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Hello, as many people report, new codes are bugged - people do not receive all rewards, that they should get. However, due to Arena's client, it's difficult to track the issue without proper preparation beforehand, like writing down your resources or checking your collection.

In my case, the error is in plain sight.

Mastery Pass level before using the code: 58. I redeemed SCALEUP code, which gave me 3000 XP. No rewards for Mastery Pass levels were shown (similar as for other players). So I restarted the game and now my Mastery Pass level is 61. That part is correct.

Although, I miss my extra 200 gems that should be granted with level 59. I can't check if I miss extra card styles, obviously. And to my biggest surprise, I do not have the red dragon pet, which is given on level 60. What surprised me even more is the fact, that I have lost all dragon companions entirely from Pet Select page. None, not a single one is left.

The ticket is already submitted, so I hope WotC will repair the situation. Please be careful with redeeming recent codes!


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Have you gone to the Mastery tab? We have noticed a bug where sometimes Mastery rewards from increased XP do not get rewarded until that tab is visited.