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I don't mean for this post to be negative, I don't think that gets anyone anywhere. I just want to be another data point for people to look at.

Bit of background on me so everyone can see where I'm coming from here. I'm a player who plays mostly with friends but I also enjoy climbing the ladder to test my decks, I've gotten to plat in the past I'm not sure if thats good or bad. The part I love about this game is deck building - I like to make strong decks to beat my friends with, I don't tend to copy decks since for me half the fun is building and refining my personal creations. I also don't really give a sh*t about the meta but I do loosely follow what's going on for deck inspiration.

My favorite champions to use are somewhat order: Azir, Viktor, Kayle, Kai'sa, Evelynn, Bard, Irellia. I have many decks using many of these champs in many coronations so take that for what you will.

In regards to rotation I think it's a good thing which seem to be a hot take right now, I also think however that it's been implemented in the worst way possible. To me it seems like cards were rotated without rhym or reason for the most part, I understand some things like Irellia to stop the Azir thing and such like that, but other cards seem so random.

A rotation is a very important thing to have in any card game like this. At some point there are too many cards to keep track of and balance around. If the game was to continue to get card updates it needed to eventually have a rotation. The implementation however is a little wacky. Currently my understanding is that once a card is rotated out it just isn't coming back ever? That seems bad, if Azir/Irellia is a problem deck then shouldn't those two champs be rotated off in an alternating fashion? It's also my opinion that full sets should be rotated off and on as a whole generally, I think that makes it easier to put decks together.

Touching on everything else briefly. I think ranked eternal lockout is fine, nobody would be willing to even try standard otherwise and hey maybe you'll like it! Current meta is whatever OMG new cards unbalanced this never happens, y'all a bunch of drama queens. Op things will get nerfed, yea some things like Samira themed spells (all out I think it's called?) are OP but it'll get tuned and quantitative testing is very hard while developing, this goes doublely so since it's a smaller team.

Also aside from everything I'd love to see a ban feature added so I can maybe ban a specific champ and then not have to play against it. IDK could be cool, I haven't thought this out much.

TL;DR: I'm a somewhat casual player that thinks totation is good in concept just implemented badly. Sorry if this is all a bit rambly.

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Originally posted by UNOvven

The same was said for Hearthstone, which the devs (for some reason) cited as an inspiration, the amount of cards that came back is very low and basically none of them mattered once they came back. Dont expect more here.

Hearthstone has rotation by date of release. LoR explicitly doesn’t.

Sidenote: when was hearthstone cited as inspiration? Are you thinking of the time a former hearthstone player tried to compare the two and I responded to them?

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Originally posted by UNOvven

Uh, how does that affect cards coming back? Hearthstone didnt bring cards back based on time either (some where old, some were quite new), and the cards that came back came back with the yearly change in core set. The way cards would come back, and their timing, is the same, hence the comparison.

Unless Im misremembering you did cite it as an inspiration, ontop of the thing youre referring to.

When you rotate by date of release by default, it’s different than when you hand select everything.

If you’re solely talking about the classic set getting revamped over time because it doesn’t rotate by default, that’s different. The vast majority of hearthstone cards released rotate automatically after a cerise amount of time after their release date.

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Originally posted by UNOvven

... again, youre talking about cards rotating out, Im talking about bringing cards back. How cards rotate out has little bearing on how theyre brought back.

As a guy who’s worked on both games, I can tell you it has immense bearing on how they’re brought back.

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Originally posted by UNOvven

How so? We know Hearthstone has the means to bring back cards, and we know it has nothing to do with how long ago the cards rotated out, after all, Darkbishop Benedictus was put in the core set in the same rotation he would've otherwise rotated out, so clearly the selection to bring back has nothing to do with age. So what would make a difference here?

Way I see it HS didnt rotate cards back in basically ever for the same reason we dont have permanent Eternal ranked, it would defeat the point of rotation.

There are always going to be examples of exceptions based on various factors. Finding an example of an exception because of some other factors outweighing the normal pattern does not mean it suddenly isn’t a factor at all.

This is actually one reason many game devs are reluctant to discuss design decisions with players, because they can never give a comprehensive guide to every scenario and every situation - which some people use to show a seeming “contradiction” in their logic - then imply this means the devs are either incompetent or dishonest.

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