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Yasuo Ahri Jinx Sylas Garen Darius Lucian Thresh and also Blitzcrank for some reason

It’s not like there are other popular champs Riot could showcase that would be hype. They did it with Camille and Draven in the S10 cinematic.

Let’s see some Aatrox. Let’s see some Ornn. Fizz, Viktor, Orianna, Vlad, Azir, Kassadin, Nidalee, Khazix, Elise, Rengar

League has such a great lineup of characters. Seeing the same 10 or so every time Riot releases a new cinematic is so lame. I understand it’s good for the shareholders or whatever seeing the edgy and big boob characters, but so is releasing something genuinely cool.


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I want a 15 minute video of tahm kench cooking

I could make that happen.