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I’ll be honest, I came here from the Netflix show. I tried the different Riot games and this one just grabbed me, I love it.

That said I can’t for the life of me get into the other games. I have no idea what I’m doing or supposed to do in the moba games and it seems the learning curve is even steeper than in LoR, at the very least because you don’t have teammates here so you only screw yourself up.

Anyone here plays the moba games?

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about 2 months ago - /u/Dan_Felder - Direct link

Yup! Wild rift has a very solid tutorial. I recommend going through the jungle tutorials to get an idea of the map objectives, the game is pretty straightforward once you know a few basics.

While there’s endless depth for mastery you really don’t need to go too deep in order to have fun. Just bear in mind that some characters are better early and some are better late, and if someone is killing you easily stop fighting them. It’ll only get worse ;)

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Originally posted by mattheguy123

I love you Dan, but I don’t think I would use the phrase “straight forward” to describe either LoL or WR. They’re hard games!

Things can be hard and straightforward :)

I’ve introduced a lot of people to LoR and WR. To understand WR enough to have fun you just need tow know a few things:

  • Kill minions to get gold. Killing players gets you gold too but it’s much riskier, so mostly just kill minions unless the rest of the team needs help somewhere.

  • Use gold back at your home base to buy upgrades. Just buy the suggested ones until you are much more comfortable.

  • Destroy towers so you can eventually win by destroying the enemy nexus.

  • Killing the neutral monsters in the jungle gives your team buffs, so look up the few different monsters to learn what they do. The most important ones are ones in the center.

  • Avoid fighting people higher level than you, or with a lot more gold than you (there is a handy way to check how much total gold everyone has in game)

  • Find out if your champion is stronger in the late or early game. Play accordingly (it’s like aggro vs control).

  • if you’re dying do something, anything else - or go somewhere else. Just don’t die a bunch and things work out.

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Originally posted by mephnick

Wait are LoL and WR the same thing?

I only play LOR and honestly have never known what Wild Rift was.

Wild Rift is a mobile take on LoL, and it is significantly streamlined with far fewer champions you need to learn all at once. Matches are about twice as fast, there's some significant quality of life features, and many that find the PC control scheme unintuitive find WR's very intuitive (and vice versa of course, I play both LoL and WR). I know a lot of people that bounced off LoL really enjoy WR.

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Originally posted by mattheguy123

Maybe this is just my experience playing the game for so many years and absorbing so much high level content from pro games to YouTube content to watching twitch streamers; it feels like the game is way more nuanced than what it makes you think it is. It’s really hard to describe, but the gameplay and tone and everything feels like it should be easier to be successful and know what you should be doing in any given moment, but in practice this is not the case. Especially considering how old the game is now. We’re seeing 2022 silver players having the same level of understanding of macro play as low 2014 diamond players.

There’s just so much moment-to-moment decision making that has to be done. There’s a lot of decisions that have to be made in well advance and require planning to execute, and when players don’t understand this; it’s as frustrating as herding cats

Yeah, like many games it has endless opportunity to go deeper due to matchups, timing, hidden information, and similar when you're ready for that - but to start enjoying the game you don't need to know all that.

Is it helpful to know that Kayle gets super powerful in the late game so you should try to end the game early vs her? Sure, but do you need to know that to play the game, and will knowing that at the entry level matter more than just landing more last-hits or keeping an eye on the objectives? Not really, so it represents a chance to go deeper when you're ready to do so - but new players can have a lot of fun before that by focusing on improving on the most obvious stuff that matters.