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I noticed that Prestige K/DA Ahri (2022) still has the non updated version. Idk if this is a bug, been forgotten or intentionally. I just wanted to highlight it, before its too late, if it was unintentionally.

Ik the prestige (2022) doesn't have different splashart compared to the original, it more Prestige K/DA Ahri (2022) just remained the same.

Quick info: since Ahri bug is closed, I will just write it here. :)

Quick info for the updated version, for those who dont know

  • In the updated version, she has a microphine on now, and light adjustment between her legs.

Link: Comparison

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about 2 months ago - /u/Bagel_Socks - Direct link

Hi! Thanks for bringing it to attention. We'll double check and if anything look to get it adjusted hopefully by the next patch. :D

about 1 month ago - /u/Bagel_Socks - Direct link

Originally posted by Cute-Beautiful-5651

Theres another problem. Normal K/DA Ahri prestige lost its border after the ASU

Aw, will check. Thanks!

25 days ago - /u/Bagel_Socks - Direct link

Originally posted by Cute-Beautiful-5651

Is there any chance that people can get 2022 prestige instead of the border? I mean all those people would get the border back who had the og.prestige and others could get both if they bought Ahri just without the border?

Totally understand you on that! Unfortunately, there isn't anything in particular the team I'm with can do but I can at least try to mention this to the correct folks. As such though, I cannot promise anything. :( I'm sorry.

My understanding is this is supposed to be an exclusive for those that did get the og prestige during its initial release.