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Hey everyone! Jasensational here to introduce you to Legends of Runeterra's first ever awards show. Let's jump into it!

TLDR Video and FAQs answered: https://youtu.be/8GyMuKUl1Qk

What are the Ezry's Awards?

It's been over 2 years since the launch of Legends of Runeterra and over 1 year since the birth of the competitive scene. Since then, the community has seen an influx of competitive players, casters, content creators, and the like. Every day, there are videos, streams, casts, and tournaments put on, in aims of developing and building our community to become something greater than it once was. And the Ezry's Awards serve as a means of recognizing the hard work and dedication that our members put into it to make it a better place.

The awards are meant to encapsulate members of all sorts, so they will be split out by categories, and by regions, in order to maximize the representation.

Main Awards. Each of these awards will have nominees for each of three regions separately: AMs, EMEA, and Asia/SEA (APAC)

  • Best Player + Runner Up
  • Best Streamer
    • Small Streamer + Runner Up (<1k Twitch followers)
    • Med Streamer + Runner Up (<4k Twitch followers)
    • Large Streamer + Runner Up (4k+ Twitch followers)
  • Best YouTube Creator
    • Small Creator + Runner Up (<2k YouTube subs)
    • Med Creator + Runner Up (<10k YouTube subs)
    • Creator + Runner Up (>10k YouTube subs)
  • Best Caster + Runner Up

Misc Awards. Each of these awards will combine all 3 regions together and nominate together

  • Best Tweeter + Runner Up
  • Best Deck Innovator + Runner Up
  • Best Community Figure + Runner Up
  • Owner of the Cutest Pet + Runner Up
  • Sexiest Person Alive + Runner Up
  • Most Improved Player + Runner Up
  • Best One Trick + Runner Up
  • Best Tourney Organizer + Runner Up

How to Nominate

I will dedicate Google Forms for each bucket of awards. Use the following links to nominate your favorite members. You may nominate up to three people per award, including yourself. The nominations are scheduled to close on Friday, January 28th at 12 AM EST.

Best Player: https://forms.gle/bEceyyMCip2V44sYA

Best Streamer: https://forms.gle/oT51i5w45oEXg8uR9

Best YouTuber: https://forms.gle/BqSdJnJaFFXx5PCU8

Best Caster: https://forms.gle/jytUeMmY8svHGJwCA

Best of Misc: https://forms.gle/LPGL42QpxPXrHv786

What's Next?

After nominations are closed, the top 5 nominees from each category will undergo another round of voting to determine the winner, and runner up. Be on the lookout for another post outlining further details!


Q: Do I have to nominate someone for every award/category?

A: No. I recognize that you may not know people from other region or decline to answer. Feel free to cherry pick whichever awards you feel comfortable for. Remember this is your chance to help represent and recognize your favorite members of this community so please do your best to fill out as much as you can!

Q: Can I nominate myself?

A: Yes! Please do. This is highly encouraged. Also please tell others to vote for you too!

Q: What happens if I don't know which category someone fits in? (Small streamer vs Med streamer)

A: Please do your best to check which category they fall into. Complications will arise if your nominee is in the wrong award bracket, and it may discount your vote. If I catch this, I may message you and ask you to fix it.

Q: Will there be a Ceremony?

A: Yes! I'm glad you asked. The Awards Show will be streamed over on Twitch.tv. Channel, date, and time to be determined but stay tuned.

Q: I love so many people. Can I vote for more than 3?

A: Unfortunately no. I will be using your Riot ID as a means of validating that you only submit one form for each category.

Q: What are the criteria for how I should pick my nominees?

A: There is a little blurb in each form, so I would recommend that you read those. Overall, this isn't a super serious event, so have fun with it! It's really about who the community thinks should be recognized for their contributions.

Q: Where does the name Ezry’s come from?

A: It’s supposed to be a pun with Emmy’s and Ezreal. It’s only befitting that the attention seeking loot hunting character gets a tie into the event.

Go Nominate!

With all of that being said and done, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to nominate as many members of our community as you can. This heavily relies on participation from the people like you, so lets make the first every Ezry's Awards count! Share it with your friends, in your discords, tell your favorite community members to advertise themselves. Thanks guys and feel free to drop any comments or questions below.

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