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As you might remember, all the winners of the 2023 Season Kickoff in each region got to choose/design their very own emote. Here take a look: https://twitter.com/SkinSpotlights/status/1634258440229888026

It'd be interesting to see a list with each emote tied to the corresponding player, some are more obvious than others.

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Originally posted by NocaNoha

There's quite a few fun ones.. but then again we still have 5 damn slots

Riot? More emote slots? Emote slot pages? Emote slot linking to a certain champ?

Imagine you could even add it to the pointless BE expense where we buy additional Emote pages to have sets of emotes ready to go. Hell you could probably even make 2-3 hotkeys for individual emote circles if not expanding the one we have.. similar as it is with pings

I seriously thought the pinging update will bring the one for emotes as well.. eh

We're definitely looking at all of this! No extra stuff to share, but we've talked about it before~ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/10bq898/comment/j4dkud6/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3