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I understand the change back then; and I don't intend to take it away in case you need the stardust. Why didn't they just alllow to convert wild fragments to stardust at the same rate we currently have at emporium? That way if someone didn't need wild fragments they would just convert the excess to stardust if they needed.

Seems reasonable?

I'd have more use of wild fragments at the moment, and I think its a reasonable change. With constelations, getting chests feels more awful than ever; just finished some monthlies, weeklies and a plat legend level up and it felt awful watching all the fragments basically go into oblivion because I keep getting fragments of champs I already own at 3 stars and I don't even care on their constelations (it's not as easy to just level everything past 3 stars because of how limiting some of the currency outside of fragments is, so one has to be careful on who to choose to level past 3 stars)

I'd like to hear your thoughts tho. Chests don't feel as rewarding as they did back then (before constelations) due to bigger pool of fragments to max everywhere.

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Oh I guess im just not a point in the game where I'm getting a lot of stardust.

I don't have asol maxed out and so far I have capped out at level 11 of the monolith[last months]

I don't have lissandra or Asol level unlocked yet. My strongest character struggles against 3 star adventures most of the time.

So I guess I'll try not to worry about it. But while I have you hear, if I can't get enough stardust in a month for the olden orb. Should I be picking up the rares I am missing from the shop?

Buying rares you’re missing from the shop is a good idea if the rare looks like something useful to your champions or has useful applications such as turret plating being really good against certain adventures. It’s more efficient to wait for golden reliquaries, but if you’re not getting much stardust yet you will get more immediate success by buying useful rare relics and that will help you snowball into beating harder adventures