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23 Oct


Originally posted by StirfMane

I've just tried to open 2 rune chest with x10 button activated. And opening process hangs wth grayed out screen. I've restarted the game, and found that one chest was disappeared (and i dont got the runes from it). Looks like something goes wrong.

but no probs with other chests

If it was because you completed one of the missions for Runic chests, then that would make sense.

The Runic chest missions only award 1 Runic chest on completion, unless you've sent a double rewards Crusader, and you get lucky with receiving the double reward on completion.

Because the game was trying to open a chest you didn't own on the server, that caused the crash.

We're looking into why the Runic chest missions are making it look like you've won two chests.

22 Oct


If you reload the game, Runic chests are now available in the Ruby Exchange, Dungeon Depot and Challenge Token store.


Originally posted by CRasterImage

This seems to be an exciting system. It definitely gives me new things to work towards.

Suggestion: The fifth (head) runes should increase the max DPS value. That is one value that I am bumping up against, without a solution in sight.

The fifth rune slots will be more for tweaking the power of the Crusaders themselves.

We'll be adding more rewards to uncap normal free plays further in a future update, but the Dungeons are uncapped, as gragatrim mentions.


Originally posted by Cassius335

All those "coming soon"s can't come soon enough.



Originally posted by CRasterImage

I bought a 10 pack of rune chests and got a bunch of runes, I unlocked a slot on a crusader in the rune panel. But the rune icons are grayed out. When I drag one (of the appropriate shape) into the slot, it doesn't go in.

Yeah, we're going to look into the scaling preventing the runes being slotted properly.


Originally posted by truedwabi

Quick question. There was mention that we should hold on to our jeweled chests for an upcoming feature. Is that the runes or something else?

The hoarding Jeweled chests part was dropped early on, since that didn't end up making sense as a way to award runes as players have too many chests.

We went with the new chest type instead.

21 Oct


Originally posted by N00byDoobyDoo

except the crusader ones obviously right? although that would be amazing! unlock 1 crusader get 2-4 from that event

I think it still applies, but you do only get one copy of the Crusader in that case.


Originally posted by Xerxish

I would like to see challenges sorted by highest area reached if that's possible.

Now that we're gonna need a lot of cats, will the price for skins stay at 30?Is there going to be a way to earn more cats?

It would also be great if we could reset objectives to farm for rubies, mats, cats,...


I'll add your vote to the highest area sort for challenges and resetting old objectives items on our suggestion list.

The extra materials from missions talent does apply to the Legendary Catalysts missions, so that's still a good source of catalysts, in addition to opening all the normal jeweled chests you find/earn.

20 Oct


Originally posted by N00byDoobyDoo

yes, would they?

Yes, the double reward runes will affect all mission types.


Originally posted by Nikalord

Ok, thx for reply ;) But last question above all, do you think the idea to "rename" event and crusaders could be a possible and legal move to hope to see the event come back? And if yes would devs be agree to mind it in (even far) future?

Thx for bot's hint too, it disappeared few minutes after my report ;)

Have fun, good night;)

We aren't currently planning on retheming the Crusaders and the event and bringing it back.


Originally posted by AllShallBeWell

Can you tell us anything about your current thoughts on adding 5th runes?

For example, are you planning on starting with older crusaders that need help, or with crusaders currently being used? Are you thinking about tying these to the event which released the crusader?

The current plan is in batches in Crusader ID order.


Originally posted by Nikalord

Hey Erika!

As a completionist (and not alone in this case :D) I'm sad to see each day these unfinishable "Search For Simon" 's achievs (33k tokens one and the 2 T2 recruits for me, but I suppose some people have the T1 ones to clear too)

I Know you already spoke about this, and said there is 99.9% chances this event will never come back, so I hope you will add on your TDL to mind about a way to find an alternative for people who missed events to grab that ;)

some ideas:

- Creating exclusives quests/dungeon reward tiers? (strange but one of alternatives)

- Rename event/saders to permit the event have a chance to come back? (this should be remove laws/contract/TrademMark problems) (My favourite idea, if it's even possible/legal ;) )

- Just unlock/delete for all? (I don't like this idea, but it's an [easy/lazy] option :D)

- Hide them for people who don't have, but still effective for people who earned before; like blizzard's "Fea...

Read more

Hi Nikalord,

Thanks for the ideas about dealing with with achievements relating to the Search for Simon event. We'll keep them in mind when we look at tackling that issue.

Reddit has random bots that wander around. It's just a thing. Reporting it as spam is fine.


Originally posted by BenL7

How large a sign do you need to wave to get more people to migrate? Get the Snowbirds to fly a sign?

We'll be putting up an in-game message about migrating in November.


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

Last question.

Is it possible to write the date of their last completion in front of the challenges? You are welcome?

That's not data we currently track but I'll add your request to the list to consider.


Originally posted by N00byDoobyDoo

so uhm this is probably too good to be true, but i got to ask any way, would the mission runes also affect recipes and gear missions? guessing probably not

Like would the chance of double rewards affect those missions?


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

And one more thing.

Do you plan to introduce missions for at least a minimum number of tokens (challenges and dungeons)?

Are there any plans (to a finite number) to increase the talent levels for strengthening Storm Rider?

No, there won't be missions for Challenge Tokens or Dungeon Coins.

We don't have any plans around Storm Rider at this time.

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