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According to the statistics on cards here Card Statistics - LOR.GG

If you look at cards with inclusion rates of up to 5% the majority of the cards in the game are not used except in one off meme decks, which while are my favorite I would like to see a bit more variety in the decks I play against in ranked or even normal matches.

The design team continues to work on new expansions, which I love and appreciate, however the majority of cards are never used.

What are your favorite cards you would like to see more play or changed?

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I also would like to know what favorite cards folks would like to see more play or changed.

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Originally posted by Chimoya2

I'd personally like to see the following types of cards buffed:

  1. Non champion build-around cards: e.g. Out of the Way, Loaded Dice, Warmother's Call, Corina Veraza, Arrel the Tracker, Mirror Mage, Fun Smith, etc.

  2. Allegiance cards. I'd like to see some buffs amd/or QoL updates to the ones that never see play like Avarosan Outriders putting the buffed card on top of your deck so you don't draw it too late when the buff isn't that strong anymore like when you have 2 spells on top of the buffed unit.

I'd also like to see new allegiance cards added that support other archetypes within each region. Now that region identity has expanded, not every allegiance card is useful for their region (e.g. Wraithcaller). Think like a spell centered alliance card for P&Z or Ionia, a ramp centered one for Freljord, or a landmark centered one for Shurima.

  1. Heavily understatted cards for today's standard, especially cards from the Foundation set. I think 5 cost cards especially need to be looked at as imo most should not have lower than 4 or 5 power and health if they want to be playable, unless they have a very strong effect for a 5 cost unit.