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I'm not a new player, but make eductional content for LoR, so i create new accounts in order to see what the new player progression looks like at different patches.

Since most of you aren't new players either (at least didn't create an account recently), here is what the progression looks like: You first have to beat 4 tutorial missions about attacking, blocking, turns passing back and forth and casting spells (only burst spells are shown). Afterwards, you used to have a pretty well - crafted progression path, unlocking challenges (which are basically extended tutorials.

This has changed with the recent patch. Instead, you are immediatly thrown into a Jinx Path of Champions run, with no way out of it other than losing/winning the whole run. You have no access to challenges and literally can't even find out basics like the difference between slow and fast spells until you spent at least 30 Minutes trying to battle through the run.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Path of Champions and the stories it comes with and think that it's a good idea to unlock it immediatly for new players, but not before they even have the chance to play challenges or look at the cards in their collection. A new player has to beat the run without knowing what keywords, spell speed and even basic effects like stun do, which either leads to them being frustrated and losing or just leaving because of the information overload. Not to talk about Powers, Items, Champion abilities etc. In summary, there's just too much going on.

Afterwards, the player still has to complete the new player track, only unlocking PvP after grinding in challenges/vs the AI for about another hour. Expedition is locked even further behind, where you have to complete the new player track AND play 5 games.

Now you may like Expeditions or not (It's my main format and how i learned the game), but locking the PvP limited experience behind around 2 hours of playtime vs Bots would be a massive turnback for me and other, more experienced cardgame players coming from MtG or Hearthstone.

If I were to download the game, get thrown into a random PvE dungeon without learning the rules properly and then find out that i still have to grind vs bots just to unlock PvP, i would probably just uninstall the game again and play something else.

So Riot, please rethink your new player experience, just let people play what they want to play. Who cares if they immediatly go into ranked and lose a bunch, at least people who don't like PvE can play vs Players. Furthermore, please don't force people into Path of the Champions, at least give them the option to leave and play challenges first.

Tldr: A new player has to beat/play Path of Champions with Jinx before even unlocking challenges or being able to look at their collection.

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Thank you for caring about new players. You may be surprised what helps people find a game sticky though. As we've iterated on the new player experience twice now, I can share some things.

Generally, it's more important for a new player to find the fun and learn as they go, than to experience all the rules. A certain level of competency is required of course, but it may be lower than you assume.

As you point out, earlier in this year we changed the experience to focus more on the challenges (which help understanding). While the whole team thinks this is a better experience, it did not increase the retention of new players. Best we saw was a very slight lift in people answering "I feel prepared to play PvP" upon completing prologue road.

The Jinx Path of Champions run is designed to be easy to win and simple enough to follow the first 4 tutorials (the deck uses nearly all burst spells). It's engaging, fun, and gives clear goals to come back for. It is intentional that we keep the new player here until they see the ending for clarity of what to do next. Then the game takes them to the prologue and introduces challenges and Vs AI.

Going into pvp and ranked too early and experiencing a loss, we see it be a hot-spot quit the game moment for players in our data. Often those with CCG experience, because they may expect a win and are put off when they don't.

From the first week of this patch, new player retention is stronger than it was before! We're excited players are taking to it. It's helping new players find the fun. This should raise their interest in learning more, and feeling more prepared for PvP if that's something to their interest.

I'm sure we'll learn things we can further iterate on in the future. We're observing it closely.

Appreciate your concern about long term game health, so wanted to let you know there's no harm, but positive signs from the change!

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Originally posted by Askaelw

rename challenges! call them 'tutorial"

In Beta they were called this. We found players didn't tap and play them much with that name so we tried Challenges.
Since we've changed the prologue since then to have them directly included in the flow, it could make sense to try it changed back. Something we'll think on for sure.