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When the first skins dropped I picked up the ones for legends I like without hesitation. But I quickly realized these aren't just overpriced, I'm barely getting anything. Even for $1 per skin I wouldn't be satisfied with what I got, because there's just nothing to be satisfied with.

All I got is cool splash art that I can look at occasionally. Card art on the board isn't visually clear, no new level upz, none of their related animations changed, no token changes, nothing. When I play a deck with a new skin, my experience doesn't change in the slightest.

So yeah, these ruination jpgs look really cool, I really like your game and I want to support you monetarily but you're just not giving me anything for my money.

Please consider, ty

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Originally posted by Kino_Afi

Ahh that is unfortunate. They couldn't delay them either because theyre tied to the event schedule huh.. well, hopefully the next batch takes this feedback into account. Have they ever commented on it?

I have commented. We are committed to making skins richer over time (as you can see small steps like Irelia has unique created spell art this time), but it takes many months to build up these production pipelines, staffing and competencies.

When it came to deciding if we should wait another year/year-and-a-half before adding skins to the game at all, or move ahead with what we could do starting this year, we went with this year fully expecting feedback along these lines.

This is because it helps the events and game feel bigger and more holistic - remember in Spirit Blossom we could only put the skinned champions on the card backs. We want the events to feel like they touch the characters inhabiting Runeterra as well.

Having skins out to players also allows us to learn about what the community likes and doesn't like, or may like - we take notice on how people responded to seeing the on-theme followers in the Pool Party skins, for example.

This will enable us to have an even better skins and more confidence as we build up that pipeline to be able to execute on cooler fantasies in the future, while having a richer experience in-game and for cosmetics collectors in the mean-time - even though we understand why you all keep wanting to voice your feedback.

Thank you

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Originally posted by mikkelwr

I love that Riot is at least semi-transparent about a lot of decisions (this, Azirelia, why every League champ is hot etc.) but it is really hard sometimes to find your replies. This answer at least satisfies me for now (although I think the critique is still valid), but I had to find it multiple replys down in a Reddit comment thread. Given how much discussion the community has had about about LoR skin quality I find it odd that there hasn't been a more visible comment from Riot (reddit post, a sentence in a roadmap or a note in the patch notes etc.). Are there any guidelines at Riot for how to give visibility to your answer?

We generally find where the discussion is happening is the place it's seen the most for a topic like this, where it's about an issue that isn't as broadly interesting to everyone in the player base - compared to something like the state of the meta.

As you can see the streamers seem to love to invite the card team onto their shows, but no one invites me on to talk to me about events, cosmetics and meta-systems. ;)

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Originally posted by JC_06Z33

If you knew what the feedback would be (that what you could offer this year (jpegs) is overpriced), then why release them at such high prices?

It just doesn't jive. If you are telling the truth, that means you intentionally overpriced your jpegs. Or if you thought you priced them correctly, you are lying to us right now.

The feedback I'm referring to knowing is that players would want more feature rich skins.