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I’m a longtime hearthstone player who played a few weeks of Runterra at launch and loved the game but ended up switching back to HS out of habit.

First week back and I love the fair monetization, the card art and graphical effects when champs lvl up is second to none, and the amount of game modes and content added since launch is staggeringly huge and makes the game feel very robust and replay able.

With that said, I rarely ever see posts, YouTube or Twitch streams popping off about this game and I’m left wondering why?

Is it because the decks and cards aren’t as memey and over the top as hearthstone? Is the monetization too fair and disincentives whales? Is it just too similar to other card games out there?

I’m so happy I found the game again and even tho there’s only a few days left I nabbed the battlepass and plan on grinding as best I can.

Really hope this game gets a second chance to pop off as I think it’s already my third fav online card game ever behind HS and Duelyst (RIP)

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Glad you're enjoying our game. I liked it so much I came to work here, so I know the feeling. :)

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