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Hey friends, today a Developer Snapshot article was posted looking for community feedback, this article can be found here.

As the article directs the community to our sub we have pinned this thread to collect feedback more efficiently.

Some points of interest from the article:
- New Release Cycles
- Live Balance Patches
- Variety Sets
- Upcoming content in the roadmap

Not sure how to present your feedback? Dan Felder wrote a great article a couple months back, which is worth a look over.

Some quick points to note:
- This thread is in contest mode to hide karma values to not skew feedback, comment order will be randomized. We will turn this off when the feedback period is over.
- If you do not see your post immediately, do not worry, our sub's auto-moderator sends new or low karma accounts to mod queue to prevent spam or malicious accounts. We will be keeping an eye out and getting everyone into the conversation as fast as we can!

Additional Info:

  • More about competitive tomorrow (Source)
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about 2 months ago - /u/Dan_Felder - Direct link

Originally posted by Humbling123

Then I think Riot should do the other way around, and add short stories for Norra.

Narrative tried to have a sit down with her to talk about stories like 3 times but they can never find her. They searched all over campus. Yumi was unsympathetic.