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Coming from LoL, my main question/concern is:
Are some cards very strong and some very weak? Like "meta" or "not meta"? I honestly love the idea of being able to fully forge your own deck from scratch once you of course understand how cards work with each other, but are any cards just "yeah don't have that in your deck" or is anything doable?

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It depends if your sole goal is to maximize your chances of winning. If that’s your goal, the difference between a great deck in the game and a deck considered far weaker by the community might just be a 5% difference in win rate. Something like a 53% win rate vs a 48%. This is a big difference if you’re trying to be the highest ranked in your region but in practice it means just 1 more loss in every 20 games.

If your goal is to play with cards you like, I think the power level is usually close enough to still have a lot of fun. I’m kind of biased of course. :)