the
6037s um the work they've been doing over the
6038s over this last year is is completely
6040s unrelated to multiplier but it's it's
6042s very related to just the game as a whole
6046s um so you know like there's there's a
6047s lot of people who
6049s um have roles that certain elements of
6051s what they do gets uh gets used in
6053s certain parts of multiplayer
6055s um but most of it's not multiplayer
6057s specific it's just gameplay
6059s um and they nobody stopped working over
6062s the year uh so all the stuff that
6064s they've been doing uh in those
6066s respective fields are all relevant and
6067s still going to be in the game and
6068s everything
6077s your chance
6079s yeah it's like a Year's worth of sound
6082s updates here's what the bfx updates a
6084s Year's worth of Animation updates you
6086s know it's all those things that are that
6088s are just making the game so much so much
6089s smoother and uh just feels so much more
6092s polished and all these sorts of things
6103s how large is the team I don't know the
6105s exact number actually
6107s um
6110s it's getting pretty big now
6113s still nowhere near the size of
6115s a lot a lot of other videos out there
6118s but as far as remote teams go
6121s um
6123s with without uh like without a publisher
6126s yeah pretty pretty big so far
6142s sent out or die
6145s have we said 80 plus okay cool Jordan
6148s September said that that's that's a good
6150s person to quote on things like that
6151s [Laughter]
6158s it's also such a such a weird question
6160s because like
6162s and then I say this every time this gets
6163s asked and I I still stand by it and
6165s everything it's like
6168s do do you count
6170s um and there's there's like like where
6172s where do you draw the line because it's
6173s a weird question
6175s um is a
6179s um is is a like
6182s this one's obviously yes but it's a
6185s producer part of that yes obviously is
6188s um
6189s uh like uh uh a community matter part of
6192s that definitely is
6194s um
6195s is an accountant part of that
6198s maybe is a
6202s um
6204s uh like it's a lawyer part of that
6206s because every company needs lawyers
6207s things like that probably not
6210s um I I I know that number is probably
6212s not counting people like uh that are
6215s like
6216s um
6217s contractors like like floors things like
6220s that because we don't have a
6221s permanent house lawyer or whatever you
6223s call it a
6224s staff lawyer
6226s um but you know what I mean like there's
6227s there's some roles that are
6230s um
6232s like General business roles
6235s um and there's some roles that are like
6236s contracts and things like that and
6238s there's like artists that are contracted
6240s as well do you count those yeah I would
6242s count those
6243s um
6244s so it's like you can't go on just like
6246s is it a contract position or not you
6247s know there's there's all sorts of weird
6250s does this count Maybe
6252s most the time yes
6262s yeah accountants are part of that I mean
6265s if it's if it's someone who's on staff
6266s yeah if it's if it's someone that gets
6269s hired once a year to do taxes and it
6272s changes every year because probably not
6274s I'd say but like you know it's
6276s I think it's a valid question
6284s all right image goal damage not for us
6288s the engines
6293s only damage not for us
6300s talked with Nate a few months ago or a
6301s few days ago said multi is coming in
6303s March in the ninth is that correct yes
6305s that is correct March 9th multiplayer
6308s will be available for anyone who owns
6311s last Epoch to play it
6315s super mega awesome
6318s in-house Council thank you agros mini
6321s that is exactly the term I was looking
6323s for
6328s we do not have an in-house counsel
6331s which I think it's a good sign
6337s means we're not getting sued every day
6348s in the UK we have legislation around
6350s that ir-35 mostly affects whether
6353s they're taxed as employees or
6354s contractors it has all sorts of crazy
6356s rules about that all over the world and
6358s gets so complicated with an
6359s international team
6361s and then you get like tax fees I have
6363s read cover to cover the most boring
6366s thing I've ever read
6368s is the Canada U.S tax treaty oh my
6372s goodness it is boring
6380s I can summarize it in like one sentence
6387s just pay one of us we don't care we'll
6389s sort it out later
6399s it's not quite true don't take that as a
6401s tax advice
6402s but that's what it feels like
6413s oh I want to get to uh well I guess the
6415s high level ones because we're over 86.
6417s we can we can handle a little bit higher
6419s I think yeah
6421s got to protect your intellectual
6423s property
6433s nobody cares about lawyers I don't think
6436s that's true
6445s you had to read through some accounting
6446s legislation rules because I gougingly
6449s boring yeah it's bad
6451s hmm
6454s contract language is just so dry
6459s you know like I get that it needs to be
6461s clear so you get like really specific
6463s and it's it's it's like it's interesting
6466s and you find a little interesting the
6468s whole language aspect of it because
6470s um there's kind of a social contract an
6472s implied social contract that we have
6474s together like all of you and and and
6477s a lot of entire games has when we come
6480s on stream like this is that I'm gonna be
6483s honest and open and truthful and all
6485s sorts of things and
6487s um
6487s quite often I take issue with the
6490s language in the question and will
6492s um
6494s try and specify that so it's clear and
6496s so there's not misunderstandings later
6497s so I get why you know contracts need
6500s this boring drive very specific overly
6503s precise language so there's no way you
6505s can like oh this is ambiguous
6512s but oh is it painful
6517s bye bye
6519s welcome back
6529s oh I feel like we got through most of
6532s the questions everyone had at the start
6533s of the stream a lot a lot of the same
6535s questions everyone had
6536s I just kind of just kind of cruised into
6538s the end here nice relaxing a little Spin
6540s to Win Arena having some fun
6542s taking it Taking a chill time
6545s getting a few exalteds
6558s I made a couple other little tweaks to
6560s stream I'm wondering if anyone notices
6561s significantly worse or better visual
6564s quality still
6569s is a full Ward build where you
6571s completely or mostly ignore life viable
6574s in game absolutely there's several items
6576s that support builds like that directly
6578s there's even several skills that support
6580s that type of build directly
6582s um acolyte's probably the primary class
6585s that does things like that but even
6586s people like
6588s um primalists that don't generally do
6590s things like that have build Focus that
6591s work that way
6593s um the most prominent item that you'll
6595s be looking for is
6597s um sanguinous and then last steps to the
6600s living
6601s uh boots and chest uh
6603s opposite respectively
6606s um
6608s and uh what they do is they'll drain a
6611s percentage of your
6614s um current health
6617s per second
6619s and then they will so you'll you'll end
6622s up equalizing
6624s or yeah I can't read what it is how it's
6626s worded exactly but you'll end up
6627s equalizing somewhere at low life
6630s um and then they give you ward per
6633s second based on your missing health
6636s so you you have like you'll see people
6638s sitting at like
6640s 100 Health but thousands of Ward
6643s um
6646s again it definitely work some that are
6648s very good
6656s frostbite shackles can make it viable
6658s via cold red stacking yeah
6662s the boots boots you're looking for
6664s Unique boots you can get them via
6667s um
6668s you can upgrade boots in the
6673s we'll show you after this beautiful ways
6676s to get it I think oh is it is it is it a
6679s boss drop
6685s is it a boss drop
6689s can can I can I get it by upping rares
6692s in the in the forging is that is that
6694s doable someone let me know it is okay I
6696s thought so
6699s this guy's gonna try and roll it and see
6700s if I just get one
6704s but then you know you get that sneaking
6706s suspicion where you're like
6707s [Music]
6708s I think it's a boss drop isn't it
6715s all right let's go for
6718s unique items
6724s less absoluting yeah
6729s am I wrong
6732s also wouldn't be surprised
6736s oh you do have them also
6738s nice yeah
6742s there you go
6744s and then uh skill acolyte has an ability
6746s Called Death seal I believe it's
6748s actually on Lich
6751s um
6752s which will lock your health at low life
6755s so you can like when you use it it'll
6758s actually snap you to low life and and
6760s lock you there so you can't go above it
6761s they'll put a Max cap on your life total
6764s um
6765s and so you can like force your life down
6767s low really quickly so your your ward
6768s generation starts immediately you don't
6770s have to worry about
6772s um like letting it build up slowly
6777s um
6780s ah blood Frost and death three of them
6782s but you already have them so and then um
6785s defeat champion
6787s by on the Arsenal
6790s come at me bro
6794s who's the better Sentinel I believe it
6796s is me
6801s awesome cool some very cool stuff was
6804s coming I'm sure we'll have uh more
6806s detail about this later but a little
6807s tease here at the end of the stream
6809s um some very cool camera
6811s uh camera work
6814s um and don't worry for everyone that
6815s hates camera movement option to turn it
6818s off
6819s um but it looks gorgeous some fantastic
6821s camera camera updates
6824s tricks and and neat things that uh that
6827s really help skills just feel way better
6831s come down the pipe
6834s I'm sure there'll be a a teaser and
6836s update about that eventually but it's uh
6838s early design stages of it it's just it
6841s like immediately as soon as as soon as I
6843s saw it I was like yup that's going in
6853s potential Channel yeah that's nice
6854s Jordan's threshold poison damage is just
6857s so poopy garbage
6859s what's my what's mine like here avoid
6861s strength because there's endurance void
6863s Reds yeah
6866s maybe I'll like make something cool out
6868s of this
6869s can we try and strip this off let's
6871s let's start by just seeing if we get a
6873s random like bye bye
6875s uh removal or is it random affix
6882s um
6886s we're just like ruining the forging
6888s potential while we do this we just lost
6889s everything good
6892s well never mind
6900s I I clearly didn't say shake
6904s clearly didn't say shake
6907s camera movement
6915s was super easy
6925s it looks gorgeous very subtle
6931s there was uh we it was it was being
6933s shown off and
6935s um
6936s there were a few people were like is it
6938s on like is this is this the before clip
6940s I can't really tell that much
6942s um and then someone turned it off and
6944s they're like oh yeah that does look way
6946s better I think you're just like yeah you
6948s like you can't really tell when it's
6950s happening but you're like as soon as it
6951s goes away
6953s you miss it
6955s it's a good sign very good sign but yes
6957s we know that that's a sensitive topic
6961s for a lot of people and and don't worry
6962s camera
6964s controls and motion sickness and all
6966s that sort of stuff you know got to make
6967s sure that that's that's possible to be
6969s turned off
6971s and like I do have screen Shake on right
6973s now so I'm sorry if it bothers anyone
6974s but it's pretty subtle
6981s Bloom yeah Bloom Bloom's another one
6982s that people uh
6984s quite often don't like that much
6986s Bloom can just gets so excessive you
6988s know there's like there's there's
6989s certain times where you're like
6992s uh we don't need was it Star Trek Into
6994s Darkness is that the one that where it
6995s was just like Starburst Starburst
6997s Starburst Starbursts everywhere
7000s did enjoy the movie quite a bit but the
7001s the effects going on there were a little
7004s much and some I think it was Into
7005s Darkness
7011s I really like how the TV series is now
7013s kind of like tying into that a little
7015s bit that's it's working
7021s spoiler alert if you haven't seen any of
7022s that
7029s more lens there's yeah those lens slurs
7031s you're right sorry
7039s similar similar
7042s what exactly is bloom or a Angie I was
7045s saying oh my goodness that is a that is
7047s a humongous humongous question
7051s um
7052s I'm not a graphics engineer or anything
7055s like that so I'm you know or a technical
7057s artist I'm gonna get this so wrong but
7060s in like
7062s what's it layman's terms Bloom is
7065s basically if you have like a light
7067s source like let's say let's say this
7068s person was like holding the light source
7069s here in their hand
7072s Bloom is a post-processing effect so
7074s something that like happens
7076s that would like give it sort of like a
7079s glow
7081s around it so it's like
7083s um so like the light feels more like a
7085s light source there but it's not actually
7086s it doesn't cause proper Shadows to exist
7088s anything like that generally but it's
7090s like it it helps make light sources feel
7093s a lot more real usual usually
7095s or more natural
7098s um
7101s anti-aliasing
7105s is when you have
7107s an A texture or an image or a model or
7110s something like that
7112s um
7116s and and it's it's low enough resolution
7118s basically you you can you can see the
7120s edge in pixels and it's you get this
7123s Jagged look
7126s um it tries to take this and smooth it
7129s out
7130s basically what it's doing it's it's
7132s trying to it's trying to take it's
7134s trying to make this look like it's a
7137s straight flat line and it's not jagged
7151s Bloom is lens flare with gaussian blur
7153s applied yeah kinda
7159s oh I'm I took time to do that now we're
7161s lying behind this is 40 ways we'll go a
7163s little bit over today but that's okay
7168s foreign
7171s questions I think we think we got
7173s through most of them today I hope I did
7175s hope it did an okay job answer them for
7177s you today
7178s which one has any last minute ones I'd
7179s be happy to answer them before we before
7181s we head out for the day
7188s I also might just die
7190s that's that's that's quite possible
7210s uh can you share your plans or thoughts
7212s on how to keep items relevant moving
7214s forward yeah so uh that's that's a doozy
7218s to end on yeah
7220s lizard
7221s fantastic that is I'll get you in a sec
7225s don't worry
7228s I love it
7230s um the key sharing plans or thoughts on
7233s how to keep setting as well moving
7234s forward
7235s um
7237s I I think there's generally Buffs need
7239s to happen I think there's
7241s um there's no method by which set items
7244s are brought into the end game equation
7247s that are not already in game intended
7250s set items so we have
7252s you need guns like snow blind is no it's
7255s a terrible example it's not even good
7256s not that good but it's
7259s fine example let's let's say it's an
7261s example it's a low-level unique item
7262s that is not great on its own
7266s it's fine it's not gonna be great you're
7268s not gonna be winning any like tier lists
7271s with it
7272s um
7273s but there might be a niche mechanic in
7275s there that you want to utilize and the
7277s stats don't quite hold up in the game so
7279s we do have the legendary system that
7280s lets us bring unique items
7283s um into end game that are not in-game
7285s viable and because the legendary
7286s potential scales with their base end
7289s game Power
7291s um which is generally
7293s um relative to their level they
7297s what's going on
7302s nope there's someone over there
7304s um
7309s uh it it helps us just make unique items
7311s in-game viable right even even ones that
7313s aren't very good but there's nothing
7314s that does that with set items and no we
7317s can't just apply
7319s um
7321s legendary system two sets it doesn't it
7323s doesn't work
7324s um
7325s so I think there needs to be some other
7327s system along a similar vein to how
7331s legendary items function in that it is a
7334s uh a reward for an end game action that
7336s lets you bring set items closer to an
7339s in-game viable system that are not
7340s initially in-game viable
7343s um
7345s and I don't know what that looks like
7347s right now
7348s we don't we don't have set plans for
7349s that but um
7352s hopefully we'll be able to
7354s I'll figure that one out because set
7356s items are it's it's a really
7359s um
7360s it's a key part of of this type of game
7363s and
7365s um missing out on them as an end game
7367s item is
7369s um
7370s like I I think it's it's it's not great
7374s and
7376s um I think we'll start to see an influx
7378s in set item popularity as we get to 1.0
7381s and also uh creation rates as we get
7384s 12.0 because
7385s we we definitely slowed down on set item
7388s creation once we once uh legendaries
7391s came out because we knew there was a a
7393s power disparity there we weren't sure
7394s how best to to make that up yet and so
7397s we're kind of just like we've kind of
7398s Pumped the break on set items
7400s um but I'm I'm sure I'll make a comeback
7405s where are we come on
7410s they're just in the middle
7413s of course let's go to the middle Mike
7414s what are you doing you know that
7429s blizzard
7431s to answer your question
7433s March 9th 2023
7436s and I am thrilled to be able to answer
7438s that question
7441s precisely and confidently
7450s let us merge sets yellow oh gosh
7453s [Laughter]
7455s look at what what's so this is not the
7457s first time I've heard exact uh
7458s suggestions like this what do you mean
7460s by that like like take take two pieces
7463s from different sets and equip them
7465s simultaneously
7467s um and have them count towards the set
7468s bonuses or something like that
7470s um or do you mean like
7473s um
7475s like add an item from one set to another
7478s set so it's just the the target set or
7481s like
7482s literally just like combine two set
7484s items together so it's one item counts
7486s towards two different sets
7490s and has the stats of both items
7492s because that's terrifying that one
7493s happened part of the problem is is like
7495s it's it can't it can't Spike the length
7498s of this of the item text
7500s when that process happens
7504s so it's like one of the options we have
7507s we have increase the power of individual
7510s efforts that already there replace
7511s affixes with different affixes
7514s um there's a couple good examples I've
7516s heard of of things that are promising
7517s for sure but um
7521s it's it's kind of got to go in the
7522s replace or buff affixes that are already
7524s there category
7528s adding more is not going to work
7533s let's set it up let's go for it
7540s let's say people had fun making them
7541s something basically with like yeah uh
7543s Boardman Boardman is the only person
7544s that um has made a set a set for himself
7547s and
7549s um
7551s yeah there's it's it's a really
7553s unfortunate situation because it did
7555s um
7556s it happened just before legendary system
7558s got implemented
7559s um
7561s and uh shamans also are kind of
7564s struggling right now it's very Shaman
7565s Ford Said So like
7567s um
7568s shamans and sets kind of got both gotta
7570s get generally buffed and then I'm sure
7571s it'll it'll it'll come back into
7574s being an awesome set
7577s but we've just we've just gotta tighten
7579s up our overall balance a little bit
7580s before before that one really shines
7582s again
7583s but I think it will
7592s Boardman was uh or has been a very big
7595s uh supporter for lassi pop for a very
7598s long time
7604s foreign
7609s guide videos they'll probably find
7612s something from them
7615s my suggestion was pure chaos and evil at
7617s first had like two item sets
7623s maybe let's upgrade the base DT cell yep
7625s that's that's that's definitely a good
7626s option I think
7628s oh yeah of course Arena
7631s the Rogue oh my gosh
7634s um
7635s oh I'm no aim to this okay do we do we
7638s go full try hard and pray and work our
7642s butts off or do we just accept that Our
7645s Fate is sealed
7649s oh
7652s I'm I'm so not gonna do this
7665s foreign
7666s the Rogue has a decoy that it can throw
7668s out
7670s and it if you kill the decoy before it
7674s expires it will drop a whole bunch of
7679s um
7681s crafting materials
7683s there we just we just dropped one we
7684s just killed one incidentally
7687s um
7688s thus even though the the player
7691s character is not
7694s um forced to attack it it is
7697s incentivizing the player to attack it
7698s thus doing the primary function of decoy
7702s as drying aggro
7705s um so the Rogue even an NPC Rogue is
7708s still able to use decoy to draw aggro
7711s from the player
7716s one of my favorite mechanics boss
7717s mechanics that we've ever had
7719s because it's
7721s so simple so subtle
7724s um
7726s and just makes it play the way you're
7729s playing it because it's like it's a
7730s player ability that's transitioned to an
7732s enemy ability and that usually doesn't
7733s work and I just I think it's I can't
7735s remember who came up with that whoever
7737s it was your brilliance
7745s I don't want to throw it in so they'll
7746s probably be wrong
7756s all right great
7760s news
7762s we succeeded
7764s all right I had a great stream a little
7767s chill down on the end there a little a
7769s little ease up but uh it felt really
7771s good
7774s um I am a great time and and anyone
7777s who's got like hard hidden questions for
7780s me
7781s whoops wrong screen it's okay though
7783s totally appreciate them
7788s about the same thing open on both
7790s screens so it's like which one do I
7792s click on got it though
7794s glad to have everyone here and uh
7798s I had a ton of fun I hope you had fun I
7801s know I did and we'll see you again next
7803s time
7805s I'm uh if if I didn't answer your
7808s question or if you are just getting here
7811s um we are
7814s constantly doing
7817s uh answer questions on a Discord forums
7820s Reddit all sorts of places lots of
7821s helpful community members doing the same
7822s thing I'll be here same time same place
7824s next week
7826s um there will be a gap I'm just gonna
7828s keep saying this at the end there will
7829s be a gap over
7831s um the the holidays into New Year a
7833s little bit
7834s um I'm not sure exactly which streams
7835s will be canceled yet but there will be
7837s at least two that won't happen right
7840s around uh Christmas New Year's timing
7843s um
7847s that'll make sure to be more clear on
7848s which ones those are
7855s be on a journey I shall take you to a
7857s magical land
7859s before we go say hi to heavy
7863s see you later buddy

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