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I love Path of Champions. It's the primary form of LoR that I consume. I have to complain- I am not enjoying losing half my life and a revive to a bug associated with it crashing on me. I think Norra's Tea could be a good mechanic, but I don't want it to kill a run simply because I randomly picked it up without thinking. I am very frustrated with this mechanic. It directly impacts the choosing of secondary heroes because you simply cannot pick a hero that has Norra's tea or a character in their roster that has Norra's tea. I just had a run that was going well challenging Aurelion Sol. It crashed because I had Norra's tea in card inventory. I lost a life and then died to card draw in the remake fight of half health. If you can't diagnose what is causing the issue, at least disable the mechanic. The game forces a crash and a loss of a revive. It's not me surrendering, it's involuntary.

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Ouch, I'm sorry this has hit you hard. It's a high priority fix. In the meanwhile, you can close the app and reopen it to be where you left off (including the same game and board state), but it's easy to accidentally surrender instead. I've done it myself once or twice.

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