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riot outsources this stuff. it's a simple question of wether the work would cost more than it'd earn them.

Hello, wanted to chime in that it's not that simple. The factor we have to be most conscious of is device performance. If there are a total of 12 cards on the board, a stack of spells in the middle and you have 10 cards in hand that are all animating, can an Android device with 2 GB of RAM run all of that smoothly? Without increasing device heat or draining the battery super fast?

Some other games may put more performance budget on their cosmetics, but have less going on in the realization of typical back-and-forth gameplay. Some may opt for a higher min spec, leaving behind more players in some regions of the world. These are all things that have to be considered as well as cost-of-execution and purchase rates (which are also factors).

Where as a loading screen animating when there's nothing else going on for the GPU is not a performance risk.

We appreciate seeing what players would like though, as it helps us consider our priorities and creativity on how to balance some of these factors.