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Not pictured in the patch notes, but Battle Academia Lux's Final Spark spell card and Final Spark VFX are also skinned!

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I meant of this batch lol, but thank you.

I'm curious if the community is not being consistent and singular enough on this subject. I dislike that skins in this game are priced the way they are for a change in art when they should provide an assortment of other things. I know reddit isn't the majority of the players but we've seen a ton of threads on this subject. I'd love for Riot to come out and say "we're content with the skins we have right now" or "we hear you and will be upping the quality of skins in the future" because I'm buying only the one with effects in support of the game and in hopes they get the message but if they don't plan to make this better I think I'll stop even that. It seems like such a wasted storytelling opportunity.

Don't worry, the feedback is clear. We are moving in the direction of making the skins richer fantasies. Battle Academia Lux is the next step in that direction with Final Spark's VFX being skinned.
I did talk on this subject a while ago here. The tl;dr is that the process will take us time, but we are eager to continue to enrich what the skins offer as we go.